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  1. Oh Lola, one day upon the demise of the monarchy someone is going to look back on your blog and the Kate Middleton Review and realize that we have not been fooled and have been right all along with our thoughts.

    She is beyond lazy and spoiled. Have either of them ever thought of what would happen to their lifestyles should the monarchy cease to exist? There won’t be gifts of houses, apartments and staff and annual trips to Mustique. They’ll be lucky to have a home in Norfolk with a couple of staff and they’ll be paying for it all on their own. Hitting bottom will be a rude awakening for both of them and I hate to be evil, but I want to see it happen.

    1. I so agree with your post .
      i feel the same way about them over priviliged and very spoilt
      the trouble with waity is she has never grown up into an adult
      as parents have treated them as babies

      1. I feel I speak for many: Increasingly I find it more satisfying and easier to follow the work that Princess Anne, or Sophie, Countess of Wessex….or even Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall….or (gasp) Sarah, Duchess of York are capably doing, rather than try to be inspired by Kate.

    2. “They’ll be lucky to have a home in Norfolk with a couple of staff and they’ll be paying for it all on their own.”

      Nah, William and Kate will just crash at the Berkshire manor with Carole and Mike.

  2. Kate, “needed an element of flexibility to continue the relationship with a very high-profile man and a life that she can’t dictate. She’s going to be dictated to when she’s needed and not needed.”
    That makes me sick. Truly, what woman allows to be treated like this? Are the Mustique holidays, the houses and the clothes really enough to make up for the lack of respect and love from your spouse?
    I’ve said this many times but I will never be able to wrap my head around the thought that she probably has one of the easiest and most gratifying jobs on the planet – just be there, be supportive, be pretty (lend your face to different causes). And she really has a powerful platform and opportunity to make a difference. And she CHOOSES to do nothing… Does she really choose to do nothing or she just doesn’t know any other way to act, if we assume that it is really William who dictates her behaviour and she is just a puppet? Either way, that woman is no role model. Problem is, there are too many young girls that believe in her and believe that waiting around and making yourself available for the man to step on you, is the right way to bag the man of your dreams. Pathetic… Really makes me sick.

    1. It makes me ill, too. How anyone can consider her behavior admirable is just beyond me. I would have thought she’d take up some sort of effort regarding HG, since she allegedly suffered from it. (Of course, I don’t think she ever did have it though.)

      These next few years will be interesting to say the least. I doubt much will change regarding her schedule, but maybe, just maybe, more members of the public will call her, and her bratty husband out on their lack of work.

      1. Re Kate doing something with HG:

        I agree with you in thinking Kate never had HG, so if Kate were to take up some cause around HG she would be easily proven to never have had it when she talks to women who have actually had it. Kate does not have the actual experience with it to talk intelligently or emotionally about it, and the women whom she’s talking to would know right away that Kate is lying. So she won’t take up that cause.

        1. It would be disastrous for Kate to become involved with a Hyperemesis Gravidarum cause. I noticed that during the second pregnancy, it seemed like there was an effort to be more vague about Kate’s pregnancy, like they were trying to avoid using the term Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I’m pretty sure you had made a similar observation on your blog, KateMiddletonReview.

          While Kate was pregnant with George and the general public started raising flags about inconsistencies between Kate’s activities and Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I started doing research about the condition and read some truly heart-breaking stories about women who suffered from HG. One woman wrote that she desperately wanted a baby, she and her husband had been trying for years to get pregnant and finally when it happened, she suffered from such severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum, she felt she was truly going to die if she brought the pregnancy to term and aborted the fetus. One woman said that she was so ill, day after day after day she stayed in the same spot in her bathroom, too weak to shower, change her clothes or crawl to a place more comfortable than cold tile. There are women whose lives have been torn apart by HG, they had to deal with husbands and employers who had no concept of how severe a condition HG is. Then Kate was seen playing field hockey in high heels, popping into Starbucks for a mid-shopping pick-me-up and frolicking on the beach… throw in a shot to Kate on horseback and you’ve officially got a tampon commercial, not an accurate depiction of how Hyperemesis Gravidarum effects women.

          I’m sure Kate had morning sickness like so many other women do, but if it really was HG, that had to be the most convenient mildest form in medical history.

          If Kate makes HG one of her causes, there would be press coverage of any engagements, which likely would include the stories of some of the HG sufferers Kate met with and it would highlight just how incongruous Kate’s pregnancy versions were.

          1. I agree completely about Kate as an ambassador for HG. I have a family member who experienced severe – really severe — morning sickness throughout the entire length of her pregnancies. That meant 9 straight months of almost constant sickness for each pregnancy. She only gained 12 pounds with her youngest, because she was so sick the whole time. I don’t know if it was diagnosed as HG, or just seriously bad morning sickness, but she later described it as feeling horribly seasick on a good day. On a bad day, it meant being non-functioning. And this was several times, since she had more than one child. I’m still not sure how she did it.

            On a somewhat off-topic note, I actually found out I was pregnant on the same day Kate’s pregnancy with George (and accompanying HG) was announced. So it was interesting to compare my experience with hers, since I was about 3 weeks behind her in how far along I was. I’m fortunate to have experienced almost no morning sickness, but I would be curious to get the scoop on Kate’s so-called perfect delivery. Like someone here commented at one point, I find it difficult to believe she went through labour without meds. Unless she really had the best experience ever, it seems unlikely that a woman who’s barely worked a day in her life, and who apparently decided to get pregnant the second time to avoid cutting ribbons and shaking hands in Malta, decided to suffer through labour pain.

          2. I was borderline-HG with my son, which was just hell on earth, so I cannot imagine real HG. I lost about 20 lbs in the first two, three months, when I weighed about 110 before I got pregnant. My doctor really wanted to put me in a hospital but I begged off, and while I puked a lot, I managed to keep some food down and my son was, thank God, healthy, happy, and nearly 8lbs. I was barely over my pre-pregnancy weight when I gave birth, though. I can’t tell you how horrible it was to lie on the bathroom floor crying because I felt so terrible. I am lucky I didn’t work at the time because I’d have absolutely quit. And that’s not even REAL HG!

            I’ve been eaten alive by people I know who have had HG because POOR KATE SHE’S ONE OF US DON’T JUDGE HER SHE WAS OH SO SICK! Um, no.

            1. I agree, Ellie. A work colleague of mine suffered from HG, and her pregnancy experience was similar to yours. Her HG was so debilitating that she was unable to function and had to take medical leave, which impacted her salary, for the duration of her pregnancy. My colleague was a dedicated, hard worker with a responsible position – and no sissy. I have no doubt that Kate suffered from severe morning sickness – as many women do – during the early stages of her pregnancies, and was tired and bloated – as many women are – during the later stages, but otherwise she appeared to have normal pregnancies.

