You Only Work Twice

The British Royal Trio was resurrected today for a double-header of events.

Earlier in the day, Prince  William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton attended the BAFTA  premiere  of Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas.

Kate looked less than thrilled upon arrival.

KateArrivalMaybe she caught a reflection of herself wearing the Tabitha Web Meg Space dress which looked like the universe got carsick on the ride over and vomited cosmic chunks on her frock.

Kate stalled in the entryway, but was coaxed  inside by the guiding hand of her husband.

KateStalledSometime between the Welly tossing competition and arts and  crafts portion of the event,  Kate’s mood  lifted as she laughed at something her prince companions didn’t find quite as  amusing, revealing some chipped bonding from  one  of  her greyish molars.

KateAmusedBonding isn’t as durable as veneers and is more prone to staining from  smoking and drinking coffee, tea, and red wine.  Maybe she should have gone withBonding, James Bonding on her back teeth.

While Prince Harry seemed to  struggle while working with modeling clay, he excelled at bringing joy to the faces of children and that’s what it’s all about.

PrinceHarryShauntheSheepEven Kate  had a noteworthy moment with some kids, being ninja-hugged by two happy girls.

It  seemed legit to even my cynical eyes, so likely the two spontaneous huggers weren’t then tasered by Kate’s RPOs and issued restraining orders.

KateHuggedOf course, nothing  really lights up the Duchess of  Cambridge like celebrities.

A Hong  Kong journalist covering the Creative Collaboration: UK & China event wrote, “Most unexpectedly, Princess Kate, who should be used to meeting and greeting dignitaries and upper echelons of society, suddenly lightened up with great delight and was very girlish when meeting Jackie Chan.”

The public figure so preoccupied with preserving her own privacy appears to still be enamored with meeting people who are famous.  In  2011, the post-wedding Canadian Tour was extended to include the US  at Kate’s request so she could meet Hollywood celebrities at the BAFTA Brits to  Watch event. Kate seemed a little too into Nicole Kidman.


Tonight Kate got  to delight in meeting more celebs at the premiere of the James Bond film, Spectre.


Kate’s gown was bespoke  Jenny Packham  which means that not only was the design of the dress on purpose, it came with a much higher price tag.  Somehow it managed to combine side boob with Mother of the Bride.


Perhaps braless  Kate wanted to show off the  results of her rumored  breast lift?

If only there were celebrities in need, Kate might finally have a cause she could care about.



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93 thoughts on “You Only Work Twice”

  1. Not regal – too much grinning (don’t make it sincere), hair and grannie busy curtains, for such a stick thin body.

      1. …agree ‘close’.

        Lovely dress for a celebrity (without a bra in London), and the dress seem oversized hanging on bones. Too much for a member of the aged old Institution that is The British Monarchy.

        Lovely dress for a celeb but not a ‘senior’ royal.

      2. Lola Heart well said
        in daily fail today two pages of fawning over her saying blogs online were being cruel …. agh.. well if they think that then we ate entitled to our opinions and all it takes is for waity to do some work and speeches and to stop showing off her body on royal engagements
        what do you think Lola
        love your intelligent blog

  2. The dress she wore to the James Bond film wore her, rather than she wore it … on someone with a bit more meat on their bones it probably would’ve looked quite nice.

    I love the photoshopped images of all her hair on RoyalDish – really, it is quite ridiculous … fake, fake, fake.

    And why did she look so miserable getting out of the car to go and see that sheep film?

    1. Love your Username! The whole Royal Trio always winds up leading to some tense interpersonal dysfunction. All three of them fare better as solo acts. I think someone might have been in the crowd whose presence upset Kate, she appeared to be looking at the same point a few times upon arrival and departure. Just a hunch, though, who knows what happened in the car on the way over.

      1. There have been several instances over the years where Kate looks super pissed when stepping out of the car, only to put on a manic grin as soon as she greets whoever is there to greet her. Both when riding with William, and when she’s riding alone.

        1. My personal favorite Kate arrival expression is when she looks like she’s a captured escaped tiger waking up from a zoo tranquilizer… groggy, not entirely sure where she is, but not happy about it regardless.

          She did look a few times over at the same spot, it made me wonder if there was a photographer she wasn’t happy about seeing or maybe someone in the crowd was wearing an “Andy Murray Sucks” t-shirt. Who knows. One of the many mysteries of Kate.

