A Royal Work-Off

“I care desperately about what I do.  Do I know what product I’m selling?  No.  Do I know what I’m doing today?  No.  But I’m here, and I’m gonna give it my best shot.”
-Hansel, Zoolander

What do you do when you’re a royally idle couple under fire for only undertaking three paltry official engagements apiece all year while soaking up all the royal perks?

You have a work-off.



Both Prince William and Kate Middleton left Anmer’s Fortress of Solitude to prove to their critics they care about more than being really, really, ridiculously lazy.

Emily Andrews of The Sun added more fuel to the fire on Wednesday by revealing that not only did William take December off of air ambulance pilot duties, he’s only worked twelve shifts to date this year.  William decided to fight fire with fuel by showing up at EAAA on Wednesday and doing the regular bloke task of refueling the helicopter.  Photos by Geoff  Robinson in the Express reveal William struggling with his hose.  Is the future king secretly not an ambi-turner?


William was probably a little overly ambitious in trying to look like he was just like everyone else.  Perhaps we should have given him the heads-up that even us regular folk don’t fill up our own helicopters, we let the heli fuel steward do it.   But it made for some memorable photographic moments.  You could practically hear Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go as William tugged on his hose.



With William playing helicopter pilot, Kate went solo in Edinburgh.  She visited St. Catherine’s Primary School which participates in the Place2Be program and took part in an assembly sing-a-long of Welcome Everybody.


From there, Kate went to look at the art created at Wester Hailes Education Centre’s The Art Room.  Then Kate traded in her court shoes for Asics, slipped into a Nike top and Monreal London Tuxedo track pants and participated in a tennis workshop conducted by the mother of her tennis crush, Andy Murray.  Or as Kate, seen here in a screen grab from stuff.co.nz  probably calls him, Plan B.


Despite spending  over $300 on pricy track pants (£220), somewhere Betty White was wearing a tracksuit better.


Kate was visibly excited about meeting Judy Murray.  The tennis pro’s Mum revealed to The Telegraph, “She was talking about at what age can a child hold a racquet. It’s about strength.  I was saying to her with children of George’s age you start with a balloon and the hand. It is about doing he right thing at the right time.  From a parents’ perspective she was very interested in how she could help her kids to develop the skills that you need to do sports because she enjoys sports so much.”  It’s  probably not a bad idea for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to explore other possible vocations since it seems unlikely the British Monarchy will survive their parents.

So who won this royal work-off?


Certainly not the taxpayer.   And definitely not William.


As a general rule, never go up against a woman nicknamed Commando Kate in an underwear challenge, she’ll pants you every time.



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125 thoughts on “A Royal Work-Off”

  1. Your post made my day! Needed a laugh! Thank you Lola!
    I love your “plan B” comment. Priceless.
    Had a peak at other photos of the tennis event – Kate looked manic! Either she really needs to stick with sports-related events, or she was completely in damage control, with over-the-top grinning. Maybe a bit of both.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! Your saying the post made your day made my day.

      Photos from the tennis event made me concerned for Judy Murray. Kate even bared her teeth at her the same way she does when flirting with men in uniform. Hopefully Andy Murray’s Mum knows better than to fall for the line, “Does this bottle of chloroform smell weird to you?”

      1. Hi Lola,

        I’ve only recently discovered your blog. I just want to compliment you on your writing style – it is elegantly snarky and very well put together. I really appreciate it on a stylistic level.

  2. Pardon me, but Kate wears underwear? Do we have evidence of that? A moon-off, sure, Kate has good form there. I thought Commando Kate meant ‘going commando’. Again, she has form.

    1. We do have evidence Kate sometimes wears underwear. If you zoom in on this one you can see a very tiny bunched up white pair:

      She’s also flashed her panties in the back of cars:


      More knickers:

      In the fashion show:

      She’s been photographed… ahem… adjusting her underwear:

      There are others… I’m pretty sure there’s one from when she was on the rowing team…

      1. Oh, the pics arrived as I was contemplating dinner, and I’ve gone right off it now. A few of the images are a tad graphic. It did make me laugh out loud, though, so many thanks for that.
        I love your witty writing but you know, it took on a total fantasy twist at the mention of a work-off. Kate and William are just not built for work. Hey, why not just employ their doppelgangers? They’d be cheaper and better value all up.

        1. I know, you just can’t take the sci-fi writer out of the girl. But “work-off” went better with the “Zoolander” “walk-off” metaphor than “reluctantly-pretends-to-do-stuff-off”.

          Sadly, Kate’s flashed her lady parts so many times, I think I’ve lost the ability to be able to determine which ones should come with a warning. Sorry I ruined your appetite.

          1. Meh, I can stand to lose the weight. And to be fair, when you engage with the royal fantasy, all semblance of reality is lost.

    1. She did. The Telegraph made sure to note how Kate “risks another row”. Everyone is so focused on William being a massive tool right now, Kate could have stolen Wonder Woman’s invisible plane and landed it on top of a baby seal colony without causing much fuss. For some reason, most people can’t be super judgmental of two people at the same time. I’m so happy I’m not limited in that respect.