              1. It makes me very angry she used that as a get out of work free card when it can kill women, kill their babies, and nobody questions it except here, on various royal forums that aren’t sugary, etcetera.

  3. Hello all, I’ve been coming to this blog for few times now, but this is my very first time leaving a comment ever regarding this dimwit woman. Lola – your post was absolutely brilliant and summed it all up as to why this lazy woman still refuses to work and uphold her responsibilities as a royal duchess.
    Yes, like Lisa said, I hate to be evil but would love to see these two (dim + dimmer) go down and hit rock bottom (especially the dimmer one). To me, Kate is only interested in the royal title and the position as William’s wife and no respect for both royal family and the people of UK.
    Once, I had thought of KM a very “dedicated” girlfriend of Willilam and regarded her more of a genuine and patient woman when these two were in relationship for a century. However, I started seeing the real side of KM becoming unveiled once she became Mrs. William Wales and how lazy, self-absorbed this woman is with no sense of responsibilities whatsoever. She was a title & money digger and still is and won’t change!

    1. Welcome, Cassie! Anyone can hit rock bottom, actions worth witnessing would be William and Kate meeting the expectations of their roles. William, when he wants to be, can be very charming and engaging. Kate has had flickers of potential, at the Fostering Network event, for example, she seemed genuinely interested for the most part, instead of providing a series of exaggerated expressions for photos to show she cares, she actually listened to people. The interest in women who marry into royal families is always naturally greater so basically, Kate just has to show up at events, behave appropriately, and give an occasional speech. No one is expecting them to make significant contributions to string theory or even teach Koko the Gorilla how to throw up gang signs, their job is to represent the UK and the monarchy and sending threats about privacy from their Country Fortress of Solitude doesn’t cut it.

  4. One of your finest posts for laughs, Lola! I especially enjoyed the Kraken crack. Photographers just aren’t what they used to be.

  5. I met several “men” that might have had possibilities for the longer term …. But if the “need to have” boxes could not be ticked then you move on … Don’t care about money or looks but do about character etc. Seems to me that they both traded off the important things for the trivial ….

  6. I’m sure that if Kate wanted to engage in meaningful work or charity activities – either before or after her marriage – she would have found a way. Her relationship with William strikes me as cocoon-like. They lived together in college, and then he presumably wanted her to be available for him 24/7 after that. When she wasn’t with William, she was with her family. In Anglesey and now Norfolk, that dynamic of comfortable isolation continues. Perhaps their relationship would not function if Kate broke out of the cocoon, although by now she might not know how to begin. With the births of George and Charlotte, it has been written that Kate has found her life’s work in raising a future king, as if she’s finally “home free,” and excuses no longer have to be made for her not taking on royal duties in public. I respect any woman’s right to choose what’s best for her and her family, including being a full-time stay-at-home mom. Sadly, that is a luxury that many women cannot afford now. In Kate’s case, she could and should be doing more for the BRF and the British people – given the luxurious lifestyle she is afforded by her royal position. She could have it all, as well gain the respect and admiration that would come with that. The fact that she and William are being sent on a Caribbean vacation (oops – royal tour) with their children seems to be what it takes to get this duchess out and about.

    1. Excuses Excuses! Love Lola – spot on again.

      Booty call snowflake (and ma carol pimpster meddlesome) is getting real close to a Samuel Jackson-like showdown with HM – give it time!

      POW is in guilt mode w/Di thanks to Petulant (never mind, that Prince Charles was a great dad to his sons); but HM and DOE is another story… sideline and retire Petulant w/lazy snowflake and pimpster carol meddelton Line to buckleberry private life.

      Give us King Henry!

  7. I think you said Diana did 170 engagements her first year. If I remember correctly, she had a difficult pregnancy with William. Also, nothing seems to slow The Countess of Wessex down.

    1. Yes, Diana had a difficult pregnancy with William who was born eleven months after the royal wedding. Diana suffered from severe morning sickness, even fell asleep at one event because she was so drained, but she still knocked out 170 engagements.

      Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is an incredible asset to the Royal Family, an extraordinary combination of strength and grace.

      1. Hear hear so agree countess of wessex very hard working royal real asset to british royal family
        so elegant too…

  8. I can hardly waity for the gloves to come off but unfortunately I think that the Queen will have to be gone before that happens…the articles about having to be granted time at a moment’s notice for a high profile boyfriend….why not just out and say it….’wimpo itches and I gotta go scratch him’…..c’mon….I find it telling in that while waity gets the well deserved flak for being nothing but a booty call…..wimpo, as the future head of the Church of England and a member of a supposedly respectable influential family is just as wrong….the moral standards apply to men as well…..ridiculous….and hardly mature and responsible behavior….so much wrong wrong wrong….as far as the ‘gotta stay home with the kiddos’…..most mothers would be climbing the walls if the only thing they did was child care 24/7 and for waity to use that as a reason is stupid….women do manage to and for that matter desperately need adult conversation and activities…..she’s an absolute insult to the intelligence of someone who has graduated Kindergarten….stay at home mothers…..women who have boyfriends….she’s a anomaly….a total and absolute whack job…these are just my thoughts…..no matter the spin…she’s worthless/useless/insulting/rude and very very very insecure….I don’t think her mate is all that appealing and sought after but ….what do I know….the only thing that might make him a night’s worth….bragging rights to put on a T-shirt….I Porked a Prince……the mentality of the supporters and excuse makers might just fit into that category….

    1. The excuse of waity ‘needing to be free for a high profile man’ makes her sound like an ‘escort’ (imho). So she was a working girl all along 😀

        1. Cheap he may be, but in this case he wasn’t stupid. He took advantage of what he viewed as a good deal. A girl who was ready, willing and able to be his beck and call girl and a family that not gave him that “normal” family life he wanted while still making him feel like a king. The one who should have questioned everything was Kate, but somewhere along the line she was programmed not to question, but to react to commands.

          1. Lisa, so right on the ‘money’!

            …and we want this Petulant – Will the Weak as King and head of the Church… Heck NO!

