Day 2 of Poland/Germany Royal Tour

For the second day of the Royal Tour of Poland and Germany, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured the Stutthof Concentration Camp and met with five former prisoners, traveled to Gdansk to take part in a street party, visited the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and toured the European Solidarity Movement Museum, leaving flowers at the Solidarity Monument.

Unfortunately, the events of Day 2 were overshadowed by debate on social media over whether or not Kate’s outfit was inappropriate for a visit to a concentration camp where nearly 65,000 people died. Reaction ran from some thinking it was fine to others being extremely offended.  No matter where royal watchers landed on the opinion spectrum, far too much of the conversation was about whether or not Kate, a guest of Poland as an official representative of the United Kingdom, was appropriately dressed.


Kate wore a floral Erdem top and skirt and a pair of Stuart Weitzman Nearly Nude Ankle Strap Sandals.  I couldn’t find attire guidelines listed on the Stuttof website but the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site asks that no children under 12 visit the grounds and to “Please respect the dignity of the site by wearing appropriate attire.”

“Appropriate” is a subjective term.  Kate’s Erdem was a floral print but with somewhat subdued tones on a white background in a modest cut.  On Twitter, Richard Palmer noted that he asked if “black or dark colours were expected and they said not”.


I didn’t happen to notice anyone else in a pattern, most were in dark blue or black.


In addition to a questionable clothing choice, Kate also wore sandals.  Kate’s worn sandals on tour before but to events like the zoo and the beach.  There are a lot of companies that prohibit employees from wearing sandals on the basis they look unprofessional while some only allow sandals on Casual Fridays.  Given how devoted Kate is to her court shoes, her decision to wear sandals to tour a concentration camp is a curious choice.


And then there was the red polish on Kate’s toes with which some took issue.  I would just like to point out Kate usually has a visible problem with toe nail fungus so maybe the red nail lacquer was serving a beneficial purpose.  Just sayin’.

For every Royal Tour, a team goes out ahead of time on a reconnaissance mission at taxpayer expense, gathering information about the venues, taking photographs, making notations about things like temperature and weather conditions all to make sure clothing will be event appropriate and will photograph well in the surroundings.  So what happened?  Now that Rebecca Deacon’s leaving, perhaps Kate should give some serious consideration to a proper lady-in-waiting.  Kate’s known to be stubborn and not take suggestions under advisement, but she’s more than six years into a job she waited almost a decade to get, there shouldn’t even be a debate about how sartorially insensitive a future Queen Consort was being at a concentration camp.

Another disappointing aspect of the visit to Stutthof was the revelation via Royal Correspondent photos that the sentiment in the visitor’s book was obviously written ahead of time by someone else because the handwriting wasn’t Prince William’s or Kate’s.  All the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did was sign their names.


With only two short days, it feels as if the Poland part of the tour was over before it began with so much of the host country under-represented.  Even at the street party, Kate and Prince William ate pierogi and drank Goldwasser which I can do pretty much any time I want here in New York.  Polish cuisine has the best comfort food ever, it deserves so much more than a casual mention.  I must admit I’m not a huge fan of Goldwasser, though, it’s basically like drinking candied fire.  It’s so potent, in seconds you go from your tummy feeling warm to asking if the bell no one else heard meant an angel got its wings.

Richard Palmer wrote a lovely piece about the Stutthof Concentration Camp which I recommend reading because it’s a focused overview of the first engagement without the distracting noise.

Interestingly, the media chose to not question Kate’s attire or even mention the heated debate amongst royal watchers.  Considering how flat the Cambridge’s recent tours have been, perhaps they need this tour to go well because once the public loses all interest in the Cambridges, they will need to find a new job.  Or maybe they’re just waiting for a lull when they need a story of interest.  Like this one mentioning the fight Kate and William got into prior to leaving for the garden party celebrating the Queen’s birthday.


I’m not sure what’s going on with Kate lately, but in these photos, she looks like Wonder Woman’s pissed off grandmother.





