The RMS Windsor

The ocean liner The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable, until of course it sank, the iceberg it hit compromising five of its sixteen watertight compartments, one more than the ship could withstand.

The British Monarchy may no longer be viewed as unsinkable, but it survived the annus horribilis, Diana’s death and Hurricane Fergie, albeit with damage to the hull, so what exactly did it hit for it to be taking on so much water recently?  Or did someone release the Kraken?  I hope not, I love a good Kraken release party.

Currently Compromised Compartments:

The Queen – Her Majesty is rarely publicly criticized, most respect her dedication to duty. The woman is 91 and still keeps an impressive schedule.  But the revelation of the Paradise Papers that the Duchy of Lancaster was tied to the offshore tax haven scandal hasn’t cast the Queen in the best of lights.


The Queen voluntarily pays an undisclosed sum in taxes but the scandal reminded people how cheesed off they are about their taxes going to pay for the massive Buckingham Palace repair and renovation money pit project and not truly knowing how much the Royal Family costs them because of a lack of transparency.


And of course this week the chairman of the Duchy of Lancaster was knighted by the Queen.  But no photos of that knighting were allowed so it’s almost like it didn’t happen, except it did.


But at least we sort of know what it would look like… if the chairman were Julie Walters.


Prince Philip – There’s not much anyone would begrudge the recently retired royal, but really, the first thing he does with his freedom from duty is have a new kitchen put in?  What is it with this family and new kitchens?  Couldn’t he just borrow one from Seven Kitchens Kate?  After all, she’s been helping herself to some of Buckingham Palace’s kitchen staff, allegedly causing some to quit due to being over-worked.  The Palace claimed there’s nothing unusual at all about the amount of employees jumping ship, just regular turn-over, nothing to see here.

Prince Charles – Whoopsie, those pesky Paradise Papers again, this time a bit shadier.


I doubt there was any intentional impropriety, but Charles gets so focused on achieving his objective, he develops tunnel vision.  Because of this revelation, there is a call for greater transparency with the finances of the Royal Family which they try to keep shrouded in mystery.

Prince William – The avid hunter and supporter of trophy hunts gave a speech for Tusk warning of the dangers of over-population while his wife is pregnant with their third child.  I hope his speech writer, presumably still Jason,  just hates him and he really isn’t that oblivious.


Kate Middleton – Okay, I don’t think I have a clear grasp of how this life-threatening Hyperemesis Gravidarum works because for Kate’s first solo event back after the September 4th announcement of her pregnancy, Kate showed up in workout gear and participated in a tennis workshop on Halloween.  Did Kate have the 24 hour kind of Hyperemesis Gravidarum?  Either call it what it is, regular morning sickness which is still terrible or do a better job committing to the con, that’s all we ask.


Kate has done two engagements recently, a gala at Kensington Palace for The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families on Tuesday night and a Place2Be forum on Wednesday where she gave a speech.



Tuesday’s black lace dress we’ve seen before, Wednesday’s was new.  And ugly.

Kate’s Place2Be speech included this line, “As a mother just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help raise a child.”  For fuck’s sake, the entire staff she has helping to raise her children didn’t clue her in?  The brief speech ended with “And I’m looking forward to learning even more today.”  Um, as patron should she really be highlighting her eternal pupil approach to charity work where it’s all just a learning experience for her or is she finally acknowledging that she does nothing behind the scenes to prepare for her engagements?  But she did give a speech which happens just about as often as Bigfoot is spotted riding The Loch Ness Monster.


But back to the Duchess Who Cried Keen.  Royal correspondent Richard Palmer ran some numbers on Tuesday and out of Kate’s 33 engagements in the UK, only 3 were outside of London (in a separate Tweet, Palmer estimated Kate’s done 40 events on tours, not counting take-offs and landings).


Considering Kate’s only got about five weeks until her winter holidays, it looks like she might have some difficulty breaking double digits again for her annual event totals, despite the padding for official engagements she’s already received.  That would make it five years out of seven Kate failed to do even 100 annual events.  The Palace better figure out a way to boost her numbers by year’s end, after all, Kate and William were both supposed to be stepping up to reduce the burden on the 91-year-old monarch and her retired 96-year-old consort.

Kate finally received her first honour since joining the Royal Family, the Tuvalu Order of Merit which was created to commemorate the Cambridge’s visit to the sinking island in 2012 and for helping to raise awareness for climate change which was approved by the Queen.  Does Kate even know what climate change is?  Does she think the climate is now wearing nude court shoes and jeggings because of her?  Or did Kate and William promise to try to squeeze everyone into one private jet on their next ski holiday?  The medal, created by Major David Rankin-Hunt and made by the British company Gladman & Norman is kind of the Fisher Price of medals, as can be seen in this Daily Mail article, the design is very simple and looks like it’s made of stainless steel.  Perhaps the Queen wants to make sure Kate doesn’t swallow any of the pieces before even considering giving her The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, which every other working female member of the Royal Family has except Kate.

Prince Harry/Meghan Markle – There is still a lot of public opposition to this potential union.  I suspect the imminent engagement idea is being pushed by the media because Kate’s about as exciting as watching someone watch paint dry and just isn’t selling magazines and generating clicks anymore.  While Prince Harry and Meghan have been dating for a year, they’ve been calling different continents home, they’ll probably want to live together for a year or so before making any decisions about marriage.  Unfortunately for Meghan, public perception was always going to be an uphill battle because of statements made by her half-sister Samantha at the beginning of their relationship which she recently denied making on Good Morning Britain and others in Meghan’s life.  I saved this since the summer, I think CanadianGoose may be a reader.


All families are dysfunctional, however those of royal girlfriends are expected to stay out of the news, just like the Middletons didn’t manage to do.

Being an actress is a tough road to travel, it requires qualities some dislike about Meghan.  Those same qualities would translate well into the role she would be expected to play, however.  As an actress, Meghan isn’t exactly Meryl Streep so to have made it as far as she has takes tenacity which means she actually might survive joining that family.  As much as I criticize Kate, I also feel badly for her, it’s as if all the life has been sucked out of her (someone who knew her prior to marriage described her personality to me as a “negative void”, but even so, at least she looked like she had a pulse).  Meghan might actually have a shot at self-preservation.

The problem with Meghan is the same question that was raised when Kate married Prince William: if anyone can be royal, what makes the Royal Family special enough to justify being funded by taxpayers?  The days of marrying cousins to preserve the blood line are over.  The Confession Sessions of Princes William and Harry have left some taxpayers yearning for the days of the stiff upper lip and the second in line to the throne and his possible future queen consort Kate have marketed themselves as “just like everyone else”.

Prince Harry seems to have received all the royal magic which is the problem with hereditary monarchies.  Here he is from Thursday’s Field of Remembrance event.


Ultimately does it matter with whom Harry jumps into the water as The RMS Windsor sinks?  It’s going down anyway, but at least with Prince William and Kate Middleton suddenly honoured champions of climate change, the water won’t be so bad.




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  1. I again agree with everything you said. I wrote on you tube that it’s amazing Kate can turn up to events like tennis and celebrity events and events at her home in Kensington Palace. Like that’s tough. And her speech. Well what can you say. I have yet to hear her string two coherent sentences together. But if you have HG it’s amazing how quick it clears up. Might be the surrogate has it

    1. Yes, in all these pictures she doesn’t appear to have any baby bump yet. Odd… isn’t she several months along at this point???

  2. Witty and all-round fabulous piece of writing, Lola.

    Yep, you have to wonder how special royalty is these days if Miss Slitz – with a straight face from all concerned – can transform into Princess Sophia…

    I’d forgotten how Kate saved Tuvalu from sinking just by her mere fragrant presence of a few hours or so. She deserves a bit of tin for her troubles. I just love these self-congratulatory and self-awarded Orders. Everyone froths at the mouth about them. But then, if these people called royal don’t invent and give gongs to themselves, who will? What is even more wondrous is the schmucks who actually lap up this royal drivel. What a con job.

    1. Thanks, Kittie. Yes, that piece of tin has been coming for a while, but Kate finally officially got it at the end of October. For some reason this Order of Merit seems extra ridiculous, maybe because it’s Kate’s first and it’s for something she hasn’t claimed to be keen about (at least as far as I can remember, she’s been keen about so many things). Royalty has never been special, everyone is equal to everyone else. The Queen has just known how to market her brand which is why the British Monarchy has lasted this long.

    2. Dammit Kittie…..i forgot to follow through with, IG of me arriving at Tavulu so i can receive my order of merit.

      Where is a mionion when you need these things organised whilst you get on with more fragrant things, like avocado toast?!

      Come to think of it, why even travel to Tavulu wherever that is. Why not take a leaf out of wag the dog, and photoshop oneself into a Tavulu back ground. Less bother and many rewards, like a tin badge on a ribbon.

      Someone will be fired for this oversight.

      As soon as i hire them of course.

    3. Kittie, I never knew what a “gong” was until a few weeks ago. Why is it named gong? I think only of the songs “Bang a Drum” or “Bang a Gong.” Plus if Tuvalu is going toode loo, why have people visit, as their literal environmental footprints are helping to contribute to Tuvalu’s sinking.

  3. I remember reading about that order of merit from Tv and thinking it was an April Fools joke…these days its hard to tell from all the Fake News!
    I for one look forward to arrival of HRH Rachel, the Duchess of Sussex. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think she can push the Royal Mattress off the dailies pretty handily. HG is the gift that keeps on giving for those of us who prefer the heir-baring, bobble-headed mannequin to be kept out of sight and out of mind.
    At the very least, maybe we can expect some epic Dynasty-ish cat fight within the confines of Balmoral soon after the engagement is announced? I see good times ahead Lola!

    1. I’ve always said I don’t envy anyone who marries Harry because of having to deal with Kate. I wouldn’t marry Harry… I mean it’s not like he’s asking anyway but could you imagine having to curtsey to Kate and walk behind her? If they ever do get in a cat fight, I want the exact total on the number of wiglets and extensions that went flying.

  4. lovelolaheart, I have been waiting – yearning – for another of your fabulous, witty musings. However….

    I do not understand why and how Harry gets a pass for everything, and the interest in MM. Harry is now fifth in line to the throne, and yet is feted and glamorized as though he was Wills. No smirking allowed, or small guffaws, coughing over laughs, or my favorite, spitting. I think that the two boy men are ridiculous, but there is no excuse for Harry the Hippo, or Harry the Hilarious, or plain Harry “what the fuck” Houdini is traveling, playing around with ponies, or shagging somebody, and using British money. I honestly do not get him and Meghan Markle. She is a double major graduate of Northwestern University, born of humble origins but had the drive and brains to make something of herself, and who gives a damn if she became an actress, at least she worked. She might not be a sweet Pollyanna, and yes, probably used her husband for her own gain. She did no harm to innocents. I ask what she and Harry Houdini have in common, and their severe differences in life experiences can ever be reconciled.

    I am no fan of the three musketeers. I want to laugh, and learn from others on this site. I just don’t get the boy men and a Pregnant Princess. Why are they not seen every day.

    1. That’s so sweet, thanks. I don’t follow Harry as closely since he’s so far down in the line of succession so maybe that’s skewed my perception, but the difference between Harry, William and Kate in my opinion is that Harry actually seems to genuinely care about people and his causes. I remember reading one quote not that long ago by a wounded vet who said that if it weren’t for Harry and Invictus, he probably would have committed suicide. I think he’s actually managed to do some good with his role. But ew, he spits? Gross. If I ever saw him do that at an event, I would definitely mention it. I don’t care who Harry marries, it could be Meghan or Marilyn Manson. I think one of the reasons the public is so interested in Harry and Meghan is because everyone is so bored with Kate. Same thing happened when Fergie married in, she was a “breath of fresh air” until of course the public turned on her.

  5. Oh dear – well if it was 70 years ago then the whole “i’m precious but mostly behind closed doors” would be par for course. These days we have a “lower orders” 10 year girlfriend that eventaully got “big blue” – goood luck to them – but they are takers and with little to nothing to contribute

  6. Fabulous post, Lola.
    I have noticed in all the press pics of these 2 events, how well turned out and professional Kate’s new private secretery looks.
    Kate, take note !! Sometimes Rebecca looked as if she had picked her clothes up off the floor and hadn’t even brushed her hair.

    1. Thanks, Matty. Hopefully the professionalism of the new Private Secretary will inspire Kate. Btw, in some photos, Catherine Quinn in the background sometimes looks like Glenn Close.

    2. Gosh, for the place2be letter and speech written by Catherine Quinn alone, she deserves a damehood.

      For those 2 things alone i’m convinced she’s a Charles plant because there is no way that William or Kate would hire such a competent, professional, person with substance.

      Now, who is willing to start bet she lasts a very short time?

      6mths -a year.

      1. I’d say a year or a little longer for CQ; that’s a respectable timeframe and long enough to make some impact. Stay too long – like Jason – and any progress made, if any, is subsumed by loads of incompetence. Jason’s reputation for change management must be in tatters.