  9. One of the very first excuses I heard was extremely out there…..she can’t do anything w/o permission….she has no say…she has no initiative….basically to me that was like saying that she is property….that once THE ring was placed on her finger she ceased to exist as a person…..in a marriage and maybe this is different for the ‘royals’ there are actually THREE units for lack of a better word….there’s you…..me….and us……for her to just become nothing but a womb….and now that’s not even necessary…..what sort of a woman would see that as any kind of meaningful life….lots of rich people have committed suicide (and of course I don’t mean that as anything but a statistical fact)…..people who become famous and wealthy….people who are born into a life of luxury….these people are not always happy and I don’t see anyone being happy without being able to develop and nurture their own identity….on a personal note I fought like hell for mine and no one will ever mess with it…..the ‘firm’ seems to be stuck in the past…..all but arranged marriages at times….fresh air is needed….if someone isn’t suited to the role and doesn’t relish it….that’s a set up for misery….and heart break…..waity has her excuse makers and sycophants but as far as I’m concerned all the luxuries and trips (which have to be a bit boring after a while no matter how exotic the location)…..are not worth becoming nothing……a title? Clubs are rampant….and honors and titles are given out and then the recipients go about their lives….some of course get inflated egos and all puffed up…..but eventually someone else will come along and beat them….maybe this doesn’t fit here but rich people seem to be always competing….biggest fanciest house….boat….car……and there’s always something bigger out there….(I heard this on a video)……I have a question…….don’t waity’s children outrank her…or do they…..sorry if I blundered off the path….Lola is just such a wealth of info and I learn so much from the posters….

  10. I wonder if this being on call 24/7 for William was one of the reasons he didn’t get one of those gorgeous women he went after. They, after all, appear to have lives of their own and probably told him to piss off when/if he mentioned it to them. and politely said they didn’t want the royal lifestyle when questioned afterwards. Kate made it all very easy for William when he could have used someone with more of a life, personality and work ethic.

    1. Yes kate made it easy for william to get “no strings attached sex” wimpo didnt realise that deal was too good to be true, ya they played him very well, plus ma cheese toast, he was blinded completely!!

  11. When the people over age 70 (over age 90!) outstrip you massively in activity, you need to be ashamed. I have a great deal of respect for the elderly members and very little for Kate and William, in particular.

    Concern for these older relatives alone should prompt them to step it up and get it done. There really isn’t any excuse. William has a job that he isn’t doing; he doesn’t need to be a pilot at all.

    You’ve said this many times, but I will repeat it. If they want to be regular people, abdication is a thing.. There is a precedent.

    1. Good point re the senior royals, Marie. With the numbers shown in this post, Kate strikes me as the kind of person who would expect someone in their 80s or 90s to give up their seat on the bus for her – instead of the other way around. (Not that Kate would deign to take public transportation, of course.)

    2. Just to put in perspective how ridiculous it is that the bulk of the work in the British Royal Family is being done by its oldest members, here’s the list of 2014 engagements sorted by most engagements to least with the age of the BRF family member indicated in parenthesis.

      Prince Charles (66) – 533
      Princess Anne (64) – 528
      Prince Edward (51) – 426
      Queen (89) – 393
      Prince Andrew (55) – 367
      Sophie (50) – 307
      Duke of Gloucester (70) – 280
      Prince Philip (94) – 273
      Camilla (68) – 224
      Duke of Kent (79) – 206
      Prince William (33) – 143
      Birgitte (69) – 132
      Prince Harry (30) – 94
      Kate (33) – 91
      Princess Alexandra (78) – 83

  12. I just think things are way off between her and Willy, and she really does not give a flip about what anyone thinks. Personally I think she is suffering from a broken heart, loveless marriage ain’t easy. Does not excuse brazen laziness though, she could slog through it. Seriously look at Princess Beatrice’s track record with vacations, I mean she is seriously non-stop chillin with daveyboy!

  13. Love your blog, Lola! I think in addition to upping her “work” commitments, Kate needs to step up in what she brings to those engagements. Have you ever been to a gala, fundraiser, dinner, charity event, awards ceremony, etc., where the guest of honor couldn’t manage at the very least to stand before the group and say a brief thank you to the host, express pride in the organization and wish the organization well in its endeavors? Yet Kate has only done this once that I know of. Instead, at the most, Jason Knauf provides a written statement for the event’s program….sorry, but that’s simply not good enough. What her few charitable organizations deserve at the least is a patron who can give voice to their causes. Have you seen Sophie’s speech at the Duke of Edinburgh awards (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZEcvf2BRuk)? Nearly five minutes speaking with genuine warmth and NO NOTES! Kate will never get to this point if she continues to rely on printed statements from Jason to convey any real passion for or even slight interest in the very few charitable events she attends.

    1. There’s also the “fake it ’til you make it” approach that can be used in the beginning of any new venture while one is learning the ropes. That is, keep trying and keep working at it until you become good at it. I think that if I perceived Kate as making a sincere effort at charity work – showing that she cared about people – I would be more sympathetic and actually rooting for her to succeed. Also, if the late King George could work hard to overcome his stuttering problem, Kate could work to get past any difficulties she may have with public speaking – or working.

    2. Thanks so much, Lizzie! I agree, Kate really needs to bring both more quality and quantity to her role.

      Kate’s made I think five speeches in her four years of duchessing. Each was a disaster, they were all short and simple speeches and yet Kate read them as if she had never seen words before. In addition to Kate arriving to events unprepared, part of the issue is that Kate’s accent is an affectation from her Marlborough days, she wanted to sound posh so she traded in her more middle-class accent for Conservative Received Pronunciation . But like most things, Kate only put in the bare minimum of effort and now her brain has a built-in pronunciation delay. Members of the British Royal Family have been said to find it maddening at times how long it can take Kate to articulate a single sentence. Additionally, because she’s speaking in an accent that is not natural to her, she often mispronounces words related to her charities, such as “palliative” and in one speech, she totally botched the name of the charity. The affectation issue, level of preparedness, and obvious nervousness could all be easily addressed with a bit work, but that’s not Our Fair Waity’s style. Instead there’s a statement included in the program and that awkward moment where it would be natural to say a word of thanks for the work being done for the cause and for the efforts that went into the event but Kate stands there awkwardly. Not only is it bad manners and disruptive to the flow of wrapping up these events, but if Kate did make that tiny bit of effort to simply say thanks, it would go a long way for the general morale of those working for the charity. The day to day reality of charity work is far from the new dress and professional blow-out experience that Kate knows. The universal truth of all legitimate charities is that there’s never enough money, the people working for them are making personal sacrifices for a cause that means something to them and everyone is working so hard just to get enough public awareness to keep the charity going that recognition for individual contributions usually gets forgotten. A thank you from a future Queen Consort would mean a lot to those at the charity, a thank you from anyone means a lot.

      I find Sophie, Countess of Wessex, to be immensely inspiring. She is always so poised and engaging. I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit watching clips of her over the years.

