Day 5 Poland/Germany Royal Bore Tour

On Friday, the Cambridges’ tour of Germany and Poland passed away peacefully in its sleep.  It was five days old.  The tour is survived by Kate Middleton’s Poland/Germany wardrobe which cost a grand total of £26,000 ($33,787.00 in USD) according to an article in the Daily Mail.

To my surprise Friday’s Twitter hashtag #DAMNTour had nothing to do at all with Cambridges.


Friday was an even lighter day than the rest of this ridiculous farce of a so-called “Brexit charm offensive” with Prince William and Kate Middleton checking out the Maritime Museum, stopping by the Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall where Kate was invited pick up a baton and play conductor and visiting Airbus where Prince George got to tour an EC 145, just like the one Prince William sometimes shows up to co-pilot for East Anglia Air Ambulance when he needs the PR.


Doesn’t the UK have Take Your Son to Pretend Work Day?

The excitement was too much for Prince George who spontaneously morphed into a Hummel figurine in a nod to the host country.


Kate wore a custom Emilia Wickstead dress in lavender, which is a terrible color on her.  No amount of clown blush could keep Kate from looking washed out.  Kate matched her dress to Prince George’s shirt and her raspberry Anya Hindmarch clutch to Princess Charlotte’s dress.  We get it, you’re together.

Some say Charlotte threw herself on the tarmac as part of a temper tantrum, but I’m sure somewhere a conspiracy theorist is convinced she was pushed.


In honor of Prince George’s birthday today, Kensington Palace released a portrait of George taken by Chris Jackson, the photographer husband of Kate’s assistant/stylist Natalie Archer.


I’m still not sure what the point was of this whole Germany/Poland tour, but I think Kensington Palace should have a contest and the person who comes up with the most credible-sounding answer should get to keep Kate’s tour wardrobe.  Most of the clothing was hideous but some of the jewelry wasn’t totally terrible.  Maybe it could be returned for store credit.



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  1. I agree completely. But you can’t say anything negative about her or him. She’s a moron and lazy and when does he work? The fact that they may be the future monarchs make their behavior even more disgusting.

    1. I have an entire blog that suggests people can say negative things about them. 😉

      It’s been a while since Prince William did an East Anglia Air Ambulance photo op.

      1. Lola
        Very very funny post.Well done.Im so busy laughing to
        myself I can’t type properly and our tennage son asked
        what was I laughing at!
        Best Wishes to you for cheering us up.Kind Regards

      2. I wonder if the EAAA staff have noticed that William isn’t sitting next to pilots doing their work anymore?

  2. I don’t get how there aren’t riots in the streets when they publish how much she spent on crappy clothes for five days. Isn’t there an austerity program happening in the U.K.? There are people doing without a lot of essential services because of these two useless so called adults.

    Bringing the kids for photo ops also increased the costs just to see them get in and out of panes and throw a few fits. (I don’t blame the kids about that… their doltish parents disrupted their routines just to use them as props).

    It makes no sense for the grandson and granddaughter in law of a country’s head of state to be able to spend so much and get so much from taxpayers when they are utterly unqualified to do any diplomatic work, nor do they even have personalities to make up for lack of intelligence and ability.

    Harry may not be an intellectual, but at least he has some charisma to charm people. These two are boring as hell.

    1. Yeah, the expense of this lame LAME travel wardrobe is insane. Also, dragging those kids out like that when they are rarely seen in public in their home country is just……….plain………disgusting.

      1. Thats how whiny Billnot and carol and middletons laugh at the British taxpayers for supporting their luxury wasteful entitled lifestyle.

    2. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible for two people to be as tone deaf as William and Kate or if they want to stoke the fires for a Republic. So many people in the UK are struggling. The Royal Family isn’t effected by the austerity measures but the onus isn’t on Kate to prove it with such ridiculous spending.

      1. Hate to bring politics into this, but compared to our govt. they are actually looking really competent. SAD.

    3. “I don’t get how there aren’t riots in the streets when they publish how much she spent on crappy clothes for five days.”

      Me too. On a different note, I believe the DM comments have been moderated since the article on this lazy and bland woman’s obscene spending has only generated a little more than 800 comments a day after the article is printed.

      “Bringing the kids for photo ops also increased the costs just to see them get in and out of panes and throw a few fits.”

      I think the lazy unattractive duo should bring the kids to their upcoming trip to Belgium too (I’m being sarcastic). The peasants who fund their lavish, entitled and cushy lifestyle will at least get to see the kids getting on and off planes; who otherwise are rarely seen on UK soil.

      These two Numpties don’t care how bringing the kids with them put a strain on an already overstretched police resources and an increase in security costs.

      BTW, how many times have the British public seen George who just turned 4 on the 21st (sigh)?

      1. DM comments about everything regarding William, Harry, MM and the Official Orgy of Diana of Sainted Memory are now moderated to the extreme that one cannot even view the few comments written, except Richard Palmer’s sanitized version. I think it is all about money, with William and Harry getting a sizable chunk of it all.

        Why bring out the kids, when the aging men have oodles of very private pictures to share of their lavish vacations and frolics with their mother? And as for the British public seeing the children – I think the citizens should see more of the two dumpties everywhere in GB. And KatieKrazy in “recycled” clothes.

        1. ” I think it is all about money, with William and Harry getting a sizable chunk of it all.”
          This comment intrigues me, Bellaluna. Would you mind elaborating:)
          About the DM, if the comments are moderated in **advance** I have yet to have one of mine published. The obsession with a dead woman is sickening, and to me it indicates that neither William nor Harry are all that ‘together’. C’mon, it’s been years and years, she wasn’t a saint who drowned in a river trying to rescue children with one hand, while sacrificing her own life by throwing her life jacket to an elderly man who got bewildered by all the photographers and jumped into the water thinking that the end had come. She was killed in a car wreck, and that happens when you taunt people, egg them on, (the paps) and take stupid chances. Maybe she herself thought that she was invincible.
          Anyway, I’m curious as to how William and Harry could profit from the DM, I know the Buckleberry Hillbillies have it on speed dial, and I wonder what is in it for the DM in that regard. To me, the Midds don’t care **what** kind of attention they get, they just love the spotlight. Excluding Michael, but he shows up with CarolE at special places, and since I think that this family didn’t just go wannabe big shots in the last minute or so that he has been basically a tool. A prop.
          Personally, and this is an American here I wouldn’t care if waity and wimpo crawled back into the woodwork and were never seen again, taking their children out of any sort of spotlight. I am so not dissin’ the kids but it seems that this ‘look at the cameras, smile, show off, and then ‘cameras are forbidden, stay away from the icky people, and unless mummy is in full makeup and hot to trot, be invisible’, would be confusing to a child. Any child. However, I’m loving the circus so yep, I’m a total hypocrite, and American to boot. It does make me sick to see the money spent, the time, and effort to make these two idiots relevant. They are benefit scroungers, they just have titles and shiny teeth.

          1. I think the DM gets a lot out of the relationship with the Middleton’s: the paper needs content, however specious, and the Middleton’s can supply all manner of it, plus access to themselves eg endless pics of Pippa and Carole. Meanwhile, the Middleton’s become the celebrities they have always wanted to be.

            I am offended by the current doco commissioned by William and Harry. It seems like a form of self-absorbed self-indulgence masquerading as public demand. Let the woman rest in peace. I’m sick of them playing this card to massage their public personas.

            1. Well, playing the Diana card seems to have backfired on them this time.

              It’s opened the door, that was tentatively closing if not outright closed, to the Diana industry that was very profitable 20yrs ago.

              They want the new generations to know their mum? Alrighty then said the media and here is a barrage of Diana interviews in her own words, books by everyone who crossed paths with her, documentaries about her. None of it painting the sainted glow they would prefer she was remembered.

              It’s horrible to say this, but they should have learnt the lessons of Jackie Kennedy’s handling of JFK. Give whatever interview they want about mummy dearest, but insist it’s published after their deaths.

              And in the meantime, say nothing publicly and simply continue her charitable works without comment.

              And don’t play the ‘mummy’ card to gain sympathy or to burnish your image.

              She hasn’t been around for 20yrs to charm the public and having not rehashed any of it for 20yrs, people had forgotten a lot of it.

              hearing and reading all these dug up gossip, from the horse’s mouth no less, or her confidants, has had the opposite effect because without her to charm the public, people see her clearly now.

              1. I was wondering what the UK response to the re-hashing of Diana would be twenty years later. Interesting to hear that there have been mind-shifts in perception to the image and that other perspectives are now in the public arena. Diana’s own words also look incredibly manipulative.

                I can understand William wanting his children to know their paternal grandmother, but why should new generations need to? This I don’t understand at all. Diana has no relevance to younger generations, only to her family’s lives. I think these men are still thinking that public affection for their mother is the same as at her death. And there’s an inherent foot-stamping petulance that demands that others with no connection to Diana feel some reverence, or something. Strange, but also creepy.

              2. Herazeus, I wondered if that would happen, this opening of Pandora’s Box. Saint Diana, as you said, isn’t around to look sad eyed and pensive, and in my opinion it was a very stupid move on the part of the ‘boys’. It was better to leave well enough alone, if I have learned more about Diana than ever from just reading this blog, God knows what else has been dug up. I don’t feel a bit sorry for William or Harry, it was a very obvious ploy to tug at the heartstrings of the public, forgetting that after 20 years some of the public doesn’t even know her. Of her yes. And they could have kept the Saint Story kinda sorta alive, but no. I didn’t watch the latest edition of this so not sure what was said, but I thought all along that it wasn’t a good idea, if for no other reason than it’s old news and enough is enough. People aren’t as easily seduced as they once were, and now “poor me, the ‘firm’ is a big meanie weenie” is less credible. She did some really outlandish things to maintain that ‘I’m such a wonderful and wounded person, and look at what they’re doing to me’ persona. This latest guck is like varnish remover.
                What totally baffles me is that William and Harry are very aware now of what was going on then, why were they stupid enough to try to pull this off. For what reason? Charles is their father and this can’t have been in any way good for his prospects of being a respectable honorable future king. Maybe I’m wrong, because I have yet to watch this latest drivel, pretty sure my curiosity will win out though.

              3. Hera, I wondered if that would happen, this Pandora’s Box type of thing. Sometimes it’s simply best to leave well enough alone, after 20 years you’re right, Saint Diana isn’t around to look sad and pensive, and the truth of her life has been out there but obscured by her good deeds. Now?Stupid move. If **I** have learned more about Diana by simply reading this blog, God knows what was dug up

            2. Kittie, thank you for your reply. Hopefully, when the house of straw gets blown apart, and it will inevitably happen, the DM will be blown away as well. Dust in the wind, a sham, a fake, an insult. I so agree that the Windsor boys were fully behind this gag fest, I seriously doubt that the members of the public care anymore, I get sick to death of JFK specials at Thanksgiving, the dude may have been our president, but he was also a womanizing cheat, and his daddy bought the election. Enuff said. The people who were old enough to remember the marriage of Chuck and Di have since moved on to other sources of distraction, and the ones who weren’t are getting the real deal w/o, as said above, the big eyed, sad, lost, innocent look that lends any credibility whatsoever to this sugary malarkey. For someone who treasures his privacy so much William certainly feels free to use the press to what he thinks is his advantage. If what he said to those children is true, Dear God, the man just as much of a fruit cake as his amoeba of a wife. Unreal.

          2. Royalsareajoke, sorry about my belated reply. I started thinking “follow the money” about a year or so ago, when the Sons of Saint Diana announced they wanted to build a statue of their mother, and asked for “donations.” Why, I thought, do they need money for a statue, on land owned by the state, when they have millions of pounds themselves to do the job? They started a deliberate campaign, with their one-off charity visits, and promises of much more to come regarding their mother. Why did Harry allow the American magazine Newsweek “unprecedented access” to follow him for a year around the world, starting at the same time. I wonder how much money went into one of their charities for this, of which there is little accountability? What was in it for him? And that disastrous interview. Why, and for what reason? And the sudden funds to fix up Althorpe? Coincidentally, the new and/or reissuing of books? And special editions? How much money were the two paid for the fairy-tale documentary, showing off very private pictures, (and incidentally showing to the world their luxury jaunts around the world, and all the “fun” stuff they enjoyed with Saint Diana? I can go on, but as there is no explanation of any charity given the “salary” William supposedly gave to for playing helicopter emergency man, why not just give up the pretense and acknowledge it went into William’s private “foundation.”

            When a spouse or partner is murdered, it is more than likely he/she was “done in” by the other spouse and partner. It’s called “follow the closest relationship.” Same with this weird twentieth, not twentyfifth, enormous planning and collaboration. Follow the money with the two. That’s all. Enormous profits are being made in Diana’s name. Just my opinion.

            1. Plus, I have always wondered if the millions in pounds, plus jewelry, etc., that Diana, at her death a private citizen, willed to her sons, was subject to the British “death” tax. What was the tax at the time? If oyals receive the proceeds of a non-royal, are they not taxed like the rest of their subjects?

            2. Now it’s my turn to say sorry for my belated response. I must agree, money is the motive behind what the ‘royals’ do. Money and supposed prestige since they consider themselves to be a whole different type of human being, seriously? Don’t touch queenie? Not to worry, personally I wouldn’t care to come that close to any of these ever so special folks:)
              Diana was no saint, and last night out of sheer nothing to do I watched a documentary on her. Penny Juror for Charles, and Team Diana writing a book via secret tapes. We’re supposed to think that between her love affair with the dude who was supposedly training her to ride a horse, and Dodi there was a blank space. No Dr. K, no Oliver. This is really challenging credibility here, in love with Dodi? I don’t know, but my thinking is that either she recovered swiftly from one of her heart breaks or details are being withheld in hopes that the sheeples are too drunk on the kool aid to question. I
              can’t know for sure, but still think that Dodi was ‘look at what you’re missing, Dr. K’, and she would have dumped him in a nano second had her plan worked. We’ll never know because well, she died.
              Massive amounts of money were made by people who used Diana, and yes it’s still happening. Billy and Harry are just using her, but in some ways I really think that as much as Diana loved her boys she was guilty of using them. But hey, they are poor motherless boys so Diana would want them to profit from being her sons. **sarcasm**

              1. Royalsareajoke,
                I feel sure little Willie and H were major characters in the broadcasting fiasco. Neither one of them have enough sense to realize that after 20 years a different perception is going to be in the mix. Emotions were out of control when she died, but now, 20 years later without hysteria involved, clarity takes over. A little thing called transparency happened and the games, manipulation, lies, malice and cheating were visible for even a half wit to recognize. Sympathy stopped and people stopped caring. W&H need to suck it up and act like adults. It has reached a level of embarrassment and C needs to put a stop to all this crap. Most of us have lost family and friends we loved and grieved for. We were given 3 days funeral leave from work and returned back to work on the 4th day. We were still grieving but we dealt with it. 20 years later these 2 boys are still whining and needing the world to grieve forever for their Mother. I’m sorry, but this is a bunch of BS. Does W think anyone wants someone who is this weak and out of touch to be their King??

                1. Phyllis, I think William and Harry commissioned the program about their mother; there were press releases about the proposed program earlier this year. Those heavy hands all over it guaranteed sophistry and indeed, that’s what was delivered.

