Wittering Heights

While many of us spent Valentine’s Day mainlining sugary treats and snuggling up with loved ones or casting curses on exes, Kate Middleton waged war on fashion and decorum at an engagement with air cadets at RAF Wittering.  There was also the classic battle of Kate’s hair versus the wind which resulted in a ponytail of defeat, captured by photographer Mark Stewart. (Correction by KateMiddletonReview: Kate actually started the day off with a ponytail then released the mane prior to the cadet exercises which adds a whole new level of mystery to Kate’s hair-making decisions.)  It’s as if an advisor instructed Kate to look “engaged” at the event but she mistakenly heard “deranged”.

At the RAF Wittering event, Kate participated in a team building exercise with the cadets and tried out a flight simulator.  Kate wore a festive red Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini jacket which is a beautiful color on her.  However, because it is a pea coat which does have a tendency to visually add a teeny bit of width, Kate had to prove she’s still the skinniest in the land by pairing it with a pair of jeggings that were so tight, likely they came out of a spray can.


The physics of these pants baffle me.  How can something be so tight that every muscle movement is visible beneath them and yet require constant tugging up?  Is this some sort of denim equivalent of cheap drugstore hosiery that keeps trying to snap back to the original 6″ length it was when you pulled it out of the package to the point you consider stapling the band to your underwear but despite your hellish struggle you still manage not to grab your own ass in public?


Even more distracting than the pants were Kate’s exaggerated random facial expressions that had some on social media wondering what meds Kate’s on.



But seriously, there’s no medication or pharmaceutical combination of which I’m aware that turns a thirty-five year-old mother of two and a future queen consort into a less dignified version of a howler monkey.  If Kate’s on anything at all, it was probably developed in a secret military research facility.

My mother would have been mortified if I behaved this way in public when I was six-years-old, Kate is almost six years into being a duchess and not only is there no evidence of those purported “princess lessons”, there’s little to suggest she has much experience interacting with other human beings.

At some point, I’m probably going to have to switch this blog into a Jennifer @Chic_Happens_ fan page.  She’s far more engaging and represents the UK better than Kate.



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  1. I love seeing Jennifer’s comments on Twitter because I find them hilarious. And the howler monkey pic is spot on. Kate looks like a fool. You can see the side eye the cadets are giving each other wondering what is going with this weird lady.

    1. Jennifer’s awesome, as are you. I was concerned the reference might be offensive to howler monkeys but as I mentioned on Twitter recently, howler monkeys spend about 85% of their time resting or sleeping so in addition to similarities in expression, their low energy lifestyles suggest that in some aspects, they are Kate’s spirit animal.

  2. “ponytail of defeat”
    I love your way with words Lola!

    Now, as for the saggy pants photos? The larger photo which is a side view actually makes her bum cheeks look kind of saggy? Now may I have some of those meds so I can forget ever seeing those photos?

    I’m wondering if Kate has what seems like 5 million coats and pairs of nude coloured high heels but only ONE pair of jeggings? It seems to me that the elastane in the fabric has given up and that is why they look so terrible (and a bit faded) and they sag which means she needs to haul them up every now and again.

    It ain’t sexy Kate! So just STOP doing it!

    I want my Royals to look polished, well dressed and act with decorum. It’s not happening here and I’ve had to come to the conclusion that it never will 🙁

    1. She does have multiple pairs of black jeggings. There are slight differences on them (at one point I went through photos and counted and I think there were at least 8 but I’ve got a fever right now so don’t quote me on the number). For instance, in this photo you can see a circular patch on Kate’s bum where the elastane has given out: http://lovelolaheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/KateJeggingsSituation.png
      (These jeggings look more faded in this particular photo than others from the same event, they were also black.) There’s no similar circle on the pair Kate wore on Valentine’s Day, therefore different pair.

