Warrior Prince

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
– Winston Churchill

Over the weekend, my Twitter feed was approximately 60% Prince Harry and Invictus Games, 20% Cute Animals and 20% makeup and miscellaneous.  The percentages were encouraging because it meant that Invictus news was making the rounds, even beating out some undeniably precious pandas.

With the buzz surrounding Invictus Games, especially with the charming Prince Harry involved, conversation can quickly veer off course, no matter how noble the cause.  With Prince Harry promoting Invictus to raise awareness, outlets have been latching on to his casual remarks in order to sell the fairytale and not the cause.  Sure, wounded warriors who have overcome great adversity is cool and all but Prince Harry is like totally looking for a girlfriend and OMG!

A few hours ago, I did a Google search for Prince Harry and this is what was at the top of the News chain:


Really?  Even during such an impressive massive undertaking as Invictus, Prince Harry’s love life is still the focus?

On Twitter,  has done a tremendous job in separating the key moments from all the noise and Tweeting the best of Prince Harry’s laudable efforts.  I highly recommend following peppersmint for the best of both the Invictus Games and Prince Harry.

The Invictus Games are a sporting event created by Prince Harry, this year uniting 500 wounded, sick and injured armed services personnel from fourteen countries as they compete in the events of archery, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and field, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis. (Source: Invictus Games 2016 Official Website).  Invictus is Latin for “unconquered” and derives its name from a poem by William Earnest Henley.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
 My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
 Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years 
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Prince Harry has been the driving force behind Invictus which was launched in 2014, initially inspired by the 2013 Warrior Games in the US and expanded upon by the prince who was in the army for ten years until June of last year.  Supporting those who have served  their country is a cause to which Prince Harry is deeply devoted, but not all of his work makes the papers.  As noted earlier this year by Herazeus, “Harry volunteers 3 days a week with the Ministry of Defence’s Recovery Personal programme unit.”   More information on the programme “designed to ensure wounded, injured and sick service personnel receive co-ordinated support” can be found here.  In September of last year, Prince Harry was joined by his brother Prince William in building homes for veterans in Manchester, an effort which did get quite a bit of press.

Having served in the army and devoted himself to military causes, Prince Harry is aware that the men and women who risk their lives defending their countries often have difficulties readjusting to civilian life, away from the brotherhood and sisterhood of the armed forces.  Those who have been wounded while serving their countries don’t stop being soldiers when their injuries prohibit them from returning to combat, that’s when the real battle begins for wounded warriors.  Some suffer through painful rehabilitation, having to learn how to use parts of their bodies again.  Tragically, some have to find the strength to learn to live without parts of their body.  Many find themselves crushed under the weight of all they have lost gasping for hope.  The hell seems never-ending and Churchill’s famous words “Never, never, never give up,” aren’t a rallying cry for those deeply scarred but a reminder that  giving up is an option.

Mike Roggio, a competitor at the Invictus Games who had broken his neck in a naval accident, shared with People, “One of the biggest obstacles in my recovery was dealing with depression. I went from being an athlete and a very able-bodied person to being bed-ridden and in diapers for several months.  I couldn’t even push off the wall [of the pool] at first, but a few months down the road I was actually racing other people in the pool.”

With Invictus Games,  Prince Harry reminds the injured, wounded and sick service personnel that the warrior spirit can’t be conquered.  Through this competition within the brotherhood and sisterhood of the armed forces, Prince Harry gives them something to battle for and reminds them their injuries don’t define who they are or who they can be.

Opening ceremonies for Invictus 2016 were held on May 8th in front of 10,000 spectators.  A member of our community, Melete, was there at the opening ceremonies and shared her experience with us:

“Attending the Opening Ceremony was a truly rewarding experience. I’m fortunate to live about 10 minutes away, so I felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My spouse is also a veteran with lingering issues from his military service, and I have so much respect for how Harry’s brought these Games about.

It’s almost difficult to describe just how happy everyone was to be there. The audience was enthusiastic about everything, and it was great to see people cheering all the competitors from all the countries as they walked out. In fact, the ladies sitting behind us were also locals, and they brought on the loud whistles and cheers for every country. People completely understood why there were there and just how important it was. I loved the sense that these competitors should all be the heroes we look up to. And honestly, I loved the push for hiring veterans, as that’s also a huge part of the event. Yes, the competitors were there to challenge themselves physically, but they’re also proving to the world that they’re still valuable members of society who have something to contribute in the workforce.