      When I have to give a speech, I never use notes. I write out a speech, say it aloud once or twice the night before and then I don’t look at it again. I still remember the major points and the result is more natural and from the heart. While delivering a speech can feel daunting, talking to people doesn’t. And conversely, while listening to a speech can be boring, being part of a conversation isn’t. I’m not on Sophie’s level, but I feel like my system works for me. If Kate would put a little more effort in, she would figure out what works for her. Not only does she have a wealth of resources available to her, there are women within the Royal Family she could look to for guidance.

      1. I just read that Kate will be making an appearance (just announced) at the Anna Freud Centre, which provides services to children and their families in the area of child mental health. This is a good sign, as it shows CONSISTENCY in Kate’s interest in child mental health. Let’s hope that Kate can demonstrate a SUSTAINED COMMITMENT to this particular charity as well as the greater cause of child mental health. Also, it would be great if Kate could enhance her visit to the Anna Freud Center by saying a few words of warm and heartfelt THANKS to those who selflessly do the hard work there.

        1. I’ve noticed that Kate attends events that go in stages of her own children’s development and or concerns.

          She wasn’t interested in these issues before she had children.

          Last year’s attendance at a child development event was notable because she stayed to listen to talks on childhood bullying and childhood development.

          I think this is her way of learning how to deal with her kids. Clearly the people around her are not helping her learn or she’s not around the kids enough to figure out how to help them or she has no ability to draw from her own childhood experiences as a starting point- see her inability to support Charlotte’s head at birth and at christening despite PR saying she’s a hands-on mother.

          1. That’s a very interesting insight, Herazeus. It sounds like Kate might be “taking” under the guise of “giving.” Speaking from my own experience, one does indeed learn from volunteer work, but it is the commitment to the work and the giving of oneself over to it that is transformational both to the volunteer and to the organization.

            1. That’s certainly true Gretagoblin.

              Going back to Kate, I drew this conclusion because it was notable that on both occasions she ‘took’ under the guise of ‘giving’, she had visited the event for something entirely different which was billed as childhood mental issues/ bullying or words to that effect and both times she stayed on to listen and or chat to professional child development experts even though she wasn’t scheduled to stay for those parts of the events. Both times the media reported it in surprised tones and also reported that she was engaged and asked lots of questions.

              What was also interesting was that each talk had an age range eg child development for 0-1yr and she attended the talks that corresponded with PGtips’s age range each time.

              If she behaves the same way at this event, my hunch will be vindicated.

              1. Sometimes a personal interest can hook us into becoming more deeply involved in a worthy cause on a larger scale. This happens to good people all the time. A noteworthy example is activist Jill Biden, wife of US Vice President Joe Biden. A fit and attractive woman, Jill is a self-made professional from a normal middle-class background. When her stepson – the late Beau Biden – was stationed in Afghanistan, Jill became involved with “Boots on the Ground,” an organization that provides support to the families of military servicemen and women. When a friend died of breast cancer, Jill founded an initiative to educate school-age girls on breast health. One can only hope that Kate might be similarly touched by the children and families she encounters through her charities to take her discoveries beyond the nursery of George and Charlotte. Kate has a huge platform to do good in this world, if she chooses to go outside of her cocoon. Open your heart and grow some wings, Kate!

                1. Hi greatagoblin. I post over at KMR regularly and followed a link to this cool site. I would only add with Dr. Jill Biden, is that she is a professional working woman with a professorship at Northern Virginia Community College teaching English and an earned doctorate in education. While she founded those charities because of experiences of people she knows, I’m sure she also works exceptionally hard at it in her free time. All the Duchess of Cambridge does is show up once a year to give a frankly uninspiring tepid speech and expects to be given the keys to the Kingdom for it. I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a major difference between Dr. Biden and Her Royal Highness.

                  1. Hi Seth – I agree that there is a big difference between Dr. Jill and Duchess Kate. Both married high-profile men and work hard at staying fit, but that’s about all they have in common. I was aware of Jill’s long teaching career and also admire the way that she has advanced the cause of community college education in the US in recent years. She has used her platform – and some would say her life – to improve the lives of others both through teaching and through meaningful charity work.

      2. Wow so well said Lola! I have been following Sophie too ! She really had it together…does not get nearly the press, and glory that she should! She is far superior all round to Waity AND the queen adores her…it’s obvious why…I have read that she spends considerable time with her having tea and that they very similar interests…the queen has probably passed on valuable lessons to Sophie. ..ones she can use whole life royal or not….whIle it appears Will has simply found himself a gold digger with little to no asperations to be anything more.

  14. Matching the longevity of her parents, Anne will still be undertaking engagements when Kate and Wills approach retirement age (retirement from what??) But that will be fine with Kate as 90 year olds doing all the work is all she knows. Anne is not part of Charles’ vision of a trimmed down monarchy but as long as she is breathing will be working to make a genuine difference, Kate won’t even pick up the royal entry level ribbon cutting.

    1. Amen!

      From the 2014 list – Princess Anne and below senior RF has no reason to perform royal duties – but Princess Royal will be working just as hard as her bother, Prince Charles for their parents and the family business (a concept lazy snowflake Cannot understand as Petulant).

      The hard part to turn a blind eye to… Petulant alone as pampered, spoilt, lazy royal was hard to take – now there are four (4 + pimpster carol and the meddlesome family) openly living off tax payers/ POW Duchy; in a lap of luxury, pampered hidden lifestyle (most of us can only dream of) – and giving NOTHING back to the people – charities /GB UK & CW.

      Petulant & waity snowflakes family need to take a Royal Tour of Cambridge/UK? Tour home and meet your people instead of traveling and taxing more expenses on taxpayers and the Caribbean islands – then you will see the ‘regular, just likeyou’ people you so easily insult!

  15. William being Dianas son, has really taken advantage of that, and he thought his lazy wife being married to Dianas son will be much loved and get a free pass just by appearing, hyena grins, flashing, these two will never change they live in their own pathetic world, cant wait to see who harry will mary, l am sick of KW!?

  16. So pleased we have this blog as when you read newspspers they gloss over waity saying she has two children and has a busybtime
    but having all the staff at her disposal
    we ask what in earth does she do all day
    has her hair constantly done exercises non stop in case she puts on an ounce of weight…..
    when she married into the brf we thought she would at least doing royal duties not living off the tax payer and having all her family living off brf also
    Its a disgrace that this farce has been left to go on without someone in authority sorting the debarcle out

  17. So pleased we have this blog as when you read newspspers they gloss over waity saying she has two children and has a busybtime
    but having all the staff at her disposal
    we ask what in earth does she do all day
    has her hair constantly done exercises non stop in case she puts on an ounce of weight…..
    when she married into the brf we thought she would at least be doing the royal duties that come with title ……..

