William and Kate’s Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago, Kate Middleton entered Westminster Abbey and emerged Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergus.  After a near decade-long wait to become Mrs. Prince William, the woman who had been referred to in the press as Waity Katie, The Mattress, Her Royal Thighness and the Royal Doormat was repackaged as a perfect fairytale princess.

The royal love story was respun to sound a bit less stalkery.  In “Kate, The Future Queen”, Katie Nicholls revealed that in order to increase her chances of becoming Mrs. Prince William, the Edinburgh-bound Kate decided to take a gap year and applied to be in Prince William’s class at St. Andrews.  William and Kate’s first meeting wasn’t even at St. Andrews, in the summer 1999 they were introduced by Emilia d’Erlanger at “Club H” at Highgrove, but Kate failed to make an impression on William.  Three years later, a sheer dress Kate wore at a charity fashion show finally did the trick.

In their eight years of dating before the engagement announcement,  Kate reportedly found herself cast aside for Jecca Craig at William’s 21st birthday party, in 2004 before exams, Kate was dumped for “more space” which then took the form of Jecca Craig, in 2005 Kate was briefly replaced by Isabella Calthorpe who decided the princess life wasn’t for her, and in April 2007 William broke up with Kate for a couple of months, infamously jumping up on a table after dumping her via cell phone, shouting, “I’m free!”  And yet, Kate still wanted to marry Prince William.

Kate’s wedding prep focused on the physical.  In addition to having her teeth fixed and extensive beauty treatments, Kate lost so much weight that at an engagement in Ireland before the wedding, a woman expressed concern Kate was becoming too thin.  Kate replied,  “It’s all part of the plan!”  The Palace Press Office tried to keep Kate’s comment contained, noting, “It’s a hugely private matter.”  It’s too bad Kate’s plan didn’t also include preparing for her new duties.

By all accounts, Kate was calm and composed before the wedding.  According to Marina Sandoval who did Kate’s manicure for the wedding, “She didn’t display an ounce of nerves.  She was just happy that the day was here at last.”  Her hair stylist Richard Ward noted, “She has been remarkably relaxed from the start… Everyone else was nervous, but not Kate. She just took it all in her stride and was calming everyone else down.”

There were no pre-wedding jitters or obvious nerves getting married in front of 1,900 guests and millions watching around the world.  Waity Katie who had been dubbed “Princess-in-Waiting” at Marlborough appeared triumphant about waitying no more.

Kate wore a classically pretty but somewhat underwhelming wedding dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, her wedding veil was so flat, it looked like she was wearing a stocking over her face to knock over a liquor store and the makeup which Kate did herself reminded me of the similarly heavy-handed application of a transvestite hooker who once told me that my outfit was fierce.

The 20 foot maple trees that decorated Westminster Abbey in hindsight feel like a prelude to the massive amount of privacy trees planted at Anmer Hall but at the time they just seemed ridiculous.  Kate filled the abbey with British flora, her Language of Flowers vision reportedly cost £50,000.


When Kate said “I do”, she became an official representative of the UK and the monarchy, a job she appears to have had no intention of doing.

In the engagement interview, Kate stated, “I’m willing to learn quickly and work hard,” and yet in her five years since becoming a duchess, Kate has only delivered 8 short shaky speeches, gone on four royal tours and has undertaken a combined 390 engagements to date, a grand total for five years on par with what the 90-year-old Queen averages in one year (in 2014, the Queen undertook 393 engagements).

Ahead of the five year royal wedding anniversary, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine suggested that Kate’s dismal efforts are born from a fear she’s going to screw up royally.  Seward who must be suffering from amnesia noted, “She hasn’t made any mistakes, which is extraordinary when you think of how difficult it is for her.  I suppose the only mistake she’s made is that she’s probably seen not always as particularly interesting but I think she’s absolutely terrified of not doing it right.”