        Academia is a tough and unpleasant gig these days and unlikely to change in the short term. Yes, I agree that CQ is there courtesy of Charles’s connections. She will know how to handle Kate and William, given her experience in dealing with academics since many of the latter are delusional and have many a tantrum…

        1. I can’t believe we are already impressed by Catherine Quinn for stuff we all do as a basic requirement, BUT that is how low the bar has been set by KP.

          1. Yes, Catherine Quinn is your every day professional, nothing special. Yet people are raving about her mere presence.

        2. I think that CQ moves to work with Charles or Camilla once he becomes King. Duchess Keen Kate is only an entry position.

  7. Regarding the tax evasion by the ‘poorly’ advised Queen, why is anyone surprised?

    This is a woman who was FORCED to start paying whatver tax she pays in 1992.

    Prior to that she paid no tax at all and never volunteeree to do so regardless od the condition of her subjects whilst receiving millions in tax payer money for her lifestyle.

    Seriously, during her reign, Britain was coming off WW2 and the resulting poverty, Britain was subject to rationing , years of grinding poverty that resulted in IMF loans, several recessions, de-industrialisation that devastated most of the north and is still felt today. Yet not a penny in tax from her.

    How was she forced? Windsor castle suffered a devastating fire that required millions in renovations.

    And without a blush, she asked the taxpayers to cough up. The govt of the day refused. Instead they insisted she start paying some income tax AND open up the palaces to pay for the renovations and future upkeep. She relented, but opens the palaces for a few weeks per year.

    And her tax arrangements are voluntary rather than being compulsory. Meaning she can choose to not pay tax any year and get away with it whilst her subjects have no such perk and would be prosecuted if they tried. You’ll see, the celebs caught in these paradise papers will be prosecuted for the tax, she will escape since her arrangements are merely voluntary.

    No mention of the millions she receives and has received in an annual grant for buildings renovations and maintenance since she became Queen, but we all know she diverts that money to personal family renovations as recently as £6M to William and Kate’s home renovations – seriously, annual accounts noted the diversion from BP to the numpties.

    And that’s not the only grant she takes from taxpayers as we all know.

    So to be surprised that the poor dear was ‘badly advised’ in keeping her own money from the tax man, is about as believable as the ‘poor advise’ she received in pocketing the buildings fund and without a blush asking and accepting £360M for refurbishing Buckingham Palace even though she’s been receiving millions towards it’s repair and maintenance since the year she became Queen.

    And while we are here, the cheif operating officer of the duchy of Lancaster is automatocally given a seat in cabinet. If anyone thinks they don’t exercise any influende should ponder on that.

    1. Forgot to add, the only surprising thing about this revelation is that we got to hear about it at all since the Queen and Charles’s financial affairs are exempt from FOI and go unreported as a matter of course.

    2. Bloody hell, Herazeus! Is there no-one in the UK with the balls to demand transparency and a cut, a big cut to the BRF? I’m still of the mind – barring abolition – that they should be paid a modest sum for official engagements only; any charitable work is on their own time (and if so, watch it disappear).
      You forgot to mention Charles wanting to acquire the Duchy of Cornwall for his family. No end to their greed.

      1. Actually Kittie ( and Herazeus) I’ve written to my MP asking why they are exempt from FOI given they are taxpayer funded, and I have sent a copy to No. 10.
        As I understand it the Queen pays tax at 20% not the 45% she should .

        Absolutely no reason she or any of the cover up Duchies should not pay their full tax.

        1. My understanding is that the tax is voluntary and can be in whatever amount (on Wikipedia, their source “The Duchy of Lancaster is not subject to tax although the Sovereign has voluntarily paid both income and capital gains tax since 1993.” I believe that amount is whatever the Queen wishes it to be, can be nothing at all, and there’s no set percentage rate. Herazeus?

          1. That’s true, but if she really wants to do the right thing she should pay at the rate others pay with her earnings…..In her case most of her earnings would be taxed at 45% not the 20% she pays. If she wants to claim this is private money she should pay the correct level of tax. As should all her family.
            No excuses. It is frankly disgraceful .

        2. Lola / Birdy : you are both correct. The upper limit of her voluntary tax rate is 20% which is ridiculous given her income. 20% is the basic tax rate. It is the tax rate of everyone earning upto £30K pa.

          Her income is in the millions. Ditto capital gains income. She should be paying the highest tax rate of 45% like everyone who earns over £150K.

          You can see the slippery PR word play that makes it seem like she’s an angel, and this little slip up of off shore funds is a one off mis-step in her tax affairs. The truth is that she’s been shafting us since she became Queen and her current arrangements are strictly voluntary rather than compulsory.

        3. Good on you, Birdy. Maybe send letters to journalists who have been critical of royals, asking them to follow up.

  8. Meghan will have to curtsy to Kate? Does Sophie curtsy to Kate? And, for 15 plus years in the royal fold, Kate’s reading, aka, her speech, is so cringeworthy. Even at the end of her reading, she looks around as though to say “I know I did a bad job, but I’m still cute, right?” When Meghan makes it in the royal fold, she already knows how to memorize things she is supposed to be saying. She is going to give great speeches, wear great clothes and be the anti-Kate. I’m getting the popcorn ready…

  9. I have to agree with some, that the new ‘Girl Friday’ seems more competent at being ‘Princess’ then the actual Duchess is.

    I cannot see her being in this position past a year.

    1. I feel like Kates choices for assistants have been younger women of the same age as her, who will be just friendly enough to make her feel like the beautiful, popular girl…

      The nanny I suspect her mother had a hand in picking. The new assistant seems like somone Kate should be taking orders from. I agree don’t think she will last.

      Also, I believe she is starting, her 5th month of pregnancy…wth! She has no stomach. She was bigger with George and Charlotte. Seems off to me.

      1. Bear,
        I agree about your take on her being almost 5 months pregnant and how having no bump is strange. Didn’t they say she is pregnant with twins? Even if she isn’t wth?

  10. Well, if this is the Titanic, what will it take for the damn thing to finally sink? All that is stinky and rotten has risen to the surface with the coming of Kate. She epitomises the inner soul of the BRF, a rough beast, vacant and grasping.

    Like events on the Titanic, the BRF resembles the rich and the men who locked away the poor to suffocate, while they made it onto the lifeboats, displacing women and children. So I honestly don’t see the BRF drowning anytime soon, especially as they seem to be amping up the PR machine to monstrous proportions to drive all future narratives. These days the BRF is all about unrelenting and all encompassing propaganda 24/7. And the government continues to be complicit.

    To use tax havens when your people are suffering and dying? It’s obscene. But, oh look over there… big bling, pomp and circumstance, pageantry. Shiny!

    1. Maven, the only way they’ll go away is for the public money and privileges to be substantially cut, plus full and frank disclosure of funds received, independently administered and audited. I agree, the PR machine has been really dialed up, lulling the British public into either torpor or infantilising themselves with the Queen as mummy. Or maybe sedatives are being added to the water.

    2. The iceberg The Titanic hit didn’t actually rip any holes in the watertight compartments below the water line, but rather dented them, causing pressure at the seams which then started to give way letting in water. It may be happening slowly but the monarchy is sinking, dent by dent. My personal opinion is that if you want to sink the monarchy more quickly, create more pressure. Require complete financial transparency including what they cost taxpayers in terms of security which they claim can’t be released because that information would somehow jeopardize the safety of the royals. If the masses knew how many millions were wasted on William’s little whims, like when he wanted to live off-base while with the RAF or when he wanted to play Turnip Toff… maybe run that against the photos of the tens of thousands of elderly who wouldn’t have frozen to death if they could afford to heat their homes, make sure the pictures include their grandchildren who will never get to hug them again or have them be at their weddings. Maybe for good measure include the amount of taxpayer money that has gone into securing the in-laws home or for that matter securing Pippa’s wedding which had road closures not just for security but for the convenience of the couple. Sadly, with Prince George being more vulnerable security-wise at the Battersea school, the burden of paying for all the extra security needed will be met by the taxpayer. Hope Brexit doesn’t impact the economy at all, the Cambridges are spending taxpayer money like there’s no end to it in sight. But don’t worry, the Queen assures everyone ‘we’re all in it together’.

      1. Speaking of the Titanic, tax hiding from funds received by taxpayers – did you know that the grieving relatives of many workers/staff on the Titanic, including the entire orchestra members, none of whom survived, were sued by White Star, and made to pay for the cost of their uniforms and clothes? And that it took one politician from D.C., upon hearing of the tragedy, jumped on the first train to New York, to keep surviving British crew from getting on a ship, by minutes, and thus forever keeping the truth from the world?

        I follow the British Royal family, and in my own way want them to be a permanent institution. However, how in the world can they be completely tone-deaf? In my circle, it is considered chic to take, say, a coat, and make it into a jacket. A gown to a knee-length dress. I buy cheap glitter stuff from Michael’s and put them on older dyed to another color pair of shoes.

    1. When i was growing up in the 80s, there was more transparency in terms of people understanding that most of the wider family was paid from taxpayers regardless on work input, the Queen didn’t pay tax, and we were definitely not in it together.

      There was a discontentment with the Queen’s tax status and general abuse of taxpayer funding, which is why taking away her yacht or rather refusing to give her a shiny new one when the old one needed replacement was a very popular move.

      Ditto govt refusal to pay for Windsor and insisting she start paying tax.

      After Diana died, there was a concerted effort to stop criticism of the royals. Pushed by the royals of course. Any and all criticism could be swept under the ‘but Diana the hunted by the press’ carpet which strategy William continues to use.

      There has also been a renewed obsfucation of history and facts directly by making it harder to search said facts / history AND a heavy handed PR to the same ends.

      The results are that more people believe the new ‘facts’ than when i was growing up. The republican movement was so much stronger then. It was easy to find any and all information. These days not so much.

      More people these days believe the fiction that the royals once owned the duchies, the crown estates and all sorts of things and magnanimously fave it up in exchange for the 56p per person contribution from the taxpayers. Nevermind that the equation that generates this sum is blatantly and obviously wrong.

      They believe the lie that the royals generate billions in tourism revenue, when that is also easily debunked when you look at the monthly/ bi-annual/annual lidts generated by various UK tourism boards that show that only the tower of London pops up in the top 100 reasons (numbers and revenue) of interest to visiting UK.

      They believe that Kate works hard, that’s all her hair, is thrifty.

      That William has been working hard all his life, is a qualified RAF pilot, and is a better representative of the monarchy than Charles.

      That Anne is a down to earth royal who doesn’t abuse her royal privilege.

      That Andrew and Edward are so bad we should thank our lucky stars for the Queen, Charles and Anne.

      Just about the only person whose PR is met with skepticism is Charles. Any good will has been won by PR and good old fashion work.

      And any attempts to unpick any of it are met with long absorbed and internalised PR talking points or good old fashioned ‘but what about – ism’

      Not to mention royal intimidation via legal means.

      1. Then maybe things in the UK have to get to absolute breaking point, more likely to happen in difficult economic times. I can see where the PR is just right: the constant drip of all the things you mentioned. People don’t look too closely, content to accept what they are fed. It will be interesting to see whether the Paradise Papers revelations stick in the public consciousness. I note that the Queen can be ordered to invest only in the UK, which used to be the case, and can be again. The Guardian has certainly jumped up and down this week about lack of transparency. If only they could grab the story and do some deep investigative work as part of a series.

        1. The Guardian keeps losing this game despite having the receipts because they don’t understand the game at play.

          The all pervasive royal PR is emotive. It updates regularly pushing emotive buttons at every turn. Usually in a way that detracts from any problematic issues whilst reinforcing positive emotive images and messages.

          Look at judicial employment of the babies every time anyone dares to criticise WK.

          The tabloids get it and mostly play along, but when they want to criticise the royals, they use equally emotively manipulative memes and puns to get their points across.

          The guardian need to understand that if they are commenting on establishment figures, especially royals, they need to present their information in the same way.

          Every single time a potentially scandalous royal story is broken in the guardian it falls flat because they appeal to reason and intellect which is easily subverted with one photo of cute babies.

          They are the oscar baity movie trying to win an audience during blockbuster movie summer season.

      2. After reading that, this anachronism is not worth a cent. The BRF is ever so tiring, and often, I’m sick of them. They aren’t contributing historically. Whilst it may be a flaw on myself, schadenfreude is what keeps me reading, but the internet is all glowing. Realistically, the funds can go to other purposes. I hope when the queen passes, this firm dissolves.

