The Duchess Who Cried Keen

Despite a flurry of reports towards the end of 2015 that Kate Middleton is “keen to demonstrate an increased commitment to the charity sector” as the Daily Mail indicated, Kate has performed exactly 0 official engagements to date this year and hasn’t done an official engagement since December 16, 2015.  While the British Royal Family has padded Kate’s engagements in the past, the brief wreath laying on January 10th was not included in the Court Circular as an official event.

Since joining the British Royal Family five years ago, Kate  Middleton  has undertaken a grand total of  342 engagements.  In 2015, the Queen carried out 341 engagements.  So basically it takes a 34-year-old-duchess five years to rack up the  same number of events an 89-year-old-monarch knocks out in one year.

Duchessing comes with some pretty impressive job security.  With most jobs, if you don’t bother showing up for work for over a month, your framed pictures, plants and the marshmallow shooter  you got as a Secret Santa gift probably won’t still be on your desk whenever you  decide to make a  special guest appearance at your workplace.

With no Kate Middleton engagements to report on and space to fill, media outlets have been rehashing Joanne Froggatt’s appearance on Conan during which the actress revealed she had made an “accidental sex pun” to Kate Middleton when she visited the Downton Abbey set on March 12, 2015.  Joanne Froggatt recounted that Kate had said, “It feels strange. Being in your bedroom.”  to which the actress responded, “Yeah, not many people get to come in Lady Mary’s bedroom.”

Kate Middleton’s tour of the Downton Abbey set counted as one of her 62 engagements  in 2015.  When Kate “popped  in”, Downton Abbey was already shooting its final season so there really wasn’t much of a point to Kate’s visit other than getting to tour the set of one of her favorite shows.  It certainly didn’t seem to have any  effect on the  show’s ratings.   In fact, when the first episode of season six debuted in the UK on September 20, 2015, it was the lowest rated debut  in the series run with 7.6 million viewers tuned in, down from the previous year’s 8.43 million.  (Source: Deadline).  The US  season six  premiere on January 3rd drew 9.9 million viewers, down from the previous year’s 10.1  million. (Source:  Variety).


And why would Kate’s visit have any effect?  Would anyone suddenly start watching the tail end of a show just because Kate Middleton walked around the set, saw costumes  being  made and watched a scene being shot?  Would mainstream critics suddenly be swayed by the show’s quality because a woman who waited  almost a decade for a man to marry her met the show’s cast?

Kate was positively beaming during the tour as photos featured in the Telegraph revealed, showing the kind of interest normally absent from events when she has to pretend to care about sick kids or art or being a representative of the UK:



Eight days prior to Kate’s Downton Abbey visit, Sophie, Countess of Wessex toured the set with Angelica Rivera, the First Lady of Mexico.   Sophie’s hosting duties did not count as an official engagement and yet Kate’s did.

So not only did  Kate’s set tour count as work, her desire to visit the set  of one of her favorite shows  wound up  costing the taxpayer  quite a bit in undisclosed security costs.  As Joanne  Froggatt revealed on Conan,  “But — and obviously there’s a lot of security that comes with it as well. She’s royalty. The days before we have the police around, sniffing dogs. It feels like a huge event.”

Note that Joanne Froggatt indicated the days before.   Securing a set is a massive endeavor.  There are the cameras, audio equipment, lighting, monitors, the sets, prop storage rooms, hair and make-up departments, wardrobe for every character,  etc.  The  taxpayers footed the bill for days of security teams doing sweeps, bomb sniffing dogs, and most likely background checks by Scotland Yard on each and every cast and crew member affiliated with the show.

Joanne Froggatt may have made an  accidental sex pun  that day, but Kate managed to screw over the taxpayers twice.  And it looks like she’s starting this year off just like the others, with much ado about nothing.

At this point, Kate has cried “keen” far too many times.  If she ever does decide to do the job she accepted on April 29, 2011, no one will actually believe it.


