Day 3 of Poland/Germany Royal Snore

Sorry Cats and Kittens, I fell asleep last night while prepping to write Day 3’s post.  This thing is a walking coma.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are even more bored with it than we are and attempted to drag their parents aboard the private jet that was waiting to take them to Germany yesterday.  Fuckity bye!


Sorry, Poland.  The littlest Cambridges are so over you people.

Don’t get too cocky, Germany, George was already tired of you upon arrival.


This tour has all the excitement of a couple of Benadryl.  I can barely feel my legs.  I don’t understand how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can travel to all these wonderful countries and make them look as flat as painted scenery from a grammar school play.  That’s all these tours seem to mean to them, new scenery for their family photos.

This is a cut and paste of Wednesday’s Royal Tour Itinerary directly from the Daily Mail tour coverage because I don’t feel like putting more effort in Prince William and Kate’s tour than they are.



Arrival in Berlin and official welcome

Visit to the Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

The couple will meet survivors and tour the museum before walking through the Memorial itself.


The charity supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Bellevue Palace Gardens

William and Kate will meet with the Federal President

Queen’s Birthday Garden Party, Ambassador’s Residence

William will give a speech at the event held in honour of his grandmother


I don’t get the sense William and Kate have any appreciation for the historical significance of some of these places or really for anything at all.  They certainly haven’t provided much in the way of sound bites to suggest they are active participants in this tour.  Had Charlotte not been given her first official flower bouquet, there wouldn’t be much to report other than Angela Merkel asked Kate if she spoke German and Kate responded sorry, no.


Kate didn’t even bother to learn a few key German phrases?  Don’t most people learn to say at least a few things when traveling to a country with a native language different from their own?  Kate couldn’t squeeze in a few hours of Rosetta Stone in between all that nothing?  According to @WriteRoyalty on Twitter, Kate worked a total of five hours in June.


Kate’s Wednesday attire for the day events was a cornflower blue Catherine Walker coat and another fucking lace dress.  It reminds me of something she once wore to a wedding but I don’t care enough to look for it.  Basically, Wednesday’s look was a slightly cornflowerier version of things we’ve seen a million times.


And the whole hairnet thing, enough Amanda Cook Tucker.  It’s not retro cute, it’s a lazy shortcut for a lazy client.  Kate already dresses like she’s a hundred, no need to give Grandma Catherine nursing home hair.


Kate got rave reviews for the red Alexander McQueen dress she wore to the garden party celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday.  It’s cute, but the dress isn’t all that, I think people are so tired of lace and cosplay frocks, they’d applaud her for wearing anything in the normal human range.




68 thoughts on “Day 3 of Poland/Germany Royal Snore”

  1. You are right as always! Snooze fest from the first day. I feel sorry for the kiddoes being dragged out like new toys. Do any of the Midds and their staff read fashion blogs? There are so many cute and clothes and fabrics Waity could be wearing. I think she found that hideous red night gown in the back of Scarole’s closet.

    1. I think Carole’s generation referred to the style of the red Alexander McQueen as a “peasant dress”. It definitely has a 70s vibe to it. Because of the fabric, I think it was a little too casual for the event but at least it wasn’t lace.

      1. Lola, but in Chutney’s mind if she wore a potato sack and it cost 10,000 pounds, it would be perfect because it was expensive. I just wish she found a really good dresser,

      2. How about “standard airfield attire”. High waisted, lightweight and flouncy. Perfect for when a light breeze picks up and flash the royal photogs. Wasn’t Kate supposed to be on hemline and make-sure-you-choose-a-pencil-line-skirt-when-near-an-airfield-watch by the Queen? I don’t get it.

        I can’t help but think Kate and Carole studied the King and Queen of Spain’s visit to the UK and took a leaf out of their wardrobe book with Kate donning the off-the-shoulder red number. I am tipping we will start to see more straight armed stances like the QoS. Then again, Kate would have to care, so maybe not.