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  1. Lola, I had to agree with you on your last blog, that Chopper had said something really hateful to her that she couldn’t even crack a brief smile, when the cameras were a rollin!!

      1. I feel like there is so much tension between them lately, she can’t even be bothered to fake a smile.
        It’s only my opinion, but I think that William is a kind of guy that when he decides something is over then no matter whatever someone does, nothing can change his decision, and it looks like he decided that their marriage is over and now he only waits till grandma passes away to divorce Kate. This is what I thought when it was obvious that Kate is going to buy new outfit for almost every engagement, like she is hoarding clothes because soon she will be paying from her own pocket. Even all that hoopla around Pippa’s wedding – trying to get some celebrity status before there is no royal connection anymore to prop them up.
        Sorry for a long post and all of that is just a feeling I’ve got, I’m probably wrong, but I’m glad that there is Lola’s blog where we can vent our frustrations

    1. He probably was mad about her public comment of having more babies considering how private he is,lol.

      1. He was probably mad at that kids comment considering how he seems to think two kids is enough.

        1. +100

          This fkashing short blouse set is greatly disrespectful in a ‘grave like’ camp and surely no government reprezentative or wirse the HM -BRF. 9/11 pink wear comes to mind.

  2. I don’t think she cares whether she offends or not at a concentration camp. Look what she wore to the 9/11 memorial.

    And as for her ring or divd wearing princess Diana’s jewelry and tiara I don’t think she gives a darn. She was pissec shd was upstaged. She doesn’t have a thoughtful, concerned or relevant thought in her brain

    Also after the gifts they got from the President of Poland they gave a picture of themselves? How egotistical. And these are the futures monarchs of the U.K.? Good luck

    1. They gave a pic of themselves???? They obviously live in a mirrored universe. So tacky.

  3. Did anyone in the U.K. See the programme on ITV 3 last night?
    Mon dieu, a total work of fiction with sycophantic commentators galore!
    Sorry if my US friends can’t see but it is LOL all the way.
    Lola thank you as always for your amazing and inciteful blog.

  4. She has no common sense. Anyone visiting concentration camps know to tone it down on official visits. She is not a tourist, she’s representing the Queen and the UK.

  5. Wow, now that she’s leaving, Rebecca has remembered how to self- present like a professional. Her hair is on point, ditto clothing.


    1. I have looked for Rebecca in the background of all the pics. I too have noticed she has been dressed professionaly. In the past she’s looked like an unmade bed.

      1. Do you think it’s because she’s finally quit and these are her final months?

        At one point i thought she must be going through a depression because she rolled up looking incredibly unkempt, hair unbrushed, visibly bad undergarments, unironed clothing etc

        1. You know what it is? She’s got to get job with people who really work and it’s not a case of being their friend. Welcome to the party Rebecca!

  6. Let me say that I don’t care about the Cambridge’s, what they wear or the alleged cuteness of their children. I am immune to devious PR that elevates a few dullards called ‘royal’ at the expense of merit and any semblance of common sense. That there is a whirl of attention by ‘royal watchers’ about what a really dumb woman wore tells me that their priorities are pretty fucked up as well. I can barely breathe when the focus is on open-toed sandals and a floral frock at a concentration camp. Why don’t people reflect on what really matters?

    The issue of importance is what the concentration camps and its few remaining survivors reveal about our humanity, our abject cruelty to others by simply labeling them as ‘other’. Have we learned anything about persecuting those who don’t look like us, think like us, love like us? Not nearly enough; look around you. And look at Poland, moving to authoritarianism with its government’s proposed law to take control of the country’s judiciary. But no, let’s worry about a woman’s shoes, a distraction from the main game.
    Post script: there is no shade here on Lola (whose writing and brain I adore) or fellow commenters. My contempt is for people (royal hacks et al) who have nothing better to do with their lives than whip up crap to sell their rags.

