Kate Courts More Controversy

I feel bad, Kate Middleton has created two huge shiny new controversies for me to blog about and I didn’t get her anything.  But what do you get the girl who does next to nothing?  In honor of Kate’s new ass bodyguard, perhaps I should send the Duchmess a bag of M&Ms printed with a rendering of her bare ass?  I played around on the mymms site with a rendition of the Bild image ***Bare Bum Warning*** and Kate’s exposed rear on the candy that melts in your mouth and not on your hands would look something like this:


Of course, mymms probably has some rule against making ass candy.  Maybe her brother’s custom marshmallow company, Boomf, would do it, though.  Never hurts to ask.

Pretty much every media outlet is running the story that Kate Middleton will now have a “female minder” to stop her bared bum from being photographed.  There are so many things wrong with this story that I’ve been curious if this is some elaborate news prank because if it’s actually true, then the Royal Advisors have been secretly replaced with Androids by the Republican movement.  I can only assume Pippa was the prototype for these Androids.

Some media outlets are calling this female minder Kate’s butt bodyguard which is terribly inelegant.  I prefer bootyguard.  The bootyguard’s job will be to keep new photos of Kate’s bare ass out of newspapers, magazines and online.  So basically this bootyguard’s function will be to cover Kate’s ass.

Already I’m picturing some slow-motion movie sequence where this poor bootyguard sees Kate’s hemline lift with a breeze, turns and sees cameras poised, there’s a POV close-up of a photographer’s finger slowly bending as it starts to press the shutter release and the bootyguard yells, “Noooooooooooooooo” as she dives in front of Kate’s bared bum to take the photographic bullet.

Stories have been quoting The Star’s source, “Kate will now be watched all the time.  We can’t afford any more embarrassing photos like this.”

Kate, known as Kate Middlebum at Marlborough College because she would moon boys to become more popular, had an identical bare bum flash at the Calgary airport right after her wedding and several other embarrassing exposures in the three years she’s been a duchess.  By hiring a bootyguard, Buckingham Palace is admitting Kate is incapable of keeping herself covered.  So either she’s so incompetent, she’s unable to crack the correlation between windy conditions and lifted hemlines and/or incapable of putting on her own underwear or she’s an exhibitionist who gets perverse pleasure in exposing herself to strangers.  Whether the cause of the issue is incompetence or exhibitionism, apparently it’s so deeply ingrained that the recourse was a bodyguard for her ass.  The hiring of the professional ass minder of course means that when Kate exposes herself next time, there will be an appropriate scapegoat to blame since the wind has repeatedly refused to surrender itself to the proper authorities.

Most of us had already gotten all the bare ass puns out of our system so what Buckingham Palace has done is refocus our attention firmly back on Kate’s bum by creating this position.  There’s a whole new wave of internet ridicule, plus the occasional cheeky response from men who wouldn’t mind watching Kate’s ass all day like this one that appeared after a Jezebel story:


Another commenter remarked:


The bootyguard will also reportedly be employed for private and public outings.  Most of Kate’s outings are private ones, she logged only four official events this year before the New Zealand/Australia Royal Vacation Tour marred by two separate flashing incidents and only one following her disappearance for five weeks out of the public eye.  The British media has restrictions with private photographs so really this around-the-clock butt watch seems a bit asinine.

Buckingham Palace is said to have given the response it doesn’t comment on security.  The classification of the bootyguard as security means that the position would be funded by the taxpayer, not the Royal Family.  So not only are Kate’s continuous indecent exposures the fault of what the Palace would like us to believe is a paparazzi/wind conspiracy, but now taxpayers have to pay the salary of an ass minder?  Seriously, did underwear even get batted around as an answer to the Commando Kate Dilemma?  Taxpayers also funded the nine person security team that protected the duchess when she broke an international boycott by attending her cousin’s wedding at the Dorchester, one of the properties owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

The Sultan of Brunei has recently enacted law to increase the punishment for homosexuality from ten years of imprisonment to death by stoning, amputation penalties for theft and the death penalty for adultery.  Outraged celebrities have been calling for a boycott of the luxury properties owned by the Sultan, including the Dorchester Hotel in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel (including the famed Hollywood hotspot The Polo Lounge) in Beverly Hills, The Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, Le Meurice in Paris and Coworth Park in Ascot where Princes William and Harry played polo this weekend.  Those who are boycotting properties owned by the Sultan include Jay Leno, Ellen Degeneres, Richard Branson, Ryan Seacrest, Stephen Fry, Clive Davis, Jackie Collins, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, Sharon Osbourne, Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editors and numerous others, including Kate’s soul sister Kim Kardashian.

