Kate Keen in McQueen

On Sunday February 7th, Kate Middleton finally reported for duty for 2016.

The event marked the 75th Anniversary of the RAF Air Cadets of which  she is now Honorary Air Commandant, an appointment she took over from Prince Philip in December.

Perhaps to prove she knew the  event was for some  kind of military-type flying thingy, Kate wore the Alexander McQueen coat in Military Blue she debuted on the 4th day of the New Zealand tour, the one that reminded me of a Pan Am coat from a time when flight attendants were called stewardesses.


Kate’s dolly-curled hair was curiously longer than the three quarters of an inch it should have grown since her December chop.  Did Santa give someone shiny new hair extensions for Christmas?  Kate’s hair was so long in fact, it kept covering up the Dacre brooch which had  been awarded each year to the best female cadet and given to Kate to wear upon its retirement.  Now that the best female cadets receive the Dacre sword just like the male cadets, it was only fitting the brooch should be worn by a duchess who is the embodiment of a modern woman of the 19th century.

Kate on February 7th on left and on December 9th on right

Kate on February 7th on left and on December 9th on right

Kate’s hair wasn’t  the only sudden change, her skin seemed to have obtained a deepened glow since January 10th that one would not typically associate with British winters.  Of course,  between PhotoShop, lighting and equipment variables, such a comparison isn’t exactly conclusive evidence Kate was able to make a Caribbean escape, but Our Fair Waity does seem to be less fair in the photos the Daily Mail ran.


Kate Middleton on February 7th on left and on January 10th on right

The most striking difference was Kate’s thick black magic marker eyebrows which to the casual observer might look like Kate confused a pencil case with a cosmetics case, but could also indicate Kate has been afflicted with Muppet Madness.


Of course, with Kate being so keenly keen on keenness, she couldn’t wait to get to this year’s first event on February 7th and took the Queen’s helicopter from Anmer Hall for Sunday’s RAF Air Cadet event at a cost  the Daily Mail estimated to be £3,000 (around $4,318  USD) while the Queen traveled back to London the same day via train at a cost of £54.90 (around $79.03) for her first class ticket.

The Queen prefers trains to helicopters and I can see why she wouldn’t  want to helicopter-pool with Kate but this is one of those examples of the additional costs that came with the Anmer move.  By car, the trip would have taken Kate around  two hours and fifty minutes each way but if the Queen can take a train for an hour and forty-four minutes, then why can’t her grandson’s wife who is so keen on being a stay-at-home Mum?   Instead of a lazy duchess taking an environmentally unfriendly helicopter ride to the first official engagement she could be bothered with this year, perhaps that money could have been better applied to say the upkeep of those crumbling palaces and castles  which is supposed to come out of the Sovereign’s Grant.

If the so-called “thrifty duchess” didn’t want  to commute, she shouldn’t have moved out to the country. At this rate, the monarchy will fall into a state  of complete disrepair before the crumbling Buckingham Palace will.


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  1. On behalf of my beloved Animal, I’m going to have to object to comparing him to Ms. Middleton. Animal is a rocker and enjoys steady employment with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. Surely Kate’s work record does not hold a candle to Animal’s.

    As for the eyebrow comparisons, at least Animal wears his well.

    I really have nothing to say about this engagement, it was another typical Kate outing. The only suggestion I have is that someone invest in a lint brush and use it on anything suede that she puts on her body. She should not be stepping out with lint on her hat or scuffed shoes. Fortunately, or should that be unfortunately, these shoes were new so they aren’t worn down yet, but that day will come.

    1. Kate only strives to physically emulate, she doesn’t have the kind of dedication and discipline to master an instrument and the only time she’ll be chained to a drums is if George gets a set for Christmas.

      The lint on the hat was strange, as was it being black when she was clad in blues. Maybe it was all the poor thing had laying around the Palace.

      1. If Kate had shoved the hat into thatbag then i’m not surprised it came out covered in lint.
        As for wearing a black hat with a blue coat and blue shoes? Done by the same stylist who did her eyebrows?

