Blue Monday-Busting BRF

According to a quasi-scientific  study released back in 2005, the third Monday of January is the most  depressing day of the year.  Despite the questionable criteria used  to determine the calendar’s biggest bummer, it’s not that big of a stretch.   Fully detoxed from holiday highs and doggie-paddling in the dashed optimism of New Year’s Resolutions,  those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are at the peak of winter dreariness, dreading the walk to the mailbox in  the cold barren grey stillness for credit card statements made thicker by holiday shopping.

Fortunately, the British Royal Family is maintaining a high  level of ridiculousness to distract us from  short days, wind chill factors and the ho ho humdrum of January.

On Friday, an announcement was made that Kate Middleton will be serving as Guest Editor for Huffington Post UK for a day in February.

Kensington Palace released a statement saying:

“The Duchess of Cambridge has made the mental health of young people a key focus of her work in recent years. She is delighted that The Huffington Post will help put a spotlight on this important issue.

The duchess will be commissioning contributions from a number of leading figures in the mental health sector as well as from young people, parents, and teachers.”

Royal correspondents were  Twitterly  unamused.


In addition to running the same kind of pap pics that make Prince William threaten to huff and puff and blow  the house down, Huffington  Post UK hasn’t always treated the Cambridges in a dignified manner, recently insinuating that Kate confused royal semen with hair gel to achieve Something About Mary sperm hair.


Huffington Post seems to spend an inordinate amount  of time pondering royal trouser trout.

Following the birth of Prince George, the  US version of Huffington Post speculated that the 150-year-old tradition of circumcising British  royals ended with Prince William and Prince Harry whose foreskin was not removed due to Princess Diana’s wishes and surmised that  Prince George’s royal scepter would remain intact.  Going one step further, Huffington Post UK declared the idea of a circumcision total tosh, accusing  circumcision-happy Americans for starting the rumor.  Sure, blame the Americans, everyone knows the  Declaration of Independence originally included “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and freedom of foreskin” but had to be modified because the signers couldn’t keep a straight face adding their signatures below the president of Congress’ enormous Hancock.

Without doing any in-depth  research on the matter, the Huffington Post still found it necessary to discuss  princely staffs.  One of the readers here will just have to sleep with Prince Harry to put at least one rumor to bed.  It’s quite possible that Prince William and Prince Harry are both circumcised,  at least going by the old photos of Prince William taking a  leak on a polo field back in 2008 (photos of are not suitable for viewing at work, while eating, after eating  or if in general the very thought of Prince William makes your vagina dry-heave).  Theoretically, Prince William could have been pushing his foreskin back with his fingers, but at least to me the rounded blur looks a professionally trimmed helmet on William’s little Flight Lieutenant.  Did anyone else just throw up a little in their mouth and/or underwear?

While Kate having the Huffington Post swing by Kensington Palace  for a day  is for an important cause, many are left wondering exactly how this came about.


Or why, especially considering the couple has been seeking to bypass the loathsome media completely with announcements and official royal baby portraits released directly on the @KensingtonRoyal  Twitter account.  As royal photographer, James Whatling pointed out, perhaps the Cambridges wouldn’t mind the media as long as they completely controlled it.


Within reason, of course.


Perhaps it’s all an elaborate ruse to get Pippa’s CV to Huffington Post since poor Kate is swamped according to a Daily Mail article that ran over the weekend with Kate being the Second Coming of Diana and all.  According to the article,  Kate has been undertaking secret charity visits like her deceased mother-in-law.  I wonder if the Daily Mail knows that Peter Jones is not a charity.   The article notes, “As a result she has ordered aides to fill her diary for 2016 and is keen to demonstrate an increased commitment to the charity sector.”