                  I agree with you that the national hysteria has long since abated, replaced with a more measured view of all the players. Unfortunately, William and Harry live in an over-privileged bubble and I think genuinely believe the world hangs on their thoughts. Both need ongoing psychological assistance to accept that their mother was not a saint, nor does she have to be. And nor do people need or want to have her sons’ version of their mother thrust in our faces; have Brits bought it, I wonder? Or are they just waiting till we can get to September?

                  Diana was just a woman thrust into extraordinary circumstances who made unwise decisions that ultimately led to her death. It’s sad, but no sadder than any other person’s passing and the grief felt by their loved ones.

                  1. Kittie, you are on the mark. To me, it was obvious a lot of time was spent honing the content. The sophistry is what bothers me the most. The Royal family operates on deception so much, one wonders how they can keep their stories straight.

    4. +100

      Total waste of funds for doudy, classless wear especially on hunchback aged unregal waity middleton.

  3. LOL! A living Hummel figurine. Perfect!

    I didn’t mind that color on Kate, but the dress would have looked better with different accessories. It’s the same old silhouette with her, though………and it is boring. The nude pumps drive me crazy, way overdone Duchess.

    Poor Charlotte. Cute little girl, though. I’m sure she’s glad to get back home.

    Could William be any more DULL?

    1. Kate wears nude shoes for the same reason Olympic figure skaters wear beige skates, it’s an attempt to visually lengthen the line of the leg. If Kate put half as much energy into charity work as she does trying to make her legs look longer, she could accidentally help people.

        1. Oh, I did not know that about her shoes! Kate should be forced to do a walk of shame like Cersie in Game of throne for all her stupidity. And they could cut her hair a bit too….

          No, I am not that cruel. But it was a funny thought!

  4. Harry may have charisma but if he continues the way he’s going his tours will also not be very widely reported on (can you remember any standout articles from the last yo the Caribbean).
    The press started long ago putting Chopper & Chutters on a high stool so they could slowly but surely bring them down to earth…..
    George and Charlotte – I’m not entirely sure why they were taken on tour. Its not as if they did much. Furthermore, lots of parents have to travel and leave their children behind without issue – that’s why the royal family employs nannies! From a privacy point of view they have more chance of protecting their children if the children stay in the UK as not the same rules with regards to privacy law apply worldwide. It just speaks to me as if they know that if they take the kiddiwinks then they know they are guaranteed press if they don’t then the media just won’t bother especially after the way they, the media, were treated on the Asian tour of last year.
    This tour was just null and void of anything interesting…..

  5. LOL at George morphing into a Hummel figurine! Perfect! The birthday picture is adorable, and it’s nice to see that he is a happy little guy when not being used as a pr prop.

    I love the lavender color. It looks good on her, but the sugars are acting like she is some kind of other worldly goddess because it is such a hard color to wear. Um, no it’s not. My coloring is 180 degrees from Waity’s and I can wear that color just fine. Beautifully, in fact.

    “The press started long ago putting Chopper & Chutters on a high stool so they could slowly but surely bring them down to earth…..”
    Sure wish they’d hurry it up!!

    1. “Sure wish they’d hurry it up!!” Same here.
      **The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall** comes to mind and with waity waistealot on those uber high heels..
      I might have to quit smoking just so I can hang around to enjoy the fall of the House of Middleton.

    2. If George were older I’d think he was intentionally posing the way he did just to mock the photographers, and send a message to mummy and daddy that he knows exactly what’s going on.

  6. @ GingerMini, I sure wish they would hurry up to….
    I divert slightly and not sure whether it has been commented on previously in other posts however, with regards to the press, I do remember a fairly scathing Richard Palmer article written 5 or so years ago now….
    Link below…..the media are slowly but surely bringing the brats down.

    1. The problem, though, is royal correspondents need the public to continue to support the monarchy, otherwise they’re out of a job, they have to sell the fairytale. During the disintegration of Charles & Diana’s marriage, the media billed them as a loving pair to sell papers and magazines until it was obvious to anyone remotely paying attention that they loathed each other. Royal correspondents have admitted to sitting on stories of Prince William’s bad behavior growing up because he was a future king while Prince Harry was fair game. I remember one interview in which a royal correspondent turned in a story on a royal scandal that he thought was going to make his career and his editor told him he couldn’t print it, people want the fairytale, and instructed him to instead write an article on Princess Anne’s horses instead. Richard Palmer will take swings at the Cambridges but he hasn’t always been a royal correspondent, he’ll be fine career-wise if the whole thing crashes and burns.

      1. That’s a great point, Lola; no one wants to be out of a job. Too bad they can’t sell those stories & pictures to foreign newspapers, magazines, and websites just to get them published & out there. Playing both sides against the middle could be their beat. The die hard fans will never believe anything bad about the fairy tale Cambridges of course, but where there’s smoke there’s fire, and eventually, maybe, common sense will win out.

        Unfortunately, if the monarchy survives Charles, Charlotte will be in the same position as Harry. And since she is female, I can see the press being twice as vicious toward her as they were to Harry.

        1. I agree too, up to a point. But how to explain the behaviour of the Daily Mail? This is the biggest online newspaper in the world, and its recent coverage (including today – SEVEN Diana stories are leading) is sycophantic and nauseous. I stopped looking at it during the tour and now it appears I’m going to have to include the whole month of August until after the anniversary. You would think the DM doesn’t ‘need’ to kowtow to the Royals. No one knows their Reporters but still they persist in pushing this fantasy and manipulating positive comment ‘likes’ to a ridiculous extent. It’s a mystery to me, and a real irritation as the DM, along with your site Lola (!) is one of my guilty pleasures.

          1. The DM is a paper newspaper that is trying to survive in a new paradigm. They will write whatever gets them the most clicks for their website. Money money money. That explains what the DM does.

      2. The royal correspondents: seriously, had useless would you have had to be in your journalism degree to end up with that job? It seems to be nothing more than blowing sunshine up some lacklustre family’s collective arses. I think I’d want to retrain for another career.

        Lola, your story shows how under the thumb the media is when it comes to the BRF, a no-go area for investigative reporting. Though I loathe him, Murdoch is no monarchist; wonder whether he’ll go full-bore on them once Liz dies.

        1. Murdoch won’t go the whole hog on them for two reasons – 1) He hasn’t got any order from them as yet – 2) the whole reason the Leveson Enquiry came about was due to him hacking their mobile phones…..

          1. Murdoch is an avowed republican.

            Most of the royal scandals have unfolded in his newspapers.

            The Levenson enquiry came about because his papers hacked the phone of a murdered schoolgirl thus giving her family hope that she was still alive, and also impeding the police investigation.

            That was worth prosecuting over, and that was the primary goal of the enquiry.

            Not the decades- long hacking of royal phones though that added fuel to the enquiry.

            The royals hijacked the media narrative after it was proven that they had been hacked too. Prior to that, they couldn’t prove it, and settled for complaing to PCC where a story was untrue or based on provable lies.

            And once it was proven that they were hacked, THEN they put all their power behind the enquiry.

            Murdoch, like Alistair Campbell, are diehard republicans.

            Murdoch, like all other republican govts/ media figures have stated that out of respect for her remaining years, they will respect the institution. Once she dies, all bets are off!!

  7. Cue Kate fans in the DM comments either claiming she was given the outfits or that its nit the tax payer but Charles who pays for them.

    Anyway, I did laugh when the DM described the itinerary as gruelling, I’ve seen busier itineraries on Tripadvisor(‘Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St.Pauls Cathedral, lunch…’)

    Btw are Will and Kate rewriting royal rules by having princesses curtsey to non royals?

    1. Inge – that article about Charlotte ‘curtseying’ was either planted by the Lamebridges PR or the Daily Fail getting their rather large knickers in a twist. She took a tumble…..

    2. I saw some of those claims from Kate fans but I feel like overall people are being more critical this time of Kate’s tour wardrobe, maybe because a lot of it was so freaking ugly.

    3. The fans are saying that the price of her new clothing & jewelry has been grossly overestimated, and that some pieces that are being counted as purchased for this holiday, I mean diplomatic mission, are not new at all, and that she has been seen wearing them on other holidays, I mean diplomatic missions.

  8. Those poor children. I’m visualizing them 20 years from now in therapist’s offices, trying to heal from the trauma of being ready-made photo-ops for a misguided Brexit-is-GOOD-and-we’re-all-still-chummy tour. I can’t judge, as I’m from the other side of the pond, but did anyone fall for this???

      1. Agree more people have woken up to the outrageous behaviour of the two numpties … they are such a useless pair who only think about spending tax payers money

      2. Nothing as in **nothing** that those two nimrods do causes me to think that they are making a difference in terms of international relations. They’re silly, immature, and their tours are simply play time in other countries, very expensive play times. I don’t see any of the ‘royals’ being of any big deal in terms of relations between countries, they’re fascinating but really? Kate throws austerity into people’s faces, yes they are rich but it’s hardly a sign of good ‘leadership’ to have a different outfit every single day, and basically rub the people’s noses in it. She has no clue about finances or intelligent spending, slap the card down and buy whatever. Just. Because. She. Can. I don’t know for sure but I think that when queenie kicks the bucket things might change, me I think queenie was a wuss all along for the most part, but now she’s 91 and thou shalt not attack the elderly if they haven’t committed a horrendous crime. (thinking of the ancient war criminals still being held accountable). Queenie is a very petty person, and has allowed the ‘firm’ to become the “funny firm” right under her nose.

        1. So well said playtime in other countries so well said Royals. .that’s just what they do … so childish the pair of them..

        2. Their royal tours have the same consistency as a bowel movement. You know its coming, endure it, and then thankfully move on.

          Kate’s laxative beige and uniform outfits go right along with it.

    1. I’m still wondering where and when the Brexit bit happened. It can’t have been when she told Angela Merkel she didn’t speak German. Maybe it was during the rowing? Or the pretzel making? Did they lead the crowd in a “yay yay we love UK” chant? I’m sure they must have. *rolls eyes. And £26k?? Really?!?! Sometimes I want to scream and shake her. Luckily I live in the U.K. so there is absolutely no danger of her coming anywhere near me.

      1. And of course no chance that us Brits will be allowed to actually see the kids. I mean why would we, George is just our future King? Far better to show him off in Europe where he will never have any influence. No disrespect to the kids, they’re both cute, but their parents choices are as always very poor.

        1. Totally agree Birdy. If I was a British taxpayer, I’d be furious with the double standard W&K have with foreigners seeing their kids more than the British public.

          The overall treatment to Brits is G&C are too special to dwell among the ‘common’ people–probably has a lot to do with the attitude Carole brought Kate up with not to mix with others because they want to be ‘elevated.’ Ugh!

          W&K need to take their clan and go be kings of survivor island or something. They could go be K&Q of Tinuvula with their order and sash.

    2. No only the sychophants hve ..we are totally sick of the way this debarcle is allowed by her Majesty to go on……

  9. Lola you kill me!!! .y interest in the Lamebridges flatlined years ago, but I live for your Hilarious blogs. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these, I cant bear to keep up with the Cambs in any other form nowadays

  10. “Take your son to pretend work day.” Omfg. I am dying. Too perfect.

    The amount of money Kate wastes on clothes is appalling. Such a waste of resources that could go towards feeding hungry kids or helping the elderly poor. She spends like she’s Princess Diana, who actually worked and had a meaningful impact on the world. And she looks like a peep. Terrible color.

    And forgive me if I don’t fawn over two pampered children being given yet another unearned opportunity that most children never have. Millions of kids in the UK don’t have enough to eat, but by all means George should get a ride in a helicopter.

  11. What a great post yet again Dear Lola Heart.. so after this your was really Lame… What hve they actually achieved answer only is spent thousands on ugly wardrobe choices .. and to take kids on this totally absurd ..
    Us British totally sick of this farce being allowed to carry on

  12. The wardrobe spend is appalling. She has, obviously, many beautiful dresses to wear. Other Royals pair new accessories with an old dress and so on. She might wear a new suit or outfit for a State event overseas – did they even have one of those? The papers know perfectly well these two dull people are charmless – they only have the children to appear to advantage. Which is why Katevis always holding Charlotte.

  13. Yep she always holds charlotte to get out of speaking to diplomats in line waiting to speak and poor souls she barely notices they are there … this debarcle that is going on has to stop as this useless pair doing stupid pretzel making i yet again designer wear costing thousands ..this is z complete waste of UK taxpayers money its been a holiday for them going from one rowing to holding a baton for seconds how ridiculous was that and for the DM to say she was from a musical family ,,, what else can they spout out she apparently makes jam ,plays tennis 3 times a week cycles, does running , does gym , grows potatoes, has chickens , does nature walks , my oh my its about damn time she did more for humanity like see to her charities … The DM is sycophantic about her .. The truth is she will be forever a girl child its a pity she didnt do more darn work.. A days work would knock her flat as all she can do is parade i totty high heels as if on a catwalk ..
    This is not how A Royal Tour should be conducted it should be about the people not about Fashion Celebrity Driven Circus which is how the BRF has come down to with the Kardashions celebrity lookalike middlebums constantly parading in the hungry media …

  14. I keep feeling like, if she’d only shopped at LL Bean or Land’s End or even Talbot’s) don’t know what the U.K. equivalent would be), she’d end up with cheaper, but more tasteful clothes she could wear again and again. Maybe just splurge on the evening wear…

    1. She can buy expensive stuff, she just needs to buy items that can be mixed and matched and reworked with different accessories. It’s not difficult we all do it don’t we? £26k for 5 days and things that she never rewears is an absolute disgrace. HM rewears , Queen Leti did on a recent state trip, why does Kate think she cannot walk out of the house…sorry palace….without a new outfit? Spoiled brat springs to mind.

      1. When I think of what could be done with that kind of money… Yes, I’ve never heard of the Queen spending that kind of crazy money on clothes. I’m sure her outfits aren’t cheap, but they are tasteful. You know, if I were Katherine, I wouldn’t leave the house (palace) without thinking, “I’m going to be a Queen…I should dress and deport myself accordingly.”

        1. I think her thoughts tend more to “I’m going to be Queen…I can dress and act however the hell I like.”

          Unfortunately QEII, Charles, and of course, CarolE are 100% complicit in her thinking this way.

  15. Had a Eureka moment: perhaps taking the kids, apart from being props, was Waity’s and Scarole’s idea of poking Willnot’s sidechick. He maybe seeing you, but am the wife!Here’s my family, take that! Just a wild thought…you never know.

  16. There is one phrase that PW has uttered during each of these tours and I haven’t heard or read it this time. It goes something like this:
    ‘Thank you for inviting us. [This country] was on Catherine’s bucket list.’ Once, I did hear ‘[This city] was on Catherine’s bucket list.’ (PW doesn’t have a bucket list I guess).

    So does this mean that it wasn’t on anyone’s list or that they have never taken personal time to go to either country? Though, these countries primary language is not English, unlike the previous tour destinations. They could have been complimented or insulted on this tour and neither would have known it.

