Kate Middleton’s Masks

“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.”
-Victor Hugo

Kate Middleton is a woman with multiple pairs of nearly identical court shoes and even more virtually indistinguishable masks she wears to her official engagements, casting them off and forgetting about them until she needs to show up in public again to convince the masses she is keen on doing whatever her Communications Secretary proclaims is close to her heart.

Tom Sykes wrote a piece recently in which he discussed growing disenchantment with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Sykes noted, “If William and Kate do slip up, the press, who have showed Olympian levels of restraint in their coverage of the royals in recent years, will eat them alive, so heavily built up is the resentment from a series of sleights, non-co-operation and attempts to cut them out of the picture.”

At Kate’s last two engagements on Wednesday for Action for Children, a patronage passed to her by the Queen, there was a curious lack of royal correspondents discussing the events on Twitter.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed.


Rebecca English from the Daily Mail was supposed to be there but had to cover an event at Clarence House instead because of a “childcare crisis” but overall the general Twitter hum generated by a Kate engagement was more of a ho-hum.

Kate wore a burgundy suit by Paule Ka which she first debuted in 2012.


Not only is the skirt surprisingly short for official engagements requiring a lot of crouching down, it looks surprisingly like my Christmas tree skirt that disappeared several years ago.  Now, I’m not accusing the designer of breaking into my home and raiding my holiday decorations, but it’s good to know there are replacements out there for it.  Quite frankly, it might be best covering the base of a tree because I noticed a number of photos with this happening on Kate.


Once dubbed a modern fairytale princess, Kate no longer draws crowds like she once did.


Comments on the Daily Mail article about Wednesday’s engagements made observations that Kate “seems like an empty soul” and “looks so insincere”.



Despite the usual photo props of cute children and lovely bouquets, all was not grins and roses.  BBC Wales News posted a video with the kind of kid hug footage that’s usually instant PR gold.


Unfortunately, they missed the frames in which Kate was switching masks, like when Kate turned away from the cute cuddlers and made an annoyed face with her eyes shooting daggers.



And of course there was the face she made when she realized she would have to turn back to the adorable tykes to say goodbye and thank you.


I’m not sure why becoming a Disney princess ranks highly for so many, but I guess I’m cool with it as long as becoming a Disney villain ranks lower.


If Kate can’t handle these mini bursts of engagements without being able to convincingly feign an appearance of not being resentful towards her duties, there’s little hope for the monarchy marathon.  Kate got her prince but it seems it never occurred to her that after her wedding she wouldn’t be able to disappear into the words “and they lived happily ever after”.



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  1. Just boring – she and husband – feel that their children are not getting a good start in life – George is on the same path as his father

  2. Again so well written and the points so cleverly executed I am indeed in awe of your writings dear Lola …

  3. That’s the first thing I noticed when I watched the video,she can’t even keep up the fake smiling/grinning till she’s out of the room.
    I think the suit would have looked lovely on Lady Louise Wessex, and she’s about 12. Talk about arrested development !!

    1. The shrunken suit with its too-high waist and too-short skirt was insignificant next to the pic showing Kate’s rear view, where she had apparently wet herself or sat in something damp. Unfortunate look.

  4. Wow. That last shot- a death mask.

    I don’t understand her resentment. She knew what she was getting into. And now she balks? Or is her sense of entitlement so monumental that she believes she is above all expectations?

  5. Great post Lola the video with the Children was so awkward to me when I saw letizia cuddle a little girl days after which generosity and warmness i understand how fake Kate was if you see the 2 photos side by side it’s astonishing actually

  6. Great timing to post about Kate’s masks at the beginning of Mardi Gras weekend!

    I have to wonder if she really did know what she was getting into. From what I have read, William did not want Sophie or any other member of the BRF mentoring her regarding her new duties, and stated he would do it instead. And we all know how seriously Bill Middleton takes his own royal duties, don’t we. Not that I am excusing her at all. But as Carole’s puppet with no mind of her own, I do not think she thought past the wedding / title grab.

    However, some of the press is fooled. On a more sugary forum, I saw a link to an article about how she is doing a lot of good work behind the scenes, and doing it with royal charm & grace. Gross! I could not bring myself to click on the link.

