Prince Harry’s Rumored New Squeeze

On Sunday, an actress few had ever heard of was served up by tabloids around the world as being romantically paired with the British Royal Family’s ginger dish.  Meghan Markle went from being an actress on a show no one watches but still somehow has approximately 2 million weekly viewers to Prince Harry’s rumored love interest with global outlets scrambling to provide more courses for the rumor-hungry masses.

Response to the royal gossip is why Disney fairytales should come with a warning that anyone who dares capture the heart of a prince will be publicly tried as a witch.  If she sinks, she’s obviously a gold digger and if she floats her boobs aren’t real.  Either way, no one smiles that much without having a couple of German kids baking in a gingerbread house so just dig up pictures of her in her underwear until a source can be found to supply a quote about milk going sour or someone suddenly feeling cold in her presence.

To me Meghan Markle seems like a good match for Prince Harry so I wasn’t prepared for all the negative comments hurled at her in comment sections of articles.  Most surprising was the blatant racism, a lot of flagging has gone down on social media and news site comment sections this week with Meghan’s fans patrolling her Instagram for vicious vitriol.  Commenters have found Meghan too old, too American, too divorced, too Catholic, too “unsuitable”, too “mixed breed”, too Koo Stark, too Fergie, too Angelina Jolie, too “fame hungry”.  For some she is too too.


Granted, American divorcees don’t have the best history in the British Royal Family but beyond the risk of the occasional bleeding wall at Buckingham Palace and the Queen Mum’s ghost slamming back some ghost gin before noon, can the living really make a fuss when Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew have all had their I dos undone?

Unlike Europe’s most recent princess bride, Sofia Hellqvist, Meghan’s humanitarian efforts date back at least two years before meeting her prince so they aren’t part of some PR campaign to clean up her image.   Meghan can also deliver a solid speech and hold the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, making her better at duchess duties than Kate Middleton and Meghan is merely a rumored girlfriend with a day job.

I’m sure the Royal Family would rather do without Meghan’s sexy underwear scenes in Suits but after five years of Commando Kate flashing her bum around the globe, maybe they find her character’s full-coverage knickers refreshing.

An interview with Meghan’s half-sister,  Samantha Grant, presented a version of Meghan that casts her in an unflattering light.  Samantha described Meghan as a “social climber” and princess-in-waiting who has fancied the ginger prince since childhood which makes her sound a little too Kate 2.0 for comfort.  According to an article in The Sun, when Meghan became famous, she didn’t provide the family with the emotional and financial support Samantha feels she should have.  According to Meghan’s half-sister, “The royal family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family.  The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry.”

There was some confusion as to whether or not Samantha actually provided the quotes with some royal watchers claiming she never granted an interview.  Just going by Samantha Grant’s Twitter page, it seems she was saying she didn’t give interviews to individual papers that quoted her, not realizing initially they were recycling her original quotes.


Of course, all families have their dysfunction and Samantha’s Twitter post suggests at least some of her remarks were edited in a manner to better fit the story.  Meghan’s mother laughed off requests for information about Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry, saying she couldn’t talk about that and Meghan’s father has been unreachable in Mexico.  But in a bid to leave no stone unturned, the press is digging as far as it can into Meghan’s past with the Daily Mail excavating her 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge done with her rumored then-boyfriend, Rory McIlroy, a friendly tabloid reminder that Meghan has had relationships in the past with men who weren’t Prince Harry.  Trollop.

The expectations for a prince’s potential mate are evolving and it’s unlikely the Queen would say no should Harry ask for permission to marry Meghan at some point but will the relationship survive the court of public opinion?  No one has led a pristine life, but the press seems to be digging hard trying to hit dirt with Meghan Markle.  Is it because Prince Harry managed to keep this rumored romance under wraps for several months and they’re playing catch-up with a vengeance or is it because Meghan doesn’t fit any of the existing Disney princess templates?  Everyone deserves to be lucky in love but with such a rigorous screening process for the job of Princess Harry, what kind of applicants will even apply?  While all of this is unconfirmed speculation, the only thing I really care about is that whomever Prince Harry winds up with makes him happy.  It will probably be easier for him to find her if we don’t crowd around him asking him are we there yet.



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  1. I am veing honest here when i say this…Harry will prob end up back with Chelsy Davy. He hasnt had any proper relationship with snyone since (we cannot claim Cressida as proper as he barely looked in love with her and that ski slope kiss looked piss awkward)…. He’s prob been ssen with this one once when he was in canada around the time of the invictus games and nothing more. The press and Meghan will have killed this relationship within the next two weeks if they keep this crud up

  2. The roll out of this relationship (if it is happening) has been odd. Besides the Express having the exclusive all the other details have come from American tabloids. I hope Harry isnt following Will’s example of shunning British press in favour of American press. It will not end well

    1. Lainey Gossip is based in Toronto and she works with Ben Mulroney, husband of Jessica Mulroney and one of Meghan’s friends. (Check her IG). While the British press is all over the place, Lainey would have accurate information becaus of her proximity and her professional reputation as a gossip columnist. I would trust her information.

      The rest is simply insane, with strong shades of racism and slug shaming. Lola got it right, Meghan has done love scenes that show less than Kate has IRL and her humanitarian efforts existed well before she met Harry.

    2. Harry is looking like a playboy Prince. His image is taking another tumble with this ill-timed, misconceived, unfortunate public statement.

  3. I think the Meghan thing might be happening. But, I don’t have a good vibe that it will last…even after married I think it might end in divorce. 2 egos. Frankly Harry seems more grounded than her.

    I miss Chelsy as well. I thought it odd that she ran about to parties hugging B and E and giving intereviews about how she could not handle the press, that’s why she’s done with Harry. Just to pose and deal with the press and answer Q and A on Harry for her jewelry line. If they are not together now they probably won’t be…I think he tried. He met her in Africa and she was snapped chatting away with him…but not enthusiastically. She just may not be in for the critique of her clothes and hair and speech giving that goes with the deal. And while really bright I can’t figure why she would toss her law career to make jewelry after yet another gap year running around ibiza and elsewhere. She seems a bit lost if not bored.

    Megahan seems pretty focused. But a bit concerned with her desires for fame and finer things. I thought Kate showed more moxy when she said Will was lucky to have her…in contrast to Meghan saying she’s the lucky one to have Harrys attention….curious. supposedly she has met the family too…Wo der how that went?…

  4. I’m of two minds on this. Love that Meghan is a woman (not girl, 35 year old woman) who has made it on her own, is educated, used that education (embassy work) and has a humanitarian lean. She gives a good speech, but she’s an actress and is prepared to read lines and basically put on a performance. She looks like she loves life. As a woman of color I don’t have any issues whatsoever with her race. I am absolutely disgusted by the comments I’ve seen from some people. It is 2016 people, grow up already and get over yourselves. But unfortunately this is something that will probably never go away.

    The cynical side of me sees the self promotion. There are contradictions between her words and actions that send up flags to me. It’s her job as an actress to be camera ready. That’s actually a good thing as a possible Harry mate. She puts it out there that Mom is tells her not to give away the goods with skimpy clothing, talks about how she fights with the bosses of “Suits” to not be seen in all tight, revealing clothing yet we see photo after photo of just that in her off camera looks. She looks great in what she wears, she’s just sending mixed messages. She seems to be in search of a greater recognition than she already has. Well she’s definitely gotten it now.

    IF this is true, IF they have been seeing each other for months and Harry spent time with her in Toronto then there is probably something going on. The big this is IF. We don’t know beyond a couple of coy photos on Instagram and Camilla Tominey shouting from the hills that it’s true that it’s really happening. Remember Ms. Tominey also proclaimed that Eugenie and Jack are getting engaged and we’ve yet to see that confirmed.

    I’m with you Lola on wanting Harry to be happy. My concern is that he does seem to fall head over heels, commit his whole heart and then things don’t work out. I’m honestly worried that this woman may love him (or believe that she loves him) enough to commit if he asks and then realizes down the line what she will or has given up and say “I’m out, I want my life back.” Right now she has a life many would love to have, a steady job (which I believe will be wrapping up soon), trips around the world on her schedule, causes she can choose to support and an active life on social media. (Well it was more active before this all broke).

    So back to the two warring sides: she would give it all up for love and work with Harry on joint humanitarian efforts and to raise a family. Or would she?? Why give up all that she has worked for to live in a gilded cage and basically be told what she can and can’t support as a member of the BRF? I seriously don’t see them letting her loose to give her views on whatever subjects she chooses. Her feminist speeches will have to be tamped down to become speeches supporting and empowering girls and women. It would be refreshing to see a member of the BRF out there like the ladies from other countries attending conferences, etc. but will the BRF want to have a member that involved in potentially political topics?

    Yes, she was on a show (which I actually liked when I watched it in earlier seasons) but a whole lot of people out there didn’t know who she was. She hasn’t really done any acting outside of the series. She’s got a clothing line in Canada and her lifestyle web site. And with the leak of their dating she’s now got a whole lot of attention on her that wasn’t there before.

    Was it something that was dug up by the press or someone leaked it? The rumored sources are friends of Harry. I can’t see one of them doing that unless he gave the okay. If he did actually give the okay was he testing her in some way to see how she handled the pressure? Did the leak come from her team? Why so quiet and now BOOM? Is he thinking way ahead at moving this forward to marriage? Another “friend” was quoted as saying Harry in his mind will be thinking engagement when the relationship isn’t at that stage. Falls too fast and too hard.

    There’s a bit of hinky that I just can’t work out. And honestly I’m getting exhausted by all of the articles. In the end I would like to see both of them happy in whatever path they choose to take. Together or apart as long as both parties are doing what’s in their hearts, it’s all that really matters. For Meaghan’s sake I hope she thinks long and hard about this torrent she has stepped into.

    (On a social media front, they both follow each other and Harry’s message count recently changed. I’d love to know what that post was.)

    1. It’s all a bit mucky-muck, isn’t it? Like you, I don’t give a toss about her skin colour (to be honest, I didn’t even notice), marital history etc. If they are serious and confident, they should announce it and get on with their lives and not bore the shit out of the rest of us any longer with this debacle.

      I’m unimpressed with Meghan’s PR being all cute in directing press to the Palace for confirmation about the romance. I’d buy the humanitarian angle a bit more if Meghan had not written rather self-serving stuff about Ban Ki-Moon leading a standing ovation for her speech at the UN. Really? Or her blog post about Rwanda sprinkled with very posed photos of herself. So humble. So thirsty as fuck for the limelight. How unusual for an aspiring actress.

      Harry isn’t going to be King, and with any luck, the whole system will crumble sooner than later. He doesn’t choose to work: with a trust fund plus dosh from Dad coming in, Harry can afford to live a life of dabbling in this and that along with exotic travel.

      Both seem to spend their lives conjuring narratives that are not quite real or substantial.

      1. Kitty I hadn’t heard that bit about her people directing the press to the Palace for confirmation. That’s quite a move. I also did a giant eye roll about Ban-Ki Moon leading the standing ovation. It’s one thing to say she was humbled that people gave her a standing O, but to point out it was led by the head of the UN, really? I don’t think that was the point she was trying to make, but it comes off wrong. Her photos with the kids in Africa were cute, but they came off as the same kind of photos other celebs have taken in those situations.

        Harry might be better off if the whole monarchy thing crumbles then he can do what he pleases. And don’t get me wrong, I think Harry is probably a pretty good guy and he is handsome in his own way but if he didn’t have that title in front of his name I wonder how much attention she, or any other girl he’s dated, would have given him.

        1. From the Sun:
          “When The Sun contacted representatives of the actress, Kruger Cowne, we were told the romance was still ‘unofficial’. A spokeswoman added: ‘However, should this be confirmed by the Palace, all of us at Kruger Cowne are delighted for them and wish them well.’”

          Harry is the best of the royal bunch, and very charming, but had he not been born ‘royal’, Meghan Markle and other young women looking for a leg up in the fame game would walk straight past him. If the monarchy went the way of the dodo, Harry could do as he pleases, which is pretty much what he does now anyway . He’d just need to live off his own funds which might be a bit of a shock. But at least the UK public would be spared funding his bonking trips to Canada.

          I am unimpressed with the way this ‘relationship’ has played out. It reeks of manipulation: coy remarks to the press from the woman’s PR reps, silly Instagram posts, teenage-girl level blog. If it’s both Harry and Meghan are playing a game with the press, having a laugh on everyone, a pox on them both. The world has better things to worry about.

          1. That doesn’t read as a coy response from her PR folks to me. It reads as a PR firm that doesn’t know what is happening in their client’s personal life but are hedging their bets.

            If Markle has them handle her business, but doesn’t allow them into her personal life, that is a good thing to me. That way the PR firm has plausible deniability, which is what they demonstrated with their comment.

            1. Or they could have said, “We have no comment to make”.

              Yet, KC confirmed whatever this thing is as ‘still unofficial’, referring the Sun to the Palace for further comment, and wishing the couple well. That is not ‘plausible deniability’. It’s a non-confirmation confirmation and too cute by half. MM posting a partial head shot of a man with similar facial features to Harry is also just a tease in the current context.

              For the record, I am appalled that anyone would write racist or religious slurs about this woman. There is no place for them. Ever. I don’t detect that critique on this site. It’s more puzzlement why MM would jeopardise her professional/ philanthropic reputation with silly flame-fanning IG posts. So much easier to be discreet until, or if, there is something to announce.

              Women often bear the brunt of the fallout from this type of exposure. This is (currently) looking very one-sided and PR-driven for professional exposure. MM runs the risk of looking delusional, if not a liar.

              1. In PR terms, there is huge difference between “We do not comment on our client’s personal life” and “We have no comment to make”.

                If they do not comment on her personal life (because they know nothing), period, they made the right move.

                1. Nota, they did comment:
                  1. that it was ‘still unofficial’ = implying that some relationship was in existence;
                  2. referred further questions to the Palace = there was something for the Palace to answer to in more detail;
                  3. wished them both well = implying that there was something between two people.

                  ‘PR terms ‘ = obfuscate to advantage a particular narrative being played out. Might be the truth, might not be the truth. Caveat emptor.

                  1. Again, that reads as a PR firm that doesn’t know what is happening in their client’s personal life nor have they been authorized to say much of anything. So they’re saying something that might get some press, but what they’re saying means, “we really know nothing”.

                    1. PR companies work to the instructions of their clients. They don’t use phrases such as ‘still unofficial’ in describing a speculative, unconfirmed relationship without a deliberate intent to lead us to a particular conclusion ie that there is a relationship. It is beyond belief that Kruger Cowne did not consult with Meghan Markle and together agree on the statement to the Sun.

                    2. If the client has instructed them that they are not to comment on their personal life, or the client has not told them what is going on? The PR company can only work with the info it has. I think people are working overtime to find fault here.

                2. I agree!

                  I also agree with post up thread of some conflicting publicity like activity of MM. But I don’t get career building publicity, if this is serious, to used the RF; because her life as she has will be changed from Hollywood actress celebrity (eat your heart out w&w middleton), to British royalty – of duties and royal protocols.

                  So what is the point for MM and the middleton style PR games…(?)

            2. +2

              MM is well accomplished in many ways considering others claim to aristo and titled world….MM works, give back in global way/ to charities (regardless of noting she was well received by the UN SG, who wouldn’t be proud of giving a speech that was of global quality), can and DO good cooking to demo for the likes of a not so shy TV hosts/audiences), work a quality Lifestyle blog with good tried advise…and is trying to expand her knowledge and charities base…. she would be foolish like the other, to use her personal life for PR that is already made/and may leave to have/do so much more of similar interest as Princess Henry.

    2. On what social media platforms are they following each other? I wasn’t even aware Harry had a private social media page.

  5. Well, Brexit Lovers (or Leavers) and the Trumpkins have really elevated the discourse, haven’t they? I personally don’t care if Harry dates a four times divorced green one legged troll if that’s who he likes, but I would hope the troll wouldn’t court the press because that’s a sure way to drive him off.

  6. William and Harry have both had serious relationships (well, Harry for sure and William possibly just in his own mind) with ladies who were not aristocratic or British. Look at European married ins anyway. The Netherlands are blessed with a firecracker like Maxima and Mary of Denmark is Australian. Where she is from is a ridiculous complaint from duds who just want to complain. I think I like this girl. She seems to have some steel in that bacbkbone and we’ll see how thick her skin is, but I actually hope this is for real.

    1. Mary of Denmark was a social-climbing, fame-seeking, gold digging opportunist with a scanty work history and friends with backgrounds that indicated Mary hung around a certain type of person who could assist her goals. Mary was ordinary is every way, yet she was striving for a life of luxury and fame. She can’t speak Danish very well and has a penchant for extremely expensive, non-Danish designers. She does more work than Waity, but that is no recommendation. Visit Royal Dish and you will discover the real CP Mary of Denmark.

    1. I read that as “boots” and just didn’t get it. Now I thank you both for giving me reason to laugh today.

    2. Me too – that is hilarious!

      I can believe that they are dating, but I don’t believe she has met the family. No particular reason why, just a gut feeling. Not really seeing her as “the one”, but you never know. If Harry did give his friends the OK to leak the story, it would seem to be pretty serious. Time will tell.

      Whatever their relationship is (assuming there is one), I hope they are happy and having fun.

  7. Ah Lola, thanks for the laugh! This Meghan frenzy is really nauseating. You’d think people never date. How’s the poor guy supposed to get hitch you moronic media if you dump coverage on the victims like a Nickelodean slime bucket. We understand, to the media outlets, this is their expression of “caring” for Harry, but they could push him into permanent singleness. I doubt Meghan’s his choice but if she is, the press needs to give him a little R E S P E C T so he can navigate the choppy river of love.

  8. I seem to be the only one who noticed her Pr team, Kruger Crown, also represents Sarah Ferguson. She was at Wimbledon and at Ralph Lauren party/lunch where others in P H circle were. I think she was invited to Soho farmhouse by pr folks who also are connected to Yorks. That’s how they met. I think she impressed him with her (cough cough) yoga moves & they kept in touch. The “Duchess resume” blog post that will also be in November magazine, the multitude of articles were fueled by the insiders aka pr folks. $$$$ Smells like Poo.

