2016 Diplomatic Reception

Tonight was the Diplomatic Reception held at Buckingham Palace and while normally royal watchers just get the backseat Bentley shots, this year a formal portrait was taken of the three generations of the British Monarchy.


The Queen is wearing the Royal Family Orders of King George VI and King George V, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince William are in the Order of the Garter, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is wearing the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II and Kate looks like a little kid who wandered into the shot, still with no royal order and her crotch clutching preserved for posterity.  Poor Kate, always in some state of disorder.

The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II is an honor bestowed on female members of the British Royal Family at the Queen’s discretion.

Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II

Being born royal or marrying into the family doesn’t guarantee the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, it is an honor that is earned.  Princess Diana and Katharine, Duchess of Kent received theirs during their first year of marriage.  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester received theirs during their second year of marriage.  Sophie, Countess of Wessex received hers in her fifth year of marriage.  And after 5 1/2 years of marriage, giving birth to an heir and a spare, Kate, a future Queen Consort, is still playing the Waitying Game.  I guess Kate’s Christmas chutney wasn’t impressive enough to nab that Royal Family Order from the Queen, but maybe McQueen can bedazzle her an Order of Bad Bespoke so she can have something shiny to wear at the Anmer Hall Fortress of Solitude while filling in all that duty-ducking time with her Secret Garden coloring book.

Of course, Kate has had very few occasions to even wear a royal order.  This is only Kate’s fifth time in a tiara.  She wore the Cartier Halo tiara on her wedding day, the Papyrus Lotus Flower tiara at the 2013  Diplomatic Reception and 2015 State Banquet honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara to the 2015 Diplomatic Reception which was repeated again tonight.


The Jenny Packham gown Kate wore tonight was also a repeat from the State Banquet honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping last year.

So while the Palace gave the public an unprecedented Diplomatic Reception portrait, once again we get nothing from Kate that we haven’t seen before.



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  1. Nailed it Lola! ‘mic drop’

    Maybe Cathy qualifies for the Order of the Phoenix? She uses her special powers to fight the evil Voldemort through impressively colouring within the lines. Don’t call Cathy a lightweight! I am sure she’s read the whole Harry Potter series and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film!
    That will get her a Royal Order!

  2. I see….wearing RED again. Gotta upstage Queenie.
    What a self centered, thoughtless nincompoop.

  3. Kate never gets it right. And William’s expression is pretty ridiculous and insulting.

    Kate wears that tiara like a headband. The crotch clutching, geez………..for the love of god STOP THAT KATE.

    Definitely has had botox.

    1. As a result of Kate wearing the tiara improperly, the side pearls don’t stay within the arches and just fall to the side. Kate even screws up having something placed on her head.

  4. Vava, I looked at the photo again. Yes, William acts so immature. He smirks, acts like an idiot and can’t even be bothered to stand correctly. Well, neither of them. The Duke and Charles behave with decorum. What a letdown.
    P.s. I’ve been a member of royaldish.com for almost 2 years, but I can’t post! Idk who to contact.

    1. I think William just has a natural smirk face. Although, I remember him laughing at the guests and calling their national clothing “fancy dress” which, now that I can see him in all his diplomatic glory, is pretty rich coming from a guy in bejewelled golf pants.

  5. Other than she looks good in red, this dress really didn’t fit with the other ladies. Don’t they coordinate their wardrobes? She would have had to wear something new or repeat that white lace thing she wore last year with the CLK so I’ll take the red dress. Even though she sticks out like a sore them with short sleeves and no gloves.

    She looks vacant in the car photos, like she’s thinking of every other place she’d rather be, but he skin looks pretty good. Can’t tell if that’s all photoshopped or a combo of that and Botox. I do think her teeth look a bit bigger than the last time I saw them.

    The knee breeches will be one of the first things that William gets rid of if he makes it to the throne. I foresee lots of traditions biting the dust with him.

    1. The smirk he gave the photographer is priceless…let the mask drop there. HE really hate’s being photographed. Kate looks pay altho I did see some scars on her forehead…she did not look thrilled in the car. Pretty somber look…I agree, wants to be anywhere else.

      1. +1
        Whiny bill training as a royal was erased by the regula cannot carol and the middletons 10 year wait. Now the prince is embarass by rhe RF Traditions except the entitlement perks and status.

        After 15 years, WAity cannot and carol middletons don’t understand – HM QEII RULES!!

        Ignore her family – hide the royal kids, refuse and ignore her duties and her people , threats by whiny, driving around in Rover with the uninvited will not get you HM FO. carol is toast for adding to lazy snowflakey fate. Payback is b… who can forget the middleton PR of HM stooping to drive aristo and Head of state carol around. No other direct in law would dare .. except !azy entitled whiny grandson bill.

        Not even a Tiara crown jewels make middleton look regal. She look like she is standing next to the RF portrait with her head under the cut out of the tiara in celeb recycle garb.

  6. I wonder if she doesn’t have the order for the same reason that she didn’t dress according to tradition for this. “Oh, no one told me that I was supposed to… ” and “But I did that already. I didn’t know I’d have to do it again,” is the sort of attitude that can keep you off the honors list and lead you to show up in the wrong outfit for the occasion.

    1. She didn’t get the order because she doesn’t deserve it. She needs to notch up many more hours of real work!

      1. To me she looks like she’s on xanax and I only say that because after I lost my husband I was on it for quite some time. I looked vacant as if I had checked out on life, but could fake it when I needed too….

        1. Kate looks out of it on many of her outings lately. I think she has been on xanax or something similar for a while. It would explain the blankness in quiet moments and then the over exaggerated faces when she knows she needs to smile.

          Which makes her cause of mental health so disingenuous because she makes speeches pretending that mental illness is the result of poor parents and yet she and her family is one of the most dysfunctional out there.

            1. And yet the Middletons were able to win William over with their supposed normality. Which begs the questions: a) Is Carole that good? b) Is William that dim? c) Are the Windsors even more dysfunctional?

              I’m guessing a combination of the 3.

        2. SpringsMom, I am very sorry for the loss of your man. I hope you don’t have to “fake it” too frequently and are surrounded by people who care about you, frown or smile, tears or laughter.

  7. Hi Lola! So happy to see a new witty post.
    Love the words “… still with no royal order and her crotch clutching preserved for posterity. Poor Kate, always in some state of disorder.” lol
    A red gown; after five and half years she still has no idea, does she?
    I never thought the Lover’s Knot tiara could ever look so undistinguished on anyone; such a beautiful tiara and yet even with her dark hair to set it off, Kate somehow manged to make it look almost ordinary. She does seem to possess an uncanny ability to make extraordinary things look remarkably ordinary.
    William wasn’t much better with his crooked garter and his five o’clock shadow.
    Really these two have no clue or respect.

    Thank you for the new post Lola. Take care and stay warm.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Kate does manage to suck the life out of most things, but in the case of the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, she wears it tilted back (as Vava pointed out, Kate positions it almost like a headband) so the the play of light with the diamonds is lost to the ceiling and the pearls don’t hang properly in their arches.

      Prince William’s disarray was likely some kind of passive-agressive protest to the attire and his required attendance.

  8. I am surprised that middleton even managed to get there, obviously told to, mind you a photo opportunity being flashed around the world would have being the best incentive. The look on her face in the car (unsmiling) except when the the camera was clearly focuse on madam said it all.