      1. Thanks so much for this post! I can’t quite believe you’re looking at different Kate bum shots… er, the result of fever, right? Although, to be honest, I think Kate would be chuffed at the attention her rear is getting ‘cos it’s all about the bod. What else is there?

        Those lads looking in her direction couldn’t quite believe their luck with the performance thrust before their eyes. Their faces reeked of impure thoughts, as did many of the DM reader comments.

        1. Thanks for requesting the post! Alas, it’s sort of hard to avoid looking at Kate’s bum regardless of health status. When I was comparing jeggings, I was looking at different things like length, rivets, pockets and distinguishing marks (like the patch where the stretch gave up). While it sounds like a sad use of time (because it probably is), it’s part of Kate’s curious habit of buying identical or nearly identical items (like her many pairs of black suede court shoes).

          1. Well, that’s dedication beyond the call of duty, though will it help break the fever? Maybe Kate’s buying multiple versions of the same item is her version of preparing for the apocalypse but she is stockpiling jeggings and shoes rather than food. Then again, she seems to have little need for food.

            1. Sadly, I don’t think they’re healing jeggings. Kate’s been wearing skinny jeans even prior to marriage. I suspect it has something to do with her thinking they elongate her legs. Even during pregnancy, she wore Topshop skinny jeans.

      2. I hope that fever has gone Lola.

        I am worried that I made it worse by making you compare Kate’s collection of deadbeat jeggings? 🙁

  3. I woke this am early and went to royal news for distraction. I am in the middle of a winter of discontent and my temper has been short; and I thought to ease into the day with news from the royals. I saw these photos in the DM and before I knew it I had frightened 2 of my dogs by yelling bloody hell and stomping around. This woman cannot get fashion, her role and decorum together. Those nasty legging or skinny pants just WTH. Yes we know you have no ass or thighs but could you pull your pants up better than a 6 year old in an Easter dress pulling tights up. What is this arrested development; silly faces, those vulgar pants, hair flying everywhere, those ugly expensive floral dress in the style of nothing. She is 35 and it time to grow up. You are not in high school, you are a senior member of the British royal family. Cut your hair. Wear proper pants for work duties. Are there any picture of Maxima or Letitia or Victoria pulling their pants in a similar fashion? I doubt it. She is vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. It is nice to have Two post from you. Thanks

    1. I’m not a fan of winter either, it really needs to go away. Kate’s wardrobe battles are unprecedented amongst royals and adults in general. I will confess there is a photo of me with my hand on my bum but I was getting a wild chipmunk to eat out of my hand and wanted to hide my other hand so the chipmunk wouldn’t worry I would try to grab him or harm him with it. I was also five-years-old.

  4. Now, now. Let’s remember Kate has worked more in the past two months than she has in most years. This has put undue stress on her resulting in the psychic break that we all witnessed at this event. She probably thought she was back to her school years when she would moon all the boys from the window. I bet she pulled the same faces then too.

    Or it’s all a not so subtle attempt to show that she can’t be trusted at these events and really needs to stay home and be taken care of. In between holitours that is. She may have been really happy because the Paris trip was confirmed.

    Now that’s one that has all the possibilities of a true nightmare in the making.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if Kate is an evil genius, if she is intentionally embarrassing so the Royal Family agrees she should remain tucked away out of sight in the comforts of the Fortress of Solitude, ski resorts and Caribbean villas.

      1. I have to admit I wonder what the motivation is for Kate.

        I do wish HM would call her to her office for a stern discussion. HM should ground Kate from air travel to and from the meeting. Kate needs a long car ride home after getting royally chewed out.

        Thanks for another good laugh. I laughed so hard I woke up my dog.

        1. Thanks, G. My apologies to your pooch, though. Whenever I wake up Nightwing, he immediately rolls over for a tummy rub. I think it’s his way of letting me know there are consequences for disturbing his slumber.