  18. They think they are too important to work, just give them 2 years especially waity with her fading looks, and they will be just a shadow of their former self, already the european royals are much more interesting than these two will ever be!

  19. Excellent write up Lola. At this point, the excuses are getting tiresome, did you know some are comparing Kate’s lack of work to HM’s time in Malta as a wife?

    I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to say it: those two need a swift (and strong) kick on the behind. Honestly. And now the speculation is that she is pregnant again, if I’m going to be frank, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, more maternity leave and softball engagements are her thing.

  20. I’m sorry for this completely inappropriate use of the comments section, but I’ve tried several times to sign up here so I can sass it out with you gals; but the system won’t let me in! I’ve checked my spam box and everything. Pwetty pwease hewp me! I swear I’m a real person. You know bots don’t resort to baby talk. Yet.

  21. Wonderful news! Princess Victoria of Sweden is expecting a baby in march, Estelle will be age 4 in february.

  22. Now, here’s a thing.

    Instead of ‘working’ for EAA why not donate the helicopter and the annual £40K salary (from family money) to this endeavor and let the full time experts fly?


    The BBC ran an item about the lack of an air ambulance in Northern Ireland earlier this week. It occurred to me that it would be a generous gift from Baron Carrickfergus (AKA Duke of Cambridge) to the subjects in that part of the United Kingdom. No RPO expenses, needed service for Northern Ireland, good PR for the Cambridges/BRF.

    The helicopter in the story was provided by services in the Republic of Ireland (a foreign country!), and County Sligo specifically.

    1. He lacks the foresight to see that air ambulance services are a growing need that would benefit greatly if he rallied to their cause and raised the necessary funding and awareness. Like Harry did with returning wounded soldiers.

  23. That’s a great example, Tara2 and Herazeus, of how William could use his love of flying – along with the leadership platform afforded him by his royal status – for the benefit of the British people. It would be great PR for William, and it might make him feel good inside.

  24. I might have read this wrong…Forbes.com has an article stating that on 9/9 the queen will “bestowing” one of Britana highest honors on Kate Middleton….the to tile also implies she is past her time to reign …what?! What or who has convinced her to give Waity any honors…there is a slew of articles speculating on Kate having PPD to another baby..meaning she skipped the wedding cause she is preggers….I can’t wait for theb9th…this has to be wrong.

    1. I wouldn’t be concerned about HM giving Kate a family order.

      Both Charles and HM are very conscious of status and will uphold it. So Kate, as the wife of the heir to the heir, will receive an order. Besides, she’s already completed the one bit of archaic duty in continuing the monarchy by birthing the heir and spare, so at this point, shrug.

      Take comfort in this, whilst William and Kate are given all the babbles that are due them as a result of status, have you noticed that HM hasn’t really given them anything truly personal? She made Harry a Knight Commander over William. An honour the unloved Charles already had at his wedding to Diana.

      There are little tells like that which show that for appearances’ sake, HM will fall in line, but the passive aggressive little digs are always glorious.

      1. Ps: Diana had barely birthed the heir before she was awarded the family honour. So it was quite clear why she was receiving it. Service + status + birth of the heir.

        1. I love reading your posts Herazeus because they give us such wonderful insights into the BRF. So it looks like the order is a given, I just wonder if it will actually happen on the 9th. And if the ninny will actually wear it later, or will she leave it at home because it gets in the way of her hair?

    2. I read that Kate is actually the only Royal to have not been given an order yet. I kind of think the Queen has to give the okay on this because if she doesn’t give Kate an order, it will raise a lot of eyebrows. That it has taken her four years and two heirs to be given an order is actually a huge slap in the face. The Queen is far too classy and shrewd to show any disapproval or dislike for Kate in public and has had her whole life to practice hiding her feelings and appearing neutral, but she has expressed her true feelings and opinions by taking serious digs at Kate. Kate has not yet been given a tiara of her own (Princess Sofia of Sweden just got married and already has one!), HM changed the curtsy protocol to force Kate to know her place (low) in the Royal hierarchy and I, along with a lot of other people, interpreted this as the Queen putting Kate in her place. The fact that Kate now has to curtsy to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie unless William is there, seriously hammers home the message that she doesn’t have inherent worth in the Royal family and that her status is entirely reliant on her being with William. Now, four years after she became a hardly working Royal, the Queen pretty much has to give her the order, unless she wants the general public to know exactly how she feels about her workshy and selfish great-granddaughter and expose the family to criticism from outsiders.

      1. Respectfully Ellsabeta, Kate is the Queen’s granddaughter-in-law, not her great-granddaughter. The Queen’s great-granddaughters are Savannah and Isla Phillips (from Peter Phillips, her eldest grandchild), Mia Tindall (from Zara Phillips-Tindall, her eldest granddaughter) and Princess Charlotte.

      2. Elisabetha, some of your information isn’t correct.

        The order of precedence was actually changed when Camilla married into the family. It was changed because Princesses Anne and Alexandra had a hissyfit about having to curtsey to Camilla. Since Camilla wasn’t a beloved royal inlaw or even a beloved public figure in general, no one batted an eyelid. When Kate married in, the spotlight fell on the changed order to precedence because the media realised that the changed order meant that in the abscence of William, Kate would have to curtsey to everyone except Sophie. The story was written up to imply that HM had changed the order recently and to spite Kate, but honestly it had been changed 5yrs prior with little notice.

        Secondly, Kate has a tiara. It’s the one she used for her wedding, the Cartier scroll tiara. She was also lent the Papyrus for the diplomatic dinner when the scroll tiara was in a cartier jewellery exhibition. That means she has use of these two tiaras. The BRF, unlike the Europeans, don’t purchase tiaras for their in-laws or even the females in the family. They all use the collective tiaras in the family vault or the royal collection vault. HM is in charge of all the tiaras and lends them to various family members as a lifetime (or until the divorce) loan. Unlike previous monarchs or other royals, she rarely outright buys or gives a tiara to anyone. Not even her beloved Sophie. The only person for whom she purchased a tiara is Fergie. The rest simply have them on loans, unless their found a way to purchase or were gifts from outsiders eg some of Anne’s tiaras. Only the tiaras from the family vaults can be inherited by members of the family. The royal collection tiaras belong to the crown.