    1. I agree. My annoyance with her outfit that day is that I feel it was disrespectful to those who died there and to the survivors. It’s not like she doesn’t have hundreds or more conservative outfits and court shoes to wear but instead she decides that the day she will visit a death camp that she will wear the floral dress. She is such a dumb woman. In fact today she is in an outfit that is much more suitable. It’s like she did this on purpose.

      And the pre written message doesn’t really show that they cared. When Justin Trudeau visited a concentration camp recently he hand wrote a message himself. Even if he was given the message, he still took the time to remember it. Will and Kate didn’t do that and this will be another blip to add numbers to the CC.

      1. The prewritten message is insulting. They can’t even stir themselves to show respect by making an effort.

        1. +1
          Unbelievable; especially William who’s had much better examples he’s grown up with. His private secretary probably wrote it out–Will should have caught that and nixed it but he’s so lazy and insulated. This shows that he’s just going through the motions and needs to wake up or step down.

        2. Yes, it is insulting. If these two are nothing but nodding mannequins who can only scrawl their names, why bother at all? I have no idea what they bring or add to anything.

    2. Their attendance and her incessant clamouring for attention pretty well diminishes any occasion. That’s what happened here, too.

      1. I am having many problems putting my thoughts into written words. I do not know where to begin. Maybe with Richard Palmer asking a Pole and a British Jew how they feel about KatieKrazy’s clothes. Is the Pole Catholic? British Pole? What did Ridiculous Dickie do to find a Jew? Hang out by a kosher deli? How insulting can he be? Maybe he asked older strangers if they wear numbered tattoos on their arms?

        Concentration camps are dark, depressing places. My children, as part of their final year of high school, travelled toAmsterdam to see the Anne Frank house, and then to Prague, and finally Poland, to visit Auschwitz. It was in winter, freezing temperatures, horrible wind, and as bleak a day could be, each years my children visited. None of them will speak to me of Poland, or the camp. Not one word, except to never ask them that question again. They all said they would never think of Poland, where many of the camps were, as a place of humanity.

        My mother had a father of Polish descent, his family from around Kraków and the Tetra Mountains. The few family members left helped hide 17 Jews for two years, until a neighbor found out and told the Germans. All 17 Jews were gassed and then thrown into the ovens, including five little children. My family were put into slave camps, but were released because of their name. They were honored by Israel as Righteous Gentiles.

        My mother was an interpreter in Europe, working for our government, from 1945 to 1950. Part of her duties in Germany was to gather information regarding the extermination of Jews. She, like my children, never spoke about what she saw, and she saw everything. From a woman going to Mass every day, she stopped believing in her faith. She converted to Judaism.

        The above contains some of my background, and how anybody, especially a woman representing her country could be so stupid, uncaring, obnoxious, to wear a floral dress (Jews do not bring flowers to cemeteries, memorials or camps) and wear open-toed shoes, which is as much a travesty to Jews, walking over their ashes and bones, as if she gave a Nazi salute. Oops! Sorry! The symbolism to all who died at that camp, no matter their nationality, is an affront to all.

        I can’t stand this woman. Her advisers, and William’s, need to be fired now. I can’t stand William, either. They are too bizarre to even write their own feelings. Like a pre-typed thank you note with only their scribbled names.

        I am very sorry if I brought too much of me into this discussion of appropriate wear, that many think is just another gaffe. No, this was the straw that broke me with these twits. Good luck to them.

        1. Please don’t apologise.
          Thank you for sharing.Thank you.
          If any of us here grow in understanding and maturity
          regarding these matters because you or someone
          else took the time and courage to post, then we can all
          be grateful.
          These are my thoughts just as someone Down Under
          whose personal experience is nothing compared to what
          your family knows and lives with daily.
          I sincerely hope I do not offend you by posting these

        2. Too much of you? Absolutely not. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You must be so very proud of your family.

          1. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

            And reminding us how this horror was such a personal horror and not just a chapter in history.

