The Duchess of Cambridge’s Deadly Poppy Field

Remember the scene from The Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West nearly succeeds in offing Dorothy with the Deadly Field of Poppies?


Well, McQueen has managed to capture that feeling of nearly dying in your sleep in a custom dress for Kate Middleton.  She wore it at a Buckingham Palace reception honoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes.


The print is from the 2017 Pre-Spring/Summer Collection.  Its original dress form is this:


It also comes in a blouse.


Sarah Burton likely realized the overdose potential of this poppy print and Kate should have just said no to it in this much fabric.  It’s so grandmotherly, it is possible the cut died of natural causes, but the toxicology report suggests foul play.  The Daily Mail article has lots of photos of the fashion crime scene.

An opium overdose at least seems like it would be a more peaceful way to go than the death-by-boredom the Cambridges are inflicting on royal-watchers.  I couldn’t even make it all the way through the Canada tour which was as exciting as looking at a neighbor’s vacation pics.  In Tom Sykes’ article What’s Wrong With William and Kate’s Tour of Canada? he discusses the global disinterest in a tour that fizzled before it even started.  Once again the Cambridge’s insisted on having their private events, shutting out a shrunken press pack for a wine tasting, a sail, and whatever else happened while I had nodded off.

As interest in the future king and queen consort wanes, the question remains, could Prince William and Kate possibly be this dull, or are they attempting to have the private lives with public figure perks they crave by boring the masses into a deep slumber?  Kate’s dress and hair so amped up with add-ons she looked like her own bobblehead doll suggest she wanted to stand out in a crowd of dark hues and normal-headed people, but maybe the Paper Doll Duchess just wants to be noticed on her own terms, when she’s packing poppies.


Fortunately for the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes at the Buckingham  Palace, Prince Harry followed behind Kate’s poppy field, so if anyone felt themselves glazing over from Kate’s small talk about George liking swimming, fencing and hockey and Charlotte already being an accomplished equestrian at 17 months, he could Glinda them right out of permanent sleep.  Not sure why gingers seem to get stuck with revival duties for the poppy-pickled, but long live Good King Harry because this whole Synchronized Head Tilt wouldn’t even qualify the Cambridges for the Feigned Interest competition at the Royal Olympics.






80 thoughts on “The Duchess of Cambridge’s Deadly Poppy Field”

  1. Can we agree to never speak of this dress again? It is that bad. What possessed her to have that fabric made into a maxi length, long sleeved dress?

    I can’t figure it out. Something is terribly wrong with her “fashion sense” because this woman is not a fashion icon and after this refashioning of somebody’s sofa throw she should never be called one again.

    Thank the heavens for Harry!!

    1. This is all about sticking it to HM orders – to wear longer skirts as a lazy entitled undeserving of royal status, demand to stop flashing the world shaming BG/CW, the BRF; and the gross Bespoke and carol tailoring, is to abuse POW Duchy for HM POW demanding whiny%&% waity show up for more events – compare to other Royal Houses who do more, manage to be regal, dignified and like the people.

      1. So her reaction to being asked to dress properly for a public even when representing the BRF is to punish us with hideous patterns, poorly tailored outfits and country music hair??

        Well if that’s the case then she’s winning the battle.

  2. Middleton is so gross. Her stylists are gross. The clothes are gross. I beg of you Kate, stylists, anybody, stop reading AARP magazine and take a look at VOGUE. I beg of you.

      1. Used by many people as a generic adjective for unpleasant or disgusting, for something you don’t like personally, for gross (completely) incompetent, etc.

  3. Glad to see you back, I was having Lola withdrawals. You’ve got such wit, dry sarcastic humour to your commentary! LOVE IT! It’s a great way to kick back, relax, and into laughter.

  4. Yay!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the new post just when we needed it. 🙂 I think you should compile all your musings into a book on Kate. How wonderful would that be?!

  5. My first thought when I saw this dress was “Omg, Kate forgot about this function and they ushered her out of bed, that’s why she is wearing a nightgown”. Awful dress, can’t believe it costs £2600…

    1. They are being ripped off by the designers as theu have more money than common sense … its PC’s money she is spending on stupid ridiculous outfits does look as if she has just got out of bed looking a crazy mess ..

  6. She should have worn this on Remembrance Day instead for shits and giggles. Give the people something to be amused/outraged about!