  2. Lola
    Thanks for your latest post. I’m still smiling at your amusing comments.
    In your Day 2 post I wrote that I call Catherine…..
    The Great Disappointment.

    I do not think she will change now. She is in her mid-thirties.
    A Great Personal Suffering event in her life could lead to a
    growth in maturity and personal awareness. But I do not
    think this is guaranteed. Shame. She could have so much
    personal satisfaction and pride in her role as Prince William’s
    wife .

    1. Thanks, Kiwi! Unfortunately, I think you’re right about Kate, she’s at that age at which people become set in their ways, personal growth is very difficult. Both she and William will try to bend the monarchy to accommodate them until it breaks. Kate could have really made a difference in the world, it’s a shame she decided to colour and shop instead.

      1. Kate was set in her ways before the engagement and if the BRF didn’t force Will and Kate to work they would never do it. I think the Queen and Charles have let them get away with too much. The luxuries they receive should be provided according to the work they do for the BRF. That never happened and now there no reason to work harder. I guess they forget that if the UK taxpayers get pissed off enought that they will want a Rexit? It has happened in history before and the regular folk aren’t into tugging the forelock to the “betters” as they were in past generations. Will and Kate ar solidly mediocre if not below average and many others can do what they do for much less.

  3. “This thing is a walking coma.”

    BWAHAHAHAHA! You know, Lola, I don’t have to read further. You’ve encapsulated this tour perfectly with that one sentence.

    1. Adding: I’m glad you used the word “fuck”. At this point there is all that’s left to say.

      Poor George- thrown into the deep end. Poor little guy is feeling so miserable. Charlotte’s a treat and the life of the party obviously.

      So true, that the Dolittles’ attendance just flattens everything. All they touch, especially massively solemn events, are diminished by their presence. It’s another tour of attrition, a bit more glaring this time around given some of the subject matter.

      Fabulous, spot on post as always!

      1. Me too! Lola, let me know if you ever want learn any viking swearwords, we have lots of them. Even though most of us borrow from yours also.

        (I am from Sweden if anyone wonders)

        1. It’s always so lovely to see you in the comments, Cecilia! Hope you’ve been well. For some reason, the Swedish language eludes me. I’m very disappointed in my brain.

      2. It’s a good thing my mother thinks my blog is too mean to read, otherwise I would have received a lecture about using the F-word. I’ve explained to her that there are occasions in which it is appropriate but have thus far failed to sway her.

  4. I’m bored rigid by this tour! The best thing to come of it are your entertaining musings, Lola. You are finding bright diamonds of humour in this slurry fest of tedium !

      1. Save for the crowds, which must remind Chutney of her wedding day, the folks at the functions look bored. She doesn’t get even remotely these crowds at home, only the press shows up!

  5. As someone who lived in Germany for many, many years everything is beautiful and everywhere we went was beautiful or fascinating. As the military wives call them “Polish pottery suicide runs” I absolutely cannot abide the fact that Kate received pottery in my pattern and wasn’t the least bit excited. Their pottery is turning their country into a boom with all the new income coming over and the Polish people were so amazingly wonderful! I would have thought a tour of one of the factories would have been on their tour, but I shouldn’t be surprised that they weren’t.

    To have to create a “base” in Berlin for their children really doesn’t make any sense. Heidelberg & Berlin aren’t exactly close, but by air it would take no time and I’m not sure how the children would suffer by traveling that short distance. My children were doing much more all the time.

    So yes, Dear Lola, as always you are wonderful and Kate & Will disappoint. She seems to incrementally making a bit of progress but it’s always two steps forward, 3 steps back and a new outfit for everywhere she actually goes….except for the concentration camp. For that she was dressed completely inappropriately and decided that this would be the only time she wouldn’t change. 🙁

    1. I agree, the Polish people are amazingly wonderful, very warm, sincere and hardworking. Basically, they’re the anti-Cambridges. Not much about this tour makes sense. It’s like the Mad Hatter’s riddle, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

  6. Thank you so much for your continuing coverage of this tour!!! I’m sorry that it’s as boring for you as it is for the rest of us, but at least we have your biting wit and humor to see us through 🙂

      1. Your “silly ramblings” are the perfect antidote to the every glaring headline declaring that Kate “dazzled” or describing her “style” outfit. I don’t see it and sometimes wonder whether it’s just me. But then I come back to your blog and know that I’m not alone. Thank you.

