The Parable of the Perturbed Press

“To whomever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked.” – Luke 12:48

After years of reaping royal benefits, this week the media reminded the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of their enormous growing bar tab of expectation.

On February 17th, Kate Middleton did her guest stint with the Huffington Post UK. The photos Tweeted by @KensingtonRoyal of the “newsroom” confirmed to me that they were using stuffed animals instead of real dogs and ponies for the Kate is Keen Show.


While the event was geared towards bringing awareness to children’s mental health issues, the inherent flaw in selecting one outlet is representative of the greater issue that the Cambridges mistakenly believe they don’t need the media.  Kate’s second event of the year lacked the traditional media fanfare even though she wore a brand new outfit and everything.  Above all else, the press is a business so they naturally wouldn’t want to waste a lot of column space plugging their competition.

Many wondered if there would be a complete media black-out.


Daily Mail article on Kate being papped shopping in pricy designer clothing referenced the Huffington Post event as Kate guest-editing “a website”.   While celebrity guest editing isn’t new which Jezebel’s “Kate Middleton Joins the Long, Goofy, Controversial Line of Celebrity Guest Editors” explores, the very fact that Kate is being classified as a celebrity reveals just how royally Kate is missing the mark.  Taxpayers don’t fund celebrities’ lives and more is expected of royals than being famous for being famous.  As representatives of the UK, royals are supposed to remain politically neutral and avoid the appearance of impropriety by refusing freebies  by companies seeking royal product placement…a  future Queen Consort aligning herself with one media outlet is tantamount to brand endorsement.

Prince William’s first scheduled engagement of the year on the 16th at the Foreign Office’s Diplomatic Academy seemed to even more blatantly break with the royal neutrality policy when a speech he delivered was widely interpreted as thinly veiled support of remaining within the European Union.  As the Daily Mail noted, “he all but named the EU as he referenced international organisations such as the United Nations, Nato and ‘elsewhere’ as institutions that help Britain affirm its ‘commitment to working in partnership with others’. ”  The Palace denied any political agenda and pointed out that never once in the speech did Prince William specifically mention the European Union.  Sure, and when I refer to the Petulant Prince, I really am talking about any spoiled arrogant balding 33-year-old British heir to the throne with a pathologically lazy wife, two kids and a Cocker Spaniel named Lupo.

On February 17th, The Sun fired a shot at William the Reluctant heard round the world’s media with “Throne Idle: Prince on 1st job of the year… and it’s a disaster”.  While many of the points it makes have been discussed here and on other sites like Kate Middleton Review, Kate Middleton: Duchess or Diva, Celebitchy, and Sarah Whalen’s posts on Bayou Buzz, it’s refreshing to see the UK mainstream media dispense with the royal candy coating for a change and exercise some journalistic candor.

The Sun’s journalistic bitch-slap was such a departure from the white glove treatment Prince William normally receives, The Guardian dedicated an article to the article in “The Sun gives both barrels to Prince William”.

On February 18th, Richard Palmer Tweeted that for the RAF Disbandment Parade attended by Prince William and Kate, media access was limited under the guise of space restrictions.


Perhaps the Cambridges were trying to keep out members of the media who might question the “value for the money” of Prince William and Kate who do so few official engagements to begin with taking a helicopter ride from London to Anglesey, Wales to attend the disbandment parade of the now-privatized branch of the Royal Air Force William left in 2013 without meeting his training commitment.

The Daily Mail continued the media pummeling with two new articles questioning the Petulant Prince’s dedication to his royal role with “William the Unwilling: A no-show at the Baftas, only two engagements all year and now even Royal eyebrows are being raised at a Prince who’s gone missing in action” as well as “Patell’s People: Work-shy William has to make a royal choice”.

The quote “to whom much is given, much is expected” comes from The Parable of the Faithful Servant, an eschatological warning in the Gospel of Luke to be prepared for the day of reckoning.  How long the monarchy will last remains to be seen, but with the press’ trumpeted judgment of William the Reluctant and the Duchess of Doolittle reaping the royal perks without commensurate return, the British Royal Family might want to figure out the whole Cambridge situation before the last three trumpets ring out.  The polo  ponies of petulant princes are no match against the apocalyptic horses of a republic.


