Prince George’s Lupogate

Friday was Prince George’s third birthday, one of those rare occasions that usually unites all royal watchers because regardless  of personal feelings about the monarchy, tiny humans are cute.  To my surprise, the first royal story I would see of the day was this one:

AnimalCrueltyAccusationConsequently, one of the first phrases I uttered aloud on Friday was, “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”  A photo of a little boy and the family dog became another @KensingtonRoyal-released PR blunder, the July follow-up to Kate’s controversial fur-lined mitten photos released back in March.  The Daily Mail article headline proclaimed:


A three year old possible future king was branded a “monster” for offering a lick of his white chocolate-covered vanilla Magnum to the Cambridge canine, Lupo, like he was the Second Coming  of Jack the Ripper.  Once again, the Cambridges provided the outrage ammo themselves.

To be fair, the photo is only suggestive.  We don’t know if Lupo even took a lick or if the photographer used twenty empty boxes of White Chocolate Magnum bars consumed by Lupo as a tripod.  However, there’s a legitimate reason many animal lovers bristled at the photo.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals released the statement: “It is lovely that Prince George is trying to help keep his family dog, Lupo, cool in these high temperatures.  We would advise people to be cautious when giving their dogs food meant for human consumption as some items, like chocolate, can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult for them to digest.”

The reason dairy is an issue is because many dogs are lactose intolerant.  There are some that don’t seem to have a problem digesting dairy, but in many dairy can cause a range of digestive issues from mild discomfort to vomiting and diarrhea.

Chocolate, however, can be toxic to dogs and the Magnum bar in question is covered in white chocolate.  The potential fatal factor of chocolate usually comes down to the dog’s weight, age, overall health, how much chocolate is consumed and the type of chocolate.  White chocolate is the safest because it has the least amount of theobromine  which is what is poisonous to dogs.  However, the danger in feeding any chocolate at all to a dog is that the pooch can develop a taste for it and take chocolate treat-seeking measures into his or her own paws.  petMD has a helpful chocolate toxicity meter.

It’s pretty hard to screw up the good-will vibes a picture of a little boy and his dog normally produces but once again, Prince William and Kate Middleton have managed to provoke another backlash with well-intended PR photos they hired a professional to shoot.

After Kate’s Mittengate, it was reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton had selected the ski-holiday photos themselves.  In the past I’ve hypothesized that either the Cambridge’s Communications Secretary, Jason Knauf, has gone missing or is the most evil adversary the British Royal Family has ever faced.   The reality appears to be even more unfathomable.  According to a Daily Beast article written in the aftermath of the disappointing Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Jason Knauf makes around a mere £60,000 while other Press Office staffers are being paid around £30,000.  That kind of money doesn’t buy a lot of fucks for employees to give and no one in my opinion with the kind of experience required to manage the public image of a future Head of State and his wife would take a salary that low.

Curiously, a recent Daily Mail article revealed that the the chief executive of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry makes around £150,000.  Last year, there was outrage in the UK when it was revealed several charity chief executives were making more than six figures.  The article indicated, “While cutting the amount it handed out to charities, the foundation increased its spending on staff. Costs for its 14 employees rose by almost £60,000 in 2015 to more than £914,000.”   So staffing costs were about half the £1.76 million actually given to charities.

With many questioning the role of the monarchy in modern times, it is curious the Cambridges are underpaying their spin doctors while overpaying those working in a field in which high salaries are often a red flag to potential donors.  A proper PR rep would make sure the Cambridges didn’t release controversial photos on platforms in which outrage can be spread with a couple of clicks.

If the British Monarchy wants to use terms like The Kate Effect and The George Effect to justify its cost to taxpayers, then it must also acknowledge the impact its actions have on the public.  According to a Daily Mail article, the shirt Prince George was wearing in his third birthday photos sold out in an hour.  The potential damage caused by those who might mimic the actions of the young prince will never be known nor can it be adequately measured in pounds because for most of us, our dogs are members of our family.




29 thoughts on “Prince George’s Lupogate”

  1. These Kate photo releases always feel like behind the scene machinations by Party Pieces Carole. Everything is themed without any consideration for the historical background or society at large. The dog is merely a prop for Carole’s self deluded party ideas. They are meant to wow us with adoreableness and the veneer of preciousness.

    1. I didn’t think of Carole! But your right…this could have her fingerprints on this photo shoot idea…or she planted the seeds in their silly heads!

  2. In all honesty, I think this controversy is exaggerated. William and Kate have made so many gaffes during these years, but accusing them of animal cruelty for that photo is ridiculous. Cruelty is not even comparable to a child making the gesture to offer his ice- cream to his dog.

  3. I can certainly agree that too much of anything that an animal normally should not consume isn’t good, but all things in moderation. A lick or two of ice cream is not going to kill him so for me this is all a tempest in a teapot. Actually, what’s so strange is the look of absolute disinterest Lupo has on his face where normally a dog would be slobbering all over that ice cream. Maybe Lupo was glutted to the gills already or the trainer was dangling something more appealing to get him to pose, but he seems to be looking very alertly to the side and not at George’s ice cream.

  4. My comment of Lupo and ice cream was to say that the Fact that they are on a platform and children mimic what they see so they should be very careful what they put out for photos and although it wouldnt probably do much damage its all about showing a spoilt child doing what he wants which should not be in a public place i.e. newspaper front page showing its ok to do that …

    What a fabulous write up Lola Heart so eloquently done..
    always enjoy your writings ..

  5. What a fabulous write up Lola Heart so eloquently done..
    always enjoy your writings ..
    Agree with all the comments
    thought Waity looked absolutely ridiculous in tight jeggings.
    not Royal at all …
    she looks like she poured herself into them …
    It looks as if she thinks its all about her no dignity at all never will be..

