The Return of Synchronized Royaling

On Wednesday, Prince William and Kate Middleton returned from a month long break looking positively lifelike while engaged in synchronized royaling with three events in Luton.

At Youthscape, Prince William and Kate chatted with youths who I guess were at risk for not speaking with a duke and duchess that day and somehow it helped.  At the very least, the visit was newsworthy for the unlikeliest of reasons.


My  cursory search yielded little on Youthscape other than it being a drop-in centre, but there are sweets and video games there so whatever it is exactly, it has to be good.


At Keech Hospice which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the crowd greeting the Cambridges looked a bit thin with no school children to pull from classes for flag-waving.


Interestingly, the crowd pic of the Cambridges leaving which was posted on Twitter by @KensingtonRoyal appeared significantly more filled-out than the arrival, so maybe a casting call went out for crowd extras or maybe the masses just get more excited by their departure and feel its worth lining up for.


Both Prince William and Kate continued to look chillaxed at Keech Hospice.  This is the first time I’ve seen Prince William hold a knife and not been secretly worried he’d turn and use it on the press.


Crazy, right?  Rebecca English even got close enough on Wednesday at the first  engagement to take these pics of Prince William without spooking him.


Watching the events unfold on Twitter, I started wondering if the Cambridges were stoned or if I was stoned or if we collectively as a society were stoned.

At Keech Hospice, Prince William had moments of humanity and compassion that made me like him more.


Normally those who have dealt with terrible tragedy are the ones who look like they’re  trying to put Prince William at ease about having to be there.   But to Prince William’s credit, he attempted to pull a Prince Harry and be all human and stuff.


I  mean, obviously he’s no Prince Harry but Prince William did well considering he’s not used to the whole being all human and stuff thing.

At  the third event of the day, Prince William and Kate presented the Queen’s Award for Enterprise to Hayward Tyler.


It looked pretty Dullsville so I didn’t pay much attention but it’s supposed to be a prestigious award.

On Thursday, Prince William and Kate looked less chillaxed than the previous day at a YoungMinds visit.  YoungMinds provides hotline support to parents whose children have mental health issues.  Prince William and Kate met with volunteers and listened in on some of the calls.


While Kate provided the sartorial interest, it was Prince William’s comments that dominated the press.


During the YoungMinds engagement, Prince William admitted he had feels.


I can relate.


In writing about these events, I often struggle to find the point.   While visits from the Cambridges do get  the charity names in the papers to be read and quickly forgotten, it seems the same level  of awareness  could easily be obtained if they were photographed wearing a t-shirt with the charity’s name.   This  last  event seems unnecessarily invasive for those who use the hotline.  If I called somewhere for help, I would be very upset to discover that Prince William and Kate were possibly listening in as  part of  an official royal engagement, it would feel like a betrayal of confidentiality and privacy that would make me hesitate to reach out again for help.   Can anyone just listen in like that?   I really hope callers were made aware their conversations were being listened to and used for educational purposes.  Additionally, while  Prince William’s statements about feeling emotional do humanize and create empathy for him, they also make it seem like some of the issues faced by those who call the hotline might be too great of a burden for some volunteers.   A  lot of people don’t reach out for help because they have reached a state of hopelessness where they don’t want to burden others with the issues that are dragging them down while conversely others feel their struggles are too insignificant to bother others with.  All mental health issues are equally important just as all people are equally important.

These past two days of engagements undoubtedly benefitted Prince William’s image but still leave me questioning the ultimate impact on the charities.





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  1. “Looking positively lifelike”!!!!!!!! Lola you freaking kill me! I actually screamed out loud at worl

  2. I’m in public, so I’m trying not to laugh, but it’s definitely a struggle. William’s comments were actually not terrible for once, I’m almost impressed. The nice part of me wants to think that speaking to people who have lost a loved one triggers the decent human being part of him, but the cynic in me wonders if it’s just an attempt to keep up with his brother and get some good press.

