The Crowded Courtship of Will and Kate

Media outlets have been speculating that the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton may be on the rocks.  Kate’s most recent disappearing act can be explained by her allegedly recovering from plastic surgery but of course that doesn’t explain her absences from those countless other missed social engagements or why she so often prefers to spend extended periods of time at her parents’ home, away from her husband.

Kate and William’s marriage was described to me a while back as being more of a friendship.  I’ve never believed it was a great romance which made think it actually might go the distance, it was a more practical arrangement and given all that Kate endured to become Mrs. Prince William, there was no reason to suspect the Limpet would ever let go.

Royal fairytales sell newspapers because they provide a form of escapism from the dreariness of everyday news.  When Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage first showed visible signs of disintegration, the press turned a blind eye, churning out instead candied stories of the glamorous princess and her prince living perfect lives inside an enormous palace until the obvious strain on their faces when in close proximity could no longer be ignored and the press was forced to go with the truth.

The beginnings of Kate and William’s marriage didn’t fit the typical fairytale mold, forged instead inside of a romantic bouncy castle.  The media frequently criticized Waity Katie who most believed would never make it down the aisle to wed her prized prince.  There may have been three in Princess Diana’s marriage but the courtship of William and Kate was far more crowded.

Before he began dating Kate, William had a few minor relationships.  In 2000, Prince William spent quite a bit of time with Jecca Craig during the gap year he spent at the Kenyan ranch owned by Jecca’s parents.  Usually when Jecca is mentioned, there’s reference to hers and William’s “mock engagement”, but it tends to get dismissed as an interesting anecdote about the whimsy of youth and Jecca gets relegated to the status of ex-girlfriend in the media when in reality, to William she is far more important.  Jecca has always been strong, self-assured, practical and she knows what she wants and the princess life isn’t it.  Prince William’s time at her family’s Kenyan ranch was one of the happiest of his life because he was able to escape the perceived burden of being a prince, he was young and in love with a beautiful, down-to-earth girl.

In 2001, another major figure in the William love life saga appeared on the timeline, Prince William met the gorgeous Isabella Calthorpe and developed a major crush on her.  She didn’t pay much attention to him at the time, they became friends because they had overlapping social circles.

There were rumors about William’s and Jecca’s relationship since his gap year but it wasn’t until 2003 that the media started printing stories about their involvement.  Prince William was very protective of Jecca and thinking it would spare her media scrutiny, he had St. James Palace immediately issue a statement that it, “denies that there is or ever has been any romantic liaison between Prince William and Jessica Craig.”  They admitted Prince William returned to Kenya in August 2002 to spend time with her and her family back but that was it.  Many regarded the Palace’s denial as an idiotic move, they never commented on William’s other relationships, the denial was considered confirmation Jecca was very important to William, more important to him than any other woman to whom he was romantically linked up until that point which included Kate Middleton.

Jecca and William may have been star-crossed lovers, but Jecca is far too pragmatic for any kind of sword and poison scenario and William wasn’t going to lead a life of celibacy because the girl he really wanted didn’t want a future of tiaras and ribbon cutting in the UK.

By the time of Prince William’s 21st birthday bash on June 21, 2003, Kate had been with William long enough to assume she would be sitting next to William at his 21st birthday celebration and was devastated to discover that Jecca occupied the top spot at Prince William’s side while Kate found herself exiled to another table.

Kate wasn’t liked by William’s friends.  They found her cold, boring, presumptuous and her only discernable interest appeared to be in marrying a prince.  There were a number of people hoping Jecca would replace Kate for good but it became clear Jecca had no such intention.  Jecca started dating one of William’s old school chums, dashing hopes that Jecca would serve as Kate-B-Gone.

William’s friends disliked Kate so much, they had been conspiring to get rid of her from the very beginning.  There was a group of girls chasing William, I forget what they called themselves, while each wouldn’t have minded becoming a princess, the whole thing was a bit of a lark for them as well.  When William had plans to go out, a member of the group would tip off the girls in hopes William would realize there were more options than Kate.  William would flirt, dance and drink with these girls when they could get close enough.  Kate would tag along when William went out, fiercely guarding her prince claim, physically body blocking the girls who tried to get close and even brought along another girl with her for guard duty so that one of the girls couldn’t serve as a diversion while another snuck in on the side to talk to William.  The girls hated Kate and found her guard dog behavior so ridiculous, that on at least one occasion they approached a stranger on the street because they thought William would really go for her, told her where he would be and what time to show up and they would make sure she was introduced to William.  I have it on very good authority that the random stranger had absolutely zero interest, politely declined and is in hindsight insulted they thought she was William’s type. It didn’t escape Kate’s notice that this group of girls appealed to William, they drank, had fun, wore sexier clothes so she strove to emulate them, trying to turn herself into everything William seemed to like and want.  Kate wasn’t much of a drinker initially, at first she usually had a couple over the course of an evening, but she saw that William seemed to be drawn to the girls tossing back drinks and having less-inhibited fun, so that’s what Kate did.