The flyover was awesome, and the helicopter bringing in the Invictus flag was pretty amazing. We could see the helicopters fly past, but from where I was sitting I couldn’t see the paratrooper exit (except on the screen). But everyone cheered when the flag got to the stage. The silent drill team was also incredible, and the audience loved it. The Invictus choir was one of my favorite parts, really impressive. The singers were just as moved as the people watching, so it made for a beautiful moment. Because the ceremony was being broadcast live, there were actually commercial breaks, and things would be shifted around for the next part of the ceremony. At first, it was a little confusing, but then we all got the hang of it, and when everything seemed to come to a stop, people around us would say, “Commercial break!” It was a fun group in the stadium and seemed to be a pretty good mix of locals and people from other countries. Lots of people from the UK, but that didn’t surprise me, since half the people who live around me are British. It was just nice to see so much support for the event, and if it wasn’t a full house (9500) it was very close to it.

James Blunt brought down the house. I’ve never seen him perform before, but it was clear he was enjoying himself but not making it all about himself. Then Harry walked out, and the stadium went wild. It wasn’t a celebrity thing, though, and Harry didn’t act like a celebrity or like this was all about him. It was clear that everyone genuinely appreciated the work he’d done with Invictus and bringing attention to wounded veterans. And he responded by turning everything away from himself and back on the competitors. I’ve seen other people comment about how good his speech was, but I’ll mention it again. It was really, really good. He carried himself well, he spoke with confidence, and I didn’t notice any hint of hesitation or even nerves. (There were teleprompters at the base of the platform, but I didn’t see him or anyone else who spoke rely much on them. They all knew what they were there to say.) It’s almost like Harry’s finally reached that place of maturity in which he knows who he is, why he’s doing this work, and he’s totally at peace with himself. I’ve seen a few complaints elsewhere that he’s making the Games all about himself, but nothing could be further from the truth in the Opening Ceremony. He was there to support and encourage, and he gave a speech that reflected it. In fact, everyone who stood up there and spoke had something very important to say, a piece of the pie if that makes sense, to remind the spectators and the audience watching from home just what the Games were all about. They weren’t about Harry, or Michelle Obama, or Morgan Freeman. They were about the wounded veterans who were reclaiming their sense of themselves and showing the world that you can be a whole person even if you lost your legs. They were also about the invisible injuries that are just as devastating, because people don’t always feel comfortable talking about them. So Harry et al talked about them, as they should.

(For what it’s worth, I only saw him from my seat, although one of the ladies sitting behind us saw him, Michelle Obama, and Robin Roberts when they came into the stadium. She must not have been too impressed, though, because when James Blunt said something about Harry being hot, she said, “No he’s not!”)

We stayed until just after the British soldiers spoke (right after DT). We had a small child with us, who was starting to look desperate for sleep, so we thought we’d beat the crowds. No luck there, as quite a few other people had the same idea. The show was supposed to run from 8-10 pm, but we left at 10:30, and it went for another 10-15 minutes. We saw the fireworks as we were walking back to the car.

Only downside had to do with getting in and getting out. VERY slow entry due to security (TSA checking bags and Secret Service monitoring metal detectors), and leaving was kind of horrible because the parking lot exit was poorly managed. Despite my living a few minutes away, we didn’t get home until shortly before midnight. That aside, it was worth it, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to go and support such an amazing cause.”

The games run from the 8th until the 12th at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

The TV Schedule of Events for the Invictus Games has been posted on espn.go.com (all times ET):

Sunday, May 8:

  • Opening ceremony, 8 p.m. ET (ESPN2)

Monday, May 9:

  • Powerlifting finals, 8 a.m.-11 a.m. (ESPN3)
  • Rowing finals, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Archery finals, 7 p.m.-11 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Day 1 recap show, 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. (ESPN2)
  • Day 1 recap show (re-air), 10:30 p.m.-midnight (ESPN2)

Tuesday, May 10:

  • Track and field finals, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Sitting volleyball semifinals, 2 p.m.-4:30 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Sitting volleyball gold/bronze medal matches, 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Day 2 recap show, 7 p.m. (ESPN2)
  • Day 2 recap show (re-air), 11 p.m.-12:30 a.m. (ESPN2)

