Dancing Queen Joins Princes to Meet Paddington Bear

On Monday, Kate Middleton proved she will show up for an event she’s not even scheduled to attend if there’s a celebrity she gets to meet, even if it’s a guy in a Paddington Bear costume along with the rest of the cast and crew of Paddington 2.


People has video of Kate dancing with Paddington. I’m not sure how a woman allegedly suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum managed to be twirled around like that but I almost threw up just watching it and I’m definitely not pregnant.

There are a couple of possible explanations for Kate going from bed ridden in the care of doctors at Kensington Palace to Dancing Queen.  The first is that Kate probably just had regular morning sickness but the Palace Press Office declared it Hyperemesis Gravidarum to make Kate sound like a brave little trooper to give the rather dull duchess something that seems like a personality trait. The second far more credible-sounding excuse is that Carole Middleton has Kate locked in a dungeon somewhere and has assumed her identity because what woman in her thirties would look this frumpy on purpose?


With all the Single White Femaling that’s been happening in that family, it’s pretty much inevitable Carole will wind up in the Queen Consort role.  It’s always been just one, “Does this bottle of chloroform smell strange to you?” away.

And what is the deal with the trousers on the two princes? Are they in some kind of competition to see who can show off the family jewels the most?  Are they trying to make the Pants Package a fashion trend?  There are children from your charities present and I don’t think showing off your trouser trout is how you look after Paddington Bear.




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  1. LOL!!!! Yes, the Princes do seem to be in competition for showing off the crown jewels!! Eek!

    Generally I think the style of Kate’s dress is OK, I just hate the fabric the designer chose and the color washes her out. Now let’s talk about the hair……the dye job is too dark and that center part just looks awful on her. Few people can pull off a center part and Kate definitely isn’t one of them. The length is good, though.

    1. The center part is the hardest to pull off, you have to have perfect facial symmetry and basically flawless skin. I’m happy Kate went with a shorter look and appears to be weening herself off the extensions and wiglets but the cut could be better styled.

      1. Kate has a very asymmetrical face, especially her eyes when the Botox wears off. She needs a real stylist who is honest about what fashions work best with her body type and facial features. So much is spent on clothing and she always looks frumpy. If she is going to rip off the UK taxpayers she should at least be giving them some bang for their bucks.

        Also glad you are back from hiatus !

  2. You crack me up Lola! Even my eighteen year old looked over my shoulder whilst viewing the Daily Trash online paper and said urgh you can see his cucumber! He thought it was gross….. I had HG and under no circumstance’s does/did she have this. I lost two stone in my first pregnancy due to it. In my second I was pregnant with twins, I went in to shock with massive dehydration and loss them. I was warned never to get pregnant ever again as HG increases with each subsequent pregnancy. They said it would kill me. I looked a hollowed out mess.

    1. Thanks, Helly. I’m so sorry about the loss of your twins and struggles with HG. But your eighteen year old sounds pretty cool so I’m glad you were able to make it through that pregnancy.

  3. I was thinking the same! All that twirling was making me sick. No way she has HG. Just home pampering and ditching work for a bit of morning sickness. I did catch in the DM video Wills asking her on the train when she sat down if she was fine. She said yes but I sensed a bit of irritation maybe?
    If thus was HG should be sicker longer…seems pretty good to me.

    Not a fan of the Mary Tyler Moore Show look.

    1. I’m a huge fan of vintage and retro, but the entire look is just straight-up Carole’s generation. Maybe if Kate had worn a hat to toss up in the air like on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, I’d feel a little differently about the look overall.

      1. And kate actually believes she can ‘turn the world on with a smile and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile’

  4. Oh Lola, the Pepto – Bismal shade of pink was enough for me to pay homage to the porcelain god!

    People in animal costumes freak me out – I can’t look at one much less dance with one. I guess Cathy hasn’t been taken out for a twirl in a long time, how regal to dance with a fictional bear on a train platform.

    1. Hi, Temi! I’m always so happy when I see your name pop up in the comment section. OMG, people dressed as animals is one of my secret phobias. I’m not afraid of snakes, spiders, clowns, ghosts, death, etc. but people dressed up as animals totally freaks me out. I book rooms at allegedly haunted hotels to see if they live up to the hype, but a guy in a Paddington Bear costume would send me screaming into the night.

  5. Lola! First thought was would someone please get those boys some decent underwear. Seriously, we should start a Go Fund Me page to get the gear for them.

    I don’t get the styles she chooses and with the flower appliqués I think Charlotte had a hand in picking this one out. I don’t like the middle part on Sofia of Sweden and I don’t like it on Kate. The good thing is this time around Kate’s roots are done.

    Here’s to more posts, I miss laughing along with you!

    1. The dress does have a bit of a Suri Cruise vibe to it, maybe Charlotte did pick it out. The center part just puts too much pressure on an individuals natural beauty. Even going a bit off-center makes so much difference.

    2. The dress is from 2013 so she’s had it hanging around in her closet for ages! Why wear it when pregnant when it doesn’t fit…

      Glad you’re back, Lola!!!

