BAFTAs Barf-ta

After spending most of his seven year tenure as President of the British Academy of Film and Television Academy missing in action, Prince William showed up to Sunday’s award show at the Royal Opera House with Kate Middleton.

This was the third BAFTA Award Show for Prince William and Kate’s first.  For Kate’s BAFTA Awards debut, she arrived in custom Alexander McQueen looking like Laura Ingalls dressed up as Harriet Oleson for Halloween.


The original Long Tier Violet Jacquard dress from Alexander McQueen’s 2016 resort collection that Kate had modified cost $7,765 (£6,218).


Kate’s McQueen box clutch retailed for $2,242 (£1,795).


Kate’s Prada Wavy-Cut Suede Pumps which were visible when Kate lifted her hem to climb the red-carpeted steps cost $750.


So that’s over $10,500 to look like a shrunken hunched-backed Harriet, not including the earrings which Kate first debuted in 2011.


Not much is known about the drop earrings, although Rebecca English confirmed on Twitter they are not a loaner pair from the Queen.


There was an amusing rumor floating before the BAFTAs that some actresses were concerned Kate would “out-shine” them at the award show.


If there really was any concern at all, it was probably that Kate would go full-on fan-girl.

Kate has a history of becoming star-struck at events with celebrities and was so giddy meeting Jackie Chan at a Creative Collaboration: UK & China event that a Hong  Kong journalist covering it wrote, “Most unexpectedly, Princess Kate, who should be used to meeting and greeting dignitaries and upper echelons of society, suddenly lightened up with great delight and was very girlish when meeting Jackie Chan.”

It was actually nice to see Kate looking happy upon arrival at an event.  Too often she appears groggy and trepidatious, like she’s just coming to after being hit with a tranquilizer dart.


I like happy Kate.  I just wish she brought even a fraction of this enthusiasm to other events.


Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge only appears genuinely engaged and interested in the presence of celebrities and Ben Ainslie.  When it comes to her charities, Kate sometimes looks like she can barely keep her eyes open.




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  1. I just can’t with her look at BAFTA. What is it with her and floral tiered hem evening dresses. Wasn’t that Erdem nightmare enough?

    And there’s something about her arms, especially her right arm that just freaks me out. It looks like it should be on a guy. A thin guy, but a guy.

    But I do like the earrings.

    Hope you’re feeling better Lola!!

  2. That’s what I thought when I first saw this dress……not another fugly Erdem. All those extensions shoved into a low up do make her head look massive.

    1. Ha! don’t forget the boney shoulders.

      Love Love Lola ! waiting for the rehash of flat bone Non- butt and pulling on unroyal – skin tight jeggings! this piece is so in need to a proper meal (BAFTA pre event at KP), not even the skin fitting jeggings can stay up. HM and POW must be pulling out all their hair and QM and QEI spinning in their grave) with carol /lazy snowflakey middletons.

  3. I thought the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ look was over after that Erdem nastiness. Why on earth would anyone wear this thing? At least Kate was in no danger of upstaging anyone in the fashion stakes. Is Kate consciously choosing her wardrobe (actually, is she conscious?) or is some old Miss Marple from the Queen’s set of ladies-in-waiting/ dresser picking this stuff out? The level of matronly frump is rising with (almost) each outfit.

      1. I’ve often wondered that, Cathy, though a number of outfits point to a post-70’s age group conservative taste. Carole is living through her daughter so nothing would surprise me. I just don’t understand being so malleable at 35 years of age… arrested development?

        1. Arrested, arraigned, put on trial, and convicted of being a mess, an embarrassment, a silly vain and vapid woman/child. That dress is horribly obscenely expensive and the straps aren’t even close to having a good impact on this hideous outfit. I highly doubt that old dim bulb even came close to outshining anyone, and I thought it was Billy who was being ever so thoughtful as to leave Cathy home lest she outshine the stars. I must have read the article wrong.

  4. The difference in her demeanor when she is at celebrity-filled events as opposed to visits to the charities that she is supposedly so keen on, is so remarkable that it is insulting to the charities. She is actually beaming, not baring her teeth and fakely guffawing.

    The dress is awful on her, and it seems that its only purpose is to waste more of Charles’ money and to show off Twiglet’s extreme thinness. No Vanity Fair and royal focus, she is neither dazzling nor stunning. However, the shoes, bag, and earrings are divine.

    Interesting that this is only President Bill’s 3rd time attending the BAFTA awards in 7 years, and Cathy’s first. She must have really loved “LaLa Land”.

  5. Hated the dress…she really needs more in the breast area…this just made her look as flat as a boy. I actually think it also made her rounding shoulder issue worse.

    Also, not sure if wills decided this was his way of sticking it to BAFTA but they came “fashionably late” even though it’s just down the road for them. I would think that would draw more attention…but maybe that was intended as to not take away from arriving acresses. Show up last.

  6. Almost 10k for an ugly than ugly dress and a clutch????? Geez!!!! As soon as I saw this little house meets meets grandmas slip covers monstrosity of a gown I was hoping for a new Lola post. I wasn’t disappointed with your as usual spot on commentary

  7. She’s a mess! No denying it. Ghastly looking and still manages to look completely lost at an engagement

    1. So pleased you also see that.. she always look like little girl lost routine dress awful her wearing it dreadful she is in BRF and on a stage and young girls get the wrong impression as she is really stick thin like anerexic thin which in her position she should not be promoting ……they are both beyond arrogant and noone in the palace sorts their arrogance and attitudes out it is really disgraceful for our country. ..
      and to put trees in front of palace is also disgusting ..
      poor Eugenie with damp problems in her cottage and yet there was plenty of money for moving a swimming pool a matter of inches for Lamebridges at tax payers expense it is outragious at the money these two spend on our funding .
      its out of perspective it really is ….

