La Vie En Bleu

On Saturday just shy of 4pm, the Cambridge’s plane landed in Victoria, kicking off their eight day Canadian tour, the cost of which is born by the host company.  Prince William and Kate’s 2011 Canada Tour came in around $1.2 million for taxpayers.

Even before the Cambridges touched down, Twitter revealed that no matter where the new royal tours go, the same old frustrations still exist.


Really, that’s how the Palace want to kick off the tour?  Ticking off the skilled professionals who use their talents to paint the Cambridges in a more interesting hue in the global media?  This group who climbed into shuttles to meet the Cambridge Quartet at the airport?


The littlest royals were spotted peaking out of the craft ahead of the official arrival.  I imagine Prince George turned to the staff and said, “Nope.  Shut it down.”


Weather at the time of the landing was overcast and in the upper 50s.


The Cambridges wore blue because no other colors exist for them anymore, they have adopted the hue as their official  team color.  Kate was in Jenny Packham, a Lock & Co hat and wore the Maple Leaf Brooch, on loan from the Queen.


It was Kate’s best arrival look to date and was fitted which avoided flashing.  Kate’s Jenny Packham shade was slightly more sophisticated than the Smurf Blue she’s been favoring during her Blue Period.  She managed to make it down the stairs in nude heels, carrying Charlotte and holding George’s hand when the steps proved a bit steep for his little legs.

Kate tried to create cute kid moments but looked like the socially awkward adult at parties who targets the family cat and winds up clutching poor Fluffy like Lennie from Of Mice and Men. Kate’s attentions were focused on trying to get Charlotte to wave and squatting down in front of George in a rather unregal manner instead of interacting with the adults who waited around on a tarmac to greet them such as the Prime Minister and the Governor General.


It appears the Windsor is already coming out in Charlotte who looks to me like she will resemble Princess Eugenie.


George managed to get off a royal wave but was more interested in a Sea King that was landing nearby so no paternity test is needed.

The royal convoy then made a quick trip to the Government House.

According to the royal correspondents on Twitter, approximately 10,000 people gathered to welcome the Cambridges to Victoria.  Unfortunately for those who were waiting, Prince William and Kate were running late so staff gathered up the bouquets instead.


Prince William and Kate laid a wreath in honor of Canada’s fallen soldiers and shook hands with select military personnel.

As part of the welcome ceremony, Prime Minister Trudeau and Prince William gave speeches. The reception Prime Minister Trudeau received suggests he was a large part of the event’s draw, he received louder cheers than the Cambridges.


William attempted a line in French, sheepishly admitting his French was “rusty”.  As someone who hasn’t had a chance to speak French often over the last few years, I would describe mine as rusty, Prince William’s French was a linguistic massacre.  I died a little inside.  In lieu of flowers or donations, please send Chanel.

At the end of the welcome ceremony, Kate accepted flowers and the couple headed to the Government House for a photo op with the Trudeaus.  While Sophie Trudeau is touted as a fashion icon, I can’t be supportive of the Duchess of York style shoulder bows on her Edition de Robe dress, discordant eggplant Saucy milliner hat (which  I love on its own) and plastic and suede court shoes.


But at least it wasn’t blue.  Picasso’s infamous Blue Period marked a time of severe depression and despair in his life between the years of 1901 and 1904.  Kate’s been hitting the blue hard lately.  Hopefully she is okay and the observation that if she loses those pesky last 20 grams of spinal cord, she’ll finally obtain her goal of being just a floating head isn’t in poor taste.  Normally it would be irregardless, but given her pre-wedding comment about her concerning weight loss being “all part of the plan”, I suspect Kate would find it the nicest compliment I’ve ever paid her.



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  1. As always, hilarious post Lola! I died at the last line about Kate losing those last few grams of spinal cord! Although if she has a backbone, I haven’t seen it. I think Ma Midds and Wills call all the shots in that Anmer-tyville horror.