Really, Kate’s only short-coming is that she’s dull?  Just off the top of my head, Kate’s event totals are so dismally low, last year she only accounted for 1.66% of the royal family’s workload.  She’s been criticized for frequent luxury holidays, selecting more glamorous events like film premieres, Wimbledon, galas, wine tastings and ignoring ones that don’t seem to interest her, like those involving her charities that aren’t connected to Ben Ainslie.  Kate’s Received Pronunciation affectation has inhibited her ability to deliver the few brief speeches she’s attempted, causing her to mispronounce the name of the charity in one and struggle with words like “palliative” in others.  The occasional comments she makes at events lack substance but still are dutifully reported by the press because she offers nothing else of substance.  Actual Kate official event quotes include: “And can it… can you… um… test the… the smell by smelling it?”; “It’s very shiny.”; “Oh it’s actually not bad if you were desperately hungry.”; “I like your hair.”; “I like your nails.”; “No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me?  Does my hair really look like that!” (in response to a doll a girl was holding); “Oh, I know now who you are.  Although it’s very strange… now you have got facial hair.  Some of the people who had facial hair in the film don’t have facial hair now.” (in speaking to actor Tom Hiddleston); and most recently, when told of street children being mutilated to make money begging, she responded, “Gosh, so interesting.”

In her five years since joining the royal family, Kate has offended many by smiling, laughing, and playing with her hair during balcony appearances on Remembrance Sunday, sparking outrage in 2013 as she dreamily gazed off in the distance while twirling her hair during the solemn event.  Kate being a professed hands-on mother has been offered as the reason Kate puts in the fewest event totals each year in the British Royal Family and yet Prince George is most frequently papped with his nanny.  When George was seven months old, Kate had no trouble leaving him behind while she took a Maldives escape (her second luxury holiday in two months) with Prince William while her mother oversaw the shift in his care from Nanny Jessie Webb to Nanny Maria.  During the Cambridge’s controversial family ski get-away earlier this year, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte were left to the care of nannies while Kate and William took to the slopes because their children are obviously too young to ski yet.  Five years into being a duchess and Kate has had wardrobe malfunctions in the double digits and the Royal Flasher still has yet to undertake one single official tour without exposing herself while acting as an official representative of the United Kingdom and the British Monarchy.  That doesn’t sound like the actions of a “terrified” Kate.

As it turns out, there was another wardrobe malfunction in India on the final day of the royal tour.  My brain was frozen over with boredom by then and I missed it, so this is brought to you by royal watcher, Julie RocketQueen.  Apparently when Kate and William were recreating the iconic Princess Diana photo at the Taj Mahal, Kate flashed her undies.


Kate’s panties were white with a four-petal flower design.  My apologies for the pixelation, but I don’t feel like hunting down a high resolution image since the pattern of the panties is visible in this pic, the flower’s outline appears to be dark blue with marigold centers.


So maybe this second wardrobe malfunction is actually encouraging.  After five years of duchessing, the future Queen Consort is now finally wearing underwear.


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92 thoughts on “William and Kate’s Five Year Anniversary”

  1. I moved house on their wedding day (see how much I loathed waity then) so it’s my five year moving anniversary too 🙂 I’m still wondering when we’ll see that photo of her flashing at the war memorial. I’m sure that it’s only z matter of time before that’s released.

    1. Happy Move-iversary! I was on a plane returning from Greece during the wedding, that’s how uninteresting I found Kate and William. I naively thought I could avoid the tedious US media coverage but alas, it was everywhere for the week following the wedding. We’re not going to see the full flash War Memorial photos, Chris Jackson got those and he’s not releasing them. I mean maybe if his relationship with Tash sours and he loses his special access but I doubt they’ll see the light of day.

      1. Hmm, that kind of makes me want Tash and Chris to break up? More likely what would happen is Kate realising Tash isn’t up to the job of stylist?
        If this does happen I wonder if Chris will be happily welcomed back with the rest of the press pack considering the grumbles about his favoured status as Kate’s go to photographer?

  2. Ingrid Seward needs to get herself some integrity…how much were you paid or what were you promised for selling your reputation and integrity, Ingrid? Completely pathetic, no respect.

  3. Excellent as always.
    *And* I had a bad feeling when I saw that picture, I immediately thought “oh no!” And there they are.

