Day 1 of India/Bhutan Tour

With the time difference, Day 2 of Prince William and Kate’s India/Bhutan is already underway so I’m already behind.  I was awake and a little excited for the tour so I watched the first day unfold on Twitter.  It was more boring than waiting for a YouTube video of someone describing paint drying to buffer.  I randomly asked two royal correspondents to Tweet photos of their shoes but no takers.

Victoria Murphy wrote an excellent article on the importance of this tour for William and Kate.  When I noted in ReTweeting the article that I wasn’t sure if William and Kate even had enough momentum going in to turn around public opinion, Victoria responded, “I think the setting has really helped boost things for them.”

And she is right.  New set, new wardrobe, new guest stars, and the hope that somehow the show’s quality is going to improve.

William and Kate aren’t merely players strutting and fretting upon India’s stage, they also have producing and writing credits.  Not only do they have this fabulous new set, these scheduled events tell their vision of their host country and it’s surprisingly stereotypical: cricket, slums, Bollywood… presumably the snake charmer called out sick.  And I’m not the only one who noticed, this is a comment from a reader in India:

Slums-poverty-bollywood-cricket the stereotypist guide to India. Out of curiosity- doesn’t Kate have a stylist or Google or a mirror? The red dress looked like it was made out of the Taj hotel’s bedsheet collection and the blue dress looked like the nightgowns worn here. What is noteworthy is the negligible coverage of the visit in local press. Not even cricket god Sachin Tendulkar could make these two interesting or newsworthy. I don’t think anyone here is interested in having them back unless they are bringing back the Koh-i-noor with them or at least Coldplay.

So here’s how the first day unfolded:

Kate looked a little Elizabeth Taylor emerging after the flight.


Flight fatigue and what I assume was a handful of tranquilizers became apparent in later photos, but it was an impressive “Bitch I’m Madonna” moment.  After nine hours on a plane, I spark fear that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun.

Kate arrived in bespoke McQueen and LK Bennett “Fern” shoes.  I like the original McQueen and how it was styled, I think it was a missed opportunity for Kate although I think I have to accept that she just can’t accessorize.  Or not suck the life out of clothing… I wonder how much of her diet consists of fashion’s soul.


When the Cambridges arrived at the Taj Palace Hotel, they layed a wreath in memory of victims of its 2008 terror attack and met with staff whose heroic efforts helped save guest lives.

The Cambridges’ lunch was vegetarian.


After a wardrobe change, the Cambridges headed to the Oval Maidan cricket ground.  Kate wore a bespoke tunic dress from Mumbai designer Anita Dongre and Mint Velvet wedges.


Three charities: Magic Bus, Door Step School and India’s Childline, participated in the event.

There were no wardrobe malfunctions, but the wind at one point made Kate look like she was wearing clown pants.


The teased special surprise was a bus ride.

You can't sit with us!

You can’t sit with us!

At the Banganga Water Tank, Prince William and Kate scattered petals in the water.


Prince William and Kate then met with the charity SMILE.


The Cambridges played football in the streets of the slum and there was almost a dance-off instigated by William who then backed out of it.  I noticed Kate got hit in the calf with a soccer ball, I’m not sure if it was an accident or if the kicker in question got to do something that has popped into the minds of many royal watchers at some point  or another.  Impoverished children then asked the Cambridges all sorts of questions about their big house, like how do they like their giant house and how do they call each other and their children in it which for some reason appeared to make William and Kate uncomfortable.

In the evening, William and Kate attended a Bollywood dinner and reception which benefited the charities: Magic Bus, Door Step School and India’s Childline.  Kate wore bespoke Jenny Packham that was beaded in India and earrings by Amrapali.


In a dress that would have looked smurfy on Papa Smurf’s nana, Kate sort of looked like the spinster lovechild of Margaret Thatcher and The Joker.


In a speech, Prince William revealed, “When Catherine and I were married, India was the 1st place on Catherine’s list that she told me that she wanted to visit.”  So after almost a decade of Waitying, Kate suddenly puts together her dream destination list once she could go on these trips on the taxpayer’s dime?

According to actress Madhuri Dixit, “The Duke said he hadn’t watched any Bollywood movies but he represents the British film industry was and interested in collaboration.”

WTF?  Prince William, President of BAFTA and resident of planet Earth has never seen a Bollywood film?  How is that even possible?

Granted, I’m probably a bigger film lover than most, I’ve even taken multiple subways to go see an obscure French vampire film I don’t even think some of its cast had ever heard of, but the BAFTA president couldn’t have watched one or two movies on the nine hour flight in preparation for the event?  Or maybe on one of his many days off from both royal and air ambulance duties?