    1. Good catch re. Kruger Cowne. Though, just searching, Sarah Ferguson is no longer represented by them. This was the same company that put out feelers to ascertain reactions to Beatrice giving motivational speeches? That was pretty clumsy = egg on face ensued. Didn’t Markle just fire them? I would too, if they issued such a press release to the Sun. But you’re probably right in that KC was the connecting link.

  9. Why do people say they are spending time together or getting to know each other or dating, the bottom line is they are boffing each others brains out and not much else !!

    1. So basically a long distance booty call. Did the spooning bananas bring “banana hammock” to the forefront of anyone else’s mind? I really wish my mind didn’t go there, because my brain likes to accompany thoughts with pictures. And these ones are not good. Ew

    2. Well, it’s a little more genteel, isn’t it? No-one is fooled… they’re not sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches.

  10. I think Kruger Crown does still represent them. They just removed them from their public web page to cover themselves. I believe this is a very coordinated PR “first strike” if you will. Blow up the news feed with both positive and negative articles. First people read out of curiosity then, basically because the either love or hate him/her start responding by defending or criticizing him/her. Her profile goes up. He gets attention for Caribbean Tour and IG next year in Toronto. She is finishing filming last season of show and will move from Toronto. If it’s all her doing she can spin it to get sympathy and build her blog & travel. If they are a couple then she “gives up her career” to be best royal wifey ever. Ps Kruger Crown is earning their money.

    1. Option three: complete disinterest.

      It may well be a co-ordinated campaign by KC, but people are cynical about motives these days. It looks like the public is being played, and interest/empathy evaporates at that point. When all is said and done, Harry is just a trust fund baby dabbling in things that catch his interest for a bit; Meghan is indistinguishable from any number of LA wannabes. They’re both players, that’s about it.

    2. Congratulations! They are officially ” a few months into the relationship”. Soho house is an extremely exclusive and private club. It had to be someone inside that leaked pics & story to press. ” some of it hidden from public” “nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers” makes you wonder what kind of pics and or videos they got?

    3. Please see my post above .” If it’s all her doing she can spin it to get sympathy and build her blog and travel. If they are a couple then she gives up her career to be best royal wifey ever” Filming officially ends November 17. My guess since she isn’t the star of the show her parts are finished anyways. It is like a soap opera/reality tv Kartrashian style mess. I can believe british citizens will allow the monarchy to continue after Queen Elizabeth passes. 🙁

    4. Just realized autocorrect has been changing Kruger Cowne to Kruger Crown on me. Sorry, would want them to not get proper credit for all their hard work. 🙂

      1. I am usually cynical about Harry’s rumored romances, but since this seemed to come out of nowhere and then be everywhere, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. But this ridiculous, thirsty instagram post has proven that my normal cynical first impression is the right one. Meghan just needs to knock it off. Dating, friends, FWB, casual acquaintances, whatever, she needs to just come clean and not by referring people to the palace. She’s had her fun and now everyone knows who she is, which I suspect was the whole point of this in the first place.

      2. WTF? This isn’t Harry. What on earth is this woman playing at? Is she unstable? Or are they both playing?

      3. That isn’t Harry and doesn’t look anything like him. Why are so many people assuming she’s trolling you, when all she’s doing is living her life?

  11. Nothing about this looks good. These teasing pics she is posting show a cynical and cold side. Just enough to keep everyone’s interest up but nothing that claims she is with Harry. The recent pic is not Harry – not his beard – maybe BF or friend but red tint used to make it seem to be Harry. Why this game? No royal GF does this – same with the security stunt – geez – even Diana got no security before marriage.

    Invictus Games volunteer call went out today – if Harry was in Canada he would have been there. Harry is not in Canada.

    Peeps seem impressed cause she volunteers but it is standard resume now in actor land to be seen as great humanitarian and UN ambassador. Not to mention she is with World Vision – which two years ago was firing gay employees who married. After people started withdrawing funds they backed off.

    What worries me is this frequent stuff wherein celeb types are rumored to be with Harry and then it turns out to be nothing. Ellie Goulding anyone? She ended up with egg on her face – so why the made up GF rumors? What is going on? That seems the big issue – there is a pattern of these phoney GF’s which the press jumps all over. RF loves to play the shell game – distract.

    She may be cooperating with Harry – he gets to hide whatever he is hiding – she gets pr. But no way this is a real deal. Maybe what is being hid is a real GF? Sure is not her.

    Harry is sweet person – but playboy image is just that – image. He is a lad – not a sophisticate. Jamie Low Pinkerton made the point that while the media was claiming Harry was hard partying in the clubs – he was really home playing video games. Joss Stone claims he is very shy.

    As for Chelsy – very volatile relationship – suspect they are better off away from each other. Many years ago witnessed a very unpleasant scene between them in a club. Pushed each others buttons hard. Tons of chemistry between them but did not bring out the best in each other.

    Something is up with Harry – no job, lots of free time, no GF but lots of effort from KP with phoney GF’s.

    Without the HRH Harry would be stacking shelves at Sainsbury’s. He is no fool – he knows everything he accomplishes comes from the RF and he is not about to rock any boats. No 35 year old American divorcees in Harry’s future.

    1. It’s all very strange. I don’t see Harry working any more or less than his brother as his own activities are put under scrutiny. He lives a charmed life, courtesy of birth. Whether Meghan is a willing participant as a distraction, or just plain nuts, is anyone’s guess. But it has become tiresome and rather juvenile.

    2. Middleton had security while they were dating, for years before the engagement. It wasn’t publicly stated, but there are many photos of her being guarded by uniformed police. This came out several ways, once was a trial from a female police officer regarding employment issues.

      1. Kate could not be protected by taxpayer funded bodyguards until engagement. The royals cannot dictate, change or alter this in any way.

        1. Doesn’t matter, she had uniformed police protection that was taxpayer paid. It was hidden, but it came out in photos and in at least one trial related to a policewoman and employment issues.

          1. No, that’s impossible. She only had taxpayer-funded guards upon engagement. The royals cannot control taxpayer-funded security. That is up to the parliament, I believe, but perhaps HeraZeus knows better than I. Now, who is the troll? It’s you.

            Where are you sources – citations, please? You’re just blowing hot air from your keyboard and your posts are ridiculous.


    ok according to emilyandrews new story in the Sun Ph & MM met in London at Soho house. He was soooo smitten he convinced her to spend a weekend with him in LA at a friends mansion in mid July. Then he didn’t see her again until his Birthday at Balamor. Then they hooked up in October in London and flew back to Toronto for Halloween weekend.

    Problem is offical Kp calendar makes the La trip impossible.

    Sorry I rarely follow this stuff. This is just so ridiculous.

    1. That LA mansion wooing story had me shaking my head. It’s like they’re making up stuff now. Harry is jetting all over the freaking world to be with her and no one has spotted him, ever. So hard to believe.

      One of the journalists, Emily something or other, said something on Twitter when people complained about the original meeting date in Toronto when she was in Mexico. Something vague along the lines of being able to read Instagram. The only thing I could guess would that she may believe that the Mexico picture was a plant to cover the meeting. Which makes no sense because why would she hold on to a picture from a trip to use as cover for a relationship that hadn’t even begun?? The journalists are beginning to trip over themselves in a rush to get the next scoop and they need to step back.

  13. She was in NYC with suits cast doing Today show and other Pr. Do these “journalist” do any research at all. This has nothing to do with Instagram. Everybody knows you can take a selfie one day and post it another.

  14. “To me Meghan Markle seems like a good match for Prince Harry so I wasn’t prepared for all the negative comments hurled at her in comment sections of articles.”

    I’m with you, Lola.

    1. notasugarhere: she might be a ‘good match’ for the private Prince Harry, but she’s all wrong for the public Prince Harry. The BRF is a corporation with all that it entails and Harry knows that. This woman will just never be accepted as his bride. As a girlfriend, obviously so. But that’s as far as it will go. Even though I cannot abide Kate’s laziness and grasping family, she ticked all the boxes (save aristo background).

      1. I think she’d be a fine pick as a royal spouse. She knows how to work, that is the most important thing. Nothing in her work or her personal background bars her from marrying him and him staying in line. The UK is a diverse population. If the royal family reflects that, all the better for their chances of survival.

        We are long past the days of Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg being hated by her racist mother in law. The BRF has to change with the times, as it has done through divorces, remarriages, adaptations. They’ll adapt to this change or fail. As their main goal is survival, they’ll adapt and embrace this change.

        1. I get that you’re Meghan’s advocate, but this fantasy is not going to play out as you want. It’s not possible, sorry. The day the monarchy starts to reinvent itself so as to allow Hollywood actresses who have been in nude scenes to marry in, is the day the public will say “enough is enough”. The monarchy needs to claw back decency and respectability, not to modernise itself into oblivion.

          Most right-thinking people don’t respect today’s Hollywood actors as having serious careers.

    1. Might have been taken on his visit to South Africa last December. He stopped by that exact project and, when I looked up the photos, was wearing the same clothes (or so it appeared).

      1. It may well have been taken on a different trip. However, Harry rarely wears something new on these types of tours a) because he is a normal guy and b) he isnt into wasting money like his sister in law. His hair looks different in that picture as if it has recently been trimmed short ready for a hot and humid tour of Carribean. So none of us can be certain that that photo is from a more recent trip or not.
        Furthermore why if that photo had been taken months ago would they only just recently upload onto instagram?

  15. It all stinks of PR on her side. According to latest reports Harry dated some other woman whilst attempting to woe Meghan.
    I suspect Harry is not saying a dime because he is secretly dating someone else and he doesnt want to unleash that info on the public as yet….

  16. Every PR team will start linking their girls to Harry. Sarah has a movie, Stranger Things coming out. It worked for MM no pics no proof conficting stories. they all print it anyways.

  17. For the record the africa pic was a joke hence the lol. Now Camilla T (lady who broke the story) Says MM never been to Balmoral. but she has proof they were together Halloween with York &bf. hmmm another pic of a guy Harry’s height with a beard & a mask, hmmmm like the guy in the golden girls sweatshirt? hmm might be Kruger Crown is at the root of this. Allegedly,sources close to them, friend maybe said so.

    1. So per Camilla T. MM has not met Prince Charles, but William & Harry’s former butler (from over a dozen years ago!), Grant Harrold, tells the DM that she and Charles have met and that Charles was “charmed” by her. MM & Harry are in love, she is the one, and they will spend the holidays together in London. Per Mr. Harrold he is speaking out with the approval of Clarence House.

      1. A former employee, who hasn’t worked for Charles in years, who is no doubt bound by strict confidentiality agreements. And people are going to believe he’s 1) speaking truth and 2) speaking with permission?

        I don’t know if they’re dating, I’d be happy if they were. But the amount of rumors running around this is getting silly.

        1. I’m inclined to think if this gentleman’s interview was authorized by CH, it was in connection to confirming his work for the POW and perhaps commenting on the work itself. It’s possible that CH authorized the interview but not the resulting content.

          I can also conceive of a scenario in which quotes were heavily blended and expanded to create an impression. For instance: “Have you heard the reports about Harry and this girl being in love?” “Yes.” (There it is! He said they’re nuts for each other!) “Is there a chance it’s serious?” “Anything’s a possibility.” (Aha! He claimed there’s a possibility of Harry proposing!) “What do the Queen and the POW think of her?” “I’m sure she’s charming.” (See! He said they think she’s wonderful!)

          I concur that this man might just have taken an approval to give an interview and run with it for his 15 minutes. He might also have received no approval and decided to get his comments out there anyway. But the tabloid press can be sleazy as well, and people might not realize what they’re being prompted to say. I’m probably giving him too much credit, though.

          1. I can easily see the press doing that, and doing it in such a way that doesn’t violate his confidentiality agreement. I don’t think he’s speaking for CH, nor is he speaking with their permission.

            When “royal sources” speak the press never reveals who they are. That’s part of why this particular article smacks as so false.

  18. There is no way she was at Balamoral/ Birkhall for his Birthday. There is no way she spent a weekend in July in Los Angeles with him. Per his calendar & he was photographed in london and africa. She was photographed on set and in NYC doing pr for Suits. Fyi I’m a grandmother of 6. I watched Charles & Diana’s wedding live. I’m neither fangirling nor could care less who PH dates. This is about major “news” sites/ papers running story after story that they have no facts to back them up with! SMH.

  19. And the story changes again……now they say Harry,Eugenie & Bf Jack were at a masquerade party at a NYC Soho House Sat 10/29. They probably flew in together with other friends. My guess is Meghan was at party too. She knows people who work there as well as friends in Harry & Eugenie’s circle. Staff or pr folks saw them all together at some point during the night and leaked exclusive to Camilla. Meghan can claim innocent victim. Camilla won’t reveal source. At least this is conceivable, and explains why noone saw them in Toronto.

  20. I am surprised, but not shocked that people are being so horrible. I, for one, am over the moon hopeful that this is a real thing and Harry has finally made a great decision. I have always like Meghan and from the interviews I’ve read over the years, she seems smart, extremely down to Earth and humble and funny and real. I LOVE that she’s biracial, older than Harry, American and divorced. Finally someone relatable and normal! So refreshing. Having an insipid clotheshorse who refuses to fulfil her duty hasn’t worked out very well for the Royal family, so I imagine they’re not likely to kick up too much of a fuss if he gets serious with Kate’s opposite. She’s the same age as Kate, but much more beautiful and youthful looking. She also already has poise and is comfortable in the public eye. Without being a Royal or having those obligations, she has, on her own initiative, embraced humanitarian and women’s rights advocacy and charity work. If this goes the distance, she will make Kate look even worse, which tickles my black heart to no end. 😉 Even if this is just fluff and rumors or a fling, I like the direction Harry is headed in. William dated a series of sheltered upper crust girls from extremely wealthy and privileged families, most likely pre-vetted and put in his path by the Firm. He strung Kate along and cheated on her and pursued anyone else who would give him the time of day and then settled for her. He’s boring, sheltered and petulant and stuck to the Royal formula of marrying a dull, walking womb, except that she is utterly unsuitable for her position and has failed spectacularly as a ‘working’ Royal. It would be SO refreshing to see Harry end up with someone who actually understands what marrying into the Royal family means. Kate is a hot house flower who has never had to work or sacrifice or go without and she clearly lacks empathy for normal people. It hasn’t seemed to sink in that in exchange for endless wealth, perks and a lavish lifestyle, Royals are obligated to devote themselves to charity and humanitarian causes. She produced the required children, but they’re so sheltered and hidden away that no one really cares or is attached to them. They won’t be prepared for a Royal life, if the monarchy is even still around when they have grown up. She’s a taker and gives absolutely nothing back. A reanimated corpse would be more interesting (and give better speeches). I am so ready for a new Royal to enter the scene. Harry is a thousand times more likeable, engaged and dutiful than William and I think it’s time the focus shifted off of the Cambridges and on to more deserving Royals. The Royal family needs to modernize and trim things down to family members who actually work or disband entirely. If Harry falls in love with the right woman, he could revive the monarchy. Fingers crossed.

    1. Effie, I think alot of people share your frustration with Catherine. I also think Harry’s public image would be enhanced by a great wife. My biggest peeve has been the avalanche of conflicting stories in the press with nothing to back them but one unnamed source from Camilla Tominey. It’s annoying when a layperson can debunk 90% of what they claimed just by looking at Harry’s calendar of work. If they want to get paid to write fiction, write a novel. 🙂

    2. Royalty ceases to have any worthwhile currency when it becomes normal and mainstream, let alone “Hollywood”. That will be the final straw. Koo Stark anyone?

      1. A television actress who has done a few love scenes is not the equivalent of a porn star. There is nothing in Markles career that rules her out as a royal wife.

        1. Everything about her career rules her out. There are no words to describe how unsuitable this woman is. Even casting those deal-breakers aside, he’d have to marry her almost immediately to ensure they could have children safely.

          No Hollywood actress will ever be allowed to marry into the BRF because that will be the end of it. The monarchy will serve no purpose. Kate Middleton was marketed as the quintessential middle-class English rose and that is why she was accepted, despite many shortcomings. Of course, Harry is not likely to be King, but he could be. George and Charlotte are still babies.

          notasugar: you don’t explain why you are so fervent in your views. Could you elaborate with authority? I’ve given you the reason why she will never be allowed to marry Harry – unless he wants to remove himself from the line of succession.

          The career is the major strike against her. Just wait until those nude pics/scenes come out because they will invariably be out there. But it’s her age (nearing 40), she’s used goods (divorced) and not from a Commonwealth country. She’s all wrong.

          Charles married a divorcee but the Queen had no choice because Charles had gone public with Camilla. Charles was divorced himself, so he really had no option. Harry isn’t as powerful as his father when it comes to the Queen.

          But like I said, he can marry her. He just won’t be able to stay in the line of succession. The Queen will take advice from the establishment.

          There is no way this woman will be standing up on Buckingham Palace balcony – former Hollywood actress in nude scenes from a Hollywood family, making an utter mockery of the institution of the monarchy. Harry sounds like this is his act of rebellion, to beat Wills who also married someone unsuitable, but not glaringly so.

          That old royal reporter, James Whittaker, would be having a field day with this!

          1. Any royal will have the best available IVF, should it prove necessary. Just like Sophie did when she had James at 42. Unless you’re one of those people who thinks that women only have value if/while they have a functioning uterus?

            There is nothing in her work that bars her. Some might not like her being an actress, but she is no Koo Stark or Sofia Hellqvist. There is nothing here to make a mockery of.

            The BRF isn’t clean, no where near it. They know it, we know it. The establishment needs the BRF to survive as well. They all have to adapt to survive, and that means accepting whomever Harry wants as a spouse.

            If these two want to marry, they will – and with full titles and honors. Anything else, in the modern world, would be to be seen as out-of-date, elitist, and racist.

            (Increasingly getting the feeling that I’m dealing with a racist troll. Lola, please tell me when you want me to stop.)

            1. You don’t understand the monarchy at all. I suspect you’re American? If you did understand it, you would know that by definition it is ‘elitist, and racist’! It is an archaic, pompous institution run and retained by the conservative establishment that has no place in modern society! Good grief … Meghan, you obviously haven’t done your homework on the man you are dating.

          2. I agree that marrying her would be a very bad move for the monarchy. The more they become viewed as celebrities, the more the public will view them as redundant and unnecessary.
            I find it surprising Harry has taken it or let it go this far. He is either an extremely good actor himself and doesn’t care about his grandmother, family, and the monarchy or he is so honest and gullible that he hasn’t a clue that someone he cares about would play games with his life.
            My gut tells me, she wants the golden ring and all the perks. She is in it, to win it.
            God help the monarchy, the family, and Harry if she succeeds.