    3. Lisa, do you think the two need to get heavy hitting gear to push their family jewels, or just gold and silver plated private parts, to the back of the caboose? ASAP, New tailors to KP.

  6. Aw soo pleased you are back Dear Lola ..I hve been suffering witb a sinus nerve as my tooth had 3 root canals done and your take on the doolittle twirling with paddington bear made me laugh and we feel if she really was suffering with HG the last thing you would do is twirling .. her hair is awful and my goodness she looks aged with hairstyle parting. . She looks 50 in that outfit costing thousands ..
    so pleased to read your take on it Lola and hope that you are well
    you have been missed ..

    1. Or those decal flowers that you stick on the bottom of the tub to keep from slipping.

      Actually the first thing the flowers reminded me of was this thing my mom had on our first dishwasher. Same shape as on Kate’s dress but two sided with a magnet hidden in the center of the flower – one side indicated the dishes were dirty and the other that they were clean.

  7. Well, forget all the problems in the world, little nuisances like terrorist attacks, a nutbag in the house, hurricanes, typhoons, fires destroying homes and killing people. Kate is back!!! Dancing with a bear. It’s all good. I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough to appreciate the enormity of this effort on the part of Kateastrophe.
    On the other hand I most assuredly am sophisticated enough to be overjoyed at seeing you back on line Lola:)

  8. Lola, I have missed you so much, I was actually thinking only good things and was nearly a Sugar about the three middle aged royals.

    Regardless of any snark, much happiness to you.

  9. What is that women on? I swear she is not all there in the head. PW is in a relationship with a three year old. How can anyone take her seriously? I can’t help but thinking now that she is canceling more events because of yet another pregnancy that she believes she can get away with anything. Also it seems she thinks she couldn’t possibly jeopardize her position and that there will never be a day children or not that the brf will rid themselves of her.
    Any thoughts on that anyone?

  10. Awww, how cute. Kate braved her awful, terrible, no good HG to make an appearance today. What a pleasant surprise that I am sure has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of attention Harry’s girlfriend and her own uncle are getting in the press right now.

  11. Bring on the dull!

    Keen Kate is a fraud. She has lost no weight from HG and is looking pleasantly normal and healthy. Willy is a fraud for validating her alleged illness. As the sloth turns……..

    Her clothing reflects her interior. As the old announcers in baseball would say: A swing and a miss. Man, I wouldn’t want to inhabit the likes of that.

    Great post as always, Lola!

  12. Yes – Wills only seems to like those tan pants that don’t fit properly. A darker colour as per Harry would make the trouser snake leass obvious. As he is not a baseball player there is no need to wear painted on chinos.

  13. All I can say is I hope Padz gave her one of his HARD STARES for being such a transparent, vile, egocentric concoction of ugly cloth swatches, botulism and hot air.

  14. Reading all your comments on here so true and written so well..Oh gosh another report in DM about clearing everyones diaries ..cough .. so sarcastically written as journalist yawn is so fed up with hving to report rubbish on these two simpletons .. guess what Waity Katy is having a baby ..has noone else in the world had a baby because us British are sick to death of hearing that she has sickness but isnt it strange she can twirl and dance yet cannot do Royal engagements. .cancelling trips abroad this seems to us its when its convenient for her to say get out of work card so many people have said to us ugh.. Waity is pregnant again so she can be centre of attention and not working. .
    We are so fed up with this lazy good for nothing getting away with everything she is indeed such a cry baby ..
    we have no time for them

  15. So glad to see you again Lola!! I finally figured out where I’d seen that dress before- my Francie doll had a dress like that in the late 60’s!

  16. Also in our newspaper is all about PH not wanting a pomp and ceremony wedding well we all said no surprise there as MMs family are certainly reported in press as dubious with her gun slinging brother plus he was arrested for drugs. .
    no surprise that PH is bringing BRF into a culture so down cast thats unreal.. We British are so ashamed of what is being allowed to happen with the two brothers not behaving with decorum and understanding that they are in BRF and not normal citizens whether they like it or not its about time someone in Authority sorted these two out as there is no hope left for our historic institution going forward with these lot behaving the way they do

    1. As the churn goes around, so are the days of our butter.

      I think that the OK Corral in the US will be a great setting for the marriage of rifle-toting Princes Charles, Harry, William, Kate and her Midds hunters (did anyone tell the animals that it was a sport?); the convertible auto babe of a pathetic gangsta fake gunner (Pippa, and her oh, so classy chinless aristos); Uncle Gary, slugging his way to the corral; Meghan’s brother, and HIS gun collection, plus battered girlfriend*

      *See Uncle Gary

      and wife; ceremony by Meghan’s “bishop” Uncle. Who have I missed?

    2. It seems the time is right to just do away with it all and save the taxpayers money. I don’t think the rest of the world takes them seriously. They are so fake in my opinion.

  17. Ah geez. I didn’t notice the royal knobs. Damn. Can’t unsee. Kinda aggressive on the boys’ part- thrusting their doodads at us. Do we think they’re sexy?

