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Greetings, All.  My apologies for my absence.  I have a new post on Kate Middleton ready to go but wanted to play a little Cambridge Catch-Up before hitting publish on Thursday’s SportsAid event.

Prince William has had two royal firsts since my last post.  After 33 years of princing, Prince William finally went to the The Royal  Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show on May 23rd.


The flower show was a first for Kate, too.  When Kensington Palace’s Press Office suggested on social media that Prince Harry was a Chelsea Flower Show tag-along newbie, royal watchers quickly corrected them and reminded them of Prince Harry’s previous appearances.


Even though Prince Harry may come in third in the Palace Press Office hierarchy, royal watchers are getting frustrated with how much Jason Knauf’s PR team keeps dropping the ball when it comes to Harry’s work.  I think Prince Harry’s supporters need a nickname like Beyoncé’s BeyHive.  We could be… the Ginger Rooters?  We’ll work on the name.

At the flower show, Prince William looked just as miserable as one would expect a Reluctant Prince who allegedly thinks flower shows and ribbon cuttings are ridiculous royal duties.


The above Daily Mail screen grab is now one of my very favorite royal photos, mainly because Prince William has never looked more like Bert from Sesame Street than at that moment.


The Daily Mail provided a bevy of snaps for Keeping up With the Kambridges screen grabbing.  Kate was almost all of the Seven Dwarfs in them.







And Happy:


One  Daily Mail commenter thought Kate looked more like a garden gnome than a Disney dwarf, though.


The Chelsea Flower Show also had an incredible installation in honor of The Royal  Horticultural Society’s Patron’s 90th Birthday.


Among the flowers on display were two that had been named after the Cambridge’s children.


Before the show, there was a Kate sighting by a Twitter user.


On the 24th, Kate was papped with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  Prince George was sitting on a Met Police motorbike with the assistance of four police officers, holding on to the handlebars as he pretended to drive it.  The Cambridge privacy line became even blurrier when media outlets in the UK were permitted to print the photos.


The photos of Prince George were reminiscent of ones taken of Prince William and Prince Harry when they were young.


Perhaps the Cambridge’s objections to having their photos taken “off-duty” has more to do with the story the pictures  tell.  The photos of Prince George on a police motorbike with his mother and  sister nearby are image-friendly, photos of him with his nanny are not.

While the Cambridges seem to be on a campaign to ultimately control  their image using social media, social media itself is uncontrollable.  The motorbike photos which many initially assumed would only appear in overseas publications were Retweeted with Kate’s dress identified in less time than it takes to find Waldo.


Later that day, Kate slipped into the same cream Alexander McQueen coat dress and Jane Taylor fascinator she wore to Prince George’s christening to go with Prince William to his very first Buckingham Palace Garden Party.


Even Kate has gone to those and yet somehow her 33-year-old  blood royal future king husband remained a Buckingham Palace Garden Party virgin until May 24th of this year.

Jennifer @Chic_Happens_ Tweeted a photo of Princess Diana wearing an outfit very similar to Kate’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party attire.  I inserted a photo of Kate next to it for the sake  of easy comparison.  Soooooo, yeah, that happened.


Kate also had her glam squad with her at the Garden Party: PA/stylist  Natasha Archer and her hair stylist Amanda Cook Tucker.   Natasha’s boyfriend, royal photographer Chris Jackson, also managed to score an invite.  According to, invites to the royal garden parties are a “way of recognising and rewarding public service”.


Did Amanda Cook Tucker have to swallow a balloon full of wiglets to smuggle them into India or something for this most recent tour?  Nothing about Kate’s garden party hair suggested a need  for an  emergency stylist to be standing by.

Then on May 28th,  the Daily Mail ran a piece on Prince William and Kate taking a private chartered helicopter back to Anmer Hall after Tuesday’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party at a  cost of approximately £5,000.  And the response of DM readers was pretty much what you’d expect.