        2. Maybe someone is shouting out “lazy DoLittle, 3-kitchens Katie, get to work woman, no more excuses!” I can really imagine that Kate doesn’t accept criticism; cue her engagement interview.

  3. Oh my goodness, the Packham dress is so baggy! And droopy. It would have looked so much better had the top part of the dress not been so baggy.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the earrings, Lola. They are Robinson Pelham Pagoda earrings set with blue topaz and diamonds in white gold at a price tag of £14,300 and were worn by Carole to Kate’s evening wedding reception. I don’t mind them, personally, I actually kind of like them, but I’m surprised you didn’t comment on Kate wearing Carole’s £14,300 earrings.

    1. I had to hit Publish before I could get to the earrings. My dog, Nightwing, decided I had spent entirely too much time on my laptop and not enough time giving him attention and tried to push my laptop off my lap so he could replace it. I was only able to add one more line and photo before I had to give up.

        1. At his last weigh-in, Nightwing was 64lbs, but I think he’s grown a little since then. Next month is his yearly check-up, I’m going to do a follow-up pooch post at the end of November for our first adoptiversary.

          1. Oh gosh, 64lbs and still growing? Please, tell me, Nightwing isn’t part Great Dane is he?
            And BTW, it appears there is now two Cathys posting comments on your blog. Would you like me to change my name so you (and anyone reading the comments) can tell when it is me posting and when the other Cathy posts?

            1. When I adopted Nightwing, the rescue said he was a Lab Mix. Male Labs are usually 65-75lbs, I also think he’s got some boxer in him which are in the 65-70lb range. He was a stray so I think he’s probably a little smaller than he would have been if he hadn’t spent the first few months of his life surviving on whatever food he could find. When I got him, he was still emaciated, but I figured he’d wind up weighing 70lbs. I was going to get Nightwing genetically tested to determine his breed mix but my vet said wait, the technology isn’t there yet, a bunch of NYC submitted samples of dogs with known pedigrees and a purebred Rottweiler came back as something like 60% Chihuahua.

              Thanks for the heads-up about the duplicate usernames. I’ll have to check my setting because I thought each one had to be unique.

    2. Wow – is that what £14,300 buys? Personally, I didn’t like them. Some regal pearl and diamond teardrop earrings would’ve looked far nicer. Kate seems to have odd taste in earrings – those large hoops she wore to watch one of the rugby games recently were awful too (just in my humble opinion, of course) – nice on a bohemian-style lady but not reall suited to her or anything she wears.

      1. Normally Kate wears insignificant pieces that are barely noticeable or are obscured by her hair so I liked that she wore something bolder with her hair up. Carole’s earrings aren’t my own personal taste, but at least they weren’t leaf earrings.

        Kate seems to struggle with what’s appropriate for evening versus day, she wore a cocktail dress to the Creative Collaborations : UK & China 10am event, there’s no discernible difference between her day and evening make-up and she struggles with accessorizing for evening events. The bar is set pretty low for Kate so anything vaguely close to the mark is much better than what she usually delivers.

        1. Well spotted M!
          If only Kate had copied the dress as well?
          That dress looks kinda ok in some photos but terrible in others, it would have looked better if she wasn’t so skinny. Also I hated the way Kate walked up the stairs in that dress, grabbing a handful of skirt and looking like she was carrying washing out to the line to be hung up. So unladylike, can someone please get Kate a crash course from “Lucie Clayton” on how to walk, walk up stairs, sit, stand, get out of cars…
          Lucie Clayton or any other deportment school would do!!!!

    3. That much for those earrings which have only been seen in public twice? That represents an awfully large number of paper plates etc that would have been needed to be sold on Party Pieces to pay for them.

  4. Hi Lola – loved the play on the James Bond title! It was good to see W&K plus Harry enjoying the charity event.

    While your cosmic barf reference re Kate’s blue print dress was funny, I did like this dress and thought that it was appropriate for the occasion. If Kate would only learn how to stand up straight and manage her expressions and long mop better! These are things that she might have learned as a working girl or at a fancy finishing school – neither of which are on her resume. Some women also learn these things from their mothers – enough said.

    Re the James Bond premier, I liked Kate’s hair up as well as her dangly, sparkly earrings. Her gown, which was a beautiful ethereal color, reminded me of something that the great Hollywood star Lana Turner might have worn on the set in her trailer after five. It just seemed more negligee than formal wear.

    In my opinion, Kate continues to score with individual bits and pieces of a look, but only rarely achieves a coherent whole or consistent sense of style. If she could master good posture, a flattering hair style, and appropriate expressions, these would serve her well regardless of wardrobe hits and misses.