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    1. Thanks, Seth. I’ve got one written and have been working on the others. I’m kind of miffed the recent X-Files return to television featured a plot-line I have in the sci-fi thriller I’m working on called “The Inheritance”. It’s not so close that people will think I ripped off the X-Files but I’ve been concerned while working on this book that it’s too X-Files-y…

      1. Lola, have you published anything? If I wanted to buy something you’ve published, how would I do that?

        1. Unfortunately, everything I’ve written that has been published or delivered (I’ve also written a number of speeches) has been in the capacity of ghost-writer. My writing career thus far has been from behind a curtain. But I’m hoping to find an agent and have my fictional works published. It just takes one. Did you see the film Argo? It was written by Chris Terrio who I personally know. In early January of 2008 while we were in Paris, he told me he had been approached by George Clooney to write a script based on an article about a declassified CIA mission but wasn’t sure about doing it. At that point in his career, he had directed Heights and a number of scripts that never got produced. He was pretty down about the trajectory of his career. I told him he was writing the script, I’d kill him if he didn’t and promised him within five years he’d be at the Oscars. Almost five years to the day, he was nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar which he won and then got a lucrative two-script deal with Warner Brothers. I hope he remembers our conversation in Paris because he promised me I would be his date to his second Oscars (he had already promised a friend she would be his date to his first Oscars). If not, I have a photo of the beginnings of Argo that will be posted, Chris was very sick with a fever and an ear infection when he began working on it, he’s quite handsome so likely it’s the worst photo of him ever taken. 😉 When I feel down about my own writing career, I think of Chris and remind myself it only takes one. I am nowhere near as smart, talented or funny as he is but it still helps.

          1. That’s cool that you inspired your friend like that!
            (even if they did get it wrong about the NZers not helping, they did!)
            I’m sure your time in the spotlight will come soon, mainly as your writing is great, funny, topical and makes me come back for more 🙂

            1. Thanks, Cathy. I’m sure someone else in Chris’ life would have similarly threatened him, though, since it was so obvious that film was going to be a career-maker so I’m not sure if I get to take credit for encouraging him. One of my biggest pet peeves is historical inaccuracy in film and television, but when someone you love is involved, it somehow becomes less egregious. There are a few inaccuracies in the film, the whole airport scene didn’t happen the way it was portrayed, they breezed through the airport no problem, but there has to be third act dramatic tension.

              1. I can’t tolerate historical inaccuracies period. My thought is that for heaven’s sakes, they have access to books, to historical consultants, to the Internet. If it’s something relatively minor, like a style of clothing, maybe that’s one thing. But something like “Lincoln” with numerous errors, such as House delegations voting instead of alphabetically, using fictional congressman in place of real ones, conflating events, making Thaddeus Stevens seem like an uncouth lout, etc. Really drives me nuts.

          2. Don’t underestimate yourself. I think you are hilarious. I remember one post that cracked me up, I don’t remember the exact one but you said that you were so upset that you had to go to your jewelry box to get some pearls to clutch. And yes, it only takes one, and from what I read above you are pretty sharp. I haven’t a clue about the inner workings of our ‘government’ and in fact don’t even understand the movies that come out. Just promise us ( I hope I can speak for all who enjoy this blog and comment) that when you become rich and famous you won’t stop blogging. You don’t get the following you have without having something going for you 🙂 Give Nightwing a hug and kiss from me. I can almost bet that you hug and kiss him just like I do my furry girls.

            1. Lola, H.P. Lovecraft was a ghost writer. So was Theodore Sturgeon. The “Goosebumps” series was largely ghostwritten. Sinclair Lewis ghostwrote and he won a Pulitzer and a Nobel for Literature. Rose Wilder Lane ghostwrote. And I agree with royalsareajoke above, you’re hilarious.

              1. Thoroughly agree with Seth and royalsareajoke: your writing is smart and fresh and wonderfully rich. It’s a joy when you post a new article. I’ve been loving the archive too. I have every confidence that you will join your friend at the Oscars, though you might both be up for an award… it’s written in the stars.

  1. I guess Lazy is off doing undercover on High Street. And there’s all those details on her organic food business to fob off on underlings. So much time and so little to show for it.

  2. Again not defending Katie the dumb bunny but is it possible that there is some kind of ISIS/terror threat against her that has Will even backing off doing anything much at the start of this year? I read someplace that Twitter is alive with updates on Carole and Mike flying to Mustique – so the question in media is – will Will not and Kate follow…speculation is they have postponed or are not going to Mustique…I figure it also might have to do with the mosquitoes and that virus…Is it possible she might be yet again preggers? just seems like an unusal start to the Calendar year for them regarding duties…worse than usual.

    1. Great point on the Zita Virus (hope I am spelling that correctly) it DOES cause a huge threat it the developing fetus, so if they are trying for another baby ( and I think they are from all of her comments and to stay up with her main competition for glamor princess ((crown princess mary)) it is highly likely she could be, really at any point in the very early weeks or even unaware she is, that would be really bad news if she were exposed to the virus. I too wondered why she wasn’t rushing down to the island vaca, but it makes sense if they are indeed in the process of “trying” for another one…as always just my humble non-royal opinion 🙂

    2. There have been terror threats against the British Royal Family and 2015 seemed to have an increased number. Some were reported like this one:

      Supposedly the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate were all spotted with doubled security at one point last year on their down-time. And yet in 2015, the Queen and Prince Charles still managed to do 341 and 527 engagements respectively compared to Kate’s 62 and William’s 122.