      2. I adore your silly ramblings, Lola. You have a way of saying things that are true in such a humorous manner. Snore, bore, yep that’s about it. I’m pi$$ed at the way the dimwit acted and dressed during the visit to the concentration camp, and I said that on the last post. Other than that, same old same old. You ramble better than the future queen consort (and boy is she good at consorting) talks. You have something to say. She does not.

  7. Well, we can give her points for being covered up…yes, I’m not sure what the hairnet thing is all about. I haven’t seen one of those since my aunt wore one in the 80s…she was in her 70s at the time. I thought the red dress looked odd. Incidentally, did PW just speak at that event, or did she say anything? I am marveling over her work calendar…can we trade??? I’d love to have next to nothing to do for the rest of the month….

  8. 1. Poor George. I’d be tired too if I had to be a PR prop for my parents’ ailing public image.
    2. Who at Alexander McQueen is responsible for that red atrocity?
    3. And while we’re on that note, what the heck is with this whole Cosplay Katie theme going on? Last week it was Outlander at the State Dinner, this week it’s Pure Country auf Deutschland. Any bets for what she’ll channel next week?

    1. I didn’t know how to describe her costumes in #3. All I could think of was Heidi and milkmaids and dirndls. You nailed it.

    2. Someone who recently jumped ship from Erdem! The tell-tall feature: the flounce at the bottom of the dress.

    3. Between the state dinner for the Felipe & Leticia, Wimbledon, NHM museum, and now this holi-tour, I mean, Very!Important!Diplomatic!Mission! poor Dolittle must be exhausted! Therefore I think she will channel a beach vacation next. Until George starts kindergarten, then she will channel her late MIL on William’s first day of school.

      1. The Cambs will go to Balmoral for a short visit and, because she can, Katie will ask to have her parents and siblings invited as well. We will see photos of HM driving around with CarolE, the sister and BiL walking around holding rifles, the children will be riding ponies accompanied by stable hands. There will be no photos of W&K doing anything at all at Balmoral. The Queen will attend local fetes, Charles will show up but there will be no sign of W or K at any public event.

        Three days later the sister & BiL will go on to their Glen Aff-IForgotTheRest in Scotland, the Midds will wander back to B-shire and the Cambs will depart for a 2 or 3 week holiday in a place where photography is a criminal offense. The Cambs will return for the great show of concern and caring when George The Shy goes to school in Battersea. Are there any other aspects that should be added?

      1. I would just love it if her jeggings like ripped down the seem in the back. Oops they would probably black out , that part of the tour!

      2. True, true. I was dazzled by the highwater pants she wore to the Ainslie here-but-not-here event oat the Docklands. Jeggings are her usual choice of leg coverings if the event is even remotely sporty. Gotta keep that Barbie doll thigh gap standard up so Those That Follow The Duckess have something to aspire to.

        1. Somehow ‘over at’ turned into ‘oat’ – and I have no idea why. I’d blame autocorrect but…

  9. No offense to HM, but why is her birthday still being celebrated 3 months after the fact? I could *maybe* see last year when it was a milestone birthday, or if Germany were a Commonwealth country.

    Poor George is obviously not comfortable in these settings, something I am sure his parents are well aware of. But instead of leaving the kids at home, they have to drag them out of their comfort zone like the good little pr props they are. Hopefully being exposed to new people at school will help George to come out of his shell, but it is still a far cry from the media and crowds he is experiencing on this tour, not to mention the upheaval of his regular schedule & surroundings. Charlotte seems happy go lucky, and I hope she remains that way., but unfortunately it is probably only a matter of time before Kate goes all CarolE on her.

