The Hair Menagerie

“She lives in a world of her own – a world of – little glass ornaments…”
― Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

A somewhat belated Happy Easter or a more timely Happy Monday!  My funny bunny, Nightwing, sends his love.


I’m a little behind on royal news due to technical difficulties.  But Apple has reunited me with my resurrected laptop, so time for a little catch-up.

To no one’s surprise, Prince William wound up jetting off to attend the wedding of rumored first love Jecca Craig in Kenya, leaving a fairly impressive amount of pissed off people in his cloud of cartoon smoke.  At least one of William’s co-worker spouses was displeased her husband had to spend yet another holiday away from his family when William got to take both Easter and all of December off.  Many taxpayers were peeved about having to pick up the pricy tab for Prince William’s security detail and private secretary for another international jolly.  And it’s assumed Kate isn’t too happy either that Wills missed out on their daughter’s first Easter to attend the wedding of his ex, although having watched Kate being interviewed for the Queen at 90 documentary, I suspect it’s possible Kate is being kept so heavily sedated, someone probably just stuffed a pillow into that blue sweater William always wears and Kate thinks she and her hubby just had the best Easter ever together.

The bulk of Kate’s contribution to the documentary on the Queen had already been released and discussed by the press: George calls Her Majesty Gan-Gan, the Queen leaves little gifts for her great-grandchildren in their room when they visit and Kate made the Queen chutney for her first royal Christmas.  Not terribly riveting stuff, this is more the sort of information that might be exchanged during small talk at an official engagement, if Kate actually bothered with small talk or engagements.  The Shetland pony featured in the documentary probably offered more insight on Her Majesty than the future Queen Consort did.  The documentary can be viewed in its entirety here:

While the Countess of Wessex and the Duchess of Cornwall provided glimpses into the Queen as a woman, most of what Kate had to offer was more on Kate.  In one clip, Kate noted:

“I think she’s so… so engaging.
And I think she’s got the most fantastic smile.
I think even if the Queen says nothing at all but just smiles, she gives people an enormous amount of pleasure.”

Notice a pattern?  I, I, I.  There was an abundance of Is all throughout Kate’s segments.  “I was worried…”, “I thought back…”, “I noticed…”, “I think…”.  I, I, I.

Contrary to popular belief, over-usage of the pronoun I in speech isn’t a mark of narcissism, it’s one of insecurity.  In the documentary, Our Fair Waity sounded like Eliza Doolittle raided Paula Abdul’s medicine cabinet and then tried to leave a trail of pronoun breadcrumbs to help her find her way back to her own thought process.  Kate’s affected posh accent somehow managed to get even plummier and she appeared to be somewhat disoriented trying to maintain its consistency, with words lost in her own nervous laugh or in a rush to make sentences be over.

In one segment, Kate noted, “There’s a real art to walkabouts, everybody teases me in the family that I spend far too long chatting.”  Yeah, I don’t think the walkabouts which Kate rarely does are the problem.  Supposedly, the Royal Family finds Kate’s affected accent to be frustrating because she has to think about how each word should sound and it can take her a while to stammer through a complete thought.  They’re known not be fans of people putting on airs so a middle class girl constantly being a conversational speed bump in an attempt to sound like the poshest one of all naturally wouldn’t go over well.

In two clips, Kate made reference to the Queen taking care of her in a maternal nurturing way, by making sure she was okay at the Leicester engagement when she was without William and by putting out the chutney Kate made her for Christmas which Kate felt, “shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody.”

Why does a woman in her thirties and a future Queen Consort need the Queen to look after her as if she’s a child?  If someone as busy as a Head of State needs to stop what she’s doing like the Queen did at Leicester and ask if you’re okay, in all likelihood you are very far from okay.  Maybe the reason Kate usually doesn’t take her coat off at official engagements is because Kate’s Mum has to pin a note inside of them reading, “If found, please return to Carole Middleton’s umbilical cord.”

If there was any doubt before, Queen at 90 solidifies my suspicion that Kate is a walking Tennessee Williams play.  Kate ticks a lot of the same boxes as Laura, the mentally fragile daughter from the Glass Menagerie.  Both need to be taken care of, live in seclusion, become nervous speaking, drop out of commitments, have social circles limited to siblings, have mothers overly intent on making strong matrimonial matches for their daughters, and judging by Kate’s bad tailoring, it’s likely she puts her elongated torso on the same exaggerated level of physical deformity as Laura views her limp.  Substitute glass animal figurines with a wiglet collection and you’ve got a play… just not a woman suited to a role she aggressively pursued for over a decade.  The most striking difference is that Laura is a far more sympathetic character than Kate, Laura was trapped by circumstance whereas Kate built hers brick by boring brick.

The Daily Mail ran an article over the weekend indicating that it’s likely Kate and William will be ditching Anmer life and returning to London so Prince George can attend Wetherby next year.  Maybe the suggestion that the Cambridges will be returning to both London and duty is merely a PR ploy so the masses will think their seemingly endless gap year will be drawing to a close soon, but if they are moving back to London, how exactly is that going to work?  They can’t keep their criticism-provoking actions from the public’s awareness with Anmer Hall’s seclusion acting as a cloaking device and London affords far fewer places to hide the more unflattering aspects of a fairytale that’s looking increasingly Grimm.


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  1. Indeed Lola I suspect that they are going nowhere any time soon – chopper will still be flying and chutney will be hiding behind the tomato bushes – well for a few hours every month or so – unless of course he moves onto the next iteration – perhaps a blond with a few kilos on her frame

    1. William does naturally gravitate more towards feminine blondes like Isabella Calthorpe, Olivia Hunt, Davina Duckworth-Chad, Natalie Hicks Lobbecke and Tess Shepherd. I’ve always found it interesting that William wound up marrying a woman who is against his usual type but similar in coloring, hair and body shape to Jecca Craig… Kate even slouches like Jecca and has SWF-ed some of her fashion, too. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end. Jecca is a woman of substance whereas Kate is a woman of substantial wiglets.

      1. All good points Lola, but have any of them got a pushy mother like Carole?
        IMO Kate wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has without Carole behind her.

      2. I’ve noticed the same things about Kate SWFing Jecca. I think it’s the main reason she’s so thin. Jecca is naturally thin, Kate is not. But if that’s what her conquest wants then she’ll diet herself into nothingness for him.

        I would like to know what Jecca sounds like. Does she have the posh tones that Kate attempts?

        1. There are afew youtube videos of Jecca. In one she discusses conservation at length. Definitely articulate. When i first heard Kate’s voice at the engagement, i thought she was mimicking Jecca, but 5yrs later, her voice/intonation/facial expressions/head tilt has morphed into Diana, panorama interviorama. It makes me wonder if William is forever invoking Diana’s tragedy as he sees it, at home, and Kate has morphed into her to elicit more sympathy from him.

          1. To me, it’s sad that Kate appears to be so lacking in confidence that she imitates others to be something that she’s not.

            And that mother of her is just awful. Kate never really stood a chance as it’s all about what Carole wants. She needs to stop interfering in her kids’ lives – I see she’s helicoptering Pippa’s relationship now.

  2. Princess Prozac sounded awkward, looked awkward and had the sincerity of a boiled potato on last night’s documentary. She stumbled over all her words and it was like she couldn’t think of a single thing to think of, as all her speeches are written by the mysterious Jason. It’s like when she has to think for herself, all the hair extensions and sun tan oil in the world can’t help her.

  3. Lola love Nightwings bunny ears! What a good pup! Such a cutie! Happy Easter and Spring !

    PP (princes prozac) and Bill might just be moving soon. It has been released from employees that Bill appears to have became sooo bored with his heli ambulance job he is out of there more than in. How long will that last? They need somone there on call for the real job…not mr. take my photo talking to guy going to hospital, then off to my ex’s wedding.

    I brlueve this is QE2 and Jason forcing them to come back to London. The firm owns the kid. If the queen says he is being educated in London…then so be it and not alot Willy and prozac can do. It also makes both of them available. No more excuses that they are too far, too tired, too whatever. I think the appearances after India will step up this summer. Charles is very quiet…too quiet. PP must be losing her mind, she just got plans approved for her Wimbledon style courts to be constructed…so much for days of entertaining mom and pip court side.

    Billy is probably bored with PP, last time this happenend and he hung out with Jecca, PP I think was pregnant with Charlotte and she moved back home to Scareole and pouted till the QE stepped in.

    1. The Queen made poor little wasting away waity katie move out of the comfort of her mother’s arms? I hadn’t heard that. Scarole is a good name for the viper vile greedy pretentious woman. What on earth is waity going to do when somebody pours enough water on her ‘mummy’? Even with drinking Pippa’s nectar from the gods smoothies this vile nasty evil icky woman can’t live forever. Is she really living in Amner Hall with waity and wimpy? I don’t know how the staff can stomach her with her air of superiority and take charge attitude. I haven’t met the woman, don’t want to meet the woman, I’m American and I absolutely can’t stand the sight of her smug face. Gotta wonder if wimpy and Michael (good old ‘dad’) will share the expense of a divorce attorney.