I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising considering Prince William vetoed Skyfall on the staff’s special Christmas film night and insisted on fucking Twilight and then blew it off.  Seriously, he can’t even make it through one film, how is he going to handle being Head of State?

At least Prince William appeared to have an inkling of what he’s been missing out on in the presence of one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world, actress Aishwarya Rai.



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  1. So she wore a blue version of the dress she wore to attend the state dinner for the Chinese president – no surprise since it was same designer – and then the expensive boring cream dress today – if anyone needs a stylist it is chutney. At least her hair was up at the dinner last night ……. Very underwhelming start – my 23 year old niece – who is also too thin – always dresses really well – she is a student who works at the local pub and manages on a shoestring budget – just goes to show what is possible if you put your mind to it.

    1. That boring cream dress provided the first flashing on this tour. While laying a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, nontheless….

      1. My god, what the hell is wrong with this woman??? Does she never learn? We should be seeing her in pencil skirts.

        1. Or at least wear a pencil slip underneath. Or anything… Like check the weather before choosing the outfit…

      2. I was just about to comment on this, m, but I got settled down with a cup of tea to watch the lunchtime news on the BBC!
        OMG! They showed her at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with her skirt flapping around her ears!
        Rude, thoughtless, innapropriate, shocking and utterly ridiculous! Typical Kate!
        Needless to say the visual put me off my tea!
        The cream dress was truly horrid, those odd looking pocket/flap things look like something to assist breastfeeding!

        1. And that poor Soldier who had to put his hands on her to prevent it from happening repeatedly. She is a moron to the infinite degree.

      3. If we are lucky, this could upset the Indian culture standards to have some written protest to HM/BP/GB..

  2. Wonderful as always Lola.

    However I literally just dropped my iPad in frustration when I went onto the DM and saw that her damn dress was flying up again. I like to envision the Queen doing the same before announcing a sudden needs for a loooooong walk. Kate is truly so stupid she should thank God every day that breathing is a natural reflex or else she wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do it.

    1. I checked in when I got home from work as was actually so disgusted I didn’t want to know anything else about their day. This on top of William and his film industry quotes, not wanting to sign the bat and pulling faces while trying food. Way to be a leader William.

      Why does Kate almost always not sample anything lately when it’s offered? Is she worried she’ll upset her calorie count or is she…forgive me for saying this…expecting again? There I said it, throw things at me. I deserve it!

      1. I do not think she is expecting because if she were, no doubt “HG” would keep her at home. Although William said that visiting India was something Kate was very ‘keen’ to do, so perhaps she is expecting and her specially patented form of HG will kick in upon their return to England and last until Wimbledon.

      2. Lisa. She does not know how to read a room. Period.

        You would think after the UNICEF gaffe she would know better. Nope.

        I am not a princess but I know how crap works.

      3. You’re forgiven Lisa, regarding the food refusal I thought “she’s quite happy to let people see under her skirt, but would never be seen EATING FOOD. That would just be vulgar”. Ughhh.

    1. Will and Kate never do anything unless there is a motive benefiting them. They are very calculating, especially sly Will. Still, I agree with your words of a “dolt” and “still stupid”, because they think they have us all fooled.

      Thanks Lola for a great website! Been enjoying it for a long time now.

  3. Lola,

    Great job on day one. Your writing is excellent. I, for some insane reason, hope this will be a success for them. But day one was pretty boring. The dress choices were just off for me although I liked her hair up. There is just something that makes me want them to succeed. But it takes effort, feeling and at least the appearance they really want to be there. Has the press over there been negative so far? They make me nervous to watch what will happen next. Excellent reporting.

  4. You mentioned her long torso before and the clown pants shot really shows how short her legs are for her height. It’s no wonder she’s not a fan of flats and has insisted for so long on skinny jeans.

    Actually, in that indescribable photo montage you treated us to, my first thought on reviewing the yellow dress fly-up (which I’ve seen too many times to be shocked or amused anymore) was “Really, is that her butt there already?”.

    The sheer level of apathy in India seems very telling about the overall tone of this trip, but who knows…I’d love to be surprised!

  5. He touched Rai on the arm???? My heavens, he never touches his wife on the arm, just pokes her in the back.

    If it’s Tuesday, it must be India. Feels like a carnival atmosphere to me. With no saving grace. The Dolittles are getting the Grand Tour, and exploiting India and her people. Wonderful.

