Oh No, Canada!

The Palace must really not want anyone paying attention to the Cambridge not-so-secret French getaway because shortly after it hit the headlines, Kensington Palace announced that William and Kate will be touring Canada in the fall, giving the press something else to write about and the public something else to focus on.

The invitation for the Cambridges to return to Canada had been publicly announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who bypassed proper palace protocol.  This is Justin  Trudeau so he gets a pass on his lapse in judgment of putting Canada through another Cambridge tour, at least in my book (Canadian readers might feel differently):


It was a given the Cambridges were going to go, otherwise it would be seen as a slight to Canada with which the British monarchy wants to maintain a good relationship.  And  as Richard Palmer Tweeted on Wednesday:


No tinfoil hat is needed to see a correlation between the timing of the French getaway hitting media outlets and the Canada tour being officially announced by Kensington Palace.  There are several possible reasons to employ some good old-fashioned misdirection to divert attention, some of which may require Reynold’s Wrap headgear or at least wishful thinking, like maybe there’s a planned Jeggings Intervention they don’t want getting out.  A more likely reason, though, is the Palace doesn’t want the masses doing the math on this latest getaway.

Even privately funded royal holidays cost  taxpayers who foot the bill for security without ever seeing the amount.  Prince William and Harry’s trip to the US to attend Guy Pelly’s wedding cost UK taxpayers an estimated $84,000 according to an industry source cited in a Daily Mail article.

However, UK taxpayers aren’t the only ones covering security costs for private royal holidays, whenever the British royals travel, they arrange security logistics with local law enforcement.   As one comment from the aforementioned article noted:


This screen grab from the same DM piece shows just one example of the police protection US taxpayers provided for the “privately” funded trip:


Turns out taxation with representation isn’t all that great either.  We  don’t get to say of course we want Harry but please keep the petulant one at home.

Sadly, the Cambridges are high risk targets.  In light of the terror attacks against France and ongoing threats, local law enforcement is busy enough without the extra burden of allocating its resources to a private royal getaway.  Additionally the UK government warns on its foreign travel advisory page for France:

There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time.

Who booked this trip, Triple Whammy Travel?   Worst Case Scenario Tours?   I love France, it’s felt like a second home to me since the age of 16, I’ve spent more time there than any other country outside of the US.  But other countries are pretty cool, too.  Maybe the Cambridges could check one of those out.  According to Prince William, Kate came up with a travel wish list when they were first married, surely there are a few on there they can’t get taxpayers to fund under the guise of a royal tour.

There’s speculation about who actually went on this French getaway and either scenario reflects poorly on the Cambridges.  If Kate went alone, it undermines the argument that she can’t work more because of her children, but if the entire family went, two high risk terror target  future kings are diverting security resources away from a country under the highest terror threat level and in mourning because of  recent attacks.

Just to give a glance into the huge logistical nightmare Cambridge security is, I will once again quote a recent Herazeus comment:

Think about this…..when Kate goes home to Middleton Towers with George, all security resources in the surrounding villages are re-routed for their safety. All police have to be on high alert for the duration of her stay, ground (vehicles + mounted horse) and air patrol the area. All local hospitals and medical staff are also on high alert in case of emergency trouble.

Now imagine the level of security required in a France on high alert for William and George!!

Or to quantify it, the last time London was on high alert, Kate required 9 RPOs just to attend a wedding at the Dorchester Hotel in London which is a skip and a hop from BP/CH and their security arrangements.

In France, the British and the French will have to provide extra security so these numpties can holiday in safety, but why should they let a terror alert get in the way of their holiday plans?

I think Kate probably traveled to France without her husband and children so likely (and hopefully), the French only have one numpty to deal with.  The French paper’s “several sources” only saw Kate, but if Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Nanny Maria were really on the private plane which seats 8 as has been suggested by the British press, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for their Royal  Protection Officers.   Additionally, only two SUVs met the plane according to reports which suggests one royal.  I guess it’s possible everyone scootched, maybe Nanny Maria and the kids went in one while Prince William and Kate were in the other, they just tied the RPOs to the roof like Christmas trees because the luggage for a family of four, a nanny, and their RPOs would take up the remaining interior space but there’s an upcoming Canada tour so we don’t have to think about how they worked out the SUV logistics.  Just know that magic exists, Muggles.

