The Duchess of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Here’s the story of Our Fair Waity…

On Thursday, Kate Middleton had an event at the V&A Museum in London.  She opened a wing or a can of tuna or something… I mean at this point, does anyone even care?


The event scarcely showed up on my Twitter feed even though Kate had a new outfit and everything, suggesting most of us have been dulled into a glazed state of apathy by the future Queen Consort.


The £1,790 ($2,700 USD) Gucci dress was, as always, an absolute waste of money because it was too tight and ill-fitting on her.  The retro tweed mini dress, which could have been cute on its own in a proper size, was paired with block heeled shoes and nude tights making it all so Marcia Brady.



No word if Kate was able to get Davy Jones to play at her senior prom.


At the event, Kate unveiled a plaque.


If a plaque is there, but no one unveils it, does it even matter?

I doubt it.  It looks like people were putting their cigarettes out on the plaque in the days leading up to the unveiling.


The fact that these plaques are out, hidden on the day of the event, then revealed seems rather silly.  Unless Kate suddenly makes an elephant disappear like Harry Houdini did in 1918 at the Hippodrome Theatre, I don’t really care what she’s got behind a curtain.

Kate not only continues to sleep-walk through her role, she seems to have a sensitivity chip missing.  Gucci doesn’t mix well with public criticism of the recently released Royal Household Annual Accounts and fury over Tories cheering at the 323-309 vote squashing a pay raise for firefighters, police and nurses while the reluctant royals get a nice pay boost.

Kate has shown up in new clothing to all but one of her recent events.  The Queen didn’t even wear a new ensemble to her own birthday celebration on June 17th out of respect for the somber tone of the nation due to recent tragedies (neither did Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall), but Our Fair Waity was beaming at Trooping the Colour in brand new bespoke McQueen looking like a bright pink marshmallow Peep.



Then of course there was Kate’s new bespoke white lace McQueen dress at Ascot on June 20th that closely resembled the one she wore the previous year except this one was a bit more bridal and revealing.


In an interview Kate gave for a BBC documentary on Wimbledon that will air on Sunday, Kate provided some strange soundbites on which the Daily Mail reported.  Kate reveals her mother’s crush on Roger Federer, her father’s gaffe with Tim Henman, the apology note she wrote to Andy Murray when she couldn’t attend Wimbledon in 2013 and how before she was married she used to have to wait in a queue for hours to attend Wimbledon.  WTF?  In what way do embarrassing stories about the Middleton family and reminders about Kate’s royal perks babbled with faux-poshness benefit a Wimbledon documentary?   It sounds like it might be time to put Grandma Catherine in a home.



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  1. She’s awful. And Marcia Brady has better posture than her and better hair. Even with al of waitys extensions she still can’t beat Marcia Brady. Hah!

  2. 6 years in and she doesn’t yet get it? How much longer will it take. Great article Lola!

  3. Kate is a Peep!
    Peeps show up in our lives every now and then, always in bright colors. However, nobody really likes Peeps. Since Peeps have no nutritional value whatsoever, they are never actually digested, but only used for decoration. Peeps are tolerated when they appear, but nobody is looking for Peeps.

  4. “If a plaque is there, but no one unveils it, does it even matter?”

    If an unskilled, vacuous woman in ill-fitting clothes turns up to do anything, does it matter? No, to both questions.

    The Tories had the audacity to cheer after successfully quashing a miserable 1% salary increase for police, teachers, nurses, and firefighters? I hope someone caught a picture of that to use at the next election which will come sooner than not. Yet, these sycophants have no difficulty tossing the royal toads an undeserved increase. We have all descended into madness.

  5. She’s got no sense of the public mood – not only has she given up any pretence of ‘recycling’ (ie, wearing an expensive outfit twice) but more and more of her clothes are bespoke. We are talking thousands and thousands of pounds for an outfit worn for, maybe, 2 hours in public.

    Coupled with her work rate once again not picking up despite everybody promising, absolutely, definitely this time, pinkie-swearing that her and William were going to work more this time?

    What use are they?

    1. They have none. She is a complete waste of space. That pink outfit and the ascot outfit were disgraceful. She will be the worst queen consort ever. And billy boy will be the worst king. They should pass them over and let them live in their dream state. As long as she doesn’t have to queue for Wimbledon

    2. They are an expensive hedonistic greedy entitled selfish arrogant ignorant stupid insensitive pair of quintessential ornamental fluff. Of no practical use whatsoever. None. Zilch. Zip. People in the UK are struggling, hurting, cold, hot, hungry, homeless, in agony over their children’s future and this idiot shows up when she feels like it in an outfit that is not only hideous and ill fitting, but obscenely expensive. To unveil a plaque. Which is also hideous and pointless. I am going to stop now, my blood pressure is headed in the wrong direction and she is not worth it!

  6. Oh dear – saint Diana did not have the so called smarts to finish school but she was not an empty head – unlike Waity and Willnot – stay at Anmer and pay your own costs – what numptys

  7. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! 🙂

    Well at least Waity doesn’t disappoint. 10-year audition for the wife of the heir and this is all she can come up with? Her brand of boneheaded cluelessness does not play well with the masses!

  8. You had me at Marcia.

    Thanks Lola for making me laugh and the smile that will go with my day. I hope you know you are appreciated.

  9. I have a theory that her Ascot white lace outfit is her jealous interpretation of Pippa’s wedding gown–the tight styling of the top and all-over lace IMO look similar. Is Kate SWF her sister? Pips is getting all the candy without the work.