  4. Wow, 1.66% of the BRF workload. Pathetic. I wonder if Prince Charles has really looked ahead at what downsizing the monarchy means. Right now there are 15 or so working BRF members (including the Kents and the Glousters I believe). Once the Queen’s generation has passed, it will be Charles, Camilla, Anne, Edward, Sophie, Will, Kate, and Harry for a while. Down to 8, assuming Edward’s kids don’t work for the family, which is the precedent. So in a few years, we will have 8 working members of the royal family, and we know 3 of them hardly work (I love Harry too, but he is also not pulling his weight). Now fast forward 20-25 years when Charles’ generation is gone. It will just be Will, Kate, Harry and his wife (maybe, see Prince Andrew), George and Charlotte. Down to 6, 3 of which show little inclination of working. Justify the upkeep of at least 8 castles/palaces with such a small working BRF. The Queen and Prince Charles need to do the math and nip this in the bud, or make W&K pay their own way for their homes, clothes, and travel. This situation won’t work in the long run.

      1. Harry was so sweet when he kissed Michelle Obama while greeting her at the KP reception, a yummy piece of ginger goodness. The Invictus Games’ “trash talk” with the queen and the Obamas was cute, too.

  5. Royal flasher..rofl..she has had so many of these so called Monroe moments. There’s only one instance of Monroe’s skirt flying up whereas Katies flashing incidents number double digits. Next time someone’s skirt flys up in the wind it should be called a kate middleton moment not a Monroe moment

    1. It was also for a film role. Marilyn wasn’t in the habit of flashing people. She was playing a character who was the subject of her neighbour’s sexual fantasies. The character steps on a grate and her skirts fly up to the delight of the neighbour.

      In real life, Marilyn’s husband Joe DiMaggio, who was on set watching them shoot this scene, was so incensed at the scene that he stormed off set and later they had terrible rows about it.

      He couldn’t distinguish between acting a part and the genuine article.

      People often refer to it as though the actress was doing it deliberately, yet what they are referring to is a piece of cinematic role play, not reality.

      What Kate is doing is reality.

      1. Herazeus…that was a very interesting factoid regarding Joe M and MM. I’ve read so many times that they loved each other. Then along came the Kennedy boyz and riuned/destroyed everything!

  6. Royal flasher..rofl..she has had so many of these so called Monroe moments. There’s only one instance of Monroe’s skirt flying up whereas Katies flashing incidents number double digits. Next time someone’s skirt flys up in the wind it should be called a kate middleton moment not a Monroe moment..lol

  7. I find the reports of Kate not being nervous on her wedding day fascinating , a word not commonly used in the same sentence as Kate. My wedding consisted of 150 people and I was sh**ting a brick. Not because I thought I was making a mistake but I think it just the sheer nerves of the whole day going off without a hitch. It’s interesting compared to her state now, where apparently she’s “nervous” and “terrified” of doing or saying the wrong things.

    1. I once was at a wedding and while helping the bride with her dress and make-up asked her why she was so calm when all the girls in the room were nervous and exited. She said “He can’t get away now. He is mine.” I was quite taken aback but I guess that’s exactly what Kate thought. And she was right. When they went public with the engagement there was no way out for Will anymore and she knew she had won.

      1. I felt sorry for William just for that reason. Due to Ma Middleton hassling him about marrying Kate he must have felt he had no option. So it was down to Carole having a word with William that Kate married him, not Kate as she still needed her Mummy to complete the task. Eew!

    2. Anne B…what an interesting contrast. I too was very emotional when i got married 44 years ago.

  8. There is no way in hell you could see her underwear without zooming in on her crotch area. So my question is, why are people being pervy and zooming in on her crotch area?

    1. I do screen grabs then reduce image size and resolution when posting pics to fit my site’s template settings to keep images from being distorted so the first photo isn’t even at full Twitter resolution. Once it was pointed out to me, it was obvious Kate’s skirt was hiked up so high there was a v of color that wasn’t her dress or her flesh. Artists use hands to direct the viewer’s to an area, Kate’s arm is the photo is bent at an angle like an arrow with her hand on her lap above the v. I’m weirdly hyper-observant so I was a bit surprised I didn’t catch it the first time I saw the pic on Twitter but at that point I was skimming. As for what’s wrong with me specifically for blowing the screen grab up to the point the pattern on Kate’s panties was visible (usually when Kate wears undies they are white lace or plain white cotton thongs), that’s really anyone’s guess.

