Prince George Starts Nursery School

Kate Middleton might be getting the good lovin’ tonight from hubby Prince William, so if their ten bedroom country estate is a-rockin’, don’t go a-knockin’.  The couple managed to pull off Prince George’s first day of nursery school without the presence of the loathsome media, released two photos taken by Kate on Twitter after-the-fact, thereby sharing the future king’s milestone moment in the couple’s trademark on-their-terms-only fashion, and pissing off a multitude of royal  photographers in the process.

So how did the Cambridges pull off this latest coupe of public figures living privately?  It was actually kind of brilliant.  It didn’t require the kind of carefully calculated choreography of Ocean’s Eleven, they simply used the Power of Assumption.

The Bait:

On December 18th, Kensington Palace released an official announcement that Prince George would be starting Westacre Montessori School Nursery  in Norfolk before the end of January.


Media outlets dutifully reported the news that George would be starting nursery school at the end of the January, like eonline which gushed, “But after the holidays, Prince George is going to have to start planning his first day of school outfit, as the palace also announced Friday that he’ll be starting nursery school at the end of January!”

Technically, January 6th does fall before the end of January.  So the announcement was not even blatantly deceptive by the Cambridges’ standards.

As Richard Palmer noted in his December 18th Express article on the choice of a nursery school ten miles from Anmer Hall:

“The Cambridges have spent an increasing amount of time at Anmer Hall, their 10-bedroom country home on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, despite taxpayers forking out £4.5 million to upgrade their official London residence at Kensington Palace.

Aides had said they would spend most of their time at the London residence but they soon got fed up with the public and media attention in London and it quickly became clear they intended to base themselves in Norfolk.”

It’s just so irksome when the public shows interest in public figures.  Hang your heads in shame, peasants, you basically forced them into doing what suited them like they would have anyway.

The Heist:

With the public and royal photographers assuming Prince George’s first day of nursery school would fall at the end of the January, Prince William and Kate Middleton pulled up to Westacre Montessori Nursery with two-and-half-year-old George and Kate took some pics.  After George’s first day, when the family was back at their Fortress of Solitude, Anmer Hall, Kensington Palace released two of Kate’s photos of George’s first day.  From the @KensingtonRoyal Twitter Account:



Prince George is undeniably adorable.  But two pics of His Royal Cuteness taken by his mother feels a bit paltry, especially compared to the media presence at Prince William’s first day at nursery school, as evidenced in this photo published by Hello Magazine.


The Daily Mail couldn’t resist pointing out that on Prince William’s first day of nursery school, “In line with tradition, a formal photocall was arranged by Kensington Palace for the three-year-old’s arrival at Mrs Mynors’ Nursery School in London, which was also a Montessori.”

Royal photographers, whose livings are adversely effected by the Cambridge’s dodging of traditional photocalls and legal threats against unofficial photos, vented their frustrations on social media.  Royal photographer, Mark Stewart, lamented the covert move by the Cambridges on Twitter with royal photographer, James Whatling, emphasizing that the changes were for the worse.


James Whatling also got in a dig at how ridiculous it is that public figures are demanding to live privately, doling out amateur photographic pellets as if they will satiate the public that supports the monarchy.


Perhaps the most interesting Tweet of all was from Niraj Tanna, who has an impressive track record of being in the know about the generally unknown:


Did an American journalist get the scoop before anyone else that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be releasing photos of Prince George’s first day of nursery school on the American-owned platform Twitter?  If so, that’s gotta sting even more.

It kind of makes me  nostalgic for the days when instead of all these passive-aggressive shenanigans, the future Queen Consort  just out-right flashed the press the V sign (the  British  version of giving the finger).KateFlashesVSign

Prince George won’t be attending nursery school regularly, permitting him breaks from the drudgery of cutting and pasting.  According to a senior aide quoted in the Daily Mail“He won’t go every day… but the couple decided that it would just be nice for him to attend a little local nursery school.”

So basically like his parents, Prince George’s schedule will remain flexible so he can properly go on holiday and be reportedly keen on things.  George is one precocious kid, he’s not even three yet and he’s got the whole Cambridge prince thing down.