    Very nice point about the new set. It’s hard to understand how getting people to celebrate you when you’re still an animal thrill killing, arrogant, lazy, sucking vortex of entitlement and pathological mendacity. It’s hard to imagine effect a positive image because you’ve added a codpiece to your skinny pants, and coloured and patterned sheets to your wardrobe.

    1. Sorry, I need to proofread more:

      Very nice point about the new set. It’s hard to understand how getting people to celebrate you when you’re still an animal thrill killing, arrogant, lazy, sucking vortex of entitlement and pathological mendacity will effect a positive image. Just because you’ve added a codpiece to your skinny pants, and coloured and patterned sheets to your wardrobe doesn’t make you fresh and relatable. On the other hand, it’s obvious Jason has been hard at work.

    2. Your description of Will would make an excellent eventual epitaph.

      ….Notwithstanding a religious epiphany or maybe some sort of benevolent brain damage.

  6. Lola, i’m a bear with honey this morning in anticipation of your comments about day 2. apologies for thread jacking………….. our dear waity has flashed us today. the world is right again. i can only laugh. a soldier had to step in to help with the unruly dress, i can’t stop laughing

    going to paste the pics before the DM pulls them as they will.

    going by the video of the day on reporters’ twitter accounts, it’s a really windy day and Kate is wearing flowy dress, no slip to mitigate any disasters and definitely no hem weights.

    1. I really thought in private that she would make sure not to flash on this tour as someone definitely reads these comments and if for nothing else, she would do the opposite just to prove us wrong. Like when a lot of people said she would copy Diana’s dress after the birth of Charlotte but she turned up in something very different. Unfortunately, she still can’t get a handle on hem weights…I’m really suspecting very low IQ now…

      1. I don’t know why but I really though that she wouldn’t have a marilyn moment on this tour. It is getting ridiculous and unfortunately it happended at a memorial, which is the worst possible place for a marilyn moment.

        1. The telegraph’s article on the marilyn moment is illustrated with more pictures showing the dress lift up as she is walking TOWARDS the memorial. You can clearly see upper thigh even though that picture is taken from the side as she approaches the memorial.

          We can sort of see stomach from the DM’s photos, but you can be sure that a photog took pictures from the front as she walked towards the memorial whilst she did nothing to hold down her skirts.

          And the amazing thing is that this is lined wool crepe and a full skirt. That wind must have been so strong to lift it to that extent, and she did nothing.

          Ps: the telegraph’s article has included a quote from one of the Queen’s tailors/dress makers who pointedly remarks on the need for dress weights and how he puts them in all the Queen’s clothing as soon as sends them out.

          Here is the thing, we know Kate has hervown tailor, why don’t they add weights to her clothing even if she doesn’t ask? Kate and Natasha clearly know nothing about tailoring or functionality of wardrobe, so they wouldn’t be any wiser if the tailor did it on the quiet.

          1. Herazeus I pretty sure they arrive with weights and Middleton sits down and picks them all out.

            1. That’s really funny. Maybe you’ve finally solved the mystery of the atrocious tailoring! Kate could be taking manicure scissors to all her clothing and someone fixes it the best to his or her abilities.

              1. Reguarding Kate’s clothes being altered.
                That McQueen she wore on the first day was definitely altered by someone with little sewing skills. If you look at the waistline there are raw edges, a couture fashion house or someone selling top label clothing would never let a garment leave the premises like that. I think you could be right Lola and Kate’s attacking the clothes and someone is fixing them up as best they can. This must be the same person who did the terrible job on moving the buttons on Kate’s “test the smell by smelling it” coat. And that red McQueen outfit fitted so badly that I’m sure Kate had some of the seams taken in as well.
                Lee McQueen must be rolling in his grave!
                And as for the white dress? If you look at the waist line you can see a double layer of fabric which shouldn’t be there. I think Kate’s had her “home sewing buddy” take the waistline up about 1-2 inches.

            2. Yes, because maybe she thinks the weight(s) will be added to her own weight, making her heavier! She hasn’t figured out that her weight stays the same, just the clothes have weights added. Whew, thinking like Waity (get it?) is exhausting.

          2. KM has a tailor?! I’ve never seen hemming of a dress or skirt that crude!! It’s unbelievable that anyone would do that!

