The Night Before Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ Sandringham House,

Not a Middleton was stirring, not one single louse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

But none for Meghan Markle who wouldn’t be there;

The royals were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of taxpayer funding danc’d in their heads,

And the Queen in her crown, and Philip in his cap,

Probably muttered, “I’m too old for this crap”-

When all through the tabloids there arose such a clatter,

Prince Harry’s romance hardly a private matter.

Away to the press Meghan’s relatives flew like a flash,

Selling old photos and videos for quick easy cash.

The American actress on a scarcely watched show,

Was attacked on social media as a fame-hungry hoe;

When what on Blind Gossip should appear,

But a hinted campaign to portray Meghan as saint of the year,

With pr reps at the ready to lay it on thick,

That whole demure duchess candidate shtick.

Little had been known about Prince Harry’s new flame,

And rapidly she became 2016’s most Googled actress name,

A porn site had a 1430% increase in searches for the vixen,

Who has been called by some a modern Wallis Simpson:

“Divorced, American, sex scenes, not suitable at all!”

Critics proclaimed her social media posts took gall.

Instagram bracelets and the initials necklace really don’t fly,

For romantically involved adults in the public eye.

But at least Harry will be at Sandringham, unlike William and Kate, too,

Who will be spending Christmas at Bucklebury, breaking tradition anew.

But even as the Cambridges disappear out of sight,

It still won’t be as bad as when William made the staff watch Twilight.


Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.



112 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Lola and Nightwing! May your Christmas be filled with home made Anmer chutney (now with fewer calories and almost zero taste), Party Pieces Crimbo Fun Kits (made in China, not suitable for children, Christmas or fun) and Suits box sets

  2. Bahahahahaha!!! Thank you so much Lola, for a year filled with wit, humor and much laughter. May the New Year be filled with blessings for you and Nightwing!

  3. As a first time commenter but long time reader I just want to thank you Lola for giving me a good laugh as I’ve just finished my Christmas prep.
    Sitting down with a well deserved glass of chilled white wine I want to wish you and Nightwing a very Happy Christmas and wonderful 2017.
    Kind regards
    Alex & Harvey x

  4. Very funny, and closer to truth in your verse than found in DM prose. Happy holidays to you both, Nightwing and Lola, and to all who post here. Let’s hope for happy days ahead.

  5. Happy Holidays to everyone! It’s been such a difficult year for many of us and I hope that we can have some reprieve from our problems for a short time at least.

  6. Merry Christmas, Lola! Thank you for your humour and your delightful and insiteful writing! In rhyming couplets!
    Well a Bucklebury Christmas with the da Midd in a sumo suit is so traditional! ( I think I read about the somo suit in a Red Top….so it must be true)
    Never stop writing!
    Me and my fabulous furry feline four!
    Is mise

  7. Loved it! Though I am surprised Meghan has lasted this long, hopefully they will reign Henry in again. Hope the Queen feels better!

  8. Merry Christmas Love Lola and posters all over the world!

    Always spot on. Bill and Kat Middleton in deeper sh….. what a mess they send POW The Firm has on their hands. Remove from the line, thenperks and he waity and kids can movemin with carol in buckleberry.

    Give us heir King – Prince/ess Henrys. They sure will continue the Monarchy, BRs -duti bound, Traditions and love for the people who support and love PH.

    1. Billy and katie are already setting up a shadow court there

      On a happier note, dear Lola and Nightwing I hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  9. I’m picking myself up from the floor now. That was great!

    Merry Christmas to all and especially to Lola and her trusty superhero sidekick Nightwing!!

    Here’s to a 2017 filled with more wonderful Lola posts!

  10. Greetings Everyone,

    Have a little poem that is nowhere near
    Lola’s wit however, after seeing the vomit
    inducing photographs of the Church Strut
    these words spring to mind.

    “Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Bill and Katie’s engagements
    are very few.

    Flashing and posing,
    tantrums with bare bums,
    All these two need is more
    money to fill their tums.

    While the laze and call the
    photographers out,
    All those who complain are
    shut out.

    So close all the windows,
    Shut all the doors
    The Lamebridges are saying
    up yours.

    The Roses are now withered,
    the Violets have died,
    Their greediness will be their
    downfall because of
    arrogance and pride.”

    Love, blessings and a basket full
    of happiness to you all on Love Lola.

    Will check in and by the way if you are
    even thinking about calling the pathetic
    two out – you are barred from the
    comments section because all the
    Sugar Set complain.

    See you in the sunrise…..


    1. Great to see you back Wild Rose. And Lola, please don’t ever stop blogging, I can’t afford rehab and I was going through serious withdrawal.

      This knock off Christmas pap stroll was puke inducing and so obvious. Bill and Cath and the kiddos with the ‘fam’. Totally using those children as press bait and props. I didn’t catch it at first but it appears that Bill is the ‘leader of the pack’ and the others trot along behind him. That furry thing on waity’s coat reminded me of the furry things that mat after a while. I don’t know how to explain it, but I thought it cheap looking. Tacky. And of course the ever so ‘normal’ and ‘down to earth’ women of the group eschewed any form of head covering. I don’t get that. I guess Pippa’s bank, I mean fiance, has been Middletonized and this group is so open and generous that even a not yet member of the family but has masses of money for marshmallows is included in the show. How very modern, yet still keeping the flavor of the past, with the way George is dressed.
      Blessings to all for the New Year and God knows we’re all going to need them!!