      2. It occurs to me that is her plan (appear completely incompetent), along with William choosing to marry someone completely incapable of doing this simple job. She does it because she wants the excuse to be lazy. He does it because he still thinks the monarchy (which provides his daily cheese-on-toast) must be punished for his mother’s death.

        1. William’s resentment towards being a future king predates his mother’s death. I do think on some level, he does want to become a better person and there are brief flickers that show he does have the capacity but he loses interest quickly and becomes derailed by his own arrogance. Ultimately, I think William will become resentful of Kate and the behavior which he has enabled. At joint engagements he will sometimes put his hand on her back to steer her or will point out something to her not to trip over. I noticed at the BAFTAs arrival when they got to their seats, she remained standing, waiting for him to start sitting as an indication that it was okay for her to take her seat. She’s been doing this for almost six years, she still can’t figure out when to sit without a cue from her husband. It struck me as odd because it’s customary for a gentleman to wait for a lady to sit first and yet Kate watches William as a child would.

  5. Thank you for the laughs, brilliant writing Lola! Appalling display from Kate, so sorry for the people of the UK and commonwealth that this is what the monarchy has been reduced to, I’m so sick of her.

    I’ve noticed Kate is looking rougher and rougher, lots of photos on Gettys of her last few engagements show her looking old, worn and not pretty, especially when she is not gurning. Diana aged rapidly from 35 onwards too.
    After the latest ass photos there were a few lewd comments in the DM from the few men who are attracted to skeletal women, prize went to the guy who thoughtfully assessed the situation and conceded he could do her from behind but didn’t think he could get it up if he saw her from the front. Alas for Kate she is a few years from becoming an invisible middle aged woman, royal or not doesn’t make much difference, and plastic surgery can only do so much. I wish that the establishment would get her out of public view, but if they don’t deal with her then thankfully mother nature and the aging process will get her off the front pages at some stage, it is starting to happen already with not all of her outings getting top spot on the DM now.

    1. Thanks so much, Greta.

      That DM comment is appalling.

      I think Kate is pretty, but she just isn’t sexy. Some women are, some aren’t, it has nothing to do with age, weight, race, socio-economic status, etc. I think it’s natural for people to go through a phase of wanting to be perceived as something different from what they are but at some point we all learn to embrace ourselves for who we are. I feel like Kate is still chasing sexy.

        1. Beauty is absolutely subjective but as a society we tend to have similar opinions. When that Newsweek poll was published revealing only 6% of men wished they were dating Kate and 6% wished they were married to her, there were various theories as to why those numbers were so low, but a lot of the comments I read suggested men simply do not find her sexy. Marilyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci, Brigitte Bardot, and Angelina Jolie are all considered amongst the sexiest women of all time. Grace Kelly is considered one of the most classically beautiful women of all time, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to her as sexy. Charlize Theron, classically beautiful, can also fall into the sexy category. Meg Ryan and Reese Witherspoon made careers out of being cute. I’m sure their significant others find them sexy as do others, but even though what we find appealing differs, there tends to be a general consensus. That’s just my opinion, though, perhaps a hold-over from my acting days when I was told I wasn’t right for the cute girl roles. Even my friends typecast me in their student films.

          1. Sexy has a lot to do with confidence and Kate has none. The mumble speak, crotch clutching and slouching are not the signs of a confident person. Her body language does not give off sexy vibes. And that’s not even getting into a discussion of her looks.

  6. I have so many things I want to say about this I don’t even know were to start. First off, she could have wore a belt or, better, a pair of jeans that were her size!! Constantly pulling them up showing her a** (pardon my French…) just embarrassing. My mother would slap me if I dared to do something like that in public. Second, I really don’t understand who would want to combine a sporty style with that jacket. The result is just horrendous. And somebody tell her to leave her hair up! As a self professed sport lover she’d know better than anyone else that while doing any physical activity it is better to leave your hair up, especially when your are being photographed on an official engagement!!
    Ps your blog is super fun! I’ve been lurking for a while

    1. Thanks so much, Liv. I’m always happy to see the lurkers in the comments section.

      Kate has a long history of yanking up her skinny jeans which just adds to the mystery of why a belt or different size hasn’t been explored. It might be her body type, though. She has a long torso, maybe that factors in somehow. I have long legs and a short torso so it’s hard to me to find jeans that fit. And even those that do, I don’t find terribly comfortable.

