Underwhelming Royal Response to Underwater UK

“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”
-Sam Ewing, Professional Baseball Player

In December, the UK experienced record-breaking rainfall making it the wettest month in the over hundred years since weather data has been kept. The amount of precipitation has had devastating effects on areas throughout the UK.  In December, more than 16,000 homes in England were flooded, roads collapsed and bridges were obliterated, with Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire the hardest hit.

During the severe weather that besieged the UK, while elected officials played dodgeball with blame and tried to convince citizens that amongst the looming storm clouds, silver linings were somewhere nestled, the response from the unelected royals was for the most part underwhelming.

On December 8th, in the aftermath of Storm Desmond, the Queen stated, “Please convey my sympathy to all those whose homes or livelihoods have been affected by the recent flooding. My thanks got to members of the emergency services, local authorities, military personnel and volunteers who are providing assistance in these difficult conditions.”  Her Majesty is 89 and the Head of State so it’s not like she was going to slip on a pair of Wellies and help residents drag their soaked moldy couches to the curb, but she’s worth about $500 million, maybe she could have sent a few hampers full of snacks so business owners picking through the wreckage of their livelihoods could have a little something to nibble on or perhaps had some bottles of whisky sent over from Balmoral, people who have had everything they own destroyed often appreciate a nip.

One thing I could never understand about members of the British Royal Family is why they always get gifts at engagements, even when visiting areas that have suffered total devastation.  People who have been through horrible tragedies and are trying to scrape the pieces of their lives back together give the unbelievably privileged royals presents as a thank you for their presence.  It’s bizarre.  I’d make for a terrible royal, I would be up all night baking cookies as a little pick-me-up for those who have been through hell, putting together care packages for people whose lives have been ripped apart because I was taught that as a guest, you should never arrive empty-handed.  Shouldn’t the royals be the ones bearing gifts?

Prince Charles is really the only royal who stepped up to help those whose homes and businesses were hit by the flooding.  He responded to the destruction by Storm Desmond in Cumbria by making a personal donation of an undisclosed sum and allocating £40,000 from the Prince’s Countryside Fund to help with the recovery while the Business Emergency Resilience Group set up by Prince Charles provided aid to impacted businesses.  On December 21st, Prince Charles visited afflicted areas of Cumbria.  On New Year’s Eve Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, became the second working royal to visit the affected regions when she accompanied her husband on a surprise visit to Ballater in Aberdeenshire which had been battered by Storm Frank which caused River Dee to burst its banks.  Prince Charles walked around, expressing his concern to flood victims, but according to resident Dawn Rennie, “drew the line at helping with the mopping up!”

Not that anyone expected Prince Charles to be pushing around a pole with a fibered head around, that’s totally his son’s thing.  Prince Charles did something pretty royally amazing, though, he had the cooks at his Birkhall estate prepare meals for some local residents who had to be evacuated from their homes.  Okay, so he directed people who worked for him to cook for flood victims, but in Royal World these days, that’s practically the equivalent of giving a stranger a kidney.

So where were the rest of the royals?  Well, Prince William was spotted pheasant hunting on New Year’s Day in Norfolk.  Prince Edward, Sophie, and their two children were photographed out on a pheasant hunt a couple of days later.  Apparently the Windsors just didn’t get in enough bloodsport in at the traditional Boxing Day Pheasant Hunt.  If you ever feel in need of being super-bummed out about the cruel realities of these pheasant hunts complete with a story of nearby children being psychologically scarred by one of Prince Philip’s shooting parties, here’s a grim glimpse into the royal bloodsport: http://animalaid.org.uk/h/n/NEWS/news_shooting/ALL/811//

The worst of the floods hit Yorkshire on Boxing Day when Prince Andrew would have been busy killing pheasant and probably unbuttoning his pants after a large meal or just because he’s gross.  But somewhere  along the way someone remembered that Prince Andrew was the Duke of York so a statement was released on December 28th, “I am sorry to hear about the severe flooding across Yorkshire and the devastating impact it is having on so many homes and businesses.  My thoughts are with everyone in Yorkshire that is affected at this time.”  By that time, biker clubs were in Yorkshire guarding evacuated homes and businesses which were being targeted by looters but I’m sure Prince Andrew’s message super-helped out, too.