The Duchess arrived to the wedding in a blacked-out SUV which drove into an underground parking lot where she snuck through a side entrance to avoid the press, perhaps hoping she’d get away with this without media catching on, after all she’s pulled off secret ski vacations.  Her security being upped from her usual four to nine shows how aware the Royal Family was about the effect of her presence would have at a hotel in the press because of its links to human rights violations and the added security concerns of being in a venue that has sparked so much outrage.  A Daily Mail source revealed, “The wedding was a big boost for the hotel.  It shows that the royals will not let the Brunei business keep them away.”

Her attendance was seen as giving her royal support to the Sultan’s hotel.  And taxpayers paid for five additional Scotland Yard protection officers, the price of Kate courting controversy.

Kate went to the Dorchester for her cousin’s wedding.  On the one hand, it’s family, but on the other hand it’s family and family understands.  My family knows I’m passionate about animal rights, education and gay rights and I stand by my convictions.  There are stores where I won’t shop and products I won’t buy if I’m uncomfortable with how the company does business or I’m bothered by how the product is manufactured.  Of all my boycotts, Barilla was the hardest.  The chairman made some anti-gay comments in September 2013 which they have since had to back-pedal on because of the consumer backlash.  It was hard to go cold-turkey on Barilla, there’s probably still grocery store security footage of me standing in front of the pasta section wailing, “Whhhyyyyyy????  Why do you have to be so closed-minded, delicious pasta makers?  Whhhyyyyyy?”  But I just couldn’t support Barilla, especially given that the few recipes I actually know how to make were taught to me by a gay friend.  The reason why people boycott products and services is because boycotting works.

As much as I disagree with Kate’s support of the hotel through her attendance, I find Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s attendance at the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park even more reprehensible.  At least Kate had the courtesy to try to avoid being detected, the Princes openly engaged in the match.  At least I think sneaking in is better, honestly it’s really hard to tell anymore which is the worst of the worst, it’s like 50 Shades of Unconscionable with that family.  This isn’t the first time Wills and Kate have been linked to countries accused of heinous human rights violations, the Maldives where the couple vacationed earlier this year has been criticized for its punishing rape victims for the crime of pre-marital sex, its harsh religious restrictions and laws making homosexuality punishable by death.  In May Prince Harry also broke the ban on the Dorchester hotel by hosting the 10th anniversary of his Sentebale Charity there recently.  In March it was announced that lithographs of twenty of Prince Charles’ watercolor landscapes are earmarked to be displayed at the Dorchester Hotel as part of the revamp slated to be completed at the end of the year.  Really human rights violations don’t seem to be a big deal for the British Royal Family.


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38 thoughts on “Kate Courts More Controversy”

  1. With regards to the Duchess/Dorchester matter, I bet there was a HUGE rake off for the wedding/hotel bill IF Kate would ever so “discreetly” show up (with 9 security officers – I wonder if Officer O. My Bootyguard accompanied them).
    The “boys”, i.e. the princes are more and more mindless. It’s almost just a waste of time, energy, and space to try to make any sense of them. For what we know of Diana, I think she’d be mortified seeing her children be so thoughtless for others.
    Regarding Buttgate – really, the palace hiring a female minder for her?!? Seems like a lame attempt of getting her a “life coach” because TPTB only now realize just how clueless and/or how much of an exhibitionist she is. Notice too, she has about 3 -4 scheduled duties this month. Maybe Officer B is also a nurse who’d be available if/when Kate finally cracks from all the “exhausting/grueling work” involved with these 1 hour appearances, which of course will call for ANOTHER extended vacation – likely around PG’s 1st birthday, complicated by pregnancy with HG, requiring the cancellation of all her duties the rest of the year, followed by arrival of the spare, with yet another year off for maternity leave. After June, we may not see her again until March, 2016, giving AMPLE time for Buttgate to die down. Sigh! 🙁

  2. Despite the press having quite a feast with the Bootyguard, I’m still not so sure. There is so much public mockery with this, it doesn’t make sense the Palace would want to reintroduce something people have tired themselves with. If this was an attempt to garner sympathy for Kate, portraying photographers as the Big Bad Wolves, they seriously miscalculated public sentiment.