It would have to be one doozy of a spell, though.  This is the convoy when Princes William and Harry were in the US for Guy Pelly’s wedding.


Thank goodness the Canada tour was announced, otherwise we might feel obligated to count the SVUs and local law enforcement vehicles in the royal convoy.

The announced Canada tour will also help with annual engagement totals for Prince William and Kate.  On Thursday, Express ran a piece by Richard Palmer about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry being ahead of last year’s numbers thus far but still behind Prince Philip.  Tours like the recent India/Bhutan one are an easy way for Prince William and Kate to get their numbers up without the terribly taxing pretending to care about stuff because travel to and from the tour host country and each destination within counts, as do the greetings.  There’s very little substance and yet each tour racks up dozens of official engagements.  So even with the benefit of one royal tour this year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still  trailing behind  Prince  Philip?  Seriously?

On Wednesday, Kensington Palace Tweeted that that the Cambridges have special memories from their first Canadian Tour.


I think it’s safe to say that tour holds special memories for royal watchers as well.  It was at the Calgary Airport that Kate had her first full bum flash as a duchess.  Call me sentimental, but I get a little misty-eyed just thinking about it.  Of course, that might just be burning from the image permanently  seared in my retinas.   But remember how we all thought it was a rookie mistake that wouldn’t be repeated?   We were so innocent and naive back then.  I miss that.




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  1. Great post Lola. I had no idea that the countries that Royals visited footed the bill for security. So Kate decides to holiday/surgery/mental treatment/whatever and France has to contribute to her security? Why don’t they say no? Official engagement is one thing, but for whatever she is doing?

    1. Thanks, Bambi. International relations is the main reason countries provide security for visiting royals regardless of the visit being for business or pleasure. Prince William is a future Head of State and Kate is likely a future Queen consort. They might not take their roles seriously, but the world respects their positions and allocates resources to keeping them safe. Plus, if something were to happen to them, it would be all over the press for ages and adversely effect tourism.

  2. Gosh have been so delighted with reading ypur articles dear Lola Heart so well put together am in awe of your writing
    Cant believe these two are getting away with all their laziness all the time

    1. That’s so sweet, Daisy, thank you. I was afraid this one was a bit choppy so I appreciate the feedback. As for William and Kate, there haven’t been any real consequences to doing whatever they want (their popularity has dipped but I doubt that penetrates their bubble) so there has been no reason for them to up the effort.

  3. Another great update Lola – when we were lucky enough to have the lazy pair visit Australia we paid for the whole lot – including her clothes etc – and for what return ? Hair flicking, short blow up skirts and uninspiring appearances. Luckily the travel time st 24 hours plus means maybe we won’t see them too often – too far from the children hopefully – this is the usual excuse for ducking out of duty

    1. Of course Waity is looking forward to seeing Mr Dreamy – aka PM – that at least makes sense to me

      1. I hadn’t thought about Kate’s reaction to Justin Trudeau. Ben Ainslie reduces her to schoolgirl blushes and while he’s very Hello Sailor, compared to Justin Trudeau’s looks and charisma Ben’s sex appeal dips somewhere in the Popeye the Sailor Man range (which might explain why Kate has pretty much morphed into Olive Oyl).

        1. In a wierd way i enjoy Kate’s inability to hide her crush on Ben the sailor with William right there.

          It makes me smirk at the jolt it must give William who is used to her complete adoration.

  4. Have been lurking for a while but as a Canadian I felt I had to comment on this trip.

    While I am generally a fan of Trudeau, I am not happy that he decided to invite these two to visit Canada again. He probably doesn’t follow media coverage of those two closely because he would then know how useless they are. Harry promoting Invictus created a lot of excitement with the games coming to Toronto in 2017, but Will and Kate do nothing. And I suspect the kids have to come as part of the deal, because most Canadians don’t really give a shit about the Royal Family in general, much less Will and Kate.

    In general, the Canadian support of monarchy is waning. There are fewer reasons to have a foreign symbol for head of state and while most don’t criticize the Queen because she has always been on our money and generally seems like a nice old lady, people here aren’t so thrilled with Charles and spending tax money always causes grumbles (we had a senator scandal that caused outrage and at least they are Canadian).

    The general Twitter response to the CBC news alert confirming the visit was that this was a waste of taxpayer money. Although Quebeckers are the most vocal about not supporting the royal family, more and more Canadians don’t see any value in having them visit or supporting them monetarily.

