Days 6 & 7 – India and Bhutan Tour

The royal bore tour is finally over.  After the plane landed, Prince William and Kate were either headed to Bucklebury as the press reported or the far more likely Anmer Hall where Carole Middleton, who had been taking care of the Half-Blood Prince and Princess, is most at home.  Here’s how the last two pointless days of the India and Bhutan tour and the Dull Duo’s fifth anniversary jolly went down.

On the sixth day of the royal tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton gave the world a reminder they are royal and everything is about them always.  While royal tours are ostensibly to help boost tourism, Prince William and Kate weren’t about to let media access ruin their visit to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, permitting the press only to go half way on the hike, leaving the public to imagine what the rest of the scenery and monastery might like.  I’m picturing Kate with a wine bottle in one hand and cigarette in the other while Prince William sits side-saddle on a tiger, his pants around his ankles while he drools over a centerfold in Douchebag Digest.

This is what the Tiger’s Nest monastery looks like for anyone who wants a DIY mental image of the private official engagement:


This is what Kate wore:


No one really knows why.

Perhaps Kate dressed like a character from Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the hike in homage to Bhutan’s national sport, archery.


Some royal watchers saw other characters.


Like most of Kate’s clothing this tour, many were left scratching their heads with Janet Street-Porter from the Independent dubbing Kate The Duchess of Drab.

Prince William was flushed and sweaty and even the press pack struggled with their part of the hike.



On Kate, however, there wasn’t even a whisper of glistening which is surprising because her hair was down and she was wearing a Really Wild leather vest and her Penelope Chilvers boots.  Shiver me Chilvers.


Various theories were floated as to how Kate appeared to be unaffected by a two and a half hour hike each way, with some attributing her lack of hike glow to sweat-preventing Botox while others suggested she’s in great shape because of her exercise regimen.

Of course, Kate bringing along a glam squad trio on the hike probably helped.


Not all were impressed with their efforts, though.  Kate’s add-on hair looked like it was made by Mattel.


A row ensued between the Palace and the press which had gone to great efforts to be there to cover the hike and monastery visit, only to be told the duke and duchess wanted part of the event to be private.  According to an excellent article written by Richard Palmer, “The Cambridges have excluded media from several parts of their tour, prompting tension with journalists who believe the palace has an agenda to try to take control of the message and diminish the role of a media trying to hold them to account.”

Television news crews were the most peeved due to equipment-hauling crankiness.  The Palace tried to smooth things over by allowing a brief interview of Prince William and Kate about what they thought of the hike and monastery.  According to Richard Palmer’s piece, “Palace officials relented after the broadcasters began running pieces a suggesting the  couple were enjoying a taxpayer-funded sightseeing trip without letting the people who paid for it see the results.”  The handful of answers provided by the Cambridges weren’t even akin to tossed crumbs, it was like taking the last piece of cake and then deigning to briefly describe it to the person who didn’t get a piece.

Kate opted to not give a speech on this tour and uttered very few words in public during the engagements so the press had to take whatever it could get, dutifully reporting that Kate said, “I feel very lucky and fortunate to see such beautiful scenery,” and also indicated that the hike was, “a great way to burn off the curry.”

While Prince William has never made a secret of his disdain for the media since he was a boy, he may soon get his wish of them all disappearing, and with them, the monarchy.  At first, it didn’t look like the Express was even going to send royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, because  decreased interest in the couple prior to the tour made the cost a questionable allocation of is resources.  In a piece Camilla Tominey wrote, she indicated, “last week journalists who had travelled thousands of miles at great expense found themselves able to cover just one job a day in Delhi. On several occasions, parts of the tour were deemed “private”.”

In the wake of criticism of being work-shy, Prince William and Kate couldn’t even make it through a week-long tour without asserting their perceived right to also be on a taxpayer-funded holiday.  How much of a break do they need from going on a safari, playing cricket, meeting Bollywood stars and watching people dance?

Like many tourists on holiday, after the Tiger’s Nest monastery hike, the Cambridge’s stopped to pick up some souvenir trinkets.  Prince William got a small bronze tiger and Kate picked out a pair of earrings, borrowing the money from their foreign affairs advisor, Sir David Manning, because carrying cash is for peasants.

