William the Reluctant

Prince William turned 32 on Saturday.  The father, husband and second in line to the throne of England is still no closer to figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up despite the birthright he still views as a birthwrong.  Today he wants to be a helicopter pilot, perhaps tomorrow he’ll want to be a cowboy.  Prince William is a man of many interests, none of which appear to be his role as a future king.

As a child, Prince William would notoriously stomp his feet and scream, “I don’t want to be king.”  As a teenager his outbursts against his inherited role were chalked up to teenage rebellion.  He resented both the media and his protection detail, shouting at both, “Why won’t you just let me be a normal person?”  When Wills aged past the age of hormonally-explained dissent, Prince Charles attempted to instill in him a sense of duty, resorting to getting third parties like protection officers to convince the petulant prince to embrace his destiny as king.  Now thirty-two, Prince William’s defiance involves less kicking, but he still appears just as reluctant to accept his destiny, a destiny for which his own mother believed that his brother Harry was better suited.

It’s anticipated that Prince William will soon announce that he’s accepted a position as a pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance and that he, Kate and Prince George will ditch their digs in Kensington Palace which just cost taxpayers $6.8 million to renovate in order to take up residence at Anmer Hall, a hundred and twenty miles north of London.  So much for Kensington Palace being their primary residence.  So much for assuming more royal responsibilities.  So much for a lot of things.

The helicopter pilot gig has been maybe happening since April.  The timing of the announcement coinciding with the release of the Kensington Palace renovation report makes me even more suspicious that William the Reluctant is becoming William the Destroyer, blasting as many holes in the monarchy as he can before he attempts to sink it.  Perhaps the Republican Movement simply isn’t moving fast enough for his taste so Prince William is trying to annihilate the monarchy from the inside.

Throughout his life, Prince William has approached his role as future king with contempt that’s worn many veils, but the underlying issue has always remained the same, Prince William despises being watched.  Realistically, there will always be some level of interest in Prince William either for who he will be or who he could have been.  Whether historically remembered as William the Reluctant or William the Destroyer, the only privilege Wills wasn’t born with was the option to be irrelevant.

This past year was labeled a transitional year by the Palace to explain why Prince William, now in his thirties, is still balking over becoming a full-time royal.  Perhaps like his wife, Kate, Prince William is allergic to things he doesn’t want to do.  Prince William couldn’t even make it through a ten-week agriculture course at Cambridge without taking two vacations.  The royal tour of Australia and New Zealand was laughably light on scheduled events, his calendar of official engagements has been as sparse as the hair on top of the heir’s head and now he’s taking another giant step away from the throne with this decision to play pilot.  He can’t have the perks without the responsibilities, he’s either in or he’s out.  So why is he still being considered for the job of king when he so clearly doesn’t want the only part of it that’s beneficial to the people of the UK?

There are those who believe that if Prince William removes himself from the line of succession, the British Monarchy wouldn’t survive, an opinion rumored to be shared by the Queen.  It’s also been suggested that William only presently endures his loathsome role out of deference to his grandmother.  Wait, so Wills has actually been on his best behavior?  I shudder to think what his worst behavior looks like but I imagine it involves plushy orgies, paintball tournaments in Buckingham Palace and Wills riding around on an armored tiger with his robe open and a butter knife raised above his head proclaiming, “I have the power.”

Whether he leaves or stays, it appears more and more likely that the end of the British monarchy will come at the hands of Mr. Kate Middleton.  Prince William’s decision to postpone his destiny by at least another year undermines the future of the British monarchy as taxpayers struggle to see the value in a prince who is more interested in leading a private life than becoming king.  Money from the Sovereign’s Grant that should be spent on upkeep of the palaces is instead being allocated to appease the petulant prince and his lazy wife to the outrage of many taxpayers.  The new helicopter that will be used to shuttle the Duke and Duchess of Doolittle to official engagements from Anmer Hall comes out of the Sovereign’s Grant despite Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace being in urgent need of repairs.  Priceless art and artifacts are in danger of being destroyed by leaky roofs while the whims of Prince William and Kate are being catered to.  If the Firm is unable to adequately manage itself, how effectively can it serve the people of the United Kingdom?  Should the future of the monarchy really be in the hands of someone who is so disinterested in it?  Perhaps it’s better to take their chances with a King Harry who genuinely has a sense of duty rather than a man who is woefully unprepared to be first in line to the throne and take over the Duchy of Cornwall.