  11. Greetings again everyone….

    Have about 2 minutes before heading back
    out into the night for food/blankets etc
    for the homeless.

    Just want to clarify – after seeing the vomit
    inducing photographs and the comments
    from the sycophant and sugar sets (on
    other sites) – noticed that many posters
    who had not praised this
    PRENTENTIOUS tossers, the
    Clots of Cambridge – the Sugars and
    Sycophants gang up and then insist on
    having any (unbiased or legitimate
    thoughts) other than the Wonder of
    these professional grifters then the
    Posters comments are removed after
    the Poster has been thoroughly abused
    bullied and harrassed by the Sugar Set.

    So much for free speech – unless it is
    to praise the Clots of Cambridge and
    their schemes.

    I thank all that is GOOD like this site
    which is real. Where the many can
    say what they mean, without having
    to clarify it 150 times or be hounded
    for even shock horror thinking it.

    I am from a Commonwealth Country
    the Queen is my Head of State and I
    wish her better and continued good
    health however the Buckleberry
    Bull Sh*t artists – that is another

    Vain, manipulative, self absorbed and
    selfish are bill middleton as well as his
    equally dull mrs.

    I am about to head of again shortly,
    may not make it to New Year as
    poverty and people needing help
    is part of who I am – which has
    brought my travel dates forward

    Will post – before I head off but
    please remember that the Sugar
    Set and the News Papers will block
    any “honest or truthful criticism”
    of these two tossers.

    The kindest of regards to you Lola
    and Nightwing, you made my day,
    I laughed until I cried with your

    By the way I only came across the
    vomit inducing photographs when I
    was reading that George Michael had
    passed. Another person who made
    the World just that little bit better
    for all of us.

    And I will leave you with my
    Peasants prayer

    Thank the God/Maker of all,
    Drink the wine
    and let the world be the world.

    Most of all remember

    Kindness is a language that the
    blind can see, and the deaf can

    The night awaits – so will see
    you all in the Sunrise…


  12. Great post, as always, Lola!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Nightwing!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more from you in 2017!

  13. Gosh Lola Heart fabulous posting …of the self absorbed Lamebridges they are indeed a disgrace to our country …
    The Public should banish them from BRF…. as they do not have any courteousy or manners ….

  14. Gosh Lola Heart fabulous posting …of the self absorbed Lamebridges they are indeed any courteousy or manners …. its always about them ignorant pure ignorance fools

  15. Well Lamebridges have won the Bad Manners award and worst timekeeping award for 2016 as given by Expert Royal etiquette Mr Hanson….
    its in DM for all to read…
    it states about the debarcle in Canada taking children and not greeting awaiting dignitaries by plane steps she is a real airheaded bimbo no manners abd she cannot speak properly ignorant madam

    1. That she is for sure, ignorant and oblivious. She seems to think her title is license to make the little people wait. That deplaning in Canada was just plain out and out rude. Seems that the little ones can’t be left to the care of the nanny when she has to put on her ‘hands on mummy’ act. It may be just wishful thinking but has anyone else noticed the slight decrease in the sugar factor news wise lately?

    2. Hi Daisy! A meme came through on my FB feed from a mommy blog with a picture of Kate holding Charlotte and crouching down to talk to George after de-planing in Canada whilst making the dignitaries wait. It said something to the effect of how awesome she is because she managed to give the mommy look while looking ah-mazing after a long flight with 2 small children. I skimmed some of the 32,500 comments, and they were all about how elegant she looked, and how wonderful she & William are, and how too bad she is not the first lady. After I came out of my sugar coma, I was tempted to comment that anyone would look wonderful after a trans-Atlantic flight on a private plane with hairdresser, make-up artist, etc., and that I doubt very seriously that she tended to either child during the flight. And this was all a big photo op, as she left her hosts waiting, an absolute breach of protocol, in order to pretend to be a hands-on mommy for the cameras. So much ugh!

  16. Making people watch Twilight is just cruel and unusual. 😉 However, it makes for excellent material if you’re in the mood to mock something thoroughly.

  17. Hey, can on of you guys help me out here? I see that my comments are waiting moderation and have no way of getting in touch with Lola. I just registered after being on her forever, and I hope I haven’t managed to offend anyone to the point of being banned. I was told to check my email, and nothing is there. This is just like Royal Gossip and I am bewildered. Check email. Nothing there. Please advise.

    1. Hi, royalsareajoke. I looked into it and you used a different e-mail address than you usually use to log on for the last three comments which is why you were held in moderation.

      1. Thanks so much Lola, we moved two weeks ago and that might have changed the ip address. I really appreciate your taking the time, I love this site:) Thanks again!!

  18. Greetings Everyone, ONE and ALL,

    Well yet again it has been confirmed
    that kate middleton has been the
    LAZIEST of all (cannot call that perpetul
    life sucking leech a Royal because she is
    not one but who is on the
    “golden payroll.”