Later in the day, Prince William and Kate attended a reception for people from Bhutan who have lived or worked in the UK.


Hopefully the hosts put out a more substantial spread than just cheesy snacks and a bowl of nuts like the Cambridges did at the reception’s Kensington Palace counterpart.

Kate wore a red Beulah London dress with a poppy print.  Bhutan’s national flower is the rare blue poppy.


On the seventh day of the royal tour, Prince William and Kate flew from Bhutan to Agra for their Taj Mahal photo op and private tour.  Perhaps all that private holiday time on the taxpayer dime left William feeling a little frisky because Rebecca English made an amusing observation:


With scorching temps in Agra, royal correspondents and photographers waited around for the photo op.  The Cambridge’s tour of the Taj Mahal also deemed private time.



1,000 rupees sure doesn’t buy a lot these days.


Kate wore a dress by Indian designer, Naeem Khan.


To no one’s surprise, they recreated the iconic Princess Diana Taj Mahal photo.


Kate’s hair showed that the second biggest con job in the UK is being pulled off by her traveling hair stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker.


It looks like Amanda Cook Tucker has been using the hair and styling tools from Barbie’s Cut and Style Princess on Kate.



Before the trip, the Palace released a statement that “The Duke and the Duchess are looking forward to seeing this beautiful place for themselves and creating some new memories as they say thank you to the people of India at the conclusion of this tour.”  Seriously, why does no one in this family send food hampers or flowers or one of those Edible Arrangements where they cut fruit into the shape of flowers? Their pineapple is delicious.  Also, thanks yous don’t usually wind up costing the recipient.



A spokesperson quoted in a BBC article changed the official tune to, “They made the decision because it is what all visitors to the Taj Mahal do – they sit on the bench with the perfect symmetry of the building behind them.”  Oh, so now they are just tourists like everyone else, that does make everything much clearer then.  The BBC article also supplied a quote from their tour guide which offered a glimpse into Kate’s perspective on this trip: “She said this is the perfect thing to do before their wedding anniversary.”

While the Palace is eager to respin the small crowds in India and a bore of a royal tour into something that looks a little less pointless, the media is less keen on joining in their reindeer games.


India’s press failed to fall under the fairytale spell the British media has been selling.


Unfortunately for the British Monarchy, very few buy into the fairytale version anymore.  No matter how hard anyone tries to spin William and Kate, there’s nothing of interest to shake loose.  The Mirror ran an opinion piece by Carole Malone which described the couple as “boring. They couldn’t cobble together a personality between them.”  No matter how great the set, the characters make or break a story and neither Prince William or Kate have much appeal to any audience.


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  1. I dislike them more after this tour, so maybe that’s why they don’t work much back home. The more you see them, the more you dislike them.

    1. Oh, absolutely. I am now convinced that Whiney is an utter and complete asshole. His pathological hatred of the press makes him treat them with such contempt- they are people, after all. No need to be so disgustingly rude. I’m sure now that he controls Waity, and probably the kids, with an iron fist. Dumb and inarticulate though she is, she gives the impression that she’d be willing to be friendly with the press if not for her controlling horse’s ass (and face) of a husband. She waved to the press from the car on the way to dinner with the king and queen while he sat there with his usual seething, constipated exprrssion. God, I really hate that pompous ass who thinks he’s gods gift to humanity. This asshole must never be allowed to become king.

      1. I saw that picture too. I also saw how she is propetually looking at him with this drooling adoing face…but on occasion she gives him one heck of a look…like on the bench I am wondering what he was saying cause she did not look pleased. He calls the shots and she has control of her weight and clothes only.

        1. Nancy Reagan would look adoringly at her husband all the time. She was a 1950s lady. Evidently so is Mrs. Camb. So odd to see that in the 21st century.

          1. Well, she’s been a 1950s gal for many years, the way she pathetically chased after Horsey starting at college, and then not working for 10 years so she could be at his beck and call. Actually, she’s more an 1850s girl, because a girl who graduated college in the 1950s without snaring a husband would have gotten a JOB.

    2. poor Queen/Charles. they’ve showcased WK as the future of the monarchy and it has had the opposite effect.