    And again with the too short skirt! Not appropriate for any royal duty, but especially not when meeting children. And I hate to say this, but IMO it is too young for her, and absolutely not befitting a possible future queen consort. Speaking of which, I read on another blog that CH is still saying that when the time comes (hopefully no time soon), Camilla will be known as Princess Consort rather than queen. Camilla probably does not care either way, but, regardless of what anyone thinks of her past, she has done an admirable job as Duchess of Cornwall. Always appropriate, warm, engaging, & up to the task. And if she is not crowned along with Charles, then that should set a precedent for the future and Waity should not be crowned either. Petty, I know, especially since a monarchy has nothing to do with what one does or doesn’t deserve. (Sorry to get OT)

    1. All of us recognize this is a job. We know members of the BRF do hundreds of engagements annually.

      How is it that someone who dated a member of that family for a decade had no clue this was a job? The answer is, she did know, how could she not?

      Maybe she and William thought they could get away with doing next to nothing (as they do). It is illogical to think someone that close to a senior member of the BRF had no idea royals are expected to work hundreds of engagements a year. If nothing else, her Diana-crazy mother knew.

      Just like she chooses to play the snowflake, when she had a spine of steel to warn off other women and finally land William after a decade. Playing the ignorant little girl about her role (and in the performance of her role) gets her sympathy from an obsessed segment of the population.

      1. Hi notasugarhere! I did not express myself very well – I am no Lola 🙁 What I was trying to say is that she MAY have not been aware of the expectations that would be put on her specifically, mostly due to what she most likely observed while dating William. I do believe that William set the bar extremely low since he was not pulling his own weight, so all Waity saw were the vacations, staff, titles, and other perks. I doubt that she paid any attention to the hard working members of the BRF, & I wouldn’t be surprised if William told her not to worry about royal duties when she was advised of what would be expected of her. And no doubt Carole filled her special snowflake’s head with the idea that she would be universally loved like Diana, no matter what she did or didn’t do after the wedding. She managed to land Diana’s first born after all, therefore, in Carole’s mind, she is better than everyone else and does not have to listen to anyone (except her of course!) In the Middletons’ minds, Waity has reached the ultimate social climbing goal, and her work is done! All that remains is to be crowned queen, which I hope does not happen for a very long time, if ever.

        Of course the sugars cry that since William is only 3rd in line to the throne (‘only’?) that they do not have a responsibility to do royal work now, and anyway he is saving lives! And donating his salary to charity! And she is busy being the perfect mummy! Taking perfect photos of the kids and cooking every meal with food fresh from her own garden! And they are using their own money to fund their lifestyle! She makes secret visits to her charities! Do we want another Diana tragedy!!! (of course not, but it’s apples & oranges) UGH!

        But as I mentioned in my 2nd post (& you mention also), the BRF is letting them get away with their behavior, which is just unbelievable! Theories range from them using the children as pawns to HM not meddling, but this is not meddling – this is a boss not holding her employees to the basic requirements of their job. And we are seeing the results of this in her engagements. Maybe things will change in the future as QEII & DoE further lighten their loads, but I doubt it. She will probably act worse since all of these pesky royal engagements will cut into her vacation, hair extension getting, exercise, cosmetic procedure time! The horror!!!

        1. “Waity has reached the ultimate social climbing goal, and her work is done”


          I think you’re on to something there. She thinks that Willy’s position has anointed and elevated her and granted her the status of a royal goddess. So, as long as she keeps Willy sweet, she can be as vile as she wants with little consequence.

          It’s plain arrogance, not terribly complex after all. She’s actually one of those mean girls who gains everything from association with someone of higher status. So high school.

          1. Exactly so, Maven. But this is how the Middleton’s work, yes? All sorts of tales persist of both sisters ferreting out people of title, wealth, influence from schooldays onward; no-one else is of interest. Pippa was especially blatant. You’re right, it’s not complex.

            Kate will never let go, regardless of whatever Willy wants. He was a fool to settle for her in the first place.

            1. I don’t think he settled for her though. I think he picked her precisely because she would not show him up and be good at doing any type of royal work. His father’s main gripe about Princess Diana is that she got more attention than he did. So he took someone who would put up with whatever nonsense he dished out while sowing his wild oats and well, he got what he wanted. He should have just married “Poor Jason” because he’s the one who does the real work of keeping the Dolittles afloat!

              But if Harry goes on to marry Megan Merkel? LOL, the worst thing that will happen ever. Because MM knows how to work, can speak in public, is not a social climbing ass and willingly does charity work. They’d make a good team. Waity is more like a prop.