      But there have been threats against the British Royal Family for centuries. In 1974 there was a very scary kidnapping attempt made on Princess Anne and yet she hasn’t been scared off of working. Last year she did 544 engagements.

      It’s not that unusual for William and Kate to be MIA at the beginning of the year. For example, in 2014, Kate’s first engagement for the year was on February 12th. Last year, Prince William’s first engagement was on March 27th (that was during his alleged intensive training period).

      As for the Zika virus, it hasn’t spread to Mustique but there have been reported cases in Barbados which is nearby enough to be a concern for any woman trying to conceive. I got the feeling last year that William and Kate were going to stick with two, at least for a while, but they may have revisited the idea, especially now that this year the Queen will be doling out some of her patronages and duties. Prince William wanted to have his family set before becoming the Prince of Wales and with the Queen’s 90th birthday approaching, he may feel the pressure of the inevitable.

      1. Ah I did not remember their slow start in March and Feb. , in past so makes sense. The terror thing had me wondering as their was one event she seemed really freaked about the crowd…William and Harry were at the event and the DM pointed out indirectly her nervousness..hesitant and looking over her shoulder kind of thing… I think terror in the past was a different breed…it’s in my opinion gotten harder to control with ISIS…I know that threats were made toward all of them from that group as they are considered prime targets…just wondered if something more specific was going on…but prob not. Does Charly have no fly zones over his homes? I don’t think they are done with the kid thing…Waity had said she wanted 3 like her own family… So they might be trying…again in which case forget seeing her till groundhog day (maybe?) Either way people of England are sick of her…she better stop at Pete Jones for a shovel as it will be years for her to dig out of this.

    3. Since they have not been sighted for a while, I would not be surprised if William and Kate were in Mustique with Carol and Mike. They all seem to enjoy misdirection and planting things in the press to see who will jump.

    4. If there is a terror threat against Kate (I’ll just say now that I hope no one has a terror threat against them) and that is the reason why Kate doesn’t leave the house then why does she wear bright red when she does go out? eg red dress at Wimbledon?
      Can you guess that the terror threat excuse doesn’t fly with me?
      The Princess Royal had a very real kidnap attempt happen to her but that doesn’t stop her from attending functions.

      1. I think you have to trust in the expertise of your security team and go about your business with confidence. Good point re. Wimbledon!

  3. I am not impressed with Kate’s appearance at Downton. It is lacking in royal presence and has none of the elegance of the aristocrats of that era. When I see Lady Mary, I see good posture, a flattering hair cut, genteel facial expressions, and beautifully accessorized outfits. Since Kate likes to grow and cook her own produce, I am surprised they didn’t just send her down into the kitchen to cut veggies with Daisy and Mrs. Patmore.

    1. If I am understanding correctly this little visit was for no other reason than Kate wanted it. Before I comment again I want to make double sure that this was the only reason and that she wasn’t there to ‘help’ or for any other purpose. Will one of the more knowledgeable posters let me know, please 🙂 I see a reason of sorts anyway for Sophie’s visit, but Kate?

    2. There’s nothing regal at all about Kate. I think the assessment of the Hong Kong journalist covering the Creative Collaboration: UK&China event (the one to which Kate wore a lace cocktail dress) pretty much summed it up:

      “Most unexpectedly, Princess Kate, who should be used to meeting and greeting dignitaries and upper echelons of society, suddenly lightened up with great delight and was very girlish when meeting Jackie Chan.”

      1. “There’s nothing regal at all about Kate.”
        For me, that’s just it, Lola. If Kate had a regal presence and conducted herself in a regal way, her low number of work appearances would probably just slide under the radar (although I’d be hopeful she would rise to the occasion when the kids got older and/or she became Princess of Wales). Conversely, her lack of regal-ness would probably be brushed aside if she demonstrated a work ethic and showed a “keen” interest in altruistic causes (a.k.a. noblesse oblige). As it stands now, many see Kate more as a celebrity than as a future queen.

  4. Her PR’s obsession with the word ‘Keen’ when describing anything Kate does is such that I think her epitaph will say just one word…KEEN!!

    Just as Arnie has ‘I’ll be back’ as his catchphase, Kate has ‘Keen’.

    She should patent that one word.