      Most people disliked them or thought they were the worst aspects of the documentary about the Queen at 90, and now this Indian Tour has cemented serious dislike from all quarters.

      The more the public, and ironically the media, is exposed to them, the more disliked they become. And it’s primarily because their negative qualities come through louder than any positives.

      Best keep them hidden. Like Andrew.

  2. I would love to see the itinerary of Charles and Diana’s visit to India in 1992. Or the itinerary of any official foreign tour of theirs. Since I don’t really follow closely royal tours, I am curious if all of them are just glamorized holidays paid by someone else?

    1. Most Royal tours have been more Harry’s Nepal tour and less William’s various tours.

      Even when they go for play purposes, they manage to make it look like work, not this useless, ornamental pap stroll of a vacation tour.

      Regarding Charles and Diana’s 1992 tour, by that year, they were completely separated, but we’re still hiding it from the public. So they’d go on tour together and do separate engagements, except for official meeting the president of country being toured. The spin was that they were covering more ground that way. Which was absolutely the case, because marriage misery aside, their tours still looked more Harry, less William. So the day of the Infamous Taj Mahal photo op, Charles was making a speech with business leaders whilst Diana toured the Taj Mahal. Later that day, they met up for Polo tournament. At both events, Diana went off message or rather, told the news reporters in words a deeds that her marriage was over.

      I remember at the time, the more scandalous photo was the polo pic, not th Taj Mahal pic. At the polo, Charles went to give her the customary kiss and she turned her head so his lips landed somewhere between her earlobe and air. That was the news headline around the world. Her body language was also completely turned off.

      A couple of months later, the Andrew Morton book came out which was a thinly disguised autobiography by Diana in which she told the world of her loveless marriage, and reminded the world that Charles had promised to take his lady love to the Taj Mahal.

      So journalists backtracked to the Taj Mahal photo op, re-interpreted her remarks ( when asked why Charles wasn’t with her at the photo op, she replied that Journalists had to work it out themselves) and gave the photo more significance than originally been given. T 2nd reading/interpretation of the photo is the one still with us today, and everyone has forgotten the polo pic.

      1. Thanks for the informative comment, Herazeus.

        I looked up Harry’s Nepal initerary to refresh my memory and to make sure I wasn’t just prejudiced against W+K. I thought perhaps their tour wasn’t hugely different, but just seemed shallow and lackluster because the two of them lack charisma. But no, Harry’s tour was more targeted with specific goals and had more depth.

        I don’t feel like I learned anything about India through W+K. Everything they did was so basic.

        We did get an introduction to the wonderful King and Queen of Bhutan, but I feel like spending the whole second day hiking was a waste of opportunity that they could have used to get to know the people of Bhutan better. They could have explored Bhutan’s “happiness index” — something very interesting and unique. (I guess the hike was supposed to promote tourism — but making the monastery visit private defeats that purpose.)

        1. Oothon, I was thinking the same thing. The W&K tour seemed haphazard and lacked focus and purpose. Why were Harry and Jason able to provide a sense of cohesion and purpose on the Nepal visit? I think it proves that W&K didn’t give much thought in preparing for their role as royal ambassadors. Instead all planning went into how to make K look good after the hike. I also sensed some bad feelings because K wasn’t viewed especially well when meeting the queen of Bhutal. The queen was younger, more beautiful than K. In response,
          K’s motley crew of hair and makeup stylists followed them on the hike to do some serious makeover work on K. Also, since the press wasn’t allowed on the hike can we be sure W&K really hiked to the top?

      2. Diana had her good points and did work very hard but it was not a good idea to get into her bad books as she was a master at cutting people who wronged her. There were several times that Diana manipulated a situation to make herself look good and to make Charles look bad. He was never meant to go to the Taj that day and Diana knew very well he was booked to go elsewhere. End result? Diana had to world’s sympathy. Another example was when a school mate hit William on the head with a gold club, both parents were at the hospital with William, Diana knew Charles had to go to a function and said – “yes, we will be all right, go” then afterwards when convenient it was all “Mean Charles left his son and heir in hospital”
        There are times when I feel Kate is playing the same game too, making herself into “poor Kate” and William is the meanie. Here we have a great example – Kate is fit and healthy and William is unfit and sweaty.
        (lets not mention the hairdresser and stylist Kate JUST happened to have along on the hike???)
        It’s all about the optics?