  21. I know men and women can be friends with nothing between them. But I wonder if Markus every thought about dating Meghan or hopes to at some point. He could not be into women at all, but I’m just throwing it out there. Hey, the media is tossing stories all around, why can’t I… 😉

  22. Well its out there in media PH and MM are dating
    I have respect for her as she is educated and her speech I listened to for UN was done so easily and very eloquently put..
    I can see what PH loves about her.. MM does a lot of good for her charity so wish them well…
    on the other side Waity will certainly look stupid with MM in fold as this lady works……

  23. So…we have confirmation! Have to admit I am a little surprised because of the coy, twee IG posts. It seemed then, and still does, to be bad form for someone dating within the BRF, and kind of fame-heauxish. And I include Harry in that – if he was aware of the posts, he should have known better than to fan the flames – and now KP has to ask the media to stop harassing her family. Unfortunately, I think it has only just begun. I just hope he internet trolls have had enough of posting their disgusting racist comments and crawl back into their holes.

  24. Just my opinion, notwithstanding KP official statement:

    American + Hollywood actress (and Hollywood Dad to boot) + divorcee + 35+ (nearing 40) = Prince Harry will never marry this woman, not within a bull’s roar. I’ve omitted her religion because that can be renounced.

    Hate to fan the flames, but the BRF is racist and bigoted and no senior royal in recent years has married a woman who is not a) English; and b) from the Church of England. This woman is not even from a Commonwealth country (like Canadian, Autumn Phillips).

    It just isn’t going to happen. Harry is just having fun as any young man his age and numerous options would do. It’s probably lust-driven. I think there is a problem though with William having settled for Kate before 30, becoming a father and Harry probably feeling lonely. He’s vulnerable and this woman may have ensnared him the right time, but I doubt the Queen will allow this union.

    1. Her Majesty would never dare refuse permission. The BRF is on shaky ground and they will not do anything to appear publicly racist. They were criticized for potentially not liking the social-climbing Middleton’s, before people realized how unlikeable the Middletons are. They’re not going to refuse to give permission for this march.

      If Harry and Markle want to marry, they will. With full permissions, titles, and honors. He will remain in line, their children will be in line.

      1. notasugarhere: yes Meghan. But I hate to burst your bubble, but it will never happen.

        The Middletons were known to the public and establishment. They are firmly English, from the Church of England, Kate was not “used goods”, not a Hollywood starlet.

        You can try to convince yourself all your like, but it won’t happen. And btw, Harry can’t remain in line, under law, unless the woman renounces her religion.

        1. Kate Middleton had to be confirmed in the Church of England before her marriage.. so I do not see your point in the religious aspect of suitability….

      2. And, this has nothing to do with race ostensibly, though the Windsors, descendant from Germans, are very racist. The Queen is a snob and does not like socialising with those beneath her social stratum nor to deal with the unwashed masses. This woman is a Hollywood starlet, not considered of the same ilk as establishment types, and HM would, quite rightly, be mortified at this union.

  25. With respect to your opinion Lola, you don’t come from a Commonwealth country, so you may not quite understand the nuances at play. An American divorcee and Hollywood actress is just a bridge too far for the BRF and the British taxpayers who pay for their lifestyle in one way or another. And I mean no disrespect to our American friends, who have got their governance right. No monarchy, iron-clad Constitution and bill of rights.

    1. Catholic Spain now has a Queen Consort who was both a Republican and a divorcee.

      Church of England, founded by a randy king who wanted to bed, divorce, or kill anything in sight? Doesn’t have an ethical leg to stand on here.

      50 percent of the UK population is divorced. Charles, the future king, is married to a divorcee.

      If Harry and Markle want to marry, they will – and HM will give her full permission.

      1. Applies and oranges. What goes on in Spain and other monarchies can’t happen in the BRF – there is too much power to lose.

        History is irrelevant. Charles’ divorcee was English and landed gentry – huge difference.

        On what basis or authority do you believe HM will allow him to marry? I can tell you that you are very wrong, but it’s a nice fairy tale. If you know anything about the monarchy, you will know that it’s the establishment is what keeps the monarchy in power – not the peasants. And anyone from Hollywood is considered trash to the elite conservatives. Harry is just getting his rocks off. This will all end in tears.

        Are you Meghan? LOL.

  26. “hidden from public, nightly legal battles to keep stories out of papers” Does this remind anyone of what went on after Harry in Vegas? Is it possible, maybe, allegedly that someone got caught on camera with their pants down. again……

  27. At first I was happy for them but then she posted the IG pics and I saw her social media and IDK, my “happy thoughts” went away. She seems another Kate in terms of LOVING the spotlight and the African pics seemed posed, like: “look at me, doing good in the world, am I awesome?” She seems to be in love with herself and the image that she projects (sexy legs included) and… Meh! In that sense, she is not that real. She is another actresses doing the fake stuff and the performance that is expected of herself.

    However, who knows? They might have the same intellectual level and have a good time, and yadda, yadda, yadda, BUT that doesn’t change the fact that to me: she seems too hungry and very willingly to eat the fairy tale script that includes that whole masculinity discourse behind Harry.

    We shall see. Hope she proves me wrong 🙂 Love you, Lola!

    1. MTR: intellect? LOL. Harry, bless him, is not the brightest spark and I doubt this Meghan is either … intellectuals tend not to gravitate toward Hollywood.

  28. I have a question for you Lola, if you don’t mind. Will this don’t “bully” Meghan with sexist stories/remarks cover Kate too? If someone says Meghan’s skin/ hair looks bad or her hemline/neckline is too high/ low we are being sexist but these things are said about Kate all the time. Will you also have to stop posting anything that isn’t flowery about Kate and her “work”. Do they really think The Sun is going to stop the page 3 girls? or Daily mail won’t fill side bar with stories/pictures of scantily clad people wanting attention?

    1. I’m not sure I completely understand your question. I commented on racist and sexist remarks being left on Meghan’s social media pages and in article comments. I don’t even want to type a derogatory term for African American Meghan was called. There was another that used violent language.

      I don’t think it’s sexist to discuss clothing. If Meghan has a poorly blended wiglet, I would point it out. A lot of the comments I make about Kate are out of frustration she’s not getting Charles’ money’s worth. I weep inside when I see Kate in bespoke clothing that’s been butchered by bad tailoring.

      I would love to do a flowery post about Kate’s work. Unfortunately she hasn’t given me the opportunity yet. Sometimes I go through various posted videos from events just looking for an observation or somewhat interesting conversational contribution from Kate and I come up empty. It’s boring to talk about her clothes all the time.

      1. Lola, I will try to simplify my question. Are Harry/kp letters’s new quidelines for all or just him and Meg? A long time ago, Army Harry said something to a fellow soldier with alleged racist undertones. Flirty Harry maked sex position jokes with Olympic medalist at an event with Queen and other royals in attendance. Critics called him out. Fans said it’s just friendly barracks/lockerroom banter. If H&M want to be the new poster children for feminists and stand against racism and sexism they can’t be hypocritical about it. I hope they legitimately stand up and promote change…..but that means standing for all not just the two of them. I mentioned Rihanna is going to be performing during his tour. Is feminist Meg going to speak up about her lyrics possibly having racist & sexist undertones? Or will they be singing along?

  29. I suspect any day now we will be notified through a “trusted source” that William and Kate don’t approve of Harry’s new love. Allegedly, Wills didn’t approve of Chelsy because she wasn’t of their “kind”. I believed it, though she went to the royal wedding. We’ll see …

    No one ought to be offended by the BRF’s racism and bigotry. All of us who aren’t a part of their family and who don’t meet the selective criteria, obnoxiously by law, are recipients – even those who pay for their upkeep. The monarchy is the antithesis of equality. That’s how it survives, oddly enough.

    1. Idk why “notasugarhere” calls you racist lol you are just not kissing MM ass so this commenter gets mad? LoL For me, the BRF has traces of racism, hell, when I was leaving in England I lived that everyday and that was from common ppl, imagine this privileged/entitled fam?
      Just do u, I ll keep reading 😉

      1. Thanks MTR, this poster doesn’t seem to handle differing views and is a very staunch advocate of Meghan’s, rather that just expressing an opinion. It’s very odd. After all, we’re just discussing royalty.

        If she gets married to him, I’ll eat humble pie. 🙂 I’m not suggesting other opinions aren’t valid, but when someone expresses an opinion as fact, without substantiation, it is going to start arguments. It’s not about whether or not this girl is great or not. It’s about the institution of monarchy and she can never marry into it without a major scandal.

        1. Hey, I hope they get married have a dozen babies and live happily ever after. My interest was in the multiple storylines that still don’t add up from nearly every major new source. Somebody tipped Camilla T. that they were at that party. There had to be pictures from the party because no SANE person would connect a dlist actress to PH because she had a matching charity bracelet. The only other time I can recall them going to court(per KP letter) was due to Harry’s Vegas pictures and Kate topless in France. Rumors were there were more pics & video in both cases. allegedly cause a friend close to sources say 🙂

  30. Lola, I apologize for engaging with the racist and sexist troll. Didn’t realize until too late what I was really dealing with. I promise to ignore it from now on.

  31. notasugarhere: I’m not racist nor sexist. But I suspect you are either Meghan or someone who knows her. Just because you have some fantasy in your head and that you know what the Queen will do, based on nothing, doesn’t make it true.

    Now, since you are either her or you know here, what did she look like with her original nose and teeth? I find her utterly bland in the looks department, but I’ll bet she was frightful before all the plastic surgery …

    1. The challenge in this situation is that they both seem to have a grand sense of entitlement with no sense of personal responsibility. How do you post a picture of yourself wearing a panda head costume and caption it “Panda” on your news feed to amillion + people and then complain someone else is using racial undertones about you? On another note, was there a police report filed on the “alleged” attempted breaking and entering into her home? It was reported she called the police to ask questions about her rights. IF a crime was committed they would be investigating.

      1. lol she sure loves the media attention lol personally, I dont get it. Nobody loves having privacy anymore?

        1. Unless there was a police investigation and evidence found to determine who allegedly attempted the breaking and entering of her home, how do they KNOW. it was a reporter that did it? in other news ……check out this post fromm MM about dreaming of being a princess and meeting one. btw this is her own words not a reporter

          1. My understanding of the police presence is that she called them because there were so many paps and news crews. I believe they also spoke to her about their concerns for her safety in the situation. None of them ever mentioned break-ins at that time. I’m sure that if that had been the situation the local police would have arrested someone and/or released a statement saying it would not be tolerated and anyone pursuing that would be arrested.

            I read that a photographer (not sure who they were affiliated with or just freelance) followed her assistant into the garage and tried or did enter the home with them. It was basically a push through and they had him removed from the home. That was entirely wrong.

            The post about the princess is two years old. What strikes me about the intro is the almost juvenile, “oh wow” tone of the introduction. “So yeah, she’s that cool. So yeah, she’s smart.” It’s all becoming a grand play to me. I’m waiting for the next act.

            1. Harry had KENSINGTON PALACE release an official letter that criticized the press. It specifically states that reporters and photographers attempted to illegally gain entrance to her home. She called the police. If true it is a crime. There should be a police report, complete with descriptions of the suspects. When they are apprehended a positive id is made and charges filed. KP should not have put that in an official statement without a police record with a poitive ID of the perpetrators. Otherwise it is just MM word. Harry bought it. He supposedly was already back in Uk. Without proof it seems like it is MM story that is being defamatory/derogatory to the press. 🙂 None of the stories add up! allegedly maybe sources close by say

  32. MM, please stop making The Tig to happen… As a middle class woman drowning in student loans and just trying to “make it” ha ha I have other things to worry about than: “so yeah… you think” lol #removed from reality, much?

    1. As a grandmother of six I have better things to do too. This just has peaked my interest. I have always known the gossip magazines like to embellish stories. I don’t remember so many main stream sites having conflicting info. i certainly don’t understand how anyone can have a Blog (online business) and post stories about herself then cry foul when a reporter quotes her. SHE told about being black and white. SHE referenced that their were slaves in her genealogy. SHE spoke of being proud of her heritage (And she should be!) So how is it the reporter who quoted Ms Markle’s OWN WORDS diectly from her blog is being a raceist. How is reporting THE FACT that her videos are on pornhub sexist? It’s true. SMH.

  33. First time poster here. Lola, I love your writing!!

    I don’t think MM is the right fit not because of any LABEL anyone’s put on her but because she isn’t discreet. It beggars belief that she didn’t have something to do with the story leaking. It’s downright shocking that she continued to post on IG and fan the flames with coy shots of bearded ginger men wearing stupid sweatshirts. And it’s now a bit rich that having opened herself to this flood of attention, she’s crying foul.

    I think the theory someone alluded to–that there may be shades of Vegas somewhere in here–is very interesting. It would help explain the shoddy PR game from KP. Actually, no, never mind, Jason Knauf explains that. But it would explain why it feels like , at least to me, Harry’s getting played here.

    (I’m reposting this bc I accidentally had a typo in my email so wondered if that’s why it’s not going through?)

    1. With respect, HarrysBanana, it’s not about labels, it’s about how the BRF functions and survives. If the reigning British monarch is not your Head of State, it might be more difficult to really ascertain the power of it. Think about how Presidents in the USA attain and retain power. From marrying Hollywood actresses? I seem to recall one icon who is alleged to have been murdered for her dalliance with JRK.

      Yes, I know Harry will most likely never be King, but he’s still darn close enough to that throne. He will be the King’s second son. I can always tell when posts are from those for whom the Queen is not their Head of State.

      Why do people think that the BRF is some warm and fuzzy side show and not serious business (for them)? There are those republicans amongst us who only wish that were the case. Regrettably, Constitutional power is very difficult to remove.

      1. Sorry, HarrysBanana: I didn’t explain myself well in that last post. I meant to say, Presidential candidates are raked over hot coals regarding their personal lives. I can only imagine if one were to be dating a Hollywood actress and how all credibility would be out the door. I note JFK Jnr never married one and he was allegedly planning a career in politics.

        When or not this woman courts publicity is really a peripheral issues. There were rumours about Kate Middleton and her family too. But by definition, Constitutional Monarchy is discriminatory, yet people seem to be unwilling to acknowledge it. Everyone for whom the British Monarch is Head of State who didn’t pop out of the right vagina feels discriminated against! I’m sorry, but you just can’t whitewash that to suit fantasies about “modernising the monarchy” or fiction about equality.

        Let me get this straight: the monarchy and equality don’t co-exist. If it did, the whole shabby charade would disappear as it ought to! Off soapbox now because if I haven’t got the message across, I never will.

        1. Did you mean to reply to me on this? I’m with you 100%. Indiscretion is part and parcel of her “label” as a Hollywood actress. It has to be. And so I’ll amend my statement to say that I do think THAT label is the biggest strike against her. As someone said on KMR, royalty and common Hollywood celebrity start out on the same road (paved with adoring masses and the numbing tonic of opulence and worship) but there is a fork where they diverge and they must never intersect again.

          Yes I am an American, but even to me, Meghan’s manners are too “common”. All goes back to being discrete and not promoting yourself. That’s also why it seems unlikely she could accept that everything and everyone is subverted to the interest of maintaining the monarchy.

          1. HarrysBanana: I don’t like stereotypes, so I didn’t appreciate the use of the word ‘label’ being attributed to me, personally. So I was trying to distinguish between the personal attributes of this woman and the requirement of the monarchy to be accepted by the establishment itself in order to survive.

            It would be too long-winded to explain but the monarchy and equality are not bed-fellows. People forget that. Her race, her religion, her profession, her family, etc are all fair game. Why not? Why can’t anyone from the Commonwealth realms elect their own HoS.

            With respect, people are missing the entire point. This woman has no right to not feel discrimination because the rest of us do by being eliminated automatically to run as HoS in our countries!

            1. I meant, she has no right to feel slighted by discrimination with respect to the monarchy because that is how it operates and survives, it’s defining characteristic. Sorry, it’s late, long week, so my typing and vocab is not as sharp.

            2. plasticspoon, i think i understand, You can’t have light without dark, hot without cold. The only way you have a “royal highness” is if others are”common lowers” A royal title isn’t earned like a military title. A General is over a Captain by earning the rank. Royal families in Europe don’t “rule” over anyone. I respect the history of royality, but in this day and age the BRF has to maintain its ceremonial role or it’s worthless. It’s ONLY leg to stand on is it’s “pure bloodline”. As time goes by more people are rejecting the whole idea. Harry can marry who he wants and he should, but don’t be shocked and cry racism when people compare their genealogy.

              1. b: you got it – thanks! If it gets to the stage where it becomes a caricature of itself, then why bother? This is the question being raised in my country now: the royal family is looking more ordinary by the day … so why are they on an exalted pedestal of the highest order, exactly?

            3. I didn’t attribute “label” to you at all! I did to Meghan. Please read my words more carefully.

              1. HarrysBanana: sorry, in my haste, I may have expressed myself poorly. I know you didn’t label me, but I was attributing in the general sense.

                  1. Thank you HarrysBanana: I enjoy reading all intelligent and respectful comments such as yours. I admit, I can’t deal with vacuous comments that do nothing but stir up arguments. They add nothing to the conversation.

    2. Welcome, HarrysBanana! First time posters are held in moderation until I manually approve which is why it didn’t go through at first.

      I’m not sure what Meghan’s Suits contract is, but a lot of shows require actors to maintain a social media presence. They don’t require spooning bananas, though.

      It’s fun to send someone a secret message on social media, hiding it in plain sight. I think that’s what the bracelet photos were about, a “wearing the bracelet and thinking of you” kind of thing. But post-coital produce once everyone has their secret decoder rings is something else. There’s always a possibility it could be innocent but if it were, wouldn’t she be aware that people would assume it was about Harry?

      There were some legitimately horrible racist comments left for Meghan on Instagram and Twitter which her fans flagged and had removed. No matter what the circumstance, no human being should ever have to endure that. Some of the wording was alarming.

  34. HarrysBanana, I remarked in Celebitchy that Harry was getting played, especially since the Ms Markle had remarked, she spent her life between the red carpet and refugee camps !! I wouldn’t surprise if she started doing the whole charity thing with her eye on Harry a decade ago !!!

