The Cambridges Goth Protest Too Much, Methinks

Well, the Cambridges posed for a family photo for Prince William’s GQ article and the family portrait that was released is… well, it’s just bloody awful.


It’s like The Addam’s Family on acid.  I’m not sure why George is crawling into the photo, he’s going the wrong way.  Run George, run!  And take your sister, who is presumably looking at her nanny out of frame, with you.

Remember how creepy and lifeless the family photo taken for Kate Middleton’s first Mother’s Day was?


It’s like the photographer for this GQ piece, Norman Jean Roy, looked at that one and said, “Hold my beer.”

I’ve got an inner goth girl and would describe my personal aesthetic as Haunted Bordello, but even I wouldn’t have this copy of GQ in my home for fear the maniacally grinning Kate would crawl from the pages and attempt to devour my soul.  More hair has been PhotoShopped on Prince William, but his head still looks like a menacing floating orb, his grimacing smile that of a demonic Bugs Bunny.

How are they finding these photographers, do they say “Beetlejuice” three times and ask him for a recommendation?

In the Daily Mail article, there is a quote from Prince William reflecting on his mother’s death: “I still find it difficult now because at the time it was so raw. And also it is not like most people’s grief, because everyone else knows about it, everyone knows the story, everyone knows her.”

To be fair, one of the first things grief counselors are taught is that no two people grieve the same but quite a few people took issue with Prince  William’s choice of words in comment sections and on social media with one cherished member of this community summarizing it on Twitter as “elitist”.  I have tremendous sympathy for Prince William and can’t imagine what it was like for him at such a young age, but the phrasing makes it seem like he’s saying his grief is special because his mother was famous.

Prince William was also quoted as saying, “I want George to grow up in a real, living environment, I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls, he has to be out there. I will fight for them to have a normal life.”

Does Prince William mean the normal life George has at the Anmer Hall Fortress of Solitude and occasionally Kensington Palace from which he only ever seems to escape when accompanied by Nanny Maria or sometimes Carole Middleton?  And that normal life, that’s amongst the taxpayers who are threatened with lawsuits should they dare take a photo of George despite it being perfectly legal, right? Or will actors be cast and sets made to create charming little plays about real life as Marie Antoinette enjoyed doing?  Normalcy is such a lark.  For a really good time, Prince William should try giving it a go without all the taxpayer-funded perks.  The rest of us are having a blast.

If Prince William truly wants George to grow up in “a real, living environment”, the first step would probably be putting an end to the spooky family portraits that make the Cambridges look like menacing specters.  Even poor Lupo looks like some black shadow figure hunting for ghost prey.



192 thoughts on “The Cambridges Goth Protest Too Much, Methinks”

    1. I’m not totally sure that’s even a dog, identifying the shadowy animal figure as Lupo was really just a guess. The whole photo is rather goth Alice in Wonderland.

    2. I’ve posited this elsewhere, but I can’t see how this image isn’t completely spliced, to be honest. Neither Kate, Charlotte, nor Lupo looks as if they were originally part of the frame and not merely cut out of their individual shots.

      There’s just no interaction. Nothing. Not even a lean of the waist or a tilt of the head indicating an acknowledged presence of another living thing. Lupo is flat out tearing across the yard and *nobody* is even looking at him. It’s all just so…. odd. And oddly lonely.

      I’ll be shocked if this is, in fact, one image of the whole lot together. Shocked.

  1. “I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls”
    *Has photo literally taken behind palace walls
    Oh Cambridges, if you ever keep track of your messaging and become even slightly consistent, life will be so dull

    1. Exactly! There is a wall directly behind them with barbed wire clearly visible. Of course they have to protect their home, but isolating their kids until Wills deems them “ready” to deal with the horrible normal monsters they must be patrons for is a losing proposition.

    2. Especially since the whiny useless middleton feels he is as his dutiful, master with Duchy portfolio, heir to TQ dad, to have the gall to think he has anything to contribute to the people f GB UK CW by whiny writing to politicians with God knows what in his pea brain.

    3. Walls- heck – June 10-11 whi y bill middlerlton is at a polo then arou d with the Philips cou sins and not a sight of g and c much less the lazy sno entitled fake waity middleton.

      Waity cannot id in hiding since attacks. -The lazy entitled middletons. Hokd up in luxury staffed homes palace – rpo protected walls – not a care about the death, attacks to the people paying her luxurious lazy way. no insincere concern or caring from the most ill royal rep, even to appear with willnot whiny bill middleton.

  2. Don’t they have a gardener for mowing the lane?

    Kate looks like she is a wooden doll with a leg that cannot bend and she is trying her best to playacting she is normal. And happy. But neither of them have a clue about their children, especially Charlotte. It is such a dysfunctional family, minus the kids.

      1. Waity looks like Dracula drab – about to lean in and suck the life from whiny bill …

  3. I feel bad for anyone losing their mum at a critical age. But for some people, at 14, they become the mother of the house and have to grow up way too fast or miss out on an innate support system and have to rely on strangers for help because their family is MIA or drowning in grief. No, not like most people’s grief. But that’s like saying that she saved nothing of herself for her sons! And if that’s true, then their grief was actually the same as every body elses!
    Christina Chang sums it up best:
    CRISTINA: “There’s a club. The Dead Dads Club. And you can’t be in it until you’re in it. You can try to understand, you can sympathize. But until you feel that loss… My dad died when I was nine. George, I’m really sorry you had to join the club.”
    GEORGE: “I… I don’t know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn’t.”
    CRISTINA: “Yeah, that never really changes.”

    1. I examined the photo to see if the subjects were from different shoots and the whole thing is so discordant, I can’t really focus on any one element as being off because all if it is. It looks like it may have been shot with a fisheye lens then altered but it’s anyone’s guess. To me it looks like Prince William’s head was PhotoShopped from another photo onto his body, it sort of reminds me of the intentionally ridiculous Prince William PhotoShop job I did on him earlier this year. But who knows.

      1. The other photo from the series (with William, George and Charlotte) suggests at least one image was photoshopped. Unless Charlotte is capable of astral projection. She’s in a very similar pose, but in one image she’s next to William, in the other sat off on her own.

  4. I don’t understand why he keeps bringing up his mother’s death? It’s been 20 years…..I feel sorry for anyone loosing a parent (especially at a young age), but it’s almost like he keeps saying it for I don’t know what reason? An excuse to be a weirdo or a slug with royal duties? Diana’s death was shocking, and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been, but sadly this happens to people every day and they move on.

    1. Lola, thank God for your take on this. I couldn’t agree more. And Eileen, you’re exactly on point.

      William is a grown man persisting with a narrative of being left alone as a boy to navigate grief without professional psychological help or family support. We know that is simply untrue. Neither William nor Harry choose to bring a fuller, more accurate picture to public understanding ie their father and wider family helped as they could, we did have counselling, but it takes time etc etc’. Instead, invoking Diana acts as a trigger to keep William’s anger fresh.

      Everyone experiences grief at some point; it’s not a competition as to whose is worse. William’s choice of words was clumsy, but also self-indulgent that his grief is special. Both he and Harry have started to overplay their hand when raising their mother’s name. The public’s patience for them and ‘love’ for Diana is not what it was. Her memory is usually conjured when a critical eye is cast on their lacklustre performance and W and H need to lull the public back into apathy or prime them for something. The more cynical among us knew that the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death would dredge up more bile and self-indulgence in two men who have had everything handed to them on a plate and who deliver very little in return. Instead of honoring their mother’s wok ethic, they faff about, hiding their real lives behind the fabrication of noble stories by their PR.

      As to other aspects of the GQ article: the photo looks to be a composite of several images. It makes no visual sense. William’s bleating about wanting normalcy should just stop unless he wants to free himself from the burden of taxpayer money. However, he would be unable to earn a living to support his family; so would Kate. Both are too lazy, unintelligent and self-absorbed, with no ticker for work. In other words, useless.

      1. Totally agree!

        Life is so hard, well refuse remove taxpayers millions in funding, royal perks staus and Line – for doing nothing in giving back to the people/monarchy for the all the millions in luxury handouts.

        You and waity Middleton go earn your own living – ungrateful waste of peoples funds.

    2. Well, I think that Diana’s death has become William’s identity. I came from a place that makes me go ballistic at his ‘special grief’, and ‘pain’. I find it grating and at times downright offensive. I know of real people who suffered a whole lot more than he did and what did they do? Well, they reached out to help others and in doing so allowed healing. William, in my opinion, doesn’t want that, he wants to be ‘special’. It’s my understanding that right before Diana died he had a huge row with her. Guilt plays in here, but what 15 year old boy doesn’t fight with his parents? That’s hard, but healthy and shows signs of separating from the people who gave you life, and moving on to your own. William had the entire nation behind him, not to mention other countries, and how exactly is that a bad thing, he wasn’t alone but even at that when he went away to school so many provisions were made to accommodate his need (and right) to privacy. He appears to have forgotten that. I think, and it’s probably due to my choice of reading material and background that William hasn’t **wanted** to move on. And now two children will be enmeshed in the past, suffering from the loss of someone they never even knew. I might even go so far as to say that William is addicted to being the son of Diana who died so many years ago and letting go of that isn’t in his playbook of life. Arghhh so philosophical, but we really do have only one life, only so many years to contribute, to make a difference, and he’s **imo** wasting time, eternally self pitying and hell to be around.

  5. Of all the strange/scary elements in that photo, surely the most striking is the looming wall topped with razor wire. A perfect metaphor for their attitude to the world and their place in it.

    1. Yes, indeed. Don’t come near us! Charlotte looks as if she has no body; surely the grass isn’t that long or is she in a ditch? Everyone seems completely unaware of each others presence, even Lupo.

    1. That was my thought. William seems to be looking in George’s direction. Charolette is way over there, looking at someone or something and of course, Kate is looking directly into the camera, as usual.

  6. I get the impression that billy uses” my died mom ” as an excuse not to do anything at all. I am disgusted with his laziness & pity me attitude! Billy comes across a hypocrite. Do not get me wrong it is terrible to lose a relative at a young age! Harry beginning to do this too, since has a new girl friend Meghan Markle. They both use their mom’s death when they criticized & they need an excuse! They should be grateful have never been abuse like other people.