  11. I have nothing against Meghan Markle’s racial background, but there are reasons why many people including myself do not believe she’s suitable to be a royal bride or in general suitable to be anyone’s wife . She emulates sex acts on her show along with publicly throwing her political opinions in public (the royal family are supposed to be above politics) also she divorced her husband claiming that the long distance was the obstacle yet she decided to date Prince Harry who lives all the way in England while she’s working/living in Toronto after dumping her ex boyfriend chef who she claimed she was really in love with for two years for Prince Harry. She claims to be a vegan yet she showed off to the media her roast chicken recipe. She claims to be a feminist yet she’s portraying promiscuous characters on television and trying to quit her career for a Prince, which seems to contradict the principles of modern feminism. She tries to get the media’s attention by putting up the spooning bananas, other pics related to the relationship on Instagram along with getting an interview with Vanity Fair declaring her love for Harry. That goes against royal protocol and quite frankly I don’t recall Chelsy and Cressida ever doing something strange like that. It makes a lot of people such as myself a monarchist wonder if she truly loves Prince Harry? If he were to give him his title, would she still be with him. She kinda reminds me of Sofia Hellqvist. I don’t believe Markle has any clue if British history, culture and how royalty along with parliament works. Gone are the days when royalty married other royalty. Now there are commoners marrying into royalty, making it more modernized to the point where nmany people in many countries that are constitutional monarchial based are thinking that the institution is outdated and redundant in this day and age. I have nothing against a royal marrying for love, but to have a commoner being married into royalty to rule over a fellow commoner doesn’t make sense. I rather have royals today fall in love and marry people from good backgrounds (other royalty, nobility) who can contribute to the societies of their own nations. Or if they choose to marry a person who doesn’t fit the royal protocol whether it’s a divorced actress from a different country to a pornstar who doesn’t have knowledge of her country’s politics and history, then they should step down and lose their title with dignity like Princess Mako who plans on marrying her long time love interest from university, a law student whose a commoner. Prince Harry even stated that he dislikes the royal lifestyle and wants a normal one, but disappointedly enough he’s going against his word continuing his luxurious lifestyle. A lot of people and including myself want Prince Harry to be happy and find someone he can fall in love with , but it appears as though Chelsy Davy was the one for him. She stated that royal life didn’t interest her. If Prince Harry chooses to relinquish his title, then I think it’s likely that he might get back with Miss Davy and later on getting married to her. If Prince Harry chooses to continue to live as a royal, then I highly suggest he finds a suitable, well educated devout British woman (aristocratic) with traditional values along with purity, and a great sense of patriotism to the UK or a highly intelligent European princess. Yes, people I know he’s not close to the throne, but nevertheless he’s still a senior royal member. Heck I wouldn’t even mind if he fell in love with a British aristocrat whose of mixed race. Many supporters of the monarchy want a future bride who can represent the royal family and the UK in a professional manner.

    1. @Traditional monarchist,

      Clearly you have a problem with sex that is not actually borne out by Meghan’s behaviour, if that actually mattered.

      On another note, paragraphs would help.

      And yes, I believe you have a problem with Meghan’s race or else you would not even mention it.

      1. I’m of mixed race and English wasn’t even my first language to begin with. Lived in Korea and then in moved to the U.K. I have Korean, Welsh, Arabian and some Nigerian blood in me. Please stop with your SJW nonsense.

        1. Also a lot of Meghan Markle fanatics mentions her race a lot so that’s why I added it. As a mixed race person I never heard of people who oppose her mentioning her race to be honest. A lot of British people who aren’t fans of Markle just want him to be with a genuine person with a good reputation who can represent Britain in a positive manner.

          1. Meghan Markle fanatics, eh? Seems that you’ve formed your rigid opinion based on whatever reasons (being mixed race does not stop someone from discriminating against others, that’s a cop out answer). I think she’s lovely. I think there is a lot of things you really don’t know about her, but have made grandiose assumptions based on her career. You should be glad that she can at least exhibit gumption; something Kate has always lacked.

    2. Traditional monarchist: so many things to unpack in your comments. It’s a pity you have such a poor view of the world. One that holds back progress in society because sticking to the old ways and ideas is the only way to satisfy people like you. Let’s look at your ideas.

      Class and status
      You would prefer an aristocrat to a commoner. Exhibit A: Diana, Fergie, Camilla, Princess Michael, Princess Marina, Prince Philip. All from impeccable aristocratic backgrounds, and all have brought trouble to the royal institution. Diana and Fergie to the brink of collapse if not for some dancy PR to right the ship.

      All across the world, commoners have enhanced the royal families they’ve joined. From Letitzia, Mary, Daniel, Tim, Sophie Wessex, Angela, Queens of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Jordan to name afew. All have faced the kind of sneering attitude you are showing for daring to be commoners who married princes (or Kings).

      Between these 2 groups there are outliers eg Queen of Belgium who shows her aristocratic background with each appearance vs Stephanie of Luxemborg who shames her aristocratic background with her lack of application and may be lazier than our very own Kate.

      Then there is Monaco. Caroline would sooner cut the plebs dead than acknowledge your existance despite her own very problematic behaviour, nevermind her siblings and children’s behaviour. Aristocratic, yet the very definition of white trash.

      There is a very basic misunderstanding of the imperial court in the reporting of the Japanese princess’s marriage which you repeat in your comment.

      By law, any member of the Japanese royal family who marries a non- royal automatically loses their title and status. Over the past 100yrs, there have been very few boys born to the wider Japanese imperial family. Currently there is only one unmarried male in the family and he is under 10yrs old. In the previous generation, only 2 males survived to adulthood, and the same again in the generation before that.

      If the women want a family life, they have no choices within the royal family. They have to choose mates outside the family which means they lose their status in the process. Unfair, but there it is. Princess Mako is not being brave or extraordinary in her choice. If she wants a family, this is the only route open to her.

      Nationality and Patriotism
      Please remember that there are lots of foreigners in the family already.
      Prince Philip – Greek
      Princess Marina – Greek
      Princess Michael – German
      Duchess of Gloucester – Danish
      Autumn Philips – Canadian
      Gary Lewis – New Zealander

      If it’s objection to the acting profession, please look to Grace Kelly, Sophie Winkleman and Flora Ogilvy. All actresses. No one is scandalised by the profession.

      Britain is a multicultural society. Lots of Aristocratic families have welcomed other races into their ranks, including dukes eg the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough aka Lily Spencer-Churchill is Persian.

      Gary Lewis is Moari. Visibly so. No riots when he pops up at family events or on the Balcony at Trooping the colour. His children with Lady Davinia Windsor are visibly mixed race, and in the line of succession. Happily seen mingling with all the cousins during summer polo. Here is a picture–royal-ascot-english-royalty.jpg

      By the way did you know that there is a very strong argument for Queen Charlotte, wife of George 3, being of moorish origin? Moor being the catch all phrase for dark skinned people including Arab or Black. Her personal doctor often described her as of ‘Mulatto complexion and with Mulatto features’ here is her official portrait

      If the Neo-Nazis of Charlotteville can live in a city named after Queen Consort Charlotte, a visibly mixed race woman, i’m sure we can live with a mixed race Meghan married to the 6th in line to the throne.

      It’s also been proven that Diana’s mother is directly descended from an Indian lady from Gujarat.

      Finally, one of the Queen’s cousins is married to a Nigerian Lady.

      Real British person
      You would have to go back to pre-Roman Britain to find anyone claiming to be a real British person. Only Gealic, Celts and picts peoples come close to this claim. Everybody else is an immigrant. Anglo-Saxons are from northern Germany, North Eastern side of England is Scandinavian in origin, mainly from Denmark and Norway, the Normans are famously French. And since the Georgian era through to present day, a melting pot of the peoples of the British Empire have settled in Britain.

      The British Aristocracy is primarily French because they are descended from William the conqueror’s french nobles who set up the system this way so they could rule over the people they found here who they considered inferior.

      As i understand tv ratings, suits is a family show therefore not soft porn or nudity, but artfully placed props to imply the same.

      Vs real undoctored photos of Kate in the nuddy engaging in ‘the intimate act of marriage’ in France as described by the offending paps’ lawyers.

      Or Kate’s repeated flashing her the world as often as she can get away with to extent that we can’t say with certainty that she has intimate knowledge of underpants.

      Or Fergie in almost nuddy, except for bikini bottoms, having her toes sucked as her toddlers sat nearby

      Or Diana openly corvorting with her lover in her cossie infront of the world’s press in a bid to upstage the royals who were finally receiving some good press after chucking her out.

      Dictionary definition: a woman’s right to her own agency. Or as i like to interprete it, the radical idea that a woman is a human being. Being human means free will and the exercise of said will for good or bad. Meghan choosing to give up her career is exercising her free will. It doesn’t make her a good or bad feminist.

      I don’t call Kate a feminist because it is clear that she doesn’t exercise free will, but is coerced into doing the bidding of her husband and her mother. When she has exercised free will, she’s been kicked into touch and or pushed back on the path others have chosen for her.

      Harry’s love life
      Clearly it wasn’t Chelsy or they would still be together. Ditto Cressida. We’ve seen the disastrous results of a prince (Charles) marrying someone good for the public, but a disaster for him. And a prince (William) marrying someone disastrous for the public and questionably questionable for him. Edward appears to have picked the right person for himself and for the public. Andrew’s choice was never given a chance so we shall never know if she could have turned it around.

      As a taxpayer, i want Harry to choose someone good for my taxes, but as a human being, he is the one who has to live with the choice and we can only hope that he chooses someone good for him, like Edward did. That can not happen if every single woman he picks is driven away by the ridiculous expectations and not-good-enough-isms from the peanut gallery.

      Lamenting over the long-gone Chelsy is revisionist history because she was intensely disliked by the public when she was dating Harry. She was given a similarly unkind nickname as Fergie, namely Miss Piggy. She was often described as unkempt, drunk, party animal who was leading Harry astray. The negative opposite of the cool, beautiful, English Kate. Her African roots were mined and rearranged to show her in her worst light. Her family was tormented. It’s no wonder she ran away from Harry.

      Cressida was deemed too dim and from a family too messy to be allowed to join the royals.

      And the irony of it all is that the royal family, all royal families, are so messy that these women’s few messy family members are practically saints by comparison. And yet, people clutch their pearls over the worthiness of incoming new members.

      1. Quite frankly I want someone who makes Harry happy. Without that there is no hope. Every human should be allowed to marry someone who makes them happy and they love. Everything else springs from there.
        I like Meghan and I think the BRF will benefit from some outside ‘blood’, influence ,whatever. If I look at European royals those who have married for love, and often brought in fresh blood from other countries , seem to have been a success.

        For me I would have Meghan over Kate every day of the week. I hope they marry, I hope the BRF help, support and protect her, and I think she will be a huge success.

      2. This is a typical response from a huge Meghan Markle fan. Insulting a person whom you don’t agree with pretty much shows that you have a weak argument. I previously stated that I have nothing against her race also I am mixed race myself. Korean, Welsh, Arabian and few drops of Nigerian blood on my mother’s side. No, I wasn’t lamenting about Prince Harry’s previous relationship (not a huge fan of Chelsy but don’t dislike her as well) but truth be told they were together for seven years that’s long and that does say a lot. What’s the point of having a monarchy if it’s to become more modernized? The monarchy is a historical, conservative Christian institution that went from Catholicism to Anglicanism. For the sex comment I don’t agree with the actions of the other royals being involved with these sex scandals, which of course brings damage to the royal family reputation. Also I did mention that I didn’t mind of Prince Harry marrying a mixed race woman of a good background who can contribute to British society. You clearly didn’t read my post.

        1. Not a fan or anti fan of Kate, but she didn’t do it on purpose for attention. Also what is the point of having a monarchy in this modern era if anyone can join?

          1. What is the point of having a monarchy in this modern era if anyone can join?

            My unsolicited advice is that you follow the Japanese monarchy. They are strict traditionalists in the mold you prefer.

        2. Nice try Traditional monarchist.

          The only traditional monarchy left in the world is the Japanese one. Perhaps you approve of how they abuse their women as a result of their strict refusal to modernise.

          Every single objection you have for the British monarchy is easily debunked.

          Including religion. As of March 2015, Catholics are welcomed back into the fold. Try to keep up.

          Prior to that non Anglican inlaws converted. Philip (Greek Orthordox), Camilla (Catholic), Autumn (Catholic), Kate (agnostic at best, more likely atheist ) all converted to Anglican to marry their royal beau.

          And identifying as mixed race doesn’t absolve you of showing racial prejudice as you did in your original comment. Saying other people are racially prejudice isn’t a licence to accept their attitude as the norm.

          It’s ok not to like Meghan which you clearly do not, but don’t use easily debunked reasons to justify your dislike.

          And please let.chelsy.go. She’s never coming back.

        3. Traditional Monarchist, waity Katie exposed herself too many times, accidentally on purpose. Had it happened once or twice, one who have given her the benefit of doubt. But alas, she continued not wearing undergarments.

      3. Herazeus

        Re your comments about Gary Lewis.

        He is Maori, not “Moari”.

        And as for his kids being “mixed race”? That’s a horrible phrase. If anything – here, if you have inherited some Maori blood then you usually identify as Maori. But usually you identify as a New Zealander when you are living overseas no matter what your skin colour.

        1. Hi Cathy,

          Thanks for the correction. My spelling is awful when I get passionate about stuff, and I forget to spell check before posting!!

          On Gary Lewis’s ethnicity, I understand the distinction, and I generally wouldn’t bring it up except in cases of people being horrified that someone non white was dating a royal or saying the royal family is all white and non white people are effectively barred from entry based on their ethnicity and or race.