    This pampered snarky, rude
    madam is married to an equally
    snarky, arrogant and petulant
    tosser bill middleton – who again
    has failed to ignite life into anything
    he has done in 2016 either.

    Ten years as an telephone on call girl,
    perfecting her hunting skills, finally
    to marry the gormless one – has
    certainly left the Monarchy with a
    whole bigger than the Atlantic to

    The Lamebridges better known as
    “Workshy Inc” or “Their Laziness” have
    spectacularly FAILED in all aspects of
    even appearing to be devoted to
    anything except themselves unless
    a Pap stroll, dragging out the mini
    me’s, or being forced to is the order
    of the day.

    Well those who wish to worship at
    the altar of the Lamebridges will
    need a massive dose of Sugar because
    bill middleton and his equally cringe
    worthy mrs have continued on their
    long run of self promotion without
    being niether use nor ornament.

    Again, another change of “work” as
    if bill middleton can spell the word,
    and now a move to KP (which will
    need millions of pounds spent on it
    because the decor will need
    updating, or there will be too much
    dust in the kitchen for it to be used
    and we must not forget that the
    rest of KP will be needed to house
    the million pound wardrobe of her
    Laziness, again all on the people’s

    Let us just face it – these proffessional
    loafers are toffs on benefits and are
    robbing the people blind. Sniggering
    and giving the Royal UP YOURS in
    plain sight.

    Well the Sugar Set have a bitter pill coming,
    nothing tastes worse than the truth.

    So, as we turn our backs on another year
    a FAIL is all that can be given to these
    indolent scroungers.

    As for me LOLA, keep up with your musings
    will pop in from time to time when I am in
    range. Love your take on things, and all
    those brave enough to speak their minds
    on this site. Unlike other passive/aggressive
    ones out there where adult discussion is
    governed like a bunch of naughty

    By the time 2016 is behind me and 2017
    comes in over the horizon I will be headed
    out crossing a bar (nautical expression)
    my travel dates have been brought
    forward and I will not see
    the last of 2016 in my own home
    or NZ.

    Keep your wonderful, insightful posts
    up everyone, I will do my best to stay
    connected when I am in range.

    Heading off towards the lower Pacific,
    doing the circuit, as it is cyclone season,
    may be back closer to datelines and then
    will be able to check in, then later in the
    year, all being well I will be over in
    Europe for an extended period – again
    going where asked.

    So the time has come sooner than I
    thought to do what I do best and that
    is to help out somewhere.

    LOLA – a great big thanks to you
    and NIGHTWING.

    As for EVERYONE on this wonderful
    site, keep hold of the truth, tell the
    truth, stand up against the Sugar Set
    and FOR something…

    So as I sign off for a bit I hope Lola
    does not mind but I will leave you
    with my closest thoughts

    Hold the hand of someone who
    may need it,
    Keep a spring in your step,
    Joy in your heart,
    Stand by your truth,
    A candle to light your way,
    All the love that your heart
    can hold.

    A basket full of happiness
    and my humble thanks to you all.

    See you in the sunrise….


  19. Greetings,

    ONE last thought before I close out the
    laptop threw a hissy fit..

    I hope 2017 brings you all that you can
    wish for and then some.

    Thank you for the joy you have
    given me.

    See you in the Sunrise


  20. As I write this I feel rather like I am in another land, the snow is coming down and while I can’t very well compare my situation with others like say on the East Coast, it’s good to be here with some stability being brought back. All I see outside is white, and it’s pretty but I’m unable to go anywhere. My car is light and low to the ground, (I’m not light but I, too, am built low to the ground) and the street in front of our house is an ice skating rink for cars. We’re not out in the country by any means but we are in an area that hasn’t been completely developed. Yet. To the side and front we have houses, but there’s a whole lot of just field to the back. We moved about 30 minutes away and had to really put a rush on it since sub zero weather was on the way. Moved in a blizzard. Anyway, I hope I haven’t blabbered on too much, but very happy to be back and able to post again. Of all times in recent history we truly need each other, the New Year is not something I’m looking forward to. God’s Blessings on you all.

  21. royalsareajoke, I always like to catch you on duchess or diva, I wonder if we are ever going to hear from her again. I’m glad you got moved okay in your sub zero weather and hope all is well with you and your family and you have a fabulous New Year, and G-d go with you and your family !!!!!

    1. Thanks msthang. I’ll be back on Duchess or Diva in the near future. We’re moved and little by little, bit by bit settling in to what will be our home for the rest of our lives, unless we wind up in nursing homes and that matters very little to me at this point. Found out yesterday that it was a record snowfall for the month of December here, hasn’t been this much since the 50s. Love your posts and God Be With You and All the posters as we (in my case very reluctantly) enter into a new year.

  22. Gosh I am in awe of the superb writing on here
    Lola , Royals are a joke Wildrose, msthang etc sorry if missed anyone as you all are so good at this…
    I wish you all a Happy New Year and am so sorry to hear about all the snow .. gosh we have a mild climate here in our area have had fog badly but no heavy snow …
    Lets all keep the truth coming as the lazy Lamebridges are getting away with it all hopefully us tax payers will get our way abd oust their lazy butts out ..

