Kate Middleton Hosts SportsAid Banquet

On Thursday evening, Kate Middleton hosted a SportsAid banquet in the King’s Gallery at Kensington Palace as part of the charity’s 40th anniversary celebrations.


Since becoming patron of SportsAid in 2013, the banquet was Kate’s sixth event for the charity which helps support young British athletes.


Kate went with electric blue for the event.  It’s a smurfy color…


It just feels Kate’s overdone it in an unsmurfy way.  And almost always with black court shoes and a black clutch.


The Roland Mouret gown which retails for just under $3,000  (£2,095) also comes in midnight navy which I think would have been a more sophisticated color option.  Not a fan of the exposed zipper, though.


The royal blue version feels too casual, although the hue can’t shoulder the blame for the dress’ lackluster styling and Kate’s posture, evoking one of Kate’s 2012 London Olympics looks.


Kate’s $42,750 (£30,000) Diamond Tricolour Cartier Earrings were barely visible beneath her hair which was likely hungry without its usual follicular feast of extensions and wiglets.


But they did make sporadic appearances, as can be seen in this screen grab from the Daily Mail.


The earrings seem to be part of the same design collection as the Cartier Trinity necklace  which Kate debuted in 2012 at London’s National Portrait Gallery at an exhibit of athlete portraits.


Kate’s  Roland Mouret dress was also accessorized with a singular hair strand.  Hopefully it wasn’t a jumper from Prince William’s head, he has so few to spare.


Kate stepped up the duchessing at Thursday’s SportsAid banquet and actually delivered a speech.

Emily Andrews of The Sun noted it was Kate’s best to date and while I think she was right, the bar is still very low.


After five years, Kate should be able to deliver far better than she did.  The speech in its entirety can be watched on YouTube.

Kate was obviously nervous, as evidenced by the deep breaths she took to calm herself.


Kate’s accent affectation continued to be an issue, in fact for a few words her Received Pronunciation started to drift a bit in an American direction (she didn’t make it all the way, dashing my hopes of an international accent patchwork speech). Kate’s attention was mostly fixed down on her speech instead of out on her audience, her delivery was flat with very little inflection, her phrasing was still unnatural and she seemed palpably uncomfortable.  I have pasted below a transcript of the speech from an Express article by Richard Palmer and did a screen-grab of Kate’s face as she was articulating specific words which I have bolded with the corresponding photos below.

Some of you may know that I love sport.  



I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about.  



I love the physical challenge sport presents and the mental strength it gives us all.  And I love the way it so often brings people together to work as part of a team.  

I suspect many of you in this room may feel the same. The brilliance of SportsAid is in really understanding just how much athletic competition gives to our country as a whole.  By investing in young sporting talent, they ensure that there is a strong pipeline of inspirational heroes.





These athletes then serve as motivators to everyone in the UK to get involved, get active, and embrace the power of sport to make us happier and healthier.





With little over 50 days to go until the Games begin in Rio; the next Olympiad is almost here.  As we did in London in 2012, we will see a new generation of sporting stars emerge into the spotlight.

We cannot wait to meet the next SportsAid champions



…the next Chris Hoys and Katherine Graingers who will remind us all of the magic and the power of sport.







So thank you all for supporting the incredible work of SportsAid.  I am immensely proud to be their patron and I can’t wait to cheer on our team competing in Rio.



I do hope you enjoy tonight’s very special occasion.









Thank you.





Most of us can empathize with the nervousness that comes with public speaking.  But many professions and passions require frequent speech giving and Kate chose a profession that requires more speeches than most.  After five years with The Firm, Kate still lacks the skill set for a job she spent almost a decade pursuing.



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  1. I think the smurf blue is better than midnight for a summer event. But she should have had silver shoes and clutch. And the speech, my god the speech. Something like this, a sports event, she should be able to ad lib. And just keep a couple of notes on what she wants to say. She should not have to read this word for word.

    1. Alas, that’s the cost of Cartier. Wallis Simpson was quite a fan of Cartier, maybe Kate grabbed the wrong Marrying Royal Handbook and has been following Wallis’ How Tos, it would explain a lot.

  2. She was beyond nervous. When is someone going to take her in hand and sit her down with a public speaking coach and make her work on getting better at this. And that voice, I would love to hear her speak in her own natural voice, there’s nothing wrong with that. They pushed her as the middle class girl who nabbed a prince and she’s doing everything she can to erase that person.

    She didn’t twitch her hair out of her eyes every second so she did good there. The one piece of coaching she clung to was the turning to speak to each side of the room, but she did kind of get caught in a bit of a robotic turn to the left. I wonder if Rebecca or another staff member was sitting to that side and she was looking for reassurance.

    I just don’t understand how someone who pursued the future King of England did not better prepare herself for the role. I swear I have a feeling William told her not to worry about all that, they aren’t going to be doing it so just kick back and enjoy yourself. And when she’s called out on her workshy ways she stumbles through nearly every outing she does. It’s as though she has no retention and is pulling a “Groundhog Day” whenever she goes out as if it’s all new and she can’t remember what to do.

    1. Supposedly she’s had speech coaching. Like any skill, it requires work and Kate’s not super into the whole effort thing.

      When William and Kate were dating, there were lots of holidays, multiple Caribbean and ski getaways every year, William had everything taken care of for him, so that distorted representation of royal life would have been appealing to Kate. Being married to a royal comes with lots of perks but there are trade-offs and Kate simply decided she’d ignore the more tedious aspects she didn’t feel like doing and put in the absolute bare minimum. There have been no repercussions from blowing off duty apart from a shrinking fan base she has no connection to anyway living in pampered seclusion with her every need tended to by taxpayer-funded staff. William doesn’t seem to care about the monarchy so I doubt he objects to his wife being an embarrassment to it.

      1. He may like she’s an embarrassment. After all, his life goal appears to be to destroy the monarchy. Because, mummy.

        1. There’s a part of me that wonders if allowing the monarchy to end, without actually taking the action to end it, is ultimately William’s goal. Clearly, he doesn’t want the job, but I also think he’s too much of a coward to take personal responsibility for ending things. So, death by atrophy? I can’t discount it altogether.

          1. I’ve wondered the same thing. If it does happen this way it gives William a way to justify (at least to himself) the ending of the monarchy. He’d feel it wasn’t his fault, when in reality it would be.

          2. With Billy being Billy I’m inclined to think along the same lines, that he wants to sink the monarchy. However, I don’t think he’s thought things through since w/o the ‘title’, and even with the major money he’ll still have, who will he be. An aging, sour pussed little prince-ling stuck in what appears to be an absolutely miserable marriage with a mil from he** , a jobless wandering wannabe normal . I think Billy needs some serious help, and God knows his battery operated British Barbie needs even more. If you don’t wanna be king then for the love of God step down and shut up. You can live the easy life of a rich dude and trust me on this Billy boy, w/o that title and cache no photographer will really want to bother with you. Oh, maybe you’ll be a novelty for a while but in time.. However, there is one big fly in the ointment as far as that plan goes and her name is Carole with an e and she isn’t going to give up her cheese toast business that easily. I’m pretty sure there will be a major upheaval in the ‘firm’ when the queen kicks off. I think they’ve stayed alive and happily pampered with a hedonistic and utterly obscene lifestyle this long simply because they pretty much flew under the radar. Now with Bill and Cathy on the loose people are starting to pay attention. I must say that Cathy managed a few engagements w/o flashing which is for her quite an accomplishment. But almost $50,000 for earrings? Right back to obscene and beyond ridiculous. Oh well, it’s not her money she’s throwing about like monopoly cash so why should she think about it at all. She appears to consider herself worth it and way way above the ‘unwashed masses’, and all she did was stalk, shag, and bag an up for grabs to the first dimwitted female to say yes to a marriage proposal of a overgrown bully of a prince. She’s a default dimwit at best. That speech, however noble an effort it was, came across as choppy but it looks like she’s had some advice since she kept risking whiplash by jerking her head to the left and then the right. Oh, what am I saying. She’s just practicing and strengthening her neck muscles for Wimbledon.

          3. Rather a passive aggressive approach to revenge justice for his mum? It’s an interesting thought. I suppose he thinks that whatever he and Kate are doing wrong pales in comparison to Andrew and his 2 daughters and their year long vacations.

            I am surprised Kate has not found a way to Mustique yet. You would think tho that if Wills wanted to end the monarchy, the other royals like Sophie, Anne and others would be more than pissed off…after all they are willing to do the public event work for the tradeoffs. I would imagine they don’t want to lose the ride. Andrew looks like he would snap Will in a heartbeat if he had a hand at ending his paycheck.