    1. This tour definitely felt different from the others. I think you’re probably on to something with the bucket list observation because it didn’t look like they even wanted to be there. Normally this time of year there are more Bigfoot sightings than Kate sightings, they probably weren’t too keen on having their summer fun time interrupted. Kate said very little but her wardrobe looked like it was a passive-aggressive statement. There was the arrival jewelry splurge, the PVC earrings worn with the red peasant dress that cost over $200 and the one time she wore sandals was to a concentration camp.

      1. Do you think W & K planned this tour to avoid attending Camilla’s 70th birthday or to knock her birthday celebrations off the front page?

        1. No, W+K would have had little to no hand in the tour planning, other than to insist on lots of downtime. So many different schedules and other things have to be taken into consideration that I do not think that W’s step-mother’s birthday was even considered, but I could see Waity insisting on not doing anything for *her* mother’s birthday. IIRC, Sophie & Edward attended C-P of Sweden’s wedding & missing Trooping of the Color, which is the official celebration of QEII’s birthday.

          The only holitour planning I can see Duchess Doliitle doing is making sure she has a new outfit for each event.

  17. Correction: Once, I did hear ‘[This city] was on Catherine’s bucket list’ but not on this tour.

  18. Nina, that’s a good observation. Maybe we might hear about Williams bucket list when Cathy decides to speak on these tours. In all these tours I think she’s only spoken speech’s twice? Maybe the powers that be have realised no one understands her when she does speak so have put a block on anymore speeches?
    I’ve just watched the Diana documentary. My conclusion from it all is…did we really need another documentary in the lead up to another anniversary. Now that might sound cold but there was no new information given in this programme. Whilst Charles has his issues and regrets its as if his children have forgotten that it takes two to make babies and that respect should be given to both. Furthermore, whilst Diana would tell her children to ‘be as naughty as you can be just don’t get caught’ I am sure she would be disgusted at the way in which her children are currently acting – spoilt, inconsiderate of others issues and problems and above all selfish.

  19. We thought this programme should not have been aired about Diana …
    We loved her she was the princess of hearts. .. but 20 years has passed we say let her rest in peace now.. these two spoilt boys need to man up and stop talking to the media about their grief for people who hve lost loved ones we hve to get on with life and work and feel it should not of been on tv as monarchy are supposed to stay quiet and reserved and for this display on tv its so wrong as time has moved on and its awful for Charles & Camilla at this stage in life ..
    The monarchy has been brought into a media spotlight that of celebrity culture and the behaviour of waity and her family have certainly brought it all into a downmarket situation whereas before it was of a private nature and not in media all the time’s certainly time we had a Republic with the behaviour of them being in newspapers constantly

    1. Daisy, I agree 100% with your opinions. I loved Diana, too, and followed her when she was alive. My mother and I were always royal watchers, but because I was born around the same time and married in 1981, Diana was the royal I loved to watch. It was incredibly sad when she died, and I have read almost all the biographies that have come out since. (Not “Princess in Love” by Hewitt, however.)

      I agree with you that the younger generation of the BRF has become very downmarket. I wish they would bring back the privacy and mystery. How to accomplish that? I don’t know. It’s probably not possible now. With the 24/7 news cycle, social media, celebrity-driven culture, maybe it was inevitable. I think the Swedish royal family handles it well, but that’s comparing apples and oranges.

      1. So pleased you agree as minority of sugars keep going on about waitys dresses jewellery etc.. it makes us sick that this BRF has gone so downhill and in paper saying PH is supposed to be going to marry MM then this is the end of monarchy her family are a disgrace ..drunks and bankrupts her brother put a gun to his girlfriend’s head on drugs ..well if this is the type of people going to be in BRF then we will vote for Republic …

    2. What interests me is that Diana is given more attention by the ‘firm’ now but when she was alive it seemed they wanted her to just fade away. Let it go . It’s a done deal. Sad of course, but Billy was in the presence of people who had lost loved ones, entire families were wiped out, and no offense to Diana but she could have stayed at the Hotel and not tried to play with the paps. The people I’m speaking of were torn from their families, shot, maimed, destroyed and he’s whining about losing his ‘mummy’ after 20 frikkin’ years? And he is whining as far as I’m concerned, the endless same old same old documentaries which are not going to be all that interesting or relevant to the generation coming up. 20 year anniversary? Of her death, in a car wreck, in a tunnel, with a new guy in her life but the more I read the more I think that ‘leaving well enough alone’ comes into play here. Dodi was her ‘see what you are missing’ Dr. Dude, she made choices. Very crappy choices and just because she was out and about doing good works, and I’m not minimizing this at all, takes nothing away from what she was doing at the time of her demise. I still think William is guilt ridden because they weren’t on great terms at the time of her death. I really think that ‘the row’ he had with his mother haunts him, but it’s so very normal, and in fact probably the most normal he has ever been. Teens fight with their parents, and I’m not so sure that William didn’t have an absolute right to be angry at what Diana was doing and saying. These docs are tedious reruns and as irritating and petulant as I find William it’s almost like he **can’t** move on, guilt is destructive and counter productive. Diana isn’t in line for sainthood no matter how he pushes her down the public throat. Enough already with the Summer reruns, how about a new lineup for Fall.

      1. Just to remind everyone, Mother Theresa died a week after Diana. Was completely overshadowed by Diana’s death. Where is mother Theresa’s memorial?

        1. I absolutely totally agree!! And I’m very glad you brought this onto the forum, Mother Theresa. Thank you.

    3. Lola, could you do a post about the God-awful doco that has just aired? It was called ‘Let’s use mummy again’ or “Pity party for two’…something like that.

      1. Sorry, I’m staying far away from all the Diana stuff, I find it in very poor taste. Plus since her death, her ghost seems to have visited everyone but me and quite frankly I’m starting to take it personally. 😉

        1. Oh Lola, I don’t blame you a bit for not wanting to touch Exploiting Diana month. I just wish the ever-so-private sons would keep their memories of her ever-so-private too.

            1. Oh no, meant to say that we’re in the preamble to Exploiting Diana Month which I think is August . We have the whole of next month to get through… Plus the aftermath.

              1. Bloody hell, there’s still over a month to go. Let’s just hope Paul Burrell doesn’t get his hands on a copy of “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased” and use it to summon Diana into her wedding gown like in Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.

                1. Granted i’m biased or Diana poisoned as i’d like to call it, i thought this article from the NYpost is a good reading of the Diana mythology. I think her sons still buy into that mythology because what is often left unsaid is that they were away at boarding school and or locked in the nursery being raised by nannies. Diana could swoop in as the fun parent thus they have as much insight into her as we, armchair viewers.


                  ….but my goodness, where can we hide over the next month or so?

                  Have those space rockets taken off yet. Elon Musk is a slacker for not completing his space programme sooner.

                  1. Herazeus, thank you for the link. I think this article is spot on with the myth of Diana. Wow.

                  2. Expect the Ryan Murphy show, Feud, to recount all of the legendary PR battles between C & D … And it starts in the fall.

        2. Good Heavens, I’m glad I had finished my water before I read your comment Lola. I would have been drenched. Too flippin’ funny 🙂

  20. Lola, please comment on the self-belching docu-drama on HBO. I can’t remember the name other than “Diana – the REAL Mother Teresa.” I literally glanced at the tv, and it was filled with Daily Mail pictures, and nothing more. Please make me laugh.

    1. Bellaluna, I absolutely refuse to watch any more docs on Diana. End of. However, it angers me very much to have Mother Theresa’s name associated with this. Mother Theresa , to dare to drag her name into this is an absolute insult. It’s just plain wrong, and how desperate for attention are these arrogant entitled jerks. The writers should be hanging their heads in shame for stooping so low. Yes, Lola please write about this, and maybe you can bring Mother Theresa into it in a way that shows how that comparison is crap. Just plain crap!! I would love to have this backfire and create public outrage, I can dream. I’m sputtering angry now so will head off to do some work to calm myself down, and my anger should make for a very clean toilet.

    1. All these titles and trinkets are forms of self-aggrandisement: “I’m better than you because I have the Order of the Frou-Frou” or some other hierarchical nonsense. All man-made devices to elevate one human from the next, based on nothing but personal hubris and insecurity. I wonder when people will wake up to the fact that they are being monumentally conned in funding these dolts.

      1. “Order of the Frou-Frou” . Priceless and perfect. I have a hard time believing that these dorks don’t know that they’re a running joke, it would embarrass me to no end to be fawned over and the object of gushing simply for being alive, or a great and mighty hunter whose prey had surrendered. They can’t possibly take themselves seriously, can they, I sure don’t. They do anger me, but that passes since it is what it is and until the people get fed up enough, and that’s no critique of the UK at all, they’ll continue to suck up all the goodies. My vacuum should suck so well. I agree with a poster above thread, this could make *our* elected officials look better, I mean how hard is that, but we do have the option of impeaching. It will be interesting to see what happens when the queen bee bites it.
        My newborn granddaughter gets so bored with people fussing over her and all that kissing and stuff that she goes to sleep:)

    2. I enjoyed the general confusion and hilarity when this was first announced. I think KMR covered it at the time.

      What exactly is the Tavulu order of merit and why does it exist?

      Turns out, it was created October 2016 (or thereabouts) and WK were/ are the first and only receipients for the slimmest of reasons.

      Persobally i enjoy the hell out of the absurdity of this gong.

      Now where can i get one?

      1. I’m assuming all you’d need to do is visit Tuvalu? Better get saving the pennies lol… (Hopefully my sarcasm comes through)

      2. I prefer to think of the award – suggested by sly old granny-in-law – as a metaphor to describe Kate. It is predicted that Tuvalu will sink due to climate change, never to be seen again.

        1. Lol

          So……, a post to my yet to be activated IG account and viola! I get an order of merit from Tavulu?

        1. I used to do the hiring for support staff at my old job in the entertainment industry and that’s about how many applicants I had for each listing. It was so tedious to go through, definitely not something I miss.

  21. Ugh just think they are both so childish they have a really privileged lifestyle and they whinge on and now PW has left the helicopter ambulance well they said in an article he was a co pilot not fully trained pilot as he hasn’t done the flying hours to be a pilot and he hardly ever went there to work and now he is not going at all .. just doing what exactly ?? Answer not a lot total engagements will be few and get between
    Ugh ghastly lot…

  22. I just realised why Kate is so hunched over -pilates! Too many crunches pulls the frame forward. Also, tight pectoralis major/minor can mean one can’t put their arms by their sides – only to the front. May explain Kate always holding her purse in front….

  23. So now word has it Chuck was cheating on Diana even before Chopper was born. Really not surprising, did the marriage even stand a chance, when you had Cammie always at the ready to give BJ’s?

    1. Msthang, that’s something that was made clear even before Chuck married Di. The sanitized version is apparently not so sanitized now. Before the wedding Diana wanted to back out, but her sister said ‘too late, your face is on the tea towels’ or something like that. Supposedly , and if they insist on regurgitating this crap I’m not on the ‘poor poor Di’ team. Chuckie never ever stopped porking and courting Camilla. Not before he was married, and not after. Diana was very aware of this. The marriage was a sham, queenie needed Chuckie to snag a virgin and produce little blood suckers. I find it hard to blame Camilla entirely, Chuckie was every bit as morally corrupt as she. I find it ***very interesting*** that this is news to some people, again it has been out there from day one. Stupid move, I repeat s t u p i d move on the part of whomever thought this was going to elevate Diana or bring more sympathy to the poor little motherless boys. Just knowing **how** she died is enough to debunk the myths.

      1. What you you mean about “how” she died? I know it was a horrendous auto accident, and no one was wearing a seat belt other than the bodyguard…

        1. Wildknitter, she did indeed die in a car wreck. She was using and this is my opinion, Dodi, to make her former fed the hell up lover Dr. H (can’t spell his name) jealous. She not only allowed the paps to take pictures on that trip, she called them over and flat out posed for them. A beautiful dive into the water. She and Dodi had dinner at a hotel his father **owned**. There was no need whatsoever for them to leave. Also, the route the driver took was the long way to Dodi’s apartment, no need to careen thru that tunnel at all. So, she didn’t have to be on the road, Dodi was a tool, the car was going at high speed which she or someone could have stopped with a ‘slow the hell down’, she knew the paps were out and about, so that to me demolishes the myth of Diana’s Tragic Death. Preventable. Absolutely preventable. Hope that explains what you are asking, I was riveted to the tv throughout, and all this was public knowledge. This is why I can’t climb aboard the ‘Saint Diana Died Because She Was An Outcast’ train. She did have to option for RPO’s as well.
          I still remember one news caster saying “why not say slow down aveux” which may not translate exactly right, but was absolutely down to earth. Preventable. Diana et al made some very stupid choices that night, and she wasn’t the only one who paid with her life.

            1. There was Dr Hasnat Khan, but then was also Oliver Hoare… the latter was married I think. Unwise to resurrect old memories, better destined to fade.

              1. Agree Kittie. Yes, thanks, Dr. Khan was the person to whom I was referring, but don’t remember Oliver Hoare, yep, another prime indication that the Whining Windsor Lads really should have ‘let it be’.

                1. Oliver Hoare is a married art dealer friend of Charles. After he broke off his affair with Charles, Diana started phone stalking him by calling his family home incessantly. His wife became very alarmed after being bombarded by over 100 calls (per the i itial investigation) and called the Police to stop it.

                  Only for the Police to halt the investigation when they realised the calls were traced to Diana’s KP number and or phoneboxes near KP.

                  She was let off with a caution.

                  Ps: the days of phoneboxes and landlines……lol

                  1. Stalking much? A married man. And whining all over the place about her ‘unloving cheating husband’? Seriously?
                    A title gives someone the right to do this? I guess any good soap opera has to have a heroine (poor poor mistreated Diana) and a villain, (Camilla the homewrecker) appear to star in this ongoing one. **Think double standard. Think higher standard. Think period.**
                    (Not talking to you, just sayin’ that for me this is the reality, the unvarnished truth).
                    Off to read the article, thanks for the info:) **snicker**
                    Oh, we’re just barely into August so who knows but that the ‘Whining Windsor boys, in particular poor motherless Billy, might go so far as to dig Diana up, have her stuffed, put up a toll booth, and charge peons for a glimpse. Of course any proceeds would go to charity. I know, gross and disgusting, but I’m so cordially sick of the ‘attempt to all but canonize this woman’ that I’m beginning to dislike her. Again. That makes me wonder about myself.

            2. He would be the one:) She even visited his family to attempt to ingratiate herself, and he wasn’t having any part of it. He was done.

  24. Good gracious can’t believe that Waity goes to Passchendale (sorry if spelt wrong)..Menin Gate where thousands lost lives. .. and she wears white had on coat dress …does this numpty not hve any sombre respect in her bones ..
    Everyone was wearing navy black etc out of respect …
    She is unbelievable …

    1. …And at least she could have responded with a nein, when the German Prime minister asked if she spoke German. Total embarrassment!

  25. Can’t believe sychophant DM is printing photos of Waity in cream at Menin Gate where she should have been in navy or black ….
    She seems to be in dolly airhead land and thought she was going to a wedding not to a place where thousands of men lost their lives … This airhead Bimbo is a disgrace to our country … The monarchy now is definitely just fashion celebrity culture no more and should be disbanded for a Republic as The Queen is not sorting these two idiots out..