    1. Kruger Crown set up her UN speech. She volunteered 1 week 5 days somewhere at UN good for her. According to her own word on her business site ooops i mean blog. She arrived in Rwanda on Jan 27 2016, She was at SAG awards on Jan 30, 2016. good for her.

      1. Can I ask how you know KC set up her UN speech because that raises flags for me. If that’s the case, it’s now undeniable that she has been out to raise her profile from the get-to, and is not above using the humanitarian route to do it.

        Right when this story broke, I read some article that described Meghan as having (I’m paraphrasing) “chosen the UN route to fame” but I dismissed the writer as just bitchy and didn’t pay much attention.

        Is this a thing? Is all UN involvement by celebrities bullshit and simply a way of raising their profile while conferring gravitas? Am I really this naive?

        I guess so because I AM still intent on giving her the benefit of the doubt. I don’t doubt she cares about people, even if I question her motives in this.

        1. Miss Megan’s pr stuff. I’m still waiting for the news papers to pick up on the Rihanna joining Harry in Barbados connection. after all in her UN speech she proclaimed she is a feminist…. and Harry is now the poster boy against racism & sexism. unless it “suits” them to hang out with a superstar lol.

          1. Thank you b! Very interesting. Also saw what Em Andrews posted.

            This is becoming a total debacle for Harry.

  35. I love this site too! Lola literally has me in stitches crying & lmao with every post she publishes. I’be learned the hard way not to drink while reading her blog or to read at work, because people will think I’ve lost my mind laughing 🙂

  36. This whole thing –
    The 😉 😉 pr rollout coincided to her clothing line launch and the frenzied week of speculation, capped off by the amateur and quite bizarre kp statement on the morning of the U.S. election…
    The statement being pinned across the top of websites all day long worldwide, coincidently, the American divorcee is a vocal democratic supporter.
    Not to mention Harry’s schedule and the muddled “relationship” timeline don’t particularly add up.
    The shared pr firm.
    Has me stuck choosing between my various tin foil hats.

    Either ginge is a serious fool in long distance love and the whole letter thing should been handled with much more professionalism/discretion (not kp’s strong suit by far, especially when it comes to harry) or it’s some sort of weird setup situation.

    Imo – the American version of waity, only better at parroting lines and makeup application.

  37. Why the heck do celebrities always head to Africa when they either divorce or are trying to raise their profile, when we have our own sets of problems here, and the same thing in Canada and UK. We got Skidrow in L.A., folks don’t even have to travel far, or heaven forbid would it be to much trouble to shut up about your good deeds and let the record speak for itself !!!

    1. Hi msthang, IMO it is indeed to raise their profile and attract attention to themselves and their good works. Volunteering at a local food bank or woman’s shelter does not attract attention to oneself. And I get the impression that this woman is pretty thirsty for attention.

      1. msthang and GingerMini: agreed. I’m quite sure that Harry will be talked into ending this unsuitable relationship – nothing personal against this woman, but it can’t happen, IMO, for the foregoing reasons.

        I wonder if the statement was more a parting of the ways gift, a way for Harry to blow her off and get the press of her back? Now, that would be a twist! If he wanted to continue their relationship, it’s really doomed now because there is so much ill-will from the public and press.

  38. Thankfully a few people are looking at the KP letter with common sense instead of romanticism. KP/Harry want censorship, not for things with racist or sexist undertones from news sites,blogs or social media, but for themselves. Only publish nice things about me & my girl and our work. Most sites have policy, procedures and protocol in place to deal with improper comments. Report the article to the authorities if need be. Reporters quote princess meg from her own blog…..but they are racists? Meghan gets paid to be a character on the show suits, who is a black paralegal who has sex with her white boss at the office in a storage room… racist or sexual undertones there right? No hard proof of anyone making an illegal entry to her home. lie? just an embellishment? Reporters pay for story leads all the time but if its princess meg it’s a “bribe”? My absolute favorite thing is the ones who regularly post sexual innuendos about Harry’s package, bulge & bicepts but jumped right on the don’t harrass Princess Meg for her sexy pictures. Hypocritical? allegedly maybe a source close to a friend might have said so. Have a good day and start looking for a hat to wear to the wedding. 🙂

  39. PS–I’m intrigued by your parting gift theory, but if the idea was to get the press off her back, it was an epic misfire. They’ve doubled down on her, and they’re taking his reputation with them. Before, reporters were alluding to her IG posts and wink-winking her thirsty ways but not EXPLICITLY calling them out, like in the cartoon I linked to above.

    This is why something is off to me. Why that statement? So effusive, so soon, so dramatic, so sloppy. Meghan is a 35 year old woman who makes her living in a public role. Chelsy was a 20 year old student whom he dated for years, and whose father’s reputation was nearly destroyed by the association and yet we heard nary a peep on their behalf. I am not trying to start this rumor, God knows, but that again is why I wonder if she’s pregnant or of she’s got something bad on Harry.

    If not that, then I can only conclude Harry is a bit dim and very lonely.

    1. JHMO, I would hope that that idea (pregnancy) is just throwing something off the wall so to say. My reasons for this are Harry has been dating/playing for many years now and I would like to think he’s got his protection/prevention game down.

      Ms. Markle was in a serious relationship for seven years before she finally married him. They were together for 2 years after that and as far as we know no children were produced from that union. Maybe they tried and it didn’t happen or she chose to wait or they had some other misfortunes. In the interim she’s been with other guys and no pregnancies that we are aware of. Right before Harry there was the chef she was living with and again no children. So someone has their protection/prevention game up to date.

      If she does turn up expecting then her reputation is pretty much done. Yes there are “oops” moments, but for it to happen at this point in her life with Harry would look highly suspect. At least it would for me. I would like to think she’s smarter than that as it’s one of the oldest games in the book.

      1. Seriously, the monarchy would be over, but Harry would be forced to renounce his position. I think that there is a lot of unreal theorising that has set in over this.

    2. I agree that marrying her would be a very bad move for the monarchy. The more they become viewed as celebrities, the more the public will view them as redundant and unnecessary.
      I find it surprising Harry has taken it or let it go this far. He is either an extremely good actor himself and doesn’t care about his grandmother, family, and the monarchy or he is so honest and gullible that he hasn’t a clue that someone he cares about would play games with his life.
      My gut tells me, she wants the golden ring and all the perks. She is in it, to win it.
      God help the monarchy, the family, and Harry if she succeeds.

      1. Elizabeth: she won’t succeed over Charles and the Queen. It’s not going to happen. No Hollywood starlet would hold that power. This isn’t Hollywood, it’s the system of governance over numerous realms over which the Queen is HoS – serious business. They are probably just letting this run it’s course. We will of course know more over the festive season and whether or not she shows up to any family events or is nearby. Then, I will reconsider what I think I know.

        Look how long it took Kate to get the ring? Yes, William was dragging his feet, but he was lectured by his relatives over her shortcomings.

    3. HarrysBanana; it seems I was wrong on that theory. It’s all too hard to speculate at the moment and frankly, I don’t care to. I just know that Harry will be allowed to get his rocks off before his father/brother/grandmother/grandfather make him see the inevitable. Unless of course, she is pregnant, which would be one scandal too many for the BRF.

      I get that a lot of people have fantasies in their heads about royal romances. And, not so much here, but elsewhere, it becomes a battleground as people get competitive. Why, I have no idea. I do not have designs on Harry. It’s very immature to behave like that, unless you are a teenager.

      But it will not get down to personal opinion. The woman just cannot be permitted to marry into the BRF for it to survive. Harry has made a laughing stock of the conservative, exclusive institution which has given him everything in life, but his freedom. He’ll have to deal with it or step aside. But the royals are very self-serving and he won’t renounce his place in succession. This woman has a finite time, IMO. But if I’m wrong, like I said, I’ll eat humble pie. Nothing surprises me these days.

  40. Friend of mine has a whole other idea. It goes back to Emily (nash i think) Twitter post about not using instagram posts to prove a timeline. Lots of people take picture while traveling and don’t post them right away. What if she posted the pictures from Mexico after she got home. It’s possible they were “introduced” while he was in Toronto and he got her number. We know she was in London last week of June staying at Soho. It is possible they dated. Now fast forward to July 21 Harry was seen at Sentebale and Aid conference. Then went under the radar till Sept 5 it was reported he was at a cousins wedding Aug9 and at 500 elephant project. Princess Meg was in London 8/4 as bridesmaid for a friend. Then supposedly spent a month in Spain and Italy……what if she only spent A FEW DAYS with friends in Europe, took lots of pictures in various locations to post on her blogs but then flew to Africa to be with Harry? She also posted pictures “working on set” around Harry’s. birthday. Again they could have been taken anytime. It’s possible she flew on private plane with Arther Landon and stayed at Birkhall house on Balamoral estate. If they did spend most of August together wild & free working playing away from press it might explain him defending her. My friend said she just can’t see him making the statement for someone he only dated a few times. What do y’all think:)

    1. If the KP press release could have legitimately claimed they’d been together 6 months, then they would have because that sounds a lot better than “a few months” which is what it quoted. Then if people said, but what about her IG? They could have come back and said it was an attempt by Meghan to cover her tracks with Harry and that would have HELPED her look more cautious and not like she’s using him. Her ex was quoted as saying they broke up in July and I believe had a social media post about her around this time.

      Don’t you think?

      1. Introduced in May. Connected late June. Broke with Cook when she got home from London. Planned trip for August. I think one article said he informed the office about her in August. So 3 & half months. Again it was just her thought trying to understand why he would go so far out on a limb if they had only dated a few times. Who knows?

      2. According the Telegraph, she broke up with Cory Vitiello in May, the same month she met Harry:

        The dates are fuzzy. Various articles have suggested possible overlap (they were breaking up while Harry started texting her) but Vitiello has said he can’t comment.

        Supposedly there was a story that they tried to quash before it came out that Meghan may have been with a hockey player while she was still married. It was denied, mandatory just friends proclamation, Meghan claimed they’d never been alone together.

        Because there have been insinuations in the press that Meghan has cheated in past relationships, it would make sense Kensington Palace would steer away with giving a specific time frame especially since it looks like she was still with Cory when she and Harry were communicating via text. Could have been innocent but people tend to not give the benefit of the doubt when there are past accusations of similar behavior.

        1. Maybe MM will get lucky when her fairytale with the prince runs it’s course, and Mr. Vitiello will have her back. He sounds a real gentleman, discreet and gracious. And a chef! Oh swoon.

  41. The absence of discretion is shot through this saga.

    The KP letter was ill-advised. Harry’s concerns about racism seem to extend only to how it was applied to Ms Markle, not it being an unconscionable act. No, it was Harry demanding to do what he wants, when he wants, no questions asked, and all on the public purse. Dressed up as chivalry and concern, it was yet another thinly disguised example of the BRF wanting to control the press, and dispense with scrutiny and critique.

    Surely Harry and Ms Markle had agreed upon a strategy to keep their fledgling relationship discreet? It appears that while Harry was moving slowly, Ms Markle became more impatient, transmitting a series of indiscreet signals. The initial leak could only have come from the small circle entrusted with that knowledge, including the principals.

    In such a short time, the number of incorrect assertions and unsubstantiated claims has been staggering. The press is far from innocent, but Harry needs to look closer to home to apportion blame.

    1. Exactly Kitty, I can’t wait till someone in the press mentions Rihanna’s song lyrics and music videos might have racist & sexist undertones. WWW 3

    2. Hi Kitty, Your last 2 paragraphs sum up the whole issue I have with this relationship.

      1)Oh, a possible new relationship for Harry. Fun!
      2) Nope, no relationship. Timeline does not fit, and too many conflicting reports about when PH/MM met, who in his family she has met, and that it is either casual or an imminent engagement to be announced, depending on what you read. Another actress /clothing designer / whatever striking while the iron is hot amid high-profile relationship rumors.
      3) Oh wait, relationship confirmed by KP. Back to #1.
      4) But, if Harry / KP is asking for privacy, why the coy, leading IG posts that PH must surely know about? This has always been a sticky point for me, and I posted about it a couple of days ago. Maybe KP/PH felt compelled to release the letter to the media because when the news got out, MM ran with it with her oh so cutesy SM posts, which, IMO, is what really fueled the speculation/media blitz (NOTE: I am in no way condoning harassment of MM’s friends, family, etc., but as has been pointed out, much of what is being reported has been taken from her own various SM posts). I don’t know if she had anything to do with the news getting out, but my feeling is that she did in order to force PH to confirm the relationship, perhaps earlier than he was ready to. For some reason this is reminding me of William having Kate sue that photographer who took pictures of her playing tennis one Christmas, when said photog was supposedly on the Middleton’s speed dial.

      1. Harry’s movements have been somewhat hard to pin down, deliberately so. It makes it harder for him to be held to account for what he actually does with his time. He is warm and engaged when he does do things but, let’s face it, he doesn’t have a job , and he’s not putting in regular hours. He’s a nice guy with a title, plenty of unearned money and lots of time on his hands. He could have met Ms Markle at any time, at any place really. I have no issue with them as a couple; if it works for them, great. Just get on with it and stop the game-playing. The world now has more urgent things to consider, given the last couple of days.

        Like you, my skepticism lies entirely in the deliberate leaks through social media accounts; you may well be right in Meghan pushing for some commitment. Unfortunately such manipulation reminds us of Kate’s tactics to reel in William, obscuring Ms Markle’s other attributes: bright, personable and well-educated. I hope it’s him she wants, not the goodies that accompany him. That sounds mean, but the social media stuff sits badly.

    3. Yes Kitty, every time he flies o/s to get his rocks off, his taxpayer-funded RPOs go with him and that is what blows out the costs for the royals’ security.

      On top of everything else, this woman seems to have been around the block, more than a few times. She’s only 35, but she seems very experienced with men. She’s playing Harry like a fiddle, IMO. Not that I feel sorry for him …

      Ok, say, we suspect reality and she gets the nod to marry in. She’s already off to a inauspicious start. It’s really not a smart move from Harry because she has so many other factors against her (unlike Kate).

  42. Ok guys I have to add something about Meghan. Have y’all watched her interviews on YouTube? There is something to her. There is really something to her. I am not ready to change my opinion that the evidence points to her playing Harry because the twee IG posts just can’t lead me to any other conclusion but she radiates positivity in a really good way so it makes me so sad for Harry that this is happening to him. I just wish he could have protected this a bit longer.

    1. harrys banana, I want to believe, but she is an actress…… even this last move “asking for time off to do something important” ??? Shooting is over for every body on Suits on Nov 17. She was probably finished early. Even if she did need to leave early for personal reasons why make it public? She is fueling another rumor wheel. She isn’t a naive 20 something. She is 35. She knew about Harry’s past girlfriends and what they went through. If she is as happy as her blog posts portray she is why walk away from it all for a possible mess with someone she’s only known a few months? Again I hope they live happily ever after. 🙂

      1. Agree entirely with your take on yet another cryptic, attention-seeking move with “asking for time off to do something important”. Why do we need to know? And as you say, shooting finishes in just a few days and her scenes are either done or have been re-scheduled. It’s this kind of nonsense that leaves me cold. It reminds me of the cliff-hanger statement in soap-operas.

        1. Her asking for time off from shooting then going to see Prince Harry in London is unprofessional in my opinion. I’m not sure how big her role is on Suits, I’ve never seen it, but disruption to the shooting schedule inconveniences crew and other cast members and can be costly. Shooting a show like that usually means 14-16 hour days, actors make sure they are there and on time so I give serious side-eye to her asking for time off to go see her boyfriend. Granted I don’t know the whole story but it just seems a like diva behavior.

      2. Because she wants to be a princess. It is about the title and perks not about the man.
        The world becomes her stage and she can become adored by everyone. She gets to travel in style, have expensive clothes, have the best of everything.
        You can bet your life she has done her
        homework. She knows her competition. Princess is better than being a movie star
        because really the cast never changes and
        she gets a starring role.
        If it doesn’t last, so what? By then she has graced the cover of countless magazines, collected some jewels

        1. Posted somehow without my last line…

          Jewels and a nice divorce settlement.

          Really what does she have to lose by putting on a full court press for that ring?

        2. Elizabeth: 100% agreed, but she won’t be calling any shots. And, she’s certainly not getting any younger … heading up to 40. She’s probably using that emotional blackmail over Harry too. If he ends in 2-3 years, her options will be limited. I hope his lawyers are watching because this girl is likely to sue in the US jurisdiction for breach of promise or something similar. I’d love to see that!

      3. Did she leak that she asked for time off or did one of the producers or someone on the crew? Filming is a massive team effort. I know nothing about Suits, I’ve never seen it, but I suspect there are probably close to a hundred people who work on it. Actors are expected to show up on time, disrupting the schedule effects a lot of other people and can get costly. Remember when the letter the Georgia Rule producer sent Lindsay Lohan was leaked? It noted that her being late and missing filming one day with the possibility of more jeopardized the quality of the film and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lindsay’s issues were no secret but a leak like that could cost an actor work in the future. Usually when it comes to actors being late or taking time off from shooting, the call is coming from inside the house. The story reflects poorly on Meghan, that’s why I would think it probably was probably someone who works on the show who leaked it. That’s my guess.

        1. Your question goes to the heart of my comments about game-playing. If Meghan had played it straight, no-one would question her credibility. You may well be right in that the leak emanated from in-house. Whatever the reason, someone on ‘Suits’ wasn’t impressed.

        2. The story about her asking for time off has been debunked. It appears she came to London for just the weekend and flew right back to continue filming.

          1. According to Camilla Tominey who broke the story, Meghan flew out on I believe Thursday morning. That’s not a weekend.

    2. I see a very manipulative, calculating woman. You call it ‘positivity’ and I respect that. I’m just not into “A-type personalities”. I call that narcissism.

      In fairness, it could be that she’s an actress and this is her professional profile.

  43. She / they need to cut out the attention seeking game playing – “asking for time off to do something important” – stop, just stop!!! She is bright, pretty, hardworking with a successful career, and has causes she believes in (even if mostly for the attention). This bs is unnecessary. Just live your life, be happy, and have fun without resorting to these shenanigans.

    Are IG posts from the Caribbean next?

    1. Ugh, don’t forget the “poverty bag”. These shenanigans won’t stop because is all about her and her “important” message to the world (shaking my head).