        1. Absolutely Cathy.

          Though in this situation, i have no sympathy for William because he is so unpleasant and thinks he knows best. Let him be cut down and manipulated by the very people he thinks have his back because he won’t listen to anybody else or he thinks they wouldn’t dare.

          ps: it wasn’t just the glam squad on the hike, it was also the fact that she botoxed her face [ and probably other areas] before the tour. botox is used liberally for this purpose in Hollywood ahead of award shows.

          when i first heard about botox, it was in a documentary about how hollywood actresses used it in their armpits to stop sweating on Oscar gowns. over time, it was discovered that it could freeze wrinkles, and that usage took over as it’s most popular usage, but i bet it is still used in armpits to prevent sweating.

  3. Wonderful post, Lola, and well done on summoning the strength to report on this tour.

    William and Kate are just… unlikable, no matter the setting, or whatever is hung around them to make them look acceptable. They just exude arrogance, like a bad smell that no matter how much air freshener is sprayed, the stench remains.

    I wish the media had simply rejected their demands for privacy and gone on the hike anyway because it’s a public place and a publicly-funded tour after all. How could they be stopped? Who the fuck takes a hair stylist on a hike in the first place? If we were unsure that the tour was anything but a giant preening exercise, this would have removed any doubt. If Kate had dressed for hiking, her hair would have been in a ponytail and any bedraggled hair would have been acceptable. Who would have cared? Since Kate is botoxed up the wazoo, she won’t sweat. While W+K may want to control the narrative, they really can’t. Witness the lack of Indian crowds, lack of interest globally, and with nothing else to work with, commentary on a dull, DIY-tailored wardrobe and vapid conversation. Of course, there was Kate’s mandatory flashing, and with this tour, ‘little Willy’ making its first noticeable appearance under tight pants. If William can work out a way to have the wind make his pants fall down at engagements, they’ll both matchy match.

      1. At this point, can we really call Amanda a hairdresser? A beauty school drop out could do a better job. And she really needs to stop dressing like she’s one of the younger women in Kate’s entourage.

    1. I think that if any of us were in Kate’s position we would have never shown up in that get up with that hair and if any of our staff turned up like looking like that in those pants they would be sent home or fired as soon as the plane landed.

      I can’t believe Kate let’s them look like that on a diplomatic tour. But that explains why she looks like she does most of the time.

      1. I really don’t think they see anything wrong with the way they dress…they say you become like the people you most closely surround yourself with, Kate’s not going to improve with these advisers…(eye roll)

    2. Sorry but I had to laugh when I read your comment Caroline!
      And they probably ended up with sunburn too?
      As for Amanda Cook Tucker wearing a singlet top to visit a holy place and shrine? Not really acceptable? Shouldn’t her shoulders and arms have been covered?

  4. Thank god this holiday of Fake and Flake is over, I’m really beginning to hate them now!
    Thanks Lola, for your witty and well written commentaries, always a pleasure to read!

  5. Lola,
    You worked harder than the Dick of Cambridge & Chutney. Your coverage was more meaningful than the actual tour…
    We basically saw these two knuckleheads get a free anniversary trip!
    I predict another pregnancy announcement or their entire support team (except for the nanny) getting fired.
    Until your next post,

    1. Oh Temi

      Just when I thought all the good names for the douche of Cambridge were taken you give us another one LOL

  6. Your coverage of this tour was the best thing about it. Great wrap-up, and I especially love how you catch the best details, like Kate as a Captain Jack want-to-be. Thanks too for posting how the reporters saw this trip. I can see here in the US, Kate on magazine covers moves nada. No one is interested in her or Will. Those two are going to live one of life’s harshest maxims- Take what you want, and pay for it, says God.

  7. Well the trash rags in Oz have a big struggle – do they run a fashion spread for the subcontinent “jolly” or yet another story about “almost queen Mary” – I won’t be buying either version

    1. I’ve been waiting for a magazine somewhere to publish a full frontal photo of that flashing moment Kate had! There is a photo out there, how long will it take?