    No flashing. I feel like I should give her a slow, awkward seal-like clap for that. Then I remember she dressed the whole family in BLUE. AGAIN. Does she even know there’s like a zillion other colors out there?

    I predict we wont see Charlotte again on this tour in any other color but pink.

  2. I’m curious as to why on a day of 57F/14C that Charlotte has a cotton short-sleeved dress on while George wears a jumper and shorts (his knock-knees a knockin’ with the nippiness) while The Parents are dressed for a cool day. I know the kids are just props for the optics but surely they deserve to be warm.

    1. Why oh why do they dress George like a character out of a Just William book? What is with the shorts and long socks combo? Stop dressing the poor boy like an 19th Century schoolboy!

      1. I caught that too. It’s like they are stuck in a time warp. Remember at Charlotte’s christening how they made the nanny dress in that antiquated uniform, and pushed an old fashioned pram? They are doing all of this for effect, for the photos, on purpose. It is so strange to me.

    2. I knew readers here would pick up on that. I love that we’ve reached a point where I don’t even have to say things anymore, I can just throw up a screen grab and you guys just KNOW.

    3. Genuine question: are knock knees hereditary? Pippa has the worst case of Knock Knees i’ve ever seen, but little Georgie poogie appears to be developing them too.

      If he is developing them, i hope they notice so that it can be corrected at this stage rather than later.

      1. Apparently, they can be hereditary but are also fairly normal in some kids and tend to self-correct as they age. In Pippa’s case, however, it might suggest heredity.

        1. Hasn’t Mr Middleton got dark eyes? I was shocked to be honest because Wills’ side are all Anglo/Germanic/Nordic/Aryan and Kate has green eyes, so I thought he would be blue/green-eyed.

          1. The brown comes from Michael Middleton who has darker hazel eyes. Eye color doesn’t always follow that straight-cut chart we were taught in biology class. My Dad has hazel eyes (lighter than mine), my Mom has icy grey eyes, my brother wound up with gorgeous bright blue eyes and I got genetically shafted with muddy hazel eyes. I’d be less annoyed about it if my brother’s eyes weren’t such a stunning shade of brilliant blue and my Mom didn’t have such striking pale grey eyes.

            1. @ Lola: true. My cousin has blue eyes, though both parents have brown/hazel. But my recalling biology lessons informs me that blue/green eyes are recessive and therefore, ought to produce only blue/green-eyed children. Of course, there are always genetic throwbacks/anomalies.

              Ha, I know what you mean, I have one parent with blue eyes and I didn’t inherit those!

  3. I’ve noticed when posing with other heads of state, the Cambridges look like two little kids asking, “please sir may I have some more?”

    I have to say that while Kate’s outfit is fine, Sophie won this fashion round. The contrasting colors of the dress and hat are totally on trend for this fall and the jaunty angle at which she wore her hat added some visual interest. However, I agree that the shoulder bow is unnecessary.

    Lastly, it’s 50 degrees outside why couldn’t they have put a sweater on Charlotte?? I mean William’s wearing a suit, Kate’s in a long sleeve dress, George has on a shirt and sweater but poor Char is in a light weight little dress with bare legs. Poor little thing 🙁

  4. Kate descending from the plane in spindly heels, holding a 16 month old with no opportunity to use a railing and having a toddler throw you off balance by grabbing your skirt THEN blindly clutching for said toddlers hand lest he send you for a serious tumble is, imo, the most athletic feat I have seen sporty Kate excel at without breaking a sweat since….ever. I would have pitched a standoff till my husband turned around and maybe noticed I needed help, and if that still didn’t work a firm word in a get back here tone of voice would have followed. Oh William, sometimes you are such a twit. Too bad for the disappearing backbone, she’s only making the rest of her life harder. I think any personality she had is fading along with that spine.

    1. I think Kate is one of those FOA people: fades on approach. Not much there. Whatever backbone she had was all used up in capturing the prize, William.