In 2004, William broke up with Kate right before exams.  He wanted space, shortly thereafter he reportedly discovered he had just enough space for Jecca.

After Kate and William got back together, it wasn’t long before Kate found her position as Prince William’s girlfriend was again in jeopardy.  Kate had nothing in her bag of tricks to compete with the likes of Isabella Calthorpe, very few women do.  William was so smitten with Isabella that whenever they bumped into each other, William only had eyes for Isabella and would completely forget about Kate’s existence.  At a ball in October of 2005, William was so enraptured by Isabella with whom he had spent the evening in deep conversation that Kate finally stormed off.  I’m not sure how long it took William to even notice Kate was gone.  William cast Kate aside to fully pursue Isabella.  The relationship was brief, Isabella reportedly told William that if he weren’t a prince, she could see a future for them together, but the realities of his life weren’t for her.  Kate once again was offered the now-vacant number one girlfriend position which she accepted, despite feeling humiliated for being so publicly dropped on her ass while William swooned over Isabella but William promised Kate he wouldn’t see Isabella anymore.

Once again Kate was William’s official plus one and Kate and Jecca would run into each other at weddings and various events.  Knowing how insecure Kate was and that William’s circle didn’t like Kate, Jecca went out of her way to be nice to Kate, talk to her, make her feel welcome as part of the group and reassure Kate that she was in no way a threat to her, she had absolutely no interest in living a princess life.  In 2005, Jecca even hosted Kate and William at her family’s Kenyan ranch.

Jecca was rumored to be one factor in the 2007 break-up.  My own opinion is that William got spooked because of what allegedly happened towards the end of 2006 that made the idea of a future married to Kate with babies feel more suffocatingly real and it made him want freedom.  Kate’s parents had rented the Jordanstone House in Alyth for the 2006 winter holiday, after spending Christmas with his family at Sandringham, William was supposed to join them, but he blew them off, never bothering to show.

Up until his being a no-show at the holidays, Kate was sure she and William would eventually be getting married.  William started becoming very distant.  I’m not sure if this part is true, but supposedly Kate suspected William and Jecca were romantically involved again and tried to dictate who William was and wasn’t allowed to see and he responded with something like screw you, you don’t tell me what to do, I’m Prince William and I give orders, I certainly don’t take them from you. The possibility Jecca and William were secretly romancing on the side was rumored to have also been a factor in Jecca’s canceled engagement to Hugh Crossley in 2008.  Jecca’s family released a statement that it had nothing to do with a third party, the reason Jecca called off the engagement to Hugh Crossley was because they had two vastly differently visions for the future.  Honestly, I doubt the veracity of this particular Jecca rumor.

In the months before the April 2007 break-up, Prince William was spotted snogging a girl in a nightclub, photographed in March with his hand on another woman’s breasts and was rumored to have been sneaking random girls into the barracks for some non-regulation nookie.  Most girls would have put his crown jewels in a vice grip and dumped his sorry cheating ass, but not Our Fair Waity.  Kate asked William for more of a commitment.  She should have been committed… to a mental institution.  Then William decided to break up with Kate once and for all by cell phone.  When he was done severing ties with Kate, he jumped up on the table, proclaiming, “I’m free!”

During the Limpetless Freedom Tour 2007, William attempted to see if it was possible to love every woman.  In a bid to win Prince William back, Kate began a campaign to show him what he was missing by hitting the clubs in sexier outfits and she made sure she was seen dancing and flirting with men so it would get back to William.  By June of 2007, Kate was back to existing in a suspended state of waiting for William.  In May of 2008, Prince William once again demonstrated how important Jecca was to him by skipping his own cousin’s wedding in order to attend the wedding of Jecca’s brother.  William asked Kate to attend Peter Philips’ wedding in his stead, which some interpreted as a sign it wouldn’t be long before Kate officially joined the Royal Family while others thought it was a pretty ingenious way of keeping Kate from going with him to Jecca’s brother’s wedding so he and Jecca could have some alone time.

Kate and William finally got married in 2011 and for some reason brought along friends on their honeymoon.  Their holidays were usually group affairs as well, more often than not taken with Kate’s family, because what newlywed couple doesn’t love to have parental supervision.  Not all of their holidays were taken as a couple.  In February 2014, when William was reportedly so occupied with an agriculture course he was unable to join his wife and son on holiday, a photo emerged showing Jecca had joined Prince William on a trip to Spain for some boar hunting.

Given the state of their union to this point, it appears likely Kate and William have some kind of arrangement which affords William certain freedoms while in return Kate gets to have a title the public and media rarely use and a seemingly endless supply of jeggings.  Not exactly the romance of the century but given how far from idyllic Kate’s courtship with Prince Not-So-Charming was, it’s hard to tell exactly where a bumpy path becomes a rocky road.