          3. First, I think that Emilia Wickstead dress was a terrible choice. She dressed in white; shades of white are a sign of mourning in India, traditional that is the only color widows wear. Then there were those flaps to draw attention to her breasts. Add in a full skirt that she had shortened several inches; it would have taken no extra time to put in a few weights while stitching up the hem. She knew she was going to be outside. Kate in a full skirt + outside = a blow -up.
            My goodness, in one of the photos you can see what looks like her bare hip!
            I am sure someone got a snap that shows waaaaaaay more and it is only a matter of time before it is published.
            That girl has no common sense or class. Total exhibitionist.

            1. She looked to Diana for inspiration for her wardrobe as a lot of her garments are the same style and colouring. The white dress is loosely based on one that Diana wore when in India.

        2. I thought the same thing. After all the pictures and articles and bad comments, I really believed she would put more thought into her wardrobe this time. First day for me was: so far so good. Dresses were good length which is actually all I cared for because I understood long time ago that this woman just doesn’t have a sense of style. No matter how expensive or exclusive or pretty her clothes are, they always look bad on her. Then she appears in that cream dress (which, if I have to be honest, I liked – it’s below the knee, which is actually a good length on Kate) and voila… we are back to flashing. And it’s like she made sure to do it in the exact moment when most eyes would be on her… at the memorial. If you know that you would lay a wreath at an open air place, make sure to check the weather before going in a full skirt. Same thing happened with the red coat when she got off the plane in New Zealand… It’s really getting ridiculous…

      2. I’m suspecting an overwhelming desire to be the center of attention at all times. She gets off, or maybe William does, on the scant/lack of underwear and ‘skirts up’ behavior. It happens too often for it not to to have been addressed.

        1. I suspect it is all Kate; she has a history of flashing that dates back to before her university days. There were reports of her pulling down her pants and bearing her bare bottom out her window at school. The story goes that she did it so frequently that the staff had to step in.
          While William has his own faults, I have trouble believing that he is okay with Kate flashing her bare bum or lady bits – especially while representing the Queen on official engagements.

      3. Since she refuses to utilize Liz’s awesome hem weight hack, I wish someone from Buckhouse would send her a couple pair of Queen Victoria’s pantaloons. Becky can do the alterations making at least four pair outta two!

        1. I just read down a bit. Kate should be able to handle the alterations herself if Natasha isn’t around. I can just picture Chutney hunched over a version of a sewing machine that uses glue, the kind I had as a child in the seventies.

    2. What a disaster. What is wrong with her?! After all the bad press and mockery she’s received, you would think she would have finally worn hem weights or a pencil skirt. She ruined the whole thing and it’s shameful that this happened at the grave of the unknown soldier. Additionally, she is looking really terrible and like she’s in her late forties, not a thirty-something. She has dreadful resting b%$#& face and you can tell by the set lines on her face that she holds her face like that all the time. She just looks really mean and cold. Those are the facial lines of an unhappy, nasty woman who spends a lot of time frowning and pursing her lips.

  7. Poor Lola – if your commentary for the rest of this tour is as good as your first entry, you will have worked harder than Foot-in-the-Horse’s-Mouth & Chutney!

  8. Herazeus, there are now three things people can count on:

    Death, taxes and Kate flashing the world while on tour.

  9. William has huge brass balls to utter that he “represents the British film industry and interested in collaboration.” When was the last time he showed his face at BAFTA?!? The nerve of this mental midget!!

    1. Well, we all have proof now that it is Tash who is butchering Kate’s clothes and mucking up the fit!
      It must have been Tash who made a mess of the waistline of the red McQueen and I think she lifted the waistline of the white dress too, as well as the mucky hem on the dress as well.
      *rolls eyes and shakes head at the thought*

      1. It makes no sense! Spend hundreds and thousands on bespoke clothing and have your “stylist” alter it when it could be altered perfectly well by the designer’s staff. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

        1. It makes no sense at all! I’m sure the designers themselves would be happy to carry out the alterations at minimal or no cost. Maybe Kate just can’t be assed leaving her house to go to the designers, she doesn’t want them visiting, or she doesn’t want them to know her true proportions or something?

  10. Look at Whiney Will with his hand on the actress’s arm. I’ve never seen him touch his wife that gently and tenderly. Sad. He really is an ass, though. I was looking at today’s pics and he often has his hands clenched into fists. What the heck is he so ANGRY about all the time? Even when he smiles it looks like a huge effort, and like he’s constipated.