  44. The “something important” is that she is in London and staying with Harry at KP. There’s a story coming out in tomorrows DM. She was seen out, wearing one of Harry’s caps, shopping at Whole Foods. She couldn’t let someone shop for her and lay low, she went out, dressed down to do the shopping. Check Rebecca English on Twitter, she posted a copy of the DM front page for tomorrow.

    1. Not just shopping at Whole Foods. Shopping at Whole Foods with a bag that reminds you to alleviate poverty worldwide. Ok, my cynicism is finally winning out. Y’all remind me next time I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. We absolutely did not need the the story she was going to do something important. That was just one more story to push her name. To prep us for this. I was beginning to like Harry so much. Now I’m starting to think he is a total fraud.

      1. HarrysBanana, I have/had a great admiration for Harry. It’s dipping. And not because he has a girlfriend because we all know that was going to happen at some point but because of the stoking of the media over this whole thing. If it is true love for the two of them, have a very happy and long life together.

        I just can’t shake the feeling he’s being played for the long haul.

      2. And done on remembrance day when all focus should have on his visit to honor the military. SMH. Girl must have some yoga moves……allegedly

    2. Oh FFS! And tomorrow is Remembrance Day, a day that the entire BRF comes out en masse, so I expect we will have MM sightings. Of course she will be dressed down so as not to call attention to herself (right). Oh, isn’t Charles’ birthday also coming up? I wonder if there will be a family celebration that she will be invited to attend.

      1. I sincerely hope Ms Markle will be nowhere in sight. Remembrance Day honors the military; it’s about them and only about them. Any distraction would be disrespectful in the extreme.

        If the pair want to get together, it is their business and they should keep it that way. Anything further looks hungry for attention and for all the wrong reasons.

  45. oh and where are her private security guards? She was scared for her safety…..allegedly but now she’s just wandering around London in & out Of Kensington palace by herself?

  46. I think the palace has either lost its mind or she’s pregnant. I swear I just cannot figure this out. We are talking about centuries of HOW SHIT’S DONE and this ain’t it.

    Yoga moves, indeed.

    1. Hilarious comment! “We are talking about centuries of How shits done and this ain’t it”.

      So precisely true^

  47. And I have lost all respect for Harry. I am completely done with him. And I’m bummed because I so want to pull for him. But for someone who has done two tours and started the Invictus Games to let this nonsense, as you guys pointed out, overshadow the Remembrance Day events…it’s a bridge too far for me.

  48. ima shake a little more salt… the second picture on Dailymail, She is standing outside the gate. Why not get the picture of her going in. I mean that to me would be the money shot……anyone can stand outside the gate for a picture right? of course Cressida was seen with Harry in and around KP. a few times. Then they were together at a ball game. Then bye bye. SMH

    1. Why is she standing there? Is she waiting to be buzzed in? Those two shots are the oddest. Makes me think they were a set up for the media that was suggested by someone. She’s just a bit too “I don’t see the camera” in her pose. And wearing Harry’s cap just adds to everything.

      1. The photos were snapped by someone at Daily Mail on his lunch break, she walked past the Daily Mail offices with the grocery bags so of course the Daily Mail staffer snapped the pics on his cell phone when he spotted her. I’m adopting a wait and see attitude with Meghan but I find these photos curious. Okay, maybe she didn’t realize she was walking past the Daily Mail offices somehow but if she was trying to be incognito, why didn’t she wear sunglasses? And she grabbed a cap easily identifiable as one frequently worn by Prince Harry? I think she was waiting to be buzzed in which is why she was standing there.

        1. Given Harry knows that Whole Foods is next door to Daily Mail offices, it is logical to conclude he’d have counseled Meghan of the likelihood of being observed by photographers. Wearing a cap identifiable as Harry’s is not the way to be invisible. So yes, it is curious.

          1. Harry goes to Waitrose down further on Kensington High Street as it’s quieter, less busy and easier for him to pop in and out without people caring very much.

            Whole Foods is closer and way more populated, right near the tube stop.

            Total PR move on her end.

            I think she’s playing him like a fiddle and Harry being good hearted Harry goes along with it.

  49. She doesn’t actually go through the gate and you cannot possibly tell me there are not more disceeet entrances to KP. Is she stalking this man? What the hell is going on? I’m in full on conspiracy mode at this point.

    1. Hi HB, Those photos are 100% staged. PH must be in on it, or else MM was taking a page from the Middleton playbook while Harry was laying wreaths at Westminster Abby. IMO it makes them look disingenuous.

      Adjust your tinfoil hat 😉

    2. I wondered this myself… maybe the Daily Mail staffer stayed on the opposite side of the street trying to be discreet as he snapped the photos on his cell phone so she wouldn’t be aware he was following her taking pics and maybe a bus or truck came by and blocked her being buzzed in.

    1. LOL b, so true for both fruits! I normally eat low carb anyway, but I am being really strict this month otherwise after Thanksgiving even my fat clothes won’t fit. And thanks to our friend HarrysBanana, I have been craving a banana for the past days!

    2. That is hysterical and he could be at that point. Plus who knows what conversations they’ve had and her talking about kids, blah, blah, blah. It’s a shallow pool, but he’s dived in head first.

    3. I have heard this theory, and even almost mentioned it earlier. Harry is already 32, not old by any means, but with his brother married for several years already, and his friends making it to the altar themselves, he may be ready too.

      1. I think he’s enjoyed being a bachelor but there’s some evidence to support the theory that women base the decision to marry on the belief they’ve found the one whereas men are more prone to marry when they’ve reached the point they feel ready for marriage. It just seems way too early on though, they’re still in that fuzzy happy endorphin stage.

    4. “Produce ninja” and “Conceivably successful”

      Man, I love Manrepeller and all you people too.

      Which brings me to this–after one of my earlier comments, it for some reason dawned on me that this is just GOING TO HAPPEN. He’s in it to win it, come hell or high water, and she’s wearing her wellies, and her bright red poppy too.

      Whether she’s playing him or not, I don’t think he cares. I think she’s said she’s willing to give up her life or at least have a go at it–and that’s closer than anyone else has been willing to get–and he’s thrown caution to the wind. He’s lonely and tired and he wants to share it all with someone dynamic and she fits the bill. Is she hedging her bets and keeping her options open and her publicist informed? Absolutely. But I don’t think he minds.

      1. I agree with you, and call January 2017 for an engagement announcement, with the wedding in late May. Too soon IMO since they have only been together for 6 months or so, but yeah, in it to win it for sure.

        1. All of the above might be true but he won’t be allowed to marry her. Like I said, if you’re not from a Commonwealth country where the Queen is Head of State, it might be difficult to understand the complexity of the tenuous grip on power. The Windsors are already a laughing stock, I know, but adding a Hollywood actress to the family will only result in it’s final nail – no more reason for the charade.

        2. That would surprise me. They’re on two different continents so even by whirlwind romance standards, that seems awfully fast. Prince Harry is a romantic, but it’s hard for me to imagine him rushing into marriage like that. Time will tell.

    5. B,
      Oh my Word!!!!!! I have thought this about men for a long time! It’s bizarre, they’ll date someone for YEARS and not commit and then: Boom! They’re ready, they date someone for 6 months and they’re engaged. Could be it, he’s ready. Although in all fairness, I think he’s been ready for a long time, but most women don’t want the (RF) baggage that comes with him. However the whole men = avocados theory, nailed it!

  50. And I may get raked over the coals for this but this is also why I think she has such a hold over him…I think she’s got a little bit of the Princess Diana “humanitarian” complex to her. There is no doubt that Di did groundbreaking, amazing things. She did. And she was genuine and had an insane emotional intelligence. But she also had a way of making things about her.

    It underscores this comment from MTR upthread:

    Ugh, don’t forget the “poverty bag”. These shenanigans won’t stop because is all about her and her “important” message to the world (shaking my head).

    1. Hmmm, interesting take on the Diana comparison. You may be on to something there. In fact, I think you are 🙂 Although I do believe that Di’s altruistic deeds came from a purer place than MM’s do. Something is stopping me from trusting her motives 100%, but my gut feelings have been all over the place on this one, so who knows.

      1. No, I doubt it, he’s just horny, like most men his age and she’s obviously been willing to accommodate him. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t read declarations of love from a public statement. It’s business for the royals.

  51. I hope PH marries MM and they live happily ever after. I dont know much about her, but I think he loves her and they can make it work! Go Harry & Megan!

    1. N.Lopez: are you a troll trying to agitate others, a teenager or do you have anything substantial to add to this conversation? It’s a serious question. Thanks. 🙂

      1. I’m behind in moderating but N. Lopez is absolutely entitled to a contradictory opinion. While I’m disappointed Meghan asked for time off from shooting to go to London, I’m still taking a wait and see approach. My opinions aren’t with the majority here which is fine. The only thing I ask is everyone be respectful of other commenters.

        1. lola: yes, but I have been the one attacked for posting a dissenting opinion in the first place. I was the one called a troll and racist. But because the poster agreed with you, it has been let go, which disappoints me. I have been a long-term, if not intermittent poster here. Others have got to know me.

          It’s your blog, your rules, I’m not vested in this. I can leave, no problems. And I might just do that. This blog had been quiet before this scandal broke. As soon as the moderation gets biased, as is the case here, I’m happy to leave.

          1. I’ve been skimming comments and apologize if I missed someone calling you a troll and racist, that violates comment policy. I don’t want anyone calling anyone a troll, that’s a personal attack. I mentioned my opinions about Meghan to illustrate that we all have different takes and that’s fine as long as we respect each other.

    2. I’m with you N. Lopez. I hope they marry quickly, have loads of royal titled babies, and she works her tail off for charity.

      1. The people who are so vested in this relationship are so obvious … trolls or Meghan’s agents, IMO. Ha, ha, never going to happen!

        1. Plenty of people are happy for Harry, there have been discussions on Twitter that some feel they are going to be harshly criticized for having a favorable opinion of Meghan on other sites so they are staying out of the conversation. I don’t want that to happen here. notasugar has been part of this community for a long time and doesn’t deserve to be accused of being a troll or secretly working for Meghan.

          1. Well, of course, she agrees with you, so … clearly I’m not valued by you, the blog owner, so this will be my last post. You can block me, no problem. I’ve got better things to do.

            The poster to whom you refer was vitriolic toward me and her posts were aggressive, without being informative.

            This blog is pretty dull, so goodbye, nothing lost. I’m a member of another forum, so if I’ll go there.

            1. I understand you’re upset because I didn’t see the post where you were also personally attacked so I get that you feel unfairly singled out. I’m not going to block you and you are welcome to return.

    1. Is your take that Em Nash is suggesting they’ve been together longer than they have? I thought she was just saying, generically, we’ve got other means of reporting, guys.

      I didn’t follow exactly what you were saying about the HIV test though I think it’s that they got together right around that time, as I’ve seen suggested elsewhere?

    1. There is a photo in the article you linked to that makes me almost ill. It’s about halfway down in the mirror article and Meghan is standing in the middle of the frame with a child behind her and a camera man to her left. And she looks like someone is about to shout and “ACTION!” And she’s in the middle of Rwanda. And then of course the photo is copyrighted The Tig. It could not be more obvious her humanitarian efforts are for publicity. I cannot stand that those children are being used as props.

      Did anyone else have this reaction???

      1. According to her blog, She arrived Jan 27,2016. She was at SAG awards with cast of Suits on Jan 30, 2016. To be fair lots of celebrities do this type of short trip to promote a charity. They don’t actually get their hands dirty. In princesses meg’s situation it was for a magazine feature. Oops did she leave that part out on her Duchess resume….. GLAM in Rwanda. barf…..

        1. Was this a charity visit or a fashion shoot? I had wondered why she had that artfully wrapped scarf when I first saw the photos. It’s as if the kids are just props. When Harry takes her to Africa he’s going to take a lot of pictures of her with the kids of Sentabale, just wait and see.

          1. It reads as part of an overall career strategy, complete with posed photos in tasteful clothes, rather than getting stuck in to help. Labels of ‘humanitarian’ or ‘philanthropist’ are thrown around too quickly these days and without without evidence of sustained, deep involvement. If it’s just 2-3 days in Rwanda plus some World Vision ambassador work (not sure what that entails in terms of substance), that’s just personal PR.

    1. b:

      lol what do you mean with “pass the salt shaker”? I never heard that expression Well PH is not that smart, everybody knows that. Therefore, pricessess Megan must be another dimwit, but you see, I don’t care… I always say that I prefer men with dark hair and eyes, google the singer Chayanne, ur welcome, plus damn… on a shallow note, PH has such dry hair, but I digress… what I do care and cant stand is FAKEY ppl and princessess Megan has plenty of it. ❤️

      1. I’ve heard “salty ” used to describe vulgar language: swearing, discussing sex, or referencing private parts. Sailors were said to have “salty” language, for instance.

    2. b, it’s not just the sex joke. He would have been very close with his beloved of the moment. I wonder if she saw these reports and got on the phone to get him to commit to coming out for Halloween. Had to get him on her turf to seal the deal, so to speak. How is she going to handle naturally flirty Harry, I can’t imagine him turning into a monk. I actually see him a bit like his grandfather.

        1. Yes, I’ve seen that one. She’s in starlet mode. Designer outfit, shows off the legs, legs crossed, arm thrown over the back, flirt with the host. Standard talk show stuff. She comes off a little nervous and that nervousness makes me like her a bit in this interview.

          This was also three years ago, don’t know if she’s still like this or more practiced cool starlet in recent interviews.

    1. I’d like to believe she would think more of herself and not play that kind of game. But you know, sometimes when someone wants something badly they’ll do just about any thing. So it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that way. Kind of a lousy way to force a commitment though.

  52. It’s unbelievable that posters can start arguments with ad hominem attacks and not be warned. This blog is not for me. And, Lola, it wouldn’t surprise me if those posters are you! You are, after all, a fantasy writer …

  53. One last thing: it’s obvious that your bias toward and affront over this woman is owing to her being American and your wanting her to marry in to the BRF. Think about your own country, its history and what it stands for. Check your own constitution. You really need a refresher course, that much is obvious. But I guess you’re caught up in the cult of celebrity yourself.

    1. I’ve enjoyed your posts, Plastic Spoon. I think the reactions here have been a case of shooting the messenger. Time will tell, though. Then again, who has time to worry too much about the rich, the beautiful and the royal?

    2. Hi, Plastic Spoon!

      I’m an American and have lately been thinking a lot about the point of monarchy. In light of the toad that is Trump, I can definitely see the value in having a politically neutral head-of-state who can somehow represent the best of my country on the global stage. The lovers and spouse of that person wil naturally be of national interest and importance — hence the attention on Diana, Camilla, Kate, Monica Lewinsky, and Michelle, to name a few.

      So I think I understand what you’ve been saying: that the royal family have standards for these spouses, that those standards include public affectations of modesty (in terms of both public demenour and sexual behavior), and attractiveness, in addition to educational and spiritual credentials.

      My only issue with the comments about Meghan’s race — not just your comments, but of many , many other people’s — is that they assume that the BRF is racist. I’m not convinced of that. I think they want to avoid drawing the attention of racists and (the older ones, particularly) might worry that they’d struggle to see a physical resemblence of the mixed-race children to the royal parent, but I think if that’s the only issue, MM would be welcomed. The role of social media, and MM’s comfort with it, is likely a bigger problem, as you mentioned. I’m not sure her acting is — her work has been quite tame, by contemporary standards — and as for her sexual experience… well, she’s probably pretty well matched to Harry. Fidelity would be the key thing.

      If I understand you correctly, you predict that the relationship will not be allowed to progress to marriage. I think that if she tones down the non-work related pr, tailors her clothing to be less Hollywood tight and revealing, and “stands by her man”, she’ll be allowed to marry in. I’m not sure she’d want to, though. Even if she decided the work would be rewarding, Harry himself might not be all that. A 69 joke? Really? Is he 15?

  54. Whatever the ultimate outcome of this relationship, I hope that it is beneficial and satisfying for them both. If it is marriage, great, as long as they both have love and respect for each other, share the same values and goals, are going into this for the right, selfless reasons, and possess the countless other attributes needed for a successful, happy marriage. And not that there will be reason to think of one as a gold-digging princess wanna be, and the other as thinking it’s time to settle down, and this is who I am with so let’s get married (aka the avocado / banana ripeness theory). While I agree that the British monarchy is a racist, elitist institution (as a whole, not necessarily as individuals), I do not see QEII or POW denying Harry permission to marry MM on the basis of her race, nationality, etc. if they truly believe she loves him, and is not in it for the title and wealth, and that they will be happy, which is what any grandparent or parent wants for their child. However, I can see them trying to dissuade him if they think MM (or any other potential bride) does not have Harry’s best interests at heart. Of course, Harry could also pull a stunt like his brother did and surprise everyone with a proposal out of left field.

    I will admit that I do not like the games being played. Honestly, they are both too old and too experienced in the public eye for that. They know how this works. When the story broke, instead of her stupid IG posts, they should have released a statement that yes, they are dating, and please respect our privacy. Maybe even a cute picture of them together so that the race to be the “first”, and all the harassment that comes with it, would be unnecessary. True, the media would not have listened, but her coy SM posts probably made the media’s reaction worse. And those staged (IMO) Whole Foods / KP pics..ugh! This leads me to believe that any publicity is good publicity as far as this woman is concerned, and that is why I cannot get on board that it isn’t all about the publicity, self-promotion, and perks for her. Which is why I cannot get 100% behind this relationship, even though she seems to be hardworking and willing to do charity work. IMO her charity work is a means to an end for her, but it is a way of royal life, and we will not see her holed up in a country mansion or taking secret vacations – she wants to be seen!

    Having said all that, I think they will get married. Will it be for the right reasons? I guess we’ll see, but I sincerely hope so.

    1. This post has attracted a lot of intense feelings. GingerMini, I agree with every point made; really well said.

      It’s the games being played that give pause for reflection. I’m irritated by the clutch of calculated moves rolled out to garner attention; they smack of both inauthenticity and immaturity. And there’s a sliver of disrespect for the actual relationship if one needs to keep drawing attention to it (actually, to oneself) so publicly.

  55. I am so thoroughly confused as to why Lola is getting bashed by Plastic Spoon. Did I miss something?

    Plastic Spoon, she puts work in so that we all have this space to ENJOY the conversation. Take a moment and then a breath, and then think about maybe taking a seat.

