Kate Kicks Off 2017 on a Blue Note

Kate began her work year today with two engagements, the first at the Anna Freud Centre and the second a dual engagement with Prince William at The Child Bereavement UK Centre.


Her $2,000 Eponine coat dress is in that shade of Smurfy cobalt blue Kate seems to favor.


This is the fourth year in a row Kate has started off a new year of royal engagements in blue.


In addition to the brand new $2,000 coat which looks like the same old same old, Kate did go for a surprising new accessory.  For some reason she wore tiny orchid spike clips in her hair.


Despite being so small, the clips in Kate’s hair inspired quite a few comments like this one from a Daily Mail article.


Once again, there weren’t a whole lot of people around hoping to catch a glimpse of Kate’s arrival.


I took a screen grab from the video posted on Twitter by Simon Perry of People Magazine and circled the barricade which looks more like one of those screens that people use to keep small breed dogs from going into the dining room.


Supposedly the Anna Freud Centre event lasted an hour and forty-five minutes which is quite long for Kate, her official engagements usually tend to fall between twenty minutes and an hour.  The press was even able to get a quote:

“Parenting is tough.  And with the history and all the things and the experiences you’ve all witnessed, to do that on top of your own anxieties, and the lack of support you also received as mothers…I find it extraordinary how you’ve managed actually. So really well done.”

Of course, with a nanny, household staff, assistants and access to duchy millions, Kate’s observation that parenting is tough carries less weight than someone without Cambridge  comforts.

At the second event at the Child Bereavement UK Centre, Kate once again took a back seat to her husband.  Prince William’s quotes printed in the Daily Mail piece are pretty touching.  But once again, it is one of those frustrating flickers that reminds you that Prince William does have the capacity to do good work, but ultimately lacks focus and follow-through and any sense of noblesse oblige.

The Cambridges may have their moments, but they are few and far between.  Two days ago on Twitter, Jennifer@Chic_Happens_ pointed out that I paragraph I wrote about Kate two years ago is as applicable now as when I originally wrote it.


The paragraph in question is:

“A new year always brings new hope as the calendar resets.  Let’s hope for Kate 2015 holds an invigorated approach to her role because Kate’s nearly four years of duchessing have been repeat performances of very little substance, leaving little to comment on other than her appearance.  With the same hair and same make-up, Kate is like a paper doll, with clothing that might change from time to time but still remaining a two dimensional figure that holds little interest.”

After almost six years, there’s little to suggest Kate will ever take her duties seriously or Prince William will overcome his own Prince Williamness and be the future king the UK deserves.



77 thoughts on “Kate Kicks Off 2017 on a Blue Note”

    1. Well I guess I finally have something that Kate has…I wear those clips around the house when doing chores. In fact the same way she does but my hair is in a bob. KEEPS it out of my face : /

      Not very special…

      1. Well, she bought a new coat for $2000, she has to repeat something or she might not be perceived as conscious 😉 so hair clips it is

  1. Very lackluster hairstyle, looks like a teenage girl around 13 or so. Yet another blue coat. I actually sort of like some of the design features on it, but fail to understand why her other blue coats wouldn’t have worked just as well.

    She looks pregnant to me. Fuller in the face and the bust.

  2. Why does she always move the belt up under her push up bra boobs?

    Oh I hope she’s not preggers. I don;t think I could take another bout of “HG”

  3. Another boring start. I don’t think she’s knows how to do anything else. And if she’s not pregnant she’s gaining weight to get there.

    Note the fuller bosom, fuller waist line and the fullness in her face (chin, cheeks). Oh yeah, Kate is not ready to go to work and she’ll have the baby to prove it before the year is out.

    Thanks for the great posts Lola!!

    P.S. A Nightwing sighting would be wonderful! Kind of hoped for a Santa Nightwing over the holidays.

  4. Well you know wouldnt suprise me if she were pg again – after all Harry and (god awful Meg) currently have most of the limelight and dont forget darling sister pips wedding later this year….

  5. I would love to have dinner with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. It would be the perfect excuse to drink.

        1. I don’t blog about Kate consistently, only when the mood strikes. My interest is historically based, I believe we are watching the end of the monarchy. I think William will be the last king although recently I was speaking with an individual in a position to have certain knowledge who stated William will never be king. I don’t know anything else and it’s possible he was taking the mick but it’s invigorated my curiosity a bit.