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  1. Yep and now that marriage is still crowded, carole hovering over kate and their children while stalking william, he was a fool to marry waity period! she was nothing but a booty call, never a wife or princess material///

    1. If you go through old articles, there was a lot of doubt expressed about what kind of princess Kate would make.

      The courtiers were said to have thought that Jecca would make the best wife and princess while Prince Charles thought Isabella was perfect for the role. William’s friends didn’t seem to really care who was best suited to marry William, they just knew it wasn’t Kate. His own brother dubbed Kate The Limpet.

      The only ones who seemed to think Kate was perfect for William were Carole and Kate. Given how often William cast Kate aside, it’s a pretty fair conclusion he had his doubts.

    2. Speaking of Carole stalking William, nevermind Kate stalking him, i’ll never get over the vomit inducing fact of Carole having William as her screensaver on her mobile during the courtship years.

      Not her kids or husband or her dogs or that horse she part owns, but her daughter’s on-off boyfriend!!!!

      1. That wasn’t a picture of William that Carole had as her screensaver during the Waiting Years, it was the Levi’s guy. 😉

        That whole William on Carole’s phone thing is something I keep in a lockbox in my mental attic because it’s on a level of creepy that my brain can’t process.

    1. Thanks, DebbieB. Nothing like a stroll through the Fire Swamp of Willy and Waity’s love story. I’ve never done a post dedicated to how those two crazy kids got together and even though the saga has been covered extensively by the press over the years, when you see the pieces all together, it’s even more obvious what little respect William had for Kate and what little respect Kate had for herself.

      1. Its like all jigsaw pieces are put together
        thanks great post Lola
        You have such a great insight and write so well
        really enjoy your site

        1. Great post! and to all the a… kissers of Limpet snowflake and Petulant threesome carol meddleton phony contract.

          It’s amazing taxpayer /POW Duchy is funding the luxury pampered lifestyle of Petu lant snowflake /meddleton family and everyone is asking (BP CH – no public news /citizen) – where what Limpet snowflake is doing or about? Is snowflake staying indoors on St Barts with carol meddeltons vacation /buckleberry?) – Petulant and Limpet continue taking taxpayers funds without the royal duties, serving the less fortunate people/charities of GB UK.

          And planning even more expense to taxpayers with luxury vacations visits to Caribbean CW territories.

          1. You are very welcome you are so talented at writing and since ive lost my dad i find this blog so interesting to read as its what is the truth

  2. JMO but honestly, I think the best thing for both would be a divorce; they truly bring out the worst in each other. Bonuses for them: William can be completely free, can run around with Jecca without needing to explain about ditching his “devoted” wife, and (best of all for him) get even more PR points as a single father, letting him get away with even more laziness – while Waity can sit on her arse without needing excuses, live in wealth & luxury like the WAG she wants to be while play up single motherhood for PR, and (best of all for her) she can keep her title. And George can one day give his grasping Granny the titles she so earnestly wants. Wins for all.

  3. What kind of parents allow their daughter to be treated this badly!
    Altough, despite what Kate thinks the present day royal men don’t treat their significant others this badly. Just look at Willem & Maxima, Felipe & Letizia and they had far more obstacles in their relationship. Jesus just think at Carl-Philip & Sofia!
    There were numerous reports in the press during their courtship of apalling behaviour of William’s part, of course now they are not allowed to publish such stories anymore.
    If Kate would actually once have walked away, no matter what the outcome of the relationship, William would have respected her in the end.
    Usually no matter what Kate thinks! There will be a time when William finally meets the woman, who will make a difference in William’s world. A person for whom Will wants to become a better person.

    1. A mother whose only thought is on what she wants and what she can get out of having a daughter who is married to the future King of England. If Carole truly cared about Kate’s feelings and mental health she would’ve told her to dump his cheating a$$ a long time ago.

    2. To play devil’s advocate:

      It wouldn’t matter what her parents said if she had her heart set on staying with him. In certain situations, if a woman “loves” her man she will stay with him even though he’s a d-ck, and even though her friends and family are all telling her to dump him.

      I realize that’s not what happened in this situation, but at the same time you can’t blame the parents of an adult for the behavior of that adult once he/she becomes an adult.

      Even if Carole was pushing Kate to stay with Will and get the ring, Kate made her own choices to stay with Will and get the ring. Carole may have had a huge hand in all this, but at the end of the day it was Kate who made that decision.

      1. KMR – you are absolutely right that Kate is an adult, and in a court of law she would be tried as one. In that sense, she is responsible for her actions. What I wonder about, though, is to what extent Kate is able to think and act independently of Carole, who seems to exert a Rasputin-like control over her family. By not having worked or established an independent life prior to her engagement/marriage, is Kate capable of knowing her own mind and making her own decisions without Carole’s guiding hand? That Carole continues to maintain a pivotal role in her daughter’s day-to-day life tells me that Kate still appears to be dependent on her mother for everything.