    If there was sincerity in anything middleton did – apart from dress up and continually flash the ring then maybe, just maybe there would be more to be interested in, however 10 years laying in wait, dragging Bill up the aisle, two children, a closet of clothes which would feed a refugee camp for years and after 5 years plus marriage to boot, I believe there will be no change in her committment to anything but herself.

    Harsh maybe, however, middleton has proved too many times just how vain and self centered she is.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you may be.

    1. Wildrose!!! So good to see you posting! I’ve missed hearing of your adventures on KMR. How are you? Are you still at sea?

      1. Greetings Charlotte,
        Thank you for your kind thoughts, never thought that I would be missed!

        Had an absolute eye watering year – typical as when I got back to dry land for a “pickup” we were slammed 48 hours later by that Nov 14 Earthquake…. still rattling.

        I am around for approximately 1 month intermittently as have 1487 emails to go through, need a change of clothes, have the Charity work during this Festive Season to help out at and then off again…

        Had to post a comment after seeing the “vanity shots” and with the greatest respect I am not a real vague/sugar type, more like my namesake the Wildrose – could not continue to post on KMR.

        Hope Lola keeps up with her posting – her clarity and wit as well as the “community” give me a lift.

        Wherever you are – hope your day is filled with laughter, love and joy.

        The Wild Rose

        1. Gosh really love reading your posts you are very informed and write so well…
          keep posting as I love reading your posts like dear Lola she is witty articulate and so intelligent it great reading ..

        2. Glad to see you at Lola. I am sure many have missed hearing of your adventures and what you have to add to the discussion.

      1. Greetings Matty 1649,

        Again my thanks for even missing me!!!

        Had checked in for a 10 minute unwind with a stable internet connection (for my area of the battered Port Hills)and saw the Lovelola post – that was just too good to let go and you know me, call it as I see it.

        Hope all is well, and wherever you are – day or night, sunny or raining, hold onto what you believe in, and anything that makes your heart smile.

        Wild Rose

        1. Hi Wild Rose
          It seems quite a few of us have missed your posts. I always looked forward to your take on things. Did you ever get a reply to your letters to the Palace ?
          In your own words…. A basketful of happiness to you

          1. Greetings Everyone,
            Kindly bear with me here – not going off topic (as it relates to the behaviour/rudeness/arrrogance etc) of the Lamebridge’s.

            Bill’s unshaven face, smirking and general lack of respect is almost tantamount to a teenagers rebellion when TOLD to do something.

            If I had to hazard a guess I would not put it past the group photograph being photo shopped (to the best of a bad bunch).

            Either way it is downright disgusting behaviour from someone who is on the pigs back, feeding from a trough filled by taxpayer’s money and supposed to the be cream of the next crop along with the sainted botoxed mrs of his.

            In response the the question – yes I did get a response from the initial letters I wrote. As it took some time to uplift my mail bag and go through it I was no longer in a position to let anyone know of the outcome.

            The initial letters were written when I was able to actually post on KMR however after being told off etc for how I typed, and now with almost totally santised comments – I could not respond WITHOUT breaking my word, as when I said I was out, I was out.

            I was thanked for my letters, I have a lovely response from both Her Majesty, Prince Charles and Prince Harry (who has his own Private Secretary) and no longer attached to the unholy trinity.

            The letter which contained my concerns was also answered, thanking me for writing, raising the issues that I did at that point and that all concerns were taken seriously.

            From there on in with the KMR shambles – I then just concentrated on what I was doing, had been down by the Auckland Islands, previously up around the coast of Fiji, Raki Raki, Suva, Nadi in particular (which is still a mess – Raki Raki – as I was there in late October for 2 weeks) before heading back to NZ. While there I met the Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and had a half hour conversation with him. Totally by chance, recognised him, walked up to him, introduced myself, and we had a good talk – it was totally by fluke that this occurred.

            So writing a letter to the Sovereign is no problem because if enough people at least try and haul these two Lamebridge grifters to account for their life of games, being will I bother to support my Charity or will I get botox, will I stand over a person of small stature (as in the Special Olympic Reception photographs) or will I kneel so it is more comfortable for them, or should I file a lawsuit because I did not have my makeup done properly – or should I even bother to show up because “we” are so special just the saying of our names should be enough for the peasants, then I have a right to ask the questions just as many British do whether living in Britain or ex-pats.

            I will re-read and re-write the letter that I was in the middle of months ago before absenting myself from KMR.

            Now that Lola is “musing” again – hopefully if anyone is still interested I will keep posting.

            Thanks for reading this – I have missed the like minded, honest, open and succinct thoughts of you however, could not break my word. I would never have forgiven myself. A promise is a promise.

            As for the question of whether the Lame Duo have advisors on protocol – of course they do, it is just that the pair of them think that they are both above the rules. Well life sure has a way of knocking on your door to remind you that with great privilege comes great responsibility and if you are not prepared to meet that basic obligation then the Lamebridges only have themselves to blame for the F – report card they get.

            Middleton is as jealous as hell about Prince Harry’s lady, bill cannot stand having to tow the line – hence his stubble rebellion. Both need a damn good slap, funds stopped, and as for playing the Diana card, give it up, that is heaping even more despicable behaviour on top of disrespect.

            Enough from me – wherever you are in the world today or tonight….

            I hope there is a candle to light your way, enough love, laughter and joy mixed with a basket of happiness.

            See you in the sunrise…

            Wild Rose

            1. You are so appreciated. I’ve had the same experience and it’s disappointing. I’m too civil to be rude unless someone directly throws down, then gloves off. I love Lola’s dead-on-balls speak and will look forward to hearing from you too.

            2. Count me in as another one who has missed you and your insightful posts on the Lazy Duo, Wild Rose! I am glad to see you here and many thanks to our dear lovely Lola for her blog and witty posts. Please do keep us updated on your status when you can and do also take care in continuing with your charity work to reach the many people in need. Also thank you for sharing with us here on the replies you have received from the Queen and PC. I must say I am so glad KM hasn’t been awarded the Royal Family Order after 5.5 years as a married in.
              Please stay positive, strong, healthy and wishing you a “basket full of happiness”(^-^).
              Thank you Lola and please give my love and hugs to Nightwing!

            3. I always loved reading your comments, and you are the only commenter (that I’ve read) who puts her money where her mouth is and writes the RF with your concerns (I’m assuming you are female). Glad to hear you are well and still fighting the good fight. Stay warm and safe.

            4. I’ve never posted here or anywhere else, but I’m so happy to see Wild Rose posting again that I want to overcome my reticence and chime in.

              I don’t know if you’ll see this, WILD ROSE, since it’s been a few days, but I, like many others, LOVED the posts you used to write. And yes – these caps are intentional and a show of solidarity, in light of the chastising you received.

              That was senseless and disheartening, especially, as you pointed out at the time, because you only used caps on the occasional word for emphasis. They were not used excessively and did not detract in any way. And so many people looked forward to and enjoyed your posts – like we would a breath of fresh air carrying the scent of wild roses!

              And considering the one or two barely coherent posters over there who just keep saying the same things ad nauseum, with nary a word of reproach, it was unfathomable why someone like you who contributed so much that was so highly valued by so many people would be called out like that.

              I actually wondered, at the time, if it was because of envy….

              Anyway, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I truly felt a sense of sadness and loss when that happened. I have often wished you would post on Celebitchy or Lovelolaheart, so it’s wonderful to read your writings again!