      1. Even at the “ass end of the world” I too can manage many things concurrently too – what a bloody waste of money. Bet Sophie Wessex manages to get to engagements more economically – and makes a worthwhile contribution as well. Bring on the republic in Australia once HM is no longer with us

      2. Amen to a republic! I can snicker at this ridiculous couple simultaneously. We should all get jackets made.

    2. She did go by helicopter at a cost of 3K, it was reported. They also worked out her engagement schedule which could have gotten Kate there for 200 pounds by train/plane.

      1. I think the media are being generous in the cost of her helicopter ride.

        The journey to London cost £3000, but London to Norfolk is about half the 45mins-1hr flight time.

        Whereas we are told it took her 1hr 45min- 2hrs to get to Edinburgh, so I would assume that doubles cost of the flight.

        I think because they know how much it cost for the flight to London, all her helicopter rides are going to be costed the same no matter the length of the journey.

        1. I think it is just lazy reporting – or perhaps protective of Kate – to stick to the 3k amount. Another paper costed the helicopter ride at around 7k.
          No matter how profligate, the Queen has foolishly sanctioned this mode of transport for William and Kate, so they use it. The Queen has herself to blame for indulging even further a couple suffering from arrested development.

          1. The helicopter trip to Edinburgh would have been around £7,500. I’m not sure why other outlets have been reporting the 3k figure especially since they quote the proper cost of helicopters taken by Prince Charles and Prince William, so I have to believe this is more than lazy journalism. Either they are protecting Kate or are limiting the backlash against Kate to keep the focus on William.

  3. Oh Lola…how can I live without your dose of humor! I am down with hay fever on top of having this nasty little cough; but your hilarious article made my day(^-^). Thank you so much!

    Now if you would excuse me, I need a drink of water.

  4. I don’t think Special Snowflake would even contemplate travelling by train or scheduled flight to Scotland……. she might get contaminated by the plebs !!!!

      1. I recently came across a pap photo of Kate during the GF years, taken of her taking the bus…….fast forward to current lifestyle and it’s amazing that she uses helos like the bus.

        The media have started putting a spotlight on her helo habit, but all the articles about her public appearances since she married always have a throwaway line about her arrival by helo. It’s frequently the reason she turns up late because the weather isn’t always conducive to helo travel.

        I think the only time she took the train to an engagement, it became noteworthy. She was pregnant at the time too.

        Then there was the time they were spotted exiting a helo because they had hitched a ride from Wales and the owner said he was always giving them rides, not to mention the often mentioned private jets to Scotland.

        She really landed on her feet. She will never do anything as pedestrian as take a bud ever again. She’s like Fergie in that sense.

    1. Overall, the press coverage was lighter than usual. The press was mostly about the Murray event, hardly anything was mentioned about the other two engagements. On Twitter, royal correspondents and photogs are talking about the random restrictions that have been placed on them at recent events. According to Mark Cuthbert, “like Wales though the whole day boiled down to a photo op limited to one person for no apparent reason.”

  5. I’m sitting here contemplating the mounds of snow outside my door from the dump we got in Michigan yesterday and see this hysterical post. Thank you so much!

    The only thing is the Kate stuff was already scheduled so it’s not so much a response, but her over the top gurning at the events is definitely her response. It’s a “Look, I work and I’m really happy to be doing it!!” I too fear for Judy Murray, but only because once the spiffy new tennis court is completed she will be invited for tea and then sent off to explore the vast beigeness that is Anmer with Kate. Kate will then ditch her in that beige maze only to let her out to give tennis lessons to George, Charlotte and herself. The poor thing will be so dazed by the lack of proper nutrition and the mind numbing lack of color that she will never find a way out on her own.

    I think Kate is dreaming of George and Charlotte on the center court at Wimbledon in the finals as mummy cheers from the royal box.

    Run, Judy, run!!!

    As for William and his issues refueling…that’s the stuff comedy is made of. I’m sure he was using some choice words in his head as he struggled and probably thinks someone set him up. This all just keeps getting better as it goes along.

    1. Ugh, winter is being so pissy. Right now we’ve got 30mph wind gusts. I’m very much ready for spring.

      Poor Judy is probably going to wind up duct taped in the same broom closet with Ben Ainslie. Andy Murray is going to have to go all Liam Neeson in “Taken”: “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for tennis lessons, I can tell you I don’t have the patience for that. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my mother go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will grand slam the crap out of you. “

      1. I love that movie just because Liam Neeson is such a bad a$$ in it. However, I don’t think Andy threatening Kate will have quite that affect. I actually think it would be the opposite and after she came to from the rush of delirium that he was going to be near her she’d probably start baiting her trap for him too.

  6. First of all, how do you spend that much money on such ugly pants? And if I was Judy Murray, why would I get within 10 feet of Waity? But thank you so much for the Zoolander references and for the giggles!

