Is Jason Knauf Fur Real?

This is Jason Knauf, Communications Secretary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.


He looks like the kind of well-groomed, non-threatening generic American model that J. Crew uses to sell cardigans.  While it’s true that pr reps can only be as effective as their clients are cooperative, in recent weeks Jason has started looking like he is either a complete idiot or the most deliciously evil adversary the British Monarchy has ever faced, the kind that from a historical perspective could ultimately make Rasputin look like Funshine Bear.

The Cambridge’s spin doctor has a background in crisis management and started his royal gig in the beginning of 2015.  Jason Knauf replaced former BBC producer, Ed Perkins, who had joined the Palace in 2007 working for the Duke of York, managing his scandals and overseeing the Diamond Jubilee before being assigned to Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge where he lasted two and a half years before deciding on a new career path.  The search for Perkins’ replacement lasted six months, reportedly Prince William wanted someone whose loyalties weren’t divided by connections to other members of the British Royal Family.  So basically, William’s criteria was finding someone who couldn’t be influenced by the guiding wisdom of his father or grandmother.  And really, Her Majesty has only built one of the most globally recognized brands in the world, what could she possibly know about public relations.

Recent pr mistakes by Jason Knauf’s office have led to even more media backlash towards the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  The latest likely made both Jesus and Darth Vader facepalm.


The force of Captain Picard’s facepalm probably blew the Enterprise off course.


I didn’t even catch this latest goof, but the press sure did.  The Daily Mail ran an article on the mittens Kate wore in the photos released this week  by Kensington Palace on Twitter showing the Cambridges on a ski getaway from all that work they’re not doing.  Kate’s Alexski gloves are lined with possum fur.



While it’s not surprising a woman who has been photographed wearing a fur hat while hunting pheasant bred for the royally lazy version of the bloodsport would wear fur-lined gloves, it’s shocking that the Palace would release photos of Kate wearing them to the world.  Could they not find a clubbed baby seal for Kate to put a cigarette out on?

The ski glove’s possum fur comes from New Zealand where the marsupial is widely considered a pest because it is a non-indigenous species that was introduced in the 19th century by the fur industry and having no natural predator, possums have wreacked considerable havoc on New Zealand’s flora and fauna.  One land’s pest is another’s protected species, there are even people who (mostly illegally and definitely ill-advisedly) keep possum as pets.  Usually what separates aww from ugh is how much destruction a species causes, in Australia where possums are indigenous, sometimes foxes are regarded as pests even though they bring the internet this kind of snuggle buddy cuteness.


In NYC, our pests are rats and mice.  Given their plague-spreading history, most wouldn’t put them on their most cuddly list but still wouldn’t stick their hands in the skinned remains of one.

Because of the exposed cruelties of the fur industry and the increased trendiness of its condemnation, spin doctors go to extraordinary lengths to shield their clients from the barrage of criticism that comes from being photographed in fur.  Even celebrities who unabashedly wear fur like Kim Kardashian are aware it’s a controversial topic many feel passionately about.  North West has gotten some serious shade for being papped in it and she’s only two.  Based on the fact that in this photo she’s dressed like her first word was “Nevermore”, I think it’s safe to assume most of North’s fashion isn’t self-selected and we should give the kid a pass.


For a small child to even be unfairly called a “fur hag” by some illustrates why most in the public eye steer clear of the fur debate, regardless of their personal feelings, it is a hotly debated topic.

Bella Thorne recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a fur jacket and in response to the enormous backlash, claimed it was faux fur.  When Instagram fashionistas identified it as an alice + olivia rabbit and fox jacket, the actress quickly deleted her faux fur claim and her reps dealt with the fall-out, releasing the statement Thorne “was told it was faux fur” with the promise she would never wear it again.

The Queen also provoked widespread criticism with her fur-clad Christmas appearance prompting many to take to social media to express their disappointment Her Majesty would even wear her vintage fur, especially since she is a representative of the UK which passed laws over a decade ago prohibiting “the keeping of animals solely or primarily for slaughter for the value of their fur”.

When public figures are already the subject of negative focus, it’s generally not a good idea to serve up more to find fault with on a gilded platter.  Really the only thing the Palace has as a selling-point for Kate is the so-called Kate Effect when people who want to dress like Kate snatch up whatever inventory is left on items Kate waits to wear so people can’t Copy-Kate her.    Every single outfit Kate wears is broken down and written about because she offers such little substance with which to work.  Considering how contrived and manipulated these snaps are, how did no one even think to make sure the Paper Doll Duchess wasn’t committing a pr fur pas?

While I find these pr goofs highly amusing, the British Royal Family might want to check Jason Knauf’s bank account for large deposits coming from the Republican Party because it’s hard to believe anyone with pr experience could screw up this royally.  Especially an American, we invented pr.  Technically, the founding father of spin was Austrian-American Edward Bernays but we staked the claim convincingly enough that the rest of the world bought it.  Quite frankly, the way the pr is being handled for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is utterly un-American.


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93 thoughts on “Is Jason Knauf Fur Real?”

  1. I think that Jason should fall on his sword and resign. He’s fighting a losing battle trying to spin these two idiots.

  2. Again a well written and witty piece from the pen of Lola. i enjoyed it immensely just for the elegant snark. That you throw in a Picard facepalm and an unbelievably cute animal pic is just a bonus.

    Well done.

