Still No Order in Kate’s Court

On Wednesday, the British Royal Family hosted a state banquet in honor of Spain’s visiting royals, King Felipe and Queen Letizia.


Queen Letizia, in a red evening gown and Fleur de Lys tiara, full of elegance, poise and confidence, walked into the ballroom like she owned the place.


Kate Middleton in a pale dusty pink Marchesa and the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, walked into the ballroom like she got separated from her Jane Austen Cosplay group and desperately needed to use the loo.


Victoria Murphy’s article for the Mirror has lots of great photos.

Kate remains orderless more than six years into the whole duchessing thing.  The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II is an honor given to female working members of the family at Her Majesty’s discretion and Kate is the only working female royal without one.  Katharine, Duchess of Kent received hers during her first year of marriage.  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester received theirs during their second year of marriage.  And Sophie, Countess of Wessex received hers in her fifth year of marriage.  Considering how few engagements Kate does, perhaps the Queen isn’t aware that Kate is considered a working royal.


For her sixth tiara outing, Kate went with the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara which infamously gave Princess Diana headaches, pairing it with Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings.  Kate also wore a statement necklace on loan from the Queen which hasn’t been seen in quite some time, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bandeau Necklace.


Unlike many of Marchesa’s celebrity fashion victims, Kate chose to wear the brand on purpose.  The lace dress was a little bit bridal and a little bit OMG-what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-Kate.  I’m a little bit biased though because I don’t like Marchesa on anyone ever plus we’ve already seen so much lace on Kate, it’s clearly a cry for help, someone please get The Little Duchess Who Couldn’t  into fashion rehab.


Kate’s matronly updo appears to be the work of Amanda Cook Tucker and Kate’s makeup looks like it was done by Skeletor.


All artists paint themselves.

Kate was seated at the end, once again partially obscured by centerpieces.  And once again during the speeches, Kate appeared to be unfamiliar with the listening process, looking around to see what others were doing while the grown-ups talked.


The state banquet was a first for Prince Harry who escorted the Marchioness of Cholmondeley into the ballroom and sat next to her for the evening.


While there was no order in Kate’s court for the Spain state banquet, the courts of Wimbledon have been infested with Middletons.  With Kate now Wimbledon’s royal patron, Carole, Pippa and James have appeared a little extra smug with their royal boxiness.  While royal box seats are by invitation of the Chairman of the All England Club, clearly the Middletons are benefiting from their in-laws status. The Queen has done nothing, however, suggesting she is perfectly fine with the Middletons being the face of the modern monarchy.  Do you remember Princess Diana’s sisters?  Me neither.  But then again, they didn’t hire Posh Spice’s PR rep to keep them in the news.




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  1. Why is she so gloomy looking? Smile gurl, just because you were sitting behind a pineapple it doesen’t mean you are out of the limelight

    1. Lola, Your description of Kate, orderless, describes the Duchess succinctly – she has no order in her life. Forget about sashes, and think about the woman. Her only order that she has chosen is that of wife of future king and mother of a future king. She has not obtained anything other than a useless degree and a sulky husband in her life. She has no order in her days, no contributions, no nothing. The orders, dashes, whatever, at least some of them, showcase that the person wearing it (them) has a purpose in life, to contribute to society, in ways large and small.

    2. Her makeup kills me, looks like a Drag Queen did it. No offense to those Queens. I love their work, but it reminds me of Cynthia Lee Fontaine when she wore that Madonna/bullfighter outfit this season on Rupaul.

    3. She isn’t looking dazzling; she’s looking daggers at someone in the photo Palmer referenced.

    4. Even Qn Leticia couldnt be bothered with the waste of space. Love the leaves covering in front the tiara in some photo.

  2. An odd choice for a dress, and she looks very ill-at-ease. It’s a stark contrast to the Queen of Spain, who looks stunning. Is it me, or is Katherine starting to look pinched in her features, now that she’s older?