  23. Gosh I am in awe of the superb writing on here
    Lola , Royals are a joke Wildrose, msthang etc sorry if missed anyone as you all are so good at this…
    I wish you all a Happy New Year and am so sorry to hear about all the snow .. gosh we have a mild climate here in our area have had fog badly but no heavy snow …
    Lets all keep the truth coming as the lazy pair need ousting out

  24. Hiya Lola
    Ok so randomly… harry gets a new girl… about the same time he just broke up with another she dumped her super star chef for him… yet everyone wants to paint her as saint of the year… I believe that they will marry its good PR for the palace as for William and Kate I rarely have anything bad to say about William he may be lazy but he stays out of trouble for the most part. Harry being in love with Megan as said in blind gossip is the biggest lord of bologna I have ever heard in my life if anything this girl is a social climber such as others in the royal house… she may fit right in then… harry all the sudden liking a light skin “black” girl is far fetched to me because… well you figure out the rest if he really is interested in black women more power to him race is no matter when it comes to love! I think Megan and harry are a fates and for PR if he really does love her I believe he will be played what’s to this girl that he loves she seems shallow anyways love you lots Lola your blog is so intellcual and I love it

    1. Her color is irrelevant to me but I see her as a user, an attention seeker, and from what I’ve seen her family isn’t exactly press shy. I don’t believe he loves her, nor do I believe she loves him. I could be dead out wrong, of course, but she ditches her live in and he (from what you said) sent another girl on her way. I think his title makes him attractive to her, and as far as what he sees in her eludes me. If we know, or think we know he’s being used he can’t possibly be that blind, and as far as I’m concerned this woman brings nothing to the table. She is in no way a saint, I’m not either, but this woman is quite calculating and aware of the power of the press. Sneaky little thing. This is just my opinion, but Harry needs to think with the brain that’s covered by a skull. Moving way too fast and she seems like a waity katie, except that she may not have to waity. I agree that she seems very shallow.

  25. Sorry to post again so quickly, but I forgot to say that these two appear to be on the rebound, and each of them sent someone else packing not the other way around. To me, that is not a good start, and sadly not a good indication of character either. It takes time to regroup and think clearly. I’m speaking of Harry here.

    1. From some whose had there heart broken and has rebounded and has been a rebound it never ends well (of course this was my BC days meaning before Christ days also I was in high school). It does show your character from what I hear harry is a nice gentlemen who is caring and thoughtful but everyone has there dark side. I look at her and wonder why he picked her?

      1. Horrible grammar I know I wa typing fast… I just don’t want a girl like this to ruin the better reputation that he has fought so hard for.

        1. She was a hook up and she forced him to make it serious, I don’t think the relationship will last.

          1. Hi Mina! I honestly thought your comment was referring to the Lamebridges until I realized which comment you were replying to! Guess it shows how much I think of W & H’s taste in However, I do think the Lamebridges will stay together, out of laziness & complacency if nothing else. Although the epic meltdown Carole would have should they split up would be a sight to behold.

            And I am already breaking my NY resolution to be nicer in 2017.

            1. I didn’t make a resolution to be nicer, but I don’t think that you aren’t nice, I think you plain and simply honest which I personally prefer to ‘nice’. Oh, how I would dearly love to see Carole’s completely decompansate if the plan she crafted fell apart. I don’t wish harm on anyone, but I think that had she kept her social climbing claws out of her daughter’s life things would have turned out better for Kate. And maybe William. I know that Bill and Cath are full grown adults but I also know what a greedy ‘live out your own dreams through your children’ parent can do to a fragile psyche. And Kate was vulnerable, having had no chance or failed to **make** any chance to build a life of her own. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, because she hasn’t even tried to live up to her potential as a role model for the young girls who are Disney minded, nor has she been grateful for anything whatsoever. It’s all about, ‘I’m being well looked after’ with her. She also has had years of opportunities to speak with counselors and experts, and put her foot down and demand to be allowed to be who she really is. I don’t think she was in any way shape or form destined to be a ‘royal’, and she’s just as Disney minded as a starry eyed very young girl. When Carole kicks off I suspect that Kate will be lost and thrown off what little balance she has, and I don’t see William as a support system at all.

              1. As usual, I agree RAAJ! Kate was never allowed to be her own person, instead she (& Pippa) were made to live Carole’s social climbing dreams, not necessarily their own. Pippa seems to have thrived, but Kate is stuck in a state of arrested development. “Well taken care of” indeed. George & Charlotte need to be well taken care of, not her 35-year old behind.

      2. I’m a Christian too, but Christ is a realist. You don’t just instantly heal from the hurt, shame, guilt, whatever, it all takes time. I am not attacking you, I just want you to know that you are right in terms of rebounding. Absolutely right. Pain is pain, and as Christians we aren’t spared, but again, I see nothing good coming out of this cobbled together, write a letter, sneak off to Toronto and who knows what else. It’s disrespectful and childish for that matter. I’ve lost a lot of regard for Harry, he’s funny witty and seems to throw his heart into his causes, so exactly….why on earth did he pick her. I suspect there was a bit of ‘forcing’ going on, this woman is manipulative and conniving. He may very well be such a nice guy that he feels sorry for her and feels some sort of obligation to her after she was bashed in the press. Personally, I think she totally reveled in that attention which sounds contradictory, but I believe it anyway. This is a 35 year old woman who doesn’t seem all that downtrodden to me.

