Kate Visits Luxembourg

On Thursday, Kate Middleton embarked on a Kate-sized solo tour of Luxembourg in celebration of the 1867 Treaty of London which consisted of five events in four and a half hours.  It was jam-packed with all of the hair touching, veneer flashing, and crotch clutching one would expect of an official visit from the UK’s so-called diplomatic secret weapon for strengthening international relations in the wake of Brexit.

I think even the media is having a hard time keeping a straight face with that claim.  I noticed the sentence referencing the “diplomatic importance of the visit” in Richard Palmer’s piece had a typo.  Poor chap was probably laughing so hard, it made it difficult to type.


This screenshot from the first photo in his article pretty much sums up why it’s hard to take Kate seriously as an official representative of the British Royal Family and the UK.


Kate doesn’t come across as capable of managing her own hair, let alone something as complex as the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Kate wore bespoke Emilia Wickstead, an ice blue version of the St. Patrick’s Day coatdress she debuted in 2012 as well as new blue topaz and diamond Kiki McDonough earrings retailing for £3,500 (around $4,510 USD).  Kate ditched a lot of the outsourced hair she usually wears and her skin looked positively aglow with fresh injections.


At one of the events, three-year-old Teo Schleck presented Kate with a bouquet of flowers, then burst into tears and buried his face in his mother’s shoulder.  Reportedly Kate reassured his mother that it is “totally normal” at that age.  I’m way older than three, but if I saw that much clown blush and veneers coming at me, I’d probably want my Mommy, too.

When the twin sons of Luxembourg cyclist Kim Kirchen presented Kate with a jersey, Kate reportedly said that she has no excuse now not to get on a bike.  Maybe the Queen should hook Kate up with a duchess jersey, that way she will have no excuse not to duchess.






Btw, I’m not going to have a lot of time over the next few days to moderate but expect to start posting more regularly again within a week.

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  1. Welcome back! You and your posts were very much missed! Honestly if I had been that little boy I would have burst into tears and had a few nightmares after seeing those chompers.

    It’s bad enough I teared up after realizing she had another new coat in blue. I’m beginning to think she only sees things in shades of blue.

    P.S. Give Nightwing a big hug hello for me!!

  2. I have seriously missed seeing your wonderful posts. I hope all is well with your life, and am thrilled with a new post!

  3. You’re baaaaack and I’m so happy!! Hilarious post and so to the point. Just chock full of Lola- casam, which I missed so much because it makes me literally LOL

    1. New to your site Lila but I have heard such good things I agree with the comments. Glad I have a chance to read your comments. $4000 earrings? The outfit was horrible and I would be on the floor in hysterics listening to her discuss anything as significant as a treaty.

  4. I also meant to add…£3.500 for another pair of Kiki earrings . Hidden mostly by the hair

  5. “At one of the events, three-year-old Teo Schleck presented Kate with a bouquet of flowers, then burst into tears and buried his face in his mother’s shoulder. Reportedly Kate reassured his mother that it is “totally normal” at that age. ”

    So now in addition to being an expert in mental health & diplomatic relations, she is giving reassuring advice to mothers who certainly see their 3 year olds for more than the few hours a day that Kate interacts with George. I guess Maria passed along this tidbit on pre-schooler behavior.

    So, so wonderful to see you back here Lola! I hope you & Nightwing are doing well. You were missed! xoxo

    1. I’m going to be really mean but first thing I thought was – her kids probably reacts like that to her as well because they see her so rarely, so she thinks it’s normal
      Sorry for being so mean, but everything Kate&William makes me so mad lately and my sarcasm instead of slightly funny gets really mean

  6. I’m glad to see a LOLA post, as well! So great!!!!! Laughing at the idea of Kate with her blusher, wiglets, and veneers coming at me – I’d run and hide too. That open mouthed guffaw she has going is so weird and bizarre. Honestly it has to be exhausting to be around that woman during these events.

    Her ensemble bores me to tears. Hate the hair, too. This woman is really weird if you ask me.

  7. Another great article. Pathetic Middleton needs to be skewered
    and deserves to be skewered. And I love it.

  8. Glad you are back! Your voice was missed.
    As for Wasty Katy, she will just never change. Playing with your hair at 35 isn’t cute but just sad. And getting so many dresses that are made the same is a sign of OCD. It’s not normal for anyone to do this.

  9. BTW, HGD Stephanie was glorious in a red dress during the visit, with her lovely hair in a beautiful up-do. Her mother-in-law, GD Maria Teresa was also beautiful in a green suit. Sayeth the sugars: The Lux ladies really had to up their fashion game to compete with the stunning Kate. SMDH.