  3. Richard Palmer (5th pic down) needs to revise his caption or find a dictionary. Resting Bitch Face does not equate to ‘radiant’. She looks bored out of her tiny brain.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better. On you tube it was all about Kate. I commented that I thought this was a state banquet for the king and Queen of Spain. Not a tribute to duchess do nothing. The Queen- i have lost all respect for

    1. I can’t understand why so many people are crazy about her, and why most articles just have to make it all.about.Kate. She’s lazy, insincere, put her life on hold for 10 years for a man who dumped her (I don’t care if he is a presumed future king), has no style despite wearing ridiculously expensive & badly tailored clothing, her “great” hair is extensions & wiglets, and she has probably had more botox injections at 35 than my 70 year old mother. Yet the blogs and articles that come across my SM feeds are all about how Letizia will have to step up her game to equal Kate, or how Princess (yuck!) Kate dazzled, stunned, and stole the show. I realize her mother-in-law made a shit ton of $$ for American media, but Kate, like fetch, ain’t happening.

      1. The sources salivating at Kate are in the pockets of palace PR. Poor old Letizia! Not only does she have to step up her game to reach Kate’s magnificent standards (in ya dreams, Kate!) but she has also fallen under the magic spell of the ginger whinger today (in ya dreams, Harry!).

        For the life of me, I also cannot comprehend why people tolerate the lazy, cold, insincere utterly useless Kate Middleton. I can only assume it’s social conditioning to slobber over anything associated with the word princess. People are dumb.

      2. Bawahahahahaha!!! Letiza will have to step up her game to equal Kate…hahahahaha!!! Omg, I can’t stop laughing! Thanks so much Gingermini, I needed that 🙂

  5. “OMG-what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-Kate” – that was exactly what I thought 🙂 she is is taking her love of Downton Abbey to a whole new level
    I can’t believe that Queen is letting them get away with all of that, either. It’s like she thinks it’s Charles’ fault because he let William do whatever he wanted after Diana died, so let Charles deal with it after she dies

    1. This is exactly what I think. QEII has washed her hands of what happens after she is gone, which is a pity. Bill may be able to play the ‘Mummy died!’ card with his dad until the end of time, but it’s already worn thin with a lot of the public.

    1. The entire evening seemed “off” to me. I cannot point at any one “big” thing, but several niggling ones, like: where were the full photos of Kate, William, Harry, and the rest? Why did Harry look so startled in the photos, and why was Kate chewing her lips and looking distressed? Her dress was very pretty, the neckline was fine, but the color was that of dying, faded roses; her hair was frumpy, the tiara not sparkling, the earrings were okay, but the necklace was too overwhelming for the bodice. The Queen looked ill. Is something wrong other than Stella McCartney going after the Beckhams for showing her daughter at Buckingham Palace re Andrew? Or what?

      1. I noticed that the queen looked more tired and hunched over than usual. I hope it’s just that she’s had a couple of busier than normal days, and that all is well.

  6. Great write up from Dear Lola so great reading…
    Waity frumpy Cambridge looks totally out of her depth in any BRF event thats why she is end of table as she cannot speak properly or have any educated thoughts on any subject.. in the worldly events she is an embarrassment … wearing a plunging neckline is out of order but she will always be vulgar ..

  7. My first impression of her dress was Little Bo-Peep , but Jane Austen cosplay is brilliant! She’s looking harsh – in Emily Nash’s picture she looks more 55 than 35, and the centerpiece that she’s sitting behind looks like a filter from snap chat or instagram or whatever it is the kids are using these days. The neckline is not appropriate for a state dinner; I don’t care how much that necklace deserves to be shown off. I am sure QEII managed to wear it with style & class.

    1. Letizia is about a decade older, but you would think she is the younger one compared to Kate. While she has been accused of using Botox as well, she is way more put together and has a fresher style than Duchess Dumpy.

  8. My first impression of the top half of the pink dress was that it had a quasi-nightgown trousseau c.1960’s feel about it. It was all kinds of wrong. I could excuse any outfit it the conversation was witty, there was genuine interest in her dinner companions, but the expressions on madam’s hard face betrayed her boredom and irritation about not being the fairest in all the land.

  9. Waitys face on front page of DM she looks awful so sulky … and could of least be seen smiling not laughing she looks awful but she always does lately as too much botox fillers we think ..always will be awful…

  10. Loved the jewelry, but Kate missed the mark with the inappropriate neckline. Classy event, she should have known better. One can always count on Kate exposing something.