  6. What a fabulous write up Lola Heart so eloquently done..
    always enjoy reading …
    It seems every event Waity attends she looks so ridiculous her hair for the position she holds is complete and utter mess ..
    she will never cut it as a duchess has no clue

  7. Whilst i think this was a storm in a teacup, it’s another signpost on the road to hater town otherwise known as Cambridgeville, population 4.

    The two numpties have so alienated the press that only their status protects them ie they can’t be pushed too far down whilst HM is still alive otherwise the entire edifice crumbles and no one wants that. Yet.

    The press is therefore sniping. Death by 1000cuts.

    Some things are genuine WTH type outrage, others are merely irritants, but it all adds up to a picture the press is painting of these two, and it’s being extended to the kids.

    A picture of self-indulgent, workshy, irresponsibility.

    Kids are supposed to be off-limits at worst and cute PR positives at best, but increasingly not with these 2. They are to blame. No one else, not even the traditional ‘grey men’ bogeymen of the Palace.

    1. I agree. Death by 1000 cuts, or death by atrophy, which is how I also see it. The slow withering away of any support. I have no idea if they realize what’s happening, but they might not have the wherewithal to stop it at this point. I also think Lupo looks photoshopped in, but that might be another discussion.

      1. I am glad I am not the only one who thought Lupo looked like he had been photoshopped into the picture. I am not good at spotting photoshop unless it is really really obvious so the idea that this looks like it means it was done badly. I thought the picture quality seemed a little off for pictures taken by a professional photographer. Maybe they only released the duds.

        1. I am not that up on photo shopping but that picture does look weird, really weird now that others have mentioned it. Just a little side note, we had a Golden Retriever who ate an entire order of chocolates that our kids were supposed to sell, and suffered no ill effects. However, as Herazeus pointed out these people are so unpopular that at this point I really wonder if people aren’t ***looking*** for reasons to loathe them, and God knows they’re really handing out the ammo. I am a certifiable animal lover and I didn’t even give the ‘child sharing ice cream with dog’ a second thought until the outrage started. However, again, the dips at the helm provided the ammo and quite frankly, rightfully so. It’s true that dogs shouldn’t be fed this stuff and such a high profile family is responsible for setting an example, so perhaps George should have been gently advised to not share with Lupo and given an explanation as to why he shouldn’t. I think they were going for the ‘cute’ factor and since it appears that a whole lot of people share a brain cell, the one who was using it that day was off duty. Or just plain off.

    2. Beautifully structured and written piece, Lola; wonderful pulling together of disparate threads. Your articles are a joy to read.

      I agree with your take, Herazeus. Little by little the good will extended to William and Kate is being systematically dismantled, and deservedly so. Even William’s gruff, unnecessary comment about George being spoiled sets up future opportunities for the negative portrayal of his son.

      I do wonder that if true costs in supporting the BRF were to be exposed whether the romance with monarchy would evaporate; that is, their sheer greed and refusal to be accountable to their public benefactors? William and Kate’s entitled behaviour is symptomatic of a greater, deliberately hidden dysfunction of this institution.

      1. You are so on point about that “spoilt” comment following George for years to come. When I read that it reminded me of Diana’s quote that Harry would make a better King. That has been in the Press’ arsenal ever since and its frequent appearances seem directly proportional to the decline of goodwill towards the Cambridges.

      2. And isn’t Billy such an awesome parent to allow his son to be so ‘spoiled’. George surely isn’t at fault, and that jerk’s comment to the child who asked what George got for his birthday just shows how totally insensitive Billy is. A child asking an innocent question and this is how he responds? Not even capable of basic good manners. And if this is how he is in public….

    3. Exactly Herazeus. The press is reaching their breaking point with the Duke and Duchess and are taking their hits wherever they can. I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on Kate’s little trip to France.

  8. I find that the picture released shows how they just don’ t care.
    Indeed ice cream and sugar is like poison for dogs. my best friend has dogs and so does my aunt, they’ ve never ever given their pet sweets nor ice cream because it’ s really unhealthy.

    This picture show so well how idiot these two are.
    It’ s not a picture you show your friend, it’ s a picture shown worldwide. Didn’ t they expect some criticicism?

  9. I’ve been saying all along, Lupo looks hypnotized/tranced/ high as the sky and focused on something out of frame. How strange for a dog not to be more interested in a delectable treat! Maybe Kate initiated calorie aversion therapy when she was potty training him as a pup?

  10. I’ve been saying all along: Lupo looks high as the sky and absolutely hypnotized by something beyond George out of frame. (imo he looked the same way in the Cambridges in the window picture a few years back). Maybe Kate instilled food-aversion therapy with her puppy too??

  11. Is this something that people do?? Share food with their dogs? Sorry, but I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw this pic. I had a dog growing up, and loved him, but it never crossed my mind to share my ice cream with my pet and then continue eating it!! Ewwwww This is the pic they choose to exhibit “royal behavior????”Makes me shkeev this royal Middleton clan even more.

  12. These are poor pictures for something so highly staged. Remember that photo of Charles, Diana and sins at a picknic with a full spread and a horse? That was a seriously staged and uncomfortable looking photo, compared to all the casually laughing and hugging portraits Diana took with her kids. With the exception of the snow photos, the Cambridge photos seem stiff, like no one wants to be there, even the kids.

  13. I have been trying to think what Lupo might be photoshopp d into the picture to hide… a toy or book maybe? Or maybe Charlotte?

  14. That’s what I thought when I first saw the Lupo pic,that maybe Charlotte had been sitting on the blanket as well as George. Charlotte photoshopped out….Lupo in.

  15. Poor Lupo looks so badly photo shopped. Since the Midds, and I include Willy, have taken over I’m beginning to notice all the (bad) photo shopping that goes on with this family.

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