          Regarding ‘mixed race’, I take your point, but in England ‘mixed race’ isn’t a pejorative and describing someone as such isn’t taken as an offense nor is it intended to be. Mixed race people are recognised officially. We don’t get into pesky questions of what mixes of races and by what % a mixed race person presents. They just are. At the same time, we recognise that a mixed race person has different ethnicities that are honoured equally. We wouldn’t automatically call someone black when they have a white parent. We arrived at mixed race as a happy compromise long ago. Thus Scary spice is mixed race as is Meghan Marple as is Sienna Lewis as is Lewis Hamilton as is Alexa Chung.

          1. I think that The Queen doesn’t mind who the members of her family marry just so long as they are good people and make the person they are marrying happy. That’s regardless of what country that person comes from or the colour of that person’s skin.

            As for your comments about “mixed race”? I still think this is a horrible phrase and I am very glad that I live in a country where we get to know someone and who they are rather than making judgement calls based on the colour of their skin, or the colour of their eyes or hair.

            As for your examples? In New Zealand we see they as:
            Mel B (Scary Spice) is a singer
            Meghan Marple – I don’t know who this person is
            Sienna Lewis is an author
            Lewis Hamilton is a race car driver
            and Alexa Chung is a celeb/ model

            1. Cathy, you are the one making a negative judgement of the term ‘mixed race’.

              In Britain, ‘mixed race’ is not a negative term nor is anyone judging mixed race person negatively. Saying someone is mixed race has nothing to do with an opinion about skin tone, hair or eyes. It is simply an acknowledgement of their race in the same way i would describe someone as white or black. It doesn’t make them ‘other’ nor does it diminish them.

              Further, ‘mixed race’ is applied to ALL people of mixed ethnicity, not just Black/ White. Any combination of ethnicities is given that umbrella term such that a census form or any form asking one to tick a box on race has the option of Black, White, Asian AND Mixed

              It is simply a descriptor that acknowledges their many racial ethnicities without going into the exact details of what their individual ethnicity is. It honours all races equally in a mixed race person, even if racism itself still exists, and is everyday language in Britain.

              Regarding the examples of famous people i posted, i was pointing out that they are all mixed race. Their occupation is irrelevant. To be clear:
              -Scary Spice (Singer) – Black Father, White Mother
              -Meghan Markle (didn’t notice typo until too late) (actress) – White Father, Black Mother
              -Sienna Lewis(Royal child) – Maori Father, White Mother
              -Lewis Hamilton ( Race Car driver) – Black Father, White Mother
              -Alexa Chung (model / Celeb) – Chinese Father, White Mother.

              All would tick the mixed race box on a census form.

              1. “Cathy, you are the one making a negative judgement of the term ‘mixed race’.”

                Hi Herazeus – yes I most certainly do think that’s a negative and horrible term and hope I will never hear it spoken about my Maori nephew and his children.

                As for the “mixed race” box on an English census form? I doubt the information drawn from a tick in that box would be of much use as you couldn’t get any further information. Here in New Zealand if you do have to tick a box it would ask which ethnicity you identify with. I find this more acceptable than calling someone “mixed race” which sounds horrible. I’m glad I live in a country where we get to know a person and don’t make judgement calls on the colour of their skin.

                1. Again, you are the one making a racist judgement where there is none.

                  We don’t use the term ‘mixed race’ to denigrate anyone. It has never been a pejorative. The ‘mixed race’ box on a census form isn’t present to denigrate anyone nor is it present to judge on specific races. You might as well object to people identifying as black or white or Asian since those are broad terms that cover a very diverse spectrum of people under each umbrella term.

                  I’m glad to live in a country where a mixed race person can celebrate all the combination of races that they are instead of being forced to choose one to the detriment of all the others as if the others are a source of shame.

            2. I think that since DNA tests are becoming more and more popular, the whole issue of color, race, ethnicity, etc. will become moot. Several siblings have taken the tests, and it is remarkable how we (my family) are not only melted in a pot, turned over twice, and thrown into a mixing bowl on high speed; but it really made me aware of how judging people by color, race, or anything else except character, is basically self hatred.

              By the way, my cousin married a Maori Kiwi. He is as gorgeous as Gary. The secret is out now, and I told my unmarried nieces to buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand.

              1. Oh yes, do tell your nieces to come, we are going to have a great summer here!

                And tell tehm to make sure they bring an invitation to meet your cousin’s husbands whanau!

          2. I think that The Queen doesn’t mind who the members of her family marry just so long as they are good people and make the person they are marrying happy. That’s regardless of what country that person comes from or the colour of that person’s skin.

            As for your comments about “mixed race”? I still think this is a horrible phrase and I am very glad that I live in a country where we get to know someone and who they are rather than making judgement calls based on the colour of their skin, or the colour of their eyes or hair.

            As for your examples? In New Zealand we see they as:
            Mel B (Scary Spice) is a singer
            Meghan Marple – I don’t know who this person is
            Sienna Lewis is an author
            Lewis Hamilton is a race car driver
            and Alexa Chung is a celeb/ model

      4. Herazeus, may I please correct you on neo-Nazis living in Charlottesville, Virginia? They were outsiders, most from out of state. They decided to make Charlottesville an example of their hate, for no reason other than pure chance, and unlucky Charlottesville, a very lovely, liberal city, had its reputation smeared.

          1. Charlottesville.

            I hope your sentence was sincere, and not sarcastic. I would hate to know my children, two of whom are medical doctors in this fantastic town, are considered KKK nuts.

    3. Kate flashed her privates during actual royal events on more than one occasion so none of the pretend stuff Meghan has done on tv (which never involved nudity) is even comparable.

      Every critique applied to Meghan can be doubly applied to Kate. She was the mistress and available until Willy realized no one would put up with him. She remains utterly useless at her job.

      So really if Kate can be a part of the BRF, there is zero reason Meghan cannot be as well.

      1. Not a fan or anti fan of Kate, but she didn’t do it on purpose for attention. Also what is the point of having a monarchy in this modern era if anyone can join?

      2. Nic919, neither Kate or Meghan are mistresses. A mistress is a woman having sexual relations with a married man. The mistress can be single or married. Same goes for a man. He is called a w-mongerer. Distasteful.

        The Middleton family is something else. I know the British newspapers are afraid, but I saw more than Pippa’s underwear at Wimbledon this year. Kate has been seen wearing zero panties, even at the Ghandi memorial in India.

        Class is acting as an adult, and not a little girl. Class is working every day, and if not paid than giving yourself as a volunteer. Class is working harder than your own nearing 100 years of age grandparents. Class is respecting the enormous luck of being born into, as Donald Trump said “The Lucky Sperm Club.” Whether you are an aristocrat, Royal, working actress, teacher, doctor – you show class by showing up, doing your job, and be thankful to have what you have no matter how much or how little.

        I do not agree that MM will be a fresh air addition to the royal family; sounds too much like an odor eating spray. Judge her on her qualities. She’s an American, and I do not understand her eagerness to join people we rejected. When she marries Harry, at least in the beginning, I won’t be yawning.

    4. I had a lot of hopes for Harry, since he appeared to be more “dutiful”. I thought he would find a royal in another country, and stick to the tradition of marrying to pull two kingdoms together. But like his brother, opted for a commoner. The royal family is funded, as they think they should be to carry on with higher expectations than the plebs. Guess not. If the royals are people, too, then they ought to work like every other person.

    5. Seems like he is rebelling against the BRF with Meghan, while she is enthralled with royalty and all its trappings. A marriage doesn’t bode well for the future.

  12. The British press don’t have the nerve to print what they want when they want as they know they’ll upset the apple cart and have even less access to the likes of Duchess Am I Really That Sick and her wet blouse of a husband.

  13. Lola i love this post! I think the middletons are scared Meghan will make KM look pathetic & hopeless! Which is not hard to do!

    1. Apparently there is a recent article in the Express that states Kate gets her hair done three times a week. Crazy if true because she has yet to attend engagements that often in a week.

      1. Nic919, likely true, as this has been reported by different sources. The articles stated the three weekly appointments were for hair and other treatments, and each appt. took at least five hours. I do not recall the exact cost, but each visit was thousands of dollars.

        1. OMG…when does she have time to do anything else’s??? Also, she should demand her money back…my hairdresser could do a better job.

        1. Her hair is aggressively grey. Aggressive because usually that rate of rapid, aggressive grey is only seen in people who have suffered a great shock or POTUS / PM of Britain.

          It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she’s getting weekly touch ups.

          Here is a picture of her on engagement whilst pregnant with Charlotte. Her hairstyle doesn’t cover the grey roots:


        2. @Herazeus wow! Pitiful. I guess the princely prey Waity Katie and CarolE spent ten years hunting turned out to be a ‘SHOCK’. Imagine if there was no hair coloring how she would look.

  14. I love your post Lola. Funny as always and spot on. I love everyone else’s comments as well. They do appear these royals and their low life duchess Kate, to be an absolute joke. Kate was such a bad choice for them. They made a mistake by letting her stay so long and not causing her to do more.

  15. Herazeus, where have you been lately? I missed your fascinating remarks and knowledge of many things Royal. I don’t recall what your occupation is – historian, political scientist, writer?

    I like this site very much. People here are witty, snarky, but not cruel. It is refreshing to have polite differences of opinion, without put downs towards each other. I think lovelolaheart, with her hysterical, funny and on-spot blogging a treat, without gaining a pound. I think a fictional book about the three musketeers hould be written by many of the superb commentators, in the manner of lovelola start the first chapter, and every other chapter written by another person. Not the dreck that was a book about Diana surviving the car crash. It would be so funny, as everyone here as a sense of humor. Each writer picking up the thread from the previous chapter, and I would love to write about meeting Kate, and shopping with her for a few days in New York.

  16. I have nothing against Meghan Markle’s racial background, but there are reasons why many people including myself do not believe she’s suitable to be a royal bride or in general suitable to be anyone’s wife . She emulates sex acts on her show along with publicly throwing her political opinions in public (the royal family are supposed to be above politics) also she divorced her husband claiming that the long distance was the obstacle yet she decided to date Prince Harry who lives all the way in England while she’s working/living in Toronto after dumping her ex boyfriend chef who she claimed she was really in love with for two years for Prince Harry. She claims to be a vegan yet she showed off to the media her roast chicken recipe. She claims to be a feminist yet she’s portraying promiscuous characters on television and trying to quit her career for a Prince, which seems to contradict the principles of modern feminism. She tries to get the media’s attention by putting up the spooning bananas, other pics related to the relationship on Instagram along with getting an interview with Vanity Fair declaring her love for Harry. That goes against royal protocol and quite frankly I don’t recall Chelsy and Cressida ever doing something strange like that. It makes a lot of people such as myself a monarchist wonder if she truly loves Prince Harry? If he were to give him his title, would she still be with him. She kinda reminds me of Sofia Hellqvist. Gone are the days when royalty married other royalty. Now there are commoners marrying into royalty, making it more modernized to the point where nmany people in many countries that are constitutional monarchial based are thinking that the institution is outdated and redundant in this day and age. I have nothing against a royal marrying for love, but to have a commoner being married into royalty to rule over a fellow commoner doesn’t make sense. I rather have royals today fall in love and marry people from good backgrounds (other royalty, nobility) who can contribute to the societies of their own nations. Or if they choose to marry a person who doesn’t fit the royal protocol whether it’s a divorced actress from a different country to a pornstar who doesn’t have knowledge of her country’s politics and history, then they should step down with dignity like Princess

    1. Traditional monarchist, I don’t think many people care whether a woman marrying into the royal family is a commoner. Aristocrats and everyone else in GB are commoners. What is important is not to act common. The royal family, with the exception of a few members, are commen. Divorce after divorce, affairs, never using one’s education, selling the rights to your wedding for $500,000, falling drunk out of bars and private clubs, hitting reporters and photographers, screaming and hitting your boyfriend (Zara), stalking married men, wearing a Nazi uniform as an adult to your brother’s theme birthday party of Natives and Colonials, lawsuits, spending untold sums of money on clothes without working, lying to public and press, wearing sandals while walking through the ashes of concentration camp victims, calling oneself a humanitarian while just showing up for a photo shoot – are these the people the world should copy?

      Skirts flying up in the wind. Telling the world that doing day to day work, meeting people, is something old people do; young royals show up to give a speech that others have written, and just enjoying the fruit of other people’s labor. Flying all over the world, destroying the environment, on week in and week out Secret and non-secret vacations. Always suing, suing, suing. No excuse to do charitable duties a few hours a week, when most people have full time jobs and volunteer on their own time and holidays.

      I do not know most of the royal family in a familiar way. But like the nurse who survived both the Titanic sinking and the Lusitania bombing, luck has been on the royal side. Less moaning, more smiling.

      1. There is no such thing as royal; it is a man-made term to distinguish oneself as special, as somehow deserving of privilege. Today it whitewashes hundreds of years of force and greed directed against others. These people are demonstrably no better than anyone else but more foolish are the people who doff their caps to them.

        I agree with Lola – put the screws on the BRF by demanding transparency through independent auditing, enforcing a 45% tax payment, and initiating a raft of other measures to reign in the ridiculous level of privilege, including the PR army.

    2. Regarding the Vanity Fair interview, if you think she gave that interview without the Palace’s approval, i have a bridge to sell you.