          1. If your interest in the monarchy is historically based then why do you take a satirical point of view in your writing and not a historical one?

            1. There’s enough seriousness in this world. If I can be a momentary distraction and add a little brightness to even one person’s day, then that makes this worth it. There’s definitely a place in the realm of royal blogging for irreverence. I would never name names but I’ve had a few individuals from the so-called other side reach out to me and admit my blog is a guilty pleasure.

              This blog has been beneficial to me in honing my writing. I worked in the entertainment industry, became sidelined by illness and decided to use it as an opportunity to try to pursue my dream of becoming a novelist. I describe my literary voice as a cross between David Sedaris and Dean Koontz. I’ve often been surprised by what people respond to, there have been posts I’ve dashed off and nearly not published that have received more positive response than posts I thought were better crafted.

              I’m humbled that anyone even comes to this blog and deeply cherish each and every reader.

              1. Hi Lola, your blog is a pleasure and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about enjoying it! I relish your wit and biting humour!

              2. @Lola, I wonder if you write anything like Douglas Adams? Or Terry Pratchett? You know, hysterically funny, whilst slipping in clever plot points and sprinkling in social/emotional commentary?

                Can’t wait to read you someday. I’ll be first on line, pen poised, waiting for your autograph 🙂

              3. Lola, I’m probably getting a bit off track here but I very much appreciate your blog and your humor as many have said before. With a world in the shape it is in we need writers like you, there are plenty of other places to read about history, about this and that so we who hang out here are wanting a pov that’s honest, and funny. Downright funny. I am dreading the upcoming disaster that’s looming on the horizon. There is nothing funny about it, so as far as I’m concerned this blog is you, your thoughts, and for me an escape from a nightmare that I hoped would be just that, a nightmare, but isn’t. It’s a horrifying reality. Personally, I hang out here more when you’re writing about those nimrods but that’s just me.

              4. Lola, I love your wit and the satirical voice of this blog. The Cambridges are a laughable lot. Who can take these two clowns seriously?

  6. There are those who say a high profile individual should wear only new outfits when at certain events to show respect and to bring as much publicity as possible. On the other hand, take this too far and you get an individual with an insane number of clothes, like Kate, where the money spent could have been used much more wisely. Thoughts?

    1. “Those” must have a great deal of money, have no interest in living sustainably and are tone deaf to the poverty pervading the UK. Kate is simply dressing for work. She has ample blue smurf dresses/coats, ample skirts and blouses, ample… everything. Dressing smartly and appropriately for the occasion is all that is required. The royal should be bringing focus to the event, not to themselves, poor tailoring, or wiglets that have started a breeding program on Kate’s head.

    2. Regalcheck, my thoughts aren’t along those lines at all, no disrespect intended. High profile people in this day and age of unemployment, unaffordable insurance, housing problems, food banks running out of food, should be wearing the same clothes more often than not. With waity it’s all about clothes and whatever charity she deigns to grace for a bit of her (Britian’s) time gets less attention than what she’s wearing. Wearing new clothes isn’t showing respect imo, it’s showing off, and in some cases emphasizing the gap between the haves and have nots. The money spent, the flowers, the gifts given could be spent on real people with real needs. And Kate can’t show respect anyway, some of her outfits are less than professional and show too much. For modernizing and relating she and Billy boy get an F for failure. As far as I know they do nothing that doesn’t translate into all about them, and they do it when they need positive press, or when Kate suffers attention spotlight withdrawal pains. People are dying out there, hungry, cold, sick, alone and others gripe about welfare. The ‘firm’ is a parasitical albatross. Just welfare in a sanitized way of expression.

  7. “After almost six years, there’s little to suggest Kate will ever take her duties seriously or Prince William will overcome his own Prince Williamness and be the future king the UK deserves.”

    Quite! The saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” should be printed on royal message boards and yelled repeatedly at the royal family. They’ve got apartment 1A, they’ll definitely work more! Kate’s borrowing the queen’s earrings, they’ll definitely work more! prince Philip is a billion years old and looks like he needs a good sit down, they’ll definitely work more!They won’t work more no matter how much Kate rummages in the jewel box, or William plays with helicopters. Yep, Kate looks fairly engaged, didn’t flash anyone and said some inoffensive words in roughly the right order, but I would not put money on this being the year they really break a sweat, duties wise.