I just want to say a quick thanks to gingerboy24 of Royal Gossip for posting the link to my blog.  I’ve tried to join Royal Gossip in the past to thank individuals for their support, but the forum wisely wouldn’t have me as a member.  And of course, thank you to temi for always being wonderful amazing you!



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  1. Aw..shucks Lola!

    Great post as always! I think the more (or less) we hear about Wills and Waity the more Harry grows in my estimation!

    I think you are right about Wills being a petulant – foot stomper. On the one hand, he can justify his laziness because he is not next in line to the throne. He may be playing a waiting game of his own in that he thinks he can put royal life off until his father succeeds. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a whole family dynamic built on eggshells running in the background. His father has a very fragile ego – and Wills & Waity’s popularity could be a source of tension. Wills could feel perfectly justified in taking a backseat, burying his head in the sand, hiding under the covers.

    Whether or not he can get away with it as Prince of Wales remains to be seen…

    1. Thanks, temi! At this point in his life, he should be learning how to fulfill his future role. The Queen is 88 and his father is 65, he might have less time than he thinks. He should be living his life as a future king, not a private citizen. He wants the perks, but not the responsibilities. I think the Queen should offer him the opportunity to see what it’s like as the “normal person” he wants to be. His security detail should be taken away except for official engagements. Normal people don’t have staffs of 20+. He should move to an apartment he can afford on a pilot’s salary. No salon trips and designer clothes for Waity, normal people don’t have access to a vast fortune from the Duchy of Cornwall. The Doolittles shouldn’t have a problem scraping by as a single income family, after all, aren’t they just like us?

  2. Brilliant. Brilliant.

    As I said over on KMR, I think he pulled another end run around the BRF. Pretended to play along, demanded things he thought they wouldn’t give (biggest KP apartment, Anmer), and was shocked when they caved.

    The stage is set for them to take on their role full-time, the spokesperson is defending the costs to the taxpayers, and *behind their backs* William announces the helicopter thing through his own channels. Nothing they can do to refute it publicly.

    1. I believe the helicopter announcement was an official Buckingham Palace release. When there’s some sort of scandal, like with the costly Kensington Palace Renovations, there is usually a large public gesture from the Queen showing her support of the family member. I think the reason it was hastily released is because the Daily Mail got the story about the renovations before they were to made public on Wednesday. I suspect Prince William kept his family in the dark about his and Kate’s master plan to move to Anmer Hall. There probably wouldn’t have been the press release about the helicopter if Prince William kept everyone in the loop.

  3. I’m a little confused. Lola, you’re a member on Royal Dish, aren’t you?

    I don’t think Willie will remove himself from the line of succession. He’s just being lazy right now. He wants the perks of the lifestyle, so as long as the Queen is alive, he’ll do as little as possible. At this point, he’s making Edward, the Prince of Wales in the 1920s – 1930s look really good! LOL.

    1. And Prince William’s wife Kate (a la Wallis) is all too similar to a Miss Bessie Wallace Warfield of Baltimore at this point.
      Lola, your article was one of the best precis with respect to Prince William and his taking the throne or not that I have ever read anywhere. Awesome writing.

    2. I’m a member of Royal Dish. I tried to sign up for Royal Gossip when I saw that members were posting links to my blog, I can tell where traffic is coming from (except for on social media, I can’t see who posts the links there). I’m very appreciative for all my readers and like to say thank you to those who are posting links.