    Her Wimbledon comments are a piece with everything else and exactly what you pointed out Lola. It’s all Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (all about herself,) from the chutney down.

  10. Is that a bumpit? I think that what it’s called? Or just a nest of extensions sitting on the top of her head?

    I like the dress and have one in a similar style, but it’s from TJ Maxx, and it fits me. And I didn’t have the waist moved up to make my legs look longer.

    How many white lace dresses does one need? I realize she planned the bright pink Peeps dress for Trooping in order to make sure all eyes were on her, but she should have been advised, or listened to the advice given, to wear something else. I seriously doubt HM’s original plan for Trooping was the ice blue outfit she wore, as lovely as it was. No empathy whatsoever for our Duchess Tone Deaf. It still pisses me off hat she was rewarded the All England Tennis patronage for doing absolutely nothing, and then bringing up her family in the documentary and having to wait in the Wimbledon queue for 2 hours? Oh noes! And writing an apology letter to Andy Murray because she could not attend his match in 2013 (wonder if she mentions that it’s because she was pregnant with future king Georrrge) ? Did he really care? Maybe he’s her Davy Jones and she’s the president of his fan club. Or is Ben Ainslie her Davy Jones?

    Another great post Lola! Take care!

    1. Yes, she says she couldn’t go because she was pregnant and her doctor told her not to. Eyeroll. How sad.

  11. Well, I don’t smoke, but I may just pop over and stick some bubble gum on that stupid plaque.

    It’s time for Waity, Trump and Kim Jung Un to retire to some faraway island.

    1. Spot on!!! And please let the island be far far away from cameras or microphones, and once they’re all there on that poor innocent island let transportation to the land of the intelligent and caring be shut down permanently. Please chew the gum to the nth degree and spit it out onto that stupid senseless plaque. And **no** retirement package, I say banish them.

  12. I like the way she can write a note to AM by her own fair hands but not to her various patronages. As usual a spot on post. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that see through Downtown Abbey cast off… channelling her inner Diana yet again

    1. Could she **be** any more full of herself. I didn’t see Andy’s match either, do I need to write a note of apology? Who the %#_Q@ gives a rat’s patooki about the )*@+ Buckleberry Hillbillies. She’s a total and absolute dip.

  13. So great to have you back dear Lola heart ..
    Such a brilliant articulate piece of writing just brilliant …
    this girl child is definitely all about herself she will never show empathy to what is happening in the world … there she was wanting main stage on balcony in bubblegum pink outfit laughing whilst the rest of us felt so upset and sombre at the atrocities that had happened in London ..She is a disgrace to our people of Britain…

  14. Agree Halia. If Liz and Charles want their spawn to rule over us, the least they could do is slap them into shape rather than inflict their plonkers on the world. Maybe the family will just implode.

  15. Welcome back!! You gave me a really good laugh with the Peeps comparison. As sweet and sugary as they are, Peeps are more pleasant than my original thought which was she looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

  16. Yay Lola is back!

    I have no words for the empty nothing of boredom that is our D.O.C, other than she’s gotten the message and is running with it. Sort of. If ever anyone needed a scandal to make them interesting it’s Waity and Wills. I’m fed up with her behaving herself, the UK needs a good bit of gossip to cheer itself up and Kate has form from past endeavours. C’mon Kate – you’re as interesting as paint drying, do something silly then we can all get on with summer!

  17. Daily Mail had a who wears it best, pitting Katie against Queen Letizia of Spain. No contest who the public thought the winner was, but the Daily Mail’s so-called writer called Kate the winner! One of her “winning” looks was a white skirt. It was see-through, and one can see her white underwear. The picture made me smile, though. How in the world does Kate get away with her see-through, flashing, grossly over-paid junk?

    Plus I missed your blog every day. I hope all is well.

  18. I seriously think the Queen has got it wrong not setting higher standards for William and Kate. Whatever W might dare to leak to the press, that he holds over Charles and HM’s heads, so he can do whatever he wants…can’t be worth the bloody awful behaviour on W and K’s part.

    1. Totally agree Regalcheck. Unfortunately it seems that QEII’s only concern is that the monarchy continues, but letting William do what he wants has only weakened it in my eyes.

      1. Yes, the queen bee’s only as in only concern is to keep the monarchy. I recently read where one of the very very few times that queenie showed any emotion was when the ‘royal’ yacht was decommissioned. Aw, poor Lilbet 🙁 I mean absolutely no offense to the British posters here, but that woman can be downright petty, and I’ve also read that she cut Diana out of the prayer at Church. So, yes taking the easy route and giving in to William has been a huge mistake, but if what I read is true the queen has a tendency to ignore problems until she is forced to deal with them. Too late I think. And yes, she’s 91 years old, but she wasn’t always old.

        1. As a matter of course, the church service has blessings for the Monarch which is expanded according to monarch’s desire to include various other *royal* members.

          It’s a practise that’s been going on since ye old times.

          When Diana divorced Charles, the likelihood of being included in that prayer went to zero because she ceased to be royal.


          From HM’s perspective, only members of the royal family and or important friends like Churchill can be extended a mention in the prayer. Diana wasn’t a member therefore wasn’t mentioned.

          Was it right? The public didn’t think so, but from a protocol point of view HM didn’t do anything wrong.

          Same argument for the flag.

          1. Was it right? She claimed her only interest on the day Diana died was for the boys. Yet she refused a prayer for their beloved Mother. Forget protocol , to my mind that is inhuman. That is the problem with the Queen, she doesn’t and has never seemed to be able to move the monarchy forward. All institutions must change and adapt. The 21 st century demands of a HOS are different from the 20 th century demands.