    1. Phyllis, Hey what sort of a gown would you have put that necklace with? I think if she had a little more meat on her, that would be a definite starting point!

      1. Msthang, the necklace most certainly should have the attention. The neckline Kate chose was a celebrity choice, not for a State Event in Buckingham palace. The dress neckline design would have been good with the necklace, if it had been designed to end about 2 inches below the necklace. I thought showing her breasts, the lace and the necklace together was too much going on at once for the occasion. The necklace size, shape and elegance should be the focus. In my humble opinion.

  11. To be fair to Sophie, she was working part time as a royal for her first 2yrs whilst keeping up her business full time. Then she had 3 very difficult pregnancies one of which nearly killed her and only 2 resulted in a live birth. And of the live births, she was nearly at death’s door for one of them and remained out of sight until she was fully recovered.

    Once she went full time royal, she received that order in no time.

    Yet, even with evidence of her other interests and poor health, she managed to carry out more engagements than Kate lazier-than-a-sloth Middleton.

    1. Meanwhile, Harry, Andrew and Anne received the Spanish order of Isabel the Catholic for taking part in the Spanish visit and meanwhile the heir to the heir and his wife are still without any orders except those given to heir for being the heir rather than any service to the crown. Any crown.

      1. If William is given an order for simply existing, why would he want to work for them? Wasn’t Charles given an order as a child? What was he doing to deserve anything? While steeped in some longevity these orders are at essence man-made, self-congratulatory trinkets to further the mystique and alleged superiority of a small group of people driven by hubris. By comparison, on a daily basis, people all over the world perform real and tangible service to their fellow man; no bling on offer.

    2. Sophie had 3 very difficult pregnancies, yet we still heard way less about that than the Duchess of Cambridge’s quote-unquote “HG”.

    3. Yes, those two years – when she was carrying Louise, nearly died, and the following year? iirc still running her business and still did more engagements those years than KM has ever done.

  12. That’s not Jane Austen cosplay, that’s full-scale Claire Randall/Outlander cosplay. Like I said over at KMR, *someone* at Marchesa is a little obsessed with the show, but considering who that *someone* is married to, I can see how big, burly Gary-Stu Scotsmen would provide an adequate fantasy outlet.

    I understand the pain of Resting Bitch Face, but if I can keep my face in check for my pittance of a salary so I don’t accidentally offend a customer or coworker than surely Kate can keep her expressions in check for a three hour state dinner. Or maybe I should marry into royalty so I’m no longer obligated to school my features.

    1. Lol at Claire Randall/ Outlander cosplay.

      I’ve recently discovered the show and now i can’t unsee the comparison.

      1. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you think of it? And have you checked out the books?

        1. Quinn: I haven’t read the books because historical romance isn’t my thing, BUT i think the show was perfectly cast and perfectly judged for it’s target audience.

          I love the production design and the Scottish highlands. And all those gorgeous horses. This was the reason i found out about the show. One of my production design friends raves about it and after much proding i finally watched the show.

          Having not read the books, i have no way to judge how faithful the tv show is nor do i want to know because i dislike book-to-film adaptations that follow books too closely. It ruins both for me.

          For similar reasons i tend to get irritated by book fans’ insistance that film or TV should follow book closely.

          Eg Breakfast at Tiffany’s would be an entirely different film if it had followed the book closely!!

          Ditto an entire range of films based on books.

          1. Over twenty years ago my book club, still going strong today, read “Outlander.” I found it strange that my serious club members had voted for a book only found in the Romance section in a bookstore. Then I opened the book, and though not Shakespeare (what is?) it was not a bodice ripper. From the first pages, I became hooked; I laughed and cried in every chapter. I took my family to Scotland to find “Jamie” and I have never stopped looking for him on subsequent Scottish visits. My husband, who never reads fiction, became hooked on the book series, like me, and now the cable show. Love it!