    The blue ensemble is but one of the 87 almost identical blue coat/dress combinations Duchess Wasteful owns and wears once. The red dress is blah (color looks great on her), and she should have worn her hair up to show off her statement earrings. But then, like Lola wrote, we would have been subjected to another grandma style, instead of a cute high, wavy ponytail. A few bangles would have looked nice too. And yes, learn a phrase or 2 in German. Although I guess that would be really difficult for her seeing as how she hasn’t quite mastered English yet.

    1. ”And yes, learn a phrase or 2 in German.”
      Has anyone in that family born since WWI learned German?
      Q2: Do any of the monarch’s children speak a second language?

      1. Charles and Anne speak German and French. I assume Andrew and Edward do as well.

        Charles afaik also knows enough Welsh to get around if necessary.

        1. Thanks. I don’t recall reading anything about language fluency in any of HM’s children. In my US high school and uni experience, learning another language, and a passing grade in that language, was a requirement. I could probably speak passably with Felipe or Letizia and be cordial with the Polish president and his wife due to family experience.

          I am surprised that it appears that neither K or W have even a glancing fluency in a language other than English. But I forget that K may have some basic understanding of Spanish because of Nanny Maria. How does a uni-educated woman like K, traveling to Europe for holiday and ‘education’ semesters not learn the basics of another language? Even further, that she wouldn’t attempt to gain some fluency in any other language?

          If I had the time, the funds and the tutor I would learn to be fluent in Spanish past everyday conversation because there are people I could converse with at a uni level. To discuss philosphy, politics, science and history. I can’t imagine being a significant member of the BRF and being so disinterested in learning the rudiments of another language. In her position I wouldn’t want to be at a disadvantage when in the company of people who can converse in a language I don’t understand. It is the equivalent of being a diplomat assigned to a country whose language you don’t speak. The Cambs don’t seem to understand that, if they don’t speak the language, they ought to have staff that does and can interpret clearly for them.

          Is the BRF that stupid that they would let W&K flounder as they have? Is Charles so impotent that he doesn’t bring the Cambs in line to keep the BRF as a significant resource to the UK?

          Of my circle of acquaintances, those that have some knowledge of the BRF seem to think that it will end with Charles because Will is too stupid to keep it going. He wants the money, he wants out of the monarchy system, he doesn’t care about the consequences. The UK will adjust to change. They will not give all to the stupid child of Charles and will force him to prove his personal legal claim to the funds and assets of the crown. They think (and hope) that the government will keep the deep assets and skim the cash off the top to satisfy the ‘grasping heirs of HM.’

          This trip: the holitour that wasn’t because of the sad engagements at the beginning. But, we had fun on the river and went to the place to be in Berlin.

          Is it over yet?

    2. The birthday celebrated is “the one who shall not be named” Camilla, the Princess of Wales.

      1. The KP tweet and the itinerary both refer to it as the Queen’s Garden Party/Birthday Garden Party. Typos perhaps? If it was for Camilla, I have a feeling that Bill was not too pleased to have to put on a happy face to celebrate her day. For all the niceties in public, I have a feeling things are much different in private.

        1. Ginger, the celebration was for Camilla’s 70th birthday. To celebrate anything, anything, in the midst of the two mentally-challenged tykes, other than the money (lotsa pounds and euros; the “boys” have been paid millions upon millions of pounds for “their” fairy tales, um , stories about their late mother, who, tragically dying from a drunk driver, somehow gave her sons tens of millions of pounds. Was it hundreds of millions of pounds?

          1. Thanks Bellaluna!

            And, yes, the death of their mother has been a cottage industry for the “boys” unto itself. I read on another (sugary) forum people posting about how happy they are that the *truth* about Diana will *finally* come out via W+H on various TV specials in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of her death, because after all, they were there. Give me a break, please! While I have absolutely no doubt that the “boys” have multitudes of fond memories of their mother, one would have to be delusional to think that they would portray her as anything but the very best mother ever to live. And since they won’t hear it from W+H’s own mouths, W’s anger & confusion over the Panorama interview, Harry not liking having to spend time with his mother’s lovers, and the (alleged) physical altercation(s) between W+D are pure fairy tales.