    1. Oh for the Love of God, she did it again? Guess I’ll go looking for this. It has been very very hot here so I have little else to do, rather no energy. The monarchy is a flat out running comedy show, as someone else said ‘a soap opera’. Queenie has no pity or sympathy from me, I do however respect the work she did as a young woman, no slacker there. Honestly, I think that the queen is unable to reel these two fools in, that she’s tired and has Phillip to concern herself with. No matter what she and Phillip deserve a bit of peace in their last remaining years here. Speaking as a human being, not as a ‘fan’. And I’m plumb out of nice so headed off to check out the latest Kateastrophie.

    2. I totally agree.

      So much disrespect lack of inyelligence, lack of care and duty to the country.

  26. I have to admit, I think she’s lost in Little Girl world. Not sure how to act, dress appropriately and above all else appear like a grown up. Again today, another outfit some would question appropriate and smiling like a Cheshire cat….

  27. And of course the sugars are falling all over themselves fawning about how beautiful, regal, appropriate, etc Kate looked. Much like the fuschia coat at the WTC Memorial (and a black coat to visit a day care the next day) and strappy sandals at Stutthof, she could probably show up in her jeggings at Menin Gate and her fans would exclaim that she is dwelling on the positives and helping the world to move on from these atrocities.

    1. Fucshia??? To our WTC Memorial? I don’t get why there aren’t advisors telling her what makes sense to wear and when. Especially seeing as she’s supposed to be representing the royal family and her country.

      1. Yep. Google ‘Kate Middleton at WTC Memorial’ if you want to see her in all her hot pink splendor. Her defenders say it was fine because it was just a visit not an official ceremony or remembrance, tourists wear worse, and even HM wore a floral dress when she visited. What they forget is that HM was there to dedicate a garden to the memory of the British victims of the attack, so a floral print was entirely appropriate, and actually a nice touch.

        I agree that they have advisors but don’t listen to them. Most adults know what is appropriate and what isn’t without a team of advisors, so I can only conclude that WillNot and KanNot are more clueless than the average bear, don’t give a toss, or are having fun seeing how far they can push the envelope. Or a little of all three? And Charles & QEII continue to let them get away with it, and the syncopatic press/fans are there to kiss their butts.

    2. I love how suddenly white is a colour of mourning in Asian and Muslim cultures and that’s why Kate is the only one wearing a white outfit in Belgium. And then the next day wearing a dress that was altered from the original design to have a heart over her crotch. Please this is no coincidence. She thinks this is some bizarre game. I bet it’s how she tries to keep Will interested.

  28. Have been talking to a number of people about willnot and waity and the amount of people who said to us …what petulant and no intelligence of a pair they are.. and was totally surprised really as British when they all said the time has come for a Republic as these two drones do not cut it at all in Monarchy …
    so they all said they would vote them out…so times are changing for a Republic they cant rest on their laurels the public are sick..

  29. I suspect they do have advisers that try…however, when these two ignore what they advise, they level. Hence the crazy turnover of staff in their office. Be interesting to see how long Cannots new GirlFriday lasts now that Deacon has stepped down…..

    1. I bet she stays to see what’s going on and then get fed up of the two arrogant numpties… she is so much older than Deacon which could be tiring running around after the two lazies. they just do absolutely nothing … except give orders … they both need a kick up their backsides ..

    1. Typo yes, but level might work. To be around these nimrods for any length of time would pitch anyone off balance:)

  30. When does Kate ever dress appropriately since joining the royal family? The moment I saw her wedding gown, my first thought was she looked like a Fembot from the first Austin Powers movie. Her bodice darts were odd, combined with the low neck and dark orange skin. I dragged my husband to London for the wedding, as I was a dye-in-the-Sleeping Beauty avid royal watcher. Loved every minute, truly, had a blast, including being interviewed for tv (“crazed American royalist”) and almost swooned when William and Harry came out the night before to greet people in front of Buckingham Palace. They looked as excited as everyone else. Alas, the evil fairy came and cast a spell, and the fairy dust washed away on these two. After drinking the “tea” I discovered this site, the rabid Daily Mail, KMR, and when Hello! magazine (yes, I have a subscription) showed picture after picture of a non-photoshopped Kate in one issue, literally showing her pitted skin, moles, and more, I finally had a come to reality, spit out the Kool Aid tea moment.

    I think there are many people out there like me in my pre-reality life. I think Kate has deep psychological problems with her constant negative attention-getting clothes, and doesn’t care about anybody else’s thoughts or feelings. She deliberately wore sandals at the concentration camp. She wears white at a memorial, knowing her syncophants will give her a pass. Her no-underwear policy at her fly-ups on trips abroad. I hate to blame Carole for everything, as I think she has many Daddy issues, too. My father would have died of shame if any of his daughters waited for a man, no matter his title or bank account. He taught us to be independent, self-made women, and my mother gave us the brains and confidence to be whatever we wanted, and laugh at “no.” I am sickened by her parents, and blame them, not William, for who she is today. Needy. Attention seeking. Scared of William. No curiosity or interests that anyone knows of, outside of bleach clothes, tennis and vacations.

    1. +1 million to your second paragraph Bellaluna. So glad you spit out the Kool Aid before it was too late :- )

      1. Agree, and yes thankfully you did spit out that kool aid. Just for the record, my dear sweet mother had the morals of a tadpole, my father sold me for $200.00, and I won’t go into detail about what hell I lived. However, I chose to get help, to forge my own path, and had every right to wear white down the aisle to marry the man I love. Euff about me, the point is that we have free will, we can make choices, and we are ***not*** bound by others stupidity or ambitions. It’s not easy to break free, but it is possible. I remember an article about Kate’s loving her bed, the spring count and now I wonder if that wasn’t a ‘we’re so in love and still sleep in the same bed’ pr generated bunch of hooey. Any ideas?

  31. Bellaluna. except I give Mr. Mike a pass, I don’t think he ever saw his daughter the way his wife molded her. No wonderful father wants to see his daughter treated like a tramp!

    1. But is Mike a wonderful father? He is too often absolved as a passive bystander in his own family’s society machinations. Has he no voice in his family? Given his acquiescence we have no reason to believe Mike Middleton is anything but complicit in how his family operates and approves his daughters’ relentless pursuit of wealth and status via well-connected men vs earning their own way in life.

    2. Msthang, there are many fathers in this world who sell their daughters into slavery for a pack of cigarettes. Michael is fifty percent responsible for allowing his daughter to become William’s “mattress.” He is not Carole’s wind-up toy. In fact, I think it is incredibly misogynistic to blame Carole for everything. Sometimes I get an icky feeling when I read about “the former Carole GOLDSMITH, the daughter of snobby Dorothy, with her hooded eyes and dark, swarthy skin.” Michael is creepy, in my mind, to teach his daughter that it is okay to lend out her body, as long as it’s to a future king. Just because Carole is seen more often with her daughters, which is perfectly natural, does not mean he was not involved in creating the pathos, at least to me, of sad women.

    3. msthang, I love your posts, but can’t agree with you on the quiet shadowy puppet who appears at functions with his wife and then disappears again. Mike is a pww and I can’t say those words. Been there, done that. I took charge of my own life at a very early age since the dolts who were supposed to ‘look after me’ were brain dead ignorant morons. (I didn’t like them). Mike has no backbone, he’s just another of CarolE’s puppets at best, or as greedy and avaricious as she just lower key. He was in Kate’s life long before William, and since girls tend to favor their father…well.. just a thought. No one forced that big house down his throat. I better get off this forum before I manage to irritate everyone, sorry msthang:(

      1. All three Middleton offspring bought into whatever family values were inculcated. As adults they can reflect, accept or reject and then choose their own paths, which they have. I find such people who hanker after fame, other people’s wealth and status all rather wearying and sad. Sad because our world holds up such people to the light, and wearying because as humans we have so far to go.

  32. How is a father supposed to stop his daughter, when lets face it if you don’t put out you don’t date. Bottom line there are no real gentleman. Did not Carly Massey Birch tell Chopper, she wanted to wait till married, are you kidding he dropped her like a hot potato! Chutney was sneaking down to Chopper’s dorm room, Carly wouldn’t have stooped to that level. Bottom line Chopper is no gentleman and Chutney is definitely no lady, how is a father to stop his daughter, and especially if wife has her eye on the crown! Besides that the whole royal thing has all but destroyed he and Carole’s marriage!

    1. All pimply, horny 19-year William deserved was a hole in the wall. That guy has been a vile toad all his life.

      But it’s not a matter of a father stopping his daughter from having sex, but rather instilling self-respect so that she knows her value is greater than being an all-hours shag until someone better comes along.

    2. I was not raised in the Middleton household. However, teaching your children to respect themselves is taught at an early age, at least in my family. We were taught, or absorbed the values, that if you allow yourself to be used, you will probably believe that the world around you feels the same; not to be seen as anything more than yourself, and probably much less. It is projected as entitlement, self-absorption and disinterest.

      After age eighteen, at least in America, you are legally an adult. My parents said the mistakes I will make belong to me alone, they did their best, and good luck! I did my share of foolish stuff, but at least they were mine, and I never repeated any stupidity. Or whined or complained that it was my parents fault. Kate had her parents full support and backing to demean herself in front of the world, not me in a college dorm. They actively gave her encouragement in her humiliating, sad quest to be William’s wife, for ten years.

      I think the best thing now is for us to accept that Kate is Kate. Hopefully she will have a stronger staff headed by a woman who has an impressive resume, her high salary paid by Charles, and will not be afraid to whip her and William into shape. We should look to see positive changes, and no more six week disappearances. I want to think so, at least.

    3. Dang, I almost made it to another site but your post caught my eye. Chutney snuck out to Chopper’s room? I still haven’t any use for Mike, he didn’t have to go to the wedding, he doesn’t have to play nice, he didn’t have to kow tow to Chopper, or even let his royal behind into his house. Who brings home the cheese in that house, or the toast to spread it on? This has become almost personal for me, he could have stopped this train by not playing along. Now I’m getting all worked up again, so headed off to somewhere else until I cool off. Sorry some more, but it’s fun to duel:) We here harm no one, we here aren’t sucking off the taxpayer’s dime, and I would venture to say it would be downright boring if we all had the same pov. Tell me more about ‘sneaking out’. I’m such a closet voyeur.

  33. But Mike was so much fun when the Middleton kids were growing up–Pippa said so! Remember she said he would dress up–sometimes as a Sumo wrestler– on Christmas mornings (a symbol I’m sure many associate with the Christmas holiday 😉

    Mike does look like a “nice guy” in photos. But I do wonder about his psychological makeup. If he withdrew (except for fun and games and Christmas costumes) and let Carole control everything about their children’s upbringing that doesn’t let him off the hook for the result. Knowing more about his early life relationships might provide some understanding. Will seems like such a petulant child who had to be pursued for 10 years (while he publicly said Kate was “boring” and he screamed he was happy to be free from her during breakups.) Pippa’s eventual husband reportedly pined for her for 10 yrs, trying to entice her with free Middleton family vacations to his family’s resort, all while she worked her way through several publicly embarrassing breakups with other men. And then there is James Middleton, a seemingly permanent adolescent with odd business ventures including his current expensive and narcissistic marshmallows.  All of that makes me wonder about how the Middletons view the “ideal man,” beyond finances.

    1. Hmm… the ‘ideal man’ in Middleton terms seems to be rather black and white, comprising (a) wealth (b) connections (c) title preferred, but not a deal breaker. They are full-blown victims of the class system, carbon copies of Hyacinth Bucket from ‘Keeping up Appearances’.

      Clearly, a prospective son-in-law can publicly humiliate their daughter, cheat on her, keep her hanging for years, and use her body at whim while still keeping an eye out for someone better, so respect is not a deal-breaker either.

      1. Mike may-be weak but no man wants his daughter treated like a tramp, although Carole wouldn’t have any problems with it as long as their was something in it for her!!

        1. This man didn’t seem to mind his daughter being treated like a tramp. He’s always presented a united Middleton front. I don’t think it’s all Carole’s fault- he’s a parent too and clearly cosigned on the values with which they raised their children. Any man who does not stand up for his daughter is weak, IMO.

        2. Doubt he minded. Carole and Mike lent William and Kate their master suite to bang it out when they got back together, as Carole invited William as Kate refused as she for once had a backbone and was done with how he treated her. Mummy and Daddy made sure she kept William happy.

          1. Think both mummy and daddy were both deleriously drunk on Royal fever. Obviously, both wanted to be Royal by marriage as much as Crazy Kate. Yes, I do think Kate is crazy.

          2. Think both mummy and daddy were deleriously drunk on Royal fever. Obviously, both wanted to be Royal by marriage as much as Crazy Kate. Yes, I do think Kate is crazy.

            1. I must agree Phyllis, although rather than crazy I would term it as having some serious mental and emotional issues, Kate. I think her family is riddled with this, her mother’s desperate need to climb the social ladder, her ignorance as to the fact that no matter what she’ll never be accepted there, tolerated because of waity’s status, but accepted, never. In fact she might not dare to leave any function since there might just be tittering and sniggering after she left. Mike is a wuss. Plain and simple. A tool. Pippa? Spinning her wheels, trying to cash in on her sister’s successful hunt, thinking that this was all that was needed, forget talent or ability. And marshmallow boy. How many times does he have to tank before he clues in to his being on the wrong road, he hasn’t business sense in my opinion.
              I agree that mummy and daddy were both drunk on ‘royal’ fever but the days after can be very sobering, so now they may have to resort to other means of escaping the reality which must suck for them, or escaping to a place where their reality is their very own, and live in a fantasy world .

    2. I hope it’s true that more work — and impressive work will be a result of the hiring of Ms. Quinn. Still, it is hard for me to totally agree that this is the answer. Somehow, William will find a way to ensure that the cracking of the whip is not permanent, or even semi so.

      1. If she dares to question him or tell him what he doesn’t want to hear he’ll tell his mummy on her. Never mind that Diana has been gone for almost 20 years (God forbid I should mess with the exact date and time of her demise), CarolE will take his side. He can do no wrong. The Middletons et all disgust me, as in blech!! This brave or delusional woman coming on board doesn’t stand a chance with ma in the mix. The ‘firm’ is finito as far as I’m concerned, they still live in the palaces and castles, still prance about like show ponies doing ‘charitable’ work, but as I’ve said, they are ‘benefits Britain with titles and wealth’. That will never change for me, and I can speak only for myself. Who knows, maybe this woman can effect change, I shall be watching with interest.
        Saw where queenie’s top aides quit. Shocker, since I thought that any change would happen after she kicked the bucket. No sympathy, queenie blew her chance to be the ‘boss lady’ and now she’s seeing that some people aren’t ‘yes’ people. Must have really thrown the old girl for a loop. (old doesn’t excuse past behavior or past lack of action, she’s very old but she wasn’t always.) Britain has suffered imo a lot due to this.

        1. royalsareajoke, I always want to cancel my comments about my personal family life, and how idyllic it may appear to others. I am in awe of people like you (maybe not your royal comments) who had terrible upbringings and yet made meaningful lives for themselves.

