Kate’s Haunted Hair

Not only is a leprechaun living in Kate Middleton’s knee, she now has a hair ghost.

While watching clips of the Taj Mahal visit, I noticed a woman’s face appear several times on the side of Kate’s head.


Judging by the state of Kate’s doll hair, this is no polite paranormal passenger, this is one pissed-off poltergeist occupying her tresses.


While Kate’s hair being haunted sounds ridiculous, it does explain why Amanda Cook Tucker doesn’t do a better job blending Kate’s wiglet, she doesn’t want to linger too long out of fear she’ll get sucked into a follicular alternate dimension.


Of course, there’s a perfectly rational explanation for Kate’s hair ghost face, it’s called matrixing or pareidolia.   The human mind, forever in search of order, seeks to identify patterns it recognizes from shapes.  It’s the psychological phenomena behind people seeing ghostly faces in old mirrors that have some of the backing chipped off or Kate Middleton on their jelly beans.


Nothing about Kate is rational, though, so I’m going with hair ghost.

Meanwhile, the lackluster royal bore tour continues to haunt the Cambridges.  The Sun published a scorcher of a piece by Emily Andrews.  It was a further behind-the-scenes glance into the tour in the unflattering light of candor.  Andrews’ article describes a tour lacking in warmth and sincerity that was so focused on the photo ops that, “As Kate and William were just about to leave their hotel in Bhutan to have dinner with the country’s king and queen, guests were told to move out of the way as it would “ruin the choreography” of their departure.”  Andrews also indicated there’s a reason so few of Kate’s comments made it into the news, “The Palace would rather you did not know.”  According to the article:

Indeed, some of Kate’s comments were banal at best and clumsy at worst. Meeting a chef who had been badly injured in the Mumbai 2008 terror atrocities, she murmured: “It must have been a surreal day.”

And when speaking to charity workers helping India’s street kids, who are mutilated to make money begging, she managed to utter: “Gosh, so interesting.”

They say you can’t fix stupid, but you can certainly try to hide it for as long as possible.

Normally William and Kate disappear after tours but events are already showing up in their calendar. Kate went missing for more than a month after the last one.

Today Prince William, along with Harry, will be touring the Star Wars set.  On Thursday, they will likely be part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration and on Friday, William and Kate will be hosting a private dinner for the Obamas at Kensington Palace.


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106 thoughts on “Kate’s Haunted Hair”

    1. +1, brilliant comment I laughed out loud! I wonder just how much ‘real’ hair she has, she’s morphing into Carla Bruni with a wig and, haunted or not, it’s scary.

  1. Kate’s comments to the chef and to the charity worker about the beggar child are just breathtaking in their complete lack of empathy. This is not just disinterest, it is a lack of connection to the human condition, far worse and more alarming than “banal at best and clumsy at worst”.
    I’ve thought of Kate as a sociopath for some time: the coldness and lack of feeling for others, plus the curious phrase that she thought herself the ‘puppet-master’, having superiority over others. Classic symptoms of a sick person. Just occasionally there are glimpses of the puppet master: Lola, the picture you used as Kate and William exited the hotel on the first day is one such example, as is the creepy one when she looked directly to camera as William was signing something.
    There can’t be genuine sincerity and warmth and spontaneity because it’s not present, not even dormant. It’s ironic, then, for Kate to try to channel Diana, who was ruled by her emotions.

    1. Well said, Kitty. But I think she tries to channel Diana precisely because she lacks any facility for appropriate conversation or interaction with humans. I now feel very sorry for the HBP and HBPrincess. Hopefully the nannies can demonstrate how normal people behave.

    2. I’m not sure I’d say she was a sociopath, I don’t think she’s clever enough! There’s nothing behind her eyes. To quote an old school teacher of mine “the gates are down, the lights are flashing but the train ain’t coming”.

  2. I actually see a black hairy cocker spaniel ghost! This is a great Rorschach test as to who we think inhabits Waity’s fake mane.

    Gaping mouth on her comments. Just when I thought she had two brain cells, now I’m convinced she has none.

  3. The clearing of the hotel lobby for the “choreography” explains the look on her face when they hit the door. She was in total camera whore mode with that look she gave the photographer. Nothing about them is spontaneous or genuine…other than William’s demands to have his privacy.

    And isn’t Harry attending that Obama dinner as well. I hope so for the sake of President and Mrs. Obama. After the incredibly banal conversation he had with William on their big NY trip he’s probably not looking forward to alone time with William and his wife Mumbles. Harry at least gets on well with them.

    How sad is it that they have to send Harry out with William and Kate to get people to pay attention and maybe show up? If I were Harry I’d be really evil and tell them to do their own work, I’m busy.

    And that hair ghost is probably the woman who the hair came from. She can’t stand how it’s being misused and is determined to free it from Kate’s head.

    1. I think Kate & Bill and Barry & Michele deserve each other. All four obviously share narcissistic personalities. Plus I suspect they are racist towards each other. JMO. Interesting dinner partners! LOL!!

  4. I’m having trouble believing she is that dumb. She was able to achieve getting into Edinburg before her mother thought it fantastic for her to chase William. I just cant believe she can be that banal. I don’t doubt she said this stuff…but I think there are certain meet and greets that are so scripted it leaves her void, checked out from paying real attention to what these people are saying…it could also be her staff not prepping her… And yes she is probably wrongly bored. She treats these trips as vacations. There are times she is clearly not there or enjoying any of it and the mask slips….I sometimes flip thru the Getty images as they throw in numerous shots that don’t hit mainstream. There are a few when she is sitting with her legs tucked to the side on the ground, she let’s the mask slip. In fact resting bitch face comes to mind or she just has a look of thunder frequently. Puppet master can be possible. There are people that are easily swayed by money and want to be associated with those who are popular or have money and will suck up, brown nose allow themselves to be manipulated, for the right to be seen with her or appear on friendly terms…but it’s probably kate getting them to do her chores, bidding etc…yet there they are…so yes she gets power over those types. She knows how to flatter enough to get what she wants. Someone who is pulling off sophisticated manipulations – I don’t see it. Think Mean Girls versus House of Cards.
    What I was seeing that was interesting was the way Wills is with her…pretty cold. If I didn’t know better they could be brother and sister. I get more warmth from charles and camilla. It’s like Kate is desperately throwing herself at him, fawning over him hanging on his every word while he could give a crap. The look she has sitting on the bench at the Taj before the snap when they are talking to each other tells me he said something that was not so hot. I think they are both pretty messed up. The hair posse on a hike was just stupid. She should have had it in a ponytail in that heat. Sge dies nit even need extensions! Her hair is thick enough abd in that heat esp… His tight pants and her billowing dress yet again …ugh gross. I’m wondering where on earth the queen and charles are…they are so quiet. The qe2 is old so probably not aware…but charles is up to something…is he.letting wills tank thinking ever e will be grateful for him and maybe a dig at how wrong Diana was telling everyone they should skip him and put Wills in as king? I’m guessing Wills is not getting along with anyone right now. And Harry keeps stealing the light. Will just looks miserable. He lacks direction, motivation, and is soundly messed up by whatever rollarcoaster diana had him on emotionally. I would not wish to be kate for all the tea in India. I can tell he is a right bastard in private to deal, with when he is not catered to.

