Royal Romance Still On

There have been lots of rumors floating around that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke up before Christmas and he went to Norway  without her.

Emily Andrews of The Sun was kind enough to answer my inquiry about the swirling gossip and confirmed Meghan and Harry are still very much together.



Emily Andrews got the exclusive that Meghan and Kate Middleton have finally met.  For real.  On January 10th.

I can’t imagine what Kate and Meghan chatted about.  Kate’s not exactly the gal pal type and I feel badly for whatever woman winds up with her as a sister-in-law.  While supposedly the meeting went well, I just keep picturing the 1988 film Heathers with Kate dragging Meghan out of ear-shot and telling her, “You wanted to be a member of the most powerful clique in school.  If I wasn’t the head of it, I’d want the same thing.”  Then in an attempt to bond with Kate over charity work, Meghan was probably told:


Reportedly, Meghan gave Kate a journal as a birthday gift.  I can’t imagine what kind of deep thoughts Kate will fill it with, but maybe Meghan started it off for her.  Hopefully it wasn’t in Kate’s handwriting: “People think that just because you’re beautiful and popular, life is easy and fun.  No one understood, I had feelings too…”






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  1. As much as I want him to be happy…I just don’t think its the best choice he has made. Furthermore, no photos on Norway, no photos in London this week…

    1. Photos don’t prove a thing unless time stamped and dated.

      As an example, the media have been running pictures of MM on her daily walk to yoga classes in Toronto all week, and it turns out she’s been in London all week.

      It reminds me of the clubbing pictures they would take of Harry and Chelsy and run everyday for several weeks as if they were clubbing every night yet the media was using pictures taken from different angles of the same club night.

      It is so ridiculous that people want them to break up.

      So hard to see your internet boyfriend finally coupled up officially. What ever will you do if he marries her?

  2. The media I have read over the lst week have actually stipulated the photos used were taken pre Christmas so am not sure where you can base your suggestions otherwise from.

    He is not my internet boyfriend and I take offence at you suggesting he is so.

    I just dont want him to screw his life up like Willyboy and make the wrong decision!

    1. Meghan has held a job for years and does charity work without being prodded. I am not sure what is so objectionable about that.

      Kate must hate her though. Meghan is a few months older but looks way younger. No way Kate is ok with that.

      1. I haven’t been reading much about this whirlwind lately since I can’t keep up with the rumors flying around. However, there is no way that I buy that waity katie’s opinion one way or another factors into this. That, to me, is ridiculous, as is waity katie herself. I think you’re right that Kate is threatened by anyone who has accomplished anything, and while I tend to side eye Meghan **she has**. This is such a hot topic that I will say no more.

    2. Unless you know them personally, what basis do you have that he has made a poor choice?

      I challenge you to come up with plausible, logical reasons for your dislike and doomsayings.

      Until you do, i stand by my assessment. You can be offended all day, but there it is.

  3. Hey Lola, i had a read of entire twitter conversation you had with various people including Emily, and someone on there made a very good point vis a vis the genesis of these break up rumours.

    They said the rumours were made up and are being fuelled by people who dislike this relationship. All those internet fans who are disappointed that their internet boyfriend has a real life girlfriend. It’s too real man!

    Do you remember how insane some of Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans were over the revelation that he had a real life girlfriend who he proceeded to marry and procreate with?

    I see the same thing happening with Harry and MM.

    At the end of the day, no one is psychic (sorry i don’t believe in psychics) and no one is privy to their relationship except their friends and families. Exception MM’s long lost family members cashing in on the relationship.

    If they wed, good luck to them and i hope we are treated to a splendid ceremonial wedding. And a good long lasting marriage and good royal life, public and private.

    If they break up, that’s life. Back to the drawing board for both of them.

    1. I don’t think he would have taken the step of declaring in writing that she’s his girlfriend and lay off the racist stuff if he didn’t really care about her. I don’t see how that would have cooled off from when they were last spotted together buying a Christmas tree in December.

      1. There is a persistent strain of thought posted online by people who dislike this relationship that if there are no pictures or regular updates then that means they broke up already.

        I’ve seen it posted in many places.

        1. JMO. But to me, she’s the magical unicorn royal we’ve all been lighting candles for. I will believe this until reality (no ginger wedding) proves otherwise.

          I find it so weird how some tumblrs live and die by ‘instagram following’.