    Can anyone be duller than Kate? I lose brain cells every time I read about her. She’s a lazy winner of the brass ring and don’t you forget about it. Plus, she’s has terrible taste, even for someone nouveau riche.

    So the fluff continues. Now she’s bowing out of a tour, and basically so is he. I’m sure it’s because he’s such a family man. Everyone predicted this.

    I’m waiting for them all to finally be exposed for the greedy bastards they all are. But I’ll settle for the end of the monarchy,

    1. Well said End of Monarchy which is what should happen us British should do a huge petition and vote for a Republic
      as this lazy entitled pompous lot are a total waste of our taxpayers money
      hear hear Maven the First

  18. Lola, wonderful post! All I can say is I’ve missed you and I’m glad you’re back! ❤️️❤️️

  19. Must have plugged her into the MK Ultra machine prior to this appearance.

  20. Well, I thought to myself when I saw Kate dancing with the Paddington Bear (or was it a furry taking a chance on love?), if this doesn’t bring Lola back to us she’s gone forever. Kate’s timed her pregnancy well. She’s due in April, meaning Wills won’t be able to go to Kenya to visit Jecca and thus miss Easter with the fam. Didn’t he say he wanted to wait a bit before they had more kids?

    1. I was under the impression that Willy thought that two children were enough, and for that matter he wasn’t exactly over the moon about the timing of the first two. I don’t understand the ‘royal’ view on the number of children at all, if indeed there is a ‘royal’ view. I think that Kate wanted to replicate her ‘fam’, hasn’t she said that in the past? I guess that age factors in here since while it has become ‘fashionable’ to have children late in life the fact remains that pregnancy is safer for young women. I haven’t seen a lot of enthusiasm over this pregnancy, and it may be because this child will be ‘a royal’ and expensive. That said, it would be fine if Kate wants to be a stay at home mom, a woman who loves children and wants a family, and she certainly has the resources to do just that. However, she isn’t just a ‘regular’ person, she is married to a future king and has obligations to her country. I don’t think that producing more children is in her job description. Nor do I think she has HG, and that makes me question her motives. In the past welfare families were accused of having children simply to up their benefits, and I do wonder if Kate got pregnant to avoid things she doesn’t want to do, and get all kinds of attention. Sick Kate, Brave Kate, and with the home birth planned I also have thoughts wandering across my mind as to her motives for that. No worries about the press or more importantly the lack of press interest. I just plain don’t know. I do hope that since she is pregnant that the baby is healthy and Kate as well. It’s a done deal and I pray for the best possible outcome. Especially for the innocent little life.

      1. I’d guess the only ‘royal view’ on procreation is to ensure the continuation of the public gravy train. Royal children are always a source of curiosity and affection for the public; I don’t know why they are perceived as more worthy than any other baby or child. The logic defeats me.

        I’ve never bought the ‘Kate as earth mother’ narrative. She is uncomfortable around children – we’ve seen it again and again. I find the interactions with her own children, mainly on tarmacs and on the odd church grounds, to be rather forced and for the sake of PR image (hers). Charlotte seems to accept these antics without fuss; George always seems uncomfortable and skeptical. Hence, he is labelled the more ‘difficult’ child; I suspect he knows intuitively things are not quite right with what is real in his life vs what it appears to be.

        1. Kittie, I guess that as a mother I should be more understanding of Kate’s desire to have a family. William is another story to me. He seems to hate his life, such a burden, such a hardship and yet he brings two children into it? Now three, but I am of the opinion that this little one wasn’t in his game plan, and quite frankly I don’t know why. Two kids, three kids, 12 kids with his wealth and privilege are certainly affordable so it’s not a matter of being able to support them, of being able to provide the best for them. Not to mention that he can hand them off to a nanny and go on his merry way. I do think that public opinion is changing and that my cause him anxiety.
          ‘Royal children’. No such thing, and no child is worth more than any other, but that fascination with ‘royals’ seems to be set in stone, maybe people need to believe that these children are unique. Personally, I think it does more harm than good, ‘royals’ aren’t taken all that seriously as far as having any particular usefulness, at least in this day and age, if ever. An heir and a spare? These are children, not tires. I have often wondered how it would be to have to have mumsy kick it to even have a job. (Charles). Sorry for the rambling, again I’m a simple fat little person sitting in a closet typing away.
          Seriously, a system that admits that it is a ‘tourist attraction’? Niagara Falls is a tourist attraction, the architecture in Britain is lovely but the ‘firm’? I don’t get it.

          1. Royals, I think it is basically indoctrination of a populace through a range of mechanisms short of seasoning the water: relentless PR, as well as all manner of subliminal and not so subliminal messages – Queen on currency, postage stamps, TV programmes that build up royalty as extra-special people etc etc. Scots and Irish seem to have less enthusiasm for the BRF than the English so maybe it’s a proximity thing in play as well? Certainly, Commonwealth countries have no need for royalty; they are viewed as quaint and in the same category as celebrities one sees on TV. But loyalty? Nope. They just don’t matter to everyday life.