      1. It’s a perfectly legitimate visual inquiry (keep telling yourself that Lola) and also like a scab you know you shouldn’t pick at, but you do, in full knowledge that nothing good will come of it. What is a startling revelation at first blush – Kate’s not wearing knickers, what, really? – turns into a tic of curiosity – all the time? surely not – and then a quest for evidence one way or the other whenever Kate is in a floaty dress or sitting in a super tight short skirt. It’s a natural progression to the full-on pixelation. People are fascinated by underwear: who wears what, and why. Didn’t Diana get Charles to jettison the y-fronts in favour of something a little more modern? I can’t think of a good reason why I remember that.

      1. I’ll say! I agree with you totally Maven!
        And for those who think any differently, I can remind you about Kate ripping the lining out of that skirt before the university fashion show and then wearing it as a dress?

    2. Hmmm. I’m not impressed with that. I love your posts, Lola – but I feel that discussion and graphics about her private parts should stay exactly that – private.

      1. Shouldn’t that be up to waity? To keep her private parts private? She has put them out there for the world to view from the time she came into focus as the ‘official’ girlfriend . It should embarrass her but I rather think she lacks that capacity. If that makes me a perv so be it. 🙂 Even on one of her latest engagements, she has so many I forget which one, she wore a light weight over the shoulder boulder holder which along with the v-neck on the dress to start with, left very little to the imagination. I personally think she’s an exhibitionist and it’s quite amusing to watch her in action. Again, she puts it out there. Just my take on this, and just my own opinion.

    3. I didn’t have to zoom in. To me it was glaringly obvious when I first saw the photo because the volor didnt match her dress.

    4. I didnt have to zoom in. To me it was glaringly obvious because the color did not match her dress.

  9. I really think Ma Midds made a big mistake in pushing Waity on Whiney. Royal wives are expected to do some work. If you think about it, even with Waitys pathetically low work rate, she’s done more work in the last month than she did in the 10 years before she got married! It’s clear she’d rather not work at all, so Ma really should have found her some fabulously rich guy instead of a prince. Then Waity could have been a stay at home wife and mother forever, without all the inconveniences that come with being married to a royal.

  10. Weird coincidence: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married on April 29, 1945. So Will and Kate share the same anniversary with them.

    1. The New York Daily News ran an article on why April 29th might not be the best date for William and Kate to wed. Among the doomed couples who shared their anniversary are Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler who were married 40 hours before committing suicide, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson who divorced after five years and Paula Abdul and Emilio Estevez who divorced after two.


      1. Good article! From it I learned that Aretha Franklin released Respect on April 29, 1967. Now, here’s a little something that happens if someone has too much time on their hands. I freely admit it, and believe me when I say it isn’t my fault!

        What you need
        you know it’s not hot
        Don’t you flash
        ‘Cause babies you got!
        All I’m askin’
        Is for a little respect when you leave home
        (cover your naughty bits)
        Hey Waity
        (cover your naughty bits)
        when you leave home
        (cover your naughty bits)
        (cover your naughty bits)

        Find out what immodest means
        Take care, Duchess of C!

      1. Next thing you know, Pippa will be selling a portable bird-seed feeder for “meals” on the go, kind of like a PEZ dispenser.

  11. Kate maneuvered and prepared herself for a decade for that wedding and only the wedding. Of course she wasn’t nervous that day. She seems to honestly think once she nabbed the ring and title the work was done, the rest would just come together like magic. The mere fact she married a Prince was synonymous with “Happily Ever After” in her mind. Kate was hugely confident, often to the point of smugness, before she became a Duchess. That wedding was proof in her mind that everything she thought of herself was true and a royal life was her due. I don’t think there is any other reliable explanation for why she repeatedly makes the exact same mistakes, because in her mind she’s the Princess, so obviously she knows better than us losers. But there is no goal post left that will prove her way is right. She has her severely tarnished brass ring that is William and there is no further “prize”. Just the work of being a Royal and of course a balding petulant several adulterer, a social circle that still thinks of her as common, a press that uses her as easy fodder against the BRF, and a public who have proven time and again there’s no scandal like a Royal one.