          If he is not following her: ‘omg divorce!’

          He follows her: ‘ginger babies tomorrow!’

          lol, Instagram is not some stealthy KGB, stalker tool. If its public (on insta), its because they *want* you to know about it.

          And even if you don’t know about something…it can still exist. Harry is somewhere right now. Breathing in and out. And you’re never gonna get a pic of it. But I feel fairly certain its still taking place (him breathing in and out).

          Social media is great, but y’all know what’s better? Life. Like, for reals 😉

    2. I would remind people that Letiza was married before and is making an excellent Queen of Spain. Because she lived a life without the sole purpose of nabbing a rich man with position, she’s doing pretty well living up to the demands of marrying a man with position. She had to personally develop and that’s critical to really bringing something to the marriage.

      I think people should trust Harry. He’s got good instincts. I know from personal experience that two people from a lot of broken can go on to make a solid marriage. For those who love and want to protect him, I’m sure he appreciates the concern.

      1. I agree with you. People need to give Meghan a chance. Look at all the goodwill for Kate since 2010. I think you either have the personality characteristics to make a difference with a role within the BRF or it just isn’t there. Kate has spent years trying to accomplish something worthwhile and IMO she has already peaked without accomplishing very much.

    3. Sorry to reply directly Herazeus , but I don’t believe in psychics either, nor do I buy into astrology. In my opinion there are things that are not to be taken lightly or messed with and I stay on the reality ship, I don’t want to go ashore. Quite frankly, I’m afraid to go ashore.

  4. Just posting so I can get notified about comments. Saying one way or the other leads to too much dissonance.

  5. There is one word that defines you – bully. I stand by my beliefs and wont let some shit stirrer like you push me down..

    This board is supposed to be polite. It was until today!

    1. In my experience, when a person can’t defend their
      The irony of calling me impolite whilst namecalling is really lost on you, isn’t it?

    1. And by your spelling, I’d guess that you’re responsible for some of those sophomoric press releases.

      1. I hit “post” when I should have canceled that comment. I’m sorry, Melinda, that was uncalled for. Please ignore the above comment.

  6. Lola, it’s interesting that she met Kate. But I think they will have more in common than one would imagine. Turns out MM’s step brother was busted putting a gun to a woman’s head in a threatening manner…Maybe Kate can share thoughts of how she coped with her stripper cousin. Odd how she disappeared off the planet after grabbing headlines a year ago or so. I don’t have any problem with Meghan, altho I do think she is typical Hollywood. No worse a climber than Kate, just different.

    Bigger headline is Will claiming after all his pilot training on the taxpayer dime, he is leaving to be full time royal. Oh and he is not really doing full time as he will not be doing as much as his almost 70 year old father…does not want to out shine him…or apparently Ann…who frankly comes second to the 90 year olds in work…As you probably know that is being received like a brick to the face by the public. LOL…

    1. Whiny entitled middleton, is continuing on the same path…lazy. This follows with the special agriculture class, other short span interest. Both whiny I am a Prince who cant be bothered with needy plebs, and lazy snowflake will have a time avoiding the people and the BP even more. He and his keen PR start blaming POW for less duties.

  7. I think an American lady would be perfect for Harry. Of course, he wont listen to me anyway from my corner in Sweden. But I think the job would be much harder for an English lady..and think Meghan might unstiffen the stiff protocol a bit as a wife to Harry. Make the princessrole a bit more alive. I also hope she will have more strength with her background not to fall into the robotlike soulless role like Kate did.

    1. I totally agree!

      and a working, ambitious and dutiful woman, who gives back is great. MM already teaching the lazy waity km – so MM is in London again, wonderful!

  8. Perhaps it’s throw Harry under the bus time again to deflect from the news about William leaving his helio job to become a full time Royal.

  9. I don’t project a good future for them if engaged/married through no fault of either. I think on many levels (charity, close friendships) they seem a perfect match but she divorced her first husband because it was a long distance relationship (as is this) and seems to really enjoy her acting career, I don’t see her going from that to famous Barbie doll happily ever after and I don’t see how someone who divorced because the relationship was long distance can be expected to give up her life, career and country to marry someone who she is romantically enamoured of but only sees a few days a month with any reasonable certainty that this time it’s going to work. I understand the urgency for both parties, she’s 35 and wants children and he wants children, is the last man standing in his circle and appears quite impetuous, I may be alone in this and wish hem the best but see no solid foundation for a long and happy marriage from this long distance relationship.

