Kate Middleton, Fashion Vampire

Vogue UK has decided to celebrate its 100th Anniversary with a cover so lifeless, a doctor would solemnly tell its loved ones, “The best we can do is make it comfortable… it’s just a matter of time.”

A magazine known for being a glamorous sumptuous feast of fashion decided that one hundred years was long enough and went full-on dull duchess.


Vogue UK made a point to note, “Having participated in choosing not only the clothes worn in the shoot and the locations used as a backdrop, but also the photographer who captured the images, the Duchess was pleased with the resulting feeling of informality in the final shots.”

In other words, it’s not Vogue’s fault.  Kate decided to go all Jecca Craig on the cover on her own.


This isn’t the first time Kate has sartorially referenced her romantic rival.  Back in August 2005, Kate wore an outfit similar to her Vogue cover to the Gatcombe Park Festival.


That was a few months after Prince William dumped Kate for “more space” which quickly took the form of Jecca.

Many were surprised Kate had decided to do Vogue UK since five years ago several magazines were clamoring to feature the royal bride with Anna Wintour of Vogue US vigorously campaigning to have the duchess on the US cover, reportedly involving photographer Mario Testino in her crusade without success.  At the time a Palace aide noted, “Both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon.  That’s not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them.”

Apparently Kate finally realized no one is buying her as someone who takes her duties seriously so she might as well pose for Vogue, but in the drabbest clothing possible so no one could accuse her of trying to be a style icon.

Of course, British royals on the cover of Vogue UK is nothing new.


Kate’s the first one, though, daring enough to embrace the bland sterility of a back-to-school clothing sale circular in the Sunday paper.  One editor quoted in The Daily Beast noted, “I think it’s an atrocious cover—especially for one that should be celebrating a momentous anniversary. 100 years of Vogue—a magazine that has published some of greatest, most groundbreaking photography and they use a bland Kay’s catalogue image.”


The Vogue shoot was said to be a collaboration between the magazine and The National Portrait Gallery of which Kate is Royal Patron.  Two of the photos from the  shoot taken by photographer Josh Olins were hung as part of the gallery’s Vogue 100: A Century of Style.  This screen grab from The Guardian comes from an article entitled Kate’s Vogue shots shouldn’t be in a gallery. They’re not art.


Reaction to the Indiana Jecca look was not positive overall, with fans taking to The Royal Family’s Facebook page to note that Kate looks very unKate:







Although perhaps the real issue was that the photographer captured Kate’s essence a little too well.


Others found the shoot itself in poor taste or inappropriate.



Comments in the Daily Mail criticized Kate not having the time for her duties but plenty to spare for a photo shoot.



On Twitter, royal correspondents and photographers were also critical of the photos.


Kate’s Vogue hit the stands on Tuesday.  The rest of the photos are as equally uninspired, shot in January against a barren beige backdrop in Norfolk selected by Kate.


Kate’s vision was for the spread to reflect her “private existence”, just not with her usual jeggings paired with one of her numerous black and white striped shirts or solid jumpers she normally wears, instead opting to protect her sartorial privacy by wearing an equally bland collection of contrived casual country clothing.


Glamorous gowns and jewels set against the neutral winter country setting would have made for visually interesting photographs with the juxtaposition of elements representing the dual nature of Kate’s life.  Had Kate been wary of an overt display of opulence because of the criticism she’s faced over her pampered taxpayer-funded luxury lifestyle in a time of austerity, she could have still incorporated elements that would reflect more of who she is as a person or how her life has changed since joining the royal family five years ago.  One word Kate seems fond of lately is “surreal”.  Perhaps the media attention makes Kate feels like she exists in a sort Wonderland which could have been subtly referenced by her wearing a simple light blue dress with a black hair band while she sipped tea or sat at a table with cards in front of her.  Beyond a bicycle, there are no props in these photos to even indicate what she does with the vast majority of her time which is spent out of the public eye.  No camera hanging from a strap around her neck to represent her interest in photography, no children’s toys casually left on the lawn to hint at her identity as a mother, with the exception of Lupo in one photo, there are no other signs of life, not even smoke coming from a distant chimney to suggest a family which waits for her indoors.  It’s just simply a generically pretty airbrushed Kate, wearing entirely forgettable clothing in a beigely barren winter landscape.

The only possible hint at Kate’s personal interests is a curiously included shot in the magazine which caused a bit of social media buzz as people wondered if they were really seeing what they thought they were.


Emily Andrews noted the picture was too blurry to positively ID what exactly was going on with the back of Kate’s jeans.  The picture is pretty fuzzy, but this is the area in question:


Has Kate included a partial moon in her Vogue spread to show her cheeky side or is it perhaps something completely innocuous like a scarf tied around her waist with a pattern resembling butt cleavage?




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  1. Ah hh Lola, I have been waiting to read your take on the Vogue cover. What annoys me the most about this photo shoot is that our fair duchess is too busy being a hands on mum to undertake too many royal duties. She was unable to present shamrocks to worthy soldiers this year, yet, she was not too busy to spend a whole day away to be part of a glamorous (?) Vogue photoshoot. Most of Kate’s appearances take an hour or two at most and then she gets back to the kids. This took the whole day and she had no problem with it. I find her double standards beyond frustrating. I wonder how her charities really feel about having her as their figure head. She can also find time to visit the National Portrait Gallery to view the photos of herself. This whole episode beggars belief. I am just waiting to see what happens next!

    1. When I was s child my mother got us up, fed us, bathed us, dressed us, made up lunch boxes and took us to school. Then cleaned house and did laundry and shopping and other house duties and then volunteered providing home visits to the ill etc. Then collected us from school etc etc and had dinner on the table. I bet any Charity would swap lazy Kate for my mother for just a few hours a month

        1. She was and I’m sure most of us are equally blessed with parents who extend themselves for family and community as they can – those who have the least in the obvious sense make a difference as they can – my mother was fortunate to have in home help when she needed it – community is not a Vogue cover

    2. I’m behind on posts, I’m afraid. I have a few that have been started and remain unfinished. But the Vogue shoot needed to be addressed for the reason you stated. Kate can’t be bothered to honor the Irish Guards and breaks 115 years of BRF tradition but can spend a day sucking the life out of a vanity project.

      The majority of Kate’s events fall under an hour. Some are as short as 15 minutes. This year East Anglia Children’s Hospices shop in Holt was just under half an hour, a teen suicide awareness talk was 20 minutes, there are also quick internal staffing formalities she gets credit for in the court circular as engagements.