      Astute and witty writing yet again, Lola. I guess you’re in for another marathon tour writing session. Hope you have been training.

      1. I really like that acronym: FOA. Kate was never ambitious as to using her brain anyway. It was all rat cunning, as you say, to “capture” her ‘prize, William’. In all ways that matter, just like Mary of Denmark.

    2. I know, RIGHT? I have to use my stepladder to grab something small from the top of my kitchen cabinets and I’m questioning whether I’ll make it down those couple of little steps. That was an impressive feat by Kate.

      1. When she squared down to be level with George she had Charlotte on her still and managed in heels to stand upright from that position carrying her…powerful legs and mendoza balance. But looking at this I wanted to wring Williams neck…he should have carried Charlotte WTH.

    3. I agree. I have two kids about the ages of George and Charlotte. When we go out, I am responsible for one, and my husband for the other. Honestly, since Kate was holding Charlotte, William should have held on to George. Especially going downstairs.

  5. NormalBill should have held George because she was holding Charlotte. Also, I was disappointed to see (on BBC?) Justin’s face: looks basic and very overrated.

    1. Agree agree agree agree agree agree, I love your wit, your humor and well you know how much I love this place.

  6. Kate getting down those staird in high heels, holding a 16 month old (whom she had her eyes on for half of the descent) then holding a 3 year old with the other hand…. I watched it breathless, just sure she was going to topple. HOW DOES SHE DO IT??? I admire very few (zero?) things about Kate, but I have to slow seal clap her descent from the plane.

    1. Charlotte, it could be she is trying desperately to look like the loving mummy that she is, that she felt the need to kneel down and soothe Georgie, as well as holding a toddler. I mean if Chopper ever bolts and says I raise the kiddies, he well look like a cad because she is the ever loving mummy !!! I mean appearances are everything, you don’t want to look like you have help out the wazoo do you??

      1. Ahh you’re right, it’s all about the image to her. I forget that every thing she does is a calculated manipulation.

      2. Exactly msthang (love your name – it’s my cat’s, and appearing to be hands-on super mummy also gives her an excuse for her pitiful number of royal engagements.

        Great post Lola – as always!!!

          1. Actually, GingerMini kitty thinks more highly of herself than even Chutney or Choppers think of themselves! 🙂

      3. Turning her back on her hosts to bolster her own image was highly inappropriate and rude. Hopefully the Queen will have had it brought to her attention. They need to understand that in their positions, it’s not time to play perfect parents when on public duty.

        Recall William’s scolding by the Queen during the Trooping for bending down to talk to George. Thinking about it, this protocol ought to be second nature to William. The fact that William needed to be reminded is astonishing, to say the least. It goes to show how unprepared he is for his future role. He spent far to much time with the Middletons in his formative years and boy, does it show!

      4. Kate’s deplaning outfit was flash proof and I doubt very much that was her idea. If that had been me and my husband he would have been very attentive and made sure that both I and his child were safe, and he would have been carrying the baby. William is a jerk.
        I don’t wear high heels even though I’m 5’2″ and I suppose that waity should be lauded for not doing a face plant but those heels, carrying a baby, (what if Charlotte had picked that moment to wriggle or try to free herself, kids do that) seems just plain stupid and show boaty to me. I guess she thinks they look ‘professional’ and all, but I think her loving mummy act could have included wearing a much lower heel. However, having said that it seems that Kate is used to heels so she may be able to maneuver about in them as easily as I can in my trusty tennis shoes. And as far as her carrying Charlotte, even though Billy is a jerk she probably thought that she, the mother of the tiny girl who is the second coming of her grandmother, was the only one worthy to debut her.

