Let Them Eat Cheesy Snacks

Tonight, Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted a reception at Kensington Palace to remind people they are going to India and Bhutan.


Buzz about the upcoming tour of India and Bhutan from April 10th-16th has been flying at half-mast. Even the number of Cambridge Critics logging onto sites to vent about the lazy duo has diminished considerably.  An unmoderated Daily Mail article about the Bhutan visit only had four comments nine hours after it was published.


Well, the Cambridges wanted to be left alone, although it probably was not the best strategy to wrap themselves in apathetic irrelevancy so soon before a royal tour.

It’s been nineteen days since Kate’s last appearance, the opening of a charity shop on March 18th which came in under thirty-five minutes, one day after blowing off the Irish Guards.  Because, hair.

At Wednesday’s reception, Kate also reminded people she’s still royal now by going Totally Tudor in a neck ruffle both Queen Elizabeth I and Princess Diana favored.


Kate wore the Mary Navy Dots maxi dress by Saloni London.  


On Kate, it was that curious Senior Citizens on Cialis look Kate seems fond of like back in October when the duchess combined Mother of the Bride and side boob.


Kate wasn’t bold enough to go with the semi-sheer swiss dot front panel and her dress was actually lined, creating pale mounds that resembled those of her own topless doll.


On Twitter, Julie RocketQueen @rocketqueen1985 described the dress as “20 yards of WTF”.

With her hair worn down, it wasn’t totally apparent which side of Kate was the front.


Kate left household cleaning implements everywhere shouting, “Bitch stole my look.”


I have no idea how Kate is going to carry all that extra add-on hair on a six hour hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery during the upcoming tour.  Here is a screengrab from one of the pics @KensingtonRoyal posted on Twitter:


Another Twitter post by the Mirror’s Victoria Murphy revealed that Kate may have learned a little bit about lighting.  When being photographed with London-based Indian model Neelam Gill, pretty much your only chance of not being totally dwarfed by her beauty is to nudge her towards a light source so she’ll be in the shadows.


The real star of the night, though, was the Cheesy Snacks posted by Victoria Murphy.



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113 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cheesy Snacks”

      1. One of the cheesy snacks at the front is either broken or is half eaten. Cheesy snacks? Cheesy snacks??? These ones look very much like the free snack they give out on Virgin Airlines with a tiny tub of salsa as ‘happy hour’ food on post-5.00pm flights.
        Isn’t it interesting that refreshments – cheesy snacks, a bowl of nuts and two pitchers of whatever – are a dead giveaway that this is a short and dreary ‘let’s get it over with’ event.
        The dress; yeah, the senior citizen look down pat. God knows who’s choosing these outfits but my advice is to STOP. Now.

        1. Oh, good Lord. All so bare, so ungenerous. How to have a reception when you don’t want to have a reception.

        2. This offering looks like something you serve up when you want to spend the least amount of money possible. Not terribly welcoming. IMO it would have been better not to have served anything. It was a very quick meeting with Kate and William present for 35-40 minutes.
          Or did someone forget to order any catering at all and this is what they could find in a short timespan?

        3. Cheap is what I call it in English. Not even bottled spring water, maybe a valiant attempt at sneaking the kool aid into these accomplished attendees.

      2. Nothing says class like biscuits and Tang. I wonder if the party planning Pipster advised Kate on this reception. That would explain a lot. I guess the bruschetta and cheese and crackers are only put out for Kate’s paying guests. The 10k a head dinner she has coming up should be interesting.

    1. Her type of figure is known as a “carpenter’s delight.” Straight up and down and flat as a plank.

      Girl needs more meat on her bones before she totally wastes away.

  1. Once again – both cambridges have demonstrated how seriously uncomfortable and unsuitable they are in their roles today.

    I can’t believe we’re in for an entire week of crotch clutching and “cute, well timed quips” about the kids.
    Did you know george and char totally love six hour hikes in Bhutan? They also have a passion for commemorative wreaths.

    1. And Charlotte is a footballer-in-the-making! True story! Her oft-absent father said so, so it must be true! #Sarcasm

    2. That’s really funny, Kip. It’s truly amazing what Charlotte has mastered in her eleven months on this Earth. Maybe the reason William blows off the BAFTAs is because Charlotte has yet to win one of their gongs and would have no applicable quip to provide. The poor kid has been so busy recreating the Sistine Ceiling at Anmer, the shooting schedule for her BAFTA-worthy film has been adversely effected.