            1. I think Willy will be an absentee monarch. He will do as little as he can get away with. He doesn’t care about the monarchy but he is endlessly greedy for the perks and status. As king he will be untouchable. A demi-god at last. Meanwhile, the Cornwall duchy will be ripe pickings.

              He may hate his role (“work”!), but I believe he is completely indifferent to the monarchy which I find more dangerous than if he cared one way or another. He just wants to continue to siphon off its rich life blood like the voracious parasite he is. Hence, he pays lip service to it, showing himself to be a blatantly dishonest, insincere, glib waste of space and an offence to the majesty of the realm, its people.

              1. I agree that William and his wife are parasites of the first water. Why Britons allow this family – all of the Windsors – to plunder the country’s wealth (tax as well as properties such as the Duchy of Cornwall) is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully the monarchy will be dissolved during or after Charles’s reign. It is outdated and irrelevant.

  3. Thank you for the transcript, because I don’t have the patience to actually listen to her. Also, thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious to us for many years: PW’s warp speed balding is due to an unfortunate combination of genetics and Kate’s jewelry.

  4. I actually listened to it, and…yikes. She’s definitely still awkward and uncomfortable speaking in public. Although that’s probably because the best public speakers (in my opinion) are the ones that can be natural on stage, and I think we can all tell that Kate’s clearly not comfortable being herself.

    Listen to Countess Sophie give a speech…it’s like night and day.

  5. My thoughts on this…..
    1) that speech was less enjoyable than an ex teacher running their fingernails down a blackboard – lack of eye contact, ad lib, tonation etc
    2) the dress – why on earth was it billed as a banquet – some of the press shots have her standing in amongst athletes who are wearing shorts and t-shirts? it would have perhaps been better to stage the event as a picnic style event given the warm weather London has had recently……

    1. I agree. I commented elsewhere that the photos looked awkward because she is in full evening wear while everyone around her is in casual clothing. It looks like someone didn’t get the dress memo.

      Her inability to speak in public is a problem. She needs more training on this. This was a short speech about something she “loves”. If she can’t manage a simple speech like this after 5 years, then there is no hope for her. She did better in the beginning, like in her engagement interview. She also dressed better back then. She’s getting worse at public appearances the longer she does this. Is she really that nervous? Why now? Is it the pressure of being under scrutiny all the time? She performed very well under pressure when she chased William for 10 years, why does she fall apart once she has him?

  6. She is going to end up one day with a hump back, if she keeps that weird posture up. Body pulled away from whoever she is speaking to, but head thrust oddly forward, hands protectively in front of her body in guise of carrying a clutch (cause it will never be a glass and a plate). She must need a massage when these working/not her cuppa events are over, poor thing. At least Wimbledon is coming up, she’ll really be able to relax and unwind, unscathed by unknowns, in her lovely private box.

  7. As you know I have not been following Kate much until recently. And she makes me speachless, I am so shocked how bad and lazy she is. Just a week ago I started to watch videos of Diana on youtube, I have not followed her closely either. And what a difference there is between these women! You cannot even begin to compare them. Diana really worked and had a personality and grace and heart and emphathy and just everything this robot does not have. Wow, what a choice William made. Now that is something that would make a whole team of psychotherapists busy for lifetime…

    1. Complete agree, that’s what so amazing that Will had an amazing mom as a role model and winds up with Kate. But as many people have pointed out, there were others he’d rather be with but they didn’t want to have to wipe his nose and bring him cheese toast. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carole puts on Kate’s clothes and pretends she’s the Queen in waiting.

  8. Hi Lola, I’ve been lurking for awhile but wanted to say that I love your writing!

    It continues to be astounding to me how terrible Kate is at public speaking. My suggestion to her would be to take the speech that’s prepared for her and then go over it and add her own words and personality to it. I feel like she doesn’t connect at all with what she’s saying because she has no little to no input into it and hence she’s so stilted and lacking in feeling.

    1. But then her PR claims she writes her own speeches… Anyways, it’s obvious she never learns her speeches but probably gets them handed to her 5 mins before she leaves 1A.

  9. As always I am flabbergasted by someone educated at Marlborough and St Andrews with such poor command of the English language.

    Us peasants are taught the Queen’s English, but apparently we shall have to forget it when Kate’s turn as consort arrives because her version of the Queen’s English is different from that taught in schools.

    Her speeches, letters and notes to various charities are always poorly written. She would score an F for failed if she submitted any of them to my English professors.

    Clearly, her team is equally poor in their command of the English language because they allow these examples into the public domain.

    As an example, tonight’s speech starts off badly and never recovers. It’s gramatically wrong, words used in the wrong order, entire sentences are word salad designed to make paragraphs comprehensible yet are complete nonsense on their own.

    Eg sentence 2 of speech….

    ‘I love cheering on sports and athletes that I am passionate about’

    Correct sentence should be, ‘I am passionate about sports and love to cheer the athletes.’

    As currently written in the speech, I’m strongly reminded of Yoda of Star Wars fame.

    And if the intent of the sentence was to emphasise her enthusiasm for a few rather than the whole then it shoild have been written in a way that says she likes a few sports, but appreciates all sports in terms of the mental strengths it gives to all participants.

    1. I agree. The grammar is terrible, and I can’t believe her team let her get up there and deliver that speech. The only explanation, as you point out, is that her team is just as lacking.

      1. Or they can’t stand her and don’t care if she bungles things. It’s a thought. I suspect that wasteofspace isn’t very nice to her staff and that team with their posing for pictures is utterly ridiculous. I would imagine that if the queen weren’t so old, well both she and prince Phillip things would be dealt with but she is old, and probably very very tired. From others I have learned that the queen tends to bury her head in the sand and won’t take action until things get way out of control. Well, they are I think what with Wimpo and Waity out there, his sulking and now apparently new **hip** clothes, and her flashing and gurning, but it’s long past the point of her being able to do much. I was delighted that she poked William and made him stand up, that was hilarious. However, I think that Mr. and Mrs. Billy Middleton are beyond her strength, or maybe she thinks they’re doing ok. Who knows. I will be watching with great interest the day that Charles takes the throne. I’ve read that there have been some meetings going on so perhaps things are changing already. Out of respect for those who view the queen in a different way than I, I shall now zip it.

  10. Herazeus, for the sake of everyone who has to suffer through her letters and speeches, please submit your CV to KP immediately. She needs a person who knows what they are doing as it is painfully clear her staff does not have the skills needed for this aspect of her appearances.

  11. This seems like the sort of dress I want to like, but I just can’t. I keep feeling like it looks a couple of steps above a wetsuit. That shade of blue feels a bit outdated as well. Or maybe just overdone, since so much of Kate’s wardrobe is composed of it. I might like the dress in a different color on someone with more personality, but in my opinion it fails on Kate.

    And because I’m a terrible person, I’ll admit that Kate’s different sized eyes always throw me off. I don’t want to be the person who stares, but once I notice them (much like the cherub knees) I can’t see anything else.

  12. Kate made the Mouret gown look like a cheap prom dress. It’s like staring at a blue matchstick without the spark. The speech was also too painful to watch. Lifeless words and phrases tumbling out of her mouth delivered with acute dullness. When did she (or Rebecca or Jason) write the speech? On the way to the event that she felt compelled to read almost everything word for word with little to no preparation?

  13. I found this wonderful site through twitter,as I follow lolaheart on twitter.I love to read your writing on Kate and William.I just couldn’t believe how much money she spent on those earrings.I am never in awe of anything she wears.She just doesn’t have the spark that Diana had. I just don’t understand why after five years and ten years in limbo ,she still can’t do a proper speech. You would think at St.Andrews she would have taken public speaking .If she would have put at least half of the energy she put into keeping William into preparing for the future she wouldn’t be so bad at it.

  14. The speech was almost certainly written by her PR “team” of semi-literates and she clearly doesn’t know any better. Welcome to modern British education. As for the flat, stilted delivery; confident public speaking is a skill that requires a lot of practice by making a lot of public speeches (hint, hint).

    Her preference for all those “Wallis blue” outfits may turn out to be prophetic.

    1. She struggles to maintain her odd speech pattern. It is isn’t her natural speech so she can’t maintain it when delivering a speech. She should abandon that odd accent. It could be that she has a speech impediment and she hides it with that speech pattern. In any case, practice is needed.

  15. The blue dress matches the logo color of SportsAid. You can see the logo in the group photo.

  16. If she “loves”(and she has a habit of repeating the same words) sport so much, why did she dodge SA for 19 months? Also, why isn’t she taking on more sports-centered(All England doesn’t count) patronages?