      1. Wait, internal staffing formalities? As in, she has meetings with their staff and secretaries and that counts as an engagement?! GTFO! You can’t be serious.

        1. One thing I can give Kate credit for: she pads her engagement numbers better than any other royal.

      2. Ditching the Irish Guards was such a misstep on her part. Now every times she does something like going to Wimbledon etc., this can be brought out as a criticism of her priorities.

    3. But she’s not “getting back to the kids”, that’s what her nannies are for. She’s getting back to online shopping.

    1. Km is dedicated to waity/stalking entilted bill middleton for a decade and now becoming Jecca to the ump degree.

  2. Oh dear – yet another bum shot – is this meant to be miserable uk in January ? I don’t buy it – and yes I was lucky enough to spend 9 months working in uk over a winter and spring – and moving from shower to towel in a heated space in 2 seconds was chilly. Compare tacky Chutney with “Aspiring Queen Mary” and her Vogue shoot many years ago – wow what a contrast – style + from the Danish CP – and expensive Walmart from the workshy Precious Poppette

    1. I add that I was also lucky enough to work in the US too in Manhattan and loved it – and on s trip through the Bourban county a few years ago got my first experience of Walmart – so big I am still lost in there ! great for what it is – but cowgirl hat and coat and striped top are not Vogue style unless it is a spoof

    2. I really liked Mary’s shoot – it was elegant.

      I know Mary gets a lot of hate on other sites but I don’t have a problem with her – she dresses, and carries herself beautifully – Waity should take some pointers from her.

      Another consideration about it being cold UK in January … when you’re that thin you really feel the cold – Waity looks quite comfortable there.

  3. Perhaps they didn’t want to have a model or actress or somebody to represent Vogue at 100 so they have gone off topic entirely. Any likely contender would be critiqued, after all, who could epitomise the history and contribution of Vogue? Certainly not Kate. o can’t see the real country being her habitat, the mud, the work. She just likes the clothes that go with the country.

    1. They couldn’t done a shoot featuring decades of actresses … the oldest one they could find, followed by one ten years younger, and one ten years younger than that … I forget her name (and too Lazy to Google) but there is an elderly model still working – and rocking it beautifully – she’d be a great contender for a start.

      I think this shoot has left Vogue with egg on its face … it’s just blah.

  4. Isn’t that clothes rack the saddest thing you’ve ever seen?

    All that drab, tonal beige and blue, with stripes and plaid.

    It’a actually quite painful even looking at it….

    Imagine turning up for a Vogue shoot and seeing all that dreariness just hanging there. I would sob…..

  5. And after reading one of the comments you listed about someone thinking it was James Bay, just googled James Bay and nearly wet myself laughing.
    That is hilarious, I can’t stop giggling. Such an unfortunate resemblance. Don’t know who i feel more sorry for – james or kate?!

      1. ROFL! Oh my giddy godfather, just had a massive choking/laughing fit. It’s her twin!!

  6. The beige, that hat, all the tan clothing. ..one might imagine her in Africa? All that beige tall grass? …Too much Jecca. What do you bet crap about Jecca and her wedding was going on in Jan. !? Thus the wedding in April.

    The butt shot…I agree with another poster. she pulled those down. Those pants would have fit her. Her ass is bulging out the top..gross thus gas to be a stick it to William or something. ..she had mental health issues for sure.

  7. Vogue did itself a great disservice in sacrificing its professionalism to Kate’s desire to basically art direct the shoot. They – of all people – should know what would result: dull as dishwater cover. It never fails to amaze me that intelligent hard-headed people lose the power of rational thought whenever pleasing a ‘royal’ is involved. Bad trade-off for Vogue, especially for the 100th issue.
    As for the bum hanging out of her jeans: sigh. No surprises. I’m sure it’s hard to keep most clothes on that ever-vanishing frame.

    1. Vogue has jumped the shark. They just dubbed Kanye and the K winners of the Met gala sweepstakes. I used to drool over the September issue of Vogue. Aaaah, halcyon days.

      Aliens have taken over. Vogue is done. Roasted. Pushing up the daisies. Bereft of life. Kicked the bucket. Shuffled off the mortal coil. Rung down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!!Vogue f*ckin’ snuffed it. (Many thanks to Monty Python).

      1. I am now going to watch “The September Issue” to purge my eyes and soul of this completely lame excuse for a Vogue shoot. Oh to compare this nonsense to the exquisitely styled shoots by Grace Coddington! The humanity!
        In all seriousness, this is just sad. Sad photos, sad clothes, sad scenery, sad woman. Take some freaking advice! Let Vogue pick out some cool clothes or at least come up with the scene and styling. Who wants to pay money for photos that are pretty much “random lady models clothes from J.C. Penney”?

        1. Grace Coddington stepped down last year and worked on the US version.

          Isn’t Kate on the British version, not the US version? If so, it’s Jaime Perlman’s territory – she makes her own decisions and isn’t dictated to by the US edition.

          The September Issue is a fabulous look into how Wintour runs Vogue US. What a ghastly woman she is … Grace Coddington looked to be in fear most of the time throughout that glimpse into what goes on.

        2. The striped jersey and jeans is something I would wear on a very casual day out. Why even bother?

    2. But imagine how it would’ve looked if she’d rocked some gorgeous black leather or leather fitted pants, tucked into riding boots, and an emerald green riding jacket with a peplum … hair tied back into a chignon and the largest emerald necklace she could find. Now THAT would be a cover worth talking about.

    1. Vogue (and most monthly glossies) always take behind the scenes pics and video of their shoots especially when it’s a cover shoot.

      In the olden days, the behind the scenes shots would make their way into the public arena due to vogue printing a different take of the same shoot or vogue writting a zeitgeist style article about a memorable shoot/subject matter or they come up for auction or are sold as postcards/ posters etc.

      These days, whilst still doing the above, they post all this stuff, videos and all to their website.

      Even if this was a shoot from last month’s cover, we would still be getting behind the scenes footage/pics.

      No one’s privacy is invaded, and it’s part of the deal.

      1. Thanks, I did not know that. (i don’t read many magazines). Why wouldn’t Vogue embargo this particular image though since her butt is visible? I mean, after all the ASS kissing they did to get her on their cover, why would they turn around and release this image?