      That jacket would work well with more trouser-like jeans. Kate’s skinny jeans just seem too casual.

      As someone who has long hair, I’m perplexed as to why Kate would go from ponytail to down. I keep elastic bands with me at all times so I can throw my hair up in case of activity or wind that will cause it to be blowing and bouncing all over the place. Physical activity tends to cause the area of hair around my neck to get hot so I often do updos on the fly. It didn’t even occur to me Kate would do the reverse which is why I wasn’t paying attention to the order of the photos, fortunately KateMiddletonReview was paying closer attention than I was.

      Kate is a girl of many mysteries.

      1. Lola, if you can find them in the wilds of NYC, you might try truly western jeans. The ones made for people who ride horses and work cattle – or pretend to! The jeans are often made with extra long legs, sometimes they aren’t even hemmed.

        When you’re on a horse, your jeans are going to ride up a lot (no pun intended). Unless you want cold legs, you buy longer jeans. They might be too long when walking, but long enough when riding a horse.

        Look for old school brands like Wrangler and Levis, where you purchase by size and length. Or a newer brand like Cruel Girl. The extra length built in to those jeans might get you what you need. Maybe SpringsMom has more suggestions?

        1. My oldest girl is the only one who isn’t a petite, so my younger girls and I all wear regular size pants if a petite is too short for us. My oldest will wear Gap as they seem to be bit longer.

          I was so happy to see a new post! I guess I’m one of the minority who believes that wearing spray on jeggings to work isn’t appropriate. All I saw was someone who enjoys showing her body off saying to herself “what does my butt look like now” & “how about now” & “okay, and now”. My younger girls will wear tight clothes like this, but I started trying to remember when was the last time I saw them pulling up their pants like this.
          I started wearing leggings last year after I lost a bunch of weight (well it was going up & down through my illness) but I don’t wear them to work, and I always wear something that is long enough to cover my bum…no one needs to see that and I’m only a size 6. I have one pair that’s a bit too small and those seem to slide down more than the one’s who are a bit larger, but when they do I excuse myself to the restroom to adjust them. I don’t stand in the middle of a restaurant jumping around.
          For the life of me I can’t understand why no one stands up to both of them. Their behavior is ridiculous. I actually went out on a limb and defended Kate thinking that maybe she was battling depression, but I don’t know to many people who battle depression that then go out and behave as she did for this event. She’s either hot or cold. There isn’t a norm with her.

          Anyhoo, Lola I do hope you are feeling better quickly! It’s no fun to be sick and I don’t envy you. 🙁 Your legion of fans depend on you!

          1. I have a legion? I just assumed there was a small group of you creating different usernames as part of an “Adopt a Blogger” outreach program.

            That’s funny you mentioned the Gap because they are one of my go-tos for pants. My most recent purchase actually needs to be hemmed! The reviews complained they were freakishly long and they weren’t kidding. It’s been years since I’ve had anything hemmed. They’re flattering though so worth an eventual trip to get them shortened.

            1. I’m also a long-legged, shorter torso shape and I’ve had good luck with Land’s End for staples. I find that tall jeans fit around my tush and they hem to the length of my specification. They all seem to look like mom jeans, though, so don’t shop LE for high fashion.