        1. If you check out the gifs of her on the boat with Ben and note the all but (can’t say it here) you can see what she cares about and it most assuredly isn’t any charity. It actually angers me to see that and then compare since she could have just sent along a cardboard cut out to this meeting. I don’t do gifs but there are some on RD and they are nauseating in my own humble muted opinion.

    1. Because Kate has no interest in these things. Being ‘passionate’ and ‘keen’ are just empty words to fill the void.

  17. I agree with the comments above! The evening gown on its own is beautiful, but she looks painfully thin in it and her posture & body language reveal a lack of confidence. Does she know how to wear any other color besides cream or blue? She also needs to get her hair under control as she speaks…err…reads her remarks. Would have loved to see her hugging & laughing it up with a couple of kids in the official photo!

  18. Shes not physically attractive, if she was not a duchess no one would turn their heads, even with all the money shes looks meh!!

  19. I poured a giant glass (okay, bottle) of wine and settled in for “the speech.” I should have tried tequila, because *damn* that was painful.

    Kate, you have 3 jobs: (1) pop out two or a few kids; (2) give speeches; (3) don’t get fat. You’re doing 1 and 3 fairly well. I can’t imagine having to have sex with William is anything to write home about – a fish flopping around out of water comes to mind. But Christ on a cracker, why are you so bad at public speaking?! It requires work, I know. Not the type of work (see 1 and 3) that you prefer. Get ‘er done Kate.

    She is a really bad student, because she must have access to the best people to improve her public speaking. Clearly they aren’t getting through.

    1. Diana was initially hardheaded at wanting to learn new stuff, including public speaking, but something must have kicked in, because she became most adept at it.

  20. How many Royal blue dresses does one need ? Can’t believe the cost of the latest one considering she is stick thin – they could have used off cuts

  21. So, you all know i’m a stickler for a properly written letter.

    Please find attached Harry’s letter to the Mayor of Orlando passing on his condolences. It needs editing, but it’s not as bad as Kate’s letter or speech.

    For one, his letter is properly topped and tailed and dated ie properly addressed and signed off.

    Secondly, this isn’t meaningless word salad and waffle. He isn’t repeating himself in a meaningless circle simply to fill a page.

    Finally, you don’t have a suspicion that his office has a signed stack of blank signed paper to which text is added as needed.

    How is it that a dyslexic soldier who never went to university can write a simple letter that is erudite and empathetic and the university graduate can not do the same. Failing that, hires soldier is self aware enough to surround himself with a competent, LITERATE team who pay attention to detail in their communications.


    1. I’ll also point out that William and Kate write the same message in every condolence book they’ve ever signed. It’s as if they’ve memorised the sentence and can’t deviate from it.

      In isolation each message reads OK, but when you line them up and realise it’s the same sentence, give or take a couple of words, it stops being an act of fellowship and looks more like an easy tick for the PR image.

      1. I agree about Harry’s message. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. Every paragraph says something, and as you point out it isn’t a jumble of the same things, reworded again and again. I appreciated the feeling of personalization, and I’d imagine it was well received.

        Also, your comment on W&K’s same-old, same-old message reminded me of my Facebook bday congrats for all of my friends. I just type in the same thing, every time, and half the time I let autofill take care of it. The receiver is always grateful, but I’d hate to see the collection of identical messages that I’ve posted, since it really would look less than thoughtful. Given the scrutiny, W&K might do well to personalize a little more.

    2. Nothing about Kate’s letters is personal or from the heart. They are lame responses to whatever situation she is not attending or dealing with.

      One would expect the university educated duo of W&K to come off much better than the brother they tend to malign about his lack of education. It’s actually the bullying mentality that William is fighting. Why doesn’t he start the process by censoring himself a bit more when it comes to Harry?

      BTW, have you all seen William’s new linen suit with the shirt open at the collar to expose his hairy chest. Someone is trying a bit too hard.

      1. That suit and that open shirt are so silly looking. I wonder if he’s not going for a ‘movie star macho look’. If so, he is failing miserably. He really is making a total joke of himself in my opinion. He went from one blue suit or for his ‘just like us’ look that one sweater and shirt with the rolled up sleeves right to the ‘aren’t I just so hot’ look way too fast even if it happened to enhance his looks, therefore giving the impression, the correct impression that he is indeed trying , as you say, a bit too hard. He might just as well change his name to Middleton and maybe look for a normal job in his bil’s marshmallow business. Not buying it Billy.

    3. Herazeus, Chopper slept thru college, he was too hung over from boozy sex filled nights with Chutney !!! 10 to 1 odds they were thrilled to see the backs of those two !!!

    4. Harry’s letter is sincere and nicely written; his authentic ‘voice’ is found in the words expressed.

      I think we can over-estimate the value and quality of the university experience. While many students work incredibly hard and are most deserving of their awards, others waste their opportunities, learning nothing, yet still walk away with a degree, even a reasonably good one. It’s not so much about knowledge, or the quality of the institution, but how assessments are conducted. As has been pointed out in other posts, and by William himself, he did not engage with his studies, and Kate, according to tutors, was unexceptional. It also has to be remembered that elite UK public schools prepare their students thoroughly – aka spoon feeding – to gain entrance to university; parents paying huge fees expect nothing less.

      Writing a coherent letter is something that should have been addressed at a high school level. In this instance, Harry took his responsibility seriously; Kate and William repeated their usual sentiments. Harry has a decent advisor in ELF; Kate and William choose not to take advice from their advisors. I’d say that William and Kate have squandered the opportunities offered them; Harry has done quite the opposite.

      1. I agree with your comment vis a vis university education, but in the context of William and Harry, the former keeps making terrible public remarks in which he puts Harry down for the lack of a university education and constantly calls him stupid or sees himself as much more intelligent than Harry.

  22. I agree, William is incredibly passive-aggressive towards his brother because he has always been allowed to do use his brother as a punching bag; by anyone’s standards, that’s just poor parenting. William is quite delusional because his whole life has comprised people toadying to him, rejigging any number of challenges – school, university, RAF – so that William never had to confront his own limitations or work to overcome them. The result is that William has no working compass to understand a whole raft of things, such as reading people, humility, empathy and so on. No-one has told him that his jokes or humour are just crude and unfunny, that he is a boor, and rather dim, with no staying power for anything he undertakes. He really is adrift.

    Harry has not had the pressure of the first-born, but has out-performed William in RAF training, going on to serve as well as build a case for his own interests, principally Sentebale and Invictus Games. These facts alone would sir William’s aggression.

  23. William is passive aggressive toward everyone, not just his brother. Can you imagine what he does to Kate? He probably calls her fatso.

    1. Back when they were dating, William was out with friends and was talking to Kate on his cell phone and went off on her. He started screaming things at her like, ‘Who do you think you are? I am PRINCE William. YOU do not tell me what I can and can not do.’ Supposedly Kate was trying to impose socializing restrictions on Prince William. I doubt that whole I’m special and you’re not attitude suddenly disappeared when they got married. If he divorces her, she loses HRH status and she has absolutely no parental rights over her own children.

      1. Yes, in the end Kate has n o t h i n g to call her own. She doesn’t own her clothes, jewels, anything really, her kids are property of the ‘firm’, she has a lot of material goods at her disposal, forced ‘regard’ from the plebeians due to HRH and chances to travel but who would want to travel with an oaf who in all likelihood flat out mocks and bullies her (he said she looked like a banana in one hideous yellow dress) just as he did before the business deal of a marriage. She has absolutely no identity of her own and with her mother taking Wimpo’s side in everything and horrified at the thought that her status symbol might grow a backbone and demand respect from her husband she has no life. At least not one I would want in any way shape or form. Nothing is worth being simply an accessory and being treated dismissively. I suspect a whole lot of emotional abuse goes on and in my opinion her vile greedy snake of a mother
        Carole had her goals and agenda and her daughter was simply a means to that end. And that Kate on some level knows it. I read somewhere that Kate invited herself to hand out the awards at Ascot and it was supposed to be William by himself. Does anyone know if that’s true? In any case Kate has a long life ahead with nothing to look forward to except the same old same old. She doesn’t look like a concentration camp survivor yet but when she reaches her ‘goal’ weight then what?