        1. Maybe a little poke to show her she doesn’t have ALL the control (sorry puppet master, welcome to reality)

        2. I assume it’s an assistant posting the shots. Probably didn’t notice or thought it was a belt.

          1. I’m no Kate apologist but I’m wondering if that was the waistband in a light color and the “crack” is a belt loop.

  8. Lola, I absolutely loved your suggestions for an alternative shoot – light blue dress with a black headband would have been brilliant and would have made me like this git just a little. But no, Kate is in some bubble where she is a fantastic photographer, chutney maker and all around artiste. But there is an aspect of the photos which does reflect her real life – her nose has obviously grown in proportion to the lies.

    1. Considering her final paper was centered on Alice n Wonderland it would have been perfect and maybe make people think she had more going on upstairs beyond the extensions.

    2. Thanks! So many people have compared these to catalogue photos, the lack of personalization turned Kate into supposedly what she’s trying to prevent herself from being viewed as: a mannequin. Maybe that’s how she sees herself, now, and that was her creative vision. Another one for the Many Mysteries of Kate pile.

      1. I think that she perceives herself as the Princess mannequin. It’s all about The Princess.

  9. A bum shot?! If it were someone else, i’d think it was ubfortunate, but since we can’t go a year without Kate flashing someone……

    In school, it took 90 flashes and a word from TPTB to stop her flashing. Who is going to stop her now?

    1. No-one is going to call her on it.
      Much of Kate’s behaviour seems to stem from the school flashing. I think she just craves male attention and her body is the mechanism through which to get it. Hence, the tight fitting clothes, shortened skirts/coats, cinched waists, sprayed on pants, the flimsy full- skirted dresses that are destined to fly up revealing little or nothing underneath. These latter ‘Middleton moments’ happen too often to be accidental; I’m guessing Kate is comfortable with them even if they occur in places deserving of more thought eg war memorial in India. Kate’s behaviour over the years doesn’t impress as that of someone who thinks much beyond herself.

      1. you said it.. for someone who is vastly wealthy how hard is it to have appropriate clothes that cover oneself properly..instead of flashing to the press that is already invited for coverage of stately events

    2. Well, it’s going to be awkward in 20ish years when she hikes up her skirt and her boobs show.

    3. Herazeus! I can see Kate in her innermost tower, stooped over a cauldron, sorting thru bum-flashing clothes, cackling:

      1. Hey You!!!

        Yep. That’s our Katie.

        And you know, this happens so 9ften that we can’t give her the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    1. She was keen to experience the surrealness of being on a magazine cover, dontcha know? She was, *as PoorJason whispered*, feeling very, very energised.

  10. It’s hard to tell about the pants, and I did see a picture of them, they have a light coloured waistband. But I don’t know, looks like crack to me. You can really how long her torso is in that picture. She has an interesting shape, maybe she thinks skinny will hide what God gave her that she can’t change?

    I really can’t believe these pictures passed muster for such an important milestone for British Vouge. Just perplexing, from start to finish. If “extra” pictures from the shoot make it to the mainstream, maybe we will get an “extra” story on how the day really went out in the wilds of Norfolk

  11. I imagine the editor hoped for the best, cried a bit when they saw the final shots and went with the best of the bunch. This is not a cover I’d point to as a high point in my career. The only high is they got her to do it.

    Great post Lola. Personally I think a shoot of Nightwing in his cape frolicking with Lupo would have been much better!

    1. I saw a half Lab/half golden retriever in a shop the other day. She looked just like Nightwing and followed me around shamelessly begging for petting.

  12. Since when did she become the country-girl-fly-fishing-orvis catalogue-in africa poster girl? She has no identity.

    1. Yeah, but she’s promoting one. Of all possibilities, I never imagined her as the country type. She’s a mall rat.

      1. I guess she’s pushing that she has some sort of aristocratic aura hence the country/ Range Rover scenes. You’re right though, she’s a mall rat with a hint of exhibitionism thrown in for good measure. She’s really as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

  13. I think those caterpillars above her eyes sucked all the life out of these photos.

    Great work as usual, Lola!

  14. Every time I see these photo’s they are accompanied by Mr Big’s “I’m The one” playing in my head. I swear she is the spitting image of lead singer Eric Martin and try as I might, I can’t unsee it.

  15. Love your take on the Vogue cover Lola ..
    and Kittys dull as dishwater sums it up pretty well
    noone has liked the cover with Dull Waity on it
    hope noone buys it in June … serve them right for having Lazy Waity on it
    she doesnt deserve to be on there what has she done of merit to be on the cover… answer absolutely nothing …
    she is always trying to be someone else … so fake…

  16. She was keen to experience the surrealness of being on a magazine cover, dontcha know? She was, *as PoorJason whispered*, feeling very, very energised.

  17. OMG, I am SO glad I was in the back office when I Googled James Bay because I laughed my ass off. I just can’t with this woman anymore……

  18. Im from the UK and most people i’ve spoken too loved this shoot! It is what the press release says it is: a series of photos that reflect her love of the country, you cant say you wern’t forewarned. I for one love how exquisitely British the whole thing is. But I must ask why on earth would Kate ever do American vogue? It is to the UK and Commonwealth where the Royal Family must concentrate their energies and where they must be most relevant. Kate owes America and its fawning press nothing. IMO the measure of a good Royal will never be in the level of interest they generate in the States. She simply doesn’t need Anna Wintour’s approval.

    1. Hi, Sandy! Thanks so much for weighing in, I always enjoy hearing all perspectives and I’m happy you enjoyed the photos. Kate shouldn’t have done American Vogue. The reason I mentioned it was because Anna Wintour’s campaign was so over-the-top and she enlisted Mario Testino whose work Kate admires to try to get her to do it. Anna Wintour is known to get what she wants through sheer tenacity. It was merely an interesting aside which also reflects on the intense global interest in Kate at the time. I think many people would have had an issue had Kate caved to Anna’s efforts and gone with the US Vogue. Wasn’t going to happen but not for lack of trying on Anna Wintour’s behalf.

  19. Those bum pictures… is that her back or her front we’re looking at? Is she leaning backward or forward? Her posture is so bad and she’s got all that hair and wig going on, how can one honestly tell? If she really is leaning forward, then she’s either busting a sag or blowing a fart.

    1. I think she’s so thin and she doesn’t have any hip angularity (no negative, just how her body is) that her pants waistband slid down when she reached up to rest her arms. We’ve seen from earlier years her wear short shorts way below the navel, so she’s comfortable with her pants riding low (probably walks around like at home to try and titilate Will). So I think its butt, and she wouldn’t even notice because that’s her comfort zone. Sad that she’s so 1 dimensional.