              And I agree that between your having been told off and leaving, and the various sanctimonious and repressive dictates (such as forbidding comments about Kate’s weight, etc.) , it does seem sanitized and less enjoyable over there.

              And while I’m here – Lola, you’re a treasure! Your blog is one of the few I check regularly for new posts, and when a new one appears, the world disappears and I forget all else as I dig in to thoroughly savor it. Thank you!

              1. Greetings Songbird… (and ALL OTHERS)
                to numerous to mention..

                Many VOICES carried on the wind with the
                scent of the Wild Rose!

                I must admit – I have been truly humbled
                by being missed!

                Just figured that a well reasoned,
                highlighted or Emphasised discussion
                was more real. In order to do that
                Capitals are a tool to express passion
                however obviously I did not fit the
                sanitized mold.

                Good thing about it is that LOLA
                says it like it is and that is my kind

                It was a hard decision but I had to stand
                by it my ONLY regret was that I was not
                able to update anyone on the letters
                etc. but did address that in a post a few
                days back.

                Have just checked in – it was the early
                hours of this morning when I let rip
                on the Christmas shady behaviour
                of “Workshy INC” and just clearing
                a few more emails before heading
                off on another food bank run.

                That was the last POST that shows
                up on my screen.

                LOLA has well and truly given a
                voice/platform/arena to say what
                we mean, say it like it is and has
                us thinking for OURSELVES.

                Love that in anyone –

                Hope all is well wherever you all
                are in the World.

                Something that keeps me going is
                this SITE, Lola’s Musings and of
                course my total belief that those
                who wish or want to understand

                So, once again my deepest and most
                humble thanks “Sunbird” as it gives
                me a chance to THANK EVERONE.

                LOLA – you rock!

                I am off now – have food parcels to
                drop off under a bridge, and dishes
                to wash at the soup kitchen that I
                help out at.

                Keep a smile in your pocket to give
                to someone who may need it, a
                candle to light your way, a spring
                in your stept, love in your hearts
                and most of all a basket FULL of
                happiness for all.

                See you in the sunrise –

                WILD ROSE

              2. Very much agreed Songbird. Bit confusing actually, but the KMR blog has really changed in tone over the last half of the year( imo anyway).

                Ah well, good to hear from you again wildrose, be safe where ever you are

                1. Good to know I’m not the only one, and that Wild Rose, Cookie, and Matty have noticed the change, too. It’s especially apparent by way of contrast when reading comments here and on Celebitchy, where people are allowed to express themselves more freely and there’s not the stern schoolmarm / obsequious child dynamic.

                  Anyway, it’s great to be able to enjoy these two wonderful, witty, well-written blogs and the many smart, eloquent, insightful people that post comments on both.

                  My thanks to Lola for a superb blog and the enjoyable hours spent here, to Wild Rose for her poetic and pointed writings, and to the many other people I admire so much that contribute their knowledge and thoughts!

  9. The Cambridges are dull as dirt, but I had a wry feeling that the wearing of a tiara might prompt another post. Good to see you at it again!

    As for Kate and William, there really isn’t anything regal about them, is there? Kate looks miserable and William, for his part, looks surprisingly smug.

    1. Normally any piece of shiny is enough to attract my interest, but in this case, it was the unprecedented Diplomatic Reception portrait which prompted a post. While likely intended to show the continuity of the monarchy through future generations, the photo illustrates the hands at which it will likely take its last gasps. A smirking unshaven William the Reluctant looks like he is thumbing his nose at the tradition of the monarchy while Kate still appears to not be taken seriously as a member of the royal family, let alone a future Queen Consort, because she doesn’t take her role seriously.

  10. Gosh Lola have missed you .. so enjoy reading ypur take alwsys done with spot on precision .. Agree with wveryone think her face is botox heavy …and for her age is disgraceful really
    she never looks right in photos ..the stance with clutch bag by crotch is awful… dont like the dress on her.. its always the lights on but noone is there with her … always looks so displaced ..
    and how this constant laziness at her at anmer is being allowed to go on .. its disgusting… William really doesnt look right either both look as if they are sooo bored .. but she loves the lavish lifestyle she persued all those years …

  11. Yep, nor order, no sash, she looks naked in comparisons with the queen and Cam.But mind you, it’s all fault of the ivory if she hasn’t gotten the order yet. That’s what her sugars say LOL:

    1. Hi Marty! I came here to post just that! What a bullsh!t excuse; as if Doolittle would ever turn down an order from HM, regardless of the composition. Totally my laugh for the day!

      1. Right? I mean, the sugars would come up with anything to excuse her lack of honors…. they are franatically commenting that they wish the material of the order would be changed just so Kate, the ivory champion could wear it! Haha, sure.

  12. The first thing that struck me was the botox…..at least we know why she’s been awol. That forehead is smoother than a hardboiled eggshell.

    Then the misplaced tiara. Seriously. GRRL.

    Stop killing my jewellery boner!!

    Then the red dress to stand out. Brought Scarlett OHara trying to brazen out those Atlanta ladies to mind.

    And of course the glaring lack of orders and sashes. She wandered into this picture from a different dress up party.

  13. Kate and William smirking and crotch clutching against the pageantry and tradition wouldn’t bother me if they offered a modern alternative like, I don’t know, work. Or charity. Or charitable working. The garters and orders stuff is a bit of an anachronism, but no more so than expecting the taxpayers of Britain to fund your top-secret gentleman helicopter pilot lifestyle and your wife’s expensive beige chutney dreams.

    1. Dear Future Crayon,
      Are you the same Future Crayon who used to post on Royal Dish? I have always enjoyed your take and posts on the Lazy Duo. So glad to see you posting here(^-^)!

  14. Two things stood out to me: 1)Kate’s horrible posture…could it be possible that Kate sees QE2 with a stoop posture and she thinks that’s how Queens (current and future)are supposed to be? And 2)There are hundreds of pictures taken at these events…photogs just keep clicking, and smirky, disheveled William is the one that is released? Either all the other proofs were much worse, or QE2 chose to release that one on purpose…..

  15. I wish I could feel sorry for old Waity but I just can’t. She always tries to stand out and as a result she blends into the background. lol. Does her dresser know how to fix a tiara? It’s not a headband!

  16. Hi Lola! Great new post! Happy Holidays to you and Nightwing!

    Kate is a perfect example of the clothes/jewels/tiara wearing you, rather than you wearing them. Camilla & HM are rocking their white dresses, gloves (!), jewelry, & tiaras; Kate looks awkward and uncomfortable. According to the sugars, it’s because she is missing her kids, or maybe they are sick. Puh-leeease! Most mothers of a pre-schooler and a toddler would love to have a night off to dress up and hang with adults. And I am talking about mothers who do not have 24/7 nannies. Yes, I realize this is work for her and she is allergic to that concept, but good Lord! When 2 nonagenarians look more alert and engaged than a 35 year old, there is a big issue.

  17. What a pair of fist magnets.

    So he might not like the media attention, the archaic get ups, the social situation. Neither might Princess Twiglet.

    But do you know what puts the Great in Great Britain? Stiff upper lip, be charming, flawlessly polite and give the job your upmost until you can clock off, pour a stiff gin and monk about how shit it was. That is the British approach that has been a success since time immemorial. Don’t be a smug little shit who would rather play school ground games with the press. Being classy will earn respect, being a self righteous shit will earn you nothing.
    William needs to grow up and represent the nation in the manner of which we are proud. We didn’t win any wars with smirks and smugness.