  10. I agree with Limary! I do not wish any negative thoughts for H & M, but I have read that MM cheated on her live in partner with p. harry? I am hoping that what I have is worthless gossip!

  11. Well here we go on a whirlwind… this should be interesting!! I hope he’s happy, He’s got a lot to give the world and I hope she’ll find her way into serious charity work not just for PR. If this is for real then I hope the world sees Meghan as an example as to how race does not define love. It’s 2017 why discriminate. Thanks for the post Lola

  12. Haven’t the media claimed she has met kate, william, charles multiple times now? Who are we supposed to believe?
    And Harry turns to Kate for advice about women? Get real!

    If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the media lies about everything to serve their own interests.
    So why are people so inclined to believe everything the british press says about this relationship? They are only out to make money.
    It’s baffling to see how (in general across the internet) intelligent people seem to have lost the common sense chip over this.

    Harry’s wife is going to have a hard time. Between the grey men, the cambridges and the media. It’s not going to be easy.

    1. The media will claim anything for self-serving interests. I checked out Emily Andrews’ latest literary masterpiece. Yet again:
      • “A pal said…” , followed by gushing quotes.
      • “Friends have even… One said”, followed by gushing quotes.
      Who are these ‘friends’, these ‘pals’ ? Do they have names? And if they exist at all, how does their pal Harry feel about his personal affairs being disclosed ? The cherry on the top is Harry thinking a lot of Kate’s opinion. Can a paper doll incapable of doing anything actually have an opinion?
      I can only conclude one or all of the following:
      • Emily is mad.
      • The ‘friends’ and ‘pals’ don’t exist.
      • Emily is just the mouthpiece of Harry’s pathetic PR.
      • Emily, pals, Harry should stop. Just. Stop.

    1. Reliable? IMO None of the reporters on the royal beat are 100% trustworthy. They all have an agenda/favorites.
      These are the same people who have tried to sell the public on dutiful and normal cambridges for the past six years.
      The same cambs who are the very essence of reluctant and grand.

      They build people up and bring them down. So sure now they’ll claim everything is happy, she would be a great addition, and already planning the wedding.
      When everything comes crashing down as they know it likely will, they’ll be the winners in the ugly aftermath.

  13. I don’t think Harry is any prize – he is an unemployed 32 year old who acts like he is a 16 year old on a permanent gap year. I’ve met him . He gets away with it because he is a charmer and is photogenic.

    That said – I really do not think MM has been at KP since NYE nor did she go to Norway with him. I’d guess she met Kate when she was in London before Christmas but I doubt Emily’s story. If we were to believe the assorted stories that appeared while he courted Cressie he should be married to her now with a couple of kids. He is not. The tabloids make up stories and Emily for sure makes up stories. Do please recall that The Sun once accused the Queen of having Princess Diana killed. They are not a reliable source for anything.

    Check atlantico – this is the site that sells the pap pics. The most recent yoga stroll was taken on January 12 in Toronto. Emily has squat to support her story.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    1. Cate, I was thinking much the same thing about Harry that you state in your first paragraph. Any accomplished woman would really have her work cut out for her to drag him up to scratch in both the work and maturity stakes. Why bother? The Windsor boys seem to be cut from the same cloth so why would Harry’s pairing up suddenly result in some magical transformation into a dynamic charity worker? The old ‘can’t-work-more-than-William’ is an excuse that doesn’t hold up; no different than the latest piece of nonsense that William won’t do more work than his father for fear of elbowing him out. Lazy boys.

      Harry dabbles and fortunately for him, has great teams working on his projects. Beyond that, he flies under the radar. Charm, pots of money and his position make Harry attractive and he takes full advantage of it all. Remove the money and status and he leads an embarrassingly shallow existence for a 32-year old who has been handed incredible advantages all his life.