      You’re right about Willie. Wants to perks but not the responsibilities. I think the best way to help matters is to take away his perks and let him see what it means like to be “normal”.

  4. Excellent article once again, Lola. Sums up all I feel about the lazy duo. If RG won’t have you as a member a new forum called real royal gossip certainly will!!! Gingerboy 24 posts there under a slightly different name. Can’t beat RD for gossip though 😉

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I just wanted to post on Royal Gossip to thank those who were linking to my blog but they would’t have me. I can always say thanks in my blog, though. RD is such a great group!

  5. This post was most hilarious and very serious at the same time. Amazing how you can do that, Lola. I nearly choked on the apple I was eating when reading about William riding around in a robe with his butter knife! Too funny.
    Earlier I was looking at “The Secret Diana Tapes” today on YouTube. I was struck at the part that showed Diana at age 31, shortly after the separation, starting to come into her own by practicing how to give a speech effectively. You can see her both working and having fun at the same time, with the goal of changing not only her life, but those of others. Compare that to Waity Willie (he has now taken on his wife’s traits), who at the age of 31, announced a “transitional year”. Difference is a clear as night and day. Makes you wonder what lessons he was learning and exactly how much he was listening to all the points his mom was trying to teach William and Harry when they were young.
    I was horrified a couple months back when he threatened to break and otherwise get rid of all the ivory in the various castles. Here is a guy that wants to shun all the responsibility as future Prince of Wales and eventually King, but he is ok with destroying centuries of history that technically as Duke of Cambridge, he has no jurisdiction over. I’m afraid you may be right Lola. More and more he does seem like William the Destroyer. So very disappointing.

  6. Spot on as usual, Lola.

    I said it before, but it’s always worth repeating: William is trapped in a limbo of his own making, the want of the perks of royalty (the glamour, the vacations, the money) but without the responsibilities that come with it. And he’s somewhere in between of a royal and a d-listed celeb. Now that you mentioned Diana, it’s worth nothing that behind Harry’s back, she used to called him GKH, for Good King Harry and that William once shouted out “I will walk out and never come back.”

    And don’t forget that Willnot and Kannot kicked out a charity that was using Ap1 of KP as their base. And that Amner had to be cut from the people who were leasing it too.

    Basically, I just see it as William throwing tantrums and the Queen looking aways as usual. I do wonder, what would the Queen Mother do with this? I’m sure she’d be having flashbacks to Edward’s abdication. I’m sure the republican movement is praising every god above, these two are a gift to them.

    1. Interesting that you brought up the Queen Mother. I have spent alot of time researching her, and though she was a master at PR, many, many verifiable sources state just how ruthless she was. She tended to coddle those who were in direct line to the throne, while looking the other way at their indiscretions. She famously did this when a few years after Diana’s death, she “looked the other way” when it came to Charles dating Camilla. They even waited until after she died to get married. So the current Queen Elizabeth looking the other way is the way she learned to deal with her grandsons.
      A very interesting article states just how ruthless the Queen Mother was – whether it came to all her manipulations to force Edward VIII to abdicate or forcing Diana to divorce while removing her HRH status. The article even mentions that “Anyone who crossed her ended up bleeding to death…” Makes you think…

      Here’s the link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/05/15/the-cook-the-laird-his-wife-and-the-queen-mother.html

      1. I don’t doubt that she was ruthless (one thing I have always disliked about her was coddling William and ignoring Harry), but what I meant is that if anything, she was a hard worker who probably wouldn’t be amused at William’s lack of direction. And Kate’s constant displays of bare skin.

        Also, she could not force Edward to abdicate, she just couldn’t. Churchill was on Team Edward and was ready to start a “King’s Party” in order to allow Edward to marry Wallis without making her Queen. But Edward chose to abdicate. Also, removing Diana’s HRH… only those born with the title keep it for life. Diana wasn’t a royal by birth and had no right to the title, she only used the Diana, Princess of Wales because her PR team announced it before anything else could be said. But she had no right to keep being HRH. Same with Sarah Ferguson.