            1. Birdy, it suggests inflexibility in only following a prescribed (and outdated) path of her parents and grandparents ie if a fuss isn’t made, things will get back to normal soon enough. I agree that 21st century demands on HoS are different; for starters, those demands do not necessarily mandate an hereditary HoS.

            2. Birdy: that line about her shielding the boys is a PR line. Crafted years after the fact. It never ceases to amaze me how effective establishment PR can be.

              And that particular line is so effective because it sounds so plausible and whoever came up with it deserves a knighthood because it has managed to throw a veil over lots of details that showed just how much she didn’t care for Diana eg

              It wasn’t just the prayer, it was the utter refusal to raise the flag at half mast, to send out any kind of statement acknowledging publicly acknowledging Diana’s death. It was absolute silence and normal routines.

              Once the media storm started, the Palace sent out a couple of statements. First one emphasised the fact that Diana was not a member of the royal family and therefore didn’t deserve any of this protocol, and the second statement said she was a private citizen who would be buried privately.

              That got everyone really riled up. And the continued absence of any personal statements from the family subsequently led to those media headlines ‘where is the Queen?’ And ‘show us you care’.


              And that’s when she finally capitulated and said Diana could have a public funeral, the boys were wheeled out to do a walkabout as well as walking behind the funeral AND gave that tv message said things about Diana which everyone knew were ashes in her mouth.

              To hear that statement about how she was shielding the boys seems so hypocritical to me considering how she misjudged the mood due to a combination of personal animus towards Diana and being a slave to out of touch protocol which led to the same beloved grandsons being sacrificed to save the monarchy.

              It seems so reasonable too. As if she had been wronged instead of accepting responsibility for being wrong.

          2. Thanks for clearing that up Hera, but I am appalled and disgusted at queenie’s pettiness. I am not angry at all at **you**, I love your comments and learn so much, but this is not even a little bit Christian in my opinion. Petty petty petty and in the house of the Lord downright arrogant!!! Is the queen a robotic follow protocol machine, or is she a human being who cares? It seems to me that (out of respect for **you** I will just this once refer to her as ) HM cloaks herself/hides behind protocol. A downright comfort zone, and to me this is just like waity katie and her security blanket of hair. Good God to exclude someone from prayers because they aren’t ‘worthy’? Sputtering outrage on my part. I am getting too much into my own beliefs so will leave it at that 🙂

            1. I guess I am an unfeeling cow, because I do not think that HM was *that* horrible in regards to Diana being left out of prayers, and the flag at half-mast issues.

              At the time of her death, Diana was no longer a member of the BRF, so not included in the regular prayers for the BRF. There was a report that Harry was wondering if his mother had really died since she was not included in the prayers, but wouldn’t she have been removed from he prayers for the BRF once the divorce happened? Had Harry not been to church since then? I am not familiar with CoE services, so do not know if it is the norm to have a special prayer for a public figure who has died; if so HM may have presumed that Diana would be included. If not, should she have asked the celebrant to include her as a special intention? Probably, but I am not going to fault her for not doing so. Maybe she thought a special mention would further upset the boys. Who knows?

              As for the flag, my (American) understanding is that the monarch’s standard only flies at BP when the monarch is in residence. If she was at Balmoral, I frankly do not see why she should be faulted for not disregarding protocol. Maybe she took too long for some people’s tastes to give in by flying the Union Jack at half-mast, but again, royalty is all about protocol, tradition, & history (without it they are just a family of rich celebrities, IMO), and I can imagine that HM did not want to disregard that in the memory of someone who surreptitiously gave information to authors (& then lied about it), and gave TV interviews in order to make the BRF look as bad as possible. Have to admit, I was disappointed that Liz gave in, but understand that she did what she felt she had to do.

              TBH, I am coming into all of this after the fact. My BFF died at age 23 on 8/29/97, also in a car accident, while driving home after completing her first week of classes for a post-graduate degree. I heard about Diana’s death of course and was sad for her family, but was not glued to TV & newspaper reports. I do remember being surprised, and frankly confused, about the outpouring of grief from complete strangers, and all of the flowers in front of KP. All I could think about is how awful they would smell once they started to decay. It was all so OTT to me, but like I said, perhaps I am just an unfeeling cow.

              All I can do is hope that W+H were comforted and made to feel as secure & loved as possible. I think the BRF was in a no-win situation. To some people, if the boys did not participate in the walk-abouts they were being hidden by the BRF, and walking behind their mother’s casket was too much to ask such young boys. But to others, by doing these things, the BRF was using them for goodwill. It’s probably a little of both, and I sincerely hope W+H were able to make their own decisions to the best of their abilities, given their emotional state and ages. But 20 years later I do feel they are using their mother’s memory for their own pr purposes, and it’s not coming across as wholly sincere to me. Not that they did not love her with all of their hearts, just the whole re-hashing of it.

              1. Ginger Mini, I don’t think of **you** as an ‘unfeeling cow’, you said yourself you came in late, and at the time of Diana’s death had a whole lot of pain yourself. I assume as well that you were young. I, however watched the entire drama/horror unfold and was glued to the news when I could be, and I was a mother. Different perspectives. This site has changed and even solidified my view of the ‘firm’s’ pettiness and downright ‘unfeeling’ at the time. Herazeus even
                gave **me** a reality check. I bought into the pr puke about queenie’s concern for the boys. Not anymore. No way. Pr puke to the nth degree.
                Human beings support
                that’firm/business/entitled bunch of greedy guts’. Human beings. And queenie is right at the top of the pile. While I don’t see **you** as an unfeeling cow, I can’t say the same for a whole entire herd of them milking the public. End of.