    1. Kate’s hair for the *tour* was as awful as her wardrobe. I wonder if her crew, will be pleased with themselves when they read how people feel about their sartorial choices and her nasty looking hair. I wouldn’t want that mess attached to my resume/reputation.

      Will has always been a brat. Diana never had to ‘swat’ Harry in the royal bum in public.

      Part of me wonders if they planned this disaster of a tour. I think they got in the plane and turned to each other with a high five. Mission accomplished! Saying, “We won’t be asked to do that for a long time. Let’s go home and live the way we want”.

      1. Apparently the whole tour was planned by William to the nth degree. Even the colours of the petals that they threw on the water at the water tower were chosen by Whiny. Although noticing that he didn’t seem to know where he was most of the time I truly find that hard to believe.

        1. Do you think he chose pants that were too tight? Yuck. I keep seeing Little Willy in my nightmares.

          1. I think he put on a little weight before the tour, and was in denial that his pants were to tight!!

    2. I thought that it was interesting that he showed her more affection when she was channelling her inner Jecca during that hike. Back into waity mode-coldness from old chopper.

    3. You have to remember that students from UK public schools (aka fee paying private schools elsewhere) are better represented in universities than those from state schools. The former are hugely advantaged in being able to select their students, have low teacher-student ratios, and solidly prepping their students for national exams, plus providing a number of other exclusive benefits. UK public schools’ income depends on being competitive in ‘league tables’ ie getting their clientele into elite universities. From what little we have heard from Kate’s school days, she had to work hard as school didn’t come easily to her and she received additional coaching. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

      To equate university degrees with superior intelligence is, in my experience, misleading. Universities are businesses these days, and to be frank, it is really, really hard to fail. The benefit of the doubt is given more often than not. We also know that in Kate’s case one of her professors thought she had plagiarized work but could not prove it, and that a fellow student thought she was as dumb as a box of hair. What the above looks like is that Kate was a fairly disengaged student.

      Kate has had the opportunity to meet some of the most accomplished people in the world along with those who are not famous but day-in, day-out do wonderful work on behalf of people who have no voice. If she had a smidgen of humility and curiosity – and I believe she possesses neither – she would not have to feign interest, nor would she constantly turn up unprepared, no matter the engagement, no matter the country.

      Kate has herself sucked up, quite literally, to an array of people who could help propel her into William’s orbit, and keep her there. I don’t doubt she would reject others, particularly women, who tried the same with her, because she knows exactly where it can lead. She reminds me of women who once they have made it, deny other women the opportunities given to themselves. A mean girl, yes, but she is playing in house of cards league. There is a lot to lose.

      However, when at engagements, Kate is ‘at work’ ; she is highly disadvantaged in having never worked or given of herself in charitable organizations. She is representing a country when she works, so unless ill, needs to step up and perform at a level befitting someone elevated (undeservedly) to the world stage.

      Yes, William is a complete douche and both are bad influences on each other. I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s landed up with, but he always knew. Perhaps it suits him for the moment.

      India was micro-managed because (a) Kate and William cannot be trusted to utter anything intelligible or warm unless it is scripted and (b) because William demands control over everything. It’s a pity that the 60 reporters following them around didn’t have the collective guts to report more fully William’s many unreasonable demands for privacy on a publicly-funded tour plus the banal and clumsy statements from Kate. Just in the interests of full disclosure. Why would the duo change their attitude and work when despite bad behavior they are not portrayed truthfully?

      Apologies for the long post. I agree with a previous post from Maven, making the press complicit in keeping this duo largely acceptable in the public eye.

      1. Kitty I can see this as plausible…but I’m thinking that Diana was also as dumb as a donut..she lacked education and ability to cope. Waity seems a bit ahead because of schooling so I am giving her a bit more benefit of the doubt, since Diana had far less and spoke often. I think her humanity, snd relatabilty saved her like it does Harry. I have often believed Will and Harry both have learning disabilities, at least Harry. Kate I think could be doing better if william was not such a control freak. I think he is every bit like charles. I think he likes to keep her looking/acting stupid. She’s no genius, yes pretty ditsy…but I would think with proper support she would be doing better than Diana just based on her education which went miles past Diana.

        1. Bear, from her own damaged psychological state Diana was able to find a way to connect with people, and with heart-felt empathy; I suspect it was a kind of release for her own deep-seated problems. Harry suffers from dyslexia and like many with that learning disability, learning can be impaired unless support is in place. There are many ways to measure intelligence, far more than just formal qualifications. Diana had huge EQ and Harry I think learns by doing. I would not class either as stupid.

          Kate and William have been the beneficiaries of higher education but does it make them cleverer? From what snippets Lola gleaned for us a while ago, William did not attend class regularly or turned up with a hangover; Kate’s performance was unexceptional. No-one can teach a person who is unwilling to engage. To be blunt, a degree awarded to such a person isn’t worth wiping your bum with. Do Kate and William use the critical thinking that is mandatory at a higher level education? I’d say no because we see all levels of stupidity coming from pretty much everything they do and say.

          1. Further to Kitty and Lola’s comments regarding WK as students, Uncle Gary, ex-school friends, teachers and professors all reiterate that Kate is a plodder. Someone for whom education and things don’t come easy. They said she had to apply herself more than the average person to achieve results.

            It also reminds me of comments made by a gossip blog called Laineygossip.com who came to London to cover the royal wedding. She’s an entertainment reporter in real life, so she has access to gosdip in a way the regular person does not.