    Oh, and they seriously think she deserves the RFO & the Grand Victorian Order for these diplomatic missions. And by diplomatic mission, I mean of course a dress up in coat dress #856-guffaw-touch hair-view a painting in the NL-spend a weekend in Paris-make small child cry-all while wearing $4,500 earrings photo op. Sad thing is, she will get the orders sooner rather than later, if she hasn’t already. SMDH again.

    1. Yeah. I agree. She doesn’t deserve those orders. And I cannot stand to see her touch her hair one more time. My 14 yo niece doesn’t even do that. It drives me nuts. The lux royals were stunning. But they are mature. Kate is a child

  10. so glad you are back, was worried since it has been a while for a new post. Not too much to say about this visit; didn’t she wear blue to the Netherlands on her first solo visit?

  11. Yah! A new post! Hope all is well with you and Nightwing?

    The Kate Show hit Luxembourg (sorry Luxembourg).

    It was a success, she didn’t manage to fit in a flash, her clothes weren’t wrinkled. Success? Right?

    I had to laugh at the description of this being a day tour, it started a 12.30 and finished at 5pm. Four and a half hours? She must be exhausted?

    1. That long huh? Yes, she must be exhausted, I read somewhere that contestant,s in beauty contests and models have a way of relaxing their facial muscles after smiling thru an event. She must have needed that private plane to rush back to her, well whoever shows her how. That bathrobey looking coat dress had some real ‘flashing’ potential, and for me the top of it does look like a flannel bathrobe, I guess the pleaty bottom takes it out of that category. Not sure if the price does, she might very well have a bathrobe that costs that much. In that color. What a total waste of money and resources for an airhead’s photo op.
      As for the child that cried, if the camera adds 10 pounds he might very well have thought that it was a scary Halloween costume worn by a person who got into his face. How very nice of Kate to reassure his mother that it was normal, I’m sure that had she not said that his mother would have been horrified and lost sleep for days and days. It seems that children have to be the ones to give flowers to ‘duchess dimwit’, and it troubles me to think that children are upset.

      1. Oh I agree. That was the WORST. That blue coat dress was a disgrace. It was like wearing jeans to a firmal dinner dance. Which she would probably do come to think of it

  12. It’s greeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaat to see you back, and if I don’t miss my guess you will be seeing new posters. We’ve been very concerned about you, and you have been in my prayers and will continue to be.
    This visit was stupid. Expensive. A serious drain on the people of Luxembourg what with the backed up traffic, reroutes, and all that goes along with a British Barbie deigning to visit a country, and if I understand correctly the ‘firm’ was the initiator of this ridiculous photo op. This woman has nothing to say, and if she does say anything it’s like needing someone to translate to Kateinese. The DM as I understand it was gushing and swooning as per usual, but the papers in Lux weren’t exactly thrilled. She’s great for entertainment, for ‘seriously’?? but other than that, nothing. She’s a human being of course, but I think she bullied and connived her way onto the wrong path in life.
    Thanks to msthang for letting us know that LOLA’S BACK!!!!

    1. The daily mail couldn’t stop gushing. You would think she found a cure for dengue fever. The cost dress was horrible and to tie up traffic for that? I’ve been to Luxembourg and it’s a beautiful Capitol but not very big. The people must have been fuming. And for what purpose? I think the Queen has lost her mind

      1. The Queen should accept that her grandson and wife are duds and that she is responsible for them being such useless twats. She could surely find some work for them away from people, and small children especially. Perhaps it’s best they are left at Anmer, colouring and and watching TV? I’m sure we could all cope.

        1. I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep, and the queen is responsible for this circus, I absolutely agree. The time to put her foot down or whatever it is she does that makes a difference has passed. Be a leader, or step aside. She hasn’t done either. It infuriates me to see children used and frightened, they are sharp children are, they know that it’s not fun to hand flowers to a walking makeup commercial all gussied up with that **deranged** smile. I don’t think it’s an honor either, it’s a scary experience for some, others may not mind but the ones who do? Pick the child up and move away from the scary person. That’s what I would do no matter the title/status/big deal ring.

    2. It’s wonderful to have you back, Lola! Your voice is always missed.

      I’m curious whether the BRF is scratching around for things for Kate to do given this latest exercise. What was the gist of the Luxembourg papers? The DM was its usual sniveling self. It seemed a 5 hour photo op, with Kate’s crowning achievement of the day being not wrinkling her coat dress. Plus she made a child cry; barring her full set of veneers plus trying to move her face is scary. Someone should tell her that.