  25. They can bestow all the titles on kate, but the fact remains she sucks as a Duchess and as a royal wife period!!

  26. Okay we all agree kate is less than perfect…but I gave some thought about this one…I just read ISIS had planned an attack on the queen, probably not the first or last. One can assume intelligence has uncovered plots against kate and her kids..is it possible that she is opting to hide for security issues? As a mom I would give serious pause if someone said group was trying to kill my kids…

    1. I think that the worst part of being a member of the BRF (or the US first family for that matter) would be the threats and security issues that come with the territory. I still remember the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. In fairness to Kate, she was not brought up in that milieu, while William was, so her fear would be real. What I don’t understand, though, is why Ka/Ca take George on spontaneous outings to public parks and beaches – where there is less planned security beyond a few RPOs. It seems that the risks for harm there would be far greater than at a planned charity event, where the organization, locale, and staffers would all be carefully screened in advance.

      1. I agree with your thoughts….IF there were a plot to off a ‘royal’ surely showing up at Wimbledon in fire engine red and being predictable enough that any terrorist worth his name would know this…..this would be a gold mine for the nut cases out there….not only would they be able to get Kate in their cross hairs and with a smile and hair flick as a bonus….they could really take out a whole lot of other people…..not buying the ‘I’m too skeered’ excuse since as you pointed out the granny from hell trots her little status symbol around and there are always cameras (hmm…I wonder how the photographers know precisely where they’ll be….and when waity wants to play mummy she takes the child to a public park and if that doesn’t draw attention to her and the pram…..nope…a new excuse but hardly legit. Also, if she is living in fear for her beloved offspring….tell wimpo that he needs to officially give up his title/status/attraction to terrorists and move into the country….I was thinking for a bit that maybe something was wrong physically or emotionally treatable with waity….and then she showed up at Wimbledon as happy as a cow who saw the bbq stomped to the ground….I’ll grant that there are loonies out there who want to get attention and ruthless in their methods….but picking off one ‘big deal in her own eyes’ is hardly worth arming themselves….nope…go for the masses….of course I don’t want that to happen…to anyone….ever….but logic comes into play here….King Herod has been history for a long time and most terrorists as horrible as they are don’t generally target mummies and their babies….really….what would be the point of taking out a pointless woman/child……

        1. Kate seems to send out mixed messages, and her fire-engine red dress at Wimbledon is an example of that. Kate reportedly values her privacy and desires living out of the public eye, yet her Wimbledon outfit screamed for attention, and there was no missing her in the crowd. Jason’s privacy letter stated that William and Kate did not want to raise George in palaces and behind garden walls, yet “sheltering in place” appears to be Kate’s own lifestyle preference. She is seen shopping for clothing bargains at outlet stores – implying thrift, yet vast amounts are reportedly spent on renovations at W&K’s private residences. There just seems to be a lot of inconsistency, which leaves room for interpretation.

  27. …but lazy snowflake (Petulant) is not a valuable target of the BRF – very low on any attack radar!

    Lola ‘Excuses Excuses’ if right on…. if PR use this Lame defence – no one vision the Lame meddlesomes to continue the BRF ‘Line’ -only seen as spending, taking from the taxpayers (POW/Duchy).

  28. Hello Lola! I hope not if I sounded weirdo, but I always enjoy your blogs. This pic you posted a badass Queen with the gun in the driver’s seat is so hilarious and my fave pic, too!!

  29. Cant believe the front cover of the magazine have you all seen it proclaiming that duchess doolittle and petulant husband will be next king and queen
    is this for real ???
    Charles and Camilla should be
    at least they do royal duties and can converse correctly not like doolittle who cant speak in sentences
    cant believe there should be a public say in tbid
    what do you think lola heart ??

    1. Legally, this cannot happen, so whatever morons want, it won’t. Charles is the next king. And we know William doesn’t want it at all (I expect him to cut and run now that he’s got Anmer, probably other bolt holes, KP apartment, all of it taken care of by Granny and Dad; once Granny’s gone, I think William is going to make a run for it).

      1. I can only guess that the people who would want william to bypass charles for king have not closely paid attention to his lazy and boorish son.
        For all his past drama and mistakes, Charles isn’t the monarchy’s big problem. DooqLambridge is.

      2. I think the same thing Ellie. He’s waiting for her to pass and then he’s going to make some kind of change. He knows what is meant to happen and that he should be taking as many lessons and getting out there as much as possible to solidify his place in the people’s hearts. Instead he relies on the living off of the good will established by being Diana’s son…and that has worn thin.

        1. Being in London now (vacation of a lifetime!), I’ve noticed there’s still mass appeal for the Cambridges: postcards, books, people cooing over “William was baptized here, aw!” at the Music Room in Buckingham Palace yesterday, and the like, though I’ve heard some snarky comments from tourists when popping into shops that have Cambridge memorabilia.

          I had to laugh there wasn’t any fuss made of Royal Baby china at the Buckingham Palace shop. “Oh, for the princess. Right.”

          I do hope their good will is wearing thin. Lola, you should do a post about Richard Palmer’s snarky article and comments on Twitter about KP blackballing the media and going to social media first and just being vindictive and incompetent. It’s shocking to me.

        2. Ellie, Kip Lisa,
          spot on.

          HM -The Firm waited this long to hand this valueless female the BRF Order (if to believed) – Petulant meddleton the doolittles!

          Enjoy your trip!

  30. Lately there have been discussions on different boards how Kate possibly could have depression explaining her hiding away. I personally don’t think that is the matter. I think she is sad but that is it. I think she has realized that she has thrown her life away.

    William behaved towards her in an absolute appalling manner through the whole dating period. I think how she coped with it was to tell lies to herself, when we are married everything will change. She probably thought this during the first months of the marriage. I think she was more confident and made an impression that she would make the effort to fit in.

    During the first year of the marriage she must have realized that nothing had changed. She was still an outsider and William treated her in the same way as before. Now she even had more ‘pressure’ she had to give birth and represent her country.

    Then she probably told herself another lie, everything will change when I’ve given birth to the heir. Well nothing changed.
    Then she had to fill her head with more lies, everything will change when I give birth to a daughter.

    I personally think Kate has now realized that nothing will ever change. Yes, I know she told Chelsy that Windsor men cheat and it’s part of the deal. But it’s completely different thing to say that and actually have to experience it first hand.

    She is not that different from several other people, these type of lies people tell themselves all over the world. He will never hit me again, I just happened to annoy him etc.

    It feels like she now behaves like a spoilt teenager, I didn’t get want I want so why in hell would I even make an effort.