          I loathe any person, parent, guardian, whatever, who cannot treat an innocent child, teen or adult with basic human respect. When I read the cruel, only-insane comments about Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s looks, I see a sick, abusive person behind the words.

          My Daddy said he would rather have respect than love; there cannot be love without respect. Every human being not just deserves, but is to be demanded, respect.

          I do not want to go into more detail. I hope you, and other people as adults, have the happiness that was denied in childhood.

  34. Yes Hyacinth Bucket is a very appropriate name always on the climb no matter who they trample on along as they get wealth from the respective husbands… Golly so many people hve said to us they are so so sick of seeing Poor Diana spread over the newspaper pages. They have no shame its disgraceful poor Diana died 20 years ago.. LEAVE Her Alone to be at peace .. They are making money from her even after her death .. its so abominable
    we hate it

    1. I do not know who Hyacinth Bucket is; however, I read an article that stated “Hyacinth” is one of the Queen’s favorite characters, and laughs about the character while eating dinner in front of her telly. Does anybody think she might call Kate “Hyacinth” behind her back, and is a reason Kate hasn’t received any orders? I wonder if the show can be seen on tv or youtube -I will search.

        1. Thank you. “Bucket to Bouquet” reminds me of how Diana’s brother, not too long after her death, announced that “Althorp” which had always been pronounced “Altrup” will now “officially be pronounced ‘Al thorp'” so that the great un-washed masses will be able to find the Earl’s money-making Diana ancestral home (although she did not spend too much time there) and the gift shop.

        2. Yes, CarolE ***snicker*** And that show is a hoot, I ran across it once but pretty much lost interest. Every now and then I watch an episode, and for sure you’re spot on with **think CarolE**.

  35. And now we have photos of PH and the actress in Botswana on holiday … Think this will all end in tears as her family not suitable for BRF as either is she … Whats wrong with an English lady to go out with PH. . Why an American Divorceee ….
    she is all out for title and money …
    if he didnt have title and in BRF she wouldnt be interested ..
    Think if this goes on then he should walk away from BRF and all the taxpayers funded lifestyle and priviliges …

    1. I think there are only three words to describe any and all actions of the Three Musketeers: They Don’t Care.

      They don’t care. They don’t care. They don’t care.

      Three words to answer every question.

      1. And “Freckles” will be the d’artagnan.

        I don’t care. I don’t care since Katie wore sandals to the concentration camp.

        Why care anymore?

        1. But I will give my opinion, of course. I love history, and I feel I am living through a very low point of the British monarchy. I hope/ bet on the royals surviving, as I truly believe they represent Great Britain, and after all, they know how to do parade and pagentry, as no other country in the world comes close. Plus banquets, ribbon- cutting, jewels and more. They are the symbol of their country, and represent what should be the best of their country.

          For all the snorters and basher, myself included many times, I feel the family represents continuity in a world now loosened of every tradition, as long as it “feels good” for a moment in time. One has to see the long picture.

          I just don’t give a damn about the two men, KatieKrazy, and their anti-social, quite sickening, incredibly stupid, worthless, no meaning of the joy of giving, lives they lead. I think the best thing for them and their country is to break down the hours per pound, maybe pence, they work. Look at each helicopter jaunt and see where, to, and for what? Then give them their government salary. And cut off their ties to their rich bratty friends, and cut KatieKrazy’s umbilical cord to Middletons, and stop the growth of the “twin” syndrome, a baby attached to its twin (William) and cut the growth off.

          People call them workshy, and look at Princess Anne’s work. Well, Princess Anne does not have the interest of the media. She just goes, and goes and goes. Why not highlight her? She doesn’t like the media, they leave the “frump” alone, and thus her untitled kids have no royal duties but do live a royal life behind the scenes.

          1. Well, I certainly am happy that you are not going to stop giving your opinion, Bellaluna:) I think that if we all stopped commenting and carrying on that would play right into the Lambridges game plan and they would continue to suck off the public and do as they please.
            Oh, you are so right. No one does pageantry like the British, no one. Traditions, the beauty of the historical buildings, and art are truly treasures. I love Britain the country, and totally respect those who view the ‘firm’ as an integral and important part of history and the nation. I have my own opinions, but that’s all they are, and I’m enjoying the ‘longest running soap opera/reality’ show ever. And I am not the first one to admit that it’s escapism from the mess the US is in.
            If you want a laugh, or a gag fest might I suggest this you tube video…

            1. royalsareajoke, thank you. The robotic voice is an improvement on Kate’s: “I am eating toast with jam, upper class jam, not jelly – turn page, and thus – damn my beautiful hair – and thus I cannot, and William-not -what are you saying in my ear – what? What? turn page, continue with – that buzzing in my ear, for Christ sake! – my speech until I have swallowed all that my loving husband – cough – no need for whata, water! – has bestowed upon me. Into me. What? Hello? No, not the magazine, ffs, –

    2. I had a glance at a news article about Harry and Meghan in Botswana and thought, here we go again. These two are not known for their fidelity, didn’t both of them break up with their significant others to ‘be with each other’? Seems that they toss their love interests aside like old news and suddenly find themselves head over heels in love. That, on a psychological level makes no sense to me, in fact it sounds like they can just move on swiftly. I agree, w/o that title and prestige Harry would be just another dude and Meghan would have no “use” and I do mean **use** for him. I don’t know for sure of course, maybe it is ‘true love’ but so fast? The only way to really know is if Harry renounced the goodies, title, and status for her, and she stayed with him. Not going to happen. I’m waiting for the time when people scream ‘you don’t like her because_____ fill in the blanks, there are so many possible fillers. She’s an actress, she’s divorced, she’s American, etc. She is also very ambitious and the little hints that she left on twitter? or one of those new fangled ‘spread the news but you’re just hinting and baiting the public’ sites. That says a lot.
      In one of the docs about Diana there was a little segment that intrigued me, she was photographed in a bikini while pregnant with William. She was horrified, and I believe that she was indeed appalled. I wonder if that’s why ‘flash a lot’ got ‘caught’ on a balcony in France, and she too was ‘horrified’. Yeah right.
      I think waity will stick around, she has the title, the attention, the card to buy whatever she wants, and no where else to go. She doesn’t strike me as a person who cares about much, as said above. Simply doesn’t care.
      Now if William bolts and it’s made public I think it will totally devastate Kate since all she is is a title, a gaudy ring, a show pony, and a default wife whose womb has done its duty. I wouldn’t put it past William to make sure he gets caught messing around, it would in effect let him keep the wealth but get rid of the expectations. Seriously, I think he would be flat out relieved.

    3. Rumor is that the relationship ended awhile ago. The Africa photos are as badly photoshopped as the pictures of him taking her to the wedding.

        1. I must agree msthang, and if they weren’t wouldn’t Harry have a problem with the mean old press **using** old pictures of poor defenseless picked upon Meghan? Hot and heavy may not be a bad thing, it may just be lust and infatuation which will burn out inevitably if that’s all there is to a relationship. She’s a bit too old for that to be ‘all there is’ and his title gives him access to…well….umm. **whispers** certain kinds of females.

      1. That is tumblr nonsense. The Sun isn’t going to publish photoshopped photos of them because there would be an instant lawsuit from the BRF. Harry already complained about the Jamaica photos and those were real.

        They are still together and people need to accept that.

        1. Heck, I couldn’t care less if they’re together or not. Yes, if these were out there from previous times, I thought the same as you, some serious howling from H***y Harry. I don’t know Meghan, I know about her but there is no way I would ever decide that she’s vile because of her family. She is a person in her own right, and hasn’t any control over her DNA. Besides, all we know is what the tabloids are spouting, and for the most part their intent is to sell papers and they take liberties in terms of hyperbole.
          In thinking about this the ‘firm’ is hardly above anything, they just sanitize it and spin things to their advantage, so as far as fitting in? Meghan may not have the ‘finishing school act all proper and know all the archaic rules and acceptable (for public consumption) behavior,’ but she’s hardly any less suitable because of that. In fact the ‘firm’ has no call to deem anyone less than suitable considering their antics and foibles. I go back to thugs with tiaras and titles, leeches. Meghan may not be a super star, she may not be the prim and proper type, but she has made her own way, however the less than pristine manner in which she did. What the heck, maybe her acting background will help her if things evolve into something more serious.

    4. Wow,. What is wrong with Meghan that does not make her suitable for the Royal Family? Because she is an American? Because she is divorced? Both? I am not sure how I feel about her, but I certainly think she has more of a caring nature and more work ethic than Kate. And, if I recall properly, Kate is British and not divorced. So, I’m just wondering…..

      1. Cassandra, she has the media savvy and smarts to outshine Kate and William. KW will not like her energy and sparks. It will mean they will have to up their game, which means William will have to do more, and Kate give an articulate speech. Maybe she is the Queen’s and Prince Charles’ secret weapon/plot to finally get the laziest of lazies off their arses (Harry included). Who knows, but it will be interesting no matter what, if Hopeless Harry marries Meghan.

        1. But will Meghan be able to gee Harry off his arse (and why should she, the guy is 33 years of age ffs) or will she fall victim to the uber pampered life of doing little, with a palace PR team presenting whitewashing all?

          1. I have no idea what can be done with getting them off their arses, other than the Queen putting the trio of W, K & H in The Tower of London. Tourists will be able to see them in their cells, for 100 pounds? A picture with one an extra 100 pounds? Three for the special price of 250 pounds? Then their tax-paying subjects can see the tourist money they truly bring into their country.

            1. Bellaluna, I really think the Queen sees her role as shoring up her family’s privileges for as long as possible, courtesy of the public. The public sees the Queen’s longevity and duty as admirable qualities, turning a blind eye to her family and the ludicrous expense of maintaining them.

              1. Even non-royalists respect and admire the Queen’s lifelong dedication and service to her country. Prince Charles, at least to me, has shown his hard work, and accomplishments. But how many people are blind to W, K &H? Perhaps the British have gone to Specsavers? I believe the Royal family will endure only if the middle-aged Three Musketeers stop talking about “keenly stepping up” and actually start running up the steps.

                1. The ‘boys’ use the public’s affection for their mother as a shield; recent whinging may have dented that somewhat. Add in wives, cute children and crack PR to paint a positive picture and the public is easily blinded to their sloth. Demonstrated reluctance so far in stepping up to their roles in full throated fashion indicates that they won’t if they can get away with it – just a few campaigns, some cherry-picked fun events, with some holi-tours thrown in for good measure will be all that they do and still expect limitless funds. Whether the public will wear that in times of great social and political upheaval, who knows?

                2. Dear Bellaluna most of British think Waity is soo unitelligent and also just arm candy ..
                  no more than fashion coatpeg ….
                  She railroaded her way into BRF by getting her social climbing mother to keep arrogant petulant billy into marrying her as she never did anything of substance like a proper job and has never matured … God help Britain if they ever get any further in BRF.. Charles &Camilla should sort the two lazys out as they are a diabolical mess when they go abroad on so called Royal Holidays /Tours. .. they treat every trip as a holiday …

                  1. When I think of arm candy, I think of someone much more glam than Kate. To me, she’s bland enough to suit William’s intentions of not marrying a woman who would shine as brightly as his Mum did.

                    1. I tend to agree with both you and Daisy. Arm candy, for sure that’s what waity katie considers herself to be, preening and flirting, but is she? No, she’s more like a dress up doll that William brings out to entertain the people at engagements, and then packed away until the next time.
                      I am waiting for the implosion, I can’t say anything about integrity on the part of the ‘royal suck ups’ since jobs are scarce, and the ‘firm’ is akin to a British Mafia so it could be downright dangerous to go rogue and tell the truth, or not print the rubbish at this point in time. People do what they have to do, and the ‘firm’ has become such a running reality show with huge comedic components that it’s no big deal right now. Hopefully, in the future the truth will come back to bite the entire lot of them in their ‘royal rumps, and their lifestyle will no longer be paid for by the public until such time as they give a little bang for the buck’. And become transparent, people have a right to know where exactly their money goes right down to the last penny. This mystique and specialness is smoke and mirrors for living lavishly off of the public, at least that’s my thought.

    5. I find this comment about Meghan not being suitable for marriage to Prince Harry rather horrible. It boggles my mind that in today’s world a divorcee would be considered by many to be an unsuitable bride for Harry. Oh, but I forgot, she’s an American, too. Bad. Very bad.

      You seem to be rather critical of Kate, Daisy. But, Meghan, who does not seem work shy, and who has had a career of her own, is unsuitable. She’s a gold digger and Kate is not? Or, was not? It makes no sense to me, except that there still is a pretty strong amount of prejudice in some parts of the world. Meghan not good enough for Harry? Her American blood the reason, I am sure. I won’t go further, but this kind of comment makes me very sad.

      1. Yes we have our opinions and it is not sad … we find her to be an exhibitionist in the enth degree … regards MM well look at her family bankrupts .. it doesnt bother me thst she is American we have nothing against anybody but when it comes to the BRF this should be kept as such with no celebrity divorcees allowed..
        it has now come down to a celebrity circus …
        whats wrong with Harry going with a good English lady there are plenty of very suitable ladies available for him ..who have much better credentials for Royalty than celebrity MM
        we are entitled to our opinions Jenny …
        so we will say what we think ..

        1. I never said you were not entitled to your opinion. I just expressed mine. We are all free to disagree. No celeb divorcees allowed sounds a bit too restrictive to me, but then I am an American. Kate, I will repeat, is British. Was never married and look at the stellar way she is repping the Royals. And, she is your future Queen Consort.

          Meghan is an actress and that could be to the disdain of some. She’s also divorced and an American, so I think others will not like that either. However, when it comes to knowing what work means and what it means to work to help the less fortunate, I think she has it rings around Kate and your future heir, William.

          In today’s world, it seems that if Harry does indeed love her and she loves him, good for them. I don’t see her as a gold digger. Now, Kate, Pippa, etc. Yes, the gold digging description fits.

          I was just hoping that there were no other undertones in your post.

          1. Jenny, I know your post wasn’t in response to one of mine, but honestly I see absolutely nothing in Daisy’s post that would have the undertones I think you mean. I just don’t. 🙂 At this point the **firm** is a joke, the mystery is gone, and as an American I agree with the bumper sticker I saw the other day “when you elect a clown, expect a circus” so I’m wondering if a lot of what the British posters are feeling is a major letdown. Queenie has been around forever, the traditions have been in place, and now? I don’t know which country is a bigger mess, but maybe the British are still reeling from the march of the Middletons and simply can’t take anymore. Just a thought and I absolutely do not even a little bit presume to speak on behalf of the British posters. I just see nothing in Daisy’s post to indicate any undertone, and I’m uber sensitive to that for personal reasons, but I could be wrong about what you meant. If so, I apologize for butting in.

            1. I did not say there were undertones, royalsareajoke, I said I hoped there were not. You did not butt in. You are entitled to your replies, too.

              I was put off by the initial post and my American pride has gotten in the way. I hated to think that an American woman — who is divorced — might not be considered good enough for the British Royals.

              When people constantly complain about Kate’s gold digging and her lack of having a work ethic, my major point will always be, at least Meghan has a major work ethic and humanitarian interest. And, I think Harry loves her American, divorced, and all.