        1. Eyebrow and hat matching… maybe Kate’s ultimate revenge on a society which called her Waity Katie for almost a decade is trying to start a ridiculous trend of matching Muppet Brows to linty hats. Kate’s put black and blue together before. Actually she started off 2015 combining black tights with a blue dress:

          In 2014, her first event for the year was a combo of black and midnight blue:
          Maybe it’s some of weird color combo tradition.

          Kate doesn’t have a stylist. When she first got married, she was excited about getting to meet fashion designers and they helped her put together looks. When the novelty wore off, she started having clothes sent to her with her assistant coordinating it. Her assistant Tash is often credited as her stylist but she is really more of a gatherer doing styling by default. I really wish Kate would hire Charlie Anderson as a stylist, her fee is steep but she’s worth it. Even though Kate shops a lot, she doesn’t seem to have a drop of fashionista in her. “Thrifty Kate” probably spends around $100,000 a year on clothing and yet her wardrobe is a poorly tailored yawn. The clothing wizardry of Charlie Anderson is a far better investment than those ridiculously over-priced Kiki McDonough earrings Kate is so fond.

          1. If only she would hire a stylist. That’s a pie in the sky dream. To hire a stylist would mean admitting that neither she nor her mother or sister are fashionistas. When they all know that they are if you look at the track record of Kate’s clothes selling out the nano second she wears them and how Carole has to make sure she’s careful so people don’t buy what she does. Barf…

            Kate is living in Williamland. William has convinced her that They Know Best. As long as she wears something he may like then she is golden in her mind.
            Forget that it may be blue coat number 1,751 in a line of badly tailored, expensive coats. Forget that she wears what seems like the same pair of black suede pumps every time although it’s proven they are from different shoe lines. And don’t even bring up the clutch that she uses to highlight her nether regions from which King George and Princess Charlotte sprouted.

            It will be a cold day in hell when Kate hires a stylist. But one can dream.

          2. I checked out Charlie Anderson; great style! And I can imagine what she’d do with dowdy Kate. But Kate would not consider her for one reason alone: she styled Beatrice.

            1. KMR – Thanks for these links; I like the blue/black combinations shown here, too. I think that Cathy’s concern above was re Kate’s accessories. Kate’s black hat did not match what appear to be her navy blue shoes. Kate’s look would be polished if her hat, shoes and clutch were either all black or all navy.

              1. Thanks GretaGoblin and KMR. I didn’t explain myself very well. Blue and Black can be worn well together but, maybe, I’m a bit old fashioned and think accessories look best if they coordinate, the black hat (IMO) looks like she grabbed a hat as she ran out the door to the helicopter.
                BTW I do try really hard not to be too matchy matchy honest! Too much time was spent with my very proper grandmother when I was young!
                And Granny had a mirror (with great lighting) by the front door where you could check everything looked ok before you left the house. If you could see lint then that was ok as she had a clothes brush in the drawer under the mirror.

        2. +10000 Cathy!
          Maybe the lighting in her house isn’t that great, where she couldn’t see the blue/black combination so reached for what she thought looked as if they matched?

          1. Hi Kiwi. I hope you are nowhere near this afternoon’s earthquake? If you are then I hope you weren’t affected?

      2. Lazy waity and entitled ‘regular’ arrogant willnot will be the death of the British Monarchy. Kate, carole and the Bolyn-middletons keep on marching to the Tower of doom.

        Thanks Lola for another insightful Post (Muppet madness!)

        1. Gosh we think this too
          definitely billy and waity will be the downfall of monarchy also pippa and james will be too. She is never out of spotlight its shameful all she does is dress up she has so many clothes always everytime in a different outfit shoes bags she must hve built another wing on the new multi millionaire boyfriends house to store them ..
          plus how many things is she wanting to do latest now is she
          is a nutritional expert after such a short time . What with
          cocktail shaking wine connoisseur flamenco dancer writing
          rubbish book doing tennis swimming running roller skating
          hockey whatever next will she dream of doing next to get into press ….

  2. I was shocked at how bad Big Blue looks! It looks nasty and cheap. Makes one wonder if it’s the real deal or a cheaply made knock off?

    1. Hi the other Cathy. Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Big Blue? Are you talking about Kate here or Diana’s ring?