    I think Carole put in her head that William is the man of her dreams, her soulmate. Otherwise if this marriage is on paper only, she would make an effort to do ther durty for her children. If she and William fuck this up there is nothing for her children to inherit……..Or she is just plain stupid who thinks she will be set for life and everyone will always love her and butterflyes will be flying out of her but, without putting in any effort.

  31. There are various, possible reasons for Kate’s low stats for royal engagements: (a) She could be unhappy and uncooperative; (b) she could be ill or suffering from some kind of disorder; or (c) she could be happy as a clam in its off-white shell, indifferent to the world outside her door. In any of these scenarios, Kate’s lack of a resume precedes her and does not serve her well. The bottom line is that – for whatever reason – Kate has undertaken fewer engagements than other senior royals, and those stats serve neither the BRF nor the British people well.

    1. I agree as well…..lots of women think that a man will change once the vows have been exchanged…I don’t know exactly how they work this out in their heads but I think that Carole wasn’t about to let go of William and his title. And I do mean Carole…that is one controlling interfering woman!!! I think that maybe both William and Kate thought that Diana’s ring would make them both beloved and respected w/o any effort whatsoever on their part…..Kate is imo totally delusional….seriously delusional….seems to think that the public will adore her simply because she’s a titled person and married to a prince. Lola….I read the story about Carole and her sneaking about buying habits….would that make for a good topic…if nothing else it’s mind boggling….
      Kate is a sad person and I don’t think she knows who she is….her mummy controls her and William is blatantly irritated with her most of the time….she really did throw her life away and now has two children….whatever else this woman is she is a mother of two and as far as I can tell emotionally she is a child herself. I wonder if way down the road our great great great grandchildren will be reading about the fall of the House of Windsor. God protect those children…..

  32. Larissa I understand where you are coming from! I do not understand when a person has a platform to try & help other people or the environment, but does nothing except sit on her bum all day? In the engagement interview KM said “I will learn quickly and work hard!” Hello, it has been over 4 years! Where is the learning? Where is the hard work? If km has a mental health issue, it has not stopped her from going on vacations, shopping & decorating her homes all on the taxpayers hard earned money! Kate Middleton has to grow up & be a responsible woman! I am not envious of lazy waity! She is selfish & does not care about anyone but herself!

    1. The thing is what if she actually believes she works hard?

      Compared to her behaviour during the waiting years, she actually has turned her life around. She has increased her workload compared to pre-marriage like 1000%.

      Why she is reluctant to improve and change could possible be because she thinks that she has done more than enough.

      I just now realized that you actually have to take into account and compare to waity-level and not Letizia/Anne/Charles/Victoria-level. She probably believes that people are mean to her and she has actually done more than enough.

      1. Your comment is in line with an anecdotal comment by a blogger. If the blogger is telling the truth, also bearing in mind the repeated palace response to her work schedule, Kate appears to genuinely believe she is working hard or enough.


        Blogger claims to volunteer with the scouts. At the annual national scout meet, Kate was a no show and Bear Grylls had to sub at the last minute.

        According to the blogger, behind the scenes, the organisers were saying that Kate had sent a message saying she couldn’t attend the scouts because she had already done an engagement that week.

        What was this exhausting engagement that meant the scouts had to be cancelled? The yachting thing with Ben Ainslie which she attended with William.

        The conclusion is that she thinks she’s working hard or enough, nevermind the public definition of working hard or enough.

        1. Excellent post! I totally agree with you.

          If we think about the Prince Charles and Princess Anne engagement numbers per year and also the engagement type. It’s just is not possible for Kate to achive that.

          For example, how to get Kate to improve her engagments 100 %, what would it take.
          Four scenarios. She could only choose one strategy to improve 100%. (Yes, this is fluffy, but I want to make a point)
          1. The easy match. Her engagement numbers would have to double.
          2. Or she spent instead of her typical 45 min on an engamgent 1,5-2 h.
          3. She would actually do some research and come prepared to an engagement and also do debriefing etc.
          4. She would start to do more demanding engagements instead of the girly fluff she now does.

          She would actually have to make all the above mention things into consideration and have the engagement numbers near to 500 in her future queen consort days.
          It just is not impossible for her to improve and change this much.

          She would have to improve several thousand percent.

          1. amazingly, your simple point plan for Kate to improve is apparently a very tall order.

            To wit; her latest engagement – ignore the visual presentation – going by her reported remarks, she apparently had no clue about the project, how far along it was and the nitty gritty detail of it.

            Compare the reality with the PR press release announcing the visit or even the sycophantic press that followed. We were told that she’s interested in child mental health and is an area she wants – is keen – to focus on, blah, blah, blah and yet she shows up to the engagement completely unprepared.

            Going back to the visual presentation and length of the engagement – she was late by an hour, and stayed for exactly one hour despite having to tour 2 sites – she really thinks she’s there for the photo op and nothing more. No remarks were prepared despite being introduced to the media/centre workers with a podium and microphone. Whilst she was there, she doesn’t appear to have interacted with the grown ups in any meaningful way, was led around on a guided tour by a child that she wasn’t particularly engaged with, and left as soon as possible.

            …..it’s as if she just found out about the public side of her job.

            1. This hashtag was posted in a comment in the recent Daily Mail article re the Cambridges at the rugby match: #whateverworkis

      2. Huh….I think your spot on…I was nit looking at it that way…but your right. Compared to premarriage, she is a virtual workaholic probably in her eyes!

  33. Larissa, I am not trying to be rude at all! I not believe that km has not increased her workload period! I am not a fan of Princess Sofia of Sweden, but I will give her credit for giving a speech in an other language other than the Swedish language! Sofia has been married close to 4 months & is starting give speeches in representing her country looks professional. KM has been married almost 4 & half years! Lazy waity is a lost cause, I know I sound rude when describing her, it is because this situation is hopeless to me! Lots of people have mental illness, they still lead productive & responsible lives! Halia

  34. First time to this site. Also, first time posting.
    This sums up the Waity Katy phenomenon so beautifully.
    It amazes me that so many people gush over her and think she walks on water.
    It is truly shameful that Kate does so little when she has a forum open to her at any time. A forum which would allow her to help others and shed light on issues that need to be supported more.

    The fake illnesses surrounding her pregnancies really are the icing on the cake. It seems there is always someone around to put a proper spin on Kate’s lack of duty and responsiblitiy.

    I have read that she is not happy with the parallels that are often drawn between Princess Diana and her. She supposedly does not want to be like Diana. Don’t worry, Duchess, you are nothing like the late Princess, who worked so hard and did such good.

    Oh, and if you don’t like the comparisons, why dress like her so often. You know, the polka dot dress when she first appeared with George outside the hospital (Diana wore a green polka dot dress when she left the hospital with William). The same shade of blue in the engagement announcement photos. the list goes on and on.