              I did not wish to insult Daisy. Just wondered and hoped there was nothing else beyond her comments.

              1. Jenny, I apologize. I read way too much into your comment, and yes, actually I did butt in. I thought that perhaps, and I’m going out on yet another limb here, that Meghan’s skin color was/is a problem. I’m uber sensitive to that, I have a very bi racial family and with what’s going on here in the South I opened my big fat yap when I should not have. If Meghan’s being an American is an issue I go back to my contention that the ‘firm’ hasn’t any right whatsoever to judge, their behavior is disgusting and reprehensible. And absolutely, Meghan does have accomplishments of her own. I am going to end this comment with I can see both your side and Daisy’s, not that there is an argument but two different points of view. I so wish I could retro zip my mouth since now I’ve probably managed to alienate both of you:(

                1. I really don’t see why the public assumes MM’s being mixed race, divorced, non- CoE, American actress is a problem.

                  It doesn’t reflect the BRF’s history. Wallis Simpson is a red herring. It was a one off set of circumstances that clouds the reality.

                  Wallis Simpson’s American-ness was used against her *because* there was a concerted effort to discredit her and any differences were played up as pejorative. These are specific to her and not general policy.

                  Americans have never been turned down as prospective brides, just Wallis. We have a very good, if venal, relationship with American brides especially aristocrats marrying American women for their money at the turn of the century.

                  Winston Churchill’s beloved mother was American. Diana’s maternal great grandmother was American. Our first female MP, Lady Astor, was American.,_Viscountess_Astor

                  As for our current royal family, there are plenty of foreigners. Starting with Prince Philip who is Greek. The Duchess of Gloucester is Danish. Princess Michael of Kent is German. The Kents’ mother, Princess Marina was Greek.

                  In the young royals’ generation, Lady Davinia is married to a Moari from New Zealand (2 for one in terms of being a foreigner AND non white) and of course Autumn philips is Canadian.

                  As far as religion is concerned, Philip and Princess Marina were Greek Orthodox, Princess Michael, Camilla and Autumn were catholics. I strongly suspect Kate was/ is an atheist since she didn’t bother getting confirmed until a week before her wedding and none of the Middletons were ever seen in church beyond weddings and funerals before Kate’s wedding. All coverted to CoE therefore no reason why MM can not do the same.

                  As for acting profession, Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince Michael of Kent, married an actress, one Sophie Winkleman. Perhaps you’ve seen her on Two and a half men tv show and other tv shows like Death in Paradise, Peep show.

                  The royal family has an actress in their ranks in the form of Flora Ogilvy, grand daughter of Princess Alexandra. Perhaps you’ve seen her on Downton Abbey.

                  And the big divorce block, i think everyone is conveniently forgetting the fact that Charles and Anne are divorced and remarried, Andrew is divorced. Further, Charles remarried a divorced woman who was also his mistress.

                  Princess Michael of Kent was a divorcee when she married Prince Michael back in the 70s.

                  As for the race considerations, Gary Lewis and Joy Lascelles are living proof that the royal family is fine with non white members as these 2 are Moari and Nigerian respectively. James Lascelles had to be granted permission by the Queen to marry. As far as we know the Queen didn’t object. And this was in the 90s.

                  A few years back, Lady Gabrielle Windsor was in a long term relationship with an Asian man who was welcomed in the family. When they broke up, going by family comments, Princess Michael seemed more upset than her daughter about the breakup as they had expected the relationship to end in marriage.

                  People who object to MM are merely showing their own prejudices because the family has shown itself to be more progressive.

                  1. Awesome information. It tended to defuse my anger, at least on this particular issue, at the **firm**. If this woman is, and that’s an **if** an attention seeking gold digger who is using Harry, then it’ll be his problem but I highly doubt that Charles will ever cut him off so the public will be providing support. Personally, I can’t find a reason to dislike Meghan, don’t watch her show, hadn’t heard of her until now, but she isn’t her family, as you said divorce is not unheard of in the ‘firm’, American should not be an issue since as you pointed out, there a lots of ‘foreigners’ in the ‘firm’, and I would think the days where actresses were side eyed has long since past, she makes her living that way. This is a ‘hot topic’ to say the least. Why? I do not know.
                    In any case I’m going to become ‘Switzerland’ on the boards:) Thanks again for the information!

                    1. I do understand if people have other objections to MM, but as far as race, religion, nationality, marital status are concerned, no grounds to object since the family has long accepted these points.

  36. ……and it gets worse and worse programme aired by Channel 4 was an utter disgrace on Diana … We think they the press are loving it putting this disgraceful programme on about Diana when the poor soul died 20 years ago … God help the monarchy now after this it should be disbanded and let the three musketeers earn their own god damn living ..
    And we now have a two page photos of PH and MM in Botswana let them stay there and they should not have the priviliges and wealth off the taxpayers either .
    its an awful awful mess and us British are Totally sick of them
    Vote Republic asap….

  37. I like your “terming” better than “crazy.”. I am tired of so many things having to do with this child. Honestly, I cannot think of one positive thing to say about her. I’ve tried feeling sorry for her, but it doesnt last long. The whole thing is a hot mess cf.

    1. I’ve tried as well, to see some any redeeming quality in this woman/child, I’ve tried to pity her to sympathize but absolutely can’t. She wasn’t a teen when she married William, he had treated her like dirt under his feet for years and she still went ahead with it. Nothing positive comes to my mind either, the one chance she had to brighten a sick little girl’s day she in my opinion blew. The child wanted to see a real live princess, Kate shows up in some outfit or another, how hard could it have been to actually dress more as a pretty princess and make that child’s day? She couldn’t even do that, and she is fake and phony to the core so this should have been cake for her.

        1. msthang, There is no doubt whatsoever that ma Middleton was desperate to get Kate married to William, dear God the woman, to my understanding took to her bed when Kate, for a brief moment, tried to break it off. Who knows what was nattered into Kate’s ear by her odious greedy insecure mother, and if memory serves the woman went so far as to set up a ‘meeting’ with Kate and the Creep to ‘get them back together’. Agree totally and absolutely with you.!! Kate was her ticket to the ‘big time’and again, if memory serves, ma backed William into a corner and demanded that he declare his intentions. This wasn’t protecting her child, no it was ‘marry her, her biological clock is ticking and I’ve put too much into this for you to dilly dally around’. Vile woman. Knowing more than we do about his ‘happy dance’, the insults tossed Kate’s way and yet being willing to force things so she could be on the fringes of the ‘firm’. Repugnant. Oh for sure ma wanted this marriage far more than Kate.

      1. Kate’s a hard headed and manipulative woman. She sexualises herself for sport and pleasure. In her own mind, she’s the bomb. No sympathy for exhibitionistic gold diggers who never let you forget their pyrrhic victories and what a worm you are.

      2. Princess Madeleine of Sweden dressed up as a “real” princess, with tiara and dress, at a tea party she gave for sick and/or underprivileged children. She looked like a true fairy princess to the children, and you can see in their eyes the delight, sparkle and awe of being with a lovely princess; Maddie knows how awful life is for these innocents, and how easy it is to bring smiles, joy and happiness, if only for a few hours, to children.

  38. Q should have stopped the middletons in their tracts in the beginning and this would have never gotten out of control. I think at this stage, the Q is tired and doesn’t want to deal with it, so she’s not. I have doubts Charles will do any better. I’m no one important, but it is my opinion that Willie, kkkKaty, mummy, daddy, sis and bro Middleton will be the gang that broke the monarchy.

    1. You are important, and your opinion matters. I suspect that even the Buckleberry Hillbillies are aware of public opinion more than they’ll ever let us know, and I agree, in fact I hope that once queenie bites it the ‘House of Middleton’ falls hard. Very hard. Queenie tends to think that if she ignores something it will go away, she would be wrong and the infestation of the odious social climbing name dropping wannabe Middletons is going to take some serious pesticide (not literally of course). I wonder if Charles won’t have his hands full with trying to get Camilla accepted as queen consort. I don’t know, but this ‘soap opera’ just keeps getting better and better:)

      1. I think that William and Carole keeping the grandkids from Charles will lead to some payback and soon. The staff consolidation is what Charles wanted and the Queen probably doesn’t care to stop him at this point. And once the Queen passes the Middletons are going to be in trouble. Charles will be King and won’t have to take orders from anyone. William can be as petulant as he wants, but he won’t have the leverage he thinks he does. The Diana docs only gets the boys some pity from some corners, but many are starting to wonder why these adult men are still riding on their mum’s coat tails. Their work ethic is not remotely similar, William in particular and the reasons to be lazy are wearing thin.

        1. I did watch and enjoy “The Story of Diana” that aired on ABC; it was well done. My husband even watched it, even though he knows little about the BRF.

          Seems to me Kate has made a career of trying to copy Diana, but she doesn’t have Di’s star quality, spark or work ethic.

          1. I don’t think Kate ever needed to be compared to Diana. If she had done her job it would have been enough.

            1. MavenTheFirst, I respectfully opine that Kate thought she would be the new “Diana”. Kate has no identity of her own, and she’s wearing **the** ring. Just my thought:) She also acts like a teen aged ‘groupie’, flirty and giggly, silly clothing and all the time new shoes and bags. I think she really is deluded into thinking that she is the ‘Diana’ of the firm now, and if this marriage implodes she might be shocked to find herself alone in her ‘fight’. In any case she is for sure oblivious and emotionally stunted, don’t have to be a psychologist to pick up on that. The ‘puppy eyes’ at William alone says something. I think. I could also be very wrong.

        2. Nic919 I hope you are right. Oh, how I hope you are right. Maybe since Charles has been ‘in line’ for the throne for so long he will shake things up big time. This little game Bill and Cath are playing can only last so long, these children are (unless the law has changed), and I can’t figure out how to say it less bluntly, ‘the property of the firm’. In one of gazillion or so documentaries about Diana, she indicated that her fear of divorce was losing her kids to the big mama. Not sure if that’s only in the case of divorce or just in general. I would imagine that Charles is assuming the ‘firm’ will be around forever, and these children are ‘royal’ so he might just demand that they be exposed to the life they are destined for. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is at this point.
          Any comparison between Kate and Diana is like comparing a hummingbird to a vulture. Pretty sure we all know which is which. Charles has plenty of time to plan how to deal with the ‘Buckleberry Hillbillies’ and they’re too up themselves to realize that they are standing on quicksand.
          And as far as William the ‘whining Windsor’? I agree that sooner or later the people will question whether a future head of state should be a lazy sniveling self pitying hot mess, with a spend happy loose cannon of a wife. He detests the press but the press is spewing out all these worn and tired documentaries about Diana. He’s a jerk and I hope Charles puts his ‘royal behind’ in its place. Harry is a disappointment and now is carrying on about ‘mummy’ too, but William is ‘heir’.

        3. Well someone read William the riot act around Christmas time and hence the sulky alternate photo op/celebrations. This gives me hope that Charles will tighten the reins a wee bit. But to me, a little is not enough, because Willy will fight him all the way and sabotage all good will. I wonder how much leverage Willy will continue to wield using those poor kids who deserve so much better.

          1. I so so hope you are right MavenTheFirst. I hope that Charles demands that William make a choice. Is he ‘royal’ or is he a Middleton man. He can’t straddle the fence much longer, especially with his trousers being on the tight side these days.
            Those kids are pawns but I wonder if Charles really cares that much anymore. Personally, and I’ve said this before I think Billy was selfish to the extreme in bringing two innocent little ones into the world knowing they would be destined to live the life he supposedly despises, except for the adulation and perks of course. He’s doing a lot of harm to those kids, they’re ‘royal’ however silly that may be and sooner or later queenie is going to bite it and then Charles will be ‘in charge’. Of everything. Including the ‘royal’ offspring. Those kids have the odious greedy social climbing do **anything** to get what you want ‘Buckleberry Hillbilllies’ on one side, and the archaic inflexible protocol driven (to the point of ludicrous) ‘British Mafia’ on the other. I see rebellion in the future, they won’t know who they are or where their loyalties should be. Right now, waity and wimpo Middleton have the upper hand, but that won’t be forever.

  39. Royalsareajoke,
    I always appreciate your comments. Thanks for confirming I am not alone in a rabbit hole with my thoughts and opinions.

    1. I believe Kate wanted it just as much but it took Carole’s strength and will to keep her on track. Look at the way she gloms onto Willy with her eyes in absolute adoration and self-abnegation. Such naked, greedy worship makes me cringe. What’s reflected in her eyes, though, I think, is the image of a Prince and Future King, and untold wealth and power and dissolution, impervious to rules and expectations. She was his GF long enough to get a taste. She had to be made of heavy metal to continue in the face of endless humiliation. She’s no victim.

  40. Wow! Thanks for the enlightnment! My god,, what a disgusting mother. Just as repulsive is Willie begging the Q to bring the social sucking family into the Royal fold, and the Q hauling their mouching ____ around Balmoral in her range Rover! This is sickening.

  41. I also watched the show. Throughout, I tried to envision Kate in Diana’s wardrobe, ( I took into consideration the time difference) but still could not see Kate in either the casual or sophisticated clothes. Tried to analyze why, and concluded that Diana was always neat, clean and her hair was styled in accordance to her features and bone structure. Also, Diana was conciencious of her posture and carried herself well. Kate is almost always a mess. If not, keep watching, it will happen soon. It’s not only that she is a mess, she appears to be oblivious to being aware or caring. Perhaps she tries to cover up her bad posture with hair and extensions, rather than correct it.

    1. Or she thinks that the ‘magic ring’ will cause the masses to see her in the same way she sees herself in the mirror that assures her that ‘she’s the fairest of them all’. Kate can’t look even dignified, let alone regal. Two go to faces, that gurn that gives a view of her tonsils, or her new and improved solemn caring look. Both fake and phony, she’s fake and phony.

    2. Interesting points. She really doesn’t look well-put together. Those coat dresses are her version of a house frau’s housecoat.

  42. Willie and his mummy keeping the children away from Charles was a terrible, terrible thing to do. Unforgivable in my opinion. A grandparent is a blessing in a child’s life. Their presence adds a structure that exists throughout a grandchild’s life. Shame on William and this awful woman.

  43. The first five years of a child’s life are their formative years. I’ve no doubt carolE knows this and has tried to insure SHE outranks the next King of England as the Grandparent. Q could have stopped this.

  44. lovelolaheart, April may be the cruelest month, but August is the slowest month – at least when it comes to the Royal Family gossip and news . I hate to sound awful (yeah, right) but at least Diana was giving the world good pics with Dodi this month, twenty years ago. She had the good sense to realize she would get ALL the attention. All we get are her re-runs. There must be some enterprising person who knows how to take pictures undercover. Please, help.

  45. What makes me angry is that W , K & the rest of the midds “use” the children like objects! They do not have the best intentions for G & C! I do not know how to explain it? Some people think K did not give birth to those children?