    I thought William’s words about his mum were quite touching, cynicism aside, and if it does help bereaved children open up, then that’s a good thing.

    The dress? Nice colour, dreadful alteration and the super high collar gives me neck-hives-by-proxy.

  8. Omg if I knew how to do a blog id do it to just show her multiple outfits that look the same so maybe she would notice! “Oh I own that coat still it’s in Pippa’s closet, I’ll wear that!”

  9. Very well executed writings here and we all agree waity doesnt get any better …constantly spending PCs money on clothes which she wears for short bursts of time nothing she does is of any merit ..she will always be a mannequin just wearing designer stuff and will not ever be known for work ethic or anything of substance and to say in DM parenting is hard when they have an army of staff running up her backside is so disgusting the normal people of this country work bring up their families cook dinner do their own dishes do ironing hoovering shopping groceries and do it in their stride as every day normality this girl child is completely clueless in every way
    also how is it that PHarry is dating someone of religion which might cause controversy in BRF it was two pages of MMs wedding in Jamaica and she was scantily clad in photos not at all politically correct for BRF this will bring shame and celebrity circus into BRF which shouldnt be allowed

  10. Lola,
    Your witty posts are the only thing keeping me interested in Kate. She’s the most boring person I know and I don’t even know her. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had all the opportunities she has. You’re a great writer and it’s always fun to come here to read your blog and pass the time. I don’t come here for Kate anymore, because I just can’t care about her underperformance year after year. I come here for you. Stay strong!

  11. Lola, is it ok if I use ‘Smurfy Cobalt’ as my pen name when I start writing delightfully anti-monarchist romance novels?

  12. I don’t understand why people who clearly don’t like Kate, who find her boring or who find it a chore to follow her, bother spending the time to follow her. I agree that she has faults and a lot of them, but if you dislike her this much then wouldn’t it be better to just not bother following her at all?

    1. Kaiser

      You are clearly here for an answer. The others will come and say their part.

      What I wanted to say is it is equally interesting why people like you, come and question other’s interest in Kate.
      Personally, I started following her as a commoner who married into a prominent family. Knowing very little of her, during these years I came to have a very different image that I once imagined her to be. She is such a disappointment, on so many levels. I am bored with her, bored with her fashion picks. She is a boring person too. I stopped caring about her, I am more interested in the future they promise, and sadly they are very much part of the Monarchy. I hope Meghan with Harry will bring that fresh air, we all or many waited for.

      1. I have a passing interest in the monarchy and don’t really care either way about any of them but every once in a while I’ll read about them and the comments fascinate me more than the royals do. People say that the royals are like a soap opera but they’re actually really boring. But the followers are a curious bunch. For the Kate stans, I honestly don’t understand what they see in her. For the Kate critics, I don’t understand why they care enough to follow someone they dislike. But for all of them, any questioning in an attempt to understand them results in insults. I’m actually surprised that you responded and didn’t insult me too much. Why do I question the people here? Because I’m curious; because I don’t understand the way people think about this and I want to. When I get bored or frustrated with something, like a tv show, I just stop watching, following, caring. If I were as bored, frustrated, angry with Kate the way the people here are I’d stop following her. I wouldn’t care enough to follow her just to be angry with her. I don’t understand why people would continue to care enough to follow someone they are bored, frustrated, angry with. Above I asked the blog’s writer why she/he writes if she/he doesn’t enjoy it. Because I legit don’t understand why someone would take the time it takes to write blog posts about someone when they don’t enjoy doing it. That’s why I’m asking the question. Because it’s a different point of view than the one I hold and I’m curious about it and would like to understand it. Learning the way different people think is a good thing.

        1. I did not mean to offend you any way. But if you come and go, you must know those two groups of people you have just described above, are up against each other in 99% of the cases. It is really difficult to get the tone of comments sometimes, as we are lacking the personal things( voice, etc) behind it.