  2. The reference to the mop …!!! *Dead*

    Good grief that room looked so blah … it looks like a waiting room … and did someone steal the artwork that’s meant to be hanging above that mantelpiece?

    What a miserable-looking bowl of ‘cheesy snacks’ … heck; I go to more of an effort when I have unexpected guests than that. And why no tablecloth, no wait staff, no fresh fruit platter … ugh; I just can’t. I’m losing the will to live with these two.

    1. Good catch on the blank space over the fireplace. My god. And yes, the room looked positively bleak. The invitees were probably glad to get the heck out of there. I wonder how many minutes this event was? 25? 30?

      1. And if that was the case (it being brief [I wouldn’t be surprised]), they missed yet another golden PR opportunity … imagine how cute it would have been if George had been offering a plate of somethings to the guests?

    2. Going by Victoria Murphy’s Twitter pics, I counted 24 drinking glasses and two glass pitchers. Likely this was a very short meet and greet event, not a proper reception. The refreshments set the tone, the message here was don’t get comfortable, you won’t be here long. Given how few people were in attendance, this event appeared to be minimal effort to get some PR momentum going since William and Kate have been no-shows at their jobs.

    3. I noticed the empty space above the mantle, and the ‘Asian inspired’ spice jar lamp with the generic coasters thrown around…who organized this non-event? It looks like a business meeting at the local la Quinta, and the business isn’t doing well…hah, I see the inspiration now! Thanks for another excellent post, Lola!


      1. Haha–“business meeting at the local la Quinta”: the phone sitting on the radiator cover (next to the cheesy snacks) supports your description completely!

    4. Now that you mention it there wasn’t any wait staff was there. Wow, so those people have to pour the drinks themselves? And no little plates to hold the dried out looking cheesy snacks? Wow, what a ‘royal’ impression from two of the worst excuses for ambassadors to come down the pike since The Donald had real hair, and yet ***they*** consider only 5 star hotels suitable and blatantly accept a spa pampering,, and the gall to ask that the scaffolding be removed from the Taj***. That seat in front of the Taj will probably need to be padded lest old bony butt be uncomfortable.
      Yes, a nice fruit platter, assorted cheeses and meats, spring water bottles, little plates (available at Wal-Mart) would have seemed more welcoming. These two make me sick!!!

      1. I’m so pi$$ed that I’m sputtering and babbling even while typing. What loathe some sleazy greedy ingrates are Bill and Cathy Middleton.

  3. I have just looked at the short video on the Daily Mail website of this reception. Kate looks even thinner than the still photos.

    1. Here’s the video link Matty referenced for anyone who hasn’t watched:


      Almost two full minutes of palpable awkwardness. Of note is Kate looking to William to confirm that she isn’t supposed to shake hands with their Bhutan guests. Five years in and she still needs her husband to guide her through cultural customs. This is one example in a long line supporting Herazeus’ point in the comments of the last post that Kate has done herself a great disservice by not having a proper lady-in-waiting.

      1. Yep; she needs a very forceful, strict and polished L-I-W … someone who inspires her to be the very best that she can be.

        I think even Pipster would’ve done a better job than Rebecca seems to. When they came to Wellington (NZ), Rebecca looked so sulky the whole time … I think she’s vying for Kate’s job!

        Kate seems to deliberately choose dresses that make her look thin … had this been in an off-white or white, she would have looked bulkier (and attracted comments accusing her of trying to steal recent bride Jecca’s thunder in some way, no doubt). She obviously repeats the “you can never be too rich or too thin” affirmation in her mirror every morning.

      2. It wouldn’t matter if she had a proper LIW. Her Royal Chavness doesn’t like to be told what to do.

  4. Geez. She looks absolutely awful and depressing, the godawful dress should have been cocktail length (not that it helps). The atmosphere seems so unwelcoming, uncomfortable, institutional like. Not exactly a party atmosphere. Willy’s demeanour doesn’t help. It all looks deadly. The snacks are mean. Guh. I pity their poor victims.