On January 6th, the 82-year-old Duchess of Kent who is retired from royal duty save for the very rare event and prefers to go by Katharine Kent while she does her charity work quietly and without fuss made a private visit to York.  Before the Duke of York.  But the widely criticized Prince Andrew made his way up there yesterday, talked to some flood victims, did some pointing, and had his umbrella held for him. As the Daily Mail pointed out, the picture of Andrew having his umbrella held for him  was posted by him on his own Twitter account.  Hopefully the roasting he is getting for being too important to hold his own umbrella at least helped to dry out some of Yorkshire.

Unfortunately overnight,  Aberdeenshire got another wave of flooding with River Don bursting its banks.

It’s just too bad that William and Kate are the types of characters who don’t turn up at all.  Their totally sucking might just absorb some of this water, the UK’s had enough.


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  1. If William does turn up expect it to be as surly as the time he and Harry were guilted into going to another flood site a few years ago. Neither of them looked happy to be there passing sandbags that day. I don’t know if it was because they were ordered to get out there or if they were annoyed at the press. One of them made a comment to the press along the lines of why are you standing there when you could be helping.

    Not holding any hopes out for either William or Kate to turn up and honestly I don’t want to see Kate’s tragedy mask and here her inane remarks to the people who are going through the tragedy. Remember she’s not that good at small talk to begin with and she’s never had to face a tragedy like this in her entire life (unless William dumping her in 2007 counts) so she can’t relate in any way to these people.

    I imagine Harry may be making an appearance somewhere soon because of the resentment of the royals not dong anything.

    By the way, bravo to Charles, regardless of what people think of him he gets it.

    1. William is usually surly when forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do, Harry was the big surprise that day. The princes helping out with the sandbags had been set up as a photo op by Prince Charles’ press office during the merge attempt and both princes behaved badly. I believe when asked by a member of the press if he enjoyed lending a hand, Harry replied, “No, not with you here.” William is the one who suggested to a member of the press that he lend a hand (the guy actually tried to pitch in, but his efforts were immediately stopped, I think it was a combination of security concern and his employer also was worried that if he got injured on assignment, he could sue.)

      While Kate hasn’t excelled at being of comfort to those who have suffered from horrible tragedies, maybe Prince Charles could call her on the way to the event and tell her that he was cutting off her clothing allowance. Not only would she arrive looking appropriately sombre and a little teary which could be easily viewed as concern, to her that would feel like a similar level of loss. I think Kate might be capable of empathy, they just need the proper translator, put human emotions into terms she can understand.

      I’m a little surprised Harry has been MIA. Hopefully he will reach out to those effected, just not with his brother. A while back, I realized that in the few instances Harry has been ill-tempered, Prince William was with him.

      I know Prince Charles isn’t everyone’s favorite royal, but he knows how to get stuff done. It bummed me out that he’s actually done quite a bit of good and the papers seized onto one comment he made about his garden when chatting with a flood victim and twisted it so he sounded self-absorbed and out-of-touch, bringing up things in articles like his talking to plants in a way that undermined the work he has done.

      1. Actually Kate buying up all the newspapers running the story of their breakup was pretty hand on as she gets cause it’s all about her…LOL

      2. Me too. That was unfair to Charles.

        If it had been Waity they would’ve given it a pass. Also, unfair.

    2. I was thinking about that time with the sand bags too! They were ordered to go as I recall…the flood had been happening for a few days at that point and there was an uproar about where the heck the Royals were. I’m not sure if Charles was simply out if the country with that wife of his…but the boys were pretty much ordered to get there and show support….so Wills was less than thrilled..Harry was okay as I remember but he also was not super keen to get dirty…frankly none if them ever are.

  2. I think Harry is simply better at playing the press game. At one point, I bought into the theory that Harry is wonderful – and he really could be, we don’t know him personally – but after attending an event and seeing him acting surly to the hosts, charity donors, and volunteers, I’m a bit turned off. William was in another country, so he couldn’t be the reason

    Hopefully H doesn’t go the same route as Prince Andrew. You know, Andrew was once lauded as a handsome, military man..a real “catch”. Time will tell.