    3. Totally agree!

      Whiny and waity think they and the unroyal kids with no regards or early training to the status with them – will make the intelligent, professional people of the world buy into tbeir entitled laxy egos – when secretive whiny feels ok on GB and taxpayers millions in support -billknlnot kannit middletons have great wake up call heading their way similar to the towers

    4. George and charlotte showing their true common middleton hideout and lack of royal training tbat nanny Maria cant keep in toe all the times tgey end up at carol, even at that age.

      If the SRF and DRF can train their young toddlers proper protocol – why cant lazy whiny Billnot i am a prince and waity Kannot. Charlotte is on the tarmac tbrowing a tantrum.

  7. She’s certainly upped her game since she announced she was leaving. Who wouldn’t be depressed working for Waity ? Just a thought.

  8. I was wondering if William got on Kate’s case about the comment that they should have more kids. Whatever it was, there was obvious tension between the two of them, that is for sure.

    I think it’s weird that someone else wrote their comments at the concentration camp for William and Kate to sign. How lame is that?

    Not impressed with these two at all. I do have to hand it to you Lola, you write an excellent piece, you had me laughing at the angel getting it’s wings!!! ROFL

    1. There has been tension between those two for a while. He was blowing her off at Wimbledon and they don’t act like a married couple that can stand each other. I suspect the kids are also there as props to hide how Will and Kate aren’t really interacting much between themselves.

      I will be shocked if there is a third kid because I don’t think he is with her in that sense and has someone on the side. He ditched her at the Pippa wedding and that seems like another sign of him not giving a shit. Harry made it a point to get back to Meghan, but we never saw Will again after he walked in with Harry. That is odd behaviour for a family wedding.

      1. Hi Nic919, I don’t have any time for the Cambridges either and am fascinated by their utter laziness and seeing indifference to public opinion . However I happen to know someone who went to the Pipsters wedding ( evening party only) , her husband is a friend of James , apparently the royals and Middleton stuck together all evening , almost in a VIP area , and Kate and William were together all night until the early hours, very close . Just thought it was an interesting snippet ,!

        1. Have to put on a good show for the set, even though they all know his cheating tendancies. Plus he wouldn’t want to give Mummy Carole any reasons to doubt his loyalty to The Real (Middleton) Royal Family.

          1. Actually I agree.
            Absolutely I have to admit I am judging from no personal knowledge of C and W’s private life.But having like so many of us spent over thirty-five years watching or reading about the Great Unravelling Of The Marriage of the Century in Prince
            Charles and Diana, it is very hard to not to judge again.

            People do put on a front or mask even in front of family.
            For me, I am looking for the mutual warmth and
            subtle signs of respect and tenderness you would want
            in a relationship to be apparent in Catherine and William’s public appearances.

            PS Just my thoughts after 30 years of marriage to a very special and loving man.

      2. Yeah, I’m convinced he’s gone the traditional way- got the heir and spare and now he’s free to have side pieces. Everyone will make it easy for him as they did for Charles.
        I think he barely tolerates her, barely tolerates the kids, and spends very little time with them.

    2. Granted, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in the marriage of the Cambridges. However, it does look like PW and DofC are having problems. I lay them at Whiny William’s doorstep. As the blood royal, he needs to keep his marriage intact. With all the financial hardships the people of GB are going through, he needs to watch out for Republic fever. Also, Whiny William needs to wake up and realize that Kate is the only game in town. Whatever her failings, she has been discrete, loyal, given him children, etc. They have a shared history. He needs to work on that marriage.

  9. Kate looking like Wonder Woman’s pissed off grandmother made me LOL! Even before reading the caption my first thought was how old she looked.

    How lame that their message for the visitors’ book at Stutthof was pre-printed for them to sign. William’s great-grandmother hid Jews from the Nazis & Israel declared her righteous among nations, and this is the best they can do? These two just don’t GAF about anything or anyone but themselves. And shopping for more over-priced, identical clothing in Waity’s case.

    1. I doubt he even knows who Princess Alice was, and what an amazing woman she was.

      Charles has spoken movingly about her.

        1. Yes, she is buried in the Mount of Olives cemetery, I believe. Prince Charles visited her grave when he attended Shimon Peres’ funeral last year.