Wednesday, May 11:

  • Swimming finals, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Wheelchair rugby semifinals, 2 p.m.-4:30 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Wheelchair rugby gold/bronze medal matches, 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Day 3 recap show, 7 p.m.-8 p.m. (ESPN2)
  • Day 3 recap show (re-air), 11 p.m.-midnight (ESPN2)

Thursday, May 12:

  • Wheelchair tennis final, 8 a.m.-10 a.m. (ESPN3)
  • Wheelchair basketball semifinals, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Wheelchair basketball gold/bronze medal matches, 2 p.m.-4 p.m. (ESPN3)
  • Closing ceremony, 7 p.m.-10 p.m. (ESPN2)

Sunday, May 15:

  • Encore presentation, 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. (ABC)

The work Prince Harry has done is so inspiring.  Not only is he supporting service personnel who have overcome great obstacles, he is celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit.  Each of us in our lives deals with great adversity at some point.  These games are a reminder of what we can achieve when we embrace our own inner warrior and fight back with everything we’ve got. And hopefully, if we’re lucky, we’ll have people with the warmth, compassion and generosity of spirit Prince Harry has shown to share in our triumph.








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  1. It is so rare to see a man in the public eye so openly warm and connected to the people he meets. I have a feeling that Harry will become a very significant part of world history, remembered and spoken about for generations.

    1. He is very much like JFK jr in that respect.

      I hope he has a happeir outcome than JFK jr.

      1. I remember the first time I saw JFK Jr. in person, it was a perfect September day, he was in an exquisitely tailored Italian suit, crisp white shirt, his hair was perfect, he just exuded warmth and gorgeousness. I made a gaspy squeak at a decibel only dogs could hear but I’m sure the neighborhood pooches were used to it.

        1. Lol. I’m sure i would have done the same.

          He was utterly beautiful, and by all accounts a decent human being.

          Though i like to think there was something of the show off tease in there too because of all the shirtless pictures he gifted us with, mind you, in the right context ie playing frisbee in the park on a hot summer’s day. The stuff of cola commercials.

          I had a boss who was scheduled to meet with him in August 1999 to discuss an upcoming issue of George. We all tried to have excuses to be included in the meeting.

          That meeting never happened because he died in July that year. Le sigh.

      2. JFK Jr and Harry? No comparison! Sorry, he was good looking and personable & charming but JFK Jr did nothing charitable or lasting and Harry has Sentabale and Invictus – so far, with time for more. Go Harry.

        1. We weren’t discussing achievements. We are talking about charisma, and public figures being really open, polite and warm to the public.

          JFK Jr was said to have charisma so strong that he could charm humans and animals alike. And people responded to him exactly the same way they respond to Harry.

          Even now, looking at pictures/video of him, you are drawn to him. He was born, grew up and lived in a goldfish bowl, just like William and Harry, and yet he didn’t grow up resentful of the public or thowing tantrums when paps followed him or sulky and pouty.

          In public, and apparently in private too, he was unfailingly polite and charming.

          When people say that WH had/have a unique set of circumstances as far as growing up in a rabid media age, John and Caroline are the counterpoint.

          John was born a few weeks after his father was sworn in. Remained uniquely famous, even for presidents’ children, until death.

  2. Thank you Lola for such a lovely post!!! While I absolutely love your snarky comments about W&K, gosh you are witty, I imagine you also enjoyed writing this great post about Harry and these inspiring Invictus Games! And how refreshing to see a “younger”royal actually take pride in his role and use his privilege to help others.

    1. Thank you so much, Harla. The Kate fare I usually just dash off but this one took some thought and quite a few tears were shed reading the stories of some of the Invictus competitors. What Harry is doing is so phenomenal. The military and the issues they face are a cause I care deeply about and hopefully the respect I have for these warriors and for Prince Harry came through.

      1. Thanks so much! I almost blanched when I saw my entire comment as part of the post, since my writing doesn’t compare to yours, but I was also happy to offer my impressions of the event.

        Kind of an aside, I saw someone comment elsewhere that Harry seemed glued to the teleprompters, but I’d have to disagree with this. The competitors and their families and friends were all seated on a makeshift stage below the main spectator area, and there was a slightly elevated, rounded platform where most of the speakers stood. The teleprompters sat at the base of this, but it was pretty much at the same level as the competitors and their families. My guess is that what looked like “reading from the teleprompters” was really Harry looking at the people he was there to support. Seriously, the man strode out there and spoke like he knew what he wanted to say. I expected him to do well, but even I was impressed. It was a strong speech delivered with a clear sense of confidence.