    The press has been known to run away with completely inaccurate rumors before. I think the willingness to pick apart anything related to the couple shows the disintegration of respect towards the Duke and Duchess of Doolittle. Even if there is truth to the rumor, I think it would be foolish for the Palace to proceed. With the Royal Household Expense Report coming out at the end of the month, there’s already a HUGE amount of public grumbling about how taxpayer money is being spent and I’ve heard this report is going to unleash a lot public fury. Recently reports have been mentioning how many guards Kate travels with, people already resent having to shell out for the Lame Duckass.

    If there’s not some serious intervention with the Duke and Duchess of Doolittle soon, I don’t know if the cracks in the monarchy will be able to be repaired. A lot of people feel like Prince William doesn’t even want to be a prince. This whole possible job as a ambulance helicopter pilot has not been publicly embraced.

    I heard a while ago not to expect many appearances from Willnot and Kannot in July and August, they were planning on disappearing to Anmer Hall. If they publicly disappear for two whole months, I expect a Pinkberry, Starbuck’s and a Gap will be operating out of their Kensington Palace apartment when they get back to London because people want to see some kind of return on their royal investment and this couple isn’t cutting it.

    Something is up with those. I think they both might be about to crack. They seem to bring out the worst in each other. Three years of marriage and they both look like zombies.

    Maybe the officer is there as you suggest to be around when one starts to crack. I’m not sure which one it’s going to be, though. The unfavorable reaction to Prince William’s idea of another transition year might provoke a temper tantrum from the petulant prince with foot stomping that might never stop. Maybe they need a transition year apart, it’s like they’re sucking the life out of each other.

    1. What you say about the Lazy Duo cracking does seem to be true.
      I hope they are paying A LOT of attention to the republican protests now happening in Spain with the King’s abdication. If they don’t wake up, and today, this may be the start of a wave of republicanism to spread to Britain and the Commonwealth, perhaps Europe wide. But like anything, W&K will get out of their (future) positions what they put into it. At this rate, they won’t have a throne to ascend to when their time comes.

      1. I’m sure they’re not. Realistically, the British Monarchy will survive at least long enough for Prince William to be King. Prince William probably thinks it would be a gift for Prince George never to be King. Prince William has got a lot of resentment, no one ever prepped him for “might one day be king”, he was told he would be, and I don’t think he could see it in any other terms. Remember how he said he wanted to destroy all the ivory at Buckingham Palace? He doesn’t really appreciate his role as being part of a greater history.

    2. Oh I think William wants to be a prince. No doubt in my mind about that. He just doesn’t want to be a working one.

    3. “I heard a while ago not to expect many appearances from Willnot and Kannot in July and August”

      Really? So much for that “busy summer” the reporters promised us.

  3. I haven’t laughed so hard for such a long time since I heard about the ridiculousness of the bootyguard.

    Being called ‘waity’ clearly wasn’t humiliating enough.

    As for the Sultan’s hotels, the royal family is completely entangled with the Sultan so I don’t see them boycotting him any time soon.

    I’ll also say that they are so cocooned that I doubt they know about the boycott or even the Sharia Law.

    And I will say they probably don’t know what sharia law actually means though shame on Charles who is more intellectually curious than his family.

    I am always amazed that such an intellectually curious man raised such ill informed numpties.

    I bet they will use their ‘neutral’ position as the get out of jail card.

    I hate people who do that. Not just the royals. They find ways to justify their continued association with reprehensible companies or countries on questionable grounds.