    1. It’s possible Prince William was inspired by Harry opening up. Prince William wouldn’t use his own mother’s death to score PR points, though. He’s petulant and arrogant but he isn’t a Disney villain. Prince William expressed in his EAAA interview that he’s trying to work on developing as a person and while his response hit all the right sound bites, I think that desire is sincere. I like to think that moment was mark of growth in that direction.

      1. A mother who had a son at the same school as William and Harry told me that William found it hard to open up to people and was shy about joining in, he found it hard to make friends. What made it harder, in her eyes, was that Harry found making friends very easy. It probably didn’t help William that his mother was weeping on his shoulder heaps and drip reading him bad things about his father. I do think it is good to be reminded that he is not a Disney villain, he’s flawed (like a lot of us, me included).

      2. Trying to develop as a person, or trying to develop into a person? Haha. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    1. Regalcheck, I thought the same thing. I was a bit taken back…here he is with all his wealth and the taxpayers paid for his training to pilot…he’s insisted on this job taking him out of some royal duties…and he’s complaining that on top of the royal duty of showing up fir a few hours he dies not want to be bothered with a thing difficult ir emotional – Ugh…

      If that was an attempt to be human or show frailty like Harry, it missed the mark to me.

      1. Bear Regal Check we thought exactly the same with all their lazy easy privileged life and william asks for an easy call from someone who actually needed help in their difficult situation Am afraid thats not being supportive. . He needs to really grow up into an adult … but cant see it happening

    2. What an asinine comment, to ask for an easy assignment. What was he even there for? He always finds a way to make the visit about himself.

  3. Well, I guess all the positive press for Harry has gotten under PW’s bald spot. I’m not sure how much they improved their image, because 3 engagements don’t really make up for 5 years of nothing, but I could be wrong.

    1. I totally agree!

      Forced, ordered PR created, meet greet at a spur of the day/moment do nothing for the charities and cuases a royal should be publizing to make a difference. These two lazy, entitled spoilt… are very insincere, phony otherwise, frequent one on one visits and working with the charities staff, with a lot more time spent working, would have happened over 15 years and definitely the last five years.

  4. I think Lola’s point about privacy is well taken. If I was calling into a help line, the last people I’d want listening in would be these two entitled shitheads.

    Honestly not impressed, not by their behaviors or what they are wearing. I wish they’d go back on vacation and stay there permanently.

    1. The privacy thing bothered me as well. I wouldn’t at all appreciate having those two morons listening in. I very much hope that the callers were informed in advance and had the option to hang up or request someone else.

    2. Agreed…I was shocked that there was no issues with privacy laws…they are becoming g a joke in general I’m afraid.

  5. Lola, welcome back. Love your reality checks when it comes to these two. I’m guessing “stuns” must be one of those SEO words. It is (over)used with respect to her. If wearing a red dress “stuns” headline writers are way too easily impressed.

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I noticed “stuns” pop up quite a bit. It’s August, I don’t think a lot of the royal correspondents were digging deep in this coverage.

  6. As someone at KMR said,’give me the easy one!’is William’s life motto NOT, ‘i serve!’ motto that goes with POW.

    His comment demonstrates without reasonable doubt how much he skates or skated through training because he is supposed SAR/air ambulance should have trained him to separate his personal issues and emotional state from the patients/customers he serves in order to provide a good service and help them on their way.

    If they didn’t teach him this, then shame on them. On the otherhand, he never finishes what he started and some courses may have been skipped to pass him asap.

    Either wsy it was a terrible tjing to say publicly when visiting a mental health charity whose raison d’tre is to encourage people to call in for help because of their personal issues.

    As humans, no matter group stats, our issues are unique to each and everyone of us. Yet we are socialised not to burden other people with our emotional/mental issues. How many people are brave enough to call these helplines without worrying that they will be judged and that they are bothering the service? They might be at the end of their tether and that one call could make all the difference yet could decide that tge problem is too difficult and they would be burdening the service. Good job William.

    Kate the store mannequin has nothing to say except repeatedly remind us that she comes as a package deal with William who also serves as her overlord such that he is the better option to push a button.

    Her only contribution to rotal life is sartorial and she is failing. Here is another new dress that is identical in style and colour to last year’s new dress for Wimbledon except for length of sleeves and skirt.