  14. i’m also thinking if harry really values the opinion of kate about his girlfriend and if kate really fulfill that older sister / maternal role for harry?
    anyway i will just wait and see what happen

  15. That article from The Sun about how Kate’s opinion of Meghan was almost the most important to Harry just makes me sick.
    Kate seems to be that type of person who is very polite and courteous to everybody but not really the friend type. I wonder, if Harry and Meghan do get married, will the media try to sell us the story of the royal duchesses/best friends/closest confidantes. Because I don’t really see a relationship between these two women apart from seeing each other from time to time on official engagements. On the other hand, Kate does love some Hollywood thrown her way…

    1. It would sell more papers/ get more clicks if the two were painted as enemies, with lots of plotting afoot. Cat fights! Someone will need to be the ‘baddie’: will it be jealous Kate or tricky Meghan? There would also be the inevitable comparisons since they are both the same age: who is faring better in the aging stakes, who has the better wardrobe, the sunniest smile, the harder worker, less cellulite, and on it goes. Ad nauseum. There will be the inevitable ‘leaks’ from ‘well-placed’ sources aka the protagonists themselves. All very predictable.

  16. They broke up, reporters will never say “oh I lied luls” She was in NYC getting a facial from that person.

    1. “That person” was and still is in the UK. So no, she wasn’t getting a facial in New York but in London.

  17. Hi Lola,

    I must say that the comment by Herazeus was completely uncalled for and rude: “internet boyfriend”. There was no need for attacking Melinda like this and Herazeus should have known better. Melinda was only expressing her opinion and Herazeus had no right to use such a sarcastic tone. Herazeus owes Melinda an apology. I must say I am disappointed that Lola let this arguement between these two posters get this far. Surely, there should be SOME moderation. Shameful.

    1. I disagree, so there’s that. It’s probably why Lola gives such generous free reign to commentors here: this is an open space where a lot of different ideas converge. Some boards have deeply problematic moderation, favoring those who think a certain way. Here, all opinions are accepted. And that is a good thing.

      1. You’re right, this is a generous space. And if we enjoy that, we all need to be vigilant, then, that beliefs other than one’s own can be legitimately held and expressed, without fear of being insulted.

        None of us know Harry or Meghan. We only know what has been fashioned for public consumption and fed to us by others. We’re all entitled to interpret this as we see fit.

  18. Seems to me that people are choosing to believe what they want to believe…as ever. But suggesting that Emily Andrews is reliable is insane.

    People need to remember that “sources close to the couple” and “pals” have told us that: Meghan has been to Balmoral; Meghan met Prince Charles; Meghan met Kate & William before the story broke and “fitted in really well”; Meghan met the Queen and spent three days being prepared for it; Harry was desperate to be with Meghan and was planning on flying out on Boxing Day; Harry met Meghan’s father….and so on.

    None of these things are actually true, so why decide that this one is? There’s been not a peep of comfirmation from anyone (in spite of every news organisation in the English speaking world trying to find some) of them spending NYE together, going to Norway or being together now.

    These two couldn’t buy a Christmas tree together from a small stall in London without it going round the world a few weeks ago…and now they’ve been flying round Europe and virtually joined at the hip but absolutely not a single soul has seen them.

    Oh, except for one Meghan fan who tweeted her excitement at having seen and spoken to her in Toronto last Wednesday. Since I doubt she was mistaken (given their brief conversation) or lying, that for me buries EA’s stupid story.

    I couldn’t care less about Harry and who he boffs/marries. I don’t know him or her (although I find her boasts about being an “activist” repellent) – but I find the narratives that people are inventing ridiculous and annoying.

    He’s an over-privileged, unemployed, whiny and entitled man-child who routinely sleeps with models and actresses and she’s your standard, vain, pretentious, fame-hungry D lister.

    Where’s the fairytale, exactly?

    1. Wonderful post, Jane Doe, especially your last 2 full paragraphs. For all of her “glass ceilings, not glass slippers” talk, I have to wonder if Meghan would have given Harry a second glance if he were not a prince. And as far as being an activist – ugh! Not to disparage any good works she may be doing, but I put her maybe a 1/2 step above the current crop of starlets who spend a (IMO PR-driven) week or two in Africa or India (complete with someone to document it all for their SM accounts). Because of Angelina Jolie, it is almost a requirement. I am sure Toronto has several homeless shelters, food banks, women shelters, etc. in need of caring, dedicated volunteers wanting to make a difference.

      And she was either going to work in international relations or become an actress? Huh? Quite a difference in those 2 professions.

      At first I thought this would be a fun relationship, whether it led to anything serious or not, but within just a few days, my gut was screaming, and my b.s meter was going nuts. Nothing to do with her occupation, nationality, or race – I just get a disingenuous, “look at me” vibe from this young woman.