  4. Lola, just when I thought that we had all run out of words to describe these bores, you amaze us again! Sorry about your technical difficulties, but clearly you’re back on your game! And

      1. The internet ate the tail end of my post! Thanks for checking T – I guess Lola isn’t the only one with technical difficulties.

        1. OMG, I noticed how your comment just dropped off, too. I was thinking to myself, “Oh no! The Revenant Bear got Jennifer.” Very odd couple of weeks for tech.

  5. Great post Lola!

    They even discussed Kate’s prozac speachfailure on the Swedish channel “Kungligt” on Aftonbladet. They said they could hardly understand her English.

    I am thinking, thanks heaven they have nannies, imagine George and Charlotte learning to speak from such person…..

    1. Thanks, Cecilia! I found it a bit more difficult to follow Kate because of the way in which she struggled with an even plummier version of old school Received Pronunciation and English is my native language. The way Kate rambles and stumbles on her own words, swallowing inflection without taking natural pauses sometimes makes me feel like I need a sherpa to guide me through Kate’s comments.

  6. I hope her mum is feeding her some of that chutney. Her vacuous -ness is a result of her anorexia – her body is starved for nutrition and its sucking it out of her brain!
    The demands of keeping up the fake accent and putting on her size 10 nude heels on one bony foot at a time means there is nothing left for her to think of to say! Are you sure she’s not reading cue cards? Or wearing an earpiece with her sister-coach telling her what inane things to say?

    1. Hi, temi! Actually, Kate’s shoe size is smaller than that. She’s a 38 1/2 to 39 in European sizes, making her a 6 to 6 1/2 in UK sizes and 8 to 8 1/2 in US sizes. Kate’s shoe size has been photographed on the soles of some of her shoes as she’s climbed stairs. Around the time of the wedding when Kate was being marketed as Diana 2.0, there were claims she was the same height and sizes as Diana which is why people think Kate wears a larger shoe size than she really does. Diana wore a UK size 9 shoe which is an 11 here in the US but she was also 5’10”. Kate always wears heels and wedges so it’s hard to pinpoint her exact height, especially since she slouches, but I believe she’s around 5’8″ when she isn’t hunched over in her trademark crotch clutch pose.

      1. People I know who’ve been around Kate said she’s more like 5’6″-5’7″. Above average height but not spectacularly tall, either. Not like there’s anything wrong with that. Coming from someone who is 4’11″…

        1. I’ve heard 5’7″ quite a few times but I don’t think that totally factors in how much she shrinks herself with her posture which is why I guesstimate that she’s a hair shy of 5’8″. People tend to think I’m taller than I really am because I have long legs, Kate’s got an unusually long torso which visually makes her look shorter which is why she is always butchering her clothing trying to make her legs look longer. It’s really quite silly that she wears those high heels and monster wedges when her posture makes her look shorter, although maybe she hunches to make her torso look shorter and legs more proportionately longer. Oddly I can see that being in Carole’s Husband-Hooking Handbook.

  7. Plastic Princess Prozac for sure! From the massive amount of wiglets which made her head grow twice as big while her brains continue to shrink to the marbles in her mouth to affect a fake posh accent. She is hopelessly phony!

    Good Monday Nightwing!

  8. Brilliant piece, as always, Lola.

    I don’t find her fragile. I find her someone who uses faux fragility so others will do her needy bidding; she calls out the caretaker in others. It’s a personality style and I’ve experienced it in others. As far as I’m concerned she’s made of steel to have clung against all odds to her prize and swatted away any pretenders to her Willy.

    No doubt that she is increasingly anxious and stressed. I’m guessing it comes from the adult demands being made of her now. Having been coddled all her life, she is shocked and aggrieved to discover that the real world is asking something of her. How dare it?

    At best she is offended that someone would question or have an expectation or make a demand (I had this eureka moment yesterday while watching an ep of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”). Coupled with her lack of inner resources, intelligence and immaturity, she’s a disaster happening. She’s feeling insecure because she’s had the rug pulled out from under her by royal expectations. If she had married some regular rich guy, she could have stayed in her cocoon.

    I’m guessing that Dolittle’s world is showing major cracks, becoming increasingly exposed, and out of control. She also reminds me a bit of Blanche DuBois, with her girlish mannerisms and obsession with her deteriorating looks. Perhaps she’s trying to emulate Charlotte now who is “very easy, very sweet, ladylike”, something Willy seems to love in his women.

    Now that the screws have been put to the Dolittles, her fragility will become even fiercer. Also, time for another pregnancy. I wonder how Carole will deal with this.

    As for their promised move to KP, yeah, sure. Keep the plebs busy and in hope and off your back. Those fake promises always remind me of the running gag in “Peanuts”, with Lucy and the football. Lucy promises to hold the football for Charlie Brown so he can kick it. Charlie doesn’t trust her and yet she convinces him every single time that this time it will happen. And each time she pulls the football just as he goes to kick it. We are Charlie Brown.

    1. Maven I agree with you, she has a tough as nails foundation where she is has perfected the help me fragile personality thing. I have a wealthy relation who has also perfected this to get attention and help from those around her so she can sit on her butt. But I think this time they are headed back to London. At least fir awhile till things cool down only the PR front. Thus crap with Wills and Jecca is becoming a thorn and looks like they are headed down the path of Charles and Cam. He not only does not work anything steady he is now bored with his wife and kids so he us sniffing around Jecca. I buy the tough part of Kate – she was clearly pissed about that Spain hunt trip, then he had the marathon thing that safaricom that kate got Pips to run in and Wills to stay home. Jecca’s ended engagement led to her crying on Wills shoulder and he really has not been in Africa much till now. Someone posted that he was going to try and talk her put of this wedding , who knows. I suspect The firm will be working overtime to clean this mess up whenever he gets his lazy butt back. The 2 will be in for it I suspect. On orders from the queen if not her immediate staff. I will be surprised if they change schooling back to amner over London base. I suspect that us why Harry extended his stay in India. Does not want to be involved in the heat about to come down on his brother, staying far away.

    2. I can’t figure out the possible move to KP. Is Will bored and wants to move? I doubt it. He plays his Greta Garbo wanting privacy, so a move would only happen if forced by HM and Charles.

      I am stumped! Could Carole want the “family” move to KP. It would make Carole feel more royal. I tend to feel doubtful about any of these “leaks”. Remember earlier in the year when Kate was keen to get back to work and instructed her staff to fill up her diary.

      1. Do you think that the venus flytrap would be allowed to take over KP? Move in? This is ludicrous on every level, this marriage. Not normal in any way and for sure there wasn’t a live in clingon ‘mummy’ in any Disney story. Sick and twisted I think and downright icky.

        1. I wasn’t very clear. I meant Carole would love driving up to KP to visit her daughter if the family spent more time at the apartment.

      2. Maybe a move to KP is the BRF’s way of keeping Carole at arm’s length? She may have moved in to Anmer if stories are true, or at the very least, has too much say over the running of the household. She wouldn’t have that level of access at KP, I’m guessing?

    3. Are you sure that Billy likes the “very easy, very sweet, ladylike” lol? PP was the one parading herself all over that catwalk lol

      1. LOL! I see your point. I actually meant biddable. He does like her naughty, his reply about what he fell for. That was the first quality he cited. Heavy sigh.

        1. Maven, what do you mean by biddable? I remember that strut down the catwalk in an outfit altered to make it even more revealing than intended and read that Billy started to drool and said ‘Kate’s hot’. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, that catwalk stunt since models do it all the time. But the continuation of ‘strutting her stuff, and flashing’ makes me wonder what is going to happen to this union with nothing more than this superficial short shelf life to hold onto him. And Jecca is so different, she’s not ‘hot’ but she has a whole lot going for her and from what I’ve read she has a whole lot of substance.

    4. Kate seems to channel so many people it’s just so darn hard to keep up. But fragile? Nah, she’s too calculated. And yet every time she opens her mouth she comes across as unprepared and stupid. Reminded me of this John Cleese piece:

    5. Thanks, MavenTheFirst! Kate is cold and calculating, according to the woman who reached out to me, Kate views herself as being some great puppet master. I also think there’s a bit of fragility in there too, though, not enough for me to go all #SadAffleck or Leave Britney Alone, especially since the fractures are self-inflicted, but I do think there’s a little bit in there somewhere buried beneath a mountain of add-on hair.

      Kate is a thirty-four-year-old woman who so strongly identifies with the role of a child that her mother runs her house for her and is the central dominating figure in Kate’s social circle. I’m sure many of us have moments where we secretly want our Mommies because we feel overwhelmed by being responsible adults but Kate has opted out of adulthood and still needs Mummy. The fact that Carole appears to encourage her adult daughter and a future Queen Consort to be reliant on her to that extent is dysfunctional in ways I can’t wrap my head around despite it not being uncommon for parents to want to see their own dreams realized through their children. That level of domineering maternal presence just screams Glass Menagerie to me. Kate’s super bad at being a puppet master considering she hands over the strings of her existence to her mother.