    I happen to agree with your skepticism on Meghan but I’m sorry to say I find your tone incredibly off-putting.

  56. In every official letter from Kensington Palace I have seen, Willy Kate & Harry are addresses as TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales. Even the one about photographing the kids. In the letter about Princess Meg it says Prince Harry. Harry is his nickname. The shade is real. Jason Knauf doesn’t get paid enough to deal with the adult daycare that is Willy, Kate & Harry’s office. Please note the comments from Richard Palmer about Prince Harry in the link. Harry is just as controlling as Will &Kate. My guess Jason is working with Meggys Pr company since being informed of the relationship. He is networking himself to a better paying less aggravating job.

  57. Lola, I can’t quote you exactly but as a stunned American who feels as though the world has gone mad, that I’m in the midst of a nightmare you provided, once again, with one word comedic gold.

    I haven’t laughed since last week, but your line about Meghan’s having dated someone prior to Harry, and then the single word, Trollop had me in stitches. Thank you.

    I’m not going to comment further because all that can be said has been, and I haven’t a clue as to where this is going.

    1. I had a chuckle over ‘trollop’ too! Also chuckle-worthy are ‘post-coital produce’ and also ‘fresh out of fucks to give’ for the hapless, fuck-free James (Yarn Princess post). Lola, your posts are beacons of joy.

    1. What are the pics of the party at Soho House because I’m hearing crazy things about blackmailing going on???

      Anyone else hearing this?

  58. According to the DM (sorry, can’t find the link now), Meghan has already left London.

    If she was only going to be there for 2 days anyway, why go when Harry was going to be busy with Remembrance Day activities? And for that matter, why not wait until “Suits” has wrapped filming, which I believe someone mentioned is the 17th, instead of making a production of asking for time off to “do something important”? That gives them the same 2 days time together before Harry leaves for his Caribbean tour.

    The timing and length of this visit, and the oh-so perfectly posed WF message bag, scream thirst to me.

      1. Thanks graymatters! Any idea which show? I would think that given the circumstances she would not want to make any tv appearances that are not part of her contract with the USA network, or “Suits”. And in light of the fact that she requested time off from filming “Suits”, it seems that this appearance was not related. But then again, she does seem to be taking full advantage of her higher profile.

        1. The issue was and is multiple stories from dozens of outlets. Most are just regurgitating somebody elses info and adding or embellishing it. There still are no pictures of them together and just a vague KP letter from Jason Knauf in which Harry acknowledged her as a girlfriend he has been in a relationship with for ” a couple months”. We know she shares a pr firm with Yorks. We know several people in Harry’s circle of friends that have clothing lines and or work in fashion houses have loaned clothing for the Suits cast wardrobes and for her photo shoots. (Violet Von Vhatever her name for example whom she was pictured hugging at Wimbledon). We know she is friends with Markus Anderson who works at Soho house. We know she went grocery shopping and stood in front of main entrance to KP. All else is speculation. :/ There is NO proof he was in Toronto with her, when or where they met, how often they have been together or if she even entered the gates at KP. Crazy huh?

          1. So what’s the insinuation? That Harry would depart from years of royal protocol and issue an official statement with the power of the palace behind it all to help a friend’s clothing line out? I am not following. I love my tinfoil hat as much as the next guy but that’s too far for me.

            Or maybe I just don’t get what the theory is?

            1. I wasn’t insinuating anything. I’m saying 99% of what is floating around as “news” is just speculation. We either all need tinfoil hats or maybe we all deserve a straight jacket for wasting time on it.

              1. Straitjacket indeed! And yet, I am with you that something just feels off.

                I think for me it’s that her actions since this whole thing broke are so incongruent with everything that Harry has ever said publicly about what he desires in a relationship. And since Harry’s the kind of chap you pull for–the lovable fuck-up, if you will–we’d rather believe that she’s the one that’s playing him or somehow “off” than to believe that Harry is just as hypocritical and full of shit as his brother. But sadly, I’m starting to conclude that that’s pretty much the case.

                Sentebale and Invictus Games are impressive (although some of my friends in the Armed Forces side eye Invictus because they think it’s all for show) but I don’t know if Harry has as much gravitas as I thought he did. He certainly runs with the celebs doesn’t he?

          2. That was the oddest part of the photos for me, her standing at the gates and no photos of her going through them. I’m pretty sure she was staying with him but it’s just odd.

      1. I believe that Kate was seen both wearing a bikini and smoking and she still married Will.

        Do women have to come from a nunnery now?

        1. Actually if she came from a nunnery, she’d be criticized as a weird religious nut. No one in their right minds would want to be a princess candidate these days. I wouldn’t pass muster by a long shot.

          1. I was sharing it to show that despite Harry/ Jason’s letter the stuff is still getting put out there. They can’t control the worldwide media. Ps I’m glad i was young,wild & crazy before everyone has a cellphone with a camera. 😉

      1. I think the photo is probably a fake, but if it is real, it means either she was hacked or someone she trusted betrayed her. To me there’s a big difference between posing nude for men’s magazines (because of all the studies I’ve read about their links to sexual assault of which I’ve been a victim) and sending a boyfriend a picture (which I’ve never done because of the risk of hacking or betrayal).

        1. That’s the thing Lola, in this day and age with the various clouds, hackers who can get pretty much wherever they want, it’s just not safe. It’s not like the old days where you could burn negatives and prints and not worry, but now once it’s out there it’s tucked away on a server somewhere just waiting to be found. Then of course there are the “friends” who want money or to get a little payback if things didn’t end well. I always shake my head when I hear that some celebrity is freaking out because their nude photos were hacked and they’re being threatened with having them released worldwide. Easiest way to avoid it is to just don’t do it!

          Of course, the ease of learning and mastering photoshop has created a whole minefield as well. You almost can’t trust any picture you see lately because something has probably been retouched in it.

    1. Okay, I’m ashamed of myself, but I clicked on the nude pic link. And (did I mention that I’m ashamed of myself?) those boobs are not the same boobs in the bikini pic. I can’t believe that I noticed — and then commented — this. Ew.

  59. begining of the end…..
    She doesn’t think MM will pop to whole foods again..lovely to see PH so happy…..Sarcasm?
    https:/ It’s not just if the RF will embrace her but does she want in RF …too many sacrifices for a strong, independent, ambitious, and accomplished young lady…… but she will take the publicity!

    1. Hi b, Sarcasm is my mother tongue, but I don’t think Emily Nash is being sarcastic. She is playing along that MM going to the Whole Foods below the Daily Mail offices was an “oopsie”. Gotta stay in the BRF’s god graces for continued access. That’s my interpretation anyway.

    2. Does these Royal Correspondents think we are stupid? Hell, yeah she will take the publicity and the GLAM shoots in Africa lol

    1. So is your take that the statement from KP was all for show? What’s quite telling to me is that it was issued while Meghan was in town. For some reason the fact that she was with Harry, hours after the story of him courting David Gandy’s model chick at the same time broke, makes me feel like he was slightly manipulated into making that statement. But whatever he’s a grown man and maybe a fraud too.

      Also, wouldn’t it be nice if we could go one day without Meghan being in the news? Here’s a recap of the last week:

      News is beginning to die down on eve of American Election. Harry, inexplicably (as far as timing anyway) releases statement last Tuesday (11/8); Meghan already in London but nevertheless on Wednesday (11/9), we get an exclusive from the Post that she’s requested time off from filming for “something important.” To meet with lawyers? To see Harry? Is she stressed? She gets a news cycle. On Thursday (11/10) she’s seen shopping in London. She gets a front page. On Friday and Saturday (11/11-11/12), will she or won’t she meet the Queen, PC, etc and attend Twickenham? Another front page and a flurry of articles. But alas on Sunday, she’s gone (11/13)! She was back to work on Monday but by Tuesday, (11/15), we learned from a “pal” via People that she is ready to give up everything, and from her brother that he can definitely see a royal wedding.

      If you seriously believe Meghan and/or someone working for her is not pushing this story, then I have some ice to sell you. I understand the tabloids print news about her because she sells but if you look at the overall pattern this has the fingerprints of a publicist all over it. It’s not too, too obvious to the regular news consumer, Meghan still has plausible deniability (“I’ve asked my friends and family to be quiet!”), and yet since the story broke, we have not gone more than two days without a new piece of news. When we were approaching that two day mark, Harry issued the statement.

      1. the halfbrother of meghan made a magazine interview and he believes there will be a royal wedding,i wonder who’s next, whose relative or close to meghan will make a magazine interview?

      2. And of course I forgot to mention that the round of Thursday-Sunday articles was right smack in the middle of the Remembrance events and then the frightful Piers Morgan endorsement on Monday (11/14)? Does anyone else find it odd that she just happened to have all this British press lined up before she bagged Harry? It’s such a convenient way for us to get to know her, eh? Quizzes on the British way of life, interviews where she had to choose between William and Harry, 90 minutes over drinks with Piers Morgan.

        FFS, this is more embarrassing than Vegas at this point.

      3. Not sure of dates but She was photographed smiling laughing in NYC with friends…..Dailymail article highlighting the fabulous Markus Anderson and his influence in making Soho great ……(cough cough. he started as a waiter…..) Then Sarah Ann Macklin article hits. Harry is known for dating discreetly but she came forward with almost identical story. (similar to Cara,Robi etc lots of people text & flirt doesn’t make it serious) Next day she is taking off work meeting with lawyers. Next day Harry released letter and ISPO addresses editors that includes a letter from Meghan’s lawyers. Next day she is seen shopping in London and “entering KP”. That gate she is seen at is not the actual entrance to the palace. It is a road that leads to Hyde Park.,_London. I wonder if he had her sign a confidentiality agreement?

      4. It has the fingerprints of PR all over it. But for a lot of the world it’s “leave them alone”, “leave the poor girl alone”, “isn’t this wonderful” blah blah blah.

        I really wish I hadn’t worked in PR so I could buy this whole fairy tale they’re pushing.

        1. Well, Lisa, if we live in a ‘post-truth’* world, then we have most definitely moved to a ‘post-fairytale’ existence. I am ‘post-caring’ about these two.

          It’s become tiresome, hasn’t it? And has turned ugly too, with nasty racist slurs. Plus Harry’s glossy reputation has been tarnished, with the public sniffing entitlement; Meghan appearing to work royal connections for professional gain. Every move is now looked at through a lens of cynicism. Bang-up job, Kruger-Cowne!

          * Today ‘post-truth’ was declared ‘2016 International Word of the Year’ by Oxford Dictionaries.

          1. “It’s become tiresome, hasn’t it? And has turned ugly too, with nasty racist slurs. Plus Harry’s glossy reputation has been tarnished, with the public sniffing entitlement; Meghan appearing to work royal connections for professional gain.”

            I went through a good deal of the comments from the latest story about him hiring a guard and the comments were overwhelmingly laughing/sneering at Harry about exactly who would pay for the guard, Harry or tax money. Then there are quite a saying he’s lost the plot and love is making him blind while others can’t understand why he can’t see where the leaks are coming from. There were a couple of slyly racist comments. By slyly I mean they weren’t using overt verbage and name calling but referred obliquely about her race.

            I did not read all of them, they started to repeat themselves after a while so there could be something horrible, but I don’t think so. I think the racist tones have definitely been tamped down either by DM moderation or people self-moderating. They are more along the lines of she’s playing him for a fool and they are losing respect for Harry.

            b., the #NotOurPrince story is very interesting. They probably won’t get a chance to do any vocal or visible protesting though. That would be shut down by someone immediately.

            1. Yes, I thought the republican feelings were well-articulated in that article (thanks b). It will be interesting to see if a significant number of people gather in protest. Cameras will be on that part of the world so an opportunity will present itself.

              Lisa, I was referring to the arc of the whole reveal of the H+M relationship re. earlier racist comments, though glad to hear that anything along those lines have mostly undergone moderation.

          2. Lisa & Kitty – Well said, and I concur! Smacks of PR, and yes, so tiresome. New (-ly public) royal romances are supposed to be fun!

            Sugars are using the fact that Meghan has been quiet on SM for a few days as proof that things are heating up, and an engagement announcement is imminent. Us Magazine (I know, I know) is reporting that William met Meghan in London over the weekend. I did not read the article to see what William thought of her, but not doubt he loves her, thinks she is amazing, intelligent and beautiful, the best thing to ever happen to Harry, and he cannot wait until she is his sister. Oh, and of course, Diana would have loooooved her!

            I have to admit that the KP/PH letter to the media is still perplexing to me. Maybe I am slow, but since it is not the usual BRF MO it seems so weird that they would go to such a length if this were not really serious. Maybe we’re supposed to be over it all and BAM! engagement announcement! Maybe I need to borrow one of Kip’s or HarrysBanana’s tin foil hats!

            1. MM was a fling. One of many he had I’m guessing. This is based on Sarah Ann, Cara etc. reports. He can fly with friends & the Yorks all over the world under the radar and party at private houses/ clubs. I don’t believe he stayed at MM house in Toronto. Too big of a security risk. I think he flew in with Bea, Jack and stayed at Soho house. She thought it was more and her PR team figured it was good for business. $$$$ When she realized he wasn’t exclusively with her. She called lawyers. The KP letter was thrown together hastly to release before ISPO & MM legal team hit first. CYA He tried to protect & defend her. Media & trolls are to blame. She either gets bigger roles/ endorsements or she gets a big under the table settlement because the racist sexist remarks hurt her earning potential from not being able to post on blog. Any role she doesn’t get wont be due to lack of talent but because of scandal..(KooStark). allegedly a friendly anonymous source might have said so lol

              1. Him staying at Soho House would make sense because as soon as the news of this hit photographers went to her house. And there was no sign of him. If he had been staying there he would have been papped leaving her home to return to London and/or they would have at least taken photos of the dark SUV’s the neighbors said were there. If anything he came over for a few hours and that’s when they saw them.

                What I find interesting is that you think she realized he was basically playing her along with other women, flipped out a bit and called her lawyers. Would part of that deal not to go nuts be the release of the statement and her visible pap stroll to DM/Whole Foods. I mean the basically standing outside the gates of KP was bizarre to me.

                This whole thing is almost becoming a Twilight Zone situation.

                1. That would also explain the bananas post because there is no way in hell he would approve that if he was there with her.

                  Stage 5 clinger? WTF-ever at this point.

                  1. But this is what I can’t figure out. She would not burn major bridges to do this. Harry works with Trudeau through his family and now Invictus. Markle is friends with Jessica Mulroney (enough so to go on vacation to Europe together, Jessica married to Ben or Brian I forget which, son of former PM) and cohost with Lainey. They all run in that group together. Markle is legit. She’s not batshit trying to get a leg up. It’s Harry who’s had us fooled all this time. We just don’t want to admit it–that he’s been full of shit and that he’s just as whiny and entitled as his brother. Full stop. End of story.

                    And it’s ok. Other than her full court press press campaign, they may be perfect for each other. Just because she likes the spotlight doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or not genuine about helping people. Harry’s a bit of a star fucker himself, and I won’t say the same about his mother because she’s passed but, well, you know.

  60. Meghan has been photographed with Andre Balazs at Soho events. Arthut Landon is dating his daughter Asseandro (spell?) for awhile. She has lots of pictures with Markus Anderson and celebrities for quite some time now. My point…… she has been familiar with the media process. She played Harry like another celebrity contact.

  61. Surely is so embarrassing for our Monarchy fame hungry media seeking and designer wear hunger … It should be stopped as its now one huge Debarcle….. Such deplorable behaviour our Monarchy should not have …..
    they are losing respect that was there with the shannigans of KM and her constant showing of her thighs in high split gowns she thinks she is on a celebrity driven jaunt not behaviour fittong of duchess … she is just plain vulgar in her behaviour
    also still cannot converse correctly. .. Doesnt know how to do a speech …at her age … still little girl lost routine after all these years …. ugh.. ghastly …

    1. Ok, I want to be very cautious about what I say here but since this is all rabid speculation, here goes: why the hell is Harry so skinny? I mean, okay, I get that he’s doing lots of yoga, wink wink, but he looks like shit to me. He was hot earlier this year.

      Anyone else wondering if something else is up??

      1. Yes! I noticed that too. He didn’t quite fill out his uniform on Remembrance Day the way he used to. I have no idea other than trying to keep up with his OTT girlfriend.

  62. I had noticed his face seemed slimmer, but I’m not sure what that would mean or how to soeculate. Do you have a theory? Stress?

  63. I think I would be less skeptical if she hadn’t started her blog and “humanitarian” stuff the same time she signed with KC in 2013. HS 2009, college 2003, Intern at Us Embassy for 3 weeks was part of a class at NWU in 2002. From 2003-2010 small walk on roles. 2011 supporting role on Suits thanks to her new husband. 2013 divorces signs with KC. Suddenly she is at One Young World events. (sponsored by KC) and USO tour. 2 day photo shoot in Rwanda for magazine and promo for charity. Alot of people have been photographed at events with politicians. Doesn’t mean they are close friends. Mulroney is a stylists who works for Truedau’s wife. Again a trip together they can write off as business expense? She maybe perfect for him. It just seems she is pushing the Duchess resume thing too much. Yess, Harry is getting skinny. I saw pictures of him playing football at Christmas last December with William and wow what a difference.

    1. So, the ‘refugee camp to runway’ claim is two days in Rwanda for a photo shoot? SMH.

      Harry and Meghan are pretenders. They have their ‘caring’ personas down pat, courtesy of PR training. Sounds like they deserve each other.

        1. Pfft! Shame the media didn’t probe these claims more closely. Since the ‘humanitarian’ work started in 2013, Meghan Markle has in three years done:
          1. A 2-day photo shoot in Rwanda for a magazine, complete with photographer in tow. And the ‘humanitarian work’ comprised…?
          2. Some World Vision work, comprising what exactly?

          That qualifies MM to self-tag as a humanitarian? Wow. How disgusting. So insulting to all those anonymous workers who work day-in, day-out for the benefit of others nationally and internationally.