    1. I’ve been seeing a lot of criticism of Harry’s work ethic lately since he has been dating Meghan Markle but since I’ve been following the BRF, I’ve noticed a lot that Harry does never makes the circular whereas when William walks into a room for five minutes to say goodbye to a departing member of the staff, it gets counted in the Court Circular. Perhaps I’m projecting too much onto Harry but I feel like it’s so hard to find somebody in this world to love, if Meghan makes him happy, he should enjoy this part of their relationship. This past week Harry was in Africa then met with Obama, he seemed far more like the heir to the heir than William.

      1. Lola, I think Harry’s lack of sustained, ongoing ‘royal’ work these past couple of years has caught up with him, exposed because of his flying across the world in pursuit of MM. Not many folk have the free time to jet off at will. Previously, Harry was pretty much under the radar, turning up whenever and being charming. No-one noticed or worried that he wasn’t doing much even though his CC numbers have been very low despite having no job, having left the army two years ago. Okay, he has pursued his own interests but not stepped up to more of the traditional ‘counted’ work. The usual excuse served up is that he can’t out-perform William, but that doesn’t hold up. However, I don’t discount some covert racism at work here either; have we not come further than this? My gut feeling is that Harry does what he likes when he likes and revels in his perks; not so different from his brother, only served up with charm.

        1. Charm gets people into places that are unattainable to those w/o it. William has no charm, he’s married to a loony tune, he’s stupid enough to keep running his ‘royal’ mouth and contradicting what he says with what he does, which is highly entertaining, and he’s just a jerk with a title. Thankfully, these ornamental throwbacks have no actual power in the real world.
          That picture is absolutely, as Lola so succinctly put it, “bloody awful”.

      2. I agree Lola.

        Since Prince Harry is with Meghan. Most haters of any woman Prince Harry becomes serious with is being transferred to a different spin now of the very dutiful, hardworking caring of peole and less fortunate Prince Harry. When all he does is left off the Circular for fear of confirming – what we all know , of the lazy waste of whiny and waity lamebridge.

  7. Billy & Harry are using their mother’s death to deal with critics & their mistakes, not to mention being lazy!

    1. I agree Billy Middleton I am a prince is doing just so.

      Prince Harry has matured, work with the people perform duties and is honest, sincere hard working for HM POW GB and the taxpayers helping charities with his status.

      We can’t say the say for Useless wsste that is Willnot waity Cannot family of 4 plus middletons ILs hangers on siblings and family compound – security – millions of taxpayers dollars – secret luxury vacations for all kiddletons and multiple homes withntax funded staff.

  8. If he and wait are George’s example he’ll never learn to do anything but act snooty, throw temper tantrums and do nothing but sponge. I liked Princess Diana but the 3 traveling show royals are beginning to make her grate on my betves. With my parents consent I had to to make the ultimate decision to take them off life support and watch them due. I’m sorry for their loss but you know what it’s time to get some help and grow upp. He has no business being king. All 3 of the trio are losers and lazy. I’ve even gotten sick of Harry who I used to like.

    1. Fingers cross we will have government intervention to remove he whiny and his Line as we all know these snob kids will learn nothing about the people countries they represent, helping others less fortunate, duties for all the millions use to maintain and support their luxury entitled lifestyle, and is so scared of people outside ethe Middletons.

      The middleton kids are so hidden in secret – private spooky fortress – that george seem so frighten of people, hence his tantrums overcome with crying, whenever he is around the public. – he didn’t even want to walk into that church that was ‘so small private family’ mess affair – his mum nanny Maria had to kindly encouraging him to walk in to hold sister charlotte’s hand.

    2. Fingers cross, we will have government intervention to remove he whiny and his Line as we all know these snob kids will learn nothing about the people countries they represent, helping others less fortunate, duties for all the millions use to maintain and support their luxury entitled lifestyle, and is so scared of people outside ethe Middletons.

      The middleton kids are so hidden in secret – private spooky fortress – that george seem so frighten of people, hence his tantrums overcome with crying, whenever he is around the public. – he didn’t even want to walk into that church that was ‘so small private family’ mess affair – his mum nanny Maria had to kindly encouraging him to walk in to hold sister charlotte’s hand.

    3. Fingers cross, we will have government intervention to remove he whiny and his Line as we all know these snob kids will learn nothing about the people countries they represent, helping others less fortunate, duties for all the millions use to maintain and support their luxury entitled lifestyle, and is so scared of people outside the middletons.

      This photo was just right – what the entitled secret lazy Willnot intended to release. Taxpayers are to give Duchy millions, luxury perks, multiple homes with millions of the country’s funds waste to make he and his family of middletons, secluded, enjoying the spoils from cuts to the GB people and for him to use the royals/monarchy for all the perks and status with no accountablity, of he middleton family waste. With no giving back!

      The middleton kids are so hidden in secret – private spooky fortress – that george seem so frighten of people, hence his tantrums overcome with crying, whenever he is around the public. – he didn’t even want to walk into that church that was ‘so small private family’ mess affair – his mum nanny Maria had to kindly encouraging him to walk in to hold sister charlotte’s hand.

    4. Well, Louise, you and I are on the same page, for totally different reasons, but nonetheless both cordially fed up with the ‘poor me’ princes, I was hurt and that gives me the right to leech off of the public, do as I damned well please on the working man or woman’s dime, and if you question my right to do this? I’ll simply remind you of what happened in a French tunnel years and years ago, but of course leave out a few details regarding it.

  9. My father was murdered when I was 16 and while I realize everyone’s grief is different, I would never say that my experience somehow makes me special enough to negate any bad traits that I may have or may have acquired in the last 20 years (my father died the same year as Diana). I know it’s not really fair to compare people and personalities but shit, Caroline Kennedy lost her whole damn family and they were icons in their own way. Despite differing opinions of the Kennedy family, one would have a hard time denying that she’s handled everything with remarkable grace.

  10. My condolences to everyone who has lost someone dear and knows what grief is. If only those two hadn’t been mentioning her constantly already, then I feel I’d have more sympathy as the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death draws near. I know how hard it can be to mark each milestone in time, to say “this was the day I last saw her, this was the last glimpse I had of her alive”, or at least that’s how it is in my world as a mere minor mourner.

    As for that Victorian ghost photo from hell, all it’s missing is a shrouded spectral figure, hopefully a couture-clad Diana kicking her lazy son right up the royal excuse-me!

  11. Both of the photos have barriers between the public and the Cambridges. In the top photo, there is the obvious wall with barbed wire. In the bottom photo, they are in an upper floor window looking down. Both photos give off a guarded, don’t-get-too-close-to-me vibe. Very unfriendly, and striking in that, in their attempts to look like an ordinary happy family, they subconsciously choose elements that undercut that message.

    1. I think like you are all saying photo is very very spookily like the Adams family any moment Herman popping round the tree and as another said uncle fester.. how very very odd to release a very strange out of focus and also not together as a family very disjointed … agree Msthang with ypu all they are always a very strange lazy lot .. who dont know when to stop whining on about death we all have to deal with our own mourning in our own ways and act grown up and deal with it whilst doing a job running a household shopping washing cleaning etc., but these two fools do nothing ever of substance in life

  12. The new photo doesn’t evoke warm emotions at all. The sheer blackness of the pic is disturbing. It’s not like it’s edgy. It’s just a black hole. The fact that Charlotte is so separate from them is telling. One thing’s for sure- they have no idea of how to project togetherness. It’s like they’re emotional idiots.

  13. Goth indeed! Looks like the photographer saw a psychological truth about this family. What would Freud say? Such a dark photo and in the summer time. Weird.

    1. I wonder if they had final approval of which photo.

      Speaking of psychological truths…. they look like they’re sitting on a ratty, unkempt lawn, surrounded by a brick wall and barbed wire. Actually they are sitting among daffodils just coming into bud. They should have waited a few days. Instead, the photo looks bleak and barren. Here is the prison of their own making. Life must be so fun for them.

  14. For a couple so obessesed with their image and go to great lengths to protect it, dad-dancing notwithstanding, they really don’t understand a thing about subliminal messaging.

    ‘I don’t want my kids behind walls” meanwhile send out photo of said kids behind an actual wall topped with barbed wire!!

    Kate’s vogue photoshoot might have gone better rendered black and white and shot by Bruce Weber whilst this particular photo should have been in glorious technicolour. That’s why it is so jarring. In colour, the eye is distracted by everything. The wall wouldn’t be as jarring. Ditto the disconnect of all 4 humans. In black and white, it is rendered stark and no distractions except that prisonlike wall and the disconnect of the humans. In a wierd way, i’m reminded of Kate’s Orangutan photo taken in a forest in Asia. Should have been in colour!!!

    Also, as i said on KMR, William (and Harry) need to befriend Caroline Kennedy. She has the t-shirt as far as dead famous parents + brother, parents + brother dying so publicly and so violently, being famous from birth and navigating all that to relative normal, happy life and raising her own normal, happy family.

    While he is there, he could talk to Benazir Bhutto and Indira Ghandhi’s kids and or grandkids. Same path.

    Or his Grandmother.

    1. @ Herazeus
      I don’t want to crash someone else’s blog. I hope this isn’t inappropriate,but you have said in this comment that you post on KMR. I don’t know who else to ask…..I haven’t had any updates from KMR blog for ages. Has she closed her blog?
      Apologies to Lola

      1. No worries, Matmat. KateMiddletonReview and I overlap readers. She just posted 12 hours ago on Twitter. Hopefully she’s sitting pool side somewhere having cocktails.

          1. The UK election result has emboldened people to question those who claim to have the answers but instead reveal their deficiencies of ability and judgement. It’s not much of an extension, then, to turn one’s gaze to royalty. I don’t think Rexit is anywhere near close; however, it is healthy for Britons to continually evaluate their institutions, their values, and what they choose (and can afford) to fund with their resources. The tiresome Kate and William represent an uber expensive irrelevance.

          2. (granted, not a news site), ponders whether Kate is the UK’S most effective diplomat, because of her very important international missions (of wining, dining, attending soccer games, posing for pictures, and visiting museums) since Brexit. She is called on of the BRF’s brightest and most appealing stars, and states that the Dolittle’s upcoming trip to Germany & Poland may prove to be the ‘ultimate display of Kate Middleton’s soft diplomatic power’. Dear God.

