Creative Collaborations with the Cambridges

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife,  First Lady Peng Liyuan, at an event, Creative Collaborations: UK & China, held at Lancaster House.


Kate chose to celebrate the collaborative theme of the two countries by showing up in Italian designers.  Kate paired an eggplant Dolce & Gabbana Guipure lace dress with almost-matching Gianvito Rossi shoes.  Well, at least her clutch was by UK brand Mulberry.


The lace cocktail dress revealed more than Kate’s white bra, its AM inappropriateness suggests that there was such a raging After After Party following Tuesday’s state banquet that Kate didn’t have a chance to go home and change or even check her hair for empty liquor bottles prior to the event.


I can only assume that this moment was Kate gleefully celebrating received confirmation that kung fu fighting really is fast as lightening.  If this were an episode of Sesame Street, I feel like it would be brought to you by the letters L, S and D.


Or maybe Kate’s just cracking under the strain of working two days in a row.


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  1. I don’t know what’s going on with her. There’s definitely something up. She’s way off her usual game which isn’t that great to begin with so it’s really a little frightening.

    She wears one of her bazillion dress coats to just about everything and for this morning outing she chooses a lace cocktail dress.

    I thought she looked like she hit an after party too Lola. Either that or William was giving her what for when they got back from the State Dinner.

    I’d love to know what went on with the meeting of the press with George and Charlotte. Wonder if William begged for privacy for their upcoming vacations. It’s just all so odd how they choose to deal with the press.

    Anyway, thank you for another great post!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I’d really love to know what the meeting with the press was all about. Richard Palmer posted the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys. So whatever it was, Palmer seems to be implying it was evil.

  2. Hi Lola, you never fail to amuse me. I think she just couldn’t cope with working 2 days in a row and must have been running round Kensington palace screaming about how she has nothing to wear! Anyway I want whatever she has had in that photo with Xi! Keep it coming Lola. Also love your last post. Gerry

  3. This is a beautiful dress and a beautiful color on Kate, but I agree that it was over-the-top for a morning business tour, which is a diplomatic work event not a fancy-dress social event. First Lady Peng Liyuan got it right. I think that Kate’s dress choice and goofy facial expressions once again reflect a lack of work experience and sense of decorum.

    1. I have a similar dress that I call my Goin’ Hoe-in’ dress. The top of the lace overlay isn’t as high and it hits right above the knee but it’s definitely a going-out dress, not a work ensemble.

      I was very disappointed Kate went with an Italian designer representing the UK during a state visit. This is a very exciting time for British fashion, in addition to the work being done by the major houses, there are several extremely talented designers on the cusp of becoming the next big name in fashion. Had Kate gone with an emerging designer, that kind of global spotlight could have had a serious impact on a designer’s career. Either way, wearing UK brands promotes UK fashion and helps the economy.

  4. I thought the dress looked awful on her – it was, in parts, too big.

    I’m thinking she’s either pregnant, sulking at having been told off by William, or highly medicated for whatever reason. I’ll put $2 on the first two.

    1. The tailoring was odd. Since Kate favors fitted silhouettes with her numerous lace dresses, I was wondering too if perhaps number 3 was unintentionally on the way (I think she’s likely done and if she has a third, it will be in a few years). But Kate was drinking champagne at the banquet the night before so I think the dress just wasn’t the best of fits. Kate has pretty much every single article of clothing she buys tailored and there have been many times I’ve been shocked by how bad the alterations have been. Some of the bad tailoring has to do with Kate’s obsession with camouflaging her long torso but some of it is just poorly executed.

  5. HAHAHAHA Letters L, S & D Elmo would probably put in more preparation/concern/empathy/etc for an event than Waity. Kermit& Fozzy Bear are diplomatic heavies compared to these two.

  6. My guess is that Kate’s knackered look comes from going to bed too late and then getting up very early to do her celebrity hair and makeup. Most working professionals can manage that kind of turnaround, but Kate has never worked, and she probably has a time-consuming beauty routine. My guess is that Kate was overwhelmed by two high-visibility working appearances so close together, and it showed on her face.
    I once read that the Queen has had her hair done once a week and that she has used only red lipstick and a light dusting of face powder over the years. I realize that the Queen is from another era, but perhaps her simple, stress-free beauty routine contributes to her composure and natural beauty – not to mention the number of her appearances.