  11. Dreadful Disgusting this girl child having her dress blow up constantly at a War Memorial for the Unknown Soldier
    What is going on with Kate Chutney …… She is so ignorant and self obsessed
    What A Total Disgrace To our Country
    They should of sent Prince Charles and Camilla
    these two on a jolly holiday on taxpayers money..
    an outragious price £3,000 thousand pounds on a dress for a half hour to an hour its Out Of Control with these two Idiots

  12. Kate must be the only person who actually gets younger on a long distance flight. Well, sort of since it’s obvious her face looks suspiciously less wrinkled and her cheeks more plump than they did a while ago… I bet she has prepared herself for the culinary surprises this trip has to offer (and she herself did say she loves Indian food, sure) by stuffing her suitcase and those endless clutch bags with diet meal bars she nibbles at when visiting the ladies’ room.

    As for the flashing… Is it some pathetic attempt at being rebellious towards HM and The Firm as dressing against the advice she gets and controlling her eating seem to be the only things she feels she has control over?

    Both look like wax figures and I see Will has inherited his grandfather’s tendency to blurt out unfortunate comments. And here’s the kicker; they are not the news anywhere! If they thought their trip was going to be big news around the globe, they are so wrong. No-one cares about their visit!

    1. For some reason I pictured a Miss Congeniality operation during the entire nine hour flight there

  13. I honestly almost screamed over the expected comment: “The first place on Kate’s tour visitation list was India”……right.

    Like she never ever had a spare minute or a spare few bucks to go there. Why do they keep laying this brainless crap on everyone?

    The next one will be something lame about how George really wanted to come and play with the street kids but Charlotte insisted he not miss school.

  14. She can’t *be* shamed. Or cajoled in any way. Remember years and years of Waity Katie in the press? Article after article pointing out her laziness, her sloth, her endless hoping and vacationing habits? She learned her lesson good.

    Nothing anyone says matters.

    Not the press, not the bloggers and definitely not the peasants who pay for her endless undies-flash.

    At this point I think these ‘Marilyn-moments’ accomplish two things:

    1- BIG f.u. to the establishment and everyone else who wants her to work.
    2- Doing such a bad job, nearly disgracing a Nation -repeatedly- that they have no choice but to retire her.

    Because that’s what she wants. Not to work. And get lots and lots of money and status for doing so.

    And Waity Katie always gets what she wants.


    1. I wonder though … what will happen if (when?) Harry marries an incredible woman who the public adore and who really gets out there in the field (so to speak) with charity work?

      I wonder if that will then prompt Kate to change her ways and get to work? It could send her the other way though – into virtual reclusiveness.

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see … but one thing’s for sure, if she’s pretty, thin and happy then Waity is going to stomp her feet so hard I’m going to hear it all the way down here in Eastbourne! 🙂

  15. I see there’s been a lot of talk about Kate choosing a white dress being a bad move because white is traditionally the colour of mourning in India. Well in that case… what were the Bollywood actresses mourning for at the dinner? Willy’s lost hair? Or just the fact that these numbnuts are visiting their beautiful country and haven’t bothered seeing even one Bollywood movie?

    1. She’s wearing one!!! Probably because the material of that dress is so thin, but still … it’s a start.

  16. As a side note, I was disappointed the base of the lovely marigold wreath appeared to be Styrofoam. Cheap.

  17. It’s well past the time for the Queen and/or Prince Charles to intervene and set down some long-overdue boundaries for this over-entitled couple with their miscreant public behavior. Their selfishness and entitlement have been over-indulged, over-allowanced and over-excused for far too long and now I hold their elders (and betters) responsible for not only allowing their awful behaviors to develop but for them to continue unchecked up to the present. Since the Cambridges are neither financially independent nor mature adults, their family should and must take action or be held accountable for the Cambridge’s continual lapses in decency and public duty.

    Shame on the Queen and Prince Charles for their excessive permissiveness.

    1. Thank you, I have been saying this for quite some time now. I just don’t understand why/how they are getting away with their disgusting, ignorant behavior–for years. Not only are these two idiots embarrassing themselves, they are making the British Royal Family a joke on the world stage. The whole world has seen Waity’s naked body. She has flashed every country she has toured. What part of she is totally unsuitable do they not understand??? And who is in control here?–Petulant and his stupid wife?–or the Queen and Charles??? Because from my vantage point it certainly seems like Petulant and Waity are firmly in control. Where are those mysterious “grey men” Diana talked about? I just don’t get it. Diana was a hard worker and the grey men still supposedly gave her hell!! Maybe the renovations they just did at KP was adding the “Goldsmith Wing” –and the Middletons and Uncle Gary are now running this sh$t show….

      1. I think it all comes down to William getting a free pass because his beloved mother died … and he feels resentment towards everyone about the way she was treated.