              2. Ginger: it wasn’t the protocol that was the problem.

                Frankly, if the Queen had put out a statement along the lines of ‘ diana has died, please give us space to process it’ the situation would not have deteriorated to extent that it did.

                The prayers are public knowledge and the Queen is a regular churchgoer. Every sunday. The boys went to church with her as per normal. AFTER hearing that their mother was dead. A simple line in the prayers that morning might have helped. Instead the event was ignored, leaving a confused 12yr old to ask if his mother was really dead.

                Followed up by utter silence from the royal family. No public acknowledgement that Diana had died at all. Nothing. Nada.

                Think about how the Queen sends out condolensces to cities and strangers who’ve experienced hardships or natural disasters or terror attacks.

                Yet here she refused to acknowledge the dead mother of her ‘beloved’ grandsons. And none of tge royals broke rank to acknowledge it.

                It was left to Tony Blair to fill the vacuum and boy did he fill it! He gave an anguished, emotive press statement on TV all about the ‘people’s princess’ and that set riled up even more because in theory this man who didn’t know her (he’d been voted in 3months before she died) was saying something emotive and beautiful about her, meanwhile dead silence from her family.

                On top of which it was known that her body was lying in London with only her staff eg Paul Burrell to look after it and keep vigil whilst the royals locked themselves away in Scotland.

                The juxtaposition of the dead Diana alone in London for that entire week, silent Palace and royals in Scotland was very bad optics all round.

                The media was able to start demanding tjings like the flag etc even though that was against protocol as a sign that the royals cared about Diana. The Flag became a thing because it was another visible sign how much the royals disliked Diana.

                The crowds became mob-like in their grief. The risible statements about protocol etc were like oil on a fire.

                Extreme measures had to be made to prevent a prevent a Rexit because the crowds were that angered by that unfeeling silence and protocol.

                That is why the boys were wheeled out. To prevent the rexit. As soon as the boys made a public appearance, the crowds calmed down, but not enough. The walk behind the coffin is what truly damped down the angry crowds.

                So in a way Harry is right in being angry at being made to walk behind his mother’s coffin because the Queen and the family so mishandled the situation that they created or allowed a situatiin where the only preventable measure against Rexit was the boys walking behind the coffin.

                Now of course that walk had more shenanigans behind the scenes because Charles Spencer wanted to do it alone and or with the boys to show how much *he* cared unlike the unfeeling royals, but Prince Charles wouldn’t let him take advantage of the boys that way. The boys were asked if they wanted to do it. Lots of wavering until Philip said he would do it as a support for them and Prince Charles wouldn’t let them do it without him.

                Charles Spencer got his ‘ i loved my sister best, unlike the unfeeling royals’ public revenge move via the speech he gave at westminster.

                It all sounds unnecessary and overreaction in hindsight, but at the time, London was an ugly, angry place and all because the Queen isn’t really a leader and tends to mishandle things.

                The only good thing to come out of it for her, is that she never took public mood for granted again. She started to do more walkabouts, talks to people, smiles. Sends out messages of condolensces. Heck, her visit to Grenfell tower or Ariane Concert survivors would not have happened if she had not been nearly Rexit-ed by her bad response to Diana’s death.

                The TV message she gave at the eve of Diana’s funeral was completely forced on her. She says all the right words, and seen out of context reads very well, but at the time we all knew it was ashes in her mouth and she was only doing it to appease the public.

                1. RAAG & Herazeus – Thank you both for your perspectives. I was in mourning for my friend at that time so did not pay a lot of attention to the situation across the pond. I can see how a statement from BP right after Diana’s death could have soothed the public & possibly prevented the anger directed at the BRF. But, I can also see HM feeling that such a statement was unnecessary for any number of reasons. After reading your posts I don’t necessarily agree with that feeling (any longer), but I can understand. She was most likely advised to release a statement, but I can imagine her mother & husband convincing her that it was not necessary, and she (foolishly) complying. Clearly, the BRF did not have a realistic understanding of the mood of the public at that time, and that they needed their monarch to offer – for lack of a better term – some words of comfort. Funny that in death Diana almost accomplished what she seemed to want to do in life – destroy the BRF.

                  As to Diana’s staff having to keep vigil over her body, my question is – where was her own family? Her body could have been transferred to Althorp then returned to London for the funeral. I’m sure security was high at KP (?) as it was, so why not have the security moved temporarily to her family ancestral home?

                  Use, or the desire to use, those boys as pawns by either side is deplorable.

                2. Once again I learned a lot of new things from your post, and I hope I don’t offend you by saying that it amuses me to think of the queen choking on the tv message, my opinion of this outfit of leeches is getting lower and lower. Ashes in her mouth indeed. I wonder at times if the mood of the public was in reaction to Diana’s being so young when she wed, the certainty that Charles had a side dish from day 1, and then the big old ‘cannon of a firm’ taking shots at (what they may have perceived) a defenseless Diana. She wasn’t canonized until after she died, not saying that what she did was right or wrong really, she just used the ‘weapons’ she had to express her pain. Her youth, beauty, and charisma were a perfect smoke screen for what she was really doing in terms of ‘pursuing other interests to put it politely’. If these two nimrod princes don’t knock off the pity party and attempt to all but resurrect Diana, they may be blindsided by things they don’t want to be made public, even though they were at the time, and this plan might backfire. That said, Diana deserved so much better than what happened at her death, and now I find she was again alone. My faith tells me that her body was an empty shell with the spirit long gone, but that’s me and it’s still horrible, and a disgraceful way to treat the mother of your grandsons.
                  Billy Middleton might want to think about the ramifications of throwing the public and media a bit of chum, the sharks want a meal and they tend to do whatever it takes to get it. He’s not a poor little teen deprived of his mother anymore, and if he wants to keep her memory alive he might think about Pandora’s box regarding the next generation. Sorry for rambling on:(