        1. I thought what you wrote was so beautifully expressed, I didn’t want to edit it at all. It felt very sincere and fresh, any tampering would have detracted from your wonderful contribution.

      2. By the way, I also love that you link to peppersmint’s Twitter account (which is also mycrarrythings on Tumblr, I think? or someone with the same goals). That’s the only person who consistently keeps the focus on Harry’s work, which I appreciate.

  3. Wonderfully written. Thank you for posting the events as well. I was so inspired watching the opening ceremonies. Prince Harry’s heart is really in these games. Also, thank you for printing “Invictus”, the poem. I loved reading this.

  4. Thank you very much Lola. This was the information I was trying to get instead of gossip about His personal life.

    1. Thank you, Queen Elizabeth! On the one hand, I get that Harry being a charming single prince is a way to draw some attention to the games but it shouldn’t be the focus so many outlets are choosing to make it.

    1. Thanks, temi! The truth about this wonderful young man is already out there. I checked the Court Circular and it looks like they are counting these Invictus events in an appropriate manner, they even listed Harry’s flight from Canada to the US in the Court Circular (the Cambridges get engagement credit for travel, so it’s good to see what’s good for the goose is good for the second-born goose). I mean, if Harry were the Cambridges, each individual Invictus match would count as an official engagement because they so desperately need to pad their numbers, but Harry is showing up in the Court Circular at an appropriate level which doesn’t always happen, so much of what he does is “unofficial”.

      1. That is INTERESTING, Lola! If the Court starts counting Harry’s work *righteously*, then the Whiners won’t stand a chance. This news, coupled with the DM’s Piers Morgan article on Harry making a great King suggests…Are they (the court, the establishment) finished protecting the Cambridges? Hmmm *strokes conspiracy beard*

      2. I wonder why this sudden support of Harry. This does not compute. It’s about time!

  5. Wow Lola, stunning post! Harry does so much for these soldiers and I’m sure we only know a fraction of it. Good for him for supporting such a worthy cause which is so obviously dear to his heart.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Now that I’m actually using Twitter, I’ll be able to follow Harry’s work better and cover him more. I’m a little bummed this post hasn’t gotten the level of traffic that the usual Kate posts get. Hopefully if I add Harry in more and get a groove going, the good Harry does will get the same amount of interest as Kate’s laziness.

      1. Perhaps it’s human nature that the frustration and irritation people feel about Will and Kate make them more likely to actively track/follow/comment upon posts that highlight these shortcomings.
        I know that when I read your wonderful post about Harry and Invictus, I felt so happy and almost content that I didn’t have that same urge to comment in the same way that Kate inspires a “what the f***, can you believe that rubbish?!?!” comment.
        Just keep going, Lola, and traffic will pick up. A slight shift in focus to include more of Harry’s activities will serve to further highlight the gaping commitment-chasm between Harry and his brother.

        1. I think you’re right about that aspect of human nature. I remember Anna who has THE go-to Sophie, Countess of Wessex blog http://hrhcountessofwessex.blogspot.com making an off-hand remark on Twitter several weeks ago that she doesn’t get a lot of comments on her site. Anna’s posts are always so elegantly written and she’s meticulous with her research, her articles are always such a lovely satisfying read. She’s a fantastic writer, a very strong popular presence in the royal watching community and just such a lovely warm individual so I think you’re right that critical pieces about Kate and William get more comments because they spark more outrage.

          It’s always interesting to me what people respond to. There are posts that I almost didn’t publish because I thought they weren’t that great. Like British Royal Family Wants Change Back from their 0 Fucks was literally a rant I wrote in 8 minutes off the top of my head, I had to look up two figures from articles that I had bookmarked to plug in to the ? placeholder and I almost didn’t hit publish, it almost just sat with other unpublished pieces in my drafts folder. I’ve had people tell me that was their favorite post. I always find it fascinating what readers respond to.