Maybe Kate  is keeping  these visits such a secret that even those she’s visiting don’t even know she’s there, maybe the children think she’s some kind of  fidgety mop boogyman lurking in the shadows. Considering that Buckingham Palace padded Kate’s 2015 numbers to get her up to 62 engagements for the year, including her tour of the set of  Downton  Abbey, the birth of Charlotte  and Charlotte’s private christening in the total, I am skeptical of any report that Kate is secretly doing work for which she’s not getting credit.

Last year Kate’s engagement total accounted only for 1.66% of the entire British Royal Family’s workload.  In 2014, she performed 2.23% of the royal family’s duties. Does anyone really expect us to believe that Kate is keen  on anything other than shopping?  And as for “filling up her calendar”, Kate has yet to have a  single event appear in the Court Circular for this year so clearly her calendar  is not filled considering we’re already three weeks into 2016 and her last engagement was on December 16, 2015.  That’s a five week break  from duties, so she’s not exactly hitting the ground running.

In other leg-pulling royal news, the Queen’s  eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, is organizing a celebration in the Mall for the 628 charities of which Her Majesty is Patron in honor of the monarch’s 90th birthday.   Tickets will run the Queen’s charities £1,500 for a table of 10 people but the charities are permitted to sell up to  40% of their tickets out of consideration for the burden of the cost on these non-for-profit organizations, some of which are very small. Otherwise it  would be tacky for a hostess to ask foundations barely scraping by to absorb the whole cost of going to her birthday party, at the very least, people who  aren’t involved with the charity at all should have the opportunity to go instead of those who tirelessly devote themselves to their respective causes for little or no pay. This idea could really catch on in event planning, I can see wedding guests  lining up at vending  machines punching  the appropriate button for chicken or fish and baby showers with a cover charge and two drink minimum,  the  fetus’ cost can be deducted from his or her college fund once the little tyke is born.  Peter Phillips insists nepotism  had  nothing  to with his company, Sports and Entertainment Limited, being the one  selected to organize  the event  for which he  is receiving an undisclosed sum.   The Queen’s grandson declared, “I was very conscious to make sure we did this properly, so we went through the normal channels of approaching the Palace. We had to show that this wasn’t a case of trying to cut corners because the Queen happens to be my grandmother.”

The fact that Sports and Entertainment Limited was selected to plan Her Majesty’s  90th birthday bash I’m  sure had nothing to do at all with Peter Phillips’ royal family ties, just like I’m sure it was simply a coincidence that Peter Phillips’ company Sports and Entertainment  Limited was the one that brokered the £150,000 deal to sell the first photos of Zara’s daughter, Mia, to Hello! magazine.

It’s rather unseemly to sell  tickets  to this  event, the Queen’s 90th birthday isn’t a concert.  She’s the Head of State, not Adele.   Unless Her Majesty, Prince Philip and  Prince Charles are going to put on wigs, cat ears and leopard leotards and perform as a Josie and the Pussycats tribute band, I can’t imagine paying to be part of someone’s birthday celebration.

Richard Palmer’s Twitter page has been a goldmine  of  disenchantment in recent days.  One of his latest blows was an Express article about Norfolk Country Houses From The Air  for  sale at the Sandringham gift shop containing commissioned aerial photographs of Sandringham and Anmer Hall.  The book  contains the very types of photos  that Prince William  crusaded against, petitioning to have Anmer Hall declared a no-fly zone.  I guess it’s only a privacy violation  if you’re not getting  paid.

The entertainment value of the ridiculous antics of the British Royal Family  have helped a  bit with my winter blues.   And here I thought all January would have to offer was the return of the X-files on Sunday.

The truth is out there and so is this underground  video of Bree Sharp’s David Duchovny which is a festival of 90s nostalgia. If you didn’t  get at least a bit of chuckle from those silly British royals, perhaps  this video will push you  a  bit further out of the Blue Zone.   It was made by members of the X-files crew  and shown at their holiday party. Because of the multitude of celebrity cameos, some of which were  shot on the sets of other shows on the  same  lot, it could never  be officially released.