  20. Thank you Lola, your analysis was spot on. I wonder how well this issue will sell. Does she still move magazines in Britain? I don’t think she sells that well here in the US. If this turns out to be a dud, it maybe her first and last time on Vogue.

    1. That’s Jecca’s look, though. Jecca’s very comfortable with who she is and she’s cool because she doesn’t try to be cool. With Kate, she looks like she’s on her way to a fancy dress party.

      1. Jecca is way more cool than KM will ever be. My response is a clumsy attempt to distill how silly I think the Vogue fashion thing is. I don’t understand fashion and I’m so much more impressed with someone who demonstrates character, compassion, and courage.

        By the way, Lola, your writing is wonderful. Hope you have a book in the works. I’d buy it!

  21. Dear Kate,
    On behalf of the high school graduating classes of 1975 every where, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sadly, like a lot of copies, you are only a cheap imitation of the real thing. We did it better and in a much more interesting way than you could ever hope to accomplish.

    Class of ’75

  22. I really have to (once again) wonder if these two do-nothings are trying to raise so much outrage that when their turn comes there will be a republic and they can fade off into the countryside. I know, over Ma Midd’s dead body, but I’m still wondering….

  23. Why doesn’t the Advertising Standards Authority put a stop to glamourizing anorexia in THIS case?
    “… the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain ruled that the ad was “irresponsible” and that the model looked “unhealthily thin,” fanning a perennial debate in the fashion industry over when thin is too thin.”
    Does the “Kate Effect” not send a negative stereotype to young woman who are a healthy size 8 or 10?

  24. NPG visit, back to the very low cut top/pink outfit she wore in Australia while she was bending over in full vision of young men. All kinds of comments about how stunning and pretty she looks, even ‘demure!’ The outfit is pretty but so low cut. I really think, after her Marilyn moment in India, she’s being really cheeky and sticking 2 fingers up at everyone who takes issue with her flashing. She and her team probably think it’s so much fun and clever doing this…she’s not modern, she’s not meant to look trashy no matter how many other women may walk around with lots of cleavage showing, for her role it’s just inappropriate, albeit IMO. Paid commenters regardless, this is just pathetic!

  25. I really can’t stand her at this point. Any tiny smithereen of pity is gone. Everything about her is so incredibly fake and useless. Seeing her just beaming at the NPG was pathetic. It was as if her life had peaked in that moment. And of course she chose that moment to once again subject the peasants to her sun damaged sternum as her breasts plotted their escape. Fortunately they are Middletons so they were too lazy to spring free. The only silver lining to all of this is that Madame Boganson of Denmark will see the Vogue spread and get her own denim overalls/jumpsuit and prance and pose for the photographers which will give me something to laugh about for years.

  26. So, my subscription copy of vogue arrived this morning. That’s definitely a bum picture. Much clearer in the magazine. The trousers are low waisted, no belt. The shirt is hanging low at the front, covering everything, but i think because her arms are lifted to lean on the fence, the back of the shirt isn’t long enough to hide the bumster effevt at the back. Definitely bum shot, no knickers.

    And the article tells us nothing about Kate. Only that she controlled every aspect of the shoot ie concept, clothing, photography and photos. The editor goes on and on about how they’ve been trying to get Kate into Vogue and finally NPG was the right bribe. Nothing in the article suggests anything of Kate’s personality. Nothing on the shoot. Nothing memorable at all. I feel sad for the vogue team because they were all expectant and excited in the weeks leading up to it, but the shoot sounds like Kate didn’t leave anybody with any memorable impression. No tales of the unexpected or Kate showing any quirks or anytjing that they would treasure to tell their grandkids about the day they met Kate.

    The article is mostly filler about the importance of the centenary and walks the reader through the milestones of Kate’s life like a check list eg Kate is married to PW, Kate has to kids who are heirs. The day was foggy, then the sun came out! Kate arrived in a Land Rover in curlers (which was probably the most exciting thing that happened all day and was the only memorable thing about Kate that day).

    Honestly, my impression is that if they had used a shop mannequin instead of Kate, it wouldn’t have made any difference because she made that little an impression.

    The only take away was that Kate is extremely controlling about how she is portrayed, so vogue had to acquiece to her concept, clothing, photos etc. She rejected all of Vogue’s suggestions except for Make up.

    The only revealing remark from Kate was her surprise that so much work went into a single photographic image whichagoes to show how little appreciation she truly has for photography despite the vanity of calling herself a photographer, and if she’s talking about the shoot as a whole ( unclear which), then clearly this woman doesn’t understand the work that goes into making things look easy and simple around her.

    And i’ve probably written more about this shoot than the impression Kate left on the vogue team.

    1. The sad thing is that this is a centenary issue. Vogue has put together an isdue of memorable shoots for this edition. So Kate’s shoot is jarring against all the rest and is clearly included because of who she is, and there is no artist merit to it.

    2. Perhaps we will be spared another insipid cover feature because it’s too much work.

    3. The question Vogue needs to ask is, “Was it worth it?”. From your response, the answer would be no. The price was far too high if professionals had to surrender their expertise to a vain, dull woman. Does it surprise anyone that she is vain and controlling? Kate’s not got much going for her and when illuminated on the world stage, it is embarrassingly obvious. No-one will ever tell her, of course. The NPG director dutifully frothed at the mouth. Under the circumstances, I hope Vogue gave her those black pants.

      1. I’m not sure that dull or boring is enough to describe the lack of impression Kate made. Dull and boring would mean she had left an imprint. She was polite, she endured the cold weather, she was relaxed. She thanked everybody at the end of the shoot. The end.

        Ps: Vogue brought in extra clothing like ball gowns and other props that could be used, but apparently just laughed away the suggestions. That by itself was a point of interest in so far as demonstrating Kate’s control of the shoot.

        Beyond that, she wasn’t dull or boring enough for a snarky comment or even one of those OTT sycophantic phrasing that vogue indulges in when they have a trophy model.

        Honestly, i learnt more about the process of putting on a vogue shoot.

        So little was the impression she made that the resulting boring, dull photos are a win. At least she’s projecting something in them.

        I’ve never known a person to leave no impression of themselves, good or bad or boring. In a public figure it’s mind boggling. Perhaps that’s why she self presents so strongly in terms of visuals, even if said visuals are boring. She’s an empty shell covering herself in the cloak of others to give a particular impression because on her own, there is nothing there.