    The Queen, Charles, Will and Kate are British and not Canadian. They don’t help the Canadian economy in any way when they visit and our charities don’t get any support from them. Will and Kate were a novelty during the first visit and they may get some attention this time because they are tabloid celebrities. Prince Charles visited and media coverage was minimal. The Wessex visit was an after thought. If they don’t bring the kids, the media isn’t going to invest time as much as they did for the 2011.

    All I can say is that the more I have followed the Will and Kate blogs, the less I have any desire to have them be even the symbolic Canadian head of state. Our Governor Generals do just fine and are Canadian. After the Queen passes, I will be getting more politically involved to ensure Canada is no longer beholden to a foreign archaic symbol. I strongly suspect that many will agree with me because as a society, we no longer view these people as special, and they are no more deserving of being treated with privilege simply because of birth.

    Will and Kate are celebrities with as much value as the kardashians. They bring nothing to the table and Canadians might follow celebrities on the Internet, but sure as hell don’t want to monetarily support them.

    1. Welcome officially, Nic919 and thank you for your elegantly worded perspective as a Canadian! The India/Bhutan tour was so lackluster, I suspect fewer outlets will be willing to send royal correspondents for coverage. There just isn’t the same level of interest there once was and unfortunately that means any possible tourism benefits that Canada might see would be minimized with less press coverage. Trudeau has been able to generate positive global interest in Canada which is no small feat for a politician. William and Kate lack Trudeau’s charisma, but maybe he can teach them some public figure basics, like how to look awake and alert. A Canadian tour with George and Charlotte would be tough considering their ages, however cute tiny humans is pretty much all they have at this point.

      1. I wonder how much interest they can generate, even with the kids. I was in Canada shortly before George was born, and when I was waiting for the train one day I noticed a large sign that had been posted up for everyone at the train station to see: “There’s a royal baby on the way. Act like you care.” That pretty much sums up my experience with Canadians and how they feel about the royal family.

      2. “How to look awake and alert.” …. You freaking kill me, Lola!! Im wiping tears over here lololol

    2. Disagree. The monarchist’s league is strong in Canada and many of us LIKE the fact we have the Queen as part of our active commonwealth history. It makes us quite different than the USA.

      1. Canada is not like the US for a lot more reasons than the Queen on the money. First there is Quebec, and French Canadians outside of that province. There are also the First Nations who are gaining more respect and power in self government that I don’t see happening as much state side. There are also generation upon generation of immigrants who aren’t from the British Isles and have no connection to this family.

        Support for the Royal family has been steadily declining in Canada for years and while the queen may be viewed positively, Charles is not. Change will happen.

    3. I’m from Australia and I completely agree with your views which were brilliantly worded!

      The relevancy of the royals is also diminishing in Australia and I don’t feel they represent what Australia is today. The British royals and the Commonwealth has passed its use-by-date. Bring on the Republic!

      1. So agree, RT. The republic referendum in Australia will be re-visited once the Queen dies; no politician will touch it until then, and it is publicly acknowledged that that timeline is the line in the sand. Like Canada, Australia is multi-cultural and its future lies in the Asia-Pacific region. The ties have diminished markedly over several decades though our legal and parliamentary systems are firmly rooted in the British system. We don’t need anyone to ‘long rule over us’, and definitely not an hereditary monarchy of dubious quality.

    4. From a fellow Canadian….well said! When the Queen passes (bless her), I also will feel no attachment to the BRF and their work shy attitudes.
      Another great post Lola. You somehow make us laugh when most days l feel like ripping my hair out and screaming at these two lazy, entitled waste of our taxes.

  5. Well this is speculation…I suspect as Lola said, she is alone given the high threat in France. I doubt she is visiting “family” as was reported…there is a possibility she is with the kids and nanny…

    They supposedly landed near the border of Spain. I’m wondering if they landed in France and travelled over the boarder…visit nannies family? Not sure if kate is close in that way…a few times the kids have been photographed at special events wearing some outfit the nanny got in Spain. The other speculation I have is that since Pipps got engaged she is already on the hunt for dresses clothes for kids for various events? Again speculating…you would have to hunt down the designers and where they might be vacationing…I would assume they would go to her…but if they own a chalet or home on the beach …might be an excuse for numpty to party. The press also pointed out that 70 miles from the airport is a resort…tho I doubt that she would stay at a resort…I could see her at a private home on the water or on a boat…oui?