  19. Its so vulgar and ghastly how the middletrash are constantly wanting press coverage and wanting to be spotted in designer outfits to get constant photo opportunities. . They are obsessed by themselves, today again pipster in Cork in designer gear staring at cameras wanting constant attention and now she has taken on ladies in waiting to carry het laundry walk dog etc., plus when she goes to toilet everyone is banned until she comes out. .well this is definitely disgraceful for a nobody to expect public to bend down to the likes of her ..
    she is unemployed and is married you know to him who is wealthy just in case noone has noticed how she is being so vulgar going around telling everyone … and wanting total press coverage on her at all times.. she is not a royal but wants everyone to think she is and her minder will stop anyone asking her a question .. ugh .. so ghastly. ..

  20. Why in the world is W.K. & kiddies going to Poland & Germany? I hope don’t take G & C to a concentration camp!

    1. Yes isnt it ridiculous Halia taking small children there again to get Waity out of speaking as she can only talk babyish speak she is disgraceful …..

      1. Bringing the kids with them means more good attention & publicity, and more yummy mummy stories. They get to pretend they are hands-on parents and the perfect little family, so when big bad QEII actually makes them work, everyone can protest that they have small children to raise, and should be able to spend time with them while they are young. Never mind that parents worldwide work while their children are young (and not just an hour a day here & there) just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, without the benefit of nannies and other staff. That’s the real world normal life that these idiots think they want to lead. Not to mention they are perfectly fine going on holiday without G+C.

    2. Well, Halia, desperate times call for desperate measures, and since wasty and wimpo aren’t the objects of press adulation and coverage time to bring out the big guns: aka as George and Charlotte. I don’t get the trip either.

  21. She needs someone – an advisor, handler – with enough balls to say, “Are you on crack??? You’re not appearing in that candy crush getup in public two minutes after a terrorist attack.”

  22. She’s tone deaf to the national mood, it’s all about her and grabbing most attention! It’s revolting. Me thinks the threat of Meghan had made Kate up her game but shame she couldn’t do it for the British public sooner, seeings we pay ridiculous sums for her polka dot, look-at-me creations!! She really disgusts me.

  23. Regalcheck I agree our fair does not like competition! Could you imagine M.M would leave her in the dust!
    Wildknitter K.M. would fire anyone who spoke to her that way!

  24. Honestly I think KM would welcome any excuse for attention to be taken off of her lack of work, even if it meant more attention to MM or whomever Harry eventually marries. However, if anyone dares to compare Harry’s wife’s legs, hair, or fashion sense more favorably to KM’s, CarolE will console her with kale leaves and water, and remind her that she will be queen, not the loser married to #5 in line.

  25. Useless, simply useless. I read that one of her ‘fav’ designers lost a whole bunch of money. So much for the “Kate Effect. ” I didn’t really want to post again but had to to activate comments via email and new post same route.

  26. Ugh .. pipster and brother in Royal Box Wimbledon … she just loves all attention on herself arriving like her sister wears .. lacy dress and of course see through so she gets more attention ..
    and she goes with her brother why … doesnt he take girlfriend Donna Air .. well she would upstage them in evefy way because she is attractive and really dresses conservatively. .. Its always pipster and brother getting another freebie at tennis .. what has she achieved work wise absolutely zilch .. she goes from one wedding to another with terribly rich James as she wants everyone to know … she just loves to shove it in everyones faces

  27. I don’t know if I can post it here, I have a screen shot. Someone commented on the Pippa and James attending Wimbledon story, on MailOnline. I suspect they are paid PR owing to the comments they make. They said the exact thing I’ve been suspecting…that the Middletons should be conferred titles and become, effectively working royals, as the slimmed down monarchy won’t include the Yorks or the Wessexes. I think this is William’s plan and we first saw the alternative Middleton court displayed at Christmas. Pippa’s wedding and honeymoon were publicised as if they were almost a Royal event and Royal tour. William is a sneaky one…and Carole must be in utter ecstasy!

    1. Wow Regalcheck! I can definitely believe dumbass William would be manipulated by those social climbers into thinking that would be a good idea (I think he wanted Waity to be made a princess in her own right when they got married, & thankfully QEII said no). If it happens it would be utterly disgraceful. ‘Being royal’ will have even less meaning than it does these days, & QEQM rolling in her grave will cause earthquakes all over the UK! Hopefully we have 20-25 more years before William the Petulant’s reign, and plenty can happen between now & then – divorce & dissolution of the monarchy to name a couple.

    2. I saw that comment too, but thought it was a deliberately sarcastic jibe. Unfortunately, William is so dumb he’d probably do it, although by that stage, all the people he hates will be dead, so his pleasure in pissing them off will be gone. With the Queen’s passing things will change. People have afforded her a passive loyalty because she’s old, looks harmless and has been on the throne for so long. Charles won’t get any of that. And I doubt people will be interested in propping up the Cambridge’s when they are irrelevant to UK life. Best to dissolve the monarchy and let them live off their own funds with all the privacy they want.