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47 thoughts on “Prince George Starts Nursery School”

  1. Kate and William lack the insight to see the long term damage they are doing to the monarchy. There is so much poverty and hardship in the world that the time will come when there is no patience or tolerance for self-indulgent figureheads who cry ‘privacy’ and then wear jewelled tiaras and require police protection. Two or three snap shots a year of George taken on Kate’s iphone (or whatever she uses) will mean that the public form minimal connection with him. This constant use of social media rather than mainstream media means that a large group of people who aren’t constantly attached to social media will miss your message. The British monarchy relies heavily on nostalgic loyalty from a slightly more mature demographic. That is not to say that younger people aren’t interested, but listen to older people talk about the Queen and the Queen Mother. There isn’t that same admiration from younger people towards the younger generations of royals. Also, younger people don’t remember Diana – they are far less likely to be tolerant of William’s disdain for the press. The Cambridge family now gets very little mention in the reputable mainstream news (apart from tabloids) especially in Australia. Kate and William better be careful what they wish for because they just might get it.

    1. On some level, I think William wants to destroy the monarchy. As a child, he would stomp his feet and proclaim he doesn’t want to be king. The resentful declarations persisted into his twenties. Ultimately, Prince William is too selfish and spoiled to step aside though and I think he will feast on the carcass of the monarchy until there is nothing left.

      I do think there is diminished patience for someone who seems obsessed with keeping his family so photographically controlled when tens of thousands will die this winter in the UK because they cannot afford to heat their homes, people have been losing their businesses and everything they own due to flooding, during a time of austerity measures they’re costing taxpayers millions more in security because they didn’t like being in the public eye in London, it’s ridiculous. The Queen has earned the admiration of both the people of the UK and the world by her devotion to duty. Kate’s core fan-base is young and teenage allegiance is fleeting. Especially now that William and his uncle Edward are twinsies and Kate is morphing into her mother.

      Kate uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I’ve only handled the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (and by handled, I mean been immensely intimidated by), but I’m sure hers is almost as impressive as the one I was afraid I was going to break or accidentally reposition a satellite with. The pictures of my last post were taken with an iPhone, you can see the difference in quality between the pics of George and Nightwing, the crispness and depth of using a proper camera versus an iPhone.

      1. The most interesting thing about this family are the reviews one reads on your blog Lola Keep up the good work. I have admiration for HM for her service through all the years, but suspect as each successor is due to replace the previous one public interest will wane further – I won’t be around to see Willfull if Charles lives as long as his mother – and doubt I will miss anything

        1. Thanks so much, Laura! It’s not a fair comparison, though. Nightwing has very expressive ears, a happy wiggle butt and he licks your nose when you ask if he loves you. The photos of George may or may not have come with some picture frames that Kate bought. 😉

      2. It seems a very costly camera to be in the hands of an amateur such as Kate. We read that she fancies herself as a photographer, apart from just fancying herself all over. But the photos are just pretty ordinary point-and-click stuff. I get that they don’t want to traumatize George with masses of photographers about but there is a middle ground to be found. I think they just enjoy sticking it to people.

    2. William can no longer coast on the love of Diana. He did for a long time, but there is an entire generation of people who were born after she died. William is going to need those people on his side in the future and he is not building the necessary connection with them.

      1. I think he’s already burned through any sympathy those who were alive when Diana died had for him. His natural instinct to push people away isn’t exactly earning him fans. I think the two newspapers (there may have been more, I only saw two) that cropped him out of the Christmas card photo on their sent a pretty interesting message. In that family, he’s viewed as the expendable one. I’m very surprised that photo was their Christmas card, William’s presence looked like an awkward photobomb. But the Cambridges do tend to like awkward-looking official photos. I find that one of the four of them at Charlotte’s Christening to be visually unsettling.

        1. They like the artifice and unfortunately the elaborate construction of their ‘perfect family life’ comes across as contrived and plastic. And super narcissistic to boot. The christening photo is very stilted an photoshopped to bu***ry.
          Good to see that they are inculcating George nice and early with the family trait of being half-arsed: a couple of hours here and there of education in between vacations.

  2. Quite frankly I have better things to be focused on – I have been through 2 floods in less than a week – Australia might be a very dry country but I have water in the house to mop up after a deluge this week and heaters on trying to dry out carpet – I’m sure George is having a super time at nursery – but what he wore and from which shop is not on my radar. Having said that I am shocked that his workshy mother could shift herself enough to take him to school and click her camera twice to record the event. Yawn. Great post as always Lola, but I doubt I am the only one who is less interested in this bunch of non achievers as time goes by.