      One of literature’s greatest questions is whether or not Shakespeare’s Hamlet was truly mad. Hamlet indicated to Gertrude that it was all a ruse with the line: “I essentially am not in madness, but mad in craft”. My personal interpretation is that while feigning madness, Hamlet became consumed by it and ultimately became insane. The way people are treated by others can profoundly effect them, that’s why there are sayings like ‘treating someone like a criminal is the best way to ensure they become one’. The two biggest influences in Kate’s life are William and Carole. William is on the Howard Hughes path and his privacy obsession appears to have rubbed off on Kate to some extent. Paparazzi photos of her pre-marriage show her smiling to photographers, she seemed to relish in being recognized, she would even announce her royal girlfriend status at shops to procure discounts. Now random stories emerge of Kate shopping solo and having an RPO collect the cell phones of other shoppers so they can’t take pictures of her. Maybe she’s behaving like she thinks William wants her to, but I’ve heard a couple of comments that suggest she was genuinely derailed by spotting a camera pointed in her direction and I don’t think she’s that good of an actress. Kate’s mother treating her as if she is still a child appears to have created a disconnect with her own children. At George’s christening, Kate didn’t appear to have bonded with him and she left him behind at 7 months to go to the Maldives with William, leaving her mother to oversee the transference of his nanny care from William’s former nanny, Jessie Webb, to Nanny Maria. Most mothers are pretty adamant about being the one who knows what’s best for their children, but Kate decided her mother was better at overseeing his care than she was. That’s pretty telling because it goes so much against human nature (and animal nature).

      This is the life Kate chose for herself. She was given every advantage to forge whatever existence she wanted and she decided the path of least effort was the one for her. And up until this point, she’s pretty much been allowed to do whatever she wanted without repercussions so she hasn’t felt any particular need to take her role more seriously.

      I love the Peanuts football analogy. Lucy also planned on being Queen, but unlike Kate, she was willing to put in the work. In the 1967 stage version of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, Lucy details her plans to Linus in the spoken musical number “Queen Lucy”:

      Lucy: I know what I’ll do. If I can’t be a queen, then I’ll be very rich. I will work and work and be very, very rich and I will buy myself a queendom.

      Linus: Good grief!

      Lucy: Yes, I will buy myself a queendom and then I’ll throw out the old queen and i’ll take over the whole operation myself. I will be head queen, and when I go out in my coach, all the people will wave at me…

      Linus: What happened to your queendom?

      Lucy: Huh?

      Linus: What happened to your queendom?

      Lucy: Oh, I gave it up. I have decided to devote my life to cultivating my natural beauty.

      1. Hi Lola, lurker here… what does “grand puppet master” mean? Who does she think she’s controlling? Weird comment!

      2. Grand puppet master? Of whom? Many in the media have her sussed, as do the public (with the exception of the dim, who seem to be similar to the girl in the gym in Mean Girls who wanted everything to be rainbows and sunshine). It would be hard to believe that the BRF don’t have her number either. Channeling the little girl act is grotesque at age 34. William will do whatever he wants with whomever he wants whenever he wants. So is Kate completely delusional?

      3. I hope, for the sake of that family, that Kate’s found a way to bond with her children. But there’s always something so disconnected there. I try not to judge from the few photos available to the public, but I’m always left with the impression that there’s little more than perfunctory maternalism in place. Her behavior leaving the hospital with George was really odd to me. I expect to see a woman looking exhausted, a little glazed over, still slightly groggy from hormones, and so forth. I’ve never seen a woman who looks less at her child and more at her husband and the cameras. Almost obsessively so.

        On another note, I can totally believe her to be cold and calculating. I just wish she were more honest in acknowledging it. If she owned up to those traits, she might grow more comfortable with herself and, in the process, become a more natural person. What’s wrong with being a bit cold and somewhat calculating? Put another way, those traits might mean that someone isn’t easily swayed and has strategic skills. (That being said, I think Kate doesn’t have too much going on upstairs, so her strategic skills are necessarily limited.) But it always feels like Kate and William have channeled what could be positive qualities into becoming the worst possible versions of themselves.

  9. I’ve just finished watching the documentary on YouTube and apparently no one ever answered Kate’s question regarding the Faberge eggs as she clearly plopped a few in her mouth before her interview. I was so distracted in my attempt to understand what she was saying and trying to figure out how to turn the cc on, that I missed most of her message. I’m also quite chuffed that the documentary maker clearly cut out some of her interview. The homemade chutney story would have been so much better if they’d aired the part where the PP (LOVE this, brilliant as ever Lola) revealed that the Queen was SO concerned over her obvious lack of calories that she not only popped the lid off the chutney and placed it on the table, but first she used one of King George the IV’s gold-plated silver teaspoons and hand fed Waity herself!

    In all seriousness, it was blatantly obvious that neither Willy or Waity have got what it takes for their future roles. I’ve never listened to either of them speak and was shocked at how clueless both of them are.

    1. Dear God, could William be any more phony. She let me carve my own path and all that good stuff. His path has been carved for him by virtue of his birth and he just spewed out crap. I absolutely agree that neither of these two nimrods are even remotely suited for being any sort of leader or head of state. They aren’t only clueless, they appear to think we are. Seriously, the queen nurturing Kate and allowing William to find his own way? Fake, phony, and wasn’t he cute all dressed up in his uniform.

  10. Awww, look at Nightwing’s cute little face! I tried to pop some bunny ears on my 10-year-old Labs but they weren’t having a bar of it. The more playful of the two tried to eat them.

    You’re right … Kate looks really sedated in that video. What a weird message – if you have a bright enough smile then life is good and everyone will be happy. Ah yeah, okay.

    If Kate needs constantly handling and looking after – as many examples would suggest – then how the heck can she look after her own kids? As much as I don’t care for William it must be extremely exhausting living with someone like Kate. She didn’t seem this clingy/needy/useless in the dating years.

    1. Is she trying out her ‘Shy Di at age 19’ impersonation?

      Nightwing looks sheepish. I think he loves you so much, he is tolerating the bunny ears, but feels you are diminishing his handsome looks.

      1. I think Nightwing is laughing at me in that photo, that’s why I picked it out of the dozens I took despite it not being the best photo of the lot. Nightwing was very patient with me despite a natural inclination to think that everything soft and furry is his (he views my fuzzy sleep socks as on loan to my feet but ultimately under his jurisdiction, when I first got him, he would chase me around the apartment thinking we were playing a game). Nightwing was unusually on the mark for his bunny ear photo shoot, sat perfectly still until I told him to move (he did rip off the bunny ears a few times, wanting to play with them instead of wearing them). Just as I was about to take this picture, I got a loud alert chime on my phone (for some reason, the volume was cranked all the way up) which startled me, I tossed my phone up in the air a few inches, hit one of the filters as I grabbed it which made everything purple and he broke with his big strong ruggedly handsome in bunny ears stance and turned his head a little bit, seeming to snicker at his silly human so I quickly snapped a pic. I’m going to post other photos in the next Nightwing update, but thought I’d share this one now because it’s goofy and silly.

        1. Lola, the look I get from Nightwing is “okay mom, hurry up with the picture already. I know I’m cute, but really the ears are mine after this is all done.”

          He has got the sweetest face.

        2. I stand corrected! Nightwing (love that name) does have his big strong ruggedly handsome in bunny ear stance going for him. He looks marvelous!

    2. She’s always been a Stage 4 clinger/needy/useless person and was brought up to be one. It’s only now that we are seeing how cancerous her traits truly are by the way she’s struggling under the weight of expectations that she must work hard and speak intelligently, both of which are consistently met with utter failure. The bar was set so low during the courtship and early marriage wedding years as she was no more than a novelty and a uterus. Now that she needs to step up to the plate as a fully functioning royal, what’s unfolding before us is a woefully stunted adult.

      1. This may be the shortest, best, most accurate paragraph describing Kate I’ve ever read in my life.

    3. T, she has always been clingy, but she hid the needy, useless part really well in the shack-up years!!

      1. shes a scam period!! needy useless lazy and she expects a 90 yr old woman to babysit her, while shes out shopping!! shameless woman, shrewd, and calculating has no friends, I just cant believe shes will be queen one day, what a joke!!!!!

    4. Awww. Labs are usually good sports but they will let their displeasure known by tearing things to shreds. All dogs have their own personalities. Nightwing does not like to fetch, if I toss one of his toys, he gives me a look like, “What is wrong with you? I don’t throw your stuff.” Then he gets the toy, puts it in his crate, lays down, looks at me and turns away as if to say, “I can’t even look at you right now, that’s how disappointed in you I am.” I was surprised by how willing Nightwing was to comply with being photographed in bunny ears, especially since the first time I ever put stuffed reindeer antlers on him, he looked at me like, “You get one picture, then these things are toast.” I told Nightwing the bunny ears were for pictures for his fans and he was very compliant. Dogs understand more than 200 words and amusingly “fans” is part of Nightwing’s vocabulary. His understanding of “fans” is probably an association with the attention he gets from the people who stop us to pet him and the cuddles from his human as I read him Nightwing-related comments. He’s a huge attention whore.