        And she was of the believe that you had mistresses, but you married a ‘good’ woman. That’s why she looked away, because it was expected. And yes, they waited until she passed because of the scandal and the war of the Wales, I’m sure she wasn’t amused at how things went.

        1. I didn’t mean to say she forced the abdication, etc. What she did was get her very high ranking supporters – i.e. the Archbishop of Canterbury, and others in Parliament to push for abdication on the basis of marrying a divorced woman. Yes, by herself, as a Royal, she could do nothing. But as one of the Powers that Be, she could affect any change she wanted with the help of her advocates. That included taking away Diana’s HRH. I mean, she (QM) could influence the people who finalize such decisions. Otherwise why would there have been an offer by the RF to restore Diana’s HRH immediately after her death?
          Further, that whole issue of “constitutional crisis” involving Edward VIII was manufactured – remember the very first “defender of the faith” – Henry VIII. He changed the entire church and legal structure by virtue of wanting to “get rid” of his first wife. Taking it to present day, why does Charles get to ascend the throne, having married a divorced woman?
          The common denominator with Edward VIII and Charles is the Queen Mum, and even Charles didn’t make an official move until after her death.
          Notice how the royal family seemed to become more people friendly and less “snooty” shortly after the passing of the Queen Mum?
          These are too many coincidences in which she factors in. I don’t believe she is all that innocent.

          1. Did I miss something? When was the offer made to restore Diana’s HRH status? As far as I know it was William, after Diana complained to him who said “When I’m King, I’ll give it back to you.”

            And you should also remember that Edward VIII had a will of his own, as King he could push for a reform. And Churchill was fully prepared to support him (that’s why at first George VI didn’t like or trust him much) and prepare a party within parliament to make sure Edward could marry Wallis and make it a morganic marriage. Meaning, she wouldn’t be Queen. And the recent shebang of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, one of the candidates didn’t like Charles and his second marriage (but it escapes me if he was chosen or was the other one).

            And you should also remember this is Edward VIII, whom his own Father said of him “Once I’m dead, the boy will ruin himself within a year.” And it was basically a self fulfilling prophesy. And if there was a strict man, it was George V and Mary wasn’t far behind.

            The “snooty” attitude is still there, William is a massive snoot and Kate looks uncomfortable around people. And it wasn’t that they magically relaxed after the QM’s death, Diana began to make them approachable and it was a lesson they learnt the hard way. Many rules were relaxed after the QM’s death, yes, but many rules are still in place.

                1. Alot of paperwork has been released that shows that the abdication was forced. David was too stupid to see that he was pushed into a corner and even at the last he didn’t have to abdicate, but chose that as a way out of his troubles. At base, he wasn’t interested in being a King and was reportedly careless with government paperwork, so it wasn’t hard for him to give it up. However, he really didn’t have to give it up.

                  He was also stupid to believe the lies he was told that convinced him to abdicate such as his status and that of Wallis remaining the same post-abdication. He really thought that if he stepped aside, he could remain in the country and be some sort of special advisor/ambassador on behalf of the British Crown with the special status f being a King. This delusion is why he visited Hitler. It took him a long time to believe and accept that he had been lied to. ditto accepting his diminished status and the fact that he had been exiled.

                  The government/church used Wallis as a scapegoat to advance their agenda of removing David. That’s not to say that she was a saint or even a nice person, but she was scapegoated and for people who don’t look beyond the government line, she’ll always be the she-devil who lured a King from his Kingdom.