    1. There’s some expensive workout wear out there, but these pants look very cheap. They just aren’t cut well. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a steady decline in the quality of women’s clothing in general at all price points.

  7. What a delightful bit of prose to awaken to this morning! I’m having a good laugh with my cup of coffee. Thanks so much Lola for your humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LOL(a)! Thank you! This was hilarious! I only wish that it were accompanied by your personal choices of workout music. I love the cameo by Betty White.

  9. Haha! Snigger! What a great article ! Two of my fur babies felt the need to jump off my lap due to my laughing!
    Apparently she was met by a massive crowd of 46 at the school, a couple of the small children had flags! Saltires instead of the Union Jack. Curiouser and curiouser!
    I think this dismal duo are now damned if they do and damned if they don’t!

    1. Awww, my apologies to your fur babies. According to Richard Palmer’s Twitter feed, at the last minute, the crowd shot up to 89. I wonder if they did some last-minute recruitment to fill in the pictures a bit.

  10. Hilarious post, thank you! Oh my, those track pants!! I know I had a pair just like them back in 1997, during my Sporty Spice phase. What was she thinking?! The top is all wrong and her hair should be pulled up and back. I am completely convinced that she either doesn’t work advisors or they are too scared of her to tell her the truth. Mama looks like a fool. Her kids aren’t going to inherit a monarchy, imo, but will be very wealthy, so they don’t have to worry about careers. Charlotte and George Sax-Coburg Gotha will be set, but not Royal. This is a very entertaining slow motion train wreck…

  11. Those are the WORST $300 track pants ever! She usually looks pretty good in athletic gear, but wow is this awful.

  12. Note to self: do not read this blog in a public library where I work. Today’s post made me cackle aloud at the information desk where I got some startled looks from patrons.

    Great blog, Lola, you do have deft touch with your elegant snark and wonderful references. Today’s pictorial of Zoolander and Betty White nearly sent me over the edge!

    1. I cannot read this blog in public! Or while consuming liquids. I wind up laughing like a crazy lady and have been known to spray my coffee all over myself, my tablet and my fur baby. 😀

  13. Lola, I have a bone to pick with you. Twice this week you have done this to me – I no sooner get the chorus of “Cell Block Tango” out of my head, now I have “Wake me up before you go”. It is beginning to bug me!

    Seriously, though, you have had some really interesting posts that I have enjoyed reading.

  14. You never know Lola, maybe the “busy young mum” finds time in her packed schedule to read your blog over her morning coffee and ciggie and the penny has finally dropped that she has to DO something.

    1. I doubt it. I feel like if Kate were going to the effort of typing in any web address and reading its contents, it would be showing up in the Court Circular as an official engagement.

  15. You know Lola, when I have pointed out the red dress mishap in New Zealand to a couple of pals, that acted like I was a voyeur , they could not believe I would bring up such a topic like what are you doing even checking that out on line . I was like, dudes it was all over the internet, they, go by People magazine, and think she is a saint, I think I was more surprised by their reaction and anger with me for pointing it out!!!

  16. Good grief someone on another blog mentioned crab hands and I could not figure out what they were talking about till Lola posted this …I swear my mouth dropped open…she is just full of hand gestures isn’t she. Jason needs to figure out something to do with her mitts …they keep getting photographed at her crotch, in her hair and every which way…too much hand attention.

    1. gretagoblin, Kate hasn’t even mastered simple hand clapping yet. She’d knock herself out if she attempts this.

    1. Wow…yeah. It looks like the DM may know something or have something on Will.

      I have to say if it was me I would have had consistent photos of him working this week…it’s suppose to be 4 days on 4 days off…again we have 1 picture…is he at work this week? He and Waity are not doing appearances only 1 i wold hAve had another fir her lin ed up…and Waity looked absolutely giddy at the last appearance – either she is happy Will is about to get it or she is pulling a Diana, or its all fake and her face would look like Wills, which always looks like thunder. If I had to guess, no other women, just a unwillingness to be King, or do the royal thing…I think he’s taken off hunting with Jecca, but nothing but flirtation took place…kate took off and took the kid to her mother’s when he did that, and she looked pissed at the event they attended together after, he even in one clip can be seen mouthing “sorry” I believe. It took the queen having a meeting in Balmoral with them. They seemed fine since then but Will seemed increasingly worse …less smiling…less and less appearances, kate looking worse…Will is miserable with his life, he seems a pout type. I remember when the press was interviewing him about having a girlfriend…Charles was there and clearly trying to control Wills tone in answering questions… he seemed bratty…and probably has some mental health issues…his upbringing was not the most stable and Katie pretty much references that in her speech about how childten sometimes cant cope in famity circumstances. Harry…is MIA. Any press he gets is about him doing work. They stopped filming him coming out of bars but one person commented that he’s still out there bar hoping it’s just not covered – wonder why? Cause there is no fall back? .Will does not want the job so don’t trash Harry he might be all that’s left? Not sure how it works tho…I think George would be next…not Harry, if Will stepped down …Lola would love your thoughts on this! Maybe that’s why Harry can’t get married…no takers to be queen? BP is being too quiet.