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  1. I’m just sitting here enjoying the show. Something is going on. Whether it’s a planned attack to get them off of their butts and working (which it won’t) or putting the thoughts of William stepping down (and taking the kids with him) into the realm of the public for thought, this could be the start of something historical.

    If they are gauging the public’s response, the vast majority of what I’ve seen is not supporting William and Kate. People who have to get up every day and work to keep a roof over their heads (journalists and photographers included) are tired of seeing them prancing about while two 90 year olds run rings around them. I know I am.

    1. Spot on Love Lola!

      What a waste of space, resources, funds belonging to the British people, the lazy arrogant Willnot*useless waity are. Time to end the farce and publicly acknowledge and turn over KP, Anmer to Prince Henry, as heir to POW Charles.

      Send off- good riddance to berkshire or Africa to an arrogant, entitled useless willnot*cannot family of four.

      The Yorks other RF members will step up to join Prince Henry take on grandparents royal duties.

      1. Thanks, lazduo! It will be interesting to see what happens. It’s a hereditary monarchy so unless William leaves willingly (unlikely because he enjoys the perks too much and is notoriously cheap when it comes to spending his own money, he wouldn’t be able to live at the same level of extravagance as he does now), it’s more probable the monarchy will be abolished before Parliamentary action is taken to remove William from the line. History is filled with terrible kings, incompetence and unwillingness to perform one’s duty aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Even Edward’s own family knew he would make a disastrous king, however their hands were tied until he provided a reason for abdication by marrying the divorcee Wallis. There’s some evidence to support claims that some cloak and daggery things were happening behind the scenes as a Plan B to make sure Edward’s reign would be brief so you never really know.

    2. I also think this full-scale blitz attack might wind up being significant from a historical perspective. When I read The Sun article, the song “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago came to mind, specifically Liz’s part and the chorus:

      I said, “you pop that
      gum one more time…”
      and he did.
      So I took the shotgun off the wall
      and I fired two warning shots…
      …into his head.

      He had it coming
      He had it coming
      He only had himself to blame

      If you’d have been there
      If you’d have heard it
      I betcha you would
      Have done the same!

      The press has issued scatterings of warnings to the Petulant Prince, but they’ve never used real ammo like this before.

  2. Wonder where Harry is these days…not a peep…he was everywhere and even showing up to the Cambridges events. a third wheel…but one that often stole the show. The public seem in favor of Harry taking the lead. Maybe the praise on Harry infuriated Will so the have him gagged and tied in some dungeon. I’m hoping he is with Chelsy. The media have had it for sure with William. He’s not the photogenic rugged handsome prince he was either back demanding media to back off…gilt is off the lilly…they want him to work and behave as QE2 or at least come close with a modern version…he can’t be bothered and still is looking on hiding.

    1. To date Prince Harry has had three events make it to the Court Circular on January 29th for Invictus Games trials and on February 5th he visited 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment at Weeton Barracks, Preston, Lancashire and flood victims and St. Michael’s on Wyre. So he’s still done as much as the heir as far as the Court Circular goes (William’s attendance at Henry Worsley’s funeral was counted as an official engagement for William).

      Harry took some time off in the beginning of January. I think right now he’s been engaged in preparations for Invictus Games. In my opinion, there seems to be a conscious effort to make sure he doesn’t outshine William in the press which is rather futile. Hopefully Harry’s evenings are being spent in the arms of someone he cares about instead of being shackled in a dungeon (unless of course that’s what he’s into).

    2. Harry volunteers 3 days a week with the Ministry of Defence’s Recovery Personal programme unit.

      Additionally, he has been out and about, unreported in mainstream medi, but mentioned on twitter.

      He has done some events that finally made it into mainstream media – invictus, Flood victims, BUT as usual didn’t make it into the CC.

      He has also made 3 trips to Nottingham to review royal foundation projects. These visits were unannounced and also went unreported except on twitter.

      If you don’t look at the royal reporters’ twitter accounts and only go by what is posted to CC, then Harry is as lazy as WK.

      The reality is far from that. He is working and we have the receipts to prove it even if it isn’t reported in mainstream media.