Watch it here:


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  1. That song was my jam. I am friends with an actress who was a recurring character on The X-Files. Are you super excited for the reboot this weekend? I’m DYING.

    Now, as to the Lamebridges… I am just pleased as punch the royal correspondents are getting their act together and no longer licking the royal rear. I wonder how long it will take before there’s another meeting threatening them and getting them back in line. The whole thing is ridiculous, as is everything with those fake twosome.

  2. The comment “I wonder if the Daily Mail knows that Peter Jones is not a charity” reminds me of the time we were told Kate reads scientific papers, and I really wanted someone to say, “You know, Kate, cosmetology isn’t really a science.” (I suppose it could be construed as one, but still I doubt she reads anything beyond it.)

      1. It is, in part. I probably should have explained it better, since it was such a random comment. Basically, I’d be surprised if Kate reads anything but beauty/hair magazines, since there’s no evidence she’s interested in anything but her appearance. In the same way that shopping at Peter Jones isn’t doing charity work, reading about cosmetology isn’t exactly studying science.

        Sorry about that. It made more sense in my head.

      2. Which, by the way, isn’t to mock people who are licensed cosmetologists or who do cosmetology work professionally. There’s real skill and training involved, and they certainly work harder than Kate ever has.

    1. That’s funny. Interestingly, Kate didn’t quote any data from the reports. Maybe they gave her a “Where’s Waldo” book and told her it was a scientific journal. Or maybe she read Leah Remini’s account of being a Scientologist and got confused.

      1. Did you know that Jason Knauf’s hubby is a PR specialist in scientific communications? When I read his latest tweet–“Who are the world’s most scientific minds” with a link to an article from this company–I half expected Kate’s name to pop up, but of course he’s not going to publicize any connection to the Cambridges, and he was talking about actual science, not cosmetology or scientology or anything that Kate fills her empty mind with. Although I do suspect that perhaps he is coaching Kate on how to interpret scientific articles: begin by reading the introduction, etc.

  3. I did read in the press that the editing will take place at KP so she won’t even have to leave home. !!!!
    Is this true ?

    1. Everything I’ve read has stated that it will take place at Kensington Palace. Anmer Hall is really their home now, they spend little time at Kensington Palace. It’s actually far easier logistically to have Huffington Post come to them. No security sweeps, no background checks on every single person who has access to the building from cleaning staff to delivery men. This way a contained number of people will be working inside an already secured location.

  4. Well, the BRF knows how to make us shake off that January gloom. Guest editor! What a hoot! Pay to party! Pull the other one!

    These people are delusional. You really couldn’t make it up.

    I’d prefer not to test the royal men; we know where they’ve been.

  5. Lola, brilliant post, I am wondering how many people in the Commonwealth are still buying into this charade percentage wise I mean!!!

  6. Great post dearest Lola!

    I’m Swedish but still got a bit sick looking at the link. Now I have seen waaaay too much of those two.

    1. Thank you, dearest Cecilia! I could see why a peak at William’s package would make you feel a little queasy, as a Swede, you are used to a higher caliber of male hotness. I know that’s a stereotype, but it’s certainly been one that has been supported by years of personal observation, NYC gets a lot of Swedish tourists. Perhaps I wouldn’t find William as physically unappealing if he weren’t so arrogant, selfish and petulant.

  7. I’m wondering if the DM has their nose out of joint as Kate is offering to guest with Huff and not DM….The DM wrote a pretty snarky piece on how they are living in the country with their turnip toff friends and neighbors…kind of a turn from the butt kissing they usually publish about the BRF, with 50 pics of Katie pie…It’s all going south…I’m not sure it’s all Kate either…someone commented that those who live and work in Norfolk do not find her the snob. It’s Will who is the arrogant piece of work to work for and deal with. His attitude about media has really not done him or her any favors…if anything they hate him for it and are starting to chip away at the years of gloss that they wrote about him and his family in retaliation.