            1. Further up this post, ‘b’ gives the dates of MM’s trip to Africa on behalf of World Vision as arriving 27 January 2016 and back in LA for some awards show on 30 January 2016. The trip was covered for a magazine, Hello Beautiful (see b’s post above), who sent a photographer and presumably a journalist, to cover it:
              ” Meghan does philanthropy…in style. She managed to look effortlessly cute and stylish the entire trip, while not bringing too much LA glitz and glam to the impoverished area of Rwanda. She stuck to “earth colors” – vibing in neutral tones with an hombre trend to meet the local children. In order to keep up with the kids, she wore flats…allowing her to dance joyously with them.” I’m doubly offended: the blatant personal PR, using kids as props, along with the clueless, brain-dead words masquerading as writing.

              What does MM’s philanthropic work actually comprise? I’d like to see the various ongoing initiatives named, along with dates/years, and MM’s contribution and results extrapolated upon. Detail please.

              I note in the article MM worked at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires: “In between acting, Meghan worked at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires in 2002.” But ‘b’ (above) claims that it was a 3-week internship to meet class requirements while at university. There’s a semblance of truth but it doesn’t give a clear and accurate account. I object to misinformation being force-fed to us. In our ‘fake news’ environment we have a duty to call it out for what it is.

              1. Whoever said “post-truth” upthread was spot on. Thanks for recapping all that, Kitty.

                And, as b says below, it is interesting how really no one cares anymore. I read KMR, and she did a survey today asking what people wanted as far as coverage of Meghan and Harry, and everyone was more or less, “meh.”

                If she left her chef boyfriend of two years for Harry, wonder why he hasn’t talked? I read somewhere he was about to but I haven’t seen anything crop up. Radar is reporting skinny dipping pics with her ex husband but I’m not sure I believe it.

                Also, is it possible all this was a diversion to get the massive renovation of Buck Palace paid for by taxpayers? Didn’t that just get announced today? Would that have been going on behind the scenes so BRF let this out to divert the press corp and sweeten them up so they didn’t make a stink? I don’t know how all that works as far as who,pays for what so I don’t know how big a deal it is….

                1. I’m the ‘post-truther’, lol. And in the interest of fairness and accuracy ‘b’ did the leg work, all found above.

                  Buck Palace has been falling over for years. Money for repairs has been given to the Queen for decades, yet this money she has diverted these funds for personal concerns. Big mistake giving it to her year in, year out with no accountability. Clearly, successive governments are too timid to demand it of her. Should have been directed to a government agency. The Brits are paying for this twice over: once through decades of money diverted elsewhere, and now. The media should be all over it but I guess the Establishment owns their balls.

                  Not sure Harry’s ‘lurv life’ is a foil to this. He’s a dim lad with pots of dosh and influence. Interesting to see pro-Harry people (myself included) re-think their assessment of him, not because of his choice of partner, but due to the entitled number he pulled. The more scrutiny he’s put under, the more I wonder what he does with the majority of his publicly paid time. Not much by the look of it.

            2. Also the one young World events are organised &funded by SURPRISE Kruger Cowne She attended 2014 iin Ireland & 2016 in Ottawa. That’s where pics with Canadian PM and others were from. Google for yourself and you will see alot of KC celebrities were there lol I’m over it.

              1. Okay, got it: all for show.

                Kruger-Cowne sets up umbrella philanthropic initiatives and feeds their clients into them for PR purposes. They are in complete control of the PR roll-out.

          1. I don’t know MM clearly, but people who do charity typically don’t shout it from afar. There is no need to, those that want others and the world to know about their great deeds, are in need of a few side eyes. The feed bag she has while prancing around London was tasteless and smelled foul. Harry is either using this daft girl as cover for something, or is incredibly stupid himself. I always thought better of Harry actually, until now.

            1. Agreed, Alex. Millions of people offer time, expertise and their own money on a regular basis to ease the lives of others (people and animals). No need to shout it to the rooftops.

              I’ve liked Harry’s empathy which I think is genuine. But he is largely idle, able to faff around the world under the radar and party with the beautiful people. He has too much, does too little and not accountable for either.

  64. She is Asked the question “What would you do if you only had 10$ in your pocket” Her answer is ” I would give it to someone who needs it more than I do. ” Errrrrmmmmmm then why if you are allegedly worth millions didn’t you help your 72 year old father who put you through college………

    1. That is the pat answer that every ‘wanna be seen as a do-gooder’ starlet gives. I have given a panhandler the last cash I had on me (he had a dog), and I guarantee that some of you have done / would have done the same. But, I knew that the next cash in my pocket was a close as the nearest ATM. The implication here is that MM wants us to believe that she would give away her last $10.00 and I simply do not believe that.

    1. But, but, the press is reporting that William loves her, Charles was “charmed” by her, and Kate says she’s a “keeper”.

      I haven’t rolled my eyes this much since I was 15!

  65. Funny how the UK press has gotten quiet since Prince Charles returned home. Oh and in spite of all the efforts of her pr team and fan clubs on twitter & insta, the most popular of her posts have only gotten 50k likes an a few hundred comments. Even with the media blitz and the initial interest, it seems most folks are not paying attention. Other than the Harry blogs/tumblrs and a few gossip sites (like our lovable Lola) who are mostly questioning the wonky details, seems the vast majority just don’t care. Sparkles must be devastated. I doubt we will ever get a straight story line.

  66. Some on Royaldish forum (their brother i think) went to Northwestern. She said they don’t have a stand alone major in international relations program its part of the communication degree. She posted links to the university website even. another sparkly embellishment?

  67. To be fair, not necessarily. International Studies (located in Arts and Sciences) is an adjunct major, and not a degree awarded in its own right. So, in MM’s case, Theatre (located in the School of Communication) was her major, with IS added to effectively give two majors, if I am reading it right. The IS program offers rich opportunities to perform public service.

    The humanitarian angle to her résumé appears to have been built when signed with Kruger-Cowne, some ten plus years after graduation. Is there evidence of charity work in that decade? My beef is with trading as a philanthropist or humanitarian for personal gain when the evidence is tenuous.

  68. SCOOP. remember my friend’s thoughts about people take vacation pics and selfies and post them after they get home/ emnash tweet don’t use instagram as accurate timeline. Welllllllll. MM & Chef Cory Vittiello took a vacation to Mexico .Folks said Mm & PH couldn’t have met May 2nd or 3rd because she posted pics on days Harry was in Toronto & that they met 6/29 @ Soho (instead of dating/practicing yoga moves that week). Also In August…Suits was on Hiatus. She was a bridesmaid in wedding first week and then allegedly spent next 3 weeks in Spain & Italy With friends. He was at AIDS conference 7/21 and at 500 elephant project 7/27_8/17. per Nobdy saw him again till 9/5………Were they together somewhere those last weeks of August? Well the SCOOP is Chef Cory Vittiello prepared a private dinner for PH, Trudeaus, Mulroneys & other big wigs during his visit in Toronto. MM met Harry at the dinner via Cory. She gave him her phone number under the gise she was willing to help with Invictus Games. He started texting her and well….bye bye chef Cory. All stories agree Chef &MM broke up mid May….. That’s why they have fought to keep their back story out of papers. She was still very much in a Civil union with him. A civil union in Canada is like a common law marriage. If this is true it would explain her being so upset he was dating Sarah Ann in July too. She thought he was pursuing her exclusively. Setting up secret rendezvous etc. When she found out they weren’t exclusive she blew a gasket. Asked for time off work, visited lawyer who prompted KP letter and ISPO complaint which included letter from her legal team. Allegedly a source close said maybe might have….CYA lol.

    1. b:

      The chef is a hottie, much more handsome than PH lol which proves oh, how so much he wants to be Kate’s bestie lol

    2. So basically she pursued him initially, when he responded she dumped Cory for him after being with him in a civil union for two years?


  69. Another same crap different day….. Camilla. the reporter who “broke” the original story line has a new article. MM was in Dublin on Tuesday not with Harry & or lawyers…..except. the picture she is basing her story on was taken during The One Young World conference in Dublin 2014. So one of two things, CT is just reporting what is fed to her without checking. (is she that dumb). orrrrrrr she knows it but her “source” wants to draw more attention to MMs charity work (cough gag). She know folk are watching Caribbean tour news. She might correct it but folks will go look at it. Also the rumor about the golfer showed up about the same time. Seems like her pr team have a habit of creating dating gossip to draw attention to her. I love the comment “I didn’t know MM was a world leader” oh the salt……. this is not a new game she is running on PH. To be fair, Harrys game on her wasn’t new either. I think they might just deserve each other after all. I’m not going to post the vids of her at OYW in Dublin. why same crap different day……..

    1. Camilla Tominey didn’t write that story. She denied It on Twitter and had the error corrected. It now has a different persons byline on it. Talk about reaching and trying to stir things up. Geez, what’s going to happen if they show up together…lol

      1. Ohhh Reeeeaaaaalllyyyyyy, Pleeaaaase! Talk about CYA. oh and the “mistake” just draws more attention to her PR firm charity, One Young World performances oops I mean appearances ooops i mean volunteer work. Unfortunatly it also draws attention to her pr driven romance with the golfer too.

        1. Ms. Tominey said she is out of town. I think she’s on vacation and doesn’t understand why it was posted under her name. Right now she’s 2 for 2 with this story so she may not want to have her credibility dinged by this stupid story. Either way it’s beginning to smack of desperation to keep something in the media.

          I was checking her on the UN ambassadors page and I was curious how many people on there may be represented by the same PR firm. Honestly, I haven’t heard of most of the people who are UN ambassadors. I guess I’m living a very sheltered life.

  70. Cory Vitiello was the “star”. He was on City’s best dresses list. He was on a Food Network show. He was a member at Toronto Soho House from it’s opening. ” Cory was there with CTV fashion plate Mary Kitchen”. WHAT not Meghan? This was Oct 29 2012. It does mention Marcus Anderson(MM BFF) as being in charge of membership. She was still married to her first husband until 8/2013. So when did she meet Cory and Marcus? 🙂

  71. The pictures are taken by EPress hmmmm oops no product placement except shoes. redo. Includes better coat & coffee machine featured on blog. Oh and shows her at OYW events again. SMH all on on first day of PH tour…..just like pap stroll during Remembrance day event. How is anyone fooled by this stuff?

    1. For me, the letter from KP where Harry called Meghan his girlfriend of a few months makes a relationship believable, at least at one time. Many people think Meghan is a breath of fresh air and just what the BRF needs, however, people thought that about Diana and Fergie, and look how that turned out. IMO, the fact that she seems to be a fame-heaux taking full advantage of a high profile (supposed?) romance, indicates that she will not fit in in the BRF. They want conformity in behavior.

      My Yahoo feed had a headline the the queen approves of the PH/MM romance. Dummy me clicked on it, and it was about Elizabeth Hurley who evidently plays the queen on a show on the E! network. That says it all to me – misleading click bait headlines, old pics being used as proof of anything and everything, “sources”…SMH

      1. I agree with the first para.

        PRINCE HARRY, KP Officially confirmed The Prince relationship, if most of us are in still in denial when Meghan casually existed enter Kensington {BRF) Palace. Granted Jason did an awful petulant Willnot, the secretive hater of the British media and the people ( who dare to demand his taxpayer funded life whereabouts, and he and his lazy middleton do more for the luxury perks middleton family receive); with the letter attacking the media – a total opposite to Prince Henry’s regard, respect and appreciation with his people through the British and global media. Seem Meghan is there and staying!

        At least we will get a hard working, dedicated to Prince Henry, his charities and duties – another asset to HM the people/BRF for good og UK GB and the CW- and MM continues in regal Princess Henry style, take notes from Princess Anne, Countess Sophie and the other BRF, marry in Princess and Queens of EU (Princess Sofia Sweden, the latest with similar path to marry in).

  72. KP confirmed a relationship of a few months. Nothing that it was serious or she was staying at the palace. I trust the source of the scoop. They worked as a bartender in Toronto for years, got married in June and move near spouses home. They said Cory was (kinda) like Emerill Legasse in NO. He was well known &liked around the city esp by people who have worked for him. He dated a few models & tv personalities. They remembered when MM moved in with him “after a few dates” and when they broke up in May. They said noone thought HE cheated. He even let her keep the apartment and kept paying rent till end of year when lease runs out. It wasn’t till after the news of PH broke that they & their friends still in Toronto put the timing of dinner etc together and had the OH WOW moment. PH arrived Sunday 5/1. Did pr for invictus 5/2 and flew to FL 5/3. The dinner was private with bigwigs and Cory was” celebrity chef” if you will Sunday evening. That’s when Meghan gave Harry her phone number to help with IG promotion. When & where they hooked up in the last few months really is nothing but speculation on all of our parts. He has lots of wealth friends that travel and he/ she could fly privately with them (like Eugenie and Bea are famous for). She was photographed in NYC laughing smiling with friends a week after the leak with plenty of trolling remarks and comments on dozens of stories. She didn’t seem upset until the Sarah Ann story broke. Then she is suddenly so concerned about the comments (which by her own interviews given PreHarry she had dealt with before) she has to take time off work and get legal team involved? Crazy…… allegedly

    1. Your scoops timeline seems pretty accurate to me. But the whole things is like a cave full of bats swarming around your head. It’s pretty much duck and cover until another one swoops on you.

  73. Another day,another rumor…..If MM left London as Camilla T. reported on Thurs Nov 10 (after being accidentally photographed by DM) why wasn’t she photographed filming for Suits between then and when it wrapped up Thursday Nov17? She made new social media posts 11/18. Why was MM only photographed arriving Saturday with her posting herself that they wrapped up at 5:30 am? Rumor is she was with Harry all of last 2 weeks She flew out of NYC after her lunch with friends. Noone was supposed to know she was there at all and we wouldn’t have if annoyed production workers hadn’t leaked to Page 6, AND she hadn’t done her pap stroll (narccist behavior is like an addiction she needed a hit). She was with PH when Sarah Ann story hit and well we know the rest. While with Harry her personal posting is off limits. Once back in Toronto on Friday 18 she started posting again. Rumor is from crew/ staff in Toronto who had to work over the weekend to finish her scenes. HER scenes were all that were shot Saturday. All else was completed. allegedly maybe cause a source close to told a friend SMH

  74. I suspect that once Harry has spent time with his family over Christmas this relationship will be over…. as much as he is his own man I believe he appreciates and understands his families (all apart from Willnot & Cannot) advice.
    Also, interesting that (and I hate to go back to her but I really do suspect she and Harry will end up back together), Chelsy is also beginning to do a lot more Charitable/Humanitarian work and has recently taken part in a UN Women In Business event

  75. b:

    It takes two to tango, that radar article (ugh) like I said they deserve their cheating souls and for the record, I have a few men propose to me while I was study abroad in England, one of them idk how the hell he got my phone number and started text me BUT Im in love with my bb and out of respect of our relationship its like of course im gonna “delete” those losers.

  76. Bullsh#t meter off the chart with this one. ok this “new” article is regurgitating this post hmmmm So she was born 1981. She would be 11 in 1992. She said in Tig post it was an Ivory liquid commercial. hmmmmm. none say anything about women in kitchen. hmmmm. those battles were fought in the 1970s. SHE WASN’T BORN YET! I’ve already shared in another post she only spent 2 days in Rwanda (per her own blog posts) to do a magazine photoshoot and promo video. SMH.

    1. That Elle article should be sub-titled “My Method to Nab Harry”

      “Look at me and my good works!!!!! Oh and Africa – love it (coincidentally just like a certain ginger prince) And I was raised to be a citizen of the world, so even though I am an American, I can seamlessly fit in in the UK. And I speak to Pakistani parliament members, so state occasions will be no problem. But only if leftover food is donated! And glamour events – necessary evil, but sigh I will muddle through – cause I hate celebrities other than Madeline Albright & Ban Ki-moon. And I was instrumental in getting a misogynist dishwashing soap ad changed when I was a pre-teen”. UGH, UGH, UGH!!!!

      I am quite sure that neither Gloria Allred nor Hillary Clinton saw her letters regarding the dishwashing soap campaign (if true). I can remember looking at my mom’s medical school class photo (from the 60s) as a little girl (around the time MM was born), and asking why there were only 3 women. So though there is still a huge gender equality gap these 35 years later, even then I knew that women could accomplish just about anything, and not be relegated to the kitchen washing greasy pans.

      I was also raised with a sense of duty to help whomever, wherever, and whenever I can. And I do. But she sounds so made for PR and pretentious, that I find myself questioning her motives. If there is anything I can’t stand, it is fakeness, and I just can’t shake the feeling that her good works are all publicity-driven. And I hate that I feel this way.

      1. I feel the same regarding her so called do good charity work.
        My eyes are sore from all the rolling. Sheesh. I am involved in a particular charity that I’ve been part of for years now, and I can tell you the only ones who know about it, are those that live under my roof. Close friends and others are completely unaware. If one is in the spotlight (Royal family), it’s a given with charity. Yet as an unknown to some extent, and come out guns blazing about their charitable side, seems disingenuous. Add her family and their happiness to share baby pictures hasn’t done MM any favours IMO.

  77. I’m feeling at risk of falling into a diabetic coma with all that sweetness emanating from MM. Her writing/PR is just too-self-serving.

    1. If there is an engagement/wedding, no media wants to be on the BRF’s sh!t list and miss out on press releases, ‘scoops’, etc. The BRF most definitely plays favorites where the media is concerned.

      And if there is an engagement/wedding, no sprucing up of her CV will be necessary as with Waity and Sofia H. MM’s already done that with these self-serving articles, interviews, and SM posts.

  78. She always tell her dishwashing soap story, see other interviews zzzzzzzzz Honey, take a seat, ur not the first woman or teen calling out sexism.

  79. The best part about that article is how it was oh so hard for her to “reconcile Hollywood fame.” She didn’t have any before Harry since no one had ever even heard of her!

  80. It’s beyond parody at this point. I am laughing my ass off at what her sister–the one who originally called her a social climber—told E news.

    “She’s got the eloquence of a Condoleezza Rice, and the grace of Princess Diana,” Samantha told ET exclusively about Meghan. “She’s not wild, she’s not garish, she’s not a partier. She’s just very beautiful and conservative, very real, very giving. She’s just a peaceful person.”

    “At a young age, she was thrust into this position of requiring her to be articulate and graceful and worldly and mature,” she continued. “She’s definitely strong enough to embrace gracefully whatever challenges come her way.”

    1. Someone wants to make sure she gets invited to the wedding!

      Happy (American) Thanksgiving! I am thankful for Lola and her wonderful writing on this wonderful blog, and everyone who posts.

