Hello Sailor-ing with Ben Ainslie

On Friday, Kate Middleton went to Portsmouth for some Hello Sailor-ing with Ben Ainslie who holds four gold Olympic medals and one silver in sailing and is trying to win the 2017 America’s Cup for Britain for the first time in the competition’s history.

Kate interacting  with the very dreamy Ben Ainslie is my very favorite Kate of all.  She’s vibrant, engaged, and doesn’t have that glassy-eyed wide-grinned  glazed look of a Xanax-Percocet combo with Stockholm Syndrome chaser like she did last Sunday at Land Rover Presents The Queen’s Birthday.


Kate is so interested and alert in Ben Ainslie’s presence, I’m not even going to make a joke about this being a check for lobotomy scars.


Kate met with some kids and got a special Ben Ainslie-guided tour around the £12M operations building which received £7.5M from central government funding.  The Daily Mail provided lots of adorable photos from which these screen grabs were taken.


Kate slipped out of her nautical McQueen and the Precious and into something a little more Land Rover-branded.


It was so totally adorable the way Ben Ainslie made sure Kate’s helmet was properly fastened.



Although it’s possible Ben has seen Kate attempt to clap and didn’t want to take any chances with helmet safety.


Kate and Ben obviously get along swimmingly with Kate even baring her teeth which is how I’ve theorized in the past Duchess Limpets signal sexual availability.



Not that I think Kate would actually cheat on Prince William, but flirting with Ben Ainslie is the most normal and relatable thing I’ve ever seen her do. Ben Ainslie is also married with a baby on the way so I doubt he’s guilty of flirting with intent but there definitely seems to be some mutual  chemistry between the two.

Kate and Ben set sail on the Land Rover BAR catamaran.



This was Kate’s seventh official Ben Ainslie event since becoming involved in his bid to bring the America’s Cup to the UK two years ago.  It’s pretty safe to say Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup bid is the cause closest the Kate’s heart since Kate had around five hours for Ben Ainslie on Friday and yet only twenty minutes to spare for a recent teen suicide awareness talk and none at all for the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day.


Friday’s Portsmouth events saw three outfits and yet Kate rarely even bothers to take her coat off for visits to her other charities, like when she popped into St. Catherine’s Primary School for a Place2Be assembly sing-along earlier this year, her sixth Place2Be event since becoming Patron in 2013.


East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices has only seen Kate four times since becoming their patron in 2012 with the latest official event coming in under thirty-five minutes.  EACH just deals with critically ill children, though, and the America’s Cup is so shiny.


America’s Cup historian John Rousmaniere was quoted in a recent CNN article: “The cost of competing in the world’s oldest continuous sporting event is so “extravagant” that only the very wealthy can afford it.”

The article also noted, “In 2013,  the $100 million price tag for each of the teams meant there were only three challengers.”

BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) was officially launched on June 10, 2014 at an event attended by the Duchess of Cambridge.  Its initial investors are listed in an October 6, 2014 post on Ben Ainslie’s official site.

In June 2015, BAR was renamed Land Rover BAR.

The aforementioned CNN article indicates, “Ainslie, the most successful sailor in Olympic history with four gold medals, has raised £50 million ($73 million) from various sponsors, including British car brand Land Rover and online trader CMC Markets. He’s targeting £80 million ($116 million).”

I love sailing, many of the happiest moments in my life have been spent on the water.  But this whole Land Rover BAR bid is about a trophy.  Can you imagine the kind of impact $116 million could make on the lives of those struggling in the UK?

I’m also curious about how Land Rover became involved with Ben Ainslie’s bid and if the undisclosed dealings between the British Royal Family and Land Rover is related.  Like maybe every time Kate gets photographed in a Land Rover, a set amount goes to Ben Ainslie’s bid.  A few months after the historic moment of Prince George being  taken home from the hospital in a Range Rover, the Daily Mail ran a piece on the Middletons being given luxury Range Rovers at a deeply discounted rate which was curious timing.  It’s possible Kate arranged some kind of Land Rover sponsorship deal on Ben Ainslie’s behalf in which case at least she would be using her powers for sort-of good.  It would be nice to see Kate’s enthusiasm for Ben Ainslie’s trophy quest applied to her other charities, though.