  7. Yes once again Lola does a fabulous take on tbings on the cambridges arriving in Canada.
    We thought how disgraceful she saw to George bent down so unregal and didnt speak to the dignitaries waiting in line to be spoken to.. After all him and her have Super nanny for the children she will always be clueless where people are concerned my goodness they are useless … Representing our country and we think they both lack so much professionalism for the roles of being Royal … They need to be kicked into touch with normal etiquette on these Tours .. We are saying thank god she didnt show her knickers this time ..

  8. I have decided to only lightly watch this “tour” and just come here for the blow-by-blow. I am so over this dull, clueless, lazy duo.
    At the top of the stairs to deplane, Charlotte appeared to reach for William; it certainly would have made more sense for him to carry her. That would have left Kate to hold George’s hand and both George and Kate could have utilized a handrail.
    Most likely, it was all about the presentation – anyone else note that celebrity pose Kate struck on the tarmac?
    Speaking of Charlotte, why was that poor girl left without sleeves or a cardigan on a chilly day? The smallest Cambridge, with this ability to generate body heat is displayed in a cotton, mid-summer dress. Shame on whomever made that decision! Her health and comfort should have been more important than what a photo would look like.
    Thank God, Kate finally learned to not wear a dress with the ability to flash her bits and her hair was restrained and not blowing in her face obscuring her vision. Someone, somewhere finally got a clue.
    Those nude heels need to be thrown away. A beautiful patterned heel or even a red to co-ordinate with Will’s tie would have looked better. In fact, her red maple leaf hat and red pumps would have looked better.
    They were running nearly an hour late at one point. Not a great way to start a “tour”. Then at the wreath laying, Kate has her ever present crotch clutch, that she asks the Governor General’s wife to hold for her.
    William’s French sentence was awful. He had a month to perfect one sentence. Honestly, why even bother to say one sentence when it sounds like a it is your first time ever saying it?
    Will these two ever be anything other than dull and boring?

    1. Elizabeth,

      ‘He had one month to perfect one sentence.’ That was my first thought too! They have the best tutors available to them and he couldn’t even put in a few minutes to learn one phrase in French. If I ever saw these two in person I wouldn’t be fawning all over them. I would be so disgusted and just walk away. It’s pathetic how little effort they put in.

        1. I’m not sure how long he was really there. Supposedly he only joined Kate there for “three or four days”. Given the various reports from French sources, I suspect the trip wasn’t the family vacation story spun by the press.

          1. With the expensive education that Billy had wouldn’t you think that he would know one language other than English? Maybe I’m being unfair but I think he should be able to speak fluent French since that’s a language of Canada. Kate just needs to learn to speak English.

            1. According to the media, Prince William speaks French and Welsh fluently. I’m assuming there’s some exaggeration there. William doesn’t have a solid record with follow-through, it’s hard to imagine him being fluent in three languages which requires a certain level of focus. Plus “Nous sommes très heureux d’être de retour au Canada…” is a pretty basic sentence.

              1. Yes, it takes focus and commitment to learn another language. Given his privilege and birthright, it is astounding that he really only speaks English to any significant degree. What a waste of upper class education! He’s a real disappointment.

          2. Yes I thought the same. I suspect it was for therapy of one or both of them. But regardless he has the exposure his whole life to french. I just would imagine him to be better equipped given his staff and travel history.

  9. Well, so far the best thing about this royal vacation tour is this post.

    I’d like to thank the person or people who put Kate in that dress with her hair up. Next time convince her to wear a lower heel and hold on to a rail while carrying a small child down metal airline steps that culminate at an asphalt tarmac. I get twitchy when I see these photos because I see William going into rescue pilot mode to airlift Kate and the kids to the nearest hospital because his commonsense challenged wife had to wear the 3″ heels.

    It is a bit sad that the older Trudeaus look much younger and happier than the Cambridges. As someone on RD said the Trudeaus looked like they were standing next to the wax museum figures of W&K.

    I can’t even muster up warm and fuzzies about these kids. I liked George’s personality (at least the one they accused him of having when he was born – the roaring, trouble making lion) but I’ve got nothing for Charlotte. It’s just a, “hey there’s Charlotte – meh” reaction.