      1. Thanks, Herazeus. I don’t usually cover Harry but was aware that some of what he was doing was going unreported (I had no idea, though, he was volunteering three times a week with the Ministry of Defence’s Recovery Personal programme unit). Since this is obvious pr manipulation, I am going to start covering Harry more. If you ever want to do a guest post on Prince Harry, Invictus Games, or any other topic, I would be honoured to publish it here. You an also e-mail me at if you want to just flag something to my attention.

        1. So happy to hear…I like harry…he seems like he is finding his feet and finding personal success. ..he is more Diana than Will is.

  3. Cue photos of the children in 3..2..1. Perhaps we may also be treated to a happy family shot, carefully assembled and photoshopped to peasant standards. I don’t know if this is all a warning or the start of something bigger, but I’m going to lay in a big supply of popcorn.

    1. Interestingly there’s a rumor that Woman’s Day Australia got ahold of paparazzi pics of George, Charlotte and Nanny Maria that were yanked in a nanosecond. Not sure if it’s true or not but if it is, it will be interesting to see if it’s part of William’s Aggressive No Pictures Policy or if they don’t want a Commonwealth magazine to steal their goodwill photo thunder.

      1. Hi Lola.
        Thanks for your take on the “Kate is Keen Show”.

        As you mentioned Woman’s Day, I looked at this week’s New Zealand editions of Woman’s Day and New Idea.

        Nothing on the HuffPo “take your pretty pretty princess to work” day.

        This surprised me as both magazines LOVE Kate. The content in the NZ editions of both magazines is usually the same in NZ and Oz with some items swapped out only for local celebs.

      2. Haha – Woman’s Day Australia and New Idea Australia are notoriously naughty for getting the photographers where nobody else will dare to go! Can’t wait to see them.

        (Incidentally, New Idea was the one that broke the ‘Squidgee’ and ‘Tampongate’ stories back in the day too).

  4. In one of the articles, they actually mentioned the notion of Will bowing out with his children, which is likely the first time that particular thought has been publicized.
    If people think the idea of william leaving and taking his children out of line is so farfetched, they obviously aren’t familiar with the long list of complex british royal history.

    One must feel for the cambridge sugars at times like these.
    How dare people, who have the nerve to question saint bill and icon waity.
    It is funny they are the same people that wholeheartedly believe that w&k do behind-the-scenes work because an unnamed source says so; however, if an unnamed source says something critical. It’s unequivocally false.

    1. The article that mentions William stepping down with his children is Amanda Platell’s piece:

      Ultimately, Parliament would decide if George and Charlotte would be removed from the line of succession (the younger they are, the likelier they would be removed).

      There are plenty of cases in which succession didn’t follow the anticipated linear path but ultimately, William may be too arrogant, spoiled and selfish to give up the perks willingly. Also, when he was a child, Diana used to say, ‘Fine, Harry will do it instead.’ whenever William was being difficult. No matter how big of a temper tantrum William would throw, he would suddenly become compliant when faced with the possibility Harry would have something William didn’t initially want. In many ways, William hasn’t grown much. I think William would rather see the monarchy burn to the ground than have it go to anyone else.

  5. What happened to Sarah Whalen? She used to write really funny, witty pieces but appears to have been silenced.

    I really hope these articles force William into working (I really believe that Kate is a mere puppet and will only do what he tells her to), but I don’t think they will … he started out with so much premise in his late teens, what with his gap year helping out in Chile among other pursuits, but something must’ve happened to make him turn so bitter and loathsome.

    I liked what Kate wore for her blogging event – she looked really nice! I cannot believe the vitriol being spurted on ‘Royal Gossip’ about her – some of those people need to have their internet access removed permanently for spieling such hate. I can’t believe hate sites like that are allowed to exist (although the fact that has .de, rather than a .uk, website address speaks volumes).

    I’m all for a little snippy article here and there but some people seem to take it way, way too far. (And on that note, why is Daily Mail letting the same sorts of comments through?). Some of these people should read up on what lead to the death of Charlotte Dawson (former Judge on Australia’s Next Top Model) and re-think their actions.

    1. The middletons/carole happened! Titled and godly worship by middletons enablers to entitled arrogant. Lazy ‘I am a Prince’, plebs.