        Which speaks to former school mates/ teachers calling her utterly forgetable.

        With that thought, i shall continue to be angry about the wastage of tax payer money, but i’m done having any expectations. There is simply nothing there. End of.

        I had this thought after reading her controlling ways; i think she’s stressed in public, looks awkward because she can’t control those situations like she did Vogue. There is no template that she can follow, no hallmark card phrasing for every occassion. The public keep acting outside the box instead of sticking to a prescribed script. This need to control also speaks to the draconian media strategy. Sure William is paranoid to the extreme, but she feeds into that by wanting to control in extremis how she ( or they) are portrayed. And if Vogue is anything to go by, she will not meet anyone half way. It’s her way or the highway. The rest she leaves with him to deal with, as long as she is taken care of.

        1. The whole thing about her not making an impression reminds me again of that astrologer’s remark about her: there’s nothing there. No personality. No spark of anything. Nothing unique. Nothing to notice. Nothing to set her apart. The only thing interesting about her is the way she’s defined by the people around her.

          Which is why it would be hilarious that Kate decided to use her big Vogue shoot to display her deceased mother-in-law’s ring and dress up like her husband’s purported ex. But it’s really kind of sad. Or not kind of sad, just really sad. Too bad I ran out of sympathy when she ditched the shamrock event.

          (I also wonder if the butt shot is Vogue’s very sneaky way of getting back at her for ruining what should have been a great photoshoot for them. I doubt it, but I also find it hard to believe someone didn’t notice it before it went to print.)

        2. Sounds like she’s really into power and loves to throw her weight around because she is a Princess, future Queen Consort.

      2. I’m not sure that dull or boring is enough to describe the lack of impression Kate made. Dull and boring would mean she had left an imprint. She was polite, she endured the cold weather, she was relaxed. She thanked everybody at the end of the shoot. The end.

        Ps: Vogue brought in extra clothing like ball gowns and other props that could be used, but apparently just laughed away the suggestions. That by itself was a point of interest in so far as demonstrating Kate’s control of the shoot.

        Beyond that, she wasn’t dull or boring enough for a snarky comment or even one of those OTT sycophantic phrasing that vogue indulges in when they have a trophy model.

        Honestly, i learnt more about the process of putting on a vogue shoot.

        So little was the impression she made that the resulting boring, dull photos are a win. At least she’s projecting something in them.

        I’ve never known a person to leave no impression of themselves, good or bad or boring. In a public figure it’s mind boggling. Perhaps that’s why she self presents so strongly in terms of visuals, even if said visuals are boring. She’s an empty shell covering herself in the cloak of others to give a particular impression because on her own, there is nothing there.

        Which speaks to former school mates/ teachers calling her utterly forgetable.

        With that thought, i shall continue to be angry about the wastage of tax payer money, but i’m done having any expectations. There is simply nothing there. End of.

        I had this thought after reading her controlling ways; i think she’s stressed in public, looks awkward because she can’t control those situations like she did Vogue. There is no template that she can follow, no hallmark card phrasing for every occassion. The public keep acting outside the box instead of sticking to a prescribed script. This need to control also speaks to the draconian media strategy. Sure William is paranoid to the extreme, but she feeds into that by wanting to control in extremis how she ( or they) are portrayed. And if Vogue is anything to go by, she will not meet anyone half way. It’s her way or the highway. The rest she leaves with him to deal with, as long as she is taken care of.

        1. Herazeus, I wonder if her quest for control in situations is a result of her lack of enough real life experience in various situations (work, meeting other people, social situations not involving William’s crowd, etc.). In the limited experiences she has had she’s learned how to react, how to speak, when to laugh, etc. and committed that to memory.

          Controlling every little thing gives her the peace of mind of knowing what is coming and what her reaction will or should be. No spur of the moment thinking, no coming up with witty repartee. At home, as with anyone else, she knows where everything is, what everyone does, what she needs to do, say, etc. Same thing with William, she knows how to push his buttons and manage him. Take her out of her comfort zone and throw possible curves in there and she’s at a loss and the gurning, hair twirling and insipid statements start.

          She lacks basic life experience. Even people with phobias learn how to get past them for situations that may trigger them. It’s a matter of wanting to get better, be better, do better and Kate seems to be quite happy where she is and isn’t going to stretch herself for anything else. I’ve reached the point of not expecting more from her as well. It’s a pointless dream. She has the opportunity to do so much and to do better personally just sitting at her fingertips and she could care less.

          1. I love your second paragraph. In my newfound understanding ( assuming we are correct), it sums her up perfectly and succinctly.

            And your first paragraph is the application of her control.

          2. I think she seems like someone who has learned helplessness. She is so afraid to do wrong that she sticks with dull and bland.

            I wonder what/who is the source of the toxic criticism and control. She used to be more vibrant and confident, though still rather ordinary. I want to say William, but I’m not sure.

            I think it’s… Carole. Kate’s a Mummy’s Girl after all, and you’d think a socially ambitious business woman could tutor her daughter better, but she hasn’t. But she’s there, running the household at Anmer Hall, telling Kate what to do and what not to do.

        2. The comments about the Vogue shoot, as well as the swfing of Diana, Jecca et al reminded me, too, of the comments made about Kate at school: forgettable, too unmemorable even to be bullied. I have long thought of her as thoroughly empty, but with a brittleness that as you say, won’t meet anyone half way. I’m sure she knows how to reel in William, as I’m sure he knows how to deal with her. I don’t believe she wants to do anything much; in five years, not much of an effort has been made. Pointless making excuses for someone who is just plain lazy and bored with life.

    4. Thanks for the synopsis, Herazeus!

      It’s interesting that the magazine decided to go with an image depicting Kate’s partial moon. I guess they needed something noteworthy. There’s no way that photo slipped by. Before a magazine goes to print, proofs are thoroughly examined, either with a loupe or a magnifying glass. Every millimeter is inspected.

      1. That’s what is so puzzling to me.

        In the scanned pics that are on the Internet, it looks like a belt due to scanning making the pics somewhat fuzzy, but in the magazine, it’s as clear as the midday sun that there is no belt, she’s wearing low slung trousers and it’s a mooning shot.

        So Vogue goes over it, Kate goes over it, and everyone is OK with a mooning shot?!?!

        Or did they think it was a trick of the light?

        Whatever they thought it was, the possibility of that looking like a mooning shot, which it is, should have relegated it to the dustbin pile.

        I don’t understand how everyone could be that careless.