    1. I grew up in Duchy of Cornwall lands in the west Country, and you’ll find that any locals with an opinion of the royals really dislike William.

      Whatever the feeling about any random royal, even Kate, William is top of the tree in being disliked. He was an arrogant, rude, entitled teen who got away with ruddy anything and he grew up into the same adult.

      We love Charles and Anne.

      1. That’s interesting! I know he had some week or ‘work experience’ at Chatsworth House, I wonder what went on there. Did he do some work with Duchy lands when he was on one of his first of many gap years?

        1. Duchy lands are areas that cover most of present day Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire. Highgrove, Charles’s house and Anne’s Gatcombe park are both in Gloucestershire (Ps Gatcombe Park is 1000acres vs Highgrove’ 350acres!!!). It’s all prime rural, countryside lifestyle. The type William pretends to aspire to these days. Lots of country folk (that USA term). Charles and Anne are very involved in country issues even if to simply provide an avenue for people to vent their frustrations. However, they have been more than listening landlords, so many people in the west have good opinions of them.

          William as a teen, and at home from boarding school, lived at Highgrove and socialised in the villages around it. By all accounts he was a rude, entitled teen. Lola once posted a report of him speeding on a country estate to the annoyance of the estate owner who he nearly run off the road and leaving his RPOs to deal with the fallout. That’s the tip of the heap that is William’s teen behaviour. He never endeared himself to the locals.

    2. That article in the DM was a re-hash of one they did a year or two ago under a different heading (alluding to who their friends were or something). The staff at the DM are so lazy!

  8. Harry better go party and strip in Vegas…if he’s not careful he’s going to end up king, the way things are shaping up.

  9. I’ve long suspected that Kate’s prolonged withdrawal from public life after both pregnancies was due to mental health issues of her own, possibly post natal depression. She had that dead-eyed demeanour and forced smile. If so, she might have a special reason to take an interest in mental health charities. Just a theory.

    Meanwhile I’ve been told by someone who would know that Kate is a very polite and considerate “boss” to her police royal protection officers and they all appreciate it because William is every bit the petulant brat he’s rumoured to be and generally a bit of a PIA. His uncle Andrew is a total s**t so no surprises there.

  10. I think Prince Charles should decrease Kate’s wardrobe allowance to 1.66% of the total given in 2015, as this may be the only way to get her off her royal backside.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, G. The perks Kate gets should be commensurate with her workload. The difference can go to Kate’s charities with which she can’t be bothered.

  11. I have been having the week from Hell and just got home after sobbing for an hour at my doctor’s appointment (I had all my medications stolen, including my epilepsy/seizure meds) and she was so nice to me that it just made me cry harder. That was the final straw after a week of one disaster after another. So, coming here and reading this post made me laugh for the first time in a week. Thank you so much for this blog! Without being a huge brown noser, I just wanted to let you know how much your site helps me get through rough times, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. ☺

    When I first saw the news, I laughed and thought that the guest editing gig was an article from a satire site! She is beyond unqualified to edit anything and I would bet millions that she’s not going to do anything more than sit at a desk for an hour or two and sign off on whatever is put in front of her. She is a complete joke and has no education or qualifications to speak on this topic. I honestly wouldn’t feel 100% confident about her ability to work in a mail room, where most people start out. This is all a PR stunt because the palace is desperately trying to combat her terrible reputation as a workshy clothes horse, but it’s already backfiring. What her PR team doesn’t seem to understand is that actions really do speak louder than words and after five years, people are completely over being fed the same lies about how “keen” she is to work. And secret charity visits are appropriate for public figures that already have a stable and prominent charity profile, not people who do the absolute minimum and are outworked by elderly people with major health problems. They can pump out as many bs PR stories as they want, but unless Kate actually starts working hard, no one is going to believe it. They’ve said the same thing every year and, if anything, she’s gotten more reclusive and workshy. I still think she’s going to announce a third pregnancy (via fake HG) soon, to get out of another year’s work.