    1. Lots and lots of people don’t think much past the wedding, that’s why so many divorces, I kind of think if they weren’t royals Chopper would have bolted by now!!!

  12. Waity and her mother brought social climbing and scheming into a Guinness Book of World Record proportion. The shameless and cunning chase after her Prince after getting ditched over and over again is a pitiful reflection of a lack of self respect. This and her chronic laziness make it very hard to like her.

    1. Maureen , history always repeats itself, the truth is why bother teaching history, nobody learns anything!!

    2. This boggles my my mind. Why would she have so little self respect as to marry a man who treated her like trash and dumped her repeatedly, especially for other women? What kind of mother encourages her daughter to keep chasing after such a creep? And what kind of man marries a woman with so little self respect? For that matter, who would want to pursue any kind of relationship with someone who fangirl stalks you for years? Sheesh, if I knew someone had changed their entire college and life plans just to nab me, I’d run like hell in the other direction! That she and Ma undertook this entire plan is simply pathetic – the fact that she actually beat the million to one odds and “won” him is almost beside the point. Who on earth marries their stalker? I can only assume she was the last one to stick around and “won” him by default (you’ll notice I don’t consider him any sort of prize, except a prize ass). So we have a woman with no self respect, married to a man who doesn’t respect her and probably doesn’t have too much self respect either if he thinks stalker girl is the best he can do. Oh yeah, a match made in heaven!

      1. 1. Because it was eyes on the prize (= premium status, wealth, global fame) and bugger the self-respect.
        2. A sad sod of a mother (and don’t forget the father too – he’s in it boots and all) who turns her daughter into a courtesan in order to meet her own pathetic ambition of being important.
        3. A man who is has no compass because everyone has bowed to him his whole life, no idea of reality.
        4. A man who wants what he wants on demand, including unflinching devotion.
        5. You marry the stalker when every other contender declines.

      2. Lori, I’ve been thinking the same thing about the Middletons. Why would they want their daughter to marry someone who treated her so badly? I can only guess that Carole was using her daughter for her own advancement. So horrible. The Midds are W’s very own court fools, whispering in his ear that he’s fabulous while he’s mistreating their lazy, idiot daughter. Very Shakespearean.

        1. Except traditionally the court jester/king’s fool was the only one who could speak truth to and critizise the king with impunity!

        2. I’d like to know if the Middletons have actually advanced socially in the last 5 years. Sure, they’ve been to the palace, meet the Queen, but have they really moved to a higher social strata in everyday life? Did pimping out their daughter get the job done?

          1. No, they have not.

            If anything the castle doors of the aristocracy have been bolted shut.

            Even Pippa seems to be hanging out with celeb/reality TV rich types rather than genuine aristo/trophy posh that she used to hang out with.

            The only thing doing better is their business, but then again that business only really took off when Kate was publicly outed as William’s girlfriend when he kissed her on a ski slope.

  13. The Middleton’s are more like the swindling weavers to William’s emperor from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  14. Love this post, you’ve summed it up to perfection! I can’t wait for the next instalment of the Chopper & Chutney Show, it’s taken a few interesting twists recently and is now compulsive viewing!

  15. Gosh what a brilliant write up Dear Lola Heart its so well done and its refreshing to read the truth … not like Ingrid Seward whomust have amnesia not mentioning all the disgraceful flashing of nether regions ..
    interesting also Herazeus to learn that aristos have closed rank on the money grabbing sister … she is always wanting limelight and doesnt seem to have a job and is always seen on ski slopes and going to the gym .. easy when she doesnt do anything else of substance like her sister