  35. We don’t want an exhibitionist for a future Queen.
    Please, oh please WRITE or phone (for those of you in the UK)
    the press offices & contacts at the official British monarchy and say NO to Kate’s flashing the flesh.
    Recent engagement photos and the twit can not even get it right to sew shut the front of her dress so as to not expose her thighs.
    This is NOT acceptable.

  36. Actually Lisa, I was only mentioning the Queen’s great-granddaughters, not all of her great-grandchildren. How could anyone forget Britain’s future King? That’s easy, people who never see him out and about.

  37. Why is it that our lovely, kind, compassionate snowflake Waity won’t DARE attend a wedding of her “aristo” friends–out of fear of upstaging them on their special day–but on her first (post maternity) charity visit to the unwashed plebs, she makes sure to remove 2 buttons from her dress and tightly belt it in order to SEX IT UP–oh, and debut a new hairstyle (!!!!)?????? Stupid me, because charity visits are a supermodel pap stroll!!!

    1. I think it’s Kate and William’s spin doctor, who have put the idea of Kate not wanting to upstage the bride.

      Sadly, they didn’t think this idea through.

      Doesn’t that mean that in all the weddings she has attended as William’s girlfriend and now wife, her goal has been to upstage the bride?

      They never think it through, don’t they?

  38. Interesting post I just read at DM…They seem to be tackling the reluctant prince issue of Will. The article ends eluding to the possibility of Harry taking over work aka charles legacy and what I imagine the throne? I’m wondering how this is sitting g with poor Harry…I think he would like to move to Africa permanent if he had the freedom. Wo sering if his going back there in Nov. Is a sign of what he hopes to be his routine for the future. Pop back work for a month or 2 then back to S Africa to Chelsy? If you think about it he was there 3 mo and he is going back for 2 more…thats near half the year in Africa. I also noticed that Kate and Wills were missing on his birthday night out which included Zara and her hubby …then the rugby …there is a guy sitting between william and Harry. What is up with that? I would imagine he would want to be sitting with Harry after he had been gone so long. My guess…Will is telling Charles he is liking his helicopter gig and wants to be “normal” so charles and couriers are working overtime to get Harry on board with more work. Not to his delight either.

    1. Prince (King) Henry may be away in Africa – where he cant be accused of partying with Will; to overcome not allowed (by km carol and the middletons) to be closer to his brother and his children, and more important – away from the unpopular lazy W&K and removal of carol the middletons hanging on at AH.

      To the heli ‘gig’, will is hardly at work. There was a statement from the company that his schedule is decreased (again) , to allow royal events (?)

    2. Princess Diana herself alluded in 1992 that Harry was more the one who ‘had it’ to be King-material. “…..Harry is a happy-go-lucky character who takes things in his stride. Harry is most at ease with the royal world. He loves castles and soldiers and pomp…..” (Diana: A portrait in her own words. edited by Bill Adler, published 1999, William Morrow & Co, Inc. NY)

  39. great post – appreciate the time you put into it.

    Just want to say – if – emphasis on if – these two blow the monarchy – the idea that they could retire to their desired private life in Norfolk is not likely to be true.

    An abolition of the monarchy would mean a new power situation in the UK – and the new powers do not like to have the old powers around as a reminder of what got lost – especially since a referendum on the monarchy would probably be fairly close. Willy and Kate would have to leave the UK. I wonder if the two of them ever consider that?

    1. William would probably want to move to Africa (closer to Jecca). Kate wouldn’t mind where they went as long as her family came along.

    2. Cant see it continueing when our very dear monarch leaves us
      as waity and petulant billy really do not cut the mustard in any shape or form their constant laziness and spending is out of control they are not liked by majority of the public now due to the disrespect to people in great britain
      they should abdicate and take the awful middletrash with them
      What she has done since her marriage is only turn up in designer gear costing a fortune and doesnt do anything else except look like a manic maniac … and flash her bum and lady parts
      not what we want to represent our country

  40. The article also says Harry doesn’t want to take over The Prince’s Trust…not necessarily ‘replacement-King training’ going on then it seems.

  41. And even after wearing those designer wear she still looks cheap and trashy, everything she does is just a mess, only good at being wimpos mattress and wasting taxpayers money

    1. Can you imagine her as queen Adam
      she is such a lazy exhibitionist not what we need to represent our country always looking trashy and flashing herself
      she appears to really have a problem
      none of the brf act like her they are
      dignified and we have never known any of the brf showing their bottoms on royal engagements abroad
      what must the rest of the commonwealth think…. a real embarrassment. .. and yet powers at be do nothing to sort her out

      1. Well…okay hold up…Charles and his taped comments about Camilla and tampons, Fergie topless and having toes sucks by guy not her husband, Lady Di and her affairs and interview with Bashire, Prince Phillip and ..well his mouth…he recently told a photo to take the fing picture but actually said the f word, Prince Harry running around pool table completely naked jumping on a girl in Vegas, not to mention the half a million times both brothers have been drunk to the gills coming out of a pub with crap spilled on them and bleary eyed…the drugs…the bad grades…the driving without seat belts….Waity is no angel but I have to be fair…the crap with the skirts is less bothersome for me than the crap of not working …vacation, vacation,…just does not work for me. I feel the same about the Googly eyed sisters too Bea and Eugini. ..they do nothing except party…far less than Katy and daddy has been pushing to keep them relevant and getting money from the royal fund….not defending the stalker mind you but I’m not employing double standards or dismissing the rest of them who frankly have done disgraceful crap.

        1. Lazie katie flashed her crotch many times in the stalking years after marriage still flashed her bum in different countries, went commado in france on a balcony in full view her security guys, even with children around she has stil fleshed many times just recent after hiding for months her first appearance flashed once again, never worked never will, freeloader for life!!

  42. Lazie katie flashed her crotch many times in the stalking years after marriage still flashed her bum in different countries, went commado in france on a balcony in full view her security guys, even with children around she has stil fleshed many times just recent after hiding for months her first appearance flashed once again, never worked never will, freeloader for life!!

  43. Just seen in daily fail photo of pippa with another ex bpyfridnd lunching … poor Nico what he has to put up with why does he ley her constantly be with other men lunching dining at doos with she is making a fool of him

    1. Pipster clock is ticking, shes very desperate and will do anything to get a ring from a wealthy man, but shes washed out which rich guy wants to wake up to that!!

  44. Today, September 29, is the feast day of Saint Michael and the Archangels. I’d love to hear how your book on him is progressing–love your writing!

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