What I find interesting is that this helicopter had been chartered at all, considering The Queen has a Sikorsky S-76++ registration number G-XXEB which is primarily used by Prince Charles and in July 2014, the Queen leased an AgustaWestland A109S to be used by William, Kate and other members of the Royal Family.  So why the need to charter a third helicopter?  Who was using the other two?  Hopefully Prince  Andrew didn’t swap them in some kind of shady business deal for magic beans.

But then photos of a Cambridge family outing at the Houghton Hall International Horse Trials with blue bows and matching stripes were published by various outlets such as The Mirror bringing a little peace to the land and a bit more haziness to the Cambridge’s privacy expectations.




32 thoughts on “Cambridge Catch-Up”

  1. I loved the floral tribute to HM at the flower show. It was stunning!

    William and Kate are rapidly aging and becoming more boring as the days pass. They’d better lap up all the goodies they can because people are getting sick of them and their extravagant ways.

    Harry needs his own press office or needs to go back to PC’s office so he can get the recognition he deserves. He’ll forever be the third wheel to W&K and their amateurish press team and staff need to be replaced as well.

    Hmmm, nickname for Harry followers? The Ginger Buds, Harry’s Brigade or the simple (and overused) Team Harry???

    1. Totally agree!

      At HM Trooping of the Colours balcony flypast _ entitled lazy willnot*cannot middleton appear with the kids. Several photos show grandpa/ma POW and uncle Wales not allowed interaction to ‘normal’ bill middleton kiddies. Make you wonder, why appear with HM and the RF.

      Normal bill middleton need to be removed from the RF line ….

        1. They know that their press is poor and need to manufacture something to placate press and public. This was it.

      1. I noticed that Kate was not to the back like last year. Bill held George and she was trying to push herself in by fidgeting with George. This yeat, front and center with both of the cuties. What did Kate do behind the scenes, stop and yell she would stay home with the kids unless she was in front.

        1. Pretty ridiculous that the heir and his wife were off to the side while these 2 were front and center next to HM. I know they think everyone was salivating to see the kids, but they could have been seen from where Charles and Camilla were shoved. George’s little platform should have been set up further to the side, and sorry, but Charlotte is not that cute.

          So disrespectful. I wish HM/PoW would stop enabling them.

    2. Harry look increasingly irritated in being lumped in with them. If he sees the problem as the rest of us do, he and ELF need to devise a strategy to separate himself more and more from William and Kate. Harry does himself no favours – in fact, I’d go so far as to say his own achievements are diminished – by association. The KP staff is just not up to scratch, and since its members were hand-picked by William and Kate, that comes as no surprise. William rejected more experienced royal staffers.

  2. You know, Kate could be a little more generous with the wiglets and lend them to Bert when she’s not using them.

    1. Sadly they are the wrong color. If they did match at least PC could get more wear for the money he’s spent on them.

  3. It was hysterical how Kate stood her ground on the balcony whilst everyone else scrambled to fit around her.

    Her unbriddled joy at being front and centre in any attempts at a 4 monarchs pic as they did last year could only be matched by her triumphant grin at her wedding.

    1. Herazeus .. We spotted that also .. It was I am definitely going to be in the front with these children .. Can’t get over how the family seem to be afraid of her .. It seems so strange how Kate behaves.. We think this lady has no class or manners at all. It was the Queens Day and all we saw was the scrambling around like yourself. Also well said about the speech the grammar was dreadful.. We thought they had staff to write the speeches as Waity has no idea about speaking correctly ..

    2. Given that the Cambridge’s are oh-so-private, it is curious that Kate in particular salivates at being the centre of attention. I suspect the good manners of Charles saw him not make a fuss.; conversely, Kate knew that that was exactly what he would do. The children were definitely used as a mechanism to secure a dominant position next to the Queen. The Cambridge’s know that the press and some of the public are desperate to have images and video of the children and that their own standing will improve with Charlotte and George in tow. They are a very calculating couple.