  16. Hi Lola Im a huge fan of your blog. I glad i’m not the only one who worries what knickers she’s wearing. Like yourself I am a massive fan of Niraj Tanna. I was thinking about starting a gofundme page to raise money for him as I worry deeply about the lack of pix our man has managed to sell recently. Would you join me on this enterprise? We could promote it on twitter with the hashtag #moneyfortanna. After all we cant be the only ones who hate Kate but are totally consumed by her. I’m thinking there are many out there that would line his pockets just so she cant enjoy privacy LOL. If you wanna get involved reply to this message and I’ll follow you on twitter. Keep up the good work Lola

    1. Thank you so much! Niraj Tanna is awesome. I can’t imagine Niraj would need a gofundme page, he’s very smart and has a way of obtaining info others can’t. Perhaps you have info I don’t but Niraj Tanna strikes me as being very resilient. This battle is bigger than any one person, Niraj was just hand-selected to be portrayed as a villain because he’s good at his job which irks Prince William to whom hard work and dedication must seem like some form of dark sorcery. The Cambridges are trying to completely run photographers and royal reporters out of business by limiting access and affecting their livelihoods. They want to control content and replace journalism with their own press releases through social media. It’s a foolish campaign that will only work if they drive the monarchy into extinction, but the Cambridges can add discomfort to the lives of taxpayers whose job it is to cover them.

      I don’t hate Kate at all, I wouldn’t rate my feelings above disappointment and frustration. I can’t think of anyone I hate or have ever hated. I think it’s an injustice taxpayers are paying for a job she isn’t doing while so many others in the UK are in need of help. Kate has the power and ability to do great things and yet she can’t bothered. If Kate ever does decide to do the job she accepted five years ago, the focus of this blog will shift.

      1. Good point, Lola. I used to feel entertained by Kate due to multiple gaffes and general awkwardness. But now I join in your frustration because one would think she would have evolved and grown a little in 5 years. But one would be wrong.

  17. Lola, I didn’t know Chutney was allowed to pose for the cover of magazines, I thought that was against palace protocol!!!

    1. Thanks for the alert! Two things I noticed. The heavy eyeliner and shadow were gone, and it looks like she grew two centipedes for eyebrows. Oh gee, I really can’t stand her.

      I wonder if Lola will write something about this fashion shoot,.

  18. What about Anmer Hall Organics? Shouldn’t she be out there digging and planting, getting something into the ground and ready for harvest? Here it is well into spring and she’s been gallivanting all over India with her dress up over her head.

    1. Is that an official thing the organics? There was stories about her and Pippa doing something but then it all died.

      1. Much like everything else they are ‘keen’ and passionate’ about… no staying power.

        1. Right on, Kitty and Bear. I’ve heard they were all keen to grow an organic garden at Anmer and sell preserves from it. And they were supposed to develop a line of children’s clothing, which never happened, like everything else. Their plans never actually come to fruition. Maybe Kate sits on them all day, dreaming she can hatch some Faberge miracles of her own, some that one can actually test without smelling.

  19. I deliberately made sure that I was in Doolin, ROI on the day of their wedding so I didn’t see a scrap of it.
    Saying that, I have got an invite to Buckingham Palace next month for the annual Garden Party – seems like a fun excuse to wear a hat out for the day! I shall report back if I encounter Lady Flash Arse. I hope so, there is an entire encyclopaedia of stuff I want to say just for a response from her!

    1. I just saw this ! It’s getting crappy reviews. A poor imitation of her acting like Meryl Streep in out of africa look about it. Someone said too much hunting, outdoors nor enough glam. Sge pales to Diana’s photo. I frankly felt like she is trying to morph into Jecca Craig. The hat she wore years ago had more character however…this spread I thought was just a hot mess. And crappy timing pr wise.

  20. Perfection! I managed to get through the anniversary nonsense by being on some wonderful drugs in the hospital that allowed me to sleep through most of it. I did love Richard Palmer’s tweet about them spending it privately as I do love a snarky press attack on W&K.

    Then I get home and see Kate portraying Jecca only with Joan Crawford’s eye brows on the cover of British Vogue and I think the meds have made me hallucinate it all. At least this solved the puzzle as to why Kate went so big brow at the start of the year. Can’t wait to read your take on the layout Lola. I’ve got five weeks off of work and I need some good laughs!