    That said, she’s apparently been given the Patronage of Wimbledon as of this year. THERE is one patronage where she’ll visit every year without a doubt, whatever her condition. She’ll probably show up for every centre court match and bonus every appearance will count as work.

    Yet, with her keen attendance, I doubt very much that she’ll be more involved than attend centre court matches.

    1. h, I’ll bet that the Middletons are just over the moon with the fact that Kate is now patron of Wimbledon and handed to her straight from the queen, no? She’ll be there every chance she gets I’m sure ***but*** it doesn’t matter it seems. Kate can have a little personal tour of a tv set which is ridiculous and simply something she wanted I’m pretty sure, and she got credit in the CC for this? I am of the opinion that the CC statistics don’t matter a whit, she gets all the perks, benefits, and whatever else is included in the ‘you nailed a prince package’, and the CC numbers have no impact on those. The people may be fed up but it simply doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference in terms of privileges and luxuries. Kate doesn’t strike me as caring one way or another about public perception of her and certainly doesn’t care about any respect since she has none for herself and the only people who seem to have any interest for her are celebs and her clingons. Kate the Keen is oblivious and seems to think that the sugars are the voice of the people and that she is hugely popular and dearly loved. I seem to remember a recent article about her being the princess of people’s hearts or something like that. Perhaps her delusions provide a safety net for her and her family because I think the stark reality is way way different.
      But getting Wimbledon might just rank up there in her mind with her getting the family order. I wonder how long the queen will hold out on that or if the queen will just hand it over to end her reign thinking that she’s bamboozled the people into viewing Kate as an asset.

    2. How disappointing. I can’t bear the rewarding of bad behaviour. So, so wrong. Granted, beyond herself, Kate’s interests are neglible. What a cunning plan to re-badge Kate’s personal hobbies as work. Either that or the Queen has been beaten down by Kate’s ‘keenness’ not to work. HM was the royal patron of Wimbledon before Kate. How many meetings etc did she attend each year? That gives a guide as to how much work would be expected. Sadly, I think you are correct in predicting Kate will milk it for all it’s worth. The royal box will see her, with ghastly family in tow, no doubt, lapping up the attention.

    3. The Wimbledon patronage is a clever strategy. The Queen probably wants Kate to take on more royal patronages, show regular support for them, and – in doing so – boost the numbers of her royal visits. With high-visibility Wimbledon, Kate can easily accomplish all three simply by continuing to attend a series of events she loves. That said, it would be nice to see Kate cultivate the same keen enthusiasm and sustained commitment toward altruistic causes.

      1. Yep, the queen’s no fool. I absolutely wish no harm or illness on anyone but it seems to me that if a terrorist wanted to take waity out Wimbledon would certainly be a dangerous place to be. It’s not like the giggly dolt keeps a low profile there and again, I don’t want anyone physically hurt. Humiliated and embarrassed for sure, mean fat little person I am at heart, but from what I’ve seen there is no shame in that person. She and the rest of the Buckleberry Hillbillies are so totally full of themselves, and utterly oblivious to the fact that they are simply regarded as clowns and jokes by a whole lot of people. The starry eyed Disney girls will grow up and the hardcore royalists are growing older and will not be around forever. I don’t know the number of hardcore royalists and I may be totally out of line thinking that the younger generation is fed up and wants more bang for their buck so apologies if I am wrong in thinking that a majority of waitys supporters are either very young or getting up there in years. The young seem to be ‘fans’ which totally seems to put the ‘firm’ into the category of entertainment, and the older ones seem to love the queen. This sudden flurry of paying someone to grow veggies types of things seems a desperate move on Jason’s part. Seriously, grow your own vegetables, and really it’s a stretch to make that a big deal.

        1. With W&K as king and queen consort, the monarchy may well evolve into a hollow Disney-like theme park. The question is, will the tourists still come? For entertainment, how about the old-fashioned fun-house feature that blows up the skirts of women as they pass through the window. With your skirts up around your ears, you, too, can experience the thrill of being a royal!

    4. I cringe now when I hear the word “keen”. Kate being handed the Wimbledon Patronage to me suggests the British Royal Family is being more realistic about what they’ve got to work with. Of course, that likely means Andy Murray will now be Wimbledon-cursed.

      1. Yeah, the news would have put him off his game at the Australian Open final. No good will come of this.

    1. Well, I hope whoever has the honor of accepting a trophy from the ‘royal’ hands will be wearing gloves since we all know where those hands spend most of their time. I will never have the opportunity (poor me) to be within hand shaking range of she who protects her parts but I’ve had thoughts that if I were, I’d make a huge point of pulling out the hand sanitizer and using it immediately.