  6. Terrific post, Lola.
    I can’t view the games on TV from where I live but hope to catch snippets from various sources. So pleased that the opening ceremonies saw a near capacity audience and hope that the events are being supported to the same extent.
    One thing rankles: from the depth of material that could be mined about the Invictus Games, what is pitiful is that some press can only speak of Harry’s love life, or lack of it. Really? Did Invictus pass them by? Could they not keep up?

    1. Thanks, Kitty. We were lucky to have Melete share her experience at the opening ceremonies.

      I think a lot of the focus is on Harry’s love life because he has been done a disservice by his own PR and Palace Politics. The masses see him more as a bachelor because so much of his amazing work is “unofficial”. All of us have the power to help shift the spotlight by touting his tremendous accomplishments on social media. I can make sure to include him more in this blog. On the Twitter page for @_peppersmint_ the profile section says, “Focusing on #PrinceHarry´s charity work as nobody else seems to care.” The fact that it rings true bums me out as does the fact that this post has seen about half the traffic a hastily written post about Kate’s hair would. There’s a share button below the “Love, Lola” signature if anyone wants to link to this post on social media. The least interesting thing to me about Prince Harry is his dating status. I’m single too at the moment, not really newsworthy. Let’s start telling the world about what makes Prince Harry great if the press doesn’t think his tremendous actions aren’t interesting enough to sell papers and generate clicks.

      1. Lola, my thoughts a few years ago regarding Harry were pretty dismissive: just another overly-indulged stoner in his twenties, with too much time and money on his hands: a royal tosser. I resisted the ‘Harry-as-hero’ narrative because warfare isn’t really like that; actually, life isn’t like that. In the last few years life seems to have clicked: Harry can see where he can give real value with this ‘spare to the heir’ role he was landed with. His comrades now have life-changing injuries but with none of the privileges and resources Harry has at at his fingertips, and they still keep going. How could he not do something? I’ve been impressed with the sheer volume of work, empathy, and willingness to put his hand to anything to make IG a success. Anyone would (and should) respect that level of commitment. I hope the CC, for what it’s worth, can acknowledge Harry’s work: it’s real and meaningful, more so than visiting a gallery to view images of oneself, or turning up for half an hour looking happy, concerned, whatever.
        Comments re Kate/William are more plentiful because their behaviour beggars belief: such an FU to everyone’s sense of justice. People have to rail against it or burst with indignation. Plus of course, our sense of ‘right’ is assuaged when they stuff up and get caught out.
        I agree that people reading blogs or traditional media can re-calibrate behaviour and alter agendas. The positive feedback for IG generated by people like Melete should be a wake up call to editors and reporters that we would rather connect with each other. And briefly, Sophie’s DoE cycling engagement is one I’d like to read about ; I admire her taking it on, given her admission that she’s only been on 1-hour rides, so it’s well outside her comfort zone. Everyone can relate to that and wish her strength for all 445 miles/km.

      2. Not to say I don’t love the wittiness of your Kate musings: they are well-deserved piss takes to a haughty couple needing to be taken down many pegs.

  7. With each passing year I dislike Will and Kate more and more. With each passing year I LOVE Prince Harry more and more.

    1. Same here. The dislike has grown so much that I can’t even read nice things about Harry, Sophie, etc. without comparing and getting angry.

        1. Hi Lola – yes Sophie looks great – she seems to have hit her prime. I know she has had previous health issues – but she seems to be in a good place all round in her life – she impresses as a “giver” Guess you reap what you sow. And great to see positive press for Harry – he really is making a difference.

    1. Hip Hip Harray! Im not a royalist, but I do like Harry. He reminds me of Diana, and I am a. Big Diana fan! Love your blog Lola!

  8. It is incredibly annoying how focused some of the media are on his possible future girlfriend/wife when they have these incredible games laid out before them. I actually wish he had instructed his PR people to let the media know he would not be answering questions about dating or girlfriends, that his focus was on Invictus. But Harry is a giving soul and the media would have turned the refusal into “Harry won’t walk about his girlfriend so he must have one!”

    Words can’t express how proud I am of what he’s doing. And it’s very odd because I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the man. I guess it’s just seeing him develop from a baby, through the struggles in his early 20’s to the man he’s become is a wonderful thing. Then I look at his older brother and just shake my head at the wast of opportunity that is going on there.

    With Invictus Games and Sentebale Harry has created his legacy. His father with the Prince of Wales Trust and his grandfather with the Duke of Edinburgh Award have done the same. They will be remembered for the work they’ve done for others. They realize it’s not all about them.