      1. My sister has a little kitty that LOVES to play fetch. She has a number of little toy mice that she will deposit at my feet and then eagerly await my throwing it.

      2. Tell him thank you and be sure to mention how very handsome he is. Not every dude could pull off bunny ears 🙂 Consider this fan mail and I’m writing this behind the backs of my 3 minis.
        Just a little side note here, one of the minis had to have a lump taken off her back and while she couldn’t get to it (stitches) her mother and sister could so after trying a velcro doggie sweater and finding it on the floor I went out and bought 2 size 5T cute little shirts. She didn’t like the things one bit and when the stitches came out I left one of the shirts in her reach and she made it clear how she felt about it.
        Whoever said more Nightwing and less Kate is right in thinking that Nightwing is far more alive and interesting than Kate. (I assume that’s their thinking). Haven’t heard much about Lupo (maybe they’ve changed his name since the peasants know it) lately.

  11. Awww, Nightwing looks quite pleased with his bunny ears, Happy Easter to you both. And the part about Kate thinking she had the best Easter ever with pillow William…all I can say is thank you Lola, that picture in my head is priceless. Pillow William helping hide eggs for the kids, helping stuff the baskets, then having a glass of wine with his wife before getting his rest for a busy Easter Sunday…Pillow William standing very still and scaring the birds out of the organic garden (possibly, once she figured it out?? )

    1. I feel rather silly for being so out of the loop, Cookie but what’s this about Pillow William?

      1. Now I ***really*** feel silly. It was in the post. I think I’m in need of rest. Sorry:(

  12. Loved this post! Had a good chuckle at “Our Fair Waity” lol

    I’m sure Willy’s pillow-stuffed sweater would be far more mature, articulate and intelligent than Willy himself! It’s like he’s mentally stuck in his late teens or something.

  13. This documentary revealed how useless the cambridges are. Surprisingly, william seemed the most useless of all because he hasn’t figured out that his role is about service. There was a sense that entire thing was a huge joke to him and incredulity that he will have to do the queen’s job even as he was describing it.

    As for Kate, i’m with the royals. Not so much for the put on accent, but the fact that it took her forever to say anything. A word salad of platitudes repeated several times before you realised that somewhere in there was a point.

    She’d never survive in my family based upon her speech patterns. Someone would tell her to spit it out, pronto.

    Finally, inspite of the many articles telling us how close she is to the queen, it wss very obvious that wasn’t the case. Random strangers had more to say about the queen than kate, and it was telling that they had to refer to a shared engagement from 2012 to demonstrate this closeness.

    I don’t think william is close to HM. Unlike everyone else, he didn’t have any personal anecdotes about her that humanised her. Both kate and william spoke about her like she was a distant diety. Or in the case of kate, a character in a novel whose characteristics she was being tested on.

    1. One thing among others that I really took notice of is that the Queen’s absolute top priority is the military, the troops, the men and women who serve. And Kate, so very close to this awesomely gentle guiding force **dares** to stomp/spit/ on the Shamrock tradition, saying that she doesn’t want people to ‘expect it of her every year’. Wow. What gall and arrogance.
      I can’t stand the Yorkies but they came across as genuine and loving towards their granny and grandpa. Totally genuine.

    2. Her shallow views on HM make me believe that her relationship with her is shallow too.

      As for William, I still think he is close to HM though I suspect his distant comments were deliberate, after all, he is such a privacy freak that he probably didn’t want to give away any intimate details on HM.

    3. When I was watching the documentary, I kept musing to myself, “Have William and Kate actually ever spent time with the Queen?” They spoke about her in terms of how the public sees her. Everyone I’ve ever spoke to who has spent more than a fleeting handshake moment with Her Majesty mentions her sense of humor, the girlish sparkle in her eye, and her ability to not only put others at ease, but also make them feel like they are the better version of themselves they hope to one day be. At least those aspects were touched upon by others in the documentary for the sake of posterity even if William and Kate seem to only appreciate the Queen as she relates to them.

    4. You’re right Herazeus, regardless of what the PR people want us to believe, W&K are not close to HM. When you have to reach back 4 years for an anecdote you’ve just outed yourself. And if she is so close to her she would not stammer and stutter the way she is. She’s making it up as she goes along. William could care less. I honestly believe he does not see himself sitting on the throne and having to deal with everything HM does so he is not going to go through the trouble of learning the job.

      1. Lisa, Your description of William’s attitude in this documentary is perfect. I kept thinking that he’s coming across that he can’t believe he will be expected to do any of this stuff, not in the sense that it was hard work, but that he thought it was all silly and why should he?

        He had more thoughtful words about the work he has done for EAAA/Military even though we all know he barely does that work. He described that work as making a contribution to society and those services needing support which made me wonder what he thinks his grandmother and father do if not serve their country in the same way.

        Then he made a joke about the national dress of the various diplomats at the diplomatic reception which made me see red, even as i realised that he had revealed himself at a fundamental level in that joke. He is too stupid to be a leader except in the most autocratic way where his world view becomes the global world view.

        He said that at his first diplomatic reception, he thought he had gone to a fancy dress party when he entered the room with all the diplomats in their national costumes. this anecdote was juxtaposed with the Buckingham Palace MC in charge of these things saying that the invitation sent out was white tie/traditional dress.

        So to William, other people’s cultures is fancy dress….how will he work with the commonwealth if he can’t view their national dress with respect but as a fun costume party?

        It also explained Harry’s Nazi uniform. At the time, the shopkeeper said that William had picked out the uniform for Harry to wear. The blame remains with Harry for wearing it, but if William, the allegedly more intelligent brother, thought it was just costume, what hope for Harry.

        And it says alot that a decade later, William still sees these things as costume whilst Harry understands what the Commonwealth is.

        William at 32 [his first diplomatic reception] still has no understanding of the world. He is always being indulged or rather his own view isn’t being challenged which is why we are getting so many tone deaf interviews, actions, PR moves.

        In that one joke, he demonstrated beyond a doubt that he doesn’t get it.

        1. Herazeus, I’ve just finally watched the whole thing through. I’ve been down more than up these past few days and just couldn’t deal with the entirety off it after seeing snippets until now.

          It’s all a joke to William. Fun and games. It’s almost like someone is saying to William and Kate, “Let’s get all dressed up and go to a party to put on a show. You’ll get to see lots of pretty, pretty colors and talk to people with all kinds of accents from around the world. Then you’ll go home and have your cheese toast and laugh about everything you saw.”

          William was actually worse than Kate. The possibly future monarch and his wife Mumbles are supposed to get the same amount of respect from people that HM has? It’s not going to happen. There’s no sense of duty, no sense of pride, no sense of what is right and making a sacrifice. It’s all I want, I want and I will have or else.

          As a lover of history, I actually got teary eyed at moments watching this realizing the amount of history behind this one woman’s life and the things she’s seen, people she’s met, political issues she’s been briefed on, family issues she’s had to deal with, the travel, the near constant going from place to place that she does every day, year end and year out. Even when she’s on “vacation” she’s not. I have nothing but respect for Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh. I respect Prince Charles and Camilla because they are getting out there and doing their part. I have zero respect for the childish, selfish Cambridges who thing it is all about them and their comforts and their needs. If I had to hear Kate talk about how she’s looked after one more time in I was ready to throw my monitor out the window. Spoiled, selfish and vapid. These are not two people I would curtsy to or even want to acknowledge. It’s actually kind of irrational being an American that I feel this way, but the thought of the thousands of years of history being stomped on by these two makes me ill.

          1. Yes, Yes and YES!!!

            I definitely thought William was worse than Kate.

            And i was also perplexed how every anecdote given by Kate ended with someone looking after her.

            1. My goodness, it is quite perplexing, though to be perfectly fair, the editing of her interview will have played an important part. If Kate is as needy as portrayed, I can see why William allegedly spends much of his time elsewhere. It would be claustrophobic. I can’t begin to think what constitutes being a mother is to Kate if she needs so much care herself.

        2. William’s comment about the national dress at the diplomatic reception was just horrible. I can’t believe it was allowed into the final edit. Did the palace have no say over that? Or are the people running things there just as culturally insensitive? Maybe I’ve answered my own question.

          It’s almost as though this documentary was meant to show William and Kate at their worst, instead of their best. Because if this is their best, there’s little hope for the monarchy.

    5. A documentary about the queen, what she does, her duty, her priorities and William still can’t do the math. ‘Whatever royal duties are’ or something to that effect that he said should have been answered simply by watching the video. William struck me as a person who went with, this is what I need to say, this is what the people expect to hear, and Kate struck me as a little girl in a big people’s world and quite pleased to be sitting at the grown up table. If these two dipsy doodles thought for a nano second that their participation in this would leave the peasants convinced that they and the queen are ever so close they muffed it. Vague, scripted, predictable, and in Kate’s case that’s probably just as well since that silly pretentious posh accent made it very hard to understand what she was mumbling about, I mean aside from the chutney she gifted the queen with. Historical significant moment in her mind I guess. I do believe I read that Diana was unaware that at Christmas the royals do ‘gag’ gifts and at one time bought lovely things for them. Now here’s the heart of the rf, loved to the point of being teased seemingly unaware that gag gifts are the tradition. And I’m sure that the queen put that stuff on the table with her own two hands.