            I agree that there is no such thing as ‘royal children’ or royal anything for that matter. In modern parlance, it is a branding ploy to separate and elevate a family with a rich history, for sure, but that’s about it. Where once weaponry and armies and fear of such kept people in their place, today the use of blanket coverage of all media types keep people believing that a monarchy doing nothing much is good for them, or at the very least, keeps them passive.

            I would feel sorry for royal children were they not afforded every entitlement under the sun, undeservedly so and out of kilter with contemporary ideas of meritocracy. That they struggle when faced with having to enter the real world – or as real as it gets for them – is evident when you see Beatrice’s efforts. The expectation of being publicly-funded for life has been dashed, but regardless of all manner of advantages, she has found it hard to transition to an independent life. But her cousins are in much the same boat; Zara and Peter live on their mother’s estate. William and Harry enjoy their slacker lives by virtue of their father’s birth order. If the monarchy ended tomorrow, I suspect they all would struggle if automatic deference and the moolah dried up.

            1. Kittie, I agree that the ‘royals’ would have the rug pulled right out from under them if the monarchy failed. However, as you say a combination of things will in all likelihood prevent that from happening, at least in the near future. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a comfort, a familiar place in a whacked out world. If so, who could begrudge the people that. A rather faint analogy might be the Great Depression and Shirley Temple.
              I find this “Where once weaponry and armies and fear of such kept people in their place, today the use of blanket coverage of all media types keep people believing that a monarchy doing nothing much is good for them, or at the very least, keeps them passive.” very well thought out and spot on.

              The monarchy might very well be in place simply because it’s been there forever, and people have serious matters to deal with in today’s world. Since they are pretty much regarded as ‘there’ people might very well be passive about them even with all the social media and exposure. For sure they have become a source of scorn and scrutiny as never before, and as you said the Commonwealth countries don’t care and aren’t ‘impressed’ so it probably is the fact that the ‘firm’ is based in the UK.

              Yes, ‘royal’ children are born into wealth and privilege, but how will they ever know who they really are, their purpose for being here, do people defer to their titles or whatever and how will they ever know? Personally, Kate is a prime example of that for me, she is a silly immature emotionally stunted person and yet that title and **ring** tend to blind people to her lack of usefulness to the country. Same with the York girls, ‘titles’ but no rudder, no purpose that I have seen, and again is it my ‘title’ that attracts people or me.
              When an institution openly admits that they are a ‘tourist attraction’ it makes one wonder. Also, from what I have read, and this may change once the queen kicks the bucket, this way of life is rigid. So rigid that finding oneself would be difficult, and if someone did find themselves wanting to do something aside from ‘royal’ duties and living a frivolous and pointless life at the expense of others, who knows what would happen. It’s hard enough when crappy sperm and egg donors think that their children (property) are to follow a path that they have laid out, how much more difficult would it be when an entire country is involved. It rather sounds like luxurious slavery to me.
              The Yorkies, in my opinion, could break free should they choose, for others it would be more difficult but not impossible.

              Absolutely if the ‘auto deference’ and bucks dried up these people would be akin to goldfish whose bowl sprung a leak. I wonder where the money really comes from, I read that Charles owns this, the queen owns that, but how? My thought is that it can be traced back to the working man’s pocket, and I would love to know for sure. I know at one time that both Phillip and queenie worked but no way would they be able to make enough money to live as they do.

              1. Royals, to be sure the comfort factor plays a significant part in the longevity of the monarchy. The royal PR has pitched it right; constant drip of positive ‘do-goodery’, a dash of opulence so that people think the BRF is ‘better’, not controversial (well, that’s the aim), plus chanting like a mantra that they ‘work so hard’. Complete piffle.

                I take your point about royalty being akin to luxurious slavery. However, according to legend, the Queen gives her family the freedom to chart their own paths. Those paths don’t take them very far, it seems; all are still sucking on the public teat like there’s no tomorrow, and worse, that they deserve to do so. Such is the sycophancy surrounding them, a bloated cushion of sorts, the BRF is never challenged. All self-created muck is cleaned up or mysteriously disappears. Strength of character is largely absent because life is just too good, too privileged: endless money provided by others, the best of all material goods, never held to account. Transitioning to a less frivolous, less pointless existence would be damn hard work, and that’s not what they have been built for. They remind me of animals raised in captivity, never able to be returned to the wild.

                Do I feel sorry for them? No. Because all but the heir have choices, propped up by huge resources. The heir also has choices: to define the role (as Charles has done as PoW) or be a thorough wastrel (William). They can create their own prison (William again) or use the role to open up the world for others. Choices.

                1. Very well said Kittie. I wasn’t aware of this:

                  “However, according to legend, the Queen gives her family the freedom to chart their own paths.”

                  1. Royals, Harry and William and the York girls have said that granny doesn’t dictate their direction, but leaves it to them. It has also been often written that each working royal sets their own agenda and overall, acts independently. Of course, this all comes from the BRF PR so who knows!!

              2. royalsareajoke and Kitty, may I put my ten cents in? Lol, after tuition for my children at religious private school, undergrad and graduate schools, that is all I have left!