      1. I think with Meghan and Harry there is chemistry. A mutual flow. Waity hunted Wills for ten years . We have learned the women he really wanted turned him down…and he was too lazy to look elsewhere. She, And CarolE were always there…shadowing him.

    3. Wasn’t Wills basically told to marry Kate after publicly stringing her along for so many years? Maybe Meghan is following that blueprint.

  17. Lola, this is brilliant! I hope you and Nightwing are doing well.
    I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one noting the hypocrisy of whining wills lecturing on over population while having a third child on the way.
    Thank you for this fantastic post.

  18. Herazeus i respect your opinion! Why would the rf want to mm to give an interview to vf! that is not usually how they operate, vf is an american magazine. It would have been better to use a british magazine? I am just confused!

    1. Talia, completely agree. I suspect that Harry have the approval and not CH, or BP. What he has inadvertently done regarding his own privacy remains to be seen… He can’t complain about the intrusion anymore. I suspect BP are letting this relationship run it’s course. I do believe that if MM has met HM that some serious words we’re had…. And specifically one not in favour of marriage.

      Let’s face it, if Harry really really wanted to marry ME, he’d have done it by now. He’s over the age of 25 and far enough down the line of succession whereby he no longer needs queens approval to marry.

    2. It’s a piece of PR to present her as a lovely young lady without scandal, to counter all the negative articles, rumours and comments, not to mention her toxic family members.

      It’s the first piece of Palace PR to spin a royal fairytale.

      They don’t use a tabloid magazine, but an establishment one. Using Diana’s glam squad. Using an American publication makes it seem like an accident rather than an official piece of PR, but the establishment reads Vanity Fair even if it is American, so this is an introduction to them because they are unlikely to read people magazine or us weekly, but they will have read the DM.

      Kate had a similar article a few weeks ahead of the announcement of her engagement.

      1. Just wanted to add that there is a deal for UK media not to publish photos of MM in the UK, plus Harry’s letter. That hasn’t stopped the negative articles which are presented as interviewing her family members or concern- trolling them or her.

        Since that deal + letter, without an official engagement, the palace can’t be seen to be carrying out official PR, so using american publications thst are easily available in the UK is the next best thing.

        The royal reporters also confirmed that this VF interview was palace approved.

      2. Graydon Carter is also Canadian and may have a few ties to elites in the UK. This was a planned interview. It was a far better article than whatever Kate did for Vogue. I think Charles is quite aware of how good PR can help the BRF and someone like Meghan who has actually done something with her life instead of waiting around for a man like Kate did, plays off far better the general public. Kate is still lazy as hell years later and only die hards don’t see it.

  19. No, Melinda, Harry needs to get the top lady’s approval before he marries. That’s the royal act of 1772. It’s the top 5 or 6 in line to the throne. So that old be Charles, Will, George, Charlotte, Harry and even Andrew, I believe. Also, Meghan was under contract with Suits. Once she marries Harry, she can’t be filming a TV show in Canada. And what, RPO are dispatched to Canada? Be reasonable.

    1. Oh my, Harry is currently 5th in line to the throne and will soon be 6th. So if he wanted to marry her he could without approval.

  20. Melinda, The Royal Marriage Act says the First SIX in line to the throne have to get permission from the Queen. While Harry may appreciate, and even agree, with “Melinda’s Royal Rules of Marriage”, he MUST adhere to the Royal Marriage Act of 1772. Sorry

  21. Oh my, thank you for highlighting that it is indeed SIX (please note that some could take blocks as to mean someone screaming at them). However, have you not heard that the Duke of Cambridge is expecting his 3rd child in the new year. That puts Harry at 6th in line to the throne. Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and unborn baby, so if he did want to marry Markle he could do from any point from now onwards knowing that he will be 6th in line soon.

    William, set a precedent whilst being 2nd in line by not asking for approval before getting engaged to Catherine, completely disregarding The Royal Marriage Act 1772 – clearly deciding that perhaps Melinda’s Royal Rules of Marriage was more to his liking!

    Furthermore, if an announcement was made do you really think Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would dis-allow it?

    1. Melinda, I honestly thought when the rumors started flying around that Harry and Meghan would not announce their engagement until April, it was because HM said no, and after K&M’s third baby was born, Harry did not have to seek the Queen’s approval.

      Now I think the Queen cautioned them to wait a bit, to get over the true “euphoria” of new love, which scientists have found out lasts about two years, and then the reality of life and its little annoyances, irritation, and squabbles bring new lovers back to ground, with a thud.

  22. Are you folks kidding me? Chopper didn’t get HM’s approval to marry Chutney why would Harry seek approval, both those boys don’t give a damn what the HM thinks, and especially if they by the way think she was behind Diana’s death!

    1. The way Harry talks about his grandmother is always very loving, respectful, and he clearly adores her and she him. I can’t imagine Harry not abiding by the LAW. William on the other hand…

  23. Melinda, I didn’t mean to use uppercase letters to implicate I was screaming, uppercase is also used to add emphasis. Yes, I have heard that William is expecting a third child, but fetuses aren’t in the line until they are born. So, until the child is born, Harry is 5th. After the child is born, he will be sixth in line. (Remember how I emphasized SIX in my previous post?). The Royal Act of 1772 says the top SIX in line must get the Queens permission.

    William did not set any kind of a precedent. He absolutley asked, and received, the Queens permission to marry Kate. The Queen made a statement that her “beloved grandson” was allowed to marry “trusty Kate”. Further, how did William get Diana’s big blue, to present to Kate, if the Queen wasn’t aware of his engagement plans?

    You have an interesting style Melinda. You are like the Daily Mail, or, Donald Trump. Say anything that comes to mind, truth be damned!

  24. Oh my, you are wrong regarding William!

    That’s why none of the family were expecting the news when it was announced. It was only approved once The Queen met with the Privy Council a month or so after his engagement was announced.

    There was no such statement regarding Trusty Kate.

    Furthermore, I actually think you are ‘truth be Damned’ variety not me.!

    This site used to be a pleasant experience but the battles in expressing ones opinion now and back in January leave me in no doubt this is a Trolls paradise!

  25. Melinda, I’m not trolling. If you have evidence of what you are saying, I’ll listen. But you have no basis in fact and when I’m asking for evidence, you call me a troll. Soooo, If you believe the BRF was shocked about William marrying his live in, 10 year girlfriend, Kate, Ok. But you still haven’t answered, how did William get big blue? Did you think he broke into the safe?

    1. Oh my, Harry inherited the ring, Chopper being his usual cheap self asked if he could have it for Chutney me thinks !

  26. William informed the Queen of his engagement 2hrs before the public announcement. The palace made that very clear. The written formal consent was given a month or two before the wedding.

    My interpretation is that the Queen was backed into a PR corner whereby if she had said no, the media would have roasted her for being an out of touch snob. The Middleton PR had been running ‘plucky Middle Class Kate vs snobby Aristos’ articles in their campaign for the ring for months leading upto the engagement. So she took the path of least resistance.

    The family on the whole were surprised because they didn’t follow the usual protocol when an engagement is announced. The usual protocol is no engagements for rest of family on that day, one family statement to the media expressing joy at the news, an engagement photo between the newly engaged couple with the Queen is released either on the same day or a few days later.

    In WK’s case, apart from the Palace immediately confirming that the Queen and Charles were informed 2hrs ahead of the public announcement (statement given to the Times and to the Telegraph papers NOT the tabloids though they repeated it), all the other royals were at engagements that day, and were informed of the announcement by the journalists accompanying them. All had different, sponteneous quotes. Sophie was happily surprised, Anne was indifferent, Charles, despite having advance knowledge, gave a silly quote. No picture of WK with the Queen.

    Harry confirmed the family’s surprise in an interview to an american morning show interview a month before the wedding. His view was that the family was surprised because they thought William wasn’t in the head space for marriage as far as they knew. Harry’s comments were that the family had written William off as a forever bachelor so his engagement came as a surprise to them.

    The ring wasn’t considered a royal artefact, but Diana’s personal effect which means it would have been held by the Spencers who had taken control of all Diana’s effects or by Charles keeping it safe for his sons. This was the fate of all her effects.

    All of that said, regardless of informing the Queen verbally 2 hours before the announcement, without her written consent, the marriage wouldn’t go ahead, and she finally gave it about 2 months ahead of the wedding.

    To be clear, without the written consent, William could still marry, but he would lose his place in the line of succession.

    Ditto Harry can’t marry Meghan without the Queen’s consent. He is 5th at the moment, and will be 6th when the new baby is born, but that still leaves him in the top 6 people who have to get written consent to marry under the royal marriages act 1772

    People who assume William married Kate without consent because he surprised them with the engagement are plainly wrong because the system doesn’t support that hypothesis.

    Harry is a company man.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that Harry said his brother would be a forever bachelor when he had been living with Kate for years at this point ? Or were there that many side pieces that made Harry think that.

      Didnt Harry also say after the engagement that he was looking forward to getting to know Kate? Again really weird when this girl has been hanging about for over a decade.

      1. It’s all a bit odd. Do you think William had a clue that the Middleton’s had their own PR entourage snookering him into marriage?

      2. Nic919: yes and yes.

        Kittie: Nope. Oblivious coz he thinks he knows best and doesn’t recognise the shenanigans around him coz he thinks they wouldn’t dare.

        Oh My: I agree with your take.

    2. Many times, after listening to Harry, in videos, he talks/acts as though he is hungover. He also has memory loss, perhaps due to alcohol or concussions, ie. stating he hadn’t seen Kate in a while, when he was with her the day before (see Diana memorial).

      1. It’s not wierd when you know that they live on opposite ends of the Palace and Kate isn’t sociable except with her immediate family members.

        Despite PR calling them besties, these two people haven’t bonded. Harry is nice, polite, makes jokes at public events, but Kate isn’t popping across to share her life with him.

        Remember, this was the man who said he was looking forward to getting to know her at the engagement even though his brother had dated her for nearly a decade.

        Further, it’s little known, and the royals don’t like to draw attention to it, but they all live separate lives. Meaning, on many occassions, the car ride to the event is the first time they’ve all set eyes on each other, and immediately go their separate ways after the event, so no time for chitchat.

        Famously, William flew in from god knows where a few minutes ahead of George’s christening, but you would never know that because they arrived together as a family.

        So it’s not wierd at all to me that Harry says he hadn’t seen her in awhile. If they follow usual pattern, it’s likely they met up for the first time in the car, and i include W and K, to the event and separated immediately after the event.

  27. Herazues, so my interpretation was that everyone knew about the engagement, Queen, Charles, etc. but the surprise was the announcement. The Queen was not alerted that William was engaged two hours before it was announced, but the Queen was made aware that the announcement was happening in two hours. William and Kate were engaged for a couple of months before announcing.

    What I think happened is the announcement was being put off by staff for this reason or that reason, and the Middleton’s started getting nervous without the announcement he could back out. I think he was getting pressured from the Middleton’s, BH, CH, etc. Finally, he just told his staff to call the press, his father, his grandmother, he was ready. The petulant prince didn’t get that moniker because he goes with the flow…he has been throwing around “I’m the future king” since preschool.

  28. I’m ex British Army and my husband is serving in the Royal Air Force, so this little thing annoys the living shit out of me but is probably just a trivial issue to everyone else, so apologies in advance.

    Why did Harry not shave before he put his uniform on?! How can he represent the military with a big golden bushy beard? Unless you have a medical chit allowing you not to shave, it is mandatory to shave when in uniform. If he was any other soldier there and sporting a beard, he would be in serious trouble, in fact he wouldn’t even be on parade!
    Harry’s beard just makes him look like he doesn’t take the uniform seriously, he’s just wearing clothes not a uniform

    1. Royal privilege dontcha know!!

      I’ve been cheesed off at Harry since that Newsweek article. Or rather, it made me realise that he had fallen back into his pre-army royal privilege entitled ways. This beard thing might seem trivial to outsiders, but it matters to the military and his thoughtlessness just emphasises his lack of direction since he quit the army.

      Do you recall when he visited with a group of OAP veterans and was told off by one of them for showing up without a tie?

      These little microaggressions are 1000cuts showing his thoughtlessness.

      1. Herazeus, I completely agree with you about Harry. He should not have worn his military uniform without shaving his beard. It is the same as wearing jeans with his medals. He was once upbraided by an old soldier who told him he looks sloppy and should have worn a tie while meeting veterans.

        I do not care about Harry and Meghan, except it will be fascinating when they marry how she will fit in with the rigidly British Royal family. She is very American, in the best possible way, but since she already has abandoned most of her work, so who knows? I read and believe that Charles was forced to marry Diana by the bullying of the press. Prince William seemed extremely reluctant in marrying Kate, and was bullied, too, by press and family. If Harry breaks up with Meghan, will he also be shunned?

        We all talk about marrying rich, and having all the privileges. Looking at the Queen’s family, I do not believe that all the riches in the world have made them happy. It has made them lazy ingrates. People still excuse William and especially Harry for their many faults, since they are Diana’s sons.