  3. I wonder if Knauf’s resume actually read “crisis manufacturer” instead of “crisis manager.” Honestly, though, I’m not sure how this man still has a job at KP. Either W&K are the worst clients imaginable to work for, or he really is an evil genius. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

    1. I’m going with W&K being the worst clients. William didn’t want someone who had worked for his family and knew the way around things, he wanted someone who would do his bidding. If Jason is really this inept (and I don’t think he is based on his record prior to signing on to W&K) then he should definitely resign. Personally, if I were him I would have given it up a lot sooner. Right now he’s a fall guy. Someone is going to take the blame for all of this and it won’t be William or Kate.

      Great post Lola, love the Picard face palm.

    2. Good one. While I suspect William and Kate are the worst to work for, some of these goofs have been so basic, it’s had me wondering if Jason keeps a fake handlebar mustache in his desk that he dons and twirls when no one is around. Either way, though, it makes for some entertaining royal-watching.

  4. Great article once again! Jason must be really frustrated dealing with these two. They get criticized for lack of work, then they release photos from a very expensive ski trip! Since they were able to ‘go under the radar’ for trip, they should have kept their photos to themselves because the timing was particularly awful for anyone working in their PR office. William isn’t very bright, is he!

    1. Well no, William doesn’t come from a family of shining intellects. Which begs the question as to why a country needs inbred half wits to lead them in addition to the elected half wits.

      Great sly snark, as alway Lola. Jason should be looking to the nearest exit; his own reputation may never recover from ‘managing’ William and Kate. If ever a Barbie movie was made, he’d make a good Ken, so maybe there’s a career there.

      1. Thanks, Kitty! There actually is a live action Barbie movie in the works! Diablo Cody worked on the script, but Sony wasn’t totally happy with it and brought on more writers. It was slated for a 2017 release but it’s possible it could get scrapped because they still don’t have anyone attached to it. Maybe once they cast Jason, the rest of the pieces will fall in place!

    2. Thanks, vava. The photos are still Jason’s responsibility. Even if they weren’t Jason’s idea and done at William’s insistence with Jason unable to talk him out of it, the whole thing should have been better managed. Jason had to have been in the loop, the selection of John Stillwell to take the photos and the logistics of setting up the ultra-exclusive photo op would have all gone through Jason’s office. The @KensingtonRoyal Twitter account is also Jason’s jurisdiction as Communications Secretary. Likely an underling does the actual managing of the account but Jason would be signing off on the photo selection. Anything that gets distributed to the public should be checked for things that do not support the story they are trying to sell. They should be combed over for anything visible in the frame, right down to checking reflective surfaces like pupils and shiny buttons. Fur is such a controversial topic, the ski gloves should have been noticed and only the photos of Kate not wearing them released to the public.

        1. Oh, Cathy
          That photo made me laugh… I’m still laughing. That made my Saturday. No disrespect to Japan. The photographer must have licked his lips with glee with that shot. Surprised KP used it.

        2. You would be surprised what people notice, we live in a celebrity-obsessed era where posted photos and videos are pored over looking for intimate details not intended to be seen. A lot of insomniacs out there who watch CSI shows. People search social media trying to figure out a celeb’s whereabouts and no pooch’s dog tag containing Katy Perry’s phone number ( or piece of glass anywhere near Justin Bieber is safe from scrutiny. Reflections in photos can either reveal truths or suggest a different story altogether.

          Even something that’s actually as innocent as light being reflected off a shot glass can look far worse and do damage to a company’s image:

          William is at least aware this happens, he resents how people pore over photos of his family looking for things to criticize, the person doing his PR seems oblivious that this is actually a thing and is supplying ammo.

          That Instagram photo is hilarious. I loved the comments like, “Why is he peeing on those flowers?” I noticed the unfortunately suggested urination and the severely clenched buttocks extreme wedgie pretty much simultaneously. Either he is angry about having to pee on flowers or he is trying to crap out diamonds as an apology for peeing on the flowers.

          I go out of my way to keep Nightwing from peeing on flowers. Now I’m worried this could be a perceived slight to Japan.

          1. If William turns his back when photographers are around then photos like this will happen. It’s Jason letting them end up online that makes me snigger!
            I wouldn’t worry too much about Nightwing, so long as he doesn’t chew your shoes and rearrange the furniture when you are away from your house?

            1. Oddly, this isn’t William’s first wedgie photo in those pants. Maybe that’s why he’s always so petulant, he’s really just suffering from trouser discomfort. Or maybe the butt clenching is causing the extreme wedgies. They should buy him another pair of pants and see if that helps.

              1. I’ve noticed William’s wedgies and butt clenched at all times.

                Dude needs a better tailor to stop wearing trousers that show off both his clenched buttocks AND his package.

                He also needs to find a way to look zen in public because his clenched buttocks, jaw and hands are not a good for a public figure.

                1. The only person who could possibly be encouraging such trouser displays is Kate. Maybe that’s why her tailoring is usually so dreadful, she wants William to think poorly cut garments are the norm.

                  William’s body language is very off-putting. There are even photos of William as a toddler with teeny tiny angry clenched fists, thats an awfully long time to exude resentment.