    1. Honestly Halia, you don’t need to explain. We all know:( There have been rumors that waity isn’t their mummy but for me the only speculation is did she actually give birth. I can almost see her getting a surrogate to carry the babies, but I’m pretty sure they are at the least biologically hers and Williams. That’s about as far down that road as I dare go. George looks a lot like his maternal grandfather, and Charlotte shows some Middleton in her features. Who knows, we won’t ever know barring a DNA test, and the people who do those tests? It would be akin to having a bookkeeper do their own audit. Rumors that Harry isn’t Charles’ have been out there for ages and we’ll never know for sure on him either, but Diana’s heart break at Charles’ reaction to his birth tells me that he is indeed Charles’ however much he may look like the riding instructor. Doppelgangers are out there. My daughter found mine.

      1. Charles’s heartbreak? What, the BS Diana spewed about how upset he was? Total BS. Diana told him it was a girl, and so Charles was quite surprised to find a boy! And he didn’t give two sh*ts about Harry being a ginger. I think she was jealous because he was an involved father when they were babies, bathing them nightly, wanting to put them to bed, etcetera. The mother’s domain. She’d do anything she could to make him look bad, knowing the media and public would take her side (and he’d try to defend himself later and look like an idiot in doing so considering the cards were firmly stacked against him, not to mention the adultery everyone focuses on, ignoring Diana’s).

        1. Say what Ellie? This is news to me, the story out there for years and years was that Charles was most upset that Harry had the audacity to be a boy, and a ‘ginger’ at that. If this is BS then for me Diana’s credibility is shot. That has been such a major point in the whole ‘war of the Wales’ that it’s an absolute shock to me that it might not be true. And if that’s not true, then what else is questionable? I did watch a video which brought out the cynic in me, this video was of course of the ‘poor Diana genre’. It was said that Diana **knew** that she was carrying a boy but didn’t tell Charles. I wondered about that.
          Oh, and something else interesting came up as well, now the line is that the Whining Windsor boys produced that documentary to smear Camilla. Ideas anyone? And Ellie, I would love to know more about the ‘How Dare Harry Be A Boy’ but Diana lied to Charles thing. Pandora’s box has indeed been opened and that lid blew off big time.

          1. It’s well known that Diana refused to tell him the sex of the baby as the pregnancy progressed, but led him to believe it was a girl knowing how much he wanted a girl. All the reputable biographies repeat this as fact.

            Charles was very surprised that Harry was a boy given the belief Diana had fostered, and then he made one of his silly jokes about the red hair.

            Diana, wanting to paint herself as the victim, reported the conversation in the worst way and manufacturing malice where there was none.

            This wasn’t the only time she lied about Charles and his parenting. The other frequently repeated lie is that Charles didn’t care that William was hit with a golf club requiring hospital treatment, but instead carried on his engagements.

            Fact is that both Charles and Diana went to the hospital and stayed until William was given the all clear. Diana told Charles to keep his opera appointment which he did.

            Charles was an idiot in this instance because he should have read between the lines and stayed behind rather than hive Diana ammunition to lie and claim that he barely looked in on the boy and simply carried on with his diary.

            1. I had heard the story about W’s concussion which is bad enough, but had no idea that Diana led Charles to believe that Harry was a girl. (I’m actually surprised he didn’t insist on attending the ultrasound appointments or seeing the pictures. Seems like he would have been interested in) What he felt when Harry was born was no doubt surprise, and maybe a tiny fleeting twinge of disappointment since he evidently would have loved to have had a daughter. But Diana had to spin the story in a way to make her look like the poor victim, and Charles look like the horrible husband who couldn’t be happy about a beautiful, healthy baby boy. The more I am learning, the more I admire Charles for keeping quiet all these years. It must have been hard, and especially now when his own sons are taking up the narrative of Diana the perfect, which so much of the public is eating up with a spoon.

            2. Wow!! She was one nasty manipulative person, that’s downright mean. Sounds like the sainted Diana with her big sad eyes, is an outright liar. To ‘tell all’ is one thing, but this? Lies, manipulations, and cruelty? The truth wouldn’t suffice?? She was out there carrying on and on about how she wanted to let someone know what was happening to her, and then she lies. When I was carrying one of my girls the technician told me she was a girl, a) I didn’t **want** to know, and b) I thought I wanted a boy, so in a lots of ways I can relate to Charles’ disappointment at this. Of course, once she was here I wanted a girl all along:)
              I genuinely didn’t know that she had led Charles down the pink path, and once again thank you for the information. Diana has dropped to a ‘woman who married a prince and then became unhappy and miserable and then wanted a shoulder or a million to cry on and proceeded to damage Charles’ reputation by lies and insinuations, then chased married men trying to run them to ground and in what I consider an attempt to make Dr. K jealous and coming back to her died in a car wreck. Stupid choices, no conspiracy. Too many people would have to put their integrity in their pockets for that to be even reasonable, and the conspirators would come from two different countries to boot. (I know about the incident on the yacht, Diana rushed to her boys’ and threw her arms around him, Charles did the exact same thing but only **after** he greeted the dignitaries as per not just protocol but good manners. ) Yes, Charles was a fool, but no one deserves to be lied to and about. I have wondered what Harry thought about his father’s supposed reaction to his being a ginger haired boy, Diana a good mother? Hmmm, I say hmmmm..

      2. Kate gave birth to those kids. No surrogate involved. This tumblr rumour has to stop. You know why? Because the law states that in order for the kiddies to be in the line of succession and eventually King George (or Queen Charlotte), they have to be borne ‘of the body’ ie DNA of both parents AND given birth by the woman herself, plus they have to be borne ‘in legitimate marriage’ ie the parents have to be legally wed.

        Surrogate, even if the actual DNA belongs to bill and cathy, breaks both laws and instantly disinherits both kids.

        Now do you think Carole would work so hard to get to the throne of Britain only to have her grandkids disinherited thus removing herself and her line from the throne? Really?

        The final part of royal births is that they have to be witnessed by the govt to prove that the 2 laws above were not broken. It’s not a private pregnancy like for regular people. That is why Kate had a 21strong team of people looking after her during pregnancy. That’s why several people signed off on the birth as opposed to just one midwife and one doctor.

        In order for surrogate theory to work, it’s not just Kate and William and the Middletons. The Queen, the privy council and the British govt would have to be part of such a scheme and collude in it.

        Not to mention the hospital and that 21strong team of physicians.

        1. Once again an awesome post. I had read that Kate didn’t have to have anyone ‘witness’ the birth, that this was an outdated law. However, your post ‘debunks’ that and I tend to believe knowledgeable people rather than rag mags. I had never doubted that the kids were biologically Bill and Cath’s and now I will put the surrogate theory into the bin:) No way would CarolE (or Kate) even dare try something so stupid with what I now know is the law.

  46. Halia, I think there is a strong possibility, there was a surrogate, being as neither of them favors Chopper or Chutney!!

  47. Just read in two newspapers how true I do not know they are saying PH and MM are actually engaged and he proposed in Africa under the stars.. He has ring for her but it had to be made official in September … how true noone knows but they seem to be in on something. .
    she apparently face timed her mother to tell her about it

    1. I would doubt very much any newspaper articles stating they are engaged unless Clarence House, Kensington Palace or Buck Palace have issued statements beforehand. She hasn’t even met Charles or the Queen yet!

      1. Apparently they said he proposed under the stars abd has had a ring made from Dianas tiara I am only saying what we saw in two tabloids .. They quoted that she wouldnt be wearing it until announcement in September.. MM has met Waity and Petulant Bill plus Zara and her husband according to articles on line,..

      1. As long as the media is making shit up, they may as well make it sound romantic and fairy tale and tru luv 4-evah!!! I think I also read that Harry had a ring made using a diamond from one of Diana’s tiaras. Did Diana even outright own a tiara? Methinks that story came from Prince Philip using a diamond from one of his mother’s tiaras for Elizabeth’s ring. They can’t even be original in their bs.

    1. Probably a very healthy choice. Those thugs in tiaras, those leeches, those benefit scroungers with titles and fancy doo dads are better for entertainment than they are to be taken seriously. After all, isn’t the reason for keeping the ‘firm’ is that it is a tourist attraction. For the Love of God, a tourist attraction. I put queenie square in the ‘ornamental’ category, and consider her to be a relic. The ‘royals’ are who they are because of massive blood letting, savage and ruthless actions, and no matter how it’s ‘spun’ they are still dangerous and just plain greedy with a sense of entitlement that goes beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. Fools taking us for fools. Queenie worked in a real job earlier in her life but her ‘retirement plan’ is obscene. Simply obscene.
      They’re a joke but highly entertaining. So full of themselves and oblivious to the reality of life outside the carefully constructed facade, as Jack Nicholson said in a movie (to paraphrase), they can’t handle the truth.

  48. We DVR-ed the Diana program, but made it through only 10 minutes. We were bored to death, so turned it off. Like someone said, it was 20 years ago. I felt like the whole thing was dredged up again unnecessarily.

    1. I don’t know what program you are referring to because there have been so many, but in the one with the tapes with her vocal coach made months before she died, when she still clung to the idea of keeping Charles from the throne and being the power behind William … Well, she was *still* trying to undermine a dynasty. People have been killed for far less, just sayin’.

      1. I don’t believe in the ‘diana was bumped off’ conspiracy theory, BUT let’s say it’s true…….

        Wouldn’t the most obvious culprit be arms traders? The woman was leading a worldwide campaign to have landmines banned.

        Nobody gets between the military industrial complex and it’s objectives – see everybody who has done so.

        At the time of her death, the news frequently reported how pissed various military depts were at her leading this campaign. One MP went as far as branding her as a ‘loose Cannon’ in parliament for daring to speak on landmines.

        She spent over 5years publicly badmouthing the royal family culminating in that panorama interview in 1995 and at best they simply divorced her and accepted her voluntareed removal of HRH and RPOs and gave her a fortune in cash and left her to keep the (some)jewels received as PssOW.

        A few weeks of talking landmines and she’s dead.

        1. I thought she had cooled down some in the months before her death, had even heard that her and Charles were getting along better, as friends and parents. But, yeah, all she had to do was wear her seat belt and she would have lived.

          1. Yes, they had started to become friends. I think after she was out completely, paps stalking her notwithstanding, she had started to thaw towards Charles, and wasn’t vitriolic about Camilla anymore.

        2. Herazeus, Diana did much to bring attention to the issue of land mines. However, the land mines she walked through were carefully cleared beforehand.

          The landline treaty has not been signed by Russia, China and the U.S. Why haven’t her sons continued on with this work in Africa?

          Arms traders considered her a less than a gnat. Land mines are cheap to make.

          What conspiracy theorists just don’t get – she was murdered by a drunk driver employed by Fayed, in an auto owned by him. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Very simple. It would take the French government, medical establishment, witnesses, hospital staff, seconds of timing, the British government, and so many people involved to keep a “lie” going it is silly. Her death, if there was a “conspiracy”, reminds me of how James Bond had ridiculous ways of being put to death by his enemies. In the Austin Powers movie spoof of Bond, Dr. Evil’s son, while listening to the silliness of Power’s planned demise, said “Just shoot him! Why go through with this? Just take a gun and whew – it’s over!” It’s the same with all these people who do not know. Diana could’ve just flown to the States, and been caught in a drive-by shooting. My two uncles, one an off duty cop, were shot to death walking out of a gym in Chicago. My best friend was kidnapped and murdered. My next door neighbor was shot to death in his D.C. liquor store. It is easy to murder in the U.S. Nobody would think conspiracy.

          Diana was murdered by a drunk driver. Why haven’t her sons been involved in a charity like MADD? William could show the video of him, stinking drunk, getting behind the wheel of his car. He could show it to show how stupid he was, and how he could very easily have murdered innocent people. Or Harry, driving recklessly, at least once almost plowing through pedestrians with his illegal speeding in Nevada and California on his motorcycle, can also bring attention to this serious problem. Just my opinion.

          1. But to do so would admit they, especially William, have done wrong; and they cannot do that, especially him, who is perfect and Diana’s golden boy. He doesn’t cheat on Kate; he didn’t drive drunk; he didn’t bring girls back to Sandhurst barracks; he didn’t skive off in the RAF requiring others to pick up the slack, cancel holidays with their families, etc…

            1. William can’t hide the videos and pictures of him. They are out in the real world. The British, especially young women, have an increasingly high intake of alcohol. Their lives are being drunk away. Why can’t William connect, in a very personal way, to the young people with his own story. He can talk about his mother every day, and her death by drinking.

              Nobody wants to look back at their own stupid youth. However, Wills can turn a moment in his life into a true crusade. There’s nothing wrong with showing how a prince can be stupid, too, considering his mother, Princess of Wales, the most famous woman in the world, met her terrible death. Nobody is invulnerable – even royals.

              1. Plus, bad things happen to the rich people, too. Google Beltway Butcher/Kennedy and you can read the story of a friend of mine. Her murder, in an affluent area, changed the world in the wealthy Potomac-, Bethesda area. Helicoptering parents began the day she died. Nobody has felt safe since that day.

                William can use his status and name to the world. I feel he is disconnected to many of his causes, and he comes across as a whiny, poor me, Mummy died. He needs to get involved with things close to his heart. I can’t believe that the three have them can’t do more. And do the grunt work, too.

                1. Indeed, Bellaluna, it’s always a safe neighborhood where nothing bad happens, until it does. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, things such as this impact so many people, and you yourself had to have been shaken and maybe not felt so safe. At this point in time I’m not so sure there is anywhere safer than any other. Maybe, but I’m not sure. At all. Not anymore. The RPOs that follow the idiots about? I read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies, if you want to ‘off’ someone badly enough (I don’t) there are ways.

                  1. Thank you, royalsareajoke,

                    The horror and grief was beyond anything you “see” in a documentary or on the news. Her father was my dad’s childhood friend, and my family came over a few hours after her body was discovered. Her murder destroyed her family. I had lost the closest of close family members one year before, to cancer, but nothing can prepare one for murder, and the life-long haunting of “If we had done this, or told her this, she would be here today.”

                    I just do not understand how and why these nitwits complain about their effing sorrow. F..f them, they are two little spoiled boys who won’t lift their pinkys to do the minimum.

                    By the way, you are 100 percent right about people who want to kill you will find a way. These twits called “younger royals” have been allowed, or threatened others with lawsuits, whatever, to keep their drunken driving, 100 mph plus speeds, on motorcycles, through England, driving on sidewalks; especially when Harry was “training” with American troops, and off duty came close to killing pedestrians, a very loosely kept secret.

                    I always say with regards to Diana’s middle-aged sons, “follow the money.”

          2. I had no idea that W had (an) incident(s) of driving while inebriated! Inexcusable, even if his mother had not died as a result of getting into a car with a drunk driver. But it has always puzzled me why neither W nor H is involved with a charity such as MADD. Much better than their ridiculous Heads Together campaign (not saying that the cause is ridiculous; the way they’re making everything all about them is what I have an issue with). Perhaps they are afraid that some people blame Diana for getting into the car? Or that their own mistakes will come to light? Own it, and move on, but that would ruin their narrative of St. Diana the victim of the press, and W especially would never admit to any wrong doing on his own part.

            1. I can bet that in exchange for their silence (al is a fake name, as it means he is an Egytian aristocrat) Fayed paid them an exorbitant amount of money. Have the two aging men ever spoken about how and why Diana was killed, other than blame photographers and the “evil” media?