            At the yahoo link to the story, comments are all fawning about her – bypass Charles, she is so gorgeous & classy, etc. – so the masses are still fooled.


  15. Well, at least we know now what Will and Waity DO all day (when we would prefer them to be working). I’ve lost count of how many “we’re in the garden” outdoor shots we now have of this lot relaxing on unkempt lawns across the UK. I can only think they must have lost their keys and are waiting on Carole coming back from the off-licence to let them in.

  16. While I feel for anyone that loses a parent, he really needs to be sensitive to all the people who have also lost parents at a young age, but didn’t have the emotional and financial security as a web of comfort and support Diana’s boys did. He just has no clue how normal people live and what it’s like for people who lose loved ones without the resources and life pass for a pity party he has. All I see in this strange, disjointed photo is four spoiled kids playacting that they are a normal family. That they got it horribly wrong says everything. The Cambridge children are darling children and I hope they manage to become good people who use their privilege and position to help people, rather than being so sheltered and spoiled that they remain oblivious to the fact that while all children deserve a safe and loving home, an accident of birth means that they can have every luxury possible while some kids go to bed hungry and can’t afford a winter coat. I am just so disappointed with the Cambridges. I’m happy to see that it seems the kids have a wonderful, loving relationship with Nanny Maria, but they will definitely be those privileged kids that have parental and behavioral issues down the line.

    George is darling, but he always seems like such a grumpy, unhappy kid. Clearly more attached to dad than mom. I think Kate strongly prefers Charlotte and is less babysitter awkward with her than with George. Charlotte seems like a ball of sunshine and energy, but I would put money on her being given absolutely everything she wants and strong preferential treatment. Kate always looks on the verge of panic when she takes the kids to an event and it’s clear that she doesn’t spend the time with them a normal mom would (especially one without a job and endless resources). She is awkward and seems scared that they will act out and she won’t know how to handle it. That she had to bring Nanny Maria to Pips wedding is significant. I feel for those kids because they don’t seem normal or happy (except for Charlotte, who just knows life in palaces where her every need and whim is catered to and is too small to be aware of much else). This family picture captured the forced togetherness and strange family dynamics and it has a dark, creepy vibe.

  17. Well just as we thought that the media frenzy on pippsters wedding and they were going off on honeymoon and out of the public eye … as we were totally sick of all the attention article wise on how much money was spent and that she was marrying a billionaire…. so so vulgar all of it ..then she again hogs limelight in Australia jogging,, going up Harbour Bridge going on an very very expensive lunch again money orientated …. tbis is all this media hungry attention seeking fame ……can do..
    we hope she disappears from the newspaper pages…. as we are totally darn sick of this nearly royal as they call her having a total police force running around security detail which we are hoping taxpayers in Britain are not funding as he is a billionaire and should be paying for their own security … also they get to go from planes first just as if they are Royal.. The other members of BRF that have family do not perform like Pipster who thinks she is a Royal and she is anything but just a money grabbing wench ..

    1. Yuch!! I will have to get a good night’s sleep before entertaining myself with the latest details of the ever so private couple’s moneymoon. This is getting real old, real fast but it is amusing to see Pippa trotting out and about like a show pony. I wonder about a couple of things, I mean aside from the obvious greed and attention craving of that woman. What will happen if the press does let up? And how is James liking this? God knows they don’t need the money, and for bloody well sure have made 0 effort to be a ‘private’ couple.
      The ‘royal’ brand is sinking like a canoe that has just been hit by a torpedo. Pippa’s only claim to fame is being the sister of the wife to the heir to the heir of the throne, therefore the ‘firm’ is being impacted big time. The March of the Middleton’s goes on. I hope that this truly is the final nail in the coffin for the ‘firm’, no offense to anyone but they’ve totally absolutely allowed this to happen under their ‘royal’ noses. One of the mainstay comments about this ‘family’ is that it is good for tourism. In other words, entertainment. Now, with the age of the internet who needs to go to Britain to be amused, just pick up a rag mag and voila! And since the ghastly Midds have firmly rooted themselves in the ‘aura’ we have even more **clowns** to watch. God Bless the British!

      1. Ha! ‘Moneymoon’ gave me a giggle, though it’s an apt description. Goodness knows what Pippa’s endgame is to require such constant attention. I’m assuming the moneymoon articles are the ongoing handiwork of the PR person she employed? James seems to be a compliant convert to the Middleton doctrine, just like the other son-in-law. All the Middleton men seem to be emasculated specimens. This family is all about the hustle.

        1. Kittle, except not Michael, I think he has bailed. To be sure he wants his daughters to be happy, but I really think it took a lot to get him on the Royal train. He saw first hand how Chopper treated Chutney, like your basic call girl, and how he has treated her since. I really think he is way less than impressed with the lot. I have said it before you have to be starved for attention to aspire to marry into that lot!!!!

  18. Sorry Lola, I really went off the topic and off the rails. Please feel free to delete this post.

  19. Does anyone else think Karen Carpenter when looking at that picture of waity? This is a question, nothing more.

    1. I’ve thought Karen Carpenter on more than one occasion,depending on what Waity’s wearing.

      1. Thanks! In this picture she so reminds me of Karen, that lovely young woman who died so young. I may mock Kate, and God knows I think she’s a waste, but for sure I don’t wish her any harm, and I think that if a camera adds 10 pounds she’s on a path that may lead to self destruction. Just my view.

    2. I don’t, royalsareajoke, though I’m not that familiar with eating disorders. Kate’s weight seems to remain pretty steady and she’s never become skeletal. I’m guessing she’s just very rigid about her diet and exercising and gets anxious about expectations. Also she had no problem gaining weight to have the children.

      And even if the gossip world agreed that she had one, what then?

      1. Agreed, I think Kate has learned enormous control, probably from Carole, that appearance is everything. Sadly, women with intelligence, substance and grace are passed over for a wiglet and pageant smile.

  20. Victoria of Sweden has spoken recently about her anorexia from the pressures of being thrust into the public eye at 18. I wonder if that is why she is so open in having her children out and participating in royal life from such a young age. How many times do you see in any family that the parent is determined not repeat mistakes (perceived as well as real) in their upbringing with their own kids.
    The Cambridges should look at Victoria as a role model in bringing up happy well adjusted royal children. If we even once saw Estelle’s happiness and smile on George we’d be so shocked.

    1. In a way William is trying NOT to repeat his parents mistakes as he sees them.

      His parents made the effort to show the children, to take them to meet people less fortunate, not to be so closeted behind Palace walls.

      Unfortunately, through all that, the war of the roses was going on privately and publicly.

      By locking his children away behind Palace walls, refusing access to them, choosing a charisma free wife who will not overtly battle him publicly or privately, whose family can provide a cosiness he missed out on, etc etc and so forth, William is definitely NOT repeating his parents’ mistakes as he sees them, BUT unfortunately, he has poor understanding of their unique position as well as his own and his need to correct the wrongs is actually setting them up for poor social adjustment if they follow the Middleton model and a shock to the system when introduced to the royal duties / appearances as adults in the way Victoria was shocked.

      1. You make valid points and I certainly see William ‘correcting’ perceived errors by shielding his children at this early age from unnecessarily prying eyes. Just look at Pip’s wedding; the press focussed on George’s alleged meltdown/tantrum (when none existed), and on Charlotte. You’d never have known there were six other children as bridesmaids and pageboys in attendance, not even their names/ages. But William’s tactics are flawed and will falter sooner or later. When George and Charlotte go to school they will be confronted with many people, some of whom will have been directed by their parents to befriend them (much like Carole did with her children). Someone will tell them who they ‘are’. Unless teachers are vigilant it will be hard for G+C in all sorts of ways to understand their strengths, weaknesses, character, and learn who to trust. I agree that the Middleton’s provide William with what he thinks he missed out on (plus ever-ready obsequiousness), though feel he was somewhat snookered into marriage. His mistake was hanging onto Kate as a go-to convenience for so long that that it was hard to disentangle himself; it also drew him further into the poisoned Middleton embrace, more’s the pity. In some ways it’s all so sad.

        1. I agree. You are kind referring the middletons “snookered” Willie. They flat out trapped him. CM knew fixing special dishes and cozy gatherings would work. I’m sure she made sure he felt like he was wrapped in cotton wool and loved by mommie CM. It has been said that she would always take his side above Kate’s. I have no doubt CM manuevered and manipulated it all, and with Kate jumping up and down clapping her hands the whole time. I think it is disgusting that CM met with Willie and got him to promise her that when he got through sowing his wild oats, he would return and marry her daughter. Then, to seal the deal, MM was had a meeting with Willie and got him to agree to the Middleton’s terms. Think about the gall! CM knew she had worked Willie to perfection and through that she could get him to agree to marry her daughter. The winch has some stones. Talking the future king of England into marrying her daughter, and behind her MM laying down the M rules to him. Willies need to please the middletons was something CM knew and acted on.
          I am not a snarky person, I’m really not, but this dog and pony show has made me boil. I know Willie is stupid and is like a ball of Play-Doh in CM’s hand, but, where in the hell was the RF in all this. Surely they know Willie is not too bright and can easily be sucked into things. Because of all the security surrounding William, why wasn’t the RF informed about Kate’s incessant stalking.
          I guess it’s clear….I am not a fan of inherited power. Actually, I’m not a fan of any of these Moran’s.

          1. Phyllis, I have never heard about the Middletons having William promise to come back to Waity after he finished sowing his wild oats…ew! If a guy treated one of my daughters with such little respect, they would not be welcome anywhere near our family again. Prince, pauper, or in between. It’s just vile. And what were their terms? William is an idiot if he agreed to anything these charlatans demanded. I also wonder how did all of this not make it to the BRF? I guess Charles wasn’t able to meet William’s emotional needs as he matured (ever so slightly), and CarolE was right there to pick up the slack with cheese toast & tea.

      2. Interesting theory, Herazeus.

        William reminds me of Brando’s character in “The Wild Ones”: “What are you rebelling against”, he is asked. He replies: Whaddya got? I think of W as an aginner. All he does is react. Aginners can be tremendously creative in finding novel solutions, thinking outside the box but he is not one.