  4. It is nice that we can be united in laughter over the ridiculousness of Lazy.

    On some level they have to know about the boycott since Kate’s security detail was more than doubled. I know, I’m assuming a basic level of awareness. It is possible they think Sharia Law is Jude Law’s sister. Maybe Kate asked to meet her at her cousin’s wedding.

    1. You know, after Faberge eggs comment and all the gems that Kate has graced us with over the years, it’s not far-fetched to imagine that she thinks Jude Law and sharia Law are related. LOL

  5. I think the folks at the press office are throwing their hands up at Cathy – an announcement of a full time lady in waiting under the guise of bootyguard would have been better than this! The BRF have cultural attaches up the whazoo – they know perfectly well what it means to ignore an international boycott brought on by human rights violations but where parties and polo are concerned, they don’t count.
    Great post as always Lola! I donated my Barilla to the food bank and now rice and potatoes are my only carbs.

    1. Perhaps even Waity’s advisors have turned against her, they were the last ones on the support ship anyway since it was technically their job. It’s weird how it’s now fashionable to openly mock the Duchess of Doolittle.

      It was probably unrealistic of me to think she’d actually contemplate not breaking the boycott. She can’t even be bothered to do anything for the charities for which she’s patron, why should she care about others if she doesn’t get to count it as one of her few official engagements. It’s just disappointing that ultimately, people don’t matter in her privilege bubble.

      Carbs are awesome. You’re awesomer, though!

  6. And here am I thinking that “minding” Kate was Rebecca Deacon’s job. Oops no, that’s her “Personal Assistant”. And didn’t Kate’s brother had a business of making frisky cakes? Maybe he’ll make Kate one with a collage of all her nudes! Well, it’s worth the shot anyway.
    Oh by the way, someone has posted fake nudes of Princess Diana to defend Kate! Kiki on RD posted the original picture and she’s looking for the second one.

    On the Sultan of Bruinei, I was so disappointed when one of Harry’s charities didn’t cancel and change venue of the place (don’t ask me which charity, I forget atm), I understand why they didn’t, but I was disappointed non the less.
    And I join you in your convictions, I admit I have a harder time because of where I live, I don’t always get straight answers (I hate my government), but when I shop in the US, I try my best. I understand the Barilla, I suffered through the same. A family member is a proud member of the GLBTQ community and I support human rights and it was painful to cook without that pasta, luckily I discovered some Mexican pasta brands aren’t half bad. At least they cook well.

    On another royal news: Juan Carlos of Spain is abdicating and Princess Charlene is pregnant and there is a chance she’s having twins. Her dad “slipped” it to the SA media and now he’s back pedaling!

    1. Poor Rebecca Deacon, if they added Ass Minder to her extensive list of duties, I think she would have a breakdown and start playing with invisible balls of yarn. I’m not sure if James’ cake business even exists anymore. At the beginning of this year, it had still failed to turn a profit, I thought he had transitioned more or less into becoming the marshmallow man.

      I can’t believe someone is trying to alter Diana photos to make Waity seem less pitiful. That’s sacrilege.

      The charity event you were thinking of was Harry’s 10th anniversary of his Sentebale Charity held at the Dorchester. That upset me, too.

      I’ve been thinking of trying to make my own pasta from scratch. I have a feeling that’s something that sounds good in theory but four hours in, you probably start wondering if you need a psych exam. One day I’m gonna try it though.

      1. Rebecca, the poor thing, has enough. What I find funny is that previous the travel, many articles had said that the Queen’s own stylist Angela Kelly would help Kate plan her wardrobe. So that means two things: Either they were talking out of their butts (pun intended) or that Waity disregarded the advice.

        Yeah, nothing is sacred anymore, I’m not a super Diana fan myself, but there’s a line, you know?

        Has any business venture any of the Midds (other than Ma) has taken wings? I don’t think so, even Pips got fired by the news paper she worked for. Entretainment Weekly dubbed her book one of the worst of 2013: “The one you need if you don’t know how to make ice cubes.”

        Yes, that was it. I understand the close proximity would cause all kinds of monetary loss but, I was upset none the less.

        It’s not hard making pasta you know Lola? I make my own sometimes. I have yet to master the tomato flavored, but I make a mean riccotta gnocci and spinach pasta.

