Secret Ski Vacation Rumor

A few weeks ago, I got a tip that Kate Middleton and Prince William were planning a secret ski get-away following the Australia Tour.  I dismissed it as some propaganda whispering, when I get gossip which seems unlikely even for this royal bunch, I usually assume there’s some amount of fabrication to it.  After all, would the Lazy Duo actually try to squeeze in yet another vacation given all the bad press they’ve received this year for their luxury get-aways?  That would require a sense of entitlement and impertinence at a level akin to pathological narcissism.

As public figures, Kate Middleton and Prince William are often the target of rumors, some of them true, some maliciously fabricated and others that remain more difficult to confirm or refute like the one that’s been circulating for a few years now about Kate’s alleged secret 2006 abortion when she and Prince William were dating which was rumored to be one of the contributing factors to their 2007 break-up. Unfortunately the more deceitful PR tactics are employed, the more voraciously the press will become to expose any concealed truths.

Because the UK press does not enjoy the same Freedom of Speech that the US press does, sometimes unflattering photos or tidbits of info are leaked across the pond by frustrated or disenchanted members of the media.  And sometimes people with grudges just make crap up because they’re bitter and bored.  It seems a little silly that people actually bother to fabricate gossip about the British Royal Family, that group has so much riveting dysfunction, if they ever did a reality show called The Real Housewives of Windsor, we would all be watching it.  But it happens.  And sometimes a dismissed rumor seems more credible than once believed.

Tonight, I noticed a comment on Kate Middleton: Duchess or Diva that I found fascinating.  My2Pence noted:

Prince William spotted in the private SwissAir lounge at Chicago/O’Hare on the way to Memphis. Presumably, he would only be allowed in that lounge if he had flown SwissAir into Chicago. Proof they snuck off on their skiing holiday? From what I can tell (and I could be searching their site incorrectly), SwissAir doesn’t fly from London to Chicago, but they DO fly from Zurich to Chicago.

And in a follow-up, My2Pence stated:

What surprises me is that the majority of royal reporters (and boards) seem to be ignoring it. Tanna hinted that they’d gone on holiday straight out of Australia but no one engaged with him about it. No photos of them arriving back in the UK after NZ/AU which is also odd. William flying SwissAir would seem to be proof that they went skiing straight out of Australia (with or without George) but everyone is pretending this didn’t happen?

Despite having heard the exact same rumor weeks ago about the couple going on a secret Middleton ski vacation after the New Zealand/Australia Tour and finding the report that Prince William was hanging out in the SwissAir Lounge at O’Hare on the way to the Memphis wedding odd, it still didn’t occur to me that Prince William and the Duchess of Doolittle could actually have the impudence to squeeze in yet another vacation until My2Pence made the connection.  That should pretty much settle any lingering doubts any of you might have as to whether or not I’m a natural blonde.

I imagine to the Cambridges, it’s such a bummer when protesting peasants wreck your annual ski vacation plans but did they actually try to sneak one in under the radar below the stink-eye line?  My initial reaction was no way would they attempt such an ill-advised trip, but maybe the genius of the plan was its unfathomable audacity.  Grumblings about the cost of security footed by taxpayers are being acknowledged in media articles estimating UK citizens are paying approximately $84,000 in security costs for this Memphis vacation for Princes William and Harry.  I estimated that the Maldives get-away cost taxpayers around $114,000.  Plus there’s Kate’s vacation to Mustique earlier this year and Prince William’s hunting trip to Spain.  With such intense scrutiny over the cost of the Royal Family to taxpayers, perhaps William and Kate tried to avoid even more security costs from reaching the public’s awareness and yet another vacation souring any positive press they earned during the New Zealand/Australia tour.

I did some follow-up research on Prince William’s selection of the SwissAir lounge and O’Hare seems to be the connecting city of choice for most international flights originating in Europe, so the connecting airport offers no clue as to the city of origin for Prince William’s flight, but there remain other details which make this rumor seem plausible.

  • There weren’t any released photos of the Heathrow arrival of the Royal Trio following the New Zealand/Australia Tour.  At least I didn’t see any and trust me, I looked.  Now that Buckingham Palace is counting travel time as official engagements in order to pad Lazy Katie’s numbers due to the PR backlash against UK’s Laziest Royal, arrivals and landings should be a matter of public record.  Travel arrangements can’t fall under the protection of privacy if they are being counted as official workdays.
  • No photos of Kate Middleton have been published since the Australia tour on April 25th, nothing in the press to suggest where she’s been since she boarded the flight to Sydney.  We’ve all been assuming she’s been locked away inside Kensington Palace but there’s no evidence to support that.
  • Prince William wasn’t seen since he boarded the flight to Sydney on April 25th until he was sitting in the SwissAir Lounge with his friends at O’Hare Airport en route to Memphis on Thursday May 1st enjoying some nachos and hot wings.
  • Why the SwissAir lounge and not say the British Airways lounge also located in Terminal 5 of O’Hare Airport?  Granted, when you’re a Prince, you can have your choice of lounges but it’s very possible his staff arranged the logistics of the layover directly with the airline.  Perhaps the Prince was flying SwissAir because he really was on the rumored secret Swiss ski vacation with Kate?
  • There’s already a pic of Prince William taken while onboard a flight to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport on Niraj Tanna’s Twitter page.  And yet no one snapped a single a pic or even commented on his presence until O’Hare?  Connecting at a different airport on the flight out, so is it possible now he’s actually returning to the UK?
  • Neither the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge showed up to the funeral of Mark Shand, brother to Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, on May 1st, despite a statement released by their reps that they were devastated by his death.  The Duke of Cambridge flew to Memphis on May 1st and there was no explanation offered as to why the Duchess of Cambridge could not attend.  Is it possible they weren’t even in the country at the time which is why it wasn’t feasible for the Duke to catch a later flight and still arrive in Memphis two days ahead of the wedding?