  5. Kate’s performance as Duchess is not dissimilar to the one and only job she held at Jigsaw. She’s probably channeling that. You’re tough, Lola: 341 events over 5 years is HUGE for Kate given that she worked exactly how long at Jigsaw? Given reports of her patchy attendance, work time could be pinned down to hours.

    Why aren’t UK security costs for the BRF under review like every other type of government expenditure? Who buys the argument trotted out that knowing the amount alerts potential wrongdoers? We know from recent events that all of us are targets, yet spending to counter this is announced.

    Why not allocate a set amount for BRF security and the BFR decide how to utilise it? The onus would be on them to decide how many events they can attend. Their many, many personal indulgences can be privately funded, saving the UK taxpayer heaps of dosh as well as throwing less sh*t in their faces.

    On the Downton ‘story’, are we sure the actress wasn’t having a dig, given the Middleton girls could give Lady Mary a few lessons?

        1. I do apologize Lola. I did a “Kate ” at you, I said I was keen (but let’s be honest, did I care?). And I made you look it up .
          Many apologies for that!

  6. Cathy, she was so whitewashed, will probably never know, until the marriage is kaput and someone writes a tell all!!

      1. One or two workers spoke about her time at Jigsaw. I’m paraphrasing, but these are some quotes from various workers.

        1. ‘Kate was never there.’

        2. ‘She was always off on holiday with her boyfriend.’

        3. ‘She’s not exactly committed to the job’

        4. ‘ Keeps to herself’

        And of course the mother of all comments from the owner of Jigsaw when discussing how they arrived at a work schedule for Kate….’She wanted a degree of flexibility to maintain her relationship with a high profile man’

        They settled on 3 days a week which dwindled down to 2 days a week, with 3 months off for heartbreak holiday (this was her media tour to win William back, then time to restructure relationship) or heartbreak leave as I call it, before quitting.

        The job, heartbreak leave included, was 9mths altogether!!

        Given these comments, I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by her work ethic as a royal.

        1. Herazeus, I was on the cusp of quoting similar thoughts to those you have mentioned. Kate is just flat out hopeless. When they are going to cut this woman loose? Meanwhile cajoling Kate out of the house with attractive patronages, such as Wimbledon, is just weak. We can assume, then, that her ‘work’ will comprise more fluff with celebrities etc?

      2. Interesting that she fancied herself a photographer back then though true to form did nothing about it. Her current family photos do not suggest a great talent.

        1. She’s not a great talent by any stretch of the imagination but her photography has improved slightly. The Borneo pics were ridiculous, as one photographer noted, “My hamster could take better pictures with a potato.” Charlotte’s first official baby portraits weren’t great, she made an amateurish mistake of using so much white that it bounced the light and created glowing effects that distracted from the subject. The last photos of Charlotte were mediocre which was an improvement. The last photos of George were also mediocre but she’s finally figuring out how to use that expensive camera of hers. She doesn’t have an artistic eye, though.

          1. I haven’t looked at the camera Kate has but, like most DSLR cameras, I bet she is using it on the “automatic” function?
            The problem is that Kate must have Photoshop and has found the filters, as my lecturer said at University… Just because Photoshop has many filters doesn’t mean you have to use them…
            You still get a better effect if the initial photo is good.

  7. I’ve got an idea to pump her numbers way up. The term “trying for a baby” has always amused me, since it makes sex sound like a budget meeting. However, our dear duchess is so work-shy that any sort of “trying” she does, however unrelated to the greater good or strictly designed for her own pleasure, is surely worthy of acknowledgment. For this reason, I hereby submit that every single royal rendezvous “trying” for Spawn the Third be counted as an official engagement! That should bump and grind Kate’s numbers nicely and finally show the world the kind of work where she has always truly excelled.

  8. I don’t know what adjective I would think best suits Kate – but “keen” probably only applies – in terms of official attendances – as “keen to leave”. Of course going off on a “jolly” or shopping or some other inane pastime like sun baking is of course a serious matter that requires much application of effort

  9. Well, I didn’t get an answer to my comment as to ‘was there a legitimate reason for her to bestow the set of Downtown Abby with her glorious girly giggly presence so at the risk of becoming a pariah I will say this. That should have been reserved for a ‘make a wish’, for a person who has nothing and their heart’s desire is to visit the perhaps American equivalent of Disneyland. It angers me that this frivolous useless girly person is able to use the UK’s resources to indulge herself in this manner. They didn’t need nor want her is my bet. For sure didn’t need and despite her thinking that she’s a ‘celeb’ I’m betting that she was little more than a flippin’ nuisance who had to be entertained. How in the name of all that is logical, reasonable, and holy is this work on behalf of the UK. My thought. It. is. not.