    1. I’m so sorry you’ve been effected by the rain that’s been pummeling parts of Australia. I hope you’re not in the Hunter region where there’s been all that flash flooding. It’s crazy the floods, fires and extreme storms that have been happening all around the world. There are the fires in Victoria, one of which destroyed more than a hundred homes, flooding in the UK, more than 150,000 people in South America had to be evacuated because of torrential rain, there were devastating fires and now flooding in Spain, in the US, around 43 died in the Christmas time tornadoes and storms that ripped through the south and midwest.

      Only one member of the British Royal Family to date has visited flood victims in the UK in an official capacity, Prince Charles. The 82-year-old Duchess of Kent who is retired from royal duty made a private visit to York where in addition to the effects of the flooding, residents also have to deal with evacuated homes having been targeted by looters. I think Prince Andrew is going to visit York today because of the WTF public response his absence has gotten. But he did send that message which I’m sure immediately made everyone forget their woes.

      Where have the rest of the royals been while so many are suffering in their country? William, the future king, was spotted pheasant hunting on New Year’s Day so he’s been around. It’s just so super hard to care about peasants when there are pheasants to shoot. What is the point of the royals if they aren’t going to even try to fake caring about the people of the UK? It does speak volumes about the Cambridges that they care more about photographs than people whose lives have been torn apart.

      1. Thanks Lola – I was in the Hunter region where I was cut off as roads became rivers – finally got back to Sydney to find water in the garage and downstairs carpet soaked in areas – at least it was cool enough to put the heating on for an hour in an attempt to dry the carpet a bit before the black mould starts – but looks like new carpet will be needed – worse has happened to others – just puts things in perspective – your dead MIL and attempting to emulate her style and legacy is about as important as a diamond is to a starving or escaping refugee

        1. Ugh, that’s awful. I’m just glad you’re safe. If you do have to rip up the carpet, I recommend checking out Masters Home Improvement (it’s Lowe’s here in the US). I used Lowe’s for an interior design job I did. I had searched high and low, couldn’t find the right carpet anywhere, didn’t have high hopes when I went in, and was pleasantly surprised by the selection, quality, cost and job they did with the installation. It might be worth a look. I’ve been dealing with some apartment repairs and backyard clean-up from exterior work that’s been done on my building, not anything remotely on the scale you’re dealing with, but even that’s been exhausting so my heart goes out to you.

            1. Mitre 10 and Bunnings both sell super-cheap click-together floorboards too (if you decide to replace soft carpet with hard flooring) 🙂

      2. If anyone is expecting William to care about his fellow man, truly care, you need only look at the two recent interviews he has given to understand that we have all been sold and continue to be sold a shoddy bill of goods.

        To wit: his interview at the start of his EAAA job in which he said he didn’t know what the royals did for work and in any case whatever it is that they do, the oldies can go on doing it, not him.

        His recent interview as part of the Princes Trust anniversary in which he is describing Charles’s attention and devotion to royal duty. Actually, his entire description of what he thinks Charles does, including what the Princes Trust does, showed how clueless he is about it all. The way he describes it showed he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about, but those CH/BP people told him to say something and even gave him the words, as sourced from a focus group, to say.

        Finally, do you remember when Wales flooded and entire SAR teams of Wales and other neighbouring counties were called back from holidays and or put on emergency alert in order to help the flood victims?

        Guess who didn’t show up, was pictured drunk and falling out of a club in London? You guessed it. William.

        It was really shocking considering he was attached to Anglesey SAR and still living in Wales.

        KP smoothed ruffled feathers with a statement about his presence being too distracting to the flood victims. As if he couldn’t have stayed on base to co-ordinate flights!!!!!

        1. His ignorance of what his family does is actually kind of staggering. Obviously he’s chosen to ignore as much as he possibly can, or at least act like he doesn’t know. Maybe he believes that as long as he can say he doesn’t know anything about it he can’t be made to do it.

          Either way it’s a load of BS that the gets to lollygag around and get all of this money thrown as his little family while continually denying the family business that funds his idleness.