        1. I wonder if Kate at some point when William threw her over actually told Carole she didn’t want to go back. I can see Carole giving her the “I’ve spent a lot of time and money to get you with him and you will get back together with him” talk. I would not put it past her.

          1. Carole impresses me as a possible “stage mother” – the parent of a child actor who aggressively manages their child’s career, often in an over-bearing manner. Substitute princess-in-training for child actor, and the definition might also fit here. It’s about managing the child so that s/he gets the star role. That dynamic might last a lifetime and be hard to shake as the child becomes an adult.

          2. Supposedly that did happen, Kate said I’m done with William. Carole had other plans, though, did some scheming, invited William to one of their bonfires and they got back together. I’m sure the reasons for Carole’s actions were completely selfless, she didn’t want true love to slip from her daughter’s life and it had absolutely nothing at all with Carole’s well-established social climbing history.

            Carole supposedly used to have a major crush on Prince Charles, that kind of picture-above-the-bed fixation she passed on to her daughter, and was a bit swoony when she first met him. Carole’s crush on Prince Charles has been told from various angles, that Kate would look at Prince Charles and find it weird her mother used to dream of marrying him and that when Prince Charles first met Carole, he was concerned that she was physically ill and about to faint. It might be one of those rumors that gets floated because it is so completely plausible. I for one totally buy it. I think that no matter how many generations it took, a Middleton woman was going to marry a future king.

            1. Oh Lola, I totally agree with your comment. Carole’s mother apparently was nicknamed “The Duchess” and IMO was the first mother in that family who wanted her daughter to marry a Prince. Carole didn’t manage it so it was up to Kate to snare William.
              It has been said that Kate couldn’t have a job as William wanted her available to him whenever he wanted. I suspect that it was Kate (or Carole) who had the idea of making Kate ready and able 24/7 for William. It shows a worrying lack of self respect IMO.

              1. Re Kate’s job…..according to her one and only boss, Kate WOULD NOT have a normal job.

                It had nought to do with William.

                When the Queen’s comments about Kate’s lack of a job were made public, Kate rang up the Jigsaw lady and asked for a job. The Jigsaw lady was happy to accommodate her, however, Kate negotiated hours and days that meant she was less at work and more at home waiting for William.

                The jigsaw lady said that Kate told her she needed a job that enabled Kate to “maintain a relationship with a high profile individual”. You try telling that to your boss in your next contract negotiations. Personally I’m negotiating for more time at galas and fancy tiara wearing dinners!!!

                Long story short, Kate worked 4days a week to begin with, then 3 days a couple of months later, then 2 days for the rest of her time at Jigsaw.

                She was always ready to clock out of the job if william called, nevermind the tasks set for her to accomplish that day. As one of her co-workers said, she was rarely at work.

                The absolute piss-take was when she took a heartbreak holiday after the BIG break up of 2007 which her bosses allowed. And when she came back resigned because she needed more ‘me’ time!!!!!

                The official line was that paps made it impossible for her to work. Another lie. The jigsaw bosses tried to help her with the pap situation, offered her side entrances to use, she refused their help and would walk out the front entrance swarming with paps. Just like the night clubs where she wouldn’t use the discreet, pap-free exits and would waltz out the front door swarming with paps.

                I digress a lot, but the point i’m trying to make is that William can be blamed for a lot, but Kate absolutely did this to herself.

                1. It was Kate’s choice to always be available if William was doing something, I doubt William ever said to her… “Be available to me when ever I want”
                  IMO this was what Kate (and Ma Middleton?) decided to do so Kate was free to stalk William and no other woman could get an opportunity to get close. Great role model, not!

                  1. He may have behaved in such a way that an unspoken expectation existed – at least in Kate’s mind. I agree that the Ka/Ca strategy of total availability was designed to preclude any openings for other women – not unlike the earlier “body-blocking” that Lola mentions in her post. Both strategies reflect a complete fixation with William. I wonder how or if Ka/Ca have been able to shift gears now that they have the “prize.”

                2. Kate’s Jigsaw boss, Belle Robinson, said in an interview that Kate, “needed an element of flexibility to continue the relationship with a very high-profile man and a life that she can’t dictate. She’s going to be dictated to when she’s needed and not needed.”

                  That statement is disturbing on so many levels, I feel like we’d all have to get sherpas and set up base camp to discuss it.

                  From what I’ve heard from Kate’s Jigsaw days, Kate didn’t show up at all her first week without even bothering to contact her new employer. Then her attendance was so spotty that when reporters kept pressing Jigsaw employees as to how long Kate had been working there, one staff member finally responded with a guess of “two or three weeks”.

                  Far from the media’s attempt to portray Kate as a well-liked member of the staff who would sit around breezily chatting with co-workers over salads at lunch time, Kate was said to be cold and distant, rarely speaking at all.