                  1. While David/Edward VIII was no saint, I don’t know if it’s fair to call him “stupid.” Yes, he was a playboy, a ladies man, and very reluctant to assume his royal responsibilities. However, having been the first British king in a long time to have served in the British military during war (he served in the Grenadier Guards, and though was not allowed to fight on the front lines, often went to the front to see for himself what was happening, and to booster morale), he aligned himself more with the “average man” than with royalty. TPTB did NOT like this. They wanted him to continue to promote society life.
                    Anyway, being that David was raised in the royal family, and as heir apparent, he would have been privy to a lot of secured & otherwise private information, seeing his dad’s advisors at work. These advisors prior to Edward VIII would not have reason to lie to the Sovereign. Once David ascended the throne, I don’t think he had really any reason to believe that ANY of his advisors would be lying and otherwise working against him. Further, the Sovereign does have alot of power and pull, therefore he probably felt that he could easily make exceptions, if needed, that would allow him to marry Wallis free and clear. I think he was more blindsided by the actions of the Queen Mum (then the Duchess of York) , the Archbishop of Canterbury, and many others. Of course, if his father were still alive when David ascended the throne (kind of like what just happened in Spain), he could have been tipped off to their lies. But as that is not how it works in Britain, his inexperience at being King together with the forces conspiring against him were just too much.
                    He obviously chose Willis.
                    One of the biggest thing against him was when he and Willis met Hitler. Personally, this just makes my skin crawl. But in all honesty, he was looking for powerful international backers in an effort to get back to Britain as a full-fledged royal. Whether he wanted to reascend the throne, I don’t know. However, he met Hitler in October, 1937, well before Hitler started WW2. As none of us can predict the future, I can’t really blame them for this visit. I don’t have firm information about any allegations after this – but IF he did leak info to the Germans during the war – THAT would be the reason for calling him a traitor, but not the other things.
                    In a way, aside from Diana, he is the most interesting member of the royal family and it’s very intriguing learning about him and people/problems surrounding him.

                    1. I maintain tha he was stupid. Not necessarily stupid as in not clever, but stupid in the way that all coddled heirs tend to be ie they lack critical judgement. And believed his status would remain the same. And why would someone dare lie to the King or POW??? People do it all the time. And that is why he was blindsided.

                      Take the issue of Wallis’s HRH. He really never believed that she wouldn’t be granted the HRH. They strung him along for many years and he still believed it would be granted. He could have gone to court over it and won because there was no legal right to withhold it. It was is an automatic status in the same way that one becomes Mrs X.

                      The trip to Hitler was genuinely a goodwill gesture in his mind. He was invited to go look at the workers conditions which he thought he could extrapolate to the terrible working conditions of welsh miners. He thought his status as an Ex-King helped him soothe diplomatic waters. the interesting thing about that visit is that the British Prime Minister and several MPs also visited Hitler in more or less the same week. Only Churchill refused to meet with Hitler AND they weren’t stupid to have their picture taken.

                      Hitler of course had different reasons for meeting the Ex-King, and again shows the Ex-King’s lack of critical thinking.

                    2. i’ll also add that the establishment which included the Queen mum and George VI were not exactly anti-Hitler. Only Churchill and everyone thought him an idjit for his views. Once War broke out, and especially after the horrors of Hitler became apparent, everyone white washed their reputations and pretended they’d never supported Hitler or wanted to appease him.

                      The Ex-King and Wallis were never given the chance to white wash their reputations and so we see them as the white beacon of egregious behaviour when most of the establishment were just as bad.

            1. The offer to reinstate Princess Diana’s HRH status was turned down by her brother on behalf of the family. Sort of a ‘she don’t need your stinkin’ HRH status.’ Because the Queen waited several days to publicly acknowledge Diana’s death, the offer to restore her HRH status was pretty much an overcompensation. Diana’s friends felt Diana would have wanted the HRH status and that the brother wasn’t acting in her best interest, he was trying to drive the point home she was a Spencer and special without the Royal Family. People deal with grief differently.

        2. Diana voluntarily gave up her HRH as part of her divorce negotiations. She wanted to rid herself of ALL things royal and keeping her HRH would have kept her within the family. That’s also why she insisted that her settlement be ALL cash and she removed her RPOs, all the charities that had been patroned from a list provided by courtiers rather than the ones that she herself personally wanted and or reflected her personal interests.