          1. I’m not sure she has a goal weight, speaking from my own experience at first I didn’t have a ‘goal’ so to speak. I just was wanting to see how much I could lose. Then, I decided that 89 pounds was a good idea. My 9 year old grand daughter is 4′ 9″ and weighs 94 pounds. At some point as others have said organs shut down and only the absolutely vital ones continue to function. It’s a horrible horrible disease and can be lethal. Unfortunately, the body tends to conserve after starvation and like others I have to constantly fight the ‘gotta be thin or I’m just an ugly fatso’ song that plays in my head. And it doesn’t help to be blasted with commercial featuring for the most part pretty slender girls/women. Kate is in a nasty spot. Weight has I think, become her identity and she’s in the public eye. Since she does nothing worthwhile you can bet that if she gains so much as a pound the reporters will note it. Also, all the new articles about how good she looks, how fit, how ‘slender’ are destructive. She can’t ‘live’ up to that since she’s simply a skinny title wearing a dead woman’s ring.

      2. William is such a charmless creature. It never ceases to amaze me why women chase after such men because of their craven desire to marry status, money, or both, rather than earn it for themselves, if that’s what they want. There will always be a power imbalance, and the woman will always be very dispensable. I recall Diana almost had a meltdown when she lost HRH status, as did Fergie. It’s vaguely amusing that people get their rocks off on titles that – let’s face it – are an artificial concoction anyway. I look forward to the day when the UK says ‘enough’ and cuts the Windsors loose: no public money, no parades, no bowing. ‘Royalty’ is incredibly unhealthy for the public but also for the family exalted to play such a role.

        1. I absolutely agree, Kitty. I don’t feel an iota of sympathy for the ‘royals’ but you’re right on all counts anyway. And I didn’t know about Diana’s meltdown, or Fergie’s either so this is something I learned from your post. For God’s sake anyone can call themselves anything they want to but it makes not a whit of difference in the grand scheme of things. Just a bunch of insecurity showing in my opinion. I find Andrew particularly repulsive, I watched a video on ‘royal’ servants and he is downright nasty and vile to them. There’s a reason why waity was the only option left for William. He deserves her, but the UK doesn’t deserve either of them and it’s infuriating to see them drain resources for no reason other than to play normal Joe and wannabe Princess. Our British friends deserve so much better.

          1. It is ultimately up to UK citizens to decide what they will and will not fund. The ‘royals’ are so fawned over that it must be near-nigh impossible to have any kind of humility and self-knowledge; as I said previously, this is an incredibly unhealthy state in which to live one’s life.

            Diana loved her HRH title and though BP was at pains to point out that she no longer had the title after the divorce, her public popularity saw their directives at demoting ignored: she was always ‘Princess Di’. Fergie loved all that went with the title; Americans provide the deference that her countrymen deny her.

            I agree with you, royalsareajoke, Andrew is piece of work, and a super dodgy fu**wit. Lucky for him that he is so well-connected that he can’t be touched. William and Kate really do bring the inadequacy of royalty into sharp focus.

            1. Fergie never lost her HRH officially. As Andrew and her haven’t remarried, she remains Duchess of York though she lost the honorific ‘The’ in the title.

              Diana lost her HRH officially, and it was her own fault.

              During the divorce negotiations, she was determined to get rid of anything ‘royal’ in exchange for a private existence. Of course she also wanted more money and in a one time settlement only deal. She withdrew from charities, got rid of RPOs and voluntarily gave up her HRH.

              A few weeks later, she realised the horror of giving up the HRH because that meant she had to curtsey to everyone, her own kids and *Fergie included.

              *removal of the HRH from Fergie was never on the table and she was divorced with it intact. As a divorcee, she was still an HRH. And her divorce was granted earlier than Diana’s divorce.

              Not only did Diana have to curtsey to all and sundry, but her HRH removal meant she lost all kinds of provileges that it had given her.

              So she had a meltdown about it, ran crying to the media saying those mean hotrid royals had taken away her HRH and went as far as saying William had promised to give it back when she was an adult.

              All this sobbing to the mefia was to try to force the royals to give it bayals

              HM dug in her heels and refused. A compromise was reached where Diana was given a special status acknowledging her as mother of future King and wife of POW which sort of gave her as close to HRH status as was possible without actually returning to her.

              HM was so irritated by Diana’s shenanigans that she added a caveat to the letters patent that lay out who can have HRH status in which she removed HRH status from anyone who divorced an HRH.

              Sadly, even though it wasn’t intended and was never part of the settlement discussions, Fergie’s HRH was lost as a result of that cavest.

              Officially, she was never asked to give it up, and even when the caveat was written, she wasn’t informed in a way that required her to aknowledge or give it up.

              So, when Prince Andrew insists people call Fergie HRH, which he used to do, he wasn’t wrong because it’s never been removed from her officially.

              Pretzel thinking i know, but it is what it is.

              Diana continued to play the game of ‘poor me, those mean royals took away my HRH’ yet never publicly clarified that she’d voluntarily given it up, and to compensate she’d been given an unprecedented status adjustment as mother of a future King.

              Fergie loves being a royal, but she never had a meltdown over her loss of HRH because officially it’s never been removed, and as long ad Andrew doesn’t remarry, she remains Duchess of York.

              Divorce is a grey area where titles and status are concerned. And with the royals, depending on original status, it leaves the really high status divorced in-laws in a grey area where they are quasi-royal. Others like Mark Philips who refused to become royal on marriage had very clear-cut divorces and that’s made their post-divorce lives much easier.

              1. Apologies for all the spelling mistakes. Didn’t realise my tablet’s autocorrect was on until i posted.

                1. Herazeus, You are an absolute wealth of interesting information. I watched a video (I do do other things but seems like that’s all I say here) and Diana was said to have been upset about the loss of HRH because she wanted it for more ‘clout’ in working with charities. I am looking at that situation in a different way than I used to thanks to those who actually know what happened. And the spelling errors?? Phonetic is where it’s at with me:) So much great information in your post, thanks!

                  1. I’m in agreement, here. Incredible insights, Herazeus! I love reading this side of the story, because I’ve long since felt that Diana gets recognition for being the Saint that she wasn’t.

                    It’s all hype and fairytale and it does nobody any good to gloss over reality (I don’t even think it’s doing Diana justice to misrepresent her so determinedly – who stands to gain here by perpetuating the myth – the media who sells her story over and over? That’s the only source I can imagine that would be invested in maintaining the Saintly public image)

                    1. Weatherby, I think that had Diana not died so young people might have eventually seen the not so nice side of her. However, she remains the young pretty princess who was **all but** murdered by the ‘royal family’. I’ve learned so much from these posts and love it. About time the underbelly is exposed. All we’re supposed to see is tiaras and jewels and nobility. The Middleton’s are very quickly trashing what’s left of any image the ‘firm’ may have cultivated throughout the ages, prior to the warp speed passing on of information. And of course, if the ‘firm’ tanks Billy will have something else to whine about, the mean old press and nosy people who dare to question where their money goes. I read somewhere that William got a chewing out and then the guy figured out who he was. William was very grateful to the dude for treating him like everyone else. But of course, that is subject to William’s whims, he wants everything on his terms. Why not? He’s had it that way since well mummy….the ‘firm’ handled that situation very badly in my opinion, and now they’re having to live with the monster they created.

              2. Thanks, Herazeus, for the clarity provided in your explanation. I had forgotten about Diana’s shenanigans! She charmed the public so thoroughly… I thought Sarah Ferguson played up her royal connections when in the US, though is generally unwelcome in UK royal circles. As you say, who has/has not HRH titles is odd thinking. I would imagine Kate will do whatever is required to stay married, with status intact, given her ten-year hunt for both. I wonder whether it is worth it.
                I agree with your comment elsewhere regarding fame, privilege and leading a balanced life. Believing one’s PR is problematic. Marrying into the BRF has all manner of temptations attached: access to material goods of unimaginable splendor, but worse, becoming totally unhinged by flattery as well as cocooned from reality. How does one find true north? Becoming famous due to ability and hard work is difficult, for sure, though there has been some demonstration of talent and resilience to get to that point. Being feted for being born into a particular family is… odd. I would have thought humility would be in abundance if one’s fame was not earned through genuine achievement. As you say, if those who reach global attention are level-headed, and have good advisors, are prepared to listen to, and have some life experience under their belt, they are in a better position to handle it.

                1. Fergie definitely played up her royal credentials in the states. It’s how she makes any money.

                  Her divorce settlement was peanuts. Not worth the paper it was written on. Most of it was trusts for the kids rather than for her.

                  …but i think she was shafted in the settlement because she went into the negotiations with a stack of black marks against her eg *the affairs, **the debts,*** the fact that the divorce was ordered by HM to be immediatly activated.