    1. Absolutely true. ThIs couple is so boring. Kate’s fashion sense is so boring. Could some one please detox her off of lace, coats, and ruffles? Lately, the only interest I have had is to read Lola’s posts. Thanks Lola.

  10. I do not find this tour boring. It has reminded me of history, and how the future King William (Kaiser Wilhelmina) his unbelievably stupid wife, and Henry (Heinrich) will just repeat their own family histories. It reminds me of Henry, (son of the sainted Diana, who was politely told to leave school at age 15, with her guinea pig, as she failed every subject) wearing a Nazi uniform to his brother’s 21st birthday, the theme of which was “Natives and Masters.”

    1. I was just looking on the internet, regarding this birthday party. Whitewashed, literally. It is now called an Africa-themed party. Conservation. William apologizing for his father’s insensitivity. Wilhelmina, hausfrau (“call me anything, but just don’t call me a Jew”), and Heinrich (“I’m just like unkie David – I don’t want to do anything, just give me goldsmith money!”) Lola, I have to quit your site for now. My loathing of the trio of fucking assholes makes me unworthy of your grace and favor, plus my respect for all your wonderful contributors. Maybe when I can laugh again – I am crying over some horrible comments written on other sites.

      1. Hey there Bellaluna,

        As I was flicking through the long list of messages I came across the last couple of sentences of yours –

        Trust me the pricks who drove me to distraction where literally the SUGAR SITES where you could say exactly what you thought, how you wanted to, basically the THOUGHT police.

        Those bunch of tossers and their monitors let untold abuse of us who disagreed with the dribble and printed diarhea that they were printing go unchecked on ANYONE who dared challenged their views. This includes “sugared” blogs, any of the world newspapers, especially the British ones unless it suited them. Even the British were having a go and getting away with it and hounding out anyone who were from ANOTHER COUNTRY.

        Heaven help you if you praised Quality Royalty like any of the European Houses and more recently the King and Queen of Spain. You were not far off being thrown in the tower for treason by these vicious people commenting on the vacous, overindulged kate middleton.

        Hope I have not overstepped the mark just picked up that you may have been through the horrible things done/said to me on other sites – an it strikes doubly hard if we are able to see through the bull shit and fairy dust.

        Just remember if Lola can used the Fword – credit where credit is due. Even a telling off by mum is worth it.

        So I will give you a hand to hold in a wintery blast but always remember that the day the British people finally see how much they are fleeced after the Queen passes then Buckingham Palace will hold the museum displaying the end of the Monarchy because of two layabouts.

        A basket full of happiness to you, and a all the love your heart can hold.

        The Wild Rose

  11. Thank you Lola for coming back, this is by far my most favourite site and you are a wonderful writer – saying that a few of the commentators on here are pretty funny too, it’s a pleasure to see a new post from you and I frequently ‘go back’ to reread some of the earlier ones when I need a break from the boring banality that is the DoC.

    Agree with everything you said apart from one tiny bit: Benedryl is awesome! As a UK hayfever sufferer and golf orphan each time my parents go to Florida (which is often, and just for golf they have never been to Disney World?!?!) I make sure they bring me back quantities of the little pink ones. The blue is good also but it confuses Mother so we get pink. UK Benadryl is different and rubbish and tbh the US version is probably banned as its bloody effective and actually works. So yay for (US) Benadryl and boo for all things UK including the Cambridges. This tour feels like forever, I’m so over them both.

  12. They are looking all lovey dovey on day 4, someone said something about Chopper’s nastiness!

  13. Greetings Everyone, especially you Lola,
    Long time since I have had the inclination or the willingness to comment on anything (due to the abuse hurled at me on other sites) – however, this time – ALL of your assessments stand on solid ground.

    I have long thought that the two mid thirty year old grifters will never change unless their money is taken off them.