  9. Thank you for a thoughly enjoyable post. I’m sure Dense and Densability are green with envy in their Norfolk hidey hole, or maybe suffering an attack of beige rage!
    In the film, Invictus, where Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandela, he recites the poem to inspire the Rugby team (they won) Its a deeply moving part of the film as it features flashbacks of his imprisonment and shines a light on the poems capability to inspire the physical,emotional and spiritual needs of the human existence.

  10. I would fall on the collective sword for womankind and marry this man. I know he comes with 10 tons of baggage (I’ve got baggage myself), but I’m in journalism and activism and I’m blonde and Anglican and I would work my tooshie off for these causes. Also, I look great in hats, even ridiculous British hats. Only catch is I’m about as American as you get. Like, my ancestors-fought-in-the-Revolutionary-War-to-break-free-of-British-rule American. Also, I’m not a socialite. So the UK will never benefit from all the badass duo work that that beautiful ginger and I would accomplish.

    1. I don’t think being an American would matter. Even the “Like, my ancestors-fought-in-the-Revolutionary-War-to-break-free-of-British-rule American.” I just want to see him with someone like you who’d match him step for step and do the work.

      1. No joke, my computer completely freaked out when I clicked on this comment, all these windows started to open, it tried to print this page, maybe Princess Diana’s spirit was trying to weigh in. Totally trippy. I’ll have to check to see if she left any clues as to her feelings on the matter.

  11. Lola,

    Thank you for the lovely post! I discovered your blog not that long ago and truly enjoy your writing. Stay strong and keep writing about what you enjoy! I used to get all bent out of shape about Will and Kate, but now I’m mostly apathetic. It’s great to see Harry devoted to such a good cause, though!

    1. Thank you so much! I do want to incorporate other topics into this blog because there’s just so much you can do with William and Kate at this point. I’m interested in what readers would like to see.

      1. Oh, I would love it if you wrote about Sofia, Swedish royal family,who 5 month into her marriage started a stock owned company. The adress is the castle and the board consists of her father and one of her sisters.
        Email me any time if you need something translated from Swedish. That is an offer that is always standing, any time for you dearest Lola!

        1. @ Cecelia. Whaaatttt. But, but, but she has been doing so well. Her and that idiot she married deserve each other.

          1. Sofia hasn’t been doing as well as outwardly appearances have suggested but I backed off criticizing her for a while because I got the feeling she was going through a very dark time while pregnant. I think reality hit Sofia hard. Sofia’s not my favorite person in the world but I still have compassion for her.

            1. This story has legs and should be written about. I looked at their activities after the honeymoon and one was I kid you not, going back to her hometown for a visit. That counted as a event on their docket. And they after that, crickets.

  12. Lola, thank you so much for this! You captured the sentiment of a number of people and it prompted me to make my first post.

    More Harry, please! I’m actually getting quite weary of feeling outraged by the Cambridges. I so needed to read all of the amazing Tweets, interviews and stories this week about the Invictus Games to blot the two of them out of my head!

    I was able to attend the Track & Field events this morning and I wish I could properly convey in words the atmosphere there. Everyone was smiling and cheering for all of the competitors. I was sitting in with a huge group of Brits and they cheered every country. It was fabulous! I did get to see Harry across the track and although I admit to being partial, he looked gorgeous. Smiling and talking, you could just see his excitement and joy. All and all, a morning I won’t ever forget.

    1. Welcome to the comment community! And thank you so much for sharing your experiences at the events. Do you mind if I use an excerpt in an upcoming post?

  13. I hope you never give up the snark on W&K until they change their behavior and do better (in other words, probably never!), but the Harry information would be an awesome addition to this blog! I vow to share each & every of your Harry posts on my various social medias to hopefully do what little I can to get higher traffic volume on this blog in favor of sweet Good King Harry. Together we can break the stigma out there that he’s a party prince with little else to offer besides his love life’s entertainment factor. He totally won me over with these Invictus Games. Sigh. What I wouldn’t given to be Duchess Julie at this point. I could run circles around Kate.

    1. Well, you don’t have to share everything, plenty of what I write will be unworthy. I just like the idea of us as a community representing what’s going on with Harry. Palace politics and the press shouldn’t dictate the public image of someone who is working hard to better the world, it’s not right. And the whole “Playboy Prince” label irritates me to no end. I’m a fan of alliteration, but it has to fit like with William being the Petulant Prince.