                  The Daily Mail had published quotes by two of Kate’s former co-workers which weren’t terribly flattering, but were kinder than some other comments Kate’s co-workers have been said to have made.

                  One stated, “It was a job of convenience, a stop-gap.”

                  Another noted, “Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job. She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend. It certainly rubbed a few people here up the wrong way. To be told she would be resting for a while ‘looking at other things’ didn’t exactly come as a surprise. She has always been treated as a special case.”

                  While Kate could have easily avoided the paparazzi altogether, if she used the side exit, there would be no photos of her leaving work and she wouldn’t have gotten credit in the press. What’s the point of occasionally showing up for work if there’s no public acknowledgment that against every pathologically lazy instinct she has, every now and then, Kate did sometimes bother to remember she had a sham job?

                  1. Let’s look at how the pieces of the Jigsaw puzzle might fit together. Kate gets a job via family connections – to have something on her resume to please the Queen. While her attendance is said to be poor, she chooses to exit her job by the front door where she will be photographed for all to see in the media. The photographs might give the appearance that Kate has a real job at which she tried to tried work but that she was mercilessly harassed by the paparazzi. The public might then sympathize that the poor girl had no choice but to quit her job and go to work for her parents.

                    1. Kate’s relationship with photographers changes to suit her agenda. I linked to this article on RD, but for those who haven’t read it, it mentions how Kate’s attitude towards photographers changes depending on whether or not William is with her:

                      Kate used the paparazzi as part of her campaign to win William back after the 2007 break-up, making sure she would be photographed looking like she was having the time of her life without him.

                      Because she was criticized by the press and the Queen for never having had a job, she made sure to be photographed at the Jigsaw job. When offered the chance to avoid the paparazzi while at Jigsaw, she proclaimed that it was easier to let them take her picture. So instead of not dealing with them at all, it was easier to deal with them? She wanted the public seeing her work and as you and Herazeus mentioned, it gave her the excuse to claim she couldn’t work because she was being hounded by the paparazzi.

                      She also used the paparazzi to have photographic record of “working” for Party Pieces. There are some of the most ridiculously staged photos I’ve ever seen of Kate doing some work for Party Pieces outside where the paparazzi could take photos of her working. Because who doesn’t drag their work out on the lawn, it so much more convenient than doing it at a desk…

              2. You know there was a time when I was making my living working as a temp. I clearly laid down my rules after the company I worked for laid down theirs: don’t expect me to be sitting around fully dressed staring at the phone waiting for your call. If you call me the same morning of the assignment I will get dressed and to the site as quickly as possible but I’m not going to kill myself to do it. And don’t call me if the salary isn’t the minimum that we have agreed on.

                They tried me once…called and wanted to know why I couldn’t just walk out the door as I was expected to be waiting for them to call and the salary was lower. I told them to get someone else and politely hung up. The owner of the company called me back and apologized and said to get there when I could and gave me the rate I wanted. I ended up getting called back repeatedly by the company I temped for whenever they needed back-up for whatever reason. The temp company never tested me again.

                Basically, it’s all a matter of how much you respect yourself. I can’t think of any woman I know who would sit around making themselves available 24/7 for some guy should he call. We have our own lives and if they can’t deal with that then they don’t need to be a part of it. Not to mention my mother would still give me an earful if I ever acted like that with some guy. Among the comments would be “I didn’t raise you to be some mans doormat!”

    3. Larissa – I like your statement “A person for whom Will wants to become a better person.” I also agree with the observation that there’s a key difference between “loving” someone and “being in love” with someone. Outwardly, William is a prince. The right person just might awaken his inner prince and make him shine.

    4. Petulant treated the Limpet that way bc of lack of respect for herself!

      Limpet carol and the meddletons have set back women (professional and dedicated families/housewives -girls)hundred of years, as poor example in such a high profile – regal Royal Family. Thankfully there are professional marry in women to look up to: Q Max, Raina, Leticia CP Mary as professional (mothers) dedicated role models!

      Limpet carol meddletons family would have cause serious harm to women/ girls power and standing in the world.

  4. Okay where can I get my “Limpetless Freedom Tour 2007” t-shirt. I want one with a picture of William and Kate with those jagged edges like it’s been ripped in two.

    Brilliant post as usual. I still think he’s carrying a flame for Jecca.

    1. Thanks! That’s really funny about a Limpetless Freedom Tour 2007 T-shirt. There weren’t a lot of tour dates but it was a memorable one. Now he’s with the much longer running Limpet Bizkit.

      I think Jecca will always occupy a very special place in Prince William’s heart. Not only was she his first love, but he associates her with one of the happiest times in his life.

  5. I feel so validated reading this! I’ve always thought that Kate and her family are modern day Boleyns. You are the best source for this info.

  6. Great post. I didn’t know that they had ‘friends’ with them on their honeymoon! Who were they?????

    1. Vava – I read somewhere once that The Queen and Philip took a corgi on their honeymoon. I wonder who accompanied William and Kate on theirs.

