Day 1 of Poland/Germany Royal Tour

On Monday July 17th, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived in Poland for Day 1 of a five day royal tour of Poland and Germany.


Given that it is such a short tour, many were surprised Prince William and Kate were bringing the children at all.  After all, they had no problem leaving Prince George at home when he was a baby to holiday in the Maldives.  Some felt the trip would be too disruptive to the children just to have them spend the days with nannies and see the parents primarily at night like they do when they are hitting the slopes. Unlike other royals, the Cambridges tend to approach their tours more like taxpayer-funded holidays than duty, though, so perhaps it’s not surprising they decided to model this tour once again on one of their ski get-aways.

There was some suggestion the children were brought along as Brexit diplomacy photo props.


That’s pretty cynical, though.   Kate’s behavior with her children at these airport arrivals, the way she fusses with their clothing instead of looking up or turns her focus to them instead of the officials waiting to greet her, suggests she is using them more as surrogate emotional support animals than diplomatic props although it’s possible she’s after the doting-Mum photos but is instead inadvertently creating awkward-adult-focusing-on-the-family-dog-at-a-party pics.

To be fair, these royal tour airport arrivals do seem a bit scary.  I’m always worried that Kate is going to drop whichever child she is carrying because for some reason, it’s usually raining whenever the Cambridges land, making the steps all the more perilous in heels.  Fortunately, the steps were much more manageable this time despite the rain and there appeared to be less media waiting for them.  Prince George, however, wanted nothing to do with any of it.


I feel like I get George, like we’re both old souls with a bit of a mischievous streak.  So pictures like this one break my heart.

This isn't Disneyworld. Oh what fresh hell is this?

This isn’t Disneyworld. Oh what fresh hell is this?

George is just shy of four. I was at least six before I had that glazed dead-inside look.

It must be strange for Prince William and Kate to raise Prince George as a Maybe Future King.  Surely they must possess enough self-awareness to realize the monarchy’s days are numbered and William will likely be the last king if even he makes it to the throne.  I mean, they’re not headless, they would have to have some kind of inkling, right?  Between David Beckham’s pictures of his daughter’s royal birthday tea party hosted by Sarah Ferguson at Buckingham Palace and the Very Middleton Wimbledon with Carole and Pippa getting kicked out of the royal box for tardiness and Carole hitting up Roger Federer’s wife for extra tickets, the royal “magic” Prince Harry recently eluded to in his Newsweek interview is gone.  The humane thing would be to pull the plug.

The Cambridges arrived in Poland on a private jet.  According to the Annual Royal Household Annual Accounts that came out in the end of June, the private jet the Cambridges took to Paris for that so-called diplomatic mission cost UK taxpayers £20,000 so this trip will be a bit more.  Don’t worry, Poland, you’re getting screwed over, too, the security detail is unreal.


Because Poland’s flag is white and red, the Cambridge’s arrival clothing broke somewhat from the traditional Team Cambridge Blue.  Kate wore a new white suit by Alexander McQueen which was beautiful on her, just like the several similar pieces she already owns. To represent the red in Poland’s flag, Kate went with a red Jenny Packham box clutch and a ruby and diamond necklace and earrings which got lost in her hair.  I haven’t been able to find anything on the new rubies, mostly because I barely looked, but they appear to be G. Collins and Sons to me.


After the airport arrival, Kate and Prince William met with President Duda and the First Lady at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw and then went to the Warsaw Rising Museum where they met with vets.


Not everyone was impressed by Kate, however.


Then there was the Young Entrepreneur’s Reception and the Garden Party at The Orangery in honor of the Queen’s birthday. Again.  She’s still just 91, right?  It’s hard to keep track with all these celebrations.

Kate’s final wardrobe change was pretty tragic. The dress by Polish designer Gosia Baczynska looked like something George and Charlotte made on the plane with black marker, safety scissors and those white paper table coverings they have at kid-friendly restaurants.


Kate’s evening updo was a little too Margaret Thatcher. The necklace was kinda cool, though.  I mean, I wouldn’t wear it, but I thought it was a nice way to visually call attention to the Madonna cone boobs.   Music’s where you find it.


After more than six years of marriage, Kate still doesn’t know how to hold a wine glass.


If you ever want to know how to do anything properly, just watch the Queen.

Of course, Kate drinking wine (which I assume she did instead of just holding it) blows away my theory she is already pregnant.  Not that a few sips of wine would hurt a fetus, but I suspect she’d be sticking to water.  Interestingly, the subject of more babies did come up when she was given a gift for a newborn (I guess I’m not the only one who thought she might be pregnant).