              1. I agree! Not that I am a huge fan, but I am pettily hoping that Harry and Meghan do get married. She has so much more going for her than Kate that it would only emphasize how terrible and unsuitable Kate is. Like I said, not the biggest Meghan fan on the planet, but she is beautiful, has her own successful career and was involved in philanthropy before she met Harry. She obviously has a personality, has good fashion sense and can deliver a speech. She’s biracial, American and divorced, so it would give me a lot of satisfaction to see her shake things up in the BRF.

      2. I agree that she had to have known it was a job. BUT, she probably thouht it only involved showing up and smiling. Hence the manic expressions. And after that, lots and lots of shopping. She got the shopping part down, but sorely unprepared for every other aspect of the job.

  7. As long winded as I just was, I forgot to add that I really do think she thought she would be able to coast on the goodwill that was shown to them at the time of their wedding, births of babies, etc. Many people thought she would be Diana 2.0 (which was not fair to her), and were happy to see Diana’s beloved son happily married, and to see Diana’s grandchildren. People magazine and the like were salivating at the prospect that she would sell as well as her late MIL did, but that was not ever going to be possible with her negative charisma. But Waity seems to have believed her own press and, combined with her husband’s attitude, thinks she can do as she pleases with no repercussions. Unfortunately, as far as the BRF is concerned, she seems to be right.

  8. Well she looks like a stick! ,She id starving to death and her face reflects that please feed me look. I imagine even a fairytale marriage and life can be monotonous.

  9. Another Lola post! Yay! Everything else I had to do can wait … :o)

    What an apropos quote from Victor Hugo, and the unmasked face in the last two photos really is villainous-level scary!

    As for the ruffled short skirt, Kate’s three most cherished self-images/personas, as reflected by her words, actions, and clothing choices, seem to be:

    – Young, innocent, girly ingenue who needs looking after
    – Pretty, pretty Disney princess who won the prince
    – Sexy temptress who gets a thrill out of showing off her wares

    In her mind, extreme thinness seems to be a requisite for all three, and her standard of success for herself.

    The vibe she gives off in photos is that she’s actually thinking about herself and her image, and not genuinely engaged with the people around her.

    1. Very accurate observations. Kate’s innocence and youth departed a long time ago, and along with the signaling of sexual interest and wares, has become grotesque in the vein of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’. All that’s left is the mask of sincerity, dropped at the first opportunity. If Kate is wearing the face of stress it’s because of the strain of pretending to care about something other than herself.

      I loathe with the heat of a nova this ridiculous charade of ‘royals’ conjuring up to as ‘work’ with charitable visits. It is only a ruse to capture public funding. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see them for dust. I loathe that the general populace is used in this fashion, paraded for inspection in front of a family of useless gits.

  10. I am moving from irritation toward the Cambridges to active dislike. They are hopeless. Entitled, lazy, spoiled, rude… and I’m irritated at Prince Charles and the Queen for not bringing these two in line. We have at least another decade of this until William is King and is in control of the finances. Wonder what he will do….

    1. Love Lola, thank you!
      Always on point.

      These two are what POW is using to ignore others like the PrincessesYorks. He is greavely mistaken. Without Prince (<and Princess to be) Henry – The Wales would be booted from the Line if not the Monachy, once HM PP passes.

  11. Waity is a bottomless (and that can be taken either way-lol) pit of coldness and contempt. I honestly believe she thinks she is so far above everybody else that she can’t be bothered with us peasants. She and Ma thought Waity would just suddenly become Princess Diana after the wedding and be loved and respected.

  12. I mean I agree with y’all when you say she’s boring but maybe those expressions she makes are just her regular face. I would know because I have a permanent annoyed/b**chy face xD

    1. Well I have rbf too but even if I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt… the faces she makes at celebrity events are world’s apart from the faces she makes at charity engagements…

      1. Exactly, Kathy. As a matter of fact, I posted about that in the BAFTA thread:
        “The difference in her demeanor when she is at celebrity-filled events as opposed to visits to the charities that she is supposedly so keen on, is so remarkable that it is insulting to the charities. She is actually beaming, not baring her teeth and fakely guffawing.”

        QEII has a fierce RBF, but when she is greeting people at engagements her smile is genuine & lights up her whole face. Same with Charles (the smile, not RBF).

        1. And HM holds her expressions until she’s safely away from the room, not secs after she’s turned away from people she’s greeting.

          1. yes, when you have a genuine smile, it takes a few moments to fade. Sometimes it lasts a while, as you are still experiencing the pleasantness of the interaction which caused you to smile. If it is plastered on and no real emotion behind it, it can be dropped that quickly. Really quite astonishing.