    2. I don’t think Sarah Whalen was silenced, she’s a lawyer by profession and she did write a piece not that long ago (I’m pretty sure it was the one about Tatler and Princess Diana). Unfortunately because of the way Bayou Buzz is formatted, they can be hard to find sometimes. I was going to link to directly to her last article in my post to make it easier for readers to find but I couldn’t track it down myself within a reasonable amount of time. Every lawyer I know is very busy so Sarah simply may not have the time. Plus, and I can’t stress this enough, it can get very monotonous writing about Kate.

      Royal Gossip is a great forum, I’m not a member, but they’ve been wonderfully supportive of my blog. To be honest, I don’t know where any of the forums are based out of, they are international gathering places which is what I enjoy about the topic of royalty. I love to travel (despise flying, though), my favorite thing to do is exploring the world.

      As for the Daily Mail, they do intentionally try to provoke readers so they will click on articles and leave comments. It’s a tactic that works, they have the highest traffic of any new site in the world. Normally comments that cross the line are flagged by someone. I once flagged a very clear violation of the site’s hate comment policy, a shocking tirade basically calling for the LGBT community to be eradicated from society, it was removed within five minutes.

      Charlotte Dawson’s suicide was tragic as is any suicide regardless of who the person is. Sadly, Charlotte had a long history of mental illness and struggled with severe depression long before social media emerged. Most people who are suicidal don’t want to die, they are just tired of the pain of living. Twitter comments likely exacerbated her feelings of diminished kindness in the world, she also was struggling to make rent, owed friends in excess of $80,000, usually there are several factors involved when someone takes his or her own life. Sadly, a number of public figures have decided to close their social media accounts because of the attacks they received. When Robin Williams committed suicide, his poor daughter was besieged by all kinds of horrifying attacks on Twitter, prompting her to publicly announce her intention to leave the site, possibly forever. Jennifer Love Hewitt is another who left Twitter for a while because of comments, I’m not sure if she left again.

      There’s an enormous difference though, between being critical of a public figure and online bullying. Cyberbullying is the use of technology with the intention of hurting another human being. It’s not something I’ve seen a lot when it comes to royals. The overwhelming majority of people I’ve come across don’t wish Kate or William any harm, they merely want them to do their duty.

      Suicide prevention is a cause that I take very seriously. The stories of those who have attempted suicide and survived are heart-breaking. This is a cut and paste from a post I did a while back:

      In 2000, there was a young man named Kevin Hines who decided he was going to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, which was known as The Suicide Bridge, because everyone talked about it in that capacity, he already knew what spot he would jump from, it was an area where he was unlikely to survive by hitting either part of the pillar or the land, the water would sweep him up and all of his cares and woes would be gone. He was nineteen and had his whole life ahead of him, he explained it wasn’t that he wanted to die, he just didn’t want the pain of living. Before he jumped, all the way up to the bridge, he cried on the bus. For another hour or so, he paced back and forth on the walkway, visibly upset, rationalizing that if just one person asked him if he was okay, then he wouldn’t go through with it, remaining part of this world would be worth the struggle. All he needed was one person to ask if he was okay, that was the test he posed to humanity. Someone came up to him, but it wasn’t to ask if he was okay, she asked if he would take a picture of her. He took the pictures, gave her back her camera, she never asked if he was okay, so he said that’s it, that’s my answer, the world doesn’t care. He set up his backpack and his note, got a running start and leapt of the bridge. Instantly he realized he made a mistake and wanted to live, he figured his best chance of survival was hitting the water feet first and despite the impact of the water shattering most of his bones, he miraculously managed to keep his head afloat. He recalled the sensation of something slimy near his leg, it wasn’t until five years later he learned what it was. Someone who witnessed his jump and photographed him in the water sent him the picture and he realized the thing that was with him in the water, the force that miraculously kept his head above water and kept him from drowning was a sea lion. When he saw the sea lion who somehow was there knowing how to save his life and stayed with him keeping him afloat until help arrived, he realized that was his sign that he had been looking for, it was a sign he was meant to live. Born from a young man’s despair, the Golden Gate Bridge, from which more than 1,200 people have jumped finally now has a suicide barrier, it took over a decade but the site of the world’s most suicides finally got that barrier built.