    1. The whole look felt like it was too long, Kate’s hair being down added to the visual pull. The dress without the lining offsets the matronliness of it to some extent. I’m not a fan of the dress with or without the lining but I can see at least what the designer was going for before Kate got her manhands on it. Shortening the dress would have helped but Kate would have missed the mark with the shoes anyway. She keeps buying near duplicates of the same safe suede court shoes she always wears.

      I would have styled it totally differently. Her hair needed to be up and youthfully styled, maybe with Panda Buns (it’s hair parted down the center with messy high buns) or a ponytail… I can see it with some kind of metal chain hair accessory. The dress also needed some Alexander McQueen edge to it. For instance, they’ve got a Ruffle Articulated Jacket they recommend wearing with their Spider Skull Earrings.

      1. Those earrings would look cute with the ruffle – very yin/yang in a fashion sense. Her fashion is boring – I think she goes for edgy dresses but then tones them down too much and they end up looking dowdy.

        She should wear a chignon more often – it’s hard to go wrong with that hairstyle.

        1. I suspect she doesn’t wear her hair up more because updos increase the chances of her extension bonds and wiglet lines being spotted but she’s really doing herself a disservice. The best part of long hair is having versatility and being able to create different looks with it.

          Kate even has the skulls taken off of her McQueen Skull Clutch Bags and replaced with more traditional clasps which is rather silly. She seems to want to step out of her comfort zone just as long as she is able to have it remade into everything she is already comfortable with.

        2. If you take a look at a lot of her clothes, she keeps trying to sex things up. Before, it was generally thigh high skirts (apart from the Monroe moments). Now that she’s been read the riot act, she tries to sexualise through illusion tops, going braless, sheer tops with side boob showing (pale blue evening dress). I don’t think she’s being edgy. I think she’s always working it, and just can’t live without being a tease- her life and livelihood depend on it. That is who she is.

          1. Oops, Kate Middleton forgot to take her ‘portable stripper’s pole’ along. (There is such a thing.)

  5. I’ll take cheeto’s anyday, seriously when your head is bigger than your body, you look like you walked out of a concentration camp, that is way too thin!!

    1. Msthang, those household cleaning implements weren’t being facetious, she totally stole their look! And a million thank yous to Lola for letting their voices be heard ( I died too, like 3 times in a row. You need to stop doing that or I’ll have to suspend the DNR order in my will until further notice…)

      1. In college I spent a lot of time hanging out in a comedy club and when a comedian had a great set, it was customary to say something like, “You killed tonight” so it’s possible there really is a darker side to comedy. My intentions are far from nefarious, though, I just want to add a little sparkle to the world so I think you’ll be okay keeping your will as-is.

    1. LOL…………indeed. At least Harry doesn’t close himself off like those two do. He’d be much warmer and more fun to be around.

  6. I watched that video as well. Both of them were tremendously awkward. All that crotch clutching HAS GOT TO STOP. Seriously, they are beyond ridiculous.

    Yet another poorly made garment. The dots don’t line up under that waistband and it is too long. Kate really needs to get some help, because clearly something is amiss with her. She’s lost too much weight. Is she sick? Stressed out? Unhappy in her marriage? Obsessed with being thin?

    I hope we don’t see a trainwreck next week, because I think there is genuinely something wrong with her, and I suspect that is why she’s been hiding out.

  7. Terror threat in mambai. …what do you bet she does not go. Grant you, I probably would be concerned but these 2 are so far behind the PR ball. ..they almost have to go

    1. I think they’ll still go, especially since there was a press release indicating they are staying in the Taj Palace Hotel to honor victims of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. It defeats the purpose of the stay being a “sign of solidarity” if they cancel because of a terrorist threat. Sadly, the British Royal Family is the target of numerous threats from radical groups, back in August there was an assassination plot against the Queen planned for the VJ Day parade but she refused to cancel to “honour the fallen”.

      1. First time poster love your site. I had heard this about the Queen and family being targets of threats but I couldn’t find any information. They really need to go after all the press. I agree with ” it defeats the sign of solidarity if they cancel because of a terrorist threat.”
        But lately, I can’t for the life of me get what these two are doing. Love the McQueen ideas though. That would shake it up a bit adding personality. I am really shocked about the hair. Thanks for the blog it makes my day….