    1. That’s disappointing. Harry’s human, everyone has an off day, but a lot of effort and planning goes into charity events and usually he looks like he gets that. Do you remember approximately when this was? Just curious.

      1. When I commented on his attitude to a friend of mine who briefly spent some time with him, the response was “of course he’s snobbish, he’s a prince after all”. I took that to mean that most royalty is much haughtier than their PR team would have us believe. And honestly, what else did I expect? I guess I should stop believing in goodness and human decency from people in positions of such power 🙂

    2. I’ve heard that about Harry…he runs hot and cold but ultimately he is as spoiled as Wills. Same arrogant type of above it all behavior has been witnessed from him, but not as often. And he seems to have an easier time of hiding his bad behavior. I recall a story about him getting them to hold a bar open till 4am or something …just for him and his party. But it was not reported till days later…no photos…He seems to know how to play to the camera…but I suspect he parties very hard afterwards…have all the photos u want now…unlike Wills I will play along, but leave me alone when I go out to a pub.

    3. I have a feeling Harry can be a difficult boyfriend as well. When he broke up with watercress there was a quiet comment about him wanting a girlfriend to be available when he wanted her there and about him being unfaithful.

  3. If I was dealing with a house or business destroyed by “flood waters” (actually it’s mostly raw sewage so everything is a write off) the last person I’d want to see being “sympathetic” is a royal who’s been dragged from their velvet lined ivory tower or shooting party or being a “busy young mum” for a photo op. If Prince Charles can offer practical assistance like funds or food that’s great; he gets it. His very grand younger brothers, especially the fat one, and his spoilt older son and vapid wife can get stuffed as the say up North.

  4. Lola, sorry to change the subject, but Waity is headed to Bhutan in the spring, have you seen the Queen of Bhutan, she makes Letizia,and Rania look homely, also she is a great natural beauty, that will be a good photops!

    1. I’m going to post it Sunday night, I figured I’d give readers a bit of a break, I just did two new posts, even I find me annoying in high doses. I did get a good chuckle thinking of Kate meeting The Queen of Bhutan who is a great beauty. Letizia and Rania are also stunning women of substance. And Kate is… well, Kate is going to get to meet the Queen of Bhutan.

      1. I, for one, really knew nothing about the King and Queen of Bhutan, but have been very impressed with what I’ve read so far about their respect and admiration for each other and about their commitment to serving the people of their country. Just a couple of quotes from that king:

        1. On his decision to marry: “Now, many will have their own idea of what a Queen should be like – that she should be uniquely beautiful, intelligent and graceful. I think with experience and time, one can grow into a dynamic person in any walk of life with the right effort. For the Queen, what is most important is that at all times, as an individual she must be a good human being, and as Queen, she must be unwavering in her commitment to serve the People and Country. As my queen, I have found such a person and her name is Jetsun Pema. While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character. These qualities together with the wisdom that will come with age and experience will make her a great servant to the nation.”

        2. On his role as monarch: “Destiny has put me here. I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son… .I shall give you everything and keep nothing. This is how I shall serve you as king.”

        Now, can you think of William saying anything similar, about either Kate or their roles as public servants? Let’s see, from what I can recall, about all Will has said about Kate’s qualities is that she giggles a lot, is fun, and has a naughty sense of humor. Maybe I’ve overlooked it, but I haven’t found any quotes from him about Kate’s suitability as a royal much less as a future queen consort or even a public servant.

        1. Yes but the apple dies not fall far from the tree, you can say the same about Charles regarding Camilla…

  5. Revolting. Not only do they live on the taxpayers dime, but they also have the coldest, least generous hearts imaginable. They have never gone without, never not had a roof over their heads or been cold and hungry. The lack of compassion and empathy are shocking. Prince Charles did what I consider to be the minimum a decent person would do, but the other senior Royals should be ashamed of themselves. I am utterly disgusted.