Perhaps one day Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have another sibling taxpayers will only see at Trooping the Colour and tours abroad.



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  1. She could have simply reworn her Canadian tour wardrobe because there were plenty of red and white outfits there as well. But why would Kate care about conservation, I mean she only said it was particular interest of hers a few days ago.

    1. I think Kate resents having to do these tours (or really anything vaguely resembling work) that she buys all new just to console herself about the perceived burden. The odd part is she somehow manages to find new items that look like everything she already owns.

  2. Another boring white suit to add to her collection. Cone boobs for her evening attire. All at a pretty penny I bet. I’ve been expecting chutney to announce a pregnancy as soon as it was announced that the DOE was retiring from public life. The thought of actually having to step up her appearance game scares her half to death.

    1. McQueen is never cheap, Kate just has a way of making designer clothes look that way. Not sure about the Polish designer, but it was a rather surprising selection for Kate who comes across as Ann Taylor Loft regardless of the brand.

  3. Poor old George. He seems to be a misfit and uneasy in the company of his family – I mean that as a compliment to the child. Like his father, I reckon he’ll be looking for his own surrogate family sooner or later.

      1. Until she moves on, voluntarily or otherwise. Let’s hope the Cambridge’s don’t pull a Diana move and fire the nanny if/when the children become attached.

        I’m curious as to how affections between children and the nanny are managed, in both professional training and in practice. Does anyone know?

        I agree that nanny Maria clearly represents a stabilising element in George’s life. For the life of me, I cannot see how a ‘painfully arrogant’ father and a vapid, self-absorbed ‘negative void’ are good parent material when so in need themselves.

        1. They will only get rid of Maria when one of the kids does something in public or caught on camera that makes it look like they are more attached to her than their parents. Until then, she will continue to raise the kids and stay out of the spotlight, wearing her Norland uniform as Madame sees fit.

      2. Ellie on KMR compared George’s current personality to Charles. I think she might be onto something. Charles was a sensitive, anxious child, but in a bygone era, he was trained to present a confident face in public. His grannie and nannies made up for his distant parents.

        Kittie: Nannies are like daycare. How do parents manage daycare attachments?

        1. I agree that George currently presents with a temperament similar to Charles; certainly anxious and somewhat puzzled in his public outings. How much access the child has to his paternal grandfather is unknown.

          My understanding of nannies vs daycare is that the former is exclusive to a family, live-in and very hands-on the daily, intimate rituals of care. Whereas daycare is something delivered outside the home involving several children from a variety of families, several carers. Regardless, I wonder how it’s managed when a child feels more attached to a nanny/caregiver than its mother. Wasn’t William distressed when the nanny he was bonded to was dismissed by a jealous Diana?

          1. A nanny is as involved as you want them to be. If you are a hands off parent of the Victorian kind, then nanny does everything and you only see the kids for fun times and only when they are well behaved. Also, nannies don’t have to be live in. That’s a choice. You can have nannies that are present only for night times or only for day times or 24hrs.

            Depends on the daycare. My cousin rans one that caters to newborns – 3yr olds. There are laws regarding ratio of adults to children. In UK it’s one adult for every 3 children for my cousin’s age range. After 3yrs old, it’s one adult to 4 children, but by then children will have started nursery and nanny morphs into a expensively compensated babysitter. Very young children in the range my cousin looks after will still receive the intense care they need even if it isn’t one to one.

            In my cousin’s case, she washes and feeds the kids, and arranges different kinds of play for them. The centre is open from 7am to 5pm. Some kids are left with her all day, others are there for a few hours.

            The fact remains that the child spends as little time with their bio parent at daycare as they do with nanny because nanny isn’t helicopter hovering over them like people imagine they do.

            A parent with a nanny needs to be as present as a parent who drops off their kid to daycare. If they are not, that’s when the primary bonds are forged elsewhere.

            I think it was very cruel of Diana to fire her kids’ nannies as much as Mariah Carey for doing the same. Being that possessive over a child’s love is not healthy because children form bonds with many people especially those that are present.

            In a way, that Diana/Mariah episode illustrates just how present they were as parents, but also tells us that they were/are jealous of their children’s love.

            1. Herazeus, thank you for that explanation. It’s a world away from my own experiences. I wonder if William ever reflects on his mother’s insecurities and the effects on his own psyche.