        1. I hope harry stops playing games and gets serious with someone hey maybe he’s not ready maybe he wants party and mess around more maybe he’s afraid of commitment for whatever reason he is a serial dater and needs to learn contentment. And get seriously serious about a good women. Not one who manipulates and uses him she looks a little bit um shysty so I’m concerned for him but then again like many have said he is a grown man I’m praying for him.

          1. Harry is indeed playing games and I expected better of him. I thought he had outgrown his ‘party prince’ ways, not that I ever really held that against him. He was young and Vegas is a place that in my opinion makes one think that they are a whole different planet. We went there once, I was wanting to go home as soon as we got off the plane, and I found a woman who felt the same way. “This isn’t who I am.” But now, Harry really needs to decide if he is going to remain a bachelor which is his choice, or settle down with a woman. A woman, not an image, not just a good time (I can’t quite bring myself to say what I’m thinking). This flat out takes time, he’s been bouncing about between flings and if that’s what he wants it’s all very well and good, however that letter irked me. I just said what **you** did, simply in a different way. I don’t see this Markle as anything but fake, phony, and a user. I too pray that Harry doesn’t decide that he’s in so deep that he’s obligated to her. I give the public more credit than to think that just because he dated her he needs to marry her. This falls along the lines of waity katie, had William moved on, the public would have as well. If he was afraid of her telling stories that too would have passed, and she would have little credibility anyway, the public knew about her and her less than stellar behavior. People move on, the press moves on, and the ‘firm’ isn’t that important to most people despite what they seem to think. I think I’m worried about Harry, I still think he’s awesome with what he does, super with kids, genuine and real, and has simply gotten himself into a pickle. Climb out of the jar, Harry, and run!!!

        2. Do you know something we don’t about the origin of Harry’s relationship? I am confused about the level of vitriol that is being directed at Meghan M. I had no clue who she was before the media onslaught, but something tells me that this woman did not have a poster of Harry on her dorm room wall, nor does it seem likely that she is orchestrating a campaign similar to the “March of the Middletons”. As we all know, that scheme was epically successful, up until it wasn’t. MM has a level of validity that Kate was never interested in pursuing. She has an education, career and is championing charity/social issues which have all been clearly proven to come B.H. (BEFORE Harry).

      1. I’m glad that reports are that HM is doing better. I saw a picture of Sophie and she was all smiles which made me feel better, since she & HM are close, and Sophie seems to wear her emotions on her face. Of course, the articles have to report for the billionth time that the Lamebridges weren’t there for Christmas or New Year.

        Totally OT, but I love Anne’s coat, and can’t get over how grown up Louise is. What a lovely young lady!

        1. It’s may be a good thing the Cambridge family plus extras are not at Sandringham? But then is that “close friend” grinding their teeth as they are missing out on selling tips and stories about what is happening at the big house? #someonehastopayforabigwedding

  26. This blog was a new discovery to me and I am having that overwhelming feeling of “Where have you BEEN all my life!?!!?!”. Many hours have been joyously filled these past few days with the highly charismatic, often hilarious observations and insight of the lovely Lola, in addition to the thoughtful, witty views shared by the community of commenters here. Love it! Holy silver lining!

    As a long-time reader of the Celebitchy site, I have become more intrigued by the new generation of dysfunction of the BRF. The very human side of these public figures, the good, bad, and the ugly that is so orchestrated by the media and PR spin really provides the opportunity for some great topical discussion. Which this site excels at providing! Thank you all so much for sharing your time and your thoughts. I’m now looking forward to the new year and the opportunities for musings that it will provide.

    All the best to you all….see you in the comments!

    1. Welcome!! I love your user name, I have a grand daughter whose name is Allison but to me…Ali Kat 🙂

    1. I agree, that child has always appealed to me. I don’t know why since I’m not a fan of Sophie’s but Louise just reaches a place in my heart. She, I hope, will forge her own path and become the person she was meant to be. Lovely young girl.

  27. I remember when Lady Louise was a bridesmaid in Chutney’s wedding, I was like who is the little cross-eyed girl ?? She since has had it fixed, but I think she is a favorite of HM’s !!

    1. I didn’t watch the train wreck, I mean wedding but I do remember some pretty ugly comments about Lady Louise, which I suspect were some sugars who didn’t appreciate any criticism of waity katie.(and they infuriated me even though I hadn’t a clue then about the other ‘royals’). Maybe that is her appeal to me, but whatever it is I simply like that little girl. She may very well be a favorite of the queen, if for no other reason than she was a child with problems. While I dislike Sophie, it’s my understanding that she had serious problems while giving birth and that could play into the queen’s love of her and her little girl.