  8. Cheesy snacks? I hope they threw away the bags before the guests got there. Anyway, I had a dress like that in the 80’s – you know, that time when everyone dressed like Diana? Good thing we’ve all moved past that…..

    1. The style was popular in the late 70s to early 80s. I was spared that trend but quite a few Daily Mail commenters noted that the dress was very Karen Carpenter.

      1. Her weight looks very Karen Carpenter too!

        I was very thin for a long time, eating well but just lots of stress so for a long time, I didn’t agree with many posters that Kate must have an eating disorder nor that she was overly thin. I got pregnant when I was very thin so I was still healthy enough.

        But when I saw those photos from the reception, my goodness, from the side she looks flat as a board. She really needs to take medical advice, that can’t be healthy! Don’t care for her really but that is worrying, don’t wish bad health on anyone.

        1. It is possible to be very thin and healthy at the same time, all of our bodies are different. I think Kate’s extension and wiglet hair mountain is somewhat of a factor here, making her head look larger and her body smaller in comparison. Her actual scalp starts inches below the surface.

          I try not to focus on Kate’s body too much because we really don’t know what is going on with her and I feel like that gets into delicate territory. But the woman she is standing with in the second to last photo, Neelam Gill, is a 5’10” professional fashion model (imagine my voice trailing off here)…

          1. I feel the same way about the millions of comments on her thinness. In the end, so what? We don’t know what’s happening there and frankly, I just don’t care. I personally think she’s all kinds of fool to pass up the mountains of fabulous chef prepared food on offering. It’s ironic that you get to be that rich and have access to the greatest, most extravagant bounties of earth, and you starve yourself. Kinda moronic.

            1. Hear Hear the food must be amazing….and to be able to eat and not have any cleaning to do in any manner must be lovely …she is indeed a moronic moron

              1. If I were rich, I’d have help with the mundane household chores (I am not a domestic person, at all..) and someone doing the shopping for me (I hate shopping – unless it is for books).

  9. Lola, you crack me up. I really enjoy reading your posts – thanks for sharing. On a serious note, I too am concerned about how thin Kate is. She does not look healthy and when I compare photos from her early days – the difference is staggering. She looked so much happier and healthier before she married into the family. I do wonder why William does not take better care of her. I have never really subscribed to the theories that he married her for convenience or does not love her, but, a loving, caring, doting husband would be doing anything to help his wife don’t you think? She is the mother of two gorgeous babies and she needs to be well and healthy for them if nothing else.

    1. Thank you, KChamp for the kind words and being part of this community. My take on William is that he loves Kate, but it’s more of comfortable love built on friendship as opposed to some great passionate romance their fans try to paint it. There was a study a couple of years ago that indicated a shocking percentage of men don’t view their spouses as their true love and feel that their one got away so they married the one they were with when they felt ready for marriage. I wish I could find it, the statistics were mind-blowing.

      One of the drawbacks of marrying a prince is that their entire lives they’ve been treated as being hand-picked by God as the official most special person on the planet. They tend not to put the needs of others before their own because they have no idea what that would even look like. And there are limits to what even the most loving, caring, doting husband can do. Kate is as stubborn as William is. But Kate has Carole and even though most of us would start playing with matches if we had that kind of omnipresent maternal figure, Kate has always been a Mummy’s Girl so Carole is not without influence.

      Ultimately, we don’t know what’s going on in Kate’s life that could be affecting her. She could have a medical condition like thyroid disease which can hijack your body and make you feel like you have very little input into your own weight. Some women naturally lose weight when they get stressed. My mother who is taller than I am weighed something ridiculous like a 104lbs on her wedding day, I’m pretty sure my spine is larger than the waist of that dress.

      1. I don’t think he loves her at all considering his debasement of her. She’s familiar to him and he can trust her. Rather like a lapdog or servant of longstanding. She’s of use to him until she isn’t. (Actually, that now reminds me of Willy’s two personal military guard dogs that were immediately put down once Willy finally left the base. Like he had no pull to save their lives. I think I hate him.)

            1. WTF ! That’s terrible. Why couldn’t William take them ? Is it because they aren’t “royal” looking like his pansy dog Lupo ?

              1. That’s so deplorable, surely if he cared and made the effort something could have been done for those dogs. My disdain for him increases on a daily basis.