              1. William has inadvertently let us know how he regarded his parents’ efforts and actively does the opposite in certain respects eg

                1. He thought they exposed him too much to the media therefore he locks his children away.

                2. He thought his parents were never at home for him – see sanctioned article by Camilla Tominey where he used this excuse to justify being a stay at home dad.


                I think what surprised me about that article was the inclusion of Diana as a bad parent because her public image which this week will get a burnishing is that she was a brilliant mother to her children. Apparently, William didn’t think so.

                If he ever reflects on his parents’ shortcomings, foibles and or frailties, it’s only in the context of how it affects him. When you listen to his speeches, interviews, sanctioned articles, it’s always in the context of how it affects him. I’m not sure i’ve ever heard him discuss anything in context of the other person. Ever.

                1. “it’s always in the context of how it affects him”

                  Yes. This is how I’ve always seen his attitude towards his parents multiple infidelities, and why he has a track record of being unfaithful himself. He has no problem with infidelity as a concept, merely how his parents’ attention being elsewhere impacted him.

                  He hated that he was used as a PR prop by his parents. Now he uses his kids as PR props. Complete lack of self-awareness.

                  1. Hypocritical much? There have been times when I am way out of my pay grade and into places I haven’t any business going. Here is one: why, if Billy hates his life so much, resents the responsibilities, appears to view his wife as a gnat or pesky fly at times, did he ever marry and have children to begin with. He had a choice. Prince or no, the dude had a choice unless the ‘firm’ is a prison in a literal sense of the word. He’s a wuss.
                    When little Charlotte had her tantrum I didn’t go ‘all look, Kate’s such a good mom and so hands on’, I saw Charlotte as a fed the hell up two year old looking over her little shoulder for….well, looking over her shoulder. I don’t get the big deal about Billy and Cathy being so hands on, I mean why shove that line down the public’s throat? Wealthy people have nannies, working people have day care, and in my opinion this line is a potential source of resentment down the line. For the kids, and for the public who pays for the nannies. Absolutely using those kids as PR props and Lola said it well, a way of avoiding awkward greetings and a source of emotional support. Should be the other way around, and I am pretty sure that these little props were brought along to generate interest in this pointless expensive play time in another country. C’mon, making pretzels and riding in a boat is going to help the nations get along?
                    Maybe we Americans should stop all this nonsensical talk and effort and just send our leaders off to play in/ with other countries. Sorry for the rant. (I’d love to send a few ‘leaders’ off and wouldn’t mind at all if they never ever returned.)

            2. Cruel is the word for sure, and very very selfish. For the love of God if you can’t be there for your children then let someone familiar, safe, and comfortable be. Personally, I would all but kiss the feet of anyone who cared for my little ones when I couldn’t for whatever reason. Children need and deserve all the love they can get and to just tear someone from their life out of jealousy? What do they want, a cold robotic machine with no feelings for the kids. Selfish. And it doesn’t increase the bond between the parent and child, it simply creates emotional issues having someone just disappear.

        2. Day care doesn’t have one specific adult caring for the children at all times like a nanny does. And parents usually then take over after work is done to feed, bathe, play with the kids. Will and Kate don’t really do this so it is easy to see how George has formed an attachment to the one person who is there for him all the time.

          Day cares have the infant group and then move to the toddler group once they are a certain age.. and the parents provide care at night and on weekends and holidays. No single adult would be providing the care one on one for a child, so it would be harder for an attachment to form.

  4. I think young George has the famous hair-trigger Windsor temper and has been a handful since the day he was born. This is bad enough when raising a “normal” child, but a future king who will need a lot of preparation and training for public life needs involved, strong, consistent, intelligent parenting. The poor kid is doomed.

  5. Why would Poland and Germany fork out for a useless royal tour? Maybe they are going to resurrect family ties in The old country of Germany for when they are run out of the UK?

  6. That cocktail dress is really fugly.

    Prince George getting off the plane was really painful to see. That’s what you get by always hiding those kids behind Palace walls and not getting them used to other people.

    1. So were the poor boy’s facial expressions at other arrivals and departures. The child does not seem to enjoy the attention and William’s constant insistence that all should be private is doing that boy more harm than good. He just does not seem able to handle this. Charlotte, at this point, is much more easy going. I feel sorry for these two children. I hope and pray that their home life is a happy one. That they are allowed to be themselves and that their dear Nanny stays on to help with the raising of these two. I do believe that William and Kate have good intentions, but I also believe they are each pretty messed up by their individual upbringing. Hey, we all can blame our oparents for something, but as adults, we need to move on and embrace the good we received and forgive the rest.