  6. Royals standing around pointing out the bleeding obvious achieves absolutely nothing. They are a pretty useless in-bred group in today’s world, bit like the pheasants that can’t fly…
    I don’t think Charles ‘pitching in’ for the nano second it takes for a photo to be clicked is in anyway useful, and he knows it, but a personal financial donation, other funds directed to where they could help, and meals provided is practical and empathetic. SO on this occasion, good for him; he does get things done. As for his useless sons and brothers, well, let them eat cake, no doubt provided as a gift from those suffering the most.
    I’ve wondered about the gift-giving too. I guess it’s a legacy of the British class system when people were brainwashed (by force) into thinking royalty was in some way more special than the rest of us due to an accident of birth. Crazy that this mindset persists. Surely not for much longer? As austerity measures bite harder, funding the royal family as some sort of ‘celebrity entertainment’ will be given the heave-ho as the ultimate austerity measure? Maybe the British government should give the RF notice: at the end of QEII’s reign, you’re on your own. No more welfare.

  7. After several decades as “king in waiting” Prince Charles is acutely aware that the royal family has become an expensive anachronism in some ways and will require some severe pruning to remove the superfluous dead wood when he assumes control of the purse strings. He’s made no secret of his intention to streamline the monarchy and there are a few HRHs who are very apprehensive, especially the Yorks who take their rank and position very seriously and know the rug will be snatched from under their feet as soon as HMQ is no longer around to protect them.

    1. When will the harping on the Yorkies end?

      They got the message. They are keeping it low and private as they go about their private lives. They take part in family events, as does every other private royal family member.

      Yet the media and public keep harping on about them and papping them and criticising their lives as if they are still on the public payroll.

      At the moment, their father is 6th in line to the throne. Per parliamentary law, he remains beholden to the crown. Criticise *him*!!

      The Yorkies aren’t beholden to the crown and don’t appear in lists of royal duty employees published annually or even on the official BRF website, yet people and the media is obsessed with them as if they are in th same position as W or H, and or required to do royal duties like the W or H.

      They are private citizens with occasional royal family events.

      People and the media need to LET IT GO!!!!!

      1. The York Princesses have existed in a grey area unlike any I can think of within any royal family. Like Zara, the York Princesses are the part of the Windsor bloodline but not official members of the Royal Family. Most people think Zara is not a princess because Princess Anne decided she didn’t want her to be, but in actuality she wasn’t entitled to a title both because the BRF follows the Germanic practice of the title passing through the male line and also Zara’s father declined a title. Zara has said in interviews that growing up, her mother told her, ‘you are the Queen’s granddaughter but you are not royal’. So it was clear from the start.

        Beatrice and Eugenie were under eligible for princess titles and they were 5th and 6th in the line of succession until the birth of Prince George in 2013. Beatrice was still in the six spot up until eight months ago. However, both Beatrice and Eugenie lost their royal protection in 2012 (Beatrice a few months earlier than Eugenie because she finished university in 2011). Neither Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie were ever official working members of the British Royal Family, they wouldn’t have been until after they finished university but by then Prince Charles already knew he wanted to streamline the monarchy (I believe Prince Charles discussed it with the Queen and it was decided upon in 2010). Prince Andrew was not happy about it. I am not a fan of Andrew’s for several reasons, I think because of his arrogance the decision was probably a blow to his ego, but objectively, he is a father and I think most fathers would try to fight a decision like that. There has never been any indication from any kind of reputable source that I’m aware of how Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie felt about it. My personal opinion is that Princess Beatrice was probably disappointed but understood and Princess Eugenie didn’t really care just based on little bits and pieces but that’s just a guess.

        Beatrice and Eugenie are the Queen’s granddaughters, she loves them both, naturally they have been included in family events. They have also represented the Queen at some official events which has caused some confusion because at those events, they logically had royal protection officers assigned to them. People assumed they still had RPOs, the media did nothing to clarify the matter. I also think on a few occasions, the York Princesses have gotten caught in the passive-aggressive cross-hairs between their father and Prince Charles.