    1. The initial report was that she was visiting relatives which I took to mean Middletons, specifically Carole and maybe extended family like Uncle Gary. I think Pippa was last spotted on Tuesday, her fiancé has his own private jet so it’s possible she could join up.

      Kate can’t be bothered to go try on custom bespoke pieces in London so they fit properly so I doubt she’s hunting down designers. I also can’t see her traveling abroad to go see her nanny’s family when she doesn’t like shuttling between Anmer Hall and London.

      I think the original French report was right and she’s with “relatives”.

  6. Our misty eyed naivety indeed.

    Incidentally, the designer of said floaty dress gave an interview to the Evening standard in which she revealed that she had been castigated by the public, memorably an American fan, for not adding hem weights to the dress and thus sparing Kate’s blushes. And so began the habit of publicly blaming others for Kate’s own shortcomings.


    1. OMG, that’s hilarious. I never saw that piece or heard anything about the Wisconsin woman’s criticism about the designer not weighting the hem. Eventually, I’m just going to turn this blog into a Herazeus fan site.

      1. Dear god, so it’s the dress designer’s fault that Kate flashed? If there had been weights I’m sure some hem ripping would have taken place soon afterwards. So…..how will she top 2011’s flash? I say she’ll face front and show us her maple leaf.

        1. The wind took a lot of heat as well, I recall it being discussed as if it were twirling a handlebar mustache after it tied Kate’s modesty to some train tracks. At this point, Kate’s going to have to up her game, maybe have some X-rays taped above whatever area she chooses to expose.

          1. I remember that most people thought that the yellow dress at the tarmac insident were photoshopped, mainly due to the fact that Kate’s but was much lower that the waist of the dress.

            Most people don’t know that Kate has really strange body proportions.

      2. That would bore everyone. You are miles wittier than i can ever hope to be.

        What i possess is a memory like an elephant. Mountains of ridiculous information is stuffed in there ready to be posted somewhere at will.

        It was a useful skill at school, not so much in the real world.

        Send me a PM at RD and i will bombard you with lots of useless information.

  7. I’m imagining RPOS tied to the roof like Christmas trees and can barely hold it together. I’m grateful to have you and your wonderful writing, otherwise I’d probably start banging my head against the wall in frustration.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I’m grateful to have you as well. Yes, RPOs have to fly business or first class but when it comes to ground travel you can just pop ’em up on the roof as long as you remember to strap ’em down with some twine.

  8. I’m quite sure Kate can’t wait to flirt with Justin. And William will be annoyed, as usual. I feel sorry for Canadians who have to put up with the Cambridges – and all the other royals. The system is so antiquated and hopefully after the Queen dies, something major happens to change that.

    I think Kate is in France on her own, at some spa getting facial work done, and maybe some help with an eating disorder. I seriously doubt William is with her, or the children either.

    1. I can’t remember the last time William didn’t look annoyed, with or without Kate. Kate could be at a spa, but I’m still going with the initial “relatives” report and guess she is gathered with some Middletons, maybe at a borrowed chateau, possibly to celebrate Pippa’s engagement. It will be interesting to see when Pippa is papped next. I think the last time she was photographed was Tuesday. Her fiance has his own jet so she wouldn’t need to hitch a ride with Kate.

      1. I can’t wait until Pips wedding. It’s obvious she “settled” for this guy. I think she wanted someone with more clout than he has, so she just went for the cash. This isn’t the love story of the century like the Middletons want everyone to believe……

        I wonder if Kate will be wearing some sort of attempt at a sexy matron of honor gown?

        1. Pippa seems genuinely happy to me. James Matthews may not have a title, but he is wealthy. At this point, the only other available prospects with a title probably have a tail and are allergic to light. I think it’s a good match and hopefully they’re deeply in love and this isn’t a case of Mrs. Bennet trying to secure future Caribbean holidays. Their body language when they’re together is a good sign. I’m rooting for true love on this one. And I hope Kate has to hop down the aisle in a sleeping bag with a stuck zipper, assuming she’s matron of honor.

          1. I hope you’re right, but I’m just not seeing it. I think Pips is genuinely happy she’s finally getting married! And to a rich guy! But that’s all.

            Kate will figure out how to show off her body whilst going down the isle…..that is a given.