    William should not shop at he is a big man and their designer silhoutte is slim build Hedi Slimane types. He needs to go back to Saville row, BUT i wonder if this particular outfit wasn’t a *BOGOF offer from Terribly rich James Mathews because here they both are at Wimbledon 2016 in almost identical outfits, styled the same.

    *buy one get one free

    Who wore it best?

    1. Gosh Herazeus and Lola Heart and others on here so well written and so true on your take on the dim duo …
      they are so unbelievable that they get away with this on royal engagement at a charity where people really need help they are indeed beyond belief at how they both act when so pampered in their life..

    2. Prince Charles is quite a dapper dresser and his tailoring is always flawless. Some of the childhood stories about Princes William and Harry suggest they were both a little stubborn about their clothing. Perhaps this is hold-over rebellion.

      1. I wonder if it’s a generational thing, combined with the fact that Charles has always been something of an old soul. William and Harry might feel that their dad just seems outdated, without bothering to pick up on the things that matter (i.e., good tailoring) and apply it to themselves.

    3. Maybe Kate had a hand in the choice of Mr.Porter. com. Regardless, the clothes don’t sit well on William’s frame; he’d be far better off having bespoke pieces made by his choice of designers. SO, in answer to your question, the Terribly Rich James Matthews (for what purpose would he serve to Middleton’s if not terribly rich?) wears the clothes better.

      I agree with your comments about whether adequate training was given to William, whether he skipped it or just didn’t take it in. His position makes it difficult for an instructor to assert authority, let alone ensure that the learning has been understood. His gaffe was awful. I understand it given his mother’s death was 31 August, just a few days away, and I’d imagine is feeling particularly sensitive. He needs to understand boundaries. But how can he, when none have ever been provided or enforced? As for Kate’s silliness in deferring to her husband to press a button, is there no end to her immaturity? Coy is not a good colour on Kate.

      1. Hear Hear Kitty
        these two are beyond spoilt and Kate doesnt help Williams problems as she is so immature and lives in a cuckoo land he would of been better off with a mature lady who coukd speak properly and more of an educated partner as Waity is simply unintelligent and will never get any better …as her family brought her up to be pampered and looked after and she will never know better ..this role will always be too much for her she doesnt cut it for the position in BRF… Will always embarrass our country…

        1. What’s really sad is that Willy’s sh!tty choice of wife has ruined it for the future Mrs. Harry Winsdor. Can you imagine someone with an education and work ethic like Maxima marrying Harry. She’d be told to dumb herself down and would be forced to do engagements with Waity to make her look good.

    4. There is no ‘work’at the air ambulance service other than PR qnd photo op when needed, and another excuse to be secret private in the country while enjoying tax payers funded (in the millions), lifestyle, for he waity and large middleton family.

    5. What does “natty” mean? Rebecca said in her tweet that William’s jacket was “natty”. To me that sounds like tatty, tattered, worn and torn. Not a good way to describe her boss’ jacket, even if it is accurate.

  7. Meh, she is still acts so “fakery” with his “on” button when the cameras are rolled out, and meh, Bill still acts like a pampered buffoon.

  8. Also, what new awareness they are raising that already… good-conscious-people don’t already know. Like the saying goes: “tell me something I don’t know”.

  9. Right, because a community of republicans (the British kind, not the American) discussing their distaste of the monarchy is such an awful thing! These idiots are going to be head of state of my country, which fills me with dread.

    Without wishing to ignite a conspiracy debate, I think Prince Petulant knows the truth about Diana’s death. If he believed that she died in an accident then he would be campaigning for safer roads or privacy in her name. But he doesn’t, he concentrates on mental health issues- something Diana was plagued with.

    1. Honestly, think there will always be questions about Princess Diana’s death. I’ve read quite a bit on the various theories and there are so many unanswerable questions, in my opinion, I doubt anyone will ever truly know what happened and conspiracy theories are an exercise in futility. I can’t even imagine how Princes William and Harry have managed to deal with it. Sadly Princess Diana did struggle with mental health issues and as her confidante, Prince William dealt with things no child should ever have to. Prince William had a very screwed up childhood and I have an enormous amount of sympathy for him. But there are people who have overcome far worse and emerged amazing well-adjusted individuals. I do think Prince William genuinely wants to be a better person and his interest in mental health issues could be an attempt to understand and work through some of his past.