        2. And HM holds her expressions until she’s safely away from the room, not secs after she’s turned away from people she’s greeting.

  13. This grips my shit because half of my family come from the part of Wales that she visited. The people there have been shat upon from a great height for decades and they live with great social and economic challenges. But they are also salt of the Earth people who will give your their last shirt off their back.

    Who the actual fuck does Kate think she is smirking and looking like she wants to be anywhere else but there? Are they not good enough for her because they’re poor and from some crappy Welsh backwater?
    You want to be Queen, you take responsibility for those people and you work towards making their lives better. They are not PR, they are not photo opportunities, they are real, breathing live people with lives, hopes and dreams and go through life with the bare minimum.

    If they don’t matter to you, then fuck off elsewhere and give the job to somebody who does give a damn and go flick your hair somewhere else.

    1. Hear hear! *Very* well put, Kathryn L. I’ve been trying lately to imagine the Monarchy after HM, when William and Kate are in charge… and the thought just makes me feel ill.

      Kate is the female version of our dear William: spoiled, self-important, and unbelievably blind to the realities of life. They need to grow up, the pair of them, and stop acting like sodding teenagers.

      1. Apologies for the language. I’m so riled about watching people who work immensely hard just to survive everyday being used for publicity by this idiot.
        These people come from families who mined the land for decades, only for the rich colliery owners to shut them all down causing almost nationwide unemployment, poverty and social deprivation. These people literally have the clothes on their backs and very little else. They live in isolated pockets of the South Wales valleys, a long way from employment and opportunities. But they welcome anybody who comes all the way to visit them and their community pride. They have very little but will give you everything.
        How dare she smirk after two little girls give her a hug? How dare she not bother to give the people the time and sincerity that they deserve.

        I’m raging, I apologise. I’m turning into such a socialist as I get older.

    2. And I think Lola is the one who said “She has the opportunity to do so much more and she just doesn’t”. I mean, the other royal families do a much better job of being economical and throwing great events. The Nobel Prize ceremony is one of my favorites. But Katy? Nope. I mean, Princess Diana died at almost her age. She hasn’t managed to do as much in the whole 6 years and she constantly seeks press in the US. The comments on articles on AOL/FluffPo are ridiculously pro-royal. There’s one article that they have run EIGHT times to make it look like she’s working. I think they’re running them over here because no one in the UK will have them anymore. It’s really insane the lengths they will go to to avoid work. I mean, it would have been easier to just do the job instead of coming up with so many excuses for their shitty behavior.

  14. Reality is Kate never worked a day in her life for anything except getting that ring. William may have sold her a bill of goods about being able to stay home and take care of the kids instead of actually doing anything to earn their keep.

    She simply does not care about what people think. She said so in the engagement video and her actions speak much louder and with much more consistency that anything else she has said since then.

    Great post Lola! I hope we see many more this year.

    1. I’d actually rather they just came out and said she’s not going to work. You wanna be a lazy, entitled mooch? Fine. At least own up to it.

  15. I like Mary and maxima, but dislike Kate middleton and eternally porn princess Swedish sofia hellqvist. William Chose wrong, Kate is a socialite… And Carl Philip choose Unsuccessful porn ugly.

    1. Yeah but Sofia has done a good job of actually, you know, working? Her clothes have remained on and she seems very happy with her family. And Lazy Katy still doesn’t work as much as a former Miss Slitz (it’s pretty much what it sounds like).

  16. When I look at photos of the duchess’ engagements, I look at the people greeting her as she arrives and of others who are associated with the organization that she is visiting. The associates have a posture and facial expressions that convey a pride of place and mission and accomplishment. It seems as thought they want her to know that they are very proud of their work (through their speeches and demonstrations) and that, as a representative of the royal family, she should be proud of them too as one of the best examples of British ethos. However, the full series of photos at an event show a burst of smiles and interest that decline into a sort of dull presence interrupted by interested facial expressions and hand waving during brief conversations. It leaves me thinking that the duchess doesn’t want to be at the engagement, finds little interesting in it and wants to move on and get home.

    I’m left with the impression that this woman hasn’t spent any significant amount of time visiting any of the areas of the island she and her husband live on. Since marriage, neither she nor her husband are developing an impression of the lives of people in all areas of the island. It’s as though they have no interest in places other than Norfolk, Kensington and out-of-country places to take a holiday. They are ignoring the life’s work of Will’s father. Soon to be Will’s work.