            1. I’m with you, Vava. I think it’s more about landing the rich guy. They seem to get along all right, and they have similar interests, but I’m seeing a lot more smug relief than happiness.

        2. Within the criteria of suitable husband, i too think Pippa is in love.

          He ticks all the boxes barring title and even that might become reality if his father doesn’t sell off that Scottish estate. You know it will not be sold once James inherits whilst still married to Pippa.

          As one clever wit once said to me, it’s just as easy to fall in love with a poor person as a rich person, but less stressful materially if they are rich.

          He might fit all the superficial criteria that the Middletons want, but their body language indicates that they genuinely like each other. More James than Pippa, but as another clever wit once said, better to marry someone who is more in love with you than you with them where the rich are concerned!!

          And this man’s wealth is more secure than William’s wealth. William has to rely on his father’s largasse and wait for his grannie to die before he can really tap into that. Plus having to mind the public otherwise the entire lot may never reach him. In the meantime, waste several hours every day plotting how not to appear like a 1%-er.

          Pippa is indeed very happy.

      2. Wasn’t there a rift with the relations after the Bennets money’ed up? I remember reading an article about a relation who wailed that she’d never met George. Also, IIRC the Party Pieces family are the richest in their entire extended family so I doubt “relatives” have the dosh to holiday luxuriously(I’m assuming).

  9. Regarding the royals and the local security they receive, can the country they’re visiting refuse to provide it? I’m sure it would raise hackles, but I don’t why the taxpayers of some other country should have to foot part of the security bill for royals on vacation. How exactly does that kind of funding work?

  10. OMG, your closing paragraph brought tears to my eyes while I was howling with laughter at work!!! Brilliant job (as always), Lola!!! Thank You!!! <3

    1. Even if he did, Sir Ben is busy training for Olympics next week, Americas cup next year, plus his few weeks old baby.

      Plate too full to add Kate and her shenanigans.

  11. Lola, Lola, Lola…I do hope you cover some of their Canadian jaunt. I love the way you rip the covers off of their facade. Part of me prays that Kate gets it together and puts some weights in her hems or wears straight line skirts while another wants her to continue her skirt fly away while on tour streak. It’s pretty sad when that is a highlight of a very expensive international tour.

  12. By the way, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can’t just randomly invite the Royals to Canada on his own accord. The Governor General of Canada (who represents The Queen) extends the overture to visit and then the palace accepts or declines the invitation. That’s how it works.

    1. After the disgusting exhibitionist display Kate pulled in Calgary some years back,{short yellow dress up in the wind,no panties on} I’m completely amazed she’d be allowed back in the country. Much less invited. She has deep issues.

  13. I was going to comment on the Land Rover post, until I realized that comments are closed, so I apologize for going off-topic on this post. I saw some of your Twitter comments on that subject, and I remembered something I had seen a while back, just what seemed like a random Tweet but might be more significant. If nothing else, it could be something to add to the ever-growing idea about the relationship between Land Rover and the British royal family. It was seemingly a Twitter sighting, in which someone said that they had just seen Harry in “the nicest Land Rover I’ve ever seen.” Something like that. At the time, I thought it an odd description but assumed it was just odd. Now, I’m wondering if it wasn’t a more subtle brand placement.

    I think it was after Charlotte’s birth, with the indication that Harry was on his way to see his brother and family. And it might be nothing, just a random person commenting on what they saw. But it also might be an ongoing way to connect the young royals with the company as well.

    Back on topic now. Sorry about that.

    1. They do…and she was getting cozy with them a while back. Waity had them to Amner for lunch apparently not long ago…it’s a thought…but I suspect it’s more of what others soeculated. Either in France for cosmetic surgery or eating disorder. My bets on surgery. I’d like to know what relatives are in France?

  14. Lola – In bringing up Canada you could have reprised Kate’s naked butt photos from Calgary. That short, inappropriate yellow dress and no-panties disaster {exhibitionism}. Kate pulled that stunt in front of a child cancer victim who was waiting on the tarmac to meet her. Knowing the child would be there, along with everyone else, Kate decided the BEST THING TO DO was go without panties. Because that’s what an exhibitionist does. But to do so in front of a child, {knowing a wind could kick up too}, is sick in the head. The photos are online.