  7. My opinion of Kate dropped to zero during their break up period. How anyone could put on such a display is beyond me.

  8. Will and Kate took friends with them on their honeymoon? Who?

    “Kate had nothing in her bag of tricks to compete with the likes of Isabella Calthorpe, very few women do”

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think Isabella Calthorpe is all that beautiful? She’s pretty, no doubt, but she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world or anything.

    1. KMR – From the pictures I’ve seen of Isabella Calthorpe, she appears to be a real beauty. She has a lovely, natural smile, projects poise and self-confidence, and seems to be enjoying her life.

    2. Around 2004 Isabella was gorgeous IMO. It was the long blondish hair. I think she or Jecca would’ve done a marvelous job being a working Princess ( Royal Duchess) and William wouldn’t have turned out to be such a disappointment.

      1. Sadly, those best suited for the role of princess or duchess never seem to want the job. A friend of mine dated Prince Albert and found the constant scrutiny of being evaluated as potential princess material to be unbearable and ended it. Although having seen a recent photo of him without a shirt on makes me wonder if it really had something to do with his man boobs. I jest, of course. He’s a lovely man.

        1. I am interested in your last comment about Albert being a lovely man. To me it seems Prince Albert gets a good deal of unfair snarky comments. Also, his wife.

    3. I had heard they went to Seychelles with friends and assumed that it was more common knowledge than apparently it was.

      For the honeymoon, they flew by private jet from Anglesey to Mahe (it’s a helicopter ride from there). Supposedly, they rented out all eleven villas on North Island and had the island all to themselves, William and Kate got Villa 11 which is the nicest one and the rest of their party stayed in the other villas.

      Given that William called a woman asking to use her house in Mustique for free because he was a poor college student, it’s safe to say he didn’t spring for the very costly private jet. I just assumed it belonged to one of the friends in the party. If someone was really curious, they could find out who the private jet was registered to, it landed at something like 7:15am.

      The vibe I got about the Seychelles honeymoon that something was squirrelly. Whatever was off about it could be a number of things. Maybe it was a wedding gift from one of the friends of the BRF who are associated with human rights violations and would be viewed as controversial. Maybe they buried some of William’s hair in a local Pet Cemetery and an exact clone of Gilbert Gottfried emerged. Maybe they just didn’t want the general public to know they felt like they needed friends on the trip to make island seclusion bearable. Then it took fifteen months for the leaked honeymoon pics to come out which is unusual. The UK media had agreed not to publish any of the honeymoon photos but still lots of other countries usually ignore such requests, in this instance it was Australia. The timing makes me wonder if maybe the photos were taken by a friend they had a falling out with. I mean, they were on a secluded island they had to themselves. It would have been obvious if someone they didn’t know was there taking pictures of them. It’s possible they were taken by a staff member, but then why wait fifteen months.

      The topic was discussed on Royal Dish today and one Royal Disher noted:
      Remember that they had two honeymoons. They spent the weekend after their wedding in Anglesey. They had their first honeymoon at during the summer of 2011 with friends. Their second honeymoon was when the pictures came out from Seychelles.

      It is possible what I heard was some kind of mixup of details, maybe friends saw them off at Anglesey, maybe RPOs got confused as being friends… I do still believe that the info I heard was correct. Couples who have been together for a long time sometimes bring friends along on their honeymoon to make it feel a little more special, it’s called a buddymoon. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton did it and their marriage is still solid as a… oh, wait. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Theroux just did it and their marriage will probably make it at least until November.

      1. I am not so certain about the direct departure from Anglesey. My friend and I were returning from a day’s walking /hiking on the island soon after the wedding; we were overtaken east of Bangor by two large 4WD with shaded windows. The vehicles were travelling much faster than you would expect on a UK motorway. It was around 7pm or so on a Sunday and the road was fairly quiet. I remember at the time saying ‘honeymoon’ to my friend. There is always the possibility that they flew from a UK regional airport ….Manchester is not that far away, Liverpool also, which is quieter.

        1. William and Kate left for their honeymoon on Monday, arriving in Seychelles at 7:20am on Tuesday according to the information that had been released by a SCAA official (I just looked up their arrival time). Seychelles is three hours ahead of London time and the flight probably took a little over fourteen hours which means they left the UK around 2:00pm on Monday. When you fly private, you have flexibility with when you take off so no need for mad dashes to the airport and smaller planes also open up the number of airports you can fly out of.

          There was something squirrelly about that honeymoon trip, what it was I don’t know so I really don’t discount anything.

          1. I also thought the honeymoon in seychelles with friends was common knowledge.

            Infact, until Maldives, I don’t think these two had ever been on a holiday without their friends or Middletons which is why I found the engagement story suspicious even before recalling the friend they stole it from.

            As for driving like a bat outta hell, sadly this is how William rolls. There used to be stories of enraged locals in gloucestershire when he was a teen, but the RPOs would soothe raffled brows.