        The part that I think sucks is that Princess Beatrice has done a fantastic job at the official royal events where she has been asked to fill in despite not being an official member of the BRF. She has always shown up clearly well prepared, she does her homework ahead of time unlike Kate who often strikes me as someone who happened to wake up at the event, never even heard of the charity and has no idea how she got there. Princess Beatrice is always poised, seems genuinely interested, has articulate conversations with the people there instead of nodding and making exaggerated expressions like Kate does for the cameras. Princess Beatrice does the job a thousand times better than Kate and it’s not even her job. There was a youth event over the summer where Beatrice graciously filled in because Prince William was training for another job and not doing the one he already has, Kate was on extended maternity leave and could only make it to events like Wimbledon and I think Harry was in Africa doing conservation work (I think it was after he wrapped his military career up). The idea was for the event to be hosted by a younger member of the Royal Family, had Beatrice, who is not even an official working member of the Royal Family, not filled in, the next youngest person would have been Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

        The York Princesses are going to be fine, they are establishing their own lives (I’m not sure about the field of finance for Beatrice but I’m not sure about it as a profession for most people, it’s very stressful and draining) . What’s going to be more interesting to be is how the streamlining effects the rest of the family. I think Charles should just make it like that reality show “Survivor” because Kate should be voted off the island first, she works the least and is definitely not “value for the money”.

        1. Lola, it hard to defend the Yorkie Parents. There are not enough words to describe what screw ups they are in their private lives. Well meaning, but screw ups.

          It’s frankly amazing that they turned out such well adjusted kids.

          And i’ve become increasingly a Yorkie girls’ apologist because the media and the public refuse to see the difference between the girls and their parents. They use all the negative adjectives they should be or could be using for the parents on the girls. I guess we should start saying horrid things about the Cambridge kids now since their parents have proved such disappointments.

          Objectively, what have the girls really done? Out of the 3 sets of cousins (Wales, York, Philips) they have been the best behaved publicly (and privately, but I can’t prove that without breaking confidences) No drunken antics (William, Harry and Zara), no entitled behaviour (William), no brawling in the street ( Zara), no selling out the Queen (Peter), no pictures of private moments indicating very questionable private behaviour (William and Harry).

          The only thing they are guilty of is questionable fashion, but so did Zara when she was younger.

          People also question their privilege as if the other cousins aren’t also privileged. Putting aside the needs of the throne and line of succession, they all live on housing provided by the Queen. Princess Anne didn’t buy Gatcombe park with her own money, and Zara and Peter didn’t purchase their cottages on the park with their own money.

          Zara has access to the best horses and stables in the world.

          All have trust funds.

          People keep pointing to Zara as the example that the Yorkies should be following, but what about her brother? Why aren’t we seeing an equally dazzling career from him?

          Not to mention that Zara is a good 8yrs older than the Yorkies and therefore had a headstart as far as career effort measured in time.

          And she didn’t start out as stellar as her current career. It’s something she’s worked at, and been allowed to work at without the public calling her a loser. Ditto her brother Peter.

          If, as it looks, they choose as low key a career as Peter has done, then everyone is either resentful that they are taking jobs or they don’t believe it.

          My stance is increasingly to look objectively at the girls. And to keep pointing out how ill-served they are by the media which has shaped public opinion against them before they’ve done anything.

          1. Yes to this whole post. Which isn’t much of a contribution to the discussion, I’ll admit, but Herazeus said it better than I could have.

          2. I’ve also become increasingly frustrated by the York princesses being used as click-bait for media outlets like the Daily Mail, I felt like I was rambling as I was typing so I’m not sure if I made that clear. I’ve taken shots at them in the past but what I see happening in the press I feel is over the line.

            The timeline summary was for readers who might not be aware of how all of it has unfolded. Up until a couple of years ago, the York princesses were in Royal Limbo, had the royal restrictions of being in the top six without being official members of the Royal Family, they’ve stepped up when needed, performed better than a future king and queen consort, got stuck in the middle of a sibling tug of war, never publicly complained and have been raked across the tabloids. It’s can’t be easy.

            They’re still in their twenties. The most scandalous thing Eugenie has done has been lose her bikini top in an ocean, with her friend covering her breasts and she danced on the top of a bar at a lesbian club. I can’t reveal the most scandalous thing I did at that age because of the potential damage it could do to other peoples’ lives. I definitely screwed up way bigger but I didn’t get caught because there were no photographers around. I had an issue with Eugenie hiring dwarves for her birthday costume, it was disappointing after her time in New York, especially since she really seemed to grow as a person in New York. But she’s back to making a career for herself. So positive efforts. Bea’s worst quality is her holidays (any holiday with her parents should be discounted, though, which would make that number way lower than reported). Flying to see your father to offer emotional support while the rest of the world is reading some very disgusting accusations isn’t exactly a dream holiday. I also think Beatrice is too nice, I feel like her mother and boyfriend have taken advantage of her nature.