      1. I think that with a different site William would be a different person. If he was married to someone who supported him we would be seeing a happier William. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think Kate has the maturity to ever be what William needs. And as for them going to engagements together? William needs to go along as Kate is not up to the job IMO.

        1. Both Kate and William are too needy to be able to be of help to each other. William would be better off with someone more secure, open, with a lightness of touch. Kate not being able to press a button without deferring to her husband is just ugh.

          1. Is Kate referencing William, my husband etc just to remind us that she scored highest in the husband competition because she married a Prince?

        2. Spot on.

          He was a happy young prince along with his brother growing up , attending university and with his loving father the RF (and step mom DoCormwall); now at his age he has degraded to this after stalked and marriage.

        3. Spot on.

          He was a happy young prince along with his brother growing up , attending university and with his loving father the RF (and step mom DoCornwall); now at his age he has degraded to this , after stalked and marriage.

    1. It falls into the same category as ‘interesting’ when told of children’s horrendous lives in India. Kate does not possess much in the way of empathy.

  10. Welcome back Lola – I suspect these engagements are a diversion from the upcoming nature holiday with kids in Canada – “see we do work”. I’m sure Kate will be happy to spend time with mr dreamy aka the pm

    1. Thanks, Oz. Canada’s Prime Minister is quite dreamy, can’t fault Kate for that part of her job not sucking. I’ve said it before, but my favorite Kate is Kate with Ben Ainslie, she’s more engaged at those engagements. This Canadian tour carries the possibility of a new favorite Kate.

  11. Joel, I find K and W interesting because I make my living in media, PR, advertising. I certainly find British history fascinating…but that said, this generation coming after QE2 I find to be a disaster. It’s equivalent to not being able to look away from a train wreck.

    The issue of Katie exposing herself…that to be fair was not a one off…that happenend repeatedly while they dated, on tours, at a photo shoot…the girl has an issue. Clearly fan or not…she seems to like exposing herself, at the wrong times, in far too many coincidental accidents or is plain wooden headed. Most people learn after the first time.

    I really am interested in how KP handles the PR of the 2 as they manage to stumble event to event. I personally belive Harry to be the better choice to move the monarchy forward. He has actually HELPED people and developed a whole program, with the Invictus Games. W & K can only draw attention to themselves, whine about their privacy and media coverage. Tell us the are normal Joe’s, when they act and live clearly not…saying it does not make it so. In fact I would imagine the Britsh public offended by it. Harry has managed to get the fact he does not need to announce any label of who or how…he just needs to be. If you have to announce aka convince of it you usually are not it. He is the average Joe through his ability to connect to those around him and have honest moments of empathy…not announced moments. He does not push the very people in media away, that help justify their position and made up job. Their job is to call attention and help with causes be representatives through who they are and their actions.

    Why did I mention all that? Because like it or not the monarchy is at historical cross roads. History is being slowly made. It will either be the end of 100’s of years of fascinating history or…it will adapt to reveal hundreds more years…This blog analyzes and yes pokes fun at the individuals and PR that may make or break that struggle forward. Might I suggest not reading it if you don’t like the analysis…find a, we love all things w and k page maybe?

    Lola is a talented writer who shares her perspectives and humor and writes about what the media has covered for better or worse on the subject. I enjoy sharing my observations of their behavior and how it’s coveted with others to hear their insight.

  12. Joel, this blog’s writer employs a wry approach to its subject matter. Is it emotional investment or the poking of the constructed fantasy that is royalty? In this instance, does this couple possess the attributes to occupy positions of immense power one day? Are they deserving of these positions? On current form and past history, I’d vote ‘no’.