            Anyway, at the time, she said that everything Kate did, at least in public, was practised, practised and practised again. She said that all the Middletons always practised their public appearances and left nothing to chance. At the time she thought this was a great quality. Not anymore.

            1. Meant to say that the laineygossip.com anecdote points to a Kate who when she practises, she nails it. Presumably someone who is able to follow precise instructions. Unable to be spontaneous and who can’t function in a spontaneous situation hence the strange remarks.

              This type of person will pass exams easily if they are practised enough which is how i interprete all the remarks from the teachers and uncle Gary. Extra practise got her to university, but if you asked her a question that required dynamic, nuanced response, she probably failed it.

              1. Learning things by rote is still practiced in secondary schools, but more importance is placed on critical thinking once at university. Those who are privilege the former learning style often fall over at university because the demands are just so different.
                Given her plodder history you’d think Kate would be ultra-prepared once she married into the Royal Family, far beyond the superficial walk and wave. What is curious is that as the need to step up has increased, her preparation for engagements has not. She is a strange mix of no empathy, no EQ, no curiosity, but plenty of vanity and ambition.

            2. Herazeus, I find that interesting…that might explain better Waity stiff behavior – dies not explain her naff responses…some of her interaction comments are horrible! Like she’s caught off guard and not thinking about what was said .Just responding with a variety of memorized responses from media team.

              1. Her strange responses aren’t practised. She’s trying to say something because a response is expected of her.

                However, like a computer, she’s programmed with few, generic responses, learnt by rota and that’s what she’s spitting out.

                1. She is not good at all at being spontaneous if all she can come up with are ghastly responses such as she did in India. It’s bad enough that she flashes/dresses like a teen one minute and a wannabe Indian (that’s the right term?) the next, but I simply can’t get past ‘gosh, that’s interesting.’ Most parents would picture their **own** child or niece or nephew and be utterly horrified but to her it’s ‘interesting’, that while she’s wearing enough to feed a small village children who are starving and being mutilated are simply one of the sights.
                  I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against George or Charlotte but the contrast is stark. Monogrammed pjs , horrendously ridiculously expensive gifts and those small ones who haven’t a place to live or food to eat. I guess that I’m not sure if she’s just plain stupid or really is utterly lacking any human emotion. I totally loathe these leeches on every level. What a horrible representative of Britain. I am aware that there are many many greedy filthy stinking rich people in the world who either don’t know or don’t care about other ways of life, but these damned fools are representing an entire nation. I know the ‘firm’ is sucking up huge amounts of tax payer dollars just by existing but these two are beyond despicable. William laughing at the tube strike, at his brother, and Kate being an absolutely worthless rent a womb. That woman is nothing more or less than a glorified prostitute who was past her prime when she nailed, with mummy’s help, her prime target.

    4. To answer your question about finding Kate being that dumb hard to believe. I had a highschool mate who was that dumb but got the best grades in our class and was valedictorian, she studied day and night, which is consistent with Kate doing sports at school and having no other social life or friends while in school and no evidence she practiced sports after school as it would take time she needed to study, she had no time for anything else. My school mate had straight As but you would have to be a magician to see her outside of school except in the summer, as with Kate.

      1. The one thing I do find odd…the only time you see kate actually engaged with real laughter and her eyes and face alive us sporting events…other times she is is wooden. Makes me think her calling should have been a gym teacher than a princess.

  5. I hope it’s not the ghost of Lady Di!

    What’s are they planning to serve —— Two week old, leftover cheese snacks and orange juice?
    What’s the bet Barry is looking forward to hearing more from Will, their last conversation was oh so riveting 😐

  6. Hi Lola.

    I know someone who would like to join in the discussion on your blog but she’s not able to sign up? Can you help her please?

    1. Hi, Debbie. I’m sorry your friend had difficulties signing up. I just approved a few comments that got erroneously marked as Spam. Hopefully she was one of them and if not, please let me know. I’ll do another software update later since there were a few comments that were flagged for absolutely no reason at all. Every now and then there’s a glitch with the Spam filter, considering the enormous volume of Spam I get hit with, percentage-wise it’s not bad, but I really don’t want anyone locked out of the discussion (unless that person violates the comment policy). I enjoy having new voices here, so please extend my apologies to your friend. Thanks!

      1. Thank you so much , Lola. I’ve passed your message on. Excellent post as usual. Gave me a much needed laugh when I read it. 🙂

  7. Lola, I couldn’t see the hair ghost, and was worried you had fallen down the rabbit hole. Then I saw Kate’s face on the jelly bean, and it scared me. But anyway, take a nice little break, spend some quality time with Nightwing. That would be way better than staring at Kate’s hair.

    And finally, William is entertained enough to smile, while in the company of professional entertainers.

  8. Too bad the hair ghost (lol, almost as good as the leprechaun knee!!) can’t do the talking for her. My, what a brainless twit she is. And as others have said, a university degree means nothing. She’s got one and well, stupid is as stupid does. Her horses ass of a husband doesn’t sound much better. Yet Harry, who never went to college, is extremely bright and articulate and sounds like he has a PhD in international relations when he gets going on a topic. No wonder they need him at the Obama dinner to be the buffer. These 2 buffoons couldn’t small talk their way out of a paper bag.

  9. I got the love child of Chewbacca and Bigfoot in the hair! I seem to recall reading somewhere that Marie Antoinette had actual mice nesting in her enormous wig! Maybe livestock in the hair, real or spectoral is a ‘donation deficiency’ thing.
    I think it is preferable when this useless pair remain silent, they have nothing to say, they should just stick to what they do best……. Looking stupid!
    If they were a book it would be Dense and Densability!

    1. Thanks, Anne. You just gave me an idea for a new post on the ridiculous hair of Marie Antoinette and Kate Middleton. And Dense and Densability is genius!

      1. Thank you, Lola!
        I shall look forward to that heir today gone tomorrow post!
        Going with today’s zeitgeist, Game of Moans could be could too! Starring a miserable whinging git who is hell bent on bringing down House Windsor!

        1. Please! I look forward to “Heir today, gone tomorrow” (or sooner) and “Game of Moans” seems particularly appropriate. Lola as a one-woman Greek chorus rounds it out.