            So to summarize, Bea and Eugenie are both trying to forge their own careers, they drew the short straw with parents, and I’m a far more terrible person than either. They’re trying to make a life for themselves under very surreal circumstances, the media needs to get new chew toys and stop trying to mislead the public into thinking they get the same kind of royal perks as Kate does and they do fewer engagements when they’re not official members of the BRF.

            I just realized I have absolutely no idea what Peter does for a living.

            Retired royal correspondents have stated that if anything, William’s antics were worse than Harry’s, they just couldn’t report on them so Harry got the bad boy image. I really want to know what they were especially since his actions prior to one of his Kate break-ups like groping the breast of a stranger and sneaking women into the barracks were deemed tame enough to print.

            1. May I ask: why could Harry’s antics be reported but not William’s? Was this a directive from BP ie you can take a potshot at the spare but not the heir?

              I agree with the argument offered here about the York girls. They are tarred with their parents’ profligacy though it seems as if they have been brought up well, which to be fair, is due to those same parents.

              1. William could not be reported but Harry could in the name of the preservation of The Fairytale. Not at the directive of BP,but the media outlets themselves. The media was self-censoring,protect the Future King because in fairytales, he is always perfect and people want that.

                Another attempt to by the media to distort reality to fit a fairytale mold, a new article about how other celeb mothers should be like royal super-mum Kate Middleton and keep their kids in a Fortress of Solitude:


                1. Ah, well that self-censorship has come back to bite them on the bum, hasn’t it? I imagine that the press thought William would be more malleable if they ‘protected’ him. It’s the British obsession with ‘class’ that defeats them every time. Would be interesting to know what very mucky-muck stories could not be published given the ones made public show William to be a creep.

                  Oh dear, Amanda Platell is surely taking the piss yet again? Motherhood must be a work-free zone if Kate is the standard bearer of ‘super-mum’.

              2. As much as the media doesn’t highlight William’s bad behaviour, occasionally, a newspaper will let the cat out of the bag, but usually as fine print in a much larger article about something else eg in one of the articles about Kate disappearing from his social life, there was a throwaway remark that he was so drunk at Melissa Percy’s wedding in 2013 that he broke a tooth.

                it would be interesting if someone looked back on news articles as long ago as 2000 and collected all these small throw away remarks. it would show a completely different side to William.

                And in the same timeframe, you would notice how much Harry has been put on blast for every little thing such that it obscured William’s bad behaviour.

            2. Wills has a temper, I do know that one of the autobio books on kate a few years back had a picture of them at college in a huge fight. They were in Wills car and Kate got out, while another shot showed him clearly yelling…I don’t envy her. I also remember the photo of them after her dress blew up yet again in Australia….if looks could kill…she stood there ringing hands in front of crotch….I’m sure he’s pulled crap…Harry has pulled crap…just look at Vegas…that was never suppose to see the.light of day and probably would not have except it was the States and American girls with cell phones…he was out of his element…did not throw his weight around in Vegas like he does London.

              1. I don’t condone violence towards women but I would be yelling at Kate if she had flashed her rear end yet again. She’s meant to be representing the royal family but she can’t even wear knickers?
                Now when people think of that trip to Oz, do they remember the good the trip did or was it only memorable for Kate’s flashing.

              2. My dad still laughs at how the Queen packed off Harry to Afghanistan and he never has returned to Vegas after that incident despite the mayor of Vegas extending her personal invitation.

        2. While both York parents have their issues, they may have provided some decent parenting. The York daughters have turned out better than some royals among their age group.

          Kate brags about her happy upbringing and we see how well she has been prepared for adulthood.

  8. Good for Charles for giving the money and supplying the food.
    As for a royal or two visiting my flooded home? I think it would annoy me as I’d rather be cleaning up and seeing what I could save instead of having to make small talk to a royal, or any other visiting celebrity.
    If any Royal or political figure was reading this then I’d like to suggest you look at making efficient flood stop banks and help to make sure insurance payouts happened quickly.
    If you can help make all that happen then I bet there is a whole bunch of people who would love you come visit.