        Or as @Maureen said, perhaps it was Vogue’s payback.

        1. Thank you Herazeus for your analysis, and for confirming the buttshot!
          My English is lacking so please excuse me. I am sure you get what I am asking. My question is, if she is so controlling (and I totally buy that explanation) why does she flash in Vogue? For me it is certain that she had to pull down the pants to show herself off, it is no mistake done there.
          And a further question that I always repeat, why does she flash all the time. I do not get this.

          1. You are welcome Cecilia.

            And we all ask the same question why she keeps doing this.

            The answer may be that she became popular with boys at school because she flashed them a record 90times before a staff member told her to stop it.

            She won William by flashing him in that seethrough dress fashion parade.

            When he dumped her, seemingly for good, she started wearing skimpy little skirts and dresses to show him what he is missing.

            I would say at this point, flashing has given her positive attention for what she wants.

            Since she doesn’t care about the rest of us, and apparently no one has told her to stop doing it as an adult, she’ll continue to flash us, perhaps to the private amusement of William.

            1. Herazeus is the mooning photo with the central spread or at a different place in the magazine?

              1. The mooning shot is with the central spread. It is the last page of it, but it is posted in a behind the scenes collage of the clothes rail, the field, vogue personnel, concept drawings etc.

            2. Thank you so much Herazeus! I had to go back a nd read Lolas and Daily mails articles on her flashing history. And I still don’t understand her behavior. But then, how could any of us here do that..flashing is not a thing any one of us is comfortable with doing. There is something seriously wrong with her.

  27. Wow these pictures were boring!

    I think Vogue could have used Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. I know they’ve been used a gazillion times but let’s be honest, those two girls can work a magazine cover. They could have used anyone else really, any young english up and coming fashionista (Emma Watson perhaps?)

    But…they used Chutney. Why?

    Ok…so they used her but why make the shoot so drab. I think if she wanted to show country living (eye roll)it could have been juxtaposed with the royal aspect of her life. Maybe out in a field in haute couture (she probably can’t pull it off). But a few beautiful pieces from Mcqueen and others to showcase british fashion. If you’re a clothes horse at least let your pony fabrics be fabulous.

    Plus, my first thought when I saw the picture was Africa which is strange for an English Royal on the cover of British Vogue. I also thinks it looks like a Fall cover not Spring or Summer.

    1. Emma McQuiston would have rocked that cover and been a much better choice than Kate. Then again, almost anyone would have been more interesting.

  28. Re. Control mentioned earlier, When she was abseiling in Wales, and held the rope William was attached to, she said something like it was good to be in control for once. Maybe why she has an issue with food too.

  29. DM claiming that Waity’s Vogue cover sales are expected to go through the roof. Is there any way to verify this? If true, then I chalk up the sales on people wanting to peek at the butt shot and that’s about it.

    1. Lol. I think you could be right. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on RD on Tuesday. The cover is such a boring snooze fest that they needed some controversy so that people would buy it. Then again I really wouldn’t waste my money on buying something already seen online. Not sure why vogue thought they were getting a ‘coup’ by putting Chutters on the cover.

      1. The Kate shoot is certainly not typical Vogue standard in terms of pushing concepts. The photos don’t stand up to those on display at the NPG, which are just stunning. They are so much more than photos on display; many challenge concepts of what photography is, plus there is some ground-breaking work there eg Lee Miller, Cecil Beaton, and also edgy contemporary image makers.

        But since Kate oversaw everything herself, honestly, what could you expect? She has no training, no developed eye or experience in photography or art direction; just an ego in overdrive, enabled by people who should know better. Yes, she owns an expensive camera and has found the click button but she’s got nothing going for her and is too arrogant to know it. At least Anne and Diana had the good sense to accept art direction from those who were immersed in their art and knew how to construct visual narratives to make their subjects shine.

        1. For an underachiever who has not accomplished much in life other than to make her uterus work, she has an over inflated sense of self. I don’t mind the control issue if we are going to be wowed with the end results. But Waity can’t seem to rise above mediocrity in almost everything she does and says.

        2. …”yes she owns an expensive camera and has found the click button…”

          This made me lol, thanks for that chuckle on this otherwise dreary afternoon. I’m really looking forward to the day that Kate gets knocked off her high horse and realises, once and for all, that she’s only as good as the effort she puts in.

  30. as usual photoshopped rubbish from the cambridges, no work eithics, the kids are holed in god knows where, no speeches, flashing and more flashing, goodness me she belongs in a strip joint not in the BRF!!!!!

  31. Lola, it must be said that you seem obsessed with posting pictures of, and writing about, Kate’s bottom!

    That ‘Harriet, Toronto’ (commenter in the Daily Mail screen shot above), is mad as a snake … I’m surprised her internet connection hasn’t been terminated due to the mad vitriol she spurts.

    I think the photos are dreadful – especially the one in the hat (I HATE hats!!!) – it’s all teeth, hair and hat … yuck. The ‘fashion’ is anything but; it’s just all so dreary. But I do like that Lupo is included, even if he does look scared. (If my Labs were involved with something like that they’d be rolling around on their backs, playing ‘paw’ and looking happy – poor Lupo just looks frightened).

      1. Actually Cecilia, it is my opinion and I stand by it.

        Your singling my comment out and saying it is “not OK” is not ok(ay) in itself – unless of course Lola appointed you Moderator? No? Bugger off then.

        1. I believe Cecilia felt you were going after me directly with the comment that I’m “obsessed” with Kate’s bum and she was defending me. Cecilia’s first language is not English and your comment likely sounded harsher to her ear than it did to mine. “Bugger off” sounds harsh to my ear but to others it might not. On sites like this where people from around the world engage in conversation, sometimes we hit cultural and linguistic snags. I should have jumped in earlier as a moderator but at that point I was over Kate’s Vogue cover and had hit my limit.

    1. Well, you try to give Kate the benefit of a doubt, and she just flashes again. It is disconcerting, considering she could be queen one day. Even Madonna didn’t show butt crack at the Met ball this year, in that very skimpy outfit.

    2. T. If there’s someone who is obsessed with Kate and her butt—it is Kate herself.

  32. Lola is just reporting it as she (literally) see it (Kate’s flashed bits).
    The person making the clothing and exposure decisions seems
    to be Kate herself…….