    Without the pressure of being the Prince of Wales, PWill and his wife could take extended trips throughout the UK to discover the characteristics of the geography and people in every corner of the kingdom. They could ask for very low-key press coverage so they could experience local life without too much publicity. The trips would be a low-pressure way of absorbing information, making notes for future reference and experiencing local culture in a memorable way. It appears that they are not astute enough to arrange their public appearances and private life to gather knowledge and experience about their country. Whether it’s ignoring PR advice or plain self-absorbed interest, their current plan is not working. And so the public is left with conflicting signals of ‘happy to be here’ and ‘when can I leave’ facial expressions evident in the photo record of the duchess’ engagements.

    1. It’s worse. They just don’t care. On the Canada trip Will-not didn’t know he was visiting a charity his mother had established because he hadn’t bothered to read the notes his aides complied for him. That’s not just lazy and work-shy, that’s just arrogant and asshole-ish.

      1. Ditto the speech in December at the bbc sports personality awards thing. He’s not funny, he’s not intelligent, and he doesn’t do his damn homework. If he hadn’t been graded on the princely curve, he would have been kicked out of school for causing fights and/or failing his classes.

      2. My son would refer to that as a dick move. (not bothering to read the notes prior to the engagement). Sad any way you look at it really.

    2. I’ve always liked that the Danish RF annually sail around the country – a tradition that is at least 60 years old. QMII has talked about how she grew up learning about the country through these annual trips.

  17. If you have the time and inclination Lola, compare and contrast the lives and trajectories of Kate and that other vapid harpy Wallis Simpson, the late and unlamented Duchess of Windsor. Not only do they look eerily alike, their personalities, vanity and ruthless ambition too.

    1. Good point!
      Edward did not want to be King and loathed the duties of a monarch, but quite liked all the perks.
      Wallis subsidised her lifestyle by marrying rich men and climbing the social ladder. She hit the jackpot when she met and married Edward. She loved the perks and status but wanted none of the duties.
      The Queen Mother made the right call by banning her from court and not allowing her to be styled HRH. The BRF stood up to the pair and did the right thing by ostracising them.
      If only the current monarchy would do the same now.

      1. Actually, Wallis didn’t want to marry Edward. She wanted to stay married to her husband but continue to be Edward’s mistress. It is in her letters.
        However, neither Edward nor her husband would accept such a situation.

        1. That’s interesting ArtHistorian. I didn’t know that. I had always thought she was interested in the title and that was the main reason Wallis was interested in Edward.
          Can you recommend a book about this for me?
          Thank you

          1. I saw this in a documentary that also put the spotlight on she and Edward’s Nazi connections. They also interviewed people who knew them – one said: “She was hard as nails and she didn’t love him”.

            I can’t recall the title of the documentary. I haven’t any book recs but I suggest that you do a search. A lot of info about Edward’s sketchy political connections was made public when FBI opened its archives. They were under surveillance by the FBI during WWII when they were in the Caribbean.

            Her letters are as a source. She didn’t want him to abdicate either. Her primary concern in both cases seems to have been her being hated/disliked by the public. She knew that she wasn’t acceptable as a royal wife to the RF and the British public – hence she was happy with being a mistress. She didn’t want him to abdicate because she was afraid of being taking the blame for this decision but he was adamant.

            1. Her letters made me feel so bad for her.

              Her regret at losing her husband, Mr Simpson.

              The burden she carried of having to maintain the facade for David.

              It was all so unnecessary and avoidable if David hadn’t been so obsessed by the idea of her. He was like a thwarted child who was going to get what he wants and bugger the cost.

              1. He really was obsessed with her. I don’t think that the marriage was a particularly happy one for her.

                He must have been such an odd man.

  18. Ive spent many hours reading your blog, this is an excellent piece of observational journalism. Thank you Lola.

  19. I agree, Kate and Sofia are not appropriate, letizia too. Kate trying to be like Diana, but very lazy working. Sofia thinks in fame and money and letizia try and try, but i dislike she as queen. Kate think to be princess need just a cool Clothes, A woman who we just hears about clothes, really represents the country?
    Letizia with Artificial and sick smile always and sofia Accuses people of bullying for dont like she, bullying for have opinion?Bullying for don’t think how much cool was porn work her? Sweden deserve better, peoples say Sweden are so Promiscuous when royalty imposes pornographic woman to represent the country. Uk, sweden and Spain deserve better.