    1. Good point Royalsareajoke.
      That would have been an awesome gift. Imagine if Kate had escorted someone (more than one?) from Make a Wish around the Downton Abbey set? It would have enabled her to make the trip she wanted and it would have been press gold as she would have come off as caring. What a missed opportunity! She could have taken someone deserving from one of her charities? Missed opportunity there!

      1. Absolutely agree, missed opportunity and if we can think in those terms why couldn’t Jason? You expanded on my thoughts (having **her** take someone) and it would have been totally awesome press but it would have had to be Jason’s idea because Kate cares about Kate. You couldn’t pay me enough to have Jason’s job. I seem to remember an article about a child wanting to meet a ‘real princess’ and again, Kate could have really given the child a treat by dressing up as what the child obviously thought was what princesses’ wear but instead she shows up in whatever. This is one selfish, self absorbed woman. And you know it would be such a wonderful thing for a child or whomever as well as priceless pr, a memory, a sparkle filled day, but nope. Kate is far from thinking along those lines.

          1. And that is so cool, think of the memories she created for children, ‘I got to meet a real princess’. Something so simple and yet so very thoughtful.

  10. I did a quick check of press reports and no reason for going to the Downton Abbey visit was advanced other than Kate being a huge fan of the show. According to the report, she stayed longer than anticipated as she was having such a good time. How nice. The cast, by all accounts, gushed over her.

    Was she put out that Sophie had visited the previous week with an international visitor and wanted to visit too? Probably. The cost to taxpayers – security for the event, sweeps of the set, checks on all personnel should be covered by the royals. If they wish to indulge this waste of space, okay, but don’t pass the bill onto the UK taxpayer.

      1. There isn’t a purpose to many of Kate’s official engagements other than to get her numbers up with events she’ll willingly attend, like those at which she’ll get to meet celebrities. More than half of Kate’s 2014’s official engagements were from the New Zealand/Australia tour and included church, wine tasting, a raft ride, boat races, a trip to the zoo, basically what the majority of us do on vacation. Supposedly it takes a few years to see the boost in tourism from these royal tours so we can’t determine yet if Kate drinking wine will benefit New Zealand’s economy. In 2015, in addition to the Downton Abbey screening, Kate’s whopping 62 engagements included the James Bond premiere, giving birth, and a private christening from which even other members of the British Royal Family were excluded, so how is that an official engagement?

        1. I wish someone would write a serious piece about the purpose of a royal engagement. I’d like to add up the numbers: Column A – Official work (opening of Parliament etc), and Column B – It’s all about me, ‘cos I’m royal ( all on Lola’s list). It will be interesting to see if Charles’s desire to slim down the monarchy extends to slimming down the type of events to just Column A. It would save heaps of money, not bore the pants off people, and best, the royals would have the privacy they crave.

          The royal tours waste everyone’s time and money. Apart from having a holiday, I have no idea why the royals bother. The crowds consist of schoolkids, elderly ladies and young women addicted to pink hearts, glitter and rainbows. I mean, what did India or Bhutan do wrong to be lumbered with William and Kate? I guess it was their turn to have their time and money wasted.

          Even though the cast of DA appeared to be seriously giddy in Kate’s presence, I wonder about the cost of accommodating her when they had work to do, especially as she wouldn’t leave. Good tips about props! I always wanted some of those paperweights on President Bartlet’s desk…

          1. As for the tours, they are by invitation so there must be some kind of benefit, I’m just curious if it is perceived or can be backed up by actual numbers, the burden of cost on taxpayers versus any boost in the economy because of an increase in tourism.

            1. There is still strong affection for the BRF – that is, the Queen – in this part of the world, particularly in conservative circles, aka those with influence. I’d say that any rumblings about cost to taxpayers would be met with vague statements such as, ‘it’s good for tourism’ but the numbers, if any exist, are never released. The 2015 tour by Charles and Camilla was a way of easing Australians and New Zealanders into accepting that Charles would be transitioning into the monarch’s job. To be fair, both he and Camilla were warm and engaging and did a great job. He will make a very good King.
              There are definite ‘spikes’ in NZ/Australian tourism numbers after particular campaigns, the results of which are tracked. I’m not sure if a royal tour is part of that formal advertising strategy or just incidental.

          2. Kitty, according to something I read somewhere a couple of years ago, the purpose of royalty is to: “Carry out national duties, important work in the areas of public service, and help to strengthen national unity and stability.” I’m not sure how Kate going to the set of Downton Abbey helps the U.K.’s stability but there it is.