      I’m sure there are some people whose minds are so set on suicide, they will find another means, but there are also people like Kevin Hines for whom their decision to take their own life is born from a desperate need to feel like the world cares. One day I was walking to a bus stop on Third Avenue and passed a woman sitting on this concrete ledge, I heard her sobbing so I stopped and sat down next to her and asked her if she was okay. She was young, maybe twenty-three, she was a beautiful girl, gorgeous dark curly hair. She indicated she was upset and I encouraged her to tell me why and she just poured out her soul. She was having problems with her boyfriend, her roommate wasn’t being respectful of her, she was messing up at work, she felt like a failure. I listened and offered my advice and just sat with her. I discovered that she had been sitting there for hours crying, I was the only human being in a busy area of Manhattan who stopped to ask if she was okay.

      Often people who are struggling don’t know how to ask for help. They’re desperately doggy paddling just trying to keep their head above choppy water. That’s why it’s so important to watch out for those we see struggling and let those we love know how important they are to us regardless. Some people have dealt with depression so long they are adept at hiding their pain with a smile. Depression doesn’t discriminate, it can effect anyone of any age and background.

      1. Thanks for telling Kevin Hines’s story, that’s beautiful that there was something it save him at that crucial moment (yah sea lion). I hope the woman who asked him to take the photo has heard what happened and it made her stop and think?
        May I say thanks to you, on that girl’s behalf, for stopping to talk to her and listen to her. I’m hopeful she is able to pay forward the kindness you gave her that day.
        Please do keep sharing your stories as I can see how you have been able to use what has happened to you to a positive and how you are helping others with your kind heart and great writing.
        (and a big hug to Nightwing too 🙂 )

      2. Lola, you have an amazing heart. We should learn to pay attention to those around us as we go throughout our day. It goes to show how one person, who takes the time to have compassion for another person, could change the course of another persons life. I bet this young woman will remember your kindness forever.

  6. Lola – thank you for these beautiful words from the Gospel of Luke, which should have meaning to the man who may (or may not) serve as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England one day.

  7. William even looks like a young Edward VIII in one photo of the latter as a Grenadier Guards officer during the First World War. William will have to abdicate sooner or later. He does not have the duty gene in him. He has his mother’s erratic self-indulgent temperament and his father’s entitlement, without his mother’s charisma and compassion or his father’s responsibility and self-depreciating humor. If he can’t be bothered to attend an awards ceremony of an organization he’s president of, when they are having it in a place where he supposedly resides, there can be no hope for him whatsoever; even though I gave up on him when he was supposedly taking an agriculture course at Cambridge two years ago and then he ended up in the Maldives or whatnot. Either the monarchy will fade in relevance into oblivion after the Queen dies or we should get used to King Henry IX. Personally I say long live King Henry.

      1. William is just as deluded as Edward VIII; the latter over marrying a twice divorced woman in 1936, the former over being a private, “normal” person. William gave an interview a little while back where he mused on being an air ambulance pilot and King. He’s so used to getting his own way he probably thinks when he’s King, he’ll be able to do whatever he wants, when the reality is quite the opposite. That can’t happen for so many reasons, it’s hard to know where to start.
        First he’s the Sovereign, the physical embodiment of the state. It is very dangerous for him to be flying around in a helicopter simply because of the inherent danger of helicopters potentially crashing. As the Crown (not the actual Crown but the physical embodiment of the Crown) he can’t be put in such a dangerous situation.
        Second of all, his security detail would be very unhappy to have him in such a state. Having the King rescue someone from a car accident or the like is a disaster waiting to happen. There would be hundreds of paps trying to get a shot of “the King rescuing someone,” not to mention the general public and the danger for the patient. That doesn’t even include the potential terrorists or assassins.
        Third of all, the Sovereign has far too many other duties to perform on a day-to-day basis to be doing some sort of nonsense like that (unless it’s going to become a part-time monarchy, like the part-time prince, which the public and Government WILL NOT stand for). Every day the Queen receives briefings from the intelligence and security services, has to sign government papers (every act carried out by the Government is carried out in her name and every governmental document that requires a signature from a Secretary of State requires her countersignature, whether by warrant or in the case of Acts of Parliament or commissions, the sign manual), meet government officials or foreign officials, and receives and approves paperwork from all the other Commonwealth realms where she’s head of state. There’s no time for playing with helicopters like a five-year-old.
        Fourth of all, Prince William will be a constitutional monarch. I can’t possibly imagine that the Prime Minister of the day would allow him as King to continue flying helicopters. If the Prime Minister or other minister of the Crown formally advises him as King that he has to give up being a helicopter pilot and be a full-time King, by convention he HAS to follow their advice. He can’t dissolve Parliament anymore under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act of 2011; that royal prerogative was transferred from the Crown to Parliament.
        Before Edward VIII abdicated, government ministers became reluctant to send secret documents and other papers to him because he wasn’t paying attention to them and they were worried about Wallis Simpson and others improperly seeing them. Special Branch detectives from the Metropolitan Police and MI5 put them under surveillance because they both harbored pro-Nazi sympathies; in 1970, Edward commented to someone that he “Didn’t think that Hitler had been that bad a chap.” That says it all.
        Of course I doubt William harbors Nazi sympathies but I think he will be as unreliable as his great-great-uncle.