        2. Amen to this post. William’s lack of humanity is startling, when recognized, but can’t come as much of a surprise in the context of how he’s behaved over time.

  3. Well if William is hell bent on destroying the monarchy he’s doing a fabulous job. But what the Whiny one needs to realize is that without the monarchy he becomes a big nobody who will have to pay for his own bills with his own money. And he really isn’t worth all that much in the grand scheme of things.

    I don’t really care what kind of camera she used, it was basically a point and shoot photo. There’s no artistry to the pictures, no reason for me to say “oh wow, Duchess Kate The Photographer took pictures of George!” A photo of just one of them walking him into the school would have been wonderful and given more of a connection between the children and their parents. Right now they come off more as satellites orbiting each other in the galaxy that is Anmer.

    If he truly wants to be out of the monarchy just let him keep rolling down this path, he’ll get his way.

    1. William is notoriously cheap. He does not like to spend his own money on anything. I think his subconscious and his wallet need to have a nice long meeting, maybe it will help him see the inherent flaws in his actions.

      1. If his work and wallet co-related, we would see a lot more work or less expense or both.

        I’m reminded when he took the ‘private’ trip to spy HQ using the Queen’s heli, and when something was sent the £8000 bill for it, it turned into a royal duty trip to b paid by tax payers.

        Even the royal reporters frequently make jokes at how cheap he is.

        When he is outed doing something cheap eg taking the train or flying by budget airline, he’s not doing that to be one of the people, he is doing that because he is paying for it himself.

  4. Great – another crumb for the unwashed masses. The Worknots must believe their own PR machine and think we’re too stupid to see through these tactics or too blinded by their supposed star power. And just imagine how frightened and upset PG will be when he has to face his next barrage of photographers because his “parents” cannot be bothered to have photo shoots on the regular.

    1. At this rate, I dont think ppl will care for them (George and Charlotte) as they get older so no worries about the next barrage of photographers IMHO.

    2. William hated the press from the very beginning and Princess Diana tried to make him understand he would have to come to terms with it, the press would be there his whole life. Not only is Prince William teaching his son that the media are horrible and need to be avoided, he is demonstrating that if you don’t like something, just refuse to have any kind of participation. That’s not really the best lesson for someone who could theoretically be king one day.

  5. Just wondering what the policy will be for other parents who want to photograph their child’s nursery school experiences at Westacre. Will they be allowed to take pictures and videos of special events and programs if George happens to be present, and share them with their friends and families? Can they bring their smartphones on the school grounds? Or will Jason Knauf accuse them of being potential terrorists if they arrive at school pick-up early and wait in the car with smartphone in hand?

    1. Lizzie, good point!
      I know when I need to pick my kids up at school I always show up early to read in my car quietly before I go in at that designated time…I’m sure this will be an issue for those parents now, if they were to do the same.

    2. I remember reading a statement that William and Kate were intent on George’s presence not being a disruption at the school. So maybe children who accidentally reach for George’s paste will merely be tasered by one royal protection officer instead of being surrounded by a team, held at gunpoint and arrested for treason.

      In the UK, schools can prohibit the taking of photos and videos on the premises so I imagine the Cambridges will press for that and make school selection decisions based on it.

      Despite it being legal to take pictures of anyone, including royals and children in public areas, there have been a multitude of stories of the Cambridge’s royal protection officers taking cameras and phones away from people. I have yet to find out how they are permitted to do so.

      Likely extensive background checks have already been done on all the families of children at the school as well as the teachers and all other staff by Scotland Yard. Anytime the Cambridges go on holiday, the lives of all the resort staff are dug through.

      But William and Kate don’t want to be an inconvenience…

  6. It never ceases to surprise me that the middleton family( billy & katy included) have such an ignorant view of this world & themselves! That family gives me the impression that they can do whatever they want to anyone & not face consequences for their actions! Just my observation.

