Royals at a Regatta

On Sunday, Prince William accompanied Kate Middleton to Portsmouth to watch the final America’s Cup World Series competition before the America’s Cup takes place in Bermuda next year. With Australia’s and Italy’s teams withdrawn, there will only be five teams challenging Oracle Team USA at the America’s Cup.


The wind quickly devoured Kate’s blow-out.


The gusts revealed shorter under layers in Kate’s hair which suggest that she likely had a fresh batch of longer extensions added to her mane.

Under layer

Both William and Kate wore matching Land Rover BAR shirts.


Kate chose to pair hers with some jeggings that looked like surgical extraction might be required to remove them.


Kate smiled through it, though. Because, Ben Ainslie. No one loves sailing that much, even Ben Ainslie.

After the photo op with children being introduced to sailing through the 1851 Trust and a technology tour, Prince William and Kate took to the waters to cheer on Ben Anslie’s team from a Land Rover BAR catamaran.


Kate appeared far more enthusiastic than Prince William.


In case you didn’t catch that last pic, their facial expressions would be represented by very different emoticons.


Ben Ainslie’s team finished on top.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge handed out the awards, affording Kate one of her few one-on-one moments with the very dreamy sailor as she presented Ben Ainslie with the team trophy.


Alas, husbands and races always seem to get in the way of quality Hello Sailoring.

Afterwards, Ainslie popped his cork and sprayed his teammates with some celebratory champagne.


And the Cambridges took their helicopter home.


Not really sure what the point of the Cambridges attending the event was, other than being a nice little jolly like so many of their official engagements. On Friday, the Admiral of the Royal Yacht Squadron, Prince Philip, already paid a visit to Portsmouth. Ben Ainslie is known for his focused intensity during races, so I doubt the awkward clapping of a duchess on another catamaran gave him the extra push to victory. In fact during Saturday’s competition, Ainslie’s team won two out of three races, which tied them with France for first place going into Sunday’s second half. Maybe there was some kind of secret contractual agreement with Land Rover which has poured millions into this America’s Cup bid that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be photographed at the event in their Land Rover-branded clothing. Who knows.



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  1. Ship ahoy! Yet another self-indulgent trip where the Duchess can feast her eyes on Sir Ben Beefcake with William tagging along as chaperone. And not very sensible attire to go out on a boat with hair whipping wildly and in skin tight jeggings that leave nothing to the imagination. At least Kate conceded to the elements and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. If these two can apply such interest and dedication to their other charities as they do to this one, we might be getting a startling increase in their appearances. But only if Big Ben is at each one of those engagements perhaps.

  2. We get it Kate, you’re skinny. I don’t need to see your bits … again. Not only are these jeggings hideous, they’re worn and faded. Can’t she wear these on her down-time? Of which she has lots.

    Funny they can spend hours when the Royal duty involves sailing or tennis, but minutes if it’s an actual charity.

    As usual, Kate looked maniacal, William looked bored, and nobody lived happily ever after, except perhaps Ben Ainslie.

    1. Totally agree!

      Wow Tannia call out on the lambridge waste of tax payers funds for the heli after an hour jolly sailing. QLet’s hope LAND ROVER pick up the tap since the lambridges show to promote the brand and nothing to do with charity for the needy or sick.

      Sir Ben seem to have a fake greeting for waity star struck school girl crush look about…

    2. Lol. You nailed it!!! Sometimes I wonder if William actually secretly enjoys her discomfort.

  3. This counts as a working engagement, no? Random children were assembled for a photo-op. Sounds official to me.

    Yachting, Wimbledon, five-year anniversary trip to India/Bhutan, visit to Star Wars set, rugby match, Chelsea Flower Show. Squeezed in a ski trip to France. Plus a handful of thirty-minute visits to mental health centers for good measure. How much longer will they be able to get away with this? I’m American and have wondered if there’s yet been a public outcry over their helicopter bills.