        1. It makes me wonder what he does with the briefings he does receive and who, besides him, have seen them. And by who I mean Carole. Kate could probably care less.

          1. I don’t think he does anything “with them” per se and I’m very sure it’s HIGHLY illegal for him to disclose security and intelligence information. Prince or no Prince, he could be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act of 1989 if he did that. Security briefings are only given on a “need to know” basis. A security clearance only gives access to specific briefings and specific information; if you hold a Top Secret security clearance, you aren’t cleared to access every piece of information held at the level of “Top Secret,” you have to have a need to know that information.
            I doubt William gets many security briefings; they’re probably more as a courtesy than anything. When he’s King, that’ll be a different matter but even then, he won’t be allowed to willy-nilly discuss national security secrets with his in-laws unless they enjoy prison for violating the Official Secrets Act (William couldn’t be prosecuted then b/c the Crown prosecutes in the UK and as King, he would be the physical embodiment of the Crown, so legally speaking he would be prosecuting himself). But that wouldn’t apply to his in-laws.

    1. Seth
      Will & Edward their birthdays are on 2 days apart. Bill on June 21 & Ed on June 23! I have read that their astrology sign is cancer. Please correct me if i am wrong?

      1. Actually I think William is at the tale end of Gemini (also my sign) and Edward is Cancer. I forgot their birth dates are so close. Thanks Halia

  8. Young minds matter, but so do adult minds and, moreover, how adults use the ones that God gave them. What kinds of examples do W&K set with respect to using their minds for problem-solving and discernment – that is, for using their unique platform and vast resources to making the U.K. – and by extension, the world – a better place. An individual can make a huge difference in his or her world – however big or small we define “world” – and W&K are in a unique position to do that.

    1. Princess Diana did truly better the world by changing how people perceived those infected with HIV/AIDS and she made a tremendous global impact with land mines. I’ve never understood how William and Kate could have such a tremendous platform and do nothing with it, their interests seem to be in shrinking their worlds so it encapsulates only them and the Middletons. Fortunately, Harry seems to have an innate desire to use his position for good. And I agree with your lovely sentiment that each of us can make a positive difference. Even if we can’t save the world, we can save someone’s world.

      1. The thing is, they just don’t care. So by looking at their platform, being amazed at the change they could affect in people’s lives, they just shrug and he goes back to playing whirlybirds when he wants and she goes shopping, well… That’s all I can say. They do not care and never will. Unfortunately.

  9. Lola, I thought your blog above about suicide was awesome. Some folks have that empathy bone, but a whole lot more don’t, in that respect you are a JEWEL!!!

  10. As we all come to respect you Lola .. You are indeed so eloquent at seeing the situation of these Cambridges so well .. He is petulant and she a spendthrift and lazy ..
    They both want all the trappings of wealth but want to do nothing …
    So well documented by yourself .. Congrats .. love your portrayal of events..

  11. Katie Nicholls wrote the DM piece (shocked) and DM has buried the link in with a mundane article about QE2 corgi care and privalage…I’m shocked it was Katie who wrote this…usually she is pretty kissy with the royal family. It will be interesting to see what happens…Cameron’s problems with cabinet and leaving the EU are dominating the storylines…but that will also I would think play in with where the Royals are going to stand…if this is PR coming out of Charles and Cam’s camp to boost them, then he has done tremendous harm to the royal idea.