  20. I agree, Kate and Sofia are not appropriate, letizia too. Kate trying to be like Diana, but very lazy working. Sofia thinks of fame and money and letizia try and try, but i dislike she as queen. Kate think to be princess need just a cool Clothes, A woman who only hears about clothes, really represents the country?
    Letizia with Artificial and sick smile always and sofia Accuses people of bullying for dont like she, bullying for have opinion?Bullying for don’t think how much cool was porn work her? Sweden deserve better, peoples say Sweden are so Promiscuous when royalty imposes pornographic woman to represent the country. Uk, sweden and Spain deserve better.

  21. Another great post!!!!
    I always read your blog Lola, I love it!

    kate can’ t mask her disgruntlment for her job. Yet this is her job, the one she chased for a decade, the one she’ s incapable to do after 6 years!!

    And that skirt is way too short and childish for a 35 year old mother of two, let alone to represent the Queen!

    I love your blog Lola!

  22. Good lordy she looks like a lampshade at tonights India reception. Has anyone not told Kate ‘less is definitely more’….. sparkly dress and shoes…..god she looks a right state…….

  23. We had a work experience girl at the legal firm where I worked. She arrived in a too small jacket, daggy turtle neck jumper and a too short skirt. She was sent home to get changed into something appropriate for work. Kate needed to be sent home to change too!

    Hope you are feeling better Lola?

  24. Lola, hope you are feeling better. I think I have made it through another winter. Down here in Texas, we are having an early spring. Grass is growing green again, wild plum trees are in bloom, and the temperature has been in the 80s, actually 90 one day. While I will be complaining about temperature in the 100s later, it is very, very nice now to be warm. I do think there will be another freeze, the worse of winter is gone. Hope the same happens for you and your precious dog

  25. Article in daily fail re glittering heels glittering dress waity was wearing at function at BPalace once again its all about what she was wearing not about the reason the function was taking place and once again no photos of Eugenie or Edward only of the daft stupid pair and their stupid blank expressions they will never cut the mustard in any function that takes place as all she cares about is showing herself dolly coatpeg and fashion ……

  26. I just saw pictures or Ms. Markle with Ginger boy at wedding in Jamaica, she was completely into him, he not so much, in fact he looked bored, I’m guessing 3 weeks and their will be an announcement it’s kaput !!!

    1. Do you really think so msthang..I saw pics too but I have to say how small I thought MM was dress dwarfed her ..she was very clingy with him,.. hope he finds someone who has a better background than her family. ….

    2. The person who runs Royal Dish (dot) com has banned all talk about Harry and Sparkle-Markle SOOOOO it is refreshing that, at least, we can muse about that subject here on Lola’s website.
      Thanks Lola for running all you do with veracity and truth
      (and not censoring as Royal Dish does.)

      1. I try to keep moderation limited to the comment policy. Because of personal reasons, at times I lapse on hostess duties, but for the most part it’s worked out okay because of the wonderful members of this community. There’s no limit on topics, I personally think it’s better if the conversation is organic. I’ve noticed people seem to have strong opinions about Meghan and Harry and Royal Dish is a high traffic royal forum that’s probably why the restriction was imposed, moderation might have become too overwhelming. I don’t care what side members of this community are on when it comes to Harkle, just as long as everyone treats each other respectfully.

  27. Msthang, Daisy
    I agree with you both! P.H. did not look happy, but very uncomfortable. Just my opinion.

  28. Lola, I just had something I put on Celebitchy cesored, about the Cloony’s , whoever the powers be it was erased !!!

  29. Thats one site which doesnt print my comments and I am always polite in my commenting but they seem to be a lover of waity ..
    another site was very rude in their comments but it should be about everyones opinions not rudeness ….
    Lolas site is done very well and I love reading this site ..

  30. Just read waity and bill brexit ambassadors …. haa haa laugh out loud so ludicrous. .its untrue …she is a dolly air head and knows nothing about whats happening outside het little doily world
    how can they possibly have any clout where politics are concerned ..

    1. Yep Msthang you are right ..ugh seeing Waity so smug the other day in massive blue hat … at parade with our queen…. she thinks Royalty is just about thinness and walking along laughing all the time.. what they can possibly do as ambassadors for Brexit is a total nonsense…..they are just two jesters doing nothing of substance or use for anything

      1. What surprises me is how W+K are still managing to fool so many people. I have seen comments about how queenly she looked at the war memorial unveiling, and how their trip to Germany & Poland is diplomacy at its finest. I just don’t get it!