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  1. I’ve been curious how you’d handle this news story, and I’d say you were benevolent! Honestly, I think I’m over Kate at this point. She’s so vacuous. Is there really anything else to say about this woman?

    1. Huh. I wonder if Ben Ainslie’s sexiness neutralizes my snarkiness or maybe being on the tail end of a nasty virus softened my approach? The topic of sailors in general tends to put me in a good mood, though.

  2. Lola, Ditto with every thing you said, but I have to agree with Vava, you were tooooo nice and that 2nd picture shows the pancake make-up can she glob it on any thicker. Do you think she was trying to make Chopper jealous ????

    1. There was one pic I saw that showed Kate’s makeup very clearly and it looked like she was debuting a new lipstick shade. It looked like Lancome’s Rouge in Love in Corail in Love. I think Kate’s flirtatious rapport with Ben Ainslie makes William jealous in general. I mentioned this a while back, but I think their fifth year of marriage is going to be challenging. If William saw any of the photos from Friday, I can’t imagine that would help matters.

      1. I have never seen William look jealous … Really wish I could see this though because it would be great to see him get a taste of his own medicine!!!

      2. In British aristocratic circles there is an unwritten but commonly known ‘rule’ : that after producing a male heir and a spare for a dynasty then the married woman is allowed to have discreet affairs. Can only wonder if Kate is at this juncture point ?

        1. Yes Wallis, I first heard that rule in a documentary about Charles’ mistresses (there were enough for an entire documentary). Aristocrats really are a weird set. I’m not sure Kate is willing to risk it though.

  3. If Kate just had a fraction of the genuine interest she showed in Ainslie and being on that catamaran with the male crew with her other patronages things could be better.

    Does she not understand that people actually notice the difference in her appearances involving Ben Ainslie or males (especially in uniform) v. her wanderings into mental health and palliative care? It’s night and day.

    I’m curious as to how William reacted to the photos. She did all but leap onto Ainslie. And I still don’t understand how her being on the water for an hour helped any kids.

    We’re only five years into this farce, how much longer will it continue?

    1. “We’re only five years into this farce, how much longer will it continue?’

      It’ll take a divorce or a revolt.

  4. Her obvious interest in this event, when compared to almost all other events she shows up for, is pretty embarrassing. I doubt she has the good sense to be embarrassed though.

    Somewhat off topic, I totally don’t get Ainslie’s appeal. But then he looks a bit like my dad, so I think that’s throwing me off.

    1. I don’t get his appeal either, especially after seeing some of his interviews during the London Olympics. He came off as a bit of a diva.

      1. I don’t get the appeal either to be honest but Kate seems to like Horsey Divas so there’s that. Also if you google images of him, one of the suggestions (the first actually) is Kate Middleton and THEN his wife. Strange isn’t it?

  5. My favourite photo I saw was the one with her hooked up with headphones and the wire on her forehead. My first thought was “anything in there?” So Lola, I did enjoy you throwing that little beauty in.

  6. Yes, $116 million would make a huge impact on struggling people. So would a duchess who can be arsed to work wholeheartedly for causes she supposedly cares about. You were absolutely too nice, and Kate truly does not deserve it.

    1. Lola, I think your pen was weakened by your illness. You need to build your strength.
      Pity the press ran mostly with the Kate-Ben angle with some 96 photos devoted to the event in the Daily Mail? But why wouldn’t they when she signals such joy around handsome men vs the sheer boredom of everything else. What else is the guy going to do when she’s clearly captivated by him?
      The America’s Cup is an elitist macho event; it would be cheaper, and dare I say more entertaining, for one of them to bring along a tape measure and for all to pull down their pants. I just wish they’d fund it themselves. They can afford it.