    1. This is my go-to site for an intelligent and sane conversation about the BS of things ‘royal’. It’s like breathing fresh air. Such a good writer. Lola – why not publish an anthology of these articles?

  10. Lola, you were spot on about George, given his tiredness/grumpiness on Day 2. Poor little dude.

    1. This is not a Royal Tour – the children should have stay home! Whiny, throne idleness with both entitled lazy and useless – used this trip to get out of UK charities, meet greet events.

  11. I am so glad you are giving us a day by day update of this tour Lola. I look forward to checking every morning to see your latest post – they brighten my day. I am interested in your thoughts on the PR parading of the children at the airports. What is the point of them coming? It is sad that George and Charlotte’s routines have to be disrupted for no real reason. If I was a British tax payer, I would be cheesed off that my taxes are paying for this family and yet the children are only really seen on o/s trips – Australia, Canada, Poland…They are very rarely seen in the UK and when they are, William calls for privacy. I had such high hopes for Will and Kate when they married but I am continually disappointed by them.

    1. Regarding your last sentence, I call Catherine …
      The Great Disappointment now.

      Generally my view is to expect very little from Catherine and then I can ignore most of the shallow and immature behaviour she frequently demonstrates.

  12. Dont agree with comments from German press that Waity is the new Diana … This child of 35 years will never ever be like Diana
    and we would loved to have been a fly on wall at her discussing world politics apparently according to Daily Gail with Angela Merkel…. cant imagine what she said …..LOL…..

    1. You MUST be joking!!! Poor Angela Merkel…first our loon and now this. No wonder she’s being hailed as the new leader of the free world.

      1. No, you MUST BE JOKING. Merkel, the new leader of the free world? Please!
        Seems like we are forever bashing women for their choices in attire. Has anyone ever mentioned how horrible Merkel looks when attending any function? She should learn how to Dress for Success. And, I am sorry for being political, but I’m also pretty sick of reading political statements on such sites as this one, so I had to reply. Sorry, but I had to!

    2. ‘We would love to come back to visit your beautiful country! Do invite us to your summer home or your winter share between terms! The children, my parents, sister, BiL and Nanny would have so much fun!’

  13. I am disgusted with K & W using children to get attention. G was was probably suffering from jetlag & confusion! tThe little guy does not understand why he is isolated & when thrown into a pool of publicity!

    1. …and scared of people – having been in hiding at AH except when with the common non service, entitled middletons.

  14. Yes I think taking the children plane hopping is disgusting also tbis over expensive trip that the Lamebridges are doing is totally ridiculous making pretzels, boat ròwing when the countrys legal system in Germany is on the brink of collapse… then we get the actual stupidity of these two twits going around playing games etc. Plus all the designer wear for photo ready … dullards
    ugh this ghastly situation should be immediately changed we need a republic to save us the taxpayers of Great Britain our money as at the present time is totally wasted by this duo

  15. Two words sum up this trip for me. Here they are, with illustration.

    irony (noun): A literary technique by which the full significance of a character’s words or actions is clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.

    Setting: Fashionably dressed woman walks into a museum room wearing shoes that consist of a sole strapped to bare feet with two thin pieces of leather elevated on block heels. Across the narrow room behind plate glass is an expansive pile of rotting shoes, the discarded possessions of victims of inhuman treatment and genocide.

    incongruous (adj.) dissonant, out of place, not in harmony

    Four visitors pause at a memorial for victims of WWII concentration camp.

  16. When she shows her pissed/ bitch face in public I can’t help but thinking she believes that the brf can’t do without her and no matter what her sugars will always back her.
    She’s so full of herself, haughty.

    1. Her mother-in-law thought the same thing, and was in for a rude awakening when HM insisted that the Wales divorce. But I do not think that Bill will ever be willing to admit that this marriage was a mistake, so if they divorce it will be because of something big, like Diana’s Panorama interview. And CarolE will never allow that to happen.

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