      1. Harry is not MIA. Most of his work isn’t added to the court circular and the press (and blogs) write articles based upon that alone.

        That said, the royal press pack tweet his work schedule of volunteering, private visits, behind the scenes work on behalf of his own charities or for the royal foundation from time to time even if the tweets aren’t reflected in their articles to the public. In his latest opinion piece on the royal family’s popularity, Richard Palmer has once again mentioned Harry’s volunteer job and saves most of his disdain for William and Kate.

      2. Prince George may be next in line but he is under the age of succession, which would be 18 if he was heir apparent, which he is not… his grandfather is. If George were to ascend the throne before his 18th birthday (which would mean his father would almost certainly be deceased), under the Regency Acts, Prince Harry would be Regent until he reached 18. I can’t imagine they would make Kate Regent, though that is a slim possibility. If George or Charlotte succeed to the Crown before their 18th birthday, Harry would be Regent.

    2. I commented on DM that it felt like foreshadowing. I don’t necessarily believe the information the press has kept under wraps is about another woman, just that whatever they’ve been censoring is bad enough to compare to the Duke of Windsor. Maybe more of a shot across the bow reminding the BRF and the Cambridges specifically, that they were instrumental in the abdication of another previously beloved Heir.

      1. I’ve heard rumors and innuendos since fall of 2014 that William has someone on the side. There’s been some speculation as to who it could be by people who have heard the same gossip, none of which I found particularly credible, but a source I consider reliable told me that Kate made a comment to Chelsy during the Waitying Years that infidelity is to be expected when it comes to being with a prince. That suggests to me that William and Kate likely have some kind of agreement that he can do what he wants as long as he is discreet about it. I don’t think Kate has the same kind of marital freedom judging by how genuinely annoyed William appears to be when Kate flirts with Ben Ainslie and any man in uniform.

        I’ve heard enough dropped hints to think that it’s possible William has been with another woman, but to be fair, there have been no credible suggestions as to who it might be so the speculation could be nothing more than a projected belief of inevitability.

        1. Though delightful and karmic to watch if true ( “Ginger, get the popcorn” cries Toby Ziegler) it would be game over for William and Kate if another woman was found lurking in their marriage. The ‘we can only look after our children’ act would be shot to pieces. That his 9-month old daughter is running and jumping into things (according to the latest snivelling drivel from Camilla Tomeney) indicates he has no idea what the hell the kid is doing. Maybe he borrowed his comments from the same friend he borrowed his proposal story from? William seems to be missing on too many fronts not to suspect something is amiss. I thought the DM article re. Edward-Wallis was a warning shot of some sort. Then hot on the heels come three saccharine ‘William, the dedicated family man’ articles. Perhaps they were in response to the negative press calling out his abject laziness, perhaps because of the DM piece.

  17. Been lurking at your site and loving your blog. Hands down, your witty and snarky takes on the famous lazy couple make me laugh out loud. I’m so over the sugarcoated blogs and with others who tippy-toe between positive and negative in hopes of finding some redeeming value about Waity. Does she really have any?

    Oh, and your pictures, pure gold!!

    1. Thanks so much, Maureen,and welcome officially! I do look for redeeming value in Kate, I just haven’t found it yet. I’m not much of a tip-toer, really the only time I’m upon the balls of my feet is when bellydancing. Btw, if you’re on Twitter, please follow me @LoveLolaHeart. I finally started using the account I created ages ago.

      1. I just headed over and started following you. You do realize that Tanna is one of your followers??? It came up under the followers I know. Very cool.

        1. I just saw Tanna is following Lola 😮 If Tanna knows about you perhaps some of Middle-class people might know you 😉

  18. I think their divorce will be worse than Diana and charles, the press will have a wild field day, they are fake and live a fake life, sooner or later they will crack!!!!

  19. Ah what a great post dear Lola Heart
    the track pants were so awful and also what a royal engagement to sit like she did and hit a balloon .. wow how exciting for her not…its typical of the type numb headed things she likes doing like playing hockey in boots with heels

    1. Thanks, daisy! Even though playing with the balloon was part of the workshop, there’s something a little surreal about the photo when you remember Kate is a future Queen Consort and notice that the other adults in the photo are standing. It might just be one of those out-of-context shots but I found it amusing nonetheless.

  20. Those pants remind me of a skunk.

    And wtf is with the watch and vulgar dinner ring while playing sports?

    1. Patting a balloon around isn’t exactly “sport” and she needs the watch to check when she can get outta there ASAP. The “dinner ring” is her dead mother-in-law’s engagement ring but I agree it’s vulgar.

      1. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never liked Princess Diana’s engagement ring, it’s a cocktail ring. Princess Diana carried it off because no matter what she wore, she exuded princess and it worked. Kate can’t carry it off, the ring wears her.

        1. “Kate can’t carry it off, the ring wears her.”
          So true Lola, so very very true.