                  *if you only see your husband for the equivalent of a month – 6wks per year of your marriage, meanwhile you are surrounded by hostile courtiers and media, for someone as fragile as Fergie with similar family background as Diana, it’s not hard to see how she succumbed to the temptations.

                  Do you remember when she flew to australia to see Andrew leaving a 6wk old (?) Beatrice behind? She was blasted by the media for that, and her explanation was that she wanted to see her husband who was in port for a few days. Granted it was an extravagant way to see one’s husband, but who can blame any military wife if they can afford it,( with a bit of tax payer funding)?

                  **this is something Kate needs to worry about. She’s so busy SWF-ing Diana and not realising that Diana was careful to see Fergie as a cautionary tale. Fergie spent millions every year, and every year, HM would cover all those expenses without ticking off Fergie. Come the divorce, andd Queen refused to pay the final year’s expenses. Fergie was left to pay back all that money yhat she’d foolishly spent. I’m sure that came as a real shock because from the moment she entered the family, she could buy anything and everything irrespective of whether she had the money or not. That’s why Kate’s spending is out of control too. She doesn’t have to watch her budget and she will always have anything and everything whether the funds are available or not. The minute she is separated, bound for divorce, she will be presented with a bill. Yet, she is not making any friends who might help her out in such a scenerio, inside or outside the family. Fergie is foolishly spendthrift, but she always knows someone who is prepared to bail her out financially.

                  ***Andrew and Fergie were not given a chance to go to marriage councilling. They were not given any opportunity to work it out. It was known that Andrew was really against the divorce and tried his best to prevent it. One of the reasons he let her continue to live with him is that he felt he had let her down in every way. He never blamed her for all the bad behaviour. Apparently he was oblivious to her difficulties adjusting to the royal life, but as he was gone due to his naval career for most of the marriage, he wasn’t around to notice these things.

                  It’s the only time HM stood her ground. The fact that Phillip was set on this course probably helped her resolve.

                  I personally think that Fergie and Andrew continued living together because they had stuff to work out as far as their relationship was concerned, and the fact that neither one wanted a divorce.

                  I think they continue to live together because it is mutually beneficial, but i do not think they are in love or that they will remarry.

                  Or we are witnessing marriage aristo style where the love is there, and affairs on both sides are accepted, but no divorces are allowed – even though they are divorced. I think they are perfectly suited in many ways.

                  I’ve been very open about the fact that i started my working life at a company that dealt with celebs and royals. My take away has always been that it’s not the money that spoils, it’s the access and the sycophancy. With royals, that is in overdrive. Extremely wealthy people can hit ceilings because not every regular person can be bought, yet something happens to people in the face of royalty such that they will give the shirt off their backs in the face of it. Even when the royal person is an imbecile. And that is where you see the change in behaviour of the people who marry into royalty. The people who are born royalty tend to always be cut off like William or they acquire some self awareness and try to be decent people like Anne.

                  In the cautionary tale of Fergie, imagine being able to spend millions per year and your bank manager approves without holding any collateral in case you default.

                  Kate had a little taste of that as a girlfriend and decided that was worth pursuing. As a wife, she gets the full treatment. She will do everything she can to hold on to that. Even the sainted Diana realised what she would lose by leaving the family and her media hissyfit was to make sure that she did not.

                  1. Forgot to add that once Fergie was divorced, she had to pay off the debts and also earn a living somehow. Her divorce settlement wasn’t enough to keep her in style as it was based on Andrew’s naval salary NOT his status as a royal or his family trust funds.

                    America was the only marketplace that would pay her the level of money required and that’s why she went in that direction.

                    I think they also thought that as long as she didn’t work in Britain or in Europe, then less embarrassment for tge BRF.

                  2. Herazeus, thank you again for such rich commentary.
                    Yes, over-the-top sycophancy is most debilitating as well as the greatest obstacle to personal development. It would take great resolve and experience to be able to deflect it.
                    I had no idea of the details of Fergie and Andrew’s divorce; how unfortunate that together they could not stand up to the Queen and Prince Phillip and find a way through their problems together and as privately as possible. Times are more relaxed these days perhaps.They are clearly together since they bought a property in Switzerland, and united in parenting their daughters. It’s impossible to see into other people’s relationships but whatever they have seems to work for them.
                    Kate should consider Fergie a cautionary tale. Her spending appears to be excessive compared to the amount of royal work performed. I imagine it must be very easy to relax into that level of spending but very, very unwise. William is such a loose canon who will do whatever he wants at any given time, including dumping a wife if a better option is available. Lola’s description of a conversation he had with Kate (further up this post) is ugly behaviour indeed, but hardly surprising.

                    1. I started off having ALOT of pity for Fergie and Andrew, but with time, it’s proved to be misplaced as they’ve descended into avarice and entitlement. Occasionally i have twangs, but i remember that most of their current problems are self-inflicted.

                      The daughters still have my pity and i’ve turned into a Yorkie (meaning the daughters) apologist because much of what is thrown at them is a deflection since the media stopped going after the parents.

                      I will say this because it isn’t said often enough, in as much as Fergie has issues, her original poor image was a combination of being set up by the mefia in a Diana vs Fergie contest set up by media editors who have since admitted it, Diana deliberately using Fergie as a canary wereby she would advise her to follow a course of action whilst Diana sat back and reviewed the results and acted differently in a similar scenerio or sometimes outright sold Fergie out to the media eg those toe sucking pics were the result of a tip off from Diana to the paps who spent days waiting for Fergie to give them an interesting shot – boy did she give them one!!!

                      By contrast, i started out loving Diana in every way until i started working. I saw the games, i heard rumours, and it put me off for life. I will always defend her work record because i think she excelled and that’s something that can never be taken from her, but her personal relations were not good and alot of what we see in William is how Diana behaved to alot of people. She was lucky to have that personality in combination with the charm which meant that people were willing to overlook many things. She was also careful to deploy her charming side in public most of the time or to blame other people when she was caught out behaving badly in public.

                      She is perfectly reflected in her 2 sons. Harry has the charismatic, empathetic aspect of her in dominance whilst William has the sour, obstinate, mean, secretive aspect of her in dominance.

                    2. The unkindness towards Beatrice and Eugenie by the press is distasteful; the girls bear the brunt of residual dislike of their parents as well as being used shamelessly to deflect any poor behaviour from William. I often wish they had a seriously sharp advisor who could deflect back to William. Should Harry ever marry, I have no doubt that the press will drum up a Kate vs Harry’s wife rivalry. Nor do I doubt that should criticism of Kate and William continue to grow, both George and Charlotte will be maligned, simply out of spite.

                      I recall Fergie being incredibly popular when she and Andrew first married – she too was considered ‘refreshing’ – only for it to descend quite shockingly into all that you have mentioned, and more. As you say, much of it was self-inflicted.

                      I had no idea that Diana was so deliberately malevolent. How incredibly sad to be so psychogically damaged and desperate that you’d want to undermine others to such an extent. Diana was fortunate not to have lived in an age where the internet and social media’s dominance would have exposed her machinations more easily. Hence, her image remains largely intact to an unknowing public. I agree that her sons have assumed her qualities with Harry scoring the better deal, whereas William is in a world of pain of his own making, heavily laced with bitterness and entitlement.

                  3. When Fergie first graced the US with her presence she starting whining and carrying on about how badly she was treated by the ‘firm’ and how they were so lacking in understanding of her need to be with her husband. On one talk show she said ‘we should have said no! we want to be together’. She’s a self pitying cry baby but her title appears to intrigue some Americans. That’s all she has going for her, and that Oprah special ‘Finding Sarah’? Made me wish that no one had looked for her. Pure maudlin and staged.

      3. I’ve never heard this before. Where did you get this story? I’m curious to hear more “insider info” from their dating days.

  24. Lola, you would feel sorry for her if she just wasn’t so conniving !!! She made her bed, now she gets to lay in it, almost literally !!

  25. Lola, I would assume most Royals act almost as bad as he does, I am better than everyone because I was born into this, or better yet if anyone marries into the lifestyle it is just sort of copping the attitude. I have wondered if I would in that position become a real jerk in the making, you like to think if your roots are humble enough, well you just could never be so nasty to people but I guess it comes with the territory !! The thing of it is, the public is not supposed to know about it, with the age of the internet, there are no real confidences. Not the best time to be a royal, ya know folks write tell -alls !!!

    1. For royals, one has to make an effort to be grounded, but the entitlement is always there. Even for someone as grounded as Anne.

      For in-laws, i see it as similar to becoming famous. Oprah once said that fame magnifies what is already present. It also halts human development at the age a person became famous.