    2. I read somewhere – I forget where, and it was quite a while ago – that she might possibly have replicates that she brings out for day-to-day wearing, but Big Blue only comes out for serious gigs. Who knows if its true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was as it’s valued at a mind-boggling amount.

      1. It really wouldn’t surprise me is wasteofspace had to wear a knock off of THE ring but still you would think that she would at least make an effort to shine it up. I looked back after the comments and the ring, real or not, looks terrible. C’mon wasteofspace, at least make an effort to shine it up. When people notice it really is looking bad and since it was the primary goal of so many years of your life at least make a fake, if it is a fake, look better than that. Careful, girlfriend, even the ‘sugars’ might take notice, and the Diana generation might get a bit miffed. I have never really bought the old ‘I carried it around in a rucksack’ from William.

  3. I have my usual comments about Kate’s professional appearance to the extent that I am beginning to feel like my parents. My mother disapproved of messy hair as well as playing with it, and my father had perfect posture and encouraged the same in us. Kate – for God’s sake! – stand up straight and do something with that mop of hair other than playing with it! As patroness, you set a poor example for the young air cadets whose hair is tidy and whose backs are straight. As the late Nat King Cole sang:

  4. I was shocked when I saw the state of Big Blue what has she been doing to it ? It really needs a good clean

    1. This is one of the DM captions, “The aircraft landed at Kensington Palace, Kate and William’s London residence, allowing Kate time to change into an Alexander McQueen suit and Lock & Co hat (pictured) before heading to the engagement for 11am”. One of the DM commenters also mentioned seeing her helicopter land with Kate getting out at Kensington. The wording in some of the articles was odd, emphasizing she returned home to Anmer via helicopter. I’m wondering if the reason for this is that Kate wasn’t at Anmer when she took a helicopter to Kensington, maybe her point of origin was from somewhere that would paint an even more unflattering picture of Kate.

      1. Thanks for the info Lola. I’m really unimpressed now!
        A helicopter ride BOTH ways? And The Queen took the train!
        Having 2 helo rides and having someone salute her must have really made Kate’s day. It was probably days like this that Kate dreamed about while waiting all those years for William to propose!
        Meanwhile back in the real world the 89 year old Queen took the train.
        A missed opportunity for Kate to have some one-on-one time with Her Majesty?
        I’m just taking a moment to spare a thought for the number of people who can’t afford a house in London so live outside of London and travel in to London each day for work. I’ve met people who were travelling up to 2 hours to work and then 2 hours home again. That’s Monday to Friday.
        I know couples with children doing this as they felt the children would have a better life growing up outside of London and they do it with minimal childcare.
        Kate having to take a helicopter so she can get home to the kids doesn’t fly with me!

      2. The aircraft landed at Kensington Palace, Kate and William’s London residence, allowing Kate time to change into an Alexander McQueen suit and Lock & Co hat (pictured) before heading to the engagement for 11am”.

        I am a bit confused. What was Kate wearing before the ‘heli’ landed?

  5. Working parents are doing a good job raising their kids, kate uses her kids to stay out of work and yet when she appears she does a lousy job, l cant believe she let mop of hair look like that again, while crotch clutching like a silly little girl!!!

    1. Doesnt she just look so ridiculous why oh why did she get this patronage .. Sophie Wessex would of done a brilliant job not this air headed dolly mixture girl .. really think people i.e. courtiers should sort this girl woman out

      1. Daisy, I think that waity katie was given this to as I said in another post to bamboozle the people into thinking that she is relevant and important to the monarchy. As far as the palace courtiers go, either they tried and threw up their hands **or** they can’t stand the fool and are more than gleeful in her bumbling about making a joke of herself. I suspect both. Waity doesn’t strike me as one who cares to learn anything, let alone from people whom she considers to be beneath her. I seriously think that **the** ring was expected to magically turn her into the beloved of all, as far as she was concerned and God knows William just needed a bakery for heirs, so I see him just tolerating her and having a good jaw and fist work out when he’s forced into being with her on engagements.