  14. Can I just… I don’t know where the nickname “Princess Prozac” came from but as someone who has been on various doses of Prozac on and off for well over a decade, I have to say that mental illness is *not* something to make fun of, and it is so incredibly rude and outright offensive to me that people have given Kate the nickname “Princess Prozac”.

    I’ve been on Prozac, does that warrant me receiving the nickname “Prozac Girl”? Do my mental health issues warrant me being made fun of? There are reasons why people hide the fact that they suffer from mental health issues and being made fun of for them is a huge one.

    If Kate is on Prozac, that’s not something to make fun of. At all.

    1. I repeated the princess prozac comment further up the thread. I sincerely apologise for any offence I may have caused.

      1. I coined it earlier as she reminded me of seeing someone I know who takes it. I agree mental health is a serious issue and i doubt its the cause of Kate’s appearance last night.
        Apologies if you’re offended, it was purely meant in jest. I’m afraid I live in an environment where black humour is a daily occurence and I forget that it’s not appropriate for everyone.

    2. Apologies if I offended you and others on this blog on the Prozac statement. I piggybacked on it in pure jest. It was in no way intended to diminish the illness or insult anyone.

    3. KMR, I wasn’t at all sure how to react/respond to that moniker either. I’m still not sure. I won’t go into detail but I have to agree that it’s rather off putting for those of us who do take medication for various issues with depression and anxiety. I knew that it wasn’t meant to be offensive but still it was hard to read for the very reason you stated. People who suffer with mental health issue truly are afraid of being labeled and regarded as ‘abnormal’, and won’t go for help. It took me years to go for help and when I did I was afraid to say anything for fear of losing my job. In a way, I’m almost starting to pity Kate, she’s so out of her league and out of place. Almost. She’s a big girl now. Perhaps the Petrified Princess might fit Kate as a better moniker:)
      KMR, thank you for saying what I couldn’t quite put my finger on let alone into words and fellow posters thank you for listening and truly hearing 🙂

      1. I agree royalsareajoke, you (and KMR) expressed perfectly how I felt about that nickname as well.

    4. I appologise for using that expression about
      Kate. I had no intent on harming or hurting you or any other girl who fights depression and need medication. I am there now myself and dishing royals is a way for me to get some paus away from my life right now. It is probably not even a correct description, antidepressant does not make a person looking as drugged as Kate looks. I have no idea what is making Kate so effected, might be too many of some other drug or alcohohol or lack of food for that day. Something is wrong with her and as she is a royal I dont feel bad about dishing on her. I would never dish on a familymember or friend or coworker fighting a disease, mental or physical. But I will be more careful of what I say about Kate in the future.

    5. I don’t think that anyone meant offense with the “Prozac Princess ” remarks. I think the point being that she seems like she’s on something but I don’t think it’s Prozac, because Prozac is an anti-depressant and it doesn’t make you act like that. I think she should be dubbed the “Percocet Princess”. I was on that stuff after I had surgery and man oh man, I was feeling no pain. I could barely string a sentence together, sort of like Kate. Although, prescription pain killer addiction is nothing to joke about either but, my money is on Percocet rather than Prozac.

      1. I took the Prozac comment as a metaphor- indicating she is acting like a space cadet. I’ve taken Prozac for lengthy periods of time.. I’m not offended because I see it as a metaphor.

  15. KMR, I love you so much and I follow your blog religiously, but I think the nickname came because yes to make fun of her but it does not have to do with her mental illness (we just can pinpoint if she has one). The nickname just simply refers to as to why she is always so “blank”. Yes, it is not a nice nickname, but I think the way she exhibits her social class and fake persona will always render her “mean” nicknames. I had anorexia for quite a few yrs. and I hated ppl inserting anorexia or bulimia as a running gag in their discussion, but now I’m over that because that atmosphere will always exist. Now, I just see the humor in it and all those wasted yrs. and create my own comedy 😉

  16. I am really disgusted with bill not spending this holiday with his children! Jecca should have told William to come with kate or not at all. This situation looks bad for bill & jecca! I am not a fan of KM, not at all. No 1 deserves to be like this!

  17. Halia, Chopper has already passed out by now from excessive whatever, it would be a chore just getting him up to catch his flight!!

  18. Lola, I’m not sure which made me smile more. Nightwings adorable Easter picture or the shellacing of the royal refuseniks. I have an easier time understanding Weird Al singing Smells Like Nirvana with a mouth full of water than Kathy babbling about herself errrrrrrrr I mean the Queen. Billy boys comments were equally incoherent and insulting especially the part about getting dressed up in fancy clothes. The rumored move to KP will prove interesting (if anything about those 2 could be called interesting ) but we shall see.

  19. Hi Lola, How handsome Nightwing is! What a good sport he is to sit and pose for your camera. You two are clearly a great match.
    Your analogy to The Glass Menagerie is interesting and I see the correlations; I just have trouble seeing Kate as fragile or suffering from and inferiority complex. I cannot regard the tenacious university student who guard-dogged the object of her desire with Olympic level persistence to a fragile quivering snowflake. My mind refuses to see or make that correlation. I get a headache trying to make those two amalgamate into Waity.
    As far as the filming, I thought she sounded like someone who had one too many drinks, right at the point where thoughts disconnect and become hard to verbalize and speech becomes slow and conversation becomes difficult.
    Any tips or coaching she received beforehand clearly were unheard, ignored, or did not absorb into her consciousness. She really did not add anything worthwhile to the documentary; cutting her segments would have had no effect on the result. However, she did open herself up to much speculation that will live on for posterity.
    I wonder about the whole chutney story; back when the reports of her first gift to the Queen were related in the press, it was reported that her gift was jam she had made during her alone time in Anglesey. While jam and chutney are both homemade items that use fruit and sugar, they are not the same item. Maybe the jam report was wrong or I making a mountain out of a molehill; it just raises a red flag for me and I question what is true and what is false with this woman.
    As for William’s recorded session, he did not seem open and candid (to me) which he should have been. To me, he came across as paranoid and secretive, as if any thing he did say would reveal some kind of secret that no one should know, lest we use it against the Queen, the monarchy or himself.
    Furthermore, I think that it is entirely possible that deep down William actually attracted to women of substance. However, when his ego got bruised, he reacted in a physical manner and connected with the first girl that looked twice. What he should have done was taken the time to get over the rejection – alone – instead of just jumping into anther liaison/relationship. He never took the time to understand why a relationship failed and therefore chose the wrong girl leading to the girl-child he now finds himself tied to.

    1. William may be attracted to vivacious women of substance but, apart from his status, hasn’t much to offer them. He put all his eggs into the ‘I’m a prince’ basket, thinking that’s the big attraction – and it was for Kate’s – but intelligent, independent women don’t need to hang their esteem on someone else.

      1. William’s history is to immediately find someone when he was rejected or broke up with someone. When he had that 2007 split with Kate he should have taken time to get over it alone, but he tried to move on and got rejected. By their mid 20s many people understand what a rebound relationship is and steer clear, especially if they want a real relationship.
        Wills tender little ego couldn’t handle that rejection and back to Kate he ran. Now we are witnessing the ramifications of that choice.

    2. Miss Elizabeth, but real women of substance are only attracted to Chopper, for exactly 5 minutes, then something inside them almost says ” Go Pay A HO,” and they hall Ass!!

      1. Absolutely msthang! Thing is, I think with the right woman, William would not be in the position he is; someone who did not enable his negative attributes would certainly bring out a different person. Kate and William are a codependent pairing enabling each other’s immaturity and under-achievement.

        1. Elizabeth, He only has sex and a booze on his brain,conversation be damned, he has little or no respect for the opposite sex, any real lady wouldn’t give him the time of day!!!

  20. Oh well I guess he made it clear 15 years ago what the deal would be … She agreed … Hoist on their own petard

  21. Agree – watched several minutes on you tube until the waste of spaces came on – much and all as I am interested I could not watch – I have zero interest in them – bring on the republic debate after HM is no longer here and never recognise the brat boy and his boring brown barbie

  22. Gosh Dear Lola Heart .. Nightwing is so adorable .. I bet he is great company for you ..
    You have done a great article on the documentary on the Queen at Ninety…with Waitys plummier than plummier speaking we couldnt make out what she was mumbling about half the time trying to speak so posh than posh unbelievable ….
    how anyone thinks this girl adult can be anything of substance is anyones guess

  23. Hi Lola !! I love the face Nightwing is making in the picture. It’s sort of the face my cat makes when I hug him too hard.
    I guess the whole Jecca Craig wedding debacle is why Kate decided to ditch the shamrock ceremony. . I can hear her now albeit with a New York accent and not her marbles in the mouth posh one ” You’re spending Easter at your ex girlfriend’s wedding in Africa ? “Screw you and your stupid shamrocks” Well, I can’t blame her, I’d probably react the same way. Then I was thinking more about why he would go to this wedding in Africa for his ex girlfriend . What if in his eyes Jecca getting married is a good thing for him as it would afford him a certain level of ambiguity when it comes to their relationship. It’s the perfect cover for any romantic rendezvous. They are both married and just good friends- right. Sort of Charles and Camilla all over again.