    I am sick of the sight of middleton, her hair, her 80 blue dresses, her 70 red dresses, 60 green dresses, 50 white dresses and the wedges of doom, and toss in the hundreds of clutch purses, 200 pairs of nude shoes and those pathetic jeggings she wears.

    Numbers: may not be factually correct however I think you will all agree most of us are totally sick of the bull shit that is printed about these two most useless people known to man.

    If the Darwin theory was in debate – especially about the origins of the species, I would have to ask the question “of what purpose are these two in the evoluntionary chain” apart from standing upright?

    Truthfully, I am losing if not lost ALL respect for the British Monarchy. I personally will hang on in until Her Majesty passes however, from there on – it is a dead duck.

    The disrespect shown at every turn by these vapid idiots make the Victorian Bedlam (no offence to anyone here) seem like a good place to shove them. If I could I would lock them up in the Tower of London until the end of time.

    The sycophantic bull shit that is printed when middleton manages to get her mothers 1970’s red nightgown converted in to a 5,000 pd dress, or her mothers doilies made and dyed with food colouring to pass as another lace dress makes me literally want to vomit.

    How the British people, and the Commonwealth Countries associated with the BRF have not dealt with these creatures of laziness I will never understand.

    Lola, you give me hope and anyone else that comments on your site, even those brave enough to challenge the continual praising garbage that is printed to sell these two as the saviours of the BRF makes my day.

    The only difference between the Kardashians (for example) and bill middleton (along with his vapid mrs) is that the Kardashians built an empire by working.

    Whingeing, whiney bill and his equally sulky vacant mrs are not worth the money they cost. They contribute nothing and breeding makes me even more concerned about the progression of the species.

    I am glad that there are many of us who are sick to the back teeth with this two bit show – and anyone who has the guts to say it will get my vote any day.

    A basket full of happiness to you all, a candle to light your way and I hope you all find a hand to hold when you need it the most.

    The Wild Rose

    1. Good to hear from you Wild Rose. Your comments have been missed. I’m so sick of the Cambridges, I’m thinking of dropping off other blogs. We just rehash the same topics over and over. This site is the only one that calls them out on their BS. Thank you Lola, for holding off against the sugars and the PR juggernaut of KP.

      1. “This site is the only one that calls them out on their BS.”

        So true and thank you so much Lola for your brilliant and lovely blog! We love your writing and humor!

  14. Hi guys
    What appalled me the most was her asking that very old and very brave holocaust victim did If feel good to talk about it. WTF!
    The mans whole life has been traumatised by what happened to him but suddenly Kate feels she has a monopoly and indeed expertise in the mental health arena which clearly she has not.
    That poor man only spoke about what happened to him because he knew young people wanted to hear what happened and that was only 10 years ago and the guy is in his 90’s. it obviously did not feel good for him to talk about it! Why the fuck would it…?!

    As for the red dress, I wouldn’t even wear that as a beach cover up.
    The woman is an ill informed idiot all round, showing her ignorance and insincerity at every moment.
    Rant over for the day, must run and get that Alexander Mc Queen number before it sells out

    1. Hey there Gerry,

      and anyone else who feels the same way….

      I am absolutely disgusted with middleton. So much so that I am going to personally write to Her Majesty (as she is my Sovereign) because NZ is a Commonwealth Country to voice my concerns about middleton and billy whinger.

      How dare she? Let alone turn up in a bloody dress (skirt or top) just in case the kate middleton sycohant brigade hurls abuse at me again) with flowers on it, no sleeves and looking like they were at a f…..n garden party rather than at a Death Camp.

      People were murdered at many camps, those who survived lost all of their family, some of their family, all property and the rest of their lives have been affected.

      Yet the “mental health officinados” of the BRF treat this horror as another day at Wimbledon (considering the thousands of pds spent on that floral dress).

      I raised this very issue on the many papers that have done nothing but praise this tour, the gushing rubbish printed to raise their profile along with their PR stunts (the kids).