    Keep it up Lola 🙂

    1. We are British and cannot get over how these two fools get away with luxury lifestylenon tax payers money
      Waity is an embarrassment to our BRF the way she dresses and the way she speaks in a speech …
      the family infiltrated the ranks and its a downfall to monarchy

  4. Diana and James Hewitt.
    Repeated years later.
    Cue to: Different actors but similar plot.
    Curious that.
    Wonder what went on with Jecca to bring this all about?
    Cut to:
    It would seem some toxic games may be being played
    out behind the scenes.

    1. I am dying to know what (if anything) is up with Will and Jecca lately, especially since she recently got married…

  5. When she first took this on, it was as a charity to raise 100 million for the trust. That goal was met a loonnngggg time ago. This was strictly because they wanted to go sailing.

    All of her other patronageside that truly need the help, nope.

    Also, are we going to get a story about Harry’s involvement in the mental health BBQ and AIDS 2016.

  6. I’m assuming this means a taxpayer-funded trip to Bermuda for a few weeks in summer 2017?

  7. Those pants and wedges are abominable! I don’t get it–does she have a mirror in her house? Does she really think she is sexy in that outfit? Because all I see is a mop in a rectangular box on a pair of stilts.

  8. Great post Lola! I’m beginning to think that the jeggings due serve a purpose. They clearly and obviously outline the ‘labia majorae’ without having to rely on a random gust of wind! Perhaps she is on anti depressants which do sometimes cause hyper-sexuality as a side-effect. JMO and apologies if my comment is crude, but the jeggings are borderline pornographic!

  9. She and Willy have some weirdo sexual flashing thing going lately. He’s been doing it too in his too tight pants. I guess they have to get excited somehow. A stick and a horse aren’t very sexually exciting.

    1. We are English and cannot believe or understand how these two fools are constantly getting away with all of these things ..
      tight jeggings showing everything again not correct for a duchess but as we all know she is not up to the role she is still a very young immature spoilt 34 years of age in ga ga land …

      Great Post Lola always enjoy reading your take on situation ..

    1. Absolutely agree whole heartedly ..Anne
      My question is Why is this atrocious behaviour being allowed
      its time for a Republic when anything in future happens ..

      1. I think that she is the Republican movements secret weapon! Good old fashioned entryism, join the group and destroy from within!

    2. Wow, after seeing Ben with his beautiful wife and daughter, those pictures of Kate grinning at him like a starry-eyed fangirl make me even more uncomfortable.

      PS: I love they named their daughter after a star because he uses celestial navigation. Though if the next kid is named Sirius I’m going to side-eye that excuse lol!

      1. Sirius is also a star. It’s the brightest star at night.

        Not many people realise that JK Rowling named several characters after stars or constellations.

        Lists of stars used as HP characters’ names:
        Regulus (Sirius’s brother)
        Scorpius (Draco Malfoy’s son)

        List of Constellations used as HP characters’ names:
        Arcturus (Regulus’s middle name)
        Andromeda (Tonks’ mother, sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa)

        Luna = moon

        She also named many characters after Greek or Roman mythological characters.

  10. Kate finally revealed what she eats to stay so slim! Omm nom box hair has zero calories. No wonder she looked extra animated. She got to spend time eye stalking Ben The Besotted (fixed that title thing), flashed in her spray on jeggings (again) and she got to play with her food/hair and eat it too! Now I feel the need to pray for the jeggings washer person.

    1. Haha! I expect the jeggings washer person treats the offending clothing as a biohazard! The least they would be dealing with is a fully frontal fungal infestation!

  11. Thanks Lola for the post! And thanks to Kelly Mathews’ wee collection of photos we now know what to get Kate for Christmas to make her happy. All we need to buy is a huge standard fan and she can stand in front of it all day smiling away as her hair gets blown in her face.
    Awwww, bless!

  12. Ahem, Sir Ben Ainsley does have a title, albeit a humble knighthood which is nowhere near as grand as a duke.

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