            2. Yep, you have a legion. I don’t know Jennifer @Chic_Happens but don’t have to to know that she is far more engaging than waity katie, and I know that because anyone anywhere is more engaging than waity katie. Pretty sure that your canine nurse has more pizzaz and personality than this woman/child. I know my furry girls do. I seriously think that Kate hasn’t a clue as to who she is, let alone how to act the part of a ‘royal’, and is always trying to figure out how to react, so she acts like a silly flirtatious girl who thinks that she’s cute. Please, if you get fed up with writing about waity and decide to go the Jennifer route, let me know in advance so I can properly mourn. I would really and truly miss your KooKoo Kate blog and since I’m a fat little frumpy hicksville haus frau with no life I need her to make me feel better about myself. You might be rightfully thinking, ‘well that doesn’t take much’ 🙂 You are very much in my prayers, Lola. I wish you good health and all the best.

              1. That’s very sweet, royalsareajoke. No plans to shut down the site, in fact I just renewed the domain subscription and hosting. This is a community and I’m honored all of you have chosen to be a part of it. I may take little breaks here and there as I have done for the past couple of years but this group is close to my heart and I’ll continue to keep dashing off my silly musings for as long as anyone wants to read them.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Matty. It always cheers me up when I see your name pop up under comments, you’ve been part of this community for a long time and you always leave kind words. I’m glad I could perk up your day your day a little and hope it continues to get brighter.

  7. Hee haa just loved tbe writing Dear Lola Heart you capture the essence of what has happened superbly just loved the howler monkey comparison
    this has made me laugh but also feel very dismayed at this girl childs constant display of very very odd behaviour for the BRF she is a total embarrassment and certainly doesnt act Royal she acts vulgar in her showing of bottom to cameras in very awkward jeggings not appropriate for the engagement

  8. As usual, comments about Kate’s wardrobe malfunctions make me regress to my grannie’s knee being taught basic lessons in how to prevent wardrobe malfunctions in 101 different situations.

    My mother, a world conquering shoulder padded amazonian warrior felt i didn’t need such lessons because women would be ruling the world by the time i grew up and i could show up at the office in the white house in a bikini and no one would care. She was a dreamer my mum.

    About this latest wardrobe malfunction, to quote grannie, braces (or suspenders depending on countries) will hold up your skirt, trousers. And if you are too embarrassed to buy yourself a pair, raid the wardrobes of any males in your life because they always have a pair or three.

    And if you think braces are out of fashion, here is beyonce rocking a pair. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9b/2b/a2/9b2ba25bfa5c7f69d1490e54cf83e839.jpg

    And here is a woman after my mum’s heart

    Who doesn’t love chuck Bass

    Is that David Gandy?

    A more formal look

    Holding up a skirt

    Sloppy joes

    ….but seriously, you can get a pair in any men’s store and even some unisex stores for no money.

    Why does Kate’s team persist in these basic errors?

    1. Oh I remember those lessons. I rolled my eyes plenty of times through them, being more naturally inclined towards your mum’s philosophy, but following Kate has given me a deeper appreciation for the guidance. Kate’s wardrobe malfunctions would distract from her message at these events but she has opted not to use her voice as a public figure, so all we have is how she visually presents herself which makes these wardrobe blunders all the more egregious. The Queen is said to prefer to have members of the Royal Family make their own mistakes and learn from them, however Kate’s not getting it and is long past due for granny’s knee lessons. In addition to being a future queen consort, Kate represents the Queen at these events. Can you imagine the Queen in a public wresting match with a pair of jeggings? Her Majesty has always taken great care with her wardrobe, at a much younger age than Kate she was meticulous with her attire. I love looking at old photos of the Queen. I have an affinity for vintage clothing, but so many of her looks were timeless classics. Can you imagine an exhibit years from now of Kate’s official engagement skinny jeans?

      1. We are in the same hindsight appreciation club Brough on my Kate’ ineptitude. The afternoons spent eye rolling and sighing and impatience to get out of the house so I could go climb trees and do anything except worry about old fashioned lessons in etiquette, deportment and wardrobe malfunctions!!!!!

        I’m surprised the lessons took considering how put upon I felt about them.