    Why support the anachronism that is royalty? Do people in the 21st century really need to be ruled by anyone, let alone by a family with no scrutiny of its personal, ethical and intellectual attributes? Should British citizens’ money be removed from their pockets to support one very wealthy family? Isn’t it ironic, if not puzzling, that when singing the British national anthem, fidelity is given to a person – the reigning monarch – not to Great Britain?

    I’d suggest British support for the monarchy is softer than numbers imply, simply because people can’t be bothered to consider an alternative. There is comfort in the familiar, even when that ‘familiar’ muddies the democratic process and is cloaked in secrecy. Remove the latter, divulge full and real costs, engage the public in frank debate about monarchy purpose and utility, and a different result might result. Even ardent monarchists would admit that the continuation of the monarchy is unlikely, and I dare say, so does the House of Windsor. If not, why is so much money invested in propping them up through PR?

    In the meantime, the BRF is banking on the attractiveness of young royals, William and Kate, yet neither, now approaching middle age, has a sufficiently developed work ethic. If they are mocked it is because they are tone deaf to their positions, ill-prepared and lazy. The purpose of these charitable events seems to be the provision of a spotlight to showcase their relevance. It’s not enough.

    1. I gave you a little leeway here, Joel, but you’re being disrespectful to the community here and are in violation of commenting policy. I’ve blocked you from further comments.

      1. I sometimes wonder why people search out opinions very different from their own and can’t argue civilly when faced with alternative viewpoints. Farewell, Feminista Joel.

        Lola, I look forward to your posts and enjoy your witty writing so much. It’s clever and sassy and gently calls people to account; other media players just never bother. The four recent events made tv and print media here, complete with William wanting ‘an easy one’. It was a straight PR release. No attempt of unpacking that comment was made, or the charities’ work.

        As a student I worked in the Parliamentary Library. My job was to categorise MP’s press releases and cross-reference all media statements. It disturbed me that many press releases were printed as news, with no editorial input at all. It’s part laziness, indifference and/or media owner’s bias but nevertheless, the public is (unknowingly) short-changed and manipulated. I see the royal PR machine in much the same way, with its incredible reach and influence, both overt and covert. Whatever potential W+K possess is stunted by unthinking flattery and their PR cleaning up the mess; the couple is never accountable so there is no need to grow.

  13. Okay as I say on KMR it takes a lot for me to comment on anything but I find I must respond to these comments by Joel. How many times does someone “run afoul” of the wind to cause numerous wardrobe malfunctions before “one” realizes that “one” must actually change their style of dress?? In my experience it would be one time. One time where I would be embarrassed to the point that I would ensure that it never happened again. It is obvious that she isn’t embarrassed at showing off her body continuously because she makes sure that it happens over and over again. There are many times I wear something that I would prefer not to wear because a wardrobe malfunction may occur. That’s being an adult.

    As for Lola obsessing over KM I wouldn’t say that is even remotely true. Lola has legions of fans who can’t wait for her to post and our disappointed when she doesn’t because she isn’t obsessing over them. Most of her fans seem to be individuals who became disillusioned with the Cambridges and their lack of work ethic, morals, abuse towards the press, and the whole “let them eat cake” mentality. I found Lola’s blog through KMR when I became disillusioned by a woman who claimed to have such horrible pregnancies when I actually had HG and I couldn’t get out of bed. I was in the hospital several times for it because it lasted 9 months, not just the first two when it was convenient.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion and Lola proved what a class act she is by not only allowing you to post your thoughts but to also reflect on what you said in a thoughtful intelligent manner.

    I would say that I had the pleasure to meet the Cambridge’s, but it wasn’t a pleasure. It was a waste of $1500 at an event that they did not want to be anywhere near the ordinary mortals. In this day and age it seems absolutely ridiculous that any country would claim to be first world and have a monarchy that the average citizen supports so that the royals can become even more wealthy simply by accident of birth. I think it is ridiculous.

    I have only been to England once and that was because my mother wanted to visit there. The monarchy put me off because it is antiquated and outdated. If the British people want to keep it then, in my opinion. they shouldn’t have the right to behave as if they are so much better than everyone else and feel that they should be a world leader. As for saying that you believe that most of your country doesn’t feel that way isn’t actually a true statement as most polling shows that they do not want to continue with a monarchy and that the good will seems to be wrapped up in the Queen.