  10. Gosh this is all so interesting .. Unbelievable that Waity and himself were completely clueless on India Tour ..They are so up themselves and are ignorant snobbish and really not intelligent for their high profile roles… She had not a clue about ghe Taj Mahal as she is such a little girl lost in anything outside of her own being .. its just all about photo opportinities in designer wear for her to be seen dressing up like a paper doll as she is and always will be rude and have no empathy for anyone .. Both need a wake up call from the Palace flunkies to tell them to do the job or get out and go away .. we certainly wouldnt miss them one bit
    the country would save a huge amount of money …as all they do is order the press to go away as always wanting privacy on royal tours the press need to boycott them both ….

  11. Sing with me!

    “With curly eyes and cursèd hair,
    Singing Katie Waity doodle all day!
    Fare thee well, fare thee well
    Fare thee well my scary hair fay,
    I’ll be goin’ on down to In-juh
    Just to see a flash o’ minge, yeah
    Singin’ Waity Katie doodle all the day!”

  12. Awwww, did #poorjason have to arrange a PLAYDATE with Big/Little Willy (have to include little ” peen” since Big Willy is trying SOOO SUPER HARD to showcase” him”!!–GROSS!!) and Harry (SUPERSTAR!!! )–in order to prove Big Willy/Little Willy and Waity did not go to a sunny island after India/Bhutan??? So Mr.” I have never seen a Bollywood film” goes to insult Daisy and play with Chewy?? Is this considered actual WORK??? And does Star Wars need PR help?–hell no!! they made a gazillion dollars!! Good Lord…. I have no words… This just gets more pathetic each day… Oh, and Chewy has a better “do” than ignorant Waity. Go away, you stupid posers!!!!!!!!! Harry is SOOOOO awesome. If I was Big/Little Willy I would stop doing engagements with Harry- he makes” them ” look SO DAMNED RIDICULOUS. Go eat cheese toast at Carole’s you big arrogant loser… and, shouldn’t you be back at the medflight job???? How long has it been now since you rescued someone and rode in the ambulance with them-as the pap on speed dial was snapping photos??? Mr. Private, riiiiight….only when it suits you, loser… The Queen is fast losing for ignoring this crap!!!!

    1. Anne 2, Now, don’t be holding back on your thoughts and feelings, you’re among friends and like minded people here. 🙂

      I get so angry that I sputter at times, it’s an unbelievable outrage!! And I agree that the queen bee had better get some control of her hive and fast or she’s going to leave a legacy that diminishes all the hard work she and Phillip have put in and all the years they have served in the best way they know. I find it interesting that the Wessex family showed up at a zoo, to me it looks like damage control for the ‘firm’. Lovely pictures and nice story though, and they do seem very comfortable and relaxed. Just suspicious timing.
      The firm has been ‘slimed’ big time. Get rid of Bill and Cathy and that odious sleazy bunch of wannabes. Sickening, just plain sickening and beyond despicable.
      I realize that small talk is hard, not everyone’s forte, but Dear God even I could have come up with something better than the duchess of don’t know don’t care. She certainly pulls those whack a doodle faces so she could have mumbled something. Of all times to understand what this stunted little mess is saying.

  13. Please cover the horrible things William said at the Star Wars visit like telling Daisy Ridley the mask of her face was an improvement over the real thing.

    1. Oh my bells. That’s what he meant? Could he be any more of a clod? I read that, but didn’t ‘get it’. Now I’m sputtering angry again!!

  14. OT – Saw your tweets. Could you please write something about the pitiful excuse for a web site that is the ‘new’ BRF web site. It is clumsy, it doesn’t have the same info as the old and it assumes users are 3-yr-olds used to poking at pictures on a tablet computer. The design team has failed utterly.

    1. Unfortunately this design is very popular at the moment! It’s terrible and really not user-friendly. I hate this trend and hope it dies fast. Like iframes in the 2000s.

    1. Sure doesn’t look like the horrid little brat his parents portray him as. I think he’s adorable and that smile is precious. I found it interesting that the photographer made a point of saying how easy George was to work with. A bit of passive aggressive message sent to his brain dead parents?

  15. Okay, wow The Petulant One gave an interview to answer about his “workshy William” status…he feels he needs to be careful that duty can weigh you down esp. at an early age referring to himself..just wow…he’s what 34?!!! The amount of negative comments and what’s being said are spot on. What a git and further that explains Waity. The video and article are on the DM.

  16. What if it’s true that TQ and PC in fact, do support him in not doing much ‘so he can focus on his family’? PC has been awfully quiet of late, despite all of the Cambridge’s gaffes and bad choices. Could this all be to make PC look good in comparison? The most pressing problem for the BRF is getting PC popular enough to actually see being King. As they supposedly take the long view on everything, maybe they think PW really can step up later. They clearly live in an alternate universe to every person who has an ounce of common sense but by BRF logic, it might be they see this is their best bet.

  17. Cant believe what I heard on the intetview with PW he really and truly doesnt care a dot about public opinion … He thinks he is above critique … well we are really sick of his attitude about wanting to be there for his family … He is in an entitled position of duty to our country .. He is wanting the life of luxury and not working saying Duty is too much at a young age well he pught to man up and get on with his Royal Role and quit whinging about himself wanting to put his family first .. Our Queen got on with the job and she is so hardworking at 90 years ,. PW ought to be ashamed of how little him and his lazy wife do in the great scheme of tbe Priviliged life they are leading…
    Its incredible how they both get away with doing so little as the Indian Tour was just a Jolly at taxpayers expense.. It was hardly a Royal Tour as what speeches were done by Waity none she got away with being a mumbling mannequin ….

  18. When PW jokingly asked WK if she wanted to read the short speech at the science/innovation event in India, it would have been so good for her if she had stepped up to the plate…another wasted opportunity.

    Happy Birthday to the Queen but WHY on earth is she allowing this bizarre behaviour by her grandson and lazy, vacuous wife!! It’s so crazy…

  19. At the Star Wars event Harry seemed the more mature of the two.

    I suspect that one of the reasons Kate does so few engagements is because she has said things such as “gosh how interesting” in totally inappropriate situations more than once – they limit how much she is exposed to the public because she is so utterly dense.

    I watched a docu on HM and it spoke about her education once she became heir after the abdication. The Queen had all sorts of lessons – but one thing that struck me was that her mother would pretend to be various world leaders and important people as well as regular folk and she and the young Princess Elizabeth would have these imaginary conversations – all so that HM would learn how to conduct herself – how to make small talk. Kate needs this – she needs to practice appropriate remarks with people before she goes out – so se can at least appear to be an intelligent human.