    1. I have an Old Hollywood style negligee set similar to what Kate wore to the premiere, except it’s not swimming on me like Jenny Packham’s gown is on her. The original Jenny Packham design the dress was based on was so much better, the shoulders are cut out and it’s more fitted. I’m not sure why Kate decided she couldn’t show a little shoulder, but the changes that were made completely threw off the design.

  5. I have scoured the internet but haven’t seen it mentioned once – Kate is missing upper premolar (bicuspid) teeth. You should have 2 on each side, she only has one. Just a silly dentist observation, mouths are the first things I look at lol.

    Also, everyone talks about the work done to her upper teeth, I actually thing the biggest difference is noted in her lower incisors. Her lower right incisors used to have a bigger discrepancy in position but have clearly had some work done and the discrepancy isn’t as obvious now.

    1. The work Dr. Fillion did on her bottom teeth was by far the most dramatic. I really thought he did an incredible job on Kate’s teeth prior to the wedding, I have no idea why she continued to tinker with her smile.

      I never noticed Kate was missing upper premolar teeth, that’s very interesting. Do you have any theories as to why she’s missing them?

      1. There used to be an older dental technique that entailed removing an out-of-the way tooth to eliminate overcrowding and ensure an even smile. It was a lot quicker and less expensive than braces. Most dentists no longer use this technique. This may or may not be the case with Kate missing a tooth. Perhaps the tooth fairy was aggressive?

      2. Agenesis (genetically missing teeth) is somewhat common (up to 9% in some populations). Besides wisdom teeth, the lateral incisors and the second premolars are the most commonly affected. But the most common reason to be missing them is because they are extracted prior to getting orthodontic braces to create space for nice alignment.

        1. That’s very interesting, thanks for the info. The word on the street was that part of Dr. Fillion’s work involved lingual braces (Kate began her overhaul when she and William had an agreement to get engaged) so perhaps the extraction happened then.

  6. Woo – Bond dress is too much for her to carry, but she sure love and is in her most favorite – that of celebrity – rather than the noble role of BRF representing HM POW – The British Monarchy and people.

    1. The quote by the Hong Kong journalist pretty much sums up the situation. Kate acts like a silly fangirl around celebs instead of comporting herself as a duchess and representative of the British Royal Family and the UK. I’ve met a number of celebrities and they’re just people with jobs people think are cool. Kate could pretty much meet anyone she wants to, and yet she seems to only want to meet actors and actresses.

      If you were in a position where you could meet anyone you wanted to, who would you choose? You can choose celebs, I’m genuinely interested in who would be on everyone’s wish list.

      1. Amen!

        All the way in Hong Kong – wow!
        I sense she like the stars as she get ‘hrh’ kissers a lot -(stars want to be around the most famous to help their status/career (kardashion type – and coincidentally both mums were air hostesses).

        Not sure, who I would love to meet – we all are one – some with more money privileges than most, titles or not (even the Pope who is more ‘Godly’). But we all need and look for LOVE Family (some in the extreme) basic of life …

        An off comment, any update on the supposedly Caribbean tour.

      2. No one. Every celebrity or important person I’ve met has always disappointed me. In my opinion, they never come close to deserving the pedestal that we all put them on.

      3. I don’t have any specific names of people I would want to meet. Really, anyone sincerely nice and funny would do. Also, they need to bring their dogs.

      4. I had the chance to approach Neil Young (one of my music heroes- “Rust Never Sleeps” AAAAAAmen!) but didn’t do it because it was at the feast after the Bar Mitzvah of his manager’s son and I was too shy (my friend did, brave soul). But I did sing in front of him 🙂 (actually chanting blessings over the Torah). It was not a wish, but man, it was tooooo cooooool to see him there with his wife and son. He was actually very approachable.

        I don’t wish to meet anyone but if it occurs by happenstance, then I would be thrilled.

  7. If I were Jenny Packham, I would be mortified that way the dresses look on Waity and probably retire to a cave.

    1. Having seen the original dress this one was based off of, I doubt Jenny Packham considers this one of her better bespoke creations. But she’s gotten a lot of free advertising with Kate wearing her designs so I’m sure she takes the occasional bad bespoke design in stride.

    2. There are people who think she looks fantastic in that dress. So I think the Packham reputation remains safe.

    3. Hi the other Cathy. I agree, if Kate wanted to wear something I had designed I would be gently sending her to another designer. Or to posture and deportment classes.