                  1. Following your lines of thinking Herazeus and Lola and adding my own twisted mind to it, maybe it corresponds with Kate’s lack of undergarments and past fly-ups. It’s a special little thing between the two of them. I’ve long thought the lack of undergarments was something Kate did/does as a secret thing between her and William that became public because she doesn’t understand that if you’re going to do that, weight your skirts and wear something that’s not cut to fly up if someone so much as sneezes in your direction.

                    William is also a giant bundle of tension. He doesn’t want to be out there doing what he’s doing and having his picture taken by the cursed press at the same time. I hate to think it, but if he doesn’t get a handle on it, it’s going to start affecting his health. It’s already affected the amount of hair on his head. Add Kate to an appearance and his need to control what she does down to steering her to the proper position and ending her chatter so they can move on and you’ve got one tightly wound dude.

                    1. In my humble non informed armchair psychologist opinion, I think his angry, tense, sour lemon personality was always evident.

                      When I see pics of him as a child, he is usually scowling, angry and sour lemon looking.

                      I know that George has been dubbed grumpy, and there are pics that support that narrative, but for the most part, he doesn’t have an angry, sour lemon expression.

                      With William, it was always there except for when he smiled, then it disappeared.

                      And it’s not as simple as bitch resting face syndrome which the Queen has. He has always been like this. We’ve finally learnt to separate him from his Diana inheritance and can judge him on his own merits. He is an angry, tense, sour lemon type of personality. A trait most evident in the Spencers.

                    2. You are correct about those sour puss faces Herazeus. And I agree, Idon’t care how much they try to portray George as some loud, unruly child I just don’t get that from him in the pictures I’ve seen. He just looks like a happy, rambunctious little boy. I don’t see any of that William scowling face. I’ve seen a “who are all these people” kind of face which I guess could be interpreted as a scowl, but not the “if my eyes were laser beams you’d all be dead” looks that William gives.

        3. I think someone needs to tell William (Kate just follows along) that his time is up and they are pulling his media back under the umbrella of Prince Charles and/or the BRF. He does not know what he is doing, he clearly does not listen to his advisors and his press people are out there flailing in the wind dancing to his demands instead of doing the job they should.

          Have they just lost their respect for him and chose to keep a paycheck until the bottom falls out? Duke of Cambridge or not, at some point people are going to be given walking papers and when they start looking for new positions people who may have been very open to have someone who worked press for a member of the royal family may now ask them what they were thinking instead of when can you start.

  5. It has to be the fault of the clients here, because if it was truly the J. Crew guy’s fault he would have been gone weeks ago. On another note, I wonder if Kannot has an actual ashtray made out of baby seal hides?

  6. I honestly think that Jason does not give two f*cks and is just padding his resume and bidding time until he gets the job he wants. The good news is Willnot and Cannot were lazy train wrecks before he arrived and he kept it steady for the past few years. We will be seeing an announcement he has moved on by years end.

    1. I think your right Tiffany…what a wreck…great post Lola! I missed those gloves too…I suspect this was Will and Kate plan and Jason probably already had his butt handed to him about the press regarding Wills hours of work…I think this whole family is done in the eyes of England. Past stories about the queen snubbing people…just jumping in her car and no smile or wave, taking off without so much as a wave…they are coming out AND they are getting published. They are done when the queen passes…interesting hiw Charles has been pretty quiet as has Harry other than the car incident…for weeks now not a lot…yes this photo op is to assure people they are a couple and roll out the kiddies…but people are not forgetting…and Jason probably is already sending resumes out.

  7. Delightful post as always, Lola. I shake my head at Willnot and Cannot. I was so delighted when they got married, but my interest turned cynical with the bum pictures from Australia and then to disgust with William’s condescending “running for the tube” during Wimbledon. What a mess this couple has turned out to be. And Jason specializes in crisis PR? QEII needs to quit coddling William and Catherine. I admire the Queen so much, but I think she has underestimated the public mood about them.

    P. S. Lola, your comment policy is hysterical!! I almost spit out my coffee.

  8. Lola, would you please write an article on the Royal family’s finances, i.e. How much they ACTUALLY cost each year? There is so much misinformation online, it seems no one really knows. Do they generate their own income from the Crown Estate or do they cost millions? I’d love to read your take on the subject!

    1. Alas, it can’t be done, Jessica. No one actually knows because there isn’t transparency. Security is a tremendous burden for the taxpayer, however the sum is never disclosed, therefore there is no accountability.

      Likely, it’s close to the figure cited on this page, £334m. Some put it closer to £350m. It’s such a giant ball of the unknown and debatable, it’s anyone’s guess, but I suspect the actual sum is around £334m.

      1. I wouldn’t call Republics’ numbers impartial, imo they exaggerate the cost because the massive number strikes the rage center in the plebs. In 2010, they estimated it was closer to £150million, now it’s £334million?
        That’s a massive increase in 6 years. I don’t think Kate’s “fashion” is that expensive!

        They also put a bunch of random numbers to boast their figure. Ex. the royal duchies.

        It’s messed up. I wish there was a realistic total figure. I think the monarchy’s £36m is a massive lowball figure, will republics’ total is unrealistically high.

        1. No figures are going to be unbiased. Wikipedia puts the cost around £300 million annually with this article as its source:

          Security is a massive expense, each RPO runs around £125,000 annually, the taxpayer covers the costs for Kate’s, George’s and Charlotte’s now. The Cambridges give no consideration to cost in making their decisions. The team covering the grounds of Anmer is an added cost to taxpayers at approximately £1.8 million a year. After George’s birth, reports came out that every day they were holed up at Kate’s parents, it cost taxpayers an additional £12,000 daily. Given how much time Kate spends at Berkshire, that’s a huge cost right there.