        1. Chris Jackson wont be releasing those photos as he wants to keep being the photographer Kate always calls?
          I still wonder what Tash thinks about her boss flashing her boyfriend?

  8. Yeah, this fiasco was just one long in your face fashion stroll for Kate. William was trying to create some interest by wearing tighter pants, but it didn’t work. Their attitude about the press is pretty ridiculous and just demonstrates how nasty, ill-tempered, and damaged William truly is.

    I found their body language during this vacation to be the most interesting of all. Kate was happy to spend a lot of time with William, but was he happy to be with her? The hand holding on the hike looked complete fake with regard to him, and Kate was over the moon – as if she rarely gets much attention from that asshole. The Taj Mahal photo session sealed it for me – this marriage is dead. William is a very damaged individual. Kate is damaged too, because she puts up with this crap from this guy and is trying to pretend to be the fairy tale princess of yore.

    1. Not sure who is interested if he “dresses left or right” – in fact I don’t see any other men “parade” in that fashion unless at Mardi Gras …. Is Chutney a “blind” ?

    2. Ugh, he is so unattractive. The older he gets, the horsier he looks and his abhorrent attitude makes him uglier inside and out.

      1. So true Maureen. I don’t know who makes me feel more ill at the thought of him grunting away on his wife once or twice a year – Bill Middleton or Tony Soprano. Self centred men are just not attractive.

    3. Good points. It could explain why women he preferred didn’t prefer him. Or it could be that he’s trying to make the marriage for the sake of the kids (doesn’t want them to go through what he did), but he’s not sexually manipulated by Kate anymore and sees her for what she is. That photo of them in the car where she’s like “Hi, I’m so famous!” while Will ignored the press (Candy Crush dress night) spoke volumes to me that Will holds himself separate from her. Same on the Taj bench. But he’s a mess and she makes him more so.

    4. Oy vey, those pants! Perhaps he’s advertising he’s available? Much like Waity, what an exhibition!

    5. Yeah I think you hit it…he’s just not into her other than for convenience sex. She looks like she is trying to save the relationship or put romance in. He just looks bored with her. He seems to get bored alot. First with agri school, prior to that St. Andrews, then this helicopter ambulance gig,…does he ever finish anything? And more curious to me is why Charles is soo quiet. Jason was even there to manage him…and it sounds like they had to have a pow wow about the Taj photo to take it or not. William seems to be worse than kate mentally and she just strikes me as a catering, door mat who will smile and give in to him so she can remain a princess who can shop.

    6. Ty for the comment. I thought I was the only one noticing how bad their body languange (a.k.a the marriage is done) was in the Taj photo.

  9. Lola,
    Thank you so much for all you do. I honesty felt like all the insanity going on was just me being tired of the entire tour from the beginning. I was so happy I could come over here to read.

    She takes a hairdresser on a hike? Seriously? The “who wore it best” was hilarious. It was maddening at times. And I still wished they would do something spectacular.

    Your blog is such a breathe of fresh air in all of this. Your writing is informative, hilarious and real. If I feel exhausted you must really be. I loved all the comments too. Thank you again. Ria

    1. Look at the way her posse is dressed/styled. And we wonder why everything unfolds the way it does.

      1. I was appalled that Kate and her posse wore skin tight jeggings/jeans to a monastery, so disrespectful especially coming from the future Queen.

  10. The Pirate-Indiana Jones-Robin Hood hiking outfit takes the cake! This was nothing but a vanity head trip for Waity and William playing along as penance for his Africa trip. What a plastic lifeless couple!

  11. Oh Lola – you are my absolute hero for covering these ignorant messes for a whole week. I don’t know which comment of yours was my favorite – hair by Mattel, Bore Tour or the Half Blood Prince and Princess. It’s too hard to choose, so I’ll go with Ma Midds welcoming the Dumb Duo back to her preferred home, Anmer.

  12. The half-blood prince and princess didn’t only crack me up, it made me explode with laughter. Thank you, Lola, for a much needed laugh.