  7. That marching band outfit – ugh. Hated it then and now. 5 hours with Ainslie and not a flicker of boredom. She is a hopeless nut job.

  8. Why wasn’t the BRF smart enough to get her to do sports-related activities all along?

  9. Hours spent at BAR and the only thing published is chick in waterproofs making goo-goo eyes at the crew. Do you remember the part about teaching children to sail and offering STEM classes online and at the headquarters? She should have made arrangements to sit around on the catamaran on the weekend on her own time. That was not CC worthy.

  10. Great piece Lola!

    I am sitting here wondering if the unability to clap hands is part of a diagnosis she could have….

    Flashing is. We have a series of flasher incidents here in my town and it is a crime and the persons doing it has a psychiatric disorder.

  11. Lola, are there any picks of her acknowledging the guy in the wheelchair, I mean any at all??? P.S. It could be that her relationship with Chopper is so far gone, he could totally care less if she is doing someone else !!

  12. I am gob smacked! Seven events for this charity in 2 years while other charities get nothing or an hour at the most?! When are they going to start calling Kate out for this? Surely the press will catch on sooner rather than later. On another note, her ‘flirt fest’ with Ben Ainslie was just plain embarrassing. I would be interested to hear a body language expert’s thoughts on Kate and Ben.

    1. KChamp, I was just about to write the same thing. 7 visits in 2 years, for several hours at a time to this most elite of events, when her actual charities get bupkes. It’s disgusting and shameful. Her “job” is really supposed to be helping the poor and underprivileged, and she does precious little of that. 7 visits in 2 years. Wow. Can’t get over that!
      A small part of me can’t blame her for wanting to hoist sexy Ben’s sail and ride him for an hour, especially when you compare him to her decidedly unmanly husband. But Jesus, lady, try to keep your lust in check just a little bit!
      Lola, I was hoping you’d have something on this, and you didn’t disappoint. The wires on her head and the bad clapping cracked me up. Loved the whole post and the usual witty headline!

  13. The first thing I noticed in these photos was the abundance of “Land Rover” logos. The sponsoring is going waaaaay overboard, no pun intended.

    The press is slowly starting to call out W&K on their lack of work and enthusiasm. While it is still hedged in a voice of concern, we know the press can be brutal. Kate’s support of this “charity” only adds fuel to the fire. I hope someone in their media team reads this site and KMR. They need a wake-up-call before the press turns on them like a pack of dogs.

  14. Oh, but she had somebody write and send a letter to EACH. That should suffice, because…priorities and because…hunky males.

  15. On K&W, I knew a couple who enjoyed teasing other people. They said it kept their marriage alive and “wanting” each other. I made sure nothing sharp was around when I crossed their path. They were both consumed with control, so sounds like our flotsum and jetsum pair.

    I think you hit something here Lola, by spotting the how quickly Waity gets out to support anything with Land Rover. Goes to she’s a money-grabbing squib because she’s motivated when she’s getting a buck, not helping others get them for charitable needs. No wonder the changed, involved face other than Ben. She’s more like Fergie every moment.

  16. Not only does Kate have no hand/eye coordination for a complex activity like clapping, she also has great difficulty waving. Check out The Wedding videos, especially the carriage ride afterwards and the BuckPal balcony footage. She’s definitely a bit speshul.