          Unfortunately, AFTER the HRH was stripped from her per her own request, she realised that there would be a serious loss of status not least having to curtsey to other HRHs like Princess Michael of Kent.

          So she tried to have the HRH back. She went to the media and cried foal, fibbed that it had been stripped from her and those royals – nee Queenie, were mean and horrid and were making her curtsey to all and sundry. She also leaked that story about her pre-teen son, William, saying he would restore it when he grew up. Emotive manipulation at it’s best!!

          The public believed her and many articles were written about the absurdity of having a mother of a future Monarchs who wasn’t an HRH and with no status. The palace countered with an announcement that though she would remain stripped of her HRH, her status as the mother of a future King would be equal to her former status as the wife of a future King.

          And we know there was no reason for her to lose the HRH because Fergie, who was divorced several months ahead of Diana, retained her HRH. It was never on the table in the divorce negotiations.

          However, HM was so annoyed with Diana’s manipulations over the HRH that she added a caveat to the Letters patent that govern HRH matters to say that in the event of a divorce, the HRH would be automatically removed.

          Unfortunately, in punishing Diana, Fergie was the collateral damage because in making this new law, Fergie automatically lost her HRH.

          with regard Diana’s post divorce title, it is correct to refer to her as Diana, princess of Wales. It’s how titles work. A married woman is always referred to by their title with no reference to their own name. a divorced woman is referred to by their first name + coma+ title without the definitive ‘The’ which they had as married woman.

          On the same note, i always find it amusing that Kate is always referred to as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge because they are saying she’s a divorced woman!!! she should always be called The Duchess of Cambridge.

          1. Hey Herazeus,
            While I agree with just about everything you posted above, and I, too am guilty many times of not using the proper titles of the RF, I am puzzled by the Diana HRH issue.
            From what has been published (after scouring the internet for articles relative to that 1996-97 time period), I have not found anything supporting Diana requesting to have the HRH removed. What I have found are statements saying “the Sovereign is the ultimate judge of what honours may be bestowed and forfeited”. That is no surprise – as HM COULD – if she felt the need- bestow the name Princess Catherine of the United Kingdom upon Kate (I think most of us would agree that up to now, Kate has done nothing to deserve that title) or really an title/peerage to anyone she deems fit.
            What especially confuses me on this issue is that it was published over and over that Diana did NOT want a divorce – however she bent to the orders/wishes of HM (who no doubt was heavily influenced by the Queen Mum). For arguments sake then, with not wanting a divorce why would Diana want to have her HRH revoked? To me it would seem to have been a contingency of the divorce put forth to her by HM and TPTB, MAYBE in exchange for the cash settlement of the divorce. Further, if it was all Diana “ridding herself” (so to speak) of the HRH, why was there an offer to restore it by the RF/HM within days of her death?
            Just my opinion, but many things with Diana in the last year of her life mimic both the circumstances of how and why Edward VIII abdicated, in my opinion both orchistrated by the Queen Mum and her “team” of advisors and confidants.

              1. Sorry – I wish I could edit my posts. Anyway, I see what you mean, Herazeus. I was in medical school at the time these divorce negotiations were going on, and therefore was not paying alot of attention to dates/times, etc.
                I see that the divorce was announced in late Feb, 1996. But the announcement and the finalization at the end of Aug, 1996, Diana made a lot of unsavoury statements, like PC was sleeping with Tiggy Legg-Bourke and she had aborted his child, and apparently told off Prince Philip when he suggested the removal of HRH that her original title of Lady Diana Spencer was older than that of Windsor, which although true, really did take a lot of guts (personally I can’t tolerate PP all that much, but I don’t think I could bring myself to say something like that!) So it was in the interim between the announcement and finalization that Diana basically sealed her fate regarding the HRH issue.
                Sorry, I can be pretty anal at times. It’s a part of my training – I seek to know the what, why, where, and when of whatever my mind is on. I often drive my family crazy with this, but it’s part of who I am. I truly am not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand as fully as possible. 🙂

                1. i wish the internet was updated from back in the day. Like you have old newspapers at the library.