    Now show me the Swedish, Monegasque twins or little Jigme of Bhutan and I’m cooing. I even like Fred and Mary’s kids, but the little Cambridges are leaving me indifferent. I’m not a citizen, but I don’t think that bodes well for the future of the monarchy.

  10. Some hope of her looking regal and appropriate on this tour have already faded….the choice for today can only be described as hideous at best….. eurgh…..

  11. On on hand I’m thrilled to get more posts from you, Lola. On the other hand I feel terrible hat you have to write about two big bowls of vanilla puddin and their little puddin pops.

  12. The first thing I did when I saw the Lambridge’s were on tour was check in with Lola! I can’t believe she didn’t flash! I’m sure she will just be a little more covert.

    BTW, last week there was a PR piece in Australia about William and all the important “work” he does as a rescue pilot. Cue: concerned looks over patients on a stretcher, fuelling the aircraft, heartfelt interview about being in service. …obviously put together by KP to quell the questions about the duty dodging antics of the Petulant Prince. He’s just getting kicks flying man toys. I would have thought the Queen would have seemed the job too risky, but maybe he only flies a few minutes a week to disqualify himself from a royal role as he has a “proper job”.

  13. Lola I TRULY love you however, we may have to disagree on Sophie’s fashion vs ….Oh wait there is NO comparison here. Liberal Sophie is always on point and styled by Jessica Mulroney (daughter in law of former Conservative PM Brian Mulroney- there’s a twist). Sophie actually planned her designer ensemble well in advance and is always in current trend with a twist. She didn’t merely wake up, pick blue dress #986 from the rack and add beige shoe #87 from Kate’s latest jaunt to the outlet mall. Finally, Sophie works tirelessly for many charities she brought to the office as Prime Minister’s wife and has added as many as she can handle since, so she likely won’t have much to talk to Kate on other than the kids.

  14. Hi Lola! New reader here. I love your blog and especially your writing style…witty, fun, and biting. I know you have a lot going on but would you email me? I have several fun projects I think you would be perfect for, would love to see if you’re interested!

  15. That celebrity pose Kate did at the airport was a copy of the Diana pose from 1980 when she was a teacher’s aide. This was the time that Diana posed with a child on her hip and wore a skirt that could be see through because the sun was behind her. It was the only time Diana was caught “flashing.”

    1. That celeb pose was so flakey! It’s like “there you go Canada, I’m here!” *rolls eyes*
      It would have looked better if they had carried the kids down the stairs and then handed the kids over to Maria (or whoever) so they could get on with the job in hand of greeting the official welcome party.
      Kate’s just not up to the job and this shows it. You are there to do a job not pose for celeb photos while hanging on to your daughter Kate!

  16. Day One was a plus for wardrobe etc – but OMG – Day Two – can’t believe anyone would have thought this was a passable look – maybe she thinks this is a twist on cowgirl meets Granný’s curtains ? In red and white because we are in Canada . . .

  17. Hideous dress today in Canada
    it looks like a pair of curtains. .
    these two lazies cant even be bothered to read the notes of where they are going be knowledgeable about the said charity
    no hope for these two unprofessionals
    they are embarrassing for our country

  18. Hideous dress today in Canada
    it looks like a pair of curtains. .
    these two lazies cant even be bothered to read the notes of where they are going be knowledgeable about the said charity
    no hope for these two unprofessionals

    1. My dream is to be Choupette, that kitty has the life. She’s all kinds of fabulously pampered, is a design muse and the center of Karl Lagerfeld’s universe. Plus I enjoy having my hair played with and batting things around in my claws.

  19. They all look appropriate but lacking in any personal charisma. I guess “appropriate” is the best they can do at this point.

    Kate’s hair looks better up, but wowza am I really seeing the rapid aging these days. It’s starting to look like William’s attending these events with a middle-aged aunt.