          As I have described my case. I was fascinated by Kate, her fashion, herself. But when I started to question her and look beyond, I found a vague reality. Since then, I still hope they step up and raise their game, and probably that’s why I come to this site and comment. Although for the second time:)

        2. Kaiser, you make an interesting observation. I’m not sure ‘following Kate’ is the term I’d use for the spectrum of people here, though elsewhere an attack dog mentality of any criticism of Kate prevails and is just a teensy weensy bit scary. There are less fanatical folk who buy into the fairytale narrative invented for the BRF. Perhaps it provides some level of constancy, a PR- manufactured ‘princess’ heroine in a constantly changing world that some find comforting? I can’t really answer that one.

          At the other end of the spectrum are people who buy none of it, and are both cynical and critical of all PR- generated muck. In this instance, folk feel compelled to resist because of the perpetuation of lies to prop up a bunch of nobs. The idea of ‘royal’ is human invention by one party to assume power over another. However, it’s fascinating to watch those elevated by fate assume a pose of superiority, yet deliver nothing. Nevertheless, we all have a duty to call out crap whenever and wherever we see it.

          I agree with Lola: we are witnessing the end of monarchy and that alone makes it interesting to observe. Like her contact, I don’t think William will make it to the top job either. I enjoy Lola’s observational writing; it is witty, clever and gently mocks a vapid woman (and family) of no achievement whom we are meant to unquestionably worship. Fat chance. This blog, with its occasional articles on Kate and the BRF is a beacon of light and intelligence in a sea of PR dross.

          1. I understand that you dislike the Kate stans, but you don’t think there is an attack dog mentality from the people who dislike her toward the people who do say something nice about her? I do. There is a lot of insults from both sides.

            1. I follow because I happen to enjoy the rich history of England’s monarchy, dating back to the middle ages. QE2 was presented with one set of circumstances in keeping the monarchy together…now Will. His issues will be what purpose they bring at what price since the are not a governing body. Given the changing demands of society in England and globally they need to etch out a modified job descriprion.The world is much smaller…it’s harder to make the royals appear mysterious or magical in a day and age where technology captures every word and move. MAKING criticism even easier.

              I don’t think Will has the ability to move the monarchy forward…I’m curious to see if someone else will. So I follow …this is history and I secretly hope it will continue, but in a changed and benefited way to England. I would love to see the history preserved and the royals continued, therfore I am critical of Will and Kate when they don’t try. I am also critical of those who raise them up and bow to them based on birth alone, no matter what they do…. it is a bit if a soap opera, players change, story stays the same at the core. I’m not personally interested in the clothes…just how they choose to present themselves to get the job done. Lola writes a critical witty take on the royal’s which I enjoy…her perspective and knowledge and insights based on her inside contact’s has me coming back. Kate the flasher and Will the reluctant…how will the story end? I’m hoping with a whole set of new characters that do a better job.

            2. I don’t dislike those who get off on Kate; I just don’t agree with their point of view. People who come here, and also to KM Review, have written about being on the receiving end of some serious abuse from ‘Pro-Katers’ – one person here was tracked down on Facebook with threats/abuse then hurled at family members. That’s not mentally healthy, plus it’s illegal. Seriously, who’d want to be a part of that community? Ugh.

              People tend to gravitate to points of view they sympathize with, in all aspects of life – religion, politics, people. Royalty as a subject is no different. There are two actively critical sites of things royal – Love Lola and Kate Middleton Review. Critique tends to be civil and respectful of others’ views. Both sites have sensible moderators, a major factor in their success. There seems to be more of a range of views that are accepted on these sites than on the totally pro-Kate sites: those who are fervent monarchists waiting patiently for Kate to get to work, through to avid republicans, plus all manner of viewpoints in between. They are drawn to the blogs because of the quality writing, the community that it inspires, as well as for the variety of subject matter. People dip in and out as their interest and commitments permit. Occasionally trolls turn up and are soon shown the door, not because of a dissenting opinion but because of a desire to disrupt. They contribute no perspectives of their own to the discussion and soon fade away.

        3. I follow because when I started following, I did care. I was curious to know what kind of person could capture, arguably, the most eligible bachelor in that age category at that time. I’m roughly the same age as them, so of course I grew up with a crush on Prince William. But now, I can’t understand why anyone would be attracted to either of them. He’s petulant and unmotivated. She’s the most controlled and boring person I can imagine meeting. But I like to read Lola’s blog and occasionally KMR. I’m not you, and am free to read something if I’m bored. So…..