          Because the public isn’t privy to the secret holidays (taxpayers cover the cost of RPO first class or business travel, accommodations, overtime and per diem) and how much of her marriage Kate has spent living at home, I believe the actual cost is £334. But without transparency, there’s really no way to know.

          1. Republic’s figures aren’t exegarated and the royal duchies should be included in any calculations of royal finances.

            £38M is a low figure because the Palace is deliberately highlighting only one source of funding as if that’s the only one.

            That £38M is the sovereign grant. The palace lies some more by dividing it using a denominator that includes *every living human being in Britain instead of using only tax paying human beings.

            *every living human being = babies, children, teens, OAPs, retired people, mentally and physically disabled, homeless, jobless, unemployed, tax paying people, non-tax paying employed etc.

            Their equation throws out a figure that is only a few pence, BUT remember, babies are also contributing……..

            Correcting the denominator by eliminating all the non tax paying elements throws out a figure that is in the pounds. Definitely higher than pennies.

            The Palace doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact of security costs which are paid out of the police budget, something the police have to justify annually to the Parliamentary committee. During that very public enquiry, and despite figures under discussion being kept confidential, it’s been made very clear that WK’s security is always the highest every year. One could argue that as visible young royals they are a target, but they don’t want to change any aspect of their lives. Rather they prefer that the public changes their way of living to accommodate them. So no photographing them in public, even by accident when they wonder into a public space (as an example. There is no law that bans public photography). What next? Public turning our backs not to look at them as they pass?

            The Palace also doesn’t want to draw your attention to the fact that the transport dept also covers some of their travel. The Soverign grant isn’t enough to cover all their transport.

            The Palace doesn’t want to draw your attention that all Kate and William and Harry’s public work, expenditure, office is paid through the treasury via a complicated tax write off that is offered to Charles who uses duchy funds to cover their costs and them presents it to treasury to receive that write off.

            Does everyone remember headlines about how the Queen was down to her last million? That was misleading. There is an additional fund called the welfare fund which is only supposed to be used in emergencies. It turns out that the Queen had accessed it so often that it was down to the last million and so she went to Parliamant to ask for a top up. This is what led to discussions that eventually led to switch from Civil list to Sovereign Grant. This actually worked out best for her because the Sovereign Grant is 15% of the Crown Estates, and we can’t pay her less in any given year than was paid out the previous year.

            Etc and so forth.

            The 2 royal duchies don’t belong to the family. Ditto the crown estates. Cornwall and the Crown estates were created as an act of parliament with very definitive guidelines to their use and who could benefit from them.

            The royal family isn’t named as owners. Meaning if we take the duchy of Cornwall as an example, the wording states that the heir to the crown can use Cornwall. Doesn’t say Richard Plantagenet, later Richard II who was the heir when it was created nor does it name any of the subsequent heirs. Ditto the Crown Estates doesn’t name William Plantagenet, better known as William the Conqueror. Infact the crown estates are very clear that they were set up to pay for the instrument of government which included parliament, army, Judiciary and the royal household in those days, but now includes Police, NHS, all public services and govt departments. George III gave up management of the Crown Estates on condition his expenses were met. These expenses became known as the civil list and later the Sovereign Grant.

            When George III gave up management of the crown estates, it would be the same as Charles or HM deciding to give up management the duchies as long as their expenses were met.

            Lancaster started out as the private property of the Earls of Lancaster. They were upgraded to Dukes in the1350s. Since the Duke of Lancaster had only daughters, the title would merge back to the crown on his death. However, the King’s 3rd son, John of Gaunt was created the new Duke of Lancaster and he kept the tie to the previous title holding family by marrying one of the daughters, Maud, and thus bringing her vast estate into that branch of the Royal family. However, in 1399, when their son, Henry Bolingbroke, usurped his cousin, Richard II, to become Henry VI (not to mention sowing seeds for future war of the roses), a deal was struck to merge the duchy of Lancaster into the crown estates but with a caveat that it paid for the sovereign’s expenses exclusively in a similar manner to duchy of Cornwall.

            These deals, made between 1066 – 17th century are the reason it is right to include the estates and duchies in any calculation of money spent on the royals.

            In all cases, the royal family isn’t named. And frankly, if we decided to vote in Lola as Sovereign and Nightwing as her heir, the revenues from the duchies would simply switch to her. And likewise if we dismantle monarchy, they all revert back to the public 100%.

            Also notice that despite all these provisions, the royal family continue to encroach on the taxpayers for more money by having other depts pay their additional expenses. And only recently started paying taxes which remain a voluntary exercise unlike the rest of the population.

            Yet they only release figures on the Sovereign Grant alone.

            Plus, the Queen and Charles recently won a ruling that exempted them FOI act.

            1. Disgraceful, they’re just continuing to try to hoodwink us! Please make this info public somehow!

            2. ETA: meant to say that their financing can only be guesswork and estimates because they are exempt from FOI act.

            3. I wish this could all be investigated further and made very public. It is an appalling example of one family keeping its status through state-sanctioned pilfering from the public purse.

              1. Their PR has dazzled the public into setting aside their reasoning so that they accept what they are told without question.