  28. Oh deary me Waity been given honorary membership of photographic society for her photos … tbe photos she has done are really very below average. ..
    they really do paint her in some papers she is a useless doll abd clueless and very lazy no respect for this tarty girl child

  29. Good Heavens in DM tbe Duchess guide to hosting a party or dinner We have never read such rubbish in all our days …everything written is very very normal and so obvious … and she must think people are very stupid… leave napkin on table when going to bathroom really….. ha ha bloody ha who is this stupid vapid girl kidding and eating three forkfuls of food
    thats why she looks anerexic. …really ridiculous article we have ever read

    1. Blech blech and blech!!! PR machine in full gear and really smoking. Too bad they have to dredge up such crap and have nothing substantial to work with. All wasteofspace has is her title, she’s mediocre at photography , and those tips for hostessing? Didn’t she once leave out store bought el cheapo looking cookies and plastic cups for her guests. Total insult to anyone’s intelligence if they think we can’t see what’s going on. I’ll have to go search for those articles, I don’t get the DM. For the love of God the woman is a duchess, supposedly her bony behind is headed for the throne someday and this is the best they can do?

  30. I hope it’s ok to post this as there are other posts on recent news…There is a disturbing blind about Harry using the Queen’s absences from church for publicity and as a source of questionable income. It has apparently put him at odds with William. As I suspected, the Queen has been using the ‘cold’ excuse to avoid credible threats to her life. The Harry part though, I am surprised, I thought he really respected his Grandmother?

        1., or it is an abbreviation? When I google agc, I get links to a local contractor. I am curious as to how HM’s health issue are generating income for Harry. Leaking info to the media for $$? And there have been credible threats to her life? 🙁

          And really, polling the family to see who should be the next head? I don’t believe that HM would be so blase’ about the order of succession, nor do I believe that she thinks that work shy, petulant Bill Middleton is anywhere near the level of his father, who has devoted the past 45 years or so to (mostly) exemplary service to the Commonwealth.

          Like RAAJ posted, the Middleton PR machine is in full gear!

          1. Considering she featured the photo of her and PC in her Christmas Day speech and W&K&H are being called out lately over their laziness, I don’t think she’s looking to skip PC for William. She’d just be asking for a full blown disaster. And while Harry may love his brother and back him up I don’t know if he’d skip his father for William. I just can’t see it. JMHO

            1. Thanks Lisa & Regalcheck! From what (little) I know about blind items, Entertainment Lawyer is known to make stuff up.

              Where is the blind item about HM asking the family who is more fit to lead?

              Did Charles sell/leak info regarding William & Harry to the media? I thought he hates the press, and is fiercely protective of their and his privacy, but if he did so, that is really crappy. Oh wait – did it have to do with Harry smoking pot and the reports making Charles look good by reporting that he took Harry to a rehab facility to show him the effects of drug use, which turned out to not be true? If so, I vaguely remember.

              1. Blind Gossip is the other one. Same site says the BRF aren’t happy about Markle and that she and Harry are on a publicity blitz to clean up her image and make her more acceptable to the firm.

                Don’t know whether any of it is true…

                1. Thanks Regalcheck!

                  I don’t believe that HM is polling the BRF to see who they think should lead the family, but if Harry does feel that his dad betrayed him to the media, then I can understand the lack of trust. But on the other hand, he knows damn well how the PR game is played. Speaking of the PR game, I do not think it is a big stretch to report that MM’s image would be cleaned up to suit her role as Harry’s girlfriend as it is done all the time – Kate, Mary Donaldson, Sofia H., etc. So whether actually true or not, there is a good chance it is being/will be done.

                  If Harry truly thinks that William is currently up to the task of being king over Charles, he either has not been paying attention all these years and has no idea what being the monarch entails, or his brother has something on him or has promised him something. Or, like you said, what on earth is he smoking???

  31. Ouch and another blind about the Queen quietly asking family members to choose who they think would be best to head the family. Apparently Harry thinks it should be William over Charles. What tha heck is going on with that lot!?

    1. It does seem very unlikely that HM would depart from the law of succession. Could she simply be privately gauging family opinion? I would also find it very hard to trust a father who had sold info on my sibling and I for his own benefit. But to think Harry really does think William is suited to the role and is ready to assume it, what on earth is the guy smoking!

      As for the other blind, click on Jan 2017 at the above link.

      1. I finally managed to get on that site and read about Harry’s supposedly making money from his grandmother’s illness, or maybe profiting is a better word. I’m not exactly sure how he would be able to do that. As far as the queen’s having a family pow wow and some kind of vote as to who should succeed her? I don’t buy that for a nano second. She’s ill, hasn’t been to Church, and even if she were in good health I don’t see her messing with the line of succession. Ever. Too tradition bound. This is an interesting site for sure but while I don’t quite understand it, I sure enjoyed browsing.
        In my very humble opinion there isn’t enough bleach/white wash in existence to ‘clean up’ Markles image and for sure not waity katie’s. Simply can’t happen, but for those who are dazzled by jewels and titles it doesn’t matter. Slap a title on someone, and voila they’re above it all. Having said that, I see more and more less than flattering press about waity, and the comments are slightly less than sugary. I dearly hope that the queen doesn’t bestow the family order on this woman/child. That would just put the frosting on the cake as far as I’m concerned. She deserves nothing. At all. She has earned zilch. I hope the queen recovers, and PP amazes me, coming back at his age. This is the hope of a human being, (me) not a ‘royalist’.
        Lola, I think I can speak for most on this awesome down to earth forum. Please keep blogging and don’t be gone for so long. As I said, I can’t afford rehab and even if I could the weather here is so frigid that I couldn’t make it to a meeting if I could afford it. We have enough snow here to , if we could divvy it up and save it, guarantee about 5 white Christmases.