            Also, I live quite close to KP and their entourage really drives like that. If they didn’t have outriders who ensured the rest of traffic stopped or moved out of the way to accommodate them like you do ambulances, they would have caused an accident many times.

            Fun fact: Royals have the privilege of not being subject to traffic laws, and can drive the way ambulances drive through traffic with their right of way a priority. Public scrutiny is probably what stops their entourage driving like road racers, but they still drive pretty fast.

      2. Lola – I’d not heard the friends on honeymoon story before, but it’s entirely possible. At the time, it did seem strange – not to mention over the top – that they rented an entire island just for themselves. Something out of Fantasy Island. Perhaps Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) and Tattoo (Herve Villechaize) were on hand to meet them:

  9. Great review of the on and off of K and W Lola ! Seeing it in order does give perspective. I have to say I did not know they took “friends” to Seychelles. I was aware of the 2 honeymoons, but I believe the first was being touted as Will had to work and could not get extended time off playing helicopter boy so they had a brief get away after and then took a 2-3 week stay in Seychelles. I just looked but could not find reference to them bringing friends. They had been there before apparently 4 years earlier…for the honeymoon they had rented out the entire island from a German businessman…who confirmed they were staying…and apparently in other artickes their love of Philly cream cheese oddly enough was mentioned as a must in their food stores for the couple…who the heck would have gone on the honeymoon? Carole? I believe the friends bit however as Will had said he found her dull at times.

    1. Bear – Philadelphia Cream Cheese?! That must be what Carole puts on their toast. It’s very high in sodium, which is known to cause water retention and puffiness. And here I was thinking she used a nice traditional English cheddar.

      1. LOL Yup that would be the one..just google it…I thought the stuff was world wide but apparently they needed to request it…thats probably his cheese toast! Did not think of that!

          1. OMG I can’t stop laughing, it’s so spot on perfect? I like the hours of work by the head angel, nice touch….yeah must be the “cheese toast” ma Midd makes…can’t see her knocking herself out for anything more complicated. :p

            1. Bear – Kraft-y Ma probably likes the cream cheese, too, because it is “imported,” therefore implying good taste. And while Kate’s no angel, those work hours are about right for her.

  10. Those two look like they are just fed up of each other, no romance at all, wimpo never takes waity out, like a normal couple in love or hold hands or hug, everything they have is given by the queen/taxpayer funded, kate is lazy and married the wrong aristo, is she just going to sit around and do nothing while hiding? The midds have this culture of indulging themselves at someones expense!!

    1. When Kate deliberately outed the spanish holiday juxtaposed with her ‘solo’ + PGtips holiday in Mustique, Tanna – their pap on speed dial – tweeted out that ‘Jecca WAS William’s Camilla’. That made the spanish photos much more significant.

      In recent photos of William at the polo, i’ve noticed that Jecca tries very hard not to be photographed or not to be photographed in the same frame as William. It’s very squirelly and whilst I may have pushed aside Tanna’s tweet, the squirelly behaviour is making me very suspicious.

      1. Herazeus – That’s interesting. I didn’t know that Kate had outed William’s Spanish hunting trip with Jecca. Is it possible then that Jason’s recent letter requesting privacy also has ramifications about protecting William’s extracurricular activities from exposure to the public? If so, it sounds like members of the BRF might use the press to embarrass one another and keep their spouses in check. The press shouldn’t be blamed for following up on a hot tip. Maybe this was not about Prince George after all.

        1. You only have to look at William’s parents to know that they use the media to out each others transgressions. Diana was pretty darned brilliant at it. If they keep following in his parents footsteps they will look like there’s a war on when they are near each other (they already do at times) and stop doing engagements together unless absolutely required (again they already do) and at some point someone is going to say enough and this marriage will dissolve. I was actually wondering if Carole negotiated the prenup. Of course, she probably claimed one wasn’t necessary because they will be together forever like the fairy tale they are trying to push, but I’m pretty sure William got one. Unless he’s completely stupid…and it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t.

        1. Different polo matches since the spanish holiday was outed.

          On a different note, William on his own is very good at keeping under pap radar. However, during their courtship, whenever he was papped, it was usually because the middletons had tipped off the paps.

          There is no reason to believe that behaviour has stopped now they are married.