                Despite the lack o transparency, there are lots of clues of the path to follow as well as some of it being in plain sight eg the information about Cornwall and The Crown Estates’s ownership is on their websites. First 2 lines on their history pages. Yet people still say they belong to the Royal Family.

  9. This is a classic case of stupid leading the stupid. Spoiled Waity never worked so what does she know about hiring and firing? William is another coddled twit who doesn’t know any better. It’s a 3-ring circus made up of the 3 stooges!!

    1. Gosh cant believe what we have read in the daily mail about Supposedly the queen bee has condoned the non working of william and lazy wife .. its unbelievable if its true..
      If our monarchy is going this way then its time we had a republic when we read about all the entourage thst went with the very Lazy Duo .. its unbelievable..
      Chef housekeeper maids two nannies security detail and what is the most laughable is the photos of these two idiots acting as if they are looking after the children themselves
      they just pass the parcel from photo opportunity to their minions of staff at their beck and call
      Plus wearing possum fur gloves she obviously has no thought or sense on upsetting people with the fur issue a person in that position should know better
      The pic of Jason Knauf is a good one Lola he looks like he is modelling for some catalogue …..not a PR guy looks like an easy pushover for the yes men flunkies……

      1. I don’t think QE2 knows or really gets it…let’s face it she is almost 90…I think she spends much time napping, and the rest with people trying to help her remember what her next event is and dressing comfortably for it…I think charles knows…but where is he lately? Maybe he is so intimidated by Will he has decided to let him just go ahead and do it his way….when he fails he might be thinking he and Cam will be accepted over those 2 far better…or Charles MIA might signal something else far worse going on that he is dealing with. They are a bit of a narcissistic bunch.

  10. Appreciated your wit while calling out this nimrod. Jason personifies a lemon. They rolled him off the car lot thinking he was going to be able to put in 20000 km and he keeps popping a jimmy. Having said that, W&K picked him so what does that say about them, other than they identified with superficial rather than substance while looking for a mate to bring the Friday brewskis. Point: None of them work, think, are capable of identifying a runaway hamster, and should not handle scissors. British public- W&K should be sentenced to 6 months hard labor for all this screw up.

      1. Hi Weatherby,

        Popping a jimmy is slang for blowing out a spare tire; usually it’s indicative of a piece of junk that keeps breaking down. You have to “jimmy” the popped tire on over and over. It’s a piece of crap.

    1. Halia, the DM is sucking up for what ever reasons, this goes against everything HM stands for, those lazy buggers!!!!

  11. Fabulous post, Lola.

    This guy looks like he’d fit right into the “Mad Men” ambiance.
    He really doesn’t look very well seasoned regardless of his Ivy League looks, and has probably never faced any real challenges before. That’s where it matters, not the cushy stuff.

    I really don’t understand him. The Dolittle shenanigans make him look really, really bad. He certainly is not proving himself to be the magic maker. If, indeed, he has obstreperous clients, then why has he not resigned? What’s in it for him?

    And if this is part of his style, then he deserves to be fired. He looks like a schmuck; unfortunately, I doubt that he knows how to blush. Methinks he has met his match and has fallen very short of the greatness that is supposedly him. Like, duh.

    He also seems to be quite tone deaf. It seems to me he really has little understanding of how the royal culture works vis a vis royalty and the taxpaying public. It is not America and shaping your favourite morons into dumb, lazy celebrities doesn’t seem to have been too effective. He seems to like to beat the public over the head with words, lots of words, to describe the calumnious couple, most of them made of lies.

    Association with them and the endless fallout would be enough reason for me to never hire this loser. I imagine many will.

    1. I’ve said it before, but why is an American in charge of PR for British Royalty? I would think that a person who understands the intricacies of the British culture would be necessary, not a foreign person, especially an American. And I’m American and love my country.

      However, now that I see Jason is so good-looking in a Ben Ainsley sort of way, I see why the Duchess approves of him.

      1. William allegedly didn’t want anyone with ties to the other royals. It took a long time for the Cambridges to settle on Knauf. There was at least one article about William being headstrong and difficult in relation to the interviewing and hiring process.

    2. I wonder if maybe he’s reached a point where he’s tired of offering advice and solutions to that them ignored or just flat out turned down. So now he’s just an errand boy doing William’s bidding.

  12. At the risk of causing unintended offence …
    The delicately balanced PR relationship between the BRF and its subjects has many subtle nuances based on tradition, history and culture which many non-Brits simply don’t fully understand. That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation. Plenty of Europeans, including Brits, don’t “get” many aspects of American culture either, eg, gun control.

    It was always going to be risky asking this dude to handle the most tricky Royal PR job of all because he clearly has no clue and neither do his clients. Duh.

    I think we could be reaching some kind of crisis point unless HMQ or POW – both notorious prevaricators – take a firm hand with the Dolittles and spell it out to them that unless they get with the program the life of privilege, status and indulged pampered luxury will come to an end. I admit I had high hopes to begin with but it’s clear they are both an epic Fail.

    1. Hear hear hear
      they are an epic FAIL on every level
      she cant speak properly as she has had so much elocution on her voice she is afraid that her plummy accent she has now fails..
      The two of them should be brought to task as this country does not need these idle useless idiots.
      Charles and Camilla work so hard and deserve to be treated a whole lot better than these two treat them .. Waity in articles is always trying to be horrid to Camilla who at least works tirelessly on charitable concerns and speaks correctly …
      We are fed up of Williams moaning about wanting to be a family man .. He needs a firm boot and to act like a man not a mouse

      1. Daisy, I doubt she works tirelessly on anything, except for where is my next Gin, she is to plump to be so hard working!