    In Flanders Fields there’s poppies…and stuff
    Remember Her Middlebum half in the buff
    And how her skirts flew, way up in the sky
    The poor paps, still bravely clicking, cry,
    Of this old drab we’ve had quite enough!

    A moment of silence please, for the bum that was.

    1. In elementary school, I learned the following song; I inserted Kate Middleton, etc all, into the historic lyrics, originally written about the MTA and its ridership cost increases:

      Let me tell you a story about a woman named Kate
      On her tragic and fateful trip!

      She put 50,000 pounds in her pockets,
      Kissed goodbye to her Wills and family,
      And went to travel on the MTA

      Will she ever return?
      No, she’ll never return
      And her fate is still unknown
      (poor old Katie)
      She will ride forever,
      ‘Neath the streets of London,
      She’s now a Windsor, not a Middleton
      She’s a woman
      Who will never return

  7. “Well, McQueen has managed to capture that feeling of nearly dying in your sleep… ”

    I actually laughed out loud at that, you are a riot, Lola! Also loved the comparison of Harry to Glinda- sheer perfection! Always so happy to see a new post from you, no one else quite captures the weirdness and dullness of the Lamebridges. I like your theory that they are purposely boring so everyone will leave them alone. Lol!

  8. I can’t believe McQueen actually made this – or was it ordered online from a Chinese copy place ?

    1. I think you’ve nailed it OzShan!
      And she must have gotten that doiley dress she wore in Canada from the same place!

    2. McQueen didn’t, Burton did. They need to remove McQueen from the name if this is the boring tripe she’s going to keep churning out.

    1. I do want to rush out and get one, that’s exactly the pattern I was looking for for my curtains 🙂 ok, I’m kidding, but seriously it is like she is mocking people – I will wear the most hideous thing and you will all gush about how fashionable I look.

  9. Synchronized head tilt! LOL…………good one!

    I dislike the fabric, don’t even like it in the original pieces. Obviously Kate got taken when she forked over thousands of Charle’s money for this one. I hope we never see it again!

    1. Kate was posing for the camera in that shot hence the tilt and smile.

      I think the mop hair and long sleeves are just Kate hiding herself in some way. She rarely shows her arms anymore, mostly because her extreme thinness looks more apparent when she does.

      1. While she’s posing for the head tilt photo op….look at her vacant eyes. Absolutely nothing behind them.

        1. That’s because she has no intelligence… barbie doll pupoet coathanger … have no respect for her as she had showed her knickers countless times and posed nude its all over the internet cant take the vulgar out of her …
          she does not deserve to be in BRF its a disgrace .. her family have embarrassed them totally by their behaviour of her brother and sister and uncle who was done for cocaine in spain. ..
          they have planned and plotted their every move to get into the titles and money …

  10. The preSummer 2017 collection is featuring this print heavily.

    I can’t understand how someone picked this ugly print to feature in their collection especially after their sublime current obsession print.

      1. There is a whimsy in the Ossie clarke originals that is lacking in this print.

        Perhaps it’s the seriousness of this McQueen interpretation, coupled with a rather heavy handed bold colour of the poppies, not to mention the fabric used.

        If Kate was so desperate to wear poppies on her dress, she has a *poppy dress, worn in Bhutan.

        *are those poppies or anemones on that dress?

        The lightness of touch of the flowers and the fabric makes that a better dress than this eyesore.

        1. Yes, it’s like she’s trying to show just how much money she can spend on clothes! Girl doesn’t get it at all!

      2. This post just sent me into the most glorious hunt for more about these two designers, in addition to their partnership. Many thanks. Some time ago, I saved a number of vintage pieces (from other designers), courtesy of 1stdibs. I lost many of them in a computer meltdown, so I’m glad to have a starting point again.

        I agree that the Clark-Birtwell did what Burton failed entirely to accomplish. There’s no whimsy, no charm, no cleverness. It’s devastating to see the McQueen line descend to this. It might be time to rename it and give McQueen’s legacy back to him.

      3. That’s the word I was missing, ladies. Whimsy. Like Temperley London, Burton is just copying and brings nothing original to the table.

        melete, 1stDibs,,, and are guilty pleasures of mine. I like the last one because you can browse jewelry designs from different eras. Why yes, I would like to spend a few hours looking at Edwardian jewelry please-and-thank-you.