  24. Kate’s excruciating accent and mumbled/slurred enunciation is how she thinks “posh” people speak. Her epic social mountaineer mother shoved all her firmly middle class (at best) children into a milieu several rungs up the social ladder so they will have heard how the upper classes speak but are too dim to emulate it. I bet Kate holds her dinner knife like a pencil too – always a dead giveaway.

    1. Agreed, and Kate might have learned something just by watching the ‘Princess Diaries’. I would think that it would be natural and normal to feel intimidated in an environment such as the ‘firm’ but it’s not like she hasn’t had 5 years to learn. I’m quite happy with my one little fork, spoon and occasional knife, all those glasses and cutlery would make me crazy. Kate seems to be playing ‘Disney Duchess’ and that’s not the real deal, there’s a reason they’re called fairy tales 🙂 She owes Britain big time and is way way way in debt!!!

  25. I think the move to London will be the end for the Cambridges forcing them to work will cause Will to probably pull out with his kids. That is what I see. They will never reign him in

    1. “end for the cambridge” love that, the sooner it comes the better, kate and will are just annoying, and I hope their India holiday, becomes a flop!!!

  26. Just read in daily m… that cambridges are going to Taj Mahal to get photo opportunity just to be like Diana.. Why oh why does Waity have to copy everything that Diana did … Waity cannot ever think for herself .. she has tried to copy Diana many times and Failed Epic.. at it .. She will always be A Mannequin whose sole interest will always be Money…. and Title …… and lazy easy lifestyle with all the servants running around she will always be trying to be someone she is not .. with all the elocution in her stumbling voice taking forever to say a sentence ….
    cant see the Monarchy surviving with these two fools who have no idea about what is happening in the world

  27. Lola, you once mentioned I thought that with
    one of the Royals years back, the press had photos of the affair but did not publish them. Something about them being on a boat. The photos didn’t come out till later. The press played dumb but alluded to an affair. I’m wondering if the press have Wills and Jecca. More than what has been published ? All of the press is being pretty relentless about this wedding. Like the press is almost goading him. The other thing which is pretty laughable is now Jason is having himself quoted. Jason said this or that…letting people k ow he has not lost his job I suppose -LOL.

    1. Royals doing scandalous things on boats? I’m gonna need a way bigger hint than that to narrow it down. The water seems to bring out their naughty side.

      I’ve read interviews of former royal correspondents who have stated that they all knew what was going on with Prince Charles and Princess Diana long before they ever reported on it. They sold the fairytale until the fairytale didn’t sell anymore and it was obvious to the masses that there were major problems in the marriage. Then they went with the truth.

      The BRF has a lot more influence with the media than most would guess. UK press still doesn’t run any paparazzi photos of Prince George/Princess Charlotte that media outlets around the world print because of a long-standing gentleman’s agreement. The emergence of the global media has many in the press grumbling about not having the same freedom that other outlets have with their own royal family.

      Royal correspondents don’t have free reign with their pieces, they answer to their editors who squash scandalous stories that damage the fairytale myth that sells their papers and magazines.

      Sometimes correspondents will bury a phrase or sentence in an article hinting at the story they didn’t get to tell. It’s a curious relationship, though. The royals and the royal correspondents need each other (although some members of the BRF seem oblivious to this fact). The correspondents can’t level the monarchy by revealing too much because they would put themselves out of a job.

      The press is finally pushing back with William and Kate and a lot of that is born out of frustration that William has made it clear he doesn’t think he needs them and has been randomly limiting their access to show that he can. Part of it is also that media around the world is printing stories they aren’t allowed to touch because of the antiquated gentleman’s agreement.

      I’ve heard rumors that William was having an affair but the identity of the other party has never been revealed making it just a vague unconfirmed rumor.

      I laughed when I saw the statement from the Cambridges “spokesperson” Jason Knauf. I’m so glad he’s okay, I was starting to worry.

      1. Speaking of hinting at something to the public, in the telegraph article about the wedding, this curious sentence was buried in the middle of the rather mundane reporting on proceedings of the wedding weekend…..’the occasion is expected to be emotionally charged for the duke of cambridge who has maintained contact with Jecca since they dated as teenagers.’

        My first thought was…..oh! oh! Followed by,’this is the telegraph saying this. A paper that is both a broadsheet thus rarely writing gossip AND would rather close down than write anything negative about the royals if there was no truth to it.’

        It reminded me of the often told story of Charles being upset by Camilla’s wedding. Given how that worked out, are seeing the same story replayed?

        Secondly, Diana moved out of Highgrove as early as late 1987. There is a famous pap photo of the triangle from 1990 after Charles broke his arm playing polo where Charles is at a window looking out, Diana is driving away and Camilla is walking into the ho1987 made the front pages, yet media and BP insisted the marriage was fine.

        Journalists like James Whitaker knew somthing was up by 1986, confirmed by 1987, but they continued to sell the fairytale until 1992 when a combination of that Taj Mahal photo, a botched kiss at the polo, and the tour to Korea came together to show the public that the marriage was kaput.

        A biographer, Anthony Holden, wrote in 1988 that the marriage was kaput, and he was roundly abused by the public and media alike.

        I recently came across a bad tempered episode of the Sally Jesse Rapheal show from 1990 on youtube, where *Lady Colin Campbell was saying the marriage was kaput, and all other contributors, including Andrew Morton who later helped Diana write her autobiography, said she was talking rubbish and the marriage was fine.

        *Lady Colin Campbell is a woman who was once married to Scottish aristocracy. She makes a living writing scandalous biographies of the great and good. She put into print the rumour that the queen mother may have been born of a cook working for her father, a rumour so persistent that Wallis Simpson’s nickname for the queen mother was cookie. She also told us that the queen and margaret were conceived by turkey baster because the queen mother hated sex, and so to ensure conception, her doctor was called upon to administer the necessary treatments!!!

        1. Does William actually know what he wants? Jecca is way, way out of his league, professionally and intellectually.
          I’m not convinced that his and Kate’s marriage is much chop; both are needy, both are manipulators, both played each other. There’s not much to them; they’ve got that in common.

        2. I have the feeling the press knows much more than they are letting the public know. And there is a part of me that wants it all out there in the open and another part that is terrified that the mess that is the Cambridge marriage will bring the monarchy crashing down.

          1. I agree, Lisa. Those on the royal beat know far more than they choose to disclose.
            I’m not so worried about the monarchy crashing down. My take is that they are propped up to an unsustainable level already and that the spin has been spun as far as possible. Silk purses and a sows’ ears come to mind. I think it’s high time for the BRF to transition to becoming British private citizens, as have other similar houses elsewhere. The debacle that is William and Kate – two really God-awful people – brings clarity to the silliness of an hereditary monarchy.

        3. Well, based on the link I referenced I think your right Herazeus. There are a few articles referencing the emotionality of Wills being at this wedding. How charged, and bittersweet to see his “friend” getting married. I believe the media has something on them. I also think kate disappearing to Buckleberry during her pregnancy shortly after wills trip hunting with jecca says something. She and will were seperated and the queen had to intervene …they called it a baby moon to Balmoral…but the queen was there for the weekend to speak to them and left them the place e for the week. Their first meeting in public after that, you could tell kate was pissed. They toured a factory of sorts I believe. But the body language was frosty. I suspect it’s Jecca he’s still with.

          1. I also agree that the press knows much more than they are reporting. I wonder if it is out of respect for QEII and DoE that they are keeping quiet, and that all bets will be off once they are gone? Of course, God willing, that could still be several years away, and the whole mess could easily implode organically before then. However, Carole will not allow Kate to give up on the marriage (read: being queen), and since William seems to have a need to prove everyone wrong, I do not think he would legally end the marriage unless there was some scandal that practically demanded that he do so.

            Regardless, William will likely be PoW in the next 5-7 years, and king in probably less than 25. Putting aside his absolute disregard of his duty, he should be absorbing all that his dad and grandmother can teach him, based on their, oh, 100+ years combined experience in his next 2 jobs for ‘The Firm’. He will never have better role models, and he will not be able to coast on MUMMY DIED forever.

            1. I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday who teaches at university. For some reason, the name Princess Diana came up in the tutorial. Most of the students (born c.1996) had not heard of her at all; one had though, asking whether she was “the bitch who crashed in the Paris tunnel.” Disrespect aside, there is already a growing and sizable chunk of the world to whom Diana is not even a memory, well, not their memory. William may not be able to coast now, let alone in the future.

              1. Disrespect indeed! But great point about how for many young adults today, Diana is but a footnote in history, if that.