    I would suggest that if you want to find out the true feelings of your country actually have a true democracy with freedom of the press. I would also suggest that the monarchy actually disclose all costs that are incurred by the public to support the military and that includes detailed security costs.

    I totally get that you are desperately trying to find a way to justify the monarchy and to make Kate the victim, but in my point of view the true victims are the British public who have been brainwashed in to believing that they are special simply because they have a monarchy.

    Lola: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and it was my saving grace when I was recovering from septic shock. I must say I read it at least three times because it is FUNNY! I needed the laughs at that time and it made what I had to go through so much bearable. Please keep up the amazing work if for no other reason than you never know who it may touch and help out of a dark time. 🙂

    1. Thank you, SpringsMom. I will always cherish this comment. I’ve been very fortunate to find such a wonderful group of people who are even interested in what I have to say. My hope in writing this blog is that I can bring a little brightness into someone’s day.

      Unfortunately, your experience with William and Kate is not unique, I’ve heard similar negative accounts. The more time people have spent with William and Kate, the worse the impression it seems. I do think they have potential, though and hope to one day write positive glowing posts about them. I’m sure I could figure out how to do that should that day come.

      I’m so sorry you had to go through HG and septic shock. I didn’t know much about HG before the Kate claims so I read up on it and sobbed as I read first-hand accounts from women who suffered from it, some women had their careers, marriages, and lives as they knew it completely destroyed. Stories about Kate popping into Starbucks for a carmel mocha frappawhatever with whipped cream while out marathon shopping seemed incongruous with the illness.

  14. Halia:

    Love your posts 🙂 Don’t worry about Joel. He is just a troll, even though he/she swears he/she is not lol Hey, maybe he is getting paid by the Midds, who knows? (DM style) although he or she will deny that lol He is just a Royalist that forgot the catwalk, the “doormat” comments, the flashing of the ring, Jecca, etc.

      1. Hi Lola
        your writing is fabulous really enjoy reading
        the schools here in U K start september 5th but private schools start week later
        hope this helps …

  15. ‘On occasion’? Falling foul of the wind once or twice is unfortunate, but when the figure reaches double digits, we can safely assume a pattern of – what – carelessness? The lack of underwear on these occasions is also a curious personal choice. Add the eighty or so instances of girlish mooning at school and we have lift off (or is that lift up) in terms of the exhibitionist theory. ‘Demure’ is not the word I’d ascribe to such behaviour or attach to Kate in general. It has been increasingly sneaked in lately to describe her, presumably to re-cast her lack of interest in a better light.

    I’d guess a refusal to heed seasoned advice, and to not choose appropriate clothing are the core reasons for the double digit total. That’s not a feminist choice in action, just a disrespectful one. Kate is representing her country; the message from the event attended is lost in the banality of wardrobe malfunctions that could easily be avoided. It’s not all about her, a lesson Kate still needs to learn.

    1. The time when Kate bad a fly up at a wedding, while pregnant, convinced me that she likes the flyups to happen. Not what I want to see in a future Queen Consort!

  16. Kate is acts too, manipulative lazy, childish, and too dependant on others, why does she need to trail along with william????? she aint fooling me, a woman who offered her body for 10 yrs and 5 yrs in the RF she does nothing except wasting money, she is not innocent shes a fake and a pretender!!!!!

  17. Oh lord between Lola’s comments and that last post by msthang, I’m afraid I snorted my wine! Sometimes it only takes 3 words…lol 🙂

  18. Hello Lola and Welcome back!!!! Hope you enjoyed holidays!!!
    I did and I experienced the quake too, but I’ m okay, non of my relatives were affected, since I live inRome.

    Thank you for another brilliant article!!!!