            2. GingerMini, don’t you know that ‘royal blood’ neutralizes alcohol, and that cars driven by ‘royals’ are ever so special that they can drive themselves and the ‘royal’ can take a nap at the wheel. Not that the ‘royal’ needs a nap, mind you, the booze has no effect.
              And if a ‘royal’ is involved in a ‘mishap’ it’s all the car’s fault, or the car and the gall of the person or persons who dared to be out and about at the same time as the ‘royal’. So, based on this had Diana the Dearest Sweetest Most Mistreated Innocent in the Entire Universe, been behind the wheel of the car going at high speed through a tunnel she would have emerged w/o a scratch and the tunnel and car would have been at fault. ***Two** other people **died** in that wreck, lives were changed forever and the only one who matters is Diana? I don’t think so. I read or heard that a VIP was on the way to hospital and it angered me. A lot. Still does.

              1. Oh wait, I’m so sorry, Diana wasn’t a ‘royal’ when she died, her title had been taken away. My bad, very very bad:(

              2. LOL RAAJ! Sounds like the way Scientologists talk about Tom Cruise – like he is on a higher plane than the rest of us mere mortals.

                Even though the sainted one’s HRH was “stripped” (my understanding is that she willingly gave it up for a higher monetary settlement), I guess being a married in for so many years protected her. Until it (sadly) didn’t.

        3. You hit the nail on the head! Military Industrial Complex, didn’t their name pop up in JFK’s assassination?

  49. Food for thought Herazeus. I never thought about it that way. Ive always thought it was a tragic car accident.

    1. I firmly beliefe it was a tragic accident caused by a set of poor decisions that involved speed, a drunk driver and no seat belts.

      However, if i were to take the conspiracy theorists’ view that it was murder, that is the theory i’d go with.

      The problem with any and all conspiracies about her death is that this was too messy, involved too many variables and left too many loose ends.

      A legit conspiracy is neat. No loose ends. No variables. It’s never chaotic though it’s aftermath might be chaotic. Compare JFK vs Diana. JFK is neat, no loose ends, no variables.

  50. I believe K/W are the biological parents and Kate gave live birth. However, because the Royals are so quick to lie and deceive the public, it is understandable why even Kate’s pregnancies would be questioned. I do not believe that she suffered with long term morning sickness.

    About D’s death, I did not see a murder. I saw a lot of stupid decisions made in a short time frame, and a drunk driver at the wheel.

    I really don’t give a flip who H marries.

    1. ITA to all of the above Phyllis.

      IF THERE IS A WEDDING, the question I have regarding MM, is why an American, who seems to be very egalitarian, would want to marry into a family that exists based on a system that is anything but. I understand that you love who you love, but is she going to eschew a title (even if in name only like Camilla has done, being known as the Duchess of Cornwall rather than the Princess of Wales), or insist that people not curtsey or bow to her, or refuse any privilege based solely on Harry’s birthright? My guess is no, which, IMO, contradicts all of her alleged pre-teen letter writing campaigns and everyone is equal speeches to the UN. It’s just too big of a disconnect for me to overcome. I guess the argument can be made that she will use her new position to bring attention to &/or try to improve these issues, but I think marrying into one of the most privileged families on Earth, based on who they are and not anything they’ve done, is bad optics for anyone who has put forth the image that we have seen from her.

    2. Women who have actually had HG are bedridden for almost the entirety of their pregnancy. They can’t work or do much of anything. Kate did not have HG. She had morning sickness and used it to get out of work. She made enough attendances looking fresh enough after the first trimester that there is no way she had HG. And since the HG lie was started for George she used it as an excuse for the second pregnancy. She appeared in public too much for it to be credible. Had she looked ill then HG would be believable, but she played on the sympathies one gets as a pregnant women.

      1. Nic919, I love reading your posts, royalsareajoke, and everyone else on lovelolaheart. Herazeus, you are brilliant, and I have learned much from your incredible knowledge of history. Y’all make me laugh, and open my eyes to different points of view, of which royalty is just one part. Society is quickly changing, and I appreciate y’alls view points. I only wish Lolaheart would be able to put up more of her scathingly funny posts, which are never nasty, but spot on with the foolish Kate.

        Nic919, with my first pregnancy, I had exactly one day of “morning sickness” and felt very smug. Then a subsequent pregnancy hit me like a tsunami. Every moment of every day and night I was so sick I wanted to die. I spent four months mostly in the hospital, as I was so weak I had a bladder disease that spread to my kidneys. I broke blood vessels in my eyes from vomiting, and my back molars in my mouth were damaged by stomach acid. After four months my HG settled down to just plain everyday sickness and queasiness. Then it came back, and I went into labour, delivering six weeks early. HG is a serious complication of pregnancy. It is not to be used flippantly. It is hard to believe Kate had it, and was allowed to recover at home. It is such a middle finger flip to women who are/were sufferers of this pregnancy horror show.

      2. And rushing off on holiday to the Maldives or wherever it was, hours from a hospital. Right. A woman with HG would really want to do that. NOT. Remember William was on a hunting trip with Jecca and company, so he had to scuttle back to the UK when Kate was oh so very sick and drove herself to the hospital in London from her parents’ home in Berkshire…

  51. I am not trying to starts rumors about George & Charlotte! I am stating what i have read, i do not believe the tabloids! I is so hard for me to understand how spoiled Billie, Cathy & Harry are. I thought they were better than this! No respect for all 3 from me! Harry i thought he was better than the other 2! Boy was i wrong about him! King Edward V111 has a lot in common with W.H. Billy & Ed birthdays are 2 days apart & Harry is in a relationship with divorced american. I have nothing against divorced people and american people! If H wants to marry an actress there a lot more talented actresses than MM! Rant over!
    P.S. I have nothing against MM, H will have to make up his mind!

  52. Can Meghan retain her American citizenship if she marries the fifth in line to be King of GB? Does she need to take any oaths? Great Britain is not some French principality like Monaco; it is still a world power. Would she have access to state secrets? Her grandmother-in-law is Head of State. Will she be able to go back home and talk about the inner workings of an adopted country? Dual citizens in the USA cannot work in any government job. Will her allegiance be to the Queen’s government. Will Harry have limited access to the British government, of which he is part of? Most importantly, will Meghan curtesy to Kate Middleton? Such intrigue and drama to follow – if she is American she will leave everybody back home cringing. This drama is 100 times better than “Suits.”

    1. The White House has a reality TV star at the helm. Why shouldn’t the BRF get its own reality show? Especially with the H-MM plotline. Kidding.

  53. If W flipped on his spin about the circumstances of his Mothers death, he would be accepting that she acted irresponsibly and played a major roll in the tragic ending. Blaming the media is easier and keeps the sympathy rolling in.

  54. YES, Royalsareajoke! Only a truly lacking person would do such a thing. I was curious what content would be coming out of the Diana videos this month. A respectful, interesting video could have been coreographed, but instead, it was designed to stir up sympathy for Diana. I’m sure W/H were involved in the programming and signed off. The designed result of the film was, ……..
    Good mummy, bad daddy.

  55. Diana tried to destroy Charles as a King. My god did she try!!!!!! Now, it seems , not only does W want to return her HRH title, but carry on her mission to destroy Charles. The Q is treading with one foot in, and transitioning is definitely coming. Nothing like good timing to jump on a chance to roll in sympathy. Charles has shown strength and class by not smearing Diana. I’m sure he could write a novel. Things seem to eventually always come to light.

    1. Adultery is not cool, and destroys families; but everyone conveniently forgets Diana’s many affairs with married men…

      Charles keeping silent and never defending himself must be frustrating.

      The Archbishop of Canterbury pointed out regarding this we all fail, we all sin, and we all deserve forgiveness.

      1. Keeping silent is the way to go. And classy too. There’s nothing worse than listening to gossip, or feeding gossip in real life. And why does he need to explain himself to anyone? I am sure he discussed this with his sons before, and yet they choose to act like vicious jerks. Harry’s counselling really helped, huh? They blame Papa for everything.

  56. Very good Lolla
    Please back talk about Sofia trashvist, she did ilegal Money in sweden With false company and sofia are horrible Always

    1. Dani, Sofia, MsSlitz aka Ms Slut, did a recent sports event with teenage boys, you could tell by the looks on their faces what they were saying under their breaths. I actually felt a little sorry for her!!

  57. When do the royals come out of their hibernation? as an American, I truly do not understand all the vacation time working people are allowed to take during the year. What is normal for Great Britain? I hear differing views, and American workaholics being put down by other citizens of other countries.

    Lola, what will happen when George starts his schooling a good 45 minutes away from Kensington Palace? I don’t believe for a minute he will actually attend that school. He cannot be helicoptered; roads will never be shut down; the threat of bombs to the bridges crossed will have to be monitored 24/7. Who would let their child be exposed to this? Maybe an excuse to go back to Amner for safety sake? Kate should have a nursery school held in Kensington Palace, like Jackie Kennedy did with Caroline. Small class, children of all socio-economic backgrounds, safe and secure. George is only four, but exposure to children, rich and poor, black, brown and white, is the best learning experience for a future king.

  58. I read Katemiddletonreview. It is very much like lovelolaheart.

    I am horrified, but not surprised, by the terror attacks in Spain and now Finland. As an American, I feel terrified when I enter a gun-zone embattled neighborhood in many cities of our great country. My fellow citizens, living in these battle zones, are terrorized every day of their lives. However, Americans have a DNA in them to never give up. Never, ever, ever, give up, as the half American Churchill said.

    I always, maybe obnoxiously, bring up my experiences in relation to everything discussed on this site. I want to tell everybody that Charlottesville, Virginia, where two of my children live, is a beautiful, peaceful, close to idyllic small city, and its citizens are hugely proud of “their” Thomas Jefferson. Outsiders came to trash, and use hate, about a statue being removed. A statue is made of cement or marble. But every action has a reaction. When the Soviet Union fell into its own decay, statues of Lenin and Stalin were torn down. I thought they should have stayed up, or put into a park, to remind people about their past horrors. ISIS has destroyed incredible treasures they feel are unholy and a travesty. In Rome, there is a famous arch, showing the looting of the Jew’s holiest of sites, the Temple in Jerusalem. The looting built the Colleseum. Should that be torn down?

    The greatest general in American history, maybe the world, was Stonewall Jackson. Patton studied him minutely, not Rommel, and won his battles. Should he be erased, although he saved millions of lives by studies? Maybe not be seen as a hero, with statues, but be recognized by his genius?

    We must be guardians of our past, or we will repeat everything, as is human nature.

    1. Bellaluna: There is a reason we do not have statues of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Saddam, Gadaffi etc in the town square.

      Those confederate statues are less than a century old and celebrate a particularly heinous, divisive part of history. Did you know that statues were still going up all over America until that man shot up a church in Charleston in 2015 which focused everyone’s minds to the confederacy and the continued veneration of this period?

      By your view, you’d have no problem with a statue of Hitler since he is also history? The same people who worship Hitler and his ideas are the same people venerating these statues.

      Within reason, some idea are best routed out, not celebrated. Wars, death and destruction of the world have demonstrated the horror of these ideas. We do not need statues to these ideas.

      What ISIS is doing is incomparable because they erase ALL our history and knowledge. They would prefer we were completely ignorant and lived in a world with no knowledge or history. They make no distinction between the colluseum and libraries. In the case of the attempted destruction of the libraries of Timbktu, would have been a loss to entire world regardless of political, cultural affliation and prejudices.

      And just because one society is doing it or did it in the past is no reason to emulate them. We are rightly horrified when these ideas rear their ugly heads, and it’s right to stamp them out.

  59. Gingermini, you are correct. Diana willingly gave up her HRH for more money. Is it true she cried to W, saying it was stripped from her?

    1. I don’t know for sure, but he supposedly promised to reinstate her HRH when/if he becomes king. So I would guess Diana either cried to William or he heard her (misrepresented) side of the story in the press. Either way, she really did a number on those boys in her quest for vengeance on their father and the rest of the BRF, and sadly she died before they had a chance to mature and realize for themselves that there is more to this very complex story than her truth (& semi-truths/outright lies) alone. IMO their feelings are stuck at pre-August 1997 rose colored glasses, and they will not allow anything negative about her to permeate through.

  60. It reveals there is no respect or appreciation for the privileged life they received and are still receiving.

  61. Today on front page of DM is a total disgrace … its about Prince Charles and Camilla saying he hasnt done any work ..and I would like to ask everyone on here if they know when a poll was conducted .. as they say that the poll doesnt want PC and Camilla to be King and Queen … God Help us all if they have petulant arrogant billy and waity wonder as King and Queen ..They are tge pair that are complete doolittles … useless in all our opinions and the Daily Beast is even agreeing to that … We havent seen a poll about the above and we all think its just complete poppy cock and rubbish that they have sent to print

  62. Daisy, I have not seen any poll (s). I am hoping all the Diana hype is not a prelude to try and destroy Charles. I’m not a fan of Charles or any of the other Royals, but I think what these two little Squirt sons of his are doing is really, really bad.

    1. Yes we think so too at least Charles is a worker and has manners the two twirps are setting them up .. utterly deplorable
      havent seen any poll either …
      glad you agree …

  63. Daisy, like I said, I have not seen any polls, but since the Diana barrage, everything is loaded with propaganda against Charles. It appears that this debacle was organized and orchestrated with a specific goal in mind. W, H and the middletons?

  64. Poor Charles! He has worked very hard as PoW for all these years, and because he was a bad husband to a (my non-professional opinion) mentally unstable woman (who was also a bad wife), he should be vilified? I think CH needs to counter with “leaks” of their own. I know QEQM was famous for her never complain, never explain mantra, but in this day of internet, SM, & 24 hour news that is not very realistic or smart in all situations. I can definitely see W + the Midds behind all this, and K + H going along since K does not dare say no to either W or her mother, and H does not say no to W. If so, I cannot even imagine the heartbreak Charles must be experiencing. So much tragedy & so many mistakes made all around.
    If you read the comments on any of the dozens of articles, blog postings, etc. regarding Diana/BRF, there are hundreds stating that the horrible C+C should be passed over for the perfection of W+K. So ridiculous.
    I hope the Diana hysteria dies down soon, and QEII has many years ahead of her. By then maybe everyone will be over the sainted one, and W+K may not even be married any longer, and Charles can live out his short reign in peace. And hopefully it all ends with him.

    1. Diana tried to destroy Charles through the media. It worked. We can see it still twenty years later. How Charles is evil. An uncaring father, because Diana wanted to be #1 in his life and he wanted to be there for his kids as much as he could considering his own upbringing. They both made mistakes, cheated, did awful things; there is a thing called forgiveness, and honestly, it didn’t affect any of us so why the hysteria and hatred?

      I doubt the hysteria will die down, the media gets lots out of shilling this, and it is good for W&K’s PR so they will happily go along with it. I think it is why W was forced to go with C to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo where W scowled and sneered throughout.

      A shame as Charles will be an excellent king. And has been a wonderful PoW and has created a role and life for himself. W&H could learn so much from what he has done. Instead they model themselves after heirs of the bygone days who wiled away their time doing anything they wanted except service.

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