    3. I’ve heard this rumor more than once lately. Does anyone have a link? To give titles to the Buckleberry Hillbillies is beyond my comprehension, why would that even be on the table. And I have yet to see the pictures of the ‘fam’ at Wimbledon parked in the ‘royal’ box, not from this year. Can somebody help me out here, my blood pressure can handle it since we have our air conditioning back and I can take a walk outside w/o fearing heat stroke since I’ll come back to a cool house.

      1. @royalsareajoke

        Here are the articles from DM:

        Here’s an “interesting” comment from the first link:

        “Alonzo Quijana, Miami Beach, United States,

        The Middleton’s have been so beneficial for the Windsors. New blood. Fresh thinking. Better connections with the common folk. And good to see Pippa helping out with the family business, albeit she gets no royal benefits / perks. She does far more than the rather work-shy York girls.”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        Off topic, instead of promoting the Middletons, I wish the DM would run more stories like this one:

        1. Thank you!!! All I can say is blech!!! Sugary and syrupy, and downright sickening. Do the Middleton’s **own** the DM? The gushing is over the top, and some of the comments about how awesome and great, what an honor to have Kate’s sister around, the heat might be responsible for turning some people’s brains into nauseating overdrive but it’s utterly ridiculous.
          Absolutely, can’t the DM focus on something of substance? That matters? The ‘royal’ box has been contaminated and slimed beyond any hope of having it be a ‘privilege, an honor, a big deal, ‘ seems that it’s just a parking place for anyone. I don’t take offense at that, since I consider ‘royalty’ to be silly in general, but boy are they making it clear that Pippa and Marshmallow boy are very very important people. Author? **snicker** The other ‘James’ in her life? Ewwww I didn’t bother to read much of the articles but seems that James Middleton Matthews is occupied elsewhere? Really. And the stream of pictures of Pippa and James whispering to each other and playing to the cameras? Blech, again I say Blech!!!
          Thanks again for the links 🙂

    4. I tend to view those comments as jokes or sarcasm. Ditto the ones thst frequently reference ‘Princess Pippa, best royal in the BRF’.

      …..but on a serious note, if William has this intention or even thinks it’s possible then he is dumber than a rock. Actually that would be insulting to rocks, but hey, he is a satient being so that ups him a tiny bit.

      To be clear, I hope someone explained to him how titles work when he discovered that he couldn’t make Kate a princess in her own right.

      I hope someone told him that he can’t make regular people royal no matter how much he loves them without marrying them first as he did Kate AND parliament consenting.

      Ditto for any titles he wishes to give anybody. Parliament has to sign off on such a move. And we’ve dropped hereditary titles so any titles he might wish to be granted to the Middletons would only be life peerages that would revert to the crown on Mike’s death. He would have to give a title separately to each and every member of the Middletons.

      Pippa is better butterring up her FIL and husband so they never think to sell Glen Affric in her lifetime so she can swan around calling herself Lady Glen Affric whilst we all laugh at the bought title.

  28. Another new and overpriced dress…does Kate need an expensive and often ill-fitting dress to keep track of the number of fluffy ‘engagements’ she does?

    Disturbing comment on the possibility of PW making the Middletons ‘royals’ and pimping them out for ‘engagements’.
    I certainly hope it’s a baseless rumor.
    PW should never be allowed to rule and become King.

  29. Very disturbing…doesn’t make sense to me William would allow Pippa and James to bring the sort of bad publicity they’re bringing to the RF if he isn’t sanctioning it somehow.

    1. Totally disturbing and bizarre, Billy Middleton is seriously underestimating the mood of the country, what is the point of a ‘royal family’? William has to be behind this, and I wonder what old Chuck will think of this plan, if there is one. Guys, I believe that if anyone wanted to they could trace their ‘bloodline’ back to some ‘royal’ somewhere. What say we all howl for titles. I am American but I can put it in some bin somewhere and drag it out when the BB’s flaunt theirs. And you can bet that if this rumor is true, if it happens, they will!

    2. Aren’t the Middleton’s still paying the PR woman to pimp them, presumably to the DM and other birdcage liners? It was an open-ended contract beyond the wedding. I wonder if we are going to see the words Middleton and Wimbledon knitted together by the PR maven so that they become synonymous with each other. Day 3 and we’ve had all five of them there, like a tag team.

  30. My favourite comment re. Pippa at Wimbledon:
    “She seems to linger like a bad f a r t .”

  31. Maybe someone should be appointed to monitor Kate’s wardrobe choices for royal events. Making sure color, style, hem lengths, see through fabric, etc., Are appropriate for events. It is clear that Kate is out of touch. She does not seem to care about anything other than standing out from all other royals, which includes the Q. I was instantly stunned when I saw the photos. I couldn’t believe it. I noticed that her very huge smile was bigger than usual and figured credit was owed to the shocking pink dress, and the stand out attention it gave her. No one upstages the Queen! Everyone was dressed appropriately out of respect for the combination of the event and recent tragedies. Kate still didn’t get it. Her. Conviction of celebrity status is all she sees.

    1. Hear hear this stupid vapid girl child is all about her legs and looking at a darn camera lens on her … plus showing her nether regions to boot .. ugh ghastly indeed

  32. Willie has already started laying the ground work to royalize the midds. When he received his inheritance from his mother, Diana, he paid millions on the midds a more fitting house for a royal. People screeched with objection and the palace responded by saying, “This is a private matter.” Then started the hints in print that Willie is going to bestow royal titles on his Middleton family. Then we see them attending a royal event in a horse drawn carriage. What do you think would have happened if Charles and Diana behaved like this with the Spencer’s? The Q would not have even considered it. The Spencer’s didn’t go to church with them either.
    So……brace yourselves. Stupid Willie is on a roll to prove his love to the midds. and I think Kate is right up in the big middle of this. I am clueless to understand where the Q is coming from to sit back and let this half wit run amuck. I once read an article that the Q and Charles had resigned themselves from trying to deal with Willie. The reason was said to be because he was beyond stubborn. It stated that trying to reason with him was impossible, and further trying made him (Willie) worse. It was also stated that his stubbornness was so enormous that he was referred to as, “Pigheaded.” This statement, I thought, was transparent and revealing.