      Lola – All the best, and plenty of good vibes to you!


    this is a video of a royal reporter who says that the whole MM at KP and met Kate and Charlotte story is “incredible” and did not happen

    He notes that royals make arrangements for all visits to each other through the secretaries and that such visits are then recorded – and there is no record of such a visit! I’d add that no one can stay at a royal palce for any length of time without written permission from the Queen and such permission is released. See Sophie and Edward when Sophie co habited with Edward. There is no record of HM giving permission for MM to stay at KP since NYE.

    You are being scammed – the tabloids lie!

    1. Don’t know or particularly care if Meghan and Kate met, but I don’t believe for a second that the press or general public has access to any record of personal visits to KP. Business visits? For sure! Even the White House makes such records available. But visits of a personal nature? Not likely.

  20. Hi, Everyone. I’m dealing with some personal issues at the moment and can’t really moderate at the moment. I probably shouldn’t have done a post on a topic some feel strongly about when I can’t devote time to the comment sections beyond trying to pop on sporadically to approve new commenters. I may be offline for a couple of days, my apologies if any new commenters get held up in moderation but I will do my best to try to check in. Please remember to be respectful of each other even if opinions differ. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your response, Lola. Hope your issues get sorted for the better soon and sending you positive thoughts and good wishes. Its just that I felt the need to voice my dismay and speak up when certain veteran posters like Herazeus take advantage of the goodwill rendered to them by make scathing, unprovoked attacks on other posters with differing opinions.

      1. @Ash, have you considered that you are now doing exactly what you have accused another poster of doing? Post after post, repeating her user name ad infinitum, calling her out again and again. This could easily be seen as harassment. Let’s just get back to the juicy gossip at hand, shall we?

        You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine.

        I tend to believe they have met. As to the royal reporter saying there was no appointment so the meeting couldn’t have taken place -they live in the same complex! It is perfectly feasible for Harry to text Kate: ‘wanna meet my gfriend?’
        Kate: ‘totes’.
        And voila! Contact.

        But its all delicious gossip, so who knows whats actually true 😉

        1. Actually, calling out someone’s bad behaviour is not the same as behaving like them. Try to get the whole picture before taking sides and attacking me.

          But I do agree with you on one thing, let’s move on. There is no need for the two of us to engage further in this conversation.

        1. Oh, thank you girls! I love him so much! He is a Norwegian forest cat, 2,5 years old and weighs 6 kg. When I say “kiss” I get a kiss on my nose.

    2. Wishing you well, Lola. This is a side project for you – you’re allowed to have a life outside of us! Hopefully you’ll be back soon, fingers at the keyboard and firing off another post.

    3. Be well Lola and I hope your personal issues are sorted, or sorted soon.

      Look after yourself!

      In the meantime I’m sending you a hug and best wishes

    4. Hi Lola,
      Although I always read & rarely post , I am today. Want you to know that I am sending positive thoughts, best wishes and offering prayers that deliverance from trouble is yours. May many blessings flow into your life.

  21. So a brother cannot pop in to say hello without going through a secretary first? And here I thought they lived priviliged lives…no wonder Kate is exhausted and can’t do more royal work, the protocol itself on a daily basis must be exhausting. I wonder if they have to schedule with a secretery before she and william goes to bed also (joking)…

  22. Lola, whatever it is you’re struggling with, hope you feel better soon.

    I have a suggestion…while Lola isn’t feeling great, posters should maybe only comment on the topic itself? Probably should be like that anyway but you can’t control other people’s behaviour, so particularly while moderation is absent. Agreed?

    1. Count me in for sure. Wanting Lola to rest and sort things out, she has been so good to us so your suggestion is awesome, stress is not conducive to sort out any issue, and in my opinion we owe her any stress relief we can give 🙂

  23. Lola,
    it’ s been a while since I last left a comment here but I ‘ ve always read any single post you pubblished and I love them all.
    You’ re my favourite blogger, so witty and funny, I hope you get well soon. A big kiss to you and Nightwing!

    About Harry:
    I think he’ sin love with her and they’ re together.
    As far as I can tell I find Meghan a fameseeker, I honestly didn’ t like all the hints she posted and the games she played with the press.
    Just my point of view

  24. You know, I think that reporter is probably right about KP needing to record all visits. Not really because of protocol…which I can imagine William and Harry ignoring…but because of security.