                Nonetheless, I think William playing the mummy card still works within the BRF, which is a pity.

                1. I don’t mean any disrespect here at all but Diana was hardly a saint. And she wasn’t killed by the paps, she was killed in a car wreck which could happen to anyone anywhere. She has all but been canonized since her death but she had her flaws and if (still conspiracy stories out there) the press has the story right the car was going at a dangerous reckless speed which could have endangered others and how’s about saying oh, something like slow the hell down idiot, are you trying to get us killed? I can believe the driver was drunk, I can also believe that it was obvious to others. Some people are so used to drinking that they don’t get sloppy and look perfectly normal. In any case, Diana flat out baited the media, the paps whomever. She was foolish in my opinion and just because she was who she was doesn’t give her a pass on stupid. The mummy card that Wimpo is playing is in my opinion a joker. I think *****he****** feels very guilty over the fight they had re the panorama interview, and is flailing around trying to find comfort in any way he can. And absolutely agree, this man needs help and the sooner the better!!

  28. Hi Lola, Did you see the short blurb in the Sun on Tuesday the 29th? A source reported that Annie Leibowitz was photographing the Queen on Monday 28 March to mark her 90th birthday.
    George and Charlotte were taken to the palace by William and Kate for photos with the Queen. Story goes that Waity had her camera and started snapping some pics on her own.
    The article even used the word “hijacked” to describe Kate’s actions. Sounds like no prior permission and pretty unethical.
    Wondering if you have heard anything.

    1. I saw that and must be the only person on earth who didn’t think there was an issue. If my grandmother-in-law had a milestone celebration and was being photographed with my (imaginary) kids, I’d probably jump in and take a few shots too.

  29. Elizabeth your last comments are interesting! KM wanted to take pictures, to show people that the children are very close to their paternal great grand parents. I do not now if lazywaity succeeded or not!

    1. Hi Haila,
      According to that blurb, she did just snap away. The lead-in was: “Proud Kate muscles in on Queen’s 90th photoshoot.” The first line: “Adoring mum Kate hijacked an official photoshoot of the Queen with George and Charlotte yesterday.” It went to report that while Wills and Kate were not included in the photos: “Annie was taking the official pictures but Kate took her own snaps for the family album.”
      If truth, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, I find that unconscionable and difficult to believe that Annie Leibovitz, or any professional, would be happy to have such a thing happen. The only exception I can think of would be if the person was their hand-picked protégé.

      1. I think Annie can stand on her for skill. Waity bouncing around snapping some shots probably did not phase her…she also might be angling to take pro shots of her and probably photos of the kids. I’m sure she is not doing this for free either. She us probably weighing letting her shoot away versus future income coming her way. Whatever Waity gets will be a disaster compared to Annie L ‘s work.

  30. “adoring mum” nothing adoring about waity, shes shrtewd, why not assist the queen with work iand leave the poor woman alone to enjoy her moment,

    1. I can’t imagine being an adoring, hands-on mother; too cold, needy of her own mother. Just don’t buy it.

      1. With her is all about “me, me , me and I ” too self absorbed person, never seen anything like her!!!!

  31. I hate chutney. I put it out so I could get rid of it. I don’t “look after” Kate. I just wanted to make sure she was wearing undergarments that I insisted she wear. I told William to drop this girl but ever since I ordered the Diana hit, William has turned into a whiney mess. So much for stiff upper lip.

        1. I understand that in a 1969 documentary, Royal Family, the Queen was referred to as Brenda. Hence, Queen Elizabeth = Brenda. The satirical magazine, private Eye, parodied this further, giving each member of the BRF a working class name as if they were in a soap opera. DoE = Keith, Charles = Brian, Diana = Cheryl.

  32. Latest I hve read waity is going to be hosting gala charity doos according to Daily M… one is at Haughton Hall where Marchioness lives .. at £6,000 plus a ticket for charity East Anglian … it stated Waity is a working Royal we laughed our socks off at that comment . Waity wouldnt know the word work what it even means as she certainly never does any but buy clothes and holiday constantly

  33. Its safe to assume the British Royal family have a department much like the White House Gift Unit (only fairly sure that what’s called) who are responsible for cataloguing, maintaining, distributing, etc. any gifts the President or First Lady receive. I remember seeing a documentary about a state visit from France at Windsor Castle in which people are discussing which gifts and mementos from the past should be displayed. Its likely someone on the Queen’s staff put out the chutney and the Queen herself had nothing to do with it.

  34. Someone in another blog said “l wonder who will be sent to India when WK leave to do the actual work” seriously?? Is this what it has come to!! in short someone has to go back for damage control!!!!

  35. Just read that a team has been in India to check everything aboutthe itinerary before chutney and chopper get there also her team have checked what clothes she can wear plus what shoes she can wear….. on the very mammoth itinerary its more like a glamourised holiday for them both … not at all difficult in what they are doing and seeing. No doubt she will be copying Diana on this trip with the colours she wears etc.,

    1. A forward team always does a recce of any destination to be visited by a royal ahead of the visit. In the UK, that might constitute only security sweeps and vetting personnel, but all foreign travel, be it for work or vacations, has this procedure as standard. The forward team checks security (of course), customs, important places, organisations or people of note, dress, anything that might be of interest if that has been repersonn by the royal (or govt if it’s an official tour).

      The information informs the planning.

      What i think is disastrous about the article is that the standard recce, if that is what took place, is being reported as a recce for Kate’s planned wardrobe. It shows she’s more focused on her clothing than the content of the tour or the people she will meet.

      It goes hand in hand with released details of tour which read like a glamourous site seeing tour with invited media/public.

      I can’t believe the various stops are described as ‘backdrops for her wardrobe’. That underlines how vapid and empty this woman is. Not for her the excitement of meeting a different culture and experiencing something new or even helping others or meeting new people. India is just a fashion location to her.

        1. This tells me that her entire PR team has no more than two brain cells, Kate included. Granted that wardrobe is important, can’t they at least pretend there’s something more to this trip than what she’s going to wear? Furthermore, she’s such a boring dresser to begin with!!

      1. Sadly, do we expect anything more of Kate? She’s an empty vessel. To be honest, will the bulk of the British public expect more of her except to look nice, or be critical of her very limited mindset?

      2. Well her trip here (to NZ) was pretty much sightseeing, bar a 30 minute trip to a children’s hospice and a few other things thrown in for good measure. Most of it was luxury stays at lodges, sailing and wine trails though!

        1. That hospice visit was actually 15mins. Including that ‘speech’ she gave whilst there.

          1. How incredibly disrespectful, given the amount of work by others to secure that visit, let alone the disrespect shown patients and medical staff. I can’t fathom how Kate has gotten this far in life.

            1. You know Kitty, despite her title/wealth/status and all the trappings Kate really has nothing and has not gotten anywhere in life in my opinion. Even the fact that she is married to a dolt of a duke is only because she hung in there and took him back every time his feelers got hurt by a woman of substance. And no one else wanted him. So, really, I don’t think Kate has gotten very far in life at all, two kids she rarely sees and a steamrolling mother who lives out her dream via her which makes me wonder if there is any health in the Middleton family at all. I don’t see the viper as a loving mother at all. And now it appears that Kate is being called out in the press which must shock her down to her designer socks, you mean people aren’t just satisfied that I prance about and allow occasional glimpses? (ok, we all know that she allowed more than a glimpse more than once). I married ***the*** prince. Personally, I think Kate has nothing whatsoever. I read your post Kitty, and it’s far deeper than anything that’s ever come out of mumbles middleton’s mouth 🙂

              1. RAAJ, my heart goes out to the staff and organisers on these occasions Right or wrong, people feel honoured that their organisation has been selected for someone of ‘status’ to visit. The mount of preparation is enormous. I cringe with embarrassment when Kate has the gall to behave disrespectfully; it must surely be a slap in the face for all concerned.
                You’re right, RAAJ, in that Kate has achieved nothing in her own right. I just rail at the thought that such an undeserving person is in a position to do so much yet refuses to do engage.

  36. So well written Herazeus you write so eloquently ..
    really enjoy reading your take on situation ..

  37. Shes soooo lazy, even dressing herself is a problem, flying skirts and flying hair, over the top expressiions, shes just there, doing nothing, saying nothing like a robot!!

  38. I (seriously) worry about Kate going trekking in India. She is so darned thin and frail-looking that she doesn’t even seem to have the energy to stand up straight.

    Also, why does she have a Personal Assistant (that blonde woman) in addition to a Personal Secretary (Rebecca Deacon)? It sounds like both roles are essentially the same – although the duties the blonde woman performs tend to be more along the lines of picking her outfits, etc. Rebecca is the one who accompanies Kate everywhere. But what I’m saying is, there’s no reason one person couldn’t do both jobs.

    I don’t think Rebecca is a good match for Kate – her dress sense is appalling, her personal appearance (messy hair!) needs work and she always looks as if she’s scowling.