    People are putting 2 and 2 together. Infrequent appearances lasting an hour. ..80 some off appearances a year…is little more than a weeks work for many. Wills pouty reluctance, his part time pilot job and family man avg Joe stunts are not flying. He seems to not finish anything he does. I don’t think he completed the farming course..I think he pretty well dropped out but not much was said. I also don’t get the mental health thing with Kate…Diana had friends who were gay and knew people in the dance world that suffered HIV/ Aids…what’s the mental health connection with Kate…is it Will? (Other than the obvious crazy bum flashing Jane that she is, not getting her personal interest connection in all this new found charity work she is…well not doing much if…her kids are too young and I don’t think it’s them).

    I don’t think the queen is up to much these days…I highly doubt she is going to straighten this grown man out and tell him to develop a work ethic…it’s pretty much too late for Will. He was not raised with it. I can’t wait for your next post your take on them..I also belive this will have historic impacts.

    1. There’s no way this could be coming from Prince Charles’ camp. He’s a far better strategist than this. As for the mental health connection, likely there isn’t one and she needed something to champion other than Ben Ainslie, her being involved with children’s issues softens her image.

      1. She’s so Keen on mental health that she spent a total of 45mins (the blogging event) + a 1min PSA on the subject during child mental health week.

        1. Herazeus
          Thank you for confirming the truth! 1 question: did KM wear see- through blouse when talking with the children about mental illness? I hope it is just a rumor!

  12. Hi Lola,

    This is late but thank you for sharing the lovely lipstick story of your grandmother and also the sad but touching episode on Kevin Hines.

    I am really glad the knives are finally out on the spoiled, entitled and petulant pair. I hope this momentum continues…

    For me, the letters on the front of the helicopter pretty much sums up what I think of PW’s “job” as a co-pilot in East Anglia.

    PS Please send my love and kisses to your adorable and lovely Nightwing(*^-^*).

  13. Hi Lola

    Loved your story about Kevin Hines. How he lived after the fall off the bridge is a miracle and that a creature happened to play a part in his survival makes it even more wondrous.

    I agree with the first commenter Lisa that something is going on. I always thought the BRF were savvy enough to see William had morphed into a Middleton and that Carole might one day control the Bill monarchy from behind the scenes. She seems so darned sly.

    1. It makes me sad to think people are less clued in to the important needs of someone and the sea lion comes through for him. A sad and thought provoking story on many levels. I am glad a “Lassie” of a sea lion came to his rescue.

  14. Thanks Lola – you could run a whole Uni Psychology subject on this pair – perhaps Dysfuntional Behaviour 101

  15. I never got over William’s behavior at Wimbledon last year when he mimicked folks who were rushing out to catch their train. It was vile, ignorant, snobbish, etc, etc. Surprised it didn’t capture more media attention. What an idiot.

  16. Lola, if I didn’t love your blog before your quoting Scripture made me an absolute forever fan! Oh, something is up in the ‘House of Middleton’ and I’m just waiting for the final act. I hope that the gloves come off totally when the queen is no longer at the helm, the fact that this is happening now, before her reign is over is very telling. However, the downside is that when she and Phillip are history then the comparisons will stop…as in 90 year old and 94 year old do more than. Personally, at this point I don’t think Bill and Cathy will change or morph into people who care. I also think that the queen is partially at fault for William’s attitude of ingratitude. He has been indulged, pampered, spoiled and now he has married a crazy whacked out woman/child who simply follows him about like a faithful little dog, and if she gets out of line he can always go to the ‘shared mummy’ Carole and you know whose side she will take. I’m not even quite sure how the duke and duchess of dumbville react to bad press. I mean, seriously, they must think we are total sheeples or stupid to not see through the PR pictures, and I can’t believe that a professional spin doctor would think this was a good idea. Sure, go ahead and insult the public. I said this before, Bill and Cathy are paid in advance so I guess they think they’re invincible. I’m loving this, mean little fat ugly cat hoarding person that I am.
    Bill. I don’t wah wah wah nabe king.
    Carole. Get him into the trap, oh never mind I’ll do it myself.

    1. I don’t know royalsareajoke, they’ve still got Prince Charles to deal with. He’s no lightweight in the work area and he’s set some pretty high standards for Prince of Wales. If anything they are going to continue to look awful. Camilla works more than both of them as well.

      And if you’re a mean little fat ugly cat hoarding person, then I’m sharing my kibble with your cats!

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