                My children grew up, with trust funds set up by grandparents, and had what most would call a rich upbringing. My family has/had much money. However, we never saw it, and I was raised in a middle class neighborhood. I had to save and pay for my own college and law school. My children, at age 16, had to find a paying job (no unpaid glamorous internships found by papa and mummy). Plus give ten percent of all earnings to tzedaka (charity), and pay for their room and board during summers from their own earned wages. Plus volunteer five hours a week, minimum. The summer jobs made them understand how hard it is to survive on minimum wage or wait tables for tips. It made them better people, and today they volunteer, from building homes for Habitat for Humanity, help at homeless shelters, and much more. Their low paying jobs gave them an extra drive to excel, and all have a career, from medical doctor to finance director. My husband and I told them they have to make it on their own, no excuses except Medical allowed. They have cousins their age, spoiled and given everything, from flashy cars to expensive condos. The cousins are unhappy drifters, with no sense of being, some with drug problems, etc.

                Harry and William were raised with a sense of entitlement, with no self-worth except to moan about how unlucky they are to be princes, and whining that they can’t be ordinary. I find their attitudes disgusting, and put most of the blame on their family. Crying about wanting to be ordinary. I could slap their faces. They are ordinary, to the lowest common denominator. What have they done?

                It is never too late to change. Find a passion and work every day at it. They love sports, and can turn this love into a career. How about tennis clubs through GB, for disadvantaged children? Or riding clubs for the disabled, and people with mental/emotional issues. My son worked at one, for autistic children, and found they were able to communicate with the gentle horses; the horses did not care if the riders had problems or not. Why not begin centers for the poor elderly, or fund dentists to give free dental care.

                It is amazing that the man-Boys do not work five days a week, eight hours a day. They have the power to bring change, and can only do that by working every day. Where in the world are they vacationing is absolutely mind boggling to a taxpayer. It should be where in Great Britain are they working.

                1. I agree with all you say. But in order to change and implement the excellent changes you suggest, there needs to be a will to do so. And that is not in evidence in the Wales man-boys and limpet wife. Their lives are principally ones of leisure, with the occasional ‘duty’ thrown in to keep the public money rolling in. But they are products of their environment. Apart from the top job of monarch, everything else is surplus to requirements and just insubstantial window dressing. The point of such make-work engagements (not work) is to maintain visibility and therefore relevance to the public.

                  The younger royals are very much akin to your nephews and nieces, having no obligation to care for anyone but themselves. They have a powerful PR juggernaut hiding their indolence and praising them to the hilt for turning up for half an hour to smile and wave and ‘learn’. Pfff.

                  1. Kittie, I laughed when you wrote there has to be a will to do so. A pun, perhaps?

                    I consider myself very lucky to have parents that taught their daughters to be ladies, not little girls. I never knew about family money, and thought my aunts and uncles were like Kings and Queens, with mansions, new Cadillacs every year, Paris trips for clothes, and more. When I found out that hey, we are just as rich as them, it was too late. I was married and working 50 hours a week (loving every minute, and laughing continuously). The trusts went to my kids, and they are now giving all to tzedakah. They say they have everything, and it is time for others to have something. I pat myself on the back, loudly, to have such children.

                    I disagree that the limpets, mentally limping, oh our mother St. Diana died from a drunk driver, woe is me, I injured pedestrians in Las Vegas on my motorcycle, drunk as a skunk, because my mummy died, and I take out my anger by shooting anything with wings on it. Oh, the horror to be in my thirties, never asking for private planes, rich colonial friends living on African plantations, living with them for a gap year, and months every year since; all the protection, holidays for health since one hour a day at a charity polo match, or going to a rugby game or the Olympics are such strains on me, no ordinary bloke can imagine. Plus St. Diana, dying a thousand deaths and they are excused as products of their environment. I think I will slap them three or four times. They are products of their own imagination. Poor, pitiful princes. Does anyone see the irony in their plights. We must give excuses for them. They were born into the world like us plebeians, and will be eaten by the same worms at death. How hateful of the boy men to not give all of themselves to their fellow citizens. Zero excuse.

                    1. Bellaluna, I can’t disagree with you. My comment re. being ‘products of their environment’ referred to being utterly spoiled by their utterly spoiled family for no reason except ‘tradition’. This family milks it and the public all the way to the bank. The litany of poor me, selfish behaviour is just what we know about; imagine the rest…

                  2. Kittie, I think I must agree with you. You are right, as the boy men have been raised as spoiled, selfish, indolent, whining, moaning human beings. Charles gave them too much leeway, probably from guilt and incessant media attacks on his head about everything. He and the royals created emotionally stunted Peter Pans. Literally with Harry, who must have wings from flying around the world all the time. I wonder where he has been since Toronto.

                    1. Well, I think it ain’t nothin’ but a family thang: look at how Andrew turned out – jobless, entitled, dishonest, useless; look at Charles – whining, needs his ego boosted at all times; Anne – haughty. My conclusion is that the rotten apples don’t fall far from the rotten trees.