        Instead, he’s created a straitjacket of aginning for himself. He feels powerless and victimised so he marries a woman over whom he has total power and she helps him by pretending to be femininely feeble and victimised. He is a prince so he uses that too, though far less successfully.

        It is said that we unconsciously marry the parent of the other sex. With Kate recreating Diana in so many subtle and not so subtle ways, he probably has but he doesn’t see it. Ironically, what he’s tried to get away from has led him to create something akin to a Chinese finger puzzle so that the more he tries to get out of it, the tighter he is squeezed and trapped.

        1. MavenTheFirst you nailed it. Probably even more than you know. Willie did marry a gal, just like Dear ole Dad. Although Diana had charm and she was not lazy. Kate is needy, controlling, jealous, has mood swings and depression. This is something the RF works to keep a lid on. I figure this is the basis of the “heads together” thing. I think it is the RF way of getting ahead of this little secret. Kate can’t do it on her own, that’s why they put Willie and Harry in with her. I almost choked when Willie stated that people needed to get a stiff upper lip concerning mental illness. Keep on blabbing Willie. Spill the beans.

  21. At this stage of the game, in watching the whole terrorism thing play out on the world stage, a lot of tourist are gonna be steering clear of Europe and that royal lot, They have really got to limit immigration. My heart and prayers go out to the British people.

  22. So so brutal and dreadful happenings in London last night .
    thoughts and prayers to all families injured by this terrible atrocity of people who are totally innocent .. Barbaric happening

  23. Yes, major support and prayers to the people of Great Britain. The terror attacks in London made everyone sad. The bravery of those under attack and the rescue workers cannot be applauded enough. So sad. So very sad and this madness has to stop.

  24. Jenny, until the British government decides to go after them the way they did the IRA, it will continue !! !

    1. May I ask why your comment was directed to me? I would welcome your comments anywhere, but did I make any comments that solicited such a response? Did I make any comments about the government of Great Britain? Sorry, but I am confused as to why you singled me out with your comment.
      We all agree, I am sure, that these acts all across the globe are terrible and need to stop. And, each country needs to do their part and people need to work together for a resolution to this terror.

  25. Jenny, because this madness isn’t gonna stop until the British look inward at what they have done to themselves. This kind of Islam , their goal is to take over the planet, and they don’t care how many lives they take, and until the Brits take it seriously, the mayhem will only progress. These people have no interest in assimilating, they just want to destroy the western world, including their own, if they dare to disagree with them!

    1. I’m concerned this conversation could go in a very bad direction. The wording about “what they have done to themselves” makes me concerned that those still suffering a very fresh wound could feel this is victim blaming. I respectfully ask that we not continue this conversation.

      1. and I miss all of it because I didn’t know you were back! I had to find out on twitter & so disappointed that we didn’t all receive welcome back invites…
        Totally kidding cuz I’ve watched Comey all day & so happy that you and your wit are back to help us get through all the turmoil that will be coming.
        Love you Lola! 🙂

    2. msthang,

      You don’t think the Brits, like the rest of the world, take it seriously? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think your comment is appropriate or accurate. Let’s gossip instead.

  26. Thank you Lola. Hope she is.
    That’s why I asked the question on your blog as I recognised some names.

  27. I’m so not looking forward to the Trooping of the Colour next weekend. The press will make it all about the Dolittles, even though neither one has carried out any royal duties in weeks if not months (save Bill’s trip to Manchester, which would not have happened if not for the tragedy there). Members of the BRF who actually pull their weight, and more – Charles, Camilla, the Wessex, Princess Anne, HM’s cousins – will be largely ignored for these 2 layabouts, and how stunning & dazzling “Princess” Kate looks on the balcony.

    1. Sad, but true. Every time Kate ventures out she is described by the DM as ‘stunning’ ; such original writing, ore in the style of Groundhog Day fantasy. The children will be trotted out, Kate will push past others on the balcony to give the impression of Perfect Mother. Kate holding Charlotte; the kid too young to ask, ‘who is this woman again?’, George looking as if he’s walked into a nightmare. As I said, Groundhog Day.

      1. Groundhog Day – brilliant analogy, Kittie!

        Add People magazine and the fawning blogs to the DM.

  28. Pics in Daily Fail of William with Zara and Mike Tindall at a charity polo match.He’s chasing and playing with Mia. What a difference …….why are there never any pics of William playing like this with George?

    1. So George isn’t seen running around shouting, “Stranger danger! Stranger danger! Help me Maria” in public.

      Seriously, it is nice to see the Tindalls engage with Mia, who is dressed like a 21st century toddler and allowed to act like one.

    2. So wish that the kids were there to play with Mia, too. Or, were they? I think William did seem to be having fun. I’d like to see him playing like this with his kids, too. I know he does in private, but it would warm many hearts to see him like this with George and Charlotte.

  29. Yes, it’s nice to see kids running around in play clothes, just having fun. Clearly photographers were there. George and Charlotte could have joined in had they been there; the older girls would have looked after them, as they do with Mia, plus Mike Tindall would have had fun with them as he did with his nieces. Simple pursuits and lazy summer days is what all children deserve.

  30. I’ve seen lots of comments in different forums, about Kate’s absence the last few weeks. Seems obvious to me it’s to give Pippa her time in the spotlight, no? You know the ridiculous ‘Royal Tour’ of a honeymoon…

  31. Well, Regalcheck, don’t discount abject laziness either on Kate’s part. She’s not one to voluntarily stir herself, least of all for others.

    I’ve wondered about Pippa’s ‘Royal Tour’ of a honeymoon. It has been a curious business. You’re right, it has the veneer of royal touring. Just missing the crowds… Perhaps ‘Manufacturing attention on oneself’ in the form of paid PR was a wedding gift? I guess it beats a toaster.

    1. Laziness gets my vote. But for some reason that I cannot comprehend, I guess QEII has no problem with her doing nothing but the absolute bare minimum. Either she is tired of William playing the Mummy died! card, or she is thinking, “I’m too old for this mess, let them sort it out”. At least Dolittle was made to visit a hospital today.

      LOL at the PR coverage of Pippa’s honeymoon being a wedding gift. Exactly what she wanted!

      1. GingerMini, I think the Queen’s primary purpose is to ensure her family’s future on the gravy train for as long as possible. In practical terms that means humoring William and by extension, the God-awful Middleton’s. Given her own history, she’d be worried he’d walk away and potentially cause questions to be asked about the need for any of them at all. But William wouldn’t walk away. Although he’s a sloth, he’s used to the deference due his position as well as the lifestyle he could not possibly afford if on his own. Nor is he one for shelling out his own money. Granny could have reined him in well before now had she the gumption.

        I really do believe the Middleton parents wanted to give Pippa a similar experience of wedding grandeur that Kate was given. The PR strategy that followed was a quasi-royal roll-out, complete with honeymoon ‘tour’. It’s clear this is what Pippa hankered after. And it’s clear she’s not going to retreat to the shadows of private life anytime soon either. It’s curious that for a woman with such hustle she did not apply herself to real work and earn her own success.

        1. Hi Kittie, I don’t disagree with anything you posted regarding W+K getting away with putting in minimal effort, I just hate that QEII&/or Charles have allowed themselves to be in a position where they are catering to this spoilt man-child and his equally lazy, childish wife. In my eyes, it makes them, and by extension, the monarchy look weaker. and less necessary (not that I think it is necessary; just fun & interesting). We’ll see what happens when the DoE retires at the end of the year. They will have to step it up, or run the risk of losing the goodwill of even their fans. At some point the rose colored glasses have to come off. Being Diana’s son & DIL should not give them a pass for life.

          My LOL regarding Pippa was not laughing at your idea that her honeymoon was a royal tour. I totally agree, and was laughing at the absurdity of it all. What is really absurd is that her family felt that they had to give their 30+ year old daughter a wedding to rival her sister’s, regardless of whom Kate married. I made the same argument you did regarding Pippa’s PR wedding on another forum, and got blasted that the PR was not to give Pippa attention, but to make sure that the press wasn’t too invasive, because they would have been interested in the wedding regardless because of Kate. Please. We would have only known about the wedding as a passing thought if Pippa/Midds hadn’t pimped it for all it’s worth. The honeymoon/royal tour proves that.

          I know I’m preaching to the choir here, so will shut up now.

          1. Hi GingerMini, yes, Pippa’s needs echo those of a small child. It is a revealing psychology. Sure, there would have been interest in the wedding simply because of the Cambridge’s attendance, but as you say the pimpfest was an absurd display of neediness.

            The Queen reacts only when there is no alternative and she is threatened. That is weak. As long as there is a strong PR shield able to convince people to believe anything, there is no reason to change a thing. As long as people cede their power, content with the status quo, nothing will change. Just watching the Tony’s last night, Cynthia Nixon quoted Lillian Hellman: “There are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it, and other people who just stand around and watch them do it.”

  32. Cathy emerged at a hospital to visit those affected by the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks. Like her husband’s visit to Manchester, she would have stayed holed up wherever she is until Trooping of the Colour had this tragedy not happened.

    In the picture in the link below, she practically disappears standing sideways. I have suffered from various eating disorders, and in my experience, this is not simply a woman who works hard (in a healthy way) to maintain a certain body weight, or someone who is naturally this thin (we all know she’s not, but some sugars still like to perpetuate that myth).

    1. ITV/ ITN refused to cover this visit.

      Their reporter left a stinging response on twitter when challenged about their refusal to cover it.

      Then leaves a lame excuse about having covered other royals already as if the 3 attacks were one and the same, in the same location and same building.

      It’s an interesting development when the second state broadcaster thinks the future Queen Consort is a waste of time and says so publicly.

      1. ” I’m not aware of any significant moments or conversations. Enlighten me if I’m wrong.”

        The ITV reporter’s response is withering. but one can hardly deny its veracity. The public’s concern lies in how the victims are faring as well as the professionals tending to them. It’s surely to the credit of the broadcaster that sound judgement was exercised; Kate just doesn’t have much to offer, no matter the position she holds. Why not call a spade a spade?