        1. Off topic question, I know you said you live in Mexico, but I was wondering if you were originally from the Netherlands? Something about this last post made me think Netherlands for some reason.

            1. Your answer reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend of a friend. This is going to sound a little weird, but she had such a pleasing way of phrasing things, she could make you excited about doing something you would normally think of as mundane. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend that much time with her, she was great, she had this infectious optimism. Sometimes phrasing can be cultural, like the Spanish have a sort of romantic approach to language. I hope I’m explaining it in a way that isn’t totally nutty!

              1. No, you make sense Lola. I’m glad I reminded you of that friend. I suppose it’s my latina woman shinning, we can be very outgoing and even chirpy. And sometimes cute-sy in a way. Think of Máxima of the Netherlands. She’s very much a Latina through and through!

  7. I had no patience for Diana, BUT!!! these Kate apologists who keep revising Diana’s history to make Kate look better have turned me into a latter day Diana fan.

    And it’s amazing to me that Diana’s work ethic was the norm for most women. We took it for granted that we were going to rule the world – anyone remember those female president Donna Karan ads??

    ok. just me. and i am that old.

    in this new era, the notion that a person can not have a work ethic as standard and be excused for it is simply mind boggling.

    where did we go wrong as parents that we have swung the pendulum so far the other way?

    1. “In this new era, the notion that a person can not have a work ethic as standard and be excused for it is simply mind boggling.
      Where did we go wrong…”

      I have thought about this A LOT – in part due to the Lazy Duo, but more because 2 of my siblings are around the Duo’s age , while I am a decade older. My siblings, though they have a good work ethic are really just out for themselves and what they can get out of me. We are not close like I am to my parents. Now, my parents are no angels and weren’t as we were growing up, so they got some of their selfishness from them. But my generation also grew up as “latchkey kids” with alot of selfish boomers as parents, but we turned out pretty good as a group. But I digress. I think the big difference in those in their late 20’s- early 30’s is that they grew up with that utter stupidity “Everybody Wins!” That’s fine for very young children, but after age 6-8, it doesn’t reflect real life at all. That took away even more boundaries children need to grow with a healthy sense of self, without which allows for a lot of narcissistic tendencies, personality disorders, and sociopathy. I know that sounds harsh, but put this idea into motion with every child expecting something for nothing along with relying on mom & dad because the economy was (pretending to be) good, and you have a recipe for disaster. They always think something good is coming there way, and if not, hey – they can always ask mommy & daddy for a handout, and why would they say no?!?
      Unfortunately, an entire generation was raised like this and I fear that they have learned nothing from the economy downturn with all it’s effects.
      I know this is off topic, but Bowe Bergdahl (the repatriated soldier) I believe falls into a similar category. He was raised in a very idealistic albeit sheltered way, homeschooled 6 hrs daily with limited/no TV. As an older teen/young adult, he worked very short term at a couple of jobs intermittently between trips to Europe which I bet his parents financed. He probably started to get the feeling he needed to join the military to prove his manhood. However, he fell for the military propaganda and felt enlisting would be good for “cultural exchange and philanthropic reasons.” Without discussing signing up with family or friends, no one could tell him that no enlisted soldier goes to war for “cultural exchange, etc”. He became disillusioned, treating/expecting his superiors to treat/understand him like his family would. It seems he really had no street smarts, just delusions of grandeur (walking to China or India?) and romance (the mountains) – IN A WAR ZONE! I fear there are going to be many more examples of 20 & early 30 somethings not doing what is expected of them, due in large part to that ridiculous “Everybody Wins” mentality.

    2. Remember when once upon a time, Camilla was dubbed “the laziest woman in England”, well, she has been dethroned. I’m sure she doesn’t mind ;P

      And no, I’m mean, I’m 28 and I was raised to be responsible. If Kate had a “normal” job, she would’ve been fired a long while ago. And I do remember those DK adds. Heck, I remember Seventeen mag project of having a woman as president (for the US for 2024!).

      I have a pet theory that when it comes to Kate and all her apology, it’s due to the whole Diana image they (Willnot and Kannot) are trying to project: All the wrong reasons why she shouldn’t be like Diana. And since sadly, Diana passed away in horrible circumstances, the fans feel ‘protective’ of Diana-wanna be.