  8. That dress looks like an awful rip off of dolce&gabbana. The original version is so much better. I get that it wouldn’t have been appropriate for her to wear a see-trough gown, so why couldn’t she choose something different if she had to completely revolution the original design? Seems like a waste of money and time.

  9. Just gastly – horrible fabric and lack of design – my eyesight is blurred these days – but not enough to miss that mess

  10. Great post Lola!!

    She dressed as a hillbilly to an elegant awards show!

    The bustier in the original design would have been trashy, but at least made it worthy to talk about!

    She needs to cut her hair into a shorter sophisticated style. It looks like a helmet when its up like that.

  11. Just no words for that dress. At least she wasn’t wearing beige pumps as usual. And I so wish she would cut her freaking hair!

  12. The most striking horrible part of the dress in my view is those off shoulder straps. This doesn’t work on someone with a broad shoulder line. I know Kate is extremely thin, but she does have broad shoulders.

    The fabric does nothing for me. Nor does the hairstyle this time around, but I guess she wore it like that to showcase the earrings and those are the best part of the ensemble.

    1. She/he has such broad shoulders and muscular arms because she is transgendered. She/he has such a masculine physique (large jaw/teeth, brow bone) and such a masculine walk (well documented) and no curves, (hence all of the belts) not only because she is thin and athletic, but because she is transgendered. She/he carries a clutch, always, to cover the ‘privates’ that are either no longer there, or that are hidden to the public. The evidence is right in front of everyone, yet they do not see it. It is a horrific thought, which is why most will never admit it, but it is true. She/he did not carry those children because she is transgendered. This is how royalty and hollywood (and God only knows who else) does things and the joke is on all of the rest of us. And we continue to not see it, even though lately, they are making it so glaringly obvious.

  13. Look at thatVanity Fair picture. “One of these things is not like the others….” The other women had pretty dresses and posed nicely. Kate wore this mishmash of edgy-ish dress with matronly jewelry and hair. And crotch clutched with a girly grin. Someone PLEASE give this woman some styling, including posture and elocution lessons.

    1. Hear hear agree wholeheartedly re her dreadful put on voice she came from nothing and has always pretended to be someone she is not and manipulated her way into BRF…. she waited and plotted her way to get a life of luxury and she does minimal amount of work but can always go to a glittery event and do her hyena grinning …..for the cameras …..

  14. I can’t make the flowers look like violets. To me they look like dandelions that have gone to the puff ball stage. Hate the shoulder straps – they make it look like any minute the whole bodice is going to fall down in the epic wardrobe malfunction. Her hair reminds me of Melanie Wilkes in Gone with the Wind.

    I have been wanting to get this off my chest for a while. It breaks my heart to that worthless skeleton wearing the Queen’s wedding present bracelet. I can’t imagine what in the world QEII was thinking letting Kate wear it. It is a slap in the face to Prince Philip.

    1. Amen to that. I just can’t understand why Kate is getting access to something that personal to HM. Is it an incentive? Can’t be a reward.

  15. I took one look at that g-d awfulness spectre and screamed FUGLY! The print is better suited for a bed sheet. The off-the-shoulder strap on her figure looks as if the dress is ready to fall off. The blingy earrings fall flat—emerald or peridot would have done wonders to bring out the green in the gown. The beehive hair gives her a dated look. Style = 0. Presence = 0.
    Charisma = 0.

  16. The visit to RAF Wittering was a total embarrassment for our country. ..Waity Katie jumping up and down and standing pulling up her tightest of jeggings showing her bony ass…. She thinks she is still at school having never grown up ….If the BRF are not embarrassed by this we certainly are it was vulgar and certainly not Royal by any standards … the jacket was £760..00 a complete waste of time money and this should not be allowed to happen on an engagement she needs to have a courtier with her when letting her out as this behaviour is not befitting of any Royal visit .

  17. The visit to RAF Wittering was a total embarrassment for our country. ..Waity Katie jumping up and down and standing pulling up her tightest of jeggings showing her bony ass…. She thinks she is still at school having never grown up ….If the BRF are not embarrassed by this we certainly are it was vulgar and certainly not Royal by any standards … the jacket was £760..00 a complete waste of time money and this should not be allowed to happen on an engagement she needs to have a courtier with her to stop this embarrassing behaviour her hair was all over the place and her attire was not befitting of a Royal visit. .

  18. Even the sugars have admitted that the pants were inappropriate.

    Dolittle’s need to wear her hair down is absurd. When you know (as I am sure she did) that an engagement will include physical activity, wear it in an appropriate style to begin with. The up, then down, and back again is ridiculous & unprofessional.

    Both show she has no respect for the BRF &/or common sense.

  19. I love the fabric print of this dress, but it was wasted by the design. In the original and in the updated Kate version.

  20. I am probably in the minority, again, but I thought those ear rings looked like something you could buy at a very discounted price at a sidewalk sale, or a booth on some carnival or Vegas strip.

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