  8. The muscles of her neck turn into high-tension wires the moment she makes any sort of facial expression. Maybe it’s a fluke of physiognomy, but doesn’t it take a certain degree of strain to cause so much cording? Whether she’s merely smiling unconvincingly, grinning ghoulishly or letting her mouth hang half open in that spoiled pettish look she’s wearing on the way to meet Shaun the Sheep, the neck is always the same. It’s like she’s throttling a scream that is always threatening to escape from her throat.

    1. LOL. In fairness to her, Kate also has a serious underbite, which can be a serious medical issue and quite painful. I’ve known people who’ve had serious surgery to correct, but it requires breaking and re-setting the jaw. I can understand why she wouldn’t go through that. Sadly, I think George may have inherited it.

      Kate doesn’t have a good profile IMO because her underbite is more prominent and she looks like a puppet.

  9. Only princess charlene can outshine hollywood stars kate cant, l actually felt sorry for her, when william was talking to other people she looked lost, without william shes a nobody!!

    1. I watched the video of Kate and William touring the America’s Cup base with Ben. I actually felt for Kate as she was so awkward and didn’t know where to stand or what to do most of the time that I turned the video off. I can totally understand why William usually propels her around with a hand on her back most of the time at engagements otherwise she would be lost. For some reason he wasn’t guiding her that day and she was all over the place. She obviously isn’t paying attention and often misses a beat when it’s time to move on to the next place or person.

  10. The thing is queen leitizia is thinner than kate but leti dress sense is spot on, elegant , modern well put together kate is always unpolished, unfinished look

  11. Another great post Lola. But I have to say in order to show side boob, you’ve got to have boobs. She’s dieting them away to nothing along with the rest of her body. I’m beginning to believe something is very wrong in Cambridgeville and needs to be addressed.

    And tell Nightwing we can’t wait to see him again!

  12. There’s a few things about the Bond premiere that didn’t sit well with me. The first is how skinny Kate looks. I feel like she wore that monstrosity of a dress to hide her skeletal physique however, it backfired and just accentuated it. Did she lose even more weight before she wore it and didn’t have time to tailor it ? I can’t believe the look she was going for was the “drowning in fabric” or the” I borrowed this from someone three sizes larger than me” look. The second thing that made me quite sad is Harry’s bald spot is really becoming more prominent. There was a shot from the event that was taken from behind and wow, there it was. It looks like he’s trying to do a comb-thing with it because his hair was intricately arranged as if to hide it but it didn’t seem to be doing such a good job. Anyway, I’m sad about Harry’s bald spot … that is all.

  13. Hahahaha. Side boob and mother of the bride. That is exactly this dress.

    For what she has to offer for sideboob, it’s out there. This one should be auctioned off for one of those charities she cares so much about immediately.

  14. Did you see the video of her with the kids? She’s flailing her arms like OH DEAR GOD DON’T TOUCH THEM. So different from the snapshot image one gets where the video tells all: how uncomfortable she is.

  15. Can I just rant a little about Kate’s complete lack of taste in clothes? It just drives me nuts when I see flashy article titles about the Style Queen. For a woman, obsessed with her body, she hasn’t got the slightest idea how to dress it properly so her best features pop and the rest is obscured.
    The premiere dress looked like a nightgown with a fancy belt. It was not appropriate for her body type – made her look even skinnier (though that is probably a good thing in her eyes). And what was she thinking going braless with her non-existent boobs? What message was she trying to convey? Hey, I’m still sexy even after I nursed two kids?
    She has some good pieces in her day-to-day wardrobe but she can’t combine them very well. Besides, she just doesn’t put her mind into it when she chooses her outfits. I still can’t forget her trip to New York when she chose a black coat to visit a centre of child development and then donned that mortifying pink coat to visit the 9/11 memorial. Sure, she wanted to be visible in the crowd but… black for kids and pink for remembrance ? Or that hideous non-maternity brown dress which she wore when pregnant and which pulled in all the wrong places?
    And my list goes on and on but I don’t want to bother you all with it 🙂
    Thanks if someone read it. Rant over 🙂

    1. M-

      Kate Middleton tends to be quite ‘inspirational’ doesn’t she?

      Ranting is the antidote to all the saccarine pr garbage they pile on us and a necessity of life if you read the Daily Mail.