  33. Soooo… If what I’m reading elsewhere is correct it goes something like this:

    Vogue exhibit opens in NPG couple months ago
    Kate, as NPG Patron, nowhere to be seen.
    Kate gets a Vogue cover and her pictures in NPG
    Kate NOW visits NPG, ostensibly as Patron but in truth to look at herself.
    Vogue exhibit due to close in couple weeks time.
    Vogue states they are going to make a load of money in sales and it is revealed no charity will benefit.

    Really the only winners here are Kate and Vogue. It makes me so mad as so much good could have come from this but she’s too self-absorbed to see past the end of her own ego. UGH!

    1. I wasn’t going to say this until she flashed again, but the photo above one of her at the gallery features a young lady who is not wearing any pants.

      1. Omg. I almost snorted my red wine. Hahahaha!! Gotta be a Freudian slip on that photo.

  34. I believe if she had the gowns and bells and whistles then she’d get bashed for flaunting her tax payed luxurious lifestyle with a passion for the perks of a royal and nothing else. I liked that she made it casual because that’s what she wanted to convey in the shoot. If she dolled up then the critics would say she’s trying to fill the fashion plate shoes of diana. And when she remains to choose more a casual laid back theme, it’s all of a sudden a half ass jecca impersonation. The critics need to make up her minds on who she is going full single white female on, diana or Jecca. It’s just a catch 22 for her.

    1. Not necessarily. Had Vogue offered a fee/percentage of profits from the 100th issue to one or more of Kate’s charities, she’d have an easier ride of it. As it stands now, it appears that Kate has had her vanity satisfied and Vogue keeps its profits. Further, as patron of the NPG she did not attend the Vogue opening in February, only when her two images were hung.
      Kate would have been wiser to let more experienced hands from Vogue guide the art direction of the shoot. The magazine has produced some stunning, thought-provoking imagery – there’s an exhibition to prove it, for goodness sake! Lola’s take on the juxtaposition of the regal in a country setting would have worked and probably what Vogue had in mind.
      William and Kate fall into the same trap each and every time: they fail to take advice, insisting they know best. It all turns to custard and someone has to clean up the mess. However, it just adds to the justifiably poor reputation of both.

        1. @msthang
          You were clearly channeling my culinary intentions. Winter is a coming in this part of the world and I am making a rhubarb and apple crumble this weekend, with ginger and sultanas. All to be served with a dollop of cream.

    2. This is such a lazy accusation. See Mary McDonald’s vogue shoots aka Crown Princess of Denmark who didn’t come from a rich family and managed Vogue/ magazine shoots that show her regal and simple.





      The problem with Kate is that she has no sense of self, so she SWF-other people. Given that aspect of her personality, she should have let Vogue give her an identity.

      And by the way, Diana didn’t spring fully formed into royal fashionability. She went to vogue and asked for help and every few years they would give her tune up. They are directly responsible changes to her style throughout her life. So it is beyond ridiculous that Kate SWF Diana as if she knows better than Vogue’s team of stylists who crafted Diana’s image in the first place.

      Vogue took Diana from this:


      To this:


      To this:


      And this:


      And they definitely influenced her hair because she allowed the vogue hairstylist Sam Knight to work on her hair at her first vogue shoot, loved him, and used him every time she wanted to change her hair. He’s given lots of interviews over the years about the many styles he gave her.

        1. Thank you Herazeus! Wow, wish I could have a make over every 5 year with a team from Vogue!

        2. These were what I would have expected rather than what Kate and her team came up with. It’s as if they tried incredibly hard to turn it into a backyard shoot with dad.

          Say what you will about Mary, but she works and I loved her layout in Vogue. But I’m a sucker for looking at clothing I know I’ll never wear in gorgeous photographs by world class photographers who work with their subject to get the best out of them instead of being told what they will and won’t do. They should have just had Rebecca take the photos of Kate for what we got out of that session. I don’t know if I’d even want the photos in my portfolio if I were the photographer.

        3. Hi Herazeus
          Thank you for the links. I had forgotten how stunning Carolyn was! And those Testino photos of Diana were beautiful too. Seeing those photos again reminds me of Testino’s skills as a photographer, so what happened with Charlotte’s christening photos? Something must have gone wrong as those photos were horrible! Did Testino take great photos on the day but did Kate (or someone working to her direction) make them into the mess that was released? Considering Kate gets Tash to butcher her clothes, does Kate get Tash to butcher photos too?

          1. Herazeus is amazing. Every now and then I have off days when I feel like yanking the plug on this blog entirely, but part of the reason I don’t is because I enjoy Herazeus’ comment contributions too much. Herazeus has an open invitation to be a guest author any time she wants, I would be thrilled to hand over a set of keys so she could take it for a spin and cover whatever struck her fancy. I know she’s very busy making the world a better place, but any time she wants to take this blog for a spin, I would honored.

            1. I love reading Herazeus posts too and learned a lot from her. She is her own Wiki!!

  35. I’m just going to go ahead and be mean. She looks awful, just awful. This was not a good look or session for her. I suddenly feel a million times better about my own photos, because, despite not having any of Kate’s resources, I actually look cute in my pics and not like I’m auditioning for the LL Bean catalog. This was the best they could do? Her feature look garish and dull and her eyes are flat and emotionless. Dude. This was a huge mistake.

  36. Hi Lola…and Nightwing!
    Another witty article on the antics of Kate. I have no hope for her to improve. She just doesn’t not think about the possible scenarios of her actions.
    I have seen better photos in mail-order catalogs than this shoot captured. Also, that one pair of jeans was down right awful.
    My first thought was that she was trying to look like she was on the African savannah, channeling Jecca because then maybe William would not be as angry since she did not consult him on this.

  37. What a contrast between Kate and Diana in those Vogue shoots. Kate has no spark. Diana, for all her faults, had a personality. I hesitate to call Diana damaged, a word used by the friends of her husband; she certainly had more challenges at a much younger age than Kate and she met many of those challenges. She dressed well but she also worked hard. Kate is less than ordinary except for her flashing. Honestly, I think each flash is a way for William to flash a big FU to the family and institution that prevents him from being a normal Norfolk turnip toff.

  38. I think it’s kates way of having control over anything and giving those that try to control her…will, carol, the firm a big fu

    Interesting Pippa doesnot have these mental issues and she’s younger. Pippa seems only slightly more able to pull off “normal” better than kate and James.

  39. It would be one thing if she walked around her own property flashing neighbours and family. But this nuthead flashes for all the world to see, for all eternity the proof will circulate internet. Who is that crazy?