        Hanae Mori, Pauline Trigere, Issey Miyake, Hattie Carnegie, Thea Porter, Sybil Connolly, there’s even some Geoffrey Beene’s on 1stDibs that would fit right in today

  11. Very ugly dress, and the wearer brings nothing to it. (Personality goes a long way, Kate. Maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas.) I also think the original dress is pretty ugly, as well as the shirt. This print might need to be limited to a scarf.

    Once again, I’m amazed that Kate manages to select the least attractive item from a collection, and then make it uglier.

  12. Brilliant post, as always Lola! Synchronized Head Tilt almost did me in, and as Nic919 posted, she was totally posing for the camera at that moment. Never mind the athletes speaking to her who actually accomplished something – cannot miss a photo op!

    I love Princess Anne in the background of the first Hello!US pic – wine glass in hand, huge smile on her face, comfortable in her clothes and skin – while the Kate bot stands there all hunched over looking like she is waiting to be activated.

  13. If I was Sarah Burton, I would send a cease and desist letter to Kate. I don’t see how she isn’t damaging the McQueen brand. I love McQueen designs….expect when I see them on Kate. Somehow I can’t even believe they are by the same designer. So boring.

  14. Gosh Lola fabulous post once again capturing the pure essence perfectly.. We thought oh no here we go again her standing like a coat hanger in what exactly an ugly print of a nightdress … I am not slating the poppy as it stands for our fallen .. but its not a good look and for her to be saying aboutnthe infant at 17 months be equestrian minded is just ridiculous. I started riding at 3 years old .. not 17 months oldn…. her verbal uttetongs are nnonsensical and she does nothing whatsover of substance for BRF….

  15. She’s much too young to be wearing a print like this. I’m not sure what look she was going for but it failed. Also, why is she wearing a print that is meant for spring/summer in the fall ?

  16. Awesome as always Lola!! I laugh myself silly with your musings.
    I just don’t understand how Waity can find all the ugly clothes in the world.

  17. I truly believe she thinks because it is pricey therefore it is perfect and beautiful, and the truth is some of her priciest clothes are with out fail flat out ugly, I just look at the pictures and my jaw drops, and I am like UGH !!!

  18. Someone needs to take back the ruby slippers so the world does not have to see anymore poppy dresses or poppy-red embellished dresses. Hopefully she clicked her heels and repeated ‘There’s no place like home…’ long enough to transport to the countryside and not make another appearance in an outfit that isn’t ready for prime time. Otherwise, the Wicked Witch of the West will be back casting another spell.

  19. Wow, that is one frumpy dress. Like a lot of you already said, the pattern makes it looks like a robe or pajamas!

    She’s been wearing quite a bit of midi-length dresses and skirts lately, and I don’t really understand why. She has a long torso and shorter legs, and the midi length really emphasizes it. She has a nice figure, but when she tries to wear “trendier” clothes, it either doesn’t flatter her body type, or it feels like she’s wearing a costume.

    She had so much potential right after the wedding- I loved some of the outfits she wore during the 2011 North America tour. (The Smythe blazer, the white dress with the red fascinator, etc.) It’s been downhill ever since then, though.

  20. According to the Daily Mail, Queen Letizia of Spain copied Waity because she wore a white dress with a red floral motif and red court shoes. Difference is, Letizia’s dress fit her beautifully, was a flattering length for her frame, and did not look like a granny nightgown.
    Vogue also weighed in on Waity’s dress, saying it was her prettiest look to date, and flattered her enviable figure. Most of my clothes come fromTalbots, Target, & Ann Taylor, so clearly I am not a fashionista. And at a US size 6/8 at 5’2″ I do not have an “enviable” clothes hanger figure, so what do I know?

  21. Oh, Lola, what a great post! To use the poppies in Oz to compare to the snooze-fest the Cambridges have become is genius. It was worth the wait for another post. You have such talent.

  22. I have seen that fabric before at Walmart in shiny polyester used in dresses for heavy women. She really is investing in a vast collection of frumpy and ugly dresses from the early 21st century. This is fashion? And she is a fashion icon? of course without her clothes there is nothing to say or write.