  8. Ah, we can build a Church of Latter Day Diana Fans. I was young in the Diana days, but from the glimpses I saw on the news, she seemed charismatic, clutching the hands of the ill one night and the next night dripping in diamonds. My parents never read me fairytales, I was in my teens before I ever saw a Disney film, I don’t think they wanted me to dream of an identity through marriage, they told me I could be anything I wanted to be, they still do. It never occurred to me that people weren’t inherently born with a strong work ethic until about a decade ago, I noticed those new to the work force were unprepared for the real world, there wasn’t that big of an age difference and yet there was a giant chasm between the handful of years, it was like a new reluctant generation. A few years ago, I interviewed someone for a position who came late, sat down and said, “Dazzle me. Why would I want to work for you?” I replied, “Wrong attitude. Buh-bye.” I had candidates come in with their helicopter mothers. Very strange. I never was that interested in Kate when she got married but I remembered Diana and wondered how Kate would make her mark on the world. I was taught the importance of charity work, it seemed strange a woman who had been groomed for a role she pursued with such zealousness didn’t want the responsibilities of the job once she got it. The more I paid attention, the more it was evident that there was a con happening that wasn’t even elegantly crafted, you could tell Kate was a cardboard cutout. I find lazy cons insulting. It made me nostalgic for the days when the news princess grasped hands with compassion and was present. It frustrates me too because it becomes harder and harder to get people to focus on a cause, doing charity work is like trying to gather a bucket of water from a dripping faucet and you stand there and hold the bucket because someone has to. Kate just has to put on a pretty dress, show up, and there will be a deluge of funding. I don’t understand how anyone could have the ability to help so many people and would decide she can’t be bothered.

    1. Part of the pet theory I mentioned above, is this: Ma and Kannot focused so very much on just marriage that they forgot that marriage would only be the beginning for Kannot. She wouldn’t be a regular wife, but a Windsor wife, she was, IMO, groomed to be what William wanted, not what he needed (a strong woman).

      I think I might have to write about this once my brain waves make sense.

      1. The problem is that in order for Kate to get Will, she had to be patient, but stubbornly patient. She is someone who digs her heels in. She and her mother planned for getting the ring, the whole living happily ever after was just supposed to happen magically. Now she’s someone who is still digging in her heels, except she’s expected to fulfill duty which wasn’t part of her plan. All of us are being unreasonable in her mind.

        1. Yep, it does indeed seem like MAKE (Ma+KatE) certainly had their eyes only on the prize which came in 2 parts – the engagement with the ring and of course, the wedding. Then true to form, with their idealistic princess mentality, after achieving those 2 things, everything would magically fall into place, and everyone would live happily ever after. Pretty scary that a 50-something mother and her 25-30 yr old daughter would still think like that as adults. I feel like someone is going to jump out from behind Buckingham Palace and say – “Gotcha! You (i.e. the entire world) wouldn’t REALLY think adults think like a Disney story – now would you?!?” (That is a pretty scary thought, too actually.) 😉

        2. I agree, they thought things would improve upon the wedding. And I mentioned it on RD but I’ll say it here too: They both are in some limbo of their own making, between D-list celeb and royal. They want the perks of royalty without the duty, just the old school glamour and respect the monarchy inspired years past.

          And yes, we’re the unreasonable ones in their minds.