              2. We haven’t seen anything of Lupo for quite some time.
                Is he spending time with Jason?

        1. If that is true, and if he had any knowledge of their fates prior to his leaving, his is a horrible human being. No wonder Kate looks like she’s ready to snap. I hope his children don’t turn out to be entitled jerks (had so many many other fitting adjectives to use here, but thought better of it!) like their father. In fact, now I hope the Middletons DO have a lot of input in their lives. Carole is a climber, but the woman isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and work for it. I even have a tiny soft spot for Aunty Pippa of late ( but Uncle James is too creepy), she’s happy and busy and will race for charity any given day of the week.

        2. I **know** I do!! Hate him. He’s a jerk with a title and ‘tude and I for one think those dogs were doing more for their country than he and his Brainless British Barbie ever will.
          I don’t know why I let myself get so worked up over two jokes that I will never meet smh. Wonder about myself sometimes.

      2. Lola, I am with Maven below, I don’t think he loves her at all, I think he initially loved what she gave him in bed but not much else, the capacity for him to love anybody other than himself probably wiped out when his mum died. The marriage was one of coercion and bottom line she has just got to much crap on him!!!! But , I do believe the day he falls deeply in love with another woman, it’s Kaput for her, I mean he is gonna one day tell her to pack her bags, and he isn’t gonna care how much crap she has on him!! In fact he is gonna tell her, I have more crap on you so it would probably be Quid pro quo, but there again like I said, the love part may never hapen!!

  10. Oy vey, she’s even thinner than she was at her wedding. I actually gasped aloud when I saw the side view. I don’t care for the woman and enjoy ragging on her as much as anyone, but this is just sad. Her useless husband needs to step up to the plate and get her some help.

    1. Bear, I agree with you, the thing is Jecca is naturally thin, she is not, although I think she looked great in the shakkin up years!!She reminds me of Angie Jolie in that when Brad Pitt threatens to leave her she starves herself, that maybe what’s going on, who is to say. I swear I would love to be a fly on the wall, to hear what especially what TQ would have to say about her!!

  11. Kate’s thinness frightens me. I’m worried about how pale, skinny, and miserable she looks. For William that’s the default, he always looks angry (except I suppose when talking about Diana 2.0) but Kate…

    Something’s wrong here. She is so, so thin and drawn.

    The mop made me literally LOL. I felt a bit bad about it…

  12. Pertaining to the sideways shot of her Chutneyness, she looks like her head is on back to front! Her shoulder blades stick out more than her bust. Not a good look!

  13. Dear Lola Heart … The mop has made me laugh out loud hee hee
    so well put together as always …
    the two drones at KP at function this will make not one difference to them having knowledge about Bhutan and India trip both are so gormless … and again clueless ..
    She is so frail looking through not eating she looks more and more bony not a good look at all… and in her position its not at all sensible for younger girls to think this is normal to be stick thin just like a stick insect ….

    1. Not to pick on you but I find her not frail just skinny. She’s skinny but not frail. That is all, IMO.

  14. The body language of these two is horrendous … Not only between themselves but also to others unfortunate enough to be in their orbit. Awful dress and she is so thin that she looks ill. The tour next week is going to be interesting on many points. Thanks for the mop joke, Lola. Just glad that I was drinking anything when I read your post.

  15. Did Ma Midds make those cheese snacks? Seriously, you’re invited to a reception at KP with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and you get cheese crackers to snack on? Weird looking cheese crackers at that. How hard is it to have offered a bit more for your guests to munch on while they try to figure out if Cousin Itt has just entered the room or the Duchess of Cambridge?

    This tour is the beginning of the end of Kate’s public life. She is making a case to go into a deep, deep, deep reclusive life.

    I truly cannot imagine these two as the shining representatives of the Commonwealth that they are supposed to be.


  16. Am I the only person who’s noticed that the exterior of the Palace looks really unkempt? Seriously, it needs a good water blast … I couldn’t believe the state of it in the pictures that came out yesterday 🙁

    1. Yeah, it was all sort if dark and dingy as a back drop for pics. The cheese snacks I’m not sure are what would be pc to feed those visiting from India. Not much thought into this. I think it was just a PR stunt. Not any pics of William really inside “chatting” Wish I was a fly on the wall when he got back from Kenya…she looks even thinner since he left. Probably is stress.