      2. Royalsareajoke, I very much missed you, Nic, Daisy, Herazeus, and everybody else on this best of best, lovelolaheart. Please, everybody, keep up the good work. I love to laugh, and I always cry with laughs, or spit out food, when I read lovelolaheart’s take on Kate, and y’alls comments. There is no hate here, just spot-on criticism laced with snarky humor.

        Just thanks. Whenever I feel low, I read the archives to laugh.

        1. 🙂 I love your comment, I was thinking the same thing, there is no hate here, no vitriol, no vicious comments, and it’s just plain fun. Well, if the reason for keeping the monarchy afloat is that they’re a tourist attraction and I can’t afford to fly off to the UK sites like these are my window into that whack a doodle world. Lola’s comment about the ‘trouser trout’ is absolutely priceless.

  21. May B, me thinks he didn’t want this one, I would put money on it, he came home drunk, because that is the only way he would sleep with her. Of course I could be wrong, and this is the greatest love story like Vickie and Bertie, and they can’t wait to get in each others Knickers, somehow me thinks not!!!

    1. +1 msthang.. She sprung it on him on In Europe on the way to the reception. He must have yelled at her. Remember all those frowning pictures of her. It was hard for her to muster a smile for the press.

  22. Lola, I am just wondering what that row in Poland was about, and if it had to do with Chutney getting preggers, and Chopper just not wanting a third whatsoever!!!

    1. A Trojan is not just a horse. William knew what he was getting into; and frankly, he’s not the one who is pregnant. Two or three or ten children, he’ll always get his beauty sleep. Another nanny added to their dozens of staff will not break his bank.

    2. My thought about the row was Kate poked William’s eye with the bodice of her white/black dress, and William retaliated by poking Kate with his tight pants. Poking around leads to babies.

  23. There was a wastrel named Kate
    who never a day worked to date.
    She claimed she was hurl’ing
    but with bear she was twirling
    in a dress that was fashion stagnate.

    Thank you for returning with yet another good post Lola. I just have to remember not reading them in the office ‘going over these lastest revisions to the manuscript’…

  24. Yah, another post! I’ve missed you Lola and have been rereading your old posts while waiting for a new post. I guess your’ve been waiting for Kate to do something interesting?

    I’ve been waiting for the last 7 + years for Kate to do something interesting… Oh well, in the meantime Paddington gets a dance?

    Hopefully she will be able to “struggle” through the HG so she can go to Sweden? Looking forward to photos of Kate with the Swedish Royal Ladies…

  25. Msthang, you are spot on about the third child making it harder for the cad to walk away. Carol knows it too.

  26. Using a child or pregnancy for the purpose of any form of manipulation is something only the lowest of the low would do. It usually proves to be a temporary fix and in the long run brings disappointment, heartbreak and a permanent lack of trust.

    1. If we believed everything William and Kate have said over the years, then we would be as thick as…well, you know. Who knows what the two think about anything. They lie, and play games with the press; they do not care that their actions and words end up as contempt towards the Brits. Plus, they are lawsuit happy, along with Harry. No photos of Meghan with Harry can be legally seen in GB. Likewise, Kate and her HG and shopping, swirling with stuffed humans, et al. In a previous post I wrote about my horror, and that is down-playing, a pregnancy with HG. It is rare problem, and not just terrible morning sickness; HG can kill, and damaged one of my kidneys.

      If William didn’t want more kids, he could have said no. I had my tubes tied after my HG pregnancy – and Will could have done the same, I think.

      1. He is too arrogant to bother with taking precautions and Kate banked on that to have the third child. I definitely think the display in Poland was him finding out that she wasn’t preventing a pregnancy because the timing fits quite well with an April due date.

  27. Phyllis, I so feel for the little ones who get caught in the middle. I grew up in a household where my folks didn’t always get along but we kiddo’s never saw it. Certainly we can’t be for sure what sort of relationship those 2 have, but judging by the way Chutney just glows when she looks at Chopper, he by the way looks away most of the time and with pure disdain. But I think if it is like you and I believe, it is pure desperation on Chutney’s part to keep Chopper coming home to her, even if he is seeing someone else!!!

    1. William treats her like garbage in public and she just looks desperate around him. This isn’t a couple that looks stable and equal. In the short time we have seen Harry and Meghan in public he has already shown her much more respect and attention.

  28. Bellaluna, is it true that no photos of Harry and Meghan can be legally seen in GB? Why would that be if their so in love that their on the verge of marrying?
    I think something is fishy about the whole situation regarding the younger royals.

    1. No pap pictures are allowed. Harry filed a lawsuit, and was granted this unheard of privilege, outside of the BRF, and certain celebrities. It was hysterical to read the Sun, Hello, and almost every publication sneakily hint, in one week, two celebrity juicy scandals that everybody in the world, including Scotland, could report, but not the Brits. Hello! Magazine gets its revenge when irritated by showing non-photoshopped pictures of the royals and other celebrities. You can see ever hair, mole (aka freckle) and food in teeth when they get ticked off.

      In the US, the press who have a percentage of Royal followers will not publish photos. It is sad that very few Americans, as opposed to even twenty years ago, care about the younger royals, and take it from me – younger people, unless Royal obsessed, have zero interest in what my daughter and her friends call old fashioned but money robbers. My kids tell me not to talk about dumbbells. Thus, no one gives a damn in Britain to even take pap pics and sell them to USA publications.