    Do not underestimate just how close the security is for all of them. It’s the job of the police to know exactly who is where and when. If there was some kind of terrorist attack, everyone needs to know exactly who is in which house – whether they are still there or whether they left.

    Otherwise, you could have a situation where a gunman gets in and the police are running around saying, “Where’s Harry? Who is in 1A?”

    So, yes, I am certain all vists are recorded so that real time information can be accessed in an emergency. And if that reporter says that he looked at records that would tell him if the visit happened and it wasn’t recorded, then I believe it likely that it didn’t happen.

    Put this together with the very credible sighting of MM in Toronto last week AND literally no one seeing hide nor hair of the two of them since before Christmas, I call bull on Emily’s story.

    But we’ll see.

    1. The RPO is like the Secret Service. They know what the principal is doing, where, who they are with, they have background checks on the people around them, etc. It’s intense stuff.

      I also call bull.

    2. Naturally, all visits would be logged by security but the notion of security giving the press access to records of private visits? That’s just not believable. Think about it: We’d know about every one night stand, every dinner party, etc. It would be like giving the public a field guide to the inner lives of the royals at KP. They’d literally have no privacy whatsoever.

      1. I very much doubt any records are available for people to browse through, including the press, but if that reporter says that no records support MM visiting Kate then someone in the know at KP told him that. Maybe he’s lying or the person who told him is…don’t know why because he seems to really like Meghan and supports the romance of the century.

        It’s also a big mistake to make assumptions about what information is or is not available regarding the Royal Family. They are not private citizens like you or I. One of the many reasons why I think the monarchy should be abolished. None of them (except those who married in) actually chose any of this and nobody should be born into this country without having the same basic rights as everyone else.

        A man ought to be able to take a girlfriend to see his brother without the world and his wife having an opinion on it…but the Prince bit in front of their names means he can’t.

        1. Yeah, it’s probably foolhardy to make any assumptions. but then again, assumptions are all we’ve got, really.

  25. Thank you Jane Doe, security reasons makes sense for me!

    But then I start thinking how embarrassing when one of them are unfaithful for example…like when Diana went with her lover Hewitt to the cottage for some romance with her protection officer Ken Wharfs in the livingroom.
    No tiaras in the world would make me chose that kind of life.

      1. I always get major head aches, with even so much as a head band I would be like smelly Queen Vic, and have to borrow her 4 oz crown !!!

  26. When did this site become such OTT conspiracy theory? Diana snuck lovers into KP in her trunk, Meghan and KM could have met without record or national security measures and tracking being applied.

    So much for new posters behaving while Lola is away…

    1. I see no conspiracy theories. I see opinions. Opinions different to yours = people not behaving? OK.

      You’ll notice that your example of Diana sneaking in lovers in the trunk of a car kind of supports the point I’ve made. If visits could be kept on the QT that would not be necessary. And why would Harry have to keep this visit secret & sneak MM in under cover even from staff?

      Not really adding up, is it?

      1. I see a lot of attempts to create a narrative in which MM and Harry cannot be dating, she cannot have met members of his family, and that they cannot live their lives without every movement being tracked at KP. All evidence to the contrary.

        Diana snuck lovers in so the press didn’t see them. Meghan and Harry are already within the KP grounds, successfully got there without being papped. Harry and Meghan can walk across the grounds and meet someone at 1A without requiring security protocols. The fact that they appear to be living their lives together successfully away from prying eyes appears to have people upset.

        1. No. Diana snuck lovers in so that the police manning the gate and KP staff wouldn’t see. The press don’t hang around the palaces….and there are dozens and dozens of people who drive in and out all day. They wouldn’t know who was coming to see Diana and who was coming to polish the silver. The police and staff would know, though.

          I am intrigued that you’ve decided that Meghan is/was in KP. One reporter says she is/was and one reporter says there’s no documentation demonstrating that (which there would be). There was also a tweet from a fan in Toronto who saw and talked to MM in the middle of that week, which is hard to explain away.

          It is a little rich for you to accuse others of creating a narrative when you are doing the same, to be fair.

          I think the evidence indicates they are over…but if they are not, I don’t care because I have no emotional investment in the love lives of two people I have never met.

          1. No, their presence and location at KP would not be tracked. The press wouldn’t have seen her get there, they didn’t see her arrive last time. Harry and Meghan would be family visiting family, walking across the compound. No need to call out the national guard in order to make it happen, and it wouldn’t be recorded in any official journals.