  6. Thanks Lola – yet another insight into what a warped mindset that whole family has. What is wrong with driving down and back – like everyone else does. I’m not surprised HM did not want to travel with the Empty Vessel – conversation would be a struggle after 10 minutes

    1. I’m a bit suspicious…I’m really wondering if there is not a legit threat against Waity and Wills from terrorists. The climate in Europe is different right now than in the states with the flood of refugees…I’m wondering if driving is out especially distances greater than a few miles as it would possibly mean getting hijacked on a strech of highway or country area with little protection?…I’m not defending the waste of money..I frankly think if it’s the case maybe bow out of the position all together…they seem to constantly want to sell everyone on the Joe normal thing. But I’m wondering still about the security issues esp
      In light of a few times Waity looked down right on edge looking around like a scared cat…also they were caught out last night back in Amner having dinner at The Crown…according to the article Waity was not to fussed about the critical comments regarding her laziness, brows, dress, mode of transport…it said she was rather laughing and carefree, with their heafs yogether in conversation. However she did not have wine but water with dinner…is it possible she’s pregers again and that’s why she looks haggard?..the staff at the resturant noted she looked tired..

      1. Hi Bear
        Wouldn’t The Queen be more likely to be more at risk than Kate?
        Also, if Kate is in danger then why does she turn up to functions wearing bright red as that would make her easier to find.
        I suspect Kate took the helicopter because she felt like it.

        1. Tend to agree with you Cathy. The helicopter mode of travel works for Kate’s needs. She has no issues re. expense or how the extravagance is perceived; thick-skinned, like her mother.
          Royal security would comprise a crack team and I’m sure every scenario has been modeled. Other royals don’t look around like scared rabbits and if Kate is acting such, maybe it’s just that, an act to garner concern.
          Why on earth are William and Kate being portrayed as tired so much lately? They have had next to no work commitments for the past eight weeks. My take is that they are, yet again, playing us all as mugs.

          1. Yes Kitty, I agree, but we are not mugs are we, heh heh heh. I suppose that being in a marriage that is empty and worse, the two love birds have to fake their fairy tale love and defend their choice. That could be wearing. It’s a good thing they have two small children to use as an excuse for being worn out (yeah riiiiiiiiiight), but even at that little Miss Charlotte is 8 months old and I suspect she sleeps thru the night. Waity Katie certainly comes to life and doesn’t seem to be looking as tired when she is around ‘celebs’ and William the I don’t wannabe doesn’t look as tired and tense when he’s doing something w/o his mate. And these people have an entire lifetime to endure each other and play happy family. I really hope that George and Charlotte make their own way and cut themselves loose from the Middleton web.

        2. Not sure about that, while she is a target, the younger royals would be more of a statement maybe? It was at the shawn the sheep viewing with Harry and Will, something was freaking her out and the DM picked up on it but did not elaborate more. I agree tho, the red at Wimbledon made her stand out…but maybe Wimbledon was more controlled for safty whereas the stops and getting out of the car with the public right there might be different. It was just a thought. I’m sure it’s kate being selfish and playing the princess card with the helicopter.

          1. Yep, I think that your looking at both sides is right but that ultimately it comes down to waity katie being unwilling to waity to get back home and a ride in a ‘heli’ certainly shouts out her ‘status’. She might, just might, also be signaling her ‘importance’ by looking around to see if there was a danger, I mean after all she **is** so very high profile (would be higher if she didn’t slouch) and all. With the world in the shape it is today, Bear, we as ordinary citizens are taking our lives into our hands by going to the movies, a restaurant, anywhere. Nutbags abound and that horror in Paris isn’t very far from my mind. These were just people, no high profiles, no big names. I wondered about the Super Bowl and to give an idea of how long this awareness has been, I who go to bed very early stayed up to make sure no blood thirsty whacko blew up Times Square in 2000. My son was there.

  7. “…it was only fitting the brooch should be worn by a duchess who is the embodiment of a modern woman of the 19th century.”
    Completely appropriate that a now redundant brooch be given to someone completely redundant.
    It’s a bad, bad look to be jumping into helicopters for a 2-hour engagement given Kate’s poor work and personal history. But totally predictable.

  8. Different photos will show Kate having different skin tones, even at the same event, due to differences in lighting, whether or not Kate’s face is in shadow, different photographers, color saturation, etc.