        1. Complicit reporters eager to keep their jobs, aided by the royal PR machine, invent all sorts of frothy adjectives to promote this dull, unaccomplished woman. Of course, they don’t believe what they write – it’s just a job, they follow their paper’s editorial line. Sadly, most people lack the critical skills to evaluate what they are reading anyway. Back in the day Kate was nothing more than an opportunistic shag-on-demand. That tactic worked for her, she caught what she pursued – an ugly, dumb, lazy but well-connected douche. Woohoo! Kate has no opinions, is disengaged from everything but a mirror, can barely utter a coherent sentence; if that’s the definition of diplomacy, well, God help the world.

  31. Hi Lola,
    You have been on mind so I just wanted to say that I am sending positive thoughts, best wishes and prayers for your health and well-being.
    Blessings and Hugs to you and Nightwing.

  32. Dear Lola heart hope you are going along ok and feeling better you write this so fabulously despite being poorly … well sending all positive thoughts to you and your darling Nightwing. ..

  33. Front page of DM PW partying in Verbier with male friends and also a model who he had lunch with ..they look very drunk downing jagermeisters whatever they are
    waity at home with kids not good being photographed whilst restof BRF doing Royal duties with Commonwealth day
    he was lunching with model and photographed high fiving her drinking copius amounts of alcohol on slopes

    1. For the billionth time I ask (rhetorically), how does the 2nd in line to the throne get away with shirking his duties? I’m sure those who defend him at all costs will say that Commonwealth Day is no big deal &/or that he should have fun while he can. At least the “spending time with his family” excuse won’t fly this time. And I’m sure the model is a great friend who he has known forever & he has Waity’s full blessing.

      1. Because he can is the simple answer. The BRF is held together with the gravy from the train they hijacked; all in together to maintain the privilege provided by others. Their PR will paper over the cracks. We’ll have a few more engagements where they will be overjoyed to see plebs, and pictures of the kids (fail-safe antidote to parents’ bad press).

      2. No they didnt know her ..he is a disgrace to our country constantly shirking work related issues..
        he should have been with the BRF as the others were…dancing drinking stupidly should be donenin private not with cameras watching him being irresponsible for his position in BRF..Everyone likes fun but there is a limit play and no work ethic does not wash when us british taxpayers fund their lavish life they constantly live under scrutiny. .If he doesnt want the work with BRF then its time we british kicked him and useless family out on their own to live their own life
        they wouldn’t last a day as both are over entitled brattish and arrogant …

  34. Daisy, Chopper knew the cameras would be there, this is a message for Chutney, in other words know more skulking about he is going to put it out there, marriage is on the rocks!!

  35. Dear Lola
    I hope you are well and truly recovered. If you’re up to it, perhaps you’d consider another request on the ‘Idles of March’ given the Cambridge’s latest adventures in idle behaviour (well, William’s). Mind you, we have Irish Guards and Paris flaccid diplomacy yet to come… more rictus grins, for sure.

  36. I’m DYING to get your take on the Prince William dancing videos, Lola. They are entertaining enough in themselves, but with your wit, I think you could spin a yarn of comedy gold.

    In any case, you are missed. I am hoping you are well.

  37. How many green coats does waity have …. Yet another expensive coat to put on the rack the same colour. ..its disgraceful. .What was wrong with the ones she already has..
    same as nude shoes she wears countless pairs…..they must have rooms and rooms full of same colour dresses and coats. ..
    as for PW his antics are disgraceful. .. friends of purs who are swiss thought for his position he acted disgraceful with cameras watching ..He obviously is rebelling as unhappy in marriage …that what it comes across seeing him act this way

  38. Again same old same old grinning in Paris … she is just a clothes horse and is great at being stuffed statue going along .. Just notning of substance and she had no clue about politics so really we do not understand why they have anything to do with Brexit she probably thinks its a kids toy ….
    pleased to see she is wearing better footwear in evening …

    1. She’s skinny enough to wear anything she wants, but everything she wears accentuates her thinness. Her body is starting to look like a little boy’s.