            What a ridiculous notion, that no royal could visit another royal without news of it having to be in the national archive. Ridiculous.

            The press admitted that the photos of her going to yoga were from December, not the week they published them. I’m not going to believe (or disbelieve) any tweet as gospel. All can be taken with a grain of salt.

            You seem to be investing a whole lot in trying to make it seem impossible that they’re still dating. He swore this time he’d keep his private life. Good for him that he’s managing it. I don’t care if they marry or not, but I am finding all of the anti-Meghan fangirl spinning here and elsewhere interesting.

  27. I read on another site that per Twitter MM’s trip to India being cancelled was misdirection, and she has made the trip. She may still be there now, no dates were mentioned, and I do not use Twitter, but the tweet in question supposedly said that the person hoped that MM was having a great time in India, so sounds present tense. Of course, as we all know, SM can be faked and dates manipulated.

    For a while now I have felt that this relationship will lead to marriage, if only for the fact that Harry is likely ready to settle down, and IMO MM would not turn down a chance to be a member of the BRF (or true love, take your pick lol). If she really did make this trip, I feel more than ever that an engagement announcement is forthcoming. MM is nothing if not a tireless self-promoter, and making a ‘secret charity trip’ has trying to make a good impression on the BRF written all over it.

    1. If that tweet is reliable then MM was not on a charity trip, she was meeting a member of the Indian Government’s opposition…a person involved in a movement trying to overthrow Modi.

      If MM & Harry are so tight then KP would have strongly advised against such a meeting with an individual whose notivations are political rather than charitable.

      Possible that MM didn’t know the implications because she assumed, given the name of the organisation, that it was all about femininism…in which case the only explanation for her being so uninformed is that she is not receiving any advice.

      KP couldn’t stop her going, of course, but, knowing the possibility of press coverage about the trip they would have said something….and if she was remotely serious about a future with Harry, she’d have listened.

  28. i understand everything about H&MM relationship should kept hidden and private,like what it said in the nov.8 statement that “this is not a game – its her life and his” but some “close to the couple” ,”a pal close to harry” “friends of the couple” and some “reliable source inside the palace” keep on leaking information about their relationship

  29. I must say that this talk on other sites that Meghan is of a certain race or not, surprised me as a Swedish woman. I am saying this knowing I might look stupid to you, but I had no clue she was anything than an American lady. And no, we are not all blonds in Sweden. I sometimes is mistaken for being a Syrian lady when I am with my Syrian girlfriends, I am brown haired and browned eyed from ethnical Swedish DNA or how you say. Oh, I am not sure what I wanted to say about this post. I just did not know that her parents DNA were a factor to some. Or that you actually could see that. Ok, now I am going back to my Swedish corner.

    1. Cecilia, you just come back out of that Swedish corner, personally I don’t think your comment is stupid, and in fact you speak two languages, no? That’s something I’ve often admired and envied. 🙂 The talk on other sites can be brutal and vicious, I visit them but always wind up coming back here or to KMR. To compare some of those sites with Lola and KMR is like comparing the National Enquirer with Reader’s Digest. This is of course just my opinion, but it has been my experience that to give (some) people a forum seems to be akin to giving them license. They can spew their vitriol and remain anonymous.

  30. Thank you sweetest royalsareajoke! I am back!
    I speak Swedish and English and a little French, and little Italian

    1. Aloora ciao Cecilia 🙂
      Io sono italiana!!!
      I’ m black haired with so pale skin and balck almond shaped eyed.
      People think that I’ m japanese but I have no japanese DNA at all 🙂
      People here are so friendly and polite I love reading here!

      1. Ciao bella!
        Japanes ladies are beautiful also!
        I love Lolas blogg and reading here, and I enjoy that I can ask any questions about royals.

  31. Hi Lola, I’ve been thinking about you and what you might be tackling, remembering back to 2013 when you wrote about struggling with illness. I hope that you are getting better and feeling God’s grace throughout. I too am a spiritual person and have experienced answers to prayer, so I understand. I’m sure it will be 4:03 soon. Saying prayers

  32. Dear Lola, sending you well wishes. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time but please know that there are many of us thinking of you <3

  33. That’s nice of Meghan to give Kate a journal. But my snark wants to know if Kate looked at the blank pages and wondered where the lines were? How can she colour I’m without them?