        Yet it’s not just Kate. So many commentors across many discussion boards have admitted they didn’t know about some of these basic things eg Hem Weights until they became a talking point regarding Kate.

        I suppose we can credit Kate for inadvertently spearheading a movement for old school basic lessons in presentation in things like how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

        As far as future exhibition of her dresses, she hasn’t worn anything memorable to warrant collection nor has she attended any memorable event such that her wardrobe at said event became memorable by default.

        Even the jewels are memorable because they belong to someone else.

        In a way, with hindsight, her wedding dress exhibition is apt ie a dress floating about a missing face/body. ‘creepy’, declared HM on viewing it. With no vitality or sparkle to it. Nothing to remind you of the body that inhabited it. That’s our Kate.

      2. This makes me wonder if Kate has any role models , good or bad , because certainly the queen isn’t one.

  9. I love, love the title! I would also have added baboons to the howler monkeys. ‘Decorum’ seems to be a dirty word these days.

    1. Thanks! I actually almost went for a baboon joke because of the red jacket and the howler monkey expressions put me in a primate frame of mind. However, a female baboon’s bum becomes red and swollen when she is most fertile, signaling sexual availability and considering the age of the cadets at the event, I thought it best to steer clear. Plus Kate’s bum is far from swollen.

  10. With each new generation of women I keep looking and listening for a vanguard of influencers who take control of issues and make them issues for everyone, not just women. The hype leading up to to the Will/Cath wedding could lead one to believe that both of them would be among the leaders in issues that affect both men and women. That hasn’t happened. The Duchess has not appeared to gain any public appearance confidence, seems obsessed with dressing to show off a near-starvation body, has manic expression episodes and can’t string two sentences together in a standard dialect and tone that anyone can understand. Her husband remains in his fantasy country farmer aristo mode unless of course he is talking about animals in Africa which are, of course, more valuable than animals in his own country.

    The duchess has no clue at all about how to dress for the world stage and does not understand that even her home island appearances do become world stage new items. Is it her intention (and therefore her husband’s intention) that every country know of her need to expose her body (or body silhouette) at every engagement? Does she think that it is her duty and mission to have every male representative of other countries know of her body contours and manic expressions? The follow-up is: is this what William intends to show the world? If so, why should he be king?

    1. Despite negative accounts and stories I had heard about Kate prior to marriage, I started off with the hope that she would prove her critics wrong. I recall eagerly waiting to see what charities she would select and despite a remarkably slow start out of the gate, I still had hope she would use her position to make a positive impact. I threw in the towel at George’s christening. I still don’t understand how William and Kate can have the opportunity to better the world and not take it.

      Kate’s most active involvement with any of her patronages has been with Ben Ainslie’s bid launched in 2014 to bring the America’s Cup to the UK. His target was £80 million which based on the America’s Cup World Series competition in July must have been reached, meanwhile East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices efforts launched earlier the same year is still struggling to raise the £10 million to build an urgently needed hospice for children battling life-threatening illnesses. Sailing trophy versus dying children. It’s a cool trophy but I can’t fathom prioritizing it above helping critically ill children.

      Meanwhile, it’s hard to take Prince William’s conservation efforts seriously since he is an avid hunter who participates in canned pheasant hunts, went to hunt wild boar in Spain the day before he launched a wildlife appeal and in an ITV interview defended trophy hunts as a means of funding conservation.

      The Cambridges seem to be intent on fulfilling their roles solely on their terms. They want to live privately as public figures and thus far their dismally low annual engagement totals have been without consequence. When the Queen passes away, I think there is going to be a dramatic shift in how the public perceives the value of the Royal Family.

      The problem with a hereditary monarchy is that it’s luck of the draw, there’s no selecting the Head of State based on qualification and merit.

  11. That bit with the spread-em stance and the lifting of the coat to uncover her entire backside had an almost ceremonial flair to it. With the curtains up, I half expected to see some bum-based magic tricks, a truly asstacular feat with a dove bursting free. Or perhaps just a small, furious gerbil.