    There is a remedy for William’s obvious disgust with his public role. Quit, lose your privileges and get a job. Then you can be “normal”. The worst about the two is their insulting behavior. Every “normal” family has lots of worries and obligations, for some the royal family and their glamour is a welcome relief. Barring that the charity work helps to relieve less privileged people to make do. They refuse to do both. Grumpy McHorseface can’t be bothered to engage with the plebs and his Missus is just plain plain (albeit, with expensive clothes and make-up).

    William’s disdain for the press and his despicably arrogant behavior, doesn’t hit the press itself, it hits those hardest who are in need of support by well run and prominent charities or just want a little escapism from the burden of real life. A burden he will never fell, nor has ever felt.

  13. I see she’s plonked dead centre just like Di in that comparison photo. Willy is so clueless.

    I’ve reached the point now of hating everything about them. I still think the media are wusses. Instead of lobbing mortar shells they use pea shooters. The media continue to whinge the same old whinge but don’t move on it and actually present some investigative work. You’d think they had Stockholm syndrome. It’s massively disappointing. What will it take to break any of these work shy losers?

    Willy is a cruel and sadistic bastard. Imagine letting all the plebs shlep all that heavy equipment in dangerously rarified air only to tell everyone to f*off. (Meanwhile, Duchess Dolittle arrives radiant and refreshed having hidden the horse she rode in on.) Same thing with the Taj snorefest; the media wait in the terrifying sun for ages while the Sun King and his bride dawdle , all the while ensuring there is no money shot. Yep, a captive audience and a sadistic ruler.

    Moreover, I don’t understand why anyone thinks for a moment that these two narcissists are good friends if not in love. He treats her like garbage, she has her suckers all over him, and this is friendship? More likely they are partners in crime. It’s all rather sick.

  14. Wonderful job all week, Lola. Your writing is the best – so funny and spot on. Snarkiness at its best!

    Kate looked over the moon all week to have William to herself, while he looked like he was gamely tolerating her. The body language at the Taj Mahal said it all for me. If my husband and I were posing there, I know he would put his arm around my waist and hold my hand. We’ve been married a long time (almost 35 years) and PDAs are no more, but he would never sit like William did. The way Will clasped his hands to avoid touching Kate was very telling. She, poor thing, was all leaned into him. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t the worst kind of poser.

    She had a few nice outfits. The Tory Burch dress with orange shawl was a win for me. She looked nice on the hike, but the outfit was bizarre for the venue. Very African safari. The dress at the Taj Mahal visit was beautiful and appropriate. The rest of the clothes were awful. The blue evening gown was “too much.” All that electric blue hurts my eyes. The red suit was hideous, especially with the poor alterations. The hippie dresses all need to be burned. Her Bhutan clothing was such a miss next to the Queen of Bhutan.

    Nice shoes throughout, though.

    William and his clothes. Terrible. Such poor fit and so rumpled. He really doesn’t care, does he?

    1. Bamalynn: we’re at 35 years too and Mr Raccoon would have probably been slyly touching my tushie out of the camera view in a photo like this. Or I’d beat him to it with a subtle boob press. Not that they can do what we do but they could at least make contact – they act like two magnets turned to the repelling polarity.

      1. Congratulations to you and Mr. Raccoon! Our anniversary is May 23.

        LOL on “two magnets turned to the repelling polarity.” Great writing. I appreciate a well-written phrase. That is why I enjoy Lola and all the posters on this blog. The writing is superb.

  15. I feel like I’ve had to decompress after watching them on their vacation. I learned more about India and Bhutan from Lola, KMR and Google than I did from the Cambridge holiday.

    I’m sure they are patting themselves on their backs as we reply thinking they’ve wiped out all that negative press with their “hard work”. These are two incredibly sad people.

    The new Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck has more composure and is more regal than these two combined.

    I’m sure you and Nightwing can find something else much more entertaining to do now.

    Thank you for your hard work and wonderful updates!

  16. Yes, excellent work Lola. Many thanks to and those who commented for the thorough coverage (like Kate and William’s pants).

    One thought, while I like the dress Kate wore at the Taj Mahal, it blended in too much. Diana’s photo is iconic partially because her bold two-tone outfit (red jacket, purple skirt) contrasted greatly from the white monument and pale sky. On the other hand, if Kate stood out and William didn’t, that may have made a worse statement, so maybe she picked the right outfit after all.