          Plus Diana was a teenager when she chose the ring so it suits a younger taste, and younger hands than Kate’s. I feel Kate’s flashing of Big Blue draws attention to her hands, can someone tell her about hand lotion?

  21. lola, It would be interesting to compare Bill & Edward 8 astrology charts! They both are born under the sign of cancer. I do not know how to do it? Just my thought!

  22. Lola, I must thank you. I so enjoy your site and appreciate the links to others you provide. At first I wished you posted everyday, but after reading other sites that do so I can see the need for a more discerning site. I’m happy you take time to create commentary that is both intelligent and entertaining. I’ll gladly wait a bit longer for witty commentary done well. Thanks for putting effort into your posts, its thoroughly enjoyable!

    1. Thanks so much, DD. I am trying to post more, the volume depends on topics to cover and whatever is going on in my life. I just started using the Twitter account I created ages ago, so if you’re on Twitter, please follow me @LoveLolaHeart for briefer observations.

  23. Right on cue, the DM has publiched an anti-Harry article.

    What’s funny though is the headline is click-baity in terms o how awful his work record is, yet when you read t article, it says he does a lot of work off the record. Goes as far a listing all his various off the record work, from behind the scenes at Invictus to unannounced visits to the volunteering. Still, the BP people are worried because he can’t fit in official work and h parties so h I completely awful and lazy.

    By contrast, as much as the media have been calling out William, only the sun and Daily Beast used click-baity headline that called him out plainly AND matched the article to the headline. The other papers were somewhat polite eg saying he worked 20hrs per week yet if you read the body of the article you find he actually worked only 14hrs per week.

    Further, even where they are being polite in calling him out, the body of the articles have been very clear that he isn’t doing anything in his off time to prevent him from taking on more duties.

    So really if BP is complaining about the two brothers, the complaint seems to be that they are not undertaking official duties because one brother is doing too much off record whilst the other brother is doing nothing at all, on or off the record, but in order to deflect from the workshy brother, we shall pretend that the working brother is the one who is the problem.

    1. That “article” should have just had Jason’s byline attached to it. “I know, we’ll throw Harry under the bus, but I can’t completely trash him because I do work for him too. Well kinda, but I should stay on his good side in case he splits from W&K and I need a job.”

    2. I must be getting rusty, according to my mental calendar, Harry wasn’t supposed to be thrown under the bus until Monday. This is why Harry shouldn’t have the same Communications Secretary as William and Kate, the generational spare gets used as a human shield.

  24. Kicking Harry to the curb to deflect from William and Kate’s hopeless work ethic has become a lazy PR/journalistic habit in itself.
    Given the dynamics, I can only assume Harry has no option available to him but to swallow it.

  25. Yep and princess charlene with prince jacque at the rugby tournament in monaco, char looks comfortable/chic with her cute son!!! Well aint Char and Al billionaires, are they not scared of terrorists!????

  26. I agree with comments re article on Harry .. He does do a far better grown up engagement when on a Royal Role.. He can talk coherently whereas billy and childish wife can only talk like bumbling babies
    on another site cant believe what we read abt Beatrice trying to get Pippa with Harry… Unreal considering she is living in a 17million house owned by her millionaire boyfriend..how many millionaire men does she want to be with..
    she is always seen with only rich men as she is obviously just money and title orientated,just like her sister

    1. I’m assuming you read it on celebritydirtylaundry which is probably the most unreliable of all the so-called news sites. I really can’t see Beatrice setting Harry up with Pippa.

    2. If she wasnt wasty sister she would be regarded as a very trashy/promiscuos person, but hey its all good, she has RF connections, l hope NOONE ever puts a ring on her, l want them out off my face!!!

  27. Perhaps you should Compare William and Edward(Duke of Windsor) born under the same sign, reluctant, they seem quite similar as does George(Queen’s dad) & Harry.

  28. Albert and Harry aren’t under the same sign. Harry was born in September, Albert in December. I think the DM article is simply paralleling Edward and William’s self-centered nature, though I also think (without proof) that William is absolutely with Jecca or someone else. A nine-month-old isn’t “bouncing off the walls,” is he really that stupid to think that? (Yep) He has always tried the “I’m a normal prince, this must be what normal people talk about,” just as politicians moan about the price of arugula to journalists (Arugula? Really? You can’t just stick to a gallon of frickin’ milk?).
    The Daily Telegraph has an article by some ignorant twit defending William, as the Telegraph usually does since it is a royalist, Conservative newspaper that relies on their readership almost as much as the Times. Sorry hun, the time to try that indignant “You have NO idea how HARD it is to be a prince with two palaces to maintain and a staff to watch being supervised,” crap was about three or four years ago when enough people (including, sadly, me) actually cared enough to bother looking at your dog-and-pony show.