  15. Trudeau Family is Canada’s Will & Kate. They just want a photo-op with the Cambridge kids.

    1. Agree with you Mina – Turdope just wants a photo-op with the Lambridges. They should all get along really well; narcissistic and entitled. Lola great post but do need to warn you about Junior…just like the song says, ‘He“s not pretty, he just looks that way!’

  16. Those shirts? Don’t they have the idiot’s names/titles printed on them? I just assumed that they were handed said shirts at the event but from comments I guess not. I wonder how the matching shirts were paid for, or were they gifts. Not a big deal, but I am curious. How cute to see the lovebirds dressed alike, at least above the waist.

  17. Well have seen everything now online
    pippa topless bottomless phoros for all to see
    Disgusting and appalled we are
    especially when she has access to BRF… no shame these lot

  18. Its always the same with Waity who has no thought process about the world at large.. The empty headed girl çhild probably has no clue about what has happened in France as she is in Dolly air head land … Again the role is not suitable for someone like her and she should be told to get on witb some proper work and help those who need help charity wise instead of flying on a private jet to holiday yet again this is all she can do shop and holiday
    we british taxpayers are totally sick of this idle pair who are certainly so uninteresting as a couple …
    we should have a republic and get rid of this expense to our country … enough is enough especially with the nude photos of her and sister on line Deplorable. …

  19. I am in BC, I haven’t heard much on their trip until today. The news of their visit was on the radio and all over my Facebook feed from local papers (mainly smaller papers/buzz blogs). Most of the comments are pretty negative, not many people want to be paying for this visit/vacation but they’ve caught some people because they’re bringing the kids.

  20. Oh yes bringing tne children so she can talk baby talk thats all she is capable of nothing of any substance as usual

  21. In the dm there is an article about the middletons asking people for free vacations! Sorry I do not know how post the link.

    1. Ah right Halia will look it up it really is distasteful and disgraceful that they get away with this brash way of being pushy overbearing and downright greedy for freeloading when they are in a position in BRF
      This needs to be stopped right now …

  22. Hi all and Lola, I was just going through some archived articles and while laughing my a$s off I noticed that we’ve been saying the same things about the Cambridge’s, especially Kate for about 4 years now. Lazy, entitled, spoiled, ad naseum, good to know, I guess, that some people never change.

    With the tour of Canada coming up, I wonder if Kate will strive to keep her perfect record of tour flashing? She didn’t manage to get in a full bum shot in India so she might have to rectify that on this tour. It should be interesting.

      1. LOL! I wonder if this will someday be a koan? I can just see a group of monks wrestling with this great question.

      2. Ha! Of all the things she could choose to be known for, she manages to do this because she apparently doesn’t do more to avoid it. “Flashing on every tour.” Someone get this woman a prize. (Sarcasm, obviously.)

        The one tiny bit of credit I’ll give her for India is that she appeared to be actively pushing the dress down in parts of the video, but let go of it when she reached forward to help with the wreath. With that kind of wind, I’d have nudged my husband forward, murmured that I had a dress to control, and stood politely by while he laid the wreath. I guess Kate considered it her duty to ignore the wind and flash the world.

        1. This is where her lack of a dresser bites her. We were told that the forward planning team scouted all locations so that Kate could co-ordinate her outfits. The gate of India is exceptionally windy due to it’s position.

          Planning-wise, her dresser would have made a note of this and planned wardrobe accordingly either by sterring her away from anything remotely floaty OR insisting she wear a slip under this dress.

  23. I don’t understand why William doesn’t just step back, raise his hands and say “I’m out”, Dad, Georgie, it’s all yours”. It seems so petulant that he seems to resent his birthright, or is it a love /hate relationship with The Firm / Government/MI 5 or 6 that seemed to have a lot to do with Diana’s fate? He doesn’t have to be King, is anyone holding a gun to his head? Perhaps if Wills did step aside the whole Royal Family jig would be up anyway?

  24. Princess Diana used to say the wind was not her friend & how she would choose her outfits not for glamour, but to suit the conditions of her job. She managed to look stylish, appropriate & royal. Other royal ladies manage to do this. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark comes to mind. Why can’t Kate? Is it because she lacks a royal mentor? Would things have been different if Princess Diana was around to guide her?

    1. Tibi, the marriage would not have happened, if Diana had lived, she would have nipped the Midd’s in the bud in a New York minute !!!

    2. Tibi, any one of us in that position of having a skirt fly up (heck any other woman on the face of the earth) would have learned from the first time and would have taken steps to insure that it didn’t happen again.