  33. Agh the girl child that she is has definitely got a problem with so many issues… The trouble with her is completely spoilt as a girl by Mummy and Daddy catering to her every whim.. Lets all face it she never worked wasnt able to do a job of substance as the truth is she is not very intelligent. .. All she is good for is being a coat peg for designers and just stand and do nothing of merit .. This will never change as her family all about getting rich men in their pockets to do nothing same as her useless sister bagged a wealthy guy but its just tge vulgarity of it all that us British just find tacky tasteless and above all they get away with this debarcle which seems to be constantly put in the Daily Fail who should be absolutely ashamed for printing on front page about Poor Diana who has died and yet they publish about her eating disorder on tapes… Whoever has done thiz should be sacked forthwith as its dusgusting …

      1. The DM is using Diana to deflect from the Tory losses and screw up of an election that should have been a landslide.

        The DM is a tory paper and they were the tabloid of choice for the tory faithful.

        The Diana serialisation was probably already planned as the lead into overall anniversary, but the shock election result required a quick and effective distraction and so voila! Diana it is.

        Btw, i hated this book the first time round. Rather than see it as a good thing, i thought it was horribly unfair to Charles and the royals primarily because it was clear Diana wrote it (with ghost writer) when she was both angry AND at a really low point in her life. She was known to be vindictive and spiteful when she was angry and i thought this book was her revenge.

        Over time, when people have asked for book recommendations on Diana, i insisted they steer clear of this book for these reasons and seek out more balanced books.

        I couldn’t resist re-reading these extracts and i am really, truly horrified. More so than first time 25yrs ago. This book is best described by this painting by Edmund Munch

        Further, whether it’s my maturity or advances in education and understanding of mental health or all 3, i am struck at how poor her mental health was before, during and after the marriage.

        My fundamental stance has always been that regardless of the various mistresses, Charles and Diana were completely incompatible and the marriage would have failed.

        However, reading this extracts 25yrs later, i think Diana was in such a bad way that no one, short of a smothering, helicopter, adoring creature, would have healed her wounds. I’m not sure there is a human being that could help her to extent that was needed, royal or regular. She was a bottomless pit of need.

        So many other things struck me afresh, but her poor mental health was the most glaring thing.

        The discussion around it has come on leaps and bounds from 25yrs ago. You had to have full blown psychosis to be treated and all other conditions were either not recognised and or the patient was simply labelled difficult.

        I feel a deep well of pity for her because she needed proper care and not a marriage, especially one as demanding as a royal one, and certainly not an aristo one with mistresses galore.

        1. Well maybe because of all this suffering she felt with those who suffered and showed great sympathy , I will never forget how she was the first to shake hands with an aids patient , and tackled the issue of landmines beside other causes that she worked on . Dear Herazeus , the shock of knowing your husband is in love with another woman is not easy for anyone let alone being less than twenty , also Diana was more or less alone in this world , no support from her dysfunctional family nor her in laws , she had to deal with this issue by herself which is not an easy task , she might have been needy , but then all women want their husbands’s attention , no problem with that , sometimes when I see old pictures of her looking at him , she really loved him , and every marriage has its ups and downs and finds those who try to mend things up , but in their case apparently no , still instead of being reclusive and suffering all the symptoms you pointed in an unknown corner in the country or using her position to travel and shop to brighten herself without any care about anyone else , she threw herself in a positive way on work and tried to make others feel happy , that’s tough coming from a person with all symptoms you mentioned and became a world star that nobody until now can match .

        2. I disagree completely that Diana had mental problems and I think it’s unfair to speculate. Charles consistently accused Di of mental unbalance to push off her unhappiness with his affair. So any wife who’s upset their husband is cheating has mental health problems? (Not directed at you Hera but at Charles for throwing). If she did, he should have privately helped her and never married her if, as he stated, knew early on she had problems. He knew the crush of media demands and life restrictions, and Di didn’t care about social climbing like the Midd’s do. Charles is to blame for a lot (!) and IMO it continues today with the boys choosing mental health because “poor mummy is crazy.” They’ve been hearing that since childhood from the BRF.



            No matter how distressed one is at a horrid marriage, attempting suicide, cutting yourself, bulimia are not responses of a robust mental health.

            Charles etal were wrong to use her poor mental health against her and so publicly, but that doesn’t mean they were saying something untrue about her.

            25yrs after the fact, the world has a better understanding of mental health and his team wouldn’t have dared to use it against her.

            Back in the day and by that i include the 90s, only people with full blown psychosis were recognised as suffering and therefore worthy of our sympathies. All other illnesses on the spectrum eg depression, certain types of bipolar, anxiety, autism, anorexia, bulimia, behavioural issues etc were seen as merely acting up or being difficult.

            When you read these extracts, so many issues related to poor mental health jump out at you.

            And that’s before you get into Camilla.

            1. We all know that nobody is perfect , but the way she is described here shows her as a nervous wreck , while on the contrary she knew how to relate to people , she was so human to a level no royal can reach , she was herself , a lively young woman who loved life and loved her husband , but being rejected by the one person you love can be quite awful that’s putting it mildly as I went through this with two of my friends who discovered their husbands’ infidelity , and they were in their fifties with lots of support and still they were devastated , so how about a young woman with no support to speak of , loved by the whole world except her husband , that said I still think things could have been mended between them as there was love in Charles’ eyes at the beginning , but as I said nobody interfered , and those who did , did it negatively . I respect your point of views Herazeus , but apparently people don’t always agree on all things , which is part of life , wishing you, Lola and the rest of the participants a lovely day .

              1. I never said anyone was perfect nor am i saying that Diana wasn’t a good royal. Her work and empathy are 2 things that can never be taken from her.

                What i am saying is that by her own words, she had mental health issues long before Charles and Camilla came into the picture.

                She needed to be helped long before she entered into that marriage, but because of our understanding od mental health, no help was forthcoming, she was told to button it and go ahead.

                And whilst she took pains to paint Charles and Camilla as the root cause of her problems, she gives plenty of examples where it’s quite clear they were not. From childhood and throughout the marriage.

                Problems linked to the life she lived, before and after marriage, that had a disastrous effect on her mental health.

                In public, she had her game face on because as she reminds us, she was raised to always do that. So she put on her game face long enough to get that ring, and promptly attempted suicide, or so she tells us, whilst on honeymoon, having spent the weeks and days ahead of the wedding throwing up and sobbing uncontrollably.


                1. I respect your POV Hera and you might be right about Diana having mental health issues stemming from childhood and/or parents divorce, but I’m doubtful. IMO Diana was mentally fine, just an immature dreamer who grew up on Barbara Cartland books that she was trying to live out ala Sound of Music. We’ve had conversations about how destructive these narratives are for girls. It gives them unrealistic ideas similar to Fifty Shades that if they do whatever the controlling man wants, he’ll love her. I could post different stories about how Diana was denigrated by her family (not intentionally) but she talked about not being as pretty or smart compared to her older sisters. Diana found personal meaning caring for children starting with her brother. I think being his second mommy made her feel powerful in a good way, which negates her having mental health issues. She battled depression but she was fighting through it, and she sought those ways rather than being a windsock or directed by a therapists. These DM stories and her own words really paint a picture of the Barbara Cartland girl before she grew up to be a woman comfortable with herself, her body, and her life. She and Charles were pictured in the end talking amicably, which couldn’t happen if she had mental health issues (unless she had private therapy and medication that helped her). I wish she was here to set the story straight either way; if she really did have mental health undermining challenges, I think she’d openly acknowledge it and her story would empower people to think, ok– I’m dealing with this and I can still live and make a positive difference. If not, she’d call out Charles crap using a very serious and important issue to not use it to de-legitimize someone. I know many people with different challenges and they are amazing people that add so much to life.

                  Thanks for discussing this. I appreciate that we can all share different POV.

                  1. Hi Sunny, perhaps ‘poor mental health’ is the wrong set of words to use to describe what i’m getting at.

                    Most people see those words, and especially in the context of Diana, and immediately assume the worst.

                    Charles and Camilla’s behaviour as well as their use of those words against Diana being a triggering factor that blinds to her damaged psyche.

                    Even where in her own words she describes all the details of her childhood and teen years that led to said damaged psyche such that she was attempting suicide on her honeymoon after crying uncontrollably and bulimic during the engagement and everyone around her ignoring or dismissing her symptoms, people still refuse to see.

                    What help can other suffers expect to get if they are easily dismissed because some other convenient manageable problem can be blamed for their condition rather than the hard job of giving them the tools to deal with the bigger problem?

                    Everything that happened to her wasn’t mutually exclusive. She was a naive, Barbara Cartland obsessed romantic who had barely survived a traumatic childhood that left her with untreated mental scars who was thrown into another equally difficult life that might have gone differently if either her husband had the endlessly deep well of sympathy and love required to rescue her from her mental anguish or she had the tools to navigate the reality of her situation.

                    This was a woman who grew up without love and went into a loveless marriage and didn’t have the tools to cope with either situation.

                    That brother that helped her realise that loving other people was a therapy that could help herself also rejected her in the end and only had kind words after she was dead.

                    1. Agree with you. That’s the real challenge with mental health–it has to be surgically, carefully examined to figure out what intervention, if any, is needed, while acting in a way that respects dignity. We live in a “take a pill” quickie fix world that is the complete opposite of what mental health sufferers need which time, dignified care, and real understanding can provide.

                      What I explore in Diana is the duality of what she said versus what she did. I’m cautious about believing the unbalanced narrative in part from Diana’s conversations. So many of her statements seemed like someone who was copying (saying) from books, whether to get attention and deflect her from healthy criticism–there were probably things she did need to address personally in her marriage, but if Charles couldn’t say anything to her without Di threatening to slash her wrists, that’s her use of language to reject change. She was fine in other situations where she wasn’t criticized or “failing.” When her therapist told her that Charles’ behavior was the problem, Diana said she immediately felt better. She wasn’t a failure. If she had suffered a mental health issue, she would have needed a lot more help than this is pull herself out of destructive patterns.

                      Right now, personal challenges are treated under the mental health umbrella and I just don’t think that is wise. People who could be empowered to think and live healthy can too easily be undermined by pills and negative therapy–like putting pressure on a weakened bone. We live in a world of absolutes which is so divorced from reality.

                      Thanks for discussing. Women have a long way to go before we have a better view straight from the gate.

                    2. Hera, I completely agree; when someone has real issues and it’s not just attention, it will come out. Watchful but not catering support usually can pick it up. Having said that, if someone’s determined, it’s tough to stop.