  7. Once again too much fussing over the children when they left the plane.Kate carrying Charlotte to make sure she’s in every picture.In one way it’s nice that William was reassuring George,but they were supposed to be greeting the waiting dignatories in a proffesional manner.

  8. Hate her outfits. The first suit looked like it didn’t fit her properly and the second is just plain ugly.
    Poor George, he looked full of dread and sadness. You are so right, they didn’t think it would be too disruptive to ditch him for a holiday in the Maldives but think its acceptable to drag him to Poland to use them as an FCO pawn.
    just makes me despise them even more.

  9. Great post Lola!

    Mission accomplished with bringing the kids. My SM feeds are full of sycophants posting about what great parents they are, how beautiful “Princess” Kate is, how in love William & Kate are, how they can’t wait for W to be king.

  10. Ate least George is dressed like a 21st century boy and not a Victorian. Although those dead eyes of his looking out of the window are so sad. Speaking of looking out of the plane window, I recall the same pictures in Canada. W+K were probably advised of what an adorable photo op it would be to have the 2 tykes peering out of the window upon landing, so now I guess Maria has to make sure they are in the window, ready for their close-up. Guess this will be the Cambridges’ ‘thing’

    The fussing over the kids upon landing, or indeed just bringing the kids, is ridiculous. Can’t believe people buy into this obvious pr ploy.

    1. I see no point in bringing two toddlers to work. The children also form a distraction for their parents whose full attention is not able to be given to the dignitaries they are there to meet. This little farce is a repeat of the Canadian tour. I don’t know why people would buy into this obvious PR move; I’d hazard a guess that the SM gushers also love pink, ribbons, glitter, rainbows and unicorns.

    2. Wow, GingerMini, you really pointed something out. Posing the dear little ones at the window of the plane, now that you say it it is very obvious. And yes, the fussing and carrying on about the children is just simply a show. Those kids should have been left behind, this **was** a working trip or so they would have us believe. Ok, so why didn’t George and Charlotte get to go on the boat, or make pretzels with mummy and daddy? Their parents looked childish and silly doing it, and it would have been a bit of fun for the kids I think. Working parents don’t take their children along, jobs that involve travel mean leaving the kids with capable care in ‘normal’ people’s lives. And Billy? Well, little boys are naughty, and little girls are ladylike and sweet. I think he thinks that what ‘normal’ dads think. (not true) Same crap as pink for girls and blue for boys, dolls for girls and trucks for boys. I missed that memo with mine. My son played with stuffed animals, and my fil was taken aback. My reasoning? How do boys get to be loving fathers, and my son is the most loving caring father anyone could ask for. My daughter came home in a fire engine red snow suit. I hate the pigeon holing and forcing ‘boys do this, girls do that’ crapola. I agree with others that George is a shy little boy and that may very well simply be his nature. Charlotte appears to be more outgoing and friendly, and again maybe just who she is. How can people not see thru this, well ‘royals and titles’ are a different breed and for some people anything they do is ok, they are ‘ever so special and all’. George’s shyness may very well turn to outright social anxiety and progress to depression and anger. He’s no fool, he knows or will that he is being used. That’s my take, and I’ve thought that way since that little guy arrived in the world. Charlotte might come to enjoy the attention and spotlight, but that could end badly as well.
      Off my ‘I’m an expert on kids just because I have kids’ soapbox.

  11. There are so many, many other more appropriate and respectful choices of outfit than the floral thing she chose today. Red nail varnish and open toed sandals. No, just no. There is something very wrong in her head. I really think if Charles or the Queen don’t pull her up about this, they also need to reconsider their roles in public life. They are supposed to be role models.

  12. They will never ever ever be role models…. all waity is about is photo ready of herself…..
    taking their spoilt tantrum children along is totally out of order they are constantly hidden away they dont know how to interact with people as they are not brought up correctly in the BRF way they are brought up by her commoner mother,,,who has no clue about Royal traditions…
    This tour is ridiculous waste of taxpayers money her dresses costing an absolute disgrace of price as she wears same colours so why cant she recycle them. ..the amount of dresses must rack up into miles of space as she wears designer and we can see they are being ripped off with the disgusting amount of money spent onthis tour…
    The children should not be taken on such a serious tour with the nature of the engagements …
    this is an excuse for them to get out of speaking adult speak as both are very stunted in their growth into an adult
    its high time us in Great Britain had a Republic and let these lot work for their own living

  13. I cannot believe my eyes – again. Again Kate tops herself again by her clothing. A floral dress and open-toed sandals at a concentration camp. I do not understand her or her advisers.