      My blood literally boiled – then ran cold with the total insentivity of the clueless, insensitive way that these BRF idiots handled themselves.

      Either the Queen must have already given up on trying to drag these twits into line or someone else is going to have to step up. The LAMEBRIDGES are a bloody disgrace. They are totally offensive, insensitive, could not care less about anyon except themselves and their clingons.

      I was enraged after seeing the flashing middleton did at the India Gate when they were supposed laying a wreath on their last jolly. I wrote to the Queen then and now I will do so again.

      The lamebridge line is bringing the BRF into disrepute. I hope I am long gone before billy the whinger crawls to the throne and him as well as his equally waste of space mrs continue looking down their noses even more than they do now.

      The pair of them are offensive. The worst thing Queen Elizabeth ever did in my humble opinion is give consent for those idiots to marry. Big mistake. Huge mistake.

      All the lies told, about how much she would be working hard and to learn etc. Lies, and more lies.

      The only thing these two have mastered the art of is laziness and placing their vanity before Duty and Service.

      Will let you all know the response I get from the Palace. Pretty sure that will be an intresting letter.

      By the way – for anyone putting anything in comment sections of some of the newspapers gushing over this flawed pair – if you are not praising them, then either your comments are not displayed or you are attacked as being jealous or nasty, and failing that because most are probably on the middleton payroll they then say a complaint has been made and will not print your comments.

      I am sick of this state of affairs, I am only one person however, after what they did in Poland, along with that lame assed statement prepared (for the book) and the insensitive questioning in speaking with those poor people – I had enough so will go to the top of the tree. The Queen and ask for a please explain which is my right.

      Apologies about the rant but I am fuming…. have just seen some sucking up shorts from a programme that will be shown here in NZ next week!!!!

      Enough from me,

      Kind thoughts, a basket full of happiness to you all and a safe pair of hands to hold you.

      The Wild Rose

  15. I am an Australian and think the Cambridges are the best promotional material for us to become a republic. Many of us think that the Queen, and even Charles, are Heads of State we could live with, but the Cambridges – no way. Self-absorbed, vacuous, and a sense of entitlement does not endear them to their potential subjects. Quite frankly, the moment that it looks likely that Queen Catherine gets to reign over me I’m on the first plane to a country where she can’t.

  16. Lola, you are a breath of fun and happiness in the midst of another snooze fest the Cambridges have embarked upon.

    Ouch, it hurts to see Kate’s fashion mistakes. It’s also painful to watch poor Prince George in such apparent emotional distress. The lad is shy and deserves to be given a time off from these tours where he and his sister are used as props to gain favor for the Cambridge parents.

    Little Charlotte, to me, has offered some smiles, but she is way too young to be utilized in this way, too. I loved her pulling Kate toward the airplane! Bye-bye, now!

    In a DM photo, I saw William finally take her little hand as she boarded said plane, and I thought, “Oh, good. Finally, he seems to acknowledge his daughter.” Then, I saw the video later in the day, and Kate literally pulled the child away from Daddy and helped her up the steps, herself. It does seem to me that they split their public parenting skills pretty evenly. He handles George. She handles Charlotte.

    Oh, well, soon it’s back to home base for the kiddies and the public won’t see them again until God knows when? Oh, yeah, George’s first day of commuting long distance to school. Will Char go along for the ride?

  17. Re: Wild Rose, I believe the Queen had no choice in approving his marriage to Waity. It was presented as fait accompli. I maybe wrong. Herazeus may know more.

    1. Welcome back Wild Rose – good to see you posting!

      Bellaluna – I hope you don’t leave. As much as I hate the term, this is indeed a safe space for those of us who don’t worship at the altar of Kate freaking Middleton.