      Famous people who acquire it as adults will always have pespective and act in adult, grounded ways eg George Clooney, became famous at 34 or Sophie, COW who married Edward at 36.

      Compare with Michael Jackson, became famous at 3yrs old, plus never surrounded by people who taught him to develop as a human being forever Peter Pan.

      I would say that the quality of your handlers is also key and ability to listen to advice of handlers.

      Eg JFK jr vs William, both famous from birth. John was surrounded by media, the kennedys. Considered the heir to the Kennedy torch, future president. Later had to hear all about his dad’s extra marital affairs. Very grounded. William, the same, not grounded at all.

      Or William vs Harry vs the Yorkies. Enough said.

      1. Herazeus, Do you really believe George Clooney is still grounded, I’m sorry I’m not seeing that, also Sophie her own employees say she believes she is higher than HM, in other words a real BE-OTCH to deal with, your Diana a lot of times was a real meany to her employees, but would put on a surreal persona of I care so deeply about all of humanity in public, to which she referred to as “My public” !!!

        1. Sophie and Clooney are more grounded than someone like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. It doesn’t mean that fame doesn’t affect them or that they are incapable of being grand and snobby, but they are much more adult in how they handle it all unlike the entourage dependant, tantrum prone celebs who achieved their profiles as children. They also react to bad events in a mature way where their younger counter-parts would simply throw more tantrums and act out.

  26. I read a blind that KM is in weekly therapy for an eating disorder, no idea if that’s really true but surely with PW doing all this mingling with fathers and sons and other mental health stuff, he can’t escape the fact he has to play a part in her getting well. In a recent article, he was saying fathers have no choice, they may not want to talk about emotions but they have to for their kid’s benefit. I wonder if he does for his wife’s benefit?

  27. Kate is just washed out, lifeless at only 34yrs, this woman wont last in the BRF, lazy, dull dresser, kids hidden, anorexic etc

  28. In reality noone would mind if Waity had of had a career
    before meeting PW. The situation of them both now is that they are so snooty and dont give a jot about anything except what they can get away with … They simply dont want to work and just want the public of GB to constantly pay for their very luxurious lifestyle and it cannot go on like it is…
    They must have accountability for their priviliged position and start to earn their keep..
    Royal Ascot was another time for her to be centre stage in a over priced nightie of a dress …
    Her attitude to the cousins is terrible they are Royal and she walks all over them by being snooty ..and wanting to be centre of attention at all times …
    We have said many times the position she holds sheis just not up to it.. It seems she thinks its all about being a mannequin and just meet and greet … The mother planned this whole thing for the money titles and power .. Real disgrace …

    1. It was very revealing in that doc about the Queen where Kate said all the Queen had to do was arrive somewhere and smile. That’s her takeway of what she thinks her role is.

      1. Well, Kate is a ‘drive-by duchess’ if ever there was one. her engagements are getting shorter all the time: the usual hour has been reduced to about 25-35 minutes. Her disinterest, if not outright boredom, shows at each and every outing through lack of preparation, vacuous comments, and manic grins – all while finding where the cameras are, of course.

        1. Kitty, it’s got to be really hard to smile, when you wonder how long it is before your hubby bolts for good !!

    1. 34 going on 8 years of age … Utterly arrogant not like his brother Harry is a charming young man who the people adore.. not like his irritating brother who doesnt know how to be well mannered

    2. 34 going on 8 years of age … Utterly arrogant not like his brother Harry is a charming young man who the people adore.. not like his irritating brother who doesnt know how to be appreciating of the position he is in .. Over entitled brat..

  29. I read recently thru the Daily Beast that Camilla was behind some of the media ja s at Kate…and that she was behind Will and Kates first break up…any w know if there is any truth to that? If Camilla is behind it what an insecure witch. I thought her and Kate seemed a bit frosty in trouping colours carriage ride. Harry was talking with her…but Camilla looked like she rather be anywhere else.

    1. Camilla is an easy target. The ‘author’ of the book from which that information is quoted is wrong and using the Camilla dog whistle because that is what sells.

      In terms of WK, they broke up every year they were together. The 2007 breakup was the one that caught the media’s attention because it was supposed to be the final one. And Kate used the media to maximum effect to win him back.

      Consequently, it’s rehashed as the only one yet even the principals can’t keep the story straight. In the engagement interview, they are asked about the 2007 break up and responded with answers clearly describing different breakups.

      At the time of the 2007 break up, Kate told her workmates that it was Charles’s fault. This author is now saying it was Camilla’s fault?

      Completely ignoring the fact that during the lead upto the 2007 break up, there were many stories of William cheating, playing with the boys and even one nightstands who sold their stories to the media.

      Here is one such story:


      The media reports at the time said that Charles told him to stop stringing Kate along if he had no intention of marrying her. If that advise was the result of a consultation with Camilla, i genuinely struggle to see why it’s wrong when the person who was being advised was also busy sowing oats with all and sundry rather than his long term girlfriend who clearly expected a ring.

      1. From what has been reported, Charles’s advice was right and proper: don’t lead the girl to believe there is a life together if there isn’t the intention to make it so.
        If Kate and William broke up each year and all manner of shenanigans took place to reel him in, in addition to no-one else wanting him, I can’t see what their marriage is based on or how it could be a lasting and happy one. Of course, stranger things have happened. But Kate won’t up all that goes with ‘royal’ and I doubt whether William will live by anything but his own rules and needs.

        1. The way Kate blamed the breakup on Charles seems so strange to me. If he really did offer his son that advice, then the logical conclusion is William believed he didn’t love Kate or want to marry her. So Kate was angry about what, exactly? That William didn’t appear interested in marriage? That Charles didn’t give his son more encouragement to marry someone he had doubts about? It’s like she didn’t care about the feelings. She just wanted the commitment.

          1. melete, ya know what is amazing to me is how many women will settle for a loveless marriage if they get stuff !!!

            1. Yeah, interesting that if waity blamed the next in line to the throne for William’s bolting that she didn’t like take the hint that she wasn’t exactly welcome. Oh no, she wanted **the** ring and the perks which include people kow towing to her. Crappy trade off when, if the story is true, knowing that your fil would rather you sleazed back into your wherever. And Chuck has a lot of room to talk. As does Camilla. With the way the ‘deal’ was so backroom and sprung on the ‘firm’ it sure does take the excitement out of an engagement supposedly meant to show that a deep love and commitment to each other is being shown to the world. Don’t know what to believe but waity katie has proven that she is still waitying to be anything but a joke that is growing old and worn. I doubt that her plan will come to fruition. I think that when the queen is under that ground she keeps burying her head in and Charles is on the big seat the monarchy will be gasping it’s last ‘royal’ breath. Maybe not, maybe we’ll have the slouch as queen consort, that’s one thing she’s good at. Consorting. Msthang is convinced that the ‘firm won’t last long after the queen croaks and I hope she’s right. I would dearly love to see the ‘House of Middleton’ crumble. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and with waity wanting one thing and Billy wanting another it’s bound to happen. I hope.

          2. Kate is competitive. She wants to win. And winning makes her better than other women, like all the females she went through school with, from their aristocratic backgrounds. Whose the fairest of them all now? Plus, she gets stuff. Lots of stuff.

            Regarding blame: it’s easier to blame Charles rather than face the fact that William didn’t love her. At that stage, she had come so very close to catching him. I’m sure she was after the commitment too, because status and stuff.

            1. If she won anything it was the booby prize. It wasn’t like she was in hot competition for Billy, decent and smart women said no to his gracious offer of being his wife and waity just waityed them out and with open arms and other appendages welcomed him back. Her mummy was the commitment commander.

              1. In all seriousness, I think her competitive streak is limited to men. I suspect Kate and Pippa have been brought up to target males with status and money, sidelining other females in order to do so. We’ve never observed anything but the pursuit of personal pleasure in Kate; why would she give a damn about royal duties, such as they are? She is egged on by her dolt of a husband. Neither cares a bean about others.

  30. Bear just a note we used to think it was so awful at what happened in Dianas marriage but years have passed and at least Camilla and Prince Charles do enormous amount of Good with their Charities and work and do well executed speeches together
    Situ with Lazy spoilt Waity is unbearable to Camilla so anyone would be cross with her ignorant childish snobbish ways

  31. Daisy, I must be in the minority, but I still can’t past the fact Cammie destroyed a marriage to get her man, it really rankles me !!