    1. Kate waves like a five year old. No disrespect meant to the little ones between four and six.

  17. Maybe these charities should just wise up and have all males (in some type of uniform, preferably ) on duty when she’s booked in for a drive by. Could stretch out her minutes per visit considerably.
    So- no young women, no middle aged women, no older women, no moms or grandmas, no successful business women, no fashionable women, no frumpy women, no babies, no toddlers, no teens aged 13-18 that may require a modicum of intelligent interaction, maybe a couple of geriatric men but only if they are in uniform and are still able to wipe their own bums and stand on their own two feet.
    Now, add a smattering of young people aged 8-12 (as long as they are ok with colouring and playing with hand puppets and singing songs that may include a few uncomplicated actions). Fill the rest of the event with men. As I said above, in uniform if you can swing it, no visible deformities or speech impediments. Oh, and don’t EVER set out food. I think it pisses her off, like ” If you think I’m putting one bite of this sandwich that I gave no idea who prepared it and I can’t count the exact caloric content, THINK AGAIN eejits”
    And there you go, recipe for success in hooking the Duchess for at least an hour for your next charitable event

    1. Don’t forget to make your event a gala, filled with lots of AMERICAN celebrities, preferably held at the NPG.

      1. Throw in the unveiling of a big picture of Kate that has been retouched to within an inch of its life and she’s there.

        1. Don’t forget the venue needs wind–lots and lots of hurricane force wind so she can moon us all.

  18. Why do you believe, Lola, that Waity won’t cheat on Willy? I think she’s begun trawling for a lover after birthing the heir and spare.

  19. Why is it they keep taking pictures of Waity at Chelsea flower show ..Is there no one else in The Family they could take photos of .. she looked tacky .. the dress awful…
    She is always wanting to be centre of attention .. Bill looked like a moron bored as he always is amongst people ..
    the pair of them are really a disgrace..
    Did she try and write a letter havent seen it
    her grammar is always bad as we know intelligence is not her strong point… The gardens at Chelsea were superb…

    1. ‘What Kate Wore’** posted some pictures of other family members (Bea, Eugenie, Sophie, QEII), but mostly Waity (which makes sense, given the blog). Harry was again tasked with making the Lamebridges look good by association, so there is a pic or 2 of him with them as well. Bill looked extremely bored – in one picture he was looking down at his hands. At first glance I thought he was checking his phone.

      I agree the dress is awful, except for the color.

      **I hate to give Waity’s fan sites traffic, but there is a cool picture of QEII looking through a profile of herself, created out of flowers posted at WKW.

  20. Also today here she again is at Garden Party guffawing again
    think she is really dreadful no class … she never will have class
    newspaper fawning over the fact she was wearing a dress back to christening .. So what .. The queen wears outfits over again also Princess Anne .. Waity spends enough money frivolously..

  21. Also today here she again is at Garden Party manic grinning again
    think she is really dreadful no class … she never will have class
    newspaper fawning over the fact she was wearing a dress back to christening .. So what .. The queen wears outfits over again also Princess Anne .. Waity spends enough money frivolously..

    1. Unfortunately the actual photo opened in my email when I got the notice of your comment. Yikes!!

      Definitely has had a nose job. Started gurning at an early age with the exception of run-ins with Sir Ben Ainslie, the light is gone from her eyes.

      1. I’ve been wondering about the nose as well. I’m generally not the best judge, but hers looks tweaked. And maybe recently? It’s looking noticeably different these days.

  22. Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. She’s got the crazy “runaway bride” (the Georgia woman who disappeared before her 2005 wedding, 600 guests and 28 bridesmaids!) eyes, with the white strip above the eyeballs.