                  There was alot of public chatter about the divorce and what was happening in Britain. Lots of leaks and counter- leaks. it was a full blown soap opera rivalling OJ’s murder trial.

                  As for why Diana never wanted the divorce and yet was being divorced…..well, what did she think was going to happen after she went on national TV [make that international TV] and told the world that Charles wasn’t fit to be King and the royals were essentially vile people with no feeling!!!



                  HM was furious and ORDERED them to divorce.

                  considering how hard it had been to separate [the constitutional knots that had to be tied to allow the POW to separate with caveat that there would be no divorce], the divorce was swift.

                  And typical Diana, short term goals over long term strategist, she divested herself of everything royal. And then cried foal when she got exactly what she asked for.

                  It is really sad that Diana told so many fibs in order to get her own way.

                  I have two new friends who love her, and through them i have softened my views on her, but when i watch that panorama interview, i’m furious all over again.

                  1. That’s funny – I soften up towards Diana whenever I watch that interview, but then I get upset at finding her being so manipulative. She had so many doctors and counselors available, you’d think she could ask their guidance when dealing with RF issues. I understand why she did it, but she just took it too far as time passed.

            1. The offer to restore the HRH was because the coverage of her death was all about ‘the horrid royals who’d stripped Diana of her HRH and were refusing to show any public reaction to her death’.

              Every news story/talking head kept bringing up the HRH. and always the Diana version of events never the fact that she’d voluntarily given it up.

              Her brother gave such a disingenuous speech at the funeral conveniently playing to the public mood and fibbing by omission or misdirection in a way that would have made Diana proud.

              Restoring it might have made the public less angry at HM, but in the end she gave that speech instead. And boy was she sucking lemons when she did. Everyone knew how much she didn’t care for Diana at the end.

      2. Lady Colin Campbell wrote a very unflattering biography about her. She says that it was the QM behind Margaret not being able to marry Peter Townsend and their relationship was never the same after, and she wanted Edward VIII not George VI but he wouldn’t have her, so she settled for VI, and then vented her spleen on Wallis. All while looking fluffy, drinking gin, and smiling beatifically.

        1. I wouldn’t take “Lady” Campbell seriously, the woman wrote that the Queen Mother was the offspring of her father and the family’s french cook. And that David “was scandalized” and he didn’t want Bertie to marry Elizabeth.

          When it was David, who encouraged the match between the two, saying “But he’s my little brother!”. So, no, I wouldn’t take her seriously.

  7. Thanks for the great post Lola!
    Watching William and Kate makes me feel like I am watching a car crash (in slow motion). You know you shouldn’t watch but you can’t pull your eyes away.
    I do feel that if Kate was not there and William had a partner with a more positive influence then William would have a chance.

    1. It’s interesting you said that, I think Prince William is detrimentally influenced by Kate. The Windsor men need strong women who put them in their place. Initially they hoped Kate could be a good influence but that went quickly out the window. She’s basically dead weight around his ankle. When Wills wants, he can be charming and charismatic but he doesn’t seem to want to make the effort these days.

      1. A rundown of the Royal Help that allows Kannot & Willnot to live “just like everyone else” –

        A housekeeper/”cleaner”
        An equerry – whatever that is.
        A personal secretary
        (For her) Two “female aides”/ladies in waiting (not sure if that includes the Royal Minder de derriere)
        A gardener
        A chauffeur
        A full time super nanny- i.e. Prince Grumpy’s milk mom, nuturer, teacher, and anti-terrorist secret service super driving, jump on a horse to get to the copter in case of danger – to get to the secret lockdown bunker in Bucklebury – all that while Kate takes care of the crown – i.e. her hair.
        Kate’s hairstylist (who I have to say does a terrible job – her appointment just HAS to be a case of nepotism – I mean what else could it be?)
        I hear they are looking for a full time chef

        Before long, they will be getting pages and footmen like the Queen Mum used to have (not sure what they do either)

        Can anyone add to the list – it seems rather short? I read somewhere they have about a dozen assistants, so I am missing a few.