          1. I never said you’re not free to read something if you’re bored, I just asked why you would follow someone you find boring or who makes you angry. Like I said to Zizu, continuing to follow someone you think is boring or makes you angry is not my point of view which is why I’m asking for the point of view from people who do think that way. I’m curious to understand that point of view is all.

            Because of my curiosity, I’m going to push you on this since I still don’t fully understand your point of view. I understand that at some point you did care about Kate which is why you starting following her in the first place, but you have since stopped caring but still follow her. You didn’t fully explain why you continue to follow her. Is it some sort of completionist thing, like where you have to finish a TV series or movie even if you’re bored halfway through?

        4. Stop following Trump, republicans and conservatives if you whole heartily stand by your comments above. It seems you love the stir the pot instead of trying to promote unity and civility (your blog at celebitchy)

        5. Kaiser, I follow her on certain sites because I love the writing style and hearing other’s points of view. I also follow her because I’m just spiteful enough to want to see her go d o w n. She’s boring I suppose to some, to me she’s an enigma. Useless granted but this is a woman with the tenacity to hang on for dear life to get a used ring, and marry a man who clearly didn’t want her but had to marry to keep the goodies his position brought him. A working walking womb. She’s an exhibitionist and I’m waiting for her to implode since to me it appears that someone has forced her into clothing that is all but ‘flash proof’ and that has to be rankling. I want to see the downfall of the “House of Middleton”, the complete disgrace of the “Buckleberry Hillbillies”. Also, the posters at time share things about their lives, and I’ve found comfort and encouragement, and been able to offer it as well. There’s a lot more to sites such as these than just the subject, the posters are people from all over and it’s a glimpse into other places. With the DM articles when I can find them? I skim, check out the pictures , and then head to the comments. Oh, and I don’t hate waity or wimpo, they’re not worth that sort of energy. It’s no different really than reading a book or watching a movie/show, if it gets to be too much invested change the channel or find another book. I read what Lola has to say, then the comments. Lola is sharing a gift with people who care to accept it.

    2. At some point the betting game begins: will she or won’t she step up this year. Will she or won’t she do something with the hair. Will she or won’t she surprise us 🙂

      1. Don’t hold your breath on that one…I just heard her give a speech today and it’s worse than any have ever heard! How is it possible to get even worse!

    3. I don’t usually comment at all, but I find it interesting that you are criticizing Lola when all you do all day is criticize Kate, William and every celebrity on the planet on CB. Why beat up on Lola? It’s very hypocritical don’t you think?

      1. I don’t think it’s hypocritical at all since I’ve never commented on CB. Asking why someone writes about someone they dislike on a blog such as this is not ‘beating up’ on them.

        1. I see. Sorry I thought you were the Kaiser from a different website. I just don’t understand why you are ruffling a bunch of feather when you clearly don’t find this blog your cup of tea. Lol calls it as she sees it and you have to praise her sardonic twist on things. She is very clever and intelligent with her humor.

    4. Her boringness is, perversely, what keeps me interested in her, and also trying to figure out what makes her tick. She delayed
      uni for a year and then switched schools in order to try to nab a prince for her social climbing mother. Against all odds it worked (even if it was process of elimination on William’s part; she didn’t get the nickname Waity Katie for nothing). She then put her life (& IMO dignity) on hold while waiting for William to make up his mine to marry her (again Waity Katie). She supposedly worked for her parents or sporadically for Jigsaw, but really, her job was being William’s beck-and-call-girl.
      When she finally got the prize – William’s divorced, dead mother’s ring (ick) – and was an English duchess, she did very little. It was said she had to figure out which causes she wanted to champion, but she had years before the marriage of basically doing nothing, when she could/should have cultivated some charitable interests. Especially in the beginning of her marriage when everyone was clamoring for a Diana 2.0, she could have brought world-wide attention to causes near and dear to her. But nope. No real thoughts or interests of her own. Just about all of her patronages are shared with William, even after nearly 6 years of marriage. Except of course her beloved Wimbledon. She was 29 years old when she married, an age when most women have a good sense of the person they are, but she has no identity other than Carole’s daughter, William’s wife, and George & Charlotte’s mother. Being a wife & mother are important of course, but she has never been allowed to be her own person and submitted completely, when she could have used her position to do so much. I just don’t get it.