    1. msthang, where would the boys and girls make money? They are always on vacation somewhere in the world. They are raking in the dough from the Brits no matter whether they take a pic on top of a rhino, and continue a six week vacation, or in the south of France. They rake in money from every photo approved by them.

      The republicans are stuck with their royals. I asked several people what would happen to Great Britain if a republic was voted into law. They laughed. Every institution would have to be changed. Commonwealth countries would pay billions. Great Britain would no longer be united. Every single thing, plus treaties, would spend years and tens of billions to settle.
      GB is stuck or proud to have them.

      I don’t know what circles worship them, and if we had social media and internet 100 years ago, the sentiment would be the same. What I cannot get over is the f you the trio give to the people who pay them. What is so hard to show up every day at a charity, and spend a few hours. Why are they resentful and sullen towards their fellow citizens? Why doesn’t BBC or Skype or any newspaper demand that they have day-to-day reports of the royals? Like with the White House embedded reporters. The Brits receive 4 to 6 week’s of holiday time-off, if I am correct. Where are the three musketeers every week? Are they secret agents? Why doesn’t the British press and media go on a complete shutdown until the unbelievable, anti democracy, and basically Pravda-like brown licking of royals lift their lawsuits.

      One last thought. If I see another piece of s. t that Kate wears, I will protest in front of the British embassy in D.C., and bring a rack of suitable clothing.

      Not to vent.

      1. Bellaluna, I agree and when you look at what Diana did, she famously worked Tuesday through Thursday, sometimes going to 2 to 4 engagements a day, it made her look wonderful. Why would this be so hard for her offspring. And the truth is every generation since WW2 has gotten progressively spoiled, so this lot will their downfall. When HM croaks, I give it 20 years tops !!!

  29. Governance structures across the globe change periodically; nothing is static. There was once a British Empire but it no longer exists… Boundaries, allegiances change all the time. It’s very possible that Scotland will secede from the union at some point. because it no longer works for its people. The monarchy, at the apex of power, have a vested interest in perpetuating privilege for itself. But this means people have to accept being less than they can be in order to prop up others of lesser merit. If Britons accept that level of injustice, or are just plain apathetic, well, they deserve what they get which seems to be the misery of austerity.

    Commonwealth countries would not be paying anything to the UK when they eventually transition to independence. It is a matter of amending the Commonwealth country’s constitution, replacing an hereditary foreigner as Head of State, one living thousands of miles away, with a person of one’s own country who is either directly elected or appointed by elected parliamentarians. Moving to a republic will mean restructuring aspects of governance, administrative in nature, including the gradual phasing out of visible aspects of monarchy eg currencies, though generally these remain legal for years to avoid huge expenditures and then seamlessly replaced.

    It is more a matter of having the will to effect change because it better represents the country’s values. The general consensus is that a move to independence by a number of Commonwealth countries will occur sometime after the Queen’s death. These countries are not given a drip feed about the BRF on a daily basis because the interest and relevance is not there. Nor do the values surrounding royalty have traction ie privilege through birth valued more than ability, opportunity and merit. Modern democracies value and aspire to meritocracy and true representation (well, in theory!).

    The younger royals behave poorly because they have been brought up to think they are special purely because of birth. Yet, they demonstrably have no ticker for anything but satisfying their own pleasures, paid for by others. They are life’s takers. UK people automatically defer to the royals; it’s amazing to watch otherwise intelligent people doffing their caps to a family of under-achievers. Your idea of having a daily and independently tallied tick-tock of activities, published daily and prominently, would strip away some of the obfuscation of what these vapid people get up to. But the BRF keeps its activities and expenditure well- hidden for obvious reasons. People arguing for monarchy often say that the royals are a benign presence in the face of corrupt politicians, but let’s face it, the BRF is corrupt too. Unfettered privilege corrupts. The media won’t bite the hand that feeds them or are too subservient/scared to undertake forensic investigation. Given Murdoch’s ownership of UK media and his dislike for the monarchy, expect the wheels to come off once the Queen dies.

    1. Thank you for your information. I always learn from the fabulous commenters on lovelolaheart.

      To get back into snark, the British embassy is 20 minutes from my home. I’d have to check the laws, as I will protest the waste of funds on Kate’s clothes. And model how to use accessories, especially inexpensive scarfs, big but tastefully tacky royal jewels, put the ugly blue diamond away and wear other rings, fgs stop with the reduced rate Kiki earrings, show how to wear sandals and not pumps with evening wear, recycle lace into tablecloths, have her donate her striped shirts to jail inmates, burn in effigy tight jeans, nude shoes, wedges, and other Astoria offenses , and much more. No more ugly McQueen, too dark hose, crotch clutches, coats, mummy coat and matching ugly dress, high, Peter Pan or buttoned to the chin collars, and wearing Gucci, Prada, and other poorly made non-British designers, big no. Wear French or American or Letizia’s designers. Wear Scottish plaids and dreamy cashmere; small British design houses; sell the ugly Cartier earrings and necklace, the ruby set only a teen liked, or better yet – auction off your hideous junk for charity. Your Erdem can be cut up and made into a quilt for sale.