  13. The sole purpose of a Royal wife is to provide a legitimate heir and a spare, preferably several. I think these two indulged, clueless brats have settled into the standard post-heir/spare routine and do the barest minimum “royal stuff” with arrogant, ill-concealed ennui. He brings wealth, status and undeserved privilege to her and her shallow, grasping family, and she brought a fertile womb. She looks so unhappy most of the time because she is – this isn’t turning out how she and Ma Middleton thought. And I will bet the farm that Prince Petulant is already seeking amusement “elsewhere”.

    If Kate wants some tips on duty, style, grace and noblesse oblige she need look no further than Queen Letitzia, another commoner who snagged a royal prince but who obviously understands what’s required of her. It would help enormously if she acquired even the vestiages of a sense of humour.

    1. It is 2017 not 1517. Can we please stop treating royal women like incubators? Thrones go sideways often, see Belgium and the British Royal Family (QEI being the sister of the queen, QEII being the niece of the king).

      1. Yes, the throne does sometimes pass sideways but only when there isn’t a direct heir. QEI only became queen because her (half) sister queen Mary died childless. George VI only became king because his brother Edward VIII abdicated and had no children anyway.

        I know it seems very medieval to modern feministas but providing heirs and protecting the dynasty IS a royal wife’s primary duty. Even now these women are given a thorough gynae check to make sure they are fertile and don’t have any obvious genetic disorders. They even used to undergo the humiliation of a virginity test to ensure the legitimate paternity of any “honeymoon” baby.

        1. “Used to” being important words here. It is 2017. Whatever the roles might have been in the past, it is long past time that woman-as-incubator be set aside royal or not. It is not a belief that is held by many who follow royals; I don’t see why it should be insisted upon here.

          A gynecological test doesn’t mean squat when it comes to fertility. Two people may seem perfectly healthy and still be unable to have children together – but are able to have children with a different partner. There is absolutely no way to “test ahead” to ensure that two people can reproduce.

          This is the role of members of the British Royal Family
          “Members of the Royal Family support The Queen in her many State and national duties, as well as carrying out important work in the areas of public and charitable service, and helping to strengthen national unity and stability.”

          No “Must breed if you marry in” clause.

          Are we to call Queen Fabiola a failure as queen because she didn’t have children? Belgian throne went from brother to brother to son. Nothing wrong with that.

        2. Statistically, in the history of British monarchy, the throne has gone sideways more often than to the direct heirs. Right from the beginning. To extent that in hindsight the line of succession looks more like a suggestion than ironclad because so few direct heirs ended up as the monarch.

  14. You know silly me but I thought she received some order of some kind from an island in the Caribbean !! It might also be her marriage is so far gone, their is nothing that will save it. She is a better actress than I ever could be, of course I think being married to Chopper is a special place in hell!

    1. The Order of Tuvalu, I believe. So entirely random that it almost seemed a joke at first. Wonder which events she can wear it to?

      Seeing as she can’t wear it to State events and all…

  15. Concerning kate’s stone look…so unusual. I had the feeling someone had spoken to her and told her not to be flashing her smile and squirming around. She was probably not happy because she had to be told how to behave. She seemed uncomfortable.

    1. Kate has a cold persona, and the stone look is caught every now and then when she thinks the camera is not on her; refer back to Lola’s post earlier this year when Kate thought she was out of shot after a kid hugged her… not so nice, not at all.

      1. Someone who spent time with William and Kate prior to marriage described Kate’s personality as a “negative void”. One time they were out and William was off to the side. Kate had a bunch of bags with her which she tossed on the ground and just sat there as all of William’s friends had to climb over all her stuff to say hello to him. If it weren’t for the negative aspects of Kate’s personality, she wouldn’t have one at all. This is the same guy who told me he never once saw William pay for anything and described him as “painfully arrogant”.

        1. Sounds reminescent of when Kate would get between William and any girl hanging around. She is one possessive, controlling child.

        2. A “negative void”. Yikes. Always trying to wall him off (literally with bags in this case) to keep people who cared about him from getting near him. That isn’t protective, it is possessive and obsessive. Sounds like a family trait.