  81. Well, this woman is really campaigning for her next role as either princess of a (hopefully) soon-to-be-defunct monarchy, or leveraging her new-found fame into another acting role if the Harry relationship turns to custard. Harry’s a player, Meghan’s a player; meh, they deserve each other. At least they won’t contaminate two other lives. You’d have to be pretty gullible to believe the schlock being peddled. But it’s a kind of voyeuristic fun to see it unfold, to see ginger boy reeled in. Fast forward to post-wedding, and watch the smile disappear when MM realises she has to play second fiddle to The Golden Prince and Princess, shut the f up, and transition to the matronly dress of royal wives. Life over.

  82. Happy Thanksgiving! As i said from the start, about 100 posts back lol, It reeks of Kartrashian style PR. Remember Kim getting Robbed in Paris? At first you feel sorry for her, then people look at little closer at the dozens of conflicting stories and go WTH? Now Kanye is hospitalized for a breakdown……but wait he has insurance to cover the cost of canceled concerts if he can’t physically perform. So is it real or another scam? Oh and your a bad person or racist if you question it? Crazy. Anyways I renew my prediction that IF they are a couple, Chris Jackson will get the first picture. He was in UAE with C&C then with Will in Hanoi. Now with Harry. He is an insider as he is engaged to Kate’s assistant/ stylist. Ok back to cooking. 🙂

    1. So b, I just went back through a lot of your comments to read your scoops and I’m on board. And also you’re awesome for being so on top of it!! Someone cut and pasted you onto royal dish;). Here’s my question: if after the Sarah Ann story broke she hustled to London and got lawyers involved (hence the KP statement), would that not put Harry off a little? Would he really want her to stay around for another week? Is that just a hunch of yours or did you hear that from your source that she was actually there until the 17th? I guess if he’s as smitten as everyone says then maybe that doesn’t seem heavy handed to him but do we think he is as blinded at this point? And was he ever if he was seeing someone else?

      Maybe it’s possible that they really clicked and picked up in August and when the Sarah Ann story came out, he issued the KP statement as an “I’m sorry I did that in the beginning but things are really great now.”

      On the one hand I’m embarrassed how much time I’ve spent on this. On the other hand, it’s the most fun conspiracy theorizing ever!

    2. Wait, that was her in the Jeep commercial??? Looks like a different person. Fuller face, the teeth are different, so is the nose…it’s weird.

  83. Princess Meg posted a Thanksgiving picture captioned Thankful for these 2gems who brought me into this world… picture of 2 hands passing food……hmmm I thought her Dad “decamped to Mexico without leaving a fowarding address or phone number to avoid creditors after filing bankruptcy”? SMH.
    to Hbanana; the bartender who worked in Toronto and still has friends there said she didn’t arrive back on set till Saturday 11/19. Crew spent most of day/ night just doing her scenes to wrap up shooting. Where she was nobody knows. The quess was she left London same time Harry left for tour. I have no idea why this story held my interest. Most times I skim over the news but this story is just crazy. If KP hadn’t put out the letter, we still would have ZERO evidence that they even know each other. Camilla T. had an “anonymous source” in her original scoop. Untrustworthy estranged family members giving flip floppy statements…….It’s nuts. We can all wear our tinfoil hats, matching beaded bracelets & straightjackets to the wedding. 😉

  84. b:

    Thanks for the scoop! About ur last link, oh, Princess Megan, if only can you take ownership of your cheating ways, then I will respect you more?

  85. Did he do that to send a secret message to Meghan? He is a CHILD. I just cannot with this kid anymore. I’m so embarrassed for him. My God, they had to cut the ships communications for him and now he’s sending fucking bananagrams via a Getty photographer. This! After starting an affair with a woman in a common law marriage at a dinner given to him by the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA. But great job backlogging the instagram guys. These boys do not give shit about their grandmother or about the tax payers. I cannot even comprehend the total disrespect and lack of judgement for their elders. Do they not comprehend this will all come flooding out once HM passes?

    I think the banana love note is probably a “stay strong” signal since the DM just release KP’s first attempt to wrangle Harry out of this mess.

    Funny how Harry thinks he can’t find a girl because of the burden of his life. Harry, you can’t find a girl because you have no concept how to be a fucking man. Which is precisely why 35 year old new age cliche posting actresses are right up your alley.

    1. Hahahaha HarrysBanana you cracked me up. Yasss to the “new age posting messages” hahahaha so cliche like her Hallmark movie

  86. If Harry is serious about his privacy, the last piece of fruit he should be picking up in front of a photographer is a banana. And particularly so if KP may be trying to extricate him from a messy statement either written in the heat of lust and/or encouragement from MM. The lad is a goose, he really is.

  87. I’m trying to figure out what level of histrionics were involved to actually allow her to work on an official statement from Kensington Palace at Harry’s request.

    She must have them in a jar on her mantle. That’s the only reason I can accept at this point.

  88. Princess Meg took a selfie with another actress I had never heard of last night while out drinking in Los Angeles …….turns out the actress is Deepak Chopra’s daughter. He is a new age guru from India. SURPRISE! Meg is going to India for two weeks for a photo shoot oops I mean a vacation oops I mean a humanitarian charity trip in January. No signs of stress or fear from the public or paparazzi on her face lol. Funny thing is even with all the noise and acticles online and in the magazines, Her posts are only getting 10/30k likes. The best was the Thanksgiving turkey at 75k which may be attributed to the holiday/foodie nature of the pic and not her celebrity. Even worse are the the tig instagram and Twitter posts. Some are barely getting a couple hundred likes. It’s the same for Harry’s tour pics If it wasn’t for the reporters chatting back and forth and a few Harry promoters (street team? paid?) & reblogging each other there would be almost no attention by the public beyond the initial curiosity that he had a gf. I still don’t get the need for the KP letter. Jimmy Fallon has a routine where he has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves on the show. It’s hilarious! So is Jason Knauf and Krueger Cowne geniuses or fools? They got the Hiddleswift attention but at what cost?

      1. I have noticed the number of likes and general buzz about his tour is very low on Twitter right now. His last tour there were tweets and retweets and cooing over Harry. Now it’s like a dead zone out there.

    1. Don’t know if it was already mentioned, Priyanka isn’t related to Deepak. Her father died a while back, fyi.

      Enjoy reading your posts btw 🙂

  89. Its apparent the Press in the UK have had enough! They normally have Harry’s tours at the top on their online websites but the current reports are barely registering half way down their home page. I think this is a turning point for him – since the KP statement he has lost an awful lot of support from the general public in the UK…you can see the change in the comments sections alone.
    What, however, does give me hope, is that Harry in time, can see where he has gone wrong in the past. The Nazi Uniform, the Strip Billards in LA, to name a few were deeply embarrassing for him, but he earned a lot of respect from the general public for the fact that he understood post event that he had made a mistake.
    He will probably be advised that he is the key to the monarchy surviving whilst with the family over Christmas and to delete this woman from his life as soon as possible in order to maintain the survival.

      1. Hi Mina, I am not Melinda, but I think I understand her comment about Harry being the key to the British monarchy surviving. Yes, William’s heirs are the literal reason, but Harry has been, in recent years, the member of his generation to keep the monarchy in good graces. William and Kate do the bare minimum that is required of them, and I do not believe for half a second that they do secret trips to visit charities (except for that one visit by Waity that KP made sure was reported on after the fact…smdh). The fact that when they do venture out of their compound all media attention is on them is proof – witness the Duke of Westminster’s memorial yesterday. Headlines that they led the BRF, when Charles & Camilla were there, video of them arriving & leaving the church; it goes on. Harry is the one with the Diana “it” factor, while neither is brother nor sister-in-law have it. It’s painfully obvious, and the media needs to stop trying to make it happen.

  90. Was this whole thing just a cover/distraction from a bigger story? scroll way down……down to the cute turtle pics……”Royal StLucia Turf Club a $$ 2.2 BILLION investment will include a racetrack, casino & resort”……remember Balamoral Estate and QE race horses are NOT part of the crown estate. John Warren (his kids Jake n Suzanne are friends with H &W) is mentioned in the article. He manages QE race horse business. This event was “added” as in not officially on the calendar ahead of time. lol These investments will fund W&H lifestyle long after the monarchy ends. Neither Willy nor Harry want the responsibilities of their grandparents. They like the celebrity life. SMH. Grand sense of entitlement no sense of responsibility. I think I’m done wasting my time on this BS.


      1. I’m with MTR, b! I enjoy your posts very much, and you have definitely given me another side of the story to consider.

    1. If they didn’t want the attention on the development, they wouldn’t have invited Harry for the sod turning ceremony. John Warren was invited in his role as chairman of international racing thingy. There’s no obvious connection to HM. If she’s invested in the project, she’s done so quietly, and as one of many investors. I expect she’d approve, though, as it would give her horses another place to race.

      As far as the conservation angle goes… that’s always an issue with any development. This one seems relatively low impact, in that it won’t be generating toxic waste. I imagine the voters of St. Lucia discussed the issue at length before selling the land at cut-rate prices to support this(job generating) deal.

  91. Don your tin foil hats, guys and girls!

    Did anyone read about Harry’s ship breaking down in the Caribbean? The DM had this curious article about how he slept at a non disclosed location, which was private and then they put in one line like “his girlfriend posted on IG yesterday from LA suggesting she couldn’t have joined him” but we all know that’s total bullshit and that you can fudge IG. The only thing that could make me love this story more is if they were ballsy enough to attempt a rendezvous during a tour. Omg the drama!

    But wouldn’t it maybe account for the flurry of posts from her which they know will get reported now….everyone’s been saying oh this must mean she’s on the way out but what if she did that to distract from what she’s really up to. I’m seriously giddy at this conspiracy. Someone help me.

  92. So will the new poster child Harry speak up against racism and sexism……will feminist Princess Meg? My guess is no. Only when it “suits them” and doesn’t involve an entertainer.

    Someone shared on another blog or tumblr (sorry I don’t recall if somebody knows please give credit) that in the beginning of the situation Will, Harry & Cathrine could have issued a statement (KP office) addressing the cyberbulling. It was a perfect opportunity under the heads together/antibulling banner to say something along the lines of we (all 3) have concerns over the racist sexist undertones regarding Miss Markle. Blah blah blah why it’s bad & cited research etc without all the girlfriend/mummy sad can’t protect unprofessional nonsense.

    Hbanana: It was reported by Richard Palmer that John Warren was there so others may have been too.

  93. b:

    But that’s their go to: “girlfriend/mummy sad”, even Kate all of her SWF ling Diana. Princess Meg is a feminist? Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha Sure 😛

    1. Now now MTR. she said she was a feminist in her story about the dish soap during her speech at the UN……so it must be true…….I’ll bet she told the reporters and photographers that broke in to her house about her feminist virtues too. 😉

  94. This is from Richard Palmer who is on tour with H….”sources close to the couple say that after 3 months of fun dating & friendship followed by a couple of months of intense passion theres is a serious relationship that could result in marriage”????? those that work for H won’t comment but they know (the relationship) has awakened public and media interest in him enabling him to get his message across to more people worldwide…. Sooooo been f@@#buddies couple months and ready to marry….oh and he’s sooooo mature and ready to work full time as a royal……his pr person i mean paid reporter said so. Sigh..sounds like CYA. cover overlap with chef, cover rumours they spent time together in August. So how many times in September n October did they fly back & forth?

  95. Richard P is such a snooze fest zzzzzzz and b, don’t you know? been f@@#buddies gives you super powers 😛 like finally working full time (yeah, rite) but in all seriousness ask Princess Meg, she will tell you all about her IG super powers 😛 lol lol

  96. She graduated college in 2003. What did she do till 2011? NOTHING! She married the producer who got her the suits job in 2011.. She met Chef Vittello 2013 divorced husband and became a foodie. Markus Anderson got her into SOHO house to mingle. She hired Kruger who made her a pro blogger/humanitarian in 2014. In 2016 meets Harry and in 3weeks goes from DList usa actress to “a glamorous star” (quote from Richard Palmer’s article.) 2017 she might be a Duchess????? From the beginning I said it was PR for Harry’s tour and Invictus. Is it possible Jason Knauf contacted pr firms advertising for someone to fill the “Girl friend role”?Being biracial & living in Toronto where IG 2017 will be held made her a good choice. Her profile goes up. He gets good press after inital negativity. The fact that he got a few boinks out of the deal just shows her pattern of sleeping up the ladder. The Yorks and others in that circle use Kruger Cowne and similar pr firms and techniques. Look at Taylor Swift’s whole girlsquad (including Cara Devowhateverherlastnameis was seen coming out of TS apartment in NYC) & Hiddlswift romance for example, now he’s a humanitarian in Africa too. Oh and seen with Deepak daughter too. Also here is a link talking about hiring firms to help you create a pro blog. The timing and layout is just too Hollywood/kartrashian to be believed. I could be wrong and they may live happily ever after with 10 babies lol…….or they part as friends like Chelsy & Cressida after milking as many stories as possible from it of course. The reporters and photographers go along with it because ultimately it’s about making money not journalism anymore.

  97. This MM is definitely not BRF material
    she is constantly in the media spotlight showing off her body and in model poses… she is divorcee and brash and has been around the block according to media reports also unsuitability is her constantly in nude bedroom scenes in suits
    this is not tasteful. .. also do want PH to be happy as he deserves happiness but not at the cost of people in U.K..
    this will end in tears as MM constantly fame seeking not what conservative BRF acts ..if she is allowed to infiltrate ranks of BRF then we should definitely have a republic and let the celebrity wannabees get out and get a proper job .. also with the marriage happening in a few months we will have a reality star in the BRF relation wise and this is beyond vulgar for the esteem of our historic Monarchy.. The Queen should be putting a stop to all this nonsense that is happening before us for the sake of our United
    Kingdom …and our heritage

  98. So 100+ pictures of PH with Rihanna, not one comment about the racial or sexist undertones in her lyrics and videos and almost no mention of this intelligent young woman who is a teacher and conservationist…. Jamilla Sealy who won the award. why am I not surprized? Also the “journalist” who broke the story flew in just for the last few days of the tour and get exclusive interview with PH????? Anybody have any doubts this was a pr stunt? At least they are bringing attention to HIV testing……

  99. forgot to mention that if i were one of the reporters or photographers that had been following him around the last 2weeks in the heat and the rain not to mention putting up with the travel mishaps they have had. for example. only to be cut out of the interview done by the person who breached Harry &Megs privacy to being with. I’d be ticked!

  100. If things don’t work out between Horny oops I men Harry and Sparky Malarky, maybe they can find their soul mates here. sorry its just too funny to pass up. on another note, I didn’t realize how many articles pre H&M there are out there on Markus Anderson. He has been very involved on Soho house worldwide. Also interesting to note how many times they mention discretion and privacy as the key to their elete membership. Wonder what the members think of MM?

  101. Hi all. I’ve been reading your comments for weeks and hope it’s OK to join in. (This post may be loooooooong. Soz!)

    First off….Meghan is VERY pretty, IMO. In certain pics she has a very appealing freshness to her face…quite youthful. But I am really appalled at the people (largely women) all over the internet who think this alone makes her “perfect princess material”. Really? In what century? Not this one, I hope.

    Also, the issue of whether she’s right for Harry is up to Harry – and precisely no one else. Personally, I think she’s probably perfect for him as they seem to be as dim and image-conscious as each other.

    I am no longer in the “Harry, regular bloke with a title” camp. Haven’t been for a while. I think he’s crass, childish and extremely entitled. Where is his job? I realise that William’s efforts in this regard have not been exactly stirling, but at least he’s tried. Harry has refused many jobs that he’s been offered presumably because it would cut into the time he wishes to spend flying the world shagging z listers. With, of course, a couple of publicly funded police officers who need flights, food and accommodation paid for too.

    But what really put me off him was the nipple pinch. Don’t care that the guy laughed it off, and I won’t accept “it was playful” as an excuse. Anyone else doing that could have been arrested for sexual assault. Pinching someone’s nipple uninvited would normally be a crime. How dare that over-privileged oaf encroach on someone’s personal space like that?

    (In the interests of full disclosure, it also increased the volume of my pinging gaydar that’s been soft but definite re:PH for a while now. But that’s btp).

    So, MM may be perfect for Harry, she may not. Don’t know and don’t care since I don’t actually know either of them.

    But perfect for the Royal Family is another matter. Bearing in mind that being a working royal is not a lifestyle choice, it’s a duty. And the duty is to represent The Queen…who represents us, the people of the UK. They are supposed to highlight issues for the benefit of others and to set some sort of good example in terms of how they live etc. Yes, I know…they frequently fail that that, but that’s what they SHOULD be striving for, otherwise what exactly is the point of them?

    So, regarding La Markle: One of my favourite sayings is, “When someone tells you who they are, listen”. This woman has been desperately telling anyone that she can get to pay attention EXACTLY who she is for a good couple of years. Based entirely on her Tig articles, Twitter and IG she certainly seems to be:

    * Extremely vain – all of her pictures are airbrushed, sometimes to the degree that they don’t look much like her anymore

    * Pretentious and boastful

    * Morally corrupt enough to consider it in any way acceptable to take a fashion photography crew with her on a “humanitarian” trip

    * Capable of embellishing history to suit her image (she’s given the impression very clearly that she had a career in an embassy…she didn’t)

    * Very, very fond of the publicity she’s gotten because of Harry…there is simply no other explanation for the banana/tea pot pics

    She also can’t act to save her life and writes like a gushy 14 year old.

    I think she’s awful but entirely typical of the sort of egomaniacal idiots that the entertainment industry regularly inflicts on the rest of us.

    I have little doubt that Harry is lost in lust and can’t see straight, let alone think, currently. He strikes me as an immature prat who’ll believe whatever self-promoting nonsense she’s spouting in between the “intensely passionate” shagfests.

    But she has one big problem, I think…his family. I don’t think that they’d support him in marrying anyone that he’s only been dating a short while. Even someone “suitable” (whatever that means) would probably have to have been in his life for at least a year before they’d sign off.

    What this means is that there’s plenty of time for the real MM to show through. The high maintenance, demanding, shallow show-off that the rest of us can see WILL reveal herself. And if Harry still marries her then he only has himself to blame when she walks of with his millions as a divorce settlement.

    Obviously all my own opinion 🙂

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