    2. Actually, I believe the head of the family business blurb on Blind Gossip was about the Trump family. Interestingly though I heard some gossip recently suggesting Good King Harry isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

      1. Good call on the Trump family, Lola!

        I hope you will share the gossip you heard about Good King Harry, but absolutely understand if you are not comfortable doing so. But we promise to take it with a Lot’s wife sized pillar of salt 🙂

        1. That vague hint was pretty much all I’ve got, hardly worth repeating were it not for the coincidental timing. But I will note this: it’s a hereditary monarchy, the Queen can’t select who succeeds her just as Charles can’t pick who succeeds him, that requires an Act of Parliament and there would have to be a very good reason. However the British Royal Family as well as foreign leaders knew Edward VIII was unfit to be king, Wallis simply provided the excuse to get rid of him. Allegedly there were shadowy figures in dark corridors with back-up plans had Edward VIII not caused his own undoing. The British Royal Family would have to be headless not to have concerns about William and we know they’re not headless because of all those fabulous tiaras. History is full of lousy kings, though, if Prince William were to cause his undoing, I imagine the devil would be in the details.

          1. I was hoping against hope that there were rumblings of William removing himself & his current/future kids from succession. A pipe dream at best, and if he does make it to the throne, I can easily see him being the undoing of the British monarchy. Carole would kill him, and I’m pretty sure I mean that literally.

      2. Could well be the Trumps, it’s linked to a blind about the RF but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same family.

  32. Lola just a question do you find the DM accurate and also do you find blind gossip to be reliable?

    1. When it comes to gossip, no site is 100% reliable, that’s just the nature of third party information being circulated. The Daily Mail isn’t always accurate. Bear in mind Royal Correspondents have to keep the royal fairytale going or else they have to find new gigs and additionally they rely on information provided by the Palace Press Office which sometimes proves to be inaccurate (like confirmation Prince Harry was returning to London after the Caribbean tour when he was really heading off to Toronto). Blind Gossip gets some great scoops and has great sources but also isn’t infallible. I’ve seen a couple of blinds I believe were false because I personally know the individual and the gossip in question goes against absolutely everything I know about him as a person. But then again there’s a more recent bit of gossip about him that is true but struck me as odd and out of character so who knows. Maybe I just want to believe the best of people I care about. I can be impressively naive for someone who is so cynical.

      1. Interesting thoughts on MM now? I don’t want to bash people but I think Harry’s just being hasty now with his relationships probably a lot of pressure to get married .

  33. These blind items are fun to read, and at times as Lola said are to be taken with a grain of salt. However, many times it has been the rag mags who broke a story, albeit with a lot of embellishments, but a tad bit of truth. These rag mags have faced lawsuits so who knows. Actually, as much fun as the blind items are to read I generally don’t run across them, and the DM is pretty much my speed. It’s a less than credible source I know, but sometimes just the sugary syrupy articles are a source of amusement, and for sure the comments are fun! I would absolutely love to see Harry as king, and for the House of Middleton go into an absolute tizzy before and after. Billy boy seems to think he’s invincible, has it in the bag, and a certain repulsive repugnant woman who ran against a horrible vile man thought so too 🙂

  34. First I thought the Christmas with the Midds was a Carole initiative. But a close look at the photos on Gettys changed my mind, Carole and Kate both looked strained to me, and Kate looked like she was almost at the end of her tether in a couple of photos. Are they seeing their dream starting to unravel? William looked extremely angry. I think that William is in trouble with the Windsors, was the pap stroll at the church a fu to them? Is Charles seriously thinking about removing him from the succession?

    Charles must be seriously concerned about the future of the monarchy under William. QE might be prepared to turn a blind eye to Williams shortcomings, but she is old and probably past dealing with the problem. Charles has always had an eye on modernising the monarchy to ensure its survival. William has minimal work ethic, and has had too many occasions where he has gone to an engagement unprepared and doesn’t seem to care. This attitude won’t work if he becomes king. Meanwhile Harry is there, charismatic, caring and with a work ethic. If properly harnessed he could breathe new life into the monarchy, and even better for the survival of the monarchy if he married a mixed race woman and could represent multicultural Britain better. I am starting to wonder if there is a lot happening behind the scenes, and everything we talk about here is not only known to the establishment but something is being done about it. The next few years are going to be interesting!

  35. It could have been a security thing. TQ was nowhere to be seen, Charles walked to church, William and George were elsewhere. Separating the lead players? Do we know the Middleton Xmas was arranged ahead of time or perhaps last minute after security increased post Berlin market attack?