    1. It all boils down to Kate’s mistaken belief, no doubt fostered by William, that she could do it all. I think the only anticipated changes post-marriage were household and NOT office staff because that was the area of William’s life, not to mention wealthy people manuals, that she was familiar with. Ie you have money, of course you’ll need housekeepers, cleaners, drivers, gardeners, butlers, nannies.

      And seeing how capable JLP was, without giving much thought to how he accomplished it, probably believed William’s guidance as far as office staff.

      It also shows the lack of professional experience prior to the marriage because she would not have made the sorts of mistakes she made in her office staffing.

      Basic mistakes such as:

      1. Walkabouts during engagements. In the documentary, she talks about the queen guiding her when they made joint engagements, and goes on to say she needs more pointers.

      What she needed/needs here is a LIW. someone already familiar with protocol. During that engagement, The Queen was busy doing her thing, and her accompanying LIWs were helping her. Kate should have asked one of those ladies to help her, not expected the queen to be showing her pointers whilst also trying to carry out the engagement. And paid attention to what they actually do so that she would recognise her need, and ask for one of her own.

      Diana had an advantage here because her own grandmother was LIW to the queen mother, so Diana knew what to do and could therefore refuse the offer of one when it was given.

      2. Kate uses Rebecca as a LIW, but Rebecca is as clueless and apparently as unable to learn as her own boss. Rebecca has no intimate knowledge of the royal household protocol, not to mention appropriate dress code. Her previous job was working for a record label which is how she came to help with the Diana concerts. In theory, probably a fantastic organiser, but for people whose public appearance is the very opposite of a Royal Family, for whom being dishevelled and rock n’ roll is matter of pride.

      Rebecca as private secretary is fine because she can organise diaries, liase with charities and keep the kate show on the road of duties. As a LIW, she’s hopeless. I weep when i see CP Mary of Denmark’s LIW. If only Kate would take note.

      3. Dresser. Kate refused one. And now poor Natasha has been conscripted to be a sort of dresser. And Kate epic shopping escapades indicate that she’s being her own dresser as well.

      A dresser is not a stylist though a stylist can be a dresser. There is overlap in the two jobs. A dresser is the female equivalent of a valet. In royal circles, they are elevated to be stylist as well as being a valet because royals are public figures, and their dresser has to make sure they dress to occassion and avoid or minimise mishaps. In service of minimising mishaps, they have to know weather ahead of each occassion and advise royal on appropriate clothing including weighting hems or lengthening skirts or adding extra lining to clothes or guidimg royal to alternative clothing to accomodate local customs or even change in weather or occassion. They call in all necessary clothing from designers or personal tailors.

      Being a dresser is a full time job because of the public life of royals and the huge size of the required wardrobe that also needs maintenance and adjustments.

      In regular life, we often find dressers at the theatre. Making sure the actors are properly attired for their role, maintaining the costumes. Royals are actors on a much larger stage. It’s extremely foolish gor a public figure not to have a dresser/stylist on staff.

      Natasha should have been left to deal with letters, travel arrangements and manage the office.

      4. Mirroring William. In the absence of professional experience, she could have mirrored William’s office with a few tweaks. William has an Equerry as well as a private secretary. Equerry is essentially an executive assistant, but they are also the male equivalent of a LIW. They are sourced from the military. Being that they are from the military, they understand protocol. Kate should have left Rebecca to be her private secretary and appointed someone versed in protocol. Heck, source them from the military too.

      William has a valet. Kate should have hired a dresser.

      5. Not shadowing one of the royal ladies. Two engagements with the queen is not shadowing. Plus it was during a period when she was probably still intimidated by her new situation, so shadowing someone less powwrful eg Sophie might have helped her be more prepared.

      6. William as teacher. Since we all know that she only listens to William, she is not going to improve unless he improves or wants her to improve. If i were her, i’d have pulled the ‘shadowing Queen’ card more often in order to be around that level of protocol until i was familiar with it, including how the office staff works. William has spent a lifetime in it, but he runs from it, and wouldn’t accept ‘shadowing Camilla/Charles/sophie’, so you pull the one card he can’t say no.

      All other roles can be shared eg PR, diplomatic relations, charities liason.

      1. I don’t think that William wants Kate to improve. He knew her just as well as she knew him prior to marriage and if she improves she might force him to . No, I think that both William and the raptor mom are vested in keeping Kate at a level that makes her look dim and bewildered. William, so he can pitch her under the bus and look as though he’s ‘not amused’ and raptor so she can keep her position as Kate minder/placater.
        After watching the video I can’t see the Duke and Duchess of don’t know, don’t care, as anything but a little prince and a little girl playing princess. Kate is still William’s little puppet and does whatever he wants her to and she has no support except for the springs in that mattress written of long ago. And that little shared tidbit was in my opinion to plant ideas in people’s minds.

      2. I agree that the Cambridge staffers overall are ill-equipped to deal with such difficult clients. Neither Kate nor William exhibit intelligence, motivation, an achievement-orientation, empathy… it must be near nigh impossible to cajole them into service when the Queen and Charles have either had no luck or just don’t go there. Kate and William come across as an incredibly arrogant couple who won’t listen.
        Kate’s relationship with William has been one of complete acquiescence. I can’t see that he would countenance anything else from anyone; toadying to him is well-entrenched in his life. William would most definitely not have wanted Kate to take the royal role seriously but I have no doubts whatsoever that she shared his total lack of interest in anything looking like work anyway. Her own back story is one of ‘learned helplessness’. This was played out in the recent documentary. On a 19-year old such cloying behavior just might look sweet, on a 34-year old, it looks like she has problems. But despite the spin, is there any doubt now after all these years that Kate is just a lazy, selfish, vacuous woman.
        I agree with your take on her staff. But really, all they can do iss fuss around the edges if Kate has convinced herself that she has dressing the part under control. She has always used her body – and by extension clothes/makeup – as a principal asset to garner attention. I doubt she would take advice on make-up, hair, clothing. And any amount of ‘sugar’ press confirms her feelings about her choices.
        I am surprised that her staff can wring out full-time jobs given Kate’s minimal workload. But then there must be a lot of time spent on damage control.

  39. I read about tbe rekkie which of course has to be done
    but article on waitys wardrobe was made to be the important factor on tour … This girl child is so vapid and doesnt have any knowledge of anything outside herself..this is why a hurried function was put together for them to meet Indian entrepreneurs to give them a clue of where they are going as we all know they are both so unknowledgable about anything outside where they live ..

  40. I respect people opinions! KM is an adult female, who wants to be treated like little child. My opinion is that no excuses should made the mistakes that have been made on purpose! Kate is responsible for herself. Now she is being accountable for her actions & she cannot tolerate her consequences of her actions. Waity has to suck it up everyone else does! This is not the adults that come into contact with KM fault but Kate’s fault. I know I am being harsh, but it is almost 5 years married. What disturbs is the lazy & selfish behavour that lazy waity has, that her parents never corrected? rant over!

    1. I agree. Time for blaming others is long over. If she was a mature 34 year old she would have figured out her responsibilities as a member of royal family, adapted to fulfill that role and worked hard to contribute.

      It’s clear to me that Wills hates his role and the people he serves. Their shared contempt of duty to others and lack of personal charisma may also be at the root of their poor performance.

  41. Quite right too Halia …
    Waity has never become an adult because of her parents
    she has been cosseted beyond belief

    1. She is alarmingly thin. Oh my goodness, she really does need help and an intervention. As I said previously, I am seriously concerned about her ability to go on this hike that keeps getting mentioned – even if her mind is strong, her poor body is going to start experiencing some terrible issues soon if she keeps this up.

  42. As much as I dislike William, how can she not have an eating disorder when she is this thin! What a horrible reminder of his Mum’s struggles!

  43. I hope Kate gets the help she needs. No man or position is worth killing yourself over. NLopez

  44. I agree that no man or status is worth dying for but sadly, I think that the real Kate Middleton died a long time ago. She degraded herself to reign him in, she allowed herself to be subjugated to his whims and there’s no way on earth that she wasn’t fully aware that she was his last choice for a wife. That was the beginning of the end for the Kate that could have been, and the final blow to her sense of self, her identity was when she accepted a proposal in a place special to someone else, and grabbed at a dead woman’s ring. William couldn’t even be bothered to make up a story about a different place and design a new ring. So much for modernizing the monarchy! That dude is stuck in the past. Just my thoughts. And I, too, am concerned about Kate’s weight loss but maybe it’s because she is still young that she doesn’t look gaunt to me, or starved. Not sure the extreme thinness is healthy but she doesn’t look sick.
    I wonder if the hand wringing crotch clutch is a response to being told to stop talking with her hands? (this is from the pictures taken at the pre vacation, I mean tour reception.) In one of the pictures it seems obvious to me that her hair doesn’t match. Some is darker and shinier. The last part of this comment probably wait for Lola’s blog on the ‘pre holitour’ . Holitour is perfect and I wish I had coined it but I didn’t. It is from that place where I am unwelcome and offensive.

    1. Hi royalsareajoke, I agree with your. Very eloquent post. I keep hoping the real Kate will emerge and surprise us all by being a woman of substance. ☺

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