  23. Darn, Lola, I had no idea of what the original dress looked like. The style rocks.

    And then the deadly dumbbell comes along. Sigh. And totally ruins it. If the design house had any integrity they would have put the kibosh on this atrocity. All Waity cared about was the fabric. They were merely her dressmakers, not designers.

    Your addition of the original design actually sparked an epiphany for me. Kate needs to control and dominate and diminish. As with the Vogue shoot where she called the shots, she calls the shots with her alterations to original designs. In essence, she is taking down couture houses, reducing them to mere dressmakers. Wowza! That woman is totally into scorched earth.

  24. I think the trial for the nude pictures in France 4 years ago starts today! I could be wrong? I this is true KM private life will be revealed( no pun intended.) I do not think waitykaty will want that to happen?

  25. Halia, What do you expect will be revealed? Other than the fact she and Chopper blew off the Para Olympics under the guise of preparing for their upcoming tour (I think), I feel bad for her that this happened. Her penchant for flashing aside, I think she thought she would be out of any camera’s range. I hope this does not sound like blame which is not at all my intention, but perhaps this whole incident served as a lesson to expect cameras everywhere. I saw an interview with Prince Charles from almost 25 years ago where he said he expects photogs are lurking everywhere.

  26. What a risky move! Let sleeping dogs lie, why bring it up again when she could easily be criticised for her flashing etc? She’s going after the press, like she’s going to get away without any backlash! Dumb as rocks…

  27. Regalcheck, She is going after the press because William hates them.

    I do not foresee any backlash or any revelations. Because Waity married into the BRF, her reputation (for lack of a better word) will be protected and she will be treated with kid gloves. If there is the slightest chance of anything coming out or a threat of additional photos, the BRF will make the Lamebridges drop the issue (which their PR will spin as a win for them). Much like QEII suddenly remembering that Paul Burrell had permission to remove some of Diana’s possessions from her KP apartment right before his trial was scheduled to begin.

      1. Good point. If they did, we would not be having this conversation since the pictures would never have been published 🙂

  28. There are loads of nudity pictures of both sisters online who has done them we dont know but they are all there for everyone to see … Disgusting and disgraceful is what we think of this vulgar lot that are in BRF… Its their own fault for allowing these lot into the privilege that they chased after for years to get the glory they so want signet rings luxury lifestyles servants ..It was so plain to see they have come from nothing so wanted it all and social climbed like wysteria getting around them to gsin thrir access years ago…
    friends of ours were at the university and told us how both sisters concentrated on getting into the country gentry and that was their goal….and now they have titles or the sister will get title its all about the money …and will always be this way
    The powers need really to man up and sort the debarcle out

    1. Daisy, I agree with your whole post, but especially your last sentence. I just cannot fathom that QEII & Charles think that Waity is an appropriate wife for the 2nd in line to the throne, or that she is an asset to the BRF in any way.

  29. Hi GingerMini I agree with you! I just think there are certain things the middleton family do not want known how they made their money & Kate has did before William? The world’s press can dig up anyone’s private life? The press has sharp teeth & bite into anyone! I am not thrill that it has happen to KM. If I was the middletons I would be very worried! I am not smarter than anyone else!

    1. They won’t be able to control the French court system. If there are pictures beyond the topless ones, they will all be evidence at the trial. And while the pictures won’t be published you can bet the lawyers for the photographers will be describing them in open court. No french judge is going to bend the rules for foreigners. They turfed their useless monarchy centuries ago after all.

  30. I wondered where you went during the Canadian tour. I just can’t imagine how she’s getting worse every appearance?

  31. Hope you have a great Halloween Lola, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Nightwing dresses up as… 🙂

  32. The President and First Lady of Colombia have been visiting London regarding post-Brexit trade. We have seen them interacting with QEII, Philip, Charles, Camilla, & Sophie, but no sign of the Dolittles. Isn’t Chutney supposed to be the ‘secret weapon’ that will save British trade post Brexit???

    1. I think HM got her fill of Kate with that dead eyed, bored out of her mind stare she had at the Chinese state visit. Why subject someone else to that?

      1. Yes, Lisa, HM wants to keep Colombia as a friend! The sugars are saying that William must have had to work, so they could not attend. Yeah, that’s it.

  33. My cat would take one look at that dress and get ready to hork up a hairball. She loves garish floral patterns on white, I think it must trigger the hairball instinct. If Kate gained 300 pounds, she would be an ideal hairball sofa.

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