    Kate represents everything I hate about injustice in the world, but I am so grateful for this blog, because no one else posts such hilarious and insightful commentary on her and the crumbling monarchy. Thank you again for continuing to entertain, inform and make us laugh!

    1. I’m so sorry you had such a bad week, Effie. I’m happy your doctor was able to provide the kindness you needed and am honored that my ramblings brought a little brightness to your day.

      I mentioned this in a July 2014 post, but I believe that was a turning point for Kate in terms of her image. After a couple of promising weeks, had she devoted herself to her role, she likely could have shed a lot of the Waity Katie/Lazy Katie public perception. Instead, she made her usual summer appearance at Wimbledon without doing much else to prove she is truly keen on anything other than avoiding her duties and going shopping. I think Kate did herself a tremendous disservice, while her future may continue to hold magazine covers and best dressed lists and retain a decent amount of Disney-devoted fans, I don’t think Kate will ever be taken seriously no matter what she does moving forward. Jason can spin until the Earth flies out of orbit, rehabilitating the image of a public figure is incredibly difficult and very few have managed to do so successfully. No matter what claims PR reps may make, it’s gotten to a boy-who-cried-wolf point.

  12. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The ‘firm’ has become the ‘funny firm’ and there’s nothing that can be done to restore it’s mystique. For the Love of God, Kate a ”guest editor”. All those supposed sacrifices she had to make to wear THE ring , and this appears to be a foot in the door paying gig for at the very least Pippa. And those copyrighted photos? Somebody is making money under the table and I thought that was a no no. Kate couldn’t have a job because she already has a biggie but I’m not thinking that she’s slinking around the rules. The ‘firm’ has become a joke and I think when the queen kicks it the gloves will come off. Maybe not. And I would like the opinion of the British posters as to will Camilla be smoothly transitioned to the ‘Queen Consort’. Waity Katie as the ‘Princess of Wales’ is a n, to say the least interesting, thought and I suspect that people will never accept her even though she flashes Diana’s ring (among other things). And this vomit inducing blatant transparent idiotic pr suicide attempt to sell wasteofspace as the ‘queen of people’s hearts?” So, this is how the fairy tale lovers are transforming and modernizing the monarchy?
    To me it seems that the pr people are spinning frantically to sell Kate as anything but what she is. A waste of space in her role. An expensive embarrassment. An annoyance at best to her ‘catch’. Wow.

  13. Well…I have to say after hearing from John q public in the DM comments confirming how much of a little pick Will cam be…I have to agree with Lola… hell I would be depressed too! I have had the unfortunate experience of being involved with a very spoiled, wealthy, high maintenance brat who now owns his own “section” of Texas somehow…for all his money..I don’t envy his wife…I can see it in her eyes in some of the public photos…I can see some of that with Kate….it gets bloody exhausting dealing with a grown man who is a bonified brat and piece of work…I would not be surprised if his mouth spews forth some pretty unpleasant criticism and demands toward Kate…maybe that is why mum is not far away…help kate keep it together and not tell him where to get off. I’ve seen him repremanding George and kate putting a hand on Williams arm as if to subtly remind him ..hey this is a 2 year old…
    Have some patience…he just always seems like he is not very patient. Then again I have to admit…kates flashing, and general inability to speak or get out and do the work wins no points with me…but some of her downsides I wonder are not brought on by Will…being a bit of a narcissist, putting her down, keep her out of the limelight…play the dumb girl…expected therfore is….thus no competition, he is in charge…and he does not want to be king clearly.

    1. William gets frustrated by Kate quite a bit at joint events. When you watch footage, look at his fists, often they are clenched as tightly as his jaw. Last year on St. Patrick’s Day, Kate seemed uncertain what to do so William motioned for Kate to go first, then clenched his fist, relaxed it when they were walking apart, then clenched his fist again when they were once again next to each other`. I did this screen shot from video uploaded to YouTube by someone who had been in attendance:

      William’s hand on Kate’s back that Disney devotees gleefully declare is soooo romantic and proof of their love is actually William steering Kate, his Poppet.