  29. Well clearly BP is not getting anywhere with W&K. I thought they would have William photographed for a week at work coming and going on that heli with some events squeezed in for both…apparently not. Willie will have none of it. I don’t know that he is having an affair…I think he has had flirtations with Jecca…but that’s it. I think he has mental health issues, is socially awkward, and lazy. The latest story brought up is hiw Do used to say how he is more Windsor in personality than her. He looked like her at the time but she always said Harry took after her in personality. Harry seems to be doing better in image but the reality is I believe he is an alcoholic. They just cover it up better these days. I like him, I’m hoping it’s a case of he’s getting his act together…but truth is I’ve heard stuff about both of them being rude and arrogant, lazy…Charles and the queen did them no favors after Diana died…they let them have whatever whenever it appears, with no responsibilities. Will almost left Andrews, Charles had to convince him to go back…I think he has a real issue with finishing anything. I would not be surprised if he is bored with his job and marriage at this point…looking for the next quick fix of thrills. He’s getting shredded now in the press about his comments about his kids. He seems out of touch with child development fir somone at home all day all the time.

  30. I’ve just read that Camilla Tominey article in the Sunday Express.

    Et tu Camilla?

    It’s actually disturbing how much she’s gone over to the other side. They must have promised her one hell of a scoop.

    That said, the excuse given for ‘hands on’ dad William is insulting to all working dads. Ditto the excuse given for ‘hands on’ Kate as it pertains to working mums.

    These two are saying that working parents are terrible parents and that’s why they can’t work despite having all the domestic and childcare staff to care for the family.

    William goes as far as crisiticising not just Charles, but even his saintly mother by saying they were absent parents and he isn’t going to be like them.

    I guess he recognises that hiding behind Diana the victim is a worn out card, so now he will start attacking their work ethic in order to get away with not working.

    ….and of course the ever present dig at Harry.

  31. It’s intriguing to see the various royal reporters’ approach to the same subject matter of: how to polish a turd. I wonder whether there is some incentive provided and if so, what is it: a scoop, money?
    William must really be feeling the heat if he is throwing both parents and brother under the bus. Is he just a nasty piece of work or are there mental health issues?

    1. Could be Kitty we thought for a long long time he has issues so spoilt and a brat . No one has stood up to him and said No .. you do not behave like this so he has got away with his arrogance.
      Waity behaves like he does so over entitled . We have always found that when someone has never had money then they come into a lot of wealth with other peoples money they behave with spending habits like waity does spending and spending because she was from a poor family who always were social climbing in circles far above them ..
      now she goes by helicopter everywhere it doesnt even enter her empty head about the cost to the taxpayer in this country.
      going by heli to Scotland just to hit a balloon in the air .. in brand new gym attire was totally ridiculous in the position she holds in BRF.. We think yes attend the Charity but at least act with decorum not get down and actualltyhit balloons in the air.
      she will never be a proper member of the BRF as she did so many photos of her bare ass on display and has showed her knickers so many times on Royal engagements we have no respect for this mannequin whose only interested in showing off her skinny frame to photographers …

      1. Interestingly enough, the Midds were never “poor” by any standard whatsoever. They make a big deal of being “middle class” but in Britain, that means someone not born of the aristocracy. Michael Middleton’s family were well-to-do gentry in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Katie’s great-grandmother was raised in a manor house that became part of a suburb of Leeds. Michael Middleton as well as his father and grandfather (Kate’s grandfather and great-grandfather) attended an exclusive public school (a private school in the US), Clifton College in Bristol. Though the press talks about Carole being a “coal miner’s daughter,” that’s complete rubbish and snobbery. Her maternal great-grandfather was a coal miner but she is also distantly related to the Queen Mother through some convoluted genealogy involving her ancestors who were two baronets. The fees for Kate and Pippa’s time at Marlborough College was paid for by trust funds left to Michael Middleton by his father.

        1. “but she is also distantly related to the Queen Mother through some convoluted genealogy involving her ancestors who were two baronets”

          Is that why Carole thinks she’s more royal than the born royals????

          1. No, she’s just arrogant. The Queen Mother was of the Bowes-Lyon family of Scotland, descended from the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, which was a Scottish noble family but not royalty. And they are distantly related. I’m distantly related to several notable historical names but I’m not remotely close to royalty, American, British or others.

        2. Interesting, thanks Seth. The story is that apart from inheritance, they have made millions from selling party tat.

          1. Of course, they became millionaires selling tacky party favors but the idea that they went from rags-to-riches is rubbish and has always driven me bonkers when they report on it in the media.

            1. Yes Seth when I said poor they were certainly not rich as when Waity was a girlfriend she used to buy her hats for engagements with William at second hand shops .. If they were as rich as they say they pretended they were they wouldnt have bought seecond hand attire for a function for her to go to.. One of my friends witnessed it so I know its true from the early days .. They were social climbing heavily in the early times ..and they still social climb even now .
              Its the worst thing thats happened to the BRF..having that family tied to their coat tails ….

              1. I’m not sure of the circumstances of Kate shopping second-hand but I do know some affluent individuals who browse second hand shops looking for cool vintage items or luxury brand accessories like Chanel handbags that have only been used once or twice. That could be a NYC thing, though. One of my favorite pieces of furniture used to belong to Aerin Lauder who purchased it at a second-hand shop. Her net worth is $2.6 billion.