  16. The video from which that group hug is taken from shows a very different reality to the photo.

    Also, I was looking at a DM article about the premiere an realised that

    A) that robe (what else can we call it) actually has a thigh high slit on the left side. It’s hard to spot due to the overflow of material, and the fact that she was mostly photographed/video’d from the right side, but there is one photo from the left side where the slit and her inner thigh/leg are quite clearly visible.

    B) I feel really bad about making fun of her wig all week because it was clearly hiding just how frail she is. She doesn’t look like someone who has exercised herself into thinness eg Letizia – who is naturally thin, but looks strong due to exercise. She looks like she starved herself skinny and is now very, very frail. The hair, extra padded bra, coats hide this.

    1. The idea of fragility makes me curious. If she is working out a lot, how can she be frail even though she might look frail? She certainly doesn’t look like she’s on her last legs to me.

      She strikes me as looking pin thin especially in a gown like the Packham but certainly not deserving of concern.

      1. If she’s restricting her food, no amount of exercise is going to make her strong. Her muscles will waste and she’ll end up fragile instead of strong.

        1. Herazeus – whatever the cause of Kate’s more recently perceived weight loss, I agree that it is disturbing to think of anyone suffering and wasting away. We joke here about Carole’s cheese-on-toast, and Amanda Platell ended her Daily Mail article with a comment about Carole spoon-feeding shepherd’s pie to Kate. Who knows what truth there might be in that. If there are medical concerns around Kate’s weight, I hope that she will seek and get whatever professional help she might need. Keep Calm and Get Help.

    2. Thank you for your comments Herazeus. Wanting to look at the DM article for myself, I typed “Daily Mail Kate James Bond premiere” into Google which came back with “Kate Middleton braless at Spectre premiere in Jenny Packham gown”. So I clicked to the article to find the astonishing headline, “Daring Duchess Goes Braless in Floor-length Jenny Packham Gown and Diamond Accessories at the World Premiere of Spectre”. I love the caption to one of the photographs: “Kate appeared to leave her underwear at home as she flashed a hint of her lower back in the elegant gown”. Oh dear.

      Also a bit sad to read the DM headline for the article which covered the Shaun the Sheep visit: “‘Make Catherine do a silly walk!’ Duchess of Cambridge HECKLED into performing silly stage skit by mischievous Prince William during BAFTA visit”. (Heckled capitalised by the DM not me). Maybe William didn’t mean to sound cruel, but it’s one of a few cutting remarks he’s made to/ about his wife. Doesn’t bode well…

    3. So what was the real context of the hug? I thought that was the one photograph showing a degree of natural human interaction, though of course we all know by now just how misleading these things can be. A picture is worth a thousand lies, after all.

      1. The kids grabbed her in a hug. She grabs one kid to steady herself and them moves quickly not to touch the child’s hair whilst momentarily making that OTT grin.

        It wasn’t spontaneous, and she didn’t stop to talk to the kids. She was walking past them and was momentarily surprised by the hug. If you look closely at the picture, one hand is still tightly holding her clutch next to her body so it must be awkward for the kid to hug her since Kate kept her arm and clutch between them.

        And the hand that looks like it’s touch the other kid’s hair is not touching her at all. Kate is waving her arm after momentarily steadying herself and tries to avoid touching the child.

        What’s weird is that you can see the wheels turning in her head as to what will make a good freeze frame hence the above photo because before, during and afterwards of the above photo, there is no interaction between Kate and the kids.

  17. This comment, which I cut and pasted from the Daily Mail, is in response to Amanda Platell’s recent article re Kate:
    “Me Here, London, 4 hours ago
    To apologists like Amanda Platell, I have one thing to say – She needs to sort herself out. It isn’t difficult given the resources she has at her disposal – plenty of money, time, access to the best hairdressers, beauticians, hairdressers, public performance coaches etc. She will never be a beauty BUT she can be styled properly by professionals and she can be schooled in correct royal behaviour and attire. There really is no excuse. All across Europe we have a generation of young royals, some of whom have become Queen at only 7 years older than Kate, all of whom were married into royalty at the same age as kate and they do not embarrass their country with gauche behaviour, flashing and who knows what else. Kate has no substance, she is the pampered daughter of parents who raised her to be rather useless and it shows. No career prior to marriage and the lack of professionalism in dress, manner and deportment shows.”

    1. Agreed 100%. She might be good around the house for all we know, but that is not sufficient for her public role and life, funded by taxpayers until the day she dies.