    Eugenie was a cuter baby, in my opinion.

    That’s all I’ve got.

      1. Oh, Lola, I’m confused. I can also see the resemblance to Eugenie, however, I agree with another poster: both Eugenie and Bea were absolutely gorgeous babies. I recall when Bea was born and a lady and I were looking at her christening photos and she remarked how beautiful Bea was. I think Eugenie is now the prettiest of royals (apart from Madde of Sweden). Alas, I don’t think Charlotte will be because, regrettably, Will’s/Charles’ squinty eyes do her no favours; same can be said of her large jaw. It doesn’t transpose well on a girl. I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to be mean, but it’s just the way I see it. But who knows, like Isabella of Denmark, she may blossom.

        I find it odd that Charlotte doesn’t seem to relate to anyone, including her mother. There is no eye contact or smiling at any person. She was very attracted to Kate’s brooch. She’s now almost 18 months old.

        I think that Charlotte is all Windsor. Herazeus – thanks for posting those pictures of QM, an uncanny resemblance generally. But I also see the most resemblance to Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s daughter. Hopefully, Charlotte will grow up to be as gracious as Lady Sarah, because she’s no glamour, with a very large jawline …

        To be charitable, I think George is very cute and of course, looks like Kate’s father, who is quite handsome.

        Re tour: what’s with Kate putting her hand on Will’s lap all the time? He appears uncomfortable. It’s neither the time nor place for that public display of affection. Their PR advisors need to get a grip. These two are heading toward middle age, with 2 children and this is too obvious. Seriously, it won’t be that long before they are 40. It’s fine in private, but during an official visit, it’s too sexualised. An reassuring arm on the back, fine, even holding hands at the right time will do.

        Kate is way too thin and looking old. But I think she’s making an effort to make up for Will’s lack thereof, which is pitiful.

        They both look more relaxed with each other, but as friends, not lovers. There is no discernible chemistry on that front. I think Kate doesn’t care too much about Will’s approval or affection these days because she’s wrapped up in her kids. She got everything she wanted when it comes down to it: royal title, worldwide acclaim, riches beyond comprehension, never having to “work” in her lifetime, mother to future King, giving birth to Will’s daughter, Charles’ granddaughter, fame [infamy, lol] and fortune for her family, etc.

        I think she is a good mother who has bonded with her kids. George called out her name at that tarmac event, which I thought was cute. I recall that Kate only ever wanted to be wife and mother and that shows. I know the kids are also mostly cared for by Nanny Maria, I don’t doubt that. But Kate also shows her kids a lot of love, they know their mother – IMO. Credit where it’s due. She’s lousy in her public role, is lazy, shallow, entitled and vacuous. But she’s a loving mother.

        1. Plastic Spoon, she puts her hand on his thigh to say, ” we are so very in love and so perfect for each other” when in truth nothing could be further from the truth, he didn’t reciprocate, it is all an illusion, he flat cannot stand her !! It is a charade for his significant other on the side, and basically a total sham. It is like watching George Cloony holding hands with Amal at a U.N. function, not only was it inappropriate, another sham marriage. He wants to be president so he married a muslim. He calls her ” Horse ” behind closed doors, I don’t give it 5 years . When she enters a room in his homes his friends bolt, all she wants to do is talk politics !! The sad part is the children in the middle, also huge ostentatious weddings, great for the wedding business but boy, what a waist of money and especially for the British taxpayer in the case of Chopper and Chutney !!!

          1. I don’t know anything about the Clooney’s…. is that another fake marriage too? and what did you mean about this being a charade for his significant other on the side?

              1. Wow… can’t say I’m surprised. I always wondered if he and Jecca were a thing on the side. I always assumed as a Royal he probably has bountiful affairs on the side. I didn’t realize there were any rumors or facts to back that up though.