    1. I think that both William and Princess Twiglet (love that!) have such a sense of entitlement that they will never respect the positions they were born/married into. The sad thing is that between HM, DoE, PoW, & Camilla, they have the perfect role models from which to learn. But I see no interest in the duty part of their future jobs – only the perks.

    2. Your comment reminds me of Victorian/Edwardian ladies insisting on traipsing through the jungle in full skirts and corsets!! Talk about stiff upper lips.

    3. Gosh so well said Kathryn L… Your comments are so well put and its true its what we think too.. we are British and cannot abide this spoilt arrogant pair.. they are so smug and stand for everything we absolutely find disgraceful. . They have no manners at all … to stay at a hotel in Canada which had a suite that had been refurbished for them and to walk in and out and not say thankyou and not to eat the food they had prepared for them .well they are indeed so rudenarrogant .. The BRF needs to shake this pair up huge time..
      we in Britain are really disgusted with having to tolerate this behaviour from them ..

  18. The one thing that stands out to me as that they are disrespectful to their grandmother or grandmother-in-law who is also the head of state. No I may have been disrespectful to my mother but my grandmother was my world. Point in case: she was a hairdresser, as in the 40’s & not the best. However my husband mentioned one time that I was wanting to get my hair cut and she was all excited. I swallowed my pride and let her do her magic because I loved her dearly and didn’t want to see her hurt, but with tons of fine blonde hair it never turned out well…that’s what ponytails are for.
    I don’t understand, even having to go through these events all the time, how Will could be hurtful towards his grandmother and that truly bothers me.
    Kate will never get it right. She’s pretty much a lost cause if she didn’t figure out that this wasn’t how she was suppose to dress. I have a feeling she did know about the picture and wanted to outshine everyone. I blame it on everyone get a participation ribbon growing up or a bowl game in college. You don’t have to do things well, because you always believe you are the best thing ever.
    I love you Lola and thank you for brightening up, what is turning out to be a bleary Christmas season.
    p.s. I still think you should turn this in to a book. 🙂

    1. Yep. No one told Kate about court dress and or white toe etiquette in dress.

      All she cares about is cosplaying Diana and upstaging everyone else.

      She looks nice, but stupid in this context.

      1. Yes Herazeus you are on point with the dress etiquette at a dipolamats reception .. bare arms are a no no ……but mannequin turns up for to be centre stage she looked so ridiculous..

        1. Actually, the bare arms are fine, traditional even. HM and Camilla are no longer at the age where bare arms are attractive, though. Kate should have been in white and worn opera gloves to comply with protocol, but the style of the dress is fine.

  19. Everytime there is video/picture Kate wears that tiara, last year was the documentary this year a photo. I think she feels she deserves this tiara. There was photos especially one where she seemed quite happy to be photographed with the tiara.

    1. That hairstyle was standard and very popular for that period. Every woman had a version of it. It was called the ‘purdy’ after a very popular tv character on the tv show ‘the avengers’ starring Joanne Lumley.

  20. Why do you all think the Dolittles are able to get away with being so lazy & disrespectful/inappropriate? Are they still getting away with playing the Diana card? Are HM/PoW blind to this crap, or are they so anxious to show that there will be a seamless continuation of the monarchy when QEII sadly passes away, that they throw their hands in the air and let the Dolittles carry on? Have they created a monster that has gotten away with everything for the past 34 years so that there is no reining William in at this point?

    Defenders say that William is ‘only’ the heir to the heir and has small children who should be his & Waity’s priority. I agree about the children being their priority, but they have around- the-clock nannies and no one is expecting them to work a 40 hour week (although for the benefits they receive, they should). Parents the world over do much more with much less. As far as being ‘only’ the heir to the heir, yes, but when the monarch is over 90, albeit in good health (knock wood), they need to step it up. And being the heir to the heir sure works in their favor when they insist on the biggest KP apartment and numerous other perks.

    The U.S. blogs breathlessly report on Waity’s every move, calling her Princess Kate and reporting how stunning and amazing she looks. And People magazine will never stop trying to make her happen. Many still think C+C are unsuitable because they hurt poor sainted Diana (I have nothing against Diana, but sheesh), and that W+K should pass them in succession. Is public opinion a factor? I can see it affecting Charles a bit, but not to this extent, and definitely not QEII & DoE. I would think that Philip, if anyone, would tell them to knock this shit out and get to work now!

    1. Greetings, GingerMini

      I will toss my 10 cents in with this – I agree whole heartedly and with a bit more to add..

      My thoughts are that bill middleton is holding Prince Charles to ransom by “control managing”of him being able to see or have a relationship with his Grandchildren.

      If Prince Charles cuts the money off for madams clothes and perks – he would not be refused access to the Grandchildren who will grow up in the mould of their arrogant, vain and work shy parents.

      There was an uproar when an article was printed about PC not being able to see his Grandchildren (it was covered up and shut down pretty quickly) – of course the SUGAR SITES all blamed Prince Charles saying that he should be doing the running around to see them etc – among other things.

      Yes, Diana was poorly treated. Yes, the marriage failed however that is no excuse for the kind of disrespect shown to Prince Charles and especially The Queen and Prince Philip. I have long thought that.

      Bill has grown up to be a self centered, throw your brother under the bus, arrogant and conceited manchild. He is a bully of the highest order – so it is a mockery to those who really know what bullying is to even utter the words from him and his self centred Mrs. He wants what he wants, he uses emotional blackmail to get it and the cling on kate has exactly the same trait. They feed off each other, then you have one toxic mess.

      There have been so many times in the last 15 years that you can see it written all over their faces that anyone else except themselves are peasants – he treats his brother appallingly and now cling on Kate is seething with jealousy that Prince Harry has found someone and that his attention is no longer focused on her as well.

      I was so digusted about what happened on the Indian Tour when madam flashed herself at the Memorial Gate that I started to write a letter to Her Majesty about the disgrace the pair of them are – listing point by point about their disrespect, laziness, arrogance and when the rent-a-crowd stop being paid when the Lamebridges appear that all the goodwill the Monarchy may have had will evaporate with the continued behaviour – unfortunately I never got to finish that letter as I was awaiting a response from a previous one. Which was around the last post of mine on KMR (I was on a cargo ship at the time). However, I will dig it out when I have a quiet moment, review it and send it to Her Majesty, as well as Prince Charles.

      I live in a Commonwealth Country, The Head of the Commonwealth is the Queen – so I will write directly to her about my concerns which have built up again over this last 6 months to the point that unless they are all selectively deaf, blind and dumb (no disrespect) then this pair of leeches will finish the Monarchy off.

      Diana once said that Harry would make a King – and I live in hope that will come to pass.

      Bill middleton takes the motto of the BRF literally – meaning that translated he and his self centred Mrs will rule by the adage of “My Divine Right” – it shows on their faces already and if one letter, from one person can make a difference I will give it a try. Someone has to – otherwise the sugar sites get away with their bullying tactics as well.

      I have rattled on long enough – I am sick to death of these two leeches and I have seen them in action personally.

      Kindest regards and have a day/evening that brings you joy.