                  2. Sunny, wow. Thank you so much for your reply. It’s interesting to think about it that way. It’s given me much to think about.

                    I can see how some of her difficulties could be overcome which means they were really personal life challenges as opposed to mental health challenges. Those challenges is where i blame her family AND Charles because she developed into a human so needy that it would probably take several lifetimes to course correct.

                    …..but i take the issue of suicide so seriously that i can’t imagine someone faking it or even threatening it as a means to get what they want.

                    Since she’s not here to set the record straight, i have to believe her words that they were genuine attempts and that’s where i diagnose her with poor mental health.

                    If on the other hand she was using suicide as a way to get her own way whilst having no intention of going through with it then she loses me completely.

                    1. Hera, I’m sorry and got caught up in a whirlwind at work but I read your comments and appreciate that we can share a good discussion.

                    2. We’ll never know, for sure what Diana’s end game in that (“if on the other hand she was using suicide as a way to get her own way whilst having no intention of going through with it then she loses me completely”) but I have had the experience, the total and absolute hell of having to deal with a totally batcakes crazy unbalanced vicious and dowright evil woman who bought me (and I mean literally) and whose favorite words were ‘I’m going to kill myself”. I am only too familiar with people who are so ignorant and into themselves that others suffer horrendous pain. However, having said that it’s my opinion and I think it’s on the same page as yours and others, that using suicide threats or attempts to manipulate others is just plain out and out evil. But then again, who does that if they aren’t mentally unhinged? I can speak freely because I have a diagnosed mental illness, and can’t be accused of taking it lightly.
                      About Diana, in reading what others say, in watching videos, I have come to a place where, while of course I don’t know for sure, I see Diana as a having been a very needy, demanding, and dependent person, and a bad fit for the ‘firm’. I think she loved Charles, but she knew about Camilla and wanted to call of the wedding, right? Why didn’t she? Not easy in any way shape or form for sure with all the hoopla, but possible.
                      Now, here’s an opinion. Anyone who has to fake it day in and day out is in great danger of losing themselves, in danger of not being able to see the line between the public persona and their real selves. I reasonable certain that all of us have to ‘fake it, put on a face’ at times in our lives, but more for work or social occasions and short term. That’s life. However, to have to squelch your own personality, fake it all the time? That’s in my opinion a fate worse than death, simply because you aren’t living your own life and might just as well be the living dead, a prisoner of others’ expectations. (I know what I’m trying to say but can’t find the right words. Not to worry, I’m harmless and on medication. Again, I am not making light of mental illness at all!!!!)

                    3. Sunny: me too.

                      Royalsareajoke: understood you perfectly. Regarding the fakers, i am a firm believer that it always comes out eventually. Either the person has a seemingly uncharacteristic re-emergency of original personality or they engage in behaviours that poke at their fake persona, appearing to act out if you will.

                    4. Hi Royalsareajoke,

                      Thanks for sharing what you are going through, what you’ve seen, and the challenges. I think us all having healthy, honest discussions like this is very beneficial.

                      I think Diana was a person who didn’t feel powerful, and her idealistic dreams (which were very endearing of caring for others and being an advocate along with seeing herself as her husband’s equal and partner) didn’t match up to reality. She’s not the first and won’t be the last to see life through her own lens rather than reality. Diana considered herself “thick as a plank” because her older sister Jane was “the smart one.” Older sister Sarah was the vivacious one. She was the unwanted child. That feeling of meaningless made her emulate with regular people — she didn’t feel special or important. Her titled family was in service to the royals; she was brought up to defer to them– it was their duty to be grateful for anything the royal family gave.

                      That’s why Diana didn’t call off the wedding. Her sense of inferiority coupled with Barbara Cartland dreams that the older experienced prince would fall deeply in love with his loving virgin bride. Diana was mentally healthy because she recognized and agonized even then about Charles’ incongrous-to-the-dream-lens continued affair with Cam. Reality was hitting her, and I think if Diana had been older, or away from her family who never discussed what would make Di happy but “your face is on the towels,” she would have callled it off. When her dream crashed on reality rocks, IMO she used threats to kill herself to make herself out as the victim. As I said to Hera above, I could be wrong, but if she did make threats because she was unhappy and was trying to get power through passive means of being seen as a victim, she was wrong and I think today she would own it and apologize (or she’d be a jackals because it’s wrong to pull attention when others are truly struggling). We become desensitized that people are “crying wolf” when we as their friends, family and society need to be their rock and positive support.

                      Later, I think the media deference made Diana feel powerful in her own right and she used it, many times in ugly ways. As I said to Hera above, another sign of Diana having healthy mental state was getting along with Charles after the divorce. She had found her own sense of meaning (to a certain extent) and was feeling more in charge of her life.

                      That’s the real conversation. So many things happen to us all, and sometimes we start out with false ideas and dreams. Learning how to identify what we really want, how to analyze opportunities and possibilities, and figuring ourselves out instead of being a cipher is still the biggest challenge. Glad we can discuss.

                    5. Hera,I completely agree. When someone really has issues, they will come out regardless. Watchful but not catering support can assist to catch, but if someone is determined it’s pretty hard to stop.

                      I’d love Lola to write an article exploring women and issues of power. Personal and professional, how we relate to stories and romance novels, roles we’re expected to play and how that goes to fulfilment.

                      It really all goes to Kate because that’s what a lot of us take issue with her for. Lack of any personal development but she’ll put her back into staying in a size 0 and keeping a glossy mane. I have no issue with a woman wanting to look good but dislike women who are human Venus fly-Traps Ala Kate

  34. I realize that it is now popular to portray Diana as “damaged” from an early age. Was she the only damaged person in this marriage? Charles does not stand close scrutiny without some mental illness defects shining forth. Narcissistic personality? He was a 32 year old man who proposed to a very young 20 year old female to be his brood mare as the “love” of his life was married. He became bitingly jealous of the popularity of his new bride; by his own admission he has an explosive temper. He took pictures of his true “love” on his honeymoon and made damaging, sarcastic comments about the bulimia his wife experienced. His long term friends, at the first sign of trouble, disparaged his wife and spread rumors of mental illness of said wife, while making available properties for meetings with the mistress when he was not sneaking the mistress into the marital country home. He absented himself from his children because he did not want to be challenged by his wife over his affair and as soon as possible introduced the children to the mistress after the death of their mother. He had his mistress’s 50th birthday part at his former marital estate, Highgrove. He spent much of the following years trying to make his mistress acceptable.
    Diana may well have had severe problems but the psychiatrist who treated her bulimia denied the rumors of personality disorders or other severe problems except those from a terrible marriage. Others from her youth stated that she did not have severe problems in her youth. She was an inexperienced, poorly educated young woman married to a decade older man who had the power in this relationship and who apparently believed his pre marriage life could continue on with the occasionally addition of a child. After all was he to be the first Prince of Wales without a mistress? Diana certainly was not the first or last young woman, or woman of any age, who though she could change her husband after marriage; and she did want to back out of the marriage but “her face was printed on the tea towels” as her sisters reminded her shortly before the ceremony.
    If I were to recommend a biography of Diana I would recommend Sarah Bradford and Diana’s own words with a reminder that that book was written at a time of severe marital distress and as a strategy for divorce and at a still relatively young age.
    We do not know how Diana would have been without the choice made to marry Charles at such an early age. Perhaps additional years spent as a unmarried young woman working before marriage would have laid to rest the tendencies that are called mental health problems. I think any young woman in similar circumstances, married to an older man with a long term entanglement with another woman, placed under the pressures of press and protocol, and without strong support from family would have difficulties, including mental health problems. Sarah Bradford ends her work with the description of Diana buried on the island at Altrup, alone in death as she was for much of her life.

    1. I really wish Diana would not be dragged back into the public arena whenever people want to piggyback off her to suit their own agendas: media outlets, writers, and also (I regret to say) her sons. This woman has been dead for twenty years; let her memory rest.

      As to mental health: Diana’s background was one of emotional insecurity; it colours everything. It can be managed, with help, but the scars never disappear. I agree with Herazeus that Diana’s words point to emotional fragility, exacerbated by marrying too young and to the wrong man from another dysfunctional family. I see Diana as naive, emotionally immature and lacking the resilience a truly healthy family life could instill. I see Charles as poorly parented as well; not strong enough to assert himself in the choice of a partner, yet acquiesced to his whole life resulting in lack of humility and true self-reflection. Their trust-fund sons lead lives as dilettantes, with a nod to service when required to keep the peasants appeased and the goodies they supply flowing.

  35. At Trooping of the Colour the BRF except Katy waity looked sombre .. Katy waity just wanted to be centre stage in a designer outfit.. she acted as if we hadnt had the atrocities that had just happened .. seen laughing and not at all showing any empathy about what had happened.. This barbie doll is all about herself and couldnt care about the public she is all about pink barbie doll outfit and being in front of a damn camera .. It was so obvious her children completely spoiled and do not know how to act correctly they are just awful …
    pity help the future with these lot as they certainly are not Royal

  36. Royal Ascot 2017
    Our dearest future Queen Consort has not let this opportunity pass to negate any criticism ever levelled at her
    regarding dressing with dignity and appropriateness.

    Congratulations Catherine , your white lace dress is see-
    through in the skirt.

    1. Yes isnt it just agh…see through skirt on dress at Royal Ascot ugh this vulgar girl child using PCs money for outfits. . This one cost £4,500 pounds for see through skirt showing all her legs this is an absolute disgrace for our BRF… This vapid dolly air headed bimbo because thats what she is .. she is an absolute embarrassment for Britain. .God help our country with her idea of dignity … agh …just dreadful … we need a Republic …

      1. Taking any opportunity to flash. And subtle enough that her fans can sputter how it happened to Diana & Camilla also, and that Waity had no idea (NONE!) that the skirt was see-thru.

        She reminded me of Eliza Dolittle (pun not intended) at Ascot in My Fair Lady. But even as a flower girl, Audrey Hepburn had more class in her pinky nail than this Dolittle has in her whole body + hair extensions & wiglets.