    3. Yes yes yes … Lolas back so pleased you are back Lola and its great we can once again read Lolas Take on this continued debarcle of the dolly airhead going to Luxembourg we really laughed out loud when seeing that .. this dolly brainless girl child wouldnt know about politics or whats happening in the world if it was staring her in the face .. All she can do is show off expensive earrings and new designer outfits and nude high heels ugh so ghastly the whole situation is going on …we cannot as British citizens understand why this nonsense is going on with the social climbing family in tow with her .
      as for her sister and upcoming wedding we are sick of seeing her coming out of tbe gym constantly and going around running we are really tired and sick of tbis money grabbing bimbo

    4. Yes yes yes … Lolas back so pleased you are back Lola and its great we can once again read Lolas Take on this continued debarcle of the dolly airhead going to Luxembourg we really laughed out loud when seeing that .. this dolly brainless girl child wouldnt know about politics or whats happening in the world if it was staring her in the face .. All she can do is show off expensive earrings and new designer outfits and nude high heels ugh so ghastly the whole situation is going on …we cannot as British citizens understand why this nonsense is going on with the social climbing family in tow with her .
      as for her sister and upcoming wedding we are sick of seeing her coming out of tbe gym constantly …

  13. It is a pity that it was not Sophie – she could have stopped off in Lux on her way back from Finland . . . . I keep thinking Kate is a good match for Will – who in their right mind would want to be with him ? I see nothing redeeming in either of them. He really needs a strong woman who will give him a sharp kick – but strong women don’t settle for wimps like him. When he couldn’t attract someone with more gravitas he settled for someone who would enable him to go on his merry spolied way.

  14. I thought she looked great, especially the hair. I also thought her comment about the shy child was nice. Now if she can get a speech coach and study up on the briefs her staff writes (or have they stopped by now?) then she could do well at visits. That’s the main problem. I think people make the rest of these comments about her hair and dress because they want to criticize her but there is really nothing of substance out there to criticize. That’s because there is nothing of substance out there period, but I am digressing.

  15. Sophie whether you like her or not does get homework and would have been much more intelligent. She also could hold a conversation and knows what a treaty is. She delivered a speech to the college of obstetricians and gynecologists, a charity, that was 20 minutes long and was applauded for its content. Kate repeat the SAME 4 sentence speech without screwing it up. I have it memorized. She says it all the time. It’s basically the same 4 lines with the fake posh accent. That she gets right. Keeping her clothes on is another thing.

    You’re right. Lola’s site is fabulous. Her commentary is spot on.

  16. Yay! Lola is back!
    I missed your sarcasm and wonderful insight.
    I hope you can do a post on Pip M’s wedding.

  17. Dear Lola,
    So very glad you’re back, you were sorely missed!
    Hope everything is OK with you now and will continue to get even better.
    Kate on the other hand will probably never improve, imo she is a one trick pony with the depth of a puddle.

  18. So glad to “see” you again Lola, you’ve been on my mind lately and I’m sending you and Nightwing good thoughts.

  19. I’ll echo the comments above: it’s good to see you back at it again! You’ve been sorely missed (I was *dying* to get your witty take on Prince William’s dad dancing bit). The world needs Lola Heart.

    As for Kate’s bland appearance in Luxembourg where more than half (nearly all) the Royal Family is clearly not pleased to be hosting the lazy Duchess, well what else can we expect after all? Disappointment, thy name is Kate.

  20. Once again great reading everyones posts how we all hve missed dear Lola … I know I hve been worried about you Dear Lola and Nightwing, , hope you are now recovered so pleased to see these postings of everyone on here so well executed .I praise you all witb all your great writings wish I could write better I do my best so thats the main thing ..

  21. When the twin sons of Luxembourg cyclist Kim Kirchen presented Kate with a jersey, Kate reportedly said that she has no excuse now not to get on a bike. Maybe the Queen should hook Kate up with a duchess jersey, that way she will have no excuse not to duchess.

    Let me pass you a mic to drop because that was beautiful.

  22. I know I could. Apparently they threw a party at the palace for children who lost a parent in the military. Dumb and dumber had nothing to say. Prince Harryndid thank heaven. Kate wore a stupid looking dress and was not trrribly comforting when the situation called for it.

    It’s also apparently mental health awareness week. Hear anything from the 3 musketeers? (Ny splilogies to the musketeers). Crickets.

  23. I just watched Charles the 3rd, boy oh boy! Kate is the cleverest of all and Chopper is quite the our man in charge. It is enough to make you howl. Chutney looks at the camera and says basically I am going to be a much better Queen because I have such humble roots, the whole thing is absolute rubbish, not to mention the music is deplorable, OMG!!