  18. Well, well, well! Such a lot of curious fashion choices so little time to comment!
    However, the Bond premier dress momentarily rendered me speechless! What is going on here? Is this ethereal ghostly presence a warm up for Halloween? I think we should be told! There was clearly a nod to the film industry here, the B- movie genre, I’m thinking Frocky Horror show!
    As for the teeth, reminiscent of tombstones!

  19. Lola! Did you see the photos of her evening visit to represent women in hedge funds…WTH! She looked Iike she was wearing a moomoo…or some Hawaii outfit for day tripping around Hawaii as a tourist…what was she thinking!?…
    Also that hugging of the children prior event…was deceptive. Apparently she had little to no reaction toward the kids after or before that one second they surprised her with a hug…but people pointed out she was blocking the kids with one arm holding her bag close and was only holding the other child to catch her balance. Apparently somone was there and witnessed it and said she was trying to catch her balance.

    1. Bear – That Erdem dress reminds me of the shirt worn by the cartoon character in the old Hawaiian Punch commercial. “Fruit, juicy Hawaiian Punch!”

  20. I find kate very awkward and strange, shes never calm, always doing strange things around people, the role is too big for her and it wont get any better compare queen maxima with the chinese president and kate big difference,

  21. Yes! Perfect Gretagoblin ! The HI punch guy!!! The dress just looks like a bad tourist shirt. What the heck was going on at the bottom of it!? Whatever that flounce thing was it took away from it being wearable as a formal or even semi formal attire.

  22. Good bet is she jumped on a jet straight for Mustique thus the attire…come to think of it…there have not been any pics of her and william since…guess work got to them again…time for a break :/

  23. Wasty is loosing it, she thought she will be DIana 2:;0 , well diana did not become famous by grinning, flashing, waiting around for a ring, kate is too old to improve now, and it will get worse for her if she think shes will just sit around and enjoy the perks without lifting a finger, and her looks are dissappearing overnight, shes just an empty shell now!!

  24. Hi lola heart
    just been reading online that waity is not allowed to do public speaking as the family dont want her to make a big gaffe when trying to speak publicly. Cant believe how she gets away with everything as being such a child woman and has the best in business to teach her how to speak properly she still cannot do it
    Unbelievable for her age and how many years she has been a duchess …. it just shows she really is just a mannequin arm candy
    and it states that bill will be doing all speaking to media for her
    The big joke about all this is how can she possibly be aqueen if she knows nothing about world affairs and how can she possibly deal with heads of state not being able to conduct a public speaking role
    we think they should step away and let Camilla and Charles be in total control

    1. She can’t speak in public because she is concentrating so much on that clipped,fake, acquired accent!

  25. Daisy, I really don’t think she will ever be Queen,the monarchy won’t last much past Charles, if it last that long. I predict once HM dies, you will watch the beginning of the end for the commonwealth, they will break off bit by bit!

    1. Nothing to do with the Commonwealth of Nations, it’s independent and doesn’t depend on HM being Head of State of any realm.

      But I do agree that the monarchy won’t last through Charles’ reign. I think William knows it too. He’s just going through the motions, IMO.

  26. And kate and william have done Nothing in those four years apart from giving excuses why waity cant work while suing the press!!

    1. Hear hear definitely not queen material
      she cannot discuss world events and do speeches
      something which is very very important to understand business etiquette .. she is completely clueless on tbis score
      so surprised the people around her dont train her and make her understand about the world

    1. They are saying she is work shy and scared to death to stand in front of a crowd to say anything, thats the biggest joke so far, waity shy never, paraded at uni iin a see through fish net, flashed her lady bits all over the world, went naked on a french balcony, she just doest not wanb to work!!

    2. Or Kate has a learning disability or perhaps a incurable behavioral issue or two going on?
      (She looked ill in photos during mid-childhood & the mysterious vertical scar along her temple attest to something being ‘off’ as Kate was growing up.)

  27. Thats what I realise now reading all in press
    one very manipulating child woman who gets her own way to do nothing ….except show off in designer gear

  28. Gosh this blog is so well written by Lola so eloquent always with interesting information about truthful observations about waity she now is going to do organics only so she can get her sister on the payroll.
    Hopefully when on the next royal tour we all dont get to see her bottom and that she wears underwear . What a disgrace to our country when she went on the last royal tours showing her body parts to everyone .. so disgraceful… what an embarrassment she is . Definitely not Royal material never will be
    as she thinks more about the designer wear costing a fortune on an engagement than anything else. Certainly not the british public in these austere times .

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