            1. Thanks for that Seth. Measured against that statement, Kate ‘s ‘work’ doesn’t quite cut it. God knows why this woman is so indulged.

    1. I absolutely agree and it infuriates me that any taxpayer has to foot the bill for a silly star struck overgrown teenager. When she bestowed herself on Hollywood I’m sure it was just because she wanted to meet stars and there was a lot of outward gushing but I suspect that it’s due to politeness and her expectations of being gushed over. I think there was a bit of passive aggressive press on her Downtown Abby visit, like she overstayed her welcome. This is just plain ridiculous on every level, paying for as you said security, etc etc etc when there are people with real and genuine needs being neglected. Getting off my soap box now but I can’t fathom how she pulls this stuff off and gets credit for it yet. Useless creature, worse than useless even because she is so flippin’ expensive. I seriously and devoutly hope that when the queen is no longer at the helm that Charles will reign the horse and his broodmare in.

      1. Are you kidding, royalsareajoke? Charles is financing Willy and Waity now as it is without any complaints so his son can play “Rescue Heroes” and his daughter-in-law can buy buttloads of bespoke ill-fitting outfits every other day. Charles is a pathetically weak man, always has been. He isn’t going to “reign them in” when he’s King. He’s going to continue indulging his brat and his bloodmare and use the excuse that the Duchy money isn’t “public” funds so no harm no foul.

        1. You’re right Seth. Lost it there for a moment. It must be another side effect of the medication 🙁

    2. Hey Kitty, I forgot to say thanks to you and Lola for the information. I am now very comfortable in saying this was a totally frivolous self indulgent act on the part of a totally frivolous self indulgent woman, and should have been reserved for someone who really deserved it.

      1. A pleasure. In all the hoopla surrounding a sighting of Vapido, people forget to ask why there is an engagement in the first place.

        A broader question, in all seriousness, goes to the heart of this article: what is the relevance of the BRF in contemporary life when they are scratching around for things to do by padding out their Court Circular (a crazy construct in itself) with stuff they like doing, paid for by others.

        1. It’s because of these questions being raised by the actions and inactions of Lazy Katie, a future Queen Consort, that I believe we are watching the beginning of the end of the monarchy. Prince Charles does a great deal that benefits the United Kingdom, he isn’t as popular as he should be for his laudable efforts because of Diana. Prince William has popularity now that’s waning and no substance. Prince Charles truly cares about the UK and the monarchy, Prince William truly cares about himself. Not only that, but there’s a very ill-advised campaign happening in the press that ultimately hurts the image of the family overall. In order to make Kate look better, there’s been quite a few articles recently raking Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice over the coals, portraying them as lazy members of the British Royal Family when in actuality the reason they don’t do many events is because they aren’t actually working members of the British Royal Family and don’t receive the tremendous perks Kate does (they do benefit in some ways from their status as does anyone related to the Queen but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what their so-called working royal cousin and his wife gets). It’s quite crappy, the York Princesses do the random event because William and Kate aren’t pulling their weight and then get blasted for not doing more when they weren’t supposed to be doing them the first place! It’s really getting on my nerves. If I see one more article using Bea and Eugenie as sacrificial lambs to make Kate looks less ridiculous, I’m going to flip and go full-on Bea and Eugenie supporter. I see potential in them and hope they realize it, I’ve made the occasional jab, but otherwise am indifferent, but if this PR Crusade to make Kate look better by portraying the York Princesses as worse, I swear I’m going to pull this blog over and… well, I’ll probably just write a bitchy piece about it, but no ice-cream for any royal correspondent who takes part in the media sacrifice of the York sisters just to keep the Kate myth alive to sell papers and magazines.

          1. I agree Lola – Charles has got his way with slimming down the “working royals” – so the York sisters who are not on the Civil List are free to holiday as much as they want. Yes I am sure they have trust funds but so do most kids of wealthy families

            1. There is no Civil List anymore and hasn’t been since 2013. As it was, only the Queen, Philip and the late Queen Mother ever received funding from it. Now the funding scheme of the royals is from the Sovereign Support Grant, which is a percentage of the revenue from the Crown Estate. It covers all official costs of running the monarchy, instead of before, where there was the Civil List from the Treasury and grants-in-aid for transport, communications and maintenance, which were covered by the respective governmental departments. Also the Queen reimbursed the official costs of the Civil List for her children and cousins public duties from her private Duchy of Lancaster funds. So the York sisters were never on the Civil List and can’t be now as there is no Civil List anymore. 🙂

          2. The big issue is that the Queen and Charles can’t deal with the problem that is William and Kate. Is there wide acceptance of W and K in the UK?
            I’m surprised that the Queen does not direct the BP PR machine to preface any activity Beatrice and Eugenie step up to as (a) kindly volunteering in place of whoever as (b) they are not part of the ‘working royals’. And surely she can order W and K’s PR team to desist in taking pot shots at Harry, Beatrice and Eugenie.
            I agree that Charles is intelligent and thoughtful. I hope he gets to have a good run as King, really makes some progressive decisions. Slimming down the monarchy might be difficult if Charles is depending on William to take up the slack. He needs a Plan B, maybe a Plan H.