  34. Ah so sorry to hear that dear Lola …Get well soon
    your postings are so articulate and witty and rigjt on point
    sending all good wishes to get well soon xxx

  35. Saw MMs photo at Delhi Airport with big guy who is employed as a minder for her she had henna tattoos done ..
    she is certainly all about getting publicity on herself
    always in newspapers. .. too much all too much for going out with a Royal should be discreet she is not

    1. Charities appreciate celebrity ambassadors because of the publicity. If she’s promoting her tv show, she’s doing her job. If she’s highlighting the charity — even by getting henna tattoos and being photographed at the Delhi Airport — she’s doing right by her charity. The famewhoring accusations can be fairly leveled at Kardashian-type behavior. Before she came out as Harry’s GF, her blog veered in that direction. She has since toned down that aspect of her publicity machine.

      1. Exactly, graymatters. She’s chosen to do charity work with World Vision, been doing it since before she and Harry met. She is promoting a cause, that’s why they have her there.

        She was papped at the airport – nothing she could do about that – but it is once again spun into accusations of famewhoring. Going on this trip and interviews about it or her television job? That’s her doing her job. Unlike some other royal girlfriends, this one earns her own living.

        I’m just glad he’s found someone who appears to be a fully-formed adult, and one who knows how to earn the rent. Maybe she can help him understand what the real world is like, as Letizia appears to have done for Felipe.

        1. The problem with Meghan’s trip to India is that she lied. She originally said she was going there to build a school. And that it had been in the planning stages for a long time. Then once she landed in India, it was magically to hand out tampons and attend a political conference??? People will say “security reasons.” Umm…no. She never had a trip arranged to build a school. This was a mad scramble to get to India doing SOMETHING because she’d lied and said she was going there. Awful.

          1. This is what Markle actually said in her interview with the Vancouver Sun on November 1. No where does she talk school, she talks about a girls program. She went, did what she and the charity had planned, and came home. Done and done.

            Given the timing, she likely did this interview long before the news of them dating came out.


            Q: Lastly, your new collection is launching. What’s next for you?

            A: We are still filming the end of season six of Suits, we won’t be wrapped until the middle of November. And then, December is holiday time and I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and travelling. Then, I’m the global ambassador for World Vision, which I’m really excited about and I’ve been working with them for the past year. So, in January, I’m going to India for two weeks setting up a girls’ program that I’m really excited about and have been working on for the past six months. … And then, come March, we start filming season seven of Suits. So, my cup runneth over and I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

  36. The article in DM today re Kate and MM is just vacuous rubbish and it just sells newspapers I guess if they put articles in like this comparing them both against each other..
    I do think MM does good with the charity and she does care about the unfortunate and tries to help them in her position she does do so much more in life than Coatpeg waity …but we believe the circus that is going on around the BRF is disgraceful with the Middlebums way of being so money grabbing with the BRF..

  37. The Sun has pictures of the couple holding hands and reports that they have been inseparable for the past 5 weeks (excepting MM’s time in India, I presume). There is speculation (from a “pal”) that they will be engaged by spring. I just hope that an engagement is not announced while she is filming her show &/or new episodes are airing. May seem like a small thing, but that IMO that cheapens the whole royalty aspect, and without that they are just boring, rich celebrities. We have enough of those.

    1. So right Ginger Mini its just ugh… with celebrity spencer matthews in jump programme chasing two women one parker bowles its become a total celebrity farce and its the courtiers at BP fault for letting these wannabees into the BRF its enough with the tacky waity and her family and now the MM fiasco with her gun crime and druggie brother … its so unreal that in todays world this is being allowed to happen … all waity can do is wear tight clothing and show off her skinny legs and it should be about the charities not about her clothes and skinny legs …

  38. The bottom line Halia, you have to be starved for attention to want to marry into the royal charade !!!!

    1. So Maxima, Mathilde, Letizia, Daniel, et. al. were all “starved for attention” because they married royals? Or does your assessment only apply to Meghan?

  39. GingerMini, and above all her, especially after hearing about her conversation in New York, yeah there is quite a few who have connived and laid on their backs to marry into that charade, for absolute adulation !!!

  40. Notasugarhere please everyone has a right to their opinions!
    We come here to express our individual opinions that is all. I do not want argue with anyone just state my opinion & read other people opinions. Thank you!

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