                1. Some of the richest people are the tightest. I have seen a wealthy lady with a Coutts bank account taking items from a skip! Others buy second hand bikes for their children and clothes from charity shops. They also stay at friends houses rather than pay for hotels. They have lots of schemes to help them stay rich …

              2. Daisy, I detect a tone of resentment and anger in your post toward my comments. I’m not quite sure why but I would apologize if you feel that way. I’m skeptical that you have a “friend” who allegedly witnessed Kate buying a second hand good, because you don’t provide any evidence of it aside from what you say, which is not quite “proof” in my book but second-hand hearsay from heaven’s knows where.
                What I *do* know is documented in an article from The Daily Telegraph shortly before the royal wedding. It states that Catherine’s paternal great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and great-great-great grandfather were all solicitors (lawyers who directly work with clients in the UK and don’t necessarily have admission privileges to higher courts) in Leeds. The Lupton family is an old Yorkshire family. Her great-great-grandfather Francis Lupton owned a large number of textile mills in Leeds and was an alderman from 1895-1916. When he died, he left trust funds worth £70,000 at the time, now about £1.5 million.
                His daughter, Olive Lupton married solicitor Richard Middleton in 1914. Kate’s great-great-great uncle Charles Lupton was a solicitor who was one of the founders of what is now DLA Piper, the world’s largest law firm. He was also Lord Mayor of Leeds.
                Another great-great-great uncle was pro-chancellor of Leeds University.
                When Olive Middleton died, she left over £52,000, which is worth about £2 million today; hardly poor. The trust funds which her father left are managed by several solicitors in Leeds. and control various stocks, property holdings across the city and part control of a shopping centre. A legal source in Leeds told the Telegraph that the property holdings were “huge, and generated large amounts of rent.” The Middletons inherited well over £700,000 from the various trusts, which equates to over $1 million US. Millionaires are not “poor,” or “middle class.” The Middletons background is landed gentry. Period. Nothing poor about that at all.

                1. I didn’t detect anything in Daisy’s post but your post is antagonistic. Daisy doesn’t have to prove anything. She’s passing along information a friend told her. I trust my friends unless they’ve given me a reason not to, then I no longer consider them friends.

                  1. Sorry Lola. I require the word of more than an anonymous woman saying a friend of her’s saw something in a store many years prior. The point is that the Middletons have links to the gentry and inherited a substantial fortune. They are not and never were “average joes,” so to speak. Everything I have shared is documented by genealogists and historians. Daisy has what a court calls heresay evidence, which proves little except that perhaps, once, Katie shopped in a second hand store, which doesn’t mean her family didn’t have substantial means before becoming millionaires from Party Pieces. In the UK, “middle class” means someone of means who isn’t entailed or in the aristocracy. Similarly before the Second World War, “poor” apparently meant “not rich.” That is according to the author of a sociohistorical book I am currently reading. It didn’t mean someone was necessarily in poverty.

                    1. Seth, the comment policy is not to directly attack posters. You called Daisy’s integrity into question with this sentence, “I’m skeptical that you have a “friend” who allegedly witnessed Kate buying a second hand good, because you don’t provide any evidence of it aside from what you say, which is not quite “proof” in my book but second-hand hearsay from heaven’s knows where.” You are basically saying if Daisy doesn’t have a photo of Kate shopping in a second hand store then either she is lying or she is gullible for believing what a friend told her.

                      Daisy is more than “an anonymous woman saying a friend of her’s saw something in a store many years prior”, she is a cherished part of this community.

                      I believe you misinterpreted the tone of Daisy’s comment which to me read that she meant poor in the relative sense and that put you on the offensive in your response. The policy about not attacking posters is with the intention of maintaining a place people can enjoy and not feel like they’re going to be questioned. You don’t have to believe every word anyone says but you do have to treat others with respect.

                      I’ve seen many things in my life that defy socio-economic stereotypes, like socialites who shoplift. They did it for the “rush”, they had everything anyone could ever want their entire lives and privilege numbed them into a state of perpetual boredom. I knew someone who was wealthy but was oddly cheap when it came to spending it on things that fall under into the experience category like tickets and travel… there didn’t appear to be any deep-rooted reason for it other than a personal preference of being able to see what he spent his money on. I can believe that people with money shop in second hand stores because I’m looking at Aerin Lauder’s second hand bookshelves right now.

                    2. Again Lola, I apologize. I don’t want this to become a thing but I will say that Daisy is not a “cherished” commentator to me, she is an anonymous woman who is telling me to trust her word, which I’m sorry to say, I don’t; NOT because I am calling her integrity into question but because I was trained as a historian to critically question sources, especially sources that are unverified. Everything I have written can be found in documented sources written by scholars. I suppose my definition of a personal attack on someone is different than yours. That’s fine.
                      I’m sorry, I think the larger point is being lost in these minor intramural squabbles, which is that Kate Middleton comes from means and her paternal ancestors, at a minimum, were a family of means, even moderate wealth. Her shopping at a second hand store once upon a time (if we believe Daisy) does not preclude that.