    1. This is my own personal take on the whole titles thing, the Midd’s must have a lot of schmuck on Chopper, I bet he barely tolerates them though. This is a charade for the media!

  33. Footnote to the above:
    Even if the monarchy doesn’t survive, and he never becomes king….he wants the middletons (all of them) to have royal titles, and live like royals. His gift to them, their royal home, was reported to have cost him almost half of the inheritance Diana left him. My question is how, how could these sleezy people have allowed and accepted this gift? I guess because they are sleezy, money mongoring, title grabbing beings with no principals or integrity. The Middleton family (Kate on the front line) has worked this half wit to the point of embarrassment.

    1. They are brazen and even pipsters wedding none of their family were invited to wedding reception only tbe church… so dreadful not even giving tbeir family a glass of champagne .. none of their other relatives were invited .. tbey really are dreadful treating their family like that … Dont know how they get away with their social climbing grabbing ways… and dropping their friends because they have moved up into higher circles this type of behaviour is truly gross ..

  34. Why wouldnt they accept it? They obviously needed a more private home when the grandchildren visited. Plus, I’m sure it’s in Willys name and the Middletons pay rent. And even if they don’t pay rent, once the Middletons retire to Mustique full time, Willy will quietly sell the house. It’s Wills money, he has so much, I don’t think buying a house is a big deal. It’s an investment, really.

  35. Oliver i respect your opinion! The concern i have is that the m family have indicated that they are very wealthy, if that is true why accept money from their sil? This home has to have full time security, so km & the kiddies can visit. The taxpayer is funding the police protection. Who is paying the housekeeper, chief, gardener & driver? it is the taxpayer that funding this family! Previously kate’s mom was begging rich friends free vacations for Billie & Kathy! There is a big problem & i feel very sorry the british taxpayers.

  36. There are many people who can say they are wealthy. But that doesn’t mean they are Royal wealthy. I’m assuming the Midds couldn’t afford what Big Willy could provide. I don’t think the Midds have security unless the Cambridges are there. Whatever domestic help the Midds need, they pay themselves. How often to the Cambridges go to mid manor? Because, with children, it’s easier when grandparents come to visit. They have their favorite toys, clothes, routines. Plus the nanny is at Norfolk.

  37. If any 1 is interested there 2 articles in the dm, concerning the wedding of the duchess sister pm using taxpayers funding? The other concern is Kate’s family using the royal box at wimbledon?
    No other married in family is causing so much concern.

  38. I am always delighted when I go to your site and find a new commentary! And ohmygosh, your Marcia, Marcia, Marcia comparison is hysterical and so perfect. Kate even uses the same expression that Marcia has in the photo with Davey Jones! As my favorite character Jan said, “every time she turns around some one gives her a blue ribbon.” I feel like I should’ve lost interest in Kate by now but, like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football, I keep on thinking that this time will be different!

  39. Lola always gives a superb write up on here its wonderful to read and we enjoy Dear Lola Hearts take on Waity ….
    cant believe what we have read in DM about PH and Mm she apparently has more or less moved into KP which we think is such a bad example as they are BRF whether they like it ornot
    with what is happening with the Mm family as well its really high time we disbanded them

    1. Halia, you wander what he has said when he was snockered, and I won’t even surmise about pillow talk!!!

  40. Ugh just seen pipster and mother at wimbledon arriving
    so vulgar both of them … ypu cannot take that out of them no matter how they think they are above everyone. … they certainly look rough even that the dress was 340 pounds doesnt matter how much clothes cost they will always be vulgar

  41. Looks like Carole has upgraded her engagement ring now…was wondering when she’d get round to that!

  42. The larger question is,” Is Mr. Mike wearing his?” Unless my eyes are deceiving me, I didn’t see anything on his left hand!! That relationship went south a few years back. Who knows may-be Ma Midds needled him back into the relationship!!

    1. It is not uncommon for men of the British aristocracy to not wear a wedding band, and since Ma & kids fancy themselves in that number, I can see CarolE telling Mike to stop wearing his (if he ever did). Still wearing the signet ring?

      CarolE definitely needs Mike as part of her one big happy family facade. After all, that is how she snagged Bill, and perhaps she felt him slipping from her web.

      Carole & Mike are also the names of Marcia Brady’s parents!

  43. State Banquet tonight.

    Dearest Catherine, did you forget to wear something?
    I’ve looked and your deep neckline is noted . Perhaps your doing a Lydia from the 1979 tv series Pride and Prejudice
    where she declares she does not need to “tuck any lace”
    on her low neckline.
    But the Real Question is …..did Our Queen forget to give
    you something?How could she!
    I have looked again at The Daily Express and there is definitely no Family Order to be seen on your shoulder
    Oh dear.
    Is it still “must try harder”?

    1. Thankfully!! I may sound mean, oh what am I saying I **am** being mean, but I hope that waity katie never gets that order, can you imagine the smug factor upped a gazillion percent in Middleton Manor. Blech!!!!
      Of course with BP becoming a party venue for celebs’ kids, and (minus the dwarves) Eug treating Harper Beckham to the sight and presence of a real live ‘princess’ in a real palace…..