  29. When Britain colonised poor countries,they dismantled the monarchies along side. Now several years after having gained independence from Britain and having adopted democracy,the whole monarchy circus in Britain seems amusing to us. An elected PM who gives curtsies to monarchy, an elite group of people who continue enjoy tax privileges in the name of tradition…to know the real meaning of democracy and modernity, Britain must take a look at some of its erstwhile colonies. Having fought for our freedom,makes us value it and no on can hoodwink us into paying tax for upkeep of an elite class. Overthrowing colonisers made us fiercely protective about our freedom and power of the common man. Unfortunately, British people will never know what that means.

    1. Agree with this. It is so crazy that the British Monarchy is still there. “Tradition” is malarkey. Slavery was a tradition, the non education of women was tradition, beating animals to perform at a circus was a tradition. When we evolve as a society, some traditions need to end. And to say the British Monarchy is a tourist attraction is ridiculous. Like Versailles, the tourist attraction are the museum like palaces, Crown Jewels, gleaming with artifacts of a by gone era. Nobody is choosing to go to London on the off chance they may get a glimpse at The Queen, or C/C, W/K, etc.

      1. Former colonies have developed different values from the once mother country, in particular the rejection of a rigid class system determining people’s future, regardless of ability. Outdated, unwanted, unnecessary. No urgency, but of course Commonwealth countries will peel off once the Queen dies. There is no rational answer to keeping an hereditary monarchy, especially one kept in such luxury for doing so little that PR has to pad out numbers, extol their virtue etc etc. I wonder if Britons feel that the tradition of royalty keeps them somehow bonded to better days but in the past, when the UK had greater power (aka superiority over other countries?) and influence and this is what they miss and have affection for – their former place in the world?

        1. Ironic that the Royal Family themselves are rejecting the rigid class system by bring the Middleton’s, the Markles, even, finally, Camilla, into their fold. And if anyone, a girl from the Berkshires, or Los Angeles, can be a Royal, why is it special? Their “modernization” is the beginning of the end. Frankly, Ann did it right. Just have her kids be rich, but not Royal. Zara married who she wanted, does what’s she wants, and I doubt wants for much.

          1. Yeah, but Zara and her family and that of her brother are still sucking on the royal teat via Anne via QE11. It’s just not disclosed. Still rorting the public though.

            1. Well, old money always lives off their grandparents. But the public isn’t paying to rehab Zara’s home.

              1. Well, yes the public is paying. Anne’s adult children and their families live on her estate, protected by security funded by… the public. Who pays Anne? Well, her mama with… public funds plus money meant for repairs to BP has been funneled to family members. This is why the poor British public has to shell out £360+ million AGAIN for these repairs to be done.

          2. Camilla is an aristocrat, not middle class. Ditto Fergie. Their behaviour, as scandalous as it is/was, is par of the course for aristocrats.

            1. I know Camilla is aristo, but, for whatever reason, she wasn’t a good enough aristo for Charles to marry back in the day. Or maybe Charles didn’t want to marry her then. I heard he didn’t want to even marry her after Diana died, but he certainly couldn’t be covorting around with women at the London hotspots. I think Charles was kind of stuck with her, and to a lesser degree, she with him.

              1. The Camilla – Charles love story is one of the best fictions ever perpetuated on the public, and it’s success continues to amaze me.

                Firstly, Camilla was never serious about Charles. She was in love with Andrew PB, but he wouldn’t commit, preferring to play the field even though Camilla was his official girlfriend, and had been for years. All her contemporaries confirm that she wanted to marry Andrew, never Charles.

                Andrew NOT charles was the social catch of their group and all the ladies were after him, and boy did he indulge.

                As for Charles, if he wanted to marry Camilla during their initial pairing, he was discouraged from doing so by various advisors,including Uncle Dickie, on the grounds that Camilla was openly ‘with a past’. A statement that was later interpreted to mean that she wasn’t a virgin, and she had a few ex-boyfriends lurking about who might kiss and tell. Not a good look for a future Queen Consort.

                At any rate, despite falling for Camilla, he also fell in love with another lady 4months after his relationship with Camilla began. That lady was already married, let’s call her no2.

                Eventually Andrew proposed to Camilla and she accepted. Charles was away with the Navy which has been blamed for Camilla’s decision, but infact She got the prize that she was after, and it wasn’t Charles.

                Charles was alleged to be distraught when he got the news, but i think this was hypocrisy because he was still entangled with No 2.

                The 3 of them continued their manage a trois until 1985/6-ish, nevermind the husbands and Charles’s parade of other women.

                In terms of scandal, Diana etc everything that is thrown at Camilla’s feet is just as true about No 2. Including finding and approving a bride for Charles, attending his wedding, sending him intimate gifts on his marriage, and remaining part of his very crowded marriage.

                Infact, Charles is on record saying No 2 is the ‘only woman who understood him’.

                During his marriage, Camilla did step back during the early years, but mistress No 2 never did. All those sightings of Charles with ‘random blonde lady’ in clandestine meetings who is assumed to be Camilla is more than likely to be No 2.

                Nigel Dempster, society gossip extraordinaire, placed notes in his gossip column about Charles and mistress no 2 during those years. Usually fed to him by mistress no 2. Speaking to the media was her eventual downfall.

                That, as well as the fact of her increasingly bad health that eventually led to a mental breakdown and disability. Charles dropped her and completely iced her out by 1987.

                Given his feelings for No 2,opinion remained divided on who would win because it wasn’t clear-cut that it would be Camilla. No 2 being iced out left the field to Camilla completely.

                Ironically, Diana is the chief architect of the revised true lovestory because she fixated on Camilla and in her mind extrapolated timelines and events to years where Camilla wasn’t in the picture, and them sold the obsfucated timeline to the public as her personal aggrievance and that’s the line that has stuck.

                In the panorama interview, Diana is asked directly if Charles was telling the truth that he went back to Camilla in 1986 per his own tv interview, and she says yes.

                Few people noticed this answer amidst the slew of terrible accusations of that interview or that it contradicted her Morton book.

                The other puzzle is that Diana befriended and supported No2 in the full knowledge that she was carrying on with Charles. To extent that she wore a couple of her dresses several times thus helping publicise No 2’s design business.

                At Liveaid 1985

                Diana loved this dress so much that she wore it often, usually to visit children.

                Diana papped having lunch with no 2

                Finally, after the resumption of the affair in 1986, Camilla continued to prefer being married to Andrew. If Diana hadn’t publicly outed her, it’s certain that Andrew and Camilla would still be married, albight carrying on with their open marriage. Being outed, forced their divorce.

                After the divorce, Camilla continued to enjoy the perks of being with Charles whilst being relunctant to join the royal family. Social matters and public sentiment forced the marriage.

                There were one too many social snaffus amongst their set where social gatherings didn’t or couldn’t deal with the mistress of a Prince because there is no etiquette for such a situation. This isn’t France with their official Maitresse-en-titre. Famously the Westminsters assigned Camilla a seat at the back of the church at their daughter’s wedding because she couldn’t be seated with Charles at the front in the presence of the Queen who was also invited. Charles was furious at what he perceived as a slight and refused to attend.

                As for the public sentiment, there was a long term plan to rehabilitate Camilla’s image, and whilst the PR was going great, it became clear that a marriage would be the final piece to acceptance of Camilla.

                And after all that, Camilla lives in her own property away from Highgrove ostensibly to see her own family unencumbered by protocol, but she lives with Charles in London or in Scotland or when they are on tour together. Rest of the time she’s at her own property. So much for true love!!

                1. My goodness, regardless of what she gave publicly, Diana’s personal immaturity and inability to process shades of grey has impacted negatively on so many.

                  1. Kittie, she was so very young to start, I would not have had the maturity to handle Cammie I’d have been screaming bloody hell what am I here for? I’d have made sure the public knew right away I am just the brood mare, I think her goal was I am more beautiful and I will have this man wrapped around my little finger, it may have actually worked for a while well until it didn’t!

                    1. Msthang: Your speculation vis a vis beautiful Diana effortlessly wrapping a man around her little finger, nevermind any character development, is the central theme of every Barbara Cartland novel.

                      It’s a pity that Diana didn’t read anything else because it warped her romantic sense, and she never matured from it.

                      When you read about her other romances, she conducted them in the same way. All the way to Hasnat Khan.

                      The reward in these romances was that her amour was supposed to worship her, be effortlessly and endlessly understanding of her and be utterly enraptured by her, nevermind any other relationships or work commitments.

                      In the early years, Diana pushed this idea to such extremes that Charles dropped most of his friends, not just Camilla, but more ergregiously, his dog Harvey to pander to her idea of romance.

                      Hasnat Khan retells how often Diana assumed he would drop his work commitments to attend to her whenener she wanted.

                      That quality extends to her self-inviting herself to Pakistan to meet his family without his knowledge, in the misguided assumption that once they met her, they’d encourage a marriage at once.

                      The very public showing off of Dodi romance in the hope that Hasnat would be so jealous he would ran back to her.

                      Another central theme of those books.

                2. Herazeus, why do you think Diana was “ok” with Kanga and Charles having a relationship but she was certainly not ok for Charles and Camilla to be involved?

            2. Herazeus, I respect your knowledge. I sincerely do not understand the class structure of the English. What is England’s (not Great Britain) definition of middle class vs. aristocrats? Many of the latter are now the middle class (shopkeepers, according to some people) with their homes a tourist attraction, always with gift shops. Why are people with a title before their name considered upper class? Their nursery school nicknames for each other (U.S. fraternity members have nicknames they call each other, but my son, a once-frat boy, says once out of school, it is embarrassing to call each other stupid names), and old, dirty, frumpy clothes that these people wear distinguishes them from the other classes? When I listen to the so-called posh tush deliberately speak in a different accent, they are as silly as Kate trying to change her accent. When I heard Harry’s speech at the Invictus Games, he had four different accents – nasal mumbling royal, American south, American mid-Atlantic, and a mash of the old Cockney. I had the giggles, since he sounded so silly. Then I thought his mockney was such a slap in the face to his fellow citizens.

              Middle class is the backbone of most Western countries. Women work. People don’t want to be a jello, with squishy non ambition. Why are the English afraid of ambition? What are the professional classes – such as doctors – called?

              1. The first thing you need to understand is that our class system has nothing to do with money or professions.

                Thus you can have poverty stricken aristos or billionaire working class. The Ecclestones are an example of billionaire working class. Professionals are to be found in all classes.

                Other examples can be seen in our Prime Ministers whereby aristo = David Cameron, Middle Class = Gordon Brown, Theresa May and working class = Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair

                People find it hard to believe that Tony Blair is working class because he was sent to private school, but his parents are like Carole Middleton. Working class with money who send their kids to posh schools to get ahead. The parents eventually became university lecturers.

                Class is one of those things that is hard to explain because it’s not as rigid as it’s nearest comparable system, the Indian caste system.

                I’m not sure even English people can articulate it properly and yet they are able to recognise it regardless.

                1. If you cannot articulate the British class/caste system – well, I guess nobody else can!

                  My theory? People who inherit and do not contribute are sad sods. The whole class/caste system is turning out to be a pyramid scheme. It has benefits, though, in the case of vast estates not broken up and sold to developers. In America, country clubs are given tax benefits for preserving open spaces. Every dog has its day. Or a dog park, for tax purposes.

                  The upchucking of first born males inheriting the crown, for Prince George’s generation, is the beginning of the end of classism in England. But I am American, and no more than an onlooker upon my very beloved England, and GB.

                  With family from the Mayflower (20 million Americans are descendants of the people on this ship), but now poor, but still snobs; to family that are just a few generations Americans, but richer than rich, I look upon people by what they do, not by who bred them. It is tacky, tacky, tacky to Americans how the English upper class are very lower class by judging people on bloodlines. My dogs are Grand Champions, not my family. My children are not dogs or horses to be looked upon by their birth, but by who they can serve and help.

                  I am just ranting. I am not perfect, but I am the mother of perfect children.

                  1. Americans have a class structure even if it isn’t as visible as our own.

                    The Astors, the Vanderbilts, the Merryweathers, the Whitneys etc. Families that consider themselves to be American aristocracy who employ the same barriers to joining their ranks as our own aristos.

                    A society that looked down on the Kennedys for being new money, whilst Jackie played up her pseudo aristo background which was allegedly traceable back to France.

                    The difference in modern life is that it doesn’t hold one back as far as making something of your life. We just acknowledge that it exists and we make fun of those who pretend to be something else. Like the Middletons.

                    1. Bellaluna and Herazeus
                      You both may have read the book by
                      Kate Fox called “Watching the English”.
                      I would highly recommend it for an amusing but insightful read on the English class system in particular.
                      There is a new edition sometime in the last four years which has the bonus of
                      “Explaining” how the Middleton family
                      are viewed, especially as regards social
                      Here in New Zealand, from my view as a
                      university educated woman, I think we
                      pretend there is no class structure in NZ.