    1. I have a season pass to Masterpiece & cancelled tonight’s recording because I had heard enough about it that I knew it would piss me off, especially in my currently PMSing state (sorry for the TMI). But honestly, so many non-royal watchers have that impression of the gruesome twosome. I frequent a board that has nothing to do with royalty, celebrity, etc. and discussion turned off-topic about the DoE’s retirement. So many people posted that QEII should skip over Charles and make William her heir, since he & Kate are already such good leaders. UGH! Although there are royal watchers who think that Bill & Cathy Middleton are doing & will continue to do great things, at least they understand that Charles cannot be passed over as long as he does not pre-decease his mother. Long live The Queen & The Prince of Wales!

      1. Their PR is just that great a spinning the myth they work hard, are intelligent, compassionate and wonderful. Like William getting awards and massive praise for doing nothing.

        1. Yep, and if anyone dares criticize the lazy, useless duo, people jump to their defense, crying that they are busy as ‘young’ 24/7 hands-on parents and they’ll work full-time later. Much later. Some people are very gullible. And royals are devious.

    2. I watched it too and the way they portrayed Harry as a little boy lost and w&k as the saviours of the monarchy from charles was horrible. They should make a movie about Kate and the Middleton’s and how ruthless they were in their pursuit of Prince William .I think anjelica Huston would be good as Carole not sure who could play mike.

    3. I am adding that to my what to do today list!! However, first I am going to take a nap lest I fall asleep or get myself so wound up that I can’t!!

  24. If only someone would write the truth. It is far more dramatic but more of a farce: the role of the grasping Middleton’s infiltration, the dolt-like princes William and Harry, dead-eyed Barbie Kate, the utter greed of them all. Writers have contributed to cultivating the public’s rosy view of the monarchy as dedicated servants to the people, ever so stoic. Lola, this is where a light bulb goes off and you start your next book or play.

  25. Kittie

    I agree completely. It is absurd with all of the needs countries have, these 3 do so little. There are people they could help in the U.K. Those are forgotten people. And it’s sad. The Danish and Swedish royals visit their entire country every year. You mean 3 grown adults can’t do that? Billy and lazy will I guess eventually be prince and princess of Wales. When was the last time they were there? When were they in the midlands or Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Whatever. I’m just pulling out names. But how can you rule when you don’t even meet and understand the needs of the people. And Kate wouldn’t care. That’s the sad part. She doesn’t have the capacity to care. That’s not the making of a Queen. Not a Queen I would want. She shows no compassion for anyone. Even when they made speeches for mental health she told the audience, when you could apparently make out what she was saying, that her family is just the best. Yeah. Right. But you don’t say that to people who obviously didn’t come from perfect situations and are there with various mental health issues. And her family is far from perfect.

    And they can’t even do very much on their own. All 3 of them of them do everything together. Do they all go to the loo together? I know people may not like Sophie but I’ve seen pictures of her visits to various charities. She’s on the floor hugging and playing with the kids. She’s engaged with the people she is visiting. Yeah. She screwed up at the beginning but has made time to do whatever she’s sssignrd with some dignity and class. They went to Gibraltar during the queens jubilee. Apparently an elderly man was standing at an event. They gave up their seats for him. Neither Kate nor William would do that. I’m not asking people to love Sophie if you don’t. I’m just pointing out a difference. And the excuse given for Kate is she’s a mom with 2 kids. Well so does Sophie and she almost died with one of them. The precious duchess can barely keep her clothes on.

    1. I don’t see much future for the BRF in terms of endless public largesse coming their way. As the older generation dies (the Queen, her cousins, DoE) the hundreds/thousands of charities they patron need to look elsewhere. It’s unsustainable as well as being odd to pay people to hang on the edges of charity work by opening this and that. It’s not as if, for the large part, they are at the coalface doing the work, as others voluntarily do.

      As long as fantasies are woven about them being at the heart of British (and presumably Commonwealth) identity and as long as people are apathetic, the BRF laughs all the way to the bank.

  26. Louise so on point witb your observations and its soo true
    The two lazies are disgraceful
    plus as you say waity is always showing her nether regions and squatting whilst her dress shows up her dress such an exhibitionist. ..