It is possible this secret ski vacation is just idle gossip that’s been idling for the last few weeks but it will be interesting to see if anything else emerges.  Could the Lazy Duo successfully pull off the same kind of secret ski getaway that Prince Harry got caught attempting when he and Cressida tried to sneak off to Kazakhstan in March?  Absolutely, Prince Harry only got busted a couple of days into his secret vacation because of a fellow skier with a camera phone, it’s possible the Duke and Duchess were more cautious, perhaps choosing a location where they would be guaranteed privacy, with trusted staff members being required to sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement.

What do you guys think?


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12 thoughts on “Secret Ski Vacation Rumor”

  1. Is it bad that I don’t care? Or at least, I’m not surprised. I knew they would take a vacation after the tour, and the Midds did miss their annual ski holiday, so it’s not that surprising they went skiing right after. I was wondering how Will was going to fit a vacay in between the end of the tour, the wedding and his scheduled appearance on May 12, I guess now I know. Going by the timeline you laid out, their vacation–or at least Will’s part of it–was less than a week, which is surprising. I thought they’d take at least a week and a half or two weeks.

    1. I think I probably still care because I’ve been doing this for a much shorter period of time than you have. Keeping tabs on this Lazy Duo definitely has a shelf-life. My brain cells didn’t even connect a tip I had gotten a few weeks ago with some a rather suspicious chain of events. We don’t know for sure yet that they actually squeezed in a secret ski vacation, it’s still a rumor. Normally I would hold off, it’s just too coincidental not to explore.

  2. I have no evidence but I think it’s far more likely that Will was vacationing alone or at least w/o Kate. I think they’ve been more or less separated since November. It would explain the lack of pics of them in the UK. Will wasn’t there and Kate was hiding. I think the long planned tour happened under a truce negotiated in the Maldives (sweetened by a $3k Cartier watch). Kate was snarky and passive aggressive – Will left me alone when George was young, Will says I look like a banana etc. Maybe she’s on her own vacation but I doubt they are together.

  3. Where would they be skiing in May? I would have thought that the season would be over by now in Europe? Or maybe they have come back to NZ as the ski season is due to begin shortly here?

    1. There are a few spots in Europe where the ski season is longer because of the high altitudes. Zermatt, Switzerland is one of them, they’re still getting fresh snow. I don’t think they’d go back to New Zealand, too many fresh memories of several hours worth of work. While to regular people, their itinerary was akin to our itinerary while on vacation, Kate still probably wakes up screaming from the nightmares of duty.

  4. Personally, skiing involves far more work than anything these two encountered on the tour, haha! Not how I’d expect them to recuperate, baby in tow. But it would throw the press, seeing as how most expect ski season to be over.

    Also, I read that LANDING in London after the tour counts as an engagement. Ski trip or not, that to me is ridiculous. Guarantee Kate will add it to her tally. 😉

    Great insight, Lola!

    1. Thanks, Anna! The way they ski is pretty lazy, too. It involves a lot of standing around, sometimes they’ll let natural forces take them a few inches, then they stop and do nothing for a while. Basically skiing for them is putting on skis, not skiing as most people know it. Isn’t it funny how travel counts a work in the land of the Doolittles? They have to pad her numbers somehow.

  5. I completely believe they could be in the middle of a 10 day skiing trip. In fact, I mentioned on KMReview during the tour that they were likely going to fit in another vacation upon completion of the tour. It probably went down like this – once they were finished with ANZAC day/last day of tour – remember they had to catch a plane to Sydney, in order to catch the plane “back to London”, so they departed Canberra around 2pm local time. There were no pics of them on the “return flight home” – especially while changing planes. This makes it more likely they caught a plane to Zurich, where they met the Middletons. They had a few days before William left for Memphis, giving Kate & George time with her family (the REAL reason she did not attend the wedding). On Sunday, after the wedding – Will bordered a connecting flight from Memphis – Dallas, and from there, likely a flight back to Zurich for another week. He does have an engagement May 12, but he’d still have 1 week in the mountains after the wedding to have some R&R. Works out very well – doesn’t it?

  6. On Sunday, after the wedding – Will* bordered* a connecting flight from Memphis – Dallas, and from there, likely a flight back to Zurich for another week.

    Of course, I meant boarded. Sorry.

  7. Darlings, the duo was only off researching kitchen fittings and basin taps in the alps. They needed the absolutely right Swiss clock for their cooking space. Sie kaufen nur das Beste (they do buy the best). And to relieve the sprains in their legs after all that shopping the duo had to go skiing for the day in Zermatt. It was only a break away from research. Honestly, you don’t know how difficult it is choosing high end kitchen items, so taxing.
    The Duo works so hard at saving money.

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