        1. Daisy,also there are loads of people behind the charade that do work tirelessly, get very little credit, all she has to do is show up in a nice outfit, and look caring, but none of them would put their lives on the line, save for may-be Harry and that’s if he is in a good mood, for anyone in merry old England. None of them would know the meaning of truly hard labor, and I mean none of them!!

    2. Hear hear hear
      they are an epic FAIL on every level
      she cant speak properly as she has had so much elocution on her voice she is afraid that her plummy accent she has now fails..
      Its all about showing off her tarty legs skinny frame and other lady bits to the cameras
      total disgrace …..

  13. People ! It is FANTASTIC that the Doolittles hired a clone of themselves: an inept PR man. Jason has done a GREAT job AMPLIFYING what the public has known for some time: that the Doolittle’s are not making the grade.
    Thanks for the article Lola. So obvious the palace needs to hire a new PR person of preferably British or Commonwealth background who well understands the role of Royalty.

    1. No one with serious creditability will touch them. The only way that will happen is if they offer a blank check and we know those cheap bastards won’t do it.

      When Ed Perkins left, after all those years with the Queen Bee, they should have been the final nail for some self awareness.

  14. Kudos for another well-written, rapier-tipped critique in addition to the “Nevermore” literary reference. Your pictorials are spot on, as always, and Jason is definitely the republicans’ secret weapon. Never has the term “malice in the palace” rung so true; with friends like this, who needs enemies?

  15. The worst thing any royal (or nay celebrity) can ever do, is allow the tabloid press to come up with a negative moniker for you. It’s nigh on impossible to remove. Needing herculean efforts. Kate was presented with a golden opportunity to erase ‘waity’ when she was white washed on her engagement ring she didn’t take up the opportunity.

    William has squandered his ‘Golden Prince’ moniker. Ditto the untouchable shield given to heirs.

    The negative articles are proving to be clicky baity to a degree the positive articles have never reached, and that’s also never good for someone who wants the media to leave him alone.

    Whether he is lazy or workshy, he has now been labelled ‘workshy wills’, even when he is actually working. And the clicks are through the roof on those articles, so in a way, he has revived his lacklustre media sales numbers even if for the wrong reasons.

    Jason doesn’t know how to make this better. They were marginally spiralling downwards when he started working for them. Heck, he got Kate to work in her third trimester and to almost live up to that quarter’s ‘Kate is going to dazzle you with work’ article. Yet from the somewhat promising beginning, he has done a poor job. They are now at a point where babies and cute love stories aren’t doing the trick. Working isn’t doing the trick. I bet he wishes he never took this job.

    At this point, WK need to reach for the devil in the form of Mark Boland. He worked wonders for Camilla. Perhaps he can do the same for them. Before it reaches egg pelting stage.

    1. If W&K truly grasped the causes, extent and possible ramifications of this disaster they would hire the very best PR guru(s) and willingly cooperate to do whatever it takes to fix it. But they are either too stubborn, complacent, arrogant or dumb to do it and requires a degree of self awareness that neither of these adult children possess.

      HMQ has been an exemplary monarch for over 60 years and has seldom, if ever put a foot wrong. We will never see her like again but her heirs and successors will need to try much harder than this to earn the respect, loyalty and support of their subjects.

    2. Agreed re Mark Boland. However, WK would need to accept direction, something they are loathe to do. They possess no humility.
      William and Kate lead lives where their indiscretions and unsavoury truths are whitewashed. Alternative versions of events suddenly disappear from the internet. WK are too dependent on this type of re-setting the clock to zero after each cock-up. As long as there are no personal consequences, why change?
      The alliterative Workshy Wils and rhyming Waity Katie are now part of the lexicon and unlikely to go away. And deservedly so. They have taken the public as fools who are content to fund their ridiculously extravagant lifelstyle with the occasional smile, vacuous comments and pictures of their children tossed to them in return.

    3. Brilliant points Herazeus, but I’m not sure this is fixable by anyone. Like you said, the negative monitors are cemented now.

  16. I’ve read that “The Firm” takes the long view on everything, they are concerned with the next 400 years, not the next 40. Is it possible, they simply don’t care/aren’t concerned about these “little” dips in popularity? It truly could be a matter of them not seeing the people’s disapproval as a big deal. I would be wary though, things have a way of sliding out of control. The French Court in 1978 didn’t pay much heed either and look what happened there.

    1. How will they make 100 more years if they don’t look at the short term?
      They tossed out the last king who was a risk to the monarchy.

      Little dips are one thing. However, sly and lazy William’s perpetual reluctance and Kate’s unsuitability have long been known.
      They aren’t going to magically adapt to the ‘never complain, never explain – duty comes first’ model set by the queen and Charles.

  17. I don’t think Jason has that much clout – in fact, I doubt anyone has enough clout to tell, or ‘advise’ William on what to do – sure, they can try, but he will ultimately do what he wants to do and nobody will argue with him. He’s always been allowed to do what he’s wanted to – even drinking wine at a young age – so why should he stop now? (That, I imagine, is his way of thinking).