            1. Kitty – I agree completely that Charles is intelligent and thoughtful. I think that he will be a good king! I also agree with Lola’s comment above that he has done a lot to benefit the UK and that he truly cares about the UK and the monarchy. I especially love Charles’s efforts with historic preservation, the arts and horticulture – interests that are dear to my heart. And, yes, I think that a “Plan H” should be considered.

            2. I have a question. I think that Charles ***does*** care as much as he can about the little people and the UK. The reason for the as much as he can is that he was born into wealth and thru no fault of his own I’m not sure he can relate to the people. But then again, neither can the queen. My question is that while Charles will make a good king will the people accept Camilla? A lot of time has passed but there were some pretty hard feelings and I just wonder if push comes to shove…..anyway, I really would like opinions on this. (and really, the relate-able, genuine caring factor applies to anyone born into great wealth and privilege, and it’s not a slam.) Our politicians don’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling, and in fact I don’t trust any of them. Money talks and buys things that shouldn’t be for sale. Anyway, I hope I worded this post in a non offensive way because I really am interested in the opinions of others.

    3. In production there’s a saying, “time is money”. Not only did the taxpayers wind up paying for Kate’s little indulgence, so did “Downton Abbey” to some extent because of the security sweeps. Just going through props alone must have been an enormous task. Television shows and films use a huge amount of props. Here’s a little tip not a lot of people know: all that stuff gets sold at some point (well, whatever the cast and crew don’t take). I sometimes buy film and television props either for myself or as a gift for someone I know is a fan of a show or movie. You can actually get cool vintage items with an interesting backstory for less than you’d find the item at a garage sale. Not all dealers are reputable, so check first before buying, when they’re sold, there’s always documentation they were used on set. If the item was used by by one specific character, it will be noted. Items closely associated with a major character are more expensive. The more inexpensive items are things that were just background filler or used by a minor character. The more screen time the item got, usually the more valuable.

      1. I have an authentic “something” from the Melrose Place set (I kid you not … it has pride of place in my living room) 🙂

        It cost an absolute fortune to purchase but I didn’t care – I loved that show so much. It’s on re-runs here in NZ at the moment on the “Jones” channel and I get a real buzz out of seeing this ‘thing’ on screen!

        1. “If she ever does decide to do the job she accepted on April 29, 2011, no one will actually believe it.”

          well said!
          love your blog lola!

          1. + 1 Lisa, and as it stands right now when she does venture out and the DM gushes it appears that the comments of the people are not so generous and impressed. I don’t think that wasteofspace had any intention of doing or being anything aside from gracing the country and providing heirs (aka as cute little anchors). I think she truly thought that William and THE ring would make her instantly beloved and revered. Personally, when she made that prison visit I was livid. How dare she dress in designer clothes and ‘visit’ women who have had very little chance at life, who have made mistakes but are paying for them and they really needed this ‘British Barbie’ to **use** them for PR. It absolutely infuriated me. As did her psycho babble about the poor peons who develop mental illness because they came from families not so fortunate as she. This from a woman whose mummy had a picture of a man young enough to be her son as a background on her phone, who had a nervous breakdown at the thought that the prey was getting away. (Newsflash…no. one. else. wanted. him. so. her. efforts. to. keep. him. in. the. web. weren’t. necessary. )
            And that’s ***just mummy*** Mental illness is not something to use as a chance to point out what a wonderful family she came from. She is wrong. Dead wrong. I’m going to say nothing more because my anger is growing and she’s not worth having my blood pressure skyrocket. I have plenty of thoughts on this vile pr stunt and to me that is all it is/was or ever will be. She knows nada and it’s out and out insulting, I think that the reason behind it is because ‘children’s issues’ are the **in** thing these days. This is a very personal thing with me. ***Stop using defenseless and hurt people***. Lisa, I’m sorry if I got carried away. I agree whole heartedly that waity katie will never ever be taken seriously.

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