      Wild Rose

      1. Hi Wild Rose! Awesome insights, and I fully agree with each and every point you made. Your descriptions of Bill Middleton and cling on Kate (love these names!) are spot-on. His parents did a disservice to him, Harry, and ultimately the Commonwealth, with the way they brought him up.

        I agree about the grandchildren being used as pawns, and also remember the sugars saying that Charles, & even QEII/DoE, should be the ones to go to W+K. But they practically have Carole M. move in. In another case of wanting it both ways, the sugars then insisted that W+K bring the kids to CH or Highgrove every Sunday for a visit. Riiiiight. Unfortunately, I do not think there is a lot of hope for George & Charlotte to grow up any better than their parents. I am sure the Lamebridges think there is nothing wrong with the way they conduct themselves, and have advised the nannies accordingly.

        I also agree with you that QEII & Charles seem blind, deaf, and dumb to what is going on, and I just don’t get it. I do not think for a second that Charles would have been allowed to act the way his son does. Not that Charles is perfect by any means, but he rarely has put a foot wrong in his public life, other than meddling in government affairs that he should not publicly do.

        The Lamebridges will never change, unless it is to get lazier, or more arrogant and self-centered. It will be fun to see if Kate steps it up if Harry’s new romance becomes more serious, but I predict she will instead become pregnant. A new baby to put her firmly in the spotlight, and a year long maternity leave? Win-win for our Waity!

        Take care!

      2. Hi Wild Rose! I’ve wondered how you were doing and hope all is well as we turn the page to 2017. We were down at the beach on a wild day, rough water, clouds scuttling, and a sharp tang in the air, and it brought you to mind on your ship. Sending you a wave from the US 🙂

        So agree with you, it’s beyond sad how whelpish William is. Kate makes it worse by catering to his every whim, as seemingly does the entire BRF. I think there’s a move on the way in the media to focus on other royal families because they act more mature and generate more interest. Some disagree with me, but I think there’s a change brewing and people are tired of hoping that PW will grow up. Maybe Harry will get the tap, maybe someone else, but I think royal families would be better off if they continue not having a definite of who gets the crown. William is the picture of what millions hate about entitlement. And while he has abilities, he’s never had to exert himself, and never will if the public continues to complain but do nothing except let nature take it’s course. I think the people should chose their lead royal the way the do their representatives and give up this silly oldest gets the crown, unless they are the best suited. Or just get rid of it where it has stunted.

        Sending you my best

        1. And good on you for giving them some well-deserved criticism! I’m sure your well-written letter gave them some tough food for thought

    2. I absolutely loathe People Mag anymore for their constant push on “Princess Kate;” you can tell it just twists their pants in a bun that Kate doesn’t generate sales like Di did. I don’t hear too much anymore about the Kate Effect. I think designers are starting to wake up that Kate’s appearances aren’t the stellar sellers they are billed to be. Her recent white Self-Portrait dress was an ugly mess that she made worse with bad hair and big slit out in windy Nov weather. Maybe she thought cat-yarn, Kate the walking Worshak, who knows. I have family all over the US, different ages and no one knows her or cares. What a difference from twenty-five years ago.

      1. That “Princess Kate” stuff from People magazine is such a turn off. I wish they would stop doing that. They could call her Princess William of Wales which is correct though.

  21. Welcome back Wild Rose! Herazeus you have me laughing at the tiara comment.

    Could one problem be that in their quest to not have staff that are loyal to HM and will report back they hire people with very little experience in that area and override anything they may suggest that they don’t like? William probably should have met with a tailor to get his pants fitted and Tash needs to learn how to ask what should be worn to certain events. Not just wing it and take out something Kate might like. And I urge an extensive course in tiara hair from the Swedish Tiara Hair and Tiara Placement Gods for Kate’s hair stylist. Because she just doesn’t get it.

    Also on the who wore it first or better on the Diana/Camilla hair. The styles they are wearing are classic, not something cutting edge where you can say one is copying the other. There are photos of Diana with her hair long like that as a teenager (which she probably was when that picture with PC was taken) so that was the style of the time. Tiara hair is it’s own entity, we could probably compare Camilla’s hair to other royal women and find the same thing. No need for who wore it first.

  22. Hi Lisa! Good point on W+K’s staff being inexperienced and not connected due to their paranoia. However, you (general you) would think that QEII’s people would contact their people to advise on proper attire. But it has happened before with more senior royals. DoE wore an African nation’s (which one escapes me ATM) orders to the Belgian king’s funeral, and Charles did not wear the Windsor coat at QEII’s birthday celebration. I almost think the latter was for some reason by design, because no way that should have passed Charles’ notice, must less his experienced staff’s. And honestly, if I were QEII, I would have insisted on experienced staff to at least guide Tash & company until they were up to speed. Makes everything seem so sloppy. Royalty is all about protocol.

    And yes, no one does tiara hair like the Swedes. Did y’all see Victoria at the Nobels? That is how a future monarch should look!

  23. The instant I saw this photo I knew this would draw a reaction from you Lola! Why isn’t the behaviour/dress/demeanour/deportment of the Lazy Duo modified by the Queen? Surely the photographers can look at the photo instantly and say “sorry Wills, too sniggerry; sorry Kate, get your hands off your nethers, fix your tiara; Will, fix your breeches, they look ridiculous”. Surely the Queen could say “get the red dress off, you have no idea”. Letting all of this go unchecked is shooting themselves in their collective Royal foot. Knock yourselves out!

    Kate probably read your post about Le Vie en bleu and thought best she opt for red!

    1. Agree, unless the photo was impromptu or time was short, I also don’t understand why these things are allowed…time and again…it’s like those at the top and staff are too scared to demand better or they’ve given up and just don’t care anymore.

  24. @ Wild Rose
    Thank you so much for your reply to my question about your letters to the Royal Family.
    I look forward to your posts on Love Lola. I’ve always enjoyed them as so many other posters have commented.

  25. This is Kate’s third diplomatic reception. Yet, after attending twice before she can’t put 2 and 2 together. Looking at all the other Royal ladies there clearly is nothing going on inside her head, like oh I should also wear a light/white dress with gloves.
    1. She has got a document where it states how to dress to different BRF receptions.
    2. A normal person would have understood after the first diplomatic event to check the correct dresscode.
    This is just one of the things that shows how you can’t have Kate to represent UK in diplomatic functions. She just doesn’t understand these small nuances. Like when she showed decolte in Malaysia, when all the other ladies were basically coward up to their ears.

    1. Beggars belief the courtiers leave such behavior unchecked. I believe they they are consciously flouting clearly documented protocol. Clearly out of touch with their “subjects” aka sponsors. Over to you QEII.

  26. Never thought I’d be saying this but I actually am warming up to Kate after all the articles about the recent mess Harry has been allegedly dating.

  27. A small thought on the photo of the ‘Magnificent Six’.
    Why does the order go (left to right) female (Camilla), male, female, male, male, female?
    It just seems a bit of an odd order to be in, like Kate is being literally sidelined.

    1. I asked this question on KMR. The answer is that the Queen and the men are wearing the blue sash (my name for it) of the Order of the Garter, which is worn over the left shoulder. Camilla is wearing the sash of the Royal Victorian Order, which is worn over the right shoulder.

  28. While it’s understandable for people to wonder why HMQ as “the Boss” doesn’t intervene to give these two brats a well deserved and long overdue *ollocking, history shows that she won’t. She avoids any kind of confrontation or “unpleasantness” at all costs. Ignore it and it will go away; a technique she learned from her late mother. They may have battalions of aides and advisors but such is their arrogance they clearly don’t, or won’t, listen and with no consequences, why would they?