      I hate (right) going on and on. Oh yes – ban wiglets made from oppressed third world women’s hair. Yech, to think about women paid pennies to cut their hair for rich people. Cut your hair, and try chignons.

  30. I lol when I see Kate in an up to the neck little bow. This girl is an exhibitionist, not Mary Poppins.

  31. Did she really need a new outfit for that engagement. No. Appears to be that rather than being supposedly ‘thrifty’ we are more ‘licence to spend ‘ now. When was the last time we genuinely saw her rehash an old outfit that doesn’t involve the church on Sunday must go given she stayed with Queenie in Scotland in August. Shocked she couldn’t be bothered to attend pride of Britain awards – an engagement she’d normally fall over for.

      1. The BRF seems to prefer communicating with each other through the press, but there easier ways of saying no to another baby eg direct communication or having the snip.

  32. May B, this really gets my goat, is he telling people to keep their pants zipped like he never did or just abort, what is it, did he say anything about birth control, or the mass consumption of the Royal family, of course that would be calling the kettle black. Oh my gosh right now I could punch his lights out!!!

  33. Whenever William speaks, he confirms my observation that he is a complete fool. God know why Brits need this dolt to rule over them. He should be neutered.

  34. I question Willie has the ability to write a speech. I’m betting all his speeches are written for him. If my thought is correct, it also shows he does not even have the ability to proof read.

    1. Whoever wrote his speech should be fired. The incompetency at KP is breathtaking. Hopefully Ms. Quinn, who looks like she has the brains to do it (her resume and her dignity are nice to see); she has been discretely following Kate on some of Kate’s taxing engagements. I believe she was hired for the three keen royals. She should tell them that times are not a’ changin’, but are already past. She can crack a whip, like the one used on polo ponies, and tell them to get with the program, as Americans like to say. Don’t we all dream what we would do and say to the three musketeers? And they were forced to obey?

      1. “Don’t we all dream what we would do and say to the three musketeers?” Hmm… it might go something like this:

        1. Kate:
        – no more shopping; use what you have.
        – learn to speak properly; no fake accent.
        – you will speak at every event you attend, which – by the way, did I tell you – are increasing to four days a week x multiple engagements.
        – the hair’s coming off.

        2. William and Harry:
        – understand that you are complete tools; you hold your positions because of ejaculation, not election.
        – you will start traveling up and down the UK, meeting people, opening fairs, whatever it takes to get to know your constituents, because you morons, it’s not about you.
        – you will be marched to the tailor where new pants will be issued; no-one wants to see it.
        – all holidays, trysts and security is on your dime, not the taxpayer; no wasting of money or leaders’ time by insisting on meetings to lump taxpayers with your rumpy-pumpy time.

        That’s for starters.

        1. Kittie, I nominate you for your phrase that the men boys hold their positions because of ejaculation, not election. The award for the winner of funny but not nasty criticism will be one of the following: paper doll cutouts of the three with modern/edgy/ classic clothes to dress (perhaps Barbie dolls and clothes, with shoes that can be taken off at will); a large world map, like the ones you see in old war movies, plotting troop movements, except substituted with one or two little plastic figures placed on where in the world is Harry (maybe Meghan) this month; My Little Ponies, created for obsolescence once played with non-stop after four hours; and many more prizes. You, and the other funny and informative commenters and lovelolaheart make my days. I spit out my o.j. this morning, laughing so hard.

  35. Willie is not known for intelligence, but rather the lack of. If he was a smart man, he would not have been able to be manipulated and coerced by the Middleton’s into marrying Kate. Now a third baby which was also manipulated to insure he doesn’t leave the Middleton’s clutches. Just my thoughts.

    1. My thoughts too. Apparently the Middleton’s don’t know how royalty works. And Kate is a dolt. I’m impressed that the 3 younger roles combined don’t come close to the Queen, princess Anne, Camilla and Charles. When a 9( year old dies more than 3 thirty something roles, time to cut off their funds.

  36. Phyllis, I agree wholeheartedly about him not being able to see past the manipulation. I’m certain they used multiple forms of blackmail to get him and keep him. I think that family has no scruples and are ruthless and care only for themselves. They clearly had a prize in mind and were willing to do anything as well as stop at nothing to get it. It didn’t matter what they had to do to get it and now to keep it. One day it may well be their undoing and then what? Just my thoughts.

  37. Brielle, HM obviously had issues with it, nobody in that family has received titles, and don;t the parents get titles when their is offspring from a royal child!!

  38. Brielle, Chopper won’t have any issues throwing not only Chutney under the bus but her whole family, when he has had enough!!

  39. I would be surprised if Willie did anything along these lines as long as the queen is alive.

    I thought he might be getting fed up before the third pregnancy hit him up side the head. If so, it didn’t matter. Another baby meant he had to suck it up and stick it out. Carol pulled it off again.

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