    1. I agree. Kate likely doesn’t have any kind of time management skills because her life between university and marriage was spent in suspended animation waiting for William. She could have easily worn her hair back, pulled it into a low bun herself, she didn’t need to have it professionally done again although I’m not sure if she’s capable of doing anything on her own beyond a ponytail. There’s also something called the Five Minute Make-up Rule, if you can’t do your entire beauty regimen in five minutes or less, you’re wearing too much make-up.

    1. I know, working two days in a row for Kate is like enduring extreme survival training for the most of us. She had to have her hair done twice within less than a twenty-four hour time frame, she must be wiped.

  7. I dont call what they do work
    they just show up and smile after waity has all staff running after her hair makeup dresser. I Think the dress is for a cocktail party i love the lace detail but its inappropriate for a morning event
    she looks ridiculous and atm is always frowning and looking positively bored …..
    she is really not the right person for this role such a child …
    i love your posts Lola heart always so well constructed and very truthful…

    1. Thanks so much, daisy! She’s a thirty-three year old woman with two children, a future Queen Consort, and she can’t even tell the difference between evening wear and what’s appropriate for a morning engagement? Does not bode well for the future.

  8. She looks terrible here! What the heck is going on? She looks miserable, angry and sulky with a few fake, manic facial expressions popping up occasionally. I predict a separation will be announced in the next five years. She’s not going to want to give up the title, perks and power her decade of stalking and scheming got her, but she may not have a choice.

    1. I think if William ever does divorce her, it will be because he’s found someone he’s madly in love with. With their present arrangement, he is pretty much free to do whatever and whomever he wants. I think it would cause a great deal of stress on Harry’s marriage if his wife were to ever behave the way Kate does, but William appears to have such little respect for the monarchy, Kate’s dismal work performance elicits little more than a clenched fist and jaw from him. While he gets annoyed with her, ultimately I don’t think he’d care if she wound up burning the entire monarchy to the ground.

  9. LOL Lola!! Waity was sulky both days, so I figure it’s because she actually had to show up and more or less behave.

    What is with her melting sagging face?! Horror show!

    1. My take on the evening dinner was that Kate was trying to maintain a serious expression to show the gravitas that is expected of a member of the BRF at a state dinner. It seems that she could have easily mastered the appropriately attentive expression simply by attending university lectures or church services. I tend to agree with Lola that the candelabra may have been strategically placed – just in case.

      I wondered about Kate’s face at the morning event, too. Her face seemed almost sculpted at the evening dinner and appeared to be “melting” the next day.

      1. Speaking of melting wax, it’s funny how this conversation has come around to Madame Tussaud’s on the occasion of the Chinese state visit. I believe that Prince Charles once referred to the Communist Chinese leadership as “appalling old waxworks” on the occasion of the transfer of Hong Kong to the PRC. I assume that’s why Charles was most likely not included in this visit?

      2. Leave the heater on “high” at Madame Tussauds, love it just love it!
        Thanks Lola! Your Cambridge posts and comments are so funny! BTW, has little Charlotte dropped off another page or two from her Princess diary yet? Please don’t say Auntie pippip has been helping her?
        #pippatips to write a letter it often helps to have the following : writing paper, an envelope and a pen. It is also a good idea to have a stamp to put on the envelope or the postman will not deliver it.

    2. … show up and without HM Order – now the world knows and no wonder ma carol was slouch/drinking near Prince Harry at the game; delusional carol believe she can p… off the Firm.

  10. What in the world is going on with Kate? She looked way better in 2010 and 2011 for the engagement and wedding years.

    I realize she has two children, but she has aged and her style choices get worse as time goes on. Most people do better with experience, but Kate seems to be failing. Is she doing a horrible job on purpose?

    I find it hard to believe W&K will do an upcoming tour. She will do everything in her power to get pregnant a third time to get out of it.

    1. I’m not sure if Kate is doing worse or if the media is just less-invested in selling a perfectly packaged princess because that Kate no longer sells magazines like she once did. Even though Kate is aging in dog years, when she was first married, the press wouldn’t run a single photo of her that hadn’t been excessively PhotoShopped.