    1. You might be on to something there! It’s a real worry if KP would rather the public not know of Kate’s utterances to people…

      Fascinating to read how the Queen was prepped to take up her role; a very sensible approach to the job she would inherit. It also shows a determination to do it well on behalf of her country, and respectful of the people she would be meeting. I agree that Kate could take a leaf out of the Queen’s book. Does she want to? These and many more options to learn and improve are available to Kate though she is hamstrung by William’s ‘just wing it’ approach to royal work which is just all sorts of disrespectful. Regardless of him, do you detect a desire on Kate’s part to do the job well? She seems content to be a mute mannequin.

      1. Don’t forget that The Queen Mum grew up at a time when all the European Royal houses were falling. She had a frontseat to both Edward 7 and George 5’s efforts to reconnect to the public, to make the monarchy useful to keep it going.

        William mistakenly thinks that the high support for monarchy or even lack of apetite to change it relates to him and means he is untouchable. He forgets that the affection is primarily for The Queen + the top six working royals of her generation. It’s their collective hard work that has put public affection in the bank for monarchy. In the same way that everyone adored the Queen Mother and criticised The Queen.

        Secondly, that generation are all very old, with health problems. Of the 12 (?) Working royals excluding WHK, 6 are going to die off within the next decade. And unfortunately for him, most affection for monarchy resides with those 6. The other 6, with exception of Anne, can’t be certain of public affection due to various scandals. Some like Camilla, Andrew, Charles may never be forgiven.

        Of the 3, WHK, only Harry has worked to gain some public respect, and it’s too early to tell how deep that respect goes.

        Because he was given public affection without having to work for it, he doesn’t understand what he needs to do now. If Harry’s response to public/media criticism was ‘haters gonna hate’ as opposed to making a proper change in his life, he would not be in this high a standing.

        William has never workee for anything, including his wife. He has no idea how to deal with negatives or to see how he can improve situations, from George to public criticism.

        1. The generations now in their late 70’s plus are incredibly loyal to the Queen and the BRF generally. They are also the last generation to remember WWII, though through the eyes of children. The BRF is viewed by them as the stalwarts of what they hold dear: a stable society. The emotional connection is both clear and real. And of course, their children and grandchildren have had the example of the Queen all their lives.
          William has grown up in such close proximity to his grandparents and great-grandmother it beggars belief that he does not understand the picture you have so eloquently painted. He really has been cushioned to a damaging extent. I do have faith in Charles because of his deep commitment to the job of PoW; he has made it one of purpose. I’d expect him to do the same when he becomes King.
          William’s character appears unsuitable for not only a future King, but almost anything else requiring work and commitment. He is fit for nothing, least of all parenthood! The latest interview was extraordinarily revealing of a person quite divorced from reality. I’m not sure what the answer is. Sadly, the non-interventionist nature of the Queen (or Charles) over the years has exacerbated the situation.

          1. It has long been my thought that the ‘waity Katie and whiny Wills ‘fan base’ consists of elderly people who are loyal to an image and the past, and young teens who are Disneyfied. What Kate and William refuse to acknowledge is that they ‘are’ an image, a reference point, a symbol and for that they desperately need the press. The elderly people who are loyal won’t be around forever and I’m pretty sure that even some of them are shaking their heads at the new version of the ‘firm’. I’ve been watching you tube videos of the poor people in Britain and it makes me absolutely livid that some children go without food while these two nimrods live the high life and bleat on about being ‘normal’. I know there will always always be filthy rich people but William has earned nothing. At all. And Kate is just a silly little girl playing dress up for the most part.
            I read up thread where when Kate is prepared she gets it right. How on earth does one prepare for spontaneous questions and comments. This woman is a total idiot as far as I’m concerned with her insensitive and totally unfeeling comments. “Gosh, how interesting?” regarding a mutilated child is beyond words. And what can people like us do? Seriously William?? I mean seriously? Joe Normal wannabe much? Think about giving up some of your hedonistic lifestyle and donating the money to the poor in India. Speak about them as people who are in dire need and stop with the blabber and do something with your title. Put a spotlight on them. Oh never mind, you’ve lost any credibility a long time ago and you and your brain dead wife can just disappear and let people who truly care do the work. Gotta stop, getting pi$$ed again.

            1. Kitty, i fear that a repeated and sustained public mauling by media is what may shake William out of his entitlement.

              Except for Kanye West i’ve never, ever come scross a public figure whose response to their failing public image is ‘haters gona hate’.

              Most people suspect Kanye has a mental illness going untreated hence his outbursts, but even Kanye has moments of reflection and attempts to walk back some of his negative behaviour. Plus he understands that in order to overcome some of his behaviour, he has to deliver some type of product so that people will accept/overlookbhis bahaviour.

              William doesn’t think he needs to engage his public or work for their goodwill.

              I strongly suspect he truly believes the ‘diana’ card will carry him forever and that is all he gas to do.

              1. You may well be right Herazeus, though it seems too late to ‘course-correct’ William on a permanent basis. While at the moment there is quite a bit of action reported on the Cambridge front, it is damage control, with little George now being wheeled out… you know things are bad when George is permitted to be photographed! And three images too. That’s a total of five this past week.
                But then William just reverts to whatever he does as there are no consequences: his living standards don’t drop, access to money is not denied, his future accession is not threatened. I get that he wants his children to have their early years carefree, of course they should, but there is middle ground to be explored.
                It’s interesting that you mention William and Kanye West together. What little I have seen of West would indicate some kind of mental health issues but he is coherent enough to understand that he needs to deliver to his public in order to keep his lifestyle at the level he desires.

            2. Gosh you have spoken so eloquently on tbis subject which is what I feel.. what have these two over entitled brats done for the poor in India … Nothing except get photo opportunities in that area in Mumbai.. With all their money they could help them bit no waity plays dress up as always like a doll…

            3. Don’t forget the bedroom tax where people with severely disabled children or parents who need a spare room for a nurse to help with taking care of their loved one lose benefits or have to pay extra. How many unlived in rooms does the KP apartment sport again?

              Mr Normal needs a healthy kick into the crownjewels. Charles, your young one is out of hand. He needs a good bollocking, or five.

  20. I’m sorry I’m posting this here, but I didn’t know what else to do. Does anyone know what happened to Katemiddletonreview.com?