  12. At school, it took authority fogures to tell Kate that bottom flashing was inappropriate. Being given the nickname Middlebum as a result of her flashing habit apparently didn’t do the trick.

    I guess no authority figure has told her off about it in her adult life. Hinting in newspapers about hem weights, a designer giving an interview about receiving letters from irate public about it, continued pictures of her skinny jeaned bottom in newspapers inviting salacious public comment……all these things haven’t done the trick.

    Yet, who would have thought that a late 20s – early 30s, now mid-30s, woman needs to be told about these things?

    The same goes for William who once dressed appropriately, but now wears pants so tight we can draw pictures.

    1. Just because it’s such a mystery to me, I keep wondering where the disconnect is and where it began. To be so oblivious to basic social norms while being such a public figure boggles my mind.

      1. Me too Maven.

        And not just being a public figure, but living amongst a group of people whose adherence to conservative etiquette, deportment and manners is fetishised to a ridiculous level.

        At every turn, from school to her current life, these things are emphasised. She’s never, ever lived with any other type of society. Ditto William.

        To add insult to injury, their office send out an etiquette and dress guide to journalists on their tours so how come she doesn’t show by example?

        1. Herazeus you are so correct about this but Waity Lamebridge gets away with acting this way ..why ?? Isnt it sorted out … its happening all the time with her behaviour and she gets no better … we dont understand why noone in authority gets her to one side and points out the correct etiquette in her position …the constant showing of her skinny butt in tight sprayed on jeggings is just too much and vulgar …

          1. Since she loves Jeggings, but suffers from them falling down and refuses to use belts or braces, perhaps she should wear horse-riding jodhpurs. Covers all bases, the tightness of Jeggings, the body showing need, and they do not fall down.

            1. The jodhpurs would seem appropriate, given how she is by all indications one of the four horse(wo)men of the apocalypse. Famine would seem the obvious choice for her ghoulish alter ego.

              1. BWAHAHAHAHA! I beg you, stop! Could you and Lola be a tag team? LOL

                Man, I have had a very, very rotten day. So thank you for making me laugh. Out loud. Many times.

                1. I’m really sorry you’ve had such a rotten week, Maven! Lola’s site inspires me to snark the blues away and to enjoy one special luxury even Windsor gold can’t buy — a good hearty chuckle with friends!

                  1. More than a chuckle, Snuggles. Wit. And Lola’s witty site inspires that, true. With friends. Thanks.

                    Don’t be a stranger.

        2. Herazeus you are so correct about this but Waity Lamebridge gets away with acting this way ..why ?? Isnt it sorted out … its happening all the time with her behaviour and she gets no better … we dont understand why noone in authority explains that she needs to behave with decorum

      2. Maybe she is so aware of being a misfit she takes it to a whole new level, if I can’t fit in I can at least be noticed, and have control over something.
        I don’t know if this is intentional or if she really is that stupid, ignorant, and oblivious. As MavenTheFirst said it boggles the mind.

  13. Nevermind internet writing commentary about the jeggings and her pulling them up constantly. Now mainstream papers are writing articles about it. Considering the Queen gets print editions of all the papers, broadsheets and tabloids alike, this is one message going straight to the head of the family!!!

    1. Also, for all those posters on KMR who didn’t think this was a big deal, the governor of North Dakota got kicked off the congressional floor for wearing jeans. It is nice to know there are some places in the world where decorum still exists. whether you are a governor, a duchess, or an Olympian (Lochte) always remember that when you are working, you represent your country/state, and to dress and act appropriately. It isn’t hard.