  16. Dang, she’s looking rough. I actually choked, laughing at the Jane Austen cosplay part. Too true. Her scary severe old lady makeup and sour facial expressions would vanquish any foes in a larping event. The dress is a lot too Little Bow Peep for me and looks all kinds of wrong on her. She is too big boned to pull off cutesy looks. She also looks ridiculous in Diana’s jewellery and manages to make it look like costume jewellery. It’s a massive diss that she hasn’t been given the order and I wonder if she’s aware of how embarrassing that, in six odd years of being a ‘working’ Royal, she still hasn’t been given the family participation ribbon yet? She’s lazy, horrible and is looking very hard faced and haggard these days. Is living in mansions with servants and nannies and shopping and taking multiple holidays a year so terrible and draining? I don’t understand why she seems so miserable with her pampered life and the free pass she’s clearly been given to do the barest minimum possible. If she was a real housewife without housekeepers and nannies, I would understand and respect that. As it is, she’s an overpaid welfare recipient who can’t run a household without servants and nannies. I find it appalling.

    Queen Letezia looked absolutely regal, radiant and beautiful.

  17. 3 engagements in two weeks can only mean one thing – holiday soon esp given Georgie boy will be starting school in September….
    Does anyone know when the trip to Europe is taking place? Apparently the kids will be going with them (because they’ve obvious realised that’s the only reason they got positive press last visit to Canada). Interesting to see how they’ll spin taking him out of class during school term time as that’s pretty much now a criminal offence in the uk….

  18. Her face has changed recently. In the car arriving at this event and in the photos above – I can’t figure it out exactly but she looks VERY different. You’re right, the hollow cheeks look skeletal. Has she had more of her nose whittled off? Her eyes are totally dead, she’s obviously filled with disdain and gosh, it’s an ugly look. The petulant arrogance is just radiating out of her. Can you imagine her scintillating dinner conversation?

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed something different. I think she had her nose done again. It was noticeable at the state dinner, but even more so at her function at the NHM.

  19. Botox loaded. More in the left eye than the right, to pull up and reshape the eye. Forehead, upper nose bridge and area around the eyes. Her make up was lighter than usual and very heavy. The lower portion of her face was light in color and without contour shading. I agree her nose looked different. Future photo shots will reveal if she has been whiddling on it again. I’ve never seen her like this before.
    When Kate is not attached to william, she always appears to be uncomfortable. She depends on him for everything, especially her self esteem, confidence and simply knowing what to do. Maybe that’s why she looked like a deer in headlights.
    I appeared to me, Kate tried really, really hard to look superbly stunning for this event. She tried too hard.

    1. The texture and coloring of her face could have been from a Lazer or chemical peel. This would explain the extra heavy makeup, and unnatural tightness.

  20. The spanish queen left waity in the dust! I am not a big fan of Letizia, but i appreciate Q.L. work!

  21. And rightly so. Shame none of them including Chopper &Chutney couldn’t be bothered to stay court side for the following finals match for the mixed doubles…..

  22. CarolE with an E, hasn’t looked happy since the paps caught her begging for extra tickets from Federer’s wife. Furthermore that the press commented on it…..

  23. Well using Dear Lolas heading No order in Kates court … they arrived in Poland ugh.. her walking well totteting along with Charlotte being carried and tantrum misery child in tow .. Well what on earth are they doing using a Royal Tour with children in tow so young especially in Poland ….They are the only ones taking children on such a serious tour the Queen never took children with her on tours … this again is being used as a holiday not Royal engagement ..
    The pair of them need to grow up but this will never happen as they are two over priviliged pompous arrogant and lots more words could be used … but its just always the same with this pair
    what on earth tney will accomplish on this tour is beyond words
    they will always be hapless …. and its time we disbanded this lot

    1. I watched the short video of the arrival on DM online. That poor woman with the flowers, she couldn’t work out where she should position herself to present them.Too much fussing with the children.

  24. Oh gawd – the sycophantic drivel has started on the Daily Fail……the shot with her leaning over and giving the war veterans a good eyeful down her AM bespoke outfit is a classic……

  25. god how is it possible to look so ill, gaunt and bored stiff as she manages. she looks completely lost of any emotion during this tour.
    the second outfit – horrendous – she obviously thinks she has the boobs to do that dress justice but unfortunately not. the mere jokes about a third child – I hat to say this as its in incredible poor taste for any Diana fans – but this is a car crash tour beginning. when will it end.

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