  9. I live in the North of Ireland, the part which the British Crown has juristriction over. The rain falling today is relentless. Many parts of the country are flooded, livelihoods have been lost, crops have been lost, there have been periods without power. Everybody I know has candles at the ready just in case the power goes off.
    Not a single comment from Workshy Willie AKA Baron Carrickfergus! Not that he could actually do anything useful , it’s not really his thing, but a show of some responsibility would be a good place to start rather than rubbing our noses in his entitlement and privilege continually.
    I’m off to check my buckets in the roof, it’s leaking…….can’t cope with the volume of water.
    Charles has the right approach, hard cash and hot meals!

    1. Good luck Anne! I hope you and your family get through this bad weather without too much damage and loss. Good luck with your roof!
      I’m in New Zealand so I can’t really help but I’m hoping that people closer will be able to.

    2. Oh, no, Anne! I’m so sorry you’re getting hit, too. I hope you’re able to keep your leaks under control and keep your power as well. Candlelight has its charm but so do appliances that work. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Since statistically you’re most likely Protestant, I skipped the saints and appealed directly to the big guns. Please stay safe!

      1. Thank you, and a belated Happy New Year to all! The buckets are performing very well! The coal fire is lit and the candles are on standby, two of my four cats are deployed on my lap for extra heat, and the Internet is working! Life is good!
        As I am what is known as a blow in over here, according to the equal opportunity test I don’t count , as I do not identify with any community here! I always tick the box that says “other”! When I applied to read for a Law degree I had to put a Religion down, so there was nothing else for it but to insert “Jedi” in the box! Much to my surprise I was accepted! Hehe!
        While I was having adventures in the roof with assorted buckets I rescued by daughters children’s books! There was a real gem. It’s called “The Queens Knickers” it devotes two pages of pictures of foundation wear appropriate for any Royal occasion, for example tartan knickers for Balmoral! My daughter loved it! Also l have checked and it’s still available on Amazon! Perhaps we should all chip in and buy one for Kate before she starts touring again!
        Fingers and paws crossed here ………..it has stopped raining!
        Thank you for your kind thoughts everyone!

        1. That’s awesome! In a 2001 census form, 50,000 New Zealanders listed their religious affiliation as Jedi. One day, I plan on running away to New Zealand, but don’t tell anyone. I tried to use The Force the other day to make a Greek omelet. My Force Work needs work. I’m surprised you needed to put down a religion for a law degree. Really, at their core, all religions are based on love and yet actions are taken all around the world that are corrupt distortions of faith.

          Is there a book called “Princess Diana’s Knickers”? I feel like that would have more of an impact on Kate.

          I’m so happy it’s stopped raining and you made it through with kitty cuddles and working Internet!

        2. Cats are the best blankets ever! I’m glad you are safe and in good humour; I trust the candles won’t be needed. Like Cathy I am way over the other side of the world but am sending positive thoughts that the rain will subside. I have the book you mentioned! It’s a delight. Sadly, they are too modest for Kate to consider wearing. It’s best that William keep away; he would offer nothing useful and would simply distract people from ‘turning up their sleeves’.

          1. I’m starting to think kate goes commando to keep Willy from roving…ever the ready Betty…

            Thinking of you and sending Poitier thoughts your way for all those in this swimming weather!

            1. That was suppose to be POSITIVE thoughts…THAT’S what I get for texting and shifting my cat on my feet!

            2. I’ve thought that for quite some time. Most people would have more sense and realize that they are at a public event and should dress accordingly. Especially if you’re getting off of a plane at a windy airfield and have been through a blow up before.

              1. I totally agree. I’ve always thought that Kate’s naughty humor–which attracted Will in the first place–is what she’s continued to use to try to keep him interested. You know, as they get out of the car for a “work” engagement, she whispers to him to guess what she’s wearing or not wearing. Unfortunately, the entire world has seen the answer to that question too many times.

    1. Shes too old to change, learn, anything, its sad that the commonwealth has ended up with this waste of space!!

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