      2. Daisy, I agree with everything you said, except for the children. George and Charlotte are innocents, young, and quite frankly I didn’t see any behavior that was out of line, in fact I thought that they were just fine. Totally on the same page as far as waity wasteofspace goes, but the children? Can’t go there. 🙁

        1. Yep you are totally right I just get so cross at tbis girl childs behaviour ..went over top ….so take the other bit back

    1. Does anyone know why the Meddletons arrived in a horse drawn carriage? I’m just curious.

      1. Because they’re royalty, silly. 😉

        Seriously, I think they are part owners of a participating racehorse which allows them to arrive in a carriage. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Thanks!! They sure consider themselves ‘right up there with the ‘royals’, but I guess being part owners of a participating horse does make sense. Were there any other non ‘royals’ arriving in that manner, or were we simply ‘treated’ to a glorious arrival by the Meddletons?

      2. I’d guess that the Queen granted it to appease William and Kate so that mama Carole can pretend she’s royalty. She’s got that smug face on again – you know the one referred to by Lola as Carole’s sex face.

        Lots of people own racehorses, or are part owners. They’re not seen parading around in carriages. With their sex faces on full display.

        1. I tried to find where I read about owners of horses in the races being able to ride in carriages but cannot find it. I either imagined it (very, or it was something floated by the Dolittle sugars.

          If it is a case of the Queen appeasing the Dolittles, then it is truly sad & my respect for the queen is ebbing away. You don’t see Camilla’s kids in carriages at Ascot, and neither did we see Diana’s parents swanning around, even though they were in the same position as parents of a possible future queen consort/grandparents of possible future king. And yes I realize that Diana’s relationship was not anything like Waity & Carole, even when they were on speaking terms, and Diana’s mom lived in Australia for a while. But my point stands, and the queen should have seen these social climbers coming a mile away. Her never ‘meddle mantra’ benefits no one, and least of all the monarchy she is so anxious to protect, when it comes to people like the Middletons.

          1. I doubt the Queen knows all about the Middleton’s. William has demanded all sorts of things over the years because mummy, because heir and she has given in to everything to placate him. He’s probably threatened to walk (he wouldn’t – too weak as well as addicted to deference and wealth) and this hits her buttons given her father’s experience.

            Didn’t W+K spend most of that day at Ascot with Carole and Michael? Clearly whatever invitation was extended (if it was) did not include mingling with the Windsors.

            Have no idea about riding in carriages if one is an owner of a horse; apart from anything else, it would be impractical given the number of people who might own/part own horses racing.

            1. Kittie, I agree that William has most likely demanded God knows what because Mummy & being the heir, but it really surprises me that QEII placates him to the degree that she does. I guess it is worth it to her as she will not have to deal with the aftermath. However, I really cannot believe that she did not have anyone investigating the family of any young lady William was seriously involved with. I guess as long as they are not criminals or Catholic she’s A-OK with it, but allowing the Middletons to act like royalty themselves is just ridiculous. She is not only William’s grandmother, but his (& their) Queen, and sod what he wants or demands. Sad that after a regal, classy 65 years on the throne, she is so intimidated by a 35-year old baby.

          2. GingerMini, absolutely on the mark.

            The only thing I can think of for HM continued gracious inclusion of the Midd’s is HM likes Carole’s scraping deference. There are so few aristocratic families who will do anything (!) for the Mountbatten-Windsor’s that she likes the servile behavior. QE has seen her family’s power diminish over her rule–not her fault just times, and she probably enjoys Carole’s devotion in order to get Kate benefits.

          3. Maybe Ginger it’s part of the Middleton’s rules. The rules the Middletons laid out to the future king of England.

        2. I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine. If the queen caved to Billy she’s more of a weakling/wuss than I’ve thought for a long time. That’s, of course, **if**. CarolE looked very nice as much as I hate to say it, and Michael did as well. I wonder if their marriage is solid, or if he just plays loving husband when the occasion calls for it.

          1. ITA RAAJ. *If* QEII keeps giving in to this spoiled man-child is it because:
            *She is so afraid of a repeat of what happened 80 years ago that she must keep the presumed future king happy at all costs? If so, she has several other grandchildren who I am sure would be happy to step up (despite what Harry said). just as her own father did.
            *Or she still hasn’t gotten over the public backlash that the BRF suffered when Diana died 20 years ago that she gives in to anything the Wales’ boys want, knowing they have the goodwill of most of the public and could flood the press with Mummy died! Granny & Papa are mean and uncaring! MUMMY.DIED!!! (Although I do think that W+H are being very selective with what they talk about in interviews. I have never heard them give their father the least bit of credit for helping them through this most horrible time in their lives, and Charles gives the impression that he is a very sensitive man who would have done whatever he could for them. To hear them talk, they were left on their own to grieve and deal).

  37. In the daily mail Harry has made the comment that no 1 wants the throne! I do not know if it is true or not?

    1. The Middletons will take it!

      Charles may not exactly *want* the throne – seems like he is content with his life and being an exemplary PoW for the past almost 50 years – but like his mother I think he has an urgent sense of duty to crown & country, and will be a good king. In his sons, unfortunately, I see none of that sense of duty. I must admit that my mean side would love for William to take himself & his kids out of succession, just to see Carole’s head explode, and to see how quickly Waity files for divorce.

      In the context of a parent having to die in order for one to ascend to the throne, I would not want it either!

      1. Setting aside Charles’ sense of duty, what else does he have to do, I mean the guy isn’t ancient but certainly used to the ‘best’ and I don’t see him filling out job applications 🙂

        1. Definitely no job applications in Charles’ future 🙂
          What I meant is that if, God forbid, something happens and he does not ascend to the throne, he will have few regrets and appreciate his life as-is. At least that is the impression that I get; I could be way off, and he spends his free time practicing writing ‘Charles III’ 😉 But I truly think that as much as he is duty bound, he would rather have his mother alive than the throne. Again, I could be wrong!!

          1. Oh GingerMini, I’ve thought many time thru the years, how would it be to have to wait to have a job and to get the job someone has to die. Brutal, and I for sure don’t think for a minute that Charles is just rubbing his hands together waiting for the queen bee to die, and get out of the hive. I agree with you that he would much rather have his mother alive than to be king. That’s why this heir business has bothered me. Yes, I think Charles has a good life, and enjoys it. In looking at the pictures and watching the ‘royals’ the thought has come to me that they know no other life. This is how they have always lived, in luxury and no worries about finances, able to travel, and all that comes with being ‘to the manor born’. They have no basis of comparison, their lives have been at the very top of the food chain, so relating to the rest of us is all but impossible. And that’s not a good thing. I suspect that it breeds resentment, especially with Harry now shooting off his big mouth, we can’t relate to the problems of the ‘uber’ rich but we know that they have so much more than we. And I would dearly love to see Billy bail and as you said CarolE implode. Wonder if she would ever get out of her bed chamber (us little people call it the bedroom) again.
            Now I have a question that some of the very knowledgeable posters might be able to answer. (Herazeus, I’m looking at you 🙂 ) What will be different for Charles when he is king? I mean he’s been under fire for meddling in politics, no? So, what’s going to change? The ‘royals’ seem to be insistent on titles, and take the pecking order very seriously. The yorkies come to mind. They have it all, wealth fame and all the goodies so what’s the deal with ‘randy Andy and his ‘my daughters are blood princesses and don’t anyone dare to forget it’. ? I also wonder how Charles is going to handle the Meddleton Mess.

      2. Ginger, I think you are a person after mine own heart.
        I also WOULD like to see Willie take himself out of the line of succession. He is definitely not king material. A bonus would be seeing Carol exploding.

    2. Yes Halia its true every word it has been on BBC news and they said its time for change .. They need to have Republic or just Head of state and disband this very lazy lot that constantly whine on in DFail Front Page there is PH moaning about noneof them want the throne responsibility. . So hey us in Britain say get out and get a job and lets have no more millions of pounds that is spent on the in laws middletrash we will save millions of pounds in taxpayers money .Even the correspondent said on tv they should think themselves lucky but this is a sad state of affairs and there now should be a Republic … we will vote them out as tnis will happen in our country as they do nothing of merit just party all the time and spend millions on designer wear … Instead of doing the Queen proud they whine on about duty we are all sick and tired of their behaviour

      1. Absolutely no sense of noblesse oblige with this younger generation, unless it is purely on their own terms. Harry at least has Sentebale (although I don’t knowhow involved he really is other than the PR press we see, but Bill & Cathy do the bare minimum. Their Heads Together campaign has not impressed me at all. I would say I feel sorry for QEII, DoE, & PoW, but they caused this.

        1. I used to see Harry as different, humble, and having no sense of entitlement, however this article set me off like a fat firecracker. How ***dare**** he say something so arrogant as something like ‘other countries need the magic’, speaking of the ‘firm’. BS. We have plenty of Disneylands!!! Now, for me, despite Harry’s undeniable charm, he is no different than the rest of the parasites, just more naturally charming and, as someone else said, has better pr. End rant.

        2. It was said that Sentebale was a mess until Charles sent in his experienced people to sort it out. If so, that has been kept very quiet so that Harry can look good.

        3. Yep!! And that head’s together seems just plain silly, I mean with those headbands and Kate’s gurning, grinning . Hard to take that even a bit seriously. Three privileged goofballs playing? I just can’t see what help Head’s Together provides. That, however, is my thought, not necessarily correct. Maybe they do do some good.

          1. Royalsareajoke, heads together is a sham. Kate, it seems, has a lot of the same issues as the gal that married dear ole Dad, and the RF wants to get ahead of any fallout.

  38. Well its all over the Daily Fail about the whinging of PH and they have said in huge article either get on with it the Royal duties or go and get a JOB… and give up the Palaces and halls and really realise the position of privilige they are in.. We British are now so sick and tired of the charade the whiney brothers play.. For goodness sake shut up and get on with being men instead of the constant moaning .. They think its all about partying well really the pomp ceremony is there and YES we can get a Republic as easy as 123 because according to articles written they do not want to do duty on throne ..after our dear Queen gives up as this lady knocks them into complete wastrels just doing nothing of merit ….. we say vote Republic. ..

    1. Methinks that with the imminent retirement of the DoE, reality is rearing its ugly head, and they realize they will have to carry out more than the bare minimum of royal duties that they do now.

      I predict either an engagement announcement from Harry or a pregnancy from Bill & Cathy. Both will re-establish any lost goodwill from the public, with the added benefit of time off.