    Possums are a terrible nuisance in New Zealand. Yes, they look cute and cuddly and a bit like cats and racoons crossed, but they are an absolute nuisance. As are rabbits, the population of which has spiraled out of control in farming parts. One of our daily jobs is to go around the paddocks and fill in holes that the rabbits have dug, so our livestock don’t fall into them and break their legs.

    1. Good luck with the rabbit hole filling in. I can’t understand why people keep rabbits as pets, I was brought up on my Dad’s stories of rabbit plagues on the family farm in back country NZ.
      As for possums – not cute, and definitely not cuddly as they have sharp claws, sharp teeth and a nasty temper.

        1. Hi
          I had forgotten Jason worked for Michael Cullen, so it means he can work with a difficult boss, and (from what I’ve been told) Helen Clark has to be handled carefully too. So what’s going wrong with W+K? Or is it that Michael and Helen do listen, even if they didn’t like what Jason suggested?
          I’ve always wondered if Jason was just waiting for Helen to get the top job at the UN and then he’d be off to New York?

        2. Since Jason has described himself as a “political junkie”, I was surprised that he signed on with Will and Kate. But I think Jason’s experience and need for a major challenge and Will’s desire to be perceived as someone of substance, a player both at home and abroad, seemed like a good fit. And Jason’s strategy of bypassing the traditional media–and tradition–at all opportunities must have sounded so sweet to Will’s ears. But Jason, though he has lived in Britain, studied in Britain, and even married a Brit, can’t fully grasp the role and limits of the British monarchy, and the heir-to-the-heir and his witless wife can’t fully grasp that PR isn’t just Instagram pics and tweets. The relationship is doomed.

  18. “So basically, William’s criteria was finding someone who couldn’t be influenced by the guiding wisdom of his father or grandmother. And really, Her Majesty has only built one of the most globally recognized brands in the world, what could she possibly know about public relations.”

    Wise words Lola, very wise words!

    Like you, I am wondering about Jason’s PR skills as it seems to be one PR booboo after another.

    I think they really need Mark Bolland to go work for them and Jason needs to make sure that in the next job he must make sure the contract states the people he works for MUST follow his instructions. And he must personally check any photos before release too!

    As for those gloves? The woman from Alexski must be dancing round the room after all the free publicity. The proKate buyers wont care about where the fur came from, only that Kate has a pair too!!!

    1. I don’t know who Boland is, but what kind of miracles could he work at this stage? Would anyone believe that they’ve had a sudden conversion? Knowing them as I do now, nothing is ever going to convince me of their earnestness, but it would be fun to see them forced to ‘work’ frequently, if that were possible and unicorns roamed my balcony.

      1. When Mark Boland went to work on Camilla’s rep, not only was she the most hated woman in Britain, if not he world, but Diana had died only the year before and the public were in no mood to tolerate any of the royals behaving badly, including the Queen.

        Mark planned a softly softly approach that involved gradual glimpses of Camilla in public places, Camilla near or in the same frame as Charles/HM whilst not exactly walking/sitting besides them, he used the boys as in ‘the boys accept Camilla therefore she’s great’, BUT he also set about tarnishing the other royals. He would deliberately leak information about them that made them look bad. The public was never concerned whether said information was actually true eg He said that Edward’s TV company was hounding William at St Andrews when all media had been told to back off. Years later he admitted it wasn’t true. Edward’s company camera crew had been part of a media photocall at St Andrews, but they had left with everybody else. All these little negative stories served to make Charles and by extension Camilla look better in comparison to the rest of the family. around this time was also when Zara was playing up and being papped drunk and brawling in the street with her boyfriend. It made Anne look like a bad mother with out of control kids unlike the saintly Wales boys who’d just lost their mother.

        if you have the time, please watch this documentary on Mark’s tactics that won charles and Camilla positive public image.

        Please note that Charles always pretended that Mark was a lone wolf type operator who went off leash, BUT no PR person works without the consent of their clients even if they are royals.

        And of course the only saving grace, if there is one, was that Mark didn’t try to paint his clients as the best thing that had happened to the UK and the commonwealth, nor did he put out intentions of work that they didn’t follow through on.

        In his case, his work coincided with clients willing to work with him.

        ps: this documentary will make you feel sympathetic to William and Harry, BUT remember how entitled they’ve become, especially William.

          1. Thanks so much, Herazeus. Terrific information. I shall take a look at the videos.

            Boland sounds like a master of finesse. Still evil, in my eyes, but he sure does make Jason look like an amateur.

            On the other hand, can anyone make Willy do anything? There’s the rub. I imagine Boland has the potential to be a Willy whisperer. That would be eminently interesting!

        1. The second part goes into what a controlling character William is, as one reporter put it, and doesn’t really paint him in a positive light at all IMO. That he hates it all and would basically chop all their heads off if he could.

  19. Reading through the comments on today’s visit to XLP, I’m nearly convinced the poster called ‘Love the British’ from MA, Cambridge is either Jason Knauf or Carole. Have a look. Just lame.