  21. Cant believe how PW thinks he can endear himself to The British Public with his constant whining on about duty being so difficult with him thinking his family have to come first . There ars millions of British Families who have family and work for a living
    He is an over entitled petulant brat with arrogance beyond all level headed reasoning . He is So Lucky and was born into this luxurious lifestyle of Monarchy so should buckle down and work for a living instead of whining on about having to be a father .Our dear Monarch has worked tirelessly and had family but has gone through decades doing Duty to our Country …
    PW and mannequin mumbling fashionista should listen and do their duty to our country

    1. Daisy, not only do I find this jerk totally not even a little endearing with his ‘family first crapola’, I found that speech downright insulting to anyone with a working brain cell and common sense. Yeah, he wants to be a daddy and play with his whirlybirds and seems to think that people don’t know he has servants up the wahzoo. Not to mention that he basically said in essence that dads should stay at home to be good parents and that’s a crock of crap. Children learn how important they are by seeing how hard their parents work to provide for them.
      William is truly doing some serious wrong to George and Charlotte by cutting them off from their heritage. God, the thought of ma Midds influence on them makes me want to puke.

  22. This latest photo op with the POTUS seems very much designed to remind the peasants how “important” whiny is. And shouldn’t a more “senior” Royal be doing this dinner with POTUS ?? I mean whiny is on the bottom of the royal heap. We wouldn’t want him to start feeling weighed down by duty. Waity has already met them once–wouldn’t want to create expectation that she would be doing this regularly.

    1. And yet once again the small details get forgotten about … wonky lampshades on the table; gross moss-covered bottom step at the entranceway … not to mention Kate dressing like she’s from the 1800s. She seems to dress from one extreme to another.

      I read something funny about why George and Charlotte’s outfits for portraits are always the same – apparently it’s because Kate doesn’t want people to go out and copy what they’re wearing (if they were to wear different clothing for each photo), so she just sticks them in the same-old. Yeah, sure … it’s more likely that she doesn’t want THEIR wardrobe choices to eclipse what SHE wears. It’s all about her – always has been, always will be … she wants people to talk about her and her only.

      1. As we saw in that documentary about the Queen where William was snickering about the Queen’s attention to detail vis a vis state dinners, not to mention that risible reception pre-India/Bhutan tour, these 2 do mot pay attention to detail.

        Or if a minion doesn’t think about the detail, it probably doesn’t cross their minds to check it.

    2. Oh but of course, the dude who slithered out of the right chute is automatically made ever so important, worthy of meeting all the ‘right’ people. Personally, I would think he would feel pretty out of place but he’s so bloody arrogant. Michelle and Barack Obama have accomplished much. William zip! Kate less than zip since she has to basically have mummy pin down the prince and toss her a used ring which will always be Diana’s and get himself to the Church to forsake all others and be hers and hers alone until death do them part. (or until mummy gives permission for them to part which is the same thing only she’ll have to be 6.5 feet under. (Extra .5 for her status in her own mind, it’s only dirt after all. ) I, too, wondered why in Heaven’s name would waity and wimpo be hosting instead of Charles and Camilla, but I guess it’s to counter the negative press. I also suspect that long dress on waity was to prevent her from flashing the POTUS. Nothing but pr in my opinion. And trotting that adorable little guy in his monogrammed pjs? As said on RD (I am not welcome there) whoever thought that up was a pure genius at pr. The Obamas are comfortable in their own skins, they’re awesome people, genuine, and real. Relatable and I’m really going to miss them. I really think that you’re spot on with make whiny feel important and I also think that if anyone went the extra mile for the comfort factor it was our President and Harry. I know Harry looked a bit rumpled but that’s Harry and the POTUS and FLOTUS seemed just fine with it, they don’t need people groveling at their feet like the jokes in KP do.
      I am no body language expert but could William lean any futher away from Kate?

  23. Can someone please explain why you need a post count of at least 50 to comment on Willy and Waity @ Royal Dish? It seems really strange!

    I imagine it’s to filter out the trolls BUT what if you’re not interested in commenting on any of the other royals?

    They’re (RD) doing themselves a disservice here – probably why people prefer to sign up to Royal Gossip instead, where they can comment where they like.

    Also, RD seems to be unfairly moderated … some people seem to get away with some very risque behaviour; others get a warning for the slightest thing.

    1. Because of trolls who would come just to post in the BRF section to bash people who weren’t W&K sugars, I think.

      I like RD. RG…people are nuts there.

      1. Thank you for your response, Ellie 🙂

        Hmmm, okay …

        I like RD too because there’s HEAPS more information than on RG. I agree that some of the posters are a bit nuts on RG (not all, but definitely some).

    2. T, I’ve actually learned a lot about other royal families on RD and it may have been because of that 50 posts rule. I was familiar, but learned a lot of details.

      You can do it! 50 posts aren’t really that many.

    3. You are absolutely right.
      “Also, RD seems to be unfairly moderated … some people seem to get away with some very risque behaviour; others get a warning for the slightest thing.”
      I am not at all sure how to get on the ‘say anything you please list’ so can’t help you there but I know that it’s totally and absolutely arbitrary and the rules do not apply across the board. I’m muted and have been for over 6 months. However, it’s a place with a lot of smart and savy people so if you can get on there and keep out of trouble you’ll learn a lot. I lurk still. I suspect there are posters there who take offense at some people just because, proceed to report them, and while nothing may be said at the time these little ‘offences’ are noted and eventually the mods, especially the creator owner and last word will find an excuse to slap a warning on you. I’m totally unwelcome and don’t know why but hopefully you will fare better than I.
      Thanks for allowing these questions on your blog Lola. I don’t see them often (re RD) but when I do I don’t see you screaming OT OT OT . MINE MINE MINE. I’m not even going to bother to try to post on RD even if by some miracle I get unmuted. One peep and I’ll be banned and I know it.

    1. My, these royal reporters flip-flop all over the place. I find the re-writing of recent history disturbing. I do wish ‘royal reporters’ actually employed a consistently critical mindset rather than being outlets for the BRF press releases. There are rich arguments to be teased out to both the public and BRF as to the latter’s relevance and future.

      I would not be surprised if the Queen and Charles support William and Kate for the simple reasons that (a) families tend to have a blind spot about their offspring’s odious natures that others find as appealing as nails scraped down a blackboard, and (b) their poor guidance allowed William to grow, unchecked, into the appalling excuse for a man we see today.