      1. Your comment interests me, I wonder if they will ever ‘reestablish good will’ with the public. I’m American so maybe my opinion isn’t as valid as a British citizen, but for me those three have totally screwed themselves over and nothing as in ****nothing***** they do will ever change the way I view them. I was thinking that Harry was ok, until he gave ****that interview****. That’s when I lost it with him, and Billy and Cathy are completely useless and ignorant. Just my view.

        1. I think a wedding, baby, or, and I hate to say it, death of DoE/QEII will soften some people’s attitudes towards the monarchy, but probably only temporarily. Unless they step it up, they will not be popular in the long run. However, there are still plenty of sugars worldwide who feel the three of them can do no wrong, and still want QEII to pass over Charles for William as heir, think Camilla is the devil incarnate, think Cathy & Bill have the perfect fairy tale marriage (and think she did not chase him, no not at all) & are the bestest parents ever, and that the 3 of them can do no wrong. On some forums they are picking out engagement rings & wedding gowns for Meghan, wondering what tiara she will wear and where the wedding will be held, and positing that the BRF will of course now want to be involved with the UN and ‘Princess Meghan’ will most certainly be allowed to voice her political opinions because she is so educated and eloquent, and she’s an American used to free speech. OK then.

          Honestly, I prefer other royal families to the BRF these days, so no Harry, we do not need your family’s magic. Arrogant much?

          BTW, I am American too.

  39. Another front page of PH in Daily Fail ..the gloves are off now he has said he has thought of leaving BRF…. to go with his D list celebrity and her family are very dubious with all the debt and gun crime of a brother… its really fallen into a celebrity status with the actions of PH… his whiney brother and his dolly air head wife… Its time now after our dear Q.. passes that we have a Republic or head of state and a complete disbandment of Monarchy as they simply do not want to work woth all the perks they receive and really a lot more people have said to us tell them to go and get jobs and we in Britain will not be keeping this very lazy over entitled brattish brats,..

  40. Next is in Sweden Vic has stated that she misses her kids important moments! If Harry & Vicky are that miserable, they can leave now!

    1. Plenty of working mothers miss their kids’ important moments, and I’ll bet her mom did too. Not that it hurts any less, but she is not alone. However, I do not want her to take herself & her kids out of succession because then Sofia will be queen one day!

  41. GingerMini I respect your opinion! These 2 need a reality check, they do not know how lucky they are!

  42. In light of Harry’s interview, what does everyone think would happen to their romantic relationships if William &/or Harry (and any heirs) quit the royal family.?

    Would Kate run to the nearest divorce attorney or stick around? What about Meghan? Would she & Harry stay together or part ‘amicably’ for whatever PR driven reason?

    I think Kate will be per$$$uaded to stick around for a little while (by her mother) so as to not look like a gold digger/title chaser. Meghan I’m not sure about since I do not pay much attention to that relationship. I don’t think she is a gold digger since from what I understand she has her own wealth, but I think being Harry’s wife is/was going to be her way to remain in the spotlight after her acting career dies down.

    Cynical GingerMini

    1. Ginger, I don’t think a marriage between H&M will last regardless.
      As for Kate….she has no self identification. She lives in Williams skin. If there is a divorce, William would have to be the one to walk away, and then CM head will explode.

  43. MM, is only worth 5 million, that is pennies in the bucket, compared to what Harry is given courtesy of the duchy of Cornwall, aka courtesy of the British tax payers, so yes she is indeed looking for more of a retirement fund, and also the hype of being Princess Harry!!!! And you know everyone addressing you as “Your up There”, and the tiaras and the gowns and the holidays, and the houses and private jets everywhere. And of course everyone just knows she will work harder than Chutney. May-be initially, but there will be the show of I care so deeply about all of humanity, then that will probably fall by the wayside, and she will have the same work ethic as Harry. I have said this before, you really have to be starved for attention to want to marry into that shite!!!

    1. Harry does not look happy to me. Maybe he is in love. I hope so, and not confusing it with being lonely for too long.

  44. I have always had respect for QE. But folks, I gotta say I don’t feel the warm and fuzzy anymore. In my opinion, she had allowed William and Kate’s rediculous demands to go beyond the realm of reason. Millions upon millions of dollars spent on country home and KP, Just to make Kate feel better about coming back to KP. You know how important it is to keep that smile on Kate’s face. This last demand for KP is rediculous. The Queen doesn’t appear to be able to tell Willie, “no.”.
    Doesn’t the Q realize that neither Kate or Willie have enough sense to be in charge of the Monarchy? God have mercy!
    William is a poster child codependent and Kate is a needy child. They are also spoiled, arrogant, imature and child like.
    Seriously, I think she is an exhibitionist. Remember the vagina shots she gave the photographers (with a big smile on her face) before their marriage? So, why is anyone shocked over all of her exposures since? All of her exhibitions are carried off with a smooth unawareness….like a true exhibitionist.

    And the Q looks away.

    1. x infinity

      My respect for QEII, DoE, & Charles as grandparents/parent is definitely decreasing. I think that at this point QEII only cares about the monarchy continuing after she is gone. There are heirs for the next 3 generations, so she is good, and the who, what, & how of it do not seem to be her concern.

      In their quest to improve PR after Diana’s death, the BRF, IMO, was too lenient with W+H so as not to appear to be the unfeeling, uncaring ogres that the press portrayed them to be. They were allowed to be “normal” with probably little sense of their responsibilities and duties as royals, and I agree, never or rarely told no, and probably did not have much supervision or discipline. This created the 2 spoiled man children that we see today, who seem all too happy to throw their father under the bus because after 25 years of Diana’s side of the story being canon, some not so flattering aspects of her are coming out, and understandably, it is not easy for W+H. But instead of a simple but meaningful statement about loving & missing our mother very much, cherishing memories, etc., they have to go into how they were forced to walk behind her casket (which I heard was false; up to the last minute there was a plan B to get them to the Abby, although I can understand how a 15-year old & 13-year old could have felt like it was expected of them, and they probably had mixed feelings about it), and intimate that they had little grief counseling or emotional support, which I simply do not believe. I can’t even imagine the memories that are bubbling to the surface right now with the 20th anniversary approaching and W now a father, and I am sure that there are things that their young minds were not able to process then that they are dealing with right now as adults. But in their quest to be normal (that word again), they are putting it all out there rather than dealing with it privately. We do not need a ‘royals – they’re just like us’ lesson. Get therapy if that helps you, cry to your wife, girlfriend, dad, brother, etc. I know this is all being done under the guise of their Heads Together campaign, but there are ways to heal yourself and help others without making others look bad in the process. For the most part, they were doing the best they could too.

      W’s choice of a bride should have been vetted better. Granted, she may have looked good on paper, and W may have convinced everyone (& himself) that she is “the one”, but his family should have seen right through that. She delays college for a year, changes schools & majors, does nothing after graduation (except for a pt job that she was never at, and a supposed job with her family) to be at his beck & call, and hangs on for several years waiting while W sowed his wild oats. Red flags all, but in order to prevent another War of the Wales, William gets what William wants, as usual, and after 6 years of marriage, K is still being given the “she’s getting used to her position” kid glove treatment. And since water finds its own level, the 2 of them are happy as clams doing the bare minimum while reaping all of the benefits of royal life. Real monarch material there, I tell ya.

      QEII needs to sit H+W down and say I am your queen and your grandmother, and you will knock this shit out and get to work right now!!!

      Charles will probably be a good king, but I hope the whole thing ends with him. The UK does not deserve the Dolittles on the throne in the next 25 or so years. By then Diana will have been gone for almost half a century, and H+W will not be able to coast along on her memory.

      1. I think the Windsor’s are all birds of a feather. You rightly point to the Queen looking to secure her family’s position as her first priority. It doesn’t matter how badly the family behaves, or how much money they waste because they want the status and money. The public is responsible for demanding more of elected officials but also needs to extend those demands to deciding what it wants from the monarchy or if it wants it at all. I just can’t see the point of slobbering over very ordinary people.

  45. I just watched The Queen with E. Miran, after the first story story re Harry came out…aside from remembering the stories and events around the time of Diana’s death. How QE2 was pretty slammed in press about the flag and no response. How they could not get out of their own way to save themselves. Reading about the Harry interview I’m pretty clear this is all about CHARLES. Harry had gained serious credit recently for his behavior and work to the point there was some shouts for him to be King. No one is shouting that about work shy Will and troop. The firm is out in full swing regaling us with how hard life was with Diana…they are trying to color a new generations idea of Diana, and correct those that remember her, in an attempt to pave way for Cammy and Charles prob. sooner rather than later. So Harry appears to be shedding some memories of his own over his father’s version of events, recently hitting the papers. I do not believe for one second Charles does not want the throne. I do believe Charles okay’d the walk behind the casket. ..maybe he thought after all he and Cami did this might make him look like he cared. Either way…changes are coming…Charles is being quiet and sending PR out to bolster him. Harry is defending his mother, stepping back for dad but not letting him get the last word entirely and K and W are silent…prob on vacation…again…or building their bomb shelter ..who knows. Wills clearly does not want the throne but does want the money so no argument with Harry…other than shutting up. I suspect there’s a bit of Harry wanting to marry MM and being told he has to wait or no because of who she is…so maybe revenge also…but I doubt they said no…he’s 5th in line. The Queen had one thing right the relationships they have are beyond disfunctional. Nothing is ever how it seems.

  46. The truth is the whiney whinging brothers have dug a pit now in british opinion… There will always be sugars who think they do no wrong but educated people can see through the charade they play.. Its really time for British people to decide about where all tax payers funds go .. Its enormous amounts of our money is wasted on the younger do little royals.. The generation of duty with our dear Queen has no meaning to the brothers and whinging airhead wife ..they just want an easy life spending thousands on doily dress outfits for her and really what does she do of merit … nothing … she will probably get pregnant to get out of work again…
    this has happened so much with her she just plays dressy up like a coat peg and is just eye candy for cameras to take constant photos in newspapers …sooo boring ……

  47. Ginger, the rules, to my knowledge have not been listed. The palace refers to it as, “the Middleton rules.”. It was said that Willie discussed the “requests” with the Q and she was ok with it.

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