  20. This is my first time to comment on your page. For a couple their age and with so much supporting staff to help run their household I can not understand what is so hard about working/carrying out their responsibilities. Some of us are married with four children and both my husband and I work and on top of all this we still manage to support our widowed mothers and both our extended families. Having children is not an excuse to dodge or shirk one’s responsibilities especially for people who never have to worry about where their next meal comes from. Such lazy individuals! I suspect she also did not have HG, it was faked to dodge doing actual work. Of all the royal couples in Europe this one is an embarrassment to the Brits, they need to take a lesson from the Swedish royals. We have a saying from where I come from (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) “Tembea uone” meaning ‘travel and see’ the British media call the duchess a fashion icon, they need to travel and see what the rest of the world has to offer, where I come from the ladies put together ensembles that would leave this so-called fashion icon in the dust. Stop playing dress up and using your children as a crutch to get out of your responsibilities. Grow up! Sheesh! About time the British public woke up and wised up to the quickly failing PR machine that Europe and the rest of their side kicks had fallen for…..pfffft! “The kate effect” (in whiny voice) my black foot!

    1. My apologies for the delayed response, Resident Idiot. Welcome! I always enjoy having new voices join the conversation.

      Every time someone suggests that Kate doesn’t do her duties because she has children, I just shake my head. I feel it’s insulting to all mothers to suggest having children is some kind of crippling ailment leaving one too incapacitated to meet responsibilities. Kate accepted a job as a representative of the UK and the monarchy when she got married and took a title. She is provided with resources to enable her to do her job, she just doesn’t feel like doing it.

  21. Apparently, the suggestion was made that Kate isn’t handing out shamrocks this year because she doesn’t want to make it a regular thing.

    Wtf is the monarchy without it’s monotonous routine?!
    No Braemar games this year because they don’t feel like – Surely, that would go over fantastically in Scotland.
    What are these clowns going to do when the grey men plan out their schedules 6-12 months in advanced?

    They should chuck Will and Kate out now and give Harry a solid chance to find a wife.

    1. Amusingly, the shamrocks are one of Kate’s shockingly few traditions. If she truly doesn’t want to get roped into handing out freakin’ shamrocks to cute men in uniform, that’s true commitment to unfathomable pathological laziness.

      This is last year’s St. Patrick’s post if anyone wants it for reference:

      I noted Prince William’s angry hands, Kate’s flirting with men in uniform and how Kate spooked poor Domhnall and was so nervous trying to attach his shamrocks, the Irish Wolfhound’s handler had to finally mercifully take them from her to attach himself.

      There was a moment during the ceremony where Domhnall was being marched over, realized he was about to get shamrocked again by Kate and looked like he was thinking “Bollocks, not this again. Whose leg do I have to hump to get an animal rights group to keep Crazy Hands away from me?” I think Kate may be afraid of large breeds. While they look imposing, Irish Wolfhounds are as gentle as can be, if you watch the video from last year, you can see Domhnall flinching because he thinks he might get struck by Kate because of the way she approached him (I think she was trying to convey, “Good doggie, don’t eat me doggie” in her own way).

      Whatever the reason, I do breathe a sigh of relief for Domhnall. This will be a nice Kate break for him.

    2. The reason that was given is not a valid excuse. If there’s one thing that you kind of expect from the BRF, it’s a routine of sorts when it comes to certain events. You can actually go back year by year and compare how these people have changed/grown in their positions and as human beings using these events.

      To just decide you aren’t going to do it because you don’t want it to become regular makes me think that your ego is much larger than it should be. It also makes you one of the laziest, selfish people on the face of this planet.

      They did have a schedule of sorts until this year. Vacation in Mustique to celebrate Carole’s and Kate’s birthday (although they only point out Carole’s birthday) Come back tanned and relaxed but needing to recover from the vacation so take off a few weeks. Do a few events in late February/March. Go on an international tour. Take off months to recuperate from that. Then announce another pregnancy or do a few sporadic events including those required by HM. Suddenly realize your numbers are low and work during the months of November and December to get them up. Go to Sandringham/Anmer for Christmas. Perform the walk to church (sometimes holding hands), go back into hiding afterwards to plan for your next trip.

      It was changed this year. I think the island trip was called off because of the Zika virus. They couldn’t risk Kate or the kids coming down with it. (Kate because she might decide she needs #3 sooner rather than later.) Then everything started hitting the fan and they had to go to work.

      It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year unfolds. We know they will have to put in appearances for HM’s 90th celebrations and they’ve got the upcoming tour. Considering reactions to their current slate of appearances and the release of the family photos haven’t had the magical restorative powers they thought they would have, I wonder if William will just say F it and do what he wants (which means staying at home) or double down on the working. I just get this nagging feeling that working is going to be the loser in this round.

  22. So Agree with your eloquent portrayal of event Dear Lola Heart
    Yesterday on the news there was Waity and Bill arriving at Charity .. Again in paper was all about what Designer outfit waity was wearing … What tires us is they are supposed to be there helping said charity.. My question is what do they do for the charity they arrive shake a few hands meet greet sit for all of half an hour give or take . Then what actual work do they do for these people…
    The shamrock giving should be done not stop because lazy waity and him cant be bothered to do it
    They and the wolfhound are probably relieved they are not going
    its another designer what coat did she wear there
    This has always been our problem with her she and him do not represent what is true . We find them so fake .. not like Princess Anne who works so very hard and doesnt get the praise from the media …which she should get as she doesnt just do one engagement a day but from morning to evening late from engagement onto another and does speeches which Waity just does stupid hair fiddling and hyena laughing ….

  23. Yep and if they keep hiding in their mansions let the press and the peasants have no mercy on these two fraudsters, they are simply laughing all the way to the bank!!

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