  4. I don’t understand these two at all. Today at the party event on Pall Mall Harry was stood between them when the queen was speaking – completely odd – why would William not stand next to his wife? Its just odd – she looks the normal happy as larry high as a kite on some form of medication (no offence to those that are on medication) and Billyboy looks as miserable as sin. Whilst she looked good – for once I liked the dress – no risk of arse becoming on show – did she not think she might want a jacket or something given the wet weather? Weird woman…..
    I seriously believe – with the fact that the DM’s headline was ‘Nobody rains on One’s parade! Even the weather brightens up as the Queen is greeted by cheering crowds along The Mall where Harry, Wills and Kate ‘thank Granny for everything’ that the Palace and now the media are jumping on the bandwagon that Harry is the only one that could save the monarchy once Charles has passed……

    1. Despite the rain, it was a fairly warm day without cold winds. I actually felt bad for people in long sleeves.

      Also, the weather was interchangeable most of the day. It rained twice during the day, for about 5mins each time, rest of the time it swang from bright sunshine to grey skies and back again.

  5. If the tabloids are to be believed, the royal marriage is in deep doo-doo, so perhaps this explains why they are struggling to look so cohesive.

    I disagree about Kate looking like a garden gnome. A gigantic Venus Man Trap on the other hand…

  6. Think today at Ascot she dressed as if she was attending a summer garden party,, drives us mad with her constantly clutching a clutch bag constantly
    she loves herself in centre of attention
    Such a lazy pair bone damn idle

  7. she can’t be pregnant – we wouldn’t have seen her almost daily in the last week if she were because they would have stole the limelight and announced it already due to her hyper whatever it is (which as much as I hate to say it) think it is a ploy to allow her more time off doing royal shit….. even if you had the best medical care in the world there is no way she would automatically become well again to do royal shit after three months…. that condition takes you out for the entire pregnancy

    1. I don’t think she is expecting, but if she were I’m pretty sure she/they know that if they were to announce this during HM’s week of birthday celebrations they would be called out for the glory hogging shams that they are.

      Also, personally I don’t believe for 1/2 a second that Kate ever had HG. Bad morning sickness, really bad morning sickness, yes. HG, no. She used the HG as an excuse to get out of things. One second she’s clinging to life while her mother researches antidotes online, the next she’s off on vacation. Nope, not buying it. As you said HG takes you out for pretty much the entire pregnancy.

      I think they only way she would have gotten out of these appearances is by being in a coma. Someone put a foot down some where and the Cambridges were told to appear or else.

    1. It is a straight up Middleton plant. Kate as big sister and mother figure. Not only did I roll my eyes, I think I even threw up a little in my mouth. Sorry, but that’s how distasteful this little story was.

    2. I would doubt every aspect of this story. Kate can barely function as an adult, let alone be anything to anyone else.

      1. My take on the article is that it is a PR attempt to cut off rumors of flirtation between Kate and Harry that were sparked the first time they were caught being chummy in public.

        I think there is a correlation between Harry being extra friendly with Kate (by that I mean engaging her more in conversation, trying to make her smile) and rough patches in the Cambridge’s marriage. (Every marriage has them, imagine being married to William.) There’s no one who knows better what William is like at his worst than Harry and I think Harry steps in and tries to make public appearances easier on Kate when there is marital discord. I think Harry has been motivated by compassion in these recent outings, plus the BRF doesn’t want a repeat of The Glums.

        I think the Cambridges are in for a rough fifth year of marriage.

        1. Their “seven year itch” moment has moved up. I sometimes wonder if they will make it to a ten year anniversary.

          1. I read a fascinating article a while back that said that in recent years, marriages hit their seven year itch earlier, usually in the fourth and fifth years of marriage and by the seventh year, couples in troubled marriages are already in the divorce stage. Of course, all relationships have rough patches and as their Communications Secretary is fond of reminding the public, they are just like everyone else.

            1. Well if they are normal and like everyone else then odds are they may not make their ten year anniversary.

        2. I agree Lola. This article is a distraction.

          It’s also a repeat article from 2012 when WK were visibly on the outs.

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