    1. I am in the minority as well then, I think it was horrid and vile on both Charles and Camilla’s part to steam the windows after Charles was engaged to Diana. He’s just as guilty as she is, and no amount of fancy duds and good works can change the fact that Camilla is a home wrecker. Had she just gone on with her life and kept her determination not to be strung along by Chuck things could have been very different. Instead she kept doing what she was doing and she and Chuck made Diana’s life a living hell. Diana was no angel, but people tend to forget that she was only 19 years old when she married Charles. And I think she really loved him, and that he just simply used her.

      1. The blame is all Charles. Mostly.

        The idea that Camilla and Charles were starcrossed lovers thwarted by courtiers etc is a myth.

        1. Despite the PR myth, initially Charles was just a notch on Camilla’s belt. Like everyone in their social circle, the star buck all the girls were after was Andrew PB.

        Camilla was the girl who triumphed in their social set because she got and married Andrew PB. Rumour has it that is the source of Anne’s animosity to Camilla because she was after Andrew PB too.

        2. Charles and Camilla love story is actually a love triangle that includes Lady Tyron, nicknamed Kanga.

        Charles started an affair with Kanga about 5mths after he’d met Camilla. This love triangle lasted until the mid-late 80s. Throw in husbands and really it was a love hexagon.

        And that’s not taking into consideration the other women Charles was dating as well as his 2 steadfast mistresses.

        She’s been airbrushed from history and enabled the Charles/Camilla starcrossed lovers myth to take root and become fact.

        At his wedding, Charles was just as involved with Kanga as he was with Camilla. She was as instrumental in choosing or approving Diana as Camilla.

        It’s always been curious to me that Diana chose to befriend Kanga and to support her publicly whilst overlooking the affair she was having with Charles.

        Everything she accused Camilla could be thrown at Kanga too.

        Here is a documentary about Kanga, with apologies that it is in 10mins bites:






        1. Thank you for the links to the documentary. Just finished watching the first bit and will definitely return to finish it.

          I remember hearing the name Kanga in connection with PC. It’s very interesting that Diana became friends with her and they both worked together with regards to Camilla.

          One little thing, I really loved Camilla’s dress when she married Charles.

  32. Have you all seen latest photo of waity at houghton hall she looks so anerexic her head is bigger and her skinny legs really show on frame through the dress .. Its the laziness of both of them what really annoys us and to think she acts as if butter wont melt being so damn snootish and always wanting to be a mannequin will always be an airhead … she has no qualifications to tell harry about his life and prospective girlfriend after how she manipulated her way into BRF….
    Billy is just pompous oaf who doesnt want to do any work at all
    they really have let the BRF into shame

    1. Dear God, is that true? If so she needs some serious help and right now. Do you have a link? How does anyone know this? It’s scary. I don’t like her, I don’t respect her, but she could die. Someone has got to take notice, what about her vile ugly repulsive mother?
      No, I don’t think that Chopper cares, or even particularly notices. She’s coughed up the two heirs including a new Diana, so she’s dispensable. She is in serious and mortal danger, this is literally life threatening. I read that she is in therapy, but I also know this disease. Very well. I’m convinced that she is anorexic, and if I’m right and Yahoo news is on the money for God’s sake get Kate to a hospital. This woman has zero self esteem, and zero identity apart from the ring and the jerk, in my opinion . Granted, she did it to herself but still….

      1. So very sad. She looks like she weighs more than 99 lbs. to me, but I have no doubt that she suffers from (an) ED(s). I have suffered from anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder and they are nightmare diseases. As much as I hope she is getting the help she needs, I wonder, does the BRF ‘allow’ therapy? If so, and it is determined that her healthiest course of action is to leave her marriage, will Carol agree? I just don’t see William caring enough to help her through her recovery, despite his own mother’s history.

        1. The BRF allows therapy. The question is whether she accepts it.

          Diana famously rejected all help though she later lied and claimed none was given.

          1. The more I hear about Diana the more I think that the games she played may have gone further than with the media. I wonder what she told William, since he was her confidant. Did she ever get to be as thin as Wasting Away? Anorexics are very very stubborn, I know this from personal experience. You almost see food as an enemy to be conquered at any cost. With Kate and for that matter Diana, I doubt that the critical support of ‘family’ members was there for Diana, and I can’t see William bothering with Kate. He’s too in himself and since I don’t believe this is a loving marriage she’s unlikely to get support or understanding from him. Karen Carpenter died and if you’ve ever the read the book ‘Little Girl Blue’ you’ll see that this disease causes addictive behavior and Mrs. Carpenter was a real piece of work. If Kate is indeed anorexic and I think she is, she is at the very least weight obsessed, she’s in dire need of a lot of things that don’t appear to be available to her. I called Kate Wasting Away, maybe that’s unfair and not nice but she **had** ample opportunity to tell everyone to stuff it and move on to a happy life. It wouldn’t have been easy but she’s shown how tenacious she can be, and besides she was well over 18 and threw away her freedom and rights. For a dead woman’s ring, a title, and utterly forced adulation because of her title. She won’t have the country outraged at her treatment, she will be on her own there since she has proven she’s worthless as a ‘royal rep’, and no way can she cry that the mean old ‘firm’ mistreated her. No way! She could very easily have nutritious meals prepared with all the necessary minerals and vitamins and maintain a healthy weight. Not everyone has that luxury. I should pity her, but dayum with all the resources she has I can’t. She can still tell everyone to stick it where the sun don’t shine, especially that repugnant mother of hers and get herself away from the whole lot of them. I wouldn’t buy for a nano second that she’s reluctant to do so because of her children, she’s far far too into herself for me to think those kids factor in. I said the same about William and I meant it. If she cared about anything aside from her perks, status, goodies she would get help. Wouldn’t that set an awesome example for all the young girls who thinks she’s great. Not her. Her title. There’s a huge difference, but no matter it would be a very good thing. Waity is far too selfish to consider that. This is a horrible thought but maybe William is seeing an out that would bring him ‘mummy’ sympathy again.

        2. How are you doing now, GingerMini? I too have suffered from these diseases and you are right, they are a nightmare. Constant hunger and pain. I am now a chubby, very chubby woman but I fight every day to keep from going back to my old bulimic habits. I lost my teeth to that disease. Somewhere in the process you lose yourself and become simply a number on a scale (I threw mine away), and the number determined the kind of day you’d have. Down, great day. Up, I’m a failure. That’s the way it was for me, anyway. Hope you are doing better, and get or are well. It can happen but it sure isn’t easy. God Bless.

          1. RAAJ, I am doing well now, thank you. Although I will go without eating when given the opportunity, I am much better about listening to my body and eating when hungry. Once of the most basic instincts that living beings possess, and I have to make the effort to heed it, but bulimia is under control, and I no longer obsess over who is smaller than I am whenever I come into contact with anyone. About 5 years ago my therapist told me that the next step for me was in-patient treatment, and that is what really set me on the path to recovery. The awful diseases cost me my fertility, my self-esteem/identity (I too was the number on the scale), my gall bladder, and nearly my marriage and dream job. I am bigger than I would like to be right now due to thyroid issues and forcing myself not to diet, but the peace of mind I feel these days is worth it. I hope you are doing well also, and wish you all the best!

            1. Thank you and I wish you all the best as well. 🙂 Happy to hear that you are in a much better place. I am doing better, the bulimia is under control as with you. I still have issues and probably will for the rest of my life. I don’t think that the jabs William is taking at Kate are jokes, I think it’s just plain mean. I think he on some level he truly resents her. This is exacerbating her problems in my opinion. It’s quite possible that Kate is in a way suicidal, as it is she’s a shell of a woman with everything she needs right there. Right there! Infuriating to me. Therapy helps, but as I said you need a solid support system and Kate has burned a lot of bridges with her snobbish and superior attitude. It’s a mask, but a very ugly one.

        3. Remember the camera always adds 10 lbs, so I believe it, and Chopper wouldn’t care if she croaked or well just basically disappeared. I truly think he is done with her, all manner of starving isn’t gonna bring him round. Every act of love or caring is an act and not much else !!

  33. Gosh royalsareajoke and Ginger Mini wish you both every happiness and take care …it makes life very special when as myself went through tough health times (tumour in my tum)it was benign so was lucky in 1994 .. so I enjoy simple life smelling roses which I have grown they are really lovely .. and it makes me cross when Waity has so much and does nothing to help the unfortunate in our country. A very spoilt child of a woman ..