    Honestly ( I’ m going to be rather critic) what William said, that he wanterf an easy call irked me a lot.
    William experienced losing his mum at a very young age, true, however he always plays the Diana’ s card to shun his duty.
    He’ s an adult man, in the half of his 30s, it’ s time to take some responsibility.
    He was there to give some help, to listen to others, not to complain about himself.
    I’ m fed up with his ” woe is me” attitude, especially since it is used to avoid duties and to enjoy his priviledge life, he was supposed to be there to let the other tell their stories, not to complain again.

    He suffered such a terrible loss, true. Yet he’ s not the only one having to deal with so much pain in life, he ” doesn’ t have thje exclusive of the pain” as at katemiddletonreview I read.
    Many people suffer in life, all of us did, many people experience tragic loss, yet they recover, they MUST RECOVER because life itself demand it.
    People can’ t spend all their lives complaining, so Will can’ t.
    Diana died 19 years ago, so long has gone by, it’ s time to move!!!
    This “woe is me” attitude is getting irritating.
    But surprise surprise, he let people down again.

    I know he suffered a lot, losing a parent must be devastating.
    He had money and means to kind of recover ( I know that probably he’ ll never recover completely, losing a parent when you’ re a kid is a scar, something you’ ll always have with you, but there are specialists to soothe your pain and to help you move on).
    Also, if you intend to carry on the cause of mental health claiming that stigma must be wiped away by speaking about it pubblicly, but then you don’ t try to speak with a pshycologist about your issues, you’ ll never ever be taken seriously.

    A unstable man and a seriously underweight woman aren’ t the best person to endorse the cause of mental health.

  19. Sorry it’ s me again!!!
    What I really meant with that rant above, was that it wasn’ t the right moment and place for Will to complain again.
    It wasn’ t about him, but his charity!!!

  20. Friends I apologize for coming on strong! When “Joel’s” false statement made me very angry. MTR thanks for kind word! Halia.

      1. Joel isn’t Pippa. I traced his IP address the first time he tried to comment (I didn’t publish it because it violated policy). I only approved his comment this latest round because he toned down his approach and he obviously had something he felt he had to say enough to keep coming back so I wanted to give him the opportunity to get it out of his system. I figured I’d probably wind up blocking his comments but wanted to give him the chance. I’m sorry if he bothered anyone, his comments are deleted, future comments are blocked, let’s forget about him and stick to the topic.

        1. Lola any info on your end that Michael Green is doing therapy with K and W? I really suspect he’s in therapy or maybe it’s about consulting regarding mental health?

  21. Commenting to get notification of new comments. I have to sign up every time a new post appears.

  22. My fellow commenters, please forgive me if I seem angry. I tried, I really did to come down from the ceiling which I hit when this article came out. This low key, secret, visit to that call center was nothing but pure pr. Those places do not need entitled fools and clueless nimrods like Will and Kate for any reason whatsoever, but Billy and Cathy need **them.** Everywhere you look you can find numbers to call in a crisis, and in every community there are people who genuinely care and with no ulterior motives give of their time to help their fellow human beings. I worked for a crisis center on a volunteer basis and we were trained extensively prior to going on the phones. We were forbidden to so much as speak of anything whatsoever about the calls except for at meetings. We, after training, had people who listened in on calls but that was for training and training only. To think that these people used this for pr, and I will never see it any other way is despicable. Who knows how long it took for a caller to build up enough courage or sense of self worth to reach out for help, and now who knows how many people won’t because the lady in red and the wimpy whiny crybaby could possibly be listening in, and not to help either. Not to train. To show off. And then this low key visit was splashed all over the papers. Mental illness is serious, and some of these people are paranoid, who knows what they thought. They aren’t calling in for kicks and giggles, and I’m sure it was no compliment to hear the lady in red with the many houses and mansions and all material things considers their pain and agony to be ‘fascinating’. The pr is treading into waters that are way above their heads, and entering into an area that is so delicate that the least wrong move could prove to cost a life or more. Sorry to sound so dramatic, but I’m so angry I could take Billy and Cathy and slam dunk them thru the nearest diamond studded basketball hoop and let them play their stupid little games to their heart’s content. Of course, Billy would not have to worry since I would make sure that mattresses (not his living one) were piled to the very base of the hoop so he wouldn’t get hurt in the slightest, and since these days it’s the Kate and William on the road dog and pony show Kate would be attached to him. These places do not as in absolutely do not need their kind of help, they garner attention and are very very low key and trust is the absolute foundation of their usefulness. Not buying this crap story, at all. PR and that’s all. Red? Bright red? That’s low key? Inviting the press, that’s altruistic and secretive? The visit to France during a time of crisis, now that was kept secret, no one really knows who all went and why, right? To me, this was totally using hurt and needy people yet again. More harm than good, in my humble opinion. Then again, I could be wrong since they were allowed in ever so quietly and allowed to listen in on calls. If I were in charge of that center they would leave just as quickly as they entered and nothing would have been in the paper. Ever. These are human lives, not toys and baubles, and these people aren’t all that stable, and certainly deserve better than to be used.
    And on a final note, is there anything that William is capable of without finding a reason to whine and whimper. His job, the one he scarfed, the one created for him is emotionally draining. His mummy died, and he’s the only one in the entire world who has suffered any sort of loss or hurt. Billy and Kathy Middleton deserve each other, but Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth countries deserve so so so so much better. Actually, truth be known I could outdo him in sob stories so well that he would come across as having a little scratch compared to an open wound headed towards gangrene.