  14. Exactly it’s such a moving and upsetting experience ..wearing a sombre colour would of been respectful …
    After all it’s a concentration camp so many lost their lives there ..
    These clueless pair deserve a roasting for her wearing a floral dress and open toe sandals utterly a disgrace to Britain

  15. The outfit for the concentration camp visit was not appropriate. She should have worn what she did on the first day. That would have been more respectful. But she is a ding dong. How can you not understand what’s appropriate for a visit to a place where so many were murdered? She is almost 36. Time to act like a functioning adult.

    1. Isn’t wearing new dresses the main part of her “job”? Maybe she thought she was bringing a breath of fresh air to the old concentration camp.

      1. That’s exactly what she thought May B (floral dress at concentration camp).

        Her job is to represent the UK/HM. And since she is incapable of doing so in a mature, professional manner, all attention goes to the superficial – her supposed stunning wardrobe and dazzling beauty. She would get no attention otherwise. There is just no “there” there.

        The queen, Camilla, Sophie, & Anne, who run circle around this waste of space work-wise, recycle outfits as a matter of course. The work and making a contribution is their priority.

      2. No. Wearing new dresses isn’t part of her job description. It’s a perk, but not a given.

        Her primary job is to represent the Queen. And to look presentable whilst doing it.

    2. Ah but Nic919, how could the dippy duchess stand out if she didn’t show some lovely leg and painted toenails, I mean she was in the presence of some very incredible people. People who have something important to say, people who have been through Hell and have the courage to speak of it, to relive the horrors to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Ever. You are right. These people, this place deserved more respect than waity, and for sure more than she has ever shown in her life. To justify it by saying ‘well, they’ve experienced worse, seen worse,’ is despicable, in my opinion. That’s exactly the reason they do deserve the utmost respect. Stupid and ignorant is waity katie. That to me is like saying well, he nearly drowned so what’s another dunking? She demeaned some of the most sacred ground in the world.

  16. Evening Garden Party Exit of Catherine and William.

    What was being shared between these two as they exited
    the party from the photos shown, from just in the doorway
    to several strides beyond?

    The Daily Star has several photos and also the Daily Mail
    covering the evening party which Lola you write about here.

    I speculate that it must have been a grim matter as Catherine
    looks like she is going to eat her face with the contortions
    she is doing.

    Frankly I think it looks a little sad as they both would expect
    photographers to still be covering them at this point.

    1. Those photos were taken on the way to the garden party. William and Kate had a fight about something. I think right before they stepped outside, William said something to Kate that really set her off. Who knows what it was, maybe he forgot to tell her that the jeggings she ordered from Zara are on backorder.

      1. Thanks Lola
        You are right, as on another article it stated they were just exiting on their way to the evening event.
        PS Many thanks for your delightful writing .You have many
        grateful fans for your insight and wit.
        Best wishes to you.

      2. Maybe William said no third kid. Whatever it was it was not a good look on her. Those photos will resurface if they ever separate.

        As it is they don’t seem to interact much as it is. I would be surprised about a third kid happening only because I don’t think William actually stays with them very much at KP.

        1. He publicly said their son “is enough for now” and she was pregnant a blink of an eye later. Never assume *he’s* actually going to know if *she’s* trying for a third.

  17. Perhaps HM or Charles sent the dumb duo to Poland and Germany to actually see if the awful reminders of such atrocious treatment of innocent people, would change them? I’m not convinced…the fact they didn’t walk out of the concentration camp looking practically stoned with shock, makes me doubt there is a soul within Kate’s body. I think William has more sensitivity as he lost his mother but most of it appears to be turned inwards towards himself, not others.

  18. This girl child is all about wearing designer clothes and photo ready for camera thats all she is about …
    Just think this tour should not be with children George is one sulky spoilt boy .. he does not know how to interact with people however Charlotte is people friendly and seemsto be a joyeous little girl .. not like her tantrum brother …

  19. Just think this tour should not be with children George is one sulky spoilt boy .. he does not know how to interact with people however Charlotte is people friendly and seemsto be a joyeous little girl .. not like her tantrum brother …

    1. Sulky or frightened? Overwhelmed maybe. I think that their ages come into play here, the well known ‘frustrating fours’ and the ‘terrible twos’. Not to mention two very low wattage bulb parents. And how many bloody birthdays does queenie need? Asked above, but it’s getting rather a bit much, queenie’s birthday. Is she really 91 or has she so many birthday celebrations that they add up to this age?

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