    Kate will never get it – she’s as dumb as a sack of hammers despite her uni degree and makes Diana seem a towering intellectual by comparison.

    I think the monarchy will be safe in the hands of King Charles III and the much and unfairly maligned queen Camilla, who both have an instinctive understanding of what’s expected and required. The kidult Cambridges are utterly clueless.

    BTW, I think that Kate bears a striking resemblance to that other vain, ambitious preying mantis Wallace Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

    1. Greetings Merry Wife of Windsor,

      Classic – absolutely agree with your sentiments along
      with 99.9 percent of the comments posted. I just
      cannot in good faith find a redeeming feature in
      either of them. Their behaviour will never change.

      Your BTW – Duchess of Windsor comment, you
      totally nailed it. Have long thought the same and
      quite happy to own it (the thought/sentiment).

      I can find no redeeming feature and what makes my
      blood boil is that the upstart pampered puss middleton
      spews out the comment in her false voice and little
      girl curls in the Documentary that was made when
      the Queen turned 90. If ever I wanted to throw a
      hammer through a television – it was 40 minutes ago
      as it was advertising a repeat of that Doco.

      The simpering little girl act, along with the man
      child’s trantrums and petty rebellion by not even
      bothering to shave for that banquet shows just
      how much the revulsion both of them have for
      the Monarchy of which they will take all they can
      get but the rest be damned.

      Thank goodness I will be nowhere to be found
      when they rescreen that doco on “The Queen
      at 90” on Christmas Day… (here in New Zealand).

      That line …. “I still have so much to learn…”
      as if. That madam learnt early on how to
      manipulate with the best of them, just wait
      the next thing will be some “crayon” drawing
      that will be sold at the stores in the UK where
      you can buy trinkets (like at Buckingham Palace)
      etc or a “cutout paper doll book” with how to
      dress like “princess” a term which leaves me cold
      through Party Pieces. I dread the day that these
      two fully paid up members of “Workshy Inc”
      announce another tax payer funded jolly back
      to New Zealand – hopefully I will be out of the
      Country or helping the daisies grow!!

      The British Monarchy has been reduced to this
      farce and as a member of a Commonwealth Country,
      I am truly disgusted – a personal view but I think
      it touches a nerve with many.

      The Lamebridges UNI degree literally translates
      for me as in a M.A. in F.. All (both of them being
      Masters in doing F… All).

      The Diana card being played by both bill
      and his mrs is not only despicable but also
      shows clearly the utmost disrespect.

      As for Her Majesty avoiding all confrontation –
      again, totally agree, and I also would put money
      on the fact that Prince Charles is being held to
      ransom over the grandchildren – in other words
      the Lamebridges are using them as a weapon to
      get out of work or do the bare minimum, make
      sure that Prince Charles continues to fund their
      lifestyle and her botox, clothing, hairdressers or
      else the grandchildren would be conveniently
      kept away from Prince Charles.

      Sorry to hurl this rant – however, just viewed a
      few moments of tv before and saw that simpering
      middleton and then came across your post.

      Enough from me – have another all nighter, out
      delivering blankets, food and packing up more
      food parcels for the homeless.

      Loved your post as it said what I have thought
      for a long, long time – hence this rather long

      Wherever you are in the World today or tonight
      enjoy yourself, keep a spring in your step, a smile
      to give away to someone who may need it, and
      a basket full of happiness to all.

      Wild Rose

  29. Greetings Everyone,
    Just a quick post, have shocking weather here and have been out half the night trying to deliver food and blankets to the homeless and a have a ways to go before there will be a fraction of downtime.

    The Photo –
    It could well be the case that Her Majesty has a deep suspicion that they may well be looking at the end of the Monarchy.

    Yes Prince Charles, may make King – in a way I do hope he gets a chance but that remains to be seen.

    The reservation or hestitation I see is that with the poor attitudes, lack of respect, lack of diligence in duty, gratuitious publicity (that the Lamebridge Duo) either “invite” or “sue” according to their mood of the moment is obvious.

    It seems as if the photo was cropped (considering the gap with middleton tacked on the end) it is as if this is a “toleration photograph” maybe knowing that there is little of hope of these two professional grifters ever making it to the throne or staying on it.

    No matter how much they shove the Lambridge duo down peoples throat – there is nothing there. Both are vacant – like the lights are on but nobody is home. They just do not care and it is like shoving the elderly aside, grabbing the silver and the the “institution of Monarchy” and those they serve be damned.

    Five years plus of marriage, protocol training, 10 years hanging around (middleton hand book on how to live a life of luxury) and what do they have to show for it? Two people who are so far up themselves that they do not even have the guile to fake interest in anything except what they can get out of the privilege they believe they are entitled to.

    To me – that screams of a Marie Antoinette situation all over again. No amount of money, jewels, million pound wardrobe, sugar soap publicity or pretence can cover up for two people who don’t give a damn.

    Dead eyes, uncaring attitudes, people 20 years older than themselves, and of course HM and DoE, along with the Princess Royal and Sophie doing way more than these two have ever done or ever will do unless a “vanity photo op” or an overseas jolly is dangled then there is no hope.

    If this is the “magic six” then we may well be looking at the end of the line… and somewhere inside I think Her Majesty knows it.

    Hope all is well wherever you are in the World, keep a smile in your heart, a spring and your step and a basket full of happiness for you all.

    See you in the sunrise –

    Wild Rose

    1. Oui oui wild rose…the lazy duo would do well to look in the history books (perhaps revisit their notes from studying for their M. F. All….love it) and see what happens to arrogant Royals. Also….I don’t think the penny has truly dropped that they don’t control the press anymore; fan dangled thing called the internet gave the “commoners” access to the info. Bill Middleton (Love that moniker very much) thinks that by him cracking his little tantrums with the press he directly deals with, that he is controlling the greater press? No deal. So deluded. Well I think Charles has got all of this pegged but there is a greater reason that he is so hamstrung.

      I believe it is bigger than The Lazy Duo holding the grandkids to ransom. I believe it is to do with Diana and skeletons in that closet about events preceding her death. Will in effect, has them all dancing on strings.

  30. Wildrose your write ups are just excellent we think the same no matter how much money passes through Lamebridges they are lazy clueless arrogant rude beyond all belief and are so childlike for their ages…. so spoilt ….. need Huge wake up call to the pair of them ….
    The Queen ought to sort them both put immediately as nonsense has gone on long enough…

  31. Cant believe what we hve read PM has done speech on heart health and her cook book… Excuse us but what qualifications has she got to speak publicly on heart health … As far as we know this little girl has no medical degree or medical qualifications. … This is really disgraceful …that she has been allowed to talk to people with heart problems .. This should be left to the professionsls in the field of medicine .
    whatever next will she do to get media attention …. It is really gone to far … This ought to be stopped by the Palace…as sge is using the BRF for her own needs and she is certainly no royal …
    just very vulgar …

  32. This may be a horribly daft questions to inquire about but…
    why does the US give Kate such lovely press? It’s not hard to find out her background and how she is received in Britain. So many have no clue, and it’s not as though their popularity or lack thereof is some well kept secret. Just curious. Happy Holidays to all! xx

    1. Hi Alex! IMO there are a few reasons for Kate’s good press in the US.
      *Princesses, which I realize Kate is not, are huge in the US right now. To a certain extent they always have been, but lately it seems like there is a new Disney princess every couple of years.