    2. I actually find a certain aesthetic charm to courtyards that show their age. My backyard doesn’t get a lot of light and I like it when moss starts to grow and everything gets a bit darkened in rainy periods (NYC actually gets more rainfall than London). I bleached my concrete tiles a few years ago when some freaky alien-looking fluorescent yellow thing started growing on them and it wasn’t long before the tiles returned to a soft grey. Now I let the ivy do whatever it wants without any interference.

      Sadly, the palaces have not been properly maintained. The most pressing is Buckingham Palace which is crumbling:


      It was reported that the Queen delayed repairs to Buckingham Palace so Apartment 1A could be renovated for William and Kate since it would be their home for “years to come”:


      There’s genuine concern that Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are falling into a state of disrepair and that if work doesn’t begin soon, they will be lost. The fact that Prince Charles floated the idea of the monarchy ditching Buckingham Palace when he becomes king is pretty telling of just how poor its state is.

      1. Thank God they prioritized the place where Kate’s helicopter lands and she changes clothes about three times a year over Buckingham Palace.

    3. I agree, it wouldn’t take that long to water blast the area. Should we all club together and send Kate and William a bottle of “Spray and Walk Away”?

  17. Cheap refreshments. Cheap decor (even though they was red MILLION of tax dollars renovating). However she’ll spend THOUSANDS on a gown that looks like a house coat from the 70’s. I haven’t been to the Daily Fail in months so I’m stunned that even the Waity Wags didn’t comment on her trip.

  18. The model shown wearing the dress has her hair up, which Kate should have done. The neckline gets lost in her hair, which needed to be more formal. I think a shorter dress would have given it a more vintage charm than an outright stuck-in-the-’70s vibe. It’s just too much dress. But the fabric is pretty.

    To this American, the “crackers” look like a combo of a biscuit, scone and cookie.

  19. It’s a superficial thing, and i’m sure the attendees were simply happy to be at that reception, but what a poor reception!

    Isn’t Kate’s mother the hostess with the mostest (not a word. But i’m sticking with it!) How has she not passed that skill to her daughter? Heck, ask Pippa to do it or ask KP’s in-house staff to do it. Tax payers are already paying for the tour which is what this is.

    How will they host state dinners if a simple reception is this dreary?

    They can’t stretch to making it memorable for their guests beyond their presence?

    The room is as unmemorably decorated as every British official building or Embassy.

    The food is equally thoughtless, meanwhile there is a professional kitchen in the building – and that’s before you get to the multiple kitchens of the private apartments.

    Heck, KP is run by a charity. All the state rooms are available for hire, have the charity lend one of the more memorable rooms to host the reception eg the cupola room.

    The charity can arrange outside caterimg if need be.

    This reception felt like a thoughtless thrown together at the last minute event, no thought to make the guests feel special, nothing to make it feel like a reception, nevermind a special one.

    I can’t wait for the drab state dinners.

  20. The drab high neck Karen Carpenter dress which carefully covers wrists and ankles too is probably a misguided attempt to acknowledge the cultural and religious sensibilities of their guests. Fail. Seeing William practically knocking her away and muttered snarl when she tries to shake a guest’s hand in the courtyard (why are they marooned out there?) made me cringe. I’m sure she was briefed beforehand but the meds make her a bit forgetful these days. This tour is going to be a train wreck. I can’t wait!

  21. Let’s see – nice appropriate outfit – no; hairstyle to compliment outfit – no; stylish footwear – no; makeup – at least her eyeliner was less heavy handed; jewellery – maybe the earrings might get a tick if the hair wasn’t hiding them; posture – no; flashing “big blue” – yes; crotch grabbing – yes x2 – Chopper seems to have the same issues – Daily Mail has the photos

  22. Longtime reader, first time responder here. While I am not a fan of Kate or her dress, I feel some people are coming down too hard on her and this dress. While not her best look, it is far from a disaster. Let’s not forget that Diana laid a few eggs in her day. This dress reminded me of the blue, one-shouldered, ruffled Bellville Sassoon dress Diana wore in 1982. Ironically, Diana was noted for her extreme thinness at that time too. Cut Kate some slack, she can’t look stunning all the time. What is unforgivable is that spread! Cheese crackers? I don’t care if that reception was only an hour, they could have done better

      1. I disagree. She does look stunning as in ‘are you seriously wearing that and I’m stunned that you would’. Stunning can be taken two ways. ***snicker snicker*** She’s stunning alright. I just absolutely had to say this.

        stunning – causing great astonishment and consternation; from the free dictionary.