      I really hate QEII’s head in the sand attitude. If I were queen I would have told William “oh hell no you are not marrying that trash. And if you insist upon doing so, I will issue a Letter Patent taking you & your descendants out of succession so fast that your heads will spin, and you will lose what little hair you have left, and the sun will be covered by her extensions and wiglets for a week”

      But if I were queen I would also make the Tower of London a prison again, and reinstate public beheadings, so there’s that 😉

  18. @ Wild Rose
    I’ve been thinking about you and your comments during this tour. Hurrah you’re posting again. Please carry on posting, you have been missed X

  19. Greetings Lola and all who read my ramblings….

    Well now the clowns have gone to the default settings in their brains by releasing scowling prince george for his flaming birthday.. USUAL TACTIC when they have been hammered by anyone.

    No doubt a ton of shit has rained down on the vampires ion the last few days after the Holocaust floral dress up display, their poor form in their printed bland essay and of course the photos of them ignoring anyone around them when she wore the dress that white monstrosity that had madonnas cone boobs of the 1980’s, and sideseams like they had been overstitched to hold it together… no doubt 100,00 pounds in clothing and shoes spent for 3 days of doing fuck all.

    Now this will set the cat among the pigeons for the Sugars who be secretely reading Lola’s site – I will say it

    The Diana Card which is being played big time.

    I am sick to the back teeth of the whole thing. The whiney bill and his excuses for his poor development and now pretending as if they have Psychology Degrees which does more damage to those who actually believe in the vain tossers.

    I have drafted a full letter to Prince Charles as well as to the Queen for a please explain on both counts and will toss in a Happy Birthday for Camilla as well.

    The dress that was made from upholstry fabric was meant to reflect the German Flag – well that is an epic up yours (meaning she could not find anything uglier if she paid for it) and we all know middleton didn’t.

    The show of love – well it is the gaze of a demented stalker – no different from the strutt down the runway in her underwear in her full on assault on bill middleton to tie him to a chair until he was so blinded by her skills at manipulation that he couldn’t be bothered untangling himself – again THE QUEEN made a huge mistake by granting consent.

    If she had not – then he would have had to have taken himself out of the sucession and whinger and whiney couldn’t have that.

    The longer this charade has gone on, the bigger the cracks are now. Their marriage went down the toilet 5 minutes after she was first called out as lazy and has not recovered since.

    We are all interested in Royals one way or another and the only thing that has got me posting again is that I am with like minded, say it as you see it and know that when you look in the mirror you have been honest with yourself and others.

    Lola, you especially deserve the BRAVERY and TOLERANCE award for wading through the middleton trainwreck to tell the story in the most searingly honest manner. Thank you!!!

    The rent a crowd must have cost a fortune for this freak show, the BRF have scraped the the bottom of the barrell and there is nothing left – it will be a case of “let them eat cake” while we continue our lifelong grief session.

    Well I am sick of the bloody excuses, their greed, their grubbiness and that kind of dirt should stay with them because they are so low that they use a woman who has been dead for 20 years as a publicity excuse. That is grave robbing and the lowest of the low.

    I will finish my lengthy ramble – humbly bow out for a bit as we are currently being hammered by a storm which has flooded half of the South Island and since the city was flattened by an Earthquake almost six years ago – it still is not working by any means, the roads are flooded, the trees are losing their branches and no doubt it will be evacauation next.

    So my hearties – keep the fires burning. Speak your truth, thank Lola and never give in the the SUGAR sites because trust me, they read what we write and know exactly what we think of the billy the whinger and katie the cougar.

    A basket full of happiness to you all, a candle to light your way,
    a hand to cling to when you need it the most and all the love your hearts can hold.

    The Wild Rose

    P.S. Have been up for the last 24 hours helping sandbag properties to try and stop flooding so now will get a move on and make sure my coffee is given by i.v. as it will be another long session.

  20. Me again,

    Just while I wait for my coffee before heading out into the wild weather –

    Lola – let your mum know that I am happy to be grounded or spend years in the tower for you swearing!!

    I’ll take your punishment any day.

    It would be worth it.

    The Wild Rose

    1. You’re so sweet and it’s so lovely to have you back. My Mom and I are in different time zones so I’m not too worried about being tossed in the Tower. Stay safe in that wild weather!

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