      *She was a middle class girl who married a prince. The US does not have royalty or nobility, so the fact that she is a commoner, as Americans are, resonates. Of course, the scheming, social climbing, and basically being at William’s beck & call for 10 years is glossed over. It’s true luv 4-evah!!!

      *Last but not least – the Diana factor. This is HUGE!! American publications made tons of money off of Diana, and have tried to turn Kate into Diana 2.0 since the engagement. She snagged Diana’s beloved son (again, no mention of the 10 years of scheming), and gave birth to Diana’s 2 grandchildren, therefore she must be as wonderful as Diana, and the fawning American press will keep trying until we all believe.

  33. Just read an article by Ephraim Hardcastle in DM that PH might of got secretly engaged …to MM if this is true …its disgraceful. .
    an actress in BRF and in such a short time …
    its time we had a republic and the younger lazy lot told to go and get a job …

  34. Lola, I would be very interested to hear your opinion on the Markle-Harry relationship.

    Also, I don’t know whether you’ve seen it or not, but the new-ish series “The Crown”, starring Claire Foy as a young Princess/Queen Elizabeth II is an interesting, if hypothetical, glimpse into the private lives of the Windsors. It certainly instills the sense of duty as paramount above all other things, not just as a carry-over from the war, but as something deeply ingrained in the Royal Family and the culture at large. Critics say it is naked monarchist propaganda. I’m not so sure. What is your take?

    1. “The Crown” is a great show, brilliant costuming but the writers have taken a rather creative line with parts of the story and it’s not accurate in places so take what is said with a grain of salt.

  35. It really has gone step to far
    waity and arrogant petulant manchild husband of hers are going to Bucklebury for Christmas… Well its now time that they were not paid for put of taxpayers funds.. The Queen is in her nineties and they both show no respect for the Monarchy. . Oh yes they certainly want all the privileges and money but when it comes to tradition they just use their petulant rudeness to not go to Sandringham.. All the security extra expense that will have to be paid for whilst they trip off to mummy and daddy … ugh they really ought to be kicked out of Monarchy noone would miss there work as they dont do any …..
    we ought to have a vote in this country and tell them to get out and go away

    1. I agree Daisy. And all of the sugars think it is perfectly fine that W+K do as they please, after all, she wants to spend Christmas with her family too. Not unreasonable, except she and her family are the ones who schemed to get her into the BRF, then they want to disregard protocol. The sugars’ excuse is that the queen has approved it, so no worries. Which brings us back to the question of why do the gruesome twosome get away with everything?

      1. And HM gave them that home at Anmer to host the Middletons for Christmas in an effort to get William to spend time with her, as well, but of course they do as they please and gave the middle finger to HM.

        She must be upset.

        1. Surely the Windsor’s know by now that William (and by default, Kate) has contempt for them, is thoroughly lazy and rather thick; in short, a thoroughly nasty piece of work. As long as they are desperate to keep him in the line of succession, believing that he is their ‘future’, William holds all the cards and behaves accordingly. They must know – they do know – that the concept of royalty is in decline; William is just making a grab for whatever he can get his hands on (Charles too – hence the grab for the Duchy) before its inevitable end.

  36. Greetings Everyone,
    My rant for the day….

    The jumped up pampered twits also known as bill
    and kate middleton, their Laziness and the
    Lamebridges have done this because the focus is
    on the first photograph etc of Prince Harry and
    his Lady.

    The absolute threat of Meghan being around
    Sandringham for Christmas was enough for
    the jealous middleton upstart to imply that the
    Lamebridges would be at Sandringham and the
    rugrats going to Church – as if.

    Once the articles started appearing that Prince
    Harry’s lady would not be there – snakey kate
    and petulant bill changed their tune and are
    scurring off to Buckleberry to hide out.

    Also with her almost 200 pound sweater and
    skintight jeggings, at the 100th Celebration
    of the Scouting movement being hammered
    so much what do these pathetic idiots do?

    Pull a PR stunt, show more disrespect than
    ever, especially when Her Majesty and Prince
    Philip are well into their 10th decades (one
    or other may not be here this time next year)
    and these two selfish gits choose to hideaway,
    then make sure the press turns up at the
    buckleberry bunker…

    Disgraceful, shameful, and most likely planned
    to show just how up themselves they are.

    They can give all the excuses they like however
    it is simple jealousy (middleton being so unpopular)
    except with the Sugar Set and well all know that
    niether her or bill like anyone being more talked
    about or photographed than themselves.

    These two are the laziest, self centered, self
    indulged set of tossers known to man.

    My feeling is Her Majesty and Prince Philip could
    be quietly relieved as well, not having to deal
    with ma middleton and the Lamebridges tantrums.

    Bill and kate middleton will be the end of the
    Monarchy and all those sugars who believe that
    any good will come of these two had better stock
    up on all the sweetness they can because there is
    a very, very bitter pill coming.

    Every dog has it’s day so the saying goes – well
    when Her Majesty passes, which will be
    heartbreaking, that day will come. Reality that
    the sainted pair as they portray themselves as
    will smack so hard that no amount of children,
    jewells, dresses, pretending to be “normal” or
    playing the Diana card will save them.

    Their disrespect, disdain and sheer arrogance
    will be their downfall.

    Meanwhile, where ever you are in the world,
    keep a spring in your step, a smile to give away
    to someone who may need it, a light to guide
    you and most of all a basket full of happiness
    for you all.

    See you in the sunrise…

    Wild Rose

  37. I’m a little in love with Liz continuing to not give Waity that family order. It is so beautifully spiteful it warms my black heart. Liz is fully aware of her iconic status given her time on the throne and that while she may be very healthy for her age she could find herself drinking G&Ts with Wallis, Margaret,the Queen mother, and Diana as they put aside their worldly discord and unite over their disappointment over both Waity’s work ethic and her ability to ruin one of the world’s most beautiful tiaras. In other words Liz doesn’t care if she leaves Waity so obviously lacking a very historically important and iconic order despite her future role.
    But you know who I bet this really kills? Carole. I can just see her now: rageful beady eyes shrinking down to two slits, cigarette smoke escaping her ears, and drunkingly stumbling over the adult coloring books Kate left scattered on the floor despite nanny Maria’s desperate attempt to teach her how to pick up after herself.

  38. Kiki, you are funny. Let’s all send Carole Sympathy cards: Dearest Carole, so very sorry Kate has been rejected by Liz. You would think after stalking her grandson for a decade and even popping out a heir and a spare, Liz would give in. I hear the Queen will give Kate the order if she stops flashing, gets to work, has a burger, cuts her hair, gets a lady in waiting, wears a tiara correctly, get a real hobby instead of coloring, sends out a Christmas card, and attends Sandringham Royal Christmas party, Kate will get the order.

    1. Greetings Everyone,

      Kiki, Janie, Songbird – and all too numerous to

      Absolute CLASSIC descriptions – you must
      have read my mind. I alluded to the fact
      that Her Majesty (and real Royals) would
      most probably be heaving one hell of a sigh
      of relief not to have ma middleton or the
      sulky Lamebridge’s around a couple of
      days ago.

      This was the perfect snub and I for one
      could not be happier not having to see
      the upstarts doing the Sandringham
      Sufferance and Sulk Walk.