      Additionally, the BRF tends to play the long game because their ongoing status and privilege depends on closing ranks. They won’t change the game unless absolutely forced to by a loud public rumblings.

    2. I feel so bad for Camilla Tominey. This article is the rent Camilla Tominey has to pay to remain in the inner circle of reporters/photographers allowed to have exclusive access t o t he Cambridges that has laterly proved to be very small indeed.

      All other reporters/photographers whether they are attached to legit media outlets are not allowed into the inner sanctum. The Cambridges , make no distinction between legit media journalists/photographers and paps/solo investigative reporters.

      The Cambridges have decided to create a bubble around themselves that is more tightly controlled than anything seen since Charles 1.

      As we have seen in the past year, it’s proved a disaster because it has inadvertently shown them up instead of protecting them or the message.

      Camilla Tominey wants to remain inside the bubble. She’s been writing blantant sugary lies ever since last winter when The Cambridges had that secret meeting where select reporters/jounalists were give exclusive access to the babies.

      Every single reporter who attended that meeting has been falling over themselves in the rush to write sugar articles praising the cambridges, re-writing history as they go along.

      Camilla is especially suspect because she was once as acerbic and super critical, but apparently had a lobotomy because she’s gone from calling Kate a faker in her public persona to the most wonderful duchess, supremely confident in her public work, beloved by the nation.

      Ditto William. Camilla was the designated reporter to initially write about William the stay at home dad to justify his workshy ways, in as sugary a manner as possible. She was roundly criticised on twitter for that article, and in the end wrote another article subtly backtracking where she said it was a possible explanation for William’s lack of a work ethic.

      The only reporter struggling to stay on message is Richard Palmer.

      Btw: Since William takes no advice, has anyone noticed how much he has dug in his heels regarding his decision to stay at home?

      The sun wrote an article saying that is his intention after his EAAA stint is over.

      1. I certainly noted William’s recalcitrance in the latest Witchell interview, the smug ‘you’re not going to tell me what to do’ attitude all over his face regarding his ‘no work’ lifestyle choices.
        You say that the Cambridge’s plan to create a bubble around themselves backfired: “… it’s proved a disaster because it has inadvertently shown them up …”. Why not let that continue and see the Cambridge’s flounder? What if reporters, or at least one media outlet, gave this couple no air? Or simply used generic Press Association copy on any royal engagement as a basis to build a narrative of what is really going on? It would still get the clicks.
        What real access to William and Kate do the obedient ‘select’ press get? What insights do they offer that is radically different from the KP press office? They scramble for crumbs, and unless it is a rare critical piece, all articles are merely minor variations on the same theme. Look at the India tour: all they did was record events chronologically, and list clothes worn. Yet about 60 press people were on the tour. What was different from paper to paper? Nothing. Same photos, same copy. We heard, post-tour, from Emily Andrews, that William was a pain throughout, and that both he and Kate wanted what amounted to private tourist time, paid by taxpayers. Why not critique that? Why not question these tours, what is really achieved vs financial outlay? Why not pose questions to the public about relevance, involving the public in the design of a 21st century monarchy, if indeed there is a need for one, what their expectations are and what the BRF needs to do to meet them. Why doesn’t the media realise that it can construct and control the story?

          1. Oh how I wish that would happen. Ignore their useless behinds and their children, (nothing against the children, just know that W/K use them) grow some ethics and stop groveling. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that it’s easy to do that since it appears that the press depends on these idiots for their jobs. I don’t know what to believe anymore since as you pointed out, I think, you can get whiplash from trying to keep things straight. And you are right. They **are** squealing about privacy but want attention badly or George would have been tucked into bed when the POTUS and FLOTUS visited. They themselves have to know what public opinion is unless they truly are as thick as a plank. And I think they do, and that they care because again, George was used. Not that he was in any way shape or form harmed and he is utterly adorable but he was still to them a pr prop. I can’t imagine that waity would have the cahones to get pregnant again, that might just enrage the public further. But then again, this is Cathy Middleton we’re talking about here. I wonder if Billy goes about with ‘Cathy’s Clown’ running thru his head. He should, I think, since that’s exactly what he was taken for.

            1. Publishers with a pro-Royal stance would not be interested, but others might find that they create an additional audience. I understand the necessity of keeping one’s job but surely this should be determined by the quality of their work, rather than by a couple of work-shy non-achievers who decide at whim who’s in or outside the tent. That’s just an abuse of privilege.
              Camilla Tominey and others have the chops to hold the royals to account. Were I their employer, I would expect nothing less.

              1. Kitty, I agree and sincerely wish that the journalists/writers/media would get a clue that we’re in the age of the internet where you can find photographic proof that the spin is spun. There are all kinds of sugary syrupy stories out there about this fairy tale and we all know it’s not true. You are correct. Integrity should not be for sale and no one should have to lie and grovel to keep their jobs. The press is powerful and if they all got on the same page the House of Middleton would collapse I think. And you know, it might actually be a relief to W/K to be done with the pretense, the lies, the fakery, and be able to move on with their lives in whatever fashion. As it stands right now they are being called out, then praised, over and over and it’s ridiculous.

                  1. Utterly and completely ghastly couple. Greedy and selfish to the very core, and if that weren’t bad enough not only oblivious to the pain and deprivation of others arrogant enough to speak as though they do. I just think that maybe way down deep inside of them they are having a hard time living the lie that I’m convinced they’re living, however having said that I also know that when they were married the commentators said that ‘this marriage has to work’. So, yes, they will continue to take and grab and do whatever they want to and probably it’s a business arrangement anyway. They can live separate lives in the same house since it’s so big. I suppose coming together for a ’cause’ every now and then is worth it to them. I honestly keep forgetting that these people have long since lost touch with their own humanity. More realistic people than I have been of tremendous help to me. Facts are facts.
                    I just wish to God that they’d leave Harry out of their sick and twisted little pr games. I can’t quite understand how he goes along with it unless it’s out of respect for his grandparents. Kate all but drools in his presence. Any ideas on that one anyone? Why?? does Harry allow himself to be used. Since the India disaster he’s been around those two greedy guts just like he was when they first got married.

  24. From a sugar’s post about the mental health campaign that Will and Kate and Harry just did a video for: “William and Kate generated so much excitement and good will while in India and they are aren’t letting that momentum die now they are back in the UK”
    I haven’t seen any excitement about the recent tour EXCEPT on sugar pages!