  40. Lola, I apologize if this is a little off-topic, but I saw on Twitter that you’re planning to write about Harry’s Invictus Games. I can’t wait to read that. I attended the opening event, and it really was amazing.

    1. There’s nothing off-topic here, we can color inside or outside the lines, whatever strikes your fancy. We can talk about paint chips or prime ministers. Yes, Invictus post late tonight, I feel it’s important to dedicate a post to Harry’s tremendous achievement which honestly I’ve felt a little daunted by because it’s a major accomplishment and there’s just so much noise surrounding it (I’ll delve into that in the post). Fortunately peppersmint has provided key elements on her Twitter page which makes it less daunting. I would love to hear your impression of opening night to include in the post if you wouldn’t mind.

  41. I typed this up and then realized how long it is, so I apologize in advance for that.

    Attending the Opening Ceremony was a truly rewarding experience. I’m fortunate to live about 10 minutes away, so I felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My spouse is also a veteran with lingering issues from his military service, and I have so much respect for how Harry’s brought these Games about.

    It’s almost difficult to describe just how happy everyone was to be there. The audience was enthusiastic about everything, and it was great to see people cheering all the competitors from all the countries as they walked out. In fact, the ladies sitting behind us were also locals, and they brought on the loud whistles and cheers for every country. People completely understood why there were there and just how important it was. I loved the sense that these competitors should all be the heroes we look up to. And honestly, I loved the push for hiring veterans, as that’s also a huge part of the event. Yes, the competitors were there to challenge themselves physically, but they’re also proving to the world that they’re still valuable members of society who have something to contribute in the workforce.

    The flyover was awesome, and the helicopter bringing in the Invictus flag was pretty amazing. We could see the helicopters fly past, but from where I was sitting I couldn’t see the paratrooper exit (except on the screen). But everyone cheered when the flag got to the stage. The silent drill team was also incredible, and the audience loved it. The Invictus choir was one of my favorite parts, really impressive. The singers were just as moved as the people watching, so it made for a beautiful moment. Because the ceremony was being broadcast live, there were actually commercial breaks, and things would be shifted around for the next part of the ceremony. At first, it was a little confusing, but then we all got the hang of it, and when everything seemed to come to a stop, people around us would say, “Commercial break!” It was a fun group in the stadium and seemed to be a pretty good mix of locals and people from other countries. Lots of people from the UK, but that didn’t surprise me, since half the people who live around me are British. It was just nice to see so much support for the event, and if it wasn’t a full house (9500) it was very close to it.

    James Blunt brought down the house. I’ve never seen him perform before, but it was clear he was enjoying himself but not making it all about himself. Then Harry walked out, and the stadium went wild. It wasn’t a celebrity thing, though, and Harry didn’t act like a celebrity or like this was all about him. It was clear that everyone genuinely appreciated the work he’d done with Invictus and bringing attention to wounded veterans. And he responded by turning everything away from himself and back on the competitors. I’ve seen other people comment about how good his speech was, but I’ll mention it again. It was really, really good. He carried himself well, he spoke with confidence, and I didn’t notice any hint of hesitation or even nerves. (There were teleprompters at the base of the platform, but I didn’t see him or anyone else who spoke rely much on them. They all knew what they were there to say.) It’s almost like Harry’s finally reached that place of maturity in which he knows who he is, why he’s doing this work, and he’s totally at peace with himself. I’ve seen a few complaints elsewhere that he’s making the Games all about himself, but nothing could be further from the truth in the Opening Ceremony. He was there to support and encourage, and he gave a speech that reflected it. In fact, everyone who stood up there and spoke had something very important to say, a piece of the pie if that makes sense, to remind the spectators and the audience watching from home just what the Games were all about. They weren’t about Harry, or Michelle Obama, or Morgan Freeman. They were about the wounded veterans who were reclaiming their sense of themselves and showing the world that you can be a whole person even if you lost your legs. They were also about the invisible injuries that are just as devastating, because people don’t always feel comfortable talking about them. So Harry et al talked about them, as they should.

    (For what it’s worth, I only saw him from my seat, although one of the ladies sitting behind us saw him, Michelle Obama, and Robin Roberts when they came into the stadium. She must not have been too impressed, though, because when James Blunt said something about Harry being hot, she said, “No he’s not!”)

    We stayed until just after the British soldiers spoke (right after DT). We had a small child with us, who was starting to look desperate for sleep, so we thought we’d beat the crowds. No luck there, as quite a few other people had the same idea. The show was supposed to run from 8-10 pm, but we left at 10:30, and it went for another 10-15 minutes. We saw the fireworks as we were walking back to the car.

    Only downside had to do with getting in and getting out. VERY slow entry due to security (TSA checking bags and Secret Service monitoring metal detectors), and leaving was kind of horrible because the parking lot exit was poorly managed. Despite my living a few minutes away, we didn’t get home until shortly before midnight. That aside, it was worth it, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to go and support such an amazing cause.

    1. Thank you Melete for your wonderful post. Harry deserves to be on the World Stage for the Invictus games. Look and learn William !!!!!!

    2. Melete thank you for sharing your experiences at the Games with us!! It’s really nice to know that one of “us” got to actually be there!

    3. Thanks for taking the time to describe what it was like to be at the opening. I am glad people in the stands cheered for all the participants.

      My friend was a long time military wife. I have to admit, I was foolishly ignorant about the life of military families until I met her. Both her husband and son served, but really the entire family serves. I am not even talking about the soldiers who com back with wounds which can be seen and unseen, but how much sacrifice is made in day to day life. The things military personal have to pay for themselves, housing issues, how long it takes for household items to be shipped ect. I could not believe how stupid I was about the day to day hardships of military personnel and their families. I am glad my friend educated me about military life. We owe our gratitude every day for all which is done on our behalf. Thanks for the service given by your family.

      I don’t understand the criticism of Prince Harry. He is promoting The Games. He is not promoting himself. Good grief.

    4. Terrific first-hand account; thank you so much for sharing your observations Melete.

    5. Awesome Melete, thank you. I’m trying to find some videos so I can watch some excerpts.

  42. This was excellent! My daughter was in Orlando next door to event but never got a glimpse of Harry. The more I hear the mote he makes his brother look.like a spoiled monster. Wish him and the flasher would step down. Harrys definatly what England needs…he’s come into his own sounds like

  43. I don’t get all the dust over some pics. Can you imagine if she was in the country in a ball gown and tiara?!? Everyone would have rode her like a dead horse for “trying to be royalty” it’s a non issue in my opinion.

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