      I can believe that her boringness stemmed from not wanting to make a wrong move in the early days of her marriage, and I do not believe she received the support she needed from her husband. And now she is so socially awkward and uncomfortable that I do not think she will ever change. I saw an interview with an in-law not much older than she is, who, when asked about her, said she is polite with impeccable manners. Great, but that is all you can say? How boring!

      However, I am holding out hope that one day she will ditch the boring coat dresses, ridiculous hair extensions & wiglets, and sky-high heels, and show up to an engagement wearing a smart trousers suit with a sleek bob, and a nice pair of flats or a heel less than 3″ high, and begins to be her own person. Waiting for that day is what keeps me interested.

    5. I think the biggest conundrum, Kaiser, is why you seem bothered by people who bother with Kate…. only to then bother those botherers.

      If it is annoying that we take interest in blogs and blog posts like Lola’s, why read the article? Why comment at all?

      1. Good question. I’m bothered in that it’s piqued my curiosity about human thought processes. That’s why I’ve bothered to comment and ask my questions. Like I said to Zizu, I have a different point of view and thought process from the people who follow Kate here so because of my curiosity I’m asking what is your point of view and thought processes. I’ve asked you to think critically about your own thought processes and expound them because I’m genuinely curious about them. Every answer I’ve gotten is fascinating and tells me something about the people who follow Kate here. Although I still don’t fully understand why people follow someone they dislike since no one has fully answered that question yet.

        1. Interesting. And yet, though you simply seek enlightenment into the human psyche, you said to Zizu: “I’m actually surprised that you responded and didn’t insult me too much.” If you presume to be ‘insulted,’ why submit? It seems that you’re looking for a row, but I can assure you, you won’t find it here.

          Clearly, something drew you to this post. Rich of you to question those of us who love this blog and visit regularly, when you are obviously a visitor yourself.

          1. Do you even Internet? The Internet comment section should be defined as “insulting everyone who disagrees with you”. Of course I expected to be insulted. It’s called being on the Internet. If expecting to be insulted stopped me from submitting my comments I’d never comment on anything. I’m not going to let fear of other people being rude stop me from doing what I want to do.

            I’m not looking for a row. I’m looking for honest answers.

            1. Do I even internet? Oh yes, you’re certainly not commenting here to disturb others. Again, I am not interested. This is to be my last response here. But please know, the innocent facade that you insist are your intentions is *quite* transparent.

  13. On another note: Lola, excellent reading once again. I still can’t get over the Simon Perry posting (we’ll set aside the ‘Princess’ designation for the moment) where there are clearly no crowds and only – what- two or three photogs there to capture the visit?

    She really isn’t selling anymore is she? Gosh, so interesting.

  14. I love this site. It is somewhat like KMR, but with a little more “bite.” One thing bothers me, on this site and others: why are there nasty remarks about Kate having more kids? Yes, her workload, if we can say that word re Kate with a straight face, will be lightened. I just feel having a healthy baby is a blessing. I do not believe it is our business to be either positive or negative about how many children Kate or William should have. I am pro-choice, and Kate’s uterus is her business, not ours.

    1. The people of Britain have to pay for any baby that waity and wimpo produce so it is their business, imo. And since on a whim these people might decide to grace the states with their presence, it’s mine as well. This is just my opinion.

  15. Please, please, please, LOLA, PLEASE keep up your daily blogs and fans’ comments. I follow KMR, but you are “the cat’s meow.” I am basically bedridden, and will undergo a serious surgery in two weeks – my eighteenth. You and all your bloggers make my day. I think we all love the Royal Family and Monarchy, and wish the best for each and everyone. However, they are human, and your blog gives great advice to them (except on pregnancies) , which I feel is critical love. Only people who care will give their two cents (pence) worth.. Thank you for all you give to thousands of people, making their days.

  16. In terms of work ethic Waitylocks continues to be the embodiment of the southern phrase “That dog won’t hunt.” So useless. I wonder how many times a day Maria rolls her eyes behind Waity’s back?

    If the horse doesn’t eventually replace her she will be 50 and they will still be churning out articles about how this is the year she is really going to kick it into gear.