      There are two things affecting this with Kate: she truly doesn’t care and she’s an exhibitionist. She is incredibly proud of her size zero and probably thinks makes William think she’s edgy (remember he supposedly dumped her because he thought she was boring).

      The future (possible) Queen Consort should know better. And as others have said, Diana would have nipped that relationship in the bud early on.

  25. I guess it’s time QE loans out her Maple Leaf Brooch again. Speaking of leaves… while Kate is planning for this trip, what is Ma Midds up to? According to Twitter, she’s been ordering something that looks like oak-leaf-themed gravestones, then doing a disappearing act. See here: http://i68.tinypic.com/vxi5l.jpg

  26. Gosh always so good reading postings from very eloquent writers on here … I cannot actually believe the Royal supposedly tour of Canada with Waity is a Royal engagement as the trip is really a very nice holiday for them going into rainforest bear spotting and going into Yukon and Indian Reservations. . I have been fortunate to have travelled to Canada done Rocky Mountaineer train and Banff and the special Chateau Lake Louise just sat and looked at lake and glacier out of this world .. I love Canada especially Yukon so anyway sorry got carried away with beauty of Canada and lovely Canadian people ..
    This trip is really a holiday again for them thats all they can do ..
    they take the children so that she can get away with not talking again … and its PR as they want the people to like them ..witbput the kids they would find them both very boring ..

    1. I saw that. I seriously suspect Michael Green is working with them…I think she developed eating issues or just more insecure eating in public because of Will and his criticism of her. I suspect he is a bear to deal with as he seems so unhappy. My experience is the more unhappy a person is in their life, the more moody and critical or abusive their comments are to orhers. This might be a step forward…maybe he us getting off her back and dealing with his issues. He was never in a good position to support her in this mega role…and she is wsy out of her depth. It will be interesting to see how all this progresses if he is getting help about his life outlook.

  27. Bear, not everything is William’s fault! Kate new him for 10 years & if KM did not like the relationship, she could have left. KM was not a prisoner & is not a prisoner! I am not try to be mean to you & believe me I respect your opinion! Sorry if I have offended you?

    1. Oh No…I’m pretty thick skinned from the ad and media world, I dint even read it that way. I do see Kate’s manipulative side. Absolutley. But I’m also keenly aware of how she does not control her life, her mother does…I think she has found herself trying to win mothers love by pursuing Wills even tho she would be better suited with a more outgoing athletic type. I have a hunch now that she is in this and the firm has them ..she is experiencing how poorly he is handling it all and how much if a basket case he is….I think she loves the limelight where as he hates it…a camera is pointed and her eyes are spot on posing…he on the other hand slouches and looks down or away often, rarely smiles. I think they both prefer less work and more play…but when she is out… she’s not ducking the camera, she got the fake grin going and acting more celeb. He has been in a state of denial regarding his royal obligations for a long while…I suspect again with Charles being so quiet and MIA , they were sent on this holiday to sort crap out with Michael Green. I’m hoping Lola has heard something more thru her connections about their France trip. This whole talk about Diana, remember Diana, tied in with mental health and visiting people who have also lost their mother…it’s too coincidental to me. I’m just thinking he’s the bigger problem all round right now.

    2. Halia, one has to wonder if Carole would have let Chutney walk, when this union falls apart and I do think it is inevitable I hope Carole completely looses it, like they have to have her committed or something !!! Boy, talk about mental health issues, may-be Chutney is learning something !!!

  28. Thanks for the comments. I agree about Diana. Things would be different if she was around.

    On another note, today’s visit to Luton makes it seem that someone has been listening to the criticism. They were both fully engaged with smiles, laughs & eating! Apparently one visit ran *longer* than expected! Let’s see how long it lasts.

  29. This girl child of woman skipping along with lazy Wills .. at another dressy up for her in short red dress .. She is way out of her league as Royal .. It is so obvious to all she plays like a doll hair done and for newspaper to say about her toned legs for heavens sake anyone of us with the huge staff she has doing everything for her we would have our selves looking good.. As waity has nothing to do except plan her dresses and do inordinate amount of exercise that she does down in Norfolk..
    They really will never learn and have empathy .. Turning up at these flash moments at charitys for such a small amount of time what do they do exactly ……except get photographed ….
    and as for all the nudity that middleton has done online we will never respect these two twits ..

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