  36. Could it be the trial going on in France isn’t going the way they thought it should go, they are all a bit panicked, more than just topless Chutney shots if you know what a I mean, I am going by Katemiddletonreview !!!

    1. msthang, I would dearly love to see this ‘trial’ backfire on these two, I don’t know how the laws work in France but from what I see on t.v., and from what I’ve heard if you get the right lawyer he can put the so called (in this case) victim on trial. Personally, I think that waity knew full well that there would be paps around, that she intentionally ‘gave them a view’, and that only when William blew a gasket, and I don’t think it had anything to do with waity’s exposure and embarrassment, that waity jumped on the ‘how dare they’ bandwagon. This happens all the time, the victim’s being put on trial figuratively speaking and that’s why a lot of victims of real injustices don’t retain a lawyer and fight back. Not just this type of thing, either. I have been there, I was a victim of ‘constructive discharge’ and pretty much forced to just let it go. I did get disability, that ‘s how bad it was but other than that no lawsuit. I think waity and wimpo are thinking that their titles entitle them to compensation and the thought that someone might lose their job makes me sick. Wasteofspace was looking right at the cameras. This of course is just my opinion, but based on her actions since? I don’t think she was ‘violated’. Again, just my thoughts, and certainly if she was, if what the paps did was genuinely wrong and nasty, then so be it. I just hope they get a fair shake out of this.
      I’ve always been baffled by the fact that she and Billy had to have known that someone would see them. Not necessarily photographers, but RPOs and staff. Wouldn’t they?
      I want to make it perfectly clear that in no way shape or form do I think that true victims, and maybe Kate is one, don’t deserve their day in court, and yet with others the court system can do more damage. Some people take satisfaction in just being ‘heard’ and the outcome is what it is. Others, their pain and let down never leaves them. They are victimized yet again.
      I hope that Bill and Cath lose this case.
      Hopefully, I didn’t lower the tone of this forum.

        1. Thanks Lola. Guess that eliminates this as any source of the
          current news tone. It does however, make it sound quite serious, with the delay. I rather think I was hoping that it was a ‘run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it type of thing’, but knowing that it has been delayed makes me rethink that. Thanks again!

    1. Meghan leaking again, according to people Harry blocked her from IG. Guess she saw photos and decides to pretend she was there. People that saw Harry said no girl was with him on flight.

      1. That’s crazy if that’s true… I had no idea harry had an IG good he keeps it private. He seems like a nice guy Megan gives me weird vibes then again I don’t know her. If I why everyone hates Kate and William and constantly bashes them I don’t get that. Kate May most of the time look unaware and bored at charity events but it’s not everyone’s thing (sadly). If what your saying is true Mina the relationship won’t last long unless royals are looking for PR so they bring in someone bi racial to reach different cultures and races idk. I think the relationship itself is interesting. Harry needs to stop trying to settle down and live his life love will come maybe he should stop looking so hard for it and jumping into random relationships! Still praying for him.

        1. If, and this is **if** this is true, then Meghan falls into the category of an obsessed fan/stalker. I don’t know, but she is one desperate women judging from her actions since she has been linked with Harry. This is awful and not even close to a healthy relationship. I didn’t think it was healthy before, but again **if** true it’s really bad. Personally, I hope it is true and that Harry ditches this woman, and unlike his brother realizes that ‘getting some’ isn’t worth throwing your life away. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, if I’m reading things correctly many lies have already come out of the ‘team Meghan’ camp. Again, **if**. I just plain don’t trust this woman or her media craving family.

    2. In response to Matty1649, i hope they are in norway. I like Harry & Meghan together. Second and final attempt to post this.

  37. According to the DM, they were supposed to be flying somewhere warm, then they are in Norway, and now they are supposedly going to be at his mates wedding…..I do not believe anyone knows what they are doing!
    I only hope he has ditched her – she is fame hungry, and manipulative!

  38. Rumor is Harry actually spent NYE in Verbier with the Yorks then went with friends to Norway, hence the tweet that everyone and their mother saw, with Emily Andrews being the only one that decided to get a story out of it. She might have been aided by some “friends” or Meghan, who had access to some private Harry pics on IG. Apparently right after The Sun ran the story, Meghan is no longer following Harry and more than 20 others have been blocked as well.

    My guess is the tabs are in on this–they know the score–and are just biding their time to get a couple more clicks out of the romance before they go whole hog with the breakup stories. That’s why we’re suddenly getting the rush of “Meghan can’t go to India bc security” (but she can walk all over Toronto with her yoga mat? WTF??) and “Meghan is going to Jamaica with Harry in March” stories from the DM. If they did in fact break up on her last day in London (when Harry dropped her off at the airport with 5 security in tow because you know Scotland Yard always tells you their security plans!!), then she knows her 15 minutes are running out fast.

    1. Meghan can’t go to India because of security issues? What’s that all about, she seemed able to travel wherever she wanted before didn’t she. She’s hardly a target, at least no more or less than anyone these days, or am I missing a piece of a puzzle? This whatever it is between her and Harry is like trying to keep up with flying debris from a windstorm, at least for me. Security issues, if what I’m thinking is true sound a tad bit puffed up and having a sense of exaggerated importance. Or, is it due to something happening in India?

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