      In this video there are several moments showing William’s impatience:
      It’s been debated whether or not he calls her a bitch (that’s what it looks like to me) but whatever William said, it left Kate looking wounded. Also in the video, when she is about to break royal protocol and go down the stairs before Prince Charles and Camila, William pulls her aside, already frustrated, then gets beamed in the head by her umbrella causing him to make strangle hands behind her back.

      This is another uncomfortable moment where Kate looks wounded and William smug: exchange:

      I’ve mentioned this before but the opinion of someone I greatly respect spent time with William and Kate pre-wedding because William and this gentleman had a mutual friend. He described William as “painfully arrogant” and Kate “not much better.” My gentleman friend found her quite rude and said there was an air of negativity about her. I asked for an example and he told me that once there was a group of friends meeting up at a bar. William sat on the stool where the side of the bar bent perpendicularly Kate sat on the seat before it angled off. Kate had some large bags with her and dropped them haphazardly on the ground. William’s friends tried to go over and greet him and they had difficulty getting to him because the large bags Kate had dumped on the ground. I think one was a weekend bag (probably Cath Kidston), another was a large tote and she had some shopping bags with her as well. Even when she saw that her bags were causing William’s friends to trip or at the very least created a challenging passage, she couldn’t be bothered moving her bags even though doing so would have been basic common courtesy.

      Sometimes we find partners that make us want to become better versions of ourselves. In William and Kate’s case, I think any influence has been negative, they both enable their worst traits. Had William married a smart strong independent woman, I think he wouldn’t be the same petulant prince who thinks he can get away with anything he wants because he always has.

  14. Bear, I think some of her downsides were developed just by dating him { okay, prostituting herself out to him}, she really was just his private HO!!!!

    1. Exactly, no one held a gun at waity, she knew william for as decade, all she wanted was the easy, life , and of course money shes no victim!!!

      1. That’s the mistake every potential or wannabe status/money chaser makes. The money is never easy even if it is plentiful.

  15. you know Adam, I really don’t think willy has ever struck me as a wine you and dine you kind of guy, as much as showing up on your doorstep and What’s for supper, and do I get SEX for dessert. But, with no payment for services rendered Waity must have felt she was a cheap HO, hence the jackass better marry me , she may have felt actually{ Had } most of the time. May-be she felt he kinda loved her in a prostitute kinda of way, but in the eyes of a young person love is love and if I can just stick this out I’ll be a princess!! Everybody will be so jealous!! Aren’t you jealous Adam? Don’t you want to be me? I mean WAITY!!!

  16. And yet their is a part of me that feels incredibly sorry for her, desperate people do desperate things, I think she is getting desperate. It’s only a matter of time before Willy publicly humiliates her.

    1. I wonder what would have happened if waity katie hadn’t been totally surrounded by ‘catch the prince, he’s within reach’, people. Seems to me, and I could very well be way off that she was pretty much Carole’s ticket to the ‘big time’. I actually watched a you tube video where a mother produced a girl child for the specific purpose of putting her into children’s beauty pageants. Wasn’t waity surrounded by ‘get him, he’s yours for the laying, he’s fair game needs to marry and you can make him care about you and even if he doesn’t so what. You’ll be rich and famous and **cough cough** the envy of all. Honestly, Carole Middleton had years and years of guilting and brainwashing Kate and she Carole is a flat out leech who will never ever ever go away. Kate appeared to be a product with a specific purpose. Again, just my take but for sure Carole did **not** encourage waity to ‘find herself, to work, to learn, to grow, to develop her own interests, and showed no issue with her drunken bleary eyed daughter stumbling out of night clubs. One could say that waity was a grown woman and Carole had no say but that’s not even remotely true in my opinion. Carole had control from day one. I however, unlike msthang, have no pity for her since she IS older, has had opportunities to observe others and she is just a flittery silly little attention seeking woman child playing dress up. However, I am expressing my thoughts only.