        William has always been a stroppy little so-and-so – in countless pictures of him as a child he just had that look about him. I think the chip on his shoulder happened before he even learned to talk, and he won’t ever change.

        These two are such nutters – I wish they’d just get rid of the Monarchy once Queenie goes, give the immediates about a million pounds to do with as they wish – but take back their property and jewels – and be done with it. Sell off their palaces and country homes, pay off some of the country’s debt, and look to the future. Times are a’changin’ and it just seems senseless to look up to people who do nothing, offer nothing and just suck all the goodness out of others’ efforts.

  18. Lola really has a plethora to work with for the next piece: a skirt nearly over her head, pockets as useless as the woman wearing them, Kate’s real hair vs fake hair having two totally different reactions to he heat, her refusal to taste the little pancake, the way her eyes suggested she had been crying A LOT and hadn’t slept, and now she claims she lost baby weight just chasing after the kids. Yeah Waity more like running around to find Nanny Maria to let her know your morning/afternoon/post dinner workout is over while living off of ice cubes and small bowls of steam.

  19. She’s already had a Marilyn Monroe moment today. So much for a perfect tour.

    You know what’s gonna be the end of the monarchy thanks to Waity? The wind.

    1. Jason looked like a completely different person with Harry while in Nepal.

      Speaking of which, why did he not get this tour.

    2. Hah! Jason looks like some kid whose mother forgot to pick him up from school. What a horrible life he must have. And I love “Oopsie Waity”!

    3. Thanks so much for the links! I bet there are worse that just haven’t made the light of day. I’ll poke around tomorrow to see what else is out there.

  20. If understand correctly, the point of this tour/visit/holiday is build some significant diplomatic relations. Of course, the lazy duo is in dire straights and in need of some excellent PR.
    While they have a new set, new guests and new wardrobes, overall it is playing out the same. William still spoke without thinking, Kate appeared detached and they still display evidence of a disengaged relationship.
    We were told Kate spent several months planning and organizing her wardrobe, even going so far as to send a team to scope out and photograph the locations to optimize her fashion choices. Whatever. She still has no imagination when it comes to accessorizing an outfit, still maintaining her aversion to non-neutral color shoes and is clearly determined to perfect the crotch clutch.
    New tour, new venue, new people and…..another flashing. So still the arrogant old Kate who refuses to learn, refuses to take advice, or hire a real stylist.
    Still the old Kate who has now had close to a dozen and half flashing incidents in 5 years.
    Still stubborn, still snubbing the firm, still turning her nose up at her hosts, and still determined to send the message that she doesn’t care about decorum or representing her country in the best possible light.

  21. She should’ve worn harem pants to the cricket match. I looooove my harem pants (silk mix with something else, they sit sooo beauitfully), and they are more comfortable than anything else in my wardrobe.

    Harem pants aren’t the most flattering on the majority of people but I do feel that Kate would rock them!

  22. “Impoverished children then asked the Cambridges all sorts of questions about their big house, like how do they like their giant house and how do they call each other and their children in it which for some reason appeared to make William and Kate uncomfortable.”

    — “Why, intercom dahling! Every palace has several. But it does help greatly that the noisy children have their own Wing of the house so don’t tend to bother us with their nonsense. We do see them often though – especially after they’ve been fed, bathed and are ready for bed.”


  23. Something interesting …

    I saved the link to the original Daily Mail article about Kate’s lack of a pedicure to my Favourites, to read through a bit later when I had more time. I did manage to catch though, that in essence, the DM was horrified that Kate hadn’t made time for a pedicure prior to her trip, and the headline was something along those lines.

    Fast forward to two days later, and the article in my Favourites no longer had such a negative connotation, and instead of the horrible gist of her not having bothered to have a pedicure, it harped on about the clear polish on her toes, and her smooth feet, blah blah blah.

    What is the point of publishing an article only to retract it? This Rebecca English woman (who claims to be the author) should just stick to what she originally reports.

    I suppose the negative comments from the public might have had persuaded her/DM to change the article to be in more of a positive light, but still …

  24. Haha! Hilarious post! How on Earth is it possible that he has not seen a Bollywood film? Knowing he was going to India and a film gala, maybe he and Kate could have squeezed in just one movie before their trip? They are such a cultural embarrassment. The clown pants effect actually made me spray coffee all over my tablet. Too good. Kate looks like she’s trying to pay homage to India, but it just didn’t work. She looks haggard, tacky and out of place. And the wedges are back. Ugh.

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