  27. Louise, I think she was referring to her coal mining great grandfather, that’s humbling ya know !!

  28. Hello Lola! Hugs to you and Nightwing!
    Oh my goodness, I am so excited to see a witty post from you!! I so missed your wonderful commentaries!
    I was in New York a week ago – I had to restrain myself from asking strangers, “Do you know Lola and Nightwing?” Lol
    I so missed a new most from you that I went back and read every one of your posts. 🙂 Please know you and your witty reporting is appreciated ~ and greatly missed when you are away.
    Thank you for coming back and I look forward to reading your future post. Continued prayers for health, happiness and continued blessings.

  29. Hi Lola

    I’m new to your site and think your comments are wonderful. I am so sorry to read about you’re illness. I’m a nurse and probably live across the pond and am a nurse but if there is every anything I can do to help – answer questions or whatever, you have my email address. Please feel free to send me a message.

    I wish you well! I will pray for. Take care. I’m glad i was given the link to your site!


    1. 🙂 🙂 Yep, it’s a safe and open site, the rules here are simply common courtesy and human decency.

  30. Thanks Msthang! I am enjoying it. Lola’s observations are great. I just read she showed up at the Queens garden party this week. Other people were there like Princess Anne, the Queen and Prince Philip. Not that you would know that. Most of the pictures were of her. Check out you tube.

  31. Hey. It takes a lot of effort for the butler to turn off your alarm clock and wake you up. He has to then get up. Take a shower get dressed and eat breakfast. I personally would need a nap after that. Oh. And give my usual blue suit to my butler just in case I might have to attend a movie opening. Lol

  32. Louise, msthang, royals love your comments .. in daily fail huge article on james place showing his wealth. . and some people commenting on the huge tomato greenhouse been erected at middletrash manor with thrones and long mirrors and dressing areas for guests to change into second outfit demanded by miss bossy boots … plus their family not invited to wedding as they think they are not good enough to be invited … what type of people are they exactly ..plus poor vicar has had to sign a gagging order not to speak to any media or public persons
    we are really sick and tired of this being in our newspapers as its headline news so you cannot miss seeing it all .. £330,000 pounds is being published as the wedding figure of cost plus vintage plane doing fly past for her.. We dont give a dolly dot what they do but what we dont like when its pushed down everyones tbroat how much money they are spending ..its as if they want to boast about how much money the fiance has. Even his house has been in press with the pictures of dining bedroom drawing room
    its just vulgar vulgar .
    we dont knock anyone who has made money and worked hard but when its downright obnoxious then its just obscene ..

    1. Ah I know Msthang but its just so vulgar she thinks she is BRF arriving inhorses and carriage and its for media coverage and she was the one that said she wanted an intimate wedding its anything but also going from church in vintage cars it just seems she is copying her sister and thinks she is a member of BRF,.. and to top it all us british taxpayers are paying for all the security it should be down to her family not us ..
      Plus getting married in Scottish theme when they are not scottish its just ugh really just what we expected of this celebrity d list lot .

  33. No. I don’t think you’re being mean. I first don’t believe she personally gave birth to those kids. I still think surogate. Secondly I can’t picture her doing anything that isn’t about her. I also can’t picture her doing work and even though I don’t have kids I have babysat and that requires work if you do it right. My sister has a big family and works very hard. As I’m sure most moms do. She’s a lazy, self entitled, spoilt child which explains the attitude of her sister. It’s the attitude of Carole and the Middleton’s in general and billy fell for it hook line and sinker, unless they have something on him.

  34. I think she is channeling Four Weddings and a Funeral, the Scottish one where Gareth croaked, and he lamented :Brigadoon!!

  35. This is sort of bad show but I would love to find a yard sale and find the most run down lawn chair, get a cooler. Fill it with beer. Get a bag of potato crisps and a pair of flip flops and a tie dyed t- shirt and camp out at that wedding tomorrow. They think members of their family are classless. Ha. Wait to you see me with a hat with straws coming out of it so I can drink and watch at the same time. Lol

  36. I feel sorry for Mike Middleton – he appears very much so to be the only sane one out of this lot. He looked at pains with his daughter as she stood there lapping up the photogs before going into church. CopyKate or what…..
    As for Duchess Bland. All that money and still manages to rock up in a creased dishrag. God give me strength.

    1. James Middleton’s girlfriend & Princess Eugenie both look gorgeous. James’ girlfriend is wearing cream, which I thought was a no-no, but I really like her dress. Carole waving to the people gathered outside made me nauseous.

      Looks like Duchess Bland made the trip from KP to Buckleberry in her dress, so no wonder it was creased after an hour in the car. I wonder why she didn’t change at her parents’ house.

      Pippa’s dress is pretty, but honestly this wedding should be getting no media attention. I wish the DM, People magazine, etc. would have passed on what the Midd’s PR floated to them. Ridiculous!

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