    2. You are a kind person msthang. As per my post below which I posted first I neglected to mention that while I personally feel no pity or sympathy for Kate, I do respect other’s opinions and I quite admire your generosity 🙂

  17. i’m really not kind, that said you only know what you are raised with, these young women only know how to bag their future husbands in bed, that is how she and the pippster were raised. I suspect Michael would never have dreamed about watching his daughter stoop to all levels to have a boy, and I say this literally as well figuratively !

    1. I agree. That’s all these Middleton girls seem to know, to use their ‘assets’ to snag a man whose position will push Carole up the social ladder. I don’t get that at all, the wanting to be in posh society, but that’s what she appears to want and isn’t getting it since people are well aware of her ‘type’ and avoid them. I think. I don’t think that Mike would have ever condoned such a plan either, but I think it was in the works and out of his control. Who knows what life was like with Carole, this social climbing, needing to be famous and important didn’t just crop up overnight I’m sure. Carole strikes me as a woman who will stop at nothing and is more than capable of sneaking around and doing things behind his back, and also lying to him as far as the way his daughter was treated by Prince Petulant. Just my take and it’s nearly along the lines of the Stockholm Syndrome in a way, Kate was taught from day one that she’s ‘special’ and now with the fawners and swooners however few they may be she’s almost trapped. I can’t stand her, but I also can’t quite bring myself to see this as entirely her fault, and in some ways she may be crying for individuality with her flashing and crazy crap, or she may be passively aggressively expressing her anger and resentment. Just arm chair analyzing here, I had to fight like mad for my own identity and know a bit about the horrible ways people can manipulate and twist things around to the point of total destruction of a person. Waity has no one to talk to, and did she ever have anyone? (Lola, my apologies for going off topic but didn’t Diana want to call off her wedding and was basically forced down the aisle.?) And the book “Little Girl Blue” is another take on what happens when others see a chance to achieve fame and fortune at the expense of someone else. Pretty sure that Mike Middleton has been steamrolled over despite his rare ventures into fame. (George’s 1st baby picture), and things are looking to be way out of his control.

  18. So happy to find Peter Jones is a charity, and how about his cousins John Lewis and Harvey Nichols? Is Kate keen to show support for those charities too?

  19. Hi Lola, the DM is stalking our Peter Philip’s conversation!!!LOL

    The DM has an article up titled ‘How very cosy Ma’am! The Queen’s grandson wins contract to stage her 90th Birthday party. Sheer business savvy? No, he’s got 3 clients and 2 of them are his granny and mum’ which goes into detail about his business life.

    And talks about how he uses his royal connections……

    Per our conversation and the larger conversation about the cousins, they all use their royal connections and use royal largesse, but it’s the Yorkies alone that are excoriated by the media.

    1. Yes they are always criticised by media and yet the middletons get press to boost them.. when they just do more social climbing
      its dreadful….

    2. Hi Haz, it’s good to see you here again. I may be a tad bit presumptuous in thinking of you as a fun internet buddy. I love to read what you have to say but I’m not assuming that it goes both ways. I hope you don’t mind my shortening your name.
      Anyway, if I’m reading your comment correctly the Yorkies seem to be targets of press criticism whereas the other casher inners are left alone. If that’s what you’re saying I will be upfront and say I can’t abide the Yorkies, I loathe them. I consider them to be beyond repulsive. They’re all over the papers and posing and doing this and that, while the others who cash in seem to fly under the radar. I do have a question. Is Peter seriously in possession of a contract to make money from the queen’s birthday. If so, how utterly and totally tacky and downright unbelievable that a birthday, anyone’s birthday would be an opportunity to make money. Mine is coming up so if anyone out there wants to sell tickets and would be willing to share the proceeds with me I need some serious dental work. Good God the ‘firm’ is being exposed as a ‘get rich quick’ and strike while the market is open ‘business’ opportunity. Tickets. For. A. Birthday. Party. For. A. Head. Of. State. I truly hope I read that wrong and I’m not upset with you at all, just a bit astonished that this sort of thing can happen.