      1. As someone who suffered from various eating disorders for years, I realize that I may be more sensitive to this subject than the average person. Having said that, the praise that she gets for starving herself down to nothing is very disturbing to me. Of course she is not the only public figure for whom this is the case (and I’m sure we all know people in our personal lives also), but the fact that all of the attention on her is focused on how “stunning”, “dazzling”, and “perfect” she looks, just shows that there is nothing to her behind the fake hair, teeth, & smile, and the starved body that is nowhere near her natural set point. I guess wasting your 20s concentrating on proving yourself to be “worthy” of Bill marrying you, does not leave time for the self-exploration and introspection that most of us do post-education. To say nothing of developing our own interests, making new friends, having our first ‘grown-up’ jobs, and making goals for our future and our plans on how to achieve them. So I guess her not natural looks are all there is to talk about, and I find that extremely sad. I’m sure she couldn’t care less; in her mind she’s won.

        1. GingerMini
          Thanks for talking about eating disorders from your perspective. It can be very hard to talk about something so personal so I thank you for talking about it and giving us some insight.

          (And thank you too May B.)

          I hope you are now both well?

  39. Wasn’t there trouble around shamrock day last year, too? Kate didn’t go. France hasn’t been a good place for them to stay out of trouble, too. Maybe spring makes them feel frisky.

    1. She did not attend the Irish Guard event last year because she did not want the expectation that she would be there every year. Carrying out her duties – perish the thought!

      I wonder if she would have show up this year if they were not headed across the Channel for their French holiday, I mean very important diplomatic mission. My guess is no, unless their PR people decided they needed to show unity after the not so great press around Bill’s boys’ ski trip.

  40. Ah it was again a fashion show in Paris ….3 changes hairdresser to change her hair on private jet into Paris.. Chanel suit and bag to talk to victims of terror its all about her expensive dress collection on Royal engagements not about what it shoukd be the charities the victims and people who need help and see her in £3,500 dresses and expensive shoes which she seems to wear new in same colours..They must not care about money only about material gain and this isnt boding well for future of the monarchy .Also Waity cant converse correctly except to children as its baby talk which she is capable of doing anything more educational is lost on her. .This girl child will never grow into an adult…

      1. Absolutely a disgrace for our country …she is a money grabbing leech ….and always will use PCs money for her skinny fashion parade which it should not be.. It should be about the humanitarian causes which is entirely lost on these two brats

    1. Yep Msthang I thought silver dress black dress was really nice but she has racks and racks of clothes in same colours immense house loads of same colour shoes.. The cost is absolutely out of control.. We think Royalty is not about a fashion show it should be about causes and people they go to see .. This girl child is all about skinny and wearing designer outfits nothing else..
      she is empty headed and only knows how to to do child like speaking.. It is so obvious when she does speak its so false and so put on it isnt normal behaviour as she is so up herself..

  41. It’s Enty so who knows if it’s true, but I just came across the following blind about PW. Maybe KM has more of a backbone than I thought!

    228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
    At a recent stop out of his home country, this A+ list celebrity was being a prick to some of the people walking him through an exhibit. His even bigger on the celebrity list wife called him out on his behavior right in front of everyone and you could see he wanted to explode but held a stiff upper lip. Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Britain’s Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to the Musée d’Or

    1. As I understand it, Entertainment Lawyer is known for making up blind items. Whether Waity & Carole like it or not, Bill is the one with the upper hand in the marriage, and I do not think Waity would do anything to jeopardize it. She spent a lot of time on her back for that ring, title, and, God forbid, eventual crown.

      Or maybe….after almost 6 years of marriage & Bill running his mouth about his family, Waity knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak, and that is how she gets away with everything. Hmmm. Where’s my tinfoil hat? lol

  42. To all you folks in GB reading Lola’s blog I am so incredibly sorry for the attack on your country today. May G-d keep your and your countrymen safe. I love me them Brits!!!

  43. Meanwhile, Duchess Tone Deaf was out in London today wearing her red & white gingham patterned Eponine suit. Reminiscent of her wearing the fuschia coat to the 9/11 memorial a couple of years ago.

  44. I swear to God, her appearance today reminded me of a Robot. As a Londoner, I would have expected her to maybe re-arrange her day, to be seen to care about the injured and visit them, instead of only accepting an award. Furthermore, her attire today also made me feel that she couldn’t give a tiss. She probably only found out about the incident yesterday from reading her speech as she read it out loud at the engagement. Clueless! Completely clueless.

  45. Its just terrible hit with tragedy in London so sorry for the families and people who are very badly injured…
    We were very very dismayed at Waity not wearing black to show at least some respect but no very clueless wearing pink or whatever gingham colour it was.. This girl child has no clue at anything that is going on in world …There we are faced with a dreadful attack on innocent people in London and you would of thought out of respect she could of worn a black outfit …Absolutely clueless a gormless barbie doll..

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