    1. Thank you so much for your support. It really does mean a lot to me, and I agree with every word you said about Waity Katie. You are right, life does become more precious and Kate needs to wake up to the fact that she has two children who need her. God forbid that Charlotte follows her lead, she’s setting a horrendous example. (can’t say that I didn’t). Selfish to the core, to the absolute core. I don’t pity her at all, but I sincerely don’t want anything awful to happen to her whether it’s self inflicted or not. I have to wonder how much of a part that vile Carole played in her determination to be thin thin thin. From older pictures Kate didn’t seem to have that particular problem, but ‘its all part of the plan’ smacks of Carole to me. Repugnant family. It is infuriating to see Kate give nothing back. N o t h i n g. a t a l l. You’re spot on, very spoiled child of a woman. Not a lady. Just a woman chronologically. Thanks again for you very encouraging words!!

    2. Thank you Daisy! I am so glad your tumor was benign and wish you continued good health! I tend to internalize everything and carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, so thank you for the reminder to literally stop and smell the roses 🙂

  34. I hope you don’t mind, Lola but I’ve just read an article about Harry, Joss Stone and a choir from Sentebale who are in London for a concert, such a warm and lovely feeling from it. Is Joss seeing anyone? Does anyone else think it looks like she could make Harry a great wife?

    1. NOOO! She desperately wants Harry, she uses her royal connections to stay relevant, plus she has a bf.

  35. I have sympathy for people that suffer from eating disorders! My opinion is KM has refused help in doing her job. Km has refused help in her wardrobe to look professional. Kate think she knows everything. Last but not least Kate does not want to improve her intelligence! I am not trying to be mean or cold toward KM! This not the windsors or middletons fault ! Just my opinion!

  36. Good Heavens daily mail picture of pippa showing up her dress of her thighs in royal box … Totally Disgusting and disgraceful tarty look … she sure lets down our BRF….. Now she should be banned from Royal Box at wimbledon due to her outragious behaviour in a place where decorum is an everyday prequisite. …
    This family are sure social climbing wannabes just because sister married to PW gives her and brother no rights to be in Royal Box
    she hasnt done anything for our country to have earned right of privilige

  37. it beggars belief how they have become millionaires on the back of selling party tat! The company regularly gets slammed for poor customer service – I remember even the Fogles had issues and ranted on twitter about it. I seriously believe this lot are avoiding tax…. and what it more fishy is the fact that they won’t publicise their tax records…. unlike most companies in the UK that have to

    1. Highly doubt they have millions. A comparable mail order party business profits about $150,000 – $200,000 annually.
      The house they were in when W & K got engaged was said to have 2 mortgages on it. While they have probably gained some in sales due to the royal connection, they are most likely not making a million a year.
      They do not have to release any profit/ loss statements or financial documents because PP is not a business or corporation. It is registered as a partnership which gives the partners privacy on how much it is actually worth.
      On the other hand, if anyone is owed anything every partner can be sued and all assests can be seized and sold for repayment. Really not the smartest business decision – especially when you are talking about a business that supposedly worth million(s). Heck, if they are clearing a half million a year they should consult a solicitor about incorporating just to protect their personal assests. The fact that haven’t implies they don’t have a head for business – or are more concerned about hiding something.

      1. It doesn’t add up that millions could be earned from such a business, particularly when there are many similar online businesses that earn the amount you suggested, but also that such merchandise can be bought at local shops. I wonder if Uncle Gary channels money through their company? It just doesn’t add up, given the 1.2 million pound flat in Chelsea, the expensive holidays etc etc. I doubt the Middleton’s are naive with money; I’d go for your second reason.

    2. As I understand it they have a private company – not a public listed one – so no requirement to publish accounts.

      1. Thanks, I was about to ask exactly how they got away with not publishing their accounts. You’ve answered my question. Now I have another one. Does anyone know if the ghastly Middletons were regulars at Wimbledon before the prey was caught. The DM gushes over how they were always there and the pictures are enough to gag a maggot. See that Michael is there with his wife and some poignant lovey dovey pictures are included to up the vomit factor. I know it’s just rumors and all but they are supposedly not together, which makes perfect sense given that Ma has taken over Amner. If this is true and they are indeed kinda sorta separated then Michael is a bigger wimp than I gave him credit for being. I have to pace myself in reading the DM articles and most of the time I have trouble finding them anyway, I can only handle so much yuck at a time. I can only hope that when the feces hits the fan we get a front row, **royal** box to watch the downfall of the Middletons et al.

  38. Aw just didnt believe it when we saw sombre occasion of The Somme one of the battles that was really so awful and there is Waity in a doily of a dress not even in an appropriate colour.. Why dont palace flunkies tell her to wear an appropriate outfit. All we saw was her walking up steps showing yet again all her legs
    what is it with her and sister and mother about always thinking its all about themselves …photo opportunities on such a moving day at Memorial service … She really doesnt have a clue about anything….
    At least Camilla looked regal in her tasteful dark navy with hat
    Waity is a real disgrace to our country in fact its the worst thing in history letting these repugnant family into BRF…

    1. Not many people are thin enough to wear a doily dress. They can make you look like a puff pastry with dangly bits.

  39. In the group photographs Waity’s doily dress blends into the gravel on the path.

  40. Did anyone else notice that KM has a strange darkened patch of skin between her eyebrows?
    It’s visible in the photos of her in the zigzagging coat (Thursday night, at a vigil).
    It looks like she forgot to put sunscreen there…

  41. Again in daily mail pippa showing off in royal box today .. Also she is not royal and always presumes she should take a seat there
    she is just a attention seeking useless person who has got to where she is by getting with a wealthy man … what does she do for a living ….. not a lot and is always wanting to be photographed such an attention seeking madam ….
    They are just social climbing wannabes and will stamp on anyone to get what they want ….

    1. Daisy, I agree with you but never forget the bigger they are (or think they are) the harder they fall. It’s vomit inducing to see that revolting putrid slimy family anywhere near Wimbledon (I don’t care about tennis, but I do care about Britain) let alone in the ‘royal’ box. Interesting that the siggy ring wearing wannabe is still ‘single’. I don’t see anyone rushing to the altar. Sickening, just sickening. I couldn’t bring myself to read the article, I have to work in the morning and haven’t eaten. Have a pizza (Hawaiian) ordered so will wait until another time to read yet another chapter in the “Sliming of the Firm”. It’s an ongoing soap opera and seriously they’re jokes but too oblivious to get the message. What they ‘have’ is nothing in my opinion, but that’s just me. Guess the DM is intent on helping to anger the people and if enough get sick and tired of the “Middleton Road Show”, or the ” Buckleberry Hillbillies take over the Palace”, maybe the tide will turn. The powers that be might be asleep at the switch, but I doubt it. The ‘firm’ has ways of dealing, and all the time in the world to plan. Having said that,
      I have absolutely no use whatsoever for a supposed head of state who allows this to happen under their nose. Trampled over by a pack of wannabes? God forbid that they should ever face a true crisis, they’d fold like a cheap pack of cards. You don’t wait until you’re over run with slime to pull out the disinfectant. The term ‘nip it in the bud’ comes to mind. As I understand it no one in the ‘firm’ wanted Kate Middleton to get her foot in the door, but the blame lies with them. Wimped out and while people are homeless and hurting put on an extremely expensive wedding and threw in a couple of homes to boot, yeah, that’s a real leader and a strong family?? Not even good business. Just my take on things. A little all over the map but it’s rather like a s w a t team. Lull them into a false sense of security and then blast them out of the water.

  42. Did anyone see who Pippa was sitting with at Wimbledon yesterday as she arrived alone ?

  43. Hi Lola, is everything okay with you? Only asking because you haven’t posted in a while and I was so hoping to read your witty and biting observations about the Cambridges in France.

    1. Harla Jodet, my sentiments exactly. Lola is the antidote to the usual royal stories. Hope all is well.

  44. Lola’s been gone so long, she must be on holiday. Will she have any funny holiday stories for us?

  45. Yes we miss Lola heart too
    was looking forward to the posting of waity at museum abd her posing at wimbledon … yuck…

  46. Dearest Lola,
    I keep checking every day for another witty post on some royal but alas there is none.
    Have you met a fabulous guy who whisked you off to a lovely tropical island where you are drinking margaritas and soaking up the sun?
    I am sending positive thoughts, best wishes

  47. Me too after a number of checkups I am facing sight issues and not seeing well so hoping Lola is ok

  48. Only our stupid duchess could think its wise to wear a dress, and what we call in the uk a hairband to an airshow. She looks, unprepared and uncomfortable tottering around in her high heels trying to control George…. furthermore his mini tantrum shows how lacking Kate AND William are as parents, surely youd keep a pair of ear defenders on your child if he were to visit an airshow and not just when he screams because the noise hurts…

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