  14. Prince Harry has inherited his late mother’s inate empathy and can communicate without condescension or awkwardness, something his useless brother and sister in law would fail to achieve even if they tried (which they don’t). He’s been mocked for being the “dimmest Jewel in the crown” but he has a natural warmth, humour and compassion that the Cambridges PR people can only dream about.

    Now if we could just organise a nice young lady for him…..

    1. “dimmest jewel in the crown”? How ridiculous. Just listen to the man speak, he’s so intelligent and articulate and has a real grasp of the subject matter. Now compare him to his horsey brothers interviews. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Harry was Oxford-educated and Horsey had failed kindergarten. (not yelling at you, merry wife of Windsor, but at the idiots who won spout such nonsense. That kind of talk makes me so angry and makes it clear that they know nothing about Harry.)

      Lola, lovely post. I’ve recently become addicted to your writing because of your exquisite Waity and Whiney snark, but posts like these about Harry are also most welcome. I love when people talk up his “wonderfulness” because I don’t think he gets enough good press.

      1. Thanks, Lori, that’s very kind. More Harry coverage will be a good evolution, when your subjects are static like the Cambridges, the overall feel can become flat.

        I feel like there are some wheels in motion within the Palace that will result in Harry getting more official recognition which is great, but ultimately he’s a piece being used to shore up the weak links because that’s what they need right now and public perception will continue to be manipulated as needed. Maybe that will be the next post.

        There’s just so much icky that happens in that family. I think we’re also coming up to the regularly scheduled throwing under the bus of Eugenie or Beatrice if their mother doesn’t do anything scandalous soon. They can’t do anything with Andy, they recently used him for some PR misdirection.

        1. Bea was thrown under the bus on the eve of IG, and DM ran a ‘story’ this week about whether/when Kate will take over the Duke of Kent’s Wimbledon gig – a complete non-story, and a repeat at that. So I’m assuming these were to deflect from IG/ Harry. It would be interesting to trace the number and type of ‘under the bus’ attempts whenever Harry wanted the news cycle; I think this has been commented upon here and there, people have certainly noticed.
          Yeah, that family is all sorts of ick. Their best strategy would be to let William and Kate hide in Norfolk because they just aggravate the shit out of everyone. Let Charles do more, let Harry do more. Bring on Sophie.

        2. Such a lovely family, aren’t they? Always supportive of each other and genuinely happy when one of their own does well.

  15. Thank you, Lola.
    It’s so refreshing to see a young Royal doing something he genuinely cares about and isn’t there only for the photo op. Seeing Harry at those Games, with the servicemen and women, the teams, the kids… it melts my heart. The guy got his wild years, then put his sh*t together and is out there conquering the hearts. His mother’s son.
    I just want to share a little part from his Opening speech, something which his brother and his lazy wife should learn from:
    “I joined the Army because, for a long time, I just wanted to be one of the guys. But what I learned through serving was that the extraordinary privileges of being a Prince gave me an extraordinary opportunity to help my military family.”
    Being a Prince/Princess gives you such a unique platform to speak from and guarantees that you will be heard. Instead, William and Kate prefer to be silent. This is something I would never understand… What kind of person are you, if you have that extraordinary privilege to bring change to a messed up world and choose not to?

  16. Wow fantastic post Lola .. Loved the poem ..Also Melete congrats as well on great post… The poem is so heart felt really like this
    It just goes to show Harry is the Man .. He should be King Henry
    William cant do speaking his interviews are rigid and he speaks so awkwardly .. and doesnt have empathy like Harry..
    It is an embarrassment the way his brother and wife act certainly not deserving of their position in BRF…

  17. Thank you for your beautifully written post Lola.

    And thanks to Melete too for sharing her impressions with us.


  18. You know, with all these glowing reviews and praise it sounds like Diana has risen from the dead.

    Great and thoughtfully thorough post, Lola. Melete, kudos to you for such a wonderfully detailed insider’s view. Thank you both.

  19. Ah we loved the Invictus choir … I cried as so very proud of them what they have and are still going through
    what a super achievement.. they were wonderful… really wonderful so enjoyed the posts of Prince Harry think he is so caring and is so like Diana with his personality ..

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