    1. They seem pretty oblivious in general. Like William going boar hunting the day before launching an appeal to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife, most people don’t take animal conservationists who engage in bloodsports seriously. Then there are the jokes which can come off as insensitive or patronizing, like William pretending to be effected by the tube strike or telling people he has to ask the missus for permission. His comment that he thinks he might be able to be a part-time head of state and part-time pilot is mind-boggling, clearly he has not been paying attention to what his grandmother does. Kate’s made a number of inappropriate clothing choices for events, she breaks royal protocol all the time, she asked an elderly man whose house burned down why he didn’t just rebuild it again himself…

      Prince Charles is hardly relatable and yet he’s accomplished more than any other Prince of Wales because he’s sincere in his desire to better the UK and help others. However I think it reflects poorly on him and the Queen that William and Kate have been permitted to get to this point where they are continuing to take the perks without putting in the work and they’re costing taxpayers millions more in undisclosed additional security costs because they don’t want the people they represent to look at them. If they don’t want to be public figures, William can simply step out of the line, problem solved.

      There haven’t been any consequences for their actions but I imagine patience with them is wearing thin, especially considering everything the people in the UK have been enduring this past month.

      1. Have you seen the twitter jokes about William being seen on the New Year’s day pheasant shoot in Norfolk?

        Clearly the lesson wasn’t learnt from the boar hunt fall out.

        Ps: I don’t care for pheasant shooting. It’s essentially shooting fish in a burrell that have been bred not to fly away ie no survival instinct. The countryside will not fall apart if we stop breeding pheasants so a few rich people can go shooting.

        If one must go shooting, clay pigeons have been invented.

        Also, to me Pheasant shooting is the English version of trophy hunting in Africa. Animals bred for a canned hunt.

      2. I wonder what Kate will do when a little girl sashays across the classroom dressed in nothing but a nappy and see-through dress, with ‘come hither’ eyes? No doubt, there are parents of the Carole/Mike variety already scheming to put their children in the way of George.

        Lola, I agree with your comments on William’s behaviour as a poor reflection on Charles and the Queen. William has been allowed to go feral, presumably because genuine grief for his mother turned into milking it for all it’s worth. I suspect he’s played the ‘I’ll leave’ card, and so terrified are they – memories of Edward VIII so vivid in the Queen’s memories – that they’ve caved to the little twat. But the ace in that pack, if only they were brave enough to follow through, is Harry who is better suited to the role of king (whatever that means in the future) anyway.

    2. Hear hear Halia
      its disgraceful what is happening with the middletons and the cambridges spending tax payers money not giving a damn to flood victims all we see in press is their spending on designer wear getting photographed
      I tell you the British People are sick and tired of this lot constantly spending in these austere flooded times in our country and this idle lot not helping in any way and not showing any sympathy … Kate and William should bw out there helping like Charles has he has visited and paid money out to flood hit families.. What has his son done well nothing
      plus pictures of pippa getting a private jet out of st barths
      once again all about holidays again its all she can do be in the media for clothes and holidays …in these austere times it makes us sick.. no not jealous but its always in the press so much more important items newsworthy…

  7. Halla, so far they haven’t so I guess they figure they can do whatever the heck they want. Morons.

  8. WK are becoming irrelevant, they hide soo much and demand too much privacy, no one knows what life is like with these two with their kids, george is a cutie but i dont feel him. Havent seen him growing up, no videos nothing, bring on, the europeans babies l feel more connected with them,!!

    1. At this point, George might as well be a picture that came with the frame. I think Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Danielle are doing a remarkable job with Estelle. She’s adorable and seems thoroughly comfortable with crowds but they limit her appearances so she still has a fairly normal childhood. I wish William and Kate would follow their example.

      1. That was my go to example Lola. The press got the first day of school photos. They asked that the privacy of Estelle and the other kids be respected. Guess what, it happened and the world is still going.

        If it was one or two of the presses go to photogs, there would be no issue.

        They will never get it right and will never care to.

      2. “George is a photo that came with the frame”
        Love it, lol!
        As for Kate the amazing photographer with the expensive Canon? I bet she just uses it on “automatic” all the time?
        She does need to step away from the computer and stop using Photoshop.

  9. Adam, I can’t wait to see what Sofia and Cp’s baby looks like, but better yet I can’t wait to see what pictures of Waity, surface that have not been photoshopped, they have their ways of getting even, and can even make you look like poop, when you don’t want to play the game. It’s kinda quid quo pro, could you please smile for the camera, because this is how I make a living, and I will make you look wonderful to the world, in spite of your lack of enthusiasm for the job! Waity you desperately wanted this job, now behave or boy do I have the dish on you!

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