    1. I read a Facebook comment on the Taj outfit and fell off my chair laughing: “Who is that china plate next to Will?”

      1. 🙂
        “China Plate!”
        I do want to commend the press for seeing out this bore -tour especially when hauling long long lenses and cameras in that heat! I was surprised just how far away they were from W+K and the seat when I saw Richard Palmer’s photo.

    1. Halia can you imagine what waity will talk about to them probably all baby talk be a fly on that wall ….
      cant imagine her speech being understood so over pronounced that the Obamas will not understand her plummier and over elocuted pronunciation. ….

    2. I can’t believe that these 2 idiots have been trusted to host a dinner for the Obamas. Even before the train wreck of the India tour surely The Queen should realise they are the most incompetant to choose. Thank God Harry will be there to save the evening.

  17. I also want to thank Lola for these days! Well done Lola! Big kisses for Nightwing from me and the cats!

  18. I would like to thank Lola also such hard work and wonderful appraisal of the Tour in India …

  19. Daisy I hope that this dinner does not happen! Harry should not be babysitter 2 people that are older that he is. Is a big mistake!

  20. The reviews are in. British press is taking them down. From tabloid to broadsheets. Even the independent newspaper that normally ignores all things royal has an op-ed criyicising this tour.

    Poor Kate. All that preparation and recce teams to make sure she popped against the Indian backdrops and the verdict is that she is irredeemably dull, boring and a ssnooz.

    Emily Andrews of The Sun newspaper had a few snatches of comments Kate made in her review of the tour eg

    1. In response to meeting a man who barely survived the 2008 terror attacks and hearing his story, Kate said,’ that must have been a surreal day’

    2. On meeting street kids whose hands have been hacked off so that they can beg better,Kate said, ‘ gosh, how interesting.’

    And Emily confirms that the press reports made it seem wonderful to some extent, but behind the scenes it was prince petulance making everything as difficult for everyone as possEmil at every stop culminating in the Bhutan mini revolt by the press which resulted in a 15min access. And all that ‘kate looked fresh as a daisy’ was bokum to make her look good to reading public. She had hair/make up on standby at all times to do touch ups.

    The Cambridges also demanded private time at the major stops, refused to talk to press, and at the Bhutan hotel, told guests to move out of the way so that their exiting photos (as they went to that private dinner) weren’t ruined by having randoms in the background or around them.

    Both the times and the Sun are murdoch press, so they are running the same story. It’s a doozy.

    Coupled with Carole Malone sun newspaper calling Kate a faker than fake Diana wannabe, the independent calling her dull, the mail saying they are ghost chasers, even the guardian and telegraph weighed in.

    Definitely not good for the cambridges.

    1. New book out tomorrow, Game of Crowns. Teases surprises about the relationship between HM/Camilla/Kate. Anxious to see if there is any substantial information or if it’s a fluff piece.

      1. “Game of Crowns” is a work of fiction by Christopher Andersen imagining what the monarchy will be like after the Queen’s death. In Andersen’s imagined scenario, Prince Charles abdicates in favor of William and the book reflects back in time, imagining what’s been happening all along behind Palace walls. The book is a hatchet job against Camilla, putting her in the role of evil stepmother-in-law. The author calls William and Kate “the hope of the monarchy” so the book isn’t even an objective work of fiction.

    2. Herazeus I am loving every minute of it. I hope it keeps up and they force them to do something, anything. I’d prefer slouching off into the sunset with a pout, but a sincere work effort would suffice. Unfortunately, I know that we’d just get more of what we saw in India and Bhutan. They just don’t want to put in the time for the “hard” work of being prepped and knowledgeable, but give them a free trip and they are there!

      I still can’t figure out why they think that they are allowed private time when they are on a diplomatic tour for GB. If they had paid for it themselves and weren’t getting shuttled from one put together event to another I’d understand. But they were working for crying out loud, sorry you don’t get your private time, now smile for the cameras.

  21. For the first time in ten years of Waityism I can finally relax and laugh my guts out. Thank you all so much for making it so.

  22. I’m a bit late to the party here but a friend of mine just came back from Bhutan. He was told by multiple people that Kate and William definitely rode donkeys/horses on their “hike” and there was minimal actual hiking involved!!

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