    1. Great to see you posting here Kiki, I miss you on RD, but then again I’m egg shell walking on RD and for all I know have been the ‘b’ word since my last visit. As far as waity kicking it into gear? I’m reasonably certain that we’ll be waitying a long time before that happens. They might just as well make copies of the ‘this is the year’ and not bother to change but a few words before tossing it out there again.

  17. Lola , I follow here and on twitter , I love your gentle soul and its sharp sarcastic sense of humor . I feel so happy whenever I open and you have written a post , I know it’s up to your mood but please do it more often , you make many people here happy , wish you and all your fans here a happy year full of good health and wealth

  18. Kaiser , your question is quite interesting , but the thing that Kate is not a TV show that you leave if you don’t like, with little effect on the world around it , Kate is a public figure with a lot of influence in both England and the world , and as a public figure she can follow either of two paths , to set an example for young women on how to be deep caring people , how to set goals and achieve them as many female royalties try to invoke nowadays , or follow the other path that thinks woman’s greatest achievements in life is appearances with little commitments to duties and to the demands of her role as a princess . The problem is that she was not forced into this marriage , on the contrary she followed him for 10 long years , one would think she would have prepared herself for this , but no , once she got what she wanted she sought a corner in the middle of the country leaving everything behind her and showing that she doesn’t care less about royal duty . Now as a person who has been following royalties in both the east and west , old and new , I like it when I see that they care , or achieved or promoted a good cause , you see , as I said at the very beginning , royalties are public figures with great influence , and people like it when their influence is positive , and what these polite participants do here is writing and expressing what one calls constructive criticism , something Kate knew very that she is going to be exposed to when she was first engaged to w and said it wouldn’t affect her , still people here wish that this criticism , expressed in the most humorous way , would show her how people think about her , so that she’s able to benefit from this the most positive way possible . P.S. many times I hated it when somebody criticized me , but felt really grateful to these people afterward when I thought rationally about it and realized that , yes I was wrong and they meant well after all .

    1. Your real friends and those who want you to succeed offer truthful and constructive criticism. You are different than Billy and Cathy, it stings but in the long run it’s so good. Billy and Cathy don’t want a hint of criticism, constructive or otherwise from what I’ve seen and read, so it’s their loss. I really think Billy resents Cathy and for sure the girly girl act is an embarrassment to the ‘firm’, and I wonder at times if he secretly enjoys it. It has been said that Cathy was the biggest not nice words he could give his ‘family’.

  19. Lola, hope you don’t mind as it’s the latest news on the duo…incredibly scathing comments on DM about Wills taking on FT Royal work. I’ve never seen anything like it! The gloves are off!

  20. I have often wondered why I stick with reading KMR and Lola because Kate annoys me so much, but the thing that keeps me reading – and now posting for the first time, thanks to Kaiser’s enquiries – is the thought that the Cambridge’s would like nothing better for us all to lose interest and leave them alone. Free to enjoy life as lived by royalty decades ago, and for centuries before that. I too believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for our monarchy, and I no longer think this would be a bad thing. Thanks to William and Kate. So let’s keep the pressure up in any way we can, no matter how disappointing, boring and repetitive it becomes.

    1. You make a very valid point, AvaC. The only disagreement that I have with it is that while I totally believe Billy would like to just chill and eat cheese toast in the house I’m fairly sure he built, Kate is wanting to be the center of attention and her dear sweet loving mother wants that as well. This train wreck of a marriage is composed of two people with diametrically opposed goals, at least that’s what I think. However, since it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that Kate is on her own in any disagreement that yes, absolutely keep up the pressure. She has no support system that I’ve seen, her mother wanted that title as much or more than she, and manipulated the strings to get her daughter on the path to the throne. It’s amusing, those silly signet rings, the ridiculous books, marshmallow boy, the mega rich fiance who has already ‘loaned’ marshmallow boy money, they are jokes and they don’ t know it. By all means keep up the pressure, keep them in the public view (people have a right to know what they are paying for) and bring them crashing down on themselves. I could be wrong about Kate, maybe the public eye got to be too much for her, however when she does slink out she’s wearing makeup that probably accounts for 1/8 of her body weight and appears to find a way to show off her body. In any case, yeppers, don’t let them fly under the radar.

  21. “is in that shade of Smurfy cobalt blue Kate seems to favor.”

    I cant stop laughing. You are so honesto and funny Lola. Bless you.

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