    Even from the same event in two photos that are from the same angle and the same stretch of moment, her skin tone can look completely different because they were taken by different photographers:



    From the same event, her skin tone ranged from lighter, to warmer, to dimmer because she’s in shadow:




    Overall, Kate’s skin tone is about the same as it was in December, though she did look very pale for that memorial service for some reason.

    December 16: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/catherine-duchess-of-cambridge-attends-a-christmas-lunch-news-photo/501633954

    December 25: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/catherine-duchess-of-cambridge-attends-a-christmas-day-news-photo/502442028

    January 10: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/catherine-duchess-of-cambridge-attends-a-wreath-laying-news-photo/504323786

    February 7: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/catherine-duchess-of-cambridge-attends-st-clement-danes-news-photo/509009572

    I think it’s entirely possible Kate and William headed to Mustique with the Middletons, and just because W&K weren’t spotted out by locals doesn’t mean they weren’t there, but I don’t think judging her skin tone at this event is really that accurate.

    1. With respect to variations in Kate’s skin tones in these photos, it is also possible that she was experimenting with different kinds of foundation and blush. She did experiment with a new eyebrow look at the air cadet event. She may enjoy playing with makeup.

        1. Regarding skin tone, you make very good points, so for me, I compare the skin tone of her hands and legs because that tends to remain the same irrespective of lighting and shadows. Also, no make up to confuse the issue.

          Kate’s hands and legs were warmer toned than her previous outing.

      1. I bet she has a top of the line tanning bed at both her homes too. It’s well known that she tans, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she baked a bit at home between events.

  9. Now now people, let’s give credit where credit is due. 🙂 Kate the Keen was being ever so fair in allowing Army worms to nest above her eyes so that she shows her keen support for both the Air and Ground forces. She is such a ridiculously frivolous woman, there is no justification whatsoever in taking a ‘heli ride’ when other means of transport are available and wouldn’t cause her to be tardy for another engagement. My opinion? She did it because she can, because she wants to, because she’s all about easy ‘rides’ in more ways than one. I posted on another forum that she should have declined that brooch but the moderator of that was right, she would have been thought of as incredibly rude to decline. On her, it just looks like a carnival prize, cheap and gaudy. I guess I cringe a bit when people say things about her mother’s past job, and that this outfit may have been one Carole used to wear. I may loathe those wannabes but I can’t bring myself to diss anyone who worked at a legit job, for the job they did. I agree that she absolutely does look like a stewardess and missed the ‘military dignified look’, and if she gave any thought whatsoever she might have considered putting her hair up, when I was in the reserves I had to. (Army Reserves, short lived, honorable discharge, but a time I look back on and go, what on earth were you thinking?) She doesn’t look ‘dignified, distinguished, hasn’t a hint of military bearing, (slouching much), and looks as out of place as those Army worms do on top of her eyes. She has zero credibility. And the article in the DM with an overdose of her pictures, all kinds of pictures, lots and lots and lots of pictures. Someone suggested that it’s like a dehydrated person who has been deprived of water, get it while you can before it’s gone again. Me, I’m not that thirsty!!

    1. Way to make a splash!! First comment and you come up with this 🙂 Unbelievable description of this whack a doodle and whoever said ‘you couldn’t make this stuff up is right’. I’m thinking that the keen one is honored and doesn’t get the irony/joke/humor/. I wonder if the DM is going to jump on this and the boots will be sold out before I get a chance to not even think about buying them. Too funny!

  10. Thought the outfit for the RAF appointment was awful . We thought she looked like an air hostess just popping off the waitressing duty ..
    why couldnt she have worn her hair up and worn a suit to look more professional ..
    We think she just wants pictures of herself and does not give diddly squat about anyone else and never will learn the royal way of doing anything as she is purely a dolly head …..

    1. This marriage. A prince who wants to be ‘normal’ and a woman/child who wants titles, money, wealth, attention..what a combo!! He hates the press, she loves seeing her picture in the press . And that wannabe family. He doesn’t wanna be king, but which part of mummy in law will take away your cheese toast if you don’t become king is the idiot not clear on? He really got ‘royally’ taken for a fool.

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