  25. There is a new book called ” Game of crowns.” which praises the middleton family, also puts down people criticizes KM and company! I think have hunch who’s idea this book. but I will not say because have no proof?

    1. Someone wrote a book? Seriously? Somebody must have some contacts in the publishing world or money may have exchanged hands since this is crap. Desperation reigns in the HOM. Good Lord, these people are falling lower and lower by the day and you can bet I won’t be out on Amazon queuing to grab the first copy 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t go so far as call Camilla a ‘black queen’ since her history has been re-written such that everyone blames her for stuff that should be Charles’s fault.

          The Camilla/charles love story is as much a myth as the WK love story. Camilla, like Kate, was the last one standing. Funny that William hates his father, yet has emulated his love life, right down to constant cheating until he is left with the one who won’t go away. And they are both Nanny wives.

          Calling Kate a ‘white Queen’ is really telling. The ‘white Queen’ is a famous book/TV movie about Elizabeth Woodville written by Phillipa Gregory. Elizabeth Woodville was the common woman who pursued Edward 4 into marriage, had greedy, grasping relatives, was also thought to be greedy and grasping herself. Her primary interest in the King was greed and what she could get out of him materially. She alienated the King from his own family. The entire court hated her and her relatives. In the end she gets her comeuppance because for all that grasping, she wasn’t a shrewd political operator, and ended life shut up in a nunnery instigated by the real life ‘Red Queen’.

          The ‘red queen’ is the sequel to the ‘white Queen’. The real life ‘red Queen’ is Margaret Beaufort, mother of the future Henry 7. A woman who was a shrewd operator from birth, married 4 times, each marriage better than the last, and who organised the rebellion that led to the Tudors taking the throne of England. A fact often overlooked because history tends to be written about men rather than women.

          Calling Kate a ‘white Queen’ is shorthand for calling her vain, shallow, grasping and only motivated by material gains. Doesn’t bother making friends or allies outside her family. Elizabeth Woodville was also very close to her mother and her brothers and sisters, another Kate ‘white Queen’ parallel. Both women only cared to be in their Prince’s good books and didn’t bother with anyone else.

          The only departure is that Elizabeth Woodville was said to be very beautiful. Kate is averagely pretty and is latterly turning into a handsome woman like her mother.

          1. Thank you for the nuanced explanation for the terms used in the book. Talk about history repeating itself…
            Not having read the book, just listened to the excerpt, the author claimed that the Queen has agreed at 90/after Phillip’s death to step down with the agreement that Charles would have a limited 15-year reign, after which he would step down in favour of William and subsequent heirs, hence assuring the monarchy’s existence well into the 22nd century. Of course, that plan assumes that politically, socially, economically all works in the BRF’s favour.

            1. Lol. Why is it that these authors don’t take into account constitutional law when they construct these fantasisies? In order for that plan to work, Parliament and all 15additional realms have to agree. HM and Charles can’t simply fudge and form the plan without those parliaments signing off on them.

              Or treat their audiences as idiots by presenting things as if they are new and or unprecedented.

              It’s a given that if HM lives as long as her mother, she’ll have to relinquish some of her duties. Prince Charles acting as Regent won’t be the first time we’ve had a Prince Regent whilst the monarch was still living. We already have the constitutional apparatus in place should we need one, but even so, Parliaments have to sign off on it.

              Can they do it secretly? Sure, but that would spark a constitutional crisis since it would appear that the royals had installed a mafia style plan without consulting the realms or parliament. Said Mafia plan having no basis in constitutional law.

              Historically speaking, there is no circumstance that would lead to abdication due to physical or mental deterioration of the monarch. We have the Queen’s father dying of lung cancer in recent history which necessitated the Queen to take on some of his duties, we had George 3 whose bouts of madness kept him from his duties for months leading to the installation of his son as Prince Regent, and before that you had Henry 6 who was frequently not all there mentally speaking or in a coma for months, and before that several Kings who became monarchs years before they were of legal age leading to a council ruling on their behalf led by a Lord Protector.

              Every single time, a Regency of some sort has taken over, but the Monarch stayed in place.

              It’s unfortunate for Charles that his mother is so long lived. There is a danger that at best he will have a short reign and at worst he will die before he gets the throne.

              It’s the fate of the previous POWs who had to wait as long as Charles before reaching the throne. The Prince Regent got 10yrs once he was finally installed as King, Edward 7 got just under 10yrs after Victoria’s long reign and it is likely that Charles will get just 10yrs -15yrs for simple reason of his likely age when he gets the top job.

              It all means that we are going to have a series of old monarchs for several reigns assuming the system continues.

              All of that said, we have an unwritten constitution, so new laws can be written to accomodate this rumoured plan, however, it would require consultation of the realms, and some of them are already dicey about Charles and his heirs. It wouldn’t be as smooth a transtion, especially if it looked, as it does, like a sop to Charles’s ego.

              1. Thanks once again, Herazeus, for your knowledge here. The author of said book is being a little fanciful in the weaving of his predictions. I wonder to which camp he is affiliated and why since it seems to the casual observer that many royal watcher books have some royal camp seeding a narrative into the public arena. Charles in all probability won’t get much of a run in the job but I can’t see him relinquishing the crown once it is his. When the Queen dies, some Commonwealth countries will seek to put a line under the monarchy, moving to greater independence. It will be interesting to observe how Charles plans to ‘rule’ and whether the public will support him.

          2. I dont find waste of space “pretty ” at all, the minute her massive extensions are out of her face, you get a hard scheming shrewd look!!! Shes in fact aged soo much she looks like william mother! No looks, no work ethics , no personality, no style NOTHING!!

            1. I agree and she’s done it to herself. She tries for the cutesy little girl look and I think in her mind that means skinny and wearing clothes that look painted on. That outfit she wore in India was bordering on vulgar and not even a little appropriate for the occasion. She was representing the British, not the well I can’t say it. She is empty and I hear that she’s rude and arrogant as well as downright ignorant. Those costumes she wore in India were imo insulting to some very pretty and accomplished women, Indian women who wouldn’t be wearing those atrocities. I could be wrong about that but she looked so stupid. And just for the record, if I were paying tourist, staying at the Taj hotel and some nimrod told me to get out the way? I’d tell them to stuff it where the….

  26. Heck, Kate’s entire body looks haunted like an emaciated ghost.
    Not just her hair. Hope she is under medical care for curing her anorexia.

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