  23. Hi Lola, I do hope you are recovering and are soon feeling completely recovered.
    When it comes to Kate, I am having trouble with her wretched, attention seeking. I can’t handle it much longer. I do try to be a good person and see the good in everyone but when it comes to Kate, she makes it so very difficult.
    She probably spends an hour blowing out her hair daily but she can’t visit her charities once a month or spend an hour with the Irish Guards once a year. However, she can spend countless hours preparing and micro managing a photo shoot for Vogue – a magazine that has managed to stay in business for 100 years without Kate’s input.
    She hasn’t visited some charities in so long that many people can’t even name the ones she is still affiliated with or which ones have quietly dropped her as patron. She can however, openly flirt with Ben Ainslie for an undisclosed amount of time on a private tour and then go sailing for an hour. Yet, she couldn’t take a moment to acknowledge and say a personal ‘hello’ to a young man who clearly wanted just a chance to greet her.
    Kate does not realize how very fortunate she is. She has the position, resources, platform, and a brain that would allow her to make a difference. Yet she sits back and does little to nothing. Worse, she uses her children as an excuse when clearly that happens only when the event is not her idea of fun.
    She is the epitome of what I was taught not to be: an immature, self-absorbed, attention seeking, fatuous, vacuous, embarrassing representative of what an adult human being should be. Worse, she is a highly visible representative of a country.
    I never wish anyone ill and I don’t wish Kate any either. Truly I don’t. I do hope that sometime in the near future, the hype stops and people start to call her on her excuses, antics, and laziness.

    1. Gosh you have put exactly what we think here Elizabeth..
      its very true and unbelievable she gets away with being so vain and indeed a anerexic waif .. constantly just wearing designer wear looking as if she is on a catwalk not a member of the BRF..
      she seems to think of only herself and the hair and madeup voice .she also cannot do a speech and is really a dreadful representative of our country.. so we agree with you Elizabeth it annoys us too with all the flashing on royal events she always gets away with total embarrassment to us all.

      1. Thank you Daisy. 🙂 Kate must surely be a confused person; William was attracted to her at a healthy weight and yet she is clearly underweight and looking unhealthy. For all her talk about ‘making a contribution’ she has yet to find her footing. I agree about Kate’s inability to make a speech; mostly because they are hard to follow due to her affected accent. Additionally, they are exasperating to watch because of her constant head twitches attempting to get her hair out of her eyes. Clearly, she does not practice her speeches nor has she ever watched any of her speeches – or maybe she does not care.
        The number of wardrobe malfunctions is just inexcusable; I refuse to believe anything other than the fact that she loves when they happen.
        Kate acts more like a Notorious celebrity than a royal princess representing her country. It is clear she never gave thought to what being William’s wife actually would mean beyond the fame, money, and clothes.

  24. Sorry! I just posted and saw how long it is! My sincere apologies, I didn’t realize I had typed so much!

    1. Don’t be sorry for a long post Elisabeth! That was a really good post, please keep on writing, and write as long posts as you like. We need to hear comments like this, to support each other. Kate is more than i can stand.

      1. Thank you Cecilia, for your kind words and compliment on my post.
        I get so frustrated with Kate’s laziness, obvious lack of care and responsibility to her position, and her shallowness. When the fawning over what superficial things she does and what she wears overflows through the press, I find my cynicism builds up and needs to be articulated or I feel apathetic about the future of the monarchy.

  25. Hope you are feeling better for Lola.

    As for Waity ever cheating I say never say never. Who would have ever thought within 6 or seven years a woman with an aristocratic background like Diana who had been a virginal 19 year old when she married would be finding multiple men to sleep with once her husband’s cheating had started. If Kate ever knew the horse was sowing his oats again then I don’t think she wouldn’t act out in return. Sort of like Frederik being caught making out with Emilie days before the twins were christened resulting in Mary hurling herself at Christian Friis Bach cancer stricken wife be damned. However if Waity wants to play or even just flirt she needs to keep it really under the radar. Given that weird Madonna/whore complex the horse has with his mother I sense even the hint of infidelity would summon a monster in him she would eternally regret awakening. He could have eleventy mistresses and one hint of Waity kissing another man would be enough for him to try to destroy her. Even worse I can see Carole taking the Lady Ruth Fermoy path and siding with the horse just like Ruth sided with Johnny Spencer when Frances had enough and left.

  26. Hi Lola I see Waity is in the DM dressed down almost to bare bum at horse trials – I’m shaking my head at her lack of awareness of what is appropriate

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