    1. Agree, Royals; and well said.

      The ‘secret’ visit was just a ploy for Kate and William’s PR purposes. They are opportunists using these organisations and callers, citing ‘bringing awareness’ to cloak their real intentions. Shameful.

      I’d be interested to know if donations spike after these visits. Does anyone know? If W+K were serious, they could turn up and direct to camera, ask people to donate. They could do so themselves if they really wanted to help; now there’s a thought.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that this couple should do no further public work. They would be better directed to address their own psychological issues and be removed from public view. Mental health is too important to be in the hands of dilettantes.

  23. No apology needed as far as I’m concerned. Excellent point about someone working up the courage to ask for help and getting Seabiscuit or his vacuous brood mare to speak to. They’re only there as a pretense to justify their family vacation to Canada. I know it’s wrong to wish for someone’s downfall but I honestly can not wish them well.

  24. Yep when will william stop using DIANA CARD! He needs to know his glory days ended when he married council cath, he is no longer dianas golden boy, hes just a lazy ugly greedy grasping idiot with his trashy wife!!!!!,

  25. Well said Royalsareajoke. . Well commented made us very cross too as they are playing a dangerous path into mental health which they are not trained in …

  26. I remember seeing a video of Queen Laetizia of Spain. She was listening intently to a boy with severe mental disabilities. Her eyes welled up with tears. Only an extreme cynic would doubt the authenticity of such a moment. The humanity of it. I just don’t see Kate with that kind of wellspring of fellow feeling. That level of depth. But maybe I’m wrong. I wish she’d prove me wrong.

  27. I’m late to the party here, which is probably a good thing, as those with stronger feelings or who were perhaps even personally offended had their say first.

    My take on Will here is that he had good enough intentions, but, somewhat like his father, couldn’t really express empathy very well. Whether he actually has much more feeling under the surface is hard to tell, but my bet is that he does.

    I interpreted his comments as clumsy attempts at making a grim reality seem a bit lighter. Asking to start with “an easy one” might be self-deprecating rather than pure selfishness.

    As others have argued very convincingly, the most important thing here is not the royals, but the right to privacy and human dignity of the people calling the center in need of help. The whole “listening in” thing seems ill advised and somewhat salacious, though clearly it was not W+K’s idea.

    What’s next, I wonder. Spycams in the confessional?

    “Next week on our new reality TV show, Catholics Gone Wild!…”

  28. I cant imagine taking orders from that old hag carol middleton, and her pawn council cath, l would quit and go into hiding, carole gives me the creeps!!!

  29. Say Lola, Kate serving beer in a new pink dress, me thinks either a heavily padded boob holder, or some new fake ta ta’s !!!!

  30. I’m pretty tired right now, but simply had to say thank you so very much to my fellow commenters!! Your support means more to me than I can say, and I can’t find the right words so just thank you!!

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