      I don’t think the Caribbean tour has been officially confirmed yet. Considering the Australia/New Zealand Tour was basically a tax-payer funded vacation with the wine-tasting, boat races, zoo, a trip to Uluru, raft ride, Manly Beach visit, rest days, etc.), I can’t imagine Kate being reluctant to doing a Caribbean tour because it’s basically a freebie holiday during which she gets to rack up engagement numbers for the same kind of fun activities we all do while on vacation. If the Cambridges are reluctant to do it, I would happily go in lieu of the Caribbean Queen.

      1. Thanks, Lola. I forgot the heavy photoshop done in the early years. Could this be the media getting back at Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge due to all their issues with the reporters. If the answer is no; then why have they stopped making her look ‘perfect’.

  11. I couldn’t help to notice that she looks much older than her age and she had watery eyes, like she was holding back tears.

    Honestly I would like to know what’s up because for someone who has no worries, she looks terrible.

    1. In my opinion, Kate’s eyes looked more glassy than watery. To me it looked like Kate was on a Percocet/Xanax combo. I think the gossip about the breast lift was an accurate rumor and Kate got a few extra refills.

      Kate’s main objective in life was to marry Prince William and she already accomplished that, I don’t think she’s had any goals or dreams beyond becoming Mrs. Prince William, Kate doesn’t seem genuinely passionate about anything, she’s on auto-pilot now existing, but not living. She doesn’t have any worries but she also doesn’t appear to have anything that nourishes her soul, she is spiritually starving. The only time she appears vaguely life-like is around Ben Ainslie, as far as the rest of her charities and engagements go, she might as well just start sending a life-size cardboard Kate to them.

      1. Speaking of lightening up around celebrities, a Hong Kong journalist who attended this day said in his column that Kate suddenly lit up and was girlishly delighted at meeting Jackie Chan.

        It’s very telling that

        A) she only lit up around Jackie Chan,

        B) the lighting up was noticeably sudden which implies she was the opposite the rest of the day

        C) a future queen consort who would rather hang with superficial celebrities rather than the genuine policy makers of the world.

        1. Well that’s pretty much what she knows. Kate didn’t really study to be a Duchess, Princess of Wales or Queen Consort. I don’t think she gives a monkey’s behind about economics unless it hinders her shopping and she’ll spot a celebrity at 100 yards before she’ll recognize a diplomat standing right next to her. And it doesn’t matter how much prepping they may do, it seems to go in one ear and out the other. This is the woman who spent 2 plus hours at the set of Downton Abbey and can barely stay longer than an hour at her charities. I probably know more about the history of England and the royal family than she does. And that’s because I am interested in it and seek the information. Kate is interested in the history of Mustique.

        2. I know! That quote has me delighted in profound ways, perhaps best expressed with a Bedazzler. Do they still make those?

          I think the next post will be on this. I’ll have to work on it this weekend because it must be addressed with the appropriate level of gravits befitting the subject. Collages must be made, Maybe a pie chart. Or just pie.

      2. Hi Lola and all

        Just want to mention when we saw Middleton at the palace dinner on the BBC News my husband said “wow, she’s Xanaxed to the tits”. My friend, a nurse, was in the UK during the christening and she also made a comment about Kate looking medicated.

        So if they who are not royal watchers are noticing something not quite right then her issues are becoming harder to conceal.

        Thanks for another funny post.

      3. Independently of my dislike of Kate, I have to say that it’s kind of sad, isn’t it? Wanting something so bad and then meeting the reality is not what you envisioned is something I think she’s going through and a part of me pity her.

        I can’t say I fully support and pity her, she made her bed and now is laying on it, and I feel this is something as you greatly phrased it, existing but not living.

        Well, there’s always that double who has already attended one of the charities, she could take over.

  12. The wardrobe of the Chinese First Lady was stylish with a streamlined simplicity. The choice of the lace dress by Kate seems a deliberate act of contrast at best, and at worst, reminiscent of the little girl throwing a tantrum if she can’t wear her party dress all the time.

    1. Maybe that’s how they got her out of the house that morning, by promising she could wear her lace and William would match his tie to it. And when they got back home she could have her favorite smoothie and watch Downton Abbey while Maria takes care of the kids. 🙂

  13. And her new blue coat didnt fool me as the sigars went gaga over how stunning she looked, she looked very skinny, ugly boots, and her face is still aging rapidly, shes going to be what 34 next year, is this woman/child ever going to grow up, where the hell are those two kids!???? and that marriage is clearly on the rocks!

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