    2. I’ll join that church! I think she’d be appalled at her son and daughter in law’s approach to their jobs.

  9. In my youth, we seemed to be surrounded by strong women who wanted it all. They had alot of energy, ideas, a strong work ethic, and a get-up-and-go attitude. Some of the women I am referring to are Princess Diana, Loretta Swit as Margaret Houlihan on MASH, Madonna, Claire Huxtable on the Cosby Show. These were some of the women I looked up to, even if some were fantasy. Still, I learned a greater point which was women can do whatever they want if they work smart and hard at it. Granted, some of the ways that were shown, i.e. Madonna, weren’t always ideal, but I think what amazed alot of people about her was her drive and absolute belief in her own success. Now, a serious question did arise because I think a lot of women my age put off having families due to their careers and many were misled by “miracles of modern medicine” like IVF, thinking having children older than 35 would be a breeze. Well having & raising children is NEVER a breeze at any age. Those that did have children while working outside the home seemed to always be torn – being a bad mom because she’s not at home, and being a bad worker because she couldn’t devote all her time and energies into her work. It does make for a difficult conundrum for which I don’t think there is a good answer.
    Like you, Lola, I started to see this poor work ethic and “serve me” attitude by those roughly about 10 yrs younger than me. I remember that “Everybody Wins” propaganda for which there were many adults/parents who were concerned about the long term effects of such a policy. Just after this stupidity came that “No Child Left Behind” which IMO was another disaster, allowing for unprecedented coddling of school aged kids. It’s no wonder young adults entering the workplace come with their helicopter parents and/or “expecting to be dazzled” as if you are serving them. Now we are at an age that is stuck in the middle, between our boomer parents and the “give me” generation. Ours was the generation utterly decimated by 4 wars, starting with Desert Storm, the so-called “War on Terror”, Iraq War, and Afganistan (supposedly representing the War on Terror). Going from latchkey kids where we were expected to be responsible for ourselves at a young age, to all these wars, to the second Great Depression, our generation has gotten the shaft. We don’t even have the numbers the boomers and now GenY/Millenials have.
    Sorry to get so in depth with this, but I have thought alot about this, and I am passionate about what I say on this. I find it somewhat reassuring you too have some experience with this rather strange group (I mean, I’d be mortified if someone talked to me like that at a job interview). Thanks for letting me rant on this one.

      1. Thanks. It is good to vent, especially as I have been going through a very difficult time right now, and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon. So thanks for listening.
        Anyway, I also meant to mention a few other women I found inspirational for a variety of reasons – Sally Ride – 1st American woman in space, Christa McAuliffe & Judith A. Resnick – the 2 women who died in the shuttle Challenger disaster, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Valentine Tereshkova – first female in space, Lyudmila Pavlichenko – most successful female sniper during WW2, Marie Sklodowska-Curie – first woman to win the Nobel Prize, also first woman to win multiple Nobel Prizes in varying disciplines as well as first female professor at University of Paris (plus a lot more fascinating accomplishments). I am sure there are many others I just can’t think of right now. Looking back at my original listing, I realized most of the women I mentioned were TV characters, and there certainly are many, real life women who had tremendous accomplishments – and most of them achieved what they did while raising children. Truly inspirational.

        1. Vent away! I can totally relate to being in not-so-great spaces, and places like these are lovely antidotes.

  10. WHY would she not go to Ralph lauren gala dinner, he was donating millions on cancer research But she has the odesity to hide and go her cousins wedding with all those bodyguards, i said it before kate ONLY cares about herself and her family and they are really milking the RF!

  11. There was the story from, I think, Chay Blythe , that Kate, known as “beautiful Kate”, had to be repeatedly asked by him not to stand over the hatches in her shockingly tight shorts (which she had provided as her uniform). She was working as crew for corporate-type yachties. You know, the useful people. She was famous for the tightness of her shorts. At the same time, she was known for being a bit humourlessly prim and to be, quite clearly, “keeping herself for something better”. So, those are long-term characteristics, not caused by joining the royal “family”.

  12. this was the quote attributed to “the skipper” of the boat she was crewing for:”“Kate, would you mind not standing by that hatch when you are serving because it’s a bit revealing for anyone below deck.” ’

  13. Oh my God….not only are these people not doing any GOOD for others they are actually blatantly supporting unconscionable unspeakably wrong wrong wrong things…..words fail me…this is so bad it isn’t even the least bit amusing……the royal butt guard is so beyond ridiculous that it IS funny…..another example of waity’s wanton ways costing not only credibility but now money…..even if the butt watcher isn’t a real position just the fact that it’s a possibility and that there is a need for it is just plain ludicrously deliciously hilarious…..it’s a bit late for covering her @%4# though….it’s out there…can’t unsee it…can’t unring the bell…… love your blog and totally respect your insights……not everyone can pull off an article like this….humor and then deep gut wrenching exposure of something so very wrong…

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