  21. Yep Lisa I hve just seen pictures … they are really awful.. Gosh hope you get well soon from your hospital visit..
    Why would this be allowed a fashion picture of a Royal member has been passed by the powers at be .. If she wants to be in fashion then she should leave the BRF and go and do that for a living mind you shd wouldnt get a lot of work if she had to do this for a living .. she is definitely copying Jecca Craig .. hat is sort you wear doing muck out jobs at home in garden or field
    cant believe what is happening and being allowed to happen with these two fools

    1. Thank you Daisy…my biggest challenge right now is staying awake and reading about the non-life of W&K doesn’t help matters any.

  22. Ah get plenty of rest anaesthesia makes you tired after an operation .. Summer is coming and the weather will help with your recovery …
    As to the Dim Duo cant believe how they are getting away with everything …

  23. I can’t believe the five years has flown by so quickly.

    If William had proposed to me (ha! not likely – I’d never date someone like him) with *that* ring I would have thrown it back at him and told him to come back with something that was new and mine only. (Whether or not you agree that if a couple splits the woman keeps the ring [I do], it feels like with Big Blue that it’s never actually been hers, nor will it ever be hers to keep).

    I’m sick of hearing about the Cambridges to be honest. They go into hiding for months on end, then come out and saturate the papers with all their shenanigans.

    The recent article about Kate being ‘scared’ to put a foot wrong (something along those lines) was pathetic; the Vogue pictures show anything BUT a ‘scared’ woman.

    Her spending a day with Vogue is a slap in the face to the Irish Guards whose Shamrocks would have taken what – a couple of hours? to present.

    No doubt when she visits the NPG on 4 May she will be back to her ‘shy’ and ‘demure’ self … (((yawn))).

    I feel that it’s no coincidence that these Vogue shots were released pretty much in competition to those celebrating Charlotte’s first birthday (Kate will compete with that poor child for the rest of her life), and straight after the glowing article that appeared in the Daily Mail about the Queen’s affection for Princess Margaret’s daughter (who also shone in that recent documentary). These nitwits need to make their minds up – either they do want the press coverage or they don’t. I’m hoping they don’t, and will bugger off back to their country house!

    I used to find them entertaining to read about; no longer though.

    1. Omg…I just read that article u posted Maureen! Free the ivory and the paintings! I knew they had art stowed away…the queen was a mess trying to save it when the fire broke out…but I suspect kate could do a world if good getting the more important works released to the museums. If they can work out deals for freebies everywhere else maybe the could work a loan deal for the art. Giving g it primarily back to the people and borrowing pieces from year to year for specific function rooms that serve to entertain dignitaries.

      She really is a mess tho…he was kind about the photos in Vogue…she is determined to tie herself in knots to look and weigh the same as Jecca and be as legendary as Diana. It all looks like dress up by a very insecure girl. I Pitty her daughter.

      1. There was another DM article on the Vogue cover with a picture of Jecca next to the actress Jane Seymour—which I interpreted to be a slight dig on Waity SWFing Jecca. She doesn’t know who she is anymore.

        1. That’s exactly it. She’s never had her own identity – she’s always tried to emulate someone else in some form, shape or manner.

          It’s a bit sad really.

      2. I just read a story in DM about the Queen’s former chef saying William could do much more for charity. Awful comments about how he’s just a cook and should go back to peeling potatoes. He presents a well-reasoned argument and confirms Carole lives at Anmer. Poor Mike, has she just abandoned him to roam around their pile in Berkshire by his lonesome?

          1. Yes, he seems to confirm that. Carole certainly has her paid minions out in the comments section.

      1. I need more experienced eyes on it. But to me It is clear she has moved down her pants to show of her buttocks. There is no mistake here. She intended to show herself.
        She is crazy.
        I would love to hear
        Lola’s take on this.

        1. Or are her pants just falling down as she is so thin and even the size she is wearing is too large? But yes, it does look like bare buttocks from the photo. Funny though.

  24. I’m wondering how she looked so relaxed when she’s stick-thin and its freezing outside! You really feel the cold when you’re so skinny, yet I don’t see a red nose or any sign of muscle tension from the cold…

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