    1. Anybody know what an equerry is? Is it like a butler? Actually it sounds like someone that takes care of the horses in the stables.
      Why in the world would they need a butler? To massage Kate’s feet? Actually, if that’s the case – I need one too! Oh, Jeeves…!

      1. An Equerry is an executive assistant.

        WK have more than 30 staff if you combine domestic and office staff.

        It’s telling that they seem to have more domestic staff than they do office staff. Royals need a huge supports staff in their office. at minimum they should have:

        1. An Equerry – No 1 person in the office. this is an executive assistant.
        2. Private Secretary – will have a research assistant for all requests that come in
        3. a diary secretary – will have one or two logistics and planning assistants to compliment this job.
        4. a general assistant – this is a general office manager/assistant,
        5. a Press secretary or two – monitor all press and or advise the royal
        6. several mail assistants – read and reply
        7. Ladies in waiting – there is a domestic staff cross over
        8. dressers/valet – there is a domestic staff cross over
        9. a diplomatic advisor – for the royals that undertake tours
        10. A special advisor – this is how they create their ‘work’ portfolio

        Once you add all the assistants, the number can swell to huge numbers.

        WK don’t have a diplomatic or Special advisor who they tend to borrow from Harry’s office.

        they also combine so many of the roles that indicates how little research or effort goes into their work and why they seem unprepared at their engagements eg their private secretary doubles as a LIW, the general office assistant doubles as a dresser.

        considering the level of detail required at each engagement, they should have each job specialised. Doubling up jobs means the engagements are superficially researched and executed.

        1. Wow! All these people and they still can’t get their act together.! My question is – if they want to watch the money so much, why can’t they do some research themselves? I mean, if she has time to get on the internet for shopping, and so much downtime for vacation, why can’t she do the same for her research? At least a little so as to not look clueless. I mean, it’s not like how it was in Diana’s day where you’d walk to the local library with your trusty library card (I know Diana didn’t do this – it’s just the idea). This really reflects on the both of them having no idea of what work or a work ethic is. To have some of these workers cross-covering, probably being paid literally in peanuts, and likely working double time, in an effort to save the Doolittles a few sterling from their millions just brings down my opinion of them that much more.

    1. Oh Adam – she does a lot! She wakes up, gets out of bed by standing up, bathes and uses the bathroom( probably more than once per day), eats, shops online, probably watches tele and/or videos, and pleases William. Makes for an exhausting full day – doncha know? 😉

    2. My personal theory has always been that Prince William has one of those laser pointers and Kate spends part of her day chasing the red dot on the floor.

  8. Lola, brilliant analysis as ever! And we love having you on RD.

    William is hurtling at great speed in to a huge hole of his own making. I don’t think he wants, or has ever wanted, to be who he is although he likes the perks. Harry would make a much better King, as Diana predicted.
    If William wants to be ‘normal’ I suggest they move him into a two bedroom council house (more bedrooms and he would have to pay bedroom tax) and give him the average weekly wage. Let’s see how normal he wants to be then. He is a sulky, ungrateful spoiled man who needs someone to read him the riot act. I think Kate actively encourages his attitude, because she doesn’t want to do any work either, just the status and the wealth will do. And she gets to play at being Diana. If only she knew how much Diana would have been horrified by their laziness and petulance!

  9. we ought to start a pro-abdicate William movement, involving, but not limited to:
    *chanting ABDICATE! ABDICATE! every time William is spotted in public
    *filling the on-line comments sections of newspapers like the Daily Fail with ABDICATE! ABDICATE!

    -Orsolya, loyal citizen of the democratic nation of Canada

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