  20. Well carole schemed and plotted to bag the prince, but wasnt waity who was the nail in the coffin, l mean she used her body day in day out, to keep him interested, they are all disgusting!!!

    1. I agree Adam. Kate used her ‘assets’ to lure a prince and a prince is just a title man, but a man none the less. I will not categorize all men as wanting a little or taking what’s offered because not all men do and it’s more of a ‘little boy in a candy store’ mentality. I think that Kate gave her all and Wimpo the Witless was out of options so he tossed her **the** ring, and married her so as to produce a couple of sprogeroos to keep that glorious line of awesome ‘rulers and reigners’ going. I think old ‘I’m a prince and princes play’ would have sooner kept her as a side dish in keeping with what I understand is almost a given for a guy of his status, but the women he wanted to marry said , nope. Got my own life. career. plans, ambitions and don’t need your title. Carole hasn’t cashed in in the way she thought she would in my opinion, I don’t see her hanging out with the ”upper crust” and being welcomed into high society. And I think that both the Midds marriage and the Cambridge charade are in trouble. My thoughts. I think that Carole has run into a few little cracks in her social climbing ladder. And she’s quickly running out of time.
      Thinking of you guys on the East Coast, we’ve had snow here but nothing like what you have going on. Hopefully, Nightwing is having a blast!!!

  21. Lola hope you and your dog Nightwing all ok with the deep snow we are seeing on our tvs over here ..
    our dogs loved the snow jumping around in it
    but when having to travel in it is a different story
    Nothing changes re the middletons alwayz showing off now pippa has been in spotlight with herself on the ski slopes posing again for cameras.. Just back from yet another holiday and now on another one in designer wear skiing ..
    cant believe how the press always praising someone who has always been seen with so many boyfriends and never with any lady friends .. again photo shows her with men ..
    She certainly didnt let the grass grow underfoot moved in with yet another millionaire financier as press states she has penchant for wealthy men … Dont we know it
    He wouldnt get near family if he didnt have money or wealth

    1. Our family is not very happy about the dating choices James is making. We feel he’ll regret this in due course.

      1. Do you know James? ***drools*** thinking juicy info. I don’t understand how any guy would want anything to do with Pippa since she’s been around and hasn’t shown any particular loyalty or genuine devotion to a **person** as far as I can tell. And if you’re speaking of what I think you are that poor guy doesn’t seem to realize that Pippa comes as a package deal with a leeching controlling mother who is difficult to avoid. It seems to me that once sucked into the Middleton muck you’re mucked for life. I can’t help but wonder if ma is behind this, for sure she has to give her seal of approval, and what’s in it for the rest of the Buckleberry Hillbillies? My apologies if I read your post wrong:(

  22. This is a great article as always, Lola! 🙂

    It does seem rather … ahem … ‘strange’ … maybe she’ll just look at all the pretty pictures and have final say over how they’re positioned or something. I don’t imagine they’d actually let her loose on the real editorship? Or maybe they’ll ask her opinion, nod politely, then do what they want and let her take credit for it.

    One thing is certain – their PR man is working overtime to make her appear in the best light possible. I’m not sure even the sheeple are buying it though.

  23. Well this blog is great
    just read abt pippa in paper re her moved in woth her millionsire boyfriend and his family also owning an enormous scottish estate with butlers and french chefs and staff . They said that she would have a love nest with james there as he is so rich.
    We knew she would bag a man with money as this is what that family are about. Social Climbing .. they would actually get a medal for it as this is what they do plot and scheme to get up the ladder so they get more for free…from another wealthy family

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