          2. Oooh, thanks msthang for confirming my suspicions. The older Will gets, the more light he’s looking on his feet, lol. People will assume it’s Jecca, but I have other ideas …

            I’m glad Amal is as intelligent as promoted. Re Char & George, they will be fine, will never want for anything and do have love. So, I’ll save my concern for children who are really deserving of it.

      2. Oh, wait, I had a brain drain! Now I know what you mean: she’s all QM’s side, Bowes-Lyon not Saxe-Coburg Gotha (now Windsor).

        1. I couldn’t articulate a thought about Charlotte’s resemblance to William, but i think you are right in that she’s inherited his large jaw. Her profile is very similar to William as a toddler.

          She’s got the double whammy of Charles tiny eyes AND Carole’s squinty eyes.

          There is alot going on with who she resembles. It’s alot of people peeking out in her face. I see alot of Bowes-Lyon, a tiny bit of Saxe-coburg-Gotha, a tiny bit of Spencer and alot of Carole Goldsmith.

          1. The Windsor doesn’t usually come out so soon, that’s why I think the Windsor will ultimately be strong with this one. All babies basically look like Glo Worms to me but in the glimpses the public has had since then, the Goldsmith looked like it would be the strongest until the tour tarmac videos and photos. Now William’s side is starting to make a power play.

            I think Eugenie is the prettiest of the Windsors, as you said she’s got more Bowes-Lyon in her. The Queen Mother was a beautiful child, she looked like a doll. There were moments on the tarmac when Charlotte moved her head and I would see Eugenie the most as a child out of all the relatives. It looks like Charlotte will wind up with Carole’s eye shape though so I don’t think she will have the same sort of facial harmony Eugenie does. Eugenie also has nicely balanced lips which I don’t think Charlotte will have.

            I think ultimately Charlotte will be more Bowes-Lyon, then Goldsmith, Saxe-Coburg then Spencer.

            1. I like the phrase “facial harmony” here. I’m reminded of one of those photo morphing programs that pulls several faces in and combines them to see the results. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes not so great. In the latter case, the features don’t always pull together and complement each other. For this child’s sake, I hope she’s given the chance to build her character, since that can make all the difference. It did for Harry.

            2. Both Eugenie and Bea were beautiful babies and Eugenie is beautiful now. Bea is attractive, IMO. Agree with your thoughts but time will tell. Although, Char’s strong jawline and hooded/squinty eyes won’t just disappear.

          2. Yes and she doesn’t look anything like Kate, which I’m sure disappoints her. Time will tell how she turns out. I do wonder about her development. She just seems to disengaged for a toddler almost 18 months. But she is a sweet little baby, as they all are.

  20. I imagine Waity spends her free time walking up and down the stairs at Amner and Midd Manor in hooker heels carrying dolls so she can do what she did in Canada.

  21. Just saw pics on Twitter of Kate and William on Bella Bella. Wow. She looks terrible and something is going on with them. She looks really angry and sullen and is purposefully ignoring him, twirling her hair and staring stonily off past him. Very interesting body language. Her premature aging is really apparent on this trip, she’s looking weather-beaten and old and so far, her only good fashion call was to wear a skirt she can’t flash in upon arrival. Everything else has been hideous and cheap looking.

  22. According to a “body language expert” they are “still so into each other” IMO Chutney is overdoing the PDA with both Choppers and the kiddos for this exact reaction.

    1. msthang, I hate that the media is trying to create a true-love- forever-happily-ever- after fairy tale. And some people actually fall for it!

  23. Apparently, Kate’s frumpy green D&G dress worn today cost $2k. It is truly bordering on hideous. On top of that tablecloth she wore yesterday, her wardrobe has been really disappointing, except for when she stepped off the plane.

    Did anyone else notice her dirty/scuffed hiking boots? Or were they wet? Regardless, it wasn’t a good look from a senior royal with every assistance to look perfect. Scruffy shoes are always very telling.

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