                2. Seth please don’t take this the wrong way, but you have the wrong designation for the Middletons. Generally, class and money are not the same thing in Britain. People with lots of money can be working class eg the billionaire Ecclestones and aristocrats don’t always have money – see current Earl of Sandwich.

                  The distinctions between classes can be paper thin, and in the case of the Middletons a desire to elevate them by the media means they have been given the wrong designation and it’s unfortunate that it is a reputable paper putting out this misinformation.

                  Landed Gentry are the lowest tier of aristocrat class. They were primarily identified during the Tudor period and their ranks expended with each succeeding year until the early 19th century. They are called landed gentry because they are primarily commoners ie no peerages, yet amassed 000s of acres of land across Britain. Land being the most common indicator of wealth until the industrial age. Being aristocrats, even if lowest tier, Landed Gentry stove to imitate their upper ranking social class. They considered working at a profession about as desirable. An aristocratic gentleman, even a minor landed gentry kind would not have worked or even given impression of working. Which rules out the Middletons with their mills, lawyering and rental properties in town.

                  The Industrial age, which is when the Middletons started making money via their mills, brought forth the middle classes as a thing. the Middle classes were and remain primarily people engaged in trade and provide professional services from Judicial to medical to business people and manufacturers. Everything you describe in your post would have been described as trade and therefore middle class. Definitely not aristocratic, not even lower tier aristocracy like landed gentry. the fact that they made lots of money from it doesn’t change this distinction, then and now.

                  1. spelling correction….Expanded. Landed Gentry expanded from tudor times through to early 19th Century. What Seth is describing is trade/middle class. granted trade/middle class with money, but it is most definitely not landed gentry or aristocratic in any way.

                    1. Having read Seth’s insistence on receipts to prove our points, i’ll just add these two passages from Burke’s Peerages, the British equivalent of the Almanach de Gotha.

                      Burke’s criteria fo Landed Gentry:

                      Landed Gentry used to limit itself to owners of domains that could properly be called “stately” (i.e. more than 500 acres or 200 hectares). Now it has lowered the property qualification to 200 acres (0.81 km2) for all British families whose pedigrees have been “notable” for three generations.

                      Even so, almost half of the 5,000 families listed in the new volume are in there because their forefathers were: they themselves have no land left.

                      the basic designation to appear in Burke’s is ‘landed Gentry’.

                      None of the names listed by Seth is in Burke’s Peerage.

                  2. Hephaestus, Kate Lupton married the Baron von Schunck, who was a titled member of the British aristocracy. Francis Lupton III was a landowner, who qualifies as landed gentry. The Lupton family owned Beechwood, Newton Hall and Potternewton Hall, all of which were entailed estates. The marriage of Frances Lupton, Kate’s great-great-great-grandmother was listed in The Patrician by Burke of Burke’s Peerage and the family is mentioned in the Leeds City Archives as “landed gentry.” I may be an American but I do know how to read standard English. If there is some historical problem that needs to be corrected, I suggest you contact the City of Leeds Archives to put the Lupton family in their “proper” place in British society. I am merely following what they believe. If you don’t won’t believe a poor, “ignorant” American who bemuses you and you won’t believe a research repository, I’m not sure whom that would leave.

                    1. Seth, i was using your previous information to do my research. Your previous comment did not give any information that pointed to landed gentry. You were describing trade/middle class.

                      Your second comment provides information that supports your original conclusion. Don’t throw a strop when you are the one providing us with information that doesn’t support your own hypothesis.

  32. Daisy, may-be the only reason they loan her the helicopter, is because it’s the only thing that will get her out the door!!

  33. Society is a broad church – tolerance is something I was brought up to expect and encourage

  34. Dear Lola Heart
    am so sorry that what I commented on caused such an outrage from Seth .. I only have my opinion and never tell lies about what I am told ..
    I certainly didnt want to upset anyone I so enjoy your Postings Lola so informative and well written
    Thankyou for your comments Lola

    1. dearest Daisy, i echo Lola, if i may, in saying that you have nothing to apologise for. Your comment was so innocuous that it’s hard to see why anyone would take umbrage at it. And be so rude about it to boot.

      For what it’s worth, i know that Kate frequented a hat shop that loaned out hats. As a result, she appeared to have an endless supply of different hats.

      Your anecdote felt true to me because i’ve always felt that the clothes sharing with Carole and Pippa was really about making her wardrobe appear larger than it truly was.

      1. Thank you Herazeus for your kind words .. I dont comment to upset anyone.. and the hat shop was in a magazine years ago also getting a bit of publicity for themselves .. but I was told about it by my friend who lives not far away in that county so was just talking about it,..
        Thankyou again
        Lola has a great site here with many wise and intelligent people who comment about the situation and its our opinions which is so good to read..

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