  23. Is that another expensive toy/mini vehicle for Georgie in the courtyard? FORCE LAPD…sounds kinda French, n’est pas?

  24. Reception at KP should of had canapes fizz and soft drinks for the guests.. To us how miserable the reception was with what cheesy snaps bowl of nuts how mean can they be
    The two of them are completely clueless and should be given a training course and told about correct etiquette .. unreal in their position how they get away with everything ..
    roll on a republic

  25. Well, after reading that story from the Sun about how William turned his back on those dogs who protected him, I officially hate him. I hope he never becomes king. Kate, ugh. She’s supposedly living the life she always wanted. What is that saying though? “Be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it”. I really believe this is the case for her. The novelty of being princess has worn off. Her prince charming is a bald, horse faced, self indulged nitwit who has shown time after time publicly that he doesn’t give two figs about her feelings. She can’t control what he does or whom he does it with. How much control does she even have in her own life ? Between “The Firm” and Ma Midd, she is just everyone’s puppet destined to do their bidding for the rest of her life. There is obviously something very wrong with her. She’s too thin. I would say that perhaps she is also thin and healthy but she doesn’t look healthy to me. When you compare pictures of her now to those taken just a few years ago, she has drastically changed. She’s aged horribly , is almost haggard like and there is that vacant look in her eyes. She is not up for the job she wanted and campaigned many years for and I believe the realization of this and the accompanying stress is partly to blame for her emaciated body. She may not be able to control William or her life, but she can control her eating. Maybe it’s a cry for help, maybe it’s for attention from William or maybe it’s just stress. I don’t know, but I do feel something is terribly wrong with her.

    1. There is a photo of Kate, pre-wedding, giving a photographer the finger, with a scornful ‘fuck you’ look on her face. That’s the real Kate. Her body has been her ticket to the good life, hence the desire to be thin.

  26. She did say, while helping William abseil in Wales that it was nice to be in control for once so I also suspect food/body image is her control thing…

      1. Thanks for the link; incredibly funny and true! It’s quite a breathtaking statement that William actually thinks his mother’s memory is kept alive through association with the Taj Mahal. To him, maybe, but it does speak to his psychological state.

  27. The cheesy snacks and orange drink are embarrassingly tacky and cheap. It’s painfully obvious this reception was all about shoring up the lazy duo’ s image and the guests merely are props. As far as the Victorian robe/nightgown — YUK!

  28. Just now catching up on this disaster. My fave part is when people on the DM attempt to lecture everyone commenting on the horror of that dress by insisting it was to honor the guests and their culture. The last I checked the national dress of Bhutan does not include the top of little known (and non existent) ice skating costume line Vera Wrong with last minute added length so it fits in at a 70’s costume party.

    Of course it gives me flashbacks to how hard I laughed when I saw what Waitherine wore when she first met the Queen at the wedding reception of Peter Philips. It was a mix of Rose from Keeping Up Apoearances and French whore in mourning. Being that nothing says English country wedding more than black velvet she wore her black velvet dress which as we know is split to the navel and the covered with sheer black material. For the church she added that little pink jacket from her Ghost of Diana collection and plopped on a hat designed to be worn when your recently murdered pimp has a family that insists on a church funeral. She then removed the coat and revealed why we rarely have seen that dress in public : there isn’t just a deep V in front but down both sides and the back too. Of added hilarity to their dynamic William ditched the wedding to go to Kenya for the wedding of Jecca Craig’s brother so poor Chelsy Davy was Kate’s babysitter. The upside of that is that Kate achieved the impossible and made Chelsy look fresh and young.

  29. I saw on video the horror of the terrorists attack in 2008 so please don’t think I’m mocking it at all. No way. However, I do wonder how much solidarity and support would be shown by dumb and dumber had the terrorists attacked the equivalent of a Motel 6.

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