      Laziness, petulance, arrogance and
      tantrums are NOT rewarded with Family
      Orders except when “silently screamed”
      that you will not be missed or required
      at Sandringham.

      No-one does it better than Her Majesty.

      My heart swells with the Joy of the two
      lazy tossers not being at Sandringham
      along with their clingons…

      Can already imagine that scarole has
      alerted her press buddies to make sure
      they get set of photos for the world
      to see of them “walking” to their
      local Church –

      Obviously the “Workshy Inc” or
      Lamebridges have thrown their
      crayons out of their cots and
      are scurring off to sulk as well
      as plan their next move.

      Thanks for the excellent description
      and as for the sympathy cards – no
      doubt they will be for more than the
      Sandringham snub – methinks that
      there are two doomed marriages
      at the Buckleberry Bunker and
      not the impending one in May.

      Wherever you are today/tonight
      a Basket full of Happiness to all.


  39. Perhaps OT, but too important not to mention – anyone see the comment by someone on DM about Markle having a personality disorder and her ex husband being well aware of it? Sounds ominous…

  40. HM has transferred patronage of Wimbledon (All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club and Lawn Tennis Assoc.) to Duchess Dolittle. As usual, she does f#ck-all and still gets exactly what she wants.

    William and Harry will also be taking over sporting patronages – amateur swimming & Welsh Rugby for William, and Rugby for Harry. Seems strange that the future king & queen consort and the 2nd son of the future king get fun & games patronages while those further from the throne get what seem to me to be more serious ones. More will be announced in 2017, so we’ll see what happens then.

    1. I think the trio is given less taxing patronages because over the past few years none of them have stepped up sufficiently or exhibited the maturity and commitment to take on more complex causes. No-one can get much out of them when all is said and done and when they do ‘work’ it’s glib stuff. Harry is keen on things that interest him, but not much else; I doubt the more senior royals are enamoured by each of their patronages but they do have a sense of duty and consistent work ethic regardless of their personal feelings. Kate is next to useless so she may as well sit on her arse lusting after hunky men at Wimbledon and get CC points than not. William might crack a smile with Welsh Rugby; as long as he just has to watch matches that interest him, he’ll be fine. I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything else. These guys are all about the goodies that accrue to them.

      1. I agree 100% Kitty. I just wish that they were actually made to do something to earn those goodies that they accrue. I was always taught, “with privilege comes responsibility”, and I am a lot less privileged than anyone in the BRF! If I were queen, they could play the dead mummy Diana/small children/”only” 2nd or 5th in line to the throne cards all day long, but they would work their butts off.

        1. I think the Queen and Charles blinked first in regard to William, believing their own PR that he holds the future of the Windsor’s in his hands. I’m not so sure, but then I am not ‘on the ground’ in the UK to test the level of feeling about monarchy and its current cast of characters. EAAA is ending (or has petered out) and there are no more excuses left for William; surely he has exhausted his gap years by now at nearly 35 years of age? If I were the Queen, I’d have someone other than Jason Knauf oversee William and Kate’s work schedule, increasing it substantially ie tripling, if not quadrupling it. I’d also have a stylist appointed for Kate who was also charged with eliminating wastage. I’d want to do a lot more that would wipe the smugness off their faces, but that would just be for fun.

  41. Kitty as we are British folk we think that PW and his lazy wife are getting away with having no work ethic being smug thinking the British taxpayer will just go on funding their lavish style of life with them not putting in the serious side of helping charities and working for their keep. .All we see constantly is them both whining on about privacy when on Royal engagements like when they were in Canada having free time no cameras when on a funded Royal Tour.. The trouble is Waity is all about dressy up thinking she is the mannequin shakes a few hands totters off and thinks thats her lot. This coatpeg dolly air headed girl child married into wealth title and luxury and now thinks two children down the line thats all she has to do
    Its high time as we keep on stating that Palace Flunkies sort the debarcle out but they seem reluctant as they are young people who they manipulate into what they constantly want
    They go on about being normal well leave their cushy palace life and go away and we will have P Harry as he gets down and sees to all his charities and helps unfortunate people in the world
    the other two are really gormless …. ignorant oafs who have been spoilt beyond belief and need to grow into adults
    cant see that happening anytime soon…

  42. We cant believe what is in DM re the petulant pair going to her parents for Christmas. .. Its disgraceful they want all the perks of lavish lifestyle but no civic duty from them as they say oh its too much for children at Christmas being at Sandringham with too much timing schedules. ..well really Our Queen cant sit down even in her nineties and put her slippers on ..she sees to duty to our Country.. This pair really do need kicking up their spoilt backsides and told you are in BRF and will get on with it
    We really do not want spoilt pampered ignorant Willnot to be our King heaven help the country….

  43. I love HM like most do. But i don’t blame her one bit for not disciplining the Lazy Duo. She is exhausted. She had decades of the embarrassment of Margaret, Di, Fergie, and now Kate and her bits all over the news all the time. My own mother is 85 and doesn’t get involved with family squabbles anymore. You get tired, you know your life can end at any minute, and the last thing HM wants to do with her last few years, or minutes, left on earth is dress down her petulant grandson and his anorexic, boring, flashaholic, coat rack of a wife. Let them do whatever, and let Chuck deal with it. I’m not even sure what the Queen knows. I’m sure she is kept in the dark as much as possible to save her from the antics of her family.

    1. I think you are right. My mother is elderly too and she has had enough of my family hassles too, especially my money grubbing sister. I don’t tell her things my sister is doing just for the same reason you have stated re the Queen. They are old and tired and just don’t need the hassle. Let HM have some peace and to enjoy her remaining years.
      As for William wanting to be “normal”? I say let him go for it, first thing to go should be the RPOs?

  44. I hate to say it, but I’ve all but quit reading KMR and I certainly don’t comment over there anymore. 🙁

  45. Greetings EVERYONE and Especially,

    A quick update – though the time stamp may show
    later it is 1.06 AM NZ TIME and I have been out
    in the broken communities for the last 48 hours.

    Lola gave a wonderful verse on her site
    I think it came through Christmas Eve NZ time.

    I laughed until I cried.

    Upshot is – I may not be around as have been
    asked to assist where there is poverty,
    destitution and people in need. Had hoped
    to be home for a bit and February was my
    next date for departure. This may well be
    just prior to New Year (30th/31st) NZ time
    now so wanted to give you all a heads up.

    I have left two unusual POSTS/COMMENts
    on Lola’s Christmas Carol…

    Please check them out – nowhere near
    Lola’s poetical standard but my words
    sprang to mind in a moment of horror.

    Hope you do not mind me letting people
    know to check out your wonderful POST
    Lola – I loved it and the comments that
    went with it (my rambling excluded).

    Kindest and best regards to all, and will
    leave my rather “blunt assessment” on
    the two tossers before I sail off again.

    Meanwhile, more steaming hot soup to
    deliver, warm blankets and toiletries
    for the homeless as it is a dark, cold
    night here in this broken city.

    Take care, check out that wonderful
    Poem of Lola’s – I wil check in before
    I leave.

    Must away, time is precious in anyone’s
    language but if you are cold and hungry
    time is an eternity.

    Hugs, a basket full of happiness to all,
    keep a spring in your step and love in
    your hearts – you are all in mine.

    See you in the sunrise…..


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