                      I believe it is formed however by our
                      beliefs rightly or wrongly based on money and education/job in NZ.
                      My husband is a Barrister and there are times here when it’s a disadvantage coz
                      “Reverse snobbery” rears it’s ugly head.
                      That is, he should have said he was a plumber! If only he had those natural skills, which neither of us have at all.
                      Ironically we would,by Kate Fox’s book, be understood as being from Working Class stock, given we both come from a farm labouring background in Scotland/Ireland prior to immigration to NZ.

                    2. Americans do have a class system, but unlike England, Americans can regularly move around fairly easily and in a short amount of time. The Kennedys are now consider the Aristocrats, the Vanderbilt’s are nothing now. Anderson Cooper, the Vanderbilt’s current generation has a New Year’s Eve gig in Times Square, he has to work for a living. Michelle Obama’s great grandparents were illiterate slaves. Now if Americans had royalty the Obama girls, Malia and Sasha would be our princesses.

                    3. Herazeus, you reminded me of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who had an interesting relationship with her mother. Jackie, according to lore, was so fed up and embarrassed by her mother’s pretentiousness and snobbery, she announced at a large dinner party “My last name is French, yes, but it means a cow worker. No du, but a cud. And we are not a Lee of Maryland, your family were poor Irish.”

                    4. Kiwi: I love that book. I read it guffawing at all the little details even as i recognised them.

                      As she says, there are so many tiny little things that make up class which an English person can recognise immediately, but which we struggle to articulate to outsiders because they can’t understand a class system that isn’t based on money. Where having money doesn’t automatically make you upper class nor does the lack of it make you working class.

                      It’s a really great book.

                      Regarding the Middletons, i remain convinced that Carole read ‘the sloane ranger’s handbook’ by Peter York and used that as a guide to raise her family.

                      Every step she took is textbook from that book.

                      Where she fails in trying to fit in with her desired class is the very visible effort we can all see, the flashy, visible wealth and accroutements, the very visible enjoyment of her new status and all round showing off, and the immaculate self-presentation.

                      A true aristo is quietly luxurious and discreet and never, ever looks like they are trying and they never, ever show off. Their style is effortless, not Kate-a-new-designer-outfit-every-engagement Middleton.

                      Bellaluna: That’s a great story!!

                    5. Herazeus, Jackie Bouvier’s mother was an Uber American Carole Middleton. Janet Lee Bouvier Auchincloss was spinning more tales about her family roots, she made her daughters the butts of teasing. Plus gave her daughters elocution lessons, to sound posh. Jackie’s father, a drunk, told her and her sister Caroline Lee, to smile and listen, and not give away your life story to anyone.

                      In the circles Janet ran in, it it was considered tacky to brag about family, especially family lies. Americans are not about who our family was, but what you do and how much you make. First questions at a cocktail party, lol. Rich people are our aristocrats, but as my parents say – folks should be happy to see the rich spend their money, since it spreads the wealth, and most Americans, because of state and federal death taxes, plus third generations spending it all, have to start over again.

                    6. Kiwi and Herazeus, in America we had the “The Official Preppy Handbook”, then a decade or so later by the same author, Lisa Birnbaum, “True Prep”with both books basically a Sloane Ranger birth-to-death way of living by copying the English aristos. Very funny, and very true.

                    7. One more very funny book I recommend to all is “The Anglo Files.” The author, an American working the Times, recounts the mostly hilarious differences between Yanks and Brits, and how she learned to cope and understand two very different cultures.

  30. Hii i’m new here..pls excuse my english coz it’s not my mothertongue.
    There was a time when i was in awe of the diva especially after following a page in face book.I even started googling about her & ended up reading blogs like this one & duchess or diva.
    Now i got to know how much we are being deceived by the social media or news about the royal family especially the diva.
    After reading these blogs i can no longer stand her.
    P.S:i suggest u guys to check out “lulu in the palace” page in facebook for some real fun.
    I can say that the owner of that page has some serious mental disorder like the diva!!!

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to welcome you. Welcome! I’m a sporadic commentator on the British Royal Family and take breaks when I’m bored with the subject matter. I don’t follow Lulu but there’s enough room in the royal-watching realm for everyone’s opinions on Kate. What is your mother tongue? Your English is far too advanced for me to be able to even hazard a guess.

  31. Sunny, Richard Kray once said on a Channel 4 documentary that Kate and the Middleton family where a cover for Williams other activities. .

    1. Hi Katherine,

      If Will is, it would be sad that he’d chose to live a lie in order to perpetuate a “traditional” family in order to not potentially upset the British public. I have no idea what the BP would think if Will said (and again, I don’t know if he is, just little things), “I’m gay,” there might be a flurry and then maybe no big deal.

      He seems like he’s going through the motions. It could be he hates duty and wants to be a lazy pampered titled landowner collecting from his off-shore accounts, he’s bored with Kate but doesn’t want to let the public down or another failed Windsor marriage, or he’d like to be with someone else.

      I just think it’s important for people to be accepted for who they are. Will should be honest though that he really has no interest in doing the job and step aside. Maybe he will when the time comes.

      1. Hi Sunny,

        The often repeated reason that William kept breaking up with Kate was feeling claustraphobic in the relationship. Apart from the usual roving eye reason. He would often tell people that he felt claustraphobic.

        I speculate that is one of the reasons they’ve lived a very separate togetherness relationship since the 2007 breakup.

        Kate touched upon this difficulty during the engagement interview where she talks about being consumed by the relationship and learning to be less consumed

        Judging by the puppy dog eyes she gives him as recently as being papped going to HM’s anniversary dinner, i say that she remains as obsessed by him as ever.

        It remains a mystery why he married her given his very obvious preference for Jecca and, for a time, Isabella.

        And i remember that in the weeks initial immediately after their engagement announcement, the media kept saying Kate was the woman who had won the ring because of her proven loyalty. They kept saying how important loyalty was to William, and how Kate had proven the most loyal. Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. Love wasn’t mentioned at all. Later that changed to how her family had heeled his wounds, blah, blah, but again no specific reference to whether love was in the equation. James Whitaker, royal reporter extraordinaire, once said that whilst William loved Kate, he wasn’t *in love* with her. So there is that too.

        And when we watched the wedding, my family kept saying that they were two friends getting married, and it was probably for the best that he married a friend rather than marry for love because love crashes and burns out, and we all know how tricky it is to divorce for the royals.

        Going to the question of what William could be hiding, i don’t think it’s his sexuality because we live in a more enlightened age, but even if we didn’t, we’ve had several gay monarchs so as long as he fulfills his function, we don’t care nor have we cared.

        I think the Middletons, like Kate, have proven trustworthy to him. They will never overtly betray him, can keep any secrets he might have, but most important of all, treat him like a god and let him get away with everything whilst his own family don’t put up with his nonsense.

        This was particularly demonstrated last summer (or was it this summer) when Carole Middleton was papped at Balmoral with HM. Richard Kay (i think) said that William took the entire gang up to Balmoral because the royals, LIWs included, made him uncomfortable so the middletons were acting as a buffer and or soothing his uncomfortable-ness to be able to interact with his own family.

        1. Here is the Richard Kay article:

          Pertinent paragraph:
          “It is typical of William to invite lots of friends when he stays with the Queen. He gets a bit out of his depth because of all the other people that are around wherever the Queen is, such as ladies in waiting and equerries. So he likes to have his own friends there. This happened at Ascot in the summer, when he was allowed to invite a group of his and Kate’s friends so they had their own table for meals. It’s a sort of indulgence, they wanted William there but he comes on his own terms.”

          1. I watched the wedding too and thought it seemed like really good friends getting married too.I loved watching Crown Princess Victoria wedding to Prince Daniel you could see the love between them whereas w&k seemed cold .I hope will doesn’t fall in love with someone and end up following in his father’s steps.

        2. I definitely don’t think Prince William is gay. I think it’s probably more along the lines of behavior that those who support the monarchy (usually older generations) would deem unbecoming a future king and Diana’s son. Remember that photo of him grabbing a woman’s breast? Supposedly there are lots of stories about William’s antics that make Harry seem like a choir boy that royal correspondents never told because it would have destroyed the fairytale myth that kept/keeps them employed.

          1. I also think he knows Kate would not complain if he has sidepieces as long as she gets the spotlight as the spouses. Didn’t she say as much to Chelsey?

            I would not be surprised if he has been cheating on her since the marriage. They spent a lot of time apart when he was in Wales while she was shopping in London but pretending to play housewife. He also had to be somewhere when he wasn’t playing part time pilot. It didn’t seem to be at Anmer with the kids. Kate herself admitted he wasn’t around much when George was first born.

            The problem is that if they were friends when married, he often seems to barely tolerate her now in public. And just because they had a third kid, I don’t think that means things are ok, but instead this third one was negotiated for other perks.

          2. Hi Lola and Hera,

            Thanks for the comments. The big thing is that William not pretend to be someone he’s not in order to perpetuate the monarchy to keep the gravy coming. Greed can only go so far.

            William seems like a largely “cold, dull person” himself so he’s married his mirror image. There have been other men that successful fooled their families and others when they had a different interest. We’ve reached a time when people need to be open about their choices, but we obviously aren’t really there yet.

        3. I agree completely that the Middleton’s have convinced William he could commit murder and they would cover it up. I think they’ve successfully convinced the Queen too. What a recommendation to put this family above others who have to curtesy and bow to Kate, or pull over if the Midd convoy is on their way to Sandringham (not!). It’s repugnant, at least to this Yank.

    1. Kate middashian-the fall of monarchy, because when she gave gifts at Xmas, being as they all have everything they could want or need she made homemade Chutney, and she said that HM was so thoughtful about putting her Chutney in the middle of the table and how caring, so it seemed fitting to call her Chutney and her hubby Chopper because of his helicopter thingy sort of career but not really. One has to wonder if either of them can even fly copters, especially since the MP recently said Harry couldn’t pass the Apache helicopter test, she said he failed it 4 or 5 times, there is loads more to the story, I am sure!

      1. My MP is an idiot. A racist, divisive, idiot who practises the politics of envy and will lie to get ahead. And when called out on her views, frequently sends out ‘sorry you are offended’ non apologies. We remain flummoxed at how she got the borough. She won by 20votes. Serious buyers’ remorse in the borough from most people regardless of political leanings.

        i know someone who is trying to work with her on a project who says they have to suck up to her all day long in order to get her to do anything because she’s full of her own self-importance and lies constantly to garner media attention. The more outrageous the lie, the better. She’s not remotely sorry, even after apologising publicly each time.

        Harry passed the Apache test. He came top percentile in it.

        William is allowed to fuff about with the lower tier helicopters, but no one gets a pass to fuff about on the apache. Harry spent years training to the apache including a stint in America being trained by American military.

        When my idiot MP said Harry wasn’t qualified, the army came out strongly to defend his record which got one of her ‘sorry, you are offended’ non apologies.

        The military doesn’t often comment on public life or the whitterings of public servants, but they have strongly defended Harry’s army record, and he has strong support from rank and file soldiers, not just the brass. Unlike William who can’t get a single recommendation on record no matter that he will be the head of the military some day.

        1. Herazeus, I read about your MP every now and then. She is a crazed person, at times, but many of her theories sound straight out of the Daily Mail and its comments sections. I believe I wrote somewhere that she squeaked by with about 20 votes from the people working for and living with Kate, William and Harry. (In the state of Texas, the future President Lyndon Johnson won his Senate seat by 79 votes, earning him the title “Landslide Lyndon.”)

          Does anybody know why Harry left the Army? I read that he was basically told to leave, after throwing a temper tantrum with his commanding officer. Another story was that he didn’t want a desk job. Or he had dyslexia, which makes his achievements much to admire. Still another was his frustration with his coddling by the government. Or he had red hair that made him a target (why not just dye his hair, if true)? I think he is a wastrel today, and in dire need of a structured life. His twenties, which he claims was a lost decade due to not grieving enough, was an aberration, since he actually worked, albeit half the time on vacations, and he inherited the entitled, whiny, poor little rich boy gene.

          1. I think he left the military for both reasons.

            His dyslexia made it impossible for him to advance to higher rank because he would be stuck at a desk job requiring loads of paperwork. His dyslexia was diagnosed after 18yrs old and it remains unclear if he received the necessary care to help him tackle it because in an army interview, he said that he struggled to understand written instructions, but he was very quick with visual aids and such.

            His own commanding officers said he was one of the best people they had when it came to field exercises and helicopter training which is why they recommended him to the apache programme.

            However, a military journalist recently revealed that Harry resigned his army post out of hubris because he fell out with his commanding officers. The way the article was written, you got the sense that he strongly disagreed with his CO, and refused to meet him halfway, and so resigned which the journalist thought was a shame given his talent.

            I think the military gave him structure and less time to sit about woe is me, i’m a magic prince. In the 2yrs since he resigned, his charities have found established footing which requires less of his input.

            With all this time on his hands, he appears to have regressed to William style entitlement and ennui. Seriously, army Harry would never have given that newsweek interview. When you look back at those old interviews, you wonder what could have happened in 2yrs to turn him into this current version.

            On the subject of my MP, she was so lucky to get in. My borough is so blue ie conservative that the previous MP didn’t bother convassing or campaigning. It’s been blue since borders were drawn. Her win was a genuine shock. And then to find that she is a media whore, power crazed lunatic is the biggest disappointment of all because she’s not at all interested in working for the borough despite her public posturings.