  44. That dress…she had to try something to upstage the well dressed (apart from the lemon monstrosity) Letizia of Spain…and failed miserably!

  45. That sound you hear? Sugars’ heads exploding over no orders for their idol.
    Off to check out the dress…

  46. I thought she looked great, but the DM didn’t give us the usual number of paparazzi shots, so can’t be certain how much is photo-shopped!

    1. Msthang, I thought waity looked ridiculous, heavy makeup, all the bling with the necklace pointing in the direction of the way too low cut neckline, the mutton chop sleeves and the nervous look on her face, chewing her lips. I get others’ viewpoint that she wasn’t the only one not smiling and all, but in the car she was all smiles like the last time, and then the dramatic difference. She was outclassed, couldn’t play with her hair or hide behind it, no clutch and if she thought she looked regal or dignified IMO she has that same magic mirror telling her stories that she wants to hear. But, then again I’m no fashionista and would be embarrassed to be seen in such a ‘revealing’ get up.
      This is a dual purpose post, when the question of ‘what do the Buckleberry Hillbillies have on Billy Middleton’ I always think of Lola’s post: September 9, 2014. Always always comes to mind.

  47. A lot of people on DM seem to think it’s totally fine but personally, I think her neckline is too low, and makes her look trashy. There was no need for it, long bejewelled necklace or not. The rubies don’t even go with the dusky pink. And the whole dress is very Downton Abbey, does she realise no one else lives in her little world, real Royal women are aware it’s the 21st century and still appear so gorgeous and classy. Smh…

  48. Completely agree Regalcheck. There is no need to look like an extra from King Henry 8ths time. She needs to realise that her wardrobe choices and lack of work ethic might be preventing the Order…

    1. It was regarding a possible first pregnancy, if you look back at Lola’s blog to that date you’ll be able to find it. (I’d do a wink but don’t know how). Of course with Lola’s integrity she made it clear it was just a rumor, but I personally believe it happened. And it makes me sick. I think that this could really explain a whole lot about Kate and be the ‘hold’ she and her odious family have on him, but again that’s just my opinion. I would love to hear what you think.
      That First Kate Pregnancy Rumor Sept. 9, 2014

  49. Royalsareajoke, are you referring to the pregnancy before marriage that ended in an abortion in Switzerland?

  50. Phyllis, I personally think their was more than one. I also think ,as manipulative as she is would she have done it on purpose? We all know how desperate she was to just have him!

    1. According to the article I read, there were two known pregnancies before the marriage. Both were reported to end in abortions. The article also said both abortions were not performed early on, but delayed to the deadline.
      It also told of w refusing to marry her, both times.

    2. Msthang, there is zero, as in z e r o doubt in my mind that she absolutely got pregnant (if she did and I think she did) to force William’s hand. Ugly vile vicious evil thing to do, and she doesn’t have an iota of sense, imo, forcing someone into marriage doesn’t end well. Ever. And now I believe that there was probably more than one baby sacrificed on the ‘altar of ambition’. You and Phyllis are very probably right. Horrible woman who would stoop to anything to snag a prince, to wear a dead woman’s ring, to have a title, and wealth. I would like to dismiss this as rumors, but no way can I do that. No way.

        1. I agree completely Phyllis, there is something seriously missing in that woman/child. I won’t go into my personal thoughts on abortion, but I will say that she has to live with what she has done, why she did it, and what she has to show for it. I’m beyond even pretending that it’s just a ‘rumor’, after watching this vapid mindless self absorbed person for many years now, unless it offends Lola I am considering it a fact.

          1. It’s just a rumor. But what’s interesting to me is the circumstances under which it was told to me. An individual who was present is well known to royal watchers. Either that individual was so angry at Kate to spread a fact told in confidence or hated Kate so much at that point to fabricate such a story.

            1. Agree Lola, it is just a rumor and can’t be proven, however someone would have to have some serious issue with Kate to spread something like that. I tend to believe it, but yes for sure whomever spilled the beans had to have had an agenda. I can’t imagine that anyone, even in *this* day and age would make up that kind of story, that’s something I can’t fathom. And I also can’t believe that Kate isn’t fully aware of what has been said, and if it were me I would have an attack attorney in a heart beat, and God knows she has access to the best.
              On a happier note great to have you back and yesterday we welcomed a tiny Princess into our lives. She weighed in at 5# 13oz and from the tip of her precious head to her tiny toes she measures 18 and 1/4 inches. Black hair and blue eyes. She is loved beyond words, and her grandma wanted to share this joy with you and all my fellow posters. Natylee Sandra has made this troubled and turbulent world a much better place to be. 🙂

              1. Congrats Grandma!! Welcome to the world Natylee Sandra!!

                “Every child begins the world again” – HD Thoreau

  51. Ugh just heard waitys speech at History Museum … just cant bear listening to the dribble she talks about .. well she said she skuba dives, and in other talks she skis, she cooks , she cycles , sails, plays tennis three times a week has chickens grows potatoes grows other produce makes jam, she swims so many times a week also other times she said she knits, she loves nature , well tbis wonder woman has time to go to gym as well , what ever next will she state that she does .
    we feel she should be doing her Charities and engagements rather than bragging she does all of the above..
    this girl child is full of it …
    when is she ever going to learn how to dress appropriately and speak properly when on an engagement as the other night at the History Museum was dressed as if it was a school prom night well there is one thing she didn’t show her knickers that night so that is a one good note we can mention …. but the dress at The State Banquet was too low and was not appropriate for the importance of the night..

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