  14. Kate’s problem, as my grandmother would say, is lack of breeding. You’ve either got or you ain’t, and it has nothing to do with wealth, class, education or privilege. Even when she tries to get it right, she gets it wrong or she’s utterly clueless (actually I think she’s as dumb as a sack of hammers and no amount of advice and/or instruction sinks in). Her spoilt brat husband’s self-absorption and petulant arrogance means he can’t be arsed to “have a word” and pull her into line either. She thinks that being very skinny and talking like she’s just had root canal surgery makes her a royal duchess. I doubt she’s ever heard of “noblesse oblige”, let alone what it means.

    I really do fear for the future of the House of Windsor.

    1. So well said
      this as you say waity doesnt have a clue as she will always think she is a duchess but will never have breeding or class ..to conduct herself as one

  15. Historic Royal Palaces opens the ”Diana: Her Fashion Story” exhibition on Friday 24 February. What an opportunity for the duchess to get a private close-up view of expert bespoke dress contstruction! Eleri Lynn, (the lead curator on this project) could show how to examine a dress for proper construction, uses of linings, and what a proper fitting can accomplish. Duchess could use that knowledge when returning poorly made or altered bespoke clothes to the designer for improvement. Eleri could also pass along some ideas from her last co-curated exhibition ”Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear” from last year. The most fortunate aspect is that the duchess could walk to the exhibition from her home, almost without being noticed.

    1. Sorry but that will be a waste, and won’t do a bit of anything in royal training. Crazy lazy snowflake embarass even the less us less wealthy yet dignified and professional classy, regular women.

      Lazy flasher waity middleton purposely behaves this way – embarassing HM, POW and the BRF, in hope HM will insist she stay away from duties, But continue taking taxpayers millions without giving back to the needy, taxpayers funding her, two kids carol and the middletons – entitled, luxury lifestyle.

      Cant wait for Princess Henry to get this skeleton pancake out …

      1. Unfortunately she will never be completely out unless Bill Middleton divorces her, which I do not think will ever happen. Even if he does, she will still be the mother of a future king, which is best case scenario. Worst case scenario is that Bill Middleton becomes king and she becomes queen consort and lives off of the British tax payers for the rest of her lazy, entitled life, without ever learning how to act like a mature, appropriate, functioning adult.

    2. Nina, someone with genuine interest in such things would lap up Eleri Lynn’s knowledge – probably even seek it out. But Kate has shown zero interest in anything related to her ‘job’ as a royal spouse, apart from landing said spouse. Actually, zero interest in anything. She is incurious in the extreme, incredibly inward-looking.

      Continual mistakes made through dress have not been properly addressed through obstinance, lack of care, and incompetence. My reading is that Kate has attracted a kind of attention that pleased her, from pubescence onward, through exposing her body. The ‘wardrobe malfunction’ outlet has been closed down by senior palace staff but now what’s popped up in its place is the indiscreet adjustments of pants: the wide stance of legs, pulling up the coat to reveal a pert bum. On one level it’s innocuous – it happens to everyone so who can blame her is the rhetoric to excuse. But the ‘look at my bum, it’s good, eh?’ is another mechanism to show her body. It’s Kate’s way of seeking and getting acceptance and/or attention from males and where she derives comfort.

  16. It’s textbook attention seeking exhibitionism. William likes to flaunt his “assets” too. Some kind of very public/private sexual kink IMO.

    1. To me they seem absolutely asexual, so it’s funny to read the sexual kink theory. I guess it’s because the two of them have no chemistry. She sold her soul for a title, and he settled for someone who was willing to sell her soul for a title. Not exactly a match made in Heaven.

    2. Hmm, I put William’s showing down to bad fitting pants, unfortunately tight around that region is fashionable at the moment. 🙁
      Like shoulder pads, I hope it disappears soon. And William is not the only one wearing pants cut like this. Stop shopping on Mr Porter please and go back to your tailor!
      In the meantime… Hey guys, we really do NOT want to be able to see that you dress to the right or the left!

  17. What happened to the “grey men” who tormented Fergie with decorum? Have they all retired, died, lost their cojones? Time to bring one to Kensington Palace.

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