            I’m especially enraged about her comments on the Grenfell tower fire because whilst haranguing the govt, she also doesn’t admit to her contribution to that situation. She sat on the management committe of that particular tower. She would have had a vote and say on it’s refurbishment and addressed any issues that came up. Until the fire, she was a strong celebrant of cheap refurbishment and even self-congratulated on bringing it in cheaply and *environmentally sound.

            *the cladding was a good way for the environment. Unfortunately, it proved a disaster in the event of a fire.

            1. Herazeus, I was just with with my brother-in-law, a Vietnam veteran, at a family dinner tonight. The U.S. Air Force took his photographic memory, eyesight, and leadership commands, and he was in charge of air strikes. Today he owns a business, taking what he had learned in the military, to be a success. My father, a spoiled baby, kicked out of high school too many times to count, but always allowed to return, was drafted into the Army in 1942, with a bad attitude. No longer able to to get away with his brattiness, he used his incredible eye-hand tennis trained coordination to become a sharpshooter, and saved dozens of his fellow Americans lives. Within weeks, as he says, the Army turned a bum into a man, and he continued with the Army, in civilian roles, for the rest of his life.

              I have many other personal examples of what military service can do and help with recognizing each person’s skills, no matter who they are, but what they can be. Despite incredible racism, the Tuskegee pilots were extraordinary; a Japanese American, whose family was interred in American concentration camps because of their race, was a highly decorated soldier, and later a Senator from Hawaii. The military did not control the racism in American politics, but made sure that each American in service was to be treated equally, and racists, (Bostonians the worst) interfering in morale during war, were frequently court-marshaled.

              Harry had any number of jobs that were his for the taking. He blew it all because of his hot temper, attitude towards commanding officers, and while training in America with our troops, went wild on off hours, with his reckless driving, disdain for Americans, making fun of Southern accents, and too much more. Heresay, but reported in American newspapers. Harry thought California was to be vacation time, and cursed his American superior officer, and in the last minute, a diplomatic crisis was averted. He was an officer, but no gentleman.

              Harry is just another bored, rich brat. He has squandered his good will. Harry still has time and potential to be a great person. He has skills. It is bullshit that his only choice was a desk job. He could have trained troops, taught skills, and been a leader in a structured environment. He is a wastrel. A waste of great talent. His charm is remarkable, and if he bothers to wake up, has the ability to be a great diplomat for Great Britain. But I doubt he will ever be anything else but Harry.

              1. My gut feeling is that there is very little difference between Harry and William at their core: entitled, ‘I am a Prince so get with the program’. Harry has a certain level of natural charm lacking in William and that seems to be the significant difference. God knows what he does with his time since he can zip around the world regularly on personal time and under the radar.

                Regardless of the immaturity your recollections suggest and presumably pre-active war service, I am still reminded of the petulance displayed at that Caribbean wedding several months ago where Meghan Markle looked to be soothing a disagreeable child. Though we all have our off days, this was an unattractive look. Let’s hope it’s not a regular occurrence for MM to deal with. Anyone connected with the Windsors has to really want that life given what they have to deal with. I’d find it tiresome and suffocating.

                1. Kittie, the pictures of Meghan trying to soothe Harry, is literally what every mother with a little boy goes through every day. I was struck by a grown woman, probably saying, hush, my baby, don’t you cry; yes, the press are meanies; don’t worry, mummy – I mean me, Meghan – will get you your bottle soon – not formula, my big boy, but booze; look at me, Harry – don’t step on my Erdem dress, or spit up on it – no Harry – let’s go for a walk. Harry, please stop it, Harry, can I read you “Good Night Moon” again, when we go nappie? I’ll take you swimming if you can smile dearest.

                  1. After his ‘I’m a magical prince’ interview to Newsweek, I have no doubt there is little between Harry and William besides Harry’s natural charm.

                    It’s a shame because they are different personalities. Aside from charm, Harry has always had the more agreeable personality and willingness to work with others and self improvement. William is petulant and disagreeable naturally. He inherited the disagreeable Spencer temperament which has been made worse by being raised as the heir. At this point, he is probably hopeless.

  32. Kate definitely looks different when pregnant. But i cant decide if she really is carrying or not. There is a site that claims Kate is using a surrogate but you can only access information on that if youre a member who has posted 200 messages. If its such important information, why hasnt someone exposed W and K yet? Does anyone know what the big proof is?

    1. Just ignore the surrogate conspiracies. There is ironclad reason why Kate wouldn’t use a surrogate, even if she wanted to.

      Her children would automatically be illegitimate and wouldn’t inherit. Only children born ‘of the body’ and ‘in legitimate marriage’ can inherit. All other combinations eg surrogates or adoption are illegitimate even if the genetic material is 100% Kate + William.

      This is constitutional AND legal law. Ditto Peerage law which is slightly different from our usual laws. Peers have to apply to parliament to make any changes to peerage law and each application is attended as a one off rather than an opportunity to change the overall law.

      No way Carole (and Kate) would risk being Queen Grannie by having her grandkids illegitimate on arrival.

      Not to mention that Kate’s pregnancies are not private affairs, but a matter of state. The British govt, security service, medical teams and the royal household would have to collude to pull off a surrogate born child. Too many people to buy off / sign NDAs to keep the secret.

      1. Besides what Herazeus writes, which I agree with, I’m not sure why Kate and Will would even “want” a surrogate. Most couples don’t want a surrogate, but must have one, for some reason or another, usually to do more with age of the mother. Kate is the type of woman, married to Will or someone else, that would want to have a few children, live in the country, not have a career, etc. Kate was always going to have a nice lifestyle, not sure why she was so intent on bagging Will. I understand the privileges of being an HRH are wonderful, but the downside of working for the rest of her life, I’m just surprised she didn’t shy away from that. It’s not like her choices was marry Will or go be a secretary somewhere.

      2. I also think the secrecy and confidentially around it would make it far too risky and difficult to pull off…but apparently it’s an open secret in London medical circles. Doesn’t make sense to me…

        1. There is no way it would be an open secret in medical circles without it spilling to the secret services to the govt and eventually posted on govt insider websites like Gwido Fawkes.

          It would have to be a conspiracy on the level of WMDs because that’s the number and high level of people required to pull it off.

  33. Lola you forgot the antics of Uncle Fester who now has a criminal record for wife beating to add to his impressive list of wrong doings, namely being a pimp and a drug dealer. Compartment number 6?

    1. Yes, Sarah Ferguson is an aristocrat. On both sides of her family. Few people realise that Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester who is the current duke’s mother, is a cousin.
      That branch of the family is directly descended from Charles 2. That connection also makes them related to the Spencers because they also are descended from Charles 2.

  34. Halia, she is a poor aristocrat relying on HM to fund her lavish lifestyle, whatever money she had from her dad ran out long time ago, and HM is so fond of her granddaughters and her favorite child randy Andy, Sarah just comes with the package deal!!

  35. Yes Diana was young. But she did know what she was being summoned for. She even tried to back out of the marriage but went ahead with it. And at the end of the day, she didn’t get everything she wanted in the marriage, but she did get quite a bit, and led an extraordinary life. Her behaviour really damaged those boys and left them twisting in the wind. She should have chosen to either have a traditional royal marriage of convenience and do her job with grace and left her family intact or decide to divorce and do so quietly, with dignity and grace. If Diana would have done either of these things, she probably would still be alive. And there would be no Kate Middleton.

  36. Happy Thanksgiving lovelolaheart. Thank you for all you give to your fans. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody else, too. I love laughing and learning, from each and everyone on lovelolaheart.

    1. Bellaluna and Herazeus
      Many thanks to you and Oh My! For your comments re my 19/11 comment. I’m having problems placing my response in the right place.
      I’ve never read Peter York’s book…but I will now!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you who celebrate this time.

      It was wonderful and cheering to get another post from you on your delightful site. Frankly I don’t know how you do it given the lacklustre hypocritical and predominantly self-serving individuals that are your focus. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave me cold. It wasn’t always this way but somehow the manipulation between themselves and the media with the public, has reduced my respect for them to minuscule. A gradual process of disallusionment. Sad given the hearty respect my family held towards our Queen and her family over many years.

      1. You are welcome. I only wish for many more of your spot-on, so hysterical to read new lovelola, that it becomes dangerous for others sitting near me. (I have literally laughed so hard, I had orange juice coming out of my nose one morning, and spit out food at least twice; I have learned to do neither, while reading your take on Kate, and the rest.) My wish is for you to be happy and healthy, and write more. Please?

  37. Hey guys please check out the page “lulu in the palace” on facebook about tell me your views about it if it’s ok for you

    1. Isn’t Lulu a super sugar? I used to follow her back in the day, before I myself was sooo disenchanted with Will and Kate.

  38. Kate’s dress last night looked great, IMO. In some ways, she seems to be stepping up her game and seems more confident. The crotch clutch had been replaced for Kate and Wills with a finger touch together held higher up in front of the body ala new private secretary’s stance. Someone’s afraid, despite all the terrible press and hate, that a glamorous, go get em new bride is coming on to the scene, IMHO!

    1. Lola!i’m talking about this link…does she get to know that her page link is being posted here?

      1. If I understand what you’re saying (my brain is just not working at the moment), I personally wouldn’t post the link to this site on a place where Kate supporters go just out of respect for those who have different opinions of Kate. I feel it would be antagonistic. You are the one that posted the link to her Facebook page, correct? If you would like, I can delete that part of your comment with the link.

        1. Oh ok..i’m new here..i dont know know much about the rules here..u can delete problem

  39. I saw this on RD regarding Kates ice blue theatre dress. I don’t have a big problem with the blue dress, just that she (yawn) wore the same thing except exchanged lace for bedazzles. But this time of year, in London, I definitley would have went with the rich, golden version of this dress. The blue version would work at an evening event in the Carribean. I have no idea why she always misses the mark.

    1. I’m not sure what you are referring to. Post the link for what? My Spam filter is set to hold any single comment with five or more links in moderation but otherwise there aren’t really any restrictions.

      1. Lola, I posted a link from RD that showed Kate’s dress in gold instead of blue. I thought the gold looked much better for the occasion, and for Kate. One of the reasons I post here, instead of RD because your site doesn’t have all kinds of “rules”. Now, for some reason, someone appears to be “tattling” on me and making a federal case out of it. If I’m not allowed to post a picture of a dress, I sincerely apologize and do remove my post before the KGB is summoned.

        1. Well, you didn’t tell me you posted a picture of a gold dress. Monster! Authorities will be by soon, as is protocol. Your stuffed animals will be strip-searched, contents of your pantries will all be moved a quarter of an inch to the right and any Rice Krispies Treats discovered in your home will be brought to me. How good would hot cocoa and Rice Krispies Treats be right now?

          1. Lola
            Perfect humour, a light touch, all we expect from you!
            Thank you.

            I had been feeling tearful and sobered up as I looked back on Christchurch’s earthquake no 2 that happened in 2011.

          2. Thanks Lola! The authorities came by, confiscated all the drugs sewn into my stuffed animals. Looking forward to your new post about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Or Toronto? Can they give a County in Canada? Will it be Duchess Rachel or Meghan?

    1. Maybe they were trying to figure out Where in the World is Harry? Harry vacations so much, he should have a GPS tracking system, identical to the ones put on and airplane entertainment screens, showing where your own jet is at the moment. Forget about real-life concerns of this idea, but of the educational value this system would bring to youngsters. GB schoolkids will learn, in great detail, the geography of African game shoots, but only in a few countries; the Caribbean, French mountains, Toronto, Italy, London bars and private clubs; Wellington, Florida and Argentinian polo fields, and much, much more.

      1. Bellaluna, excuse my crassness but he is more than likely boffing MM’s brains out oh and trying to get her to sign a prenup!

      2. Bellaluna, excuse my crassness but he is more than likely boffing MM’s brains out oh and trying to get her to sign a prenup! Gingerboy gets to live out his fantasy of boffing the suits actress, his crush of 2 years!!

    2. There was a scare at Oxford Circus which is near where the concert was held and the station was evacuated until the police were able to confirm it was a false alarm. This time the delay wasn’t the fault of Will and Kate.

      1. Scare turned out to be a hoax, but i’m convinced it was an anti-terrorism practise run in real conditions.

  40. Lola you remain a goddess!

    Herazeus I could never thank you enough for all your wonderful posts in this thread!

    I have a mild fondness for Meghan at this point. Likely like the majority of royals she will probably ruin that but at the moment I’m open…. partially out of spite because I know dogwhistles when I hear them ….but at the moment I’ve seen nothing that alarms me Sofia Hellqvist style. I do dread the exhibitionism this likely will trigger in Waitherine. Dresses will be flying up in the air again as she pretends she doesn’t know why it happens over and over.

    1. Kiki! I’ve missed you! I also think Meghan should be given the same courtesy of letting her disappoint us in time just like everyone else. I mean, I’ve rolled my eyes at a couple of things she’s done, but they could have just been side-effects of happiness.

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