  11. I am definitely in the minority here….but I don’t see a friendship between waity and wimpo….he not only treated her like a booty call he allowed his upper crust aristocratic friends to mock her and her family…..(I utterly detest loathe revile the Middletons et al) and despite my contempt for her family I don’t see making fun of someone who held a job….(doors to manual)…especially when these are trust fund babies who are who they are because of someone else’s work….or their name….wimpo also made fun of waity….I am sure almost 100% that she wouldn’t have tolerated this had he not had the title….and her mother….who lets her child be treated in this manner and not only allows it but is sick enough to have the abuser’s (title or not that’s what he is) image as her cell background….engineers a reconciliation meeting….and if what I’ve read is true took to her bed with the vapors when there was a chance that wimpo might escape…..this whole thing is so twisted and sick on so many levels….Lola… usual you have put out information that is new to me….and wow….I wonder what will happen when waity and wimpo haven’t the children around…when that ghastly greedy lousy excuse for a mother of hers dies… I said I am absolutely in the minority and even the you tube video stating that she lacked the breeding was on the they’re good friends team……the marriage seemed to totally destroy anything good between them…..I think the prince is realizing that he was a goal….and waity is finding that all that glitters is not gold….and ma is panicking at the thought that she might have to become super glue again….while her husband escapes by mowing the lawn and gardening……it seems that wimpo is the ‘outside looking in’….normal wannabe..any bets that he envies us?….and waity is the angry/bitter/deeply unhappy ‘wannabe ‘royal/princess/titled one’ but don’t know how’…..just my thoughts….she got her title for keeps….but oh the price…..and the children…..( I suspect that they will be ok…..they have each other)….

  12. royalsareajoke, it is pathetic but a whole lot of couples put little ones in the middle hoping they will be the glue, common sense just goes out the window and they are the ones that ultimately suffer from abandonment. Sadly this is Carols doing, it will be on her to make those kiddos feel loved and a whole lot more.

    1. Agreed…..but my own personal opinion about that horrid woman Carole is that she is incapable of genuine unconditional love….the pictures with George are so obviously about her….or maybe it’s just my loathing for the woman that makes me see it that way…what I don’t see…ever….is tiny arms out….a happy smile….a hug…..a look at me grandma…see what I’m building….just not there unless I’m missing something….this is a very ugly situation to bring children into and granny gruesome didn’t seem to love….she used…..her daughter ….harsh, I know but sans wealth/title/fame……I have been there…..Carole is extremely needy and sucks the life out of anyone who gets close enough…..but as others have said and probably know from experience….ONLY if others let her….it angers me that two innocent children will pay the price for adult needs and wants….’royal’ or not…..they deserve so much more….

  13. I honestly thik if william divorces, his next wife will be adored and appreciated greatly, the middletons feeding us with garbage for years, people are at a boiling point now, families shouldnt break up especially when kids are involved, but the shrewd, midds are just too much too handle! The fact is kate is a lousy partner for a future king, shes a joke, the earlier she goes the better for all involved and especially the monarchy!!

    1. I have to agree with you Adam….divorce is ugly when children are involved but at this point the children are very young and unable to ‘take sides’….the Middletons are …and I don’t use this phrase often and it’s not original with me…..just plain trash with cash…greedy….ruthless…social climbing (why would anyone want to climb up the social ladder when they aren’t invited…..they are SO out of place)….wannabes…..arrogant and rude….NOT middle class values people…not at all….they are a vile influence on those kids…at least George….for God’s sake…he’s middle class BUT the future king… confusing is that….yes, I would like to see a divorce from waity and her family….and as much as I have little regard for the ‘firm’….George was born into it and they will raise him accordingly…..hopefully, lessons from wimpo will be taken on board and George and Charlotte won’t be allowed to run rampant….they are beautiful children and have an absolute right to their inheritance…..they are for sure paying the price for it…..and waity et al can just disappear….it’s a serious mistake on the trash with cash’s part to think that waity will be awarded custody of two ‘royal’ children….she was done with any big huge rights she had when the children entered the world…

    2. As useless as duckess waity is (and her odious family)…
      He gave her the ring/job and only after the wedding realized how incompetent she is. Thus, they rarely do joint engagements post 2012, otherwise his jaw and fists are clenching nonstop.

      Waity, aside. Willy is the big problem. He is the one who has been avoiding royal duties like the plague for years now.
      He shuns or passes along whatever he doesn’t feel like doing.

      Can you imagine if king bill decided to skip reading state papers or attending the state opening of parliament because it’s too boring or there is a good football match instead,
      It’s been rumored that he has said that he does not want to be king and used to complain about it frequently.
      But he still “deserves” the media protection and heir to the heir perks.

      I think William is only going to get worse as he gets older. People like that don’t do well, when forced into a corner.

  14. As it has been said before, Prince William may simply be playing out the patterns he grew up with which means chapter 2 will be good for him.
    The pattern: 1st marriage to a partner who isn’t entirely appropriate as a result of pressure to ‘settle down’. Heir & a spare set of children. Others in the background as paramours. Divorce, but the children remain raised as future Royals. 2nd marriage to someone more suited to being the consort of a future King. (One difference: William’s mother put in 16 years of stellar service to ‘the firm’ which Kate has not emulated.) It is called ‘multi-generational transmission process’. A duplicating of previous family patterns until consciously changed into new formations